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Best of the Program | Guests: Kathy Barnette & Vivek Ramaswamy | 5/12/22

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Glenn discusses the failed Democrat abortion bill that would have made abortion legal up till birth. Glenn ponders whether anyone will go to jail for their actions after multiple instances of politicians lying under oath. Kathy Barnette, U.S. Senate candidate in Pennsylvania, joins to clear the air on the attacks her campaign is facing from her primary opponents. Author of "Woke Inc." Vivek Ramaswamy joins to share his new startup that he hopes will rival BlackRock.

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Oh, my gosh do. Is today's ratio or what it is a great show? Yes going to say it was more of a no. What was a great a great show today we talked to a really good candidate, one that I hope that pennsylvania
takes a real, strong look at vote for this person a hundred thousand times four hours, but that's just the pennsylvania candidate that is running next week in the primary. We also talk to a vague rubbish, rot rubber swami who is fighting? Yes, jean he's one of my heroes. I mean what he's doing is brave as isla musk with twitter and could change the dynamics it already has with black rock and then finally, we go through the border and it's worse than you think its weapons of mass destruction that we bear a fire we know are now across our borders, don't miss it and before we start, if you're one of the millions of americans who suffer every from from listen up, there is hope and it comes in the form of relief factor. I see testimonials from people every single day that have tried relief factor, didn't expect it to work.
they have found the relief from their pain in varying degrees. Some no pain whatsoever. People like me that have very little pain from time to time. Where I had it constantly all the time I I mean I was losing everything I loved about my eighth. I couldn't do it anymore relief, interchange that for me- and I got my life back- please try it if you want to drug free and natural way to get your life back, go to relief factor, dot com, that's relief, factor, dot, com The only thing to do we need to go on abortion yesterday it failed because of mansion and
of course, Biden came out and said these republicans berries republic. There are standing in the way of progress. We can't do this because forty nine people say no, let's we're gonna. Do it because fifty say yes, fifty one say? Yes, I mean it. There is no by partisan on anything. Any more May god for Joe mansion? I can't believe I'm saying that, but thank god for him and the fact that He came out and said this is not. This is This isn't real. Verses, wade, codification, that's not what this is! This abortion on demand all the way to the time of birth. Now the other thing that is, coming up now, I am so sick and tired, so sick and tired of people? not going to jail
we have hearings sure, and then they lie to you and then what happens? Nothing, nothing you know. I grew up. You didn't lie under oath ever didn't matter what the definition of is is. You didn't lie under oath or you go to jail. Well, actually, aged in the nineties and now You can lie to congress. The other thing that I always heard is it's even worse with congress because they set the rules decide you're lying they can say. jail for you wait what when is anyone, gonna go to jail for lying. Listen to this one. The national institute of healthy acting director confirm to lawmakers yesterday that u s health officials concealed early genomics sequences of covert nineteen at their request.
of chinese scientists. now. Do you remember dear member when there was a a reporter there said. Wait a minute, wait a minute wait! A minute they their hiding information. There's a there's! A quinn's that Has been removed to remember this theirs, sequences been removed. Where is that sequence? And everyone testified. Tat is just that's conspiracy. Theory that is absolutely conspiracy. It was vanity, fair, an article Thirty first reported Evolutionary biologists jesse bloom discovered last year that they cover. Nineteen sequences had disappeared from a federally run. Data repository and bloom raise the issue he was reportedly ganged up on by a group of researchers assembled by,
Then an age director, Francis Collins, an infectious disease institute head doktor, Anthony found she. they destroy him for it. They said that it was a conspiracy theory and everything else will it comes out yesterday in Stu mony there yeah. We deleted the sequence we deleted. Because the chinese scientist asked us to and then they got into this argument of well, it's not really deleted. I mean was deleted. From you know, everything except on I have to I view this. The butter. I the word it was kept on. The sequence reed archive- but by the o. Ye heard is a tape, DR its kept on a tape dr now I dont know of your old enough to remember the old
