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Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeffy Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 5/17/19

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Best of the Program | Guests: Pat Gray, Jeff Fisher & Bill O'Reilly | 5/17/19

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Hey. It's Jeff beat up on the podcast. Today President Trump outlines his immigration reform plan talking about a merit based system, and we want the best and brightest immigrants to come here. The Democrats obviously not happy about that, but they never will be things are so bad at the border of ascending the TSA there, so that immigrants can be felt up and molested TSA going to the board it's all. It is fixed as I don't want to get felt up at the border or the airport. So maybe that'll stop people for comment. I don't I don't know you know or to of course spent the time with bill. O'reilly and thoughts on immigration plan and also the democratic presidential nomination.
Talk about due process and Brett Kavanaugh along the way and his thoughts on President Trump's immigration are fascinating then we also talked about the sat scores soon going to be waited to compensate for perceived advantages or disadvantages, that students have amazing stuff. So you know, while we're talking about a merit based immigration plan for talking about a non Maric college entrance exam it's amazing also a trans man that gave birth to a baby, Anne price. The hospital staff, there kind of surprises me find out was actually one yeah you're right and Alyssa Milano on how pro life she is all fascinating, stuff and Paul today on the podcast. It's bad and Jeffy today for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program,
President Trump kind of went through his proposal for immigration reform. Yesterday, here's some of what he discussed we have our plan achieves to critical goals? First, it stops illegal immigration and fully secures the border and second, that establish is a new legal immigration system that protects american wages, promotes american values and attracts the best and brightest from all around the world. Importantly, already building the wall, and we should have close to four hundred miles built by the end of next year and probably even more than that. It's going up very rapidly. Year. We admit one point: one million immigrants as permanent legal residents. These
green card holders get lifetime authorization to live and work here and a five year path to american citizenship, This is the most prized citizenship anywhere in the world by far well he's got that part right, that's for sure uh an for him to say that we want the best and brightest. How dare he how that seriously. The Democrats are taking issue with the I know they don't want. The best and brightest hey we've been we've got a long record of bring. Is your poorest year destitute? We want only people lower, have closer ragged and, and we wouldn't know skills, and they can't speak English. That's what we want here And some states are getting him yeah, California would get the governor's pardoning felons, so yeah you go,
as far as whether the the border wall is already being built. I I don't know why I hear guys see conflicting reports on that that they haven't started yet or if they've barely started over four hundred mile, but he claims four hundred miles by next year. That would be great and maybe more and maybe more. If that's true, that's great, you know, I hope it is. I hope that I hope it is too. I hope it is, but much of this proposal I think, is really good. As he said right now about twelve percent of immigrants are admitted based on employment skills, so about twelve percent of immigration. Right now in the United States is merit based. How can we expect it? How can we be expected to continue that rate? But I don't know it's insane. I don't know. Sixty six percent are admitted based on family connections. Wow
and that's it to Democrats. That's a good thing. Yes, once you're in I mean that's the point right once you're in then the rest can come. So if you have a second cousin twice removed, come on in yeah? It is it's all yours, come on, bring it up I'm in well. My my mailman has a friend who's uncle. Once you can bring them in bring about and that's kind of the way it's sort of the way Can I go now administration wants to flip those numbers, so it will be fifty seven percent based on merit thirty, three percent based on on family connections. That makes since that's probably still not, but maybe not even the right formula Makes more sense for the currently have, but of course you know, that's bad, oh of course to the Democrats. It's yes, absolutely traffic, so we want to recruit top talent. Microsoft is
Do you lie saying we don't have enough to fill the positions that need to be filled in technology, so good, let's, let's flip it around and and let's bring more skilled people into the United States. I do like the focus on first of all securing the border, and you did talk about that and that's a really important part of the plan, but also folks. Non legal immigration. Yes, we want to stop the illegal flow an we want. We want to bring here people here that want to do things the right way and will add something country every nation on earth asks something of the people who were trying to emigrate there. All right we're gonna bring us. What do you do for us? It's a legitimate question. It's an important question. You can't just say: okay come here and we'll do everything for you that we possibly can that's not the way it's supposed to work. It's just the way it has been working as an
