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Best of the Program | 4/4 - "Reset, I Get It"? - h1 - Louis Farrakhan Helium Thursday? -h1  - Uncle Creepy Gets Creepier? (w/ Peter Schweizer) -h2 - Joe Biden's Ukrainian Nightmare (w/ John Solomon) -h3 - Who's the Biggest Fraud Running for President? -h3

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Color pod castors today is a today's. A great show we are, we are putting. A special together next week on Joe Biden. While everybody is talking about how hands he is. I want to talk about how hands e his son is in a story that almost no one knows we are talking to the experts and we're gonna put it all together for your next week. I believe it's a week from today weak from thirst. You will hear all of the evidence against Joe Biden in his son there, some pretty stunning stuff- we had Peters Peters, wiser on about it and Johnson a guy you reported for the for the Associated Press in the Washington Post for over twenty years. Now, I'll say no, no he's an opinion guy. I know its, not noise. Now boys pointing out things that are not based on opinion, that's for sure he's pointing at facts and by the way where to go through all this. As you pointed out next week on the tv show, this is a great time. To join up with plays tv you
yet Glens analysis in this big export that are coming out on all these candidates every single week we're doing a new one year. Also gonna get analysis from. And in the crowd, or in and lying in the hold great slew of people through could break out every issue from every angle, so good, a place. Tb, dot, com, Slash, Glenn, he's a promo code, fun and safe ten bucks, and we really need your help. We definitely need your help to be able to do the connecting of the dots and tying it all together for you. We need your support at blaze, tv dot, com, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn, make sure you put the promo code. Please am that day also its helium Thursday. You found something that we by I mean fit helium perfectly Louis Farrakhan and whose the biggest fraud candidate, all this and more on today's podcast
The only thing tat poking. So while everybody is concentrating on Joe Biden and he's, what would you call it an apology? Stu I mean, no, I wouldn't say was an apology can enforce, while he didn't say, you're. Sorry, none required in an apology by the way, but you know he did this expression of regret. So I think you, Get there some level of apology in their. However, it's more of you know, look you guys changed the rules, and I now realize you change the rules and I will change to reflect that we actually have ruined sway. What
rules, though I mean alive it in writing, and I guess you know the rules have never been like that. I mean unless you're John Wayne Gacy. I mean really seriously one of the rules that that's like those like that guy's a pedophile in eighteen, sixty five zero to two thousand twenty five, that's pretty clear! Well, I don't know if that's actually true, I will say that you know there has been a lot of study on who is offended by such things. Enginrie be Joe Biden actions over the past couple of weeks. It seems to me to be largely some sort of generational gap in which they, everyone who seems to be interviewed and whose a Democrat and his demeanor campaigned with Joe Biden or been at rallies with him, the out the
large interracial seems to really like it, and you know, like there's people, one of the women who came out another seven by the way have come on said. Hey Joe Biden made me feel uncomfortable one of the women specifically set after it happened. Every one started coming up to me and say: oh you're, so lucky and I thought to myself wow, should I think of myself as lucky and not offended, which I don't even under eyeing honestly the thought process that was never fat. I mean, if you felt, creepy crept out about it. Why are you second guessing of thinking we'd be lucky. I don't understand it, but the point there is that everyone around per did not seem like it was offended you the fact that she's got a bunch of attention from the vice president, United States, people were thinking, was kind of great and the funny thing about this is- and I think it's very central to this whole incident. The first thing you have to remember is absolutely no one on the democratic side actually cares about any of the slope,
not one little bit. No, none of them think it's bad and none of them care, including, I would say, the women who actually are coming forward now. Yes, they may have been offended but watch how little. They care about those incidents. If he wins the nomination, they'll all be out there, like you know what I mean it did make me feel upset at the time, but I think he's change and I honestly he's a really good guy. I've learned over the past few months about what a great guide this guy is, and I support and that's why I'm I'm campaigning for him and timing of this coming out is just ridiculous. It's ridiculous ridiculous! This has been an issue, a very long time. We talked about it before, solely in issue being used for politics, because at this very moment they think they can get someone who's more socialist than men than him to be president. If they Believe the two choices are Joe Biden: I'll drop the most socialist personal, we have to find is Joe Biden and then they will love him, and they will only be critics
whatever they think doll trumpeted and they will hammer anyone who comes out against him. Of course I mean it's so transparent, and so it's hard to take any seriously, though, here's that Here'S- the sort of underlying issue here for Biden when it comes to the story, Joe Biden, strength as a campaigner, is very closely related to what were calling creek. Where is he comes out? He shakes everybody's hands. He gives everybody hugs, he doesn't put Europe at his hands on it. Shoulder of everybody, he hasn't kiss everybody's head. He goes out of its a man or a boy. Not he says he does do it, sometimes as a met with a man. He says that in state aid come up to a man and smell the back of his head. He does elude too that it doesn't specifically say it. I've never seen that or, if possible, I'd like to see the video, but if your Joe Biden Annie
Strength is walkin around some Iowa firehouse and shaken hands and kissing babies which, as yet with everyone, used to call it. I don't think you can call it that any morning if he can no longer do that, because if he has one moment that looks creepy, it's gonna be a national news story every time now, so that you ve taken his strength away from him for this entire primary, which of course, is the second every part of this number one is get him out of the race. Hopefully this turns into a big thing, so we can win because we're socialists number two is: if he's gonna be in the race at least the things that give him up uninvested over us we're have yet to take away. I feel somewhat like member that scene with the with the emperor where Luke has all this. You know gusto like oh yeah, my friends are coming in the emperor just goes home, you think
that you're friends will save you kind of it, it's kind of like that, it's gonna, like least we got Biden. Oh, you think that fighting will say: he will not. I he's gonna try. An Joe had a statement that came out yesterday, and this is it's. It was made on a phone, so the audio not fantastic, but we listen to it and we can translate if needed, then my career, I try to make a human connection. You have a virus, Similarly, I think I should I had people a grand men who must you can do this women and men. Young is aware, always made his way. I'm trying to show I care about them and listen.
