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Best of the Program | 6/5 - Don't Count Your Fortune Cookies? - h1 - Pat Gray has a bone to pick? - h1 - Stories from the Texas-Mexico Border (w/ Lara Logan) - h2  - The Polar Bear Catastrophe That Never Happened (w/ Susan Crockford) - h3

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Welcome to the protests today Stew decided game. I came to the table that historic. I came to the story of the table with a very hard warming, wonderful story about an old man that won the lottery and even one much bigger ends to rectify. That's what my that's my job is here: ruin the positive thoughts of other fortunate part is he's right, above all of it and Laura Logan is with us. You have to hear Laura Logan Respected journalist well respected up until recently now I dont know how respected she is, but she's too you know, what's happening up border and really the best. Every body who wants to be a journalist should listen to this five or six minutes segment of Laura explaining how you're supposed to do journalism Miley Cyrus licks a cake and the whole walrus thing. You know that
we have cliffs committing suicide, because they're so upset about global warming, apparently not true waiting to you here how of the Netflix people actually seemingly had a role in push these walruses over the cliff. It's amazing all today's. By you anything. Do you still leading life? luxuriant swinging bachelor I'm on my on my way as a swinging bachelor who is married. On my way, driving to the the lottery office to pick up. My fifty thousand dollar check. Now. This is what this guy in now
Carolina was doing he. He said he was even to play power ball and his ran daughter, had given him a fortune cookie and on the bottom of fortune, cookies were numbers so sided. You know why I'm gonna play those numbers, and so he did somehow or another when, he was on his way to pick up what he thought was fifty thousand dollars. It turns out. It was a little more and is he's looking at the numbers. Now he doesn't watch tv. He says so it doesn't pay attention to any of this and He saw as he gets his he was driving. He saw the numbers for the Power board and realises think I one more now he didn't. How much he had. No idea is played power ball. He didn't know what the jackpot was: nothing his dog, his granddaughter just then some number, so we just played it so
he's on the way and he calls up the office and he's like you know what I think I have I have all of the numbers I was coming into being fifty thousand. I think it might be more. I think I have all of the numbers and they said yeah you do. And he said well how much as it were, How much is it worth these are well more than fifty thousand its three hundred and forty four million quote he said quote sharing I got em all love that he's Eddie all these, he called his wife and sad gang. I believe this, but I got it all now, says he hopes that the windfalls don't change him. He's gonna give a million dollars to his brother. I mean out something for granddaughter of. She was one brought to the cookie
million dollars to his brother to make good on a deal. Apparently they may donate to charities yadda yadda yadda. He took the lumps of two hundred and twenty three million dollars. He said I'm still gonna, where my genes, just maybe I'll, wear some newer one's eyes, went out I dont understand of you were. If you win fifty thousand dollars that doesn't mean you ve won. If it five I don't. I don't know how many members you ve hit, but you ve hit a lot of the numbers right, aren't you sitting there staring at her thing a hundred times when you ve hit for fifty thousand dollars to check it, and you miss the fact that you one three hundred million dollars. Maybe it maybe it was the Power Board member that eating check, as it wasn't he's not a lot o playwright he's. Not he wasn't playing it for the power ball. He just probably went into it can be used or but those numbers in just saw a while. I got the five right and didn't I I don't know, I don't know how that yes, I believe he was playing it
to win the three hundred and forty four million he did. He had no idea how much it was worth. That's increase, that's a good day as a type of thing they see. If I'm working at the lottery headquarters and someone calls me says, I think I am fifty thousand dollars. But I'm looking at that everything about. I have more. What I say is come directly, my desk and I will give you twenty thousand dollars in exchange for the ticket and then leave me just ask for me. Yes, don't go to someone ask as they might do so. You don't know. What's gonna happen, I you hurry trot around here. Then you take the faintly give them fifty grand somehow Emma, given fifty one. The argument tip if I just want you to know you're getting a great deal here, he walks out. U turn and through it and forty four mill yeah. That's the way to play that I think I'll take the lump sum because they fish is my aunt coming to look for me. So I'd take the lump sum.
