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Facebook and YouTube banned any mention of the Ukraine whistleblower’s identity. Sen. Mike Lee discusses the Mormon family who was murdered by the Mexican cartel and how Mitch McConnell will handle impeachment. Glenn recaps the last two Ukraine specials and previews what the third will blow open. Adam Schiff is running an inquisition trial that might block ALL of the GOP witnesses. And Canadian sports broadcasting legend Don Cherry was fired for saying immigrants should be patriotic. Journalist Brian Lilley calls out the hypocrisy of the Canadian Left, which is fine with Justin Trudeau’s blackface.

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Play podcast versus Tuesday got a great show for you. We have courts, talk a little bit about the special and and the impeachment what you need to know. We get ready for our till tomorrow on the impeachment, except it's much deeper? It's it's. The Democrats Hydra and you all about that today and if you want to become a subscriber and support us at the blaze and we the money that you pay us for your monthly subscriptions. That's what uses we used to pay for research like this, so we can do these vessels for him yet now use the of Gb20 off and save twenty percent at fillets tv dot com and also be free on Youtube and if I think some other places as well, that Youtube for sure check it out. The tomorrow night Wednesday, at eight p, DOT M Eastern.
I can t whose joining us we talked about the canadian sports, castor, that's the guy, who is a legend in hockey just fired. You won't believe why and that prompted one of our favorite broadcasters up in Canada, Brian Lily, to calling you happen to be listening to the show. You don't want to miss it all of us that plus the tat tells you Gabert update and the stock market boom under presidents. That is the only thing tat. I want to talk about how their scrubbing the internet, right now of the whistleblowers, Any mention at all of this whistleblower is now being deleted by Facebook, Twitter everywhere internet is being scrubbed by
are these organizations and it's not being reported on by any mainstream media. The remarkable, absolutely remarkable facebook rent is pulling every mention of the whistle whistleblowers name, which I believe you can still say: John Remo jar gotta get our. We ve been so busy with which we are working on this special we're working. We have what five days left to for the finnish our book. Yes on socialism, which is a major four hundred page plus of book on how to argue with socialist, that's coming out after the new year, so we're, but so be it. But we gotta get somebody to make a jar Ramallah t shirt where I think it's needed a whistle blow earth maybe throwing a pie up any to China that the pizza boxcar, the pizza by like this idea We got. It seems like a sauce like if you could get like air they now you go and you build the pasta
I ve got like Marin era and they ve got Alfredo, and then they have jobs. That lesson for us sing like we need you know are in fact I will give a free blog to any it. I'll be in restaurant that comes up with a charm, Alice Ass, so that's gonna, have no organ. One's name is a bit weird doesn't necessarily see. Now. Can I am off with a great recipe. However, we ate General South Chicken right right. That's a deeds name, I'd like spaghetti Char Romagna anyway, the cat saga running name out on that one man, my menu item, is that what you're doing this is There's a menu item out of telling you of you come up with a good recipe in your a rat year restaurant. I will promote you on Facebook, with your new jar of malice us, but you gotta, It's gotta make sense as the only official menu yeah it's gotta be,
got to be got to be something official. What if you? What is your name like you're another per in the jar Ramallah family, can you no longer be on Facebook? Are they banning you? Maybe I dont know what, if you're a coach in that family and you have a whistle as part of your duty, and we talked about the coach or the umpire, but is a joke blowing the whistle on the field of headlines, apparently on? Ok, so we have that story, but here's an e is an even worse story. I think this. Or he is about how The media just takes care of its own you know the story about Rohrbach the ABC Anchor
Amre was saying you know we had this story about Epstein for three years and eighty see sad I so they were looking for the leaker. Well, they found somebody who had access to this. Now her story is amazing. All she did was she open up that file? I think, on the day that had happened. She open up that file and she pulled that file and put it off into a separate file? Now she never accessed it again. She went to her bosses at ABC and said: did you see this? This is her job is to pull things that might be problematic into pull things for. Other people so she said: hey I pull this off. This might be problematic. De Jure guy see this. They said yes, ok months, go by now,
She leaves, and she moves to see, bs she's, just she's a low level producer at Sea Bs Abc calls her ends, calls CBS says: hey you know we had somebody leak this to the press and and this woman. She's, the leaker you might want to be careful. Will they walked in and didn't even question her if they just fired her, get your stuff and get out? It's an amazing story. No one has taken the time to interview this person. Talk to this person, nothing no one in the mainstream. Media is even addressing this robot story nobody's now Nobody else is only the alternative media, but conservative media. There's been zero. Mention of this on ABC Nbc, CBS, CNN Msnbc, nothing, nothing! It's
the story doesn't even exist. This is in the me too era. Yeah. This is a story about a cover up of dozens and dozens of under age, girls being assaulted, molested in all sorts of different horrible things, and the least so called whistle blower without any evidence, is taken and fired and thrown out in the street without any explanation Anthea again think of how remarkable it is the way this goes down where one competitor calls another competitor in the same industry. Mcdonald's calls Burger King and says hey the person Europe Cook in the Hamburg, as I don't think you should, they should be employed there anymore brookings, like all k, sure when the hell is that happen, that doesn't make any sense at all, because they it's it's a cabal. It really is a couple.
