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Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

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Best of the Program | Guests: Kevin Freeman, Peter Schweizer & Phil Robertson | 5/16/19

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This- is a very special podcast today you're going to hear some of the biggest some of them. Best interviews that we have done, except when it's like Sophie's choice as I'm looking at each of the interviews, I'm like oh yeah, but that was really good, but this one is really good. So one volume of about nine interviews that We've done in the last six months from the podcast that you just don't want to miss Anne if your subscriber to this podcast, which you likely are, if you're hearing our course record voice right now. These are the things that of on saturdays, if you haven't listened to those they're, not normal, shows, are totally different hour and a half hour to an hour and a half long interviews. There's a with no commercials, no brakes and long in depth. Conversations- and you know it's something that if you, if you listen to the podcast, that's great, but you should check as well. They are fantastic and you can build them different. I just did one for this weekend and
guess said Glenn Nobody gives this. Nobody does ninety minutes of just non. Confrontational, really deep intellectual conversation it's true. It's usually somebody I don't necessarily agree with and their powerful. So today highlights of with the summer travel season almost here. I thought it was a perfect time to catch up on the Glenn Beck Podcast episodes that you might have missed that come out every Saturday in recent months. I've had dozens of why,
ranging long form conversations with people on the front lines of culture, politics, education and technology. I wish your portions of some of these vital conversations today, but you can find much more and the full conversations had Glenn Beck dot com or where ever you download your PA, cast. First, I want to jump into my conversation with financial expert and host of the blaze. Tv's economic war, room, Kevin Freeman, we are now entering a time where there is an economic war. On speech, on religion, on guns and when I brought this up three years ago and said this is how they're going to fight guns they're going to fight it. My clear going to go through the banks. Right, don't worry about the constitution, they will go through the banks, we're doing that now with guns and speech and everything
I'll, go through amendments, three thousand four hundred and fifty six, but they're going after the bill of rights. They are. They are for control and so to your point on guns. There was something called operation, choke point and recently american Banker Magazine representing the American bankers, Association admitted yes, operation, choke point. Real. The Fdic really was encouraging banks to close accounts of gun sellers. It was illegal, and we have nine hundred pages of testimony that prove that it was illegal. So then, when did that happen when the American Bankers Association, say or when did that when was Chuck Chuck Chuck point was, the Obama administration, and they literally the through the Fdic? They were encouraging because all right, so your bank and you work. Fdic. You just want to get through your review as quickly as possible and the Fdic says I the way. We think that those companies that sell guns- hello, shady Comic a little hard
for us to do the review, if you're doing business with them. If you want to just stop doing business and close the account, you can do that, and so banks did, if you don't have a gun seller. If you don't have the ability to buy a gun from a reputable licensed dealer following the second amendment rights, how do you? How do you get a weapon legally, where you get it through a private transaction which they are trying to ban you get it through a gun show which there, to, and so this was a methodology and it was purposed and it was said in the american banker article. It said they were doing it based on their partisan police or based on their predetermined what they thought was right and wrong. There are moral beliefs, so that's operation, choke point now, a year ago, Andrew Ross Sorkin, who is new, times columnist. He is also the co host of Squawk Box on CNBC.
