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2018-09-19 | 🔗
Ep #184- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/19/18  -Fake News Outrage with Bert & Ernie? -'Anti-PC' Professor Takes on NYU? -Feinstein the Flame Thrower? -Venezuela from a Park& Rec. perspective -Thinking Like Addict Can Heal the Country?

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The blaze radio network on demand by everybody, welcome to the european cast Stew is here, No good to have you were here and beautiful, sunny Lawson. Skeleton never want to leave until later? I could stay here until maybe Thursday night, with its this. It's one of those forever places. Anyway, today's cast is a lot of fun. We start with the eye the controversy that we vote. They're waiting to have put its Lisbon so politically oppressive that we haven't been able to speak our minds and asked the question burning. Are they gay or what vitally important to our future uses the sort that one would not believe the Conversation on social media yesterday about burden Ernie it is, we ve, got
see their profits made of felt they have glue on wheels. Close to a real answer to that question, as is humanly possible with felt poverty threats which is in a pot cast today. Also, we are going to cover a little bit of cabinet, and can we look at it from the eyes of Clarence Thomas and what key said when he was being confirmed in nineteen one? Yes, and we also get into the idea of. Is there a way we can look at our addiction to outrage and quantify it from the press? active of looking at how we see the other side and how we yourselves and that you I have the section of this in the book which is out now, if you, if you want to pick it up and book stores or Amazon, It is a it's it's weird, because you answer these questions and you know you're guilty some of them. I know at least I was puzzled, look at all
You look at the other side here like okay. Well, they are definitely do in which case goes to a little bit more of your outrage, but we break down in today's podcast the three different, kinds of outrage or the three tactics of those who are engaged in this peddling of outrage and what it does to them. Did fascinating. When you hear it, you will actually say: oh yeah, that's that's fall on today's podcast. Listening to the date of its Wednesday September. Nineteen did you say, Frank gauze: did you see what fray cause, what here's fracas he's? Yoda, ok, fray gauze is
Yoda he created the character he voice. The character. He's Yoda here Well known, pan sexual by the way right here. He also is the creator you know the eagle what's Eddie Eagle, bird, legal or whatever is Burton Ernie Aunt em all I think he did Miss piggy. Ok he's been theirs Ezra getting so he writes about the writer salesman. He tweets yesterday. It seems Mr Mark oarsmen was ass. It Bernier gay. It's fine that Heath He they are there not of course, but why the question Does it really matter why the need to define people only as gay
there's so much more to being a human being than just straightness or gayness. Oh, my god. We how to destroy Frank gauze now. Did you hear what he just said? Yes, my gosh vocation. Tom rights in. Why are they not gay? I'm not Arguing I've just wandering. Why are they not gay? Well, there's a couple reasons: there is for one back in the they're, not theirs oh God, a wire you gay, he said because I created Bert. I know what who he is there somebody else chimes in you may, have created him, but you don't see. To realize or appreciate what he meant that thousands Little boys growing up you digging your heels in,
with what seems with what seems like disgust, is disappointing, Frank rights how odd you see my feelings as discussed. If your feelings are being perceived as discuss its because your so adamant that they're, not gay here, the creator of them. It's him the war? He knows he creates them as best friends who live together, who have then it's the odd couple was the odd couple was that a gay couple you remember the show at all the Neil Simon, you know Oscar Madison and feel examined. They rode back to release, is it was abandoned sola. So if it is so, is there not gay? They lived together. That's what the those two r r,
reminiscent of two people that don't agree that live together. What a concept me Maybe we should stop listening and worrying about if they were gay and lead just concentrate on wait a minute they were created for what to show that two people who did I agree with each other who art to one another can live side by side. It now you are wrong and I need I shut you up boy. Did you miss the point, a Burton Ernie? So he goes on. He writes these so Ben rights and says