They all they all are protecting each other's Botz? That's all there doing return on the news and why matters and compared to the thin blue line, sort of thing from has every single movie, where police won't talk bad about them, for I think that's what this is. The media is protecting itself and in a look you can make a mistake here. It's plausible that ok, look! That is even with the story being the story. If I have someone whose working for me who's leaking things to opposition media, to destroy my company, whether they're, right or wrong. I don't want to interview. Here, but I do want to working for me where I could totally see. However, when you find out that this person is not the leaker. You should be rehiring em. If they want the job, you should be apologizing for usually clearing their name publicly. Your game, you're gonna, be on the wrong side of a lawsuit. Don't do those thing wrong side at a loss and their justly If there's even the people who would cover the media, aren't even coming out in saying all amount. Ryan's delta, its
nine ass high, but he's one of the nub. Everybody isn't he the ombudsman to make sure that the media fair and balanced, and I'm gonna check in everything that I'm the big huge egghead than just know what's true and what's not even mentioned at an inexplicable inexcusable. It's one of these stories that directly about the way the media is dealing with its own stories. This is an internal story that should be fascinating to people inside the media who say wait a minute like these are. This is real. We look James, O Keefe has been around for a while he's done this a bunch of times. This is something that the media needs to understand can happen to them if they need to be able to deal with it like adults, and they don't seem to be able to do it. No so Megyn Kelly is back and Megyn Kelly is doing her own thing and she just really something on igtv, which is Instagram television
and ass. She interviewed this person and play a couple eclipse right. Listen did you leave the tape? I did not now to anyone know at any time now. Did you make a club of the moment but I saved it so I saved it in the internal system the job and Amy see I was crash. Produced are ok, so producer yeah, you're in the control room. One Amy made those comments. It wasn't, for on, but I was I was watching the common, While I was at my desk and I had see what she was saying and I went to my manager and said you: do you see what she's anger, she know she's on a hot MIKE. This is said to us that the immunity was on a MIKE and that she knew she was being Brok affiliates This is a moment where she's off the air she's doing taped promos, but she has a mic on, and people can see and hear. Her So what made you? What did you do
flip the moment you sort of mark the moment in a system tat, I just cut it off. I centrally marked in the system and never left the system. We do it all the time. Did you tell the manager that you and clicked it? I did not Did you think it was newsworthy? What she was saying, everyone in the office was freaked out by what she was saying, and everyone was watching it. So their purpose for clipping it was what to watch it back later. Later. I did it just for office gossip in Was there any intention to embarrass her? No not all or ABC, no, I would never three years I've spent at UBC I've loved my time there. You know I'm up, I'm a good employee work. Seven days a week, you know John, was this? The first time you had ever clipped segment of anger off like
Knowing we do it all the time you know what part of my job is. I'm like a video editor. You know I accept off moments all the time I put together funny anchor wheels of you know them off camera doing funny stuff to use later in the show, did you go back and watch it later? I didn't know. I don't even think that after that day I believe her I mean she comes off his very believable. If the case from ABC Slash CBS is she's lying than they need to make that case or say their launching an investigation to to figure out what exactly happened but they're, not even making that case. They're not saying anything, send nine, of course, there's no one to hold them responsible there, just ignoring all the requests to comment on it Oh, there is a new piece of evidence out today. The best of the Glenn Beck program
AIDS, Glenn and your listening Glenn Beck program. If you like what you're hearing on this show make sure you check out Pat Gray unleashed it's available wherever you download your favorite podcast senator MIKE Lee who joins us now, Senator tell me about what happened in
to co and is anything gonna be done about this Glenn each absolutely tragic. Last week we had nine innocent people, women and children. American citizens gun down in cold blood, murdered in some cases, burnt the death by Marco terrors decision on gladdened back yard. When this is a direct and obsolete crisis, we ve got to do something about it. By way of identifying the attackers work, it was gonna, make darned sure they don't have the ability to attack the american people anymore. It's bad enough, over the last few years, they ve killed two hundred and fifty thousand innocent civilians, which made worse by the fact that their normal began to EU citizens and doing so in our own backyard. So,
the press, made a big deal out of these people have a violent history, and what do you know about the family MIKE? You know this is not a family with violent history. The individuals that I talked to day.