Every morning I see him, and I see Joe Kernan and Joe Kernen represents the conservative side and Andrew Ross. Sorkin represents the pleasant, progressive side and he's very pleasant about an it's always makes good arguments, even though I disagreed almost he wrote, recall New York Times. That government will not be able to solve the gun problem because we have this pesky second amendment, but Eubanks can do it Paypal, you can do it. All of the finance companies have more power than government and he's openly encourage them to start canceling. The Paypal accounts, the bank accounts and so forth, and it's not just with guns. They are now doing it. Two people in my business They are silencing Us1 by one and people are not seeing it. You had Robert Spencer on podcasts here, didn't you yeah, he was targeted. I know he was. He was sorry, it's not you. It's Alex Jones,
Robert Spencer and they're, going systematically across anyone who's speaking, something contrary to what we find or deemed acceptable and you wonder why these people are they on the year. Why aren't you know what why are they being silence? Will they aren't able to make our living? They can't even get a bank accounts? Well, we just saw the few weeks ago that the paperwork has now come out, and so now we actually know the numbers. But when we were saying Facebook is crushing serve, the algorithm was changed and it changed the traffic by seventy percent to conservative websites. I mean we're weird you know when the Germans rounded up the Jews they put them in? Get a house live your jewish life? You can do it everyone we're building a wall around. You will we saw them, nobody heard them
Is that no matter how loud they shouted it just went into a brick wall around there and then they could liquidate them um. Aren't we doing that virtually? We are and- and we cover a lot of this in the economic war room so it controlling in silencing people or changing the algorithms or the search results? Output, I think, is Doctor Robert Epstein. Who published in USA today, he said I'm a Hillary Clinton supporter I've, they'll supporter today, but here's the fact. The page results produced by Google had the potential to swing election, probably move independence by ten points, which means that They not done that. I wonder what President Trump might have won by. I think,
there are a lot of people who didn't vote for President Trump, but they voted against Hillary Clinton and when you do surveys of Christians throughout the south and you're asking, why did you vote for this guy because he's got this bad history here and he's with this porn star in all this way you vote, for they all a because she hates us and everybody knew who the she hates us was, but they were silencing free each manipulating elections and they're doing it with search results, and that is a silencing of free speech and, in my mind, it's election fraud. It's it's much, it's not it's! What cast son's team talked about the easy all you have to do is just nudge people. Just Just alter the search results just a little bit here and a little bit there and all of a sudden you're on a different path, and that's what we're that's when you talked about before
or don't we kind of commonly agree? Usually don't we can't? I think we commonly do but they've been nudged more than maybe we've been nudged and so there are people that may not be that far from us, but they've been nudged and that dividing wall has been built between us. When we look at the issue with guns, we see what's happening here and people tend to forget: Venezuelans had guns up until two thousand and twelve. They took the guns from the citizens in twenty twelve. That's when you can get away with literally murder, as we record this Maduro is still in. He had just taken Jorges Jorge Ramos,
as a reporter Anne held him. Captive reports are showing that things are getting much much worse there. Russia is now saying we're going to go to war in Venezuela. America is going to go to war in Venezuela, Nobody is reporting the fact that Chinese have war ship off the coast of Venezuela right next to ours, what's happening in Venezuela you think, we've sent in a right bright and the western nations and ate and they shot people trying to get it we're seeing the the control results of a true socialist revolution. It looks for a while and everybody celebrated it, and you had Michael Moore and everybody came out to look at how good this is and then you run out of other peoples money they nationalized.
Stuff they ran out. I mean it's the natural outcome of a socialist revolution. It has to always go to dictatorship and it ends with the haves and the have nots, the worst of which is where you have. Hugo Chavez's, daughter, boarding around the world with three or four billion dollars. It is a common. Dictators daughter inherit three to four billion dollars. How does a bus driver the bus driver? That's what people loved about Maduro one of the people use the bus driver. He wasn't rich now. Look at him now, look at them they're flying bricks of gold that he claims are. He is out of the out of the country. What happens it will? Let's start here, President wanted bill Wall says it's a national emergency. It's no more of a national emergency today than it was ten years ago. How
I think on the horizon. I don't know you following what's happening in Mexico with the with the oil lines and how they shut it down and now gas line they're everywhere they shut down the pipeline said we're gonna start trucking everything trucking, isn't it's not effective, at least the way you know going back to that why they built that pike. What's a terribly inefficient way to move for a bull horn and there's a short your truck drivers in the west anyway, so you've got all these. We've got all these problems down and in Mexico. Just from that one thing you have a
and who will not recognize anybody. Anyone, but mentor is one of the few of western countries that won't recognize him outside of Cuba. If, if he is instituting the policies that you know, Chavez or Maduro, were it's already a thug accuracy? It is it that hard for people to think may We would have a huge colombian style crisis on our hands on our border. You know this is as they are on the precipice of potential economic greatness as a nation because the people are phenomenal. Smart, hard working people and China is collapsing as low cost producer. We have an agreement with
to code, they could be the next producer, manufacture or whatever for the United States, the wages and so forth, are on the precipice of this and yet they have from the thugocracy from the drug or tell control from the fact that don't have a wall and we have porous and open borders, If we had a wall, Mexico would benefit because the drug cartels get the massive amounts of money there the precipice of something really great if they could get their act together. That's the I mean that's why? or so many areas of life, so many is, is it, really great or really terribly the best of the Glenn Beck program.
