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Best of the Program | Guests: Patricia Adames & Bobby Schindler and James Rollins | 1/28/19  - Dangerous for Donald Trump? - Glenn Takes Calls (Was the Shutdown Worth It)? - A Mother's Fight for Life? (w/ Patricia Adames & Bobby Schindler) - 'Crucible' and Fearing A.I.? (w/ James Rollins)  - Better User our Bill of Rights?

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start getting. You know collection notices and your mail box, and these are loaned. You dont even take out somewhat signal on your behalf, fear only son with your equity yeah, you're you're, all of a sudden, a squatter in somebody else's house having to pay for something you never took alone out on its it's really crazy. What you need to do is make sure it has an already happened to you. Make sure that your parents are taken care of and go to home title locked outcome that the only people at the vault door, where all the titles are kept, so they are uniquely set up to do just passive this home title locked dot, com, that's home, title lockdown, come you get a hundred dollars search for free when you sign I want play some audio here of Kemal Harris where she she said we are better than this is her first tour. Twenty rally: twenty thousand people showed up for her rally, here's Khumalo harris- I hear this moment in time.
Because we must answer a fundamental question. Who are we? Who are we as Americans? So let's answer that question to the world and each other right here and right now America. We are better than this twenty people showing up? She is going to be a real contender. I think she is a danger because she is Not only is she very very, very, very left, but she also is: is is not somebody who looks like I am Spartacus. She seems genuine. Now aims are part of the overall strategy. Willie Brown
came out. He was former of San Francisco mayor Willie Brown, known for his. You know outlandish outfits and his extramarital relations huh depend a letter now for the San Francisco Chronicle and what was the title sure I dated Gamala Harris. So what well for one you're married at the time Willie. But even if look beyond that it is clear that Harris would not be where she is today, a presidential hopeful without dating ape critically, powerful man, Brown wrote. I have been bird with calls from the national media about my relationship with Koala Harris, particularly since it became obvious, that she was gonna run for president most of them. I have not return. Yes, we dated it was more twenty years ago in two thousand free interview, Harris said of brow.
On his career? Is over? I will be alive and kicking for the next forty years. I don't owe him a thing she said in San Francisco weekly. If there is corruption, it will be prosecuted So we are now playing a game between these two, I think Brown thought very highly of Harris. He gave her a brand new Bmw, I mean and doesn't happen all the time no one's ever. Maybe I'm doing right. Well, you don't run in these circles and still you know, politicians, they ve got money coming out. There was ill and you know when you're a politician you clearly could by people. Bmw always gives. Oh yeah, that's that's! What government works all about Glenn? He said yes, I may have influenced her career. This is in the letter I may have info. Your career by appointing her too to state commissions. When I was an assembly speaker- and I certainly helped her in her first these four district attorney in San Francisco. I also help
the careers of Nancy Policy and gave a new summoned, Diane, Feinstein Stein and a host of other politicians, the differences. Harris- is the only one who, after I helped her sent. Word I would be indicted if I so much as J walked. While she was d, that's politics for you. So as much is as much as people think this is bad. I actually think this is good. I think it's good. For this reason you want your skeletons out of the closet. You want them out really early, and so what did he do? He said yeah, I had an affair now everybody of your cap that quite
then you kept trying to push that down that it's a problem here is come Allah Harris staying out of it, she's doing a big twenty thousand person event at the the same time, an old lover, an old mentor, a guy was in the power structure above her think of think of this. How could she be part of a women's movement when this guy helped her well What did you just say? I helped a lot of people, but she was the only one that said if I jaywalk she didn't dight me. So she takes no prisoners, even somebody. She was having an affair with any was given her cars. It gets the secret out. It will be a day story if that and she look
tough. I think this works well, for her probably does I mean into the store emanate. Is it was somewhat public at the time that she was having an affair, but it's been long nose, long, forgotten history and it's kind of being dredged up. He was twenty was sixty and she was thirty at the time, but one hour, dynamic, yeah, my is that's. One of the meat to thing is an interesting angle on the sea bring up because we ve taught. We talk to a couple people back when the meeting was this kind of red, its peak and women who were saying you know? Yes, it's completely wrong. If a man to man, Sexual favours and tries to and threatens to rule her career. If she says no Similarly, if a woman is using her sexuality to gain advantages which, by the way, does occasionally occur or not even sexuality. Tempting flirting dressing in a particular way to try to get an advantage, then
That should be something that women are willing to stand up and say. Yes, we should stop doing this as well out there, no evidence super say that this was a comma Harris planned to get her to career escalated. But it's hard to imagine that she'd I mean, as he points out, he helped her and they were dating right. So there was a invented she received at some level because of her of a relationship like that and its at an interesting dynamic to push against this whole me to thing we would see. We would say here right that the current narrative is, if a man, he is even thrown even shows mild and now underling in this sort of way he should be thrown out of society and now as well. Of the people in the relationship is emitting this maize It helped her escalator career. So how do we look at that? Or should we back of, should be dissolved that relationship in our minds and give her no advantage for that whatsoever, or should we admit basically what their admitting it's? It's a tough line for someone who's, trying
