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The world is in protest over everything from free speech to free parking at Disneyland. And the coalition governments of Britain, Israel, and Canada are faltering, while the Democratic Party is collapsing. BlazeTV’s Kevin Freeman joins Glenn to detail how China, Russia, and Iran are attacking our economy, but all the market “coincidences” are blamed on Trump. And The Federalist’s Kyle Sammin details how Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax is entirely unconstitutional. But Pastor Max Lucado reminds us that real happiness comes not from high expectations, but from helping and serving others.

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Hello, you sick freak. Welcome to it. It is a Tuesday great show for you. We have Kevin Freeman on he's the guy who actually track down for the Pentagon. What happened right after the eight collapse? Remember some bud. Got really rich on the housing collapse. Somebody got rich on nine, slash eleven he's the guy Pentagon hired to track it down because there's something new that is, going on it seems to be trying to make this into a trump scandal. But it's not. It looks like it's a chinese and iranian the scandal in our stock market, what it Means and what it even is also made those thoughts on America. I mean, I think we all need to hear. We all need to hear those. Don't you we take some of the chaos and tie it together and show you what's happening around the world and ask you about agents of sabotage. We talk about
Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax and why exactly it wouldn't work, an unconstitutional and an amazing amazing hour with MAX Lucado, our happiness actually happens. All on today's podcast, alright. So there's a couple things going on in the world that I want to address and try to tie together my only real skill in life, I think is to be able to see a bigger picture. I want you to. I want you to look at the demonstrations in Lebanon, Chile, Spain, Haiti, Iraq, Sudan, Russia, Egypt,
Indonesia, Ukraine, Peru, Hong Kong, Zimbabwe, Colombia, France, Turkey, Venezuela, the Netherlands, Ethio Brazil, all Algeria, Ecuador and, what's putting in England now happened last night in Canada, and I want break these up into two different categories. Usually when you have riots or you have violent protests. It's because of one of two things, the people are hungry and they can't afford the things that they need and they see the government as a problem or the governments not listening to them and the government is not. Funding to them, both of those things are happening, but there's a third new one that is
so being injected. So let's look at some of these. For instance, you have fuel subsidies that have that have been cut all the price of fuel has gone: in places like Haiti, they can't if they can't afford it. In Lebanon. They there's a new tax levied on the of Whatsapp. That's the social media thing. That's also one of the causes for Uganda, they're starting to put taxes social media. Now, why would you put a tax on Whatsapp. And why at cause a riot. This is really important. We'll come back to that here. In the second in Sudan. It's the cut to fuel and food subsidies in chill hey there protesting subway fare hikes now
This is where Whatsapp comes in. You'll notice. These aren't striking workers like we have with GM. These are just average p, getting together on the streets? Now, how is that happening? That's happening now as we used to have to have labor unions, because it was the only it was to get the message out and we can all come together against the man and so you had a labor organizer come in and he organize everybody, but now you have have whatsapp. Now you have facebook. Now you have the internet, and so, if you're, if set about gas prices. You can find other people that are upset about gasp, is that you would have never met before. This is why the governments are starting to crack down on social media and starts tax them and everything else, because just like Facebook, it
it to and twitter. They were great responsible for the uprising in egypt- and they actually helped push Egypt so I have to form unions anymore. As long as you have the app now, let's switch to other places There is a shortage of gasoline. There is a shortage of food. Ok, we understand but here's where something new is happening in France, one of the original demands of the yellow, vests wow and I'm not kidding free Park, in Disneyland Paris. They one of the is one of the demands they wanted was free parking at Disneyland Paris. Now, if you don't
understand. If that seems crazy to you, which it does me. It is crazy it it seems crazy. It's been as you haven't really fully understood. What kind of changes are happening to our world and there's a reason for it. People are people have very high expectations in, the successful countries and anything that will help them cut their expenses or give them free stuff is being pushed just get me free, off and the more free stuff that is out there. The harder it is for, for instance, a government to be able to pay for all that free stuff. It's an overwhelming of the system. People are I was just starting to say well I own that parking lot too. At parking lot
wouldn't be here. If it wasn't for us, I mean it's in France should be free parking at Disneyland for everybody. Also, at the same time, in France, something else is happening. Farmers are upset at the climate change plan. Climate change. If you think it's unpopular here, climate change, with anyone in the socialist leaning countries is growing really unpopular with farmers and people, but only people who consume food because it's jacking, the price of food up When the government says we have to cut these programs to save money, nobody wants to hear that it's to set people on fire because they're also
Jacking up things like things for climate change,. So here's what we have we have the poor. Just country in the western hemisphere with uh, dysfunctional politics, Haiti and it's in protest, because the situation is bad. But in the same hemisphere we also have chile, it's the wealthiest country in Latin America, And it has falling inequality, so why are they protesting? Let me give you, let me give you one other thing.
