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Best of the Program | 3.6 - R Kelly Double Jeopardy? -h1  - Getting Your Giblets Back with Pat Gray -h1 - Recession Avoided? -h1 - "We Were Too Aggressive" -h2 - Anti-Vaccines, 4 Hour Erections and The First Amendment? -h3 - "When did everyone become socialists?" (w/ Justin Haskins) -h3 

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Welcome to the podcast today we have a fantastic show which, by the way, can watch every single day at the blazetv dot com. Slash back shut up, it's true did use the promo code back when you went there and signed up one. I didn't save ten percent, oh well, alright. So today, on the podcast, we have some really great stuff. We delve into the art Kelly issue, which is kind of kind of kind of an interesting thing. Then we also talk about They are starting to ban books on vaccine and we have government officials writing to Facebook into Google into Youtube and everywhere in saying you should ban these things. We need to talk about a public private partnership with the government and your platforms,
sure that these voices of these crazy ideas like vaccines are bad, are getting out there and simultaneously, some really good news from a study in Denmark talking about vaccines and whether they're dangerous or not? an interesting day, both both stew and I are pro vaccine, but we are also pro free speech, in fact, were free speech, absolutists and we kind of get into that a little bit as well with a guest towards the end of the podcast socialism, and what socialism really is New York Times says. When did we all become socialists Oh, I don't know, but nobody in my circle is a socialist. So I can't tell you: when: did you become socialist New York Times all this and more on today's podcast.
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A statement from the client's family ahead of last night's Gayle King Interview with R Kelly. Asrial has suffered mental mental abuse, severe mental abuse at the hands of r Kelly for years. R Kelly is a liar later and a socio path who must be brought to justice for his decades of sexual assault on under age girls. All of these victims and their parents cannot be lying yeah. I know, but your ups July. Here I mean why would you go to Michael Levin Audi S? At this point I mean because at one point at least half the nation thought he was the most credible man in America right at least half of the country was like Michael Avenatti. Is the gold standard of truth because he's saying bad things about president, but now even that that side thinks he's a scam artist, so I mean now. I don't know how they got even gets
traffic ticket job either I don't either so Kelly Lee accused of sexual misconduct in two thousand and two eventually tried on child pornography charges in the same case he was cleared on all counts in two thousand, and eight uh and so he says, look they're, just digging up the stuff from the past, and this isn't true didn't do this here is cut. One r Kelly denies don't double jeopardy me. Do you still sit here and say you have never been with under age girls? Can you really say that and say this? I had two cases to back me too. That is high, said in the beginning of the interview that I would not talk about yeah because of my own going case now: okay, okay, fair enough, what came? I will tell you this people are going back to my pass. Okay, yes, it was
actually what they doing it going back to the past. They trying to add all of this stuff. Now, to that tell you to make all this stuff that's going on now, oh of course feels real to but the pastors relevant with you with underage girls. Absolutely no! It's not why! Because for one I beat my case yeah, beat some waiting. Your court can't double jeopardy me like that you can it's not fair. It's not fair to nobody. When you beach a case to be too okay yeah, you do have you ever been with underage women. Well, I can't talk about the two times I have been with underage women, but let me tell you no, of course not. I love that. That's a great, I told before the interview started. I couldn't talk about the times that I did things that were wrong. So then no, he didn't say that he said I can't talk about that. That
Acer, two yeah two in that case and he's. But what he's saying is an in a way he has a good point. You can't double jeopardy me He was sentenced, let alone a good point. I don't I, but he is said you know, and and and it tell me where this is where this is wrong. Okay, you tried me for that. I beat that case. I won yeah. I believe this is in a court of law, obviously she's trying to get to the bottom of whether this is a non going issue for him. He's saying, basically to be honest, with his translation of what he's saying is yeah, I did that before. Remember he was charged with child pornography, which is did, and that was you can make it a legitimate case. There were ten count, of the four dollar. They were in all child pornography. That was that was part of it. That was part of it. Yeah 'cause, I mean the big part, was it was on video and it was, there was never a it was kind of
things were if he was never during trying to sell his video to child porn cut kind of source, and he just at it. I I there was a v to tape. It was a sex tape. Here's what here's. Why? If I remember right here, is why he lost that case, because in the case or yeah he won. The case is because the girl said I was fourteen at the time and two other witnesses said that that was her. So she said that was me and I was fourteen and two other or witnesses that knew the girl said. No, that's not her or she wasn't. Fourteen at the time it was, they couldn't prove that that was that was her, and that was her age, right and bottom line. Is he can't he can't thrown back in prison for that and and just saying that he did something wrong a long time ago. Does not prove that he's doing something wrong today and that's, I think his argument here. That being said, if your past is I've been
been charged with child pornography and have had sex with underage girls multiple times, perhaps you never go near another female, the rest of your life. Maybe that's an answer. That's what that's what he saying he said. Let me like. No, that's not what he said. No, no! No later, he did, let's see if it's in cut too here's cut too, but I'm not talking about the one case in which you were acquitted. I'm The other cases where women have come forward and said R Kelly had sex with me when I was under the age of eighteen R. Kelly was abusive to me emotionally and physically, and verbally r Kelly took me to black room where unspeakable things this is what they're saying
usually not true play cut three, please and correct me: if I'm wrong that you have never held anybody against their will, I don't need to think. Why would I well I'm how stupid would never help anybody Kelly with all I've been through in my way way past it's a whole somebody, let alone four six hundred and fifty watt. How stupid would I be to do that? I didn't say hungry guys that would be stupid. That's stupid, use your common sense. Don't forget the blogs forget how you feel about me hate me. If you want to love me if you want, but just use your common sense, how stupid would it be for me to with my crazy passing what I've been through all right now, I just think I need to be a monster and whole girls against their will.
