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2019-09-13 | 🔗
The third 2020 debate was last night, but Glenn “sadly” had a parent-teacher conference to attend. Bill O’Reilly provides a recap – it was a good night for Trump, Warren is a hip grandma, and Biden held on. Glenn gets even more coverage from Darin and Gabrielle, the two viewers he hired to watch the debates for him. While there was no clear winner, the candidates tried really hard to make Trump and guns the losers.

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Stu issue Friday, part move, we ve got Montreuil biting Gorgon about, thank goodness written record players backing to, and we talked about that and show much more with Mister Riddle. Ride in breast milk Coming and slippers neighbours we basically talk about the debate today and what happened and what is happening with the Democratic Party, but we stars with record in Dubai on today's, but
The only thing came to you, I'm gonna see this is in be redundant for you because I'm in a place of cliffs from the unused- and here I've heard all these cuts already. I just saw I mean I, I guess we'll watch in football last night, Was there a game? I don't rush, I don't know I wouldn't know I dont like sports yeah, and I wasn't at a parent teacher conference last night, either a begging to go you. I think it is the first time for
time ever. Can I go talk to your teachers innocent, and so we were gonna play a couple eclipse for you now. This is one of many, but I want to start with this one. This is Joe Biden talking about how the government really can partner with parents to help them raise their kids. Listen. This is a binding confused but tv. We re social workers in the homes affairs to help them deal with how to raise their children it's not that they want to help. They don't want. They don't know quite what to do play the radio. Make sure the television viscose me make sure you have the record player on at night. The fog make sure the kids here words. What's up
What knowing I just a second, I just wanna just make Joe Biden, feel comfortable here and it's getting up to speed. Ok, so anyway, so he got away in the shining Reno. Now it's me yeah, so there's no way refine is you have put your record, it leaves out I'm Joe Biden. She sang the kids. We all know that Ok, so you know you got the record player going. This is the part Nicholson's at a really nice party. It is going to free you yeah yeah,
turn it down. You note as volume control their authors like a little, he just close the front of it and that's the volume one at louder I opened it at closing. That's your volume controls, fantastic, so Joe Biden, when was the last time you heard anyone say You know, kids, just don't hear enough words, so we gotta make sure. The parents have the record player on it's been. Whilst that sentence attempt to you, I I don't think I've ever heard that sentence now. Even growing up at a time where there were record players. I dont remember anybody's advice. Keep the record player on yeah. I remember this had either it's a especially weird how we came to it because he came to it not from I would have of assumed. He said: Reykir cut the player, I mean you have tv know and she won t be in and corrected
to record anyway the phone and any realize now the phone? When work, I mean listen to this again. This is really not good. We bring social workers into homes of pairs to help them deal with how to raise their children is not that they want to help; they don't want. They don't know, quite well to do play the radio make sure that television. This gives me make sure you have the record player on a knife edge of the fog, make sure the kids here words. For so can we also step back and in realising, like talking about social workers coming into your home, to help raise your kids. I got the policy there seems quite should have all was well have their say, turn on the radio turn, whereas there really is? No, no, no! You kids! Nowadays, you dont understood turned on the radio. Tv radio is even not the future. I hate it It is a national broadcaster, but
how out of touch you use. Radio, Artillery new new television, nor a record prayers put on the record prayer. I'll, tell you what Edison's God worthy sings Create gone around, you put a little work cylinder in maybe kitchen works in arrears, where my shoe does not mean that he is out. I think what is actually trying to refer to there is there some research that shows that no kids perform better later in life if their parents read to them. If they're, having conversations admiring words, you know they had their vocabulary are better later in life, but TAT he did not deny men what he didn't nailed and how bout have on this one. When Biden said, let's do I'm the vice president. Do we have that? Let's put pressure
