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Ep #187- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/24/18  -#MeTooMartyr to testify?. -Adams vs. Jefferson, Learning from Histories Past? -'Outrage Culture' (w/ Heather Mac Donald)  -Ted Cruz vs. The Anti-Texan? -Alyssa Milano vs. Glenn Beck?

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The blaze radio network on demand. Its Monday back into studios in Dallas, Texas or so glad you listen podcast today, episode we, to begin with the new allegation released by the New Yorker magazine. I gotta started a different, a different place. I I I started doing some research this weekend and upon how does this end- and we have done this before in politics, and the answer is yes, we have and it too To a story, many of us know already but really know how it happened. amazing tie get anywhere else on the cabinet debate we have had their Mcdonald on with this Heather Mc Gowan
is a is a former professor interposed modernism and she really kind of outlined we really have to do when it comes to our colleges and civilization as it begins to melt down. What should you do about your kids and poles? muttered social justice continues to change our world TED crews, the anti text That, oh, who won the debate, also The amazing add that has six developments out of, I think nine and that are saying Republican brother of ours is not helping. I think it's actually gonna backfired. I'll, tell you why so much more on today's podcast
the only thing to the date of its mandate, the timber twenty point, another allegation was lob, did Cavenaugh last night, this one comes from Deborah Ramirez a year a classmate of governor who told the New York, the new Yorker Cavanaugh thrust is. For us, his penis in her face causing her to touch it, she claims it both of them were highly intoxicated, no aright. First of all, the story should have never made it to print. It is tell The new Yorker ran it while the New York Times and washing imposed have stayed away. Ramirez admits that she had spent six days quote. Assessing her memories.
before really truly recalling what had happened. She also myths that there are quote significant gaps in our memories of the evening, like the Ford allegation. No one can collaborate, man, when I has flat out denied it is ever happen, as has many bull that she said were there? They have all about now sense and said now no recollection of this even happening it's Lee out of character. So this make it into a national publication. Heavily Rules of journalism changed or suddenly spontaneously combust. Now it just as there are no real rules of journalism anymore, the journalists have left advocates in torchbearers. taken their places and in the ditch world where you can assassinate someone's character in points seven seconds, Goya Drive Google Cavenaugh it'll. Take you points, seconds for Google,
Come back with one hundred and twenty eight million results that fast. It happens now. If someone, make a false claim on twitter it'll be retreat ten thousand times, plus the correction of even comes from Regional poster will only get what tenor twenty tweets. Maybe that's what rats or doing the Cavanaugh now and they know it and sadly What does Canada? It's amazing, what worse in our country right now, since the country that you want your kids to grow up in is this fairness, no This is social justice social justice in the post, modern world means that It doesn't matter if Cavanaugh did it. Somebody lie Kevin I did do it. Doesn't if it happened to these victims because it has happened or something like it has happened to other victims.
and it all balances out in the end were so. They think. I just ask any of anybody who is so sure of themselves? Day on one side or the other, swear happening to you. Would you Think this was a fair process. The left has taken this hearing and completely turned the rules upside down the term. Reasonable doubt is always meant that if it exists, you have to assume. The person is innocent, reasonable doubt well I can't find any reason. To believe these people on Twitter yesterday we're all absolutely positively sure. Calves I was guilty absolutely positively sure he's not. How could you possibly
