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Best of The Program | Guests: Rudy Atallah & Ken Cuccinelli | 8/18/21

2021-08-18 | 🔗

COO of the Nazarene Fund Rudy Atallah shares the uphill battle ahead of saving Christian Afghanistan citizens. Former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli joins to discuss the border and his election transparency campaign. Glenn reads “Live Not by Lies” by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

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Hey welcome to the pot cast gonna, keep it short and sweet this one, the first. The first few minutes could literally change your life today, a lot of messages that you really need to hear. I would listen to the full podcast if you have time today, otherwise grabbed what you can from today's podcast, the only thinking one. One person having an idea sharing it with someone else. them using their skills involving others that's when the collective matters. When we are all working as individuals with our own skills.
you want to save the nation. We have to first save ourselves the minute our hearts go cold. We're done we're done and what we ve been watching in Afghanistan has been heartbreak on so many fronts: blunder sit here at the White House or our federal government or our two gone, grew this up. I am not going to abandon. Do you know that they now say we're not sure if we can get you know Nobody word for us, including you, Americans, you just shelter in place, Go to the airport next day, why should have gone to the airport? We're not sure we can get you. This is an abomination in our name Monday, I called our chief operating officer of the Nazareth fun.
media taller is ill. Lieutenant colonel. He's retired from the air force. Twenty one years in the United States AIR Force, he was special operations, aviation intelligence, counter terrorism. Wasn t served on the National Security Council. Advise the president. He's now. The guy that I've selected to be The chief operating officer for the Nazareth Fund and I M thrilled that he, as part of the team, because this guy never gives up Rudy welcome to the programme, thanks glance could take her your voice. Oh dear you, especially with the news that you have today. Can you tell me what you ve done? yes, I'm working with which several of our partners I'm in the Middle EAST in
right now hold on justice handheld under the second. I've never heard him, you so many arms, and this is because as Rudy cannot give very much information for security. reason so gonna be a little a little vague here, but go ahead find it struck several thousand people out of Afghanistan. The problem is getting to. The airport has been extremely difficult. These in the George that we are helping are mostly women and children, many of them converted to Christianity. They ve been and save houses, for a long time. Thousand and ninety afghan government had changed the idea cards and force people to declare their religious affiliations. Show these these individual. did not want to renounce Christ slowly they already claimed themselves on their eye cards as Christians
and now they are hunkered down afraid to go to the airport, because the Talibans looking for them. Standard. Taliban has a list of these. Some of these people we ve got. Some aircraft are Eddie waiting to take off were testing somebody airfields to see if we can extract and from there all the borders a clause. The land borders are closed, so we have to create an air bridge to get these individuals out. I've gotten folks grounds that are working. As I said, we have partner organisations, I'm working very closely with. I was up last night all last night and working all day yesterday try to coordinate some of this stuff, providing at least some of my arm and put it knowledge in how to move the aircraft, and what to do the goal is to get these folks extracted safely
two were working on different destinations to bring them to unfortunately, I am not at liberty, as you said, Diana say much right now and trail until we get them out, but also Oh, you know, some of them are pastors with families, people are under extreme extreme danger, because a Taliban wants to make an example. Crucifying here, they'll, daily, crucified, so Rudy. What is this? Gonna cost. Right now are one of the charter. Please we're working with is is is telling us that it's gonna be about four thousand dollars per person for chartering the plain and having the flight crew to go, In an out, as I said, we have north of several thousand and people so we're gonna have to raise quite a bit of money to work to get these folks out.
