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Best of the Program | Guests: Steve Katz & Ami Horowitz | 4/16/19

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Best of the Program | 4/16  - 850 Years of History Burns? -h1  - Censorship to the Core? (w/ Steve Katz) -h2 - Stu's Review 'Game of Thrones'? -h2 - Openly Anti-Semitic Campuses? (w/ Ami Horowitz) -h3

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Welcome to the forecast. So my guys, like you, I appreciate you tooting internet, while I'm here Nevertheless, I note your down fire, Start there today and talk about debunking, be and already kind of the media like photo shops of, like I think, of arrows. Latin like coming in on a table like his ambition and even crawled out of you like it does not see To be that, at this point of the final approach we now and there's no final answer on what caused the fire does. Look like it was construction. Do this update Do we now have a different take on this that I think maybe you will enjoy? I think this is a blessed in the skies, and we can. We can talk about that coming up in the we also have the Joe Biden update that On tv last iconic walking the part that I will say so, it's a little difficult to listen to and try to understand all these moving parts cost a lot of people involved in this with Joe Biden
actions in China as well as some organisations. You might not be familiar with easiest way under. And it is, if you will do please tv that calm, Slash, Glenn and you can watch it on the chalkboard from last night's tv show. Now you can sign up MR privileged glancing, ten bucks. If you want to cancel during the free trial I think you're you're evil would probably communist, but go ahead. Do that if you want, but you should which watches you should know this information, because if I did steps and he's, if he's got to be the front runner, there's been four poles that come out come out in the last few days. He's ahead in three of them, a two of the by double digits. Four so he is entering this rate as the front runner. We need to know everything about you also of Army Horowitz on something that happened. Did you ever see Duke? That is really frightening tree. I truly free especially of how urgent c and no one is covering this anti. Emmett Way beyond anything that I've seen in Amerika
all sanctioned by two universities, all that and more coming up on today's podcast, listening to the date treated mobile is, is a there's a phone service. That will give you all of the great coverage that you that you want there just not going to take his eyes from you and then invest that in cars. You don't believe in like plan Parenthood, Patriot global actually is gonna. Let you invest. Your money into the causes that you believe it, but mostly cells could sell companies they they give all kind
Money too crazy, crazy causes that you worked hard against its true. Why do that you can go with Patriot mobile? They can be created to solve that problem, that the only conservative cell phone company enough in America gotTa Patriot mode. Dot com, slash. Please get started today when you use the optical delays there between the activation fee for up to two lines: Patriot, mobile dot, com, slash blaze or one. Eight hundred a patriot is the place to go sitting in a basilica at five. Seventy eight d. In the heart of Jerusalem, lay a crown of thorns. They had been there for a while. Then the wars started and the emperor's started. Coming from Constantinople. Now, Istanbul. The crown of thorns and a relic of the true cross,
then went to Istanbul where it stayed until twelve. Thirty, eight, started to get a little dicey, Prithee Emperor Baldwin in Constantinople, and the he had already mortgaged everything he had, including the crown of thorns. That's when King Louis then one thousand two hundred and thirty eight decided to see if he could buy the relics and bring them to Paris. He was looking to unite people and he thought the the crown of thorns would be the thing that could help him do it. He paid three times three times what it cost to build the cathedral,
droll that it was kept in. It was not a regionally caps in Notre damn. It was moved to note your damn after the relic. Barely escaped the french Revolution in the french revolution They were collectivist socialists and tie capitalists, anti religionists, Anti God and they desecrated note. Madam they had sex on the altar and sacrifices. They said it was a temple of reason, not a temple of God, Inv Chapel, where the true cross and me Brown of thorns were kept. Much of it was destroyed somehow or another of those two relics escaped man. They lay safe until after the revolution
and eighteen o six. Eighteen, oh say This is when Napoleon said we should of these two temporarily to note your damn for safe keeping well, they were moved there and they were never moved again until yesterday. These are the crown jewels Of france- and it was a extraordinarily brave priest that went into the flames to grab these relics whether they are truly the true cross and the the crown of thorns we'll never really know they ve been dated two, the right era, the right time, but whether they are the true cross in the
true crown of thorns. We don't know, and there are only about seventy thorns. They say. Seventy thorns left because at the time King Louis would give one of the thorns to people who had done something that he favoured now it's preserved in a crystal case, a round crystal case that was made in the late eighteen hundreds, and it is only out a couple of times, one on good Friday, which is coming up on this Friday and the Easter. Usually it is laying away from prying eyes.
