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Ep #199- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 10/10/18  - 'The Clinton Stand' applied? - Fearing Future Assignations?  - Fighting Fire with Fire with Caller Dan  - The Greatest Speech Ever? - 'Christians in the Age of Outrage' (w/ Ed Stetzer) 

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The blaze radio network on demand very welcome other podcast, its glad and what you do look at or student mobility. It doesn't matter, it is not your real name either. Now Mr Sarkozy, who built anyway, we ve, got a great great pot cast for you today, little bit of an issue Glenn, I would say: hacking holler wrestling raised almost come. I was almost ass bad cabinet here, that's interesting, We need to talk about having the media's in saying that this is not a mob they're, just bang, on the goals of the Supreme Court, but no my foot surrounding people like TED cruising and in and forcing them to get out of a restaurant, but that's Deauville deal. Can we had a collar who see Be saying, is it's time for us to do something? Drastic, maybe violent, and you d reacted negative linked to that impulse. And you shall have your words. I chose port
For you, I like you, but I am sure that you explained is in death, went through that and how that worked out and history before and we can't get we want over to like every once in a while. I think we forget that way. Really well right now we will meaning there not reacting this way because we are losing their winning their backs against the wall. So we go into the details and I will say more importantly, at the end of the show. Glenn discusses some new star wars. Virtual reality thing that its now I'm thinking about skate, changing its absolutely game. Changing to the end of the year, forecast vs check it out
the only thinking. It's Wednesday retain well good news. Hillary Clinton is back again kind of like Herpes it you you just can't no matter what you take, you just can't shake it now was that was at unkind. Us do this is an interesting debate. Well, it just won't ever seem to go away. Will it she's there? to remind us that she is relevant and her husband, a Democrat is not a rapist, definitely not a rate So we should listen to the dozen or so women who have accused him of sexual assault over the past few decades? Instead, we should focus on the evil, Republicans and their plot to fill this, Bream Gort with sexual predators, also
she's, going on tour and want everybody to know that seven hundred dollars a ticket totally worth it here. Is talking about her tour in an interview with the very fair and balanced Cristiani unemployed You say that you gonna talk about the difficulties that your husband went through the you went through obviously you're going to be prepared to have questions about that moment in ninety. Ninety eight, the impeachment-
the allegations of sexual harassment against your own husband rape. Are you prepared to answer those questions? Is he prepared to answer them and how do you see that similar or different from what President Trump is being accused of and Cavanaugh and others today? Well, there's a very significant difference, and that is the intense long, lasting partisan investigation was conducted in the ninth. If the other Republicans, starting with President Trump on down, want a comparison, they should welcome such an investigation lines. I do. I welcome the comparison with the investigation. I don't need a welcome it. It's already happening. They ve been theirs A partisan investigation on Donald Trump since before he was elected,
now one woman who hasn't remained quiet about Bill Clinton's, bad behaviour and the hypocrisy of the left is one need a broad Rick. You know the woman who said Bill Clinton rape to me. She said I have twenty times more evidence for my rape by Bill Clinton. The Doktor Ford has against Cavanaugh Democrats turn their backs on me. All women are believed as long as they're, not conservative. As long as the assault was not done by Democrats and an interview with Lord Ingram when asked what she thought about the Democrats. Circus, like handling of Cavanaugh confirmation, makes me go back to nineteen. Ninety nine. Go back to nineteen. Ninety nine win dine, Einstein, along with
Every other Democrat refuse to read my deposition to the independent council. They wouldn't have nothing to do with it. That just shows you the difference in the double, standard that existed back then and still does today. I think it's. I think this is astonishing.