Will change them up in my basement and don't let him eat and don't let him out unless they need some shoes down the street from the article Robert Pigott quit Clan quit playing right. I didn't do this stuff. This is not me yeah. I'm fighting for the problem here, though, is he has multiple girlfriends that he's supposedly living with yeah two right now. His point is, I didn't hold them against their will and then they very well be true. I just feel like if I'm in the spot, where I've gone through, that in my life, maybe living with multiple girlfriends is not the path you down. Maybe we could salmon, where you been, where your girl at a little bit and maybe make some different choices, affect the quality. I know it is long as the two girl friends are both of the age. There's nothing illegal about it right. You might maybe at some point, be a little introspective and say perhaps this road is now
the road. I should be traveling on why it's just a different choice in today's world. Well again, it's a different choice: you're making the argument from the left. Point of view which I don't agree with right. I mean like again it's a tough aren't 'cause. I would agree- and I think everyone would agree if you are in this position- and this is- You've done with your life so far and remember this guy got a reprieve. He was able to come in not only he was yes, he was acquitted, but a lot of people get acquitted and and their careers are still over. He he was able to come all the way back. I mean that he was in. He was a star again and fit for this to happen again, is you know it's it's I'm sure shaking his life up a little bit, but we seem to me too often it would be really stupid for him to do this. It would be uh, so it would be really stupid to have sex with an intern in the oval office. Right, like you know, we've seen this: how many times that half the country has no memory of what you're even talking about how dare you even bring that up
but now it's okay to bring up now, because she's no longer useful to the Democrats. Yeah, that's right! That's right! That's right! Clinton! That's right! Yes, right! Okay, yeah! That makes it okay yeah. He was a dirt bag was any yeah that we we I by the way we were with you the entire time with conservatives when you were concerned about by the character wow, we were on your site. We just didn't quite get to admitting it until the moment. Hillary Clinton was out of our life, the best of the best program, Pet crate joins us. Now welcome to the program you could be here, I'm very excited. Are you yes, yes, yeah, because you're very to talk about russian women. Russian women? But this is a Jeffy's, not the mail order, bride right, ok, so you're excited about russian women. Yes, well, one in particular, who took care
the situation in are convenience store that needed to be handled and then went back about our business. This is it if you haven't who's video. This is unbelievable. A fight breaks out between a couple of drunk guys and in America or Russia know in Russia. Ok and she's she's behind the counter she's she's, the clerk and watch what she does hear. This absolutely amazing will I on radio so one guys in another against like a like a vending machine refrigerator. Here she comes little girl boom. Oh my god, ok kicks in and then he gets in her face, oh my gosh and then she spends all its back behind the counter. Now, I'm sorry do you give your and yet he still out he still out, and everybody just looks down back down at their phone. I mean it's almost like America looks down their phone. That is a
I shouldn't will, but is that amazing? That's amazing, because that's not a bad woman either now tiny and there's not even it's not us. I was picturing an element of surprise there, like she no surprise at all. No, he actually she actually hit some a couple times. First yeah kicks him once and then he gets right up in her face Anne. She just gives him a straight right that coal cox- and here here is cracked. His head on the floor. That's fantastic and I love that video. The other thing about it, though, is the men stand around there's what four men in there yeah nobody does anything it takes the russian woman to go up and deal with this situation. I kind of sad really uh. Have we been? I don't believe the kind of thing that would happen. Anet convenience store here, you're the exception of the russian woman. Right I mean people just don't want to get involved and an men have been d giblet Ized, so they've been really yeah. Giblet eyes. I like that. Okay,
you for that yeah you're welcome yeah. So I I think that's important to note, and you know maybe we need to get our job, let's back as men, certainly in America. I think we do, but you know the masculinity is supposed to be about thing out to toxic thing. It's it's terrible and we're being told that all the time- and so you know- I think this is why I think this is why Donald Trump is so successful and and why he has why he has connected with so many people many. I mean there are no examples of of men being men, okay, James Bond, that's it right, there's, no male role models. Would you agree with that? Pretty much yeah, so Donald Trump, here's a guy who marries a supermodel right is
like yeah! I can make it with any model. I want he's over the top, but he fights back. He doesn't. He doesn't flinch. He does Katie garbage from anybody is the is the almost cartoon of an alpha dog yeah. He is you know what I mean and I think because we have taken alpha dogs and shot them all when he comes to the table, there's a lot of guys who are out there going yeah, damn right. That's! Why was elected? Isn't it right and a lot of young guys that are looking at I'm almost as a father figure? Yeah ab, I think that's a huge part is appeal. It is absolutely happening. Also CNN's little panel that Alison Camarada did Alice. Camerota has been fully CNN eyes since she left Fox. It's pretty amazing, an n
she's sitting down talking to this little focus group of about six people, an she start asking about Joe Biden and here's what happened there? If you would like to see Joe Biden get in show of hands what happening right now is time is done by using the things like you know because, obviously goes wrong. For Obama Wave, and I thought he was the thought he was the person that will unite the party, but to be honest, You know. Senator Biden really comes from the kind of the good old boy politics of the past. I don't think Joe Biden represents that new thing that we need we just we need a new economy, we need a new politics and we need someone to yeah. They need new economy and they're, going to explain they're talking about somebody more extreme. They want somebody further left than Joe Biden he's not left enough for him now, so it looks