let us ask the violence against women are now getting what you did not answer the question. What you'll make? No did you make a mistake with those importation? The president did the best thing that was able to be done. It's about you, I'm the vice President Constance, seventh, our industrial. What I mean, I know that one no k in that he's talking about Area at that time he was devised our right and our eyes on that one. While he did call Bernie Sanders the president last night. He keeps doing that right away, that He felt very over the President Mariah right right now. Here's here's Castro confronting him on this low blow or the right thing to do. Listen to this. They wouldn't have to buy and that's a big difference, because Barack Obama's vision was not to leave ten million people uncovered candy wanted every single person in this country covered. My plan would do that
the plan we do not have to buy and do not have to buy? You just said that you just said that two minutes ago you just said. Minutes ago that they would have to my ear. You said You don't have to buy it fire, you forgetting what you said of matters for what you said just two minutes ago me. I can't believe that you said too: let's go that they had to buy it and now you're saying they don't have to but you're forgetting at anyone, LE grandmother who has no money. Human health care, since your lot of magic, Lantern radically and rolls people, regardless of whether they choose to opt in or not. I am fulfilling fulfilling the legacy of broccoli, and you're. Not I'll, be surprised him, that's actually solved by my by day, and the one thing I did take out of this debate is that Hooligan Castro is a jerk jerk
I just didn't help himself at all awful guy. There I mean here is a guy. Who is he he's? A zilch in the world is a zilch and he is blocked by Obama Biden into a prime role in in the administration for no reason other than to improve his prospects of future election, and how does he pay these guys back? He goes on stage. Is the second time he's done it. He tries to go after by because he's just trying to become the vice president under Warren Lucky. He believes warring Castro's a thing he's doing what Biden used to do get in here
to be vice president. He was the president's at TAT, had a dog, and that is what he's doing forlorn right now, so warm doesn't have to do it, but here I mean just but later eternities listen. What goes that is correct, but is it legitimate to point out wait a minute you just? Are you pretty ailing cause? I I didn't remember him saying I think I think Biden was right on the point was any I mean it was ill. It will have to go back and listen honey. Audio I'd have to I'd, have to have actually, not been an apparent tv right, and I remember this- I'm nervous it was a relay re. Are you said one united? Where are you now remember that we have Kevin Rhiannon nowadays, Kevin is was
down in Houston. Are you still in use dinner? You back yet again how Kevin? How was it in the debate hall itself? What did you want? Just see what stuck out to you go. I regard the old girl for them both were in gymnasium. That would like right around the corner and it actually worked out in a pretty cool way, because The way the media reacted to what was going on in the auditorium, and there were a lot of disparities. There were a few moments like when Gang saying about when he said, I'm asian, so I know a lot of doctors,
the way I didn't really react at all the moonlight finally was like cracking up. They thought it was really funny really is actually in a lot of criticism on that. One saying that he was, he was heightening stereotypes and like if you gonna have stereotypes being a doctor's, not the worst one I mean. I know I just come in from a guy. Who's got a bunch of good lookin. Kids very thing said over smart and vehicle we gotta style. I look at the unity by buying was the winter that today,
Let me deal with all of the I mean: doesn't he look like? Maybe he doesn't have a grip on it least anything yeah yeah for certain areas. There are few moments with during his gas when there was like chatter through the room is required. Yeah. All you could hear Ashura was like everybody. The rooms like why he talk about were rendered it. I it's interesting with binding it in that he has. As a stamina issue, I would say where her he was good for the first half hour or so Fran
and that's the part that most people watch. You know. I am not sure that that's a good thing, though, for the present it is terrible, I'm good for thirty minutes a day. Maybe they'll do less damage, if he's only there. For thirty minutes a day, as could be an upside of Biden from our perspective, but I think, like he wines up the longer these things go, he can't avoid that go to Joe three o three, three o dot com, and he just can't. He eventually will get himself cod. Sort of that. We know word barrage that he can't sort out, but at the beginning he was relatively focused and indeed okay and- and I don't think, did you- I didn't get the idea that there was a huge loser or when or nothing changed in the race from this debate as it was at your perspective, I think Biden got lucky that pass through obviously drank too much red or before the debate. One
salty, because nobody like Hughes Attack on Biden, adjust it just seemed kind of a necessarily nasty.
