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2020-01-22 | 🔗
Rep. Adam Schiff spent yesterday lying to Congress, and chances are no one in the media will hold him responsible for anything. Author Peter Schweizer discusses the abuses of power committed by America’s progressive elite, documented in his new book, “Profiles in Corruption.” And exhibit A is “The Biden Five,” Joe Biden’s long history of family favors. Meanwhile, it seems the feds are finally looking into Rep. Ilhan Omar’s corruption. Investigative reporter David Steinberg gives the latest.

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How this show actually makes it to a public, has to win when we are sitting here and we can agree on simple things. Like all men. Milk is not mill what we are and what is not more common mill is and is not some sort of milk almond where's the teeth you can Milton. Welcome to the do a podcast, we have bigger fish to fry, believe it or not. We have Adam Schiff. Now, I'm going to insinuate or suggest that he's a liar on today's podcast I just come out and tell you also you're Schweitzer is here, he's got please. God, believable evidence on the Biden, corruption, the corruption in with Senator Warren and Bernie Sanders also
the person that is running for Elan or Mars seat she's. We have to get them out of their right. Yeah. That's why the Republicans are running a muslim emigrant. What a surprise doesn't see. That's the problem find out about that. Also, will have less sex when the vote was all that in Albany onto the market. The only thing came down again. I dont want to suggest anything here. Still don't wanna suggested. Please stop me from any speculation. Ok, ok! I just want to make sure you're going on. If I want to stay on the facts that Adam Shift is lying stirred bag. Ok,
I shouldn't have said that sea thou you ve, let me down now. Can I was gonna see if you had evidence if he was actually a bag of dirt yeah, and I can't may I can't I waited with children's. You should know that how I I know you're evidence is becoming resented, cavalry housing. Elgin's chairman Adam shift. This is from the politico that vast writing spirit, Orioles centerpiece, the housing Elgin, Sir German Adam Schiff appears to have me characterized text message exchange between two players in the Ukraine saga, according to documents now obtained by politico a possible error, The gnp will likely criticised as another example of the Democrats rushed effort to impeach President Donald Trump. You know the GEO peace Gonna pounced on this one. That's
they do they do they just how good to their advance air so good lies from democratically asked me never misses an opportunity to take down the Democrats when they liked ok. So let me just let me translate this line by Line house intelligence. Chairman Adam Schiff appears to have Miss characterized of a text. Message exchange green, two players in the Ukraine saga. Ok, let me translate house intelligence. Chairman Adam Schiff lied about a text message exchange between two players in the ukrainian saga, and we know it because of the documents that were obtained by Politico
back to their speak. A possible error. The gnp will likely criticise, is another example of Democrats rushed effort to impeach President Donald Trump. No, let me translate from bull crap into actual common sense. English. This lie will probably not see a hard enough stand against Bobby. As the G o p is spineless, but it is another example of the Democrats doing anything they can with out any ramification in their effort to a peach, Donald Trump. Here's what happened Schiff sent a letter to the House Judiciary Committee, Jerry Nobbler. This was last week. What was the big story last week was everywhere: love Parnasse, oh yeah. Ok, ever
where this is the guy. Who we know is a lawyer because he's the guy was said. You know Devon Nunez. He was over and Worth Switzerland or France or someplace looking peoples your pants, and I know it because I was there- I saw em well when they went back to Adam Shift after they announced that through Adam Shift, when they said When Adam Shift came out said Devon. Nunez he's part of this. He was over there. He was talking. We have a witness its arm over there and Devon went no here's my calendar, I hears my passport. I haven't left the country I was in the country at the time. Then they just dropped it and went away. Hey that's. Who live partners is, is it he's add, got em he plays whatever. So
and he needs at the time exactly where his own and anti he's the guy. When I asked Rudy Giuliani, why would you trust this guy? And he said I don't trust him. He said you know it's like with the crime families you gotta get to the people, you that will give you information or give you access. He said I didn't use him for information. I used him for access. He could connect me with the people. I had been trying to be connected to so here's a guy now that Adam Shift comes out and says: oh, my gosh look at this here Rudy Giuliani and lead partners and their text messages lived just gave it to us, and this text message says quote continue to try to arrange a meeting with President Zalewski guy. That's what that's what Schiff says it said, but it did
It said continue to try to arrange amid a meeting with Mr Z values, Mr Z,. The landscape right, he's the z guy he's the president he's the gathering and all about I in Poland, with the letters Z starts and they re the only one bright Poland K. So you have To assume everything else was rejected in that memo and they were going to get the unread acted memo, but last week they couldn't wait. They couldn't wait because the president is doing so much damage that we can't wait. That was shifts argument yet Today we have to move now really well now that it's on rejected, we find out that Mr C is Zola Chess, ski he is the bereaved my guy and what what part? As was due. Was. He was trying to get misters
be the bereaved, my guy to go on record with somebody with a list of questions that regionally on eight wanted answering. Basically, there hiring practices who do you hire? Why do you hire these people etc wanted to build bereavement? This is the response from Mr Z. We wanted to build worries me as an international company. We also thought it would help in Ukraine to have strong international board figures Kay will that's. Mr Z is the head of Borri smile, not president, and by the way, I would say, confirms a large part of the problem, with Hunter Biden being on that board. Emma he's admitting the reason
he hired. Him is for his influence now refugees, any ability erect in his knowledge of the gas ukrainian cats were so he is only their cause of his dad. It's confirming the reason he was hired exactly right, exactly right now, listen to the politico. The apparent miss characterization squeezing is characterised the apparent miss characterisation. Does not undercut Democrats argument that Trump withheld critical military aid to Ukraine as a way to pressures Olenska So now we move the goalposts we weren't even talk about that. Not a here no around our target was doesn't disprove. Every single thing they ve asked about a democratic official working on the impeachment trial did not dispute the suggestion that the any any initial interpretation was incorrect.