These standards are not part of a cold. These families are not even part of an organised religious water at all. They just look down there in peace, another there. The descendants of people who came to the region to live and religious freedom back into made too late aching hundreds maintained their identity, both as mexican citizens and as dual. U S, citizens ever since then, but they're, a peace, loving people and there are people who are not extremists in any way. They abide by the law and they haven't caused anyone any trouble. I'm not sure what the almost Dennis shifted fixation the New York Times. Another publication seem to have with calling them polygamous with which they are not worth fundamentalists which at dont that they are
either, but somehow, maybe that make it easier for them to otherwise these victims. So, as did not make Americans worry about these pesky drug cartels, these pesky drug cartels pretty much run the. State of Mexico now, yes in many areas, they do and they seem to becoming becoming increasingly brazen in their willingness to go after in this case, both women and children, which the similar drug cartel apparently made. Mr they tried to avoid. Also people were known to the: U S: citizens, as these people work in area, everyone knew they were. They knew they were dual. U S, mexican citizens, the new that these people were women and children and they killed them anyway. That indicates that something more dangerous is afoot and what we ve been dealing with new patched right and that we really-
they concern is one of many reasons. We need a wall and there's. There is no reason to believe now that Americans are safe in Mexico, because if there used to be. If you held an american passport, no reason screw with you because Perkins would come down as a bag of bricks on your head and pray for the government to make. Those people paid the price- that's not that's, not. The truth anymore. Mexico is is pretty much. Controlled by these cartels. The the president. I dont know good, or ill, but the president is: is these having to kowtow to these two? his people and what does this mean for Americans on the border if they can do this right across the border? What's stopping from doing it on this side. It is a scary prospect,
What the answer would be answer include making these days. Cartels. Terrorist organisations absolutely absolutely lent doing everything. I can to make sure that the administration has the ability yet needs to designate them as such. If we can do that, then all of a sudden we can figure out how they dank stopped their ability to transfer money.