But they can do this to Mr Cavanaugh. Stashing, certainly is the word its astonishing that someone could survive with such cognitive. Dissidents is net. She complains. Democrats should be tougher and fight harder, but she clams up and start speaking, full blown legal liese. When someone ask how can you go on huge ran about sexual predators when your husband is widely considered to be a sexual predator and has a very credible charge of rape? Of course she responds by hardening her face into that stony grin Hillary Clinton, certainly astonishing
it's Wednesday October, tenth, your listening to the Glen Back Programme, the nice thing about Hillary Clinton. Everybody knows she's, like you nothin every nobody pies, nobody buys her. Acting now, which is really bodies, is really well CNN, Christiana, poor. She still buys into it yeah. I don't know that I would really make that distinction who cares what what she thinks really either of them. I mean I mean it's our voices that I I almost can't hear. I guess so little about All models like their cutting woods and afford had I praise, are falling and nobody's hearing it and I'm in the middle of a city yeah many many hundreds of miles away. I cannot hear the trees via try to remember. I want something that was so outrageous. Last night was- and I thought to myself now
I'm really not arranged. I dont care and I have just don't care it's hard. I mean there's a lot of stuff. Today I mean there is in the things that the people that are trying to cover this election in these the Cavanaugh thing are actually saying there incredible it's as if they dont care. What the words there saying mean. We know well well Vincent's, let's, let's use this because were changing definitions of words. Here is here's Brook Baldwin on CNN there talking about how will you we we we ve, got to be careful because people are gonna be heard because, worse to where we are seeing mobs start to form it is, I believe it's the over reaction of the laughed when you see people like TED crews, getting chased out or restaurants by a mob you're, not gonna, use the my word our total,
It is without a doubt, there's no other one ass. Its look glasses put up a set up, stop mob is what we saw in Charlottesville, Virginia I guess I got my own eyes what we saw chain I'm not saying what I didn't write. What about the people who were at the Supreme Court banging on the wall? What do you have all that civil protest or that a mob, I think as easily among young? If energy partners would call it a mob for sure come on? Let's give cause, I saw lots of tea party is going to the Supreme Court in banging on the on the walls and by the way I have plenty of Supreme Court decisions that make me want to bang on the as the Supreme Court right? But we don't do those things because of us we're supposed to be in a civil society right. Am I try to remember I'm trying to remember all of the people, the tea party ears chase down with their children
and the whole made signs? How many people they chase down in restaurants and surrounded of one example. In fact, if you want an example of this, what did Nancy Pelosi do during the health care the bill she and was Jean Louis, marched out in to the crowd in to the crowd, trying to get them to do that and they wouldn T remembered her? They tried to get them to be violent. They
and all kinds of crazy things throw gasoline all over them, and then they link terms in March bravely through that crowd, when they didn't have to, they were trying to get the tea party to become of violent mob. They didn't. Can you imagine what would have happened if Donald Trump and Bread Cavanaugh would have linked arms and tried to walk through the crowd in Washington DC would not have been pretty, it would not have been pretty and by the way I mean you know,. Talk about. Some of these things are antiphon, that's not a mob there, like torturing cities and their taking over that's the eye way. They let you shouldn't that's a riot that is a riot by a mob. Could you define mob? Please look it up in the dictionary find out.
Let's, let's make sure we know what we're talking about mob mob, a large crowd of people, especially one that is disorderly, intent on causing trouble or violence, ok and then the quotas, a mob of protesters. That's that that's their usage, so is this not a disorderly crowd of people that are true, to what little incandescent on causing truck intent on causing trouble. I mean, I guess, if you think well, bred Cavanaugh, the terrible person and stopping him is good. So that's not come. In trouble. I mean you're going down that road. I guess that's our hands that that doesn't does it say there in unless you're right, it just says intent on causing trouble right. It's doesn't say you know, but with an exception of those who are absolutely right. Why? What I'm saying, though, is that the media does not see harassing conservative.