I mean working, I use that word loosely so supposedly the average yearly wage of legal immigrants right now is forty three thousand this. If we go to this system, supposedly they would then increase the average income to one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars. Wow yeah yeah and the Yearly wage of all immigrants would rise to around ninety six thousand dollars. How could you not want that for the bill other immigrating kidding? How could you not want that now I'm sorry. I want him to continue to make seven dollars an hour and I'm going to fight this tooth and nail every step of the way. No, how could you not want that and the
is- and we should have been talking about this from the beginning when they come the way they do an you, don't ask anything of them an you. Don't encourage them to learn the language, because that's somehow hateful as somehow races that somehow xenophobic I mean we're in trouble for encourage them even just to have rudimentary knowledge of English, exactly yeah uh and so stay at the bottom rung of society and there's no, where they can go, because if you speak only spanish or and or we gin or german or whatever it is. When you come here, you're not succeed in America. You have to learn,
English in order to get up the social ladder and the employment ladder. It's just it's mandatory. Really, if you don't you're going to be stuck in a crappy job, your entire life here. Why would you want that? For them? I don't so you encourage them to learn the language an when you do. They can have a chance to succeed here, I'm all for them making one hundred grand a year. Me too, I think that's great, but Democrats don't because then they're not dependent on the Democrats. If they start making one hundred and twenty six thousand dollars a year, they don't need the their hand their handouts, so they don't want this. They do not want this. So President Trump trying to end the chain, migration situation he's frequently called for an end to the visa lottery program.
This seeks to do it be replaced by a new Build America Visa program that would recognize extraordinary talent and people with professional and specialized locations, including exceptional students. What the plan doesn't do, though, is cut back on immigration at all, then that would be a nice component to this limit. You know a little bit more than we do and how, because we allow what a million a year legally and then another million to were coming in illegally this year, that's unacceptable! so we're going to have immigration at a rate of two hundred and twenty two and one slash two million every year. I don't think that's sustainable, but can't be it can't be. So the plan doesn't deal with that? It also doesn't deal with people who are already here illegally, including
the the dreamers, but the President Trump said it does close loopholes. So the gang members in criminals are inadmissible and it would stop for the frivolous asylum claims. One of the things are proposing, and I think this is a real good. You can't you can't claim asylum at the border. Sorry, you got to go to an embassy or consulate for that, I'm okay with that. All that I think that's imperative, because when you're at the border, how do we know that That you're here claiming asylum that you're in danger in your home country. We don't know way to know, but if you go to a consulate in Guatemala or Honduras or wherever you're from you know, you can look into it then go to the embassy. Do it there. Every country on earth just about has an american embassy or consulate
and that's the right way to do it. So it does seem a that that is the now the wise thing to do and stuff I mean it. Let's see if you're in trouble in your country come to us for right and then, if, if it's for real, will help you well made you know a lot of this is well, but I'm I'm afraid of gangs. Well, then, you know, people in LOS Angeles be claiming asylum the time and New York at every large city in America, because they're afraid of gangs as well. There's plenty of gang activity in America. Can Americans claim asylum from it? No, no So I don't know that we allow that uh asylum is supposed to be from oppression from the government, and so it's really tough to ascertain when you're here at the border that you've been through that. So
that's one of the things we need to deal with. Also there was no mention of the e verify program right. So that's an issue as well, so some apparently because of those two things, the the lack of reducing immigration and no e verify. So some conservatives are necessarily for this, but it's not this is just a proposal. I think this is just kind of a dream work I mean this is a we've got to do something and here's right. Let's get this thing started right and where's your proposal. Democrats, let's say if you just all you
we all come free is is not a really good immigration plan right now? If that's all they that's all the Democrats offers everybody come on in well, that's because they hate Trump, so whatever Trump Trump doesn't want want want to try to limit. No, we don't we don't. When you look back on the way they used to feel about this, you can't help but think that's true, because they were all against just allowing the border to be wide open. They tell about it. They voted for it. They voted for the defense in two thousand and six and in the 1990s. In fact, they were pretty hardcore about it. They said that, like server names back in the 90s? That's how far we've come. We've come a long way, long way: yeah wow, eight hundred and eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck, it's Pat Angie for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program.