Organizations that, by some accounts, are clearing something like eighty million dollars of profit a day that monies gotta go somewhere. It kinda shit under a mattress. They have to be able to have the authority the transcript. We can stop a lot about if we designate them as international terrorist organisations and that's what I hope they end up. Doing no meanwhile M low pregnant Lopez, Robert or as some something that I hope or just add an error in translation. I speak both languages. Unpolluted Spanish, I ve had been saying we need to deal with the drug cartels using hogs, not bullets, process noble metal. I dont quite understand why he use that expression than in the wake of these killings. Last week he said something along the lines of the other families of these victims. I just need to forgive the cartels
I don't understand what that has to do with a government response, obviously Among any christian believers, forgiveness is an essential thing, but that is not the governments wall, but governments wall to see to it that people don't kill each other, and I hope for their own sake and for hours that the mexican government will get into a game on and decide that you know the hugs great. Sometimes they don't work for people who have boats. Sometimes you only respond to somebody's got bullets and abuse. The two women and children is more bullets and that's what we need here MIKE. Are we going to be able to get anything done with the impeachment? Now I mean You see the impeachment. I see it pass Do you see Mitch Mcconnell? hang it up and trying it in the center
It should because you've got to you to be able to respond to, insanity and you can respond to it in the house because of the rules that that's right. That's right. I've had some good conversations with much Mcconnell about this, and I think he sees it the same way. I do and like the same way you do, which is the first law under our rules we have to pick it up. We have to hear it, and even if we were not required to by our rules, which we are near, which still be a need for us to be able to tell the story to tell the whole truth and not just the spin, a mouse and representatives who there's no way, there's no way for the president to even defend himself. You can't call anybody That has anything to do with the chalupa. You can't call you can call whistleblower, you can't call
Anybody that wants to talk about the marriage between the state and Soros? You can't talk about the the meddling in the election that we know. Will happen because two people to people were set the prison for it. Fearing the? U dot s election and they brag on tape about helping Hilary and the Dnc you can't, about any of those things are not being allowed so You can understand what happened. You have to understand the past exactly. You can't tell any part of this story that hasn't been blessed and sanctioned by Adam Schiff and by Nancy Policy, and that's disgraceful graceful as this is when you ask a question. Kui bono benefits who benefits from this impeachment. Well, who benefits from it
peace, but proceeding in the house, where only one side, gifts right be heard. Will they honestly did this this right? Billy goes to this whole thing is reasonable, the way that the left is behaving now they are, they are acting like an out of control religion. You silenced. If you, if you disagree, you're a heretic and destroyed, and this the grand inquisition I mean, Pelosi is? Is I guess, or Schiff is talk about it, He creates all of the rules, and you know the outcome before the trial is even started, a trait that's right or or telephone justices. They used to describe it in the soviet era. When a criminal trial was going on. If it was a difficult case, the judge would receive a telephone call it whatever distant reaches of the USSR, somebody from Moscow and tell them what the outcome was. But the fact is that
try to get present trump since before he was not, you read it through the only reason: Nancy, deep down those. This is wrong. I wasn't she doing this because she can't control squad. She can't control room party, and so she feels like she has to do with the things like this have consequences those consequences of dire and we have to ask the question what becomes of it. If you do this, where does it lead- and these are really responsible for the american people, especially for a president who didn't do anything wrong? What if this is what it's gonna take for us to tell the rest of the story and the show how so many people in the democratic establishment have abused the levers of government power so be it, but present Trump is going to emerge from this process. Kroger so MIKE tomorrow night, I am doing another broadcast. This one is the Democrats Hydra
and as I was going through, all of the information, your name popped up, you're, actually in this special and It is because you seem to question something that was happening in Macedonia. And said something's not right here and your right and you file the a letter with, I think the state Department, king why we were funding some things that we were funding. I dont If you ever got a response back, but I have the answer for you to Morrow on what was going on. Did they ever respond back to you, whatever response like that was somewhat inadequate to what I was thinking.
Seen some disturbing trend that get some friends in Macedonia in pointing out to me that Macedonia, the friend to the United States Macedonia, One point in the very recent past had a government was firmly to the United States, that was by large conservative, especially by european standards, big time, and this started things and trends that would very disturbing in terms of leveraging Soros money with you s point eight money in a way that was fundamentally anti democratic and proliferation, its varied. Disturbing- and I think that's one of the things that we need to uncover it all. This is what the heck are we doing with all this money. I got not one who says that there is never a good reason for the US to provide