representation matters Frank Frank says: yes, it does when it's an honest representation. What would you make the representation of these two characters? As gay honest? Do we need to see them pang if a mother's tells me her sons? Roommate is actually his partner. I don't say that's not an honest representation, Frank says: locate. It really doesn't matter. What matters is that people see positive use of themselves and others in Burton Ernie weight, but isn't it dishonest to call them just brothers or friends. I thought this was about honesty. Oh my gosh. It's important for characters to be exe recently declared queer, because the mainstream will quote M as straight by default, agreed Frank rights,
when a character is created to being queer, it is in Orton that the character be known as such also important when a character who was not created, queer to be exact, it is such oh, my gosh, I I I I want out. I woke up. I want I want out. I went out, I well. Ok, so here's the thing. So I'm I'm I'm you- know just riding down some thoughts and I think about all the joy that Sesame Street has brought all of us and brought me in particular, I used to love, Jeanne them up its. Sometimes. I still do and I started thinking about all of the joy of Frank OZ and then I started to think of
you know a gym Hansen and then I remembered you know Kermit the frog and I was like ol man, I'm I love Kermit, the frog he is so great right then I started. Thinking about the rainbow connection- and I I wanted to we wanted to play the song Listen to the words. There's somebody songs what rainbows and what's on the other side, Ngos are vision, but only illusions. Rainbows have nothing to hide right. So we ve been told and some choose to believe it. But I know they're wrong. Just wait and see.
Some day will find it the rainbow action, the lovers the dreamers and me hang out. Ok, so that made me happy and I thought other sellers kind of a lesson to be learned there. I should have stopped there. I should have stopped there, but instead because I have Itunes music, I notice that there are other people who have sung the rainbow connection. For instance, other people, you mean the first person the first one was a frog right, so This would be the first one I mean if you want to be technical, it was a bad and it was Jim Hansen that saying this seems like, and then I thought all this might be nice to hear. I it didn't know. Sarah Mclaughlin did it.
It doesn't even sound like her and I'm thinking to myself. Ok now, that's Gwen Steffani today, a rainbow connection is as well and she kind of sounds a little something like this. Now I thought now can happen. Oh wait! A minute over carpenters, Daddy
Ah boy: ok, how about any login did rainbow connection? You gotta canny log and you can go to ban Martin you can go, here's my if not this is we don't need and on our version on an assault. Now, oh, no! No! No! No! No! You need this one. This is this one's just lose me Willie, Nelson's! Ok, so I kept is. I guess I just want you to know. There are many things to be outraged by many things to be outraged by you could be outraged that they are.
Great instead of gay, but then there are real reasons to be outraged. The rainbow connection should only be sung in the voice of Kermit the frog period. No one else should do it and I am taking a very hard stand on that. So that's a legitimate outraged that one is legitimate You talk about and above that there are some things that you should be outraged about. Yes and your aimed at one eyeing, yes forget about the Supreme Court, forget about forget about the Supreme Court, forget about what that means, for justice or are children going forward? Forget about that and burden Ernie being gave no The outrage that we should be concentrating on is the rainbow connection. There's only one version, and there should, always remain only one version. The best of the bad that programme
We are doing a year when big podcast this weekend. It's an extra You subscribe to the Glenn Beck radio show in the podcast on Itunes or wherever you listen to podcasts on the weekend and affect this weekend or next weekend. You're going to be getting two of these, you get an extra show, so on Saturday you will receive Glenn, back podcast, which this week is an interview with a guy that most people have not heard of, and I think he is fascinating. I brought him in because I wasn't sure who he was. I started reading his book spring time for snowflakes and he was a he's, a former what he describes. Is a libertarian communist in the interview. I ask him: what they're out of that work? any haven't of a really quite interesting answer, but he is.