computers, They would have in big computer banks back and like the sixties, with those like real the real tapes going back. That's what he's talking about it's on a tape drive. that's like saying, yeah. I got the whole bible, it's on a stone tablets will wash Why is it on tape, DR? Why did you store it there? The reason? Why is because you can't really get to the tape? Do I know it It's available really How do you access that tape drive or just take out my tape, dr reading machine. Ok, all right, Is anyone going to go to jail, Is anyone going go to jail, the sir, probably is no will. We have hearings, oh sure, have of this one
Jim Jordan and my johnson said they have evidence now that the fbi targeted parents who protests schools covert policies this it assurances from merit. Garland bet it never happen in a letter, rest to the justice department, Jordan Johnson, said they have evidence. Now the fbi lay dozens of investigations into parents with a threat tag? created by the bureau's counter counterterrorism division to assess in track, investigations related to school boards. The evidence- it's coming from brave, whistle blowers within the department of justice, thank god, thank god, I have been waiting for some is our anybody in the department of justice. It is completely corrupt. the national school board association. You remember sent a letter to the binding administration at the by ministrations request, comparing
and who protested, schools, covert policies to domestic terrorists fight. if days later, the fbi issued the memo. Saying, that they wanted to investigate the threats to school boards as demand dick terror? And internal email from the fbi's criminal and counter terrorism, divisions, instructed agents to apply the threat tag EU officials to all investigations and assessments of threats directly specific address, directed specifically at Occasion, officials, Jordan, inciting a whistle blower said the fbi open investigations with EU officials threat in ever the region of the country and relating to all types of educational settings. The law Baker, cited several examples where someone reported apparent or state elected officials using happy eyes national threat operations centre in one investigation fbi officials interviewed a mom for alleged.
the telling a school board member we're coming for you, the purse reported the mom because she belonged to a right wing. Moms group. Let me just say that again, with a straight face a right mom's group, all man hans, a big sales, gonna thing, man what really big sales, what they do with the brownie money. Now you don't owe me they ve got they come out, they sell you brownies and then they just piling cash dirt. to international terrorism, so this right wing moms group called moms for liberty. She's. Also a gun owner The officials took them. Rats seriously interviewed her and then said now: she's, not a threat. She's a mom in an Our investigation fbi officials interviewed a dad opposed to masks. According Jordan and johnson. The person who report, the dad did so because he supposedly fit the bill of an insurrectionists
rails against the government. Has a lot of guns and threatens to use them claims which the and later admitted they had no information or observation of em of that republican officials in an undisclosed state were also reported by state democratic party official, who said, rob chickens were inciting violence by expressing displeasure with maxine mandates. Jordan. Johnson said these investigations were a direct result of garlands October fourth directive to the fbi. They noted the the agents ultimately determined that these cases did not amount to terrorist threats, but they lamented the east of valuable law enforcement, time and resources. That could have been said. did on real and pressing threats that whistleblower information, raises a few concerns? Why? Because
That means Merrick garlon lied to congress under oath over and over and over were again do you remember what he said quote I can't imagine any circumstance in which the patriot act would be used in the circumstances of parents complaining about their children. Nor can I Imagine a circumstance where would label parents as domestic terrorists. Well, you just did. Is anyone ever go. go to jail. more news on the fbi. Congress has decided, they're, not gonna. Look in to the fbi's infringement of the free press, so the house. Freedom caucus by the way support the freedom caucus. If you have people in the state that you think be in of freedom. Caucus start of
freedom caucus in your state. You can get what it was. The web address was its state freedom caucus dot, org summit. We just had the guy who was running it on the other day, And the wheat we need freedom caucuses. All over the country. Some are actually remembered that website released. Never happens you right in front of you and you misread it every interview, but yes, state freedom, caucus, dot, org, ok, regulations, though a visa witnesses were cheryl, lack and send an james o keefe, sheriff. We know what happened was cheryl with the fbi, or we thought we did she said yesterday under oath, that she said that the above aragon walking scandal the bureau of alcohol tobacco firearms explosives shared her experience of the. U s: government breaching her electronic devices. Remember that the government,