Here's how bad things are at the border. Just to give you an idea there deploying the TSA to the border play what that's how bad it is the TSA headed for the border, were redeploying some of as I would rather have them feeling up the ever got me off the border. That'll stop in a hurry. You want a cross border gonna, get felt up by the TSA okay, eh. Ok over Tony Romo or not yeah, that'll that'll shut it right down department. When security re tasking hundreds of TSA employees to the? U S, Mexico Border, to assist with the front line immigration process in an effort to relieve some of the pressure on customs and border patrol wow, and I CNN reports. One hundred and seventy five of the TSA is law enforcement officials and up to four hundred of its security ops personnel, including a number of air
schools are being sent to the southern border to help with efforts to deal with them. Immigrant flow wow, they're expected to commit up to ten percent of the work force to board security. So I've never heard of this before who what's happening at? Does that mean longer lines, airport. So I hope so 'cause that'll just really be convenient for us. 'cause. Nobody travels in the summer anyway. No that's wrong! summertime bring us goes anywhere. There is now an immediate need for more help from the TSA at the southwest border. According to a TSA spokesperson, TSA is committed to support four hundred four hundred people from security, ops who will be deployed.
In waves, similar to how they're deployed in an emergency situation. He is a at the border of that. Now it's fixed now, they're asking this is just all volunteers. For now, though, it claims that the they're just asking you know if you can volunteer to go to the border, so I'm sure it all to save. Members are jumping all over themselves. Who wouldn't want to do that? Go to the hot, be deployed, sticky, Texas. Porter I work summer, I could work at Dfw airport choice. Can I bring them into the border? I really ski tows and the flies and people throw rocks at me. That's yeah yeah. I think
over the border. Yeah, that's not gonna work! That's not going to work. I don't know I mean I guess what comes next is just mandatory right, you're going yeah. The government ploys are, we think so nice day yeah unless they choose to do the National guard again or some agency. Some other group who I don't know triple eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven BC, Carey yeah they are, they can be yeah it'll. This will fix it because not only are these scary, but they are so efficient Jeff. Thank you. I think we've all found that we very much so yes, they've ingratiated themselves to Americans for years now, and I think once they get to the border, you don't have a problem anymore speaking of problems at the border, wow a Dallas man previously arrested in the death of an eighty one year old woman has been charged with killing, at least at
EAST eleven, more elderly women whose and other valuables. He stole spokesman for the Dallas County District Attorneys office Said the forty six year old, Billy trimmer was indicted on six more counts of capital murder in the deaths of women, ranging in age from seventy six to ninety four, so he's a Kenyon said living in the United States illegally And he's a serial killer, but don't worry about that? This is just good, decent, hardworking, family people. That's there's nothing to worry about wow, that's Amazing, what does it take? I mean I don't know what it's going to take. I don't know I mean look to get the Democrats to be serious about that. I mean we mention I meant
Gavin Newsom. You know in California he's pardoning felons and you know, including the two that were up for deportation. He said no, no you're, fine and stay here. I mean I don't know what what can be done. Well, I don't know what you have to do. Obviously you know this is probably I hope too far and we're going to I don't would hold yeah. You would like to think that there is there's a lot of crib already where they say: okay, yeah: we instead what they well. The american citizens are killing people too Yeah we've got enough of that. Don't we without having Kenyans killers here as well. Have it hasn't killed twenty, so he may have. Is he said it might be more than he loves for twelve now, twelve elderly man is disgusting, really really really horrible from seventy six years old and ninety four years old really said Rosi's, and but you don't hear any,
about it. Nobody know, CNN is not talking about it. Msnbc is not talking about it. I've even seen that story on Fox, you know it's kind of an important one. These are a few of the people we like to prevent from coming into the country illegally. Okay, yeah, I would be nice, I just as well. Well, I get it, we can't prevent all of this from not coming into the country. We can certainly attempt to do better than we have been yeah. That's that's been President Trump's theme, although You know we can do better than this. We we can prevent please, with the wall. We can prevent some of these by paying attention to who it is that we allowed to come in. Why Would you just allow everybody's families family members to come into the country? can he sent six oo zero. So let's ask something all of them like I don't know what skill do you have? What do you know what what job do you have lined up we're gonna live
so it just. It just makes sense. This is a pretty it's a pretty good start on immigration reform and it doesn't include amnesty, which is a pretty good, pretty good step in the right direction as well. But I think if, if the Democrats were to propose a plan, it would just go back to the same thing. The comprehensive immigration reform they've been talking about. They do just want the dreamers to all be here. Legally, they just want to path to citizenship for everybody else. It's here for the eleven to twenty or twenty five million that are here illegally and they'll just make the problem worse. So this is a good start from the President triple eight seven, two seven b e c k.
