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Best of the Program | 5/3 - The Purge Has Begun? -h1 - They're coming for all of us (w/ Steven Crowder) -h1 - News of the Week (w/ Bill O'Reilly)  - The Worst Presidential Draft Ever -h3

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Hey welcome the Friday, what a great show for lots of laughs and a little bit of spirited debate going on specially beginning of the podcast we have It even crowd IRAN with us, and we are talking about how voices We're being silenced in America, then Bill O Reilly comes in is on fire. And in The last part of the past we have decided to kind of play. The the reverse draft, if you will the NFL to draft its up, we're looking, but the latter. Person to be picked is the person that we think we'd most to face. I guess if it was a president, it's a bit too bad. Candidates is, we went and try to pick the team of the worst possible crappy candidates in the democratic field there. All so close, we attempted to do that today, all honour today spot cat.
Listening to the studio, Our report point area on a star with Facebook. I think, having we guessed are with Facebook tat go ahead. Well, Facebook decided to do in a new round of purging yesterday, in which they sorry What was that word again purging paragraphs? I would urge really scary movie purges in the Soviet Union cut it scary, gotta scary usually ends up with a bullet in your head. Now I know that's a joke on this show, because everything ends up with a bullet near but we're starting to get to the point where you can almost hear the guns being loaded while the bullet has been put in the head of several peoples businesses. I think you can say that I think, and it's certainly muffled their voices in
really significant way, and some of these people are ion also might least favoured people on the planet? Yes, people like Alex Jones and also people like Louis, fair con who were both band I'll bet do, but you know I'm fifty something years old. I stopped counting and I ve lived with Louis, fair com insane crazy, hateful things, my whole life and I'm fine, I'm fine. I dont like those Varick on? I think that man is a dangerous guy, but I have never in never in my life thought boy, you know what you should do shut him up. One of the things. I think that one of the best things that we can do is here what he said. I want to know what I would Louis Fair, conness telling people in his congregations. I want to know because it is certainly helpful for us yet does it help too,
silence Louis Zverkov, so you don't know what he sang to thousands of people. Is it best to just to be completely oblivious to or should we see what he sang and, more importantly, lately? Who actually in Washington is in his audience. I will say, however, this move is likely the berries partially the fault of conservatives. If you think it's a bad move, and I look, I have no love for the loose fair caught at all, but that the approach here from conservatives largely has been when they go after someone who's supposedly on the right.
And some of these people are in some of them aren't. But you got to someone on the right and instead of saying like wait a minute. This is this is wrong, should be banning anybody and the next time there's a controversial with someone on the left. We have said look. I dont want people on the left thrown off these platforms either many people on the right, or we really know what route Republicans. Conservatives, NASH, What are you think many people on the on that site of of the of the I'll have said? Well, why haven't you band Louis, fair, common, and we ve even said it s. A very I've said it, but if you dont want in my one band, I'm saying wait: if this one so bad this, it is a really bad and you're not banning. So what I think Facebook is doing here is look we're getting rid of closely or of coins are saying well what what's the typical talking point? We hear every time we ban what these guys will watch, bellows, ferko, so they did not. I got news if not feel good thought I was at a win for us. I got news for you, Democrats, you better, listen. Do you average
neighbor Democrat the one who just is just go on their own business and you're just thinking. Well, they don't really mean they want to get rid of the free market system. No, they won't really do that and you know people like well bright, Bart, their dangerous yeah. I got news for you You are going to be had next, because if you don't think that Nancy Policy and Chuck Schumann, and all of those other Democrats that you might go out there a little crazy little old or whatever, but they're, the ones really running the show, no they're not know they're, not you have opened up a pandora's box, and now the people who are actually running the show, I mean look at a causal court tat? She was nobody. She was a nobody. Eighteen team
to go. She now has the clout to be able to threaten the people in Congress on the democratic side. If you don't vote, ass. We are going to send our troops into your district men, targeting you. They are terrified of the left and I'm sorry, but it is those people. It is those people that have the ear of face. It is media matters. It is a southern poverty law center? They are in collusion. We have the documents, did you? no, that media matters and if you're on the left, I'm sorry not on the left. If you're a Democrat, you need to look at to media matters you It does see who these people really are there not just Well, I just somebody was just trying to keep things fair. No really will, of course not it's not what's happening, and these