I was struck yesterday by. I will never see note, madam, and it is what I had said recently. I had told my family- and I had told you for different reasons, that these churches and these feed roles and these monuments will be lost in the coming years. All I could think of was we had planned a trip to Paris just this last summer, and I canceled it because we were in the middle of doing business and I had told my family. We have got to get to Paris before it burns down to the ground, and you won't see things.
Like the cathedral, any more, I said it is a multiple times is noticeable to honestly the second I saw Notre Dame on fire on television. The first thing I thought about was in saying this because I thought it was just ass. Well, those things that are so random negligence blurred outlawing what're, you even talking about here and Ba said it. I mean multiple times. I remember but I said it because of ICE Isis, you man, I'm saying that is ours it. I think this is actually a blessing and we can get into that in a minute. It listen others, because either there's a case, listen to this. This is glad in two thousand fifteen. We dug this one up for you here. Listen here's Glenn, talking inexplicably about note her dumb being destroyed because of what is happening. I believe London, France, Germany, Greece, I believe these things could be destroyed in what is coming in Aceh.
Sleep because remember who you're fighting against you're fighting against islamic extremists, the places that they will target will be places like the cathedral of note, madam, you can go back to Germany to France in fifteen years from now, and it might be free, it might not be it might be free, but the cathedral no damn may be gone now. That's that's. Two thousand fifteen here isn't and another showed us on tv in two thousand fifteen as well. So when I was hungry to earth It's already see coming and I said Harris, trouble, and I said I said it's feeling so now this weekend there doing Paris as their first stop Anderson Tower. Not
there was one minor distinction. It wasn't ISIS, it was construction workers, look at what we are doing, I'm just saying if I wasn t twenty sixteen and twenty sixteen Ike ISIS targeted Notre Dame and twenty seventeen they tried to blow it up with a car bomb. There's gonna say like this: is it the fact that no freedom caught on fire yesterday was not what proved you write? It was these two remy multiple attacks in attempts to get rid of Nor should I buy ISIS like is already happened, yes, and that an that's why I say I think this is a blessing we'll get into the conspiracy theories and everything else in debunk. All of that, and I want to say that again debunk. All of that we should be clear, though they are not saying for sure what happened by looks to be looked strongly to be related
to their renovation. Her out, we do not know that yet the wrecked not confirm her aunt Hannah will we'll talk about all of that. But let me just say this: I think if it was construction, this is actually a blow. In no time and had burned that thing just as badly as it is at burn. Burn. Note, madam down, think about what people are saying in France. Now this it's their White House, if you well, I can't think of a more precious building in America than this, and you mentioned the conference. There was a piece of the crown of Florence in the spire too to protect the building and that's obviously lost. If you A piece of the crown of Florence in the spire too to protect the building and that's obviously lost. If you watch the video the spire collapses, there's no way the third and Amelia I mean I, I can't imagine unless it was protected in some story, you know in a wave did to defend against just this. Maybe they thought of that.
