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Glenn and Stu discuss the ongoing supply chain disruptions and how it's only going to get worse. BlazeTV host Steve Deace joins Glenn to discuss his book, “Faucian Bargain,” and its new chapter, “Faucian Booster.” BlazeTV host Elijah Schaffer joins Glenn to discuss the science behind masks and the connection between dementia patients and ice cream.

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Hey great Friday, podcast pillow Riley is on an ox it out of the park, as usual gives us the biggest stories of the week. We get into some of the reasons that are being held, interesting point of view from from him. Also Eliza Schaefer is on talking about ice cream and the president in a scientific sort of way. Also we talk about the covert vaccines and really big news on the banking sector, its red alert, red alert for the economy and offer get placed he beat our com, Slash, Glenn Promo Code is Glenn. Get ten bucks offers subscription to blaze tv and subscribe rate. Review to this path cast is well stewed as America all available right here, five stars is the appropriate ever starts by way of General Flynn is on tomorrow's podcast. Wherever you, your pod, cast workplace dvd com, Slash plan General Michael Flynn episode, I think it's one nineteen, when their Parker,
you only thinking, really bad, really bad. The New York's, the New York Teachers Union, and the the mare, I think it's the American Federation, nor the United Federation of Teachers. They we are asking the Supreme Court to stop this vaccine mandate on teachers because they think it's unconstitutional the teachers union We are saying that the government has gone too far. They make. You can't tell individuals what to do. That's an end, Unconstitutional really cannot play the Terry Macaulay, audio. Do we still have that from a couple of days ago, when he said you know we're not gonna have people tell teachers who ought to teach
You believe school system should tell children what to do. I believe parents should be in charge of their kids education authorities. So, first of all this, it shows how clueless Glenn Yoke and, as you don't understand what the laws work has never been involved here up helping Virginia, but it was not. The parents had the right to veto bills, veto books, Glenn not to be. knowledge about it, also take em off the shelves and I'm not gonna, let parents into schools and actually take tat made me right away? They had a right to veto books, so you stop the bill that I don't parents should be tone, schools what they should teach region If you vote this guy and you get exactly what you deserve, you do unfortunately if you're living in Virginia and you ve, worked and worked and worked in work it'll be time to move. It will be. You have got to
out of these places that are run by people who think that you don't have a right to it, even more toe books. You knows he said they had a right to veto books, not not not to understand them or what was an intelligently, what also everybody, we shall wait I'll box what they're, not in making elegant decisions now they're just making decisions you the people in power, don't agree with its reveal. How completely absurd he thinks this idea. Is that the parents would have a right to tell their case. I'm teach their kids what they should be on a level with the system Irene. It's like. He thinks it's a completely anchors. Alien idea that the parents would be control will be in control of their own kids, education, so I recommend that, as I say to you, button battened down the hatches anybody who says why there's been a weird year well glad I'll be glad for the new year shut up, because it's gonna, be it's gonna, be one.
If you think you don't recognize your country now mark my words this time next year. When I say remember what I said whom you. Recognize it from this year. It will be that different. And I can't recommend highly enough to Yet to places where you're, not in the minority get too, places where there are good decent people who Don't care who you voted for, but they do care you love Amerika, and you will you believe in the bill of rights. but whatever you want, do you believe in the bill of rights. Do you believe that all men are created equal do believe there shouldn't, be some dictator telling you exactly what to do and not to do, because I do and more importantly, I think you need to live in a place where, where God and the judiciary,
christian ethic is really strong, because we're we have to start relying on each other, and I, I mean what our alarm jealous cause. You got caps and I got balls and so were gonna shoot it up. I mean lie on each other for help for food. you are going to see in the next year empty shelves everywhere. We are going to do that if that If the economy still is chugging next year,. It's not your, definitely gonna see empty shelves. But you're gonna see these I chain collapse. now. I want you to understand what that means when the supply chain collapses. You know it's like I've said over for twenty years now, and I'm talking about my patriot, supply and I'll, be like As you know, when a truck can't make it to you,
grocery store eight times a day to reply, the shelves, that's the average each grocery stores replenished eight tie. a day when those trot. Aren't bringing stuff in you don't have anything on your own. Your Every shelves how many of us have already experienced this in three stores- I know there are things and brands that I have I wanted to buy incidents can't via what's the next. in water, the Tokyo What would she go? Ike I can find out now. I know it's out there. I've gone to three grocery stores. I can't find it day what What happened to that and I don't know if it's a supply chain, if they stop carrying it or what have I just can't find it. I know there are many things many things I ordered a stove a year ago, a year ago,