me like I mean this is only six people, but it's starting to affect the Democrat Rank and file. Now this shift to the left in the Democrat Party has, I think, affected just about all Democrats. Becoming the Socialist Party of America. Well, I I will tell you because there is not another idea on the right. Where is the person on the right that says? Look we are going into a new economy, but I'm not talking about a green economy. I'm talking about a digitally. Let me do you know that forty one percent of the jobs that were lossed in the last year have been LAS Automation. They were not in manufacturing, ok go into the card. The card companies anymore. Those jobs are now starting to be automated that regular people had
so we're losing jobs. We've got a new economy and nobody's talking about it. We have a way to move so rapidly now, and this government cannot keep up with it it's time to streamline the government. It's time to set it in play is for two thousand and eighteen, I'm Chris raise your hands here. How many of you actually know the difference between a I a g I na si. Maybe three may how are you going to protect us? How are you even going to protect us? If you don't know what that is right now, our biggest problem in our country is stem. We. We are not turning out kids that know anything about science, technology, mathematics, nothing, they don't know it. How are we going to compete in this new digital world with stem menkaure? Call
common core math? That's not the answer where we are big ideas on our side. There are well, nobody could articulate, am no is there. Anybody that can do have confidence in anyone's ability in say, a position of power to art, calculate these things. No, but it does so. Here's the problem across have all kinds of people articulating their theories there college, but there we got nobody right and they're, not new. Those are all old ideas, it's got Ben Reid there, Karl Marx ideas, correct, so they've all been repackaged, but they feel new to people an instinctively people know. We can't have job right and who's been in there, since one thousand nine hundred and fifty one right new, this new economy and they're talking about a green economy, but
is a new economy. It is a tech economy. I will say, though I mean if Joe Biden does not enter this race, he does not want to be president. I mean he leads every poll, oh yeah. This is a lot, but this is this is CNN yeah I, those six people may be representative of those six people and certainly more, but I mean, generally speaking, the Democrats. The democratic voters seem to want Joe Biden in pretty badly. I mean again but you could say that its name recognition and then it's certainly part of it against some of these other contenders. But I mean everybody knows Bernie Sanders name by now, if you're, a democratic primary voter, you know who to Bernie Sanders is an by Dennis is beating Bernie Sanders usually in the double digits, seems ahead of everybody in double digits. I think including Harris yep. Everybody thinks, second in the latest poll that I saw was like thirty to twenty. Yes, certain certain states, you know like the centers, does well in New Hampshire. You know this, so there's there's a few different states. You know- and you know who doesn't do well in New Hampshire, oddly as Elizabeth Warren, why she's,
pictures on now, she's done it's over, but still like I mean bite and if he does not get in is going to open up an entire wing because there's no everyone else is competing for the socialist vote, especially. And Joe Biden is no conservative, they make it seem like all this moderate job. I did he's the one who's push. He pushed Obama the left about ten times during his presidency. He thought that was blurting out the goat, gay marriage position. They happen right now and do you remember he was? He was one of the most I think top three liberal said it yeah. So he's no conservative just compared he said over to run window yeah totally to the point where Joe Biden looks moderate to us, that's a frightening place to be. Somebody called me on my show a background least which happens right before the show on the police, radio, tv network, and they said up what do you and glanced to think if, if a Democrat actually wins in twenty twenty and they have so
have the executive, they have the house- and you know they win they. If they were only look around to get the Senate yeah, so they'll have a majority in in Congress and they'll have executive office. Is there going to be any stopping their socialist policies and the I think the answer to that is no nothing that I bet you. One of the first things they do is get rid of this filibuster in the Senate. Absolutely they will they don't care about that. Now they don't care about it until we care about it. When there's republican majority, that's the only time they care about and they're going to say, look Trump said he wanted it and you guys didn't fight it then they'll be right and they'll be right, and so then they will just use that as an excuse to open to move that progressive line a little bit further and they will pass every single thing they want to pass. It is the most important election of all time. The next president, the next president, is going to have to deal with the recession, and that will be the emergence that will allow them to think it won't come till after two thousand and twenty now. I think it could come before
because before that's a bad thing, it comes if it if it hits before that's good news that came out of Europe yesterday, everyone- I think, except everyone I think, except ITALY was at least flat in their their growth and they were expected to go down which would have meant recession all throughout Europe. China is the only one that has bigger growth in us, but take that with a grain of rice. Here in America, we have two point: six percent growth on our gdp. So last year it was just looking. That's that's. It was three point one last year right, two thousand and eighteen. So we are. We are still ok, we're not great, but we're still. Ok, an Europe did not go into an official recession which everyone expected. So we bought ourselves more time and that's good. But if it comes before this election, it's going to be
trouble scare, Republicans and if it comes after the election and the Democrats are in They are going to use that to absolutely change us to a new economy and that's they will that's the in economy. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber become one now on Itunes and while you're there do us a favor and rate the shell alright, so we well know that twitter, we've all watched twitter, be unbelievably hypocritical. They are so fast to ban anyone on the right, but boy
when it comes to the left, it's chance after chance after chance. Now that's not the way jack looks at it, but Jack along with Twitter's. You know, mouthpiece was was on the Joe Rogan show last night and it is really worth listening to, because TIM Poole was there TIM is a journalist used to be with vice. He has been following this for a long I'm he is a free speech. Absolutist and twitter has a problem with free speech over and over in the Joe Rogan experience last night. They were talking about how uh trying to create a place where everyone feels free and comfortable to speak. And he said: well, that's not working, it's not working for conservatives.