When I say I it would be somebody else not related to me that would show up for the Czech. I won't say why do we sit here every time and talk about it as if its three hundred forty four million, when it's really two hundred twenty three million, while it is not in any way way way. It's not even that you take the three forty for over twenty years or whatever right as a silly, inasmuch as it will give you a personal almost one takes the lump sum which theirs question about whether that's a good idea for some people, most people yeah dna? Third there it's there's been some because always been statistically should take. The threat ordered the two and twenty three million cause you could it pays off in the long term, but they see, though it will use it in like maybe you should be guaranteed a payment next year. Maybe that's a good thing and nineteen years you're still there's still a payment coming in hiding that sir, question about that lie. They believed it if I believe that money and these and these states and lotteries and everything else, would actually Stana
I probably would take it over time. It would be stupid to do it, but I would probably take it over time because I'd be a fake items, I mean I want something left for my kids every right to refer a billion dollars. I could see myself Goin why it's only fifty million dollars. You know five times six I'm fright, someone's gonna scam you into a real estate, investment that doesn't exist right. You know, but I mean I just they say this threat or forty four million is like, let's be honest, about its tuner twenty three million will, if you want to take it a very long period of time. You'll get up interest. Essentially, like putting again, you have also factor and inflation knows things a payment in twenty years, so different than a payment to the world Let's be real. I mean. Why do we say its two hundred and twenty three million dollars when it's actually about a hundred and twelve? That's true where does he live again? He lives in North Carolina. Yeah, that's not gonna lose a lot. Zealous about half of forty
I'll, be at the end of the day. You know those around half of it right and then, of course, it spend it. You'll is more, and this is a depressing story. It is used. Railroad. Listening to you, we had a happy grandfather who had retired. You know you guys like as overs what upsets Boyd. Didn't you jack. I hope you can buy a date with its Sorry, I try to start looking. He read it. Let me try this. Let me try this here's a guy that should not win the lottery. Tracy, Morgan, comedian, vs summer, ok, Lou, a funk, but Tracy Morgan would go out and buy a new but gaudy gay. But he bought a new body and it was two million dollars any body that Mugabe in Manhattan. Now
Here's, your murder shopping around for the lower price per guy. Apparently now here's the thing: if you're buying a boo, gaudy don't live in Manhattan Wid. What are you gonna? Do your and drive it three and a half miles an hour write stuff go traffic with giant potholes and peoples. You know hitting you know in the bay back by whether right away here I mean it's not a pleasant place to be with any sex drive there anyway, young boot gaudy. I can't imagine, especially with that, like that gigantic engineer turn a thousand horse power in that thing, trying do a manual shift going around. You know forty fourth street, like that It is ridiculous. It's just ridiculous. Okay, so heaved he he was driving his car for about ten minutes in Manhattan. This close your eyes. Could you know what's coming out? What did he do? Ten minutes nothing
a woman in a late model, Honda see Harvey tried to make a right turn from the left, lame and asked into his body and scraped it and grated against the entire side. Gay. He, it's out of the car colonies like what were you thinking She was like you like this I've had this car for ten minutes and it's a gaudy. Oh I'm sorry, looks pretty. What does that mean? A is it million dollar car, oh my gosh, so, He literally had it for about thirty minutes from the time he drove off the lot and sign the deal thirty minutes total before she took an destroyed his regarding
she's got insurance, though right I mean Scott liability insurance. Surely that will cover. I am sure that will cover the one point eight nine million dollar one. Point out. I it's a convertible, so it's it's, it's not only its used, so you got speck, some dings is used so Why was one point? Eight million dollars this is this- was cheap for the Bulgaria, because it's a convertible apparently, is very rare, very well it so he driving it for the first time, and I think I think that's worse than the worst lottery winner. And because it just shows how stupid you are, don't buy we'll guardian if your Tracy Morgan, who should stay out of all automobiles right like that he was the guy who almost died in a massive car crash like his? Why are you even getting?