walk. The me too, and I myself empowered. The men of all. I'm not sure supposed to walk that line with it with if you're, that here's how I walk that line care, I don't care, I mean I care about the adultery just as much as I care about the adultery with this precedent in the other president, but I know really care don't care that won't what a surprise wait. Somebody might be giving special favours and Bmw's to underline that he wants to have a relationship with why the surprise yeah that sucks in politics, what a surprise, what a surprise that a woman might want to. My relationship with somebody who can help her career. What a surprise, what a surprise,
if neither of those happen, and they were actually deeply madly in love with each other and they were just having sex, and it just happened to work out that she was the best person for the jobs that I'll, never city were tried it. It doesn't matter right you. You, however, are not a democratic primary voter, for example. Another part of this is Kemal. Harris is a prosecutor, and she was known as you gotta get out and don't you if you jaywalk type a thing she was known as being at relatively facilities for California, tough prosecutor put a lot of people are held them accountable for their actions, as they would say. Well, you'll notice that that's not exactly a popular position in the democratic part, bright party, especially in the primary mean when you put criminals behind bars, they proto amateur they'll, run can't campaigns to tread of free at people who killed FBI agents, This is not a crew, that's like looking for extra prison time, and this is one of the things she's gonna, be it's a challenge
for her in the Democratic Party, because she's put prisoners behind bars and the Democrats don't tend to like that. All that much. However, it's a benefit for her in general. Because people who are not won over by her ism see only she's, tough on crime and its that's one of the arguments for her and the giant. That is the biggest thing. How will she do in the general? I don't think Democrats, Democrats, not the diehards Democrats, won't care. They just want someone to beat Donald Trump. You have to read, where it that the laughed views, Donald Trump, the way the right viewed, Hillary Clinton. You can't believe Eve she still around. You can't believe she's not gotten caught for all those murders that Clinton's dear Gay, though every crazy thing you ever heard about Hilary and all the Crazy things you heard about Hilary that were true and false,
it's the same thing so there, but evaded they will pick any one that they think can we in the general election to stop Trump man. So I dont think that care about her being tough on crime because they will know in the general election that will help her she's, I think she is a very dangerous candidate for Donald Trump, then we'll get in more. That here in just a second and the shut down, get to that? It's over. So what happened and what should we do? at the best of a bad that programme go to the phones and just get a red real, quick. I'm gonna take a lot of people as fast as I possibly can just to get at tat.
But you read from the audience on how you feel about the government shut down and reopening the good was bad, your thoughts from Jesse in California. First Jesse go ahead, one! Yes! we in our loss was what you were affected, which date back to what he started: Push comes to shove after another three weeks of the shot down, if you want to a state of emergency let me go to Iraq in South Carolina Eric. What are your thoughts I guess loss is the reopening of workable presidential, monitor the deal than your offer. These democratic you're not negotiate MIKE
in California go ahead. You I've learned, unlike in California, yes, yes, listen, I'm I'm kind of torn firstborn front makes people show their cards the Democrats, their democratic she's. I'm sorry, that's ok, collect! Are you there? Oh dear God, frustrated Anthony gave up on talking in their interests that we may have thought he lost Us Anthony, go ahead. They're going to, I think it's a short term was, however, trumps. Three steps ahead of all these professional politicians in this is a long game for him in three weeks now I think he's got off or something different spend this, throw back in their faces and I took it becomes a win eventually, for maybe he's always been for three years ahead. Of these guys are right now Gregg in Vermont. Yes, I think that from actually one big time with debts by showing that the dams Walt
negotiate and that they are actually for all the. But I was coming in and they drove me in on the south southern border. Thank you Gregg. I wonder if it's been seen that way, we so the mainstream media, however Jeremy cause. I see it that way. Jeremy, MR, that yes said Mister Bell, gesture amounts to say but, alas, for everybody I mean, if your mid range on the fence workshops order a bit. I think you know everybody was just afflicted by that in order. You give your worker, you do these things and you know they keep given the stuff out and they don't want to do anything to fix it. I think that all Americans prostrate. They don't believe that government works at its more just all Hollywood. You know it's all politics, not really real and transform the kind of thing to solidify that reward of Amerika. That voted for important we're on the fence if there were no Democrat, but you have not yet, I think you're right, Germany. I think we all lost Democrats and Republicans on this,
and we lost even more faith in our government that anybody is serious about anything other than the next I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the pod cask, any deuce, favour and rate us on Itunes. It here I am glad if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes. If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs Patricia, the Damas. Has a hazard has on David. He suffered a stroke on New year's eve. He was transported to the emergency department. This guy, who is just why
Lee alive taken too, I see you He became comatose. Fourteen days later,. They say he's brain dead, He's unresponsive and we're gonna cut off all of his food and his water and his eating Tube I have wrestled with this for a very long time, starting with Terry Chevaux and This is wrong to do to people and we must not go on this road Patricia Damas, the mother, is on the phone with us now she's going in in just a few minutes to meet with the hospital and get in. Date and plead the case to please don't kill her son and I saw appreciate her being on the phone with us now Patricia. How are you.