As causing trouble correct. That is the issue correct. They see this as a career. I see this as like that you know there is basically a charity were right. I mean that they're they're doing good for the people you're stopping these evil old white people who have names like crews, things better every night sky, the Iris guy, this all wrong. Let me tell you these white people, these overweight people, do yeah really barrow. Really, ok, so lets us into a couple. Things? First, we have CNN, we just played oh you're, not gonna, call it a mob bs, I'm going to call it a mob. Now here's Maxine waters, trying to say we're trying to redefine protest is mob rule. Here it is. Protest, is guaranteed to adapt
Craddock society. We know that this is guaranteed to us by the constitution. They are trying to change the description, a protest and call it a mob. Well know this, president, is the poster boy for what a mob protest looks like. He is a matter of fact: is the one who has been by looked in his speech he's the one party we have recently had things like this. I'd like to put him in the face. Trump said that one of his roused he set back the crap out of them. Would you and seriously ok, just The hell I mean poker or I'm ok, we got it now. That's what you think she's saying that Donald Trump is the one who's violent in their speech
Let's go to Jennifer Epps Adults, Addison she's, the network president and co executive director of the centre for popular democracy. Here's what she's saying to the crowds lawmakers and leftist continue to push protest, scared to sorry, sorry, whether and in what way, I'll wait wait till they go anywhere. We see them now. Here's here's the problem. Let's ratchet things down just a bit and listen to somebody who says
I think there is real trouble on the way and has reason to say that here's ran Paul Heroin. People, Coy Booker sake, get up in their face. He may think that that's ok, but what he does it realises that for about every thousand person that might want to get up in your face, one I'm gonna be unstable enough commit violence. When I was at the ball field, Steve's gullies was nearly killed, the guy's shooting up the ball field and shooting, I think, five or six people were shot. These Gleason's almost killed. He was yelling. This is for health care. He had a list in his pocket of coins, I would have Republicans that he wanted to kill. You know what I was attacked in my yard, NED. Six of my ribs broken pneumonia. Lung condition. All of that these are people that are unstable. We don't want to encourage them. We have to somehow ratcheted down and they were not encouraging. That balance is ever ok ever a reason for or a means for trying to resolve that. I feel that there is going to be at an end:
and I really worried and someone is going to be killed and that those who ratcheting up to the the conversation, those who iraqi at Saint getting their face, they realise that they bear some responsibility of this alleged violence. So, do you remember the time when people like Brick, Baldwin CNN, were lecturing us that you couldn't say you're going to target a district, because that of course lead to violence couldn't target a district? Remember the lectures of your words have power, because you don't know whose listening to them- and we said unless your unless you're endorsing this, we are calling for peaceful rallies and they were, and they were. These are not peaceful. How many people were arrested from the tea
already riots mobs. How many I dont remember any there's food hundred just last weekend on the left? Four hundred, that's disorderly! That's not a peaceful protest. Your words do have power because you, to mean violence? Now, how can Glenn back even say that the best of a bad that programme let me go to and in Georgia, hello, Dan you're on the glimmer programme going. Are you don't it's going hastily out? I want to ask a serious question: when is it our turn? When is it our turn for what I back?
What is it our turn to take back the capital and in what way? In what way are we talking about me? You gotta get a couple of weeks. He can give vote in an Indian that taken care. I- and I am I intend to vote. I so do I and two thousand two thousand and nine and two thousand found what I told my wife, that there will be blood in the streets. So what is your? What is your question? You define winning our turn. Tell me what you mean by that. When are we gonna be allowed to protect ourselves? Protect our representatives protect our streets, protect our businesses protect? anything we could well. You are allowed to protect to yourself. If your life is in danger- and you are- Talking about when are we gonna, grab guns and go kill people you
that's a natural, but it s a long. Natural law has a natural right. You have that, if you're talking about when are we gonna grab guns and go kill people? You can count me out in that never o clock on that. We- and you can count me out on that now. If not, I knew her gun and we are asking for that. They know what are you asking for when it you keep saying do not do not push back, do not give! No. Why not? I do not say that I do I'd say: do you no, sir? No sir. Not at all the time not offer the trick. Don't let them when don't let them don't. You know that this is what don't they become them? Yes, don't become what you despise. Do you want to become?