promote progressive causes worldwide and to undermine our own interests and values MIKE You will have your answer tomorrow and everything we left a lot of stuff on the attic floor, because I just I only want stuff absolutely nail down and show the evidence its happen. All over the world. Not going to like the answer, but finally receive an answer on what was going on. What are you going to do it? I might thank you. Thank you for everything. You're doing keep us up to speed on on what's happening with with Mexico. I appreciate that you are actually on that case. And I don't know how we're ever going to get a border wall built in in this climate, but play if this isn't a signal that we need one. I don't know what is thanks MIKE
I can go to the home depot and we'll get started working out of there. Senator MIKE Lee from Utah. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program hey its Glenn, and if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad great unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite pike ass. I it's Glenn if you're a subscriber to the pod cask, any deuce, favour and rate us on Itunes. If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes banks, so the impeachment hearings begin tomorrow in the public. We are going to be loaded for bear tonight five, do, and I and Jason are going to be going over,
these names, so you know who is gonna, be testifying. What's we know, what's expected, etc, etc? but on Saturday the House Republicans submitted a list of witnesses they like to have testify. But what do you need I understand is this is not a fair trial. This is an inquisition. The Democrats and shift control all of it. So they will only call who they want to call. Yep set out some rules, for instance, You'Re- never going to talk to the whistleblower you're, never going to know the name of the whistleblower, you're not going to talk to you. So we don't know the name Cherabella about a man because they did release it non rejected. Underduk too, to guess in the in one of the transcripts, then there now that's. Why that's why Facebook is erasing all mentions of charm Ella, so
if you've posted anything about this was a blower reading. All those pages are going to be erased. This guy being erased from history. And you'll know why you watch the special you're going to understand why this country is is fingerprints are over everything? Ok, so they want to have Hunter Biden, testify totally reasonable, totally right. Vis goes back to. Why would they want and investing Well, you could say it's just about his his personal political gain right unless there was actually a prob, with Hunter Biden so having Hunter Biden there and trying to figure out whether he was an actual problem is completely central to this whole case occurred Volker. Is the Eu S special envoy to Ukraine, David Hale, State Department, official TIM, Morrison Russia, Europe, adviser on the National Security Council net? Eeyore. Now why Nellie or that's Bruce Oars wife member
Oh Nelly was the one who Is the one who brought information about collusion from Gee P S and the dossier to her husband in pillow, talk and brought here. Brought back to the Justice Department A? Why would we want to talk to her and They also want to talk to Alexander Kaluza, the the ship and the impeachment panel has had no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! No! No! No! You can't talk to those be Democrats. Have the veto power over the Republicans wish list, which means Hunter Biden, whistleblower Chalupa, none of them are going to be part of this Adam Schiff is Takamata, and
come out. I've you don't know was the grand inquisitor he was. He was doing the work of the Pope, wonder who the Pope might be in this particular case. Our dutch loop, and to talk about a typo, brilliant ideas. You really are those talk about other Delicious there's two hundred you'll. Never talk me out of our talk about anyway, so They are not going to let you loop testify and allow her to be grilled by any the Republicans. They also said It will not serve as a vehicle to undertake the same sham investigations into the viands. What sham investigations once the New York Times did, which ones you Talkin about. What would sham investigations? Are you talking about? We are not going to take part the same sham investigations in the bite and or twenty Dick Steen that the President pressed Ukraine to condemn. For his own personal political benefit. So why? Wouldn't you want them? king into twenty sixteen. Why wouldn't
like them looking into salute by. Why? Wouldn't you like them? Looking into the Dnc the State Department, the whistle blower by because, if, if your cases as they just stated, as fact there, he did this for his own personal political benefit, need to prove that the only way you can prove that is to show that he was a conspiracy there's, nothing going on there, but they don't. Have any of the people involved, about it right you're going to say that these are conspiracy theories, then let them the sunshine in just load still The doors and windows led the peoples. Asked the american people, but they don't trust the american people. If they trusted the american people they would adjust. Acknowledging that we all have impeachment votes coming up in less than one year right. The Donald Trump thrown out of office in a year by year,
voting form and using the actually mean in the normal process in the normal way of doing these things, they don't want that to happen because they don't trust the people they think they might wrong again to tell you, I would love to have an actual trial unloved have really good attorneys. Take the information that we have that's all from. Facts. You know the Freedom of Information ACT. We have it from released documents from the state Department from the state department from from the administration from the former administration? We have audio tape recordings, none of them It's gonna be heard now This is gonna, be heard and the american people need to see it. You have to see it.