hi. It's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do his favor, an rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks. Here's a piece of my conversation with Peter's wiser and did a show recently on the difference between disinformation and misinformation. Fascinating topic right, yeah you can you explain the difference between the two I mean one is one of the disinformation is when it is, is planted in to what you think is a credible source right, hey if it comes from Prof day you're like ours Pravda, but if it comes from the New York Times right Then it's disinformation in a way Google is is engaged and
Facebook knowingly or not in a disinformation campaign. Yes, I think I think that you could search classify that in I think the issue becomes. Why are they doing this and how are they doing this? You asked earlier about Zuckerberg and your interaction with him. I don't know that marks Kerberg I'm not suggesting that Mark Zuckerberg is sitting around saying. How can we deal with conservatives on Facebook, so either. But the problem is: there are lots of people employed by Facebook who maybe they're in their mid twenties may they were woke. You know on campus, and they are now involved in the newsfeed. I mean we had a you know: a Facebook employee, involved with their trending section that came out a couple years ago, who said oh yeah, we sunk, conserve stories- and we boosted liberal stories, so I don't think it's it's it's a question of the executives of these companies.
You know, in kind of a James bond villain moment, saying here's how we're going to rule the universe. I think it's a question of they created these powerful companies and they've created a culture within these companies that, for all the talk of tolerance, is actually very intolerant and it reflects in the product that they are producing. So did you did touch on it all. I have a a document from a meeting with media matters on inauguration day. It was a meeting that happened with far left donors with media matters on the election day in Florida on election day on on inauguration day, and they said here's
where we went wrong, and here is what we're going to do an it talks in that in that document about how they are going to go to Facebook and Google, and they are going to advise right. Ok and. In that document it says we have already been given access to all of the raw data, in real time now. Peter. I don't think I did give that to me or any organ Asian, that I know of now. They would not. They would not an this This is the problem I mean the problem is the way that they are going to deal with this. Is there, like you know, we're being criticized by conservatives, so will go meet with I'm not saying that's a bad thing by the way, I think that's a good thing, but that's
not really the issue. The issue is not you know, saying nice words. The fundamental issue comes down to you know: what is this company doing and the whole debate now arisen about fake news. I think, is a huge problem. Because it's allowing essentially these liberal groups like the southern Poverty LAW center and media matters to assess police, say the Facebook and Google. No, no, we want you to engage in more censorship. Right want you to classify and the and the the face for could reach bond? Well, but we have others. We have. I don't remember its heritage foundation, but we have we have. Others like that are doing it on the right. I don't want. That easier, our side, that's exactly one. Either side shut up, yeah, it's it's! The the problem that develops is that nasty word cronyism and cronyism is a problem where you give concentrated power or you give special access or favors to certain people and invariably
it's going to be misused, and this is really the question I guess Glenn is: does Facebook an does Google so She just trust the american people that they believe the american people are incapable. Of looking at a new story and saying that's totally. Yes, I'm not buying that, and they don't. They don't have confidence in the american people to do that. I feel like they have to somehow be the arbitrator, and they don't so. Here's, let's be clear. Just new study came out goldfish goldfish have an attention span of nine seconds. Americans have so
the second ok. So, let's be very clear: we're not doing our job right, K and that has changed dramatically because of Facebook and all of the interaction that we do. However, because I was just asked this question uh? Well, don't they have a responsibility shouldn't they be no, they responsibility to be transparent and be a platform correct platform correct. I don't leave that you should censor anyone on a platform like it's the battlefield, lives of ideas. To say that now what people will say is well that's great. Because there's a lot of crazy people that there are there are yeah Thomas J, since I believe the people trust the people write. The key to that sentence was comma