I'm really. It's very difficult, high, Patricia tell us they'd, They didn't really consult with you guys did they When they started to just cut off his food and water, that's correct! They didn't! I tell me what tell me what happened? at that time, and is he responsive at all? As I understand he, when Europe came to him when family members talk to him, he is moving here. So it was a surprise initially that the first question it was a surprise. We were informed that they were going to stop food. Everything was done, you know and a discovery of all surprise. There's no hydrogen is knowing you know.
Gonna continue so were some a surprise and shock, surprise and shock, which were very difficult, let alone to deal with everything that was happening in the hospital. He is very, very and lay siege to hide, it was a surprise and, and also it is, is he risk? Is he responsive, is very very unless you do too high traded, very weak and frail has gone for protruding from the skin, so here not answer sponsor? Yesterday, and today it's very delayed. But, yes, you did respond. When we talked, I would tell him you know sweetheart Hungary, which might come to the table to eat, despite my mother, would walk in and say hi sweetheart, it's grammar, you know, and he would immediately. You foot any trial.
So hard just to Wednesday. At eight o clock friend of hers went in and said, hey D, you know, and he just was shaking it was different, then the lifting it was. He was literally shaking his foot and mouth. He lifted it the shaping it? That's the last year that type of energy. Now his responses are very say very think, they concern, because he rarely dehydrated. Ninth, I've seen the pictures of him just three four weeks ago and the picture of him today he's not the same man. It's it's I mean he's a. He looks like he is being iciest starving to death. What are you a But what are you asking the hospital to day when and why won't they? Why won't they give you even custody of him.
I have already had a ship in a federal court of law, my native American, but what I'm asking today, and being very adamant in asking is for my son, it can t be. Provided it intravenous tightrope intravenous hydrated and then at some point nutrition and then the thyroid is essential to his stability and recovery. You know because the idea is passed, but all in turn are obliged or stated intended to help us trials for him to receive continued services, which would be New Jersey or some other place at what take him. But you don't do that intensely and not to buy the vital sustenance to get him
So it's worth to us all to follow its not very humane, and I dont understand that it would also be other think, I'm asking for it to be properly informed. You know to be given the dignity and respect with that in order to remove that at a later at any minute, and things like that, like we're gonna kick, this is the last thing he has sustaining and we're gonna take out. You know it's not it's not humane, to live, or to feel that there is the spirit of recovery or any sense of stability for my son. Or the underlying intent. That is not in alignment with big on the alleged care of the hospital, so for us
that that immediately be hydro soon and nutrition continue that my son be allowed dignity, respect and the care to be sustained and taught. You know the mistreatment of the hospital to travel for him to a long term care facility? This is allow me decision informed. This is Josephs Hospital, so this is a catholic hospital. You would think that life would be paramount to them and he, could have been transferred, but now he is so weak from starving him to death. That thee the idea of transferring him to a place for you no longer care is, is probably not an option. Today Patricia. I know you need to get to the hospital and end where praying for your son and I have Bobby Schindler on the phone. Thank you and, and and God,
beat and will check again to find out what's happening. We gonna Bobby Schindler. Who is solitary shy, those brother and Bobby, and I became friends if you're new to the show over his sister, I was on the wrong side of it for a while, and then I didn't the easy thing. I did the hard thing and I actually thought about it, prayed about it, read about it and did soul searching and we do not in Hume. In human society. So When do we consider food. An extraordinary measure. We we feed our babies. We give. Water to our babies, we give water to our dogs, you go to jail. If you don't give water to your dog, you go to jail. Oh. If you leave your dog in a hot car, what do we do Two people, and this is a
eight line that we must all draw and Ah, being I will talk about that in one minute. Bobby Schindler, president of Terry Shiloh Life and hope network. One of these great american heroes of our time he and his family and what they have done? because of his sister Terry Chivo, I talk to Bobby. Yesterday we exchanged emails. He was on his way to Arizona, and I had just heard about it and so we connected and Bobby? What do we need to do? How can we help work? I gotta tell you, it seems to me we ve become desensitized. What's going on in the hospital, I went to visit David and when I saw em had saw videos at him on Facebook, poster Patricia had produced and it is hot. Is God, I'm going to see this young man
haven't, given an opportunity to see us actually is able to recover to see him starving dehydrating the death like this? It is by a back back terrible memories and also the fact Glenn. This is happening every single day. It was countless healthcare facilities in our country, and where is the outrage? We're not people supporting this woman efforts to try and stop this from happening. I dont understand the mindset mentality of why the hospital is not given this young man the opportunity for treat to respond to treatment. What is the rush army were fighting for, I'm here goin that that weren't, when I thought, does honour those long term, project prognosis, but but to cut off treatment in such a short period of time to me is just dumb. It's terrible Bobby. He has two young. He has young daughters and If you see the pictures of him three weeks ago,.