Worked in the university system, his whole life and he has been part of deconstruction, and he knows the postmodern movement inside and out. He has been part of the radical marxist left until recently, and he talks a little bit about what happened to him and why he woke up. Let me give you cut one here. He begins to wake up yeah. I was a twitter that wasn't I'm serve as a facebook post that I made it was a joke. There's a student, University of Michigan, who posted it when asked by the university or given the right to to use any pronoun. He wanted, and the two entered into the system under his profile chose quote his majesty. I thought it was hilarious,
I posted, I simply posted a linked to that article. Having you know, thousands of left US friends, a lot of trans friends at that time and the vitriol the outrage. The hysteria was just unbelievable. I they called me everything from a transfer to a committing discursive, five The phrase I will explain later at split and of treason. On and on and on just for posting a linked to an article with no comment- and I said this is this is on Believe- and then I realized that everybody was. Everybody was kowtowing to this kind of ideological pay, everybody I knew they were all careful not to say something but offend this crowd, this trans crowd in this social justice crowd and neighbours, oak area
so he goes on then, to start his views on twitter handle and it was what was it a deplorable and why you, professor now here's a guy who is a published communist? He has written white papers widely distributed for communists
he's respected by the left and everybody else. He decides. Ok, this is getting out of hand and he decides to start writing twitter posts. Here's what happened next, I hadda, and why you student newspaper reporter contact me said you know these tweets are really something else. Are you really and admire you, professor? This was Sir direct message. I said yes, and so she asked me if I would sit down for an interview. I said yes, I wasn't sure I would go on the record, but I thought I would talk to her, so we did that and after I was done talking to her, I thought the stiff really nothing. What I've sent here needs to be said, and I actually want to put my name on it. Frankly,
Because I think it's there's there's nothing objectionable in some Minos. There's nothing fundamentally important or deplorable. Pardon s. It's just another viewpoint. Then it's a vantage point I think, needs to be aired and that that when in the paper she took a picture of me laughing and that made the heresy in somewhat yeah we're doubled and then all hell broke loose on within my university. He recalled in the middle of a class Rita. I was called out in the middle of the class. The dean it said you know. Can you come over to see me? He and I said sure tat. I had an idea what it was about, although though I've sent this really is happening, I'm being caught up in for my political,
this as I go over, and he comes up really close to me about post me into the offer the coming to the often he pulls me will close with by handshake. You know, Michael. I want you to know this has nothing to do with your twitter account or of the publicity or getting. Penn home and sure sure, and then he said just after that what happened before this? Yes, you are a well liked, Sesar Well liked Europe. I was well like some students, love may my students, evaluations are very high. I mean I have done everything supposed to do in your liked by your appears up until his most of my colleagues. Like me, ok, there's a few that didn't it's always gonna happen, and I had done everything that an academic is supposed to do published widely A committee work all that stuff happier. I was a good citizen who pay Said the wrong thing right
The Van he said now have a seat, and if you don't mind, I would like the head of human resources. The join us, but this has nothing to do with what use we did have a talk, turns out that his em he is presented with a choice. We are very concerned about you. We think these tweets, and this has nothing to do with a tweets, but we think these tweets her cry for help and your co workers are beginning to be concerned about your mental health, so we could either deal with this publicly and fire you or we you could just take a medical leave of absence, so basically agree with them that he is going crazy here. He is on why
important to talk about this cut three. I said this from the beginning: when Trump got an officer before you got into office even now, I guess it was after emanate. Me founded the resistance. I said the resistance would be far worse than Trump and I think that's been the case made. The resistance is really unhinged and it's it's fuelled by all kinds of ideological error. I thank in its view. By conviction and absolute conviction of total moral certainty and that's what scary, when people believe They are absolutely morally superior and certain then, and there absolutely right they become like anti fa, but that it is why totalitarianism always ends in massive death, much bloodshed, because if, if you get
The point I asked this question from the left and the right yeah. Just let's imagine tomorrow, you have your way, everybody! Youth elected is in an all right. You still have fifty percent of the country that doesn't agree with try it are. You gonna do with that. Well, even this isn't most marxist one admit this, but marks himself said you have to kill them. There has to be a terror and they got this idea of the tariffs, of course, the french Revolution in the aftermath. You know they said that there, that is, the model, revolution. You must go on a terror spray, you must get rid of ideological opponents and you must get rid of the bourgeoisie if they cling to their bourgeoisie character, other