let us remember that, oh my god, it's his host! That's that you know he was gonna get you did cetera alive and use on thirty Rock Ryanair like a bunch of stuff, and he almost got it was in two thousand fourteen, now while and he was almost killed in a giant records on the New Jersey, Turnpike and Out of that area get leaf. How do you have here is an idea, Iowa Gay, the Kansas here's that idea subways you gonna, let Larry take Us Subway, it's scary thing when the subways the safe alternative, I'm telling you we live. We lived in New York for a while. The last thing you want is a nice car. What you do is you. Go by a junker? I literally saw I literally saw a car, take the bumper the front bumper off of a taxicab,
at about sixty five miles an hour on. I think it was, I think, was like forty second street and it's just barrows like two o clock in and walking down the street, and I see this car there's nothing. It's all green light and ice, ie this this this car, it was actually the reverse. It was a car in a taxicab came up behind it and this car. Was just you know, and out of town person like I don't know, 42Nd Street, I'm trying to find 41st. Where is that? So I take a left, as I was just buttering down the street and this cab comes and it just clicks it it's. It's got to be going sixty seventy miles an hour and it just clicks the front of this car and the bumpers catch on each other and it pulls the bum off the other car, and so now the bumper is just kind of like spinning in the middle of the road. The guy in the cab didn't even tap on his breaks at that's, that's an end
Ok, you buy a crappy car and you park it and when you come back and it's like burned to the ground and everything is gone for like and you move on right exactly just move you gonna, walk down the street in New York, you'll see those little rubber like things that you putting your trunk and they hang over your bumper because you, your butt. Gets hit randomly so often bright that people just protect when a park they put a little piece of work, we're just hang over there's the. Hopefully the courage of patents is often he doesn't need like an m, and you need nerve. You just need a nerve Garcia. You know just just take a piece of crap and then take em bunch of nerve footballs, just tape them all found your car and you have a chance that when you get out a New York, you still have a really crappy car met with tape. Marks worries that's good. That's a good way to get out of New York with the best of the planned that programme
I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs L a pat locally so you are. You are unleashed about well it was coming interested in the fact that the Lou Dobbs is calling out Republicans for being traders, because there supporting Donald trumps tariffs top when, since when a republican traders for being free trade people. What time did that my log happens? There cowards and traders and they are committing suicide and bringing down the country with them? Well I mean I will set at loo. Doves is always been a tariff guy from
a diameter. He was never been a conservative, but he's always been a bee territory. I go back to his ears at sea. I know for a fact that Republicans have not been tariff. Now, of course, how do you not at least include that in the analysis right I mean it doesn't de? Doesn't it doesn't matter tat into anything, it's been the exact opposite position of every one of these people. That's been elected for the past fifty years and of course, obviously the pro union left has been the ones asking for tariffs all this time, so they're talking they set out the the tariffs as as requested by Trump, if, if implemented and again, We hope this is a which ones the mexican the Mexican just the mexican ones if implemented, and we hope it's an association. We know how the stuff works again. Trump threatens these things and hopefully they will come to pass, but if they do, it would be the largest tax increase in thirty five years. Really? Is a big number yeah? They allow course that started hop of other tariffs. In addition, it's in top of a big tax cut right. So let's do it.
Mean that we, when he started to when we would be here, would be the biggest tax increase, but from where we are right. Now to the end of these mexican tariffs will be the biggest tax increase in thirty five years. Can I just I don't know why in again this is, I know something he believes in something that concerns have disagreed with the entire time I've been alive but but by, but until now, until now that that they have all fallen apart, they that I mean the arguments have completely fallen apart. We won that one. We won that one. Even the Democrats were against tariffs. Here, though, I mean it was it was not. Summit was old, think and, and I'm I'm I'm happy to see. First, full aren't tariff something that the President needs the Senate for no, I mean tariffs, so he's going to do it at the way he's going to do. This is interesting and then one another reason why it's going to be a problem, he's basically going to have to do another emergency declaration to get.