Nobody is knowing what I've been through the things I faced. I found that scores if the hundreds of people come up to me and reached out for solace covered, something something anything that may have been through the tragedy there go with you, and I, and so this is just to social wars of began, to change, shifted and the boundaries of protecting personal space and the reset again I hear with her say I understand- will be much more mines as my responsibility, me
always believe governing quite frankly life. For that matter is correctly I can. I can I work my whole life to empower women work. My whole left ran abuse. I've written sell the idea that I can adjust to the fact that personal spaces important more important news ever bad is it is it's just that I will wait just good wife Jill on this, his beautiful lovely, talented, good, wife jail. I mean that would help a lot because he always talks about Jill an end. Quite honestly, if I were doing these videos, you Know- and I had been hugging people- and you saw these kids like ours- is creepy. My wife would say to me
would you stop doing that honey? I just love it. I just love these get. I know, but it looks creepy. Stop it stop it. I know. I know you got love in your heart and everything else was stop. It she's never said that to him, and and where is she just going to step it up and just go, and you know what my husband is like this I've talked to him about. It he's just like this, but he is a loving guy. You know how much ground he could get. You could shut it down. Where is it the wife Jill I'll, maybe maybe he doesn't ever want to include- or in this case, in whatever, but it just seems strange
because I know my wife, your life would to LISA would do if you were seen in these videos. Could you watch these videos and a lot of them are very uncomfortable and you watch them and if you knew I mean LISA knows you you're, not a creepy predator, but if you were, I try not to be right. If you are acting like a creepy, proud of you are acting like showed us. Yes, she would see that in what would you say? Hey average she probably delicate about it, but to try to tell me is stop doing that. I mean that's really, that's not it doesn't less little blurry reared and I'll yard stop it, and I know you don't mean anything by a, but do not be now be careful with people's personal space right I mean that's, not thou. Look that may have had
we don't know it may have happened, molded, that's what I'd say. Look I strive said this to Joe he's not like that he's not like that. He doesn't even see it that way. He really believes in connecting with people, but I see it. I know what you're saying I note your saying: I see it, but I know my husband is well. I mean it could very well be remembered that they're, not even in their Campagna. You know I mean it could very well be that they're holding that back as a fine. The future defence at the best of a bad. That programme like listen. To this part cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're their due, favour and rate the shell. I dont know if you I saw this pat gray joins Us Minister Louis Farrakhan, who his too, There is still up after this he said yesterday. God does not love this world. Now its news to me
God never sent Jesus to die for this world Jesus died because he two thousand years too soon to bring about the end. Of civilization, of the Jews. I was never on no cross their work, No Calvary for that Jesus may he's a friend. He's a valid everybody example: people who follow him here: here's here's, the audio God does not love this, were God never sent Jesus to die for this world Jesus died because he was two thousand years too soon to bring about
the civilization of the two stars. I thank MRS Lynne's. That's incredible down. Even my gosh. We may live in it, but it's helium Thursday. Let's try doing this, Sarah can you can you make Louis Farrakhan sound like he's on helium? I think I can do that. Here? I may all, ladies and gentlemen, the Glinda programme presents helium thursdays with today's special guest, Louis we can never forgets Jesus
rules to bring it back in the second phase, a little more palatable aggravated? Who else could we do this too? the very start, ups play the Joe Biden, apology, pig from slaughter, I, like you, do anything else. Must my responsibility what other? What authority or do we have from this week, is a in here. The yeses Elizabeth to a camera? Here there is, there, is there it will. Work was from. Let's see how about the green, the green,
real. Deal is a lot of other Julian Castra. Behind him on the board arises: bs recycling and helium a forum for nothing. Love of more from a long process and dollar alarmed, and then I don't believe in areas that children who are fleeing dangerous circumstances present a national security threat country region. But all of Congress on you can just it doesn't matter what matter. People already definitely go up from ten per cent, how about how about the five days away from fundamental transformation? Did you get that forth? Brok, Obama. Two thousand, you wouldn't have been so scary. If you could have sounded like he was on the helium, you haven't Sarah replaited, you he played it yesterday and thinking of fine. Even the Brok knows this is it,
Brok knows what we have to do is changing and our traditions are really at second less work. I don't. I think we should just be playing Louis, very another, any these otherwise work. It should just be Louis. Fair can helium Thursday that have the view hosts, for we estimate that Tommy giving something from the view it might be just Louis, very helpful, with regard to funding around me round box, approved during the last parliamentary term. The moment, I feel fine I was told that can program leaving school knives and when you are looking at Joy Bay, her and murdering that voice, it's pretty good
much better. Please closer to our actual name of joy, and you know, play the Louis can one more time if you think you can never forgets. Cheese is naturally because he was to think he is too soon to bring a bad thing in civilization. Jim. I do love, that's right, preach. Aren't there never was not very Jesus.