I told you ten years ago in the future. The operative word will be chaos and anything that causes chaos get away from because we know who the author of chaos is so. Get away from anybody who's trying to cause chaos. Let so you one other thing: governments cannot work. Governments fail when the gears get jammed This is what this is. What sabba tours were? during the war, saboteurs were people that would put a a monkey wrench into the gears. That was an actual thing the industrial revolution somebody take a wrench and they throw it in the gears and it would break the gear and jam the machine up. So it would stop the factory from producing things. That was a saboteur.
Do we have saboteurs in our midst now, I don't mean just here I mean all around the world, because the gears of the machine is stopping. Let me just give you a couple of stops. Benjamin Netanyahu looks like he's going to have to quit, he's been re elected, but he cannot put together a coalition. Coalition style parliamentary government's only work wow there's good goodwill there there's no goodwill. Everybody is standing their ground. Everybody is saying my way or the highway so bad. But Netanyahu looks like he's to retire and quit and hopefully they'll find somebody else that can put a coalition government, but don't count on it because
look what's happening in England, you have Boris Yeltsin, Ora, Boris Yeltsin, Boris Johnson, who is just trying to follow the dictate of the people voted brexit. The extremists in parliament are saying no brexit at any cost. So screw the people monkey wrench Boris Johnson can't put The a coalition there is no coalition left, Justin Trudeau. Justin Trudeau, one in Canada, but he does have a margin big enough to put together a coalition government so now machinery in Canada is also stopped, and I will say that while we don't have a parliamentary system here
look at our machinery here. Because one side refuses to work and listen to things that they leave themselves for years ago said they wanted b as they won't act on those things, because they will stand against those things because they're against one person and that one person ahead of the whole country you do have a coalition; you don't have good faith. You have nothing that will work. Congress cannot get anything done. The administration cannot get anything done because their fight over things, honestly. Nobody in the country cares about. Everyone in the country wants us to move forward.
And this is an honest question. So it's really a coincidence. Now be because everybody seems to have just been Violating their social contract contract with with with the people all over the world, so it could be. But it's interesting how no one seems to be learning the lesson things just keep getting worse and worse and worse. And what do people do well, Barcelona Burns, we've got models, start working in the streets. What. Is anyone taking this seriously.
Is anyone seeing what's happening to the entire world. It might be a coincidence, but then again it might not be, and we turn to AOC and Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in one minute, remember in twister, one of the characters comes running, The camera like it's coming, it's coming run for your life and the other character says no it's already here now The tag line and you know, the trailers. No, I don't remember that who would remember that, but people remember the dialogue of twister there's one thing you remember from twister, which is a cow flying by that's it. That's.