But I mean like that's how serious it is menaces, says: Foundation is this: is this is like blowing a bar burning down Buckingham Palace? This is the symbol of France and longer then the Eiffel Tower bringing down the Eiffel Tower is bad. No trodden is what is left of the spiritual side of France and it because it is so ingrained in french history. It has begun almost spiritual, even for those who don't believe in God, it is a sacred place. Even for those who don't understand the sacred, the way, a religious person right, so it is actually. In a way it it it could help diffuse things taking this in removing this as a target is actually
Probably a very good thing, long run as a different way of looking at that, but I mean asked, imagine what it certainly better or it would be like if we found out last night if they had blown up our milling conspiracies going around, but be clear that if it was, ISIS it and was confirmed there be a million conscripts conspiracy. Theorists saying their blaming Muslims, because as you know, they wanted to it. We are inflame tensions and create war, so they like in there's no side is, is: is this clean assent on this one? Yet that's why we want to be very, very clear that it looks like it. It's not anything to do with extremism of any kind. So ever they extremism is going in on all directions in France that just this last weekend they told the police. I love this but you can actually load your guns now and you can shoot a yellow, vast protester. If you feel you
we need to do. They know the guns become dangerous when you load them, don't islets, France, probably not later, there's still trend of it. What these visible at dawn on this day comes ate up, we can load organs. Now, I'm not Best of the plan that programme I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast. Can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs last Thursday on television, I did part one a major chalkboard explaining how Joe Biden Son Hunt the came to be on the Board of Ukraine's largest private natural gas company, even though he has absolutely no natural gas experience, and even though the company, the natural
ass company in Ukraine was run by a notoriously corrupt oligarch and one point five billion dollars of: U S. Money just simply disappeared through his fingers. As bad as things look in the Ukraine, it's the tip of the iceberg compared to what Joe Biden and John Kerry set up for their sons. They were vice president and secretary of state. I'm gonna lay out quickly here the business deals in China and it wasn't just massive money changing hands? This is profiting from companies that are actively trying to steal from and gain a competitive advantage over the? U s- this is achieved, Well, let me only start here. Two thousand at the election happened. Two thousand nine Joe Biden was made the vice President Justice He is not on our side in two thousand and ten
well. Let me only start here. Two thousand eight, the election happen to them. Nine Joe Biden was made. The vice president. Just a few men a few months later, his son Hunter this, I did to start up a new business with, with Chris Heinz It's John carries stepson. So now the vice president of the soon to be secretary of state are in business together and they're doing in investment fund. Neither of them have any international investment background, so they bring in John carries former. Finance manager for his campaign who happen to be Roommate of theirs in college they come together, They form something called Rosemont Seneca Partners. This is international investments. So they do that in two thousand nine and then just a few months later in two thousand and ten Joe Biden.
Is meeting with President who, from China in Washington as part of a national security summit, what who you are they have to you: wanna, go eggs, one to use, says it in Ho Ho Jon. While Joe Biden was in this meeting Hunter Biden in China. With his two Rosemont Seneca Partners, John Kerry Deb son and the former campaign financed manager, Devon, archer them the truth. YO had meetings. At the same time, daddy is meeting with the head of China. The sun's our meeting now with the executive from China's largest banks or so. China's sovereign wealth funds and Social Security Funds a year later Joe Biden meets with chinese officials for the: U S in the strategic, the China, strategic economic dialogue in Washington, two weeks
later Hunter Biden and his partners. Meat in Taiwan, with the same Chinese, financial guys that they met in China, two thousand tens plus some new ones in the book. Secret empires investigative. Author, Peters whiter says this: to give you an idea of how important these meetings were Peter rights, it's as, if the Son of the chinese premier held a single meeting with their heads of Goldman Sachs Bank of America J P Morgan Marrow, Lynch and Blackstone, except in this, case. These were government entities with trillions of dollars of capital to invest in this for twenty thirteen, Joe Biden travelled to China and extended official trip with them. He took on airport two Hunter Biden and his daughter? They were greeted
a red carpet delegation in children, bearing flowers and vice president met with President G for over five hours, and they talked about everything. Now what was hunter doing, hunter. Was there for business as well that we don't know exactly who he met with or what was discussed, but we do know that just two weeks later a deal was signed with Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China. How. Ten days after his trip, he does. A closes on a deal with the Bank of China. This is the most power or full financial institution in China, and they form a a joint venture with this start up company that has no one. How is that possible. Rosemont Seneca and the Bank of China merge an increase.