Anyway, sending money same here TAT s. What we did was to housing is too soon to civilization adieu. He then he would give you for that. At a time like name somewhere. I can't even better I ilium better on here, better. I really am highly effect at some point. We go sudanese two thousand years too soon and there's that pause and its people, Nicaragua yeah, that's right like do. They know where he's going, because I had but why do you not think that that I dont think those speeches are for rookie smoker I mean it yeah. I know that you have you no usual people like you, you know you me, or you know, Bill
oh hi, elder just kind of sitting in their life. I didn't see that coming and I know I do it was a real ride. Global speech was a thrill what a roller coaster of emotions as someone who attended yields Divinity School did like what is he even saying he's saying that Jesus, what showed up I get didn't know he's two thousand years too soon to end the civilization of the Jews were waters is real goal, and so he decided instead to kill himself. Basically now, the cross somewhere else to say that his name would live on so that eventually we would end this,
illustration of the. So I can't I can't speak for the yield divinity school. They didn't I'm going to live in it. You did not, and I intentionally went and took it through history. I wanted to learn of the historic part of it, not not the divinity schools smoking JIVE. I I wanted to. I wanted to run a you know, a professor of history. That of course, had no smoke. No jive. Now all the facts, but anyway, I think if I may I'm having a hard time even figuring out where he might find that in scripture yeah, that Jew was coming out of the scriptures of Bob Bob, the Bob Sylvia, the apostle on the bench in all. He was that
he was like if Peter is sick or whenever resent his, I gotta get Bob Back Aviano ease the alternate apostle. Even I think it bob the alternate apostle. I don't you think you could find anything close to that there had that ones that I can't executive, follow it. Do you know I don't much time trend of the hollow I'm trying to follow even who wants to believe in God debt doesn't love the whirl world. It doesn't go again Even the Koran, don't they believe Allah does love the world or maybe not made so. I dont know by cause- I don't know any scripture. Word says: God does not love the world. In fact, so a lot of work that he said is his only son, yeah yeah
I have met with a minor kink in the Netherlands. There is, but, as you know, it's amazing it can you imagine. I people taking full page, adds out in the New York Times saying that I was an anti semite and I had to be stopped and remember that yeah But he still has its twitter feed nobody's even say: dancing credible though nobody is growing. Can you imagine if I would have got a good said you know, Jesus you failed in his mission II was designed to wipe out the Jews He couldn't do it, so he decided, kill me or I'm gonna kill myself. I mean that's basically what he saying. Can you imagine saying that any
a person saying that and it's ok, it's ok up surprise to like you know, cause twitter is obviously banned, a bunch of conservatives over the years they ve had. This is the talking point of every conservative every time it happens at some point. You think they just like our. I just take it off. So I have to hear that point again. I mean it's Alex Jones yeah, you say, Ex Joneses horrible. Ok, I agree with you. I don't think he should be taken off, but you see I never said anything worse than that. I don't think so. I mean yeah are you should be wiped out now? precisely saying that our government is killing children in school houses. You know well take away our guns, I mean it. Yeah I mean, but not for the extermination of an entire people, Thin Nutter, that's very good, very good, only a few that really have done that yeah, you know their aims. One of them was not Bob.
The alternative, but we do know them usually only by one name. Serial killers get all three names. Mean just idle maniacs get one get what MRS Dahl in Bilbao right, Adolf TED. You get you get you get one name you graduate, I think Louie, it's easy. I think he's graduated Vatican or Louis Louise knots themselves very scary. Now it's fair courtesies, just him. At this point I mean if your last name is fair con, you, your give gotta be considering a change at this point because I might my wife is on the radio. As you guys know, when she heard name is LISA Page on the air and ever since the scandal certain happening with the FBI, ITALY, there's a woman named LISA page who is in the middle of this thing, texting back and forth about how to ruin the Trump administration from the inside, and I told her open
There is a scenario here for this story gets so big. You have to abandon your name like this is that you can't be if her name was Model but Lewinsky showed have had to have changed their name right, and I think if you, if you're no ass, they was fair kind of this boy. Just you know, You just go to Psmith. He didn't even know the way back to pull the trigger. You know that there were. There were Hitler's around the world that at all, did you might learn so aunt Hitler and they were like odd she's. Yet, like Steve Hitler yeah he's really. I love the Jews, the OECD's honey ideology. I know you're married into the name at least, but it could be worse, he could be gassing, kids and people and wait We hope this is the best of the planned back programme
this white, sir. He is the the producer of the creepy line, which is a movie every one needs to see he is also the author of secret empires, which has come out in paper back and Peter. I think we would have you on the air. So quickly, but there is another piece: the story you started telling us last week that has dropped Get into that first welcome to the show, and can you tell us Why you say that Joe Biden is the most corrupt vice president in history it's always great to be on with you Glenn yeah. I think the evidence is overwhelming and all you have to do is look at his sons of financial transactions and specifically of financial count, count, cities tied to and no gland I'd, be happy to provide a copy of this for you and you sure with your listeners, but all you need to do- is look at the financial records from Morgan Stanley account that in
his son Hunter Biden and what it shows while his father was vice president, is this cashing in he's, cashing in with our rivals and adversaries. The chinese government he's come king in with other countries that are rife with corruption like Ukraine, He's cashing in with payments from corrupt oligarchs in Kazakhstan One involving the son of the former Prime minister, there and he's, cashing in from unknown mysterious sources. This back now shows a deposit of one point. Two million dollars from this sort of our four bet around see that nobody can trace coming a small swiss bank, a bank call be a sigh which has been implicated in money laundering in ten different countries, and this is all happening glad while Joe Biden accordingly, Burma was vice. President was point person.