Tomorrow, I'm working really really hard, we're learning so much stuff and I'm working really hard to make sure that there is no way that this can be called. What did he just call it a sham investigation or the conspiracy theories around twenty. Sixteen there no conspiracy theories. Everything we have is documented: every But you will see tomorrow, night is on tape, and you're not going to believe that its on tape- you're, not stew- and I were talking today. Because Soros is involved, of course, and what he's doing is remarkable and still said, okay. But we do have the documents, because
Who is really working hard? I worked last week on the book it's this week for him to just go through and comb all the facts today is his day just to go through all the facts on this special to make sure that we have everything buttoned up one last time and he's like it, but we do have Stu, we have a memo from George Soros himself not an organization him to the state to part laying this all out and you're like what. It's insane: it's not a conspiracy theory Tides Foundation said when they were going through the of the Obama of amateur bomber care and we said, and it's gonna go. It's gonna go to universal health care, it has two and he was good. Speech to insiders and he said: look
it's going to end up in single payer healthcare? It's going to it's, not a trojan horse. It's right there, I'm telling you it's right there there. An open about it and, This goes against everything that I think even Democrats believe really do. Who believe that, when Democrats here this, if they have an open, my if you're look, if you're looking to excuse Donald Trump or Convict Donald Trump. This is now the place for you to not if you're looking for truth, if you're looking for What really happened and your looking to see who is who are the United States representatives. Actually doing whose doing this, what are they do? in our name with our billions of dollars. What are they actually doing and prove it to me? I'm just give me a
Prove it to me, show me the facts: you're not going to like it, but you have to know it and that's why I said to MIKE Lee last hour. We had a my we're talking about the impeachment, and I said this all has to come out and you can do it in the Senate. Won't get any of this information in the house because they locked it all down, they've specific cordoned off nothing. That is on the chalkboard. I mean that's, that's that's quite that is quite if you have people that are crazy and are making crazy conspiracy theories, just crazy, making them up and there's no way to prove them. I welcome that in my car break as you could pursue them to be less alien right. Show them to be
insane really. Mr back, could you prove that? Please? Oh yes, ears! The document with her signature on here's, a document with his signature here's a document from sorrels to her outlining everything we're talking? Yes, That's why they must deem this a conspiracy theory and give it no light of day, because once you have any of this in the light of day you see not only what's happening in Ukraine, but you what's happening today in South America today in the United States of America yesterday. San Francisco You will see what's being done to us and what's that done to the whole world, using your tax dollars and now we ve been talking a lot and editors in argument on the right about what the best process is for the Senate when they do inevitably impeach Trump in the house, because it just under democratic control
Do you go ahead with the trial? Do you just completely ignore and not have a trial to vote before? Any evidence is and then just dismiss it, because it's just joanna- and I think like this- is a good example of why you probably do want to go ahead with the trial in our people. Keep comparing the house side of this to the grand jury where it does, the rules are basically set up so that the Democrats, the prosecution, can just present ever. Without it being refuted, that's kind of the weight set up, and that's why ensuring set up right to get an indictment. You come in give all your evidence, is there enough to go after this attempt to make it a trial? You say yes or no, but all of that in Grand jury scent is done in secret because its unfair right is patently unfair and its on it is that it
and substantiated the end some case accusation and its and its on both sides. It's on both sides you to its wild stuff on both right. So that's her. Behind closed doors, so that the union were not it's not tainted, you're, not tainted by all the stuff? That's not legitimate right here. The Democrats are able to make this case. With basically no push back and you Cavan call competing avid evidence and witnesses in the Senate. That's good! the different story. If you just let- something happened to get an impeachment, and then you ignore it number one. The Democrats are going to be able to say look there just if they don't, but the evidence there they just ignoring this number to you. Ever present, the other side, there are never be a focused by the american people on the stuff you ve been doing in part. One part two and now part three of the special and that's the important thing it really is. It really is. Donald Trump is a hand grenade. He is a hand grenade
and what was totally amazing, is they know it. The state department said it John Bolton, who I'm pretty sure is probably all in on this kind of stuff. That's go, he said rooted Giuliani is I mean he's a haggard ate. His is gonna blow things up, yeah yeah! That's Why people don't like Donald Trump, because he is blowing things up, but might be rolling into a room to trying to blow Something up he doesn't know. Is that just blew this wall down and it's not really what you were after, but that's big then what you were after. And that hang Renee just exploded and just expressed- Who is all of this? That's happening here, needed to stop him, because he was a hand grenade that would expose all of them.
And you will see all of it tomorrow- we're going to go on with the witnesses and what's going to happen in the next couple of days here in just a couple of seconds also tonight at five in the place All of this research is paid for by you. So please we're going to make this free. It's on Facebook and Youtube, tell everyone you know to watch it. This is an important one. We have to start with history and. Can it below it begins with Woodrow Wilson, but we start with history and to bring you to today its tomorrow. It's free teller We won blaze, tv, dotcom, Slash, Glenn use. The promo code Gb20 off and you'll save twenty percent. If you want to become a member and help us do all of these things. But friends and watch it tomorrow, free on Facebook and also on on Youtube.