Tariffs through now. We know we had an issue with the last one and a lot of our listeners did as well and that, like we really think the borders a big deal, we really want the wall, but like is this the right way to do it? You have your member, a bunch of Republicans, voted against him on that, just not enough to get to override the video veto. Here you have a robust serious issue were apparently in the meeting there were no peep no senators on trumped side in the meeting when it comes to that when it came to the town, and this is something that should go through Congress, but he's trying to circumvent that process again at well. While he might eminent sort of Yemen has again my trade authority in the constitution is Congress you're supposed to be through Congress? Hires gave a lot of this authority to the president. However, the president has to justify it so to justify his his approach. Here is going to likely be, and we don't know for sure, isn't releases certainty, but this is what the whites outwit, how sources are saying is that he would go
to go through another emergency declaration, which would either be amending the one that our exists or creating a brand new emergency declaration. So again, the Congress will have a chance to override there is no evidence that Republicans would stand up to him to the numbers to to get to sixty seven votes. The inmates and also includes the house, would have to also get to two thirds. There's no end it's on any issue they were they end of it may withstand about across a matter. So I mean like make the most of this. Is them just talking a big game? They want to say they are trying to hopefully influenced trump before these things go into effect. Maybe move, and maybe they can delay them. These are the games that they pay. In reality. Is the Republican Congress going to over but overturn a veto from d? ultra on anything I got here. Don't I don't know I don't they all talk a bit game, but they think of you that, unlike you know, I love the stuff
shouldn't be overturning trumps are not really good things. This one in particular, though, is but against the philosophy of the party for at least fifty years since the end of the problem. Is that you? U Donald Trump, is under such attack right now and has been the whole time that anything that even sounds like you're against him your immediately tossed to the side. Now True, I came out for it and just in a marsh just just to say, I think he's a good guy and I think he believes in the constitution will yet again to tell me where I am aware. I am against impeachment in what He said about impeachment, and I may against him running in twenty twenty one? I don't seem to matter not to break. Fired, or anybody else there just saying outlined back wants impeachment. No ma am,
drug trader and are not long hours, I don't know, maybe I'm not on anybody to drain I'm just gonna. What he's doing just in a marsh is solid. Conservative he's got all at once. He has his problems. He has some things that I disagree with. You know Israel Ceteris attractive agree with those things, but my fine with that. You disagree with things having we can you'll never be in lockstep with everybody, but that doesn't mean what you got a hundred percent rating from freedom or saying I know I know so too, to throw can't throw people away like this, we can throw people way were eating our and we're seeing this happen. Now you see how they are just coming after Joe Biden Yell, Today there was a bunch of about it. Plagiarism lying about the civil rights March II is a who are that there was the editorial it came out about how you know we needed
F K. We need a younger guy with vision. This is an area. We don't need another Hillary Clinton I mean there are common after here there's a dug up when he was twenty nine years old and running that he used all these attacks of against not only old. He was half live like in a well. I got. My opponent was fighting polio. I'm fighting here like totally ridiculous anyone of winning the raised by the three thousand votes. It was a very close raise but yeah they I mean. Look, you expect a field of twenty four their realize he's ahead. The latest poles have him his lead shrinking a little bits. Will be interesting to see if any of these thirty two eighteen is, alas, what I've seen still with ice between eighty starting points. It is the lose right yeah if he was a great candidate. The twenty cent twentyth people, seventeen of which are at zero or one percent. So I mean there is not a lot like the fields feels really big, but there's not a love competitors there, even when they, when he came out
This is his chance to win. He walks in here as a man with a massive lead, get a field of twenty set, twenty four people, seventeen of which are at zero or one percent so I mean there is not a lot like the fields feels really but there's not a lot of competitors there, even when they, when he came out for their pet project of climate change, stuff yesterday bashed him on that gives out hit. That was plagiarized. He didn't give credit to the person who wrote that bit what did, oh see, have to put up with that when she not released growling o my lady Blanche, him on that they want a a hard core socialist, the other. Do you know that Why did you see what I see said yesterday about out, your right to a profit yeah, it's not a right before you privilege of profit, it was the right to everyone having a decent house. She's frightening she's, terrifying, but the p.
