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Best of The Program | Guests: Rep. Chip Roy, Bill O’Reilly, & Dave Rubin | 7/30/21

2021-07-30 | 🔗

Rep. Chip Roy joins to discuss his fiery speeches to Congress calling out mask mandate hypocrisy during the border crisis and denouncing a new push to draft women. Bill O’Reilly takes on the week’s top stories: Is Simone Biles a hero? Will COVID-19 tank Biden? Do the progressives actually want to solve the border crisis? Glenn announces the newest book from BlazeTV’s Dave Rubin, “Don’t Burn This Country,” and Dave joins to explain why he was suspended by Twitter right before his yearly sabbatical from the internet.

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Welcome to the pond cast today we have a representative chip. Roy Texas who's been doing some really great things in Congress and has been speaking out. I think in ways that you're gonna really like he comes out of a programme and has an glens, can credibly awkward with an almost rooms. The relationship that we have built Riley on for the hour bill has his take on the week's events and Dave Reuben joins us as well. He has announced that the title of his new folk- and he also is a guy who goes on a one month sabbatical every year from all social media and the internet. You just abandons a completely which sounds like Paradise. He's gonna come on talk to us about that and his new book as well. It's all available on the pot cast today Dover getting Subscribe, blaze, tv, dot, com, Slash, Glenda, promo code is glad if you wanna get on the plane tv bandwagon. He get deeper. Events show every day this when the time comes back from submit sabbatical, who can get it and as well as students, America in so many other programmes and while you're here make sure to give us a second rate and review the pot cast five stars is the appropriate number of stars and hop over and do the same for Stewed as America to eat really appreciate it. Here's the package-
the only thing to make quite sure that our border, we're playing footsie would mask mandates in the people's house I mean absolutely absurd. What this body is doing, the people's house is an embarrassment. It's a mockery and the american people are fed up. they want to go about delay if they want to go back to business, they want to go back to school, that their children being forced to wear masks to be put in a cool. Mental health issues and one running around here comes after ten o clock in the morning saying we gotta wear masks. People's house. While we got thousand people born arouse our border and Democrats will do a darn thing about it: heavenly infected with Corbett I then was the day I truly fell deeply deeply passionately in love with chip. Roy
if it were, and for the iraqi sex. I would suggest that we got married, but maybe it's just me, oh stop it stop. Don't put your head in your hands. chip rye is with us now Ella hallowed chip in our area. Yeah you're doin. All oh bargain fell on media glad. I die I'm not sure about this. This train acquires thing but the, but I asked I appreciate the sentiment I have to just it was so good to see you stand up and you were you- were saying the things and end. I could tell you felt it the same things that so many Americans are feeling You are shipping. These people in that we know have covered. You did a test on em. And you're just shipping a into the country and then you're telling us we
trying to spread Cove id weird we're killers. If we don't get it, explanation, or we don't believe in a mask. Are you Kidding me it was really good, really good, well, worldwide, created a mean that hypocrisy is astounding and in like this, this is just the two issues now are coming together, where demerit before just that of does individually that were already prostrated about, but that the state of the border, is an absolute abomination, endangering taxes endangering Texans, endangering migrants, empowering cartels allowing covered the spread of endangering border patrol agents, and we could talk chapter and verse about in fact, no, that oboloi dotcom you'd our country. Meanwhile, you ve got the massive amount of tyranny being forced upon the american people by the vitamins Duration announced speaker boys in the House of Representatives and if it is currently untenable, I'm not going to have it. I can't in good conscience, be a leader of this kind.