This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, we welcomed programme are canadian Broadcasting friend Brian Lily, hello, Brian, our you eat a boot Glenn, I am doing well other than I'm listening to you and Stu this morning, because I'm on vacation trying to escape canadian politics puttering around and I'm hearing you talk about Don Cherry, a man I know like and respect and Justin Trudeau, a man. I know, don't like him. Don't worry so this is crazy Brian. This is this is Absolutely not you guys
Thus the elected kind who has photograph multiple times as an adult in blackface. He was actually asked during the election because he wouldn't say how many times he warned it. After the first night, he was caught the first night he's caught. He comes out and you know he's on his campaign plane and he does one of those things with all the reporters around on the plane and have you done this any other times? Yes, there was one of their time and then they released a photo of him in high school dressed up in blackface. Doing oh and show now, every time I'm watching the rafters may play Dale. I think just intruders gotta be in the audience. They go from that to the next day, another shoes that light comes out with another video of him and now there's and so we last well how many more well but the numbers not important to the nearest
actual question to him and he couldn't answer so yeah. We just re elected him, but beyond that Justin Trudeau was a man who in Quebec, where that the french part of Canada did you represent. They have a certain amount of say over there, immigration and they're doing things. If any other part of the country did it, he said, call racist. They want to impose a values test to become an immigrant took it back. So do you believe in the following things and some people to say this is good. This is bad, but when a conservative politician advocated for that a few years ago for the whole country,
intruder call that racist, bigoted, anti immigrant cabuc is the end of the province. Again. That you represent is lowering their immigration rate. They are reducing it because immigrant steel job, any other part of the country, did that he'd call it a racist and bigoted and anti immigrant to die. Who was actually backing policies that the liberal left calls racist anti and was just reelected, but we got a fire don cherry for saying you come here honour our fallen. My parents are immigrants Most of the neighborhood kids that I grew up around where immigrant we all learned about remembrance day and we all wear poppies, Don Cherry. The can you compare him to an american sports, castor, all something? How big is he in Canada? Well, unlike keep over me
kept his job for years. You know, like I'm, not sure that there is a comparable figure. He doesn't call the games like Al Michael's, increase gallons worth on Monday on Sunday night for all he's he's not a lot like Harry. Carry here he's not like her inquiry, so he's just this guy that he used to go to the Boston Bruins, back in the day he played in the minor leagues he played in the NHL for a cup of coffee, but he he carved out this niches, sing the Canadian every man who watches the game talks about what do you like
what he doesn't like. An Jack agency goes off on these things, but his support for the troops has been huge. The left has been trying to get rid of this guy for years, and so in I tweeted out a couple of things on this. As I say, I M trying to stay away from politics, but I'm on the twitter machine on the weekend- and I see all the outrage over this, and I say ok, so let me get this straight. The country just elected a man who were black face more times than he can say, who backs of values test for immigrants, but only to go back back. Dropping cabuc immigration bill in was weak and build twenty one, oh by the way. Yet there's this bill in Cuba that just intruder won't fight that says if you were a turban, a keeper
he job any outward religious symbol. You can't be a school teacher or a cop or a civil servant. He won't fight that, can you imagine that can serve? It is only in the left, elected him, and yet Don Cherry says where poppy. If you come your guess what my dad came to this country and learned about hockey, he couldn't watch Sakharov attempt goes back. Then you couldn't watch everything on satellite, twenty, four seven. So we learned about baseball you'll, learn about football. He learned about Aki by the time I was born a couple years after you get into the country. He's upset that my mother's going into labor in the middle of a football game, commodities for second quarter, at least with laughter prize or any actual evidence that he was even speaking about immigrants. The comet seems to be he's upset. With people who are there. No, he says you come here getting worse.
Come here, but I mean he's talking about Toronto, the any silly in fairness, I think he's talking about emigrants- and there are a lot of immigrants- new Canadians whose people like to call them that you were the poppy look. I think most people come to this country because they like the freedom- and I know you keep saying we don't have the first amendment. We do actually have the charter of rights, which says you ve got freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press, and has a word now find it well it it doesn't picture for gain something your employer disagrees with Europe.