already. There are in place already paid too to move forward, hoping in the next forty dollars to get quite a bit of a folks out, so any support we can get from our from our partners. Would The extremely appreciated every life counts, so we're doing our best to get them out. Ok, While we are looking at an enormous amount of money here is the here's, the ask of you. I want you to two to give today, if you can to the point where it hurts and that could be a dollar could be. Ten dollars might be a hundred I'm just
sitting here. An amount of money that, with that, I would feel an impact on, for me, is there for it, then, for you Rudy I will I'll pony up the first hundred grand now. Let's Of the audience see what they can do, we have how many thousand The people do we need to get out. without giving exact numbers members its north of a few thousand people north of five. More of a few, a few thousand it's gonna be somewhere between. I would just let me say this: we were between three thousand and five thousand people are right, Rudy. Thank you very much. When do we
Can we start men just wrote for the first? What forty? So When can we start how much money? Do we need to start? as much as we can my right now we ve got the charter planes standing by. We have to pay them, give him a down payment to start fly from the start flying in we ve got The plans that we ve already chartered in some some some folks are valid. or in some other aircraft, but we did put a lot of people we had to do. Several locations in an and so any amount of power I mean cheese Rudy, we have so few free and down on the ground. I just Pray for you and everyone involved
because I know how dangerous is gonna be. Thank you Rudy snake. Thank you. Thank you for your support. Here's how I want you to donate today, go to the Nazareth, fun, dot, org The Nazareth fund dot org every single penny that you can come up with. We go to flying those planes and getting those people out. We it, obviously an enormous amount of money I did not. I was not aware that it was that many people- I've wholly gotten sketch details throughout the night I didn't realize we were talking that many people, These are people that are marked for what they believe in
This is why, in twenty sixteen we started the Nazareth fund. Don't wait around for any one else to do it. Don't wait around please go to the Nazareth: fun, dot, org and donate. You could also donate right through mercury, one dot org if hopefully the Nazareth Fund, DOT Org is, too slow. For you Oh to mercury, one dot, org and just market for the Nazareth fund we need your help as soon as possible. I ask that you would give until it hurts today, because These people are entirely alone They will be crucified if you are marked as a Christian with the Taliban. You know what we happened to them. We can
get them out. Be an Oscar Schindler today, to the Nazareth: fun DOT, Org, that's the Nazareth Fund daughter, or your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme. Well summer is coming to an end soon, but our Your life is still for the taking nuts brings family and friends together, quite like throwing some delicious food on the grill and no grill will cook your food quite like erect tech with its smart guy, technology. The rectangle rises above the competition to create the ultimate cooking experience. Imagine
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the the White House, I'm sorry. They d a chess issues, ay a warning without any specific evidence that those who object to the vaccine and the mask mandates are part. doubly plodding a terrorist attack and their very a dangerous and, of course we have the January six people very, very dangerous. Can I couldn't I couldn't plan this destruction of our country and a way to get people to not take the vaccine. I couldn't plan better plan than what Biden is doing right now and his administration. Can you please shed some light on this. Well, you're, seeing the political position of the terrorist warning authorities that the Hs as that's what that is, that it
look, I'm soon the house on the apple tree congressmen for them no tormentor finds Manzi blows Requires everyone in Congress to go through magnetometer errors, in the reason she doesn't and because there is any evidence of a threat, like you said in the intro Glenn its because she wants them to be option the narrative of the Democrats, the Republican, are dangerous. Just by being Republicans and you know you see that playing out here with the age ass as well. Is they just announced these people are a threat, and and look there's a downside to this beyond just politics They drive resources. to non existent or minimal threats they take those rights. Sources away from real threats, and retiring head of the border patrol just said in the also this weekend.
That you know we ve never seen more opportunity for potential terrorists, coming through the southern border because it so wide open and you know all these things are happening at the same time. and you know you think this administration wants people do attack the United States. I will tell you this when you look at how many just Russians are coming across the border, there's an enormous amount of Russians. Oh, what's at all Bout, how come there so many chinese people that are coming across, I mean we have no idea who is coming across our border right now and We also don't seem to care about cove id, and yet, if I push back on unmask mandates a terrorist, but there, just letting you know all these people come through, we ve covered, and then being a member of our cities, the other
two things that The administration says there are serious about. They clearly aren't one his co bed, for the very reason you cite glad. I mean there are literally letting through fifteen and twenty percent testing populations and then flying them around the country spending taxpayer dollars a fly them into our country rather than fly them home? That's one too is crime. They talk about wanting to get up on crime or what really with HIV is wanting to go down at their releasing hard core criminals repeat, criminals on the border into our country, and they knowingly that's policy of this. Administration, so You know when you hear talk about Kosovo. And everybody should tighten up. Well, maybe they should tighten up first when you, when you hear him talking about crime, there lie adding hard
criminals, not just drunk drivers, but gang members s thirteen types. into our country, knowingly unintentionally. So this admission nation is not serious about these issues. They are panther hard to their radical leftwing base that presumes. Everybody who comes in illegally will eventually become a voter in both Vote their way and by the way in the US bill on the Senate. Or that one of the last acts church humor did before the Senate went to August. Vacation was get this thing to the poor, get forces state, the register. Everyone in their databases, which includes milk, of non citizens, and illegal aliens put them on a voter roles, and gets rid of criminal penalties for those folks if they, both in our elections, of course there, Quite intentional, so they will vote and they want a swamp our election.