And be going down to the floor wearing a mass saying, ok, I'll comply, speaker blows whatever you say, when they were literally ninety people, hospitalized in DC may I too weak are about a couple of months ago rescinded the mass mandate. There's twenty sat in the hospital right now, there's been to doubts. In the last few weeks, there has been more murders than that. It is an absolute absurd, you what they're doing and there's no side I have one last point: the capital position who told us we all have to wear masks again. He bathed that apply I see these he recommendation, which was bade them on it. the EU and India for aid. That is not approved in the United States. That was not be approved, the back it was rejected and they make orders were masters just all crap so what's going on ship, what is really about is about power. That is very simple. Power. You will be made to do what they say
You will be made to follow their orders, and this goes well beyond that. But critical raise bury it everything else that they're trying to do to force us to down at the altar of the almighty, powerful and government at all. Knowing aided hundred budget she had no rhetoric right. It doesn't matter what the facts are glad. My Father they polio survivor. I am decidedly pro backing, but let us be clear: I'm decidedly pro backing freedom, the choice based on the information available. That is in the best interests of you and your family. The government has no frigging right to come in tell me what to do and then I'm gonna and up for my family, stand up for my stab when they go. She said they were mapped and I'm not gonna comply very simply put in fact they are going to cause Americans who might have gotten vaccinated to not get back needed because we're gonna stick our middle finger, at the government saying you don't do that yeah, I read an article about a year ago and I happened to pull it often and save it.
And I went looking for it. A couple of days ago is from the Rand Corporation and it said that the government was looking into ways when there was a vaccine. Looking into ways to convince the american people to take the vaccine, and it goes all of the scenarios that they are recommending, none of them were be lit, people, call them killers, for them to do it and tell them that they won't have any privileges that they're not owing to convince you know it's like The EU also did a great job. On the draft for women. I am sure all the women organizations are like all. Finally, we can be drafted. There's no reason for this. This is that their nobody clamouring for this theirs a draft that is coming it is
It is either they know something that we don't know and they're they're going to be drafting everybody which I highly doubt or their due its, were arguing again about something else Why does a lot about right? I think they try to do that. The obvious gate and change the narrative away, foreigner, absolutely horrible leadership, this country, but I say. However, when eight Republicans on the Senate ARM Services Committee, Did you grabbed our daughters? Then we He d be lighting up fire under the rear ends of what public ended sake. Don't you dare, and I Does that mean I I will have nothing to do with Republican, to vote to draft our daughters. You don't do that. You the draft I'll have that debate, but I am in any way shape or form you to play games and say the we're gonna drop their daughters and on the new went further, you went further use. You said this quote. Let me be perfect Click clear I will not be honouring whatever law is drafting my daughter that that is a
congressmen saying if you make that a law I'll break it. The opportunity at the idle. big deal with selective service and come in and get my daughter to have to sign that thing. I ain't. I ain't going to have anything to do with that. Obviously she's, eighteen and she has a pretty well, but I will back up her if she has the desire to register drop and we shouldn't be sending our daughters to be put in the front line. Combat in black holes in Afghanistan, Iraq or anywhere else in the world. It actually absurd. Not good bar defence is not good for our work. stand and I'll stand, that I will absolutely die on that hill, one hundred percent and and and I will run against- and I will fight any Republican who's on the other side of that I've, no patience for it, Have you read the White House plan or a strategy for defence against domestic terrorism? I have not done so something that I'm problem.
You need to read or its bill. Let me were let lemmings you just gotta Whitehouse, DOT governed and read it but chip, special on it Wednesday and telling you it's not. The plan is already being done. You'll know what being done just look at what the capital police are doing. Why They opening up new offices in the West Coast in you know in in other cities other than Washington D C That's why you have the office of the FBI. You don't have a a Nancy policy. Congressional police force out in the middle of America that only answers to Congress. It doesn't anti. I can't find anything that they're doing, because as part of the legislative branch. I'm only I'm gonna make sure that I ll get bad documented and watch your special, but when they won't get off this view gathered,