It was supposed to come in spring. They said it would be an August when August passed. They said it would be in September when September passed, they said, we're, not really sure we can't give you a date. It could be as much as another year. Excuse me what How many times have you gone too by certain things in it's? Just not there anymore you're like it's weird, I'm telling you this these are the birth pangs of things to come. There is a group of of dock workers, of their all the transportation people there, the heads of the truck drivers and airlines that are doing cargo shipments and the seafarers they. into the? U N and go the! U N a massive warning and said: you are on the verge of a complete system collapse because, what the governments are doing with cove id
while their restricting people how their disk the decision giving discharge this Sensitive to work by paying bill extra to stay home. It is collapsing the supply chain, the California ports, ass, the California ports about to break. that stuff sitting out on the on the coast can't be brought in because there's nobody to truck it. There's no way get the port. They know where to get them out of the ports. There's nobody to put them on to trucks. It's all because of the regulations that the governments are doing all over the world now do was just telling me he was just reading from what was the company simple, modern, simple, modern yeah. They make sense steer all drink where, as you know, the things they make MIKE come as the ceo. He says this is pretty
Harry and there's a major storm brewing in the supply chains, up. Everything you think. You know about America. Forget that you're in a new world and listen to this with fresh ears. Please it could dream impact everyone's life next year, but almost no one knows about it. Yet we're talking about empty shelves, crazy inflation, etc. Here's what I'm learning about the pro from my contacts in China as a communist. Three, China centrally planned. That means things like electricity usage are planned in Beijing by party officials. Instead of governed by the supply and demand of the market, which is incredibly different than what Joe Biden is working on, they won't be centrally planned in Beijing just centrally planned in Washington DC totally different city, completely different Eddie and that's full of chinese people and in Washington DC is not full of chinese people. I mean the differences just keep, adding up
to the point where it's ridiculous, to even mention central planning, China can bear to the central planning here completely different. Here. It's ever be end of the year, China set electricity quotas for each province, sing as a result of supply chain disruptions from covered and unprecedented factory demand. Many of the provinces have used way more electricity than planned high. Now China doesn't have enough coal power, so in other words, when they don't have a free market to be able to the things with power that they need to do and just have companies incentivize too, you know from the free market to continue their like it works here in Amerika the scent planning they run out of electricity. Do they stop building walls? Why don't they just build more walls with more outlets in them? Yet I know: what's second it now he doesn't cover that these government has begun restricting electoral electrical usage for the provinces based on how much electricity they have used so far this year,
green, yellow and red system that is put in place as that's. How would every Chinese every government. The communist government ever does the inferior got color based system, yeah no data, and we will never do that. We don't do some our primary production is in a yellow region. These nurse now have electricity caps and can work for days a week. Instead of six, their production has been cut by thirty. Three percent and these cuts are likely to last until the Chinese New year. This is a big deal in stainless drink where had to businesses and ninety three set of the world's production happens in one province in China. Of that production about half happens from now, to the Chinese New year. What that means about twenty four set of the world's production isn't going to get built this year, products being produced in the more restricted red regions are going to get hit even harder, there are already stories about regions having to operate by candlelight due to the power rationing. The problem with cove, it is led to cascading failures throughout the supply chain. If production drop
so dramatically over the coming months than empty shelves would be commonplace. We talking about a situation where many product types will be plainly nukes. Do your Christmas shopping. Now I don't not what I want you to take from this vote. I kids with little kids. Do your Christmas shopping right now right now, because it's going to be very bad this Christmas more. Concerning is what will happen on the other side of the Chinese New year. The lack of production caused by the electrical shortages is going to cause an unprecedented amount of demand on chinese factories and twenty twenty two is very likely that that happens. We will see the biggest traffic jam the supply chain has ever experienced this year. We get it. of what happens when you apply pressure to logistics supply chain, Sure we may see a Fulbright, a break in some places. One additional is that China is simultaneously rolling out its twenty twenty one to twenty twenty two autumn and winter action plan for air pollution management. This plan, could
