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A California teacher who fears losing her job speaks anonymously about how districts are adopting communist ideas and critical race theory and want to hide what they’re teaching from parents. First Liberty Institute president and CEO Kelly Shackleford discusses the growing attack on religion. Grace Community Church Pastor John MacArthur called his latest service a “peaceful protest." Are we in the end of days?

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Look into the park ass today. Cobbler Harris is the VIP pick for Joe Biden. We go into that in and watched she's going to do for the campaign. Gill Otto MAR won her primary. I'm sure you're very excited about that. Look at that Jason Patrol joins us on tonight's programme on Blaze, TV with Glenn Back ongoing TV.
When you are not going to want to miss Phoebe Preview, that show we talk to teachers and pastors today about all the crazy stuff away to the government is cracking down on the way the teachers are being told. They have to do all sorts of crazy things to teach kids about critical race theory. The truth there is absolute insane get into the pot cast every single day and any of your podcast apps. You can also get stewed as America and subscribe and rate review of those pack has, if you wouldn't mind taking second tonight, is the night on wednesdays words back to back on blaze, tv is students, America right into Glenn, back lend tv and that you can go to your subscription. It pleased he beat outcome. Slash blend he's the chemical Glinda save a tent vocs sauce on PLUTO Tv. If you have that free there and on Youtube, if you go to Youtube search for stew, you'll find my show you could start. There then go to Glenn right after check out the forecasts today. Here it is,
You only thinking Shackelford is a good friend of the programme and on several times he is doing well, I mean he's doing God's work literally and figuratively, and then it was a really great three years. And then in the last three months it is really kind of turned a nasty corner. President and ceo of First Liberty Institute cheap Council of First Liberty Institute. This is a group that works on protecting the first amendment, our first liberty and religion, Kelly, welcome to the programme. Thanks in happy beyond
Am I? Is it an overstatement to say we ve gone from the best of times to the worst of times, find some ways I mean. Obviously, the the short term is just vicious. I mean I even think back eight years ago. I think we had for you cases that year we had three hundred this last year, Is it just read? Heading up and people see it right. I mean you got that their decapitated statues of Jesus there. I mean The best example we're hundreds and hundreds of churches calling us during this. Corona virus attack. On churches going on around the country, but I thought that I don't know. If you saw this gonna bet you did they won't But in Portland two weeks ago I thought was the visual of the entire, the last four months, which was they obligation stack of bibles and use those to ignite them too. To light the american flag,
to me? That was the visual is. If you're gonna take from America down you gotta go rid of the church of religious freedom, because that kind of moral constraint gets in the way of oppressive government so Kelly, there's a there's a few things first, while no one is no one is, is really even speaking out about to the the literal attacks on the churches. As you said, churches event, statues of Jesus desecrated and be headed. You ve had all kinds of of destruction being done. Dora churches and nobody is saying anything, and that is not a coincidence when you have marxists marching in the street, and then we also have the government, recognizing all of the first amendment they'll say: oh, you have a right to protest if you're on the right side, but
don't have a right to make your own decisions when it comes to church. The worst place. This is that I have found New York in California We ve had more protections. Put in and stood constitution strengthened on the first amendment, over the last three years, thanks to Donald Trump, but It doesn't seem to matter right now what the constitution says. Yeah. I really do think too. The dichotomy right now we're in limits or is bad news. Good news, I guess I bad news is news is, battle right now for the government controls you know the church or whether the government controls first amendment is Emily we started out at first Liberty, we people getting Glenn if they want the first livery dot org and we have a list of all our victory. We want every case we file during the pandemic and and we followed smart,
we knew, how difficult it would be. A win win. Judges are goin over also lays trying to protect public health, but you know we waited. We found the right ones and we establish a lotta good law. Will then a lot of people started filing lawsuits at worn, so so smart and he had some bad judges. There were filed in bed places and now it's it's a mess. Nobody knows whether the constitution and to protect them or not and So where were fighting this out, I hope of eventually we get a good case to the Supreme Court and we can clear this. But in the meantime right now it just chaos. Because there are a lot of crazy lawsuits in creating judges and crazy mayors that that the or governors are doing things that clearly unconstitutional. But you know you I get into the courts and you if you've gotta, get these things erected and unfortunately, it takes time