With millions of non citizens who again they assume. Will Their way that I would point out to folk said, spanish voters are moving harder and harder in the direction of Republicans I mean we represent their values and we have a saying to the same values. I dont know why it hasn't happened before but can you know you, you you, started. The election transparency group, election transparency, dot, org and the law if it is operating as if there is no council whence for their actions, media are just as far left as possible. I've! Never! Honestly! I could not design a plan to destroy this country. That would work more effectively than what they're doing right now and and
His popularity is going through the floor. Democrats are in. Poles are looking like they're gonna just be swept out in Congress and yet doesn't seem to matter to them. What is that they know that we don't know about twenty two and twenty three and twenty twenty four well look. They think, regardless of political, sir, I'm stances if they can get their federal, take overs of elections through they can win elections as long as you and I are alive, and- and they are willing to bet a country. They don't care about that. Being America, on their ability to get there. I would- so point out that eleven years ago and Obama care they knew they were gonna lose the house, and yet how did you know nonsense. I give him credit, they pressed ahead, did their ideals Jack all health care take over and Republicans he screamed and yelled about it for years,
Were unwilling to when they had the power and authority to do so to undo it Regarding around thirty six thousand Anti Obamacare ads in October alone of twenty fourteen, when he was running for real action in a tough raise what to do about it, he beat up dead crew and my plea for trying to actually do it, he was advertising that he was going to do. You know these guys, don't fight Democrats as hard as they fight conservatives, and he also worried that takes us back to the lab their willing to go online and lose seeks to move this stuff because they believe. It's an investment that pays off overtime, much like taking the political head. the border in the short term. They believe they're gonna get millions of voters out of these illegal aliens invading the country, it is an invasion. How likely is ass, one to pass. It is very unlikely they are desperate to try to break the filibuster
and you probably saw when a busy weekend a job for the Jean Louis it was submitted in the house, it's worse it was last year went from six pages to about sixty five pages of of federal take over elections and will see if any Republicans support it. That would be sign and will be a bad move on their part a because this is the bill. This is the bill. Glenn did they intend to try to break the filibuster on and when the filibusters broken and won't just be elections that are gone bill even with just a fifty fifty Senate, though pop through them. On guns, abortion, you name it and though the fire wall of the filibuster will be gone, and meanwhile we the post office, spying on people, I didn't know, the post office had an intelligence arm
We now have the capital police becoming Intelligence Agency, a thousand happening can get well Not a lot of danger in the capital Police being a lot of intelligence capability anytime soon night were. I will I will tackle this. Were there the one organization we can have a foyer request for what anything in the legislator branch, you can't get a boy, a request for, because when they passed the boy a lotta exempted themselves can't get it of of congressmen or committees, either So everything in the legislative branches is immune from foyer, so all the more important that Republicans take the house next year, hopefully the Senate to and just start subpoena these materials, then sharing them with the public, because we need to know whether
government is trying to just spy on us. You know you're talking to a guy's suit, the USA over over the data gathering seven years ago. and in the car, change, a lotta get rid of the men data gathering, so that we can we can move the ball forward and and make things right, but I'll tell you with the people power today and, as you said, the boy already. The radical laughed yell. I compare now too when Reagan was present with Tipp, O Neill Terrebonne, Eleanor Egg and noise agree, but no one ever doubted. Tipp, O Neill thought the constitution screw Foundation of Foundation government in the in history and that America is the most exceptional nation on the planet. Netscape o Neill on talking about just Ronald Reagan, I'm not sure that the majority position in the House Democrat Carcass tonight. I'm not sure that there are that its unanimous as a decision with the Republicans. I think we're Applicants some think that the key
situation. Is nice, and course I believe in it, but we got to the times of change. We have things to do justify the means right. Yeah yeah, So can? How can the average person help? What can they Average person do and I'm not looking for busy work, I'm looking for things that we can actually do. That will make a difference. I mean you're, a tea party guy, that's when you came to the forefront, so those who are still out there but they're not large and cause. It makes no difference. That's what they feel. Yes, so thing that makes a difference immediately. So I'll, give you a Virginia example where I am. We have a governors raise with the most important race at a year this year in Virginia and what emerged People to do another cheap on all the other states to do it for next year. Don't just volunteer for him of course got out candidates that are not actually move the needle, but go,
an election officer going hired election officer, they bring citizens Then they pay, you gotta turn They pay you to participate in, securing your own election Here there is so much frankly was not there actions and twenty twenty work were quite a mass and the best solution to that better than passing good laws and all the rest, women they're gonna be places. We can't do that like Virginia right now. All we can do is our folks in there watching and conducting the election, so that so, where do you got them pull it off. Where do you go to do the here? A typically You go to your local registrar or county clerk, different their different titles in different places and year, and whether you like the Republican Party or not, they usually the local chairmanship, the signs are on the republic in election officials. But I'll tell you