Especially coming from him, unless he was he right Kevin about. Was he write about the the view just said that you'd have to sign up? He wasn't right now. It was not radically wrong, though these I dont, if you're gonna pact when like that at least have the fair, the dummy they got a bad attack to launch. If you're not right. Let me ask you this the what was anyone's reaction to Biden, saying: hey, we'd, input, kids in cages icy. I didn't. I didn't get a reaction that at all- and it was it- was fascinating to see this and one where it was with clover chart every time closure spoke. The whole media room was like all thank our real break now, so they were just like that with their neighbours, people wouldn't get a drink. Your suit
Why how they did not care about anything. She said it all. That's interesting took ass. She had a pretty good debate. I was deafening her muslin. So far, just can't live like the. U so we have a problem just like people, the whole room was like all come on. That's Gruner, is a groan or I may come on you. I know you're in Houston, I mean it's weird I mean you could tell it, and this is the thing with Castro: CASTOR went into that debate, whether he had a senior moment or not. He was going to say. Have you forgotten what you said two minutes ago? He knew he was gonna say he had a plan whose way to bring it out. He thought he had a good approach, He blew that opportunity and he did it in a way that now everybody hates him which they shut, because he just seems like a jerk. I may just seems like a jerk, probably reaction with Elizabeth Warren from the press.
I mean lazy. Do really like her, which I still do completely understand myself. By the way, we're talking to cabin Rhine, he's a writer for Glinda COM and also the blaze dotcom it? So you know no go ahead, so you were talking about Elizabeth Warren. So after me they all the created. It went over the media all the greatest, except provided by the way for whatever reason, but it was a good day who the media are really really kind of attack.
A big fan of because they would rather remark. The candidates lay really light and they were their deadly following order out there. They were all inherit throughout with reply, because every time both the whole room completely cringed yeah she had. She again did not have a good debate. Now. She's sissies struggling Emma she struggling to recapture her magic from debate to be one, and I she seems to go into these things with these ideas. In a lot of canned lines, I mean she's, not helping herself right now. I did see their what they did mob her the cabinet sense and pictures, and they were reporters all over her.
You know bite and interesting though I mean there's a good strategic argument to say: biting doesn't have to do anything to win this nomination. He just Heston screwed up, so he comes out and has a good have good, first half hour and kind of sit back and indeed a hopefully people tuned out by the time we started talking about record players and hum, and then why go to the spin room where you can? It might have another bad moment right. What's the point is already winning by ten points. Sir eight points or fifteen points, depending on the ball was a reaction. Let me play a bet. Oh hell, yes, he's out. I want to the press room reaction to this impact high velocity round when it hits your body shreds everything inside of your body. Because it was designed to do that so that you would bleed to death on a battlefield not be able to get up and kill one of our soldiers. See that being used against children and in Odessa I met the mother of a fifteen year old girl who was shot by and they are fifteen
mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour, because so many other people were shot by that our fifteen in Odessa in Milton there weren't enough ambulances to get to them in time. Yes, we're gonna, take your age fifteen or a forty, seven, but an what an interesting trick. Heated shell game of, were look at these bullets and they bled to death because our weren't enough ambulance as it was in the bullet. It wasn't the outfit team, the press loved that I'm guessing there was really no reaction, and I think why is because they could see what he was getting it back
really are doing this for a few days was a surprise. However, that no one took the middle ground on guns last night, not a single democratic programme, the best of the programme, hey it's Glenn,
but here on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast bill O Reilly. Let's start, first of all, by reminding you that is new book, the United States of Trump is just a few days away. I have read it cover to cover. It is excellent and it's how the president really sees America is released September. Twenty. Fourth, I do expect some sort of a kick back for all of this is the United States of Trump by Billow Riley order your copy today bill. Let's talk about the list, about the amazing debate last night. Who do you want to start with now? Why would you say the debate was amazing because I don't think I have ever seen. I don't think I've ever seen anything like it on on a couple of fronts. First of all, there in a single candidate. That said well now wait a minute. I grew up on a hunting family they