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Today and receive guarantee two day delivery discreet to your door, you take action, so we are ready when something comes, because it almost here. Save seventy dollars right now. Just go to prepare when dot com that's prepare, preparewithglenn, dot com, we break for ten second station id all right, so I want I want to like to just give you this headline Democrat two thousand and twenty race has shadow Hillary Clinton, Kratzer putting caution signs up for Hillary Clinton as she waits back into presidential politics, presidential politics by casting a twenty twenty candidate Tulsa, what is a russian asset mocking President Donald Trump's dealings with foreign leader and drawing counterattacks from both
Bernie Sanders wrote yesterday. People can disagree on issues, but it is outrageous for anyone to suggest that tulsi is a foreign asset uh. Larry Cohen, wanted Sanders. Top supporters was Cancila Tori, but warned an interview that Clinton could harm the eventual two thousand and twenty nominee by weighing in against specific candidates, and now there being that, maybe maybe she's thinking about. Of course she is, I mean there's no chance of winning but of course, she's thinking that you think. Billy boy. Yes, I mean she's thinking about it. You know I'm not anyone else is thinking about it. She is thinking about it. She's the
Think about it all the time oh they'll come crawling back to me. They will maintain he when they went was she went with the double stack conspiracy theory yesterday that it was tulsi. Gabbert was a russian agent and Jill Stein was a russian agent at that, point you kind of thought, she's a little, desperate and certainly obsessed about this. I know she don't think she's actually jumping into yeah. I think she she is waiting for the moment where they It's going to come and ask me, I know they'll come and ask me to lease because that's what we know asking her. She is delusional. She is delusional and the demo That's know that they are in trouble, mainly because of the split in the party I mean, I don't know you seen the headlines in the last twenty four hours, but because of Kozio Cortez there now saying is the Democratic Party
as we know it over this election, and I think so I I mean you mean it changes into something I mean that was essentially is because he Cortez and the squad endorsing Bernie rips that a part of their certain a a pretty clear signal. I mean you know think about this. You we're in the moment where Warren is arguably the front runner right war. To give you ninety five percent of what you want out of your socialist candidate? Ninety five percent? Okay, why now do you pick now to endorse Bernie Sanders, a guy who can barely walk across the stage? I want you to listen to this 'cause. I think this is spot on now, listen, remember: Bernie Sanders. John Had a heart attack. Yeah, okay, is falling in the polls she's rising by by is falling in the polls
Warren is clearly the one to rally around and they sanders just had a heart attack and they picked that moment to endorse. Why? Why number one she's, saying this is my movement as soon as he's gone, I'm in it its main. It's I'm the head of this socialist movement I am the one to be the to bring the torch forward, and this is not something that's going away and never to there is no compromise when it comes to socialism. There is ninety five percent of what we want from Elizabeth Warren, we want one hundred percent of it were not so that's fine for someone who still says there a capitalist. Despite all evidence, we are the people that are gonna. You know we want them to say their socialists were not embarrassed about it and we're going ordenan going forward when Bernie does I to to stop running it's my game yep. She will take the the torch up and all you
to do is know what party she was actually working for. It's, not the Democrats and go. Back and listen to what sank said. The night of the last election were tired of these people. The best of the Glenn Beck program hey it's and and you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out Pat Gray unleashed it's available wherever you download your favorite podcasts Okay, here's the story from Vanity Fair in the s ten minutes of trading at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange on Friday September 13th, someone got very lucky. That's when he or she or group of people. Sold short one hundred one thousand s e Manny's there electronically traded future contracts linked to the
importers five hundred stock index when the x was trading around three thousand and ten. That's when this purchase came in to sell it short, the time was fifty pm in New York- and it was nearing midnight in Duran a few hours later drones attacked a large swath of Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure. Choking off production in the tree in sending oil prices soaring by the I'm the CME opened for pre trading Sunday night. The sp index had fallen thirty points, giving that very fortunate trader or traders, a quick one hundred and eighty million dollars in profit now does that like something that Donald Trump or one of his people are doing is that sound, like the chaos he's creating. It was not an isolated occurrence. Three days earlier in the last ten minutes of trading. Someone bought eighty two thousand smpe Minis when the Index was trading at two thousand nine hundred and sixty nine. It was near