People are the ones who are inside now saying who gets to speak and who doesn't? And I'm telling you if you start it, we are very close for it being too late for the Democrats to stand and say: wait a minute. Wait a minute wait a minute. You guys are a little too crazy here, you're in bed with care you're in bed with his life. As though, no no, no, no we're not doing that. It's it's the owl There is growing late for Democrats and they will target you you This is the old palm first, they came for the trade unionists and I said nothing because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the cap. But a list, and I wasn't a capitalist. So I didn't say anything: you better speak up now, because This one is first, they came for Alex Jones and I thought he was horrible and
oh you know, I didn't say anything. I want to give you the next one next point or institute which I'll talk to you about in the second necks. They came for the Washington examiner and I didn't say anything because I don't even know what the Washington examiner was the next one is then they came for the regular Democrat and I wasn't irregular Democrat. So I didn't say anything your toast. You are toast. These guys are truly the kind of people lead us to Venezuela. Stop lie in two yourself. That's who thee
People are- and we should also look at ourselves here, because we need a little examination in the mirror of how we handle these things, because when the left comes up with this quote, with a crappy standard like this Havre in a fire people for things that they say even when there dumb there's we're gonna get rid of them are an abandoned from all these platforms. We have a choice to make either to argue for a better standard or to argue that their crappy standards should be applied more broadly, and we constantly argues that side of it hey. You know the crew. We think that's hurting us, we should make it hurt the left to and what does that? Do it just codified that standard and now that's dinner can be applied more broadly, so it happens. This thing that we think is unjust, happens to more people. Here's what's gonna happen. I can't I can tell you right now: here's what's gonna happen, They're gonna start talking about some sort of a public utility they're going to say you know what the internet is really a public utility. I mean Facebook, Google, it so big. It's a public utility mark Zuckerberg is bad.
King for this now, why would they beg for this? Because its corporate socialism they're going to get into bed with the United States Government- and do you think, that's gonna work out well when the government has access to the information and data systems of Facebook and Google. Do you see what were building here scary and you will even
area than this cause, a look. It was people from info wars. It was people who lose PETE, Louis, Fair, con another almost Paul nail and who is now to me an awful awful guy who ran for Congress and has said all sorts of anti semitic things among others. But can you guys Kenya constitutionally? Even ban a candidate who's running for office? I know you we ve done is that million times we play these things. Every single campaign cycle some cake, legit, K, K, K, member will run for Congress and radio stations are forced to play. The rats eat whether saying horrible things. The worst things you can imagine, but they can't do anything about it because of camping finance laws, they're gonna, ban people who are actually definitely running for office. This new decision from facebook- if you get on Facebook and you defend the people who are have been banned, you say Laura Loomed is great. I, what is what is Laura Luman done, what is the Washington
amateur done and that when they are not that's isn't this? Isn't you saying these things? This is, if you go online and say these, that egg Yucas it'll be right and by media matters and taken out and out of context and then we'll be banned. But if you say that on Facebook you can I'll be banned, use the quote in some instances when Facebook bans and individual it were organization, it also restricts others from expressing praise or support for them on its platforms, so they disappear here. This is I mean what this is insane. This is what they did to the Jews. If some, just disappeared if your neighbor was jewish, just disappeared, do not ask where they went. Don't ask that that was the law. Don't ask, because if you, if you really want Oh you'll find out you'll be on the next train.
This is how it started. Who was a person I came up, was initially talk about Digital, get, a relation who dimension why was, I want to say Edwin Black yeah Hawaii, and that's it I mean. Obviously the there's a there is massive differences here, but listen I mean that always the same same process, its didn't allied to speech. Yet Digital its Joe, it's not it's not physical wreck yet, but it is digital. Wasn't I mean it wasn't physical, the beginning, in order when a leaner now wasn't versed first, you just couldn't have or are you just couldn't have a business that is you couldn't have a card you couldn't have you couldn't have your own radio? I mean you, you view you would lose your phone rights hello. Does anybody paying attack
then again you don't necessarily get to the end of a road when you start walking down it, but if that is what is at the end of the road is something you don't like steps. Don't start walking down that road on that road are, let me tell you about our sponsored filter by US spring is here pollution, I'm sorry, pollen is in the air. Pollution is too and that it comes under spurring. Did you see a Yossi, but she said yesterday about she. She was talking about. We had somebody from the fossil fuels industry come in and testify that fossil fuels can be good and healthy. Oh, my gosh know you're kidding me. What do you think is holding all of those little told tablets in to the capital you idiot that it? of fossil fuel, petrochemicals. What you think vaseline is real.