good access. My watch that I will they look her well one of the reasons why I very strong concerns about the Dislike committee, and empowerment. There we're standing Committee that has oversight over, for example, the Department of Justice, somewhat house, judiciary, committing. Why are we hauling and the attorney general, the United States and thing ok, when five uttered, fifty Americans arrested or charged with crimes about general said, let's go figure out I who they are, what they are charged with wider in jail, how long they met a jail. What the conditions are an you explained to me they're, getting the sun's they're getting a bother sitting in jail and then tell me what you think then led to all that's right right, that's how you normally do it. When I was a prosecutor and we charge gun drug crimes, you charge the guy You're, ok, tell me you you're, you're, looking at is and used gonna working up the chain. We all authority to have an actual, national conversation, but we're not doing it what uncle show. They want you to show to your point it political empowerment, to empower them to be
What you tell us how to lead and of any listers out there? Don't you have any doubt this is a our grab to enforce the law. The left over you what is going on. We are at a basically cold more for freedom in this country like out and is terrifying truly terrifying, we'll talk. congressmen, chip, Roy huh How can we help you right now. The most important thing we need to do is to ensure that we have conservatives with an army of people behind them. telling them in encouraging them and moving them for delete. So, for example, into thousand I parted the Red and that we had a successful tea party movement which do a lot of good things right formation, the freedom carcass the election of likely tat crew ran Paul Altoid election of Donald Trump without a cruise guy right in twenty six, aimed at than Donald Trump and alighted many took on the swamp and all the good things
solving America for the last decade was a reaction to a bomb and so forth. It was very much grass roots to lead. The american people opinion need to get fired up and get remember them. She's on the mall peaceful. very well well executed, but the marches where people came together and they said Not. We need to send a loud signal enough on the mass on the locked out, a knock on you're telling forbidden, you're gonna be shut down and prepare people not to work a knot of wide open borders. Enough of empowerment, of cartels are not which, sadly, with China and ran over our are our friends and in our national security, a knot of all of this leftism. She Archie woke ISM, destroying our. did you get that America's EVIL Napo that we say? No, we say. No. Now we re take our country, twenty twenty six of our children fiftieth birthday. It is time for us to re, establish our fundamental principles: reestablish freedom, Bert
had been granted and do so together in our country, and these are our terms will. You marry me now seriously. I'm kidding, you are fantastic chip, really a you are saying the things and I pray that Your soul does come under attack or you don't because it will. you you stay strong, We we need people, You know the one of the reasons why I think we're not going in and in droves to Washington is because did work hard to elect all those people, and a lot of those people, not the ones you mentioned, but a lot of the people that we sent their turned out to be just as bad. You know the d the Craddock or the Republican Party has completely betrayed us, and you know what I thought job when you are on the when you were in the well of the house.
And you were speaking other day I've I felt because I've been watching for this moment and it hasn't happened yet, but you are on the edge of it that that Charles Sumner moment where he stood up in front of the house and said you know what none of you people believe any of this. You know you all say that you're gonna stop slavery and none of you are actually serious about it and he you know he spoke the truth to the power to the way and the Democrats and that's what started the Republican Party, and- and you know he got a bad beat down. I'm sure you know the they history there, but I think we growing very close to that moment, and you almost had it this week? You all had that moment. Well, I'm
I appreciate that. I'm not I'm not in you, don't mean that this way, but I'm not looking for a moment what I for me, but I only know that for a moment for this country, and- and I will say this on the positive- and this is important when I when I outlined there, would respect Michael, I e an end and ramble jet crews. Remember what led to that right? Might we beat barbette, along I'm a stout establishment, stooge rainfall, betray grace and preferred EAST advocated, market Rubio, be Charlie questions now a Democrat in entirely Chris but the embassy Republican before candidate Crews over David do hers. We have these warriors here now, because we demanded it. We have the Freedom Party which did not exist. We met in the basement of twenty a coast and twenty Bertini when I was judged. Stop it would hamper rabble rousing the house. The freedom carcass was born the next year. We then a this. Why we were were fighting. Establishment than Donald Trump basically ran on that anti establishment plan for any killed it
and you are a little bit about accountable, were tied- is pulling back a little bit. That's ok! We need to take all of those wins reinstall. Our fire and now let's go finish the job. It is. Job it is our time in our country. We take it back now, what's with, but it on that people, and then we will get leaders who are interested in doing it, but it's on the people. and an outdoor together chip you have time, I'd love to have you on one of my podcast, so we had an hour commercial free, just to talk, Burma be the kind of Dallas role at the roadmap and whatever is good for you bring thanks a lot congress. Chip Roy from the great stated at the best of the best program when our lives, Mr Bill, O Reilly.