It's great for background least and Jeff issue from chewing the fat for good today and all next week here on the Glenn Beck program? This is the best of the Glenn Beck program, hi, it's and if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do us a favor, an rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes Thanks Bill O'Reilly from billoreilly dot com, your honor, how you do doing? Well, you I'm not the same, which is a tragedy for your latest column at billoreilly. Dot com talks about how do process is dead in America, whether it's
Brett Kavanaugh hearings or with President Trump in the Muller report tell us about that. Well, it's the media's fault in the sense that you our done, if anyone on the planet files on an alligator. Against you and you're famous person. That's for sure, ok, so you're finished there's! No! Oh! Well! Maybe he didn't do it. Maybe there's an agenda uh, why this is happening so the real horrible, lawyers and ideologues know that now so they target people for allegations says The number one is what's happening, so every corpus, fishing American America, a battery of lawyers. They have to pay to send the stuff off. You don't hear about ninety percent. And now you have lawyers advertising on radio and television and billboard soon. If somebody did something to you, you call a sweetie millions of dollars. Ok, this
second thing about due process is the disgraceful performance of some you S, senators in the cabin or hearings. Now I don't have any problem with grilling Supreme Court nominee and has to be done, but these people fly. I or you're guilty of something you did in high school? Even though we don't have a shred of evidence and nothing has emerged since you're guilty, you did it, you and your family should be disgraced and then whisk Kamala Harris that was Cory Booker. That was Dianne Feinstein, who, behind the scenes actually engineer, This whole thing screen everlasting disgrace, and so, when you have that combination of elected political officials who do not recognize due process combined with the media you're in trouble- and I think the countries in trouble, is there anything we can do to stem that tide.
I don't know, I mean individual Americans. I think if you ask them- and they just listen to what my explanation was- would say- yeah O'Reilly's right, because this could happen to me or my on our daughter or my husband or whatever yeah right man. Now I'm going go ahead, pay two hundred thousand dollars to an attorney to defend me against charges that are fallacious the whole Bing stems around the affidavits if you file or something Can someone have to sign an affidavit under perjury, but this system does not prosecute that so there It's a free fire zone. You can lie about. Anybody can say anything you want and the media. I think the media is basically falling apart in America. I don't think people know how bad it is. We see the surveys in the polls that seventy percent of Americans don't trust the media, but I watch, cable news ratings, every night
the network news ratings, what's happening in the morning and late night. I did it on the wall. Riley dot com. It is segment last night on the collapse of late night viewership across the board on the three networks. Nobody watches or shows anymore, and I think that people are saying enough and that's what you can do I mean. If you are an american and you see something unfair, do not do not watch the network, that's doing it and fire off a letter to the senator won't matter, but at least you're doing something yeah it's really tough, because as conservatives we That mindset where I'm not I'm not going to participate in a boycott, I'm not going to I'm not going to get out on the streets in protest, whereas the left does all that kind of stuff, and it's really effective has been effective. So we kind of have seated all of that to them and we just we sort of sit back and take it every time,
please wrongly, accused or yeah. But here's the deal you're right, the right in America doesn't have it organized media matters or move on, or power of change, color there's more, if we don't have it right and listen all the all the right listed off. I mean they've got so many of those organizations and these these organizations of millions of dollars all right mobilized boycotts to threaten sponsors. Today whatever. They want to do a lot that money comes in the George Soros Foundation. Is people probably know today Miller the dollar's go. Smear people threaten people, intimidate people extort people, nothing like that exit it's on the right, but I'm ten Americans, that it should you don't get down in the mud with these people. What should happen.