based on two people than theirs, Greece fall apart once it leaves them. the left is now rewritten the definition there's no evidence, not one single corroborating witness to any. these claims, not one. Now, that's enough to get you laughed out of a court room. but for some reason the quote: resistance wants ray tenable doubt now to shift towards the accuser, keep in mind, These are the same people, the very same people who are. supposedly for criminal justice in prison reform, is in it exactly the problem. I've been we been in a society that I believe. The white woman instead of Emmett till wasn't that the problem
this one white woman's testimony who claimed he touched her. He grabbed her. And he made lewd comments. Tour! That's why nobody went to jail. Because the reasonable doubt went to her. If even reasonable, doubt shift towards the accuser. Can you imagine how will our prisons will be? Can you imagine living under a government were reason. doubt always sides towards the prosecution. If there, no evidence. If there are no witness To any of these claims, I'm sorry but cabin. I must get firmed now, if they have witnesses. We have reasonable doubt. He probably should be concerned. But if we-
it to a point where its clear to all of us, who are honest. Then he should go away. Sonic the Senate Democrats El, the game there playing our ultimate goal. Here, it's the mid term. twenty twenty, the Supreme Court come permission. Hearing is just a tool of the left you to influence another court, and that is the court of public opinion, You know this was coming for a long time, that we have to get off this train. We have accepted it from each of our parties for awhile You remember when, when who from Arizona, live the Mormon from Arizona TAT, our Nevada Nevada. What's his name,
Harry Harry Reed. When airy red stands up and says you know Romney, I gotta call Romney Romney did we already eaten, pays taxes now out there. That was a lie, he knew it was a lie, but he knew that the press would take it and run with it and it would get out there would poison the well. Our president, Rafi L, crews, was involved in the plot to assassinate Kennedy, but it was a lie. He knew that it was a lie. But I got into the press, it poisons the well Cavenaugh now the storm Daniels attorney is now saying that he was part of a rape. Gang now is to a rape gang he's part of a rape gang its ally, but it'll get out. it'll destroy him. this is not the first time this has happened, but I wanted,
go back into history and see how does this play out eventually How does this play out we'll have to go back in time especially if you go back to the party politics. looking for the third president of the United States, who is going to be whose enemy president it's gonna, be items Is it going to be Jefferson now Adams had already seen what the press can do and what pamphleteers could do and so he comes up with this addition act, which is absolutely against everything that we ever said. We were foreign America when it comes to thee. When it comes to the press and freedom of speech. but he had enough it will just lying in the press. So there is a big turmoil and Jefferson thought that Adams had betrayed the republic and all
oh because either He was gonna go to war with with France when he was gonna start time. He was, in a start, a foreign war. And he wanted nothing to do with it, so they baby I'm enemies. These friends become enemies during the election, the two of them. started: lob charges against each other Jefferson at least the people around Jefferson. He never said this because he was above. It his campaign. Accused is it an atoms of having a quote a hideous hermaphrodites character, which neither has the floor or firmness of a man nor the gentle, since sensibility of a woman, so he calls Adams, I'm Aphrodite. So what happens Adams, his team response will join,
Britain is mean spirited low lived vessel of fellow the site, of a half breed. Indian squaw sire a Virginia mulatto father. So Mom is an indian squad and is dead his have white and have black it went And from the it ended with those guys, Diving Adams made the claim that, if Jefferson was going to be president. You for all of your daughter's would be raped and there would be heads on pikes all the way down the streets rights right in yeah, that's where the story usually ends right. Martha Washington got invite in this, she told the clergyman of Jefferson That Jefferson was one of the most detestable of all mankind, so This is going back and forth and that's where we think the story ends.