Oh, you know behind her the same people buying Bernie Sanders and though the same well behind, you know I'm pretty much all of them, except for Joe Biden. And biting. I read and read very sad article, the other day about how the relationship between Biden Obama, in that, like Obama. Apparently we know urged him pretty strongly not to run in two thousand sixteen, because they have. It was Hilary, and she's the one that's gonna do this and blah blah blah, so their team really came at him. Any party was going through his this death of his son, so he found a way to not run. Essentially and, of course like and entered a rented it. Yet who knows always happened? Obviously, now there's been these conversations in? Oh, you have people a lot of the Obama. People have moved on to other campaigns, their work
for other candidates. Obama is not coming out in and endorsing anyone he's just kind of hanging back in helped. He has helped in. This is a big thing. He did give the two thousand twelve email list to Joe Biden, which is huge and whose voice fundraising and everything else, and so it's only there's been no cooperation, but like there's just somebody not he's not here he's not supporting its other than the email list, because but can't Obama is looked at as I dont think you all know is that I don't think so either, but he's he's looked at on the left is almost Glenn back now. He is not fashionable with them at all. No is now the guy who they look at him. He's like you, you were kind of introducing a is yourself as someone who is unfair. General look I'd instead of winning the primary so mean that you don't know they thought that on fashion? What did you tell me? No, no! No I'm saying I'm saying Barrack Obama, the Barrack Obama. Is out of fashion with the left plays on all laws. You're, not a socialist model. I think
I think he is, as those just tell me has the opportunity he wasn't a revolution area based got up a bit. I mean his ethic about what is of picking a vice president. It is a one person presidential election erode Brok. Obama got to select essentially his successor right if, Sir thing happens to him. Who is the one person in the in the United States? I wanna be president. He picture Biden now he's not endorse in this regard. I would like it is amazing right and it would you go see when they asked him about that when they asked button. Why isn't Brok, Obama endorsing you. I I didn't want him to me? I asked him not to ask then he said, and besides he didn't and then stops I offer you didn't want to endorse me, but I told him. No, I don't want your endorsement. I look. I want to give the rest of these kids. In Chad, so that would just make it to unfair to kill is
it's as an inner is ridiculous. Automobile of bomber should be endorsing him. He is he made that he told us he extended for on the american people and said hey if I, if I get If I get injured, if I, if you simply his doctor, not another, cannot keep your doctor, you can keep Joe Biden if I have to leave office for whatever reason the one person who should lead this country is Joe Biden, but I don't know Nobody listened to that because of that if I get sick, he follow with keep by doktor. If I get sick, you can keep. Joe Biden
He wouldn't have Obama here today is the problem with this is the best of the blend back programme pay its Glenn, and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his bond gases available, where ever you download your favorite Punkahs journalist, stand a profile encourage Laura Logan joins us. Now, Laura nice to meet you a nice to have you on the programme. No, I think having me. I appreciated the let's, let's get right into what you're doing recently and that I'd like to kind of open it up to more broad. On the media, and what to expect in what we can do, what we can do to change things, but you I ve been down on our border ended,
Strangely, you have a different report than what the mainstream media is giving everyone you need to be honest. I don't watch weapon and she media is getting everybody, especially when I want king right? Because and my job is well, I'm focused on two major problems. I'm worried about what other people doing he's all the corresponding told me many years ago that he, you know day goes out me does his best. It isn't Are you guys competition in some basis, the best and some base he's? Not so, but it's not surprising to me that it's different, because I know where I go on people over time. The border in all different capacities keeps saying nobody is our story, no real is, is talking about this nobody's telling the truth. If we know it's not that people are lying about the border, it's not that it's just that there's more than one story. The only story is not simply a story
you know- of a poor people who want to move to the United States to improve their lives. That is one part of the story is a very important part of the story. And I can cannot tell you- I've had moments where you know I've been clients I am basically my pretty crappy bed in my pretty crappy hotel at night and I've just about wanted to cry thinking about people who don't. Don't even know you know the people I've seen with their children in dollars. Sediments I've got a big heart and that breaks my heart. But it's only one part of the story Sherwood Lena my job is reporters always been to understand the full context and covered as much of the stories I care and that's all I'm trying to do so. There are other, are thee, the sins of omission, and I think that's what people are committee and by saying that this is the only part of the story and you're right I been,
At the border myself and we raised, we raised money to bring. You know food in comfort down to some of the children that were there in in during the Obama administration. I tried to get me to pay attention to the king began. To talk about that. I know I know, but it does, it doesn't happen in in it. It shows this real bias and I don't want to dwell on one work for you and I will see you. I am actually spoken people down there right across law enforcement and border patrol who actually talk about when and certain point in the bomb ministration when no longer wanted to deal with the two in chief title in the problem about the children that they had in detention, basically in prison, done that some people liked circle that gauges what did they do? Actually boy
oh sure agent, then add orders where they would have to intercept people who they found coming over the border in certain parts and they would have to escort them back down to the border and sent them back. Don't apprehend them, don't create a statistic create a problem for us. This is push you over the border, then, and pretend that this is not happening stout. I can't say how widespread that was. I can't say that it was everywhere, but I can tell you that it did happen and more than So what is it that yours that people are saying nobody's telling this story? What are the important stories that were not hearing welfare? Inform us what what people, just leave out of the narrative is that this is almost like a theatre, it's not it's a performer not for the people who are living it because they are, they are like their points, it's a theatre for the cartel.