Ability you just let can we go through a few hot topics quickly and just let me get a quick snare from from you, the January from I have one question from our pre publication. Is Hunter I'm gonna, be it that parts anything with the art no he's not knowing, but I tell you art could oh easily be, and this is why a hundred Barton's bindings doing it are is so subjective, the Inn Prices are just what whatever people will pay for it. could so easily be a money laundering system and I can most guarantee you that's that's what that is. That's pay for play with Hunter Biden that is so obvious, sleep corrupt. Its sickening are living in a couple of quick thoughts from you. The January sixth hearing this week. You know, as we discuss I think last week. This is just a
way to go in Troms reputation even further, so he can't run again next time around and put the Republican Party on the defensive for the two thousand twenty two midterms, so promoting competition e of the committee is a farce. Why would they I don't pay attention to it right now I mean it's ridiculous this week every little girl in America. Has a new icon and hero c Mon Byles comments Don't have any comments on his byles, because I dont know what her situation it. And I think it's on their commentators. Like me, and you two in all give analyses are something we just don't know what when's neighbouring one hundred sliding I'll compassionate
I think that the right way to go there. Okay, so I agree with you. However, I would add this the story broke. While I was on the air- and I said, please don't bash her, please abash I'll remember. She went through horrid experiences, so I I agree with you a hundred percent, but I to add, but that does not make her a hero, or She did heroic it exit understandable, but it doesn't mean quitting, does not make you a hero. I can Stan. I can have compassion and it might have been the right thing for her to do and I'm not going to judge it, but when press comes out and everybody says oh she's, so brave and heroic we used to think when there. he Kerrigan was was clubbed in the legs. With with a pipe and had she went out and skated anyway. We thought that way. something to aspire to not to get there and then quit
and I don't blame her, I'm just The reaction from the press, making that in heroics is the wrong message. Then here's an observation and if this piles, who was a conservative woman, that reaction would not be that way from the press yeah. I sadly, I agree Governor Cuomo coming out this week, saying I never. Why, then that's why Justice Department is said by saying that there then do any more investigation you know If anyone believes that politics does an influence law and order in this country, then the lemon and in the land of OZ saw so let em all going to go down to his grave I never did anything wrong
No matter what evidence is presented, what the situation is that? What narcissists do? They never do anything along no matter. What this situation or the evidences and that's how you can Murat tie up lukewarm all in a narcissist bow and there you go by the Justice Department is dropping the charges on the chinese military spies that were did here in Amerika comment. The Biden Justice Department does want any problem with China, nor does President Biden himself so no matter what China does the award of invading Taiwan. I have a passive response to it,
it is clear that President Biden is so weak that he is not able to confront anything- and I want to make one- and this is an important point- about the call the discussion we had the first step outside. I hope, heard and we'll go your website on my website below. I would not gonna listen took as I do posts these conversations. Tromp was brought down by cold it. He lost because of carbon. Of course it has not appeared. He would have one real action because- the economy was he's gonna lose re election because a colleague people not gonna, forget what they heard and saw this week they saw didn't who would not put out a cogent, intelligent fact based message. He wouldn't do it incapable.
Doing it and that is causing so many unintended consequences. So much acts so much better. Now, People will remember that, though, ironically, prompt and Biden are one commerce because of covert. Are it. So let me ask you this: you have come Allah Harris and I'd honestly, don't think the Joe Biden is going to make it through his old is whole term. I'm not saying that he's gonna die, I'm just saying He is so clearly affected When I saw him with the iraqi Prime Minister this week I judge try to put myself in the shoes and listening to him, I tried above self in the shoes of the Prime minister, and I thought if I were sitting in that room next to my think, this guy has no idea what we really tiny the skies not in charge of his faculties. So I dont thing. he's gonna make it is full term, but I can imagine a commonly Harris being the president. No one
even her own party. No one wanted her as well president, no one you know and as president, I see it differently you as sometimes happens. I think that nobody will, unless he is physically impaired, make it for four years, because that's what the progressive movement wants it, don't want anyone running the country who is any original thought. Your problem solving skills, I mean I'm sure you saw the five pillars of the border that came out from vice president houses. Are I mean it was like a third greater? but I'm not I'm sorry, Demain. Third graders. It was like some grass ass great, a we're going to solve all the corruption, problems in Central America and Mexico, South Korea,