He was a vibrant guy, you know he was in the picture I've seen of him he was alive and fit, and and then Three weeks later, he looks like he's he's in Ethiopia and one of the starving victims and he is accepted in an american hospital. What does I'll go ahead, but I'm sorry nano. I just heard people go to tour. Facebook? Wouldn't you can go to our life or hope, network Terri Schiavo had never Facebook page and watch the videos that the making other of her son and the seas condition the brain. The brain is very complex glen. We have stories after stories of people. I just need time
the brain recover, but when you, when you cut off his nourishment and his hydrogen from within days of his initial accident, I don't exactly the brain doesn't need. In my view, the compromise now so until he gets nutrition and migration. You gotta check your brain to try and and recover and that's what we're fight with one out three day so we gets destroyed. So we can have that trying trans from our that facility and the fact that, if a catholic facility doing this it is extremely troubling. Only with dark landed. They try to win him the ventilator to see if your tea capability Reading on his own, of course, if he was able to breathe on his own, then could then they would have the adequate. They can still haven't you, hydrogen the death, but I think this is on the bene later,
as a reason to stop his food migration. Why Bobby? Why would they do that? And I think I think it is difficult to see what's happening here. I think this is a core. The issue that they look at someone like like David who's, gonna need long term cost what a lot more affordable to stop treatment, sooner rather than later, to save the hospital, what could be bottom caused in and I dont know what other reason they come to these decisions so quickly. The other keep saying over and over again on. This point is not a change to recover and the fact that they cut off nutrition so quickly ages.
I dont understand, and we can only deal with so many cases like this tat. I ve been doing this for fourteen years. I'm lost count of the cases of families. Are cars that are going through. The same type of situation is heartbreaking is worse, since you fought for your sister, I salute me: there's no doubt with the cause it we're doing learner and then, who knows how how quickly this happening across This is my book about how to paint a picture of our healthcare facilities. The amendment we deal with wonderful facilities and doctors and nurses every day- and I know that you accept the doctors- are pushing this and I think it's more coming from administrators and insurance companies that do not want it The resources needed to help these people were like when I faced with these types of clarifying trees and served by laundries when I see the term care potential and the FAO
but they can save a lot of money by by stopping care in. I think that's what perhaps but driving these administrators data to stop treatment much much too quick. So you have people now Bobby. Across the nation we're running out of time. For this this this guy's, I mean you saw him. He could die tomorrow good day to day, And he needs to have liquid He needs to be know, have migration, and then you know some nourishment to be able get a strength back peep, who are listening now. What do they do? as I said, a lot of good a facebook, I would urge them to cut back the Bishop of Diocese Diocese, two scientists as a Catholic one hospital. I dont know that it's an awful diocese
but I want to know if it's a hospital operated by the icy. Nonetheless, I think the bishop would have authority to intervene to at least plead with this hospital to provide the sum in care until we find a facility that will be able to Train was so we can transform to say what we want to treat him, it's very difficult to do that, but were trying in the hope that we can find one. If there's a filled up here, perhaps a whistle someone at once, so that might be willing to too kind pack Patricia or to the hospital to see if in fact they would accept him on transfer. That would be very helpful. I dont know if it's a good idea when the combined the hospital with phone calls me I'm not that be helpful, but it would be helpful to try and plead with the Bishop, a Bishop Weissenburg. I believe his name is here and to sign to intervene. And now you happen to know how you'd contact you have a numbering. I don't have it, inside of me, but ok, I'll tweeted or Facebook out I'll, get it in a few minutes
wise and bears his name Senate dies of some sign in and out whereas in four times when I mean this, is it's been less than a month? It does happen since young man in a more is that what is devised? The answer is life and disturbing hiding who dares without giving them the opportunity with fighting for time, and I think that is the least that this hospital and his ministers can give this young man, quickly with the mother saying how response was at least initially, I've got it harder for him sure everything, as by lack of food and correct migration, Correct Bobby, I don't know how you do it all the time. I don't know how you just re live the worst part of your life with your sister, but you have dedicated your life to this end, you're a hero, your modern day hero- and I am I am I honoured to know you and just keep us informed to tell what we can do to help thanks? Quite thanks caught on a circle
Bobby Schindler from the terrorist, IVO Life and hope Network, your listening to the best of the Glen Back program. If you are a fan of the Sigma Force Series as I am, you will be thrilled that to know that James Rawlins is on with us now he has a new novel out. It's called crucible. It is a thriller and it's about witchcraft, and yet it's not about witchcraft. No, I loved mixer a little but a history and a bit of science yellow. This starts away back during the spanish inquisition. When there was a sort of a wood, you talk a little bit about how text seems to impact they