Is that there should be an organization to expose the boycotters to tell people exactly who they are, what they are doing, what sponsors are giving into it right. You guys may remember years ago it was a big, fierce controversy over corporations telling their employees not to say merry Christmas. Member, that yeah well, I your humble correspondent, turn that around by naming the corporations that we're doing it and as soon as I did, that those corporations stop background people weren't going to Christmas shop in the stores right. So that's the way to do it. Unfortunately, I called a couple of conservative groups that that handle pro bono law cases and they were frightened to do it because they didn't want these groups to come after them and
I wouldn't do it not going to name them. It's not fair, but I try the mobilize some of these cruises and what look you got to set up an arm to defend people under fire they wouldn't do it because they didn't want these people to come after them. Unbelievable sure. Is it that's how improbable this is. If you look at history- and you know, I write the killing books and all that, if you look at history. The totalitarian regimes have done this. Have demonized groups and selected people for punishment all of them and that exactly what's happening in America and there's Nobody doing anything about it, yeah the rose law. I mean you talk about voting with your with your with your eyes and with your a remote to watch the channels and don't do that, but what they have the money that they're getting of whatever sources they're getting it from they could
it'll stay alive and still keep keep on the air, whereas a number of a conservative agenda. May have to go dark hand. So all battle it. The war. Part about. It is that the boycotters and the Exd exporters and the and the people who are peddling false AL Asians or propped up by the very liberal media So the New York Times Washington, Post CNN, MSNBC, NBC News, this kind of stuff props them up there no investigations into media matters or move on or color of change. None of that they're not looked at they. Everybody knows this is happening. So where is the price exposing this kind of extortion? It's extortion when you go to Mercedes Benz and say: if you don't pull your spot from the Fox
news channel or whatever? Radio program, then we're going to send out a email blast on Facebook, or ever they do to you know five people saying: don't buy Mercedes cars, that's extortion! now you I've gone and talked to lawyers you could make Rico case against media matters? You could do that and file federal funeral charges. That would be fantastic, but again who's going to do it. No, nobody! Nobody, yeah they're, not they're, not the evil enough in people's eyes. Overall right I mean there is really no sprinkle cases against drug manufacturers. They're not going to do it against media matters in social civil war? Ok, the far left progressive, movement is far more weaponry and as far more ruthless Then the other side yeah and
Now, I you know you're, basically seeing people being destroyed before your eyes, Kavanaugh survived by one vote. Comments I saw her in California couple weeks ago and I she requested to speak to me, and I I said you know senator I gotta tell you you save that family I'm mean. I put everything else aside: you save those people because of what was I she knew she knew all right and, and so Americans are watching the spectacle and again now know that you say: what can we do? Regular people do not much other. Walk away from the vehicles that are doing this and you have to and that's happening. You have to be willing to do that though. Yes, you do. You have to be willing to walk away, then you know what I'll when I saw Kamala Harris and Cory Booker declare for the presidency. I said to myself
is no way on earth that I is american citizen not commentator, not not a purveyor bill, dot com. None of that would vote for that kind of a person to lead this country. Yeah dream about how bad trump is or how good he is, or whatever you know, but these people in full view of the nation, basically said blank. You constitution, blank! You that's good that you have another sky due process on anything it's good that you have another twenty one or twenty two candidates to pick from other than those two now building Chris got an outside chance to get the VP nod with Biden, but I think it's going to be the Stacey Abrams. Uhm, but she's been helping talk about. That, too, issue. Kamala Harris was so saying they were. People were saying that it was embarrassing to think about her being the vice president to Joe Biden,
I don't even pay attention to those campaigns because they're not going anywhere. You know, except for bill the Blasio. I know he's going to rocket up and start alright. Alright, really I live in New York. I know how bad this guy is, my god it's It's amazing that he has the yeah that he could actually mean what three people show up for him in Vegas when he appeared there recently, a dozen maybe tops unruly audio. It's all about the money. He gets to keep all the campaign. Finds that idiots my data donate to him. That's what it's about he's got nothing else to do, New York is falling apart, everybody hates him. Cops turned back on him immediately? Really really disaster yeah, if you don't live in New York, say a prayer of thanks all right, because that city is falling. I live twenty miles away from Manhattan. It takes