Least, you know we sent out right go ahead. The progressives don't want to solve the border problem back. They don't want. You saw that they want an open border where anyone can come to the EU, to begin with Brussels that will lead to socialism, that's what they want, I'm a guy know, which is a perfect reason why Cuba, we ve sense. If these people back to Cuba, we are sending them back these the people we should be welcoming, but they Jim labour electoral support, the socialist in democratic policies, and they will vote for Democrats generally speaking and that's think why they're sending them back and it is its bummer nation Biden, is basically a pimp. He is pin being children from them from the from South America and from so go he's letting them come over. They are being
emptied out. The cartels are getting rich off it. He d and give a flyin crap about any of that. Nor do any one in the progressive movement. It's all about power, it's not about stopping. corruption of the cartels. It's not about making sure that family, women and children are safe from monsters, operate, cracked, it obviously, but of your George Soros. It is the big money man on this progressive socialist movement. If you are sir in his minions believe me there very well organised and well founded? Who do you want, as president you want you want or lady by the angel by not avoid job? I know is a perfect Trojan horse, so he's back in gotta be removed, his back and leave the progressed,
and in the media corporate media. What was reported to the end, because he's not going to solve one single problem, nothing he's arguments, so violent crime he's gonna, surround and stores they get you back, and I saw the border he's not going to solve inflation and storage and the progressions want the economy tank because when the economy tat, the federal government has to run it and move in and run the economy, which is what socialism is. So this is all very logical. Five years, the perfect guy for the progressive movement and- and it's so clear to me What is happening, and it's can humiliating for me and I just wonder how many of the eighty million plus Americans, who powerful lever for Joe Biden regretting it now, even if you despise and hate Donald Trump, do you not see the destruction,
Where were heavy here. I do not see the dead people in the streets of our major cities millions of foreign nationals coming, and to the United States, many of whom have called it. Do you not acknowledge any of that? Don't think I do Urville. I think I The problem is people like you, But like me, they have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to kill us a thousand paper, cuts. Anyone who is alternative media. Anyone who is a conservative voice has killed through a thousand paper- cuts bye bye. The algorithms and by the George Soros is in the smears and the media matters and all that crap, and so they have the country would never listen to you and I because
They have already made up their minds. They ve. Never listen to me or watch me ever before, but they know exactly who I am, they know exactly who bill O Reilly is so that happen. Country doesn't watch us and them that half of the country. Also, does Watch CNN or MSNBC because they don't believe it. They don't believe it. So where are they getting their news? I dont think they're getting it You really don't. I have to decide the little bit, because even the people we disagree with us. A lot of the march me, because I'm so charming, eyed and handsome, and so just really cause magic bullet and humbly will what an asshole One thing that, I believe will leave you. I know you have a lot of commercials, the salad and people are you guys got bigger named given up an imminent You know I'm very, very humble the Glenn back and is it
ended family, which now now, I think, an audience with the comp tickets to the Tromp, O Reilly. Yes, returned hours, and because of that the body of mine. I was pleased to do it, but I have to say You are the luckiest guy on earth that, because every vip ticket in Dallas Houston lot. Adele and Orlando is sold out. I represent me way using my family vip. Take as we don't have been the same room with you. I mean We sit in the dark in our own shame that, where there at a bill o Reilly event, but Europe No, you listen to you talk, but weak ouida. we're not ever gonna get a picture with your anything army. We do. I mean I'd like it. I dont all begin at many people in a room, but we'll try but I want a directive bill, O Reilly, dot com, where the Trump O Reilly history,
there are nine seats available on our core values. Just go there and c, O Reilly in back in Dallas it'll, be on an amazing a Christmas experience tried before Christmas, and I just want to tell you back. lucky, you ah ally, no that bill like I hear that from you every Friday, and it is a pleasure to have on the programme, will have a great weak and thank you so much bill, O Reilly, dot, com bill orally dotcom. It should prove to be a fascinating conversation with Bill O Reilly and and President Donald Trump you're listening to the best of the global Dave, Ruby. I believe and Dave. Help me out on this? I believe. I believe you may be an idiot savant and here's why?