But the official does maintain that sea is commonly used in Ukraine as shorthand for Zalewski. Oh, so you had that common usage common usage. It is amazing to me. I don't know how to take this, because political is the one bringing to light. So when you give him credit for that, but this is only Ireland and such washed away, it's as out of ship, wrote it himself and then there are plenty of examples of Giuliani attempting to arrange a meeting with Zaleski and he did in fact meet with top aids of the ukrainian president. This has nothing to do with what you were accusing him of last week last week, he's admitted those things he brought that too the state department. He brought that to the southern district of New York. Fbi admitted, isn't even the right word: you're just gonna television telling everybody went and gave them all of this information before he was even asked for it like over
year ago before the scandal even started, so that so their name. You know and Democrats have not predicated their impeachment trial. Arguments on on partners is new allegation, but they would have and they wanted to, will they be wired? Was they wanted him to be able to with the Senate, exactly right, as obviously shown no level of credibility, so they so they have they have absolutely they continue. To do it again and the media is their arm. It is there p r arm. They can say what ever they want with our. Any ramifications. No ramifications on this well,
oh yeah, he just miss characterized. He just he made a mistake, I'm in his common error. Over there I mean mistress either. You know really autumn is disease, but only one, Mr Z though, and you can understand why they assumed this is the impeachment of oppression, and there's nothing more important in our republic to get right, then justice, but justice to remove a president. I can't think of anything you should be more focused on. You know, you're, typing these things out, you're, starting to say these things: hey have you had a nap? You should get a napkins You don't get this one wrong. They're, not worry. About getting it wrong, they're intentionally getting it wrong, and this is the argument against additional witnesses that everything else
Here's the thing you are rolling the dice and- and I want to talk to you- is as three people. First one, the president's defence team. This is one because their evidence is so weak. This is a slam, dunk aright. So now just think as a precedent that has been under siege. Think of yourself as an attorney and the one thing you do is dont role that ice. Don't let us not take any chances. Mr President, this is we ve won this. They have nothing, they have nothing, do not roll the dice. Ok, I would do that. You would do that.