and right now. Are we don't know where we're going to end up at the end? It is because our tell this if the rule is that, if the government, if a government, Facial declares in emergency, then you're right sir gone the nun have any rights, because any government, if it were an emergency and so things like you know you- can you can't- sing at church, because your you, that's a danger for spreading the bar, but you can scream with beauty, thousand people at a protest. I mean that complete nonsense and clearly discriminatory, and clearly unconstitutional in, but that's what's happening out there we had one situate, going where they were gonna have a worship outside The county was telling them that it was illegal for them to worship outside on the beach, so there's a lot of stop going. I will
people, though we we are winning these lawsuits. If you follow me through smart, it make we're gonna eventually find it defines to find smart. What is it? What does that mean? Well and what is it? Smart, Lhasa gotta know you mean take good facts. There are tons of these on France's. Let us take the very first one when we, Yet this pandemic we knew this was very dangerous. There is no case law on what the constitution says. In a pandemic, I mean we ve never had that before we ve gone into court. We were well, King, you know fathers throwing a baseball their sons being arrested and for your handwriting in front of their children right every with like was the constitution apply anymore? so we we knew. The first case had to be the right case, and so we found a lawsuit. This was the right case. It was right before Easter Sunday and it was a church, urge in lieu of all that was
they told they could not drive in their cars. They were happy there trying to have a service someway unease right, it came in their cars. They listen over the radio to the pasture. You can't I remember Virus Ricardo, car right the rain that none did they outlaw the governor of Kentucky had said they're gonna go to every parking lot on Sunday Church parking lot. Down the license plate of every person and they were can be visited their home by police and told the day. To be quarantine, so this is like some from China, and and so we we thought of federal law suit. We got judge just walk I mean really laid the wood to the people. Did a global mayor end and what they were doing there and said. That is not what we do in this country. The constitution does apply, and it was a great a reminder or or bringing back the constitution. That's a smart,
smarter lawsuit, you know, let's that get victories, not sought foul. Do that, sort of Hail Mary type, things that you know. Unless you get the right judge, you're, not gonna, win because it is a new thing. For a lot of these judges, and so we have to come forward with a good facts with good arguments. And and really file them in the right place, because this is a very important battle for the future of our country. Is it mean if Donald Trump is not the president and we have left. It over with as many vacancies that are going to be on the Supreme Court and they could even pack the court What does that mean? to freedom. When we're, so close to losing it with this president, and with the constitution the I would
I would tell people like you said Glenn before, though this the pandemic. Even me, we were really turned the corner on. We ve got to so many good. Ideas in that the law is starting to chain we're going back to the to the words of the constitution, with a significant victory a year and a half ago, the Supreme Court and want to our cases that real, was a major change, positive change for religious freedom, and so the Good NEWS is yeah. We we were really starting it. And things around it, and I think that what would have been, maybe forty or fifty years if we can keep that going odyssey, that's wonderful for our country, but Like you said, if they pack the court, then the king It is no longer a court in the political body, because whoever comes in next time belt is tat. People do the court to, and so now it's a political body, not a legal body. Just whoever you want about in and it would destroy our Supreme Court and
Why have that man? I have to tell you, I think, with John Roberts there. It is a political court. Now I mean he's, I'm he's too, you can't make sense their heads or tails of of love, his rulings, because it just seems to wherever the wind is blowing in its it's crazy, Kelly. Thank you. So much for everything that you do. If you are looking to support an institution that really is making a difference, and we need our first liberties more than ever that we ve got to protect the right of free speech, the right of religion first, liberty is on it and they could use your support. Its first liberty, dot org that first liberty dot org. This is the best of the Glen Back programme. We have with us now a Animists teacher from California
That is It feels it is crucial, to raise the alarm in California- and I think this applies to every school district. All are My country she's a teacher, she is joining us now we're not gonna get into any of the other details, because this is how hostile of an environment, it is now to speak out if you're, a teacher, welcome to the programme and thank you for your courage, brain hearing so much for having me on your welcome so tell me what happened to you just a few weeks ago that made you say away, wait hold it what's happening now, what to be honest with you. The wait wait hold on what is happening had been over a decade in the banking for over a perfectly couple weeks ago,
I started noticing you know, I'm watching the new. About real breaks out. The term civil rights If you do not turn critical theory, and I wait, what is critical fury which I think a lot of a country of going out. I mean it probably just kind of brief reader than were reached on well, it didn't write maybe if we listen to a couple podcast without good, bye, Aubrey search online, and I found out its surrounded by Karl Marx Red Flag Red flag, literally eager freight traffic data and thereby my bed already white concept If your your fragmentary refugees prove an argument against the black or an oppressed person you proven you're worried because began. In fact, when data are quote all white men.