sales, even more production from factories with higher pollution. a good goes on a global level. You get the point here. We know, ok, we're talking about major disruptions and it's like, I think we all went into covert realising like wholly crap. This whole thing could collapse and I think up my the majority of people are like. Oh I mean that was rough Obviously, the health issue for you, but we haven't paid, has on price like that. Now the bill hasn't come yet in its coming next year it is coming. Let me just go back to the ports California, so you know forty percent of all of the stuff that comes in on carbon cargo ships come into eleven ports in California. Forty percent, Thirty percent of everything we ship out goes through eleven ports in California. Because of the workers that are not working, because the ports I mean they lost so much money when nothing was coming in now the demand is so high. So you know half of the ships
in port in California are called mega container ships. They have, like ten thousand of those big cargo things in I'm, ok, that's double or triple the size of what cargoes were ten years ago. Triple the size, so takes them a lot longer to load and unload, which means that more trucks, trains and warehouses that are needed to unleash store and transport the good half of them are. These. The wait now keeps getting longer and longer and longer containers are waiting. Nearly sixteen days on average before there be unloaded and the port. Working twenty four hours a day now is unsustainable. They have a hundred plus ships sitting waiting outside of LOS Angeles alone to try to get in the ports
everything that you're looking for in your shelf lot of it is sitting out waiting for somebody to open it and and be able to get it onto a truck it sitting in the water right now. That's not all of the demand. As you heard, China can't keep with the demand and it's about to break in China because of activity. Just electricity, kids, thereon oh going now through a massive economic problem. Please hear me shortages are coming. You will could shelves next year and you will wonder if you are even in the United States of America, your listening to the best of the global stage, ace place to be
Steve Days, show author of fancy in bargain. Well, Steve. How are you good morning brother, how you Ben how good good I'm good so eve, I'm doing a five night special think next month on some investigation that we ve been doing in fact we had earlier this week. somebody had hacked into our system of one of our producers and was going through all of our confidential files. Preparing for this show Doktor found she and an cove id. and Google couldn't even figure out who was in the Google docs looking at all that stuff, We have taken everything and gone in line with all of it. While we produce the show there's a lot of really really bad things that have been going on with it
tell me about the bonus chapter, the FAO chain booster, have you read out in bargain. We left off right when the vaccine we were vaccines are being ruled out. Glenn and Vienna Data in real time, particularly for high risk in the elderly, with the alpha variant, Initial data was actually very promising, and so we disfigured- let's just end the book here and then at this, becomes an issue of mandates. We can pick up the conversation later and then, as it has been the pattern of this entire scammed, ethnic, the less something work. More they want to mandated, and so when the vaccines were performing very well. You know you know back to normal, take your mass off everything else. It's the minute. The delta variant arrived and we began to see the efficacy, particularly from a transmission standpoint. These therapeutics just completely collapse the now. Suddenly, want to impose them on. Everyone are yet the bite administrate.
In all the ruling, the sixteen the to vote by the FDA, including two resignations in opposition to third boosters Israel's doing Third boosters Canada just bought for years? worth a boosters from Pfizer as a matter of fact and Glenn I got online in setting in February March April or may that I dont think that these vaccines hold up in mass against transmission and you're all need a third booster by the end of the year I d been suspended if not banned from twitter, or Face member Lange that and you here we are, and so that's why we decided we had to do this bonus chapter to try to equip people without you and booster to push back on back demanded mandate right now, while the while the iron, his heart go through some of your tweets here, according to the whose dashboard the unite states, had one hundred and fifty six percent more covert cases, and one hundred and forty eight percent higher death than the third week of September this year compared to any twenty. No one
was vaccinated in September twenty twenty. Seventy, percent of adults have at least had one vaccine dosed September, twenty twenty one. we want this may later this year You know I had left a journalist, and I use that in quotation marks asked me on Twitter. many people that have been banned from you to do. We call in Fouche in bout booster. These are people, I've, never even heard of ok, although getting ban from Youtube nowadays It makes me want to find them. I just use w. the World Health Organization and CDC data for the majority of our forty footnotes in this twenty two page chapter, and if you look at the weekly break out from the World Health organization. We lower natural immunity, no one vaccinated last September, we have of the eighty percent of people according to CDC, have some immunity for cold at night. between actual immunity and vaccinations- seventy five percent have been given at least one dose. We have what we have two thirds,