On? U S policy towards these countries, so it is self enrichment Ice level entered involves in in the case of the chinese government actually a political, powerful rival to us, but I would argue presenting a much did challenge to our future than Russia is Russia's a declining power demographically and in terms of its veto in industrial might China is rising and threatening the United States, and a hundred Biden was cashing in from the chinese government itself. Ok, so the reason why one of the guys who was investigated during this trump thing- maria- he went to jail is because he was involved in ukrainian politics, and ukrainian politics is really dirty lots of people on the take lots of people on the take from Russia. And he wasn't claiming any of this money. What happening now and I dont do know John Solomon
I do I know John Well, John, is a terrific reporter who was it the Associated Press, the washing imposed he's now the Hill EAST River can I talk to him all the time he's a very, very good or it. So he, like you, said, work for the Washington Post. The Associated press He when he went over he's the executive vice president, the hill before him too. Wish, because the Clinton camp, the Clinton camp they put. The pressure on the hill to make sure that All of his stories are opinion and not. I'll do stories. Can you tell me, its remarkable. I don't know that the ins and outs and John is not one that would do you know that would share anything like that with me. But what is very clear is that John does Maison reporting and on Ukraine. Go and what he has shown quite clearly is the problem Peter general in Ukraine are doing.
The ten year when Joe Biden was was vice president, with a guy named Shokhin and Joe Biden bragged after he left the vice present that he got Shokhin fire, Do you know anything about Shokhin imo play the audio here in a second, but I want you to set the scene. Who is this guy? What do you know about him? What do you Oh, he was working on so Joking was a prosecutor general and, as in the case, in a lot of situation in Ukraine, you don't quite know who is straight and who is on the take but show rose appointed by the reformers government by Porsche Anko, who Biden was friends with brightened Biden. Quaint pop clearly that he didn't like Shokhin, because Shokhin was not investigating and pursuing corruption cases enough, and so he brag about getting him fired. What Joe Biden doesn't say is that Shokhin was investigating his son at the time in this.
Where it gets takes an interesting twist Glenn, so Shokhin does get fired because Joe Biden tells portion go the President of Ukraine without a billion dollars in loan guarantees, unless you fire Shokhin and then his successor gets appointed a guy named Lucentio, and your Biden do this Genco is important and says this guy's a solid choice. Here's the problem for Joe Biden Loose and is now saying he wants to reopen the investigation into Joe Biden son. So the house this was not. It is something I just a second this was not an investigation into the company that he had ties to this was in it instigation on Joe Biden, son, Yes, it was on both. It was on both in here's. What You weren't you. I know this is very complicated, nor lots of names, the company
The question is called bereavement and it was this: the sort of energy company in Ukraine reason was started by high, as can only happen in the Ukraine was started by the Minister for energy at the times were Chaskey low Chaskey, whereas I lined with yon a covert choose the pro russian Minister, so so get your hands around this Hunter Biden. The vice president of the United they design is being paid millions of dollars by a corrupt. Energy minister, who worked for the planned russian leader in Ukraine, is a remarkable string of relationships in what Shokhin and now Lukashenko want to investigate is. First of all, I believe him, the company, because there's all kinds of allegations of money laundering and corruption, but they second about supposedly back in twenty fourteen and twenty fifty were investigating Hunter Biden and Berlin
and now the new prosecutor general wants to reopen that case. And wants to share that file information with the current. U S: attorney general, William Barf, okay, ok, extraordinary man of went to jail, for the same connections? the same people that were locked in with the the former Soviet right right, fetch, I told the english lobbying illegally for me on a callback right grass, or so we know this- has happened before we know people went to jail we I knew about man afford. You know you before he went to jail. We had all that stuff was out kind of like this is with Joe Biden son, but nobody covered it. Until manner. Four went to work for Trump, so we know we We know what that's all about cause. You should have they heat that I should have been in jail long ago.