the life and that's what happened. The pass prior to the fourteen hundreds. There were no great persecution, which is that the Catholic Church seem to be ok with witches, but about the one thousand four hundred was a volume that was produced called the Malleus Maleficarum or the hammer of witches is produced by a priest in one thousand. Four hundred and eighty seven volume was a witch hunters bible and tell you how to find a witch torture which persecuted, which basically fun. Reading this book. Women lost four obscurity, but for one fact that it came at the same time of Gutenberg, printing press. So as one of the first mass produce books was distributed across Europe, eventual which the Americas and it was that one vying that's considered to be the sort of the match Spark that ignited the great which purges at swept Europe for four hundred centuries and am a foreigner years and then eventually spread to sail up here in the state. So when it comes to attack it, I'm sure when the
Burke, printing press ever was going all it'll bring the world's closer together, knowledge will become, we know a greater north boom to humanity and what are they use it for burn all witches yeah and now look at the internet. Today, when it first came over his o it'll bring people closer together, it'll it'll, you know Ben Knowledge, it'll be a great boon to mankind and we really are burned those which exe we're still burning ills, which is at this point. You know that's one billion or so. The crux of the story is how tat sometimes sounds good in the Tec in this book deals with artificial intelligence in these men with the five g and were headed right now, what in the Tec World and how it sounds. But on paper. But so tell me honestly tell me, because I am I've- been a fan of yours for a very long time she, no thank you and I think storytellers, like
or so important, because a people- don't you know- I could say- hey- ah imo, spend the next week talking about tack and how That's gonna change the world. Nobody really wants to hear, and at this point I don't think the average American understands they don't believe they ve been promised flying so when they waited for mine. I know so when you hear five to ten years from now. The world is going to be completely different. They put that in the flying car category right and this time it's different, So tell me the story that you created around the the warning that people like Elon Musk Moscow been giving right so a deal for the coming crisis, one that the physicist Stephen Hawking says
to lead to the theoretical band of human civilization? Eli must says Golly to world war. Three Vladimir Putin says whoever controls is tackle, control the world and that check is artificial. Intelligence. Is the creation of the first stood a true human? Like a tie, that sounds something like science fiction EU nor my book do. I have or no Swartz Nigger, going into the passage saving their economies were right. You know this is this is what's route from right here? I call these. I research, I tweet to air researchers for this novel agenda. I posted questioned and all of them will you know it's scaring, hawking and musk, and when she gets once again and they said you some time between, like you said five to five to fifteen years, which again but roses as an go will. Let you know vomica worry about that today. Down the line of the two of them searchers one one on the West Coast when the Midwest, both of em told me No Jim, it's already here. We ve got our ear
the third rail of a research- and we here what's rumbling and that would only humble in that way, if some was now already experimenting with a high tech. That's it reach that level of of human of self awareness and human level, intelligence, what, if so rumbles the day here, do they say Walter. In the book. There's some proof in the book that by a change of names, avoid slant, but some of the groups in the book, but they showed me the proof, and it was convincing that there is evidence that this point, that some people are experiment you, because of certain types of text that was being experimented on a different segments, was when trauma tickets is very subdivide: everybody's in their own little circle. Do one part of it in so. Some of the research going in certain part indicate that somebody is already testing that a human level of a itek. So, if we're not, if they're not right, we're still within the next five ten five hundred and fifty in the face- and it's worth
her face something we never faced for which, as you know, an intelligent for sharing this planet with that we ve never seen before, and it people don't understand, people think, oh, it will be friendly to human or we can keep it in a cage. It's gotta be thinking so fast. It will be like a three year old trying to block Einstein from leaving a room, exactly not going to happen, and until they think we can keep it in a cage or will be friendly. We have to understand that truly is in Alien life form, so have no idea were already learning this through things like go, it doesn't think like us, so so we can predict it at all. I mean the founder of Skype said that when this happens, we're talking consciousness that way we can control and that we can comprehend and we're not going to control it. I know You ve done a lot of research on a yourself you, nobody, I box, experiment, they put a a ice
furniture in a room and virtual locked up chat rooms at take I'll, give you cash prize. It me and a chat room while majority them fail. He got he escaped. Single time on that was just a human level of of a right of intelligence and is escapes because when I when a I has access to all information and is credible, saying look. I know your mom has cancer. I know, and I'm telling you I can save her. I know what kind of cancer it is. I have the solution. Humans immediately go, and I know what is too good. Yes, I gotta release. I mean the verdict. Does of cancer. I'm gonna release gets out every single time and that's not with a superior intelligence. That's just man. Its man who worry the point were scientists will admit they do not know how the current level of aid, I think, in the narrow aid that we have in our pockets with Syria and on our continent, Alexa that when you talk of the advanced ay, I he put data in