four am on September, 11th in Beijing, where, if you Hours later, the chinese government announced that it would lift tariffs on a range of american made products, as has been the typical action in the US stock markets as the trade war with China Chow Zeon without any perceptible logic, when the news about Potential resolution of you know seemed positive markets go up the news was viewed positively. The snp next move swiftly on September 11th two two thousand nine hundred and ninety six up, nearly thirty points. That's game day later, President Donald Trump said he would postpone the terror of some some of the chinese goods and the s and p moved even higher up forty seven points. The person that bought the eighty two one thousand e minis just before the market closed on September, 11th uh I saw a saw, a movement up
e mini contract worth fifty dollars. A moving up forty seven points is now worth two thousand three hundred and fifty that person or per things made one hundred and ninety million. Now that sounds. You like that one was coming, maybe from China, somebody that New China, or they were just extremely lucky a week earlier, three minutes before the CME closed on September. Third, someone bought fifty five thousand e mini contracts with the index at about two thousand nine hundred and six around nine hundred Pm New York, nine. Hong Kong market started. Moving get for six hours, then reaching two thousand nine hundred and thirty six around two hundred pm Hong Kong, two hundred am New York Carrie Lam Hong Kong leader, announced that she would be withdrawing the controversial extradition bill that have been rolling the city in protest for months. Somebody there made eighty two million dollars, but then
somebody who bought four hundred and twenty thousand September e minis in the last thirty minutes of trading in June 28th. That was forty percent the day's trading Vaal volume they made, it create that no one could ignore present Trump was already in Osaka Japan, fourteen hours ahead of Chicago on his to a roughly hour long meeting with China's President Xie as part of the b, twenty summit Saturday in Osaka, the marketed closed blah blah blah trump from the meeting with Z and announced that they had in the your intermittent trade talks were back on track. That person made a profit of one point: eight billion dollars. The when this happened on September 11th uh a financial expert now does a show on blaze, tv called in by the Pentagon and said: can you Do the forensics on this and he found that indeed, somebody
Did the market and it looked like it. Sovereign fund. Kevin Freeman was that guy and he's with us now hi Kevin Kevin. Are you there? I am Glenn. How are you doing I'm good, so is this story is presented as if it is the trump that is. You know possibly involved here, but this looks like it would be: sovereign funds, or investors that have inside information outside of the? U. And not about you. Movements on things are these Is this just a string of coincidence, or does this look like a pattern to you that we should be looking into well? There's no is a pattern. Number one number two. It is not president trump. He wants to see the market go up every single day, they're all day every day during the period of history,
and see he has no idea, no desire whatsoever to manipulate the market at during this? His traits would be noticed. There's no way he's he's behind it, but foreign governments are behind it. It's what I wrote my book secret weapon, it's what I talk about when you first uncovered my research from the Pentagon. It's what we talked about on the show all the time, foreign governments interest in manipulating our market or traders associated with foreign governments. They want to both profit, but they also want to destroy the american economic system. So is this the beginning as it has this been going on forever, because I mean, if I'm to and I'm really struggling for cash. And I'm going to launch some things. I immediately short the markets because I know it will affect in that will just give me more money for whatever it is. I'm trying to do well, there's no question in fact Ossama Bin Laden was found to have manipulated the market prior to nine hundred and eleven? And you know they do
just in the nine Slash Eleven commission, but there are several collegiate university studies that came back afterward I said no, that was unusual trading activity in I did airlines and then re insurance companies and so forth before nine hundred and eleven. This is a path, the Prof if you don't mind, manipulating causing harm to people and so forth. Of course, you it's an old mob technique. You know you take out insurance on On a warehouse and- and then you burn down the warehouse so absolutely is a way to make money and it's a way to manipulate the. Global system. So what is stop people from just making money like this in the past I mean is this Is this something new that we're dealing with? No, it's not entirely new, but it certainly has ramped up recently and certainly with the Iranians. I mean we gave, for example, during the Obama administration, we gave the Iranians something like a hundred and fifty billion dollars to play nice and be good and so forth. But now their
spurt for capital. An under the Trump administration were really locking down in a lot of areas and so is there way to lash back and to access capital, so the the market should know. Making these transactions right can we can? We is there a way to track them? You can do a lot of this in secret to through dark pools and and other places, and keep in mind. We just assume that every trade is economic, that's something that were born and bred into, so we're a trader says well somebody's trying to make money. This is economic soon that they're acting nice and and being legal and appropriate. It's not always the case, so what we say in the