in one hour and forty five minutes to drive, not in the rush hour to get into that city it. Everything is falling apart. It's you You ever see the movie escape from New York? Okay, that's what it is I mean I saw a snake was: can the other days where you don't know? How do you get out of here is getting out of his all right more with the bill. Reilly got it. We gotta ask him, but the the president's speech on immigration yesterday and that and much more coming up in sixty seconds. Jeffrey for glad on the Glenn Beck program, bill, Reilly Bill. I want to Your thoughts on what the president had to say on immigration, but we were talking about first you're talking about Kavanaugh few minutes ago and his his nomination process what are your thoughts on on his rulings so far and
people are already worried that he might be a bust for conservatives, you know I don't do evaluate rulings like that on ideological basis, I kind of guy and I look at how he bases his. Decisions on the law and the constitution. What it says I have to tell you. I don't know yet I don't know yet When I saw the abortion thing in Alabama, I told my viewers last night on billoreilly dot com. I said don't get excited because I don't think bring quarters in all this law hours away. I don't either right, there's only one guy that would vote for it and that's Clarence Thomas so I think Cavenall wants to send a signal. Like John Roberts. Does that he's not in anybody's pocket? I think so too so whether that harms Asian down the road. We have to wait and see yeah it's a bold move for alabama- is an there try
force this issue with the record. It's payback is payback from the idiot. Virginia Governor, actually saying to the american public. You know, even after the baby's born, we might put it to death, and then como more middle of unbelievable Lancs. Passing this law. That says you can have an abortion at any time. For any reason, the pro life community saw those two things they said will go a little bit. Yeah You know we may now, when we're going to humiliate them and we're going to go away and we're gonna send a message. It was time to fight back. It's not really about abortion. That's what nobody understands. It's about states rights! That's the argument! going to be put forward, not ROE V Wade, they're not going to try to overthrow ROE V, Wade, I try to say to the Supreme Court. Look. Each state has a right based upon population's desire to regulate public health. You are
federal government do not have a right to impose public health on AL comma or Missouri or wherever and that's constitution. It's a low local issue, the side. That's how the arguments I go down. But again I don't think it's going to be success. Yeah I don't either. I think you're right, the lonely, the only one you could really count on to overturn ROE V Wade. I think it's Clarence, Thomas yeah, I I don't even know the leader would might you might you might be able to peel off a leader on the on the state's rights issue. Yeah are you might be able to do that, but you're not getting Roberts? It Robert Robert Stabenow yeah right up. So did you what What were your thoughts on the president's unveiling of his new immigration plan yesterday? So posturing, he knows it's not going to get through. You know so. You're too schools of thought here. Are you do it too the message, and this is what you believe, I'm okay with that, but if you're,
sing the american people that there's a shred. This will get past. Then you're misleading Nancy Poulos. It's not going to allow that even if Trump were a little bit. For moderate, which I would have been had. I been president and face with this issue. I would say: we're gonna do five thousand and fifty we're going to do. The percent humanitarian visas and we're going to fifty percent merit visas. That's what I would have done so that you then become somebody who's, not devoid of compassion, because that's what tradition of America is take your downtrodden and you come. Here, and then you reverse your life. They try. Ministration doesn't have that philosophy in what they put forth. That was a mistake but none of this is going to come to fruition. He seems to be, he seems to be trying to sort of
even balance the scale the with what he just did because we've been doing it the other way for so long. He sort of, I think, when a little bit further than you might expect him to just to sort even out the playing field, maybe campaign issue form, that's what he's doing uh you know he's got four pillars. I have a book coming up in September, the United States had Trump where explain his house President really sees America's subtitle explain how we really sees America first, I how we got there, which is only two people on earth could have done it him and Oprah. I explained. Actually how we got there, and then I explain exactly what is view of the country? Is He doesn't really care about people in Honduras and I'm saying that is a big yard. If I mean he just vision, care, We know that illegal immigration is one the pillars of his administration.
On four things, and that's one of them right. Well, I mean, it's part of his appeal. Isn't it because uh put: America first put America and Americans first and that's you know that's one of a sixteen year old. He does moral obligation to Heal the poverty in Central America and around the world right doesn't feel that moral obligation, as I my out of my moral obligation, is to make sure Americans prosper first and then we'll take a look at the others, but that'll never happen. It's hondurans job to take care of hondurans it's their leaderships, never going to happen. It's not going to happen now. If America thrives, though, then so will Honduras down. The road right now is never drive. Nicaragua will never thrive. Salvador will never thrive, wow, ok, well, the cultures are so corrupt. Alright, it's like Mexico. Mexico is never going to be the republic.