Eight a giant investment fund called be H are both, A harvest Rosemont now think about this. The government's own Bank of China, funding a business, that it co owned with a sigh of the? U S vice president and the son of the? U S, secretary of state, so this is chinese government funding and all of the chinese government banking officials, starting a new business in China with the Son of the vice president and the sectaries state. That's quite amazing, and since Bank is government owned, it meant that business was come
legally intertwined with a communist governments goals, but don't worry nothing. Bad happened well kind of now think of all of the foreign firms that are trying to do business with China that happen. Established records, how did Rosemont Seneca score this sweetheart deal and this is a sweetheart deal? It got to operate in a brand new, each Shanghai Free Trade zone where it could use one point five Billion dollars of chinese government money to invest in China or any place in the world any place, they decided that it would be good and they brought those dollars home to the. U S, which was really great. First. First, however, they invested in in some, Yes now remember. This is something that no other could Goldman Sachs doesn't have this relationship. How did this investment house
with two guys that don't have any real experience in this a brand firm with very few. If Any clients at the time get a deal that Goldman Sachs enjoy P Morgan Chase can't get well, they made a couple of they made a couple of investments in technology in twenty fourteen be a jar. That's the Biden, Hunter Biden Organisation with the Bank of China invested the China General Nuclear Power Corporation now this is this is wonderful, see the end, is a chinese government owned nuclear power company that sold mistake of the company to outside investors. Now here's the problem at the same time that Hunter Biden and his group with China is buying This sea GM was under FBI investigation for stealing U S nuclear secrets
for years e g and actively paid informants in the: U S to smuggle nuclear secrets out and the FBI probe by the way result. In several Americans getting arrested. Yet while the FBI, probe was going on son of the vice president and the Son of the Secretary of State, which was in bed This with the Bank of China bought a stake in this company being investigated. Even after the arrests were made. Rosemont Seneca did not alter its relationship with the h. Neither did Ba Jarred divest from the judge. The the chinese government owned company. That was stealing our nuclear secrets. Now, how is that possible? How did that not even get into the news Here's the other one in twenty fifteen, be a job
Partnered with the aviation industry Industry Corporation of China, now what is that the aviation Industry corporation of China- is basically there Hewlett Packard or that Sorry? There are not Hewlett Packard thereof, Lockheed Martin, it is their big. The M Aerospace Compass they build all of the fighters all of the drones, absolutely everything. So here's Hunter Biden, and Christopher Heinz Nina Business Deal with Bank of China buying. In two av I see the big military contractor. And they decide that they need to invest in some new technology, and so they, bring some of that money Home Ba job, forty nine percent of a company here in Amerika, called handed Jeez and a
the I see bought fifty one percent. So now they own one hundred percent of this- this great company here in Amerika. What do they do? well, this company makes precision parts and they specialise in anti vibration, technology and the technology that they they build and the parts that they make or known as dual use by the? U S State department, which means you can all I use this on bombers, stealth bombers, in any kind of machine for war, now, usually that has to be approved by the cap the on foreign investment in the? U S and it was approved quickly, no big deal. But why not? I mean the Secretary of State Son, Vice President, some other ones doing the buying. According to Switzer you
Intelligence community has long recognised that Chinese, the chinese government is committed to acquiring western machine tool. Technology, especially the kind of tech where it is difficult to do, which, between civilian and military use of the equipment. Also, it wasn't like Ba jar, didn't know what it was. Getting. Two when it said. Oh, you know what we just did the nuclear deal and that in turn well course. We still have that, but yeah, they were spying against our country. We don't want to do another deal like that. Here before Hunter Biden Christopher Heinz, decided to form a partnership If AV, I see the war Street Journal reported how this this in this war plant. All technology related to the: U S: Airforces, F, thirty, five stealth fighter. They
stole that information, and then they use did manufactured the product and put it in to the stealth fighter for the Chinese? That's the company that the vote its president's son invests in. And then helps by a critic machining operation here in Amerika. So if your keys score, the company owned by Hunter Biden and John Kerry stepson in their friend became the chinese conduit to buy you s technology. There company was also used to invest in chinese nuclear power, helping support the company that had worked for years steel. U S nuclear secrets meanwhile, as all of these deals in investments progressed, vice president Biden and Secretary of State Joe Carry were having ongoing sensitive talks with the chinese government about multiple, issues,
including China's effort in twenty fourteen to control the South China Sea. You tell me if Joe Biden if he loves his country more than self. Is he putting his himself or his family over the safety and security of our nation. In some cultures, this would not go well for somebody who, doing this to their own country. It is, credible to me that none of this has even been on the news. If, Joe Biden Runs- and this is not uncovered by.