all now, just saying yeah, we're gonna come take your guns and we do have a problem. Saying we're gonna come take your guns. The mask is fully off I've. I've! Never I've never seen a candidate. Who is leading the poles, who Something medically is truly wrong with him and I think it's the aneurysm, that he has had he age does not have a command of the language anymore. He gets confused early easily and it's it's a lie terrifying in a world where you have to be. You know on your guy. More than thirty minutes a day. Ok, bye Biden is befuddle. There is no question about that. I thought he had a pretty eloquent closing. Statement. Although there was nobody left a watch, everybody had passed out long before that about the trials in his life and that purpose that I thought that was really good
So I don't think he's totally now built the real I'm home ok, hang on. I agree with you and I think, let me just go through a list still gimme the list of what is important to the democratic voters. Today when you look at it, you ask them to rank. What's what's wrong really important to them. Today. Listen to this list bill. Number. One by a wide margin is ability to be Donald Trump. Thirty, nine, six percent of the voters at the top priority was beat beating Donald top priority for forty percent for deeper and that's. It is significant because the second Places healthcare at nine point. Nine percent. Third me up the economy at eight percent wealth in income inequality, eight percent climate, in seven percent gun policy, four percent racism, three percent Listen. Their message is all geared in the seven
The five percent, and the reason why Biden is doing well, is because people just think that he'll do well against Donald Trump it that's why they re! That's why the press is not run. Barack Obama nostalgia you that that clear last night, the Bible and really have any solution to any problems, and he was the only one who basically said that a beta work and in the rest of them were violated our you're not gonna, be able to seize anything by executive order. The Congress makes the laws, so you can't do that that seem to startle. Mister, work who just got through blaming the massacre in El Paso on President Trop. He came across a clown that I guess
Maybe the clown in that movie. You wanna, go see anything else, but yeah he came across a clown. Was just I've come on it's disc, a burlesque skit! what is this? Maybe God is: is there any grass, but how the country right, I'm gonna, do I'm I'm gonna. Take this, I'm gonna, do it? No, I know you're not invite next, said that and jeered for doing it. So basically allies this thing is it was a very good night for Donald Trump. Ok, because even though the president continues to shoot himself in every toe and finger. He has by a lack of self discipline the altar. Greatest, stop, stop, stop! Stop! Stop what how do you Anyone who says anything like that Donald Trump as you are a loser Europe
who time look hundredfold loose, and yet you are invited to write a book about You invite you to come here to write a book not allow ye and new and Larry King? No, no! No! No! No! No! No! No wait! Wait! Wait! Do you think if I said those words and only those words, he would say yeah you want a ride. Ok, come on air force, one I'll spend time choice in the matter. I was right and important that airports, then I know that, but usually it's what you'd. The poor captors aids. Up like that, any be like he's hack, there's nothing to this book he's he actually participated with you. He actually answer. I mean some of your question. The truth about the President of the United States are not accusing him
doing anything anus. I'm saying you lack self discipline when somebody tease more yeah. I know my point virtue. I now urge him, Canada, I know so that in the book right. I know an end and I explain how that happened to him Yes, Daddy Alibaba, but let's get back yes too. He was big winner last night. So what would you have? Is you you ve got a field of Democrats who we are looking at the camera and say: I'm gonna spend Williams of dollar, even though we have a twenty two trillion dollar debt right now, I'm maybe thirty trillion more your wife from climate change.
And then wives hurling goes you travelling in another dimension, an unplanned myself through which it is all right, we're not dying in ten or twenty or thirty years. Unless we have to listen to data, will work every day and we will all commit suicide, that's not going to happen. So tell me about your thoughts on illicit foreign. I know you are not bad on her this. We call the Han C o n poster right now bill orally dotcom, dangerous woman and she's. The figure is because she cut costs is a hip grannie or I get. The glass is the little bob and then kids go. Oh, let's go trick or treating to Missus, warns, House yeah
and they do and she takes their stop. She takes began away from all right. This is a woman who does not respect private property. That's the headline now twice! Last night she was ass, direct questions, one by wire, I'm off goes well. Would you do so? the Warren. If a person overstayed his or her visa in the United States, what would you do? Why did even come close to answering the court? Then? The next question I am from Europe: you raise taxes on American middle class families to pay. Are your health care give away? here's definite! Let's play that hearing. Mr here's Steph Annapolis asking her and her answer. Warren doesn't say, taxes will go up.