fact it her computers with spyware in an attempt to identify our sources story is well documented in media reports and her litigation against the government, which is still ongoing, but she surprise eyes. Committee members when she told them that the fbi threatened to plant child pornography on her husband's laptop quote. the federal agents involved in one of the operations against me said they intended to plant child pornography or my husband's computer. This was the fbi. It had not a cop placed in my? It was not accomplished in my case. I can guess the curtain was drawn on that facet of the operation before they could do it, but imagine how you'd ever it out of that they, we had a young daughter at home. Can you imagine. this is the kind of stuff that used we used to think could never happen here I don't know now,
would say probably, and if it's not probably will, unless people go go to jail. Now. How is that gonna happen? Well, we do Get mealy mouthed worms like tat, had Mitch Mcconnell, who said two days ago are, I think we all agree here. The bigger threat to the world. Is ukrainian a russian conflict? No its not know it's not. The guess, threat to world security is the collapse of the united states of america period. and there's multiple ways we could collapse and we, people in our own government. Tv working towards that collapse. and if you are a candidate in you, don't get that you should not. You should
be sworn in office, I'm an produce you in a minute here, too, a candidate. I want get to know because I really want to like her. I think I do but she's coming under attack like nobody's business, I want to give her a chance to explain and introduce yourself herself to you she's running for senate I n? In pennsylvania, we talked to her and just a few minutes. This is the best, but the Glenn Beck program. The one strikes me as a desperation hail mary were at the You were, at the very end, Do something Doktor oz- or some one has released a smear campaign against the barnett she's running for senate in
primary in pennsylvania. She seems really strong. She has just taken off and I wanted to get around of me. You know- answer some of the things that do. draws or some one who has for followers on facebook, and this is the only video they ve ever released, yet wonder who that is. I wanted to see what she thought about this and have her be able to answer some of the questions that have been asked here is a campaign and the classism in America today. The reason for so much unrest in the black community is because a white racism, black americans, feel disenfranchised system, It's racism, specifically police officers. I recognise that there are any quality still do our country. I have the blood of slave coursing through my veins white races.
some white racism blessings calving wow. What a job there is. You have your, I think, you're very clear, youve authored break the book nuts to lose everything to gain being black and conservative in america. Cathy welcome Thank you so much for having me on. I a appreciate it so Our police, racist I mean you: have racism exists? We all know that. I don't think anyone would say. Racism does not exist. There are bad apples in every area. Right I work in the financial industry. I know there some bad apples there in wall street there's some bad apples in university. There some bad apples everywhere, but I have never said that our police officers as a whole are raised as I am never decrying victim,
I have never sat. Our nation is systemically races. I have always found the varying sacha. Likewise matter been one of their most ardent critic I remember under obama. They black white man, started coming up- and I remember looking at my black- has been saying to him at tat moment. The only thing black live matters not to do is get. My black has been in my black size, shot exactly what they have done. All throughout lack live matter cooperative, never been about black people. I've been extremely clear. There's hunt, Somebody else of me ass, new facts in france. There on black lives matter on facebook all over the place, a yeah, you see you know, you know the reality, as the smart is not just comprise. Democrats The republic is dear lucy, a lot of them, but I'm so excited because we are clearly winning
and I'm so excited for the people of pennsylvania, there actually going to have a seat at the table, and I'm so excited about that. So you did work in the financial districts. Talk to you a little bit about inflation in what's going on. Where did you? Where did you hear? What did you do and where did you work, and I love the fact that they're about to ask me a real question. I worked at a g, edwards and sons right out of college and I work with bank of america, capital asset management, england, although I am popping up on some people's radar, yeah, yesterday, as of yesterday, right now for thirteen Might I be I've? Been I shant, Hannity shall seven ties between is ready, show and television. Never ask me any of these lasted a back. He was worried about me. He loved me going to ask it to the picture. I'm not one person they had parted must about me, call my campaign manager. Yesterday the man
