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Best of the Program with Riaz Patel I 10/9/18

2018-10-09 | 🔗
Ep #198- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 10/9/18  -What does a hero look like? -Glenn talks to a listener that was NOT his biggest fan and now the book "Addicted to Outrage" has changed his mind -An amazing discussion about A.I. -Glenn & Riaz Patel look at America’s divisive ‘Gun Debate’ from a Human-to-Human angle.

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The blaze radio network on demand worker the pot cast, we would love for you to sign up and get all the behind the scenes. Video and all the stuff can get at the place dot com slush tv. That would be wonderful, also to say that we're going to your town, if your town happens to be analysed of cities going to Glinda com slush tour of torn up the next couple months would love to see out there check that out on today show it's a big Newsday anarchy. Hayley is stepping down as thee is a u n ambassador and we go into that little bit as a kind of breaks during the show. Also, we. Have the the glass books due to the outrage is out and we have to push people calling in sharing their thoughts. Their questions would the stuff the Glen talks about in this book work. We gotta get into that little bit and discuss I had a bigger sense. We will focus on the day to day sort of news and her own sign of who tweeted what in the last fifteen seconds, what
Taylor. Swift say I know it's always on everyone's mind, but in a week of zoom back out a little bit and take a wider view, Where are we going as a country where we going as a conservative movement? What can we do to make this better? We get into that today. As well as an interesting. Our with real Patel raises a really great guy, and he is with whose of new these leftist and progressive, I guess but He took the time after Donald Trump was elected to cut a process in the middle, the election, I guess- and he went to just just talk- started talking to people actual. People who are trump voters and giving it was Alaska and want of coming up with a major cuts. There is real people, which is something we would ask for the media and and never get Mama get it. We should talk about a little bit react I've decided to work with Glenn and on a cool concept to try to see if you could put people in a room and figure out things they actually agree on.
From all different backgrounds, the results: are there really interesting? I think you really enjoyed it's all on today's, but the only thing tat the day, it's Tuesday overnight Have in Portland Oregon. A mayor, who has surrendered the town. He has surrendered the town to Antiphon there. Apparently not the police can direct traffic now. And the police were there, they did nothing. If you don't do what answer says, you have to do the threaten you. America is at a crossroads.
We have to decide. Or it will be decided for us. My father taught me When I was very young the most powerful words in any language are these. I m. And the reason why there so powerful is because whatever it is, that you say after that, you begin to believe, and you create. What is America saying it is right now. We are being told over and over again we are worthless. The western way of life is worthless, Erika is not good, never has been. In fact
To force for bad. And unless we actively replace those things in our heads and there, heads of those around us, we will be worthless and we will be a force for bad. We are arguing about some of the dumbest things. I've ever seen. And we are missing It's really going on. The world is being redesigned right now, and so many of us are worried about the future today will see in the New York Times and elsewhere that world only has ten years and you have to be a hero in the next ten years. If you don't stop global warming. Why we are all going to die. So you must be a hero today and you have
to take action. The question is: what does it To look like. Do any of the things that the environmentalists are actually propose? Do they help or hurt. What the world looks like in twenty thirty depends on how we answer genes that we're supposedly arguing about right now. We can try to avoid it. We can not listen, we cannot pay attention, but bond offer said not speak is to speak. Not to stand is to stand now. Answer will count as our own. As our answer. Will we all be remembered as
winter soldiers and complicit. With what I believe will be remembered as the greatest failure, crime in you, entities history, Standing by. Waving your finger or waving the flag. The western world burns. I do not want to be part of the problem in America. And I feel that all the time we all do. But what counts is the effort, what counts. These are you trying, are you crying?
and are you better today than you were yesterday. Have you found any answers, or are you only shouting things down are You just out in the street door acting traffic. Because you feel it's your right. Well, Have you even looked at what your rights mean? air! Do your rights even come from. Today, I saw think progress right, a whole article about how the constitution has failed. That was a headline. The constitution has failed. And then it goes on Explain how it is really a slavery document. And the three fifths in the constitution all lies all lies. Now you can argue that,
We can begin to teach our children. You can argue that. And you can throw it back in their face with some sort of epitaph door. Name calling of some sort. Here's the question that we all have to answer. He is America,. A force for good or a force for bad. That requires real, thought and discussion. Because it is neither, in my opinion, it is both it has been a force for bad and I warn you. If we leave the bill of rights, We will become the door, Kissed force ever on earth with our
technology, We will make the Nazis look like rookies make no mistake. We have been bad, we ve rounded The japanese we, vote, including women of the blacks. We told people they couldn't vote. Including women. But we were also the people. That's freed people. We re he'd blacks and we fought for it. We ve and died. We fought to free the Japanese. We brought to free the Germans and all of Europe and the world we fall
but to free Russia. From the tyranny of communism,. And we failed in the time of peace. Are we good or our We bad is the declaration of independence still of viable mission statement, because that's all that is, but declaration of independence is a mission statement period. Do we still hold these truths to be self evident, forget about the Asked lit talk about the future we have never ever read Each the heights demanded by our mission statement, have we got in better, is still worth striving for we hold these truths. To be self evident
All men are created equal. That means we are born equal. We all have an equal chance. Judge somebody by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. Do you have do you have everything the baby laying next to you has when you're born for as human rights and dignity. Do you still believe that and I'm not talking about where The way I am asking you as an aspirational mission statement that The mission statement of our country. Do you want to live in a country that Tribes and falls short, but picks itself back up again, do you onto live in a country that says all men are created, equal.