Because the consequence of some thing being taken out of context twisted, even if you know you're innocent something with these dirt bags, you know could come out now. Let me talk to you about the democratic point of view and then the american point of view. The best of the best program AIDS and you're listen into the global program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out pat great unless it's available, where are you download your favorite, Podcast Peters, wiser
best selling author, the author of Clinton Cash and so many others. This is the abuse of power by America's progressive elite, the ones who all say their fighting for you know they're, not their robbing you, the american people blind profiles in corruption is the name of the book, Peter. Let's start with Joe Biden, I was blown away at its not just Hunter Biden. It's the whole family and the story you tell about Joe Biden. Brother is remarkable, I'm glad it's a great to be with. You is always on the audits right I mean we ve talked about lunch or Biden before his deals in Ukraine and China, but what you having. This book are what we call the Biden five, and these are the facts, a family members who all cashed in during this period when Joe Biden was vice president, one of those
is his brother, James Biden, James. Why didn't you know, got a lot of benefits by his brother being vice president, the United States, if you step back to November of twenty and a guy its Joe Biden Office in the White House named cabin justice. We know this from White House visitors logs is the only trip visit that he makes to the war. House during the entire period cabins. This from Delaware, his friends with Abiden, and he just set up a company called Helstone International which wants to get into the construction business so we have this meeting and binds office. We don't know what was discussed. Obviously, three Ex later hailstone International announces that James Biden, Joe Biden brother, is the new executive vice president of the company. Now what's it
think about this gland as we found with Hunter and his deals. James Biden has no experience or background in construction. He's he's, never held a job and it has never been involved in it, but that's only the beginning what happen the next over. The next six months is Helstone International. This new company with Joe Biden brother, is a new executive. Vice president starts landing big contracts from the federal government. They get a contract to build a hundred thousand homes. Iraq is part of a thirty five billion dollar reconstruction deal in it Again they ve been, so is it so he had no experience but he's a jack of all trades. Everybody in a family is no. Sperience in building, but he had to have vast experience on getting the job done. Overseas and Warsaw no right no, no,
it's very either. In fact, win win the executives put up his biography on the company website. They describe that he had in their work. So unique ability to deal with government officials and then noted, of course, who is brother, was the vice president of the United States, but that was the first contract they got they gotta contracted. Do reconstruction work for the? U S, state department and in others, and again, as always, is the problem with this stuff gland because of the way this corruption is hand We don't know how much James Biden made. I'm sure he made a lot of money doing this he's not gonna be cheap and this kind of arrangement. But if the kind of sweetheart deal that you find eat it over and over again with five family members. During the time that Joe Biden as President and glad I, on your show numerous times we talk about corrupt Democrats, corrupt Republicans, being honest with you, I have never
ever ever seen a situation with a politician that has five family members that were basically bagging money. While you know they were at all Gimme the Gimme, the worst offender and tell me about the other family members. Oh boy, me worst offenders really hard for so many examples we mean the Biden chapter in the book is sixty something pages long, but let's go back the hunter. You know Hunter. We taught before or about Rosemont Seneca Deal that he had in China and we ve talked about the daily add in Ukraine. He had another entity called Burnham that he sat up with his business partner. I'm Devon, Archer, and we know now from court documents in cases that they were by their account, taking in hundreds of millions of dollars from causes
Russians and chinese investors. Again all of this happened, while Joe Biden was vice president. It didn't happen before he was vice president. It hasn't happened since he's been vice president, so we can all draw our conclusions about what that money was for, but it's for example, that they talk in corporate records about a two hundred million dollar deal John with Somebody named Yelena Bonner Arena now, if you go on Google and you mean about arena you'll it'll. Take you five, ten minutes to discover that this rush, Oligarch is widely believed around the western world to be tied to Russia. Organised crime. So these are the same deals that that hundred Biden was doing. We got instances of his other bug. Brother, Frank, doing deals in costa Rican in Jamaica involved in projects that are getting taxpayer by loans, railway expel, explain now egghead,
well, that when yesterday it's amazing here's, a guy who has GINO again echo all trades every member of this family super entrepreneurial. He he goes. Costa Rica and he it's all these government back loans to start this means of almost like this. This you know soup, rich community building houses and golf courses and spas and everything else. It's it's. A disaster and then he decides. You know what I'm actually and entrepreneurs solar energy. Any gets all these government back loans for a solar energy company in Jamaica, which also how's he doing today's really rocketing to the top. Now here exactly right that that's the pattern here again, these are a solar come These are real estate companies that he started after his brother became vice president. In the case of Costa Rica, it's very