They make an enormous amount of money out of all the people that cross, because they take most of the smoking fees? They don't run this migration their way too smart for that their professional human smuggling operations, human trafficking organisations that are global, who do the smuggling, but they pay most as an enormous amount of what they earn. They pay back to the cartels. The cartels beside the mexican cartels decide who crosses where they cross when they cross, and so, if you meant your pilot, and you can see the whole border from the air- that's really how the cartels up. You know it's divided up into the three main cartels. Now the Sinaloa Cartel the Gulf Cartel in what used to be called the Zetas, that's Alcatel. They know stray dog nostril, but I'm those are the three main car
that control the traffic and the reason you have people coming in all these difficult places. One of the reasons, a big reason is that the cartels know if they split the resources of border patrol. If If you got a group of five people, but with ten people, and they all run into for directions, how many agents does it now take to stop being you know, that's exactly what they're doing this building the resources pilots have described to me, for example, impact the border seeing groups of anywhere between fifty and two hundred crossing at exactly the state the same time at the crossing points. So if you know a hundred yards from each other rights, imagine is five different places. Separated a hundred yards. You have hundreds of people, so what does that? Do in one tiny, little tiny little town on the border in Texas,
on the Rio Grande Valley. They have. They have border patrol facilities that are built to house a maximum of one hundred and sixteen people last weekend they had, for eleven hundred one thousand hundred in one weekend, and they have people every single day and matches one weaken. This has been done. For months and months and months soaked in these places where people get you know people get told all the time checks in, for example, taxes are a bunch of racist, rednecks, right and Texas. Don't care about people? Look they dont, really nice
children of illegal immigrants, foreigners handed over all the evil things people in Texas do they put illegal immigrants and bridges and terrible weather to suffer? Will literally Batboy patrol a good looking at at me with desperation, saying we don't know where else to put people, you ve got churches in El Paso who the Ngos have run out of capacity right, the Ngos that come from New York in other parts of the country that like to do and abused in the paper, sometimes about everything there doing down on the border, except they ran out of capacity and the local people. Immunities places who are trying to bury. You know to help in some ways, and the other is another really important thing that that gets left. The narrative, which is that of the large majority of border patrol agents, are hispanic. America's makes, can Americans whatever you want to call them.
They're, not you know it's not just these evil white men who are trying to stop people coming into this this country. It's not that at all. In fact, it's much more complex and in some of these towns the vast majority of the people who live there are hispanic, american and, and and Texas itself has a history that very much wrapped up in a mexico and the first president of Texas was Mexicans and when you look at the history here these these two people, they introduce a martini, a picture of Nevada, there's always issues between people and what is very different to what people say. It is from a distance. It's the reality is is not much like that at all, and I am I am. I have yet to meet anyone who won
these people to suffer or who is deliberately cool to people in my experience is limited to my experience. You know they were just simple, but I will tell you this when you say these people are ponds, they are there being. I feel horrible for them, because if the in some cases not all cases, but in many cases I think, if I were on the other side of the border, and I saw that America really didn't care about its border and they were gonna, give away free citizenship, and I can my family there and my family We we're living in a town that may be has violence but doesn't have any real chance for my kids damn right I'd be over here? I would absolutely do it, because I would think that America didn't really care and they were offering citizenship. So take that chance. For me, children to be able to have a better life that that they, though people are being preyed on by all. These differ
groups that have all different agendas, including the drug cartels that are home bring back some family members and saying look. We're gonna sell This will bring them over you. Do us a favour, will do you a favor and then we'll send your your relative over and I mean we're importing p an enslaving people too, to some of these drug cartels we're doing the bidding of the drug cartels. Yes, whether wittingly or unwittingly back happening, and I can tell you I can add to what you're saying then, how about if you watching or listened commercials on the radio which tell you to America, get a house you gonna, get land, you're gonna get a job you gonna get this or that add to that, the fact that you know I mean