but in trying to find out how does this end. how have we corrected this course before. Let me tell you a story. You probably haven't heard. There was a pamphlet. His name was James Calendar. James Calendar was a guy. He was scottish and he came in he was on the side of Jefferson and he was upset Flickr and he would pretty much say pretty much anything like adamses hermaphrodite any would print these things. Pass them out. Jefferson, of course, was was far too good, a fellow to be involved in anything like that. He wouldn't, I dont know James counted. Oh, that's! That's outrageous that you would that the thought was at the time that Jefferson
had hired calendar to say these things, but, of course absolutely not. eighteen, o one. The sedition act. Calendar thrown in jail. He gets the Stiffest penalty of any of the players of the press, under John Adams he's two hundred dollars and he has to go to jail for six months. So he goes and he serves is jail time. He pays is two hundred dollars and when, Jefferson becomes president. He pardons calendar. We'll calendar wants to see him right away because But we do our dollars and you You know, I think you might o me some money to I mean I've been able work. What about the two under? hours- and you know some of so lonely- say about combat pay, Prison pretends he doesn't know him
prison says. I look, I pardon the guy that so that's all he gets so then what happens. Well, he says: look. Jefferson paid me to tell these stories. You pay me. Jefferson says I didnt pay him. He said she said I am PAM. Yes, he did. I didn't it had no didn't. Instead, unfortunately, for Jefferson Calendar had letters from Jefferson, including payments for the things he wanted him to say. So, all of a sudden now Jefferson is exposed, as this liar, he releases the letter. So what happens then the people who support Jefferson, they will have any of it and so
a decided that they're gonna start a new rumor the supporters of Jefferson, who are just too and to protect the president. The support restart, circulating the rumour that that count, actually it's such a bad guy ye such bad character, you Campbell, The thing is, as are we even know. Those letters are true because cow, where is the kind of guy who abandoned his wife while she was dying of venereal disease calendar is outraged, How dare you say that? Well as your wife alive? No didn't she die. Yes, didn't she I have some horrible disease, yes, but but not venereal disease, and I was with her every step of the way. Unless I had to work, she died of typhus. Not venereal disease, but because the supporters of Jefferson were so. Intent on getting me
king sure they protected their political guy callin. does something else calendar releases, a rumour that, Thomas Jefferson had been making, babies with Sally Hemmings. Now, when that failed, when, failed to catch on at the time. He immediately switched the story and said: oh he's been made Babies he's been making passes, he's been having an affair with his neighbors wife. So how does this end. This ends in streaming changed. This ends in some lies coming back to haunt summit
up to a century or two later to continue to destroy and smear now, people will say well, the dna evidence. No, no the DNA evidence did not prove that Dna evidence proved that it was someone in the Jefferson family, but where did Cavenaugh get that rumour he and make it up That rumour was published in a newspaper in an up ad but it wasn't saying that Jefferson did it. It was Actually, a smear to get people did not vote for Thomas Jefferson, but the mere originally was something that apparently people new in the area that I must Jefferson's brother
Was a sought? Thomas Jefferson brother was not a good guy and Thomas Jefferson's brother, Using the slaves, as breeders. the original rumor is not about. Thomas Jefferson was about his brother, but perhaps that wasn't good enough for calendar. He needed to build on that. And that smear continues today before we all jump to our team jerseys. Before we all say. I am absolutely positive. Let us remember that how we behave what we say and what we do- last centuries? And ramifications that we have. No idea are coming. Maybe more importantly,
number that whatever we create? Whatever this system of justice is our children are going to have to live under it the best of the bird that programme Mcdonald's out with this a couple of weeks ago, and I was running really late and we ran out of time- and I was really bummed, because she is she's an amazing amazing woman. She has the best selling book war on cops. She is also with men, the institute, contributing editor for the city journal. She also has its roots in deconstruction and post modernism she's the author of the book The diversity delusion Heather Mcdonald Welcome back to the programme how're. You were thinking too much for him. May I again glad it's real pleasure to talk to you, so we were just getting into some good conversation. We had cut our conversation short last time. Let me let me pick it up, because you
you ve written some, really fascinating things about bread, Cavanaugh we have to speed and the audience up to speed on and on. What are your thoughts saw on this whole mass well, so far, Glenn the conservative response has been completely legitimate one, which is to say that the timing of the charges brought against Cavanaugh are completely spurious, shows that this is simply intended to scuttle? The nomination is supposed to getting to the truth. There have also been legitimate questions about the credibility.
Of his accuser, Professor Ford, pointing out that the she has is super somebody who's allegedly traumatized by this allegedly searing event. She can't even remember what year it occurred where the house was that this party was where she was allegedly assaulted by Cavanaugh. Those are very legitimate points to make, but I think it backs a more fundamental question, which is that, even if it were true what she alleged should that out way have, in us clear record in public service and the three and a half decades of life in which he has participated in the public sphere. And I argued
it shouldn't and again with I'm just putting aside for a moment all the questions of credibility. I think what we are seeing here is the prohibition of the feminist mentality that reverses the order of the realm of public action. Public idea, a civilization that is seen as to mail and and putting that below issues of arrows and and personal involvement. As far as I'm concerned, let's, let's take us out of the current Cavanaugh situation and imagine a hypothetical from a liberal perspective. One of the most liberal lions of the Supreme Court was William Brennan. We massively expanded the welfare state.