Direct question. You said middle class families to pay less, but will middle class taxes go up to pay for the programme, You believe that the directive was in the premiums will go down, we'll middle class taxes go up, we'll private insurance be eliminated. What for families have to deal with? Is cost total cost? That's what they have to deal with an understand families are for there are health care today, families, every german insurance company says sorry, you can't see that specialists she used every time. An insurance company says sorry that doctors out of at work. Sorry, we are not covering that proscription family hey every time they don't get a prescription failed because they can't pay, for they don't have a lump checked out because they can't afford the co pay. What we're talking about here is what's gonna happen in families, it's what's gonna happen in their budgets and the answer is on Medicare for all costs are gonna go up for wealthy?
for individuals and costs are gonna go up for giant corporations, but for hard working families across this country, costs or gotta go down and thats how should work under medical care for all in our health care costs will go down. She didn't say she didn't say that taxes wouldn't go up. She said cost will go down, but that's what Barack Obama said that This this system of Obamacare would would reduce things by twenty five Hunter hours for the average family, which is the total incomplete lie errs on ok, Elizabeth WAR and Bernie Sanders and all the rest of the merry socialist banned from I believe that they can go in to corporate Amerika and demand forty to fifty percent of their profits be given to the federal government. They believe they can do that.
What would happen would be all of those corporations would leave the country, leave the country and set up over he's just as they add under Barack Obama, Trump brought them back by cutting the corporate income. That's why we have a robust economy. People Like me, a new back that have assets, I don't I'm not gonna sit. Here and allow Elizabeth worn a Bernie Sanders to see my private property, which has already been taxed. I'm gonna move it out of here. So the flight capital between
corporations and affluent Americans would lead to a depression in this country. You are on. You are exactly right now I want you to it. I want you to take this hold that thought for a minute, because I wanna I want to build on that and get your opinion because you are spot on Exactly right, a depression will happen. If socialist come in and start to say we are going to tax you to death and we're going to take the wealth that you have already been taxed. On and double tax it as well we're gonna move from a free market to a controlled and planned economy, it will collapse. Ok Bill. I would ask a series of questions here and I'll get to my theory, and then I really want to hear Europe your opinion of it. One
the economy go. South Trump loses yes or no I mean if it really goes cider form? The Democrats have two issues that resonate the health care that we just discuss gap and the guns that you just discussion. Both are attractive to a fairly large saying. Of the american population. One can get around that. If the economy is robust, because the Republicans really having come up with any no health care relief ok, then I have anything on the gun front. I do expect to make of you attempts to control maniacs from getting heavy weaponry, but we'll take a while and it's you know it's not. It's there's nothing there a thing exciting, except we are freeing the american people and the american P both are doing better than
they have for a long, long time, the lowest unemployment rate for blacks in history. All of that stuff, correct, yes, but Also, the shop is a big opportunity now to go out and stop with the small ball and go to the big picture and J. Look. You freedom is important to me. The president on the president and your freedom is important, and if you look at what this, mechanic party really wants each an erosion of freedom on every fraught. I just haven't you Morgan on door, Riley Dotcom. It used to be take your country back. I've changed it to fight for your freedom, because the far less in this country, which includes ninety percent of the media,
won't you we rode personal freedoms, not only guns but on every level, every level and if Trump can get that across you'll be re elected, but I'm not sure I can Ok, so I just want to get a yes or no. Really yes or no question Trump will have very difficult time if the economy, tanks- yes he s too difficult There is a load of investment coming from overseas right now. Money is power. Into our treasury and also in the Wall Street, because, where the Lee Place. That's really performing because of american Freedom, yes, or no, not the only they one of the few one of the very thing earth and make money Do you agree that companies and the banks? If somebody says: I'm gonna change the free market system to more of a planned economy, and oh by the way, I'm gonna break up all these banks. That would cause
ace there. That would cause a significant impact on what those companies do with their money and if its, they thought that person might win that they. Go into you no kind of of aid. Tension position which would not be good for the stocks in and companies. Flight of capital and hoarding of profits. Can we to unemployment tripling correct, so doesn't the damn it dont democrats have reason to hire somebody I mean you want to talk about a short, a short walk, or a long walk on a short peer to socialism by just really speaking, the markets who ever that person is burning to me now: Elizabeth Warren is an e Is your candidate perhaps to do to defeat, but she will see