in France or an answer, comes out the other end. They do now. Oh, how I want to be. They cannot tell you how the a I thought process they went through to come to their conclusions. Call it an algorithmic black box, Dark produced, spent six point: five million over an organ university tried of China Light a little bit tried figure how these things are thinking. So we is totally incomprehensible. As a founder Skype said, we can't control it. It's in others to Camp Sousa, Ray Kurzweil Camp. That thinks again great boon for to humanity. Will bring us closer yea I'm here to help you did you talk to me, I was they will speak to re now, but I do not think it. The camp is gonna, be no burn all which, as you know, it's gonna be something bad. I think so too. I I've I've talked array a couple of times and he is some will aid he doesn't believe in God, so it doesn't leave and a soul, so he hasn't. He believes that we are just an
career them. You know to mean we're just a collection of synopsis that happen, so I can download you. The human body is nothing right is just the way Think him that's. I just don't believe that at all So that gives me a little bit of fear because heeds justly looks at life completely, almost like an alien in some ways. He is too many of his answers to me have been well. It just won't happen that way. For twenty two I researchers only talk to me. He there the phone or of email, none of them were on the Ray Kurzweil side there are, very scared. What's going on in this tat because of the fact that if we ever controls this too Controls the world is: Lattimer Putin has stated everybody's after every country's pursuing it.
Gracious pursuing it in their pursue without its very little safeguards. They just want to be the first one to grab the gold ring. So I question wealth: is there any path out of with this well there's a small camp in a weathers. Ninety nine researcher, just pursuing hell, bent to get that that tech first there's a small finish them that are pursuing the harder path, more expensive path, unfortunately wishes to crack predicate the first friendly I in a in its sympathetic, the sympathetic to us because we may need eventually somebody in her back pocket like an ally that, like us, at one of malignant AIA arises, which it will we have somebody to be our champion. So I thought well, how did you, how do you? How do you have a moral compass in? Peter, and they told me some of the ways that that's better, be on so I'd and putting it in the book. Okay. So let's talk about that list are about the story and the book don't take one minute break and then back with James Ruins, the name of the book is crucible,
really important to read. If, if you want to see over the horizon, see the things we should be talking about in reading about, and thinking about, read this book crucible by James once so James when you start writing a book like this, you do the research and is this something that you are is this something that you are really passionate about. Do you write stories you like? I think this is a real concern. Was a writer we're looking for that story word what site or science headed? What's what are on the horizon? A mug falls short story. That's that scare me. Enemies, writers. One way of me of Mebby assuage some of that fear voted on paper get out of my head right, but also has been opportunity I have a lot of contacts and dark in various institutes to find out what's its poolside the curtain a little bit, and yet in my book I haven't what's true: what's not section where I tell exactly worlds came from it if you want to lose you some bread crumbs to follow. If you want to cause this sad, but I got terrified after talkative,
I tax. They were not reassuring at all about well, headed they're scared and they scared the big Jesus autumn, MIA so I knew I want to write that novel. That puts it is a cautionary tale. Yes, a roller coaster it right and when I'm gonna burn most of Paris down, I fired at firefights through their already hurries has are already doing exactly a headache. But fabulously rocket and does so I figured after hearing The gentleman at the two gentlemen said that were already there is a better right. This Knox it in three years. I might not be able to write this idea back three books go. I wrote a book that dealt with Jill, engineering humans and I asked my my little team of scientists overly talked with him, who would genetically altered embers I was who will try to give forever changing, heritable gene pool of humanity, and there are like the Chinese, so I wrote that put three years ago, but the chinese altering human babies are doing and in what happened. So my fear is that I've written this book today. What's it look like in three years of war, would be will be
that will be our questioning. You know what it means to share this planet. With this, this alien intelligence. How did you develop thee and why it's almost at Dan Brown Kind of approach, except right and brown? Color takes history and in the lead you down this path, where it is an ancient secret and it's the catholic church. Yadda yadda right you're. Why did you select the witches? Is adjourned because of that, and how did you leave that story in while starts in the past again just begin beginning book, there's one the characters monkeys flipping a coin in the air and his he's had a prosthetic that so sensitive he's able to predict how that coin, the land he does it. Basically, did she drink, that of a bar so that that's what take us use for for him, and so in this book I was trying to shine a light of the fact that right now there's a good deep trench between science and religion ya, but in the past it was not that way
and through a theme of live animals is trying to blow that line between science or religion is looking for. That common ground- you know this I could, or after talking to these ay I researchers, I pray, could have written a nonfiction book about a I, but I wanted to a fiction. Because it allows me to explore a lot of the philosophical question to what's coming up here? You know if we do create its ailing intelligence What does that mean? Does it have a soul to have a responsibility? To that? Can we unplug it if it sacrae self aware, those things I can support a novel that I can't explore in a nonfiction tat. So I said to I met with an ethicist who was too king about how a I robotics could be who's. To. Let me know: child predators have their way with these robots and they like to study and save it, and I say Agri be very creepy and I said well, hang on when we hit conscious.