they will usually get it wrong, but uh eventually they'll get it right right right exactly so we're going through this period right now, the worst thing we can do is put babysitter on top of us forever. Yes, we have to learn, fire is hot. No you're exactly right- and this is- is further evidence that I think they don't really. Understand the dynamics at work in the country today. The dynamic at work in the country today is a rejection. Of sort of this elite view of how society should be organized, it's The reasons why you have in and markets. Conservatives, people on the left, don't trust large banks, they don't trust Wall Street, rejection of that. It's the same reason: conservatives, liberals, independence, have a distrust of Washington DC. It's not because they want tax policy to be slightly different
they don't fundamentally trust them to reflect their interests and to look out for them and Also know that elites generally look down upon them, so you know that eat My challenge to Silicon Valley is for all their talk of egalitarian, as some for all their talk about. We love democracy in everybody having a voice. Do you really do you I mean the point: is we all remember as a kid I grew up outside of Seattle, Washington? I remember going down to a place called pioneer square. You probably went there to yeah. There were all the people wandering around saying strange things. Well, those people today may have blog sites and they're going to say some crazy stuff. I didn't pay a lot attention back, then I'm not paying a lot of attention now, and I have enough trust that most people aren't going to pay a lot of attention to them and- and that's I think, what we afternoon have to embrace, because otherwise it's going to have, intellectual policemen that are trying to tell people
What you should think here's what you should not think not only that, but Don't even look in the store, you can't even look in this direction. If you look in this direction, it might somehow infect you it's ridiculous. Battlefield of ideas is such that the best ideas win and I happen to believe that the idea is the confounding were the best ideas and they are going to win and we ought to be confident in that and the kind of to in everything else honestly goes against almost every single article in the bill of rights. That's right! almost every single one is violated now it's not violate by the government right, let it is the same principle, especially the bigger they get. Yes, um
and that by the way, goes on to what you were saying earlier about Hawksley in or well, you know the the the the traditional view is the government was going to use technology to control our lives. It's really corporations have always you know. I've always always made fun of you know blade runner the corporation, please shut up about the corporation. It's the government, no right right! Oh are now entering the time where the lid concern about corporations by is actually accurate. Now, right, oh yeah, and it's weird that they are so in love with Apple and Google 'cause
the guys you've been warning us about yeah yeah, so it won't. Let me let me take you kind of to that or well placement. First explain: email is free. Google searches are free right right, they are free, but they can a high price? No, I'm not paying anything! Well, you're, not paying anything in terms of monetary, that's true, they're, free, but question is what is going on because all the servers, all this capacity is expensive. So. Google is doing. Is they have a product here? You're? Not by You are the product, they're selling, you're selling you and they're selling. All kinds of secrets about you in Gmail is a perfect example of this. I use Gmail up until started on this project, and now I don't use gmail anymore and what people have to it's about Gmail. Is there scanning
every email that comes in their scanning it they know. What's in it they are scanning every email that you send out and If you draft an email, you know you're upset with your listen about something you had a you know, debate over Thanksgiving and you thought they were rude, and you said you know cousin Chris I think you're rude and you're, terrible and your this, and that- and you say you know what that's really kind of see. I shouldn't send it that drafted their scanning. That draft want to make it clear, you're, not In the draft that you save and put into drafts correct, it's the keystrokes, it's recording the keystroke, Even if you delete all of it. That's still there yeah all right what's important here. Is again to distinguish when you say scanning it doesn't in their reading it correctly and why are they scanning it scanning it, because let's say you send an email to your friend
Ali. I'm really tired of work. I'd sure love to be on a beach in Mexico right now, they're scanning. Because they're scanning they're looking for beach in mexico- and you are going to probably see ads on your Google feed for apartments or condos in Mexico and LO and behold the neck. Morning, a someday, you wake up and they say Mister Sweitzer, I've already booked two tickets. That's right! Would you like to go to Mexico today. I know you're, tired and you've been thinking about it right, that's right and that's where it's headed and again, there's there. There are certain amazing conveniences that come with us. I mean you know, use Google MAPS and they're all sorts of great benefits to that to Google search the thing that people, have to keep in mind, though. Is it's not a one way street? It's not to these wonderful good things, they're doing for you, it's the Capac