all these all this information that he didn't have readily available two seconds later. Put this article, that I'm refusing to answer questions is just a lie: with that, I mean that one of them is Selina disease on she's, a very good friend of mine and a very good friend to conserve. Is, I believe, and very fair, but she was one that couldn't gallery couldn't get any answers. I found that the being there very disingenuous, again had been running for thirteen months they're, acting like a club for my way from underneath after day and just passed on the scene, the people The main reason why we're gonna went on to say that other people, s pennsylvania, have done the betty and now Have these outsiders who are brought in, and I wait a minute you wanna get pound of flesh now they're coming. In the only reason why I wanted ass. Those questions is because, If you are the candidate, we cannot lose this seat, and so I just didn't want anything pop up. Afterwards, we can,
lose the sea. So let's talk about some real questions: inflation, Biden says this: is russia and putin's inflation. What is this yeah? now milton friedman, a nobel prize winning economist, said, inflation is always and everywhere a monetary phenomenon. Meanie is the federal reserve right and now we as a nation are looking at the federal reserve to fix what the federal reserve broke, but in addition to the these are breaking out with the quantitative easing an arm and calling it I'm buying up all of the bombs from the treasury track, transitory inflation, when they should have been putting up right on it in a dish. except we have the divide, Biden, administration and the bell policy, though the democrat party wet
but you know, I'm not allowed not making sure that goods they have are all containers were off those containers but were in the stores on the shell. Now we have a milk shortage now today I wake up to a news article. By closing down more energy plants and facility. So of those things is the reason why we're here, just to give you an example of that agriculture, the number one industry Macedonia. Ah I talk to you a farmer. A couple of weeks ago At this time last year they were paying forty thousand dollars just fertilized six hundred acres of core today. He, I have been twenty thousand dollars, justify the exact same six hundred acres, of course, who are you going it ain't going to eat. That is not to be the american people. This is what they're so afraid of it that you have someone who has succumbed to and who can speak up. All the issues beyond it occupies. I didn't, become a conservative light
Yesterday I will you live in a bad again being up manager for the sovereign wealth funds. Other of the communist party of china, london, mccormick. I dont have eyes to the world economic, when I found now that I'm way there pulling long live the highly energy these video and are trying to find a different picture. Pennsylvania's keep well don't let them take away your one and only chance May I ask how you mention world economic forum? How aware are you of yesterday and my heart. Now, good animal is a yes Thank you are saying thank you for that. Ok, the the war in ukraine. If you were in the senate today, we have If this bill passes, we will have sent fifty eight billion dollars to ukraine so people know there
total yearly budget for their military is six billion. Total yearly budget for russia is steve five billion, so we are almost sending the entire russian military budget of a year over to ukraine. Would you be voting for it or not? We dealing with now we're getting wet inflation we're doing where mothers can't fly and they are literally on a par with someone who was driving hours just because she heard there was being the formula adequately store. We have I'm very real policy on america. Am I, It goes out to the people you cry. My heart goes out to the says on russia who have no control over a regime that has gone row by Putin was a pariah under the top administration and we didn't see this terror and horror that he's inflicted upon the people. I believe in order to make ukraine strong in order to make the world safe again, we gotta start
making america safe again. America is not in a sustainable situation We are fighting a war for ukraine on their consular and then I do believe tied his right to do a high carla. Taiwan is not a very real. Can you imagine we're losing allies left and right? Look at bangladesh in india. There pending away, and I call on you not to to our enemies, but of being or two different continents fighting to different and wars, and whether that puts us at the mare as america. We need to look at how we make ourselves far and that began with now. As a senator, I want to create a point if there's plan, doesn't look like a crazy game, a welcome all whatever pass that battle we, but instead create a worn affair. and I extend beyond the life, which is why a man, Frazier back. The purpose of the Senate is to be delivered to be sober to be thoughtful and not just pass on whatever passed his head up.