like you want to become what I want to protect my children. I want so do I my street, so do I I so I dont have six million dollars in security guards the. How do I do it when we want, is you'd. Tell me, sir. What your threat level is right now tell me what your threat level is right now. Why? If I were assured that says, fan for the flag- and I worked Kroger and I get birdie- looks to much better, my gosh dirty and looks really high, not dirty looks we not directly I ourselves against dirty, looks right for you guys
Joe gotta know, sir, I'm not making a joke of it. You are now you know, I'm not. You are obviously ready to fight right now. I am ill that it's getting to a point where we have to I, because the way that this is going, how do you want a final at which it wrapping up? How do you want to How do you want if I dont know what we should do you do you just won't say on national radio? How do you want to violence say it out going ahead. As you know you to buy, I don't care about open, say it band fire with fire there in our face we get up and get back in their face. They threatened us at a dinner table. We protect our dinner table, I mean, can we hose him down with pepper spray and mace, or we going to go to jail and be called certain names
going. Are we allowed to defend our who are allowed to defend yourself to day. If you are under threat. You feel that your family and you are in a actual Unsafe condition, not a college I feel unsafe, but in actual threat. Skews me, sir. Let me talk up. Let me talk of protesters wow. What a ban Gunnar coming down there. I mean you know if he did what he abandoned his light friend his family and his circle from further escalation of I once gonna win! Foolishly, there would have been foolish to do it
Combating violence is not a defence against the escalation of violence. That's not gonna make it worse. I mean what protectors did was win right. What did you do tat? We take the view that it would get. We lose the cabin. I think we did. We think about in the streets and any scream and beat the crap out of people would Cavenaugh is, in the Supreme Court we would have lost the cavenaugh can utilise the universe. You would have what is certainly we're lost Jeff Lake. He was dying to vote no, but we can give them the opportunity. You went, going to handle the situation right now, capitals on a Supreme court whose handled well. What, then, was the net whether they're gonna open up, and I dont know we'll, have to wait and see. You seem to want to predicted and act on it now Well then I'm I'm, I'm not with you on that. Believe me. I will protect my family and I, without my two curative guards, I'm sorry! My threats are a little bit more than getting dirty looks in the gross reached alarming to do a crowbar thou. Have you ever had that I've never had a between men's Kroger. Look at my shirt
so I am sorry that you don't have my security I am sorry that my family has to go through this. The threats I just wrote to a friend I just wrote to a friend this morning, Who said hey, I want to come and stay with. You guys are. You know, just hang out with you guys over the weekend, blah blah blah. I said my wife do that anymore? I've been trying to get my life, my wife too, to put her guard down. We don't have people over our house, the more we don't have anyone over at our house anymore. We don't do things like that, because our life has been so unbelievably Kay arctic and, yes, a little more than Kroger. I am not mocking you for what you have to go through. I would just like to remind you that Martin, Luther King went through a lot more.
Abraham Lincoln, went through a lot more Abraham Lincoln, if you don't think Gabriel I'm Lincoln as a man want. To make the south pay. If you don't think he did, you dont know history. If you think that our greatest founding fathers, sir exactly the same thing. We do not want war, We do not want bloodshed, take it take it, take it until then couldn't take it anymore and they then wrote the Declaration of India. And its, which did not lead with why We're so mad instead they rode up plea this this, who we are and will
stand. You just seem to want to fight. I am not with you I look. To win? This is the best underlined by programme. Like listening to this path? Cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell wants you to your stand, that you are on a path to victory right now, you are on a path to victory, you're angry this morning? I understand I understand, because you're watching tell us You know you're. Reading things on social meeting you're like. I can't believe these people are
calling for for mobs. Riots in there, and then The media's excusing them and the media winning the media's only winning goes where allowing them into our life, to win their meaningless, the meat, now winning you are think of this You got the most unelectable man in american history Elect. Did you gotta I did, everyone said, cannot do it the old times. Outside or does in play politics does and play games, doesn't do anything that anyone would say you should do that. She'll got him like did then what did he do
Ah started doing the things he said he would do. What tackle is that I've ever seen from a politician you winning do you think the left has become on here? because they think you're on the ropes? Do you think the left has? just signed on to democratic socialism a radical on american idea do you think their excusing and far because they think we're about to win? This is the last gasp in death, throes Back into a corner no place to go, what do you do? You're just starts throwin punches you're, not in the corner there. In the corner
you acting like you're in the corner. They are trying to get you. To feel like you're in the corner. You're not they're, not protesting, because your weak there protesting, because your strong people say I want to talk to the democratic, can talk to the Democrats. Really Really I'm not talking about the politicians are not talking about the crazy aunt of people on the edges. I'm talking about your neighbor now a lot of people can't I get that. I can't talk to a lot of people. I get it. I do get it, but let's not forget twenty percent of the people voted for Donald Trump voted for Barack Obama were where they come from. We don't want to talk to people who voted for Barack Obama really comes when ten percent.