That the USA is because of the culture of corruption, yeah right, they don't enforce corruption, laws everybody's on the take. You can't run a country like that and think you're going to prosper, That's how these countries operate bill. There seems to be a lot of saber rattling going on between the USA and IRAN, an lot of people, concerned about actual either proxy war or an actual war. Do you have some concerns? There actual war could break out with IRAN maybe a one in five chance, cancel be any military action there. It's a decent chance, though, I would be a would have to make the play. So you got warships in the Persian Gulf, and you've got. Five hundred troops or, more, I guess now in Iraq.
And they would have to attack them. In order for you s to to get involved that way. Um these sanctions against IRAN are working. If I were trump, I know what he's doing You know he wants to be the guy, who sets agenda for the world, not just for the United States, and he He knows that IRAN is trying to cause trouble on a lot of fronts. So he's simply saying talent You better knock it off, and if you don't, are you going to get hurt? so I'm kind of agnostic about this. I wouldn't, I wouldn't provoke any military action, but if it comes, you know it's not going to be good for IRAN. That's for sure I mean it. They'll get hurt badly, but it also re stimulate ISIS and Al Qaeda and those that that's a downside, yeah. It's
it's always a mess. What it involves the Middle EAST in and everything that's going on there got about it's always a mess. Speaking of I know you've spoken about tariffs before uhm. What are your thoughts on in the latest round of terrorists back and forth with China part as another pillar of Trump's reelection campaign, along with the immigration, the economy. What is love so much what it? What is it about terror? I don't think he loves terror. So much use basically knows is a trade war with China. Everybody knows is a trade war has been going on now for decades, but the american government is basically said: uh. We don't really want to fight this war, because Our economy is, you know, don't get along so well. Let them do what they want. Well from the very beginning from nineteen. Ninety, if you look at Trump and I'm in a good perch to give you guys the facts on this case if you go back and you look at Trump's public pronouncements about China. He started in nineteen. Ninety
the Chinese were hosing us economically and they are, and- and they are yes, they are people. If people don't understand it I'll. Let me put it in terms that even Glenn Beck could understand right. Alright, Hey Bill O'Reilly, makes a band aid. An the band not only stops the bleeding but heals the cut in two hours yeah and it's the a fabulous success in America. Everybody wants to bill, O'Reilly Band aid. Well only then looks over goes, hey, there's one point: five billion people in China. I want to sell some bandaids over there, so I try to get my per I looked into the chinese market were upon. The government says you know what this product is unsafe. We're not going to allow it in it's unsafe. They do that all the time to any american product that may threaten their domestic production of anything. Now that
everybody can understand correct yep, that's been going on since JFK, alright, since one thousand nine hundred and sixty an NGO president has confronted it so Trump said you know I'm on the macho man, I'm the tough guy, I'm going to do it, I'm going to break them and we'll see if it's successful, not that that's Whatsapp there's going to be a lot of pain. In the meantime, though, I mean- maybe The hope. Is the prices at Walmart are going up, well by that yeah. The chinese stuff. You need any chinese talk now I like shopping shopping, Walmart Fried Rice, I mean that's all I needed they make it might not. I don't need it. I don't need a chinese t, shirt or hat A lot of Americans do they do the Americans shop at Walmart? Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Why well, because it's cheap enough American made so wanted to maybe zero dollars and thirty five cents cheaper. You know, take a hit for your car.