Thirdly, we want I want to you that I will. I want a real reiterate, critical race theory it. Holds- and I am quoting data, facts and the scientific met method are whiteness and in here Currently, racist therefore view data to disprove and a proper oppressed persons. Narrative you are proving your tie. To racism by using facts. It is over thirty. I require because unit you really well, you know I hear you on the police. I hear you on the shooting, but let's talk about black on black crime, which exponentially higher death rate that hurt would bury, while your how you're using fact my feelings are worth more, what were you doing in a dream, but I would prefer a huge worthwhile well, then I got a little deeper capital whereby briefer all
because it was developed by weight and does not racial equity. We heard a foundational principle, the critical theory about fell off. My chair so I've been thrilling with national out of getting this out here, but I mean I deal with Hannah creeping over the edge of the time. I had a dream Oh, you mean warping. Let that happen it will anyway, a couple weeks ago. Do we perform water? We have two how to training. And I noted that training is one where you and I'm thinking- oh my god, I'm in California Bree, better handled it well right. I open up and training and right across the top, it both critical race theory. Glenn I wanted to quit honest, bought or go out at repaid or tax. All my friends are happier given public would quite get out now. I cannot believe what I am saying, but of course I want to read through it. Given
regrettably, the applicant, maybe but people who developed they don't know what critical period. So here are the main point would be caught up. All this is in the training? This is in the training document for Caliph. New teachers, nor California people- but I can tell you- but it is endorsed by the California Department of Education, we onboard appears when people appear from California cool administrator area through the California her contribution core and a bunch of other districts through higher to train teachers. And he wrote you are not in you're, not in a small school district in in California, so it's it's a large number of more small enough to where I'm nervous, but I'm gonna be identified
report people nowhere well I'd. Rather, you know figure Anonymous called epic education. You can go nowhere what everything up here or there They point only Property, white man month. We abolish No one should own property wiper no only your black girl produce their own self interest. That's me on what back in black when will, we hope, be white person every other than their own self internet if you die. You been called away now, but if you will the color of the skin of the good, you're talking about you're a compassionate programme, because then in because of critical race theory. Defending that by saying flip that around proof
who's, that you are a racist, dark, we we back why we're not getting anywhere? That's why we're here agree you took degree, that's why we can't talk about real If you what's going on, that's why we're here Hocker now I mean I'm a white oh Peter, and I how we vote racism against me multiple times that my own classroom, I walk on eggshells, irrefutable color, or because I want to make sure that they know that. I was then that I care about them, but I want them to succeed because I'd I'd more but where a black student, I think that the great, but why do you want? my door. I've been hot thou. I've been able fired, prepare have gone to the people in China to try to get me out even when I have documentation, cooling wider Europe drop agreed with a guy nope, because your weight. Because your way and I'm goin, if I thought about you- I'd, be thrown in jail.