No you're, not hearing that on tv, because the Democrats and If you don't want you to know that there are twenty percent responsible for this monster. You're winning Africa. American unemployment is the lowest in its streets. Our Current unemployment rate overall is the lowest since the nineteenth sixties, your winning. You have a conservative court and, if things continue this way. If we go out In vote, I guess what you might have to other court appointments. Why do you think they'll be mad about that? Because you, well, meaning.
Let us remember that and keep them into perspective when we call for violence. Now why why punch down? We have a bigger vision for America and its happening. Why punch down it's a relevant? It's easy to get mad. It's easy to get mad specially in today's world. It used to be that we had to be mad about something that was real now american MAD, because, oh my gosh, did you hear that use the inward? I actually had to click on the story, because I didn't know what the M word was. The headline was: a CNN Horoscopes, goes crazy because guest uses Edward, what the is the inward mob mob? Don't use that word now can call Antiphon or what's happening,
That's the Supreme Court MOB. No, no! No! Four hundred arrests, that's not a mob! So it's easy to get angry when you are angry, that is, when character comes out. That's: when people see who you really are and if people are looking for a home because I'm not comfortable with socialism. Comfortable with people who are saying? I dont like capitalism, I'm not comfortable with people who are calling for mobs and calling for riots and surrounding people in restaurants, I'm not comfortable. I can't vote for them. Who do I vote with what Why go if the other side, till I get punch back, they're, not gonna, go you either April. Fourth, nineteen sixty eight on the back of a flat bed, pickup truck in the heart of the worst part of town. The ghetto
In Indianapolis in front of an almost entirely black crowd before social media Luther King is shot are k is all the way to speak everyone? The share of everyone, says you can't: go there, you're a white man in a black crowd. They will kill you. He said no, they won't. No handler no cell phones, no writers, nothing. He takes a little piece of paper, any jobs down a few notes and he gets up to break the news to this black crowd that Martin Luther king had just been. God. I want you to listen to his message, because his message is exactly the message that I would love to hear from people today
Listen must ever got time for the United States, its perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are what direction we want to move, but those of you who are black considering the evidence, evidently is it. They were by people who are responsible.
You can be filled with bitterness and with hatred and a desire for revenge which move in that direction. As a country with greater liberalization, black people, amongst lies, a bite amongst whites filled with hatred towards one another, or we can make an effort, as Martin Luther king did to understand and to comprehend and replace that violence that stain of bloodshed that is spread across our land. But an effort to understand compassion and love for those of you who are black and are tempted to feel will be filled with hatred in mistrust.
Of injustice of such an act against all white people, I would only say that I can also feel in my own heart, the same kind of feeling I remember my family kill. But he was killed by a white man, but we have to make an effort in the United States
to make an effort to understand to get beyond about beyond these while the difficult times it. Maybe all my my favorite, Poland was escalates. He wants road, even in our sleep pain, which cannot forget all, as promised by drawn behind them, are until, in our own day, despair against. Our will comes wisdom through the awful grace of God. But we need in the United States is not division, but we need in the United States is not a trade, but we need in the United States is not biologists and lawlessness, but his love and wisdom and compassion towards.
Feeling of justice toward those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or whether they be black. The greatest speeches given by any man in the United States are F K. Martin Luther king had one already he had one. If a politician would have gotten up on the back of a pickup truck and said what politicians are saying today, get em.