you're a very smart man. Would you agree birthday I just Pritchett this about part- I didn't know where you were gone with this well add. I may be exaggerating on that on that half of it, but which would we agree or of euro relatively smart guy. At least I mean your humble and allow it relative, yellow, relatively ok, and then you also will admit you still live in California, Idiot Savant, Turin. Whatever you do, we are there still that's how it works. Should. I won't have. As you know, I have moved my company locals that come to Florida. I have couple businesses. I am trying to tie some things up. That being said, the the guy that you had on your show, I believe yesterday Larry Elder, who is my friend and in many ways wanted one of the key guys at my plan. Nicole awakening. He is running for governor and I said
the beginning. I mean two months after the pandemic started and the crazy lockdown, so the violence on the streets. I was saying that I wanted to at least stay and fight for a little bit Then the then the recall actually work to the point that we're gonna get this election and I want to say, right for Larry. After that I mean, I think, than the rubber. The rubber answer really met. I mean I want to help where ten, I think, if anyone can do it, it's him. I honestly believe that, and maybe there's no way, maybe there's no chance This thing, I'm not even by the way, I'm not giving you savant savant, I'm not given that ok, does he- does he really have a chance? Do you really think because a he wouldn't talk into him yesterday? Have you heard the interview, but now he was He was remarkable and I really actually felt something. I have Help for awhile hope Hope he has a good feeling hope The great feeling hope is the most important field, right, I mean shush. I get emption right,
you ve gotta, have hope- and I always you know I, like you, glad I believe in the human spirit, I believe there's always a chance now, let's just put aside for a second that California is a deeply corrupt state and their true to do more and more with male imbalance in all kinds of, let's just put all of the sort of granular that the Cyprus Truth Larrea, Larry Larry, is the right guy to be given. Newsome Larry is born and bred. Here he has an incredible personal story. He's a small l, Lib Terry in here he's, really somebody that just wants the state to be open up. He'd like to lower taxes. Let people go about their lives. That really is the the sum totality of it. On top of the fact that he's been fighting, for these ideas on the radio and on Youtube and everywhere, where he could, for couple decades at this point and look if he can get into one debate if they can actually get it
to where there's a debate with him and gave a noose, and I mean this guy knows how to box. He knows how to minors and and by the way people hate gave a new submits. Not just you know, there's a framing that the Democrats are doing. That is so dangerous. They really do, but Democrats are doing something so dangerous and dishonest. You may have seen this Elizabeth worn out. That's flying all over the place right now to knowing you don't reverie every Youtube video where their employer. That this is somehow a republican recall, a far right republic in tromp related recall. It is completely not true, I've been to many of the rallies to open up LOS Angeles, open up the state and most of the people there, and I talk to everybody. Everybody comes up to me most of the people there, either Democrats who have been. By reality, meaning it's a democrat governor that won't let them go to work or there clearly a political people who may be your own, a restaurant and they just want to live their lives. This is not of far right recall that we're not taking at the edge of the recall process, it really has
to do with tramper anything else. This is people who want to live and it's a year and a half later after two weeks before the curve and gather Newsome is obviously thinking about lock down again I mean that we can see A bubbling up just in the last couple days are so, let's put back into the pot here the truth that California is wildly corrupt. He's thirty million dollars already in his banks bank account to be able to run this re election or this, this fight to keep his gubernatorial ship and Larry axis out at nine million he's not allowed to raise more than nine million an engine the that every one in the media is in the bag for Evan Newsome. Are they going to are they goldfish by the people of California, Goldfish
How do they have a long enough memory to do follow through on this? Now, in Certainly regard yes like they are gold, fish and they're just going to be picked off by Newsome in the media and every those. But you know things I always talk about is how it's not just what the media talks about where they lied. Us, that's the problem, it's what they don't talk about. So, for example, Gavin Newsome right now is being recall. California is the biggest state in the union. This is not being covered on CNN. This is not being covered in Washington, Post or in the New York Times. They don't even covered, so the average person doesn't even realise this is happening. It doesn't mean that the average person who lives in jersey- obviously they can't vote California reelection, but it shows spirit. shows spirit that one point: seven million Californians signed this thing in the middle of a pandemic which, by the way you couldn't do online, you had to physically sign something- and I said, it myself, you are too sickly sign paper and it literally if your pen touch the law,
and above or below it was invalidated. So we know that that hundreds of thousands of signatures got invalidated, but we still got to about one point: seven signatures to get rid of me. I saw the state. The state is corrupt and you're completely right about the money situation. Gavin simply as an unlimited war and Larry is handicapped, but you know in the last pull that I saw Larry is it about sixteen percent there's about forty one candidates, I think running against Gavin pretty much. Nobody else has, above for the Caitlin Jenner thing is an absolute joke, she's, actually in in Australia, doing brother right now. I don't know if you had heard about that. So things ride a fraud and I think what happiness. They will all coalesce around Larry and then the moderates. You know there there used to be California. Conservatives right Ronald Reagan came from California. We had a recall action. We got Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are plenty of moderates and, if you take those, people you adsum libertarians, add some disaffected liberals yeah the Trump people it's possible is planned.