Ok, maybe other points are weaker them. Inherent with all white people from birth, they can't help it. We are all aware of it. Where you from the programme will, in my mind, is able with prominent wired. Talking about it. Why are we trying to solve it, He learns permanent in white people well I believe we all have been right, but percentages your and yet you are wasted just because you white replacement individual body out of it, and you know this is a group, then I don't care if you re at a glance into every block Portman that you ve ever met I'll, tell you why way out of my way to make sure that they feel love and not that I'm program. I'm sure that I've been time to say just because your way you will refer. It is exactly what caused it's exactly
what caused or allowed slavery to happen. Let me say we said black. Or different their different than they have some sin or some mark or whatever, and that they can never achieve That's how you that's, how you do your dark? You are going could be my for you because you're not intelligent of me all will be paying with Armenia to look the other way. It's amazing a couple more children should be by a try, not nuclear felt the with two parents about where you see parental being taken away for women who are about that, but I mean by better bread, a wow kind of, you re wrong from I mean you, don't have your parent without No, if you feel like you, have homosexual feeling, don't talk your parents if you feel like you're, a boy, you're, really recall and future.
We'll tell you at the summit that I agree very much with paragraph because you don't know how character to react to adopt the right if you going on there, but in training actually fed you not talk to your parents about there they might not be enlightened enough to realise their own racism within in. So, let's just because the pointing out and I article article article now about teacher being worry because now we're all at home learning but Herod when they get the curriculum on their weight MIKE had been caught there I'm not gonna be out it's so I have a tweet thread from Matthew. K is a teacher, so this fall virtual class discussions will have many potential spectators. Parent. Siblings, etc? In the same room, will never be quite sure whose overhearing the discussions. What does this do for our equity?
inclusion work, how much have. Students depended on the somewhat secure barriers of our physical classrooms to encourage vulnerability. How men of us have installed. Some version of what happens here, stays here conversations about race or in my wheel house and remain a concern with no walls environment. I am most intrigue by the damage of the helicopter. Snowplow parents, who can do his conversations about gender and sexuality. I mean conserving. He goes on. Conservative parents are my chief concern. You mean bear rotten and the thing you do. You know about America. We should be able to have the car. Conversely, you said I strongly agree with this. I strongly disagree with it and that what we want it now, longer what pupil five, which is actually in the tree, We want to talk about the counter story, I beg your pardon
people were tearing down the viable because George Washington, over the palaver owner, the real story You know the you didn't really deserve to be out in history and automatic. Well. Ok. What about recounter narrative about reversing up? You know we can We cannot talk about both fired and I hope we will talk about. The other side is unbelievable me so tell me how many other teachers feel this way like you do that you're? Just You ve seen the slow boil, but now you realize this thing is boiling over its completes teaching now dangerous things it become a revolt and you're in it. Our third teachers are there Teachers that agree with you or you in the minority. What
oh, I am definitely a very small by minority I reached out to a few of my colleagues after the training on bill, and you have to be really careful, You don't hurry. How did you feel about that from you that we do good and every single one of them call me a bed why Iraq. Because I didn't want to put it in writing. We wanted to know why I wanted to know if they wanted to know. If I was a thief person to talk to you and I predatory bit like you know, there were a couple of things but jumped out at me like. I would only help a black person if it would be my own interests that brought me the way holding operator. But why idea, and no one should own property like that right would be understood, as I said, that a bunch of them opened up got yacht this garbage where they could put your finger on Y know that there would be little bullet points here that I didn't really sit with me because again.
The room call that we had where we have the actual treaty be huge. You are all about, compassion is all about, Why wouldn't you wanna? Go to your block? You didn't work. You want report and more similar for using it I mean? you're just unaware that you ve been holding them for decades. But what talk about that left route that out but again, Gary per while they never actually define what critical period in which tart. Without later but maybe getting the scientific method ball. Capitalism. How could you to this end, communism and it fell to repair. It is all about Karl Marx. But again you know about your question. There are people in light of what I mean hardly a monopoly be uttered. I may all bad. I can't believe you're even going on my back show because I would be verified. I mean. We all know that there are yeah. I e
I commend you for your courage and we all have to understand that freedom is not free, and this is our generation's battle. We are going to lose it unless people have the courage to stand up, I encourage end teacher that is experiencing these kinds of things to call in. We will protect your identity, but your voice it must be heard, even if it is augmented like it is now your voice. It must be heard. People have got to start talking about it. And and letting others know they're not alone. Thank you.