the advances for criminal defendants if he had as a seventeen year old engaged in some boorish adolescent, aggressive alcohol fuelled male behaviour. Would a liberal really say that that one unprecedented and unreported incident should under cut a lifetime of of contribution? to the liberal exposition of the constitution, and I would imagine they would say that it shouldn't so so so so isn't it. I haven't. We already decided this as a society, though, because we we ve already decided if you are, if you're try. The end convicted of even murder, you, Records are sealed because long as you don't repeat it, what you do
who under you know, eighteen doesn't issue, not be held against you for the rest of your life. So I saying that he is innocent or guilty. I have no idea dont know why were even discussing it with the with the amount of evidence we have, but we even if he is guilty, Of this societal laws come from, Us society has already said: look if you're under age were not go to hold that against you as long as you ve reformed? Well, you know, there's may feel committed murder. I think that that they, you are going to be tried as an adult, but if you're clearly right glad, we do have different standards for juveniles and
We are not, obviously a bang, the law here. You know that the Senate Judiciary Committee is twisting itself into not to try and accommodate these last minute accusations that are our being brought forward clearly to torpedo, but, but even even if that were not the case, if juvenile records were not sealed to me, it is simply preposterous, I think that a one time, intervention as a seventeen year old of aggressive sexual behaviour, counts more in the life of a public figure, a public intellectual who is involved in the world of ideas that that counts more than what is. Contributions have been as a federal judge and certainly again if we want to bring it back into a feminist perspective, which I dont think is particularly relevant, but if
if we want to say that a a public figures, treatment of females should be influential and how we evaluate as public career. He has been a leader in the treatment of females as clerks, who was the first judged to have an all female class of clerks he's had a majority of clerks, his female clerks, unanimous in testifying to his character down you're and when yours, when you were a clerk for a judge, That's not an easy gig coming near its pressure, or your working together late at night. If you are a dirt bag, that's the kind of this scenario where it comes out is not absolutely you're working late night: this is the
or a domain where arrows comes into play. There is plenty of room for sexual harassment, if not actual sexual involvement, and we have heard absolute nothing. If there had been any pot hint of this, it would have come out, but but again Glenn you're. You seem to be moving towards conceding that in some situations this might be relevant if it turned out. Let's say that James Madison, one of our most important founding fathers who who was one of the prime architects of the theory of the separation of powers, one of the most important contributors to the Federalist papers, understanding
How to try to restrain government power, which was the big accomplishment of the slow patient evolution of constitutional thinking in Europe if it turned out that he was a skirt chaser that that he had passed the butt of his domestics again, I argue that is not relevant to his contributions to public life and to say that it is true to say that we should actually weakens bitter James, Madison Contributions and your hypothetical bright? I don't I don't agree. I do not agree that the vat that takes away from his accomplishments, however, we're looking at somebody in history, and I don't We can have revisionist history. I mean you know, okay, if that's what he was is like Winston Churchill once
Churchill was a good guy, a bad guy. Well, if you lived in India, he was a really bad guy. You lived in Europe is a good guy so which is he he's both these both we are a flawed and and great that time as human beings, oh you, just have to look at it on the balance, the ito, if, if, if Cavanaugh let's Cavanaugh has did this, I would look this as a something that happened in nineteen. Eighty two and the next thing that I'd have to do is there are any evidence that either learn from this. If he still doing it, if he was still doing it, it would matter, but there no evidence not only at the two times now that they say is another. One came out last night, the two times there there and seem to be any evidence at all It also happen thirty, five years ago, with nothing else. The guy
as lived in it in an exemplary in exemplary life. Well yeah, and I guess I'm taking a very absolute out their position. Europe's you write, em in this needs to be stated. He has led an exemplary life. He has been a champion for women's rights. There is, apart from this, completely groundless charge that came out of the new Yorker, which all of the people that were allegedly the party deny where he was engaged in the typical drunken boorish hook up culture of of you. No sexual can brawling. Even so. I just think that we are the feminist are trying to take our civilization down glands. Oh, you, George, denying the realm of of ideas and public action which has been made in the past and saying