That's unbelievable Dave, Reuben tweeted yesterday, They want federal vaccine mandates now for vaccines, which are clearly not working as promised. Just weeks ago, people are getting in transmitting covert, despite the vaccine plus down preparing us for booster shots. Assain society would take a pause, but we don't live in a sane society. Now he was, he was banned from twitter for violating the policy on spreading, misleading and potentially harmful information relate DE obeyed nineteen Dave Route reacted twitter, saying you they're lying you take us through this year. Firstly, let me address the the last two lines that I said there before we get into the nitty gritty of of the facts. A sane society would take a pause. We do not live in a saint society. I purpose framed that tweet in a way to just say, hey,
there's a lot happening right now, can we can we talk about some of this? Can we have an honest conversation about what's going on with the vaccines and why we're suddenly masking people with vaccines and everything else? So The idea that I was trying to be inflammatory here just on its faces, is sort of ridiculous to just back up for one other thing. I did subsequently delete tweet because they give you they tell you that if you delete it, you'll only be suspended for twelve hours. If you want to fight the suspension, you could be suspended for an unlimited amount of time and, as you know, today is a big day for me, because we're announcing my next book- and I just felt that I had to do- that- being said. I have tweeted out this reach out again and I want to thank you guys in the blaze, because you just read the tweet right now on air, and we know that Jen Saki, the White House Press secretary, said that if your band on one site, you should be banned on all so. This is not without risk to you too, and I know you're a guy who takes right. So I appreciate that asks for the three. With that. I made in the tweet, while they're all
true and by the way, I've just this morning, tweet it out, screenshots from USA, today, Washington, Post and CNN, confirming all of the things that I said. So we can go through all of them. The vaccine. Clearly not working as promised just weeks ago? Well, we all know because we're Joe Biden a month ago said, if you put on the map get the vaccine you dont have to wear mask anymore. Will now they're telling us to have the vaccine and be mass and there all these studies popping up now that they are not the five percent effective. There's one study, I think out of Israel right now words closer to forty percent in some cases. So that's just true and by the way they always tell us, let's follow the science, so if the sign this change and were realising that they are not as effective wolden. Ok its continued of all sides that number one number two: people are getting in transmitting cobra, despite backs: ok, fine, the plus, now they're prepping, four booster shots, but we know that Pfizer's doing a study right now and I I think also in Israel, there doing a third shot already.
As far as the vaccine mandate, the federal vaccine, Joe Biden, said that himself yesterday he said there looking into it yesterday and again: don't Take my word for any of this. I screenshot the headlines from from CNN Washington posted USA today, so they getting bans from twitter. So I don't know: what's going on here, Kay, so a glad to have to know that you are back. I will. I wish you wouldn't have deleted the tweet, but I completely understand this situation. The year end with a with a new book that you are putting out, because that reach a lot more people than that stupid tweet. You know around by the way. This is exactly what the book is about right. I guess you know I mean that the book is about surviving and thriving in our work. This Toby, I let you I'll. Let you be the announcer of the book title, but that that that's the subtitle of the book and that's the point- that we now are subjected to the arbitrary winds of big tech.
