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Best of The Program | Guests: Nick Di Paolo & Bill O'Reilly | 2/7/20

2020-02-07 | 🔗
Comedian Nick Di Paolo gives his politically incorrect take on Nancy Pelosi – she’s outpaced Hillary Clinton for “most evil!” And it’s a Bill O’Reilly Friday to end a packed week! Bill updates his 2020 predictions after the Iowa caucus disaster, recaps Trump’s Oprah-style SOTU, and asks what’s next for … Romney. Head researcher Jason Buttrill outlines the Ukraine timeline you haven’t seen anywhere else. Last night’s special, “Ukraine: The Final Piece (The Billion-Dollar Question),” follows our missing $1.8 billion to the Ukrainian “Tony Soprano,” who financed Ukraine’s war with Russia. Did Obama use taxpayer money to fund a proxy war? Former Secretary of State John Kerry seems to think so.

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