As you know, there are willing to convert than fine, but people for her killed for having the wrong thoughts its that's it s. Basically, when it comes down to now. This is a guy who claimed just a few years ago to be a communist and in you you will understand it in this conversation that we have with him this weekend, his communism were is more theoretical. I think it was more. You know next time we can do it right. You know that's what you always here. While they did a wrong next time, we'll do it right, but it was so. It was theoretic call. He believes in you know, sharing in all other stuff, they the utopian stuff. That's all God. It's all good. But when he started to see how people are being shut down, how you're being isolated
you're being chased out of the square, how you we're being fired, what names you're being all He realized they're going to kill this is the way communism always begins, it starts nice and then it goes wrong. And he started to see the very first signs this going wrong? It's it's not longer hey, No, we should be nice to each other. We shouldn't, we should say handy capable instead of a handicap, because it makes people feel good. Now it is shove and the next step is shoot. If you don't do it, there their shoving people. Now you will do this we'll shove you in that position and if not will ban, few from society? Well, the leaving left after that issued and he saw that happening, and
I asked him, you know these are all intelligent people. How do these intelligent people? start using these post modern tactics. Here's what he told me. One of the main things that would have been inaugurated by the left is a cultural relativism and cultural relativism also brings with it a more well if it isn't the mane thing about cultural relativism, you can't from your cock from your culture, you're not allowed to criticise people of another culture because you're in years you're suggesting that year, culture is better than theirs. That's so when I meet, I didn't this actually happen. I met. I asked for a meeting with people of glad. This is when the height of Ahmadinejad, throwing people off the building, you're gay people off ordering them killing them. Russia is starting to take drivers. Since away in an absconding p nine than never seen again, because there, sexual.
You can say well their culture its different. So I can't comment we all know. Yeah killing is someone because they're homosexual is unknown ozone yeah. How come they? They won't make that step. Well, there's another aspect to it, not just the relativism. The other thing is the enemy of my enemy is my friend, and here there they are. They enemy of NEA was dressed. Civilization are so intersection. Reality is how many times that's. Why exactly how many, how many power vectors are intersecting you and subordinating you, and, as that, give you the high? our once. You have more vectors, the lower you are the hire you are. This is why there is a race to the bottom in the oppression Olympics sets its called rather too
literally you want to rush to the bottom, because one by the time you get there you're gonna be on top of this is a fascinating conversation and it is part of the message of the book that came out yesterday addicted outrage. It is this is a an in depth, explanation of some by somebody who has lived it and taught it and it's what gives me hope. That things can change, because a guy who was a published communist can come out and say: ok, wait, a minute wait a minute! This is going off the rails right now and they are doing everything they can to destroy this guy. You need to hear his voice. You need to hear what he what he can
each US, because there is so much of this post. Modern nonsense that our kids know, if you send your kid to college and they're coming home, they're coming home with a current language they're, coming home with with ways and knowledge and a mission to deconstruct everything, and if you can't speak that language, if you dont know what those words are or mean everything changes you now look out dated you now look like old mom and dad they just don't get it. And, more importantly, I think we have to address this with our kids before we send them even the high school, because it's all being ought and they need to be aware of it and have the ammunition to fight against it before they encounter it
listening to the best of the global programme. like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the show, our sponsor for the pot Castlereagh today is a home title lock. I love hometown, lock this one of the things that I am. I telling you about a product in a commercial that I learned about in a commercial and from somebody yet they ran this. A while ago, like oh, my god, like started line- and you realize, like the FBI saying this- is like one of the fastest growing crimes at America. This is a serious thing. It is it's it's. If you don't know it, it destroys your and the longer you wait, the harder it is and there's really truly only one group of people that I think have the ability to stop it because they are the repository