That's right him and by the way, working with man. Effort for your courage and the giant recovered related entities were guy Tony Podesta John produced brother, whose a lobbyist an Gregg Craig, who is the former White House counsel, bomb. A white House who is facing charges in New York as well as three were working for you. Over Georgiana coverage link entities. So yes, discos, very deep and it's very widespread, and now you have the vice president's on wrapped up in this area. Time when Joe Biden he could be no elevator storm or you could give thumbs down and determine and whether the ukrainian government was going to get you no more than a billion dollars in aid, was his call. Barack Obama said that the European nation said that was the point person inside was getting rich, while his father was doing that. Ok, let me play
eight the audio of what we have Joe Biden saying at a group of farm me. You know a foreign relations people and he's bragging about getting this guy fired, listen! I'm desperately concerned about the backsliding on the part of key in terms of career. They made me I'll. Give you one concrete example. I was not. I bet it just Maybe that was the assignment I got. I got all the good ones, and so I got Ukraine I remember going over convincing. Our team are matters to convince you. That we should be providing for loan guarantees now over. I guess the twelve thirteen time to keep,
an hour's Gore supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarantee, and I had gotten a commitment from porch Anko and from yachts in Europe today would take action against the state pressed. Computer and they did so, they said they had their walk out Prescott, send us allow marketing or when we're not going to give it a billion dollars. I said you have no authority you're, not the president. The president said I should call em. I said I'd tell you not get family dollar's? I said you're not getting the bill and I would be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I look as I'm leaving the six hours at the prosecutor's not fired you're, not getting the money. Fire they put in place, someone who was solid at the time at the time interesting Oda, go back into that here in just the same repeaters. Wiser he is the author of a secret empty
Is this. The best of my background, John Solomon is with us. He is the executive. As president of the hill and I'm confused It is John, an opinion contributor to the of the hill. Yours Three does not read like an opinion: peace, by my heart, I'm just a reporter. I think I think today we call me an investigative column is sort of in the in the tradition of maybe a Jack Andersonville, but my goal is to tell stories to people that are are hidden under rocks at that matter. About the integrity of the government. Call. It opinion colony with call it what you want, but that's the mission in Europe, but I wouldn't want to make sure that people know that you have credible. You worked as a rapporteur for the Washington Post. You
Does the rapporteur for the Associated Press, the aperture decades absolutely So you're, not some Schwab, who just has a blog and an opinion, and like me, you act. Earlier those I at so so John. This story that I heard from Peters Wiser a couple of weeks ago. You have now taken and I think taken it to a new level? and no one is reporting on it, we can You know the story, but can you take us through it and give us the meat of this gap so early first, our Peter did some fantastic work during the twenty sixteen election raising questions about. Why is Joe Biden in Ukraine getting money in Ukraine from after gas company at the same moment, his dad Joe Biden, the vice president, is the official point. Man for the job, I'm administration on the ukrainian crisis, and if you look at the timing that-
Peter laid out. Joe Biden gets name to be point man February, MID February, twenty fourteen and within a few weeks Hunter Biden suddenly gets this mystery offered to go be aboard. Member of this ukrainian companies on the face of it It looks like the sort of pay to play or or scratch my back politics that we see so often in politics, but here's the big development by two thousand and sixteen ukrainian corruption prosecutors have begun. Focusing on this company is called Bernice Mutts, the natural gas energy, and the ukrainian prosecutors are examining it for multiple reason that they fear there might have been from tax evasion and the ukrainian long. They believe there might have been some corruption and the securing of drilling permits, and then they were very concerned that money was being exploited or taken out of the company and moved to the United States, whether its money laundering misuse of money look. They didn't know they wanted to get to the point, interviewing the people that were taking the money in one of those persons with Hunter Biden amount
now working for this natural gas company and at the moment the prosecutors were preparing our request to interview Hunter by. Joe Biden shows up in Ukraine on one of his Ukraine trips and he tells the present the country if you dont fire the prosecutor. The chief prosecutor, this in the next six hours, while I'm here, I'm gonna pull back the one billion dollars and loan credits, your company, your country, needs to stay, solvent and you'll go bankrupt in the next twelve hours. If you don't do it, I'm leaving here and six hours fire that prosecutor taking. I wanna play the I wanna play the audio of him actually saying this in telling the story in his own words. Here it is, I'm desperately concerned about the backsliding on the part of key in terms of career, they made me? Give you one concrete example. I was not. I bet it just happened to be. That was the assignment I got. I got all the good ones, and so I got Ukraine
and I remember going over convincing our team are matters to convince- you We should be providing for loan guarantees now. I guess the twelve thirteen time to keep an eye was go supposed to announce that there is another billion dollar loan guarantee and I had gotten a commitment from porch Anko and from yachts in Europe if they would take action against the state prosecutor and they did so. They said they had it. They walk out the press, send I said, I'm not going not going to give it a billion dollars? I said you have You're, not the president, the presidency, I should call em, I said I'm telling you not getting a billion dollars, I said you're not getting the bill and I would be leaving here. I think it was about six hours. I, like I said we're leaving at six hours at the prosecutors, not fired you're, not getting the money
fire they put in place, someone who was saw it at the time at the time, notices at the time we get into that later? very interesting. So this is the prosecutor general. That was fired Victor Shokhin. Can you tell me anything about Victor Shokhin? Is he a dirty guy? Was he not going after corruption, where evening. He was, but he was an old school prosecutor anywise facing some criticism if country that not enough has been done, other had been some major corruption prosecution. And the securing of some victories against got money that had been left from the guy but you know he wasn't a popular guy in Ukraine when binding. If I think the most important part for Americans is our law, our ethics. Say you don't get involved in a? U s policy matter. If your family has a financial interest, it is air, it'll that Hunter by not a financial interest in Burma. More and more importantly, in the outcome of the ukrainian prosecutors. In yet
Joe Biden goes in and there's no Joe Biden can say you didn't know there are numerous stories of funded joined the company. There were numerous stories that the very prosecutor that he was seeking to be fired was looking at his sons company before he went and did this affair a feudal? I interviewed choke and choke and said I was just a few days away from requesting an interview with a hunter binding when This happened in and they had record showing more than three billion dollars flow out of this company bereavement to the United States into account control by Hunter Biden in his business partners right at the time that he gets fire. So what TAT Lord had the salad guy that replaces them under new prosecutor. General Yuri. Let send I interviewed him and Euro cent said I only We learn that the brief my investigation was shut down because of pressure from Joe Biden, I'm reopening it. Could I have some serious concerns about what we might have known in what we might not have been
how to investigate, and so right now is as a twenty twenty camping starts. Ukrainian prosecutors every opened a portion of that case and are digging in deep and that this could have some very big consequences both in Ukraine, and in the United States. So John, is there. Is there, when you said, New prosecutor had no idea that this Breeze MOB investigation was shot down is there was or anything else there was shut down, or I mean is: is there any doubt talk to so many people that were involved and that you they verify that what Joe Biden said happened. They said it. Happen overnight. He had been pressuring them for a couple of weeks. I guess write you a couple months, that's right for months, yeah, ok for months and so they were, they were being pressured. So they all know it. Is there any out in their mind over there. Error that what had to happen to not piss jobs nor the United States off was, and this in.