One is one of my most trusted most at the person that I respect most about my produce Maxima catch. He went and did a story in a series of reports in Honduras. He was actually with a family when they said goodbye to the fifteen wrong daughter and central to a better life in Iraq, and you can imagine right, I mean he's a dad. He's got a daughter, I have two daughters and the sun and the moon could be more hot breaking the neck. I mean it's, it's really painful, for maybe even imagine being in that jewish, but they don't even know if their door is actually going to a real job. In Amerika there's so much like sex trafficking and human in sending your fifteen year old daughter
to nobody does that in less they are absolutely desperate or they have no other options right. Nobody! Nobody me, the handling of the matter was sobbing. The father was quiet. The daughter was quite you can imagine that a very painful think so, but her chance she has a significant chance of being raped along the way people come from Latin America. They get to the first dash inside of Mexico. People get raped at the stash houses and then there's another splash stash out. You know, there's other stash houses along the way, but that right
the mexican side, close to the border and then more sanctions when you cross the border and I've you I've been looking at doing stories on this. We have reports of different people who get raped it at every one of those locations along the way, and then you know, but we still was still trying to find someone who has been through that to talk about it, because these things are very difficult to cover. Also because, because you know it's very easy to bear these stories upon this year, I have one for you. This is the only time in my career as a journalist professional, where I have looked at at the statistics of rape and sex abuse right, trying to figure out. Ok, how many hours prevalent is this? What exactly are the back? How what is the chance when you get on that journey, that this is going to happen to you? How bad is it true right and in this case
This is one case where the media by and large, says. Oh you can't prove that this is happening all you know. Yes, there was this Msf. Medicines are party to ensure they did big study on it and they found it will at least thirty percent of the of the women making assuring you get greater sexually assaulted. But what do you have many journalists, then he ran it. Saying then we'll they took a sample of people, I'm on my way to the? U S in Mexico. They didn't, you know, take every are you, they didn't take ever every different country, and then you get fifteen reasons why the image that just because not represent, get well, you know to stand in the way we normally in the media, treat rape and sexual assaults against. As we always said, the most underreported crime doorway. Doesn't that sound familiar small, I'm already making it a small irony that I, that I notice what I was researching. The story I, while all my professional
You know where ever been. People have said that this is that the official figures, come back it's more than that. Yes, now here you have people actually defending human traffickers, defending cartels depending coyote, hooray people and think. Well, you know it's. We can't trust. That's all because it's not fully representative your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme like listening to this Parkhurst. If you're not a subscriber, become more now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell daughter of you see Netflix their series on our planet, its documentary and its day.
At an borough blow a blonde everything's, all its beautiful, and it's got all kinds of great information in all my god. These walrus are committing suicide, there is, there is a researcher zoologist with thirty five years of experience. Especially on arctic animals and she's, this is just Netflix in their tragedy. Porn. The climate hoax I don't know if you can put your kids in front of our planet and just say I watch this is great because it's full of nonsense. Earth there saying these walruses are, you know falling their death, because their starving to death and there's no ice, and it's very sad, it's awful to watch but So that's not what's happening and Susan is with us now hello, Susan. How are you I'm just fine thanks? morning. Also, so tell me about the walruses that are, I mean, just plunged
to their death, because there's no ice well and seven on the whole, the hollow itself All these are mostly mothers with their cabs. On these arctic beaches. There really natural events that are not caused by lack of sea ice. They ve always happened and the the herds come on on onto the shore, in large numbers, because the world because our more abundant I will. Then they were even fifty years ago because although they have But there are like a boom and bust society. Aren't they when gas? They let them go ahead now. I was just going to say that bit they they have attained. See to the population bill higher and higher and then but then it out they out strip their food supply and been animals star.
And the population goes down until the food supply can rebuild and mostly the reader clams and things like that that live on the bottom of the ocean. So What is this this hall out is what does that mean the hall had well, this is our purred animals. They really like to stick together and in fact they really prefer to be tightly packed and so be grouped together. Paul, I just means grouping together, and so when, when their sea ice available, they will pull out on the on the ice in fairly large groups and at other times they will follow on beaches and but they don't, they have been holding out on beaches since the eighteen hundred there's been records going back on the of those hall out both on the coast.