namik war room is what we see is a market place, our enemies view as a battle space and the there's no real way to try to track down some of these foreign trade. You, you can say they're, unusual, where's it coming from, but there's no real way to trace and understand what happened in in two thousand eight, for example, we looked at the short selling on the banks and you had to go through like seven layers before you found out where it came from, which was a sovereign wealth fund in the Middle EAST it took, you know they were trades place by traders place by dark pools place by you, just keep going back until you finally found where it was, and it takes awhile to do that. Forensic analysis. Are you concerned at all? But you know: we've talked on this program about the I think it's trillion dollars that China has just printed twenty four of that looks like it went to offshore accounts and was invested in stocks bonds. It's a here in the United States and in the west. They
real. I mean that is a staggering amount of of money. That if somebody wants to collapse the market, you know A trillion dollars, fifteen trillion dollars makes the market move dramatically. Does it not The eighty eight would you normally wouldn't be concerned because, as a major nation would realize that the blow back, if you destroyed the global financial system would be so severe. The frightening thing to me is that China has, along with Russia and other nations, created virtually an alternative economic system that doesn't use the western system at all, so they may not use the swift transaction system. They've created trying to payment system. They may not use the International Monetary Fund, they may use the Asian Development Bank, and so normally
well known same nation. That's not collapsing, would would you know, collapse the world economy because it would just damage them too much, but we're fast approaching the point where they may have an alternative system. If they wanted to pull the plug on the west, they could restart very quickly and they would be winners from this, and this is something that's actually out in the literature. It's something they've talked about an unrestricted warfare and it's also something that The Russians talked about more than well twenty years ago now. Well they, but they also taken action. Steps on those they're, both stockpiling gold and they both have negotiated with Saudi Arabia to get off of the petro dollar and so they've they've, all taken those steps to to show us that they are moving towards getting away from the western standards. Absolutely correct one hundred percent Okay, never makes you feel good. When I talk to Kevin,
I mean I always am glad, because I know you know these things, but I As part of me, that's like I don't I don't know. If I really want to know these things, what should we? looking for Kevin well One of the signs are, would be issue that we're dealing with this. The thrift savings plan where the Chinese are still seeking to access western capital, and so in the. Savings plan of the United States, which is all of our pension ears. Retirees and veterans and so forth. That's going to be invested, Msci. National index, which is heavily weighted to China. Much against the patriotic veteran, who doesn't want his money going into chinese stocks as long as they continue to access western capital the they're probably not pulling the plug yet they're just preparing for, and that is a massive push to take billions and the The dollars from our thrift savings plan and put it into chinese companies
will be very painful when they switch over. It will be more painful for us than them. If they succeed their economy, unfortunately, Fortunately, for us to our economy is not the powerhouse juggernaut that it once was there struggling and President Trump as the worst, president in my lifetime actually stood up to the Chinese, so this is a war and we're finally beginning to recognize it. If there's is weather signal? We need to realize that they are fighting an economic war against we've, seen everything we need to see what you're mentioning here about a currency that they're pushing pushing around the world to the tune of trillions. Just boggles my mind is the best of the Glenn Beck program,
hey it's Glenn, and if you like it here on the program, you should check out pad great on leased. His podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcasts hi, it's Glen, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do this favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks. Okay, so we've been hearing a lot about wealth tax and I don't even think most people even know what a wealth tax is and they stop listening, because it's only going to affect they say only affect those p making a half a billion dollars or more, but it's going to be attacked on everything they own, so their art, the the money they gave to their kids. You know all of it all of it. And so it does don't seem to be constitutional at all everybody is loving it because it does affect them, and it's going to raise all this money, but it's unconstitutional