that the realm of arrows, which is a different realm which drives men and women insane. Ah, it is, though, is the realm of cathartic desire that that an and women's sort of grudge matches about that should have priority that that that work were reversing. What I think is the order for how civilization goes forward and if they went on this, if they went on this, the fair War on what is perceived as male civilization is gonna become all the more extreme so Heather I want you to go, but we'll take a quick braggin. I went when you come back. I want you to going in and talk about something that I read in one of your articles. I think on the city journal about how this event, if it did indeed happen this event, this kind of thing is actually you know something that was in a way spurred on by
the Lee Women's Rights movement, by these, these extreme death. Chivalry- and you know, death of of all of moral standards. I'd like you to go into that. I think that's fascinating. We're talking to Heather Mcdonald, about bread, Cavanaugh Heather, you rode in the UN in this Did he journal? You wrote an article called the Miss narcissism and write the middle of it. You said something remarkable that The most salient fact about this alleged episode is not. be discussed and you go in to say this. It's kind of what the society was pushing? Wasn't it? I absolutely sexual liberation was based on a complete, lie, which is that the mail
female libido. Those are identical that we could strip away the traditional of methods that civilization is developed to aim and and civilised the male libido thing they ideas of male chivalry. Respect for women gentlemanliness and on the female side, the norms of female modest steep. Odin some lady like behaviour, we could to strip away those doors. You could say that their oppressive patriarchal set and women and men could meet Mano a model on the sexual battlefield and everything would be great and it turns out. That's not the case that what we have on college campuses today is not an epidemic of rape. Pot showed the feminist. What we have is a drunken hook
culture where males are now allowed to act as bourgeois they want females, try to catch up, they drink themselves, blot o precisely in order to return to reduce their sexual in it. visions and there's a lot of of drunken one night stands: males are biologically wired to want as much sex with as many different females as possible. Females have very different responses to sexual intercourse, biologically hormonally. They develop feelings of intimacy and and a yearning for connected Miss afterwards and what happens on these college campuses after these drunken hookups. Sometimes the females feel abandoned, or they can
keep up having sex with a guy and and and trying to seduce him for months and then decide after having fallen to the groups of the title. Nine bureaucracy in the campus rape, massive administrative was industry on a college campuses. They retrospectively reclassify their experiences. Even though they don't even usually reported, and it was large voluntary. But what's going on now on college campuses and the New Yorkers story about the year, the Party that Yale haven't, I was allegedly at, is a perfect demonstration of what s going on sexual liberation having a nervous breakdown. When, when
and now you have this bizarre situation on college campuses, where the virtually the same students who thirty forty years ago, said to the adults get out of our bedrooms, no more oversight from the college administrators, no more in local.
Rent is rules we can handle this ourselves. Now you have students asking the adult administrators to write rules. First acts. Are you kidding me they ve, then these rules, these affirmative consent, will look like something it see for buying a used car or a mortgage contract for something that is the very realm of the inarticulate, the ambiguous of fraud, the cathartic, and it is a very, very strange turn of events, and it results from the fact that we have denied the natural differences between the sexes but work. The feminists are not willing to say sexual revolution was a mistake. They want to preserve the prerogative of me,
eczema promiscuity for girls, and so there responding with this bizarre legalistic response and then the next step clearly is having a college dean present for every drunken coil coupling that goes on in in a student dorm, so that afterwards women comes before the extraordinarily inadequate, but but bizarrely complicated sexual assault tribunals situations that there can be more third party evidence but, but this is, we are reaping what we saw in the nineteen sixteen. I find it amazing that do you know what you just outlying was the death of the chaperone, because we know oh human nature is human nature and they'll get rid of the chaperone, get rid of everybody. Then things
I'll, take the course of human nature, and now we're back to more of a legal listing chaperone I mean it it's it's insane! We ve made a return journey, except now it's really oppressive and quite frightening for everybody involved that add right and the other thing that we did Glenn. We used to have the default for premarital sex at no, and it was not I earned clad. Obviously, there were plenty of females who opted out of that defaults in college or elsewhere, but that no gave them our it man, fit when they were forced with an IMF, importuning mail with a surging hormones that a no did not have to be negotiated at media. Raise it with us. filmed and the male had to try to persuade the female to opt out of the no section
liberation reversed that default. Now the default for premarital sex on college and elsewhere is yes. And females have to negotiate a know and what they find you have even the New York Times his newly formed gender editor. The times is so her into three pursuing they left wing feminist revolution that they now have an entire bureau devoted, take care covering alive. gender and patriarch issues she wrote in a bed describing said she had The nineteen year old with an older man, though she admits, was actually not coercive, but she didn't really Onto have sex and along with it, he went along with it because it was too hard bargaining, no out of this issue,