And we will. You are the worst kind of slave owner. You are you ve made something, and it's your creation, You want to turn a I against you, use it for those kinds of things and should never even thought of it. Hadn't even occurred. Her that way, because people are not thinking about something It's going to say I'm alive, and how do you prove that it's not well as but I introduce a point of your character. Rudimentary. I name Eve that was created by young researchers on the run with her tech and throughout the course, the novel we see her trying to sculpt Eve, trying to raise Eve to become something like that's gonna, be a sympathetic and pathetic hey, I am and techniques sailor from IBM from some of the other researchers just how they were recommending the scope so I did that in the book, but is a crazy
child, Melick, quick question becomes when it comes to creating a nature, versa nurture and how much of a who we are ass, our genetic code, how much Jeff who we are ass, though we were raised and can do the same with a sigh there's assert amount of of tech model code? He can put into an eye to help maybe lenient towards being empathetic unsympathetic, but also come to be the way raise it. If you, if you Now we have this immature, I that's abused. It's gonna go want a one track if it, if you'd retreat in a certain manner that maybe we can avoid the worst catastrophe, but having an ai, that's going to help us or if you even treated and you teach it to kill, I mean the the idea that we are putting it a I and drones that we are putting them. We want to put them in robots. You know, for, for some sort of you know drone right war,
is is terrifying. Now, there's a big philosophical question among the military about who should give the kill order? Should it clear it now. We do have a drones at our very much driven Larry. I write, but right now we're still have their kilometre coming from a human say. Ok, now shredded were the very their willing to give up the willing to give the kill order control over time accidents at sea- and that's a worrisome moment in history, it's really really insane what The thing in the in doing the research that scared you, the most hear me the most was the fact that we are already seeing a I better. Losing control and surprising their created at a thousand startled me most is the eyes of suit you we're finding it they at the fringes, whether really exterminated that the edges like alpha go zero. These computers are
hey eyes are surprising: their creators. It's a quote, one of the researchers they're doing unexpected things. Did you see the story about Microsoft? They they shut the program down. They have two programs talking to each other and writing In the one twenty eight were speaking in secret language, yes, and within just a few minutes, they develop their own language and no researcher understood what they are even talking about and when the risk just ass the day? I can you, please translate your conversation for us. They said no, they refused to translated yet also, that's just think about that for a and they in Microsoft stopped it and they they put a press release out. Knowledge is because it has run its course, and we knew I'd really really you what what scientist isn't isn't interested in finding out more about a new language. You shut that down because it scared the hell out exactly James is
good to have you on your listening to the best of Glinda Programme, the bill of rights has verbal more important than it will be in the next five years. You have certain inalienable rights, for instance, right now, the Arkansas House of Representatives is is voting to ban forced micro chipping of workers. Now I watch I want you to, I want you to think about that. They had to have a bill and
right, a law that would ban employers from requiring an implant as a condition of employment. Would only allow people be to be micro, chipped if they give written consent and the employers would be responsible for the cost of implanting and removing the chip. A Wisconsin come They did this in twenty seventeen, they micro chipped employees that agreed to have the chip in planted. And it allowed people to open doors and bribe by snacks in and everything else the legislation is- is just in anticipation of companies doing this. Now. We know that the Chinese are already doing this and it is terrifying. Yet you You have to know that we are in a new era. And it is called surveillance, capitalism, and I would call it
Everything in nineteen eighty four, the book, nineteen eighty four serve billions capitalism is your life is going to be made so easy because- everything you do will be Sir veiled and every they will be running. On the back of this five g network, and eventually hey- I once a I has access to all phone calls you worry about the USA there's not enough time to listen, to all phone calls and read all text and every keystroke, but the end, a saves it, but with a sigh and especially with quantum computing which also around the corner. It can Kalkhi. Late and listen and do everything that man cannot do.