Mainstream media. You will know he's not alone if it's not covered by places like Fox, you will know wow the, Democrats are not the only ones doing. This is the best and within background Steve catches. As he is, the a producer of unplanned he was an attorney for a long long time till he moved. California went out to the entertainment industry and now, as the Executive board, serve the movie, unplanned welcome to the programme Steve, how area Thank you glad, I'm great. How are you very very good regulations on unplanned. Why appreciated,
labor of love and it's it's been pushing a bolder up. I know, as they say in Hollywood, which is what it takes to get movie made, but this one particularly so I think we had a push a bolder up, a hill where swimsuit in the snow. Frankly Get this movie made, but it has been Wildly successful in as exceeded our expectations and more than anything, it's been really successful and people's miserly opening them to the possibility of looking at ethical issues in a new way. So I, what are you Steve? I didn't want to see this week's. I thought it would be if we allow the steam same crappy fare of of Christian movie, there was preachy and everybody who was not on the right side was evil and you you guys did such a great job of making this. Not that kind of movie aware. I think, it does reach a wide audience. I just talked somebody last night who came up almost in tears and said I have to thank you. I I brought my family
to see unplanned, and I hate you. I will never have gone, and I took the kids and the other teenagers and they said an archive perceptions about this are completely different. Now. Well, that's right I think you know so much of the credit goes the Abbe Johnson, because her amazing true story, which is the foundation for this film, is just incredible because she someone who actually live. This story she began are as an feminist. She was very pro choice and over time she evolve when she sort of saw what what was happening and, of course, the film makers Solomon Solomon Chuck Concelman, I just incredible writers and directors- and you know you mentioned earlier that so many of the films and faith based space can it be not great involving productions on both sides, but what you find in the faith based space, especially as you'll get. You know, people who believe you now have the beliefs, but they don't really right. Well,
and on the other hand, you give people in Hollywood. You see an opportunity, you know just to make money and they might the good riders, but they don't have the belief jerry and shock. You started both so Steve. When I talk to you a little bit about you know. If a tree falls Forest and no one's there to see head. Did it really fall? We We have a situation to wear and it was really apparent with unplanned you could not have advertising, on on entire networks, lifetime up tv hallmark, H, G Tv, U S a failure at work and travel chant do. I cooking channel you were not come anywhere. So let me just talk about that. First: entail the Christian Rock station. Alas, how?
you know Glenn, I think that people frankly are just afraid of this topic and they're afraid of being you they're afraid of being tarnished, and they just don't want to touch it. Frankly, we don't buy that argue Because Hollywood embraces those sort of adverbs, for you know pro abortion movies all the time, understand. Its Sandra Bullock now has a property that she's gonna be doing where she's gonna play Wendy Davis D. You know Texas State legislator. The governor. Does anyone really think that Google, or you know What are we will not be running at no astonishing? what happened with Twitter on the opening weaken. Yes, what happened with Twitter was? We had had the account up for I've been months and we have had up to- I think about a hundred thousand followers were so on opening weak the account was taken down on Saturday morning. No explanation given all of a sudden the accounts not there. So what happened was our lead actors couldn't even
her own movie on Twitter, because an uproar into their credit that lot of people, I think, Shannon you can't and other started for tweeting Jack, Dorsey, saying hey what's going on, so they ultimately it ordered a number of hours later, and you know the excuse that they gave us just doesn't doesn't hold water. What they said was that they thought the account. May have been linked to someone who was a bad actor and had had a different account taken down and five an abundance of caution. You know they took down our account, but but that that really sort of smelled, because the account have been up for seven months and it's just not a coincidence that they take it down on opening weakens so you had to go to Congress. Did you not testify? Well, yes, are our directorate co director Chuck Cosmic went to Congress? He spoke before signing hearing with them, the crews and the topic, was big tax censorship of conservative ideas and by the way it's not just twitter. We try to
banner ads on Google and Google advertisers. You know the banner ads as a service, it's open to anyone for any viewpoint, any legitimate few points and they said they refuse to accept our and to make the situation worse? Mrs really kind of incredible the day after Chuck testified. When you did a Google search on the film, unplanned it brought up the poster and next to it described, the film is drama slashed propaganda. I kiss you not oh my gosh. This is the day after, certified before the Senate, and you know we immediately. Then you know started checking to see what they doing with other films and if you can believe it, the classic Nazi propaganda film triumph for the well by many rife and they didn't mark that is properly They did not. It was not marked. That's the quintessential propaganda film tenacity, propaganda.
How did they out did they do inconvenient truth with Al Gore? Was that propaganda? Oh you mean the snow all melted on now. It has now that it's still there it out, you know about it. I need a Michael Moore movies. Any of the CHE Guevara movies were not listed as propaganda. So once again you know we raised an outcry and they rectified at. But the question is: why should we have to do that to begin with? Why can't they just be it allowed source, so Steve Ino it as we try I to break through barriers the barriers? Just keep changing and they just put a new one in front of us. I mean University, you you have make the movie yourself. So we do. Then you have to get an a movie theatres and we do then you have to advertise.