of adults obeyed that have received both the doses over eighty percent Seniors in America have been given both dosage, and yet we are sitting here with a hundred and fifty six percent more cases and a hundred and forty eight percent more deaths- and this is this- is week, we think should be calm. Down were on the tail end of the sun Bout way you ve got a bit of a law. For we had into the the. and your way than the seasonality where I live in the north. And yet you look at a state like Burma, right now, when it's the most vaccinated state in the union there than all time high for cases right now seize an hour Does he could begin for them until this weekend, main hasn't? is also a top three vaccinated state. They got an all time, high For I see you, patients right now, Connecticut, reporting again out of season. One third of its hospitalizations are fully vaccinated. We haven't even The seasonality, that's the number one driver of this- are the number one population driver of cold it all over. The world is seasonality. We have not even hit
seasonality in the north and already in Vermont and made in Connecticut through the most vaccinated states, we're having a. We have yours, in trend line that really you oughta, be seeing in January to what in the world is January. Gonna look like so So what are you suggesting here that the vaccine makes things worse. When I am suggesting is something is not right, you're not telling us something. Something is right. This is a bait and switch the initial vaccine data, how up against the alto various was very, very strong, especially from a therapeutic and now that it has collapsed on August. Fifth, on CNN while places were truth, doesn't even go to die, it doesn't exist the director of the CDC Rachel Russia will, and he went on Wolf, Pulitzer and admitted that these vaccines, no longer stop transmission, so that would seem to indicate then
the whole. Our argument over mass last year was weary masters and protect you with somebody else which that was a lie, but that, with the argument right well, isn't that actually argument now for these therapeutics they are a therapeutic like they flew backing. You are you, you are, if you it involved in his vaccination programme unless they come up with a true back seen a true immunization, sulky level, achievement understand that you are signing yourself up for on ongoing human experiment of being in June, didn't we injected with the nanoparticles at this experimental technology that no one invested prior to two thousand and eight and modernity hadn't happen all four nine and bringing products to market until coded you're you're part of this excuse. the ongoing. Now you still may decide that, given the risk of cold it for you and the house If the variant seem to be getting worse, you may still decide that that's worth the gamble, but you should be informed about choice and obesity. go and do not stymie transmission, which they do not ok, if they dont tiny transmission
there is simply no medical or ethical rationale for me. Dating them on people whatsoever, because this isn't like it that you get that if you're not, you're any more of a super spreader. Then someone who is there was a study that came out from the state of Wisconsin's Department of Hell. Just a week ago. Frankly, I found it courtesy our ceo dialect garden. He sent it to me to have the largest counties in Wisconsin did a study and what they found is that the viral load of people who tested positive with cold it back to night. It was actually slightly higher than those who tested positive for coded on vaccinated, again, There is no mere or ethical justification for mandating these things before we even get to the constitutional question. So Steve. There is your what you're saying as this is not a vaccine. It's a therapeutic at mast and and maybe something that you once you start. You gotta continue to tat like the crucial yet again, a new one every year for the new strangler, ok bar I, but there
are some things and we keep If we're in the therapeutics, we keep finding therapeutics that are cheap, Hydroxyl Chloric. When is a very good therapeutics, not gonna, stop it, but it will help. You, if you have it, it may stop you from getting it. Did me once I stop taking That's when I got covered and I buy was taking it my whole family had covered. I mean I was like: no that's not all over your face, but kiss me sweetheart. I mean I wanted to get it out. So I had the natural immunity I was taking hydrochloric when that worked. I ever met in it were six, those are cheap and my sister was asking her doktor for Hydroxyl clerk went in Washington State and would not prescribe it. You wouldn't preschool but he wouldn't proscribe. I've remarked in either these
drugs had been used for a long long time I remember when the Nobel Prize in two thousand and fifteen is not horse paste, that's a lie, We have a lot of antibiotics that we re purpose for animal you nowadays, for example, We had a bird burger it Mcdonald's or enjoy your. Your grilled or Friday antibiotics, as you had some right there. Ok, the complete and total why this drug has literally saved it. In India, taken by or save hundreds of millions of people, since two thousand fifteen, its manufacturer mark who, by the way, was one of the first companies to jump on President trumps operation, warp, speed and then back out when they were confidence in their human trial data that they could come up am RNA vaccine. That was efficacious enough to justify the side effects of date ever came with one, even though their arguably the most successful farm accompany it, country. Are they