all of the titles. Follow the homes in America like ninety eight percent of the now so they know they can change immediately, dude, I did, and God didn't, send a problem. Try to log pennies a day they will put a barrier, run your homes, titles and marketed in instant. Did it do text tampering they they will get. It done prey upon title Acta, com, its home title, Acta, combat your hundred hours or free. Ok, this is the point where the bread, Cavanaugh saga becomes absolutely toxic. The cabin in situ couldn't be any more flammable, as it is yet Senator Diane Feinstein pulls out a flame through our hey, everybody look good. I just got From a mosque, it is the favor. To play ground of outrage junkies, she
Tat Republicans are trying to block and FBI investigation into the allegation of the California college. Professor Christine Ford, that Cavanaugh has been accused of sexually assaulting at a high school party in nineteen. Eighty to remember her deal is we are trying to block and FBI invest the now as a one hundred and twenty six year veteran of the? U S Senate, you would think that Feinstein would know the kinds of things that the FBI can investigate but apparent you'd be wrong, apparently, Is she and many of our fellow Democrats don't know? Perhaps they forgot or they have such little respect for the american people that they think Edith down. No good, you did bungee hey seed, hey
They just don't know what the Abbe add. The viewer Abbe Angela O Day, investigate everything in the feds. Do not they're not in the habit of looking into suburban high school parties that happened in the nineteen eighties. Roy The only way to make it clear is work too, plain to America's law makers. What the FBI does the Justice Department had to issue a statement? It says the FBI does not make any judgment about the credibility or significance of any allegation, the purpose of Background investigation is to determine whether the nominee could pose a risk to the national security of the United States. This allegation does,
not involve any potential federal crime. So the Democrats were hoping for this epic. You know Mueller length, investigation, risky business gate Smart swell of air Unfortunately, they to settle now for some testimony from Canada and Ford, which is scheduled for Monday. That is, if Christine forward even agrees to show up late. Yes, day her lawyers submitted a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee requesting that law enforcement do a full investigation before anyone testifies, so we could delay some more. Democrats turn Cavanaugh Senate Judiciary Committee, hearing into an embarrassing circus of sad clown activists. Imagine what they might have up their sleep.
Eve or on their nose on Mondays testimony the left is already building. This is a sequel to the nineteen. Ninety one Anita hell Clarence Thomas Fiasco and need a hill herself road in the New York Times yesterday that the committee has a chance to do better by the country than it did three decades ago. Be kidding me. Does anybody even know the Clarence Thomas Anita Hill story anymore? Apparently not, but here's a good news. If there's one thing we ve learned from Hollywood, it's that sequels made thirty years
after the original, usually really sorry. This is the best of the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. So I don't know if you ve seen, but while Maduro leave the President of Venezuela was, I was having dinner. The other day he solve the economic problems of Venezuela. Now he was out having stake this stronger for him yeah. This steak cost him two hundred and thirty five dollars. Now, that's not me, as of inflation, those or american dollars. He paid two hundred and three,
before american dollars, forests stake for him in a restaurant. I better get your saying, you're, saying good for him. Take a moment after your incredible leadership and rise from a normal everyday bus driver to these heights of of leading this incredible guy, Glorious socialist revolution reward yourself: pinnacle people are literally eating doctors, lawyers eating eating doctors and more no doctors, lawyers, people who were very successful in wealthy are here, one meal a day and many people are eating cats, dogs, if all already in the animals in the zoo and their down
to now, rats that the people are eating. Huge amounts of people have left as well millions, many of them doctors and lawyers in going to other islands and becoming sex workers right. Hundreds of thousands of by the way have come to the United States in this process as well. Hundreds of thousands of Venezuela's avails Venezuelans escaping that regime have come here and have come from. I ve gone all over the the the hemisphere really and it's terrifying, and it's so amazing to look at how far we ve come so fast. It is not that long ago the people like Sean PEN were visiting in praising no Hugo Chavez. Danny Glover, that you know, Michael more These people, who were telling us that this was the future and that this our experiment was failing, failing compared to theirs and it was a very common conception. I think I have a montage up with this
Looking for MIKE Sarah think Audio montage about some of the comments from Venezuela from a few years back would listen to some of these as well as to the poles. This Sunday and President Hugo Chavez is almost certain to win. Reelection apparently is pop. At home, as he is unpopular with. So many people in this country is made Venezuelans feel proud to be venezuelan again, and that is something I think that that really no other leader has ever done a country before. In fact they were doing the opposite. Here we go in Venezuela, two thousand too much if we had succeeded in I do believe that Mr Schulz as we have been under, even more pressure is the most colorful of media that their there you can send anyone in Venezuela have a better election process You have proof. Travellers is a thorn in the side of the: U S but poles in Venice.