You know your liberals might feel free to speak, but the conservatives don't feel free to speak and that's to be lost on Jack and his twitter friend, here's a little bit between journalist, im Pool and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. So you don't think we have any rules about abusing your harassment. So, even though the threats I received that you mentioned that we did, but you mentioned a number of threats that you receive in your frustrated that we hadn't taken action on. You think we shouldn't have rules that I'm frustrated, as of the hypocrisy of when I I see, I see the flow of one direction and then what I see are republican politicians who, in my opinion, or just too ignorant to understand what the hell is going on around them, and I see people burning signs that say, free speech. I see you openly saying we recognize the power of our platform and we're not going to abide by american norms.
I see the manipulation of twitter for, in violation of our elections, I see democratic operatives in Alabama, waging a false flag campaign using fake Russian and the sea and the and the guy who runs the company has not been banned for your platform even after it's been written by New York Times. He was doing this, so we know that not only are people manipulating your platform, you have rules that remove honest Americans with bad opinions who have a right to engage in public discourse, and it's like you recognize it, but you like having the power on so he he really made some strong points when she kept going back. So you say no rules say no, not not no rules, american standards, so another words if you are, if you're, threatening someone with with harm if you're inciting violence. Yes, but if you have an opinion and one of the things that kept coming up was learn to code
and learn to code was, it became really a flag for people to rally around of the arrogance of the elites. When you know when manufacturing jobs were lost, reporters were told reporters said well, they should learn to code. Well, that's not necessarily something a fifty year old is going to be doing in the Midwest is learning how to code. Ok, and it just showed how out of touch these reporters were then, when the report started being laid off, people started saying: what's the problem just learn to code? Well that hashtag was banned and he was really upset about that and the monopoly that Twitter seems to be creating here. Here's cut two. I understand your point
about the influence and I'm not denying that. Certainly, twitter is an influential platform, but, like anything, or it's the american law or the rules of twitter or the rules of Facebook or rules of any platform. There are rules and those rules have to be followed, so it is really choice whether to follow those rules and to continue to participate in a civic dialogue. Manager. Choice to not do absolutely you've been opalized public discourse and extreme degree, and you say my way or the highway we are facing and we haven't monopolize it. There are many different avenues for people to continue to have a voice. There are many different platforms that offer that all right, largely influential and I'm not trying to take away from that and we're very important one. You don't need to be the most important. It's just that you are extremely important and that's and that's a compliment. Twitter has become extremely powerful, but at a certain point you should not have the right to control what people are allowed to say no private or outlook, I'm a social liberal. I think we should read.
Let you guys, because you are on elected officials, running your system. The way you see fit against the wishes of the Democratic Republic, and there are people who disagree with you were being excised from public discourse because of your ideology, okay, so here's the problem. This is where I think to TIM, goes off the rails a little bit. He is for regulation and that's where a lot of people are going to go regulation, no, the problem with Twitter and Facebook and Google is they claim to be a platform you notice. He said your platform is very, very important, important you're, creating a monopoly here. Well, it is a platform. Now what is a platform, a plat? Think of that. As your you know, local Kauai Club stage or your local school stage. You know if you at some sort of a local auditorium you could rent
out in a rock band can be there in the next time. It could be a speech and it welcomes everybody, because it's a public auditorium, that's a platform the minute the auditorium says: no, no, no we're not take any rock bands, and we don't want that lecture going on we're only going to take lectures like this, then that become in the digital world, a publisher and now why this is important. If you were a platform you're open to everything, except we want to have uh, we want to rent the auditorium 'cause we're going to play about pedophilia Aaron, the orgies starting eight year old, kids and fifty year old men. No, no you're not doing that's against the law. Ok, so once you
break the law, I don't have to offer my platform to you. However,. Is long as it's lawful, I got a I'm a platform. I have to be open to everybody, and this is important, because if you are a platform, you are not held responsible for what happens on your platform. So if something things on stage and it's outrageous, you can't be sued for it because you're like look we're neutral, we're neutral, did they break the law?