you're listening to the best of the global problem, I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs so tell me about the the better debate it happened on Friday. better and TED crews were were debating Gimme some of the highlight Some other highlights to me were crews hitting battle on his stance on police, because he so supportive of the uneven kneeling at the NFL Football Games
that is what that supposedly represents area, so crews who's gonna, hitting among those, because that is not true he thinks more Anti Texan Van Dorn after police or the military and and better seem to do that on a pretty regular basis. So this clip is crews. Talking about how offensive better has been with police comments. Let me say right now: I think it is offensive to call police officers modern Day, Jim Crow. That is not,
X s. That's your time. Please please, please, no applause! What centre true said is simply untrue. Did not call police officers modern Day, Jim Crow, and I as well as senator crews and everyone here, mourn the passing of officer hole in Fort worth. My uncle Raymond was a shares deputy in I'll pass. In fact, he was a captain of the Pestle County jail he's the one who the tragic shooting death of both John. You have another unarmed black man killed in this country by law enforcement. Now no member of law enforcement once set to happen. No member of this community wants that to happen, but we ve got to do something better than what we ve been doing. So far of African Americans represent thirteen percent of the population in this country that they represent one third of those who are shot by law enforcement. We have something wrong if we have the largest prison pop
mission on the face of the planet, and it is just proportionally comprised of people of color. We have something wrong in this country. Republicans and Democrats should be able to work together with our. Would you fix it notice, he doesn't say: blacks in prison, nieces people of color, because a new but he came out and showed this weekend that r r prisons are. They are made up a great deal by illegal immigrants. Yes, yes, hispanic illegal, yes, immigrants, right, not I like better, not that I resolved yet so you have to say people of color, if you, if you want your, if you want to combat like that, to be anywhere close to accurate, so did he say he said he in that context What he was saying, he kind of said that, but of course he denies that he was talking about the police, but
Everybody knows when you, when you look at they add at his statement. In context yeah, he kind of did compared the police to Jim Crow laws and talked about how we're still going through Jim Crow. Today, it's just as bad today as was back in the genetic, so offensive still day too to police, but also to the african american community that that's. That is not true, not at all to compare what people are going through today, even in the worst sections to compare it to today, to the nineteen for these authorities it Jim Crow laws. Designing vigilance possesses is not even close YAP and that's what crews, who say too
old Bedouin this in this clip? How irresponsible it is that he saying that about police. I believe everyone's rights should prepare protected regardless of your race, regardless of your ethnicity, but I'll. Tell you something. I've been to too many police funerals. I was here in Dallas when five police officers were gun down because of irresponsible and hateful rhetoric. I was at the funeral in history Second Baptist Church, where deputy go forth had been shot in the back of the head at a service station because of irresponsible and hateful rhetoric. Just now Congress Mental Rourke repeated thinks he knows our true. He stated, for example, white police officers are shooting on armed african american children. The Washington Post fact check that claim and conclude. Com
when a work was wrong, but I'll tell you something that rhetoric does damage that rhetoric divides us on race it in flames, hatred. We should be bringing people together. So here's the problem. You can hear it between the two of them. If your job, Looking for a guy, you like that, has likeable He just seems likeable yeah when you lose in a TED De sounds like he's a politician. That's the problem with TAT grows, has been. The problem which had group for awhile, I hope to God, We are not the society in taxes, at least that is go doing. A personality. Why? Just like him, I don't know he's just caught aegis. These sounds like me: These are my me. I know I know we're looking for or somebody who will go
things done in Washington that we want them to do we're looking for people who share our principles of I'm. Looking for somebody stand by the constitution, please I'll! I want that would be nice and and TED crews. Does that and we all know it even the EU. Even the Houston Chronicle, though, said that crews one this debate now they they caught a claim that better was more likeable, just as you just said, but but crews drew more blood as they put it in this knife fight crews drew more blood, in their! So we went one other clip here about a better talking about the unarmed black men, the tragic shooting death of both John you have another unarmed black man killed in this country by law enforcement. Now no member of law enforcement want that to happen. No member of this community ones that to happen, but we ve got to do something better than what we ve been doing. So far of African Americans represent thirteen percent of the population in this country that they represent.