And- and I hope that we have a chance to meet at some point in the distant future. Were his arm, not outing you and I I hope we can stay in touch. Thank you. This is the best one by programme also, we have John Macarthur. He is a a legend. If you will in the ministry business. The pastor of Grace Community Church and I think he is going to be even more legendary. Because of the steps that he is taking now- he is in California and he has deemed that church is essential and I play his opening pass Sunday. This is what he said to his his congregation the morning. Everyone I'm so happy to welcome you to the
community church, peaceful protest, well do the programme, John Macarthur. How are you, sir, Well, I'm I'm very fine, I'm chuckling when I hear that because we normally begin with prayer. That was a little bit of a different approach to start asserts that nets, yes, but it is in California. It is crazy that your your first amendment right to gather and and have the services that are essential, I believe to the soul of each visual and soul of our nation. It's not ok, but if you, if you decide to engage in a peaceful protest which looks an awful lot like a riot, your fine. Yeah. That's absolutely right! It's
policy other is well. I guess you couldn't even called hypocrisy, assist blatant double talk because they're they're out brown with at all. So we are targeted. There's no question about it. I go back to the fact that three hundred and sixty four babies are aborted in California. Every day we leave their nation will have about two hundred and forty thousand abortions. This year there's no moral high ground the governor basically decree a year so ago, in which he invited people who couldn't get an abortion, another state to come to California, you could it here funded by tax money. So there is no moral high ground there, there's just stood. We feel as a targeting of churches based on fear based on the that are not believable You know just before we move on from abortion, it was Koala Harris. Now the vice presidential pick that
actually began the litigation against the rapporteur. That did the covering of the selling of baby body parts by plan, parenthood that who is Harris in California. Oh so John used, yours now, standing up and ever think that you might in this country, be put in a position of some day. Following the Dietrich bond, offer a kind of path where you go to jail for what you believe and I was a reality and increasingly so I ve been a great church. Fifty one years Life was fairly benign half a century ago in terms of the thought of persecution, but in the last year fifteen years this has been coming, it's been coming.
Because of the corruption of the university system, which eventually eventually puts everybody in leadership who has been jaded- and sold an aunt. I god Anti Christian, anti american ideology, so there's an inevitability to it. One way to understand this planet none! I don't know what you're going to stay tonight. You gonna do a little bit on that. I don't know what you're gonna say tonight, but I believe it already. Even I don't know what it is, because the UK You see the sign just a simple way that I look at this from a biblical standpoint. The human race has fallen, we know where all centres, because everybody dies and the wages of sin is death in the soul. That seems, will die so that is the evidence of sin. So how does God manage to call? flourishing in the this massive collision of sinners on the way to death he built into society. For restraint, the first one is the law of God written in the heart
part of being human is having the knowledge of right and wrong in its in the heart. Then God gave a mechanism called the conscience, which is activated when you disobey that line the heart. That's why people feel guilty. That's that's. Why they're deep fear and anxiety, depression, sometimes like attacks over people's simple behaviour, that many, Isn't that God gives them, so they don't continually destroy the soul. The second mechanism By the way the law got in the heart has a weapon, the weapon, his conscience, the second, mechanism is the family and a father and a mother and believe it or not the weapon, is the rod the Bible talks about where the right, and spoil the child? What that means is that there is a loving discipline for miss behaviour so that This behaviour has consequences. The third the government in Rome. Thirteen basically says the government has a sword, that's their weapon
punish, evil doers and protect those who do good and the fourth restrained in society. The people of God, the church than are salt and light solve as a quiet influence light as a blazing declaration of truth. So given as for restrains, am I surprised that Basically they are written in the heart, has been completely overturned and replaced with a corrupt, perverted law. And if your kind, and gives you any trouble. You need the silent, your conscience, because you you don't need to take they blame for anything you do. You shouldn't have any shame thought that since in the law of God in the heart has been devastated systematically through the sexual, pollution, homosexual revolution and all the other stuff comes in at the meeting movement, social justice, everything then the family, the family, the next barrier, the next restrained than allows humanity to flourish and what's happened to the family, just complete devastation to the