Instigation. Lukashenko addresses in the interview anyway, if Ellison we were a country on the on the brink of insolvency. At this point and we were so reliant on: U S money, we would do it ever take to get that next. Loan guarantee Otherwise we go insolvent in and we can't pay our buildings seven, when the russian leadership that had previously run the country, the russian friendly President Yanukovych ethical. There is only eight thousand dollars left in the entire countries, coffers to pay bills They were out at the Russians eluded the company, a country on the way out, and so without the? U S money they could not survive, and so he said is absolutely. We would bend to the will of Joe Biden, but now we're doing a little bit better. We're looking at this was a new path
and imprison Trump in town and wheat. We don't like the way this was wish I'd down in their also talking about other pressure exerted in other investigations. About ten days ago, I reported that Lukashenko and other prosecutors and law enforcement officials say the: U S embassy on multiple occasions, pressure them to not pursue certain people. One of the groups they were asked not to pursue, and I had the latter actually from the embassy was was a nonprofit that was run by George Shores, are funded by George Soros, Anne and you can see the letter. Basically, the embassy thing back off these guys film. Something was going on. Ukraine in the twenty sixteen election, where the ukrainian prosecutors felt that the? U S with interfering in their sovereign affairs, the ability for them to conduct their own criminal investigations and on their own soil. Isn't it trusting how the left has made such a big deal out of Paul metaphor, which he's a guy before he was ever involved with Donald Trump. I talked about Paul man afford hastily
is a guy who should be in jail? He should have been prosecuted before he even joined with Trump. He went to jail because of the same kind of stuff in playing foot with the Russians and taking money and not claiming it its Edward it Trusting to me that such a big deal was made out a man afford and. Not a word about this and its it seemingly in the same pool. Well, it may even go into a deeper pool, and there are some growing finally take some things that we now know are in the public record, irrefutable things in the public record, there was Recent court ruling in Ukraine, in which the Ukrainian Court concluded that Malibu the FBI of ukraine- knowingly and wealthy try to intervene in the twenty sixteen election to benefit Hillary Clinton. That's a court ruling. How did they do that? They leave documents in the summer.
Only sixteen to american media, like the New York Times laying out the evidence or alleged evidence against ball. Man afford these. These monies coming from the party of regions in Ukraine, and that led to metaphor being leaving the campaign and the criminal investigation was extraordinary. Is that, We in the interview I did just a couple of days ago with the ukrainian prosecutors. They say they were under pressure, they won't say specifically who, but they were under pressure from the United States. To narrow the focus of what was leaked to the media, to just man, effort into leave out of the record that they gave the medium similar payments that were being made to democratic figures, including Gregg, Craig Obama's former White House Council, he said on the record for the first time, so you have it for maize. We leak man afford, but we protected the Democrats, including Gregg Craig and also in the same interview, the prosecutor divulges for the first time that he has appetite
forsworn statements from two federal law. Are you? U S? Ukrainian law enforcement officials saying? Yes, we were trying to interfere in the election to the benefit of all They couldn't so now. We may have real proof that a foreign power did knowingly and wilfully intervene in the election, but not on behalf of Donald Trump. In behalf of Hillary Clinton job You have been around, like I said at the beginning decades, Ap Washington, Post. You have and around stories that have been urging shattering. Compare this. What kind of story is this? What how big of a story is not how big it will become? B as we have no idea what the press will do with it, but how import of a story is, can you compare it to anything you ve seen in the past year? I want to get ahead of our skis because are still a lot more reporting, but let us think about what we know at this very moment. These are facts that are irrefutable in the record. Mrs Clinton and a democratic party had a pair.