What do you have any idea when they give you a shot with a syringe? What do you think no plunder thing is made out of fossil fuels. Here's the thing when it was a nice thing, gonna give you a little graph to work on at home little boys and girls charge on the graph number one life expectancy never to global population and number three seo to emissions seo close those lines are. What you're gonna fight? Is there almost identical when one goes up? The others are going up when one goes down because you ve banned it to the others. Go down here? When we have, liar, Action is the only time the other often goes down. You know I've been by some of you really you are nor of all people boards. I set it on call people boards, after just get it out of my system right now, and I'm not gonna today about anybody.
Particularly Mr Gama off for a kid morons out there right now and I'm losing my mind because we're not waking up where's, your bottom America where's your bottom gears in the middle of a commercial. But I am the point that out now yeah it's filter by and maybe there should be some filters on this programme. The best of the programme hi, it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast. Can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes banks while another right wing extremists. You know the kind of right wing extremists like Louis fairer com is a
wing extremist Stephen Crowded is joining us now, a guy who is in jeopardy of losing his over four million. Follow whereas on Youtube. Quite honestly, company he helped build by promoting in being on it, how they are saying that well he's violating all kinds of rules, and he now has, three strikes against him: Stephen Gimme, the update, what's happening with you in and Youtube Wolf Forest it out of sync better days. I am the last week I went on a couples, crews and novel next thing. You know I'm I'm, I'm get my fee levels checked and being told about,
when I have diesels, so warning went out there? They make sure you gotta get that get it right before you now the type shares sale. There is exactly what the what's built, so I do I hate to correctly there, but we don't have three strikes on Egypt. I don't wanna get super nerdy on this, but we work to have three hard strikes on my Youtube Channel which, like you said, is close to four billion describers and with my lawyer, we caught a negotiated that down to one hard strike in using a lot of these are false. Copyright claim this happens because there are big corporations that abuse the system and Youtube as an early, follow the law A bunch of conservatives deal with that of course, but where would you add that up that the cumulative effect of everything being demonetized of other videos also being either
removed, are deemed a violation of services which we really do have to deal with it on all fronts and if the constantly changing looking that's the issue here with places like youtube- and you know, I've got out and met with the executive that Youtube. So my lawyer, we set out to Turkey. What would our rules? This is your platform. That's, why do you want conservative voices they kept saying? Yes? Yes, yes, we do. Is it ok? How do we aim to create content to make sure that that there were not a file of any these rules? We felt all them, and now they ve changed. So even idea, Glinda the little bit thirty but selling it used to work. You used to get hit with a copyright calling on you to ok and then you would file a counterclaim and the people who are hitting you with a copyright clean had ten days to file suit. That's the legal process, in other words, that they hate. We think so
We write you say no and that they say ok, we're going to see you are not now we ve lost a case. Shall you Bob Roth estate? I think the carbon horses the great episode do Stephen. I have, as I graduated at present, classic yeah. Well, yeah! actually, we kind of expected to get some hard or dead. One of the two of you paint Mohammed as Robin apparently articles kind have decided your line of war. You can see here the sound of the doors lagging behind you. Yes, at last one we did a parody of kisses doktor love. We did doktor trumpet. We created the tractor ground up children, we haven't projects, we could show. This is immaterial contract. We created track it clearly pair
we went to the effort of making music video and that this video was run in three different videos. Informal quit one clipper another, so Burma was gonna, be three strikes wasted behalf. Second, we'll just remove your places will keep up well, will follow counterclaim and Youtube. So let me help works. We changed the rules. You're gonna get hit with a hard strike, but if you take the hard strike vacuum,
file, your counterclaim and they'll have ten days a file suit against you. Didn't you do they remove the hard strike? Well that this is how it used to be it used to be before the hard strike right. Elisa K will incur the risk one, but I cannot get a hard strike, could have exactly you can't it's got a good baby, so we can look. I will take one on strike here, we'll filed counterclaim and then they consume us put their money where their mouth is. Instead, we allowed the art strike. We filed a counterpoint. You just rejected the counterclaim. This ever happened before it is the duty is, yet the screw that we're gonna be sleeping. I acted it without Stephen. What what would you say about us? Do what you do you know the guy? Who does the parity songs? You ve always loved fer. You know
what's his name here, that we are now Jacob economic power. One hundred and one was a nerd. What you just did is what weird owl always has done right. So what is the difference which meant that weren't you don't eat, use you suspect, foul play because we're a conservative and I don't think it's completely ill founded when you look at the fact that they just a Facebook and Instagram just ban the Alex Job, Milo Pall Joseph was dead, far right limit for fair treatment when you have to hear from what we have to give you, the sizzled, your your head will explode. This is act. Lee. What Washington Post responded its perilous to forced. For strict left right labels in framing on political extremists, but even an elementary understanding of fairer cons beliefs place him on the american political right. What people assume the opposite, because he and his followers are black. Oh my