No, I had nothing to do with them. This comes from copyright protection because of people are posting. You know move full movies on on. You know. Twitter obviously would be the place for that, but it is a social network, then, theoretically they could get sued for that because it's their site and people are posting copy, written material on their site. However, they get a protection from that, because they're just a platform they're not going to control everything and everybody put yeah, they just have to take it down when they are aware of it right they say. Ok, I look we're a platform, we're not we're not judging good and evil. We are judging illegal and legal and posting a movie is illegal. It violates copyright laws, but we do they don't pass through us. First, there posted, so you can't hold us liable for this because people have a right to post. Then if we get something about it, then we can take it down. If it's illegal
the minute they start to say. Well, we didn't, like that point of view. Now, you're a publisher: now you do have an editorial committee that gets London says what speech do we like and not like the mini? You do that you lose your platform status like the blaze I can be sued or the blaze, because we see everything that goes on and some times we make mistakes, but we have to be held responsible because we are publishing something and we are putting it out. I can't be held responsible for comments because People- that's just the comment section- is just platform. Anybody can get on and say anything. We monitor them, but I can't be held responsible because
we're not seeing it. You know we're not we're, not ok, ing everything that comes in that's a huge diff and it's a huge legal expense. If you're not a platform, and so what happened is twitter Youtube? Everybody else went and said we're just a platform we're just a platform. That's all we are so can't have any of these lawsuits about copyrights or anything else. We cannot be sued because we are simply a platform, and so they got that status from the United States government. Then they started editing. Then they became a publish or as well. So oh there, a publisher that cat not be sued. That's not it's going to work. Yeah, yeah, yeah! It's great work! If you can get it yeah I'll, give
the the last piece of this. Where we're Dorsey actually did say. Okay, you know we probably are a little too tough conservatives, whether that's going to mean anything or not. I doubt you know some to me is Joe Rogan is you're now in influence. I think then, probably Larry King was at his height and nobody in the mainstream media really pays attention to him at all and he's talking about the things that people are talking about in in a different way and last night he had he had TIM Pool on who is a a liberal, probably more a classic liberal journalist,
who is more journalists than I have heard on any platform in? I don't know how long the guy knew his stuff when he came up against Twitter and Jack Dorsey and actually got Jack Dorsey to say: okay, okay, you're! Probably right! Listen is one of the big problems that people have with this story, particularly particularly, you have a left wing activists who works for NBC News. I'm not accusing you of having read the article he right. He he's. He spends like a day lobbying to Twitter, saying guide. You have to do this year to make these changes the next day. He writes a story saying that four Chan is organizing these these, these harassment campaigns and death threats and while four Chan was doing threads about it, you can't accuse fortunes and we were talking about because right, it was talking about it too, as was twitter. So then, the next day
he after publishes article now he's getting threats and then eat twitter is a statement saying we will take action and to make matters worse. When John Living, a writer for the rap, got a statement from one of your spokespeople saying. Yes, we are banning people hurt for saying, learn to code, a bunch of journalists came out and then lied a guide, no idea. Why saying this is not. Yours is fake news than another. Second state was pop bye, twitter, saying it's part of a harassment campaign, and so then the mainstream narrative becomes oh they're only band
your partner has been campaign, but you've, you literally see legitimate high profile individuals getting suspensions for for joining in on the joke out there from there for sure, probably mistakes in there. I don't think that any of us are claiming that we got this hundred percent right and probably our team having a lack of contacts and to actually what's happening as well and- and we would fully admit we probably were way too aggressive when we first saw this as well. So I made mistakes. So the problem is, is that in this, if you watch this, he it Jack talks about I'll look, we're surrounded by liberals, we are liberals were surrounded by liberals. We don't necessarily understand the context, but this is what we believe, and so yes, it will take on that kind of a tone. Well, you have every right to do that, but not if you're,
a platform, and I don't hear anybody making that case. This is the easiest way to solve this. If Congress threaten to take away their platform status from Google Youtube from Fe Book and from Twitter. If they say you have to choose your a platform or you're a publisher, if pick publisher, then they have every right to ban whoever they want for whatever reason left or right, but not if their platform with platform protected status. It's easy. We don't need to regulate, do not grow the size of government. It won't work out well, for you.
Don't grow the size of government just take away their platform status. This goes to so many of the points you know that we've made over the years and that you have to have a principal, because the principal here, I think, is what you're talking about. Don't growing, don't grow the size of government. Don't give government extra power over these types of things and don't it's gonna, be damn tempting for conservatives to jump on the bandwagon here because they're the victims of all of this you're you're, getting targeted by twitter you're, getting targeted by Facebook all the time and so the the instinct for human. Being is to say, hey Authority, figure, government step in and right this wrong for me, and I tell it look how they've distorted the civil rights movement, the civil rights movement you could before the civil rights movement in the 60s, Your for the civil rights Movement today, where it is the color of my skin. It's not the content of my character
things change fast, they change fast and they never change when there, when it's an organized government entity it now Earlene Storage, freedom and deep down inside of every conservative. We know this right like if we let's say we are to pass some sort of rule that regulates social networks, that we believe it's on our behalf. Right now, with one hundred percent certitude, the government will figure out a way to make you the victim of that rule. You will it will, last you may get a year of not getting banned or something like that in the long run that rule will be expanded in that use will come to fight to hit you more that's going to hit the left, especially when I left government takes over so
you know, look. It is a really tough one to deal with and I understand why people go that way. We've had a lot of good smart conservatives come in and argue for that position, but I mean I think we got a letter we got. We got. I think, past step one here and if you you know step one is, is I feels really bad. You don't wanna get bad. I I know that sucks. I think Cruz has blue eyes, brought this up before talking about taking away protections. So this is to be done that that is a, I think, a step potentially in the right direction. If you're going to make decisions based and content, because you believe some political person is too offensive. Fine you're just going to deal with it. The way the blaze deals with it or the way in New York Times deals with it. You're going to be source you're, going to be going a publisher and you're going get the protection that you get from from the platform, and you will cut. Your audience in about half yeah twitter won't be able to exist in that in that world. Really what look? Here's the deal until Youtube and everybody else is deemed of platform. Only that status is taken away,
Voices like ours are in jeopardy and seeing it Steven Crowder is fighting it right now, you're seeing it happen it. This is why platforms like the blaze are so important. We have to be able to have the ability reach our audience, and the rhythms are shutting us out of that join us at the blaze, tv dot, com, you're, listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, hey it's Glenn, and I want to tell you about something that you should be end your day with or Archer morning, and that is the new
Susan, why it matters if you like this, show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us that all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and your life, the news and why it matters. Now your favorite podcast. Sarah, I want to talk to you about what's happening on Capitol Hill right now and we have an outbreak of measles. An measles should not be happening anymore. I mean you know it's like polio. Polio is making a comeback watt how we eradicated polio. No, some people don't want to take the vaccine and the balance of rights and public health is a really dicey, conversation yeah. It is you know I would just like to also point out. I don't believe that there's been a measles deaths since there's one in two thousand and fifteen. I believe so
I do know that there was a time where people just got the measles, and that was just kind of a way of life. You know growing up kind of like the chicken pox yeah. It wasn't necessarily a deadly. You know disease. So you know the measles is not so much my concern, but I would like to point out earlier. I heard that I was referred to his aunt scene. Just set the record straight before I get hate mail. I am not anti vaccine. I am pro information and pro parent's choice. Just like you said. I think that you know it's very clear that vaccines have saved lives and it's also very clear that vaccines are not one hundred percent safe or one hundred percent effective. So still There was a new study that just came out extensive study that just came out this week. Have you seen it's Arafat, ok and it showed that vaccines are safe.