Martin Luther King life would have been wasted because nobody would have wanted to be a part of that and they would have identified. People would have looked at that and said yeah its justified, but I don't wanna be a part of that. Your winning stay the course do not play into the game of those who are in their death throes there eating their own. Don't be fooled your listening to the best of the Glen that programme
I want to thank the stature. He is he's a guy that we had booked last hour and kind of winning a dick. Direction, but I did it fits right in to what we have been talking about. I had a collar. About an hour and a half ago, who said that you know is the time that we're gonna fight back and we should fight back. We should fight back the poles. We should stand true steady, we have to speak truth. Do not forget the things that we were all pot and we all know are true to be civil, kind to one another, but we were not at a place where I think you grab a gun. I won't Christians in the age of outrage, how to bring our
asked when the world is at its worst ed stature. Just wrote that book welcomed the programme at how are you Thank you, banks around me, and I think we both what books on our rates a nice time. It could talk about outright. We did- and you have you found- add that it's not necessarily and understood topic or a popular topic right now to try to do defused or explain what it does to us. You know: did you think I see them, word used more than I've ever seen it before in my lifetime and your rage and outrage in headlines of articles all the time. But it's when you go a little around. In your case, talking about relationship to addiction or in my case talking about our Christian might engage the age about Rachel. I dont think I think that a lot of references to it, but lot of ok. What do we do? Interacts having you know, damn from Georgia who fascinating, fascinating, call and add you gonna walk through that with him he's clearly outraged his response would be different than yours, I presume you responded
and mine and I think ultimately, part of the challenges is dams. Response is needed to set out to say other save your dad's respond, the way a lot of people feel right. I know you are a lot of built up outrage that is, and it's you know you both on the conservative and liberal side and it in many ways tearing our country. Apart from my concern, as a christian leader, Unama, the milligram centre My concern is that Christians, how are we going to engage in a world filled with outrage and when sometimes where there were the cause of it, sometimes where the targets of it? It's it's a make him. I love your comments about religious liberty. To I mean I'm, I'm equally concerned about religious liberty around the World Bank will, for you bring that up, bring in that case up even today, but but but again I see Christians who are outraged about Starbucks cops right. Then about persecution around the world, and I think so we our own issues to deal with, but also its? The though so, tell me because
don't know if you heard last hour when I was talking about bond offer and that we have this closing window bond offer did not succeed in what he tried to do it though he was in the end, a victorious, but he didn't. He didn't change the p. Because the people had already abandoned their judeo christian values. They were angry, they were outraged they were. They wanted medical solutions, not a spiritual solution, and they they just went for it. We have this. This window on our judeo Christian, culture and our, and our underpinnings there being law and if we don't get through that window and keep people's hearts open, we're gonna go really awry really arena I think, ultimately, this is our moment. Then you don't not every we don't get to pick the moment were born or that we live in. You and every generation- is facing new challenges. But this is our moment
in the book I sort of go through every charred and some staff we have. The new statistics in each chapter talk about how in many ways that judeo christian consensus has been lost, and now the views of Christians different groups may be better more of the conservative side. Are now outside. In many ways of the mainstream, society were once they the main stream in that kind of lead to an accelerated outrage The goal is: what do I want to turn up the volume to eleven, and ultimately I dont think that the path I appreciate what you just said earlier, when you're talking to talk in Sudan is we ve got to. We ve got to choose a different way now, one of the key things as Christians are consistently choosing it everywhere. We don't need to be disciple, buyer cable news network, where we don't need to be shaped spiritually by our social media feed. I think, ultimately, we need to be shaped ass. Christians
by who Christ is an Jesus, was unafraid to stand up. I mean he was in the Temple and he turned over tables, but he also showed this remarkable ability that we can model to to build bridges with people. Whom he turning be around. They get this american woman at the well and I think ultimately, we need a better path in the answer is not to get like the world. The answer for Christians in this age of our is to really follow the way of Jesus into the world, and I'm not some. You don't want to stand up for things. Don't I'm giving you said you fight, but you fight. For example, you can't war at a people and reach a people at the same time as the question of how you approach that and we're just where the user by word directed the outrage right now I'm I'm trying to say there is a better way for Christians too too to to do, but we got one of the targets of the irate and certainly but not participate in creating foe and false crises and outrage
Well, here's what's interesting to me, and I pointed out last hour, if you talk politically we're winning, the Supreme Court, but bread cavenaugh- I don't of any president that would have stood up for that liquid then with Israel in many ways you know we're win, It's not they're, not forming, Ma Hobbs and going out in, and you know trying to get into. Both face and getting them to react in anger, because their winning their doing that, because in their desperate We are actually making progress and somehow or another we're just being swept up in their drama. Why oh, are you kindly that appeals to us there's a part of us. I think that's. Why you're we'll find him some some crisis on social media that