I'll. Show that that's going to continue. He is one of the most important forces we have had on this plan will wish you nothing great strength he has shown over and over again, I do it in love. I do in granted my friend shovels made headlines when he stood before the United Nations to President Bush. The devil, nor of the upper limit of my son, you then cortisol easiness. I didn't plan to call him the devil, but it came from my heart and if it comes from my heart, then that's because for me it's true, while no one else is who watch of, as does not do, who got job, as is in the world, never mind in Venezuela. Remember that there was the rumour how much they loved that whole devil thing. They loved that love, that Bush was it with salt smell of sulphur member. This ended in a people were making trips down there and embracing this regime and the system behind it.
That was only about ten years ago or less some of these some of those quotes were you for even more reason to that. In fact, if you go back and you look at popular culture, you will see as we we will show you here in the show, parks and recreation there as a there was a whole episode that was building the the economy of Venice way. Ah denigrating us. The concept was- and it's not funny Show- and I was a funny episode, but it was the concept: was the parks erect department had the parks erect department from Venezuela, their sister city subsidy in Venezuela, come visit them and there he knows this one of these dumb, a government things and it was interesting to seek, as you saw, that the did the streams they went down with a company. They are militaristic, they were chauvinist stick they were. You know that the dismissive, but one of the big threads was how great it wasn't. Venezuela, as compared to the United States. They were. They couldn't believe how bad it was
noted states, because Venezuela was so good. Listen. This is only for a few years ago. This is I must start with. Venezuela doesn't have budget issues lately and I think of the state of affairs down there right now. This is how this has been portrayed. The american public just a few years ago was and trying to turn a giant pay into a community park, but I need thirty. Five thousand dollars city doesn't have enough money in its budget. I do not understand you. Ve never had a budget shortage. Those sparks philosophy when its allies, blessed with massive oil reserves, massive fishermen do not believe State said. Is the oil keeps all the money we build whatever we want wow well now I do not understand.
You gonna ripping Venezuela is one of my country has a lot of oil. Oil is food, for cars are very confident be so again like that they ve never faced a budget Chris, then we can understand it there were remember Venezuela when we were going through a I heating oil crisis, Venezuela, through the. Kennedy S. If you remember right were giving the United States free oil for reading. For for poor, poor com entities in the northeast and it was all from sit, go, can it Kennedy was doing commercials, yes, for the venezuelan government theoretically propaganda to say how much they were helping us that here's another clip from parks in practice when the delegated comes after their town called pony. We also say two cities with case
Greer, their town is far nicer. Haven't been you very long time up. What we have seen is really from the bottom of my heart. Truly depressing, really really sad, it's funny, because I thought you said to me coming turn his car round and say we're secret something whether we lost our way. Of course, I would be rude to do. This is the actual to visit the park. None of concept of the show its beginnings is. Theirs is big pit dirt pit and she wants to turn into
park, so she brings the venezuelan delegation not to the dirt pit right, but to a very nice park in America. Here's that clip very I'll take it in place. This is an embarrassment to America, incite right to want to correct this correct. What this is the giant being observed your telling us about. Is it not the one you want to turn into a buck? No! No! This is already a park and it's one of our best love parks. Why of the trees so small that small side sizes manner busy, thus trees a huge we ve been talking to them
the parties in Baku Far Superior Park in my hometown, but it s there. We have a long around and we have when aquarium behaviour by empathy, a huge lady gaga by their last week. Great while we don't have lady Gaga, I don't think she's going to come here unless her career takes a very bad turn, but we have something more beautiful than lady Gaga democracy. Right right. But let's make sure that everyone knows that the Marxism And the utopia, the socialist utopia, that is, Venezuela is thriving while we are not until there are not just a few later for a few short years later, No one is being held accountable.