virtually everywhere. I've ever looked, I'm Democrats staff their slots. At a two to one ratio over Republicans, holy cow, which means the slots are available for people willing to go, do the work and, if you think, of just Georgia, the gene election in Georgia was a genuine mass with mass worse. reading about it right, but the special action where people were sort of lobbying place if you will- and they knew everybody in the world- was watching you don't hear stories about problems, Natalie you know why? Because we swarming it because we are watching it, I can tell you- is a former attorney general when bad guys think they're being watched, they dont misbehave. Even though their bad really good at it was a long way and it to your point Jimmy
then you can really do. This is something you and really do and the appointment in Virginia three years now what they are and each of your listener, Tom States. But this is, just one and done elections, go sign up now. in the pipeline now be aware, you should say serve anywhere, and there are some states like and Pennsylvania where you need people from Box County to go Philadelphia Virginia to Richmond its Fairfax, and we all have those despair don't just be willing to serve in your home territory, be willing to move around and let that be known and you gotta start early so that something to start right now. Think right now can thank you. So much can coochie Nellie. You can follow him. The website is election transparency, dot, Org or
follow him on twitter at CAN kitchenette thinks this is the best one big programme. Over ten years and two days it was February twelfth nineteen, seventy four. When a guy who had been in and out of gulags in Russia. Wrote a letter and released live. not by lies. I wonder read it to you I want you to remember this- was written in nineteen. Seventy four to the soviet people safe. It applies you today. There was a time when we dare not Russell a whisper, but now we- right and read and we Congress ate heartily complaining to each other of all the things that they are muddling up. of all they are dragging us into theirs
unnecessary bravado around our ventures into space, against the backdrop of ruin in poverty at home and the buttressing a distant salvage, reject regimes. The kindling of civil wars and the ill thought out cultivation of now at our expense, to boot,. In the end, will be the one sent out against him and will have to go. What other option will there be in? put whom ever they want on trial and and the healthy as until the ill and it is always they. While we are helpless. We are approaching a brink Already a universal spiritual demise is upon us of Physical one, but about a flare up in a gulf us and our children. While we continue to smiles sheepishly and Babel. But what can we do to stop it? We haven't the strength.
we have been so hopelessly seated our humanity that The modest handouts of today we're right led to surrender up all principles, sir, Up our sole all the labours of our ancestors, all the prospects of our descendants, anything to avoid Rubbing are meagre little existence. We ve lost our strength. We lost our pride. We ve lost our passion. We don't even fear a common nuclear death. We don't Fear for a third World war, perhaps will just hide away in some crevice the Only thing we fear is to take a civic stance. We do want a stray from the herd. We can't set out on our own and and suddenly having to make do without we have internalized well the lessons drummed into us by the state,
We are forever content in comfortable with its premise. We You cannot escape the environment, the social conditions they shape ass. Being determines consciousness. What have we have? What? What do we have to do with this? We can't we do anything. But we can do everything even if we comfort and lie to ourselves that this is not so it's not they who are guilty everything, but we ourselves only we some account. but really I mean there's nothing that can be done. Our mouths are gagged. No one listens to us. No one asks us. How can we then listen to us too, them reconsider. It is impossible, the natural thing, we're just to simply not re elected them,
but there are no real reelections in our country. In the west. In the west they have, strikes and protest marches, but were to come The two scared: how does one just give up one's job just go out into the street? All of the other fateful means resorted to over the last century, of Russia's bitter history or even less fitting for us today. True not fall back on them today. When all the axes have hewn what they have act, when all that was zone has borne fruit, we can see how lost how drugged were those conceded youths who saw through terror, bloody uprisings and civil war to make the call We just and content. No thank you. Others of the enlightenment,
We now know the vileness of the means begets the vileness of the result. Let our hands be clean. Has the circle closed is their indeed no way out something only thing left to do is wait Inert Lee Something just happens by itself. But it will never come unstuck by itself. If all every day, continued to acknowledge, glorify and strengthen it if we do not at least recoil from its most vulnerable point law- eyes. when violence bursts onto the peaceful human condition. Its face is flush with self assurance it plays on its banner and proclaims. I am violence, make way step aside or I will crush you.
But violence ages swiftly a few years pass, it's no longer so sure of itself soda prop itself up to appear decent, It will without fail, call forth its ally lies for, violence has nothing to cover itself with, but lies and I can only persist through violence, and it is not every day and not on every shoulder that violence brings down its heavy hand. It demands of us only a submission to lies, a daily participation in deceit, and suffices as our fealty. And therein we find neglected by us, the simplest the most accessible key to our liberation. A purse no non participation in lies.