it will be very attractive to, and then we find that later that wasn't true in it spread around in an ancient and Anna, and I think that part of the concern. What is it in us that draws us to outrage rather than to engage, and I think, there's a there's, a difference between the two any I'm some forget lump sum lose deeply pro life. You spoke at the March for life here in Chicago, not that long ago, and you know you have cut off their because those of us in the March for life speaking up and standing for life, and then he added some protest around this. Just calling us terrible people, but then you had some some some identified Christians, yelling horrible things at them, yeah and here's. What I don't want to be. I want to be in the group that sang I'm going to stand for life, not yelling horrible things at one another and thinking even the counter protesters, who were kind of part of the March for life with left and started yelling. That's the probably look too much like them, and I don't think that that's our goal, if our goal- and we talked about this- a lot in Chris's outrageous
Is to do hold a biblical world view, but then to engage the world with a winsome approach and an incomparable. It's worth. I mean I open fasting to watch you sort of walk through that journey as well, and I think it really talents alot of people in the way that they would think in Tokyo took it out to you for even more, on this subject, a bigger matters. I'd like to talk to you about your solutions, as let me take a quick break. The name of the book is Christians in the age of outrage. I think it is really important. We cannot become that which we despise. We cannot play the same game for small just strategically. Lose the name of the book. Is Christians in the age of outrage, and it is very frank it talks of Out what Christians cannon- and
should do and also have not done and how we are actually hurting ourselves. You talk about the our God really kind of being identity. Now new Spain that add up- and we ve done over the nation mood our selves into actions, and I dont want is christian- has to be a faction in a world of factions. My big that's the part of the problem, but but I think you know people identify themselves I'm I'm there, sir, I'm that I've got a social media community and and and then that faction sort of comes identity becomes a fact in the faction becomes an echo chamber and then ultimately we, the volumes goes up up up up up in the anger discos up up up up and and can't survive. I beg as a nation factionalism at this level of aerial your Balkan you to turn from history. We were gonna break apart, and so I think the open thing, I can't I can't solve all the political things you you got much bigger platform talk about politics than I do, I'm just trying to help Christians.
They aren't, how do we react? How do we respond in the interest is not to take her identity from anything other than King Jesus and and in a gyno. That's overly spiritual, but we're talking here in this. In this focus I mean so it's to take out any freaking Jesus This is not coming back on air force, one he's not ride in a donkey or an elephant when he does and to acknowledge that I'm only all in as a Christian in following Christ and everything Elsie shaped around that my identity is more to Christ than his kingdom our motto. We, we college my identities more to Christ in his kingdom, the anything else, so explain this yesterday that you know the Vive so called Christians of the Westboro Baptist church. You know they they hold up signs. You know God hates This- God hates that blah blah they're, just despicable you don't win by by holding up signs. No god hate you and a shower
things back you win by listening by understanding by embracing them as a soul or a brother and sister, not though it they're doing standing up, but people have been changes. One woman in particular that actually left her own family in the Westboro Baptist Church different cause. Somebody spoke to her with civil with civility and said this reason here for a minute Ok, I have on my desk actually right every in front of me a name plate because they actually protest at my church. We went out and serve them copy and done and they called me in the National NEWS I get you'd want. Where'd, you Bobby and the radio, but are lying beep false profit, and so it actually in one of my staff. It into a name play download. It has it headline line blank false profit, Westboro Baptist church. By the way is either wrapped anybody's either, but has no return, but but in doing so The question is: how do we respond with somebody reached out actually interviewed by the members of the family?
While agreeing to somebody read it out, and I will pay you, I think that's what we can do right now with people who deeply disagree with us in the book is filled with examples of Christians who actually relationships with people who radically disagreed and in the process we able to come to maybe a their understanding. I want examples, for example, is up is the present by only firstly, which is a christian University in California. I met with the kind of the leader of the parties that legislature there in California that was trying to do laws that would make it a legal for by Allah to live their christian beliefs about marriage, sexuality in more only end up getting to understand each other better, but will the bill was ultimately not moved forward, but dropped and men, and now our two very different place. Now, I'm not thing you can always do that, but I am saying that Christians, He try to do that, and I do think that in doing so will act a lot more
these or even if you have a lot more like Britain's historically, because though the moment wherein is not time for us to join in ratcheting up. Our region and, as you said earlier to your collar, going people's army. Yet that's not I'm glad. That's not uncommon view, and I know some of the other worse things I see on sulphur media. I click on a link that I find go. The bio and its first think. Listen thing is christian and I'm like that's not what it's supposed to look like and I think that's. What we need is a change in a lot of arts. I will tell you this the ones who can teach us this right now or the the victims of ISIS. And ones who word were literally chained as slaves You know story after story after story of these Christians, who that I mean I know one family that actually wrote two ISIS after they said you're all dead, we're coming Saturday to kill you
It was another thing was on Sunday, we're gonna come on Sunday and kill you if you don't submit and we're gonna crucify you the face. We sat down, kids at all and wrote a letter and said we Your stand. We forgive you for that. We're not we're not going to leave, will be here you com at three o clock. We only ask that you do not crucify us it. It is not worthy of that kind of a death, and they lived because they stood up with PS. It's unbelievable what's happening while we can learn global Christians are also. Historically, there was his emperor fastening at I'll Julian, the apostate. I write about this in the bud He actually called the apostate Gus. You know victors right. They history in the Christians eventually became more prominent and is what he right did he so angry about trying to hold back the event?