Britain, media and really the democratic party. They become one thing only one other interesting piece on this Glenn. I was actually live on Fox NEWS with Judge Janine, saying just that when the ban kicked in so I'm not I'm not a private investigator, but you think something might be going on here. Dave, Reuben wrote his last book was: don't burn this book this one is don't burn this country and tell me about it well, look. I did not intend on writing a second book. I had loved writing the first book. I really enjoyed it and then the book came out last year. April in the middle of the pandemic, and the country was literally on fire. The country was on fire because there were rights all over the place. We were urging the funding the police crime escalate, everything and I thought wow you know in Dover. In this book I laid out what my political beliefs,
are we discuss this many times? Might my classically liberal political believes that are that are generally libertarian resort of small, see conservative, something like that, and then I thought well. Ok, it out my beliefs, but now we're still watching the country burnt and by the way we're watching books burn, because you know they're trying to ban all sorts of books. I know you ve talked Abigail Schreyer about irreversible damage. When she talks about young girls transitioning, I mean we know that their raise, there's just an endless amount of stuff. These are not book burning the traditional sense, but their digital book, burnings of sorts What will they hikes his money? Did not you Johnny, I don't even want to address that. That is like the feds thing. We're. printing money or digitizing money. We live in the digital World Van, and that right there Glenn. The way they play with language is is part of a book is about so the point of of the first but was to lay out what I believe and why I believe it. This really is about. The thing is that you can do in this
technologically charge madness that we live in a time when the government is com, for everyone in everything and in a time when speaking simple truths, as I did in that tweet that you just read, are suddenly extremely dangerous. I want to give people the tools to not be afraid and do what has to solve all of your problems. Well, many cases. I've been first just a little brave I mean I go into this quite extensively. A little bit of bravery like there are too many people that just think that thing will pass them by what were a year and a half off two weeks, flattened the curve and I'm pretty sure, every single one of your viewers gland, and probably you too, and and probably stew and everyone else, could all just go like this and snow and go back to say January, twenty twenty before any of this we'd all probably do it even so, the people that really hated Trump would prove but we do it and what does that tell you? We, something so precious and does it feel
like it's almost gone. Doesn't it feel like right now the american experiment is just being absolutely ripped away and there aren't enough p bulk standing up for it. There are a couple. There are a couple, but there are enough, but but the point is nobody's coming to save us. We to save ourselves, people think they'll be some great political leader. That will save me. No, no you're. The answer. I will tell you do that. I think you're right, but I dont think that people, I think people been trained to think it has to be something big. It has to be something national, no a dozen. If you don't stand up in your own business. If your boss comes to you and says you have to take this anti white coarse and you have to examine your own feelings and then step in front of everybody and say why you have privilege and all that bull crap, if you don't stand up against it of you just go along.
You ve missed the opportunity, and I don't I don't I don't expect everybody to do it alone. But if you have five percent of your company, and I it's more than that, but if you get get five percent of the people. To say not doing this, I'm doing this and you base it on true american principles, the bill of rights. I think you could make a huge difference, but it requires all of us to do it. Well, Glenn. That's why this is about the individual and that's why I believe in a bottom up society. You know, for example, right here in LOS Angeles, the sheriff has said: he's not going to arrest anyone over this new mass mandate. He said its anti science and we're not going to waste the resources. Ok, so the sheriff he's just one man, but he did one thing and what that
Does it empowers a small business owner who's been under assault from Gavin Newsome Eric our city are Mayer for the last year and a half spires them to say you know what maybe I will open my doors and let people make decisions for themselves and make a decision for myself and then that inspires perhaps the parent, at the school board meeting when they're, putting critical race theory and to say I will stand up and then more and more people will stand up. That's the only way we get out of this, and I would also add one other thing to that, which is, as you know, I toward with Jordan Petersen and one of the things that people would ask. all the time, young people would say You know I'm in college right now and if I tell my professor in a paper, let's say what I what I really believe. If I go against what their teaching us really, you know the propaganda that their teaching us I'm not going to get the grade. And Jordan would say something that I think is what is exactly what we all need right now, is that if you lie once if you, why, once for the great or you lie once because you think the mob won't come after you or its buying you sometime or something like that, that will be
the hardest time it is to lie, and then, every time after that, it will be easier and easier and easier, and he would say four years later after erratic out. You won't even remember the person who live in the first place and were also of playing along with these lies. We know big techie, censoring us. We know the government is lying to us. We know it's fuelled by corporate media, but we all keep playing and I think perhaps, if we If we play a little less, maybe get off some of these big tech platforms. I mean you know. I started locals dot com do something in your life to no longer participate in the lie. They call the liars as as these profligate, the big lies. Its quite apparent to me that they self diagnosed every time they say that person is this theirself, I'd. Know they see. What's in there,
I am and projected it's. It's quite an amazing thing. Dave Reuben, the name of the book is don't burn this country you can order it now at Amazon, DOT, com or wherever books are sold. Dave. Thank you how much of a good mental talking a month, since September my friend
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