And they are endowed by their creator. Why? Would you have to throw God into it Care what you put their image must be bigger than man. The reason why the creator is important, is, if you don't have something bigger than man. Then man will print. Take away rights. So if you want to see the moon. The eternity great cosmos, whatever. But he didn't Douze, each of us with certain on changeable rights and those it's our life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Now, there's a lot more than that where the bill of rights comes in. Do we still believe in this area.
Aspirational statement. We are only talking about the past, we're talking about the mistakes of the past. You cannot fix the mistakes of the past without saying where we're going. So where are we going to find you anti terrorist down Now I read your website. I read your mission statement. I strongly disagree capitalism is not the problem capitalism? That is that has no moral sentiment is. But you don't fix that by us. Eight run economy. By collapse Always fails, know you, and your allies in the press review is to point out. That is exactly what you're looking for it.
Failed system, this. One has been this. One has failed us, because It has been usurped constitution no longer means anything. The bill of rights no longer means anything. Why? Because it talk anymore? Anybody who takes the oath of Office in Washington night Percent of them are liars, not even not even intentional lawyers, they don't know it. They don't believe in it. They were Tell you they do as was told to me by a very powerful individual once looked glass, we all believe in the constitution, but you know you gotta, do what you gotta do know. No. You do to do what you have to do that ends justify the means we either believe in this or we do not, and that is the question America.
Do you believe me, rule half assed now, thought out. Sitting on the sidelines, All of those answers mean nothing in the end, Only those who know it who understand it, who have done their homework. Who can intellectually defend it. Those are the winter soldiers, those who will be the ones that restore freedom. For all mankind. Everything else is service, a game and actually a tool? in the hands of those who wish to create chaos and destroy
all we have. This is the best of the planned that programme Let me go to Gregg Grey. Is a contributor for the Federalist, while Hive Gregg how area good morning. Glenn good, too hear from you talk to you. I understand that five years ago, You may not have been my my biggest fan no, no, not at all. Actually, I'm with you Gregg on that won't know which, hopefully will wonder he had a thing has different reasons: you're on the left, oh yeah, very much so tell me about it. Well, I was, I was raised by far I've got it. Parents and be no. There was just kind of pushed into me from from a young age and it was just the it was. How
everything is like a shelter over the entire world, and I walked around looking so Fifthly, it everybody thinking that you know there's something between broken within them, that their out to get somebody did they don't understand where I do. Even I didn't undressed and very much at all it was pure emotion and it was raw and ill informed, so what happened and well I one of my close friends we're having a discussion, and he actually mentioned Fox NEWS and just cancel the debts that was his news source and I was appalled and I was furious and I
I went home from that. You know just thinking what what I thought I knew this guy were you all along. I had no idea is this some kind of monster like how could tat could this be, and I got curious as to how this could happen I went home and I started watching and listening to people on the other side, and it was quite a slap in the face prior to a mountain and the whole situation now and all this flame throwing and what I saw were you know people who sell it. What we ve overcome. Instead of what we ve had to overcome, and it was really powerful and very storage is to me again you're. Looking at your books, you through the lens of addiction, looking at them,
the way that we approach our power. Excellent. We regard one another through that lends, I think, is so important. I've I've gone to addiction, myself and new as an attic you, you learn about diversities are greatest strength, but And you find help you find comfort in summer, most likely places- and we know we really kind of- becomes clear do you know you can save it diver, It is our greatest strength, but the United it's more than that. It fits that's the cooperation between diverse people it's the humility of diverse people. I think one of my favorite quotes is absolutely where there is doubt there is freedom. And we we we flip that up on its head, wheat. We are now so I mean look at Antiphon direct, traffic, they are so convinced that they are right. They
bludgeon you. If you disagree with them there's no freedom their way, are there is doubt there is freedom where there is humility there is freedom absolutely and you and when your intellect The explanation when curiosity against the green in any way when the moon that becomes punishable view? I think I think they really risk driving good people. Since and unsavory roads, and there There is no good in that Graham tradition out the absolutely as thank you so much for reading the book and I'm as India a assigned to copy, but thank you for reading and calling it the best of it
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For home tried a lot for many a day hometown like puts a barrier around your home titled mortgage find out you're already a victim of a hundred dollars or for free sign up at home, title locked up Tom Tom Title, Lock, Dotcom Heather in Virginia hello, Heather you're on the Globe programme I got here. Some very good. I overall, I agree with everything, but I think its awesome. I want to talk about Canada. I point, I guess again: you're you're here working out how I is going to come in and replace almost all the dots and- and I know you don't certainly agree with you be. I bet you ve said that we need at least had a conversation about HIV the vet. Yes, I you know. I think we need to be careful about even considering I think that there really using fear I to try to come in and institute thence, which is something that they want to for socialism.