one third of those who are shot by law in force, and we have something wrong. If we have the largest prison population gay, we wanted a disease of them. So here's a museum amazing thing that wasn't it active law enforcement? It wasn't. There was a woman who happen to work as a police officer coming here. being in the wrong place. Men shooting somebody idle strange story is a strange story. It's a bad story, I don't say a little good charged she's an element would manslaughter right. So it's not like she's going away. Yes, that getting away with it. and it was not in her in her daily job. I dont know what happened to her. I dont know what was going on in her mind at that time. She walks into a an apartment. She thinks is her, there's some guy, she says you know stop talking, stop moving around. What are you doing? She pulls out again shoot him, that's that's, that's horrible horrible avert for anybody,
But she was an acting as a police officer. She was acting as a citizen at that point and the and she was wrong and she should go to jail. I mean just based on what I hear it does like manslaughter. so she's being charged with men slaughter. What else should we be doing? That's exactly what should be happening. The best of the Glen Bank Programme over the weak. you tweet it out. A legitimate question too, were listen unless I'm olano, you asked or a genuine question, and she came back with another but snarking us they just
kill ears, so so she had, but she had posted something along the lines that ms Eared is assuming your back to her original. We because wasn't she was it was about the cabinet thing right, yeah and she said you know. I really believes him. I fully below that the accuser rights fully believe her had fully Oliver until I tweeted why I this with all sincerity and do not wish to fight, as I do want the bad guys to go to jail and my daughter's never to face this. But I do what my son or my daughters to live in a world without reason or evidence that were That is why many innocent blacks I've gone to prison, a scrape reasonable wrong. With that so she write so goin back. You up prison reform and an FBI investigation of Cavanaugh starting this out, like a progressive welcome to the resistance. No, That's not what I said. Then you don't answer the question
so I wrote back why, respond to its sincere inquiry with a red meat response. I do think. Reform is needed and I have for many years please. spun sincerely, I am for, I should say I am neither for or against Cavanaugh. I am for truth, justice and decency. If the rules would reverse, would Europe the reverse is well rules have reversed. We ve got a clear occasion to that already with Keith Ellison Data, little blue. anything that the accuser says. Five percent of Democrats believe the accuser in the case of Keith Ellison. Why? Because he's a democrat bright cabinet is report so they whole heartedly, believe his accuser, but she has when it comes to Keith Ellis Ellison, she evidence reaction
witnesses she has prevented corroborated what she has said correct. She has her, sir. I think it's her son that has cooperated it. She has text mess, just she has emails. She has a video she has all of it and but don't you get it off, they don't believe heard these two accusers have nothing it's just it's amazing. It's really hard to stay calm, but we have to we have to be the reasonable ones where the others who are starting to wake up say I don't wanna be with those people cause those feebler o feebler jerks mostly don't make any sense. There mean they're angry by our be over with these people. and I dont know how many viewing it. But if you, if you don't, if we don't start to develop a group where decent people can get Other be safe from all of this insanity. Now
flash each other's throats not be about. Vindictiveness envenom, but be reason and truth and science have we. Can be those people We are, the ones remained standing because the other two sides will kill each other will kill each other Then we will be the place that everyone will run to blame, radio network on demand?
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