if you would be walking in to a hornets. Ass I mean I, I talk to people all the time who are who are very well aware of evil and what happening and every time they go to washington, they say Glenn. It is far worse than I thought, and I thought it was bad. We are I have to have real, publicans in there that will fire if people done wrong jail? yeah high level government people otherwise we lose our nation. Let me go schools. Are you willing to close down the department of education? Yeah local about that. I believe that there was a time when they were necessary, but I believe they lived beyond their point of usefulness and now they're getting involved in a bunch of foolishness
as relate to match Mcconnell. I think likewise a similar to the pardon of education, socrates, time of useful It is time to look for new blood. Any new ideas. It you gotta my website at by nine percent that harm. are. You now have serious. I am about the corruption saving, my own soul, even my soul and tat. We put our idea why agenda that tend to talk to things I will focus on, I get to washington DC, use it as a score heart of gender. I've got about a minute. Can you just hit quickly, just like the most passionate ones, jeer just actually, yes, I will never say, is a transparency. My husband and I have committed. not holding individual holding our trading individual starts, we were only invest and mutual fires. I think that, I think that goes a long way in the corruption of these people,
office, but also energy independence. That will solve a lot about problems, also our border, where I factor I, for one million, are lawfully present people coming into this nature, and now Biden wants to get rid of title. Forty two. I think we really need to take a look at I'm making a danish joy from with then I'm. China is a threat, but our main threat is coming within our own nation and dar couldn't do what they're doing it they didn't have assistance from sun within our own party, Cathy Barnett, is her name, so you know others have spent millions. How much of you guys spent on your. Campaign last two million and therein three figures in the bin. The million see no eight figures night, eight figures or nine figures in the millions of sixteen million dollars, just just in that first, five months, allow amazing, I two million over twelve months and there
but I would like the team under miles away without seven debate, Mehmet eyes and day Mccormick only showed up the two of them. We have several forms, they wouldn't go, I think, maybe too, with the other only when they went to, they don't want to be a friend of the people, but they promised to serve the people and not buying it. I wish you all the best, the primaries, what tuesday yeahs five days all the best to you her name again- is cathy barnett, barnett, forest senate dot com. If you want to get involved, especially if you're in pennsylvania, please These do make your decision because we can lose this seat and we had. We cannot have it, old by another Mitch Mcconnell or you know, mushy republican barn at first senate dotcom. Cathy, thank you very much. God bless
This is the best of the planned back programme, a guy I have to tell you is one of my favorite there. I could, if I made a list of, we know the five, the fight people I'm watching, that can really changed the world. Elon musk is probably number one number. One number two's probably have a vague, a rubber swamp, a ramaswamy, a swami who is with us now. If I can get his name right, he's the author of ok, but he just did something that rebate. Thank you. are you are you are the position to do something you. The position where you don't have to do something and you who were taking on black rock the right way Can you explain what you're doing? Yes,
were taken on the three largest asset managers in the world? The glens, starting with rock who is managing over ten trillion dollars. That is one firm managing more than half the: u S, gdp and here's the problem Glenn there. using the money of every day american citizens, most of the listeners of this programme, yours and mine, too ways to values onto corporate amerika. To advocate for policy. In corporate amerika to our shares in corporate amerika in ways. That we would disapprove of to advance these social and environmental policies that we should stead be debating as citizens hey man in your garage what they wanted to deem- and you know this stuff well, but just think about this as it as a second for thought. Experiment right, if you had, seat. Use of exxon and shell and chevron get together in a room and say cut gas production and then go. prices spike at the pump? As a result? This be the stuff of movies people be walking out, perp walks in handcuffs ok to trust violations. Yet guess what,
when the same owners of these competing firms or force those firms to do the exact same thing somehow get celebrated as e s g. Instead, that is a problem and the problem for solving through company should, and so my message to blackmail was really simple: Good news is we're going to solve your antitrust problem, the bad news we're going to do it by taking market share by actually representing the voices of everyday american citizens in every bore room in this country is essentially the summer. When will this begin? and can never ask people move their therefore in case of their investments over to you. She said so that the movement big gins in the third quarter, of the year. What we said was that the first products will launch the third This was just unveiling the company itself and I have been I've been blown away by the level of support we received, in fact the number of employees, of the biggest managers, including vanguard, lack rocket states, treat who have said
We are in. Indeed these are their words, not mine, in one case, a message that we were fed up with the nonsense ready for something new- and you know what I don't hold it against him ways were willing to move with their own feet, actually give credit to break people who are willing to act on their convictions, and you know what these firms didn't. This way twenty years ago. This is a new trend and so even Employees of these large asset managers who have seen the lurch that these firms have taken. I give them employees, credit and our our doors are wide open. But, as your question glance, the third quarter, the year that will be launching the so radically vague, the you know, I've been in this? He s g stuff, for a while. Now and yes, you have you couldn't get her couldn't. De the states. You know it twenty of them. So many republicans even elect us. A private business. Second, do what are they want? Well s P global just came in said. We are now raiding the states with ease.