Been to the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington to receive research on Donald Trump ties to Russia. That is irrefutable. It's been confirmed, The ukrainians say they have a court ruling and in intercepts tape, recordings showing their ukrainian law enforcement institution Malibu trying to intervene in election on behalf of MRS Clinton, you have. I Nellie oars testimony to Congress saying at Fusion GPS when I worked there is a wife of a senior justice official Bruce Ohr. Working for the same firm is Christopher Steel and Glenn Simpson. One of our primary sources of information on dirt on Donald Trump and Russia was a Ukrainian. She says that under under oath in Congress, those Three things that we now know now, let's take for the fact that we now know are fudally by Joe Biden's own words. He ordered or pressured the firing of a prosecutor who is looking at his son's company
just those four things are more than anything that ever came out with was corroborated in the russian collusion broke. When we, when we see that we have at least say there are some very serious crisis that, after after the Democrats of the ukrainian government tomorrow, We were reporting that ukrainian authorities have tried multiple times in the last several months to come to Washington and deliver to the new attorney general billboard evidence of what they believe occurred Twenty fifteen election in occurred in brief Mutton Biden, but every time they asked for permission, the U S embassy has been in Kiev, has been unwilling to give them a visa to come here so that that's gonna advancing question. What is the high? Why can't we let these Ukrainians come here and talk to her own justice? miniature of the information. There are a lot of questions. I don't want to get ahead of the skis yet, but I think there's enough in the record of evidence to to demand more investigation is certainly more answers to questions. John Solomon. Thank you very much. I
thank you guys. You bad pal. I from the hill dot com is the best Glenda Programme, whose the biggest fraud that is out there. You know that the reason why Donald Trump, one in my opinion is well. A Hillary Clinton was just horrible, just horrible, yes leaving the has to be the worst made your party nominee ever yet well, they might be well up until that point. Twenty twenty might be, maybe we're so maybe worsen, but the reason why he one is because he was
Often take in his own way, you know he likes big gold, gaudy things he doesn't mind being seen with big the goal, but gaudy things and he's like a like hot women. A married. If you look at a mother, I mean So he's authentically him even in the things that are not real. Does it make sense to you? yeah, you know my woman started: look a little soggy, so we we put some lift dinner her butt. What I remember that, speech impact for mobile, and I mean, but that's an odd your while Europe, while Europe to know saying hey plastic surgery. It is often dickie him. I am not saying that I'm just using that as an example right there The bottom line is he says we what he thinks, wrangling interact, Enzo and that's what I thought was a rebound from Barack Obama,
who brought Obama was so slick and so perfect that it would. It would rebound you'd get somebody like that that buttoned up guy goes sue me. I remember you initially talk you others there with Chris Christie when he was coming in making the candidacy Some guy was plain spoken and shirts kind of on talking got gravely. I assure you, as buttons are kind of Papa. Now he s a little bit of his fat year like and he's like a bum. Bad, my god she's just said, launching a gravy on my shirt. I'm sorry about that! Listen! He is what's going on right and trots like that guy, but he's that he a different version of the diversion of that guy right. Ok, so now I dont think we're at the pendulum. Yet I don't think the pendulum is now it's for eight years. Maybe we at the pendulum where you're gonna want somebody who is just really in a soft spoken, a Ben SAS type or Buddha judge
the Budapest thing, as is happening now. I think, based on that a I watched, a CNN town Hall and he's getting this big spike these again. The poles he's up tuna for five percent, he's not a huge factor yet, but he is breaking out of that. In the field of sixteen right now we expect at least four or five more to be in this race in the next few weeks. So he's being here, able to separate himself a little bit from that very lower tier making some noise, and that is essentially his approaching. He comes off completely as the anti trump he's young he's. He he's very calm. He talks about all the details of his policies. He's gay guys like I like Jack fillet, so I go each a veil of their sandwiches yeah he's up yet on the contrary, a gay man would be the first gay president and again, if you think well wishers, we just we know eczema merit no,
We should like someone who has the most intersection reality points and that I think the most I think, even more than a Come Camilla Harris who would be the first black woman who would be president there's more intersection, alley points for first gay president. I think at this point I think if that would be such a big deal, the Democrats, one that title they want to be able to say that they ran someone who is openly gay, and you know again, he comes up very well at least in his first appearance and Molly. Very well, because he's gay bulletproof bullet proof, because a lot of people who won't listen, anything other than you know what I want to make that statement, that game you're, not homophobic, it was a similar with Morocco Mamma. It merely didn't matter how many times he said he wanted to bankrupt this industry or that industry. The bottom line was. He was going to be the first by president, and that gave him enough votes to make it not
contest, I think, honestly, even if he was white, he probably beach John Mccain relatively easily, but I mean it wasn't even a contest because those there's enough people in the middle who didn't really have don't fall these things that closely? Who just want to make that statement, and it is a good statement. I mean we it's nice to think that We don't care about those things. The United States of America, of course, immediately upon getting into office. He spent eight years. Showing us. That's all we care about em. It's always completely back fired on the people who wanted to make a statement that a positive statement about race, Soto, B Int staying to see Buddha Judge who It's just a he's a mayor. From areas of banned Diana he's a mayor. I think that actually work to his advantage, a soft spoken. Regular guy for who's. A mayor in South been Indiana who,
who goes in and he's the new president he's complete outsider. I think this guy is should be is worth watching because you look it Elizabeth Warren. She's done first, while she's actually done, but there is no genuine Elizabeth WAR in that you'd like right now he's not a genuine communicator in anyway she's, not Hillary Clinton, but she's close very close if she's not- not only has a trailer Clinton, the other, their very similar in their delivery and their inability to seem authentic anyway. Ok, so now, let me give you Corey Booker. Corey Booker is so fake and so over the top that he just will not connect. Now not talking about policies. Are these people just? Are they real, listen, listen, Corey!