Their shower of praise for Hugo Chavez, and the plan of being Venezuela in to the leadership of the world This is the best of my background, we're all of this outrage come from because it's a bit since it's truly a brilliant system that his flipped this thing upside it down and made the conservatives look like the angry ones that we're
the ones that have started this outrage. No, no, no, not because you have to look at what kind of outrage people are expressing every day. Just on today's programme. We have talked about how many different story- stew- that are not outrageous beginning with burden. Ernie are gay and free cause the guy who designed and created Burton Ernie, saying no are not they're, just good friends. They they are to people that I put. Together that I made out of felt. I want to remind you that are like the odd couple there to people that don't agree, but it teaches kids that we can live together side by side will that's not good enough. People were
outrage yesterday when he said this, they must be gay wow. That seems pretty worthless. Their puppets is that real outrage is coming from the left, her from the right now, let's coming from the left rent the outrages coming from the left and so how do we respond usually either laughing very hard at them? or me now getting a little, I'm angry at the way.
The world is turning into insanity. Ok, how how effective has been laughing at them? How effective, as had been it feels good feels good. How effective has it been? Doesn't change alot of mines? No, it does not change anything. In fact they don't care, they don't care. We buy us dismissing this and saying you know I just a bunch few crazies look at how a few crazies have changed the world. We just laugh and say there pathetic that ridiculous, that just a few of them- and there are just a few of them. This is just a very powerful group of people, but is very small. We laughed at them. We dismiss them and look where we are now.
So now we ve been pushed to the wall and we get angry. But let's look at outrage here for a second, and this is part of the book that was released yesterday. I urge you to pick it up for you and a friend addicted outrage. Let's just look at at Lee the three different or for different kinds of outrage there actually three. It leads to the fourth outrage that signals virtue. Is this chapter three one of the most effective ways to demonstrate one's own social value is by wearing the trappings of outrage on behalf of others, especially if Others are in a minority social group. The early
here, you are and the more loudly you demonstrate that your outrage that some are another group has been wronged, the more virtue you demonstrate got it if you, if you want to build yourself up, if you want to be popular, all you have to do is sit, virtue, and that requires you to be the leader and the most loud, less of Allah, the them the most. Loud voice in the room, next outrage as a shield Another reason why is effective is because it acts as a shield from judgment,
If you are morally outraged, it functions as a mechanism to protect the purveyors of the outrage against any evaluation of their own actions, tactics, honesty or morality. I'll think of this use bed, bread, Cavenaugh the people who are outraged that the Republicans could just go on and is miss this woman. They are so outraged that bread, Cavenaugh might or might not have done this. It stops. Any charges of saying wait. A minute this is this- is a moral. What you're doing? Don't you talk to me about morality? I dont you standing up for the woman right, so it
acts as a shield. If you are outraged the outer Jake excuses you from having to tell the truth or exhibiting any moral behaviour. It just opens up the runway next outrage as a weapon, outrageous, also an exceptional weapon that can pierce the armor of nearly any foe. It's like a bow with three magically tipped, arrows, shame, guilt and fear. Moral outrage expressed against opponents can strike them with anyone.