are the creators of ivory acting? They were part of winning a Nobel Prize for this back in two thousand and five and now and then back in February, they actually put out a paper trying to discredit their own drug from from people using and now we find out today they signed a massive contract with the feds to get emergency, not augur emergency authorization for an oral drug. The a hacker a lot like hydroxyl work, winner Iver back in and oh by the way, though this one, the governments, get a pay them. Seventy dollars a pill, I could go on good, our ex dot TK. I'm right now and with a Walgreens Cuban I could get fifty eight cents propel Iver met and if you do the math, Eleven thousand nine hundred percent profit per pale Glenn per pill for Mark ok, how close is a time bomb activate the game that the player you? How do we know? Here's? The thing all the data that we have gotten so far have all been internally show you something that just made me laugh out loud last week run density of the people that Gillies, which makes women
city, or try to come out with a study to show the government that they are hugely successful product in stopping people from requiring hospitalization for coping now back in July, one of the best public university hospitals in the country he's an hour down the road from where I live at the University of Iowa did a lot of live real time. Study of random severe in July published the results they founded that when it's not call renal failure. Failure at either doesn't work and in many cases, prolonged hospital usage, but here's the kicker Glenn, here's, the kicker, the old, where you can get random severe, is to actually go to a hospital or healthcare facility and have it administered you usually by injection there. They sell reported that their drug stops people from having to having to be hospitalized recorded, but it's a drug. You have to go to the hospital in order to get, and yet this is a joke. They just a bit. They lie about this stuff all the time and then the treatment that actually work
It was called regeneration when they gave it to President Bush President Tropic this time last year to get him out of the hospital. But now it's noted them, conall antibodies their several different manufactures. Ask your audience if you want to know why I'm not celebrating the Murk announcement today when we can. Let me respond to your question with a question. How many Commerce since last November, after after regenerate monoclonal saved president trumps light and got out of the hospital and then was made available a month later for the country, how many shells, have you seen on tv in the last ten months for monoclonal antibodies many of you even knew they existed until the Santa started, making them portable around the state of Florida and then, after they saved a bunch of wives, and they start doing this in your state of Texas. Now now the Bite administration wants too rash in it. How many of you even knew what this was, but how many of you ve seen it
hold it, even though it actually works. That's why I'm not celebrating there's something has smelled rotten in the state of Denmark Glenn from day one from the day that the imperial cartilage sure they came out March sixteenth of last year till now. This thing stinks to high level high Rather I promise you. Thank you so much Steve. I really appreciate the work that you have done on this and keep it up. Thank you They ve got less the best Glinda programme, another host from blaze, TV, the house of slightly offensive and co host of you are here. Elijah's Schaefer joins us now
she and on, because I wanted to ask you something: cause you're. You have a degree in biology or what molecular biology some grad school, but I was smart and I left that failed to do that I saw was coming. I knew it. I knew it was common that they were gonna start using the weird whoop politics in the sciences. Stop caring about things like activity and discipline and starting to look at Sciences Morven art Was that sounds good, and so you have I mean you have the knowledge of for instance, the masks a studio said you want stop it, you wanna, make sure you're, safe and you're not spent then get an and ninety five mask, and then you have to worry about what everybody else is doing. You get an end and if I masking that pretty much will stop anything that is coming through. That's your best shot On a mass, the rest of them are ridiculous, yeah, I know in and it's kind of crazy tuk is obviously we're talking about with the ban. That just happened. I just said: what's on the box of these,
off masks. These paper masks, especially the homemade masks alone, that make me laugh the Moldova just get a piece of cloth tight around. Your face and covert, stay away as if it's like the five second rule. You know where you have on this issue and not on the ground for five seconds the bacteria can hit. You have anything your face, you block all pathogens. If only we knew that the last several thousand years and no one would have died. so the the idea of these Maxine mandates Antonov? You heard this today, or yesterday was announced that the Federation of Teachers in New York are now suing because as they say they should not be mandated for teachers and that their worth its unconstitutional in New York in New York. The teachers in New York are soon because they showed they say they shouldn't have to be forced to be vaccinated? Will, of course not. I mean You know, I know I the first thing about the vaccine that I have agreed with the teachers unions on I did