very clear Joe Biden flies down to Costa Rica in the spring of two thousand, nine really the first president or vice president, to be in that country and bill pointed went eleven years earlier, so is a big deal to the coastal regions Joe goes therein and talks about bringing all sorts of you the government aid and we're gonna help the coastal regions and all these things well in the month. It follows his brother, Frank is suddenly in Costa Rica and his meeting with the President of Costa Rica he's meeting with the Education Commissioner meeting with all these government officials. He gets the letters of support for this real estate project that he wants to develop. He gets these exclusive. Agreements with the costa Rican National Energy Company and again this the guy was no background in any of this in Jamaica, you have a solar project that developed. He sets up a company called Son Fund America's they gets the power purchase agreement,
The project is supported with a forty seven million dollar Obama Biden Edmund Restoration taxpayer back loan sobs and again he has no background in in solar energy. So a couple things how much of this was known, in and around Joe Biden how much power of this- would be shocking, actually shocking. Who the people in the former administration or anybody on Capital Hill, how widespread? How well known, is this corruption? I don't think it's that and here's why I mean one of the things we talk about in the Balkan in using the words of peace. Around Joe Biden and his family members the buying. Cooperation is a very close one thing: it basically circles around the family and in a few other eight you know when he ran
president, his sister Valerie Biden was his campaign manager. We actually talk about her in the book as well. Glenn, she was running Joe Biden campaign and she funneled too. Million dollars from his campaigns into our own consulting firm. But you know to answer you Should I think a lot of this stuff is going to come as a surprise that binds always talk about the importance of family and look, I believe, that's a great virtue, when you use it himself in rich, your family, your not talking about family values, you're talking about mafia, like operation, I sat precisely what they are oh. Let me ask you this because Joe Biden, you know he's a tragedy in his life and central etc. You see out of control his ears, Son Hunter is just really a sad sad case. So do you? Take away from your research on the burdens is, is Joe Biden again
Parents like lorry lawful in is that you know she does really bad things, but she's doing it for the love of her daughter or is he more of a Logan Roy and Hunter is kind of Kendall Roy. I don't love. You watch a succession on HBO but which he had not gone familiar with it. I think that's a great question. It's always hard to get into the mind of people. You know we're all about. Follow the money in paper trail. I think that Joe Biden, you know takes fact it takes pride in the fact. He is a powerful man. I ll just give you a small illustration of what I mean. I mean Joe Biden has said for years that he is the answer, senator and he's just regular Joe what he gets on Amtrak any. Why Amtrak you all the time make some irregular guy, which everybody has heard that story well. We looked into this and we actually found local Delaware Press accounts, the other side of that story. Yes, Joe Biden did ride
track all the time, but you know nobody also did Glenn He was running late. He would call Amtrak and have them hold the train for him be into, your train would be held commuters, be damned until he arrived at. That to me is evidence of the fact that this is some We who enjoys power, he don't mind using power and he believes that powers something that that that he deserves to have. He believes he's doing great things for his constituents in for the country, wine, be able to do great things for his family as well by allowing them and helping them to secure all these deal. How much money do you think has passed through the binds hands at him able to know. I mean I use it. Certainly, when you look at all of it, it's in the tens of millions in terms of I think actually to them over the course of years, but it it could be more than that and that's part of the problem. So much of this is so turkey and some of it Glenn is so intangible. I mean you, know another story
His daughter, Ashley this case and bombings are actually in June of twenty eleven Joe Biden ushers. These two executives from this new company called start up health into the oval office to meet with Barack Obama. Company doesn't have a website, they don't even have a business plan. The executives get their picture with. Morocco they put up on the website and then the next day they are of sort of a whole marks of this big federal government conference on Health care data now start up. Health is a invent fine. They want to invest in health care, accompanies that's what they do so over the next five years. Startup health brings its investors together, bring his partners together and the sitting vice president of the United States, Joe Biden goes to these clothes sessions and speaks to these audio and beliefs them on going on in Obama, administration, healthcare policy, they beat the chief medical officer for that company is,
I read Ashley Biden, it's his son in law and he. Described in the interview he gave in this very obscure trade publication, how This happened. You know I was talking to my father, law on the phone. I told him about this company he's a great combine. I want to introduce you to block this. Is the classic sort of inside corrupt deal, and if you could imagine that I'm doing something like that. I mean everybody, of course, would would be outraged at Washington. I would be upset and outraged by it as well, but the trumps having done that the buyers have, and yet there seems to be zero, curiosity and interest Why people in Washington DC for this kind of conduct, because so it seems like many of them are involved in in the get rich, quick schemes that comes with their their office, including people. Bernie Sanders will continue our conversation here in just a second. The name of the book is. Profiles in corruption?