I shall conclude my mind, I think ferret had assumed the opposite, because he says the opposite view. I think that's why I quote anything. I hate you utterly barricaded said the two very good devil. Look at me. I just didn't idea. I can agree with their account at everything he said I am trying to get him band him out there. So why didn't? I despise Louis Fair account. I despise him, but a year been a part of my life. My whole life he's been saying crazy thing, since I think before I was born and we all seem to survive it. We can
begin to ban speech period right well had already begun to ban speech is work. I don't, I don't want to see the system with its boastful, but were far away to channel its earlier young and very grateful for a weapon of war, gonna be banned from Youtube, and I dont know that we will very laugh. It just means they don't want conservative
we have always people of all kinds of opinion. The bottle different walks of life with those which is due to an hour of completely on edited war, civil discussions with kids on college campuses and the actual just moderate common conversing, with each other and rationalize in their positions and, of course, but he was already Mordechai except the pepper locked up. Here's my question is: is the ultimate question you're going to fight this? Legally people can get fired
course join up at the blaze tv in and in support of, but it is changed my mind, which is the second that we do. That again is what our no profanity on added it completely contextual of people conversing in a civil dialogue, if that is demonetized is lack, is considered a violation of Youtube policies. Can someone please tell me if conservatives beyond the platte, how what would be acceptable? If not that what give an answer, I don't know how much for productive, it could possibly be a certain point. They just have to say that what we don't want any. Concerning the platform I ask that this honest business practice, if today, you tube, said we're getting automatic right of centre conversation. I'd, say ok at least to be asked about it. There part either I have to have. Lawyers
As you know, I haven't got a great help: Asia WAR. I really like most at me attitudes zeal, but we really did. We have to fight the stuff legally on a daily basis, if become part of a concerted business model. If you just want to take part in social media, you have to have legal consultants, its the Stephen crowded. Thank you so much thanks for everything that you do thanks for leading the way and and and being brave enough to do the stuff that you do you're I mean in some ways your borderline not for doing it, because it's a great skip to you personally and to you professionally, and I admire you for that and I'm I'm I'm glad to be at work by your side, even in the background, just cheering you on from the cheap seats. But thank you so much.
Thank you very much and everybody there. Please get your measles vaccination before you go on a cruise. I learn Hardway excellent Stephen. Shit This is the best of the blend back programme, bill. O Reilly. Facebook began another round of purges yesterday, how long before they get you and me, you know, I don't know much about that- were we use it on de La Riley, dot, com and facebook machine. Get the stuff out right, because that is a powerful way to do it any trouble with them. I mean I'd. We use them and were fairly responsible how ever their aversion?
protections for organisations. A deal with news in public affairs you saw the pointer institute. The pointer institute yesterday came out and issued a list sought out. You're, not lift the I'm on that at not feed a pointer institute is, is really a pitiful, a powerful then on important event, as at a word of the day area save it. Especially where the pay but Facebook is Those are the points are bringing our institute, but the Banana Pointer institute and Bill O Reilly, it doesnt matter knows: pointer, Pointer Institute is respected by the left, and people like face. Look and they use things like the pointer institute to be but change their algorithm and say no well. We ve, disgusted with experts, were just going with the best experts that her out that are saying these are unreliable, I mean that's
that's, how apple decides, how little we know- and you know what I'm trying to say is that if you, if you have an organisation that is being harmed, by another organisation, and you can prove your freedom of speech. Constitutional rights are being violated that other organization It is in trouble. Well, so me ask you this Youtube right now, is going after people because of copyright law. Now you and I know I. I appreciate copyright laws. My stuff has been taken and I have to. I have to have attorneys that are watching over our copyright laws. Here, however, There is something called fair use now, if you take, whole show of mine, and you put it on a platform and you're getting money for it, then, but that's a problem, however fair. Whose is something that we all know about face. Book and Youtube now we're going after cons, conservatives by claiming fair use, a better
claiming copyright laws and- and we had a M of attorneys in this week, because we last week we were flag, like fifty different times for fair use issues and we're like wait eat this. This is what you do. You show somebody on MSNBC talking saying something stupid, and then you comment on it. That's all There are huge action against you Youtube MSNBC MSNBC didn't like the fact that you are using clips of their show. Yes in its, just then they not just them, but they were one of the main culprits, but there is a fear. Well the fair use doctrine Yes, you do you two lapses. Right, but you tonight we're not covered by the you. Don't have a problem DC is not cut, it does not cover ute Youtube. Youtube says you know that have their own rules. No, no,
let's talk about you tube, I'm talking about you you're the boy. So you guys don't have any downside now you want, then to say to you tube paid. A federal government is fine, What what we're doing? Can you explain further. Why you're giving us a hard time that puts Youtube in jeopardy? I remember when I was young and naive. You need to hire me back my laboratory, ok, so let me go to Let me go to this will be one more thing on on social media Veronica bomb. Now hired by Netflix to do history. Programming web about is a company, and I dont begrudge him that nobody can do it, We want to do in that area, so he's gonna, be.