We're losing advertising, we're losing we're losing the battle on online and it we're we're being subjected to what I would call digital. Get a reservation. It's the same thing the Germans did to the Jews. Hey talk, all you want just behind this wall, so nobody will see you were here, you that's a problem, there is a problem and in its rife with hypocrisy, because when you think about how, even to this day so many it is on the left, continue to lament the black listings eighteen, forty than they lionize people, like you, no doubt and trombone Paul Robeson, who were denied a platform denied the opportunity to work because of their opinions, and so many of these same people on the left believe that employment same intangibles today, and it's like why. Why are you afraid to engage in these battles? Ideas? So what are you? What do you think we do? What should we do? It heard any good solutions. How do we fix
because we're really only playing to our own tribe. If we can't if you're only hearing about it on Fox NEWS, see beyond the Glen Back Programme, Europe you're playing a breach of the choir or you know it is an appeal but I think we have the kind of remain steadfast and I think you know look victory. Victory is for the board, so you have to fight and- and the Good NEWS is in this day and age with the technology, it's never been easier for somebody to create a message and get it out there now. The flip side of that is because it's never been easier, there's a proliferation of stories and and and film. So it takes more to rise above and get noticed, and that's where you do need the marketing. But you know you can. I will say that Facebook actually have been very even handed and fair with us and freely here. The pages been up for me not for months and we ve had seventeen million.
My views and I've had some friends say to me when I told him of the films on on Facebook. They were like. Oh my god, how did you manage to keep that up? So you don't look if we slip through the cracks, but you know it's winter when tat crews have these hearings when we continue to put pressure on. I think that's what we have to do and I again I just think that we have to we after not be Fraid the push for what we want and make sure you knows, though, are told on both sides. Do the film now! Well, it's out in theatres. You know we have a plus cinema score, which only a couple films receive every year. That means people actually saw the movie loved it and that people that I think I am the ideological divide. Hang on hang on just a SEC on that. Let me ask this: did you Any time worry that This thing would be either a dirge org
would be one of those things were, people would think hard jeez. I should go see that movie, but I just wanna go sit through an abortion movie. I mean it. You hit the right. Balanced toward you actually feel good, leaving the audience theatre. You know it, interesting question? I don't know whether we consider that possibility. I think the filmmakers just made the movie that they thought needed to be made and they trusted that you know if they did ride people. People common and, and they had so, you know where we were. We open in fourth place defying our expectations. Opening we can. We weren't seventh place last we can now we can? We were encamped place yes on Sunday and we're competing with big studio temples light many and captain Marvel number. So the next step is gonna, be deep,
de in streaming in- and we ve had a lot of people approach us because they want to get those rights that were in the midst of discussing those deals now so hopefully in the next three to four March will be out there on dvd and more people were any idea, Netflix Amazon. Well, you don't we and imagine why not. We hope. Oh you know. If they really represent all of America, you would think that they would want to have this movie I never want to show both sides, so we're optimistic, but you know what if we get stonewalled, then I guess we'll go pursue. If you get to stonewall, let me no way, absolutely well, and you know the filmmakers very grateful for your support- you ve been a real stalwarts. A thank you now. Not a problem He Marianna stave appreciate it. This is the best of the blend back programme.
So let me ask ears: do did you watch game thrones last night I did. I did my duty. You did your duty first episode of moment, I've ever watch of game, a throne right last night. What you think I was we're confuse erratic confused. I have some notes. Ok at all, still review of game of thrones some other payment. First of all it nothing like good game. A thrones reason now says good. About the level of my review. Cancun theme, animations, really long, real, I believe it still going from me. I thought I was watching ok about every morning till the story. Logo, psychotic him up with the costs of characters, are a good there's blondie in white. You got, uglier black hair woman, you ve got guy with goatee, you ve got guy with beard, you ve got, Ralph red Hair woman and the boy band. Looking team, now five
Sir, the boy then looking teen is the son of the but she guy, maybe not sure about that. I think I'm pretty sure winter fellows a place yes go t guy may have been the king of winter fell. Now, ok well, but he's not anymore. He was but wasn't not anymore, but I'll. Yes, yes, soccer! the north to stop. This basic is basically a thousand worse than workers. Spend your videos rock in the north, might be the same as winter felt. The same Waste may be there to see. I airy winter values in the North Africa and by the way, spoiler alerts here. Just in case we get in anything. Far you so far. I have a really understood that so so my understanding now is that angry elf, goatee blondie in red head, are on the same team yet again blondie seems to be like us, sick, Frieden, Roy of Dragons.