Anybody needs anything vagina that your new poster take a hit for your country. I do I need that. I, like that on the farmers stuff I understand, but Trump is going to. You- know, chuck money over to them. So you know, if you're getting hurt and your products aren't moving the way they did the federal government's going to and at least give you Some kind of relief as far as finance is concerned, this federal government under Donald Trump spending more money than any federal government history, yeah sure this guy suspended Trump suspended. Yeah, I mean you know so I'm look, believes it dumb, and yet the federal government want to be dependent on them, but I don't, I think, they're going to help the people in the big industries that are getting hurt from the China tariffs. What the regular folks I mean I, I just don't understand what you need from China. I just don't get it so it sounds like you
pretty much for your kind of on board with the tariffs I? It's the only weapon we have in chinese Economic WAR and if there, if they walk back- and I believe it's true- they did- um their agreements were. What are you going you just let him get away with all that stuff, and hopefully it hurts them. It hurts them more than it hurts. Also they don't care, see. That's because America, we actually care for farmers, get her yeah, they don't care right. You know you don't like it I'll shoot you in the head, that's why it makes it communist call Marian regime that that's what makes this war so hard to window, though right right, but trump's calculation is is that he, it's going to squeeze them, so but there's unrest in China, so that the one point billion people start to get a little tied off it often in wrong. That's the calculation in Beijing doesn't want that, because once the people
start to get a little hey. This isn't working work not real. Well, then, I got big problems over there. Be interesting to see. If that ever happens, I don't know yeah. I don't know that that would take a long time 'cause. I have to write. It would take a long time, but remember China, there's there's in the hinterlands. Those people are not happy. I have electricity, they don't have anything to eat. I mean this is not a happy place. You go to China, you know the big cities are bustling everybody else. Is like- we don't really have much so who gets more pist off. First Americans paying higher prices or the Chinese. Are you not exactly, but I really don't think Americans are going to scream. How about the terror of well not with the new bill around the plant? Hey take a hit for your country. I I just don't see it. I mean the worst thing that could happen would be that it throws the economy into a recession.
That's right trump. The trump people start to see that Kudlow's a smart guy. Carlos really running this operation yeah he is smart guy and there they're watching but they're, trying to squeeze a man of Trump and get the deal he wants. Then he feels he can be re elected because if any is a guy that took on China, but if recession kicks in the Andes income, diabetes he's done because all that done because you know it Biden is not yeah. You know he's not a guy like Brock Obama is a big knot: yeah you know he said man I mean. I know that Donald Trump is what seventy two yeah, the early 70s, but by then sanders are all in there. You know, Last half of 70s it's going to show here soon. That's alright from getting can take. By doing a debate I mean, I think so too, yeah binds all over the place. You know. By does that. Does that China problem and actually a looking at him like on one.
All right and the far left doesn't like, but they don't want, and after american terms, reason that Trump wanders, eight thousand eight hundred thousand african Americans didn't didn't, come out and say that. But those numbers for Joe Biden seem awful good. It is. It is well, that's cruel well. Who else are they gonna pick? Beto El Paso and he doesn't think there's a problem on the border. I mean you know it. Hello, yeah, it's a walk. It's a bad group I mean I had group all of these people, and I don't say this with any ideological any ideology at all very Sanders socialist fine, but all of them are so weak when it comes to problem. Solving the soul is not fixing right. Then all I
Do is bring in this in this crazy theory. That's never worked anywhere. Bernie Sanders knows he's not going to be president. He knows that he's his far out. Socialistic view is never going to be accepted, but what Does he have to do well, see pretty standard says he lives in Vermont? Have you ever been to Vermont? I have at least a foot. What you can do is walk around standing Jerry. You walk around. That's it! I thought Bernie S into this is fun. Gets off. Private Barbarian, Srh, fun, don't forget to pack adult he gets all the money he gets to keep all the campaign fund money. I mean that's really why they're all jumping in anyway right they all see a path to a bank account, and that is a story. That's unreported right! All of these people are in it because they get money money.
Bill. The blasio knows that no one, even his wife, will vote for him. No one will vote for he'll, get no votes. Zero votes Who is kids, they don't want him. They live in New York City to they're, going to catch. You fix anything, anything just fix anything. He can't. So it's all about money, all right bill O'Reilly for Bill, O'Reilly, dot com. You got! The book United States of Trump comes out win September for the right. Now we want everybody to be nice to dad and granddad and get them. The killing series got. Eight killing books, including the latest one killing. The ss big bestseller, as you may know, and then a couple of those one in office sign in for your dad and granddad. If you want uh, I got lots of good stuff. Ok, great thanks a lot bill,
Okay, man guys talk Bill Reilly from Bill, Reilly, dot com, it's Bette, Jeff, you've, gland on the Glenn Beck program, hey it's Glenn and you're, listening to the Glenn Beck program, if you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out pat great on lease it's available, where ever you download your favorite podcasts the blade radio network on demand
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