A girl, Barack Obama, history, stuff and Netflix thinks that are not people watch it to make a profitable I'll have a beef with any of that. As long as we know what the product it is in and who is behind its really strange, though you know, it's really strange is gonna Netflix with history, not interested in history. I bill, O Reilly, an Glenn back could both walk in his egg. If I brought something the Netflix, the odds are that I wouldn't I would what movies made from the killing box? Ok, yes, but the movies that I got made were made I compliment friendly correct to twenty first century for correct. If I had taken my movies to spill Burg or to Captain Burg, but it is me I want to guide now right, but That's what you're, but here's, what you're? Here's, what you really would on ideology? Here's what you early! Here's, what you are failing to to recognise, I think bill, and that is that the time
are, and it is, the kids are not watching. Television it's not watching it they're watching everything. I know I know everything is on Youtube: Netflix, Amazon! If right, if we are boxed out of Netflix you tube Amazon. There is no way to communicate it to the next generation and who's gonna have to be another company. That comes in to do programming just like Fox NEWS came on, seen to challenge the liberal. Media twenty three years ago that going to happen, you're not going to change the culture or force private companies to be fair, hazel How do you, like my happens, only other production companies gonna have to rise up. This is theory. Now bill and I know you don't engage in theory, but I would like to hear your response to my theory. I believe I mean Zuckerberg is calling for more regulation on him. What company?
ever calls for more regulate. You know what I like. You know we need around. Here. We need more government in inspectors. We need more government regulation, no He does that nobody dies that he's calling for more regulation, and I think we the moves that are making you're gonna, see even the with the conservative say in all these. These platforms, their thereof there their utilities, that's like a phone so utility. We should regulate those things. I think that the government, getting involved in and and regulating things like Google and and and Facebook is coming, and it is good. To be really really bad, because the socialists in these corporations and the socialists in our government, Argo to love to have that much control power and information. But under the Trump administration they won't do, but it
There is a broad president. Next time around or in six years them you're saying, is probably gonna happen, but there is a lot of money and I mean big, serious money on the right, in this country, and there is no. Reason why they can start to form companies that compete against Zuckerberg and the others, because they would make money. There is a huge audiences Fox news prove it that want to see programming that isn't skewed laughed and you know it when it comes down to it. We don't want gum and pin telling creative people. What to do. We dump but we have to really understand that the entertainment industry and that encompasses books and movies is eighty percent left wing and they hire he's on their ideology, and I any skill or creativity and there only getting worse other private companies have to come up.
Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme, So then shall we just go around eighty one? How do you want a big ran, a piece of paper, Andrea that fairer? That's over there were picked, I ran up because it gets Glenda just take on an all out I'll. Take a random number. You re, you're gonna do random number. I just want you to know now: it's not scientific for Loki. Let's see who we have. I got number one of acts of there. We got going gets number one and I would even opened it. I've got to I think it while you did, he really did. I was another now: surgeons, Alice hostages, rules and united. Rather ready was rigged, sings rigged guise of God telling us are surgeons, ALS News and why it matters gets the number two piglets. Three. I've got three Andrew
Keaton hosted something's on this with entry Heaton who is allowed to talk into the microphone, it's gonna be a broadcaster. I've got three hour as our three and I have never for pact re peccary unleashed gets. The number four cases are aft. So let me just Wayne this too Andrew because you'll understand it this way Imagine that, although the names that are running for president here, a you're going to issue them a red shirt notches, a team has to beam down to the planet. Ok, So the last person bits picked gets either a blue shirt or a yellow shirt, and there the only one coming back shirt. But, ok, you are I'm glad you got. It yeah. Ok, our rights are we're going out for that now I dont understand so that the last person picked would be the consensus that its best Canada, the best candidate, that we wouldn't want
the defence of these devices grow back into that. So I think the that one thing to remember here, as we are trying to pick the worst president. If you no matter what your definition of how that would work, if this person became president you'd, think they'd be the worst part ability for the presidency and I gotta go- I mean the boy I've got. I mean I got the whole slate you do, but I'm gonna go peasant. I just couldn't take it if it was Elizabeth, worn, Elizabeth more and with a but I would say, as is the surprise number one. Overall, I've gone to Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren would just girl aid on, while that would be agonized Elizabeth WAR and goes first overall in the worst possible president draft we gotta servants, I was news and why it Sir, I would say: Jellyband cause. I can't handle those social media. Videos of Chea judges be four years of working out video and the beer pong with water. Its unacceptable.
Absolutely mercy dollars the latest. Your latest democracy dollar, one dollar, democracy, dollar, she's, giving away democracy dollars to her into our voters, so that thing Catalan into every one of the biggest donor to her campaign, but is that so that she can get sixty five thousand donors so that you can make the debate stage? Oh my gosh she's, given away she's going Europe bucks differ from farms but must immediately, but luckily playing thereupon with water. It's just the squire. I better is number three. So I would say first you picked up the Borg, surprise, surprise I got for sure. Bernie Sanders would go number one at least number two I did Only Andrew Heaton Sunshine would enter eaten. I'm gonna get Bernie Sanders. Am I like Bernie Sanders? We admire my nightmare. My nightmare is to have to choose between Trumpet Bernie Sanders. I want to get him out real quick, but I don't have to make the effort
say: that's a huge value pick a number three over. All that I am addressing my getting sanders at three is is something I do not think I have argued tat gray from tat greatly, because our for wild, still some pretty good ones to choose from I want to see Corey blah, though my number two back now is my number to me, as I would add, Elizabeth WAR and an Corey book or on the same team. There's no way you of noxious. Now We'll say now have to fix in a row here a snake draft format where you have to that's how snake draft work serious, and that is that we do, when you didn't say we're doing. Play that to me and start Trek terminology. Ok, so sexy say, Captain Kirk had the last pick of the first round against this first pick up the second round
that we are even it out like it like an episode. Fourteen exactly have therefore do not go back around. This is like this is like a net next generations to our travelling here. Your partner, if that's cause, that's what's happening I was just going on, but I will not play your arrival so now at the point where I've got to pigs in a row, a lot of good ones on the field and sit on the board, I'm gonna go when I first pick Bob Franco work. I just could not take MR hand. Gesture sweaty climb, begun counters lackeys. Feline could not until just could not take it if it Bob Frigate work was our tv any more than the areas and when my next pick this is now this it gets starts to get a little bit difficult here, I'm gonna go with. I will go
with Eric said, Eric swore well is just now, you might not know who he is. He's were currently pulling at zero percent, but he's a guy goes on. Amazon BC says the most outrageous thinks he can to get attention he's basically running on getting rid of the second amendment. Right now he's an irritating attention hog- and, I would say both of my fix- went down that road of a rock and and swell well, so swallow goes number six as the worst possible president out of this crappy field. Next up, Patrick, wow. I think of me to go with John PIC and Loop relayed yeah thick and over. We have taken these obviously joke. As I dont know, who's up left to taken loop is climate change. Nightmare taken loop. Her is all about climate, this climate that green new deal. He. He is a true believer in