ass g scores, so You may view, may lose your status for business. It is because we may not be able to recommend that people do business in your state at us. Certain point: we should just called the charade for what it is. We tell ourselves. We live in a democratic society, let's call the charade for what it is and start bowing to our monarchs. Instead, this isn't even apple between left and right click. This is about between living in a democratic republic and in a monarchy where a certain group of corporate craftspeople who run a corporate autocracy, a monarchy, decide what the right answers to these moral questions for everybody else now. I dont think that public policy makers are up to task. I think you agree with me on that. I ask think that a lot of public policies can have unintended consequences. That's a different game. That's the game on plan at the end, the day. I think that the market here, the actual market, the true free market, not the one, that's guided by the visible hand of government, but the one that actually guided by the debate
of everyday citizens. That's the system that I think could delay. The cleanest solution. If brave enough people are step are actually brave enough to step into that void. Anger, with economic opportunity. I also think there's a great opportunity to change our culture. So that's the path I'm taking that doesn't mean the Policymakers can act, it's just that. I'm focused more on the market track. You know it's amazing to me. I see these companies, these media companies itself, for you know a billion dollars and they got nothin We are the largest streaming network for real native centre in the world. It's like worth ten dollars like you. I year never again be able to sell that you like this. The mark it doesn't understand, and they refuse to understand that I dont know half the country doesn't agree with them. still want products in Glen its enemy. Let me just give you one shade further building on what you said. I grew there. He said, but further, the hundred
one million people, the hundred plus millions of people- are talking about. When you add just for spending power, when you for investment power when you just for being good What it risks good, good insurance, people don't lie in their credit card applications, people who have actual savings to put into investment funds. People were hard workers, people were sticky customers, that actually becomes one of the largest economies in the world right now. That being said, I want to share with you my perspective, you, I don't want to see a red economy in a blue economy in the law on either. This is beyond this is beyond democratic and republican, partisan politics actually gonna get politics out of the I've sector, yes, but we're not starting from neutral territorial, even using market competition and competitive, forced bring that true diversity to the market. Waste of ideas, one right now, especially capital markets. Glenn. We have one view. It is the s g centric view, and is is whatever blackrock decides. It means on a given day, what we really need is just true competition and true diversity. If we get there, I'm happy and I dont want partisan eyes.
Economies left at the end of it accurately that they can. The economy can bring us together, the private sector, if its deep politicized can bring us together. Has taken steps to get there. What I mean if we have to have a parallel economy, but then we have to have it, but a parallel economy will take from the other side and they'll either get competitive or they'll be destroyed. That's exactly right! Now the way this plays out isn't that we have two permanent parallel economies, but companies like airborne b and blackrock. and disney, and for that matter, in every other company in corporate amerika is going to wake up and say five years from now. Our approach to divert inclusion, probably wasn't as diverse and inclusive as we thought right. They swing the pendulum back. That's how we get our call. Did you see that blackrock what they announced today its borders of yours. I think I'm here, it is generally known, falsely pat myself, no accurately acronym. So it's not about me it's about them, trying to put the toothpaste back in the two rights
now what what are we going to see from blackrock mark my words they're going to say? Well those proposals we put up a couple of years ago. We want to roll those back a little bit. You know what I would say is that that is the example of a of an institution that operates without a soul. I would I have somebody who has a different view who we engage in helping the open, rather than to do. With somebody who wants to look like a flag but waves in whatever direction. They think the wind is blowing now they're, trying to put the toothpaste back in the tube in a very difficult time doing that, but I think it's revealing even how they sense, the tides are changing, we're going to lead new tied, hopefully to a more positive, only have about three four minutes left and I want to ask you two questions and there they're they're just ethical questions, and I dont know how to solve bolton. The news today Goldman Sachs back firm, buys florida community of single family homes for forty five billion dollars. Blackrock is due this to their coming in their paying overpriced their buying old neighborhoods. I dont want
tell companies that they can't do that. I would be opposed to that. It was in for e s. G and the reset which says here Can I own anything by twenty thirty and everybody will be renters so what are we? What do you think of this? And how do we deal with this issue my question glenn. I like the intellectual honesty with which you are approaching this to this traces back to a deeper problem of the gun. and effectively having a private sector suckling at its teeth over the last two years, but in return for the trade of making sure that those private actors implement government policies through the back door. That government couldn't passed through the front door. Show institutions like blackrock are effectively benefiting from a decades long policy of an utterly easy money from the fed, but the treasury spending that, of course, if you look at who administered the covert nineteen stimulus packages, guess what It was none other than blackrock, taking their rake at every death as well, so this is called
capitalism. So if it's, if it's a truly free market and private institutions, are designing to deciding to invest in real estate you're right, I don't think that's I think that we should worry about, as policymakers or or policymakers should worry about in saying that that's something that they shouldn't be allowed to do, but we don't live in free market right now. It's the invisible hand, really the invisible fist of government that engage, in a mutual back scratching exercise with firms like goldman sachs- that's been happening since two thousand eight, but also with firm. black rock in more recent years that make this the illusion of the free market, but they're using the slogans of free market ism as a as a slogan to defame conservative opposition that you would otherwise feel in the intuitions but concern If dogmas says that we should interfere with the free market, writing that's correct! So long as we restore the actual free markets met a complicated issue. Mere noah appreciate your answer: we're talking of a vague rama, swami too, to kind of in the same question
the story from sea and Andy teslas stock slide raises doubts about elon law twitter purchase. I think there's lighting, just like everybody else, my self and the other quickly. Other thing I really would like your view on there's a story and fortune today coin base admits users may lose. Crypto exchange goes bankrupt. No one Read the headline my first thought was: could laura they going bankrupt this. Is the federal government requiring them to disclose what would happen in worst case scenario, and now, it's being reported on and the average person will look at this and go up. There's trouble at coin bay. is this just another game that sea and is playing with tesla and the united states government is playing against crypto currency.