Safe. Do you did you see that it is also a regular study about? I mean it was a lot of stuff that goes around this particular timing, but this one's particular about autism right in in Denmark, and so they did a study. It was a six hundred and sixty thousand kids who boarded Denmark and Denmark is like soup. The opposite of us like we are we're like hey like we should have the right to do what we want to do with their own kids and Denmark's, like we're going to take every piece of your information, it's great for researchers, because it's part of the law like when your kid is born, like they take every piece of health information and give it over to the scientists. So one of the things. So this was every kid born in Denmark over. I think it was a decade, and they found you know no ties to it was actually you were actually less likely to get autism and a seventeen percent less likely to be diagnosed with autism. If you've got the MMR vaccine that that that that's not saying that they think it's back to
new against autism. But you know it's just you know look, but I think the point of this is more. And I think this is your point is well here, Sir, which is like we're. This is America and we are in parents. We are not. It is not, does not take a village right, we are, but we are the parents and we make the decisions and so the idea that the federal government is going to come in and tell us what what you know, what medicines or vaccines we have to give to our kids is the real. I think the real argument, You know when it comes to. You know this bigger argument of whether they're good or bad. Like you know, that is I mean you can look at all the science and you can make up your mind. That's what you're supposed to do as a parent right, you're supposed to be able to go in there and make up your own decisions. Do you want to give your kid ibuprofen? Do you want to give your kid? The tylenol? Do you do? What do these things? I mean I, you know I'm the same way. Glenn a in my kids are vaccinated through these things, but you know if you you should have that ability. I think that's right
this point. Yes, you have the ability to make it the choice as a parent. What is the problem with doing that? If you don't have the vaccine? Ok, so more people are going to get sick, but if my kids got the vaccine they're not going to be once I got sick, I mean there are. Are you the? Are you mean you know, I'm sure your argument is yeah. The argument is the yeah. I heard immunity, which again is a theory that was originally proposed when it comes to natural immunity. Let's herd immunity, herd immunity is the idea, the theory that, as long as so many of citizens in this society are vaccinated. We will maintain that level. You know it was ninety five or something percent. As long as we maintain that level of vaccine rates. The diseases don't come back, come back and then, if some people don't get the vaccine or how many people are anti vaccine, how many people are not vaccinating their
it's? A very small percentage is growing significantly right and that's one of that. What's why it's become the sort of hot button sort of political issue, and there are other cases to like you know: infants have certain times in their lives when they can't get back to me to be, and so they're vulnerable people with, like you know, cancer. At times they have weakened immune system so that vaccines don't as well, even if they've been vaccinated. There are issues and again like society, you can say okay well, this is what we think. The best path is for your health, and you should you should do this and we can encourage it, but even when you're putting someone else at risk in in the United States, like we say to people like we look, we will license you to drive a car, and if you do something that we think is wrong or you're putting other people in danger, then we will step in and stop that, but we also have a choice right when I go in there and we all are at risk of other people doing things that we can't control it. That's that's just the rescue have in in a free society where people are walking around, you know going to the grocery store. They might have the flu. You know we're not
and a mandate that they do anything, but I do think that it's important to point out gland that you know. You said that that the study determined that vaccines are safe. You know but I think that we thought were autism autism right, but but I think that we jump to the autism debate far too quickly. Whenever we talk about vaccines and safety, we say no, no, it doesn't cause autism, that's that's already been debunked and we forget that a vaccine is a medication that were injecting into our bodies. Just like any other medication that we're putting into our bodies. People are going to have different reactions, so analytic vaccines. Have you no adverse reactions ranging from very mild to incredibly severe today,
sometimes, and so I think that it's important you know, even the Association of American Physicians and surgeons, just came out and put out a statement saying, forced vaccinations violates human rights because vaccines are not one hundred percent safe or one hundred percent effective. So to say to someone we're going to force you to inject your infant, not knowing yet how they're going to respond. That's a problem- and I think that we lose sight of that in this debate, because we jumped straight to autism as if there are no other side effects that could happen. It's like if we said everybody, every male has to take Cialis. Well, some of we're going to have a four hour erection. It's gonna have to go back there like nothing. You have any experience. I don't but stepping back down here for a second like, let's just let me make the worst point of all time every, that causes autism ninety five times over for every child, that's my my view. Point okay! That time! No! It's not my view point, but let's just say it was she
I'd be able to go out and blab about that as much as I want in a society that has the first amendment. Yes, the answer that has to be yes, I don't care how crazy the view point is there's way: crazier crap on the internet than than than anything. We could possibly come up with here today, but, for example, there's a new book in the top fifty overall on Amazon and found this yesterday, it's incredible it's about the queue Anonymous, whatever the hell. That thing is right and then that the Q conspiracy theory has been out for awhile that that thinks that Donald Trump is going to. I guess he's working with Robert Muller to push back against Hillary Clinton, who can rose the government somehow it may have worked a little bit in twenty sixteen how it works. Now I don't know this is the best of the Glenn Beck program.