Peters wiser, and it is not It's it's so well. Written the good story, teller, but it is not something that is light. The last over a hundred pages are fine print footnotes Sophie. You could go. Look at all up yourself. This is not a man's opinion. This is a This is a journalistic work and I'm and see one of those in quite some time Peters, wiser, I I I would like to sit down with you and develop a series on this book? Because this is its remarkable. What's going on nobody is paying attention to it, and you have taken all of the front runners of the Democratic Party in shown where they are really corrupt and dirty but a Bernie Sanders, because people think I'll know he's for the little people, although he was a little person and now he's worth millions of dollars. How does that
happening. Congress is a public servant, but let's less, but a few minutes on Bernie Sanders A brief answers is an interesting case because Bernie Sanders, really, since the nineteenth seventies has railed against millionaires and billionaires in politics, and he used that phrase for about thirty seven years, and then he stopped using that He said he was only concerned about billionaires in politics because he's become a millionaire and it's it's been an interesting, a path to how he's done it. First thing it emerges. I mean the Bernie Sanders chapter in the book is probably forty pages long. Something like that, and you know what you find. From the earliest days when he was mayor of on Burlington Vermont. One of the first things he did was put his girlfriend later. Wife Jane on the payroll, now befit account he'll never authorizes. He created a position that was not funded, but brings attitude was be damned. I want my girlfriend
a payroll she's on the payroll and from that point forward there It's been a strategy by him to use his government positions to use campaign. Fonts to use other resources to enrich his family, so, when he started running for Congress, he discovered this loophole. Other people in Washington DC have learned which, in media buys so good If you were wanting, were editor of taxes- and I was the media buyer for your campaign and you spend a million dollars on television. I would basically take a fifteen percent at sea or commission, placing those that I would get two hundred and fifty thousand dollars I want you, it would not have to be disclosed anywhere we do know, is that I got that hundred and fifty thousand dollars. The only thing that shows up is the large sum of one million dollars well Bernie Sanders. Because without of course, what did he do? He made his wife, his media buyer and it's hard to no effect how much money they made, but if you follow
but the money in paper trail it's at least a hundred and fifty thousand dollars, while he was in Congress the Big Pay day on, for someone we don't know yet, but we have. Our suspicions came. And belief, Anders ran for present the United States and twenty? Sixteen now he spent. Eighty three million dollars on all my eyes three million dollars, so the commission on that is what twelve million dollars something like that who did a media buying for him? Well, we don't really know that eighty three million dollars went through a company called old town media which is registered to a private incidentally, home on a cold of lacking in Virginia. Oh, my gosh hang on just there's more there's more on this and and other with Bernie Sanders Elizabeth WAR in all of them, would Peters. Wiser will go back to Peter next. I wish these people would be as good at government they are scamming brightness we
as we know the EU should place and if they put their attention on making America profitable and and and strong, imagine what we could get done. So Peters wiser. He is New York Times bestselling author. He is a guy who has taken on both the left and the right doing journalistic job profiles in corruption clearly in New York entropy. How'd you get thy. I know the sound of that city could be three. I am or three p m. That's what it sounds like you're right there Ok, so we were talking to Bernie Sanders, and you are starting to tell a story about this. Eighty or eighty five billion million dollar campaign that on television and add buying the last campaign. You don't know. Who was doing the buying for that, but that fifteen percent of that money went to that person,
It used to be his wife. It's still could be his wife. I would imagine- well yes, home, so this course went through all tat media, which was just a setup in a home in suburban Virginia with link due to our former aid that we're friends of James that were involved in the media buys before now Jane This was actually asked by a Vermont reporter a progressive about this during the when he sixteen campaign. What did she know about old town media which she connected ultra media, her answer going while she hung up the phone, so we don't know, but what we do. Always there has been this pattern with the sand the family. In the past you know a guy when Bernie Sanders was wanting for Congress Jane Sandy. And her kids actually set up a company called sanders media through which they became a contractor for his campaign, so the pattern certainly fit and finally
to this media buying campaign is, after that, twenty sixteen law. What Bernie It was set up five or one C4 political action group to sort of carry on the revolution and and it was announced that basically, that company or sorry that entity was going engage in mass media buying half a dozen of the staffers of that group quit in protest because they said- this is not what we find out for. We thought there's gonna, be a grass roots campaign, and all this is going to do is make media buyers wealthy. So this is a huge problem and because the disclosure laws do not recur Why are you to disclose whose actually getting the commission's for the media buys? We just simply don't but we have our suspicion. Can you the Burlington College story quickly or the YAP Burlington. College Jane Sanders is appointed president of the college. The college Board says the reason they picked. Her essentially was because