The reason why bring this up as because we have to a educate ourselves on this, and I know it sounds like flying cars. Please hear me this this coming. The world will be completely different by twenty twenty five complete Italy, different by twenty twenty five as different as America has as seen changes as different as we are from the year two thousand and two the year term, Nineteen vat kind of change there are minimum we'll be fine in the next five to six years, so please don't dismiss this, but what we can concentrate on right. Now is a fight for life. Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, so your own kind of charge.
Her own course get out of the thumb of some one else. That's your pursuit of happiness, we're show you tonight, a away to do that and tuna. We're going to show you how we could save the government and get out of, Dat immediately erase the national deficit, and we can do that just by privatizing, some of the biggest Jeanne like T essay and we'll talk You threw that tonight we should not be having this discussion. Of the shot down. We should be talking about how can we change things to match tomorrow? So that's tonight, liberty. We need to be able to talk about the right to be able to speak and to think and have your voice heard.
This is something we're gonna cover tomorrow to Morrow Blaze, media. Then the blaze tv live is going to do it. To our no, Marshall broadcast it will not be on television, only be able to get it by. I think our facebook page- and maybe you tube, I'm not sure, but it will also be on blaze, tv, where you will get everything and we invite you to subscribe now. What we're doing is media melt down. This is the beginning. I hope of something that is a ongoing. Conversation will be between you and I together we're bringing in all the big hosts that can come in men were checking in with others, but we have a thirty different hosts,
And we're gonna have the conversation about the media and where it is to day and how They are willing to make things up like this. Did last week an going to destroy a kid when the evidence of video shows none of that is true. What won't they do? In twenty twenty. If the media the sides that they to be the fact checker for everyone and they convince Facebook. Microsoft in Google, that there are going to be the ones that provide the blue or green check. Mark How do they decide that? I can't tell you that CNN is a high. Lee unreliable source, I can tell you that CNN hasn't in,
on this or that and they Things differently and at times they are wholly inaccurate, and intentionally like they were last week, but Sometimes they get it right or should we We were the ones in charge, should we ban CNN or say, that there is an awful news outlaw? or should we say, be cautious, because just be aware, and that's what should be said. The right and the left. But you shouldn't be something new, be cautious. When my The soft came out with their red shield last week and they put the blaze under a red shield, saying where we're gonna. We need to protect you from this because we're not sure how how act. They are. I take that as a badge of honor. It means that I don't agree with Microsoft. I
don't agree with the main stream media. I I feel that to you I'm in independent thinker- and I don't agree with a bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, amen. Thank you. Do like that Red shield from you. Please, Microsoft. Unfortunately, What that shield will do eventually, the algorithms will start. Suppressing voices like mine and like yours? So what do we do? That's the subject to more ro as we begin this national conversation and we believe and it's so much! No Marshals its raw and you can find it tomorrow at blazed you ve dot, slash back you'll also be able to find it on our Facebook page starts six p m Eastern. Please please! If you want to be part of the solution, make sure you join us
tomorrow last one, his life life liberty and the pursuit of happiness we are so devaluing life right now that people actually cheered for the passing of partial birth abortion law people are truly cheering cheering. When people say my first. Abortion was really my best. We ve changed as people you're going to be debating soon is a life. Is that alive? I can't tell the difference between something alive and it did we just create law if we are going to be worried about a high life and our. Life under a lie, but a lie
Well, first learn what life is worth from us If we are killing, people like we are, as we sold told you today, there is they a native american and only point out that he's native American, because last week everybody on the left cared about native Americans. He's other of two here Stroke on New year's Eve, a week ago after two. Who, after two weeks his family, is there he's responding with hand, signals and in moving his feet and everything else, the Hospital declares him bank brain dead and no hope, and so they leave the ventilator to ban, and then they starve him and dehydrate him. He is now, I think, on day, fourteen of no fluids and no food and he starving to death.
This? Who we are. I posted how you could help my facebook and twitter. So you can go there. You can find his oh fuck me page tell pay for the bills, because that's what really everybody's worried about you don't care about life. They care about. How much is gonna cost. Its family is being traumatized and our culture is being lost, our culture that believes in the dignity of I've is being lost. And things are only going to be more confusing from here. I feel great urgency to tell you please. Get out of politics and start talking about the past, the ticks of meaning, and they will make a difference because I think we're running out of time, both Democrats and rip.
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