Call become socialist. That's the question from the New York Times magazine this last Sunday and the answer is we're not all socialists maybe you in the newsroom have have gone also, but America has not gone all socialist. This last weekend. I was at CPAC and- and I editor break off and go into one of the smaller conference rooms because was a there was a speaker that I wanted to hear and his name is Justin Haskins and he is. He was very funny and and just really sharp on socialism and the green new deal he is, but he's written for the blaze regularly. He also is a contributor, the Washington, examiner and also columnist for townhall dot com. Welcome to the program Justin. How are you I'm doing great?
I wanted a I wanted to go over the five myths of socialism. I don't know if you saw this from the Washington Post. I did, and also when did when did everybody become socialist from the New York Times uhm? Can you answer? Can you answer that one yeah sure I don't think any. I don't think everyone has become socialist. As you pointed out. I think that were in a time when socialism is clearly on the rise, especially among young people, imagine that if you spent all of your time living in the sort of Greenwich Village New York bubble, that the writer of this particular article that your effort thing? Does then yeah, I'm sure everyone seems like they're socialist, but if you go out to you, know Iowa or something I'm sure find a lot of people who do not believe in Karl Marx's ideology,
on the rise- but it's definitely not something that we that that you could say is Quintessential America question about that is so let me give you the the the five minutes about social, because you just wrote a new book about socialism and it for the name escapes me. I'm sorry, the name of it social is evil. So pretty pretty easy book to remember, yeah, pretty easy. I haven't read it yet, and I want to have you on next week to talk about it after I've had a chance to read it, but you're pretty clear on socialism, you were you were very clear and very running about the green new deal on on how This is clearly just socialism and has nothing to do with with green in enerji or anything else. Correct yeah. The green new deal is the most radical, dangerous destructive policy pro
puzzle in modern american history. It is a socialist trojan horse without any question at all and obvious way to realize that this is the case. Is that if you really believed that we were about to head into some sort of post apocalyptic helps gave a hundred years into the future or that twelve years from now we're all gonna be dead as Alexander, because the court has suggested not too long ago, then you wouldn't waste a single penny of taxpayer money on things like a federal jobs, guarantee or land use practices for farmers or a basic income programs, or free college tuition or upgrading homes for safety comfort. I mean the list goes on and on and on the green new deal is full of socialist programs. Climate change is just a convenient excuse. The left uses specially democratic socialists to enact all of the programs that they've always wanted to enact with are without climate change. You know that you said this just
and it just struck me as so true that if you are really truly like a Kazio Cortez, as we only have twelve years before we're all dead before this thing is just out of control, you wouldn't talk about anything else. Nothing else, yeah your whole campaign. Your whole life would be centered around that yeah. Absolutely right it's sort of like you know in New York City. I know you spent some time in New York City. So you know this. You go to times square, see a guy on the side of the road in Times square. With with like an old pizza box that says the end is here, you know the end of the world is about to come. It's like he's there, every single, so in the end of the world, never comes, but then it would be like if you started putting like taping another little small sign next to it saying oh, and that is too high. It's like doesn't matter.