So you understand this really well. Glencore intuitions are in the right place and they're doing this all over the place. You seen it in the green revolution to where they use the veneer of disclosure. We're not you weren't. We, the regulators, aren't really forcing companies to pass a particular region, Of course, we would never do that, we're just pickings. In areas where they have to over disclose their risks, such as climate risks, and you could see the war on crypto has a very similar field to do it. Right in the same way, well guess what the closure regime is really just a vehicle for packing for smuggling in a viewpoint based agenda, that forces but he's too either bend the knee in a certain direction, or not You combine that with the forces of the media, which is really just become a fourth branch of government in many senses. That's how you use this soft power. It's not legislative power, though that may be coming soon to, but it's the soft our of using the combination of a disclosure regime with regular repression from the back door with regulatory favours given to large existing incumbents did then crew.
The conditions for nothing, but the right answer, which is the e s g centric answer to have been the product of what they were. Say is the free market. Of course. It's really just the invisible fist of government and the mortar tearing up, and I don't use that word lightly, but the more metallic totalitarian enforces behind it, conspiring to get to that same it comes as I appreciate your insight in helping people see through what otherwise seems like a much more ordinary, less nefarious affair. I mean, I tell you you you say authoritarian, and thus the title of my book is the great reset first century fascism and its people were like as you can see, fascist that, but that's what it is it is that the class well definition of fascism is a merger of corporate power and state power, and I think we are seeing the beginning of the rise of that on modern american soil and in some ways we we fought. We fought a revolutionary one, seventeen, seventy six. It was not a war. between partisan on one side or another. It was a war
between the everyday citizen and the monarchical class back in seventeen? Seventy six and today the new battle line, is between the everyday citizen and the managerial class, and the united states is an that's not left or right. It's something more fundamental than that, and isn't it crazy that it's happening all over the world. It's happening in every western country and being misidentified in every country you neil legal eight. This is a trans, partisan, trans, national war for them. Or in soul, of both capitalism and denmark. and even to be fancy about society, transporters and transnational. I haven't trans temporial, okay, there was this- is transnational back in seventeen. Seventy six, the french revolution, played out thirteen years later it was a transatlantic addled into we live in one of these moments, where it's like. It's like the the, though the dose in the water. It's like. It was back in seventeen. Seventy six. This goes beyond geographic boundaries and partisan boundaries. It is the human
struggle between the citizen and the monarch. between the citizen and the managerial class? That's what's at stake today and we sat on site of the everyday citizen. I'm just choosing it would not through policy but through actually creating a vehicle to compete with these new monarchs like blackrock and vanguard. So that's. Why I set out to do what I'm doing vague. I cannot- and I mean this sincerely- I have waited for people like you to start standing up, and you have for a long time, but I mean standing up and entry in pure corn against black rockin and others. Your ear I mean you're gonna get slapped around. Thank you thank you for that. I appreciate You give a lot of people, including me hope, thank you got pritchett I support every step, even though grab the swami, the author of woke ink. and talk about his start up. Ah, that's going after black rock and e s, g
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