family, to the degree that there is low being made to give some kind of normal seated friends, gender people, asylum. The families under assault next comes the government defined the police. Generation of people milling around the streets, destroying everything because there never have been any consequences. Their behaviour as they grew So now we want to get rid of the place well. Who's next is only one, institutional laughed and that's the church the Police- have a sword, the father and mom have a rod, The law I've got an art has a conscience. The church has the truth. That's the most deadly White and above all, to a world that wants to run from God and and do everything that Simple heart longs to do so watching the church is part of it. So did I expected, it would come in my lifetime. Probably probably I don't know that this is
something that has come as fast as it appears. I think it's It's been growing for decades I think it's me. You know we ve never gone in for prostate exam and your seventy. Well, all of a sudden. You you ve got a month to live well you could have seen it coming, but you didn't look and many of us just turned away. We didn't look and- and so we didn't realize, we were being rotted from the inside out I have talked to a lot of people- and I said you know it act we give me a lot of hope. If, Jesus were coming because I know he could fix it and he will. When he comes but I also wouldn't be surprised if this in this was beginning of the end of days, if you will Do you do you find that more More people are gone. You know, I mean
Are we approaching those times? Well Jesus had no man as a Dane or the hour. Not one to speculate, but I've never seen as many people hope it's soon as there are hoping now I think, there's another thing to look at in the first chapter: the book Romans. There's a immerse, merce! Eighteen, it says the wrath of God is real from Heaven against all on godliness and unrighteousness of men who hold the truth in unrighteousness No nation has ever held the truth, been unrighteous at the same time I agree that the United States has obviously founded on christian values founded on biblical principles. We, held the truth for the duration of our national identity. But we have held the truth increasingly in unrighteousness and at the bar says: gods Rat will be revealed a here's. How defines that wrap in that same chapter,
gave them over that's a great term. That means handing someone over to the sentence to execution to jail or whatever illegal. So, God handed them over, and it first of all two immorality saw the first way. You know that a culture has been handed over by God is, there will be, sexual revolution? says I'm gonna turn you over to the concert which of your evil choices. Two versions later, as God gave them over to homosexuality. So when you A sexual revolution followed by a homosexual revolution, you're you're living Romans, one, the third, statement is he gave them over to a reprobate mind what Used to wonder what is a reprobate mind a mind that doesnt work? that's when you look at yourself and you're a man- and you say I'm a woman, that's insanity And out of that insanity it becomes impossible to go back because all rationality is gone, so I think
What we are seeing in America is the wrath of God in Romans, one revealed on a society and the and shouted is sexual revolution. Homosexual revolution followed by a mind, so so that a mirror a kind of looks like the jury. Springer show, it's just did You re deviation for the sake of entertainment and chapter ends by saying, even though they know these things are wrong. They not only do them, but they approve them a clap their. Claude at deviation and perversion- that's that's a cyclical kind of thing in the Bible also says, God is white, all the nations to go their own way. So we're not the first nation gone gone down this path. This is much how history go so whether this is done are end or whether this is the apocalyptic end of everything.
I don't know, but certainly the wrath of God has been released on this country. It doesn't mean there's no grace, there is always grace. This is the of salvation come to Christ. That's our message: escaped the wrath escape the judgment God, will show you grace but come, but I think America experiencing that judgment. You don't hear people say those things anymore: John and I appreciate your willingness to stand up and say what you believe and and call your church back and and be willing to go to jail for the things that you believe our true thank you for on a programme, John Pressure,
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