only was a senator and they thought he could help she wants to expand the college they get help him from from some very wealthy. Amount of families, to help that expansion take place. This is an unknown side of Bernie Sanders. He does not dislike rich people. Here we dislike certain rich people, those that agree with him and support his activities is very supportive of, but basically what happens is Burlington College can't make the payments two are to pay for this loan that they ve taken out to expand. Part of the problem is that are you centres is present of the college funnels about half a million dollars of the college's money to her daughters, woodworking school, which is on a credit It is unclear whether the college commit he or leadership even approved that transaction, but the college basically collapsed in a lot of scandal around it, because the claims are,
Jane Sanders made a lot of claims about money that was promised to the college. To make this happen when investing Here's, including the F B. I went and met with those individuals. They said. No. I never made that pledge. So there been allegations that there were fraud on visa applications to get the bank loans to begin when his supporters do, if they would ever read, you know your book and read this. Do you think that mean you know? I think these, young kids. They believe it and they believe Peace is an old fart that has been saying these things and he believes that at least is honest, and When you look at the corruption I mean it. Lay the Soviet Union works, I mean mean our used to work. Are you you know if you are part of this package, I'll. Let you get a special lane on the highway. What do you think is his deep supporters would think of what you outlined in the book were, I think,
but they would be shocked if they looked out at what I would say to them. Even if you don't want to buy the book, what I would encourage Bernie Sanders supporters to do is look at his rhetoric were here as a socialist, he does not like corporate Amerika. Police corporations are evil and then actually look at his investment portfolio is invest. The portfolio is in blue chip fortune five hundred stock. He the way this is very interesting glad. You know a lot of people know there's this phenomenon of sorts socially responsible in various funds. Bernie doesn't investing pose Marie, invest in fortune five hundred companies star when Jane ran Burlington College, they had a small endowments, they had stalking tobacco companies, they had stock and pharmaceutical companies. Chemical companies there is a yawning gap between well Bernie are things we should live our lives in the way that he and his wife actually live there like Elizabeth Warren. In your blood
Profiles of corruption take her on she's chapter five, yet so Elizabeth worn, it's kind of a three layer cake of corrupt. It involves her. It involves her daughter and involves her son in law, beginning with her very quickly lotta people realise, in Ninety nineties Elizabeth, worn, was hired by Congress and paid by taxpayers. To re, write a portion of corporate bankruptcy law. She did that for three years. What did she do after she rewrote that law and she doesn't legal documents, she actually wrote the law, she you yourself self out two major corporations to help them use the law to their advance, my business, the consummate insider Washington Deal right. We hear about this all the time and in fact, and I would agree, IRAN s? Elizabeth One has condemned other people who have done it. She did that very thing. She got
pay days from companies like DOW Chemical Armstrong, worldwide companies that we're having problems with you know a litigation, evolving is best is an and breast implants made millions of dollars doing that if a cloud of itself in Richmond scheme. So that's the first thing that I think is hobbling that that the chapter on it was with warns. You know, probably forty pages, long, there's a lot material there, I'm just skimming over it. If you go to the second part in that that would be looking at daughter, Amelia Georgi there. Very very close Amelia had helped start a company called beach g in two thousand and seven and big e g was looking for capital and was looking for advisers to help this business. Really go well. Elizabeth warned, if you remember in two thousand and eight is selected by Congress by Harry Reed, to be the chairman of the Oversight Committee for time with the committee that was setting out huge sums,
bailing out Wall Street Firms and Elizabeth warned me. The chairman of that Oversight Committee when she meets with We read her daughter, Amelia actually comes with her to the meeting one hears interesting? What happens over? We only way bring your daughter to work day I'll have to check that Take us. I could explain all at this hour ago. Here's was interesting in the six to eight months following Elizabeth Warrens Appointment to the top Oversight committee. Two things happen, tarp bales out major, a street investment firms during the same period, her daughters, new company, gets new. Investors and new advisers from the same farms that are being bailed out by tarp. What What you find is that when Elizabeth Warren joins the United States Senate this company, a beach g,
we start taking on government clients entities like their corporation for public Broadcasting, that Elizabeth worn is pushing legislation for four great government funding. So that's the second layer of the cake. The final word on which I think is probably the most troubling, involves her son in losses, guilty, Oghee very, very bright. Guy came over from India met Lisbon once daughter at Wharton Business School at the universe. Pennsylvania. He has a lot of business activities very entrepreneurial, but one entity called try, color films that he started he's taken down the website, but on the website which, be able to recover it. Talks about their business model is making films that are funded and in partnership with foreign governments, which certainly a unique business model here in his ears. Here's the stunning part does one shown that is financed by
I, the iranian government and that's not speck, nation. That is not. We actually have the film credits we actually have. The documents son in law is the only the sole producer on this film and the finance years. Are these a rainy government agencies, these raining government agencies by the way, also of fund and participate in things like all kinds day which is a very anti semitic elaboration. Had someone or it's the morning of the loss of Jerusalem and the vote. How to get it back by blood? Exactly that's exactly right, woman! same government entities that financed his film, so are very active in all about working with foreign governments. Did you work with other governments on shelves? That's, I think, a legitimate question that people should ass. And thanks to is the