Of Russia near the Bering Sea and also on the coast of Alaska. So this is a behaviour that net quite natural for them and it really isn't sea ice pendant it's something that happens in the late summer and fall on a fairly. Hitler base- and so we ve been doing this since we ve started noticing them in and recording them, and they go up onto the beach or under the rocks and they're all of tightly packed in and and it is it just kind of like a whole bunch of you know puppies on a bed, and we going to owe somebody moves in another person. Moves in one of the puppies would fall off the bed. I mean committing suicide in their they're, just there just so pact tightly, that is that what's happening exactly exactly
and the other thing is that they are also quite easily spooked at that point in time, because these are mostly mothers with their cab there very protective, and if, if one of those animals at the back of the pack sort of on the beach side, get frightened and start heading for the water, because that's their natural instinct when their frightened, then they some sort of pushed the herd. Ahead of them and in fact hundreds of animals can be trampled even along a flat beach, but if they manage to get themselves up onto a high cliff, then there's no alternative but to fall over the edge. And it's not only certain that that
what happened in the Netflix video, but we know from reports that were issued in the newspaper that there was an polar bears had actually spooked walruses off the same cliffs. That was filmed in that YO two days before it was felt so wait a minute so it because in that film it shows all these walruses down at the bottom of the pile of rocks, and you think, oh, my gosh they're, just they're just all dying and wish. There was a student ice slope there too, just gently pushed them back in the water, but you're saying. Not only is it nor in natural for them to go upon the rocks and then have no place to go, but over the cliff? But yours that big pile was also partly caused by we're bears in them up at the top of the cliff gone. Oh crap, o grandpa crap and backing up over the cliff yeah absolutely. I might envy
as we know that there was this incident that was initiated by polar bears. That happened just two days before We know that most of those animals that were filmed the carcass goes, our carcasses, ling along the beach almost certainly happened in the from the polar Bear, spooked incident, and what we think happened was that there were members from World Wildlife Fund Foundation Herb their Debbie W Ass, who were on site at the time and part of the whole Netflix team, called that the film crew in to come and film. The walls were set up on the quick Osh, and so it was really a whole contrived set up and in looking
what was happening. We know that there were still polar bears in the area. I've seen the film. In fact the closing shot, shows a polar bear coming out of the water onto the beach to feed on the walrus as the dead wars and But when you are looking at how the the whole footage was shot, theirs a cameraman positioned just about at the place where the walrus could have come safely down from the cliff. But that was that we would. Locked and if there were still polar bears in the area they could have been coming up from on the backside of the cliff, or at least the bulwark could have smelled them. Even bout would upset them off. What we also know is that some of the shots in the film had to have been taken with a drone. Now even a drone flying overhead could also have split them. So,
We ve got a situation where the film makers themselves. This is ongoing. Hadley opalescent in in generating at least the lower says that filmed that fell, that they filmed. And then they attributed all of that to a lack of sea ice blamed on climate change. So how much of how much of this series is my son watches of my daughter, watches and I've watched them and times, and I wrote my eyes and gun: ok rid, but I didn't know all this- about the walruses- how much of these things can we even sit down and let our kids watch. And trust that its true well, I think really what
Only thing that you can do is what your kids watch it. I mean it's beautiful photography, those pants there's. No, there is no doubt that it actually is. You know, parts of it are true. I mean that the whole of our true, but you you have to take the commentary with a grain of salt, but you also have to be prepared ahead of time to talk to your kids, about the fact that everything that is said there might not be true and hey. Maybe we should follow up and look into this and they said that this. This is why this happened. Let's go and look up to see. You know what the background information is. On that, and I think that parents are prepared to follow up with their kids and to look into that that, but I get makes it a learning experience Susan, I gotta tell ya you, you know they don't
access to a zoo, zoologist like you like, I do and you go on line, I'm sure W F and you know, and all of the is global warming. The have have rushed to put things they say it is true. I mean How do you know what's true? How do you know what a trusted sources on actual science anymore now? Well, that is true for sure and, But what you can do I mean it's one of the reasons that I've been blogging about polar bears since two thousand and twelve, and that's to actually make sure that the information is up there people to find on the internet. Now people might say well how do I trust you However, what I do is make sure that I list the sources where I get my formation from, so that people can follow it up, but it
very least when there's information like that available, you can say: okay, well, there's two sides to the story. This person saying that this person thing that, then maybe I have to leave that any interpretation up in the air and just say that it camp, none of it, can be trusted and an that's really up. An awful place for sites to begin. Ok, Susan, thank you so much for being on with us. We really appreciate your time. Her name is Susan Crockford. She is a zoologist, an author of the book, the polar bear catastrophe that never happened. You can read her. Article Netflix is lying about those falling walruses at the financial post and her website is polar. Bear science, dot, com, that's polar bears, science, dot com The blaze radio network on demand-
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