Al Gore Isn t he is either to arguing he you archer Andrew a little bit like the moderates have, but I will say Andrew has his chance to take another one off the ball right now, with the let's see, want you to run the six eight overall picture in the crappy Canada draft? Will I I've no york about six months ago, and I would be for a fight if builder blogs, you became my president after I escaped yet. Oh, I'm gonna pick a go: I'm algae, still on the financing is not in the race so belies Earls or on the fancy camping from on the fence. That would have been a good pick that I will say a very good pick, a right. In that case, I'm gonna go with Julian Castro. Catherine opened eyes are taken. All of my pigs now Castro's an interesting because you could get too for one there. There is a twin involved. So you're are you taking both twins off the board here? Can I can I do that at least one third yeah I'll, take both Catherine Zephyr Castro Times to goes eighth overall to Andrew, hidden, something's off within ridden. Now the news,
Why it matters Sarah Gonzales with a knife book, I'm gonna go comma because think she's she's going to be viewed as a moderate, but we all know that she's not anymore, and I think she can be dangerous Emmi in any time you get a woman running for president. Yet the question is: are we have women who say this? It's only women who say they dont what women president's eye? What that's me? Don't divination, so I'm gonna go for. I'm gonna go for Joe Biden because I think there's a chance. He just is drooling on himself within the first eighteen months, and then it's like whoever he picks. You know when you're voting for Joe Biden, you're really voting for vice president. Why? Why are you saying that are going to kill Joe Biden even Jodo, EVA Joly, about right about that? Now I'm saying have you heard speeches lately where he's like
He made me look ahead at least slipping aside thinking about drew Langley within four months. Well, you might be. Are we are now in the third round? Glenn backs second straight picture. There are snake format drawing another understands, except for everyone else other than a year ago I getting us yet another one year. I'm gonna go to I'm gonna go for PETE Buddha Judge, because I I I just I don't trust, I don't trust anybody. Who everyone says you're supposed to hate chick fillet on your side, and you don't like the way you could be good, but it could also be a massive mask yeah. I always at night Goin I check following president errors. Are no chickens laugh if you keep saying in speeches to look running for president when coming from being above mare of self
I made it is to be on bold, say that about yourself and I just don't want of four years of the first lady first man. What do we call it? That would be a gentleman rights that we have done now through eleven takes here. In our credit, disastrous Democrat draft and next surgeons, allies of the news and white matters, I'm gonna go with Wainwright. Weighing message I did something tells me he doesn't have the experience with pleasure is the mayor of Mere Amar Florida that one That is where you set mere Martin Weir, our flora, that does not change anything. Ok, I think Figment spoke here, Wade Mess and that's a good one, because we ve been picking unkind of the annoying policy. Stop picking someone who probably is not qualifying vehicles which are still on the ball. She is. She is and Andrew Heaton as an opportunity to take someone off the board now entering taken democratic, disastrous draft who has set molten
that's a great question and many people who are voting or asking the same. Ok, what I'm gonna do a wildcard go with. Some modifications are democratic, representative purely Irian, William sit on the board, who expanding and William ok how very little use its eastern visited. That's an opera guru an easy way out, is that the psychic from Florida, no, no fees from Florida, but she's she's, she's a nun. Age, he's not assign what chance do. Sarah wants there to be pressing screen a kind of my change. My can I do it. Can you can not? That is not on our ever was. Aren't you have another pet coming up, however, but not before Pat Gray has his third round selection who is it worth Democrat left on the board? I think I'm good. It's I'm torn between Andor Yang, wants to eliminate circumcision and easily, who I think I just confused Jim Hiccup Super for John John pick. It up. That's even mix up.
Ah I think I'm gonna go under Yang Andrew Yang, Andrea Word like Andrew Yang, I mean, except the though you know examples are. Susan is weird stuff go, and I did say that if we're old thing that he then personal choice, you don't want to ban it. We accepted that here I mean, I know, people who were alike- I don't know why have ever talk to those people and in fact I think I never talk to them again because it just like. Why are we talking about rights move on with our life? Yes, anyway, my heart started to flutter there, as I thought tat my taken important pick out out of my draft with my third romping. I am absolutely going with J insulate. Italy is a is a huge climate guy. It's really running on one issue campaign on the climate. He is just too than the first state to legalise human composting that cap and that under rule twenty four hours, humus composting is now in place, which is interesting, but I will say he also blamed the flooding in Iowa on Donald Trump, which I thought was a nice touch
so I go J instantly there and I gotta say has I am terrified of Sarah Guns Alice allowing Oprah and Kim Kardashian guru to be President United. Not animals do not talk. Don't do I am absolutely taking Mary and I do not know. I doubt that we already have too many card actions in the White House. I don't want more shown up Marian Williamson author with my fourth round pick. Tat Gray is up next crushed my truncates we're gonna. Do that here and say first or we're close to him. The next. The United States and one that I think no one will know injustice radio network on demand
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