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Airforce, I dont know what their participation was in the film by this to me speaks of a of a willingness You work with some really really really nasty people around the world and that that something that I thank again. We need to have more information on. Are there other governments? You know he talks about working with foreign governments? Did you work with other governments on shelves? That's, I think, a legitimate question. People should ass. You know what I was looking into Ukraine ice is that a lot of people are doing. What leave Abiden were doing over in Ukraine to one degree or another. Nothing like the mines, but it is, its rapid. Did you ever see anybody ever trying to clean this up? Are there are their p? pull that are that are decent enough in Congress and in the end
destruction nor in the Senate. That will actually take this on. I think there's that want to. I think the problem is right now, as you correctly points out is this is a viper some problem and whenever there is an opportunity for both political sides for people to make money, you can have a hard time getting a consensus, because you have very good people that are better honest and want to have this go away and that they are actually in both political parties, but you also have more powerful people generally in both political parties. Either Wynkyn Nod or actually participate in this kind of corruption. The only thing that they understand Glenn is exposure. And embarrassment in shame that the only thing that leads him you know we had I wrote a book back in two thousand eleven on insider trading by members of Congress on the stock market. I came on your show. We talked about it. It was on sixty minutes,
Congress did not want to deal with it. They were basically force to three months later, patently a bill which are now kind of got it, but they were forced to at least path a bill making it illegal. For members of Congress to engage in insider trading sexual act, but those are those are different days. I mean look at what is happening with this impeachment, no amount of shame. There's no there's! No one holding anyone accountable anymore, right, eye Where would you completely- and it is a very sad day we have- binary situation, and people do not want You call out somebody on their own side because they think somehow it it's going to lead to the completion of the collapse of their side, and what I just tell people is. Nobody is irreplaceable. If, if you are a a Democrat and you hate Donald Trump, Joe Biden is not your savior, there are other people there.
In that can perform that duty. I would say the same thing to Republicans Republicans at or officials there a corrupt. There are other people, good people that can take their place. So I just urge everybody, never fear into the trap of saying I'm going to accept whatever any saying that individual does because we're afraid of losing them, because there were other people that can stop it. Those Peters wiser. He is the author of the book profiles in corruption. I literally have thirty seconds any chance. Do you believe that Hunter Biden will have to be that will have to testify? I think there's a pretty soon a chance. I think you should, but I just think that they're gonna make a pact and it's not gonna happen, Peters, So thank you. So much will talk to again profiles in corruption. It is really well worth any price. You're paying, for it was a twenty forty. Five bucks in hard cover twenty nine box and hard cover I read the podcast: can you do favour and rate us on Itunes if you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your?
in corruption. This is the best of the blended programme hey its Glenn, and if you like a year on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his pot gases available. Where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs the long long long, long alarm, all right with our alot of our update is David Steinberg. How are you doing David? I was doing better yeah:
you think that you think they're cheapens this segment a little bit door. Wonderful I'd, never heard it before I'm glad. I finally additive laugh Gothic burned right measure and that thank you also for running my my update last week. Absolute. I know I know everybody Been way in well everyone whose and following the storage and waiting a while that year, this news- yes and it was the satisfying finally published that headlights, okay, so tell me the story, well last year, in MID October, Actually, by coincidence, it was the same day that Donald Trump was in Minnesota, giving some speech Steve, dress, housekeeper, who is the estate wrap in Minnesota? Who, who has been the only person over there
trying to get them accountability. He had made a complaint to the Minnesota, the Minnesota Branch of the Department of Justice that the? U S attorney, saying, for goodness sake, somebody has to look to her past. There is just an overwhelming man of Heav here and rising Lee. You gotta response the deal that out how setting that you have to say, and surprisingly they responded to this. Well, it was it was but rather shocking. Not only did he get a response, it wasn't a polite, mythical, the recurrent. U S attorney of Minnesota, Erika Mcdonald she's a trumpet point b by the way to a twenty eighteen trample pointy. She she directed the FBI
to review Steve's complaint and then the FBI, the special agent in charge at the FBI, whom she had a fine, did meet with grass cowskin you. It was that same day, trumpet in town and a few other. And he handed over a file a prepared evidence that they had put together some other information that related to leave her finance charges that He was also involved with exposing earlier in the year and some other evidence and the FBI during the meeting said essentially paraphrasing, but while they they take it seriously and and said you know, we have set
a wide range of criminal activity here suggested by this evidence. In these kind of cases, the FBI turned into a hub and co sharing evidence among several interested department I want. I want to give the exact quote from your article following list of those questions about representing Omar's? Two thousand and nine marriage appear to give possible or probable cause to investigate Omar four Slash, eight instances of perjury immigration, fraud, marriage fraud up to eight years of state and real tax fraud to years of federal student loan fraud and even bigger me to be clear. The facts described perhaps them who extensive sprit of illegal misconduct condemn committed by house, member in all of american history, wow. Yeah. I know that passage. I reckon themes on that, for