the markets and company so much that it could really impact the economy, which would really hurt. Donald Trump conceal blame it on him. Sure blame it on capitalism and everything else when indeed it would be a reaction to her I don't believe she has a kind of power if she is the candidate while think the smart money will say she had no chance she's George Mcgovern. That would be great well, I know Aunt Mimi will vote for her, but I don't know too many other people who actually are working for a living that are supporting Elizabeth worn. I don't I really I mean outside of Cambridge Massachusetts, End Beverly, Hills, California, the regular folks I mean I don't wanna socialists dinner, they just don't. This is the best of the plan that programme
Hey its Glenn, and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray, unleashed his pot gases available where ever you download your favorite podcast sauntering therein and Gabrielle therein is from Florida. They are and how are you I'm doing my good good? Did you enjoy yourself last night? I couldn't put it into words, yet right right, a hundred bucks, those not enough. Was it not me? I was Gabrielle is in Pennsylvania and Gabrielle Europe. Student right, graduated from growth, city college, choking and you're in Pennsylvania, and what are you gonna do with your life again I'm trying to create a career in in media and public and political education. So I wanted to, although I want to pursue graduate study,
currently and the editor in chief of the unvarnished bog, where I'm trying to share some extra and solid political analysis. You contrast. Sarah ok so take a guess to which one of these gave up one sheet of analysis and the other one gave me four page of very comprehensive notes, including a grating system in force different categories for each of them and a three pay janitorial, I'm on the floor. So this, when I don't know it's very good, dear guess, which one is you I gave you the summary you gave us the one page summary and kids. I just want you to know this is the way the world works. Daring, the man so he's going to bake a hundred dollars gavel, as a woman and we're paying her seventy six even after this work.
But after all of you and after all, this work? Ok, so let me go back and forth with both of you. First of all, Was there a. Is there a winner in your eyes? If you were a Democrat watching this, let's start with, dare then I'm gonna? U Gabrielle! I did I see a clear, Clearwater, ok Gabrielle I agree with their and I didn't see a clear winner. How about the person who I thought was to let it the least was. Was that one? Ok, let's start with. Let's start but go back and forth. Tell me your analysis, starting with daring on Biden last night, what you think other than the one Were you gonna confused me about the the record player and everything I thought he throughout the pretty much the
light he had really could energy good passion and you seem to do a lot better when responding to attacks directly to an Gabrielle. I've read your four pages. You disagree. Yes, sir, I do. I do not believe he handles himself well under the attack from William Castro. I I think, He made at least one blunder every time he spoke, and I also didn't appreciate how the one The moderators tried to cut him off everybody else on the stage cut a continued with their point in Finnish. There thought were buying just abruptly ended. I think that hurt him significantly. So do any do either of you think that his and I dont say this- I say this with the knowledge that he has had to aneurysm one. They did not think he'd be able to speak again.
And it's happened recently. They had caught his head open and they didn't think he would have the ability to speak. He is recovered. I dont think that he senile, I think, he's had an aneurysm and it is affected his speech centre is, it would would either of you think then he's close if he was in your family to the family, saying hey Grandpa week, we gotta take the keys from the cut from me on the car Durham. I would maybe I just I haven't just gonna baked into his personality, that being being as aid. That's the way it's going to be, but yes I would. I would have some concerns. Yeah. I definitely would have some concerns. I've. I think Joe Biden is the grandpa of the bunch and that it would hey grandpa. Let me drive you instead of instead of you driving yourself. I don't think he's really capable of handling himself any longer in the policy space. Ok,
tell me about: let's go to come Allah Harris. How did she do Darin? First, ski wait. Wait any singers, be it against tramper dust in general, but she did direct her taxed more so specifically at Trump, as opposed to the rest of the democratic democratically. And Gabriel, I think I agree with their and that he is that she did make herself very strongly anti tromp. However, I don't think she did a decent enough job in defining herself as what she is for all the other candidate seemed to define that define their platforms, but where Harris just made her platform solely antitrust, so the sole Olympia when we go to the attack on on binding and your reaction to this attack.