in a sit down conversation with like rats in the audience, he all of a sudden gets up out of his chair and he does this. This is a matter we must do. This is a time to stand up to speak. The words of the moon release date of Americans will be joined together and fight together and work together. No filibuster can stop us. We are seated civil rights, women's rights workers, rights and in this era, if we organize again, a progressive agenda, this country for everyone, but about a loser, beset it, I mean that is, and that's the goods a quarry buck Booker, it's better than his normal, oh yeah as normal performance. Oh yeah, but that's just does not strike you as authentic know. You know what that is. The Yesterday you start exposing that that is the kiss of death that
he saw with what's his face, our Howard Dena. That is the same kind of speech where it's not authentic, sit down. You want it to. Much said exactly as you wanted to much of such a great way. To put it with Booker, because I M in the Spartacus thing was the same is different. It was a different own tone, but it was the same thing. Just wants it so badly. I breaking the rules are thus my spartacus moment. It's so cheesy and you can just tell all once in life, is to come up with. Like this perfect speech, it's gonna win. All Democrats, two sides wouldn't get this nomination, when people can sends you wanted that badly, usually don't get it, and I think that's where you know Biden was, nor is authentically, Biden yeah there's some authentic candidates in this race. For them, I think you know we talked about Buddha, Judge retarget, I think Biden is authentically.
And he's similar in that way you Talkin about with Chris Christie, where he'll come out blurred out things that don't make any sense and he'll say things that do that are sort of offensive and he's gonna be apologize. A lot. Through this campaign I mean he's not Louis Ferrok, not always mislead backing those very mean. I think Bernie Centres is often due to again like here's, another guy who I think, does not fit into that very basic politician mould. Where he's you now look he's a hundred forty, seven years old, his hairs all over the place. He looks like a crazy professor, Emily looks like he's, got a flux, capacitor and sub somewhere inside of his house. He's create Nicosia fella, in writing. Fi, I mean like that. This guy looks like, but he is. He is look all things changed in nineteen sixty, you had this handsome good. Looking well spoke Camelot Kind of wow gay with Kennedy, and that's what,
but he's been shooting for whose the next Kennedy, whose an Ex Robert F kennedy- oh he so sexy, always so beautiful all look at him. He's got his shirt off blah blah blah blah blah and we I've been looking for the Kennedy image for so long. We are now looking for the scuttle image everyone. I think Bernie Sanders. I think of scuttle, we member Siegel from Munich. Little her maiden play but Buddy Hackett. That's who I think I'm I've never seen scuttle and Bernie Sanders in the same room. I'm not saying that the same people, but that's what we're for now we are. We are officially finished with the J F K, good, looking kinda guy, and I think that is what better is going for right here
going for this J F K are of k, look and I don't think he is the. If you look that way, I think you have to be deeper. I think you have to have deep, meaningful, as you know, are f K. Everybody everybody who was a fan of J F K that I know of they all say the same thing but are of K, was the real deal near They like article by everybody, likes hour of, is he he. He actually earned it we're J F K was just leave it on his looks and his daddy's money are f K deserved it and and earned it, and I think, because we're looking for somebody so authentic now I think tat when you're gonna have to earn it and it's not by memorizing rhymes like color Corey Booker, just in now look of it This theory, though, on on the the pendulum rockwork, so J F, K this proof
die. He is justice, sooner buttoned up everything else escape overland injustice, because I mean it was an elected right. The Ex prisoners, like is Richard Nixon, rightly total opposite right of Kennedy. Buddy was the guy lost a candidate to anyone got it lost. The Kennedys arm in even more startling indicates that, but he was like the guy, I think, of him, sweating and you think of him like then, there's like this that he also think of career shouldn't right, like all of that we would Watergate. Then you go to again Ford, not not not allowing him. You got your Carter than peanut farmer, then you go from just come, but it was completing competence. Then you go to a guy competence right. You have a real real competence. There. Some people saw hit that those like family values and everything that when that whole patient, I mean George W Bush, largely winds because they were Reagan was so successful. He couldn't lose, but then we go to the bill Clinton, guys the saxophone plague playing guy, but then he turns into the sky,
nor guy. We need someone with Otter, George W Bush George W Bush comes in, and Georgia we books comes in and yes, you know the left never likes him, but the memorial to eat does the hard things and nobody really like snubbing elevated tar p, would frame that as look, I oh this is he said it yet. I had to I D violated to save the capitalist system. Merit then you have but remember. The other thing about Bush was stumbling. Speeches all the time you constantly can get through sentences. Then you have the Miss Mr Perfect buttoned up guy with over Are you comes any that's all it does? Is he makes great speeches supposedly and he's the most? not intellectual guy. You ve ever seen your toilet. These act opposite. If the way Bush was portrayed- and then Obama goes for eight years and again If you believe the left, how on earth does Hillary Clinton lose? This is just a hand off because it brought Obama's presidency was so successful. Instead, the pendulums
the other way you have a guy who is swear and onstage. Who is you know we who doesn't always nail every single fact he's out there, but he'll ease he gets the people pumped up. You know the people love him he's making huge rally two totally different again. Profile of a candidate and so again Barack Obama. One twice right, so does it go back in two thousand and twenty or to a Democrat, who has the exact opposite profile of truck, or does it happen and twenty twenty you I mean it's an interesting thing Can we get sick of what we have and we go for something else you I would say that it would. It would go to twenty twenty four. However, if you're just looking at based on you know, the pendulum, the owning you couldn't count on is that time has sped up. Now because everything is so intense what used to
for eight years now can take two or four years, and so you, just you just don't know, but the one thing I do know is the candidate that runs again. Trump will need to be as authentic as he is and I know people they are he's a fraud and no no, no, he makes no owns about who he is how he runs is business. What he does me does not care and that's what America was attracted to somebody was like shot up. Lays radio network on demand
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