Christianity, the pagan, and he says this whilst the pagan priests neglect the poor, the hated Galileans devote themselves to works of charity goes on and as these impious Galileo, impious galileans that only feed their own poor, but I also welcome them into their adoption. The name of the book, the name of the book, is Christians in the age of outrage. Pick it up. It is well worth the rain I've seen some things that are game. Changing in certain ways, you know being able to do it online. Instead of a tv s was pretty big. No, no! No! I went to something called the void. Have you heard about this yet now there's only one in Texas, its Lucas, its George Lucas, that has done it
and the one in Texas is at the cinema mark in West Plano. I think it's thirty dollars for fifteen minutes. Woe I'd pay, sixty what we do is what is ok, it is, it is, virtual reality and you. You go in you put on this virtual reality, sue you put on that the goggles and then you Are we in to this this room? That's just like it. It looks like a cubicle when you're Goggles Europe, it looks like a cubicles. Just that's all it is you put the goggles down and they dart- and you are now in star wars. What yeah it's on believable you all the people. You only go with four people, maximum for and so you're going in and, like you know, the kids we're all storm trappers and I could tell who was who began as we all, are linked by coms and the sizes are there, but
put the goggles down there in suits. You are in a suit. You look down yourself in your suit. You put your hands out and you're in a suit and so you go and reach for things, and it happens at one point: the the empire is pulling you over here on this mission is pulls you over and you're on remember that have not probably nobody remembers is, but whatever that I, though, whatever that planet was, it was all lava that you know episode three K, your PA. Over on that planet and the doors pull up and you have to you have to get off of your ship and get into there's the doors open up you feel the heat of the lava and wherever you look you're on the planet. It's unbelievable I have not heard of this place. It's brand new. Just in allowing the void eminent Plano, it's in explain plain the only one in Texas. It is game chain
Doing what I said to buy said to Rachel. I don't play games all that stuff on LA. I don't know how you are going to leave, leave virtual reality. It was the coolest experience I've ever had were there, I fought Darth Vader. It was on level you Eleaf feel when you're walking out on the ship you walking out and it looks when you look down. It looks like you're on a great, so you're, seeing the lava beneath you. It's actually gives you that spooky feeling of like I'm gonna, fall Really. It is unbelievable after due unbelievable this this, how many years you have nationwide did. I don't know this month. It is star wars. Next month is Ghostbusters and your going in and you have the power pal, it's crazy. I gotta get to try Miguel angel. Obviously the virtual reality figures is and is not done this level normally like they have some stuff it out there.
Yet, as their enormous is well done, my size have a little mobile unit. Lay punk adds Candia. No here you fight impact. You're fighting when you're fighting here you ve got a you know you ve got a plaster and you're fighting and when your shot, you feel it you get a tingle in your chest or wherever it is, they shoot you it's. Why It's amazing, it is the closest thing. Do I didn't know that ready player one died? I didn't know that available now here you know you we they talk about that being then what's gonna happen in the future, but I have it here. You see in tickets, sold out all the time raw time it sold out at a hideous fan, so asked how far advanced you have to. I don't know just have call on just a while, but get your tenure, you will love it fine if it's in your state or in your area again only one in Texas so far citizen, park in West Plano, and it's called the void
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