From a hooligan Castro? play the I wouldn't have to buy and that's a big difference, because Rock Obama's vision was not to leave. Ten million people uncovered wanted. Every single person in this country covered My plan would do that. Your plan, when you do not have to buy and do not have to buy. You just said that you just said that two minutes ago you just said minutes ago that they would have to my ear to use They would have to buy it fire, you forgetting what you said automatically believe what you just two minutes ago, many weeks to Bernie Sanders. This is what does he say that they have to buy it and now you're saying that but you're already. So I think this makes Castro absolutely toxic agree or disagree. I agree under did not make him come off very good. They can bite in that.
Number me one year and let me go to another crowd. Pleaser. If you will, let's go to bed, oh, where better who was talking about, you know confiscation of guns. Here's this moment the high impact high velocity round, when it hits your body, shreds everything inside of your body because it was designed to do that so that you would bleed to death on a battlefield not be able to get up and kill one of our soldiers when we see that being used against children and an Odessa? I met the mother of a fifteen year old girl who was shot by an eight hour fifteen and that mother watched her bleed to death over the course of an hour, because so many other people were shot by that our fifteen in Odessa. In Milton there weren't.
Ambulances to get to them in time. Hell. Yes, we're gonna! Take your our fifteen you're! Ok, forty, during your thoughts on that, I just thought it was just read me throwing it ought. Therefore everyone do you think he doesn't mean it. Oh yeah I absolutely me that I don't think he would be able to do it initially, but I think it that's just his main. His main focus The main point could all night and just cannot through that out. But how do you think the there were there, wasn't a single person really on the stage that disagreed with that in In spirit know nobody was the reasonable. Damn Brad saying hey, you know I am a member of the inner re or my dad was in there was no. There was no happy gun talk that usually
proceeded stuff like this. Nobody was saying we're not gonna come for. Your guns have added that played a thing dern. You think they're yards if the over ten window just keep going further and further and take a look at the progressive Gabrielle. Your thoughts, I think it is very interesting that when it was to compile a Harris's decision to, port, a mandatory buyback of assault weapons by the executive order, Biden came out saying you can't do that. Constitutionally, I was very interesting to see how quickly he was shut down not only by the other candidates, but also by the moderators. I think that speaks just the radicalism of the entire democratic party right now, including the press one one last thought: is there Is there anyone there
You saw last night and you had a gun to your head and you had to vote for one of them. Who do you think who do the least amount of damage, while I'm thinking, maybe peerage. I'm deftly don't agree with all that policies, but I think it would be the least worst. All and Gabriel, I would have Andrew Gang. I dont know necessarily enough about him. However, he seemed definitely to be the only candidate on that stage who supported any type of entrepreneurial values, any type of capitalist gal use. You could see that incorporated into a variety of elements of this platform, so as a capital is out. About Andrea, had What are you angry Yang? They laughed at him on his closing, where
he was saying I'm family of a thousand dollars a month to twelve people. And end. If you think you can control your life better tell me why you think this thousand thousand. What he's doing she's coming up with universal basic income, which doesn't work tested over and over and over again, and it just doesn't work, but You know he was laughed at that and what he was saying was really kind of good you who are responsible for your own life while he was touting universal basic income, he was saying we ve got to get this government back in the hands of the people, one last opposite who's, the most dangerous, I would say Bernie Benevolent Vernon, Gabrielle idea. Logically, I would agree with therein. Bernie Sanders is the worst, however, in terms as who has the actual chance to win
I think more Elizabeth warrant is is the most dangerous. She has very soon our views to Sanders. However, she is in a package that can appeal to a large section of the american public. Gabrielle daring. Thank you so much you guys are both great and I appreciate it. I do we have the picture of of Gabriel's of Gabrielle Ask campaign headquarters. Did we get that picture Billy here here she is look at all it'll, this here's Darren's we have that picture gathers there's So why is a lazy guys? Thank you, we're gonna taken. We post your notes and stuff on glimmer. Decamp. Absolutely please you! there there and get back. We do that now. Or even listening to us anymore, he's listening and yes, you can be taken.
Thanks guys? We really are the blaze radio network on demand
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