If rent is too high is the world is about to end right? I mean that's. That's where we're at That was one of the things with the sort of the Fa Q that was attached to the green new deal when it came out and they were so embarrassed about it and they hit it right away and it said stuff like let's get rid of airplanes and because you Cortez went on twitch. I like to fly to Puerto Rico, and I'm not saying that. Well, why aren't you saying it? I think the entire earth is going to disintegrate in a decade. Why would you to fly to go see your family? You can't call them. Why are you even going Washington DC to vote on these things. You can't come up with a system. Vote on the internet? It's completely ridiculous. It's so clear but this is just something and you've talked about this Glenn, and I think you have as well just is like it's this concept of vegetable constant war. We can't always have a world war, one world war, two to get people to do what we want. We need to come up with something and the environment. Is it where it's this car instant war all the time we could. Please been the rules. We could always take more power because it things are all
ways dire, always teetering on that cliff of the earth just going away. So, of course, we can justify anything well look at how much the just the Patriot ACT changed. This country think that Patriot ACT completely changed us changed our theories of privacy and security in Tirlea, Entire Lee Ann. You just put one of those in because you're in a new war. You put this new Green Deal ACT in and it will it will change us more than the Patriot ACT. Would you agree with that? Justin totally? Oh yeah, absolutely and the best in the bed. From a socialist perspective, the best part about the green new deal is because it's dealing with climate change. It's all eighty years off into the future or something you can always say all well, we just got the prediction: the model a little wrong, but twenty from now it's going to be chaos works. Then twenty years comes in
thing happens in twenty years. From now it's going to be chaos. You can always predict it off into the future and just say yeah. This is a problem, it's going to happen. I know it hasn't happened yet, but it's going to trust me and because the meat you're all back sit, everyone just goes along and believes it. So one of them is that they bring up from the Washington post. Is that all socialists want to abolish, MAR it's in private property, and that's just not true they just they. They just want a little more control on a few things that really matter right. Yeah, I think in the short term, there are sir, the socialist parties and groups that are not advocating for the end private property tomorrow, but every single one of them has the same goal that utopian goal: they're all looking for that Karl Marx was talking about one hundred and fifty years ago is the same. It's we want to live in
old, where there is absolutely or no classes at all, which means no groups of people with different amounts of wealth. Anybody has the same amount of wealth, that's what we want, and every socialist party, even the democratic Socialists of America, were very careful, hey on their website. You know we all want to abolish property tomorrow say eventually, though, we would like to abolish private property, and I would be great so they're all working towards that same because it's not true that there are socialists out there who say we like capitalism. But, yes, we want some mark. You know some controls on it, no, no, no, they want to abolish property, they want to abolish other property. They want it to be completely controlled by the collective. It's just a matter of how long they want to do. How long they're willing to wait to have this happen and extreme they're willing to be at this very moment. What's the strong?
This message that we can deliver to people who think that socialism is neat and it's probably some sort of an app right. I think the strongest message that conservatives can given it's something that frankly, conservatives have been incredibly terrable at this over the past few decades Is we have this tendency to obsess over economics and then just see the moral high ground entirely on this issue, and so we spend all of our time talking about. Well, we got a lower tax rates and all we need GDP growth, and it's like you know what those things are not the important things in the world: the most import things in the world, our individual freedom. Rights. I have the right to my property to my life live my life. The way I see fit not to have some majority, some bureaucracy somewhere decide how I'm going
live my life and that those are the conversations that we need to have that conversation about natural law. Where are my rights come from? Do they come from the government or do they come from somewhere else? We're not even having those conversations were not even we're not even on the edge of those conversations in common discourse were too busy fighting over these. My new little at the end of the day, don't matter what really matters is. Can we focus on individual liberty and personal freedom, or should we have a society where the collective decides everything and if you happen to be in the minority, will then too bad for you. That is the that. That's the thing that that bothers me, the most I mean you look at slavery. The majority could have voted for slavery in back fact, the Supreme Court said slavery was okay, it wasn't. You know it even if you're in a democrat,
socialist market, if you will, if the majority votes that you have to do some, that's still slavery. I don't care if everybody else voted for it, you didn't it still slavery. Yeah, that's right and actually, when the when the country was founded, this was one of the debates that the loyalists had with with those who were Who were the patriots, the people who wanted to move away from England? They basically said you know, look. Why should I trade hum tyrants? You know three thousand miles away for three thousand There is one mile away that whole quote. You know that was in the patriot and might matter Biles likely set it a Massachusetts pastor and that whole that whole notion of. Well, you know democracy could be tyranny too yeah. We have this obsession in America over democracy, like democracy is somehow this inherently. Saying democracy is not inherently good. Democracy can be evil. What is in here
really good is individual liberty, coupled with democracy, that system works, and that's that is totally incompatible with socialism, because socialism doesn't allow for individual rights was was democratically elected. The demigod markers the on its own is not necessarily great, but let me let me take one more thing here with you Justin, because I mean because I I agree with you and your criticisms on you know The left is going, let's point inward a little bit here, though I think quite often we on the right have uhm. Have it's easy to be principled when you're in the minority it's easily it it's easy to be principled when things are going your way, but when things hit you we talked about several over the past couple of weeks where things where it feels like you're, really getting screwed. Just need a little bit more power from the government to be able to course. This thing that I want to see this is this thing, though, is a real problem, and I really need the extra power this time. Yes, the constitute,
but this is too important. How do you I don't feel like people in those moments typically are able to bring themselves back to those principles that really have guided the country, the entire way yeah you're you're exactly right? What we need, desperate with the biggest opportunity that was missed by Republicans, and there were a lot of opportunities missed over the past couple of years. Was this idea of in gracing the freedom to fail? Okay, yeah? The country was established, it's very different community with completely different ideas, very different than the states that we have today, and yet it worked because they were willing to say to each other. We know that we're different, but we're going to allow each other within some within some constraints we're going to allow each other to live. The way we believe is right, we're not going to impose those, but
so on each other. That's why we have state constitutions and state rights, and we have totaly moved away from that, both in the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, and now it seems like every four years the world is about to end for somebody, because going to have this incredibly important election, where we're about to elect some imperial president who is going to make more decisions for us, and then he gets to a point. This couple of open seats of the Supreme Court and then the Supreme Court's, going to decide by a a2 vote margin. How what what liberty means for three hundred and thirty million people without like a free society, no not at all, not at all Justin we'll have you back next week and talk a little bit about your new book. It's called socialism is evil and and if you've, if you've ever read, Justin or you've ever listen to him speak this the first time you could see he has a great sense of humor and and and very well read Justin Haskins. Thank you. So much for being
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