teachers. Unions were allowed to make logical sense today about one two thousand fourteen or side. and and they're going to use this more and more to come, people's rights. I mean a woman who was pregnant. With quite away so along inner pregnancy. She was a nurse she refused to get the vaccine because of the baby did matter She was fired she's now suing all of you. things where you're just losing access. A job or a place is only going to get worse. Yeah. You know I just spoke to another comedian new, while a heart she has spent a bifida which is a sort of a two formative issue, and she actually has a blood clotting disorder and is unable to take the vaccines, and so not only the set someone with a disability. This is a woman right. This is four years always hard about is fighting for the disabled. Fighting for women and
he's a pretty popular comedian. I knew about her before I met her she'd been. From almost every single comedy house in club. She would have to move from EL acres. She couldn't work anymore, because a let her in and in she told me she goes, and you know that don't even believe in these mandates, because the bouncer said Lilla to her. Why? you just one just bring me a fake vaccine card and we would have let you in and choosing look all these people that are even champion yet and saying it's a good thing when it push comes to shove. Don't even believe that this is necessary as a good chunk of people to that vat. Our working up these places they don't want to be involved in enforcing vaccine, ran rates, that's not their job or why they got. They went to get hired there and others in this impossible position and between people who want to be able to go into an establishment and the for business who wants them in the establishment many times, but their forced by the government to do other things it's not crazy. It's crazy way of doing business so
I've been having a debate with myself and end with Bill O Reilly, and I think Stew and I are on the same page with Joe Biden we key Siena, we think he's going, but he's there are enough to make these decisions. These are not senile decisions. These are decisions, he's May king and he knows he's making them but there. There also is this weird ice cream thing with him, he's constantly having ice cream. They constantly and ice cream stores, and I this and I thought you know would know if this is true is Eliza, so ice cream. Is is a sign of possible dementia if you're craving it near his age. Yes, it is actually two sides of this that are really interesting, and I want to keep it very simple: assuming that given know nothing about dementia and promote note
lot about ice cream lot about here. Unfortunately, but essentially when it comes to dementia right there's a few different types is vascular, dementia, others front of temporal venture and Alzheimer's is different types of these two generations in the book This has to do with build up of things like plaques and different types of Nero toxicity, so the point of the matter is that dimension has two problems, as the biological element which obviously could be with medicine like prozac or different types of medications, and then there's the behavioral side of that, which is that as you begin to get older age and are unable to process information, you can start to get confused disoriented because you lose the ability to cope with. Stress of life right, a lot of people when your younger you may drink you may get angry you may know. Hopefully you don't do anything to discharge. You may go running ass. We get older, you lose out, ability to cope in the stress builds, and so this is why he doesn't take questions from reporters because
when there's an influx of stimuli, especially from things it you're not prepared for it, can lead you to a state of disorientation hallucination in confusion, which is why they will stop the questions because he needs who composed himself. Would it also lead to anger? Oh yeah it. One of the things to you, if you seem shuffling around and moving around its and snapping, is usually it one of the main scientist snapping and getting kind of lost, confused and shuffling around, and you seem with his mask these are. These are very, because signs of of nobly early onset but total onset of dementia? Specifically, I think, has the F Tv, the frontal temporal, because I then, with the ice cream where it comes in. Is that one of the ways without using drugs or medication that you can treat dimension that you can help satiated is by bringing a coat mechanism, a positive coping mechanism that might bring both dope,
mean, release enjoy to the individual and also connect them back to earlier simpler times. I gotta tell you: damage has never seemed more appealing to me. You know what I'm saying this is why so, this is just a quantitative form of that of a very simple way to help, people is to give them the ice cream because it sweet and art I honestly, with ftp, as you have a natural craving, usually for sugars crimes readily available. It doesn't look suspicious putting your hands in a full cake, unjust eating it. Rather, we ve all been there revolver there. So there's that, but also on the side of things, there's a lot of new research, biological research. That shows a direct link between and consuming certain types of fermented dairy products, including ice cream, that contain Hydro, oh just draw and only a mind, different fatty acids in in prevent in the degeneration of the brain, especially