Even if all is covered by lies, even if us all are there rule. Let us resist in the smallest way, Their rule hold not through me, Is the way to break out of the imaginary encirclement of our inertness, the EU, easiest way for us and the most devastating for the lies for when people renounce lies? Lies simply cease to exist, for parasites they can only survive when attached to a person. We're not called upon to step out into the square and shout out the truth to say Out loud, what we think this is scary and perhaps were not ready, but let us at least refused to say the things that we do not think This is the way, then, the easiest and most accessible for four
given our deep seated organic cowardice,. much easier Scary, to even utter the words smashing, here than civil does Billions Allah, Gandhi,. Our way to start must be now. Ever knowingly support lies heavy understood where the lies begin and many see this line differently, step back from that gangrenous edge, let us not blue back the flaking scales of the ideology, not gather back, its crumbling bones nor patch, together its decomposing, garb and we'll be amazed. How swiftly and helplessly the lies will fall away and that which is still to be naked, will be supposed as such to the world. And so thus overcoming are temerity
Each man today choose Will he remain waiting servant of the lies. Needless to say not due to natural predecessor, Mr Predisposition, but in order, To provide a living for the family touches ray, The children. but your rearing them in the spirit of lies or has the time come for that man to stand straight as an honest man worthy, of the respect of his children and contemporaries and from that day onward. The man who will not right, sign or publish in any way a single line distorting so far as he can see the truth a man who will not utter such a line in private or in public conversation nor read it from a crib sheet. Nor speed
hid in the role of an educator, a canvas, sir, a teacher or an actor They will not in painting, sculpture, foot, photography, technology or music depict support, broadcast a single false thought, a single distortion of the truth, as he stern discerns. It. That man will rise and not cite in writing or in speech a single guiding quote for gratification. Insurance for his success at work. Unless He fully shares the cited thought and believes that it fits the context precisely we'll that man, and start today.
not raise a hand in a vote for a proposal which he does not sincerely support. He will not vote openly or in secret ballot for a candidate who he deems Dougie dubious or unworthy he will not be impelled to a meeting. Where of forced and distorted discussion is expected to take place. Let me say that again that and stands up and will not be impelled to meeting where he is forced and distorted discussion is expected to take place He will at once, walk out from a session meeting lecture play or film as soon as he hears the speaker utter A lie: ideological drivelled or shameless propaganda. Add. Man will not subscribe to, nor by in retail a newspaper or a journal that distort or hides the underlying facts.
This is not a exhaustive list there are so many possible and necessary ways of evading lies at first it will not be fair, someone will have to temporarily lose their job. for the young who seek to live by the truth. This will at first severely complicate your life for Europe. Costs and your quizzes to art stuffed with lies and choices will not that will have to be made, but there no loophole left for anyone who seeks to be honest not even for a day, not even in the safest technical optic occupations. Can he avoid even a single one of the listed choices. To be made in favour of either truth or lies in phase Of spiritual independence or spiritual servility, As for him, who lacks the courage to defend even his own soul, let him
brag of his views, his programme. Views boast of his status as a academia in Recognized artist or distinguish citizen or general, let him say to himself plainly: I'm cattle, I'm a coward seek only warmth and eat. My feel. For those of us who have grown state overtime. Even this most moderate path of resistance will not be easy to set out upon. but how much easier it is. That setting yourself on fire were hung. strike. Betrayed and deceived by us did not a great european peoples Check also blocks show us how one, can stand down the tanks with bared chest alone as long as Inside B, a worthy heart.
he goes on and he says this is not going to be easy path perhaps, but it is the easiest among those that lie before us. I keep them If you don't stand now, you're you're not going to stand when it counts. Here he is trying to reverse decades of people remaining silent he's. that's not gonna, be an easy choice for the body, but the it's the only one for the sole. It's, not an the path, but then we already have among us people dozens even dozens. He writes. who have for years abided by all these rules who now live by the truth, we don't have to be first our job, is to join. The more of us that set out together the thicker our ranks, easier and shorter. This path will be for all of us if we Become thousands they will not cope, they will not be
Able to touch us if we grow to tee, of thousands. We will. recognize our country. Will you join me in this effort. I'm gonna tweet this link out and I want you to read it. It's that hard you don't to become superhuman you I have to say the things that you nowhere. True always That's going to be hard because in the last few years we ve been drained not to. But always say the truth, it doesn't mean you have to say something: it just means you're, not engaging unless the truth. Is there. And if asked No, I'm not engaging in that. My by don't we all know, that's not true they're. All
Eddie people that are doing that if we join them. If we joined them and we the tens and hundreds of thousands. It will quickly grow to the millions and it won't be partisan thing because we're all supposed to stand for the true,
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