That's ok, I gotta be unloaded. Gotta angry health may have been married to read. Had yes, ok people seem a lot more attractive than I would expect from their difficult circumstances. Goatee and ugly peasant girl, a hug, and they like the same sword However, there are one point: yes, it's yes, ok missed you ve missed some of that view on that relations vote guy ugly girl like the same sword. I guess he S. Okay, so there's another queen, she looks kind of like a female Mick. Jagger may become by Robin right, You know I'm talking about ok, maybe not great line. If I, if you want a whore by one, if you want to Queen earn one, that's a great longing, its arise at their Mick Jagger, Lufthansa, Mick, Jagger, Leocadi S. Ok, I'm right on that guy's into
when having sex with three women any seems to be only moderately upset about it, which I feel like it should be a little you'd be more. I zipped past those, so I don't that happen. Let's see really impressive teeth for the era, I thought ass, something some guy in a wheelchair and and the boy band guy, look back at each other at the end of that seemed important. I don't know about that. We now know. Look at that. Finally, I want when I did fall asleep and I just woke up to someone being led on fire while alive, ok screaming I gonna work for, if you missed game thrones. Why? Even why,
I mean we got all that you're gonna go vague, really, who you mailings mailed your listening to the best of the Glen Back program. You know it's amazing to me: is the University of North Carolina Duke you and see is is the place that was on fire because it was racist except it wasn't, but the press covered it like crazy without any facts, once the ex came out o next now I'll, Duke University in North Carolina is having another problem except this time: no one's paying attention to it, Tommy Horowitz a friend of the of the programme and documentary film maker,
me welcome to the programme, always a pleasure Glenn. So what is happening at Duke. Look gloomy. Only back about come explain cover genesis of what happened. I was sitting on born diabetes, Australia and I will just gone through the internet. I savages conference joint covers between. Do. Can you and see, ostensibly about the conflict in Gaza so mealy, I knew ok. This is clearly going to be in Israel hate fast, so I went there to cut a com. See how at Israel Wise was agreed balanced at all. What I didn't expect to find was absolute. An egregious open, Anti Semitism threw out this conference. Why, and I can understand how big this conference was. The joint conference between Duke and you'll see
to the most prestigious schools in the country. Every major department and school sponsored this: the School of law, the school of Medical School Pharmacy, the pardon every single department and school sponsor and are also got a quarter of a million dollar grant from the. U S: government, on my guy, for what for or anti Semitism for eighty seven doesn't want me the anti Semitism you know I hate Israel, so therefore I'm an anti semite right. That's that's one thing: by the way to just to be clear if you, Israel, as the exclusion of other cortical bad, actors, IRAN, North Korea, Sudan by boy? Did you know you're, not if I might, but we do not have that debate or argument I'm talking about. I was I went to the conference and I started asking students and administrators and professors simple question. I said: does jewish money control the? U S, government
we talked of forty or fifty students and with the exception of two I know that number, because it was only to everybody else. It of course jewish money controls use governor. They call. Decisions around the world a basic damage and one the most damaging and similar tropes. You could imagine if it always stop their Glenn. The next thing will happen as they have been the main entertainment for the evening right that they flew win from Israel The palestinian Israeli rapidly is rarely error, but they call themselves passed in Arab now, firstly, is really so he start you guess at their ease. He proclaimed his pack auditorium pact. He says this is my aunt semitic song. I think. Maybe you won't tell you talking up and then start to wrap this horrific rapid. He continues to egg the audience on by Saint guys. You're not being an
American asked was bring them to a TED, was taken at the Bell, gives levels Anti Semitism and the crowd is going. While their singing and cheering him along the song and the endless disputes this thing with guys, you guys were beautifully alphabetic. Thank you for doing letting me being semitic alone, ok and the whole, while the head of the get the guy who bought the conference to put the comes together. Guy for you as you, professor, their administrative there, he sitting there smilingly entire time. Glenn is almost egregious disgusting events I have ever witnessed in my life, and you know: I've seen some bad stuff, Ok, I will play the audio. This is part of the audio and video that tell you captured at Duke you see a mommy Horowitz and I'm here the camp at the University of North Carolina? Were you and see, and Duke or holding a joint conference on the conflict in Gaza? So I came here to get a sense of perspective
if the people attending the conference. This was a major conference with hundreds of students, professors and administrators who spent a weakened, bashing, Israel and whitewashing with terrorist organisation Hamas, if it only stop there. This is a professor who I asked about her views on the state of attacks in New York by black teens on Jews and synagogues. Black silk. Also reason to be angry. Edges now of the conference would allow me to film inside so my sound guy set me up with a head MIKE with very little prodding the veneer of being anti Israel in an effort to hide their hatred of Jews was easily scratched away and evolve into open anti semitism. I first asked them about the most powerful, modern, anti semitic troop. Does jewish money control? U S! Government policy! U S! Government got its absolute EU, not your eyes very sluggish merits the jewish lobby.