All three of these instruments at any given time. The instant that someone outside of your tribe slips up says or does something that you think, has the slightest chance to to work to your advantage. If you can paint them as insensitive racist, politically incorrect, outdated, judgmental insulting to a protected class or group, that person has opened up the opportunity to attack with a weapon that they cannot possibly resist. So look at this again what happen signalling virtue our age one. I cannot believe I cannot believe Brat Cavanaugh wants to take away birth control and he's a guy who has raped.
Women, and if you don't see this, you are a bad human being wait. A minute. Wait a minute he's not gonna take away birth control. Are you telling me that you are supporting the guy? Who you have no sympathy for this woman who has come to the table, I have no sympathy. You are so hard hearted that you can't see her plight. That is shield from moral judgment but it also is I'm going to inflict fear in to you, I'm in a dry, feared deeply into you by shaming, you buy guilty you by calling you out so now, there's two targets: now there is breath Cavenaugh and you and you can't do anything about it because they have the arrow
of shame, guilt and fear, and they have the shield and they have already projected themselves to the world as the night and shining armor. So first thing we have to do before you look to dismantle it. You have to understand what happens to the person that is doing that what happens to the person that is addicted to outrage in the way that I have just described now see if this doesn't fit the way you look and understand or feel about the left, and I probably would assume that they feel this way about us. What happens to that person who are they after they ve used? All three of those tactics of outrage would you describe that?
person and tell me it's not spot on the money. So outrage first signals virtue. Next it shields that person from any moral judgment themselves and it provides the greatest weapon that can pierce anyone who disagrees, but here's what it does to the person using outrage as this too Listen to this as soon as this page, twenty two of addicted outrage by far the most destructive out one aspect of outrage addiction, is that over time it tends to overtake and replace the attics identity. They surrender the responsibility of developing a caring, rational human persona
hallmarks of genuine in healthy human personalities, tend to be smothered below a facade of impulsive manic, emotional responses driven by the addiction, rather than actual empathy for the misfortune or suffering of others. Attics respond with oversized and obnoxious rules of self righteous indignation, always scattering blame against the alleged perpetrators of the crime against some victims or against humanity itself, rather than quiet, reasoned introspection attics instead make a grossly obvious grand spectacle of their sympathy and protestations that bespeaks inner disquiet in self loathing. Wrongdoers didn't simply make a mistake: they ve acted in us job human manner and must be castigated from the tribe
in holy shamed in the public square, ostracised from the group and ultimately destroyed. Only this victory will fill the void, the whole that has been left in the moral outrage attic the whole left by the absence of an actual human soul. This is why outrage addiction is so dangerous to our culture and mankind. It deprives human beings of genuine humanity, replacing it instead with an outwardly facing caricature of the virtuous human being raptor around a rotting corpse. Look is not there all right all outrageous wrong all the time. There are times, of course, when outrageous, perfectly appropriate and reasonable as a response to actions We see in others, as with any addiction. The problem is not the chemical.
Or the behaviour itself of the addiction America's in having an opium crisis because opiates or inherently bad or evil, it's the views and the involuntary need of the object of the addiction, the unhealthy dependence upon the thing in order to feel or to fuck in expressing moral outrage, has become the automatic compulsive response to anything that we see we're here that challenges our tribes, beliefs and instantly and automatically supports the outrage of. Others is even more important. That's the concerning thing. Moral outrage is simultaneously a bad of a badge of Honor the shield against any objective judgment, and that makes it destructive and divisive outrage. Addiction has replaced constructive dialogue and suppress genuine empathy and war.
Agnes. It's no wonder. Suicide has become the tenth leading cause of death in America because we don't have any authentic conversations anymore or spress actual sympathy when others are suffering or being abused. We only express outrage instead glaze radio network on demand,
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