Do they are developing to do things to you? So when I say that they're scanning your g emails, it's not that there's a person sitting in Silicon Valley Single look what Glenn just sent in Gmail Correct, but they have the capacity to do that. Yes and they have the capacity if they don't like what you're doing to shut you off from mail in doctor, Jordan, Peterson. We highlight him in the film that's exactly what happened to him. He's a psychology professor at the University of Toronto, and he took a position against compelled speech where there was a debate in Toronto about an ordnance that would require you to address somebody by their preferred. Gender PETA this position, was, I always address people by their preferred gender, but this is compelled speech. You should not force people to do this. He took this public and the next day Glenn he was shut out of his gmail account. He was shut out of his Youtube account everything. Google owned was shut down. Now you would think
I assist going on. I think, probably what happened is somebody connected with Google? Maybe mid level saw this The is maybe in favor of this policy position and and sort of in a juvenile way said. I don't like this guy we're going to sort of cut him off Jordan, Peterson Peterson losses Gmail, he lost his his Google calendar. The point You rely on these products. It's going to give you them an enormous capacity over your life and if they choose to some times in an arbitrary way. They may just shut you out because they don't like a position, you've taken and the Does Google does not have a customer service department? You can call to say Wyd tap and they have no customer service department and they make clear we can choose to do this to you anytime. We want this is the best of the Glenn Beck program
hey it's Glenn and you're listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out Pat Gray unleashed it's available. Where download your favorite podcasts back before customers at coffee shops got their information from actually talking to a person sitting across the table from them and ignoring them, while scrolling through their twitter mentions. Things were a lot simpler. There was wisdom in a good conversation and a family member or pastor was usually the first to be consulted. When advice was needed. I thought we needed to get back to a little bit of that. My podcast availed Glenn Beck COM or wherever you get. Your podcasts is a good mixture of modern day technology and old fashioned communication one on one thoughtful and practical application that you can actually use. My recent conversation was with Phil Robertson, and it goes right to the heart of this concept. Here's a small,
portion as things become more and more insane in our world yep. I thought of the poster that the church Churchill put out in the Second World WAR keep calm. Very on right. Now, none of us are keeping calm, we're all freaking out. All we have to do is keep calm then do the things that you know are right, just pay, no attention that just keep calm and free on your quoting some great scriptures look, I urge you brothers in Ville gods mercy over your body as living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God offer your body that's twenty four slash, seven, which is your spiritual worship, don't conform any longer to the pattern of the world. You just met the pattern of worth back to insane. If someone tell me that we would end up my two thousand and twenty with the mischief and the sin
the murder. What is I children to shoot up? Churches concert, dealer Young Jesus said: the devil is the father of lies just look at the news media and what they keep. Coming out of their mouth and you act and the scary part is, I think they believed collapse too, and it's not just this- is the news media. It's the user said the devil. And the whole thing yeah, it's advertising allies of to sell some of your product. I have to tell you you're not complete without this. That's the big, lie there is no way, that's why I haven't gotten into the cell phone and computer business, I'm on I'm on the computer, but I never look. There's different gifs, here's worship
Love must be sincere. Twenty four slash, seven pay for his Vo claimed, what's good all the time. Twenty four slash, seven. Be devoted to one another in barley love all the time honor one another above yourselves, all the time don't be lacking in zeal, keep your spiritual, fervor serving the Lord all the time. Joyful in hope, patient in affliction. My prostate acted up here about two three weeks ago. So did you go down down the ground. I asked the might have to take it from me. It took about big ten days are actually went to see a doctor for the first time. In fifty years you say patient and a flu, in the last time a been in the hospital with a kick bit me and gave me rabbit fever. You say, haven't been back to a doctor since, but I went the other day, Because your prostate got back that up.