Kyle Salmon is a senior contributor for the Federalist. He is podcast. He's co host of conservative minds. Welcome to the program Kyle. How are you good thing for a mail client? You bet so you wrote of very good article in the Federalist about why Elizabeth Warren's Well taxes completely unconstitutional, but can you can you Can you explain it in simple layman's terms? Why and what a direct tax is. You know just kind of break. Down for us sure made the distinction. I mean between Directx. An indirect tax is one that doesn't come up very much, but it was something discussed at the constitutional convention because the founding fathers, the the government they were living under the articles of confederation, did not have the power to tax
Heather just ask the states for money and hope they got it so a lot of times they didn't get it because the states didn't want to pay it. So when they wrote the constitution, they thought well. Ok, we need to be able to tax directly, so Congress can levy a tax and we can pay for the army in the navy and everything else. We need to pay for it, but they don't want to give him too much power to tax, didn't, want them to overwhelm the states and take away all of the people's money and and put them some of the worst situation. So they split the difference and said that Congress could tax, but they couldn't do any direct tax and less it would be apportioned by population. So what does that mean at the constitutional convention? Rufus king of Massachusetts, as
what is the precise meaning of Directx and according to Madison's notes, nobody answered and they moved on. Okay, good. So even in the beginning, it was sort of a compromise language, but as a then, we moved on it kind of took on the idea that a tax on people or property is a direct tax. A tax on sales or imports is an indirect tax, so Congress always is taxed imports or at the at the building as action ports of them, and that's that's terrible and we've had that since the beginning, the you know, Alexander Hamilton came up with the whiskey tax, which caused a little star in the west, but it was definitely constitutional because of the tax on on the sales of whiskey thanks, but they could not taxed property.
Directly with the idea uhm in less they apportion that tax among the states so that each state paid its share according to population according to property. Effectively, this made property taxes impossible 'cause. It wouldn't make any sense um what why, if you had two states that have the same population so but one of them was rich and one of them was poor. They both have to set pay the same amount of property tax to the government. Vitamin effectively mean is that each poor person in the poorest state had to pay the same amount as the rich. People in the richer state, which is sort of the opposite of how taxes, even in those days, were meant to go so it had to be apportioned by the state, meaning before Nya and South Dakota would pay the exact same rate, and as a state, yes, but it
If, if one was California that had all the rich people there and South GO head, know the rich people, they're they're, screwed yeah! That's why Congress never really impose a tax like that, because it would have made no sense in the room with an angry so weak that work for about a hundred years. Now we get down to the first permanent income tax getting imposed in the eighteen nineties and people said: hey, isn't this the same thing? You know: you're taxing income, that's a direct tax and the Supreme Court agreed and they say you have to apportion us which basically meant they're gonna repeal it because of the same problems. Then we passed the the sixteenth amendment. Few decades later says you can do direct taxes on income, but all the other direct taxes are still not permitted unless their portions? Well? What is the difference between my income
and my stuff well that's what the court said in Polacca case that struck down the beyond apportioned income tax in the 1890s, because they said look if you have property and we can't access directly. Now you get income from the property and we can doesn't make sense. It's the same thing right right where you can tax a person directly, but you can tell that doesn't make sense. So that's what that was struck down. It's only legal now because of the 16th amendment which carved out this one part of direct taxation left? Everything else close, so it's only about income tax, how to change the constitution, to make it that direct tax could only be income right, and it's it's pretty broad, its income on. You know any kind of you get, they can tax and they do. But it's got to be income. It can't be just proper and that's why there is no federal property tax and we have you know in your state or
township or whatever your school district. You might pay property tax, but there's no federal property tax, and this is the reason because it you know, without going through these weird math computations, to make it the constitution is not constitutional. How is Elizabeth Warren, I mean it's getting away with it with the american people, because they just don't know how he planning on pulling this off. She has made a good After that I mean that's that's kind of but John,