That's the case right. It stop you're. Just like the first amendment, I can have the first amendment needed states, but a fire nor my employer. Like that time, you're going to hire me dad glad and then you found out, I said something bad about Texas. Not you know that that can do yonder in Rogers is like a Comcast, as you were saying do, and it is this huge company that just doesn't want the headache known. Fortunately, for them, there's a boycott sports net movement going on now and people are calling up in there saying all right, I'm going to cancel my sports net subscription. If you know anything about the remaining people that have not cut the cord. The most profitable angle of cable is sport sort, and on top of that that so they're a cable company there are broadcaster there, also a cell phone company people or cancelling their Roger subscriptions across the board. This could end up hurting them,
I dont know if you know it will be big enough, it's tough to tell, but my guess is that there's gonna be more outrage from people that are actually upset over this best elusive show just as warriors that never watchdog to begin with her out. For I mean it's, it's crazy! It's like the thing with double o seven, you know they're, making they ve they ve banned. The word Bonn girls on the SAT and all this feminist nonsense with James Bond who they appealing to, because those very don't go to watch James Bond movies, there now you're, not gonna, have a feminist. They let you know, don't see, pull dont, see, Patricia Ireland going well wait. A minute hang on. Maybe I'll go see that this weekend, Batman, watch bond movies unless they're reluctantly, sitting next to us, saying you watch for rom coms, I guess I can watch a bond movie rights
this guy- that was the partner that weaseled with this stupid apology, RON Maclean, who is he's been by my side since one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, and how Don is friends with a fellow writer of mind at the Toronto Sun, Joe Warmington, and talked about listen ship with RON before it is wrong to bit more left in me, but we get along we're good. I dont know what round was thinking,
dont have gone on air and said. Look I'm I'm sorry, here's what I actually meant I didn't mean to offend you. I didn't mean to offend people but dunce tonnes like I'm not doing anything. That could be a simple. I dont know that word from dont heap I get let's go on tat. Is I I'm not like an event to anybody's eighty five. He doesn't give a crap what anyone thinks about him and he mean YO every year, there's there's an attempt to shove, em off the air so run. Maclean is MR nice guy that its next to him he's the straight man he's the host of the overall hot,
United Canada broadcast. So I think he's going to face a bit of a backlash, but now what kind of universities- and we ve been partner with this guy for that long and that's what you do, what you do or end and run has been removed from different jobs, Hearkeneth candid over the years and on his stood up form, and no. This is not going to go over. Well, I m sure they're not gonna talk again, but the you know it's is much. Is America's football nation Canada's a hockey nation and so people will be outraged, but will they stop
watching, probably not make me give ratings opaque ahead in it in people start watching hockey elsewhere, I dont know, but it's a. I can't believe that there's more ink spilled over this and are predicted this on the weekend I said: tweeted it out, there's gonna be more inks, build more broadcast time. All of this devoted to dawn cherry than the fact that our Prime Minister, that we just re elected in the middle of the campaign, was backing policies, his own particles, anti immigrant and because Don said quote on quote you people
of which my scottish immigrant uncle says all the time normally referring to me and round use people of Iraq is that's what cost Miss job, but just intruded gets reelected by this same people that are complaining about Don Cherry high, so Brian you, you gotta, called on and see veal come on the show for US tomorrow, as I believe snuff, love to spend some time with them. According to authors that I love hanging out with Glenn you're one Don's another I'll send a photo of me and one of Don's book signings a while ago, I went up to interview him at it to just outside. Grand oaks and shoot lineup like the type of line up the politicians dream of think it's not quite done Donald Trump Jr and his trigger thing down in wherever he was in the weekend, but for CAT
massive line up people standing in line four hours to meet the guy, and he saw TAT the earth you're gonna love love at our thanks. A lot bran appreciated Ryan Lake Lily he is a political conall is for our the Toronto son. He's fan of ours we're a fan of his until he says something and then suited will wield, stabbed him in the back. So didn't even know the guy. Did you know the guy who I don't even meet, that guy wow, He's radio network on demand.
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