Was it rough? Was it rough? So look patient in affliction? I waited it faithful in prayer. Share with God's people who are in need practice: hospitality, come over for a meal, Blair those who persecute you. That's why I told you I don't don't curse of glasses alright blessing, don't curse rid. Course with those who rejoice mourn with those who mourn live in harmony with one another. Don't Proud, but be And to associate with people of low position the poor, the down tried them the weather, rednecks whatever. Don't be conceded, don't repay anyone evil for evil. This is worse. How we worship big, reporter to do. What is right in the eyes of everybody, your like be careful Do what is right, no matter who's, looking do what is right, be careful to do what
he either or not. Do what's right before him. Let him see that if it's possible, which is uh, isn't, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. I live in a redneck neighbourhood. You say you try to live at peace with them yep they were stealing my fish, the red necks back when I was fishing to survive before the Dar Conta cough and a lot of minutes in the river hoop nets. Kept peace, go animal buffalo, but you, you get thirty cents, a pound. Catfish you get. Seventy at all these nets. Haddad floats on. You could see him
Everyone around I knew they were my nets. I would notice that out here, an outboard when I train myself to get it go down there right, quick and looking through the Bush is, and I'm looking over there and every once in a while. Some of these guys would pull up on those floats and then start coming up with it. They're going to steal my fish, but I did at first I was young into faith, took a shotgun with Buckshot Anna tore out there, and I would threaten am scared the daylights out of him. What are you doing stealing from Maine. But they kept stealing I'd, run that bunch off and three weeks later, there's another. But I read this text that where I'm reading now Don't take revenge free, my friends,
room for God's wrath. It's written it's mine to advance, I will repay, says the Lord on the country. If your enemies repeating if he starts to give something to drink. I said young and the faith I said. That won't work, these rednecks max? If I'm, rude to him. If I give them what they're trying to steal turn on me. Lord. There quit stealing I said that will work, but it occurred to me back. I said How would I know what never tried it? I'm just trying to spook come on and these are dangerous people anyway course. Here in the south, you eat Yankees yeah. So I said well, I'm going to try that Lord I'm good test you ready on this xbox our I catch tear out there with my motor
I have my gun just in case, my faith gets one week, it's not in my hands in the bottom of the boat. I pull out there these guys look around and they're dropping my net in the river act like they were efficient. I said yes looks like a you've had trouble catching some, is decided to get mad in the nets, I said, good times, have come your way, I'm going to give you the fish. And they're looking at May and the look on their places they looked at each other? I said I'm going to give you what you I want you to have a fish fry, how many are coming that they said well, let's see there was some occurs in it and I said yeah We start frying fish people to come out of the woodwork kin. Folks you haven't seen in years. I said: listen, I'm going to give key vote right there. I said calm down. Now, I'm not going to hurt you. I said
I'm going to give you what you would try, let's see what you've fixed to catch. When I pull the net up at a lot of fish in it, I put him in my boat, I put the net back out. I said, bring your vote away, they said now so we'll just go and I said come on over here. They were scared me, but everything can wait a minute, we're stealing from him. He Given us what we were trying to steal, he's crazy look. They get their boat over an. I start, throwing fish over in their boat. I said when you think you have enough for the fish fry. You can say say. Hello, and they tell me one time when I had a you know. I think I'd be a nervous around us and now we give these people shot through him. Some more, I said now you have what you I wanted to steal I'm giving you what you were trying to steal. I said I do this for a living. This is how I make money. I said I would appreciate it if you didn't steal from me. I said no,
our Lady of super on here? That has an ideal yeah. I said the next time you want to fish, for if you can't catch any fish, just come see me and I'll, give him to All the way up and down the river for years after that they all quit stealing from me What I didn't know was young in the faith appeal to their conscience. At one and I wanted them to say Goodnight the guy. Given to us, I mean no guy gave us this week Steel. Can you believe that that goes around in the rednecks there 'cause they say we send food with that dude. That's a good old dude. Garbage right all along, I just never had I was too weak to see it. So I will tell you I find I read the scriptures and I find answers to everything everything that you do just like you did with the fish yeah find answers everywhere in it
And it's amazing because every time I try to work still is there a problem with people of faith in America today because they they profess, they believe it, but then they don't do it You know. The answer is these are not enemies of yours, their enemies of mine I have the right for vengeance. You don't I am commanding you to love them. Remember we're not wrestling against flesh and blood, but she much that's not where the battle is correct, but we're wrestling with the rulers this age, the authorities, the it does result of Daria, the prince of darkness, the airfare to wickedness and yeah he's our battle is with the evil. One. That's why, when I wrote that book it says the theft of a