He brought it up in the last debate that he was allowed to participate in and they kind of just moved on from it, but he raises a very good point. This is something that you know: we've had a hundred plus years of of direct tax jurisprudence. That says you you can just text property directly. The one thing that I I mean things going to confuse the issue is in the Obamacare case. We are your remember that note that they struck down the the insurance mandate, but so they could survive as a tax and in the sense that Justice Scalia brought up this direct tax questions. The women, if you're, if you're, saying, there's a tax. This is a tax on the person not having insurance. That sounds a lot like a direct tax, not an indirect tax and just as Robert Kind of truck this often said it's. He listed a bunch of direct taxes existed
in the 1790s the first time the court looked at this and said it's not one of these, so it can't be direct tax, but that's sort of a backward reasoning because of course it's not one of those they didn't have even have health insurance in the one thousand. Seven hundred and ninety property tax write not having health insurance right so that a muddy the waters a little bit and perhaps Warren thinks she could you know if it's a Democrat, succeeding court packing just you know, so tell me the tell me the ramifications, because people is people with a billion dollars. They have it, they won't miss. It tell me the vacations of it. Well I mean that's. That's part of it, too, adjust the billionaires it some. It actually starts at if you have fifty million, which is still very much more knowledge graph. But it's you know it's a lot closer and the problem is that the warrant said she said it's two percent: it's on the only the very rich are going to pay it. You know who care
right, but that's exactly even down to the percent what they said about the income tax in eighteen. Ninety five: they said it was a two percent tax and it was only on people making. Four thousand dollars a year or more which in today's my is about one hundred and sixteen thousand. It was one percent of the population and they say, But if I were, if I remember right, they said it would never go above seven percent would never be paid by anybody. Uber rich. Yes, this was just a rich man's tax, you know and and got behind and I said well you look at these guys in this. Guy owns one hundred factories. He can pay two percent right, but it's never. It never stops at that. Once they get access to a new form of taxation. It always
creeps in and goes more and especially because with something like a wealth tax and at Lawrence Summers. Clinton's treasury secretary brought this up more than once in response to warrants plans. It's not going to take in as much money as she thinks it's. A people they've tried it in Europe over the decades and it it never brings in this much because people hide their. Stuff or then you have things that, like the things are regular folks own, you know how much they're worth you know, but things are rich people own or sometimes value and then that what that turns into is just a and all that every year, because this is an annual tax where she wants two percent every year, all your stuff, which doesn't that overtime, just delete that just deplete your stuff yeah. I mean yeah means you have to earn two percent on all of your investments. Just to keep him.
And some things aren't owned. As investments I mean. Sometimes you might, you know people own a house, it might not go up to percent every year and think most don't you know, but you don't own it necessarily for an investment. Okay, because it's a place to live, you know or other things. You know I mean things you and you know art, it can be an investment, but that market is very up and down and our collectors don't always buy because they want appreciation they buy, because I think it's beautiful and they wanted on their house so keeping yeah. This is this basically says: if you don't learn to percent on these investments every year, in a way that you can pay to the government like your own two percent cash really because of you know if your house goes up to percent, it doesn't mean you have that two percent it is, you have to have the you. Do you have to have the two percent in cash yeah? I might recall Are you selling in asset to be able to hit that right? So it's it's a very and then yeah I mean we have. We have a state taxes where all that's going on for gears and these big estate tax
I mean I, I began my legal career as a trust in the state's attorney and there's a whole, Not that goes into those and they only happen once a generation. This would happen every single year and legal. Alright Kyle. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Alright, thank you but we wanted to have him on his podcast host conservative minds want to him because he took this very complex thing and made it pretty simple in the Federalist and there's just no way to do it and the ramifications of stuff like this It fundamentally changes if they can get it this, like Obamacare. If they can get away with this, if they can start to say no, we can have direct taxes like this they're going after everything, because we have to they have to they are wanting to spend an extra fifty bill. Trillion to a Huh a trillion dollars in the next ten years they
I have to have access to everybody's stuff and still not going Now it's still not, but I mean they're talking about you if you think that starts at fifty million in it stays at fifty million or not it's going to be gf. Fifty thousand bank account will. Then we need a percentage of that too, And what do you have? Ms word about your stocks? What about your retirement funds? You? Don't for all of that, you don't own anything. You do own anything. That's goes against, everything this country has stood for. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program.