for years now and that, as you know, this has been covered solely by AL. It's like the blame this anti J media and rely on not really. Those are the three e pretty much other people have followed up on it, but it has been. An alpha news. Minnesota small local outlet got the ball rolling on this back in twenty. Sixteen now, Information, it's been a long away because there was a mud. There was enough information to open an investigation back before she would even elected in twenty six. Due to her to her statement,
Now what I like to do is compare what was all gone I'll just be at the time the evidence they used to open this investigation against Trump. Compare that evidence which was George pop up. Listen, a bar beacon to a foreign foreign diplomats right. Compare that treaty dozens and dozens of verifiable social media posts. We have documents legal documents from two different countries that can be verified. We have addressed records, we have ill the own comments to an interview back and twenty forty. We have her husband's comments that also corroborate all of this. This is just such a huge packet of evidence. And with what else is going on in the world today, look over Adam Shifts trying to weigh up trying to
trying to you as grounds for teaching the president. Meanwhile, take a look at all. You need to know about the hypocrisy of. What's going on Today in the Senate is to take a look at how item shift has treated the evident began to colleagues ok, so you have the FBI playing as a quarter back. If you will, they, they gave part of this case to the department of ethics. Inspector general for her her fraud on marriage end how she was working, the educational system and then they also went to ice they are saying that that you know she broke all kinds of immigration rules. Do you now go ahead, lineup,
all who have been happy quietly following yet eyes are discussing the hunt being deported. That's not the issue occasion Lee she came to a country's aged twelve, whether or not that was illegal, and obviously I printed before that. I think it was entirely fraudulent. That's not overlook in it. It won't work. Ice would be involved with her having a fraudulent marriage to a UK citizens. She was twenty six years old. She had been a: U S, citizen era, that points for seven or eight years. We are not talking about when she was twelve we're not talking about her getting the port au undeclared yeah. I should be talking about a fraudulent marriage. You wouldn't be talking about deputy deportation. You be talking about possible jail time because of her fraud, Correct grand do you? Do you see a world in which this stuff is? Actually,
handed down on a member of Congress. It you know this is I've talked about her as a sort of The perfect test that came along both for the democratic parties. But the media and for law enforcement. If they don't take action on this case, but then that a yes, what what will they take action on? This is something that that seems seems you know if they do open an investigation in the morning the day they could a head out indictments by lunchtime yeah, there's really not a lot of work left. Do the only work left to do is to subpoena these documents that I can't get access to such as the schoolroom. Kurds of her husband, I'm Adami me he came over to this country when he was a teenager and went to high school for Europe
from all. I know he lived in. She lived with his father Ill HANS Father for that year and is open The figures way back and, I believe, on their school registration arms at a father and their say you downright we will answer right. I can't get my hands on those documents because he was a minor of course, so just those those sorts of things that I can't legally acquire. That's all that's left to do, and those certainly won't take a lot of times to get their hands on, because that of that I had a simple. Yes, I think you said it bastard you could started in the morning and by lunchtime you could handle the indictments. I mean it. Is it there's that that little of work to be done, all they have to do is make a phone call your error at you're a block correct. While there are certainly more I can find too
to completely ignore, there's more haven't published up at it. That way, but, however, also at a state level, I pointed out that it doesn't matter who this person what she perjured herself eight times while divorcing in, and that would be a state manner. So we we have federal agencies looking at this right now, Hopefully there will be some movement at state level as well. Any idea in time in I mean I don't know. Obviously it when you see law enforcement, doing something you see they're doing the job as expected, You don't want, and obviously this new the published the news, the meeting last year. I waited three weeks after the meeting
happen before I ran it. This news about the FBI being contacted. I'm sorry, this news about the ice being contacted and the Department of Education being contacted. This didn't happened last week that this happened. During November, so I have been. The last thing I want to do is be accused of still fighting. Essentially telling information over these agencies calling media and thing they? Let there's an investigation right which is ironically, that's what James call me did you know when they grief the present they could see the media that that there is something on David. I like it. I like the way you work and I like the way you think and your work ethic to prove it is- is
very rare in today's world. We're talking to David does time work he is. Was the New York City editor Pga media, and, if you ask Dave Rat, it was his investigation of Eric canter in twenty fourteen in the primary campaign that tipped that that district in two historic loss and, and some say was the beginning of the Trump era and all because of of you, David Steinberg, talk to you again Thank you very much. Let us know when you have an update, will do thanks, go and God bless David Steinberg. You can follow him at real De Steinberg dot com. The blaze radio network on demand
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