so I'm putting it on the evil one. The humans are just caught up in it correct, but if You are, if are delivered from Satan they're ready to go, but he's the So where are all the Christians that don't want to? That will say I you know. I have plenty yeah. Let me give you my fish. Just don't steal for me they would say- and I mean this for everybody, but I'm hearing it from Christians. I'm you know. But I know everybody is this way they would say that is a weakness that will show weakness. They're gonna stay from your blind. If you do that, you can't do that you, the show power and you gotta stand up, yeah, yeah to you another thing of where they would do the same thing. Be angry,
CNN, not okay, so someone since against you and you're angry you're, good anger. Is a healthy emotion. However, vengeance is none, that's right, be angry, but don't say like well. How could I be angry, not saying well, if you lash back out verbally, they curse you, you start cursing them, and then you have all and escalates so the are cursing each other. You know good, you know, Savers, one mowing the grass on the other side of the fence, and they were sitting there cursing each other. You like it can't last back physically you're sending if you keep them out yet you don't pick up something either and begin to beat him half to death with it or pull out your pistol in don't be angry, but don't say it: ok, they send against you retaliate verbally, you don't retaliate physically, it just walk away
there a lot of times when you walk away, you didn't say on not yet, but you're bitter car they sheet, you lack they've, still got their their talons on you. They steal, causing you harm they're still controlling it, 'cause you're bitter about taking the cursing for no reason you say or what the way added that made us watch the straw, One person to do just forgive them, don't be. Don't lash out verbally, don't lash out physically, just forgive them and move on you say it looks the stronger person, the one that came take a cursing without cursing. Back as week, you say pick. Something because somebody cursor you going to beat him at the death. You said: that's weak, your bitter, in the next twenty years over what someone you like they've, controlled control,
laugh for twenty years, you're still mad about what they did back in see it all. The time are just forgive him and move on. You say, forgive him, that's true! There's the strong person, so we just get it out of wack, I'm talking to Phil Robertson, the granddaddy of Duck dynasty Phil breaks it down, as only fill can break it down. So I think I think forgiveness is the. I think that's the first step. I think the deeper step of of it is profound empathy. I know I've been in situations where I've had to forgive and I could forgive, and then I've been in situations that I've,
read a lot about that. I knew I was going to have problems with yep and my whole heart saw felt their pain and all of a sudden, no matter what they said to me. I could just feel how much pain they were in hell and it it. It will bring you to tears in your end that is that's even more when you, when you can to say I've, Give you and mean it is hard to feel the very difficult or peeling be and so difficult for human beings to get that That's why the greatest commands of the Bible, love God and love your neighbor. You say in spite of them They how many times Lord, should we seven he seven. He said seventy seven hundred and seven they lack seventy seven If Glenn Beck and Phil Robertson added up every violation where they broke
it's one of these laws. If we added them all up, you say there would be probably thousands that's why Jesus said you'd be forgiven to seventy times. Seven ready to forgive look. How many sins are forgiven of you. So if you look at it like that, you say whoa. What is leave. No debt remain outstanding. Let no debt remain out and pay bills, except one that we back the continuing debt to love one another, For he who loves his fellow man watch how this works has Brookfield law with all the don't do this? Don't do that? Don't let those still don't care. Don't you like? How do you? How do you feel that love your neighbor watch
the commandments do not commit adultery. Do not murder do not still do not have it and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule love your neighbor as yourself, love does no harm to its neighbor you're like she, get up in the morning and say I gotta to make sure that I don't steal somebody's. You know money other billfold or after I got make sure that you know that that I don't have any evil thoughts, and I gotta make sure that I mean I don't lash out at that. Just love him! Just love him if you love 'em, you're selling that go shoot 'em if you love a Musa you're not going to be unkind to if you love them, you're not mess with their woman. You love them too much. She's. Your sister sees the fellow human being.
Ok, love will take care of every bit of that, but boys at all lesson the hard one to get every episode of the Glenn Beck Podcast just subscribe on Itunes, Google play or where ever you do Your podcast, the blaze radio network on demand,
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