Like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber, become more now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the Shell MAX Lucado is here, and one of the reasons why I'm having him on I'm just being transparent is he's friends with chip and Joanna gains, and that they're my favorites and I'm a huge fan and if you ever just want to past my name out there and say to you know: I have a friend in need, love to have dinner with you, guys feel free maps, and I was saying I feel free those two people if you want chip and Joanna they have a what seems to be a happy family because they seem to have fun with each other laugh. They love each other. They support each other. In your book. You talk about how it's going to be a five to one ratio positive to negative. Are you there max? Yes, yes, and you talk about how you have to have you know you.
Have to have, or positive, going out the negative talk about. Families, an relationships, yeah yeah, you're right. Chip and Joanna there just splendid people. I wish I know him better, but I I know chip better than Joanna uh, I mean you know, chip enough to say: hey. You should get together with my friend. Glenn right now right now, alright, anyway, MAX go ahead. You know, issue of happiness. The the big idea is that we we could find we can find happiness by making other people happy. That's that's really what we cherish about people who have genuine happiness. They they haven't found it, but because they won the lottery, but I haven't found it because they found the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. They found it because they discovered that the secret to happiness is. Is making other people happy?
and you cited some really fascinating research, and that is that healthy, happy marriages have this five to one ratio of encouraging words over negative wounds. Negative words that the truth is words can wound people. Words can bless people some people towards your lack of water on an oak tree, some people's words or our lack poison or some type of toxicity on an oak tree, and and so what what irish people in this book is look at the ways that you can make other people happy, because you you set out today, the bank five or ten people happy you just set up to date to give them words of encouragement to bless some to compliment them and you'll be amazed. How the the clouds part in your own sky and- and it really will you will- you- will find that it's more blessed to give than it is to receive you know
it sounds like such you know: dime store to advice. Through simple those right, but it is true. I am convinced MAX that you know we are arguing so much about how bad things are in our past and everything else. If we just said let's put that on the table for a while, as for back burner for awhile there fifty million slaves right now enslaved in the world. Let's, let's work together to get those people out of bondage. I think we would forget about all of our problems quickly and the people we I thought we were, you know enemies with would soon. Become our friends, because we were not fo, based on us. That is absolutely the truth, and and that's a that's a biblical truth
and it's increasingly being borne out by by research and and the first chapter of the book. I talk about what he thought was really a fascinating piece of research in which in which volunteers were were, were attached to an MRI scanner and they were asked to imagine Glenn not even do, but just to imagine doing good things for other people. And when they imagined it that part of our brain, that is called the pleasure center, just lit up like Christmas trees and and just a thought of doing something good for somebody generate
did the same response that a good meal or a hobby a beautiful day, walk on. You know in the end it in on a trail on a blue blue sky day. It generated that level of happiness. So the point is you don't have to change your circumstances to find happiness? That's the big lie, and that is, if I can get my circumstances route then I'll be happy. All we need to do is go from the posture of everybody. Take care of me to the posture of I'm gonna, try to serve other p I heard a speaker. Actually I did my wife heard a speaker just over the weekend, bemoan what you're talking about, and that is the the decrease in in church attendance or not Bob to explore that with you. It's it's a disturbing fact, and he said I wonder how much of that is the fact that we live in a society where, if your coffee isn't exactly the way you want
you walk it back up to the counter and they'll make your brand new one and give you apology. If your pizza is not the way you want it. They'll they'll paint your house and bring in new pizza, and he said I wonder if we created an attitude in churches of all sorts, that if you don't like the temperature or the song or something the preacher said, then you know that needs to be fixed to serve me. It's it's. It's a it's! A consumer mindset that debt is taken into churches and consequently, no churches, perfect, specially nine and so people say well, they're, not they're, not meeting. My ex, spec tations and, as a result, the attendance is at an all time low. I would like to actually explore that. Let me take a break here, but before we do it, let me just throw this my son said to me. Sunday morning we're going to have to go to church and he said
and why do we have to go to church, I'm so tired? Why do we have to go to church, and I said because we have to say thank, for all the things that have gone right this weekend all the blessings that we have. We have a lot to be grateful for, and I I I wonder if we have forgotten that This isn't our time to have things made right for us. This is our time to go with gratitude. And to hear what he's Tell us! Ok, here's what you do next! I don't know if we we that attitude the blaze radio network on demand
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