Is influencing our government and how those changing? U s? Policy is one of their influencing our politics. I know them and the money was no meaning like makes a decision. I procedure occurred. This is interested in what you are doing in pressing on George. I could already tell you didn't have to tell me I don't think offence that at all people who hire questioning their own back, like the treatment of Ethiopia Jutes reduce that are closely in the club. But there is the open. The black refugees who come to Israel S, immunity was Astir state, have actually sterilizing As for you, you're telling me that the only jewish
sterilised Ethiopian Jews coming into Israel, that's crazy and then the future entertainment for the event came on stage. He proceeded to. Well that's what the video do. The talking. I didn't sound. I dont think you MEL Gibson together, This is
why Ask him, because a droll amateur intentions are ass. I believe, just days after the conference, swastikas were found on campus thirty, eight, the largest departments and schools at the universe, you have North Carolina sponsored this event. It also got a federal grant of nearly a quarter of a million dollars. They should all be ashamed while army. That is crazy how I mean is, as somebody those history and you being jewish. You know this history, are you afraid of me, was this like
it was as something that is like goes right to the centre of your being of oh, my gosh. Here it is again the garage, My core look you alluding to June. History is replete with pogroms, massacres that have occurred because of events like this honestly now my saying to sit on a lead to two programme, although it did to not let you know I'll when I released a video, though that one must know that the incident with her pretty swastikas in some dormitory, but in the days that followed the release of the video actually open to them, Creasy, their intimate posters put up in the in the library, but these are the kind of events that led to significant problems for Jews and and what I was so important to point out here is this did not happen. Others is obvious, but I think big
bears repeating that did not happen in some kind of Cooper Clan rally. That happened all caught right that one of our two, where most prestigious universities in this country. And we were used the usual suspects of Anti Semitism coming from NEO Nazis radical Islam is slightly. We all know that I reported on it right with that clear we're seeing- and this is not a trend- is by the way, have the last two years. It's over tenure trend. We assume that this is coming from the left. Ok from the all left, if you will and we're not just see you in the halls of academia resting in the hall. With Congress. You don't think we're sure to leave long Omar they're, not dare not? Partly responsible for this, course, though, allowing this backing I loved it. Would I blame the president for allowing coarseness to our dialogue? Okay, this is nothing compared to hearing from the hole
Congress and now we're seeing holodeck again? Yes, this businesslike troubles me to my core Glenn. I may I you know one of the reasons why we didn't stop the Holocaust is, in my opinion after was a racist and a big it. In many ways he was with the Japanese and he was with twos and Morgenthau tried to talk to the president about it, but after hours Spawns was always the same, and it is the same in Europe and in Germany, and I heard it on that tape and it chilled my blood. Well, these fill in the blank on the video it was blacks, have a lot of reasons to be angry at the Jews, that is,
exactly what was said in Germany. Then Europe and in our own white House, when we did nothing. Well, they brought it upon themselves. They you know they they got greedy in they they might talking about the bankers. That's that's! That's a rude, they mean all Jews. They mean all Jews. Tommy me, I I pray that cup. People will wake up, and I thank you so much for your bravery. God bless you might only likely psychic there. You go. The blaze radio network on demand
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