What called my we re on age will live forever. You know and that's why net the honesty, Nancy Policy, if you notice with a lot of these politicians who are very old, I mean you look the filings for these people look at how much ice cream they spend on them. Selves and there, donors can people in there in their Canada. It doesn't make sense. Oh, it's all ten thousand plus dollars. Couldn't it just be people really like ice cream will, we have too few of your american better, be a patriot like a country like ice is preparing a little weird thing is that was Martha Washington's attack. She did not want George to run for a second term, and so the just attacks, came from his own mother and the one that she thought had real sticking power was. He is so irresponsible with money you I have no idea what this man spends a year on ice cream. Well,
while my wife, my said the same thing about me, but I am going to say that, It's actually interesting, though, that is specifically in one study in Japan, there was a link between rice consumption and actual neurodegenerative toxicity, which means that it actually thence your brain from being healthy, but a direct link between cause people who seemed a lot of dairy and mental health, psychological health, showing connection? That's how it started between dairy products and prevent aging in the brain and what's really interesting. Is that the ice cream, because its readily available and it's delicious basic The study was saying that you can have low sugared part? Lee fermented Yogurt or scream as the way to try to that the onset and development of dimension. I do know about you, but,
come. I mean yogurt, ok, but it didn't offer me a spoonful of partially fermented yogurt nice scoop of bedding Jerry's, and I know we're not go for the parliament, it even really mouldy yogurt over Ben injurious to the cause of the communists, the Communists, ice cream, one other one. Other question on dementia- I have- I have read, and seeing photos of the present, for instance, there's this photo amazing photo of here. in the oval office down on his knees in front of a woman kissing her hand? because I think it was it. She had a lot of children and he was like. Ah you are, you know you women, but do they are so you should be? You know, pray and he actually got down his knees and kissed her hand and and then you see other things where he will stop in the middle of a conference and he will just talk to little kids
and he'll kind of baby talk with them a little bit The point of this article was that one of the signs of dementia. Is you don't You no longer know, what's appropriate and inappropriate, and so you were, you will you'll do things, Is that all clearly inappropriate for any. You know adult but you will do the things like he's to elect the president should know you never get down on your knees and then than the other. office? Unless your praying, I think, most men when it comes to meeting women don't get on your knees, new idea than on a great idea, general in general, I mean it. So he does a lot of these weird things and I know you're, not a doctor but yeah, but but this is this point actually that you don't have to be a doctor now and, as you know, some of your audience would know this. Obviously there's a similar type of lack of social care, with certain forms of autism. It ought to be a doctor if given cystic child or you yourself or autistic. You know
it or teal it haha you come out and say, there's. A reason why we had these diagnoses is because Somebody may feel like enough. If I'm coming onto them, that could be considered a salt or inappropriate. But what find outlets. They somebody touches you and appropriately or something you hate. They have and form of autism, they don't understand social cues that allows us in society to know how to function and really to that person, Kolokolo occupation or I'll teach them, and I will understand whether coming from that's why we're Joe Biden dimension. We have that diagnosis with people, because you go ok, sk. I shouldn't be president in hand also like this old man gets on his knees and kisses my hand. I shouldn't freak out because oh he probably has two temporal dementia, and I to stand that this kind of behaviour is isn't normal for people with this degeneration. He have that and still be very, very lucid and making decisions at times. No there's no way because one, it's called exciting is called Sundown syndrome, which is why he goes to bed so early. Is you
you find yourself getting tired early and you. can't handle liquor mentioned earlier- the introduction of new stimuli, because you can't process things quickly, so sickly, every job descriptor for the present that you need fast reaction, skills ability to process complex information, the ability to stay up long hours, these basic tenants that scare most people away from the job are all of them applications and skills that Joe Biden cannot This is not just something we can teach him cannot physically Ike, logically or emotionally, undertake if I notice of dementia is real and I do not believe it, I'm not a medical doctor, but just like it You today, a degree does tell when someone has autism or something a little bit off you. Not need to have a medical degree to look at this An NGO this man needs help. He needs love, he needs Herr needs to enjoy this last Indiana, hopefully decades of his life. We hope that he has a long, lasting life with his family, but being per
into the United States, is not something he's cognitive. We capable of doing Eliza four from you are here on blaze TV. Thank you so much. Thank you the programme fleet prison.
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