I think that a high while it will certainly change everything. Obviously you know we ve run into this in the past and all the other Nicole resolution, where PETE you know the one eyed. They are afraid that technology in a calm and directly spirts opt out their problem for it, and so I understand that it is definitely coming and it's gonna change things, but not gonna, take over everything, all the jobs, innovation, obviously, to the people that want to create the machine. You think he'd be I running over certain things. I just can't do like being fixing of a leak in your plumbing and your house, probably not gonna, do that as far as service. Obviously, I think Mcdonald, it is a great example, were a know. If are gonna, be upset if they go into Mcdonald and not have to deal with any one but chicks,
It is known for their service and I make that level I ask you this. Let me ask you this. First of all, a just and I'd be theirs, don't mean any offence or anything I just want to know how to speed. You are on this. What books are you reading on a I? What what did just a generalist or have you done deep on this year, I'm more general with the sun people work on this, don't coming to us for a different, George, having them at the deep research that I know that you have your Annette, but to my feeling like a I is going to absolutely be able to diagnose. Answer quicker and more accurately than the doktor, but are you gonna, want to sit in front of a robot and have the robot tell you that you have cancer and your options, tat so Heather there there is aid there. Then I can remember the name of it on the on this particular subject, but I will look for it. There is a whole book based just on this.
Nursing is probably one of the jobs that will be the last to go. However, they are. There are two companies right now that are doing studies on emotions. The emotion of being able to detect in some one and being able to reflected in face the reason why the weed, old connect with robots is because they cannot see emotions and read them and also reflect emotions in their eyes and in their face. So there companies now that are specifically just working on cracking the code emotional connection, it's we'll take a while, but a while is what ten years fifteen years in today's world and that's a long while so there there are those those ideas that
are being worked on right now. You have to understand that the sis Khan Valley is currently working on the utopian idea of what hundred percent unemployment. No one has to work. There everyone will be able to have plenty because robots and everything else will be able to manufacture this. Different than any other technological leap than we that we ve ever made. Yes, we are going to shed jobs and, yes, there will be other jobs that will be created, That is one theory. The prevailing theory is there is nothing that a human can do that true, a g I and especially a ass. I will not be able to do much. Better, including breaking the news to people because the idea is that that system will be able to go through. Every boy
of information about the individual thereabout to tell so they will know everything that they ve ever posted about. Let's say there: mom just died they'll, be able to see everything they ve ever written to their mom. Every text message to their mom. They will know the exact relationship and they be able to temper the message much better and much more personal than any else the bigger picture, is on a lie, and doctors is. This? Will happen quickly, already- and I can remember the name of the system, but it is in New York and you'll have to excuse me. I read about this about three. Four years ago, A New York Board of Medicine already has a computer on the board and they're doing is they are feeding in all kinds of information and it it is not like, a human doctor, the best human doctor,
seen a lot done a lot really up on the latest research and all of the facts and studies and- and ST everything else this has per recollection of it, and they have found that it can diagnose. So better, it's, I think it's Fifty percent for the doctors and its ninety eight percent for the computer way in advance at what point Do we say I don't want a human to do the diagnosis I dont want the best specialist. I want the IBM please so You have to understand that there is a fundamental shift that the world has never ever seen before and we're about. Who experience that shift between twenty twenty and twenty thirty and the word. It will not be long. It is to day you start
Your comment about the section of the book where I others a chapter where I talk about you be a universal basic income. I am against universal basic income. I do not think that that is the way we should go, but we as conservatives must be willing to listen to the debate, and I am not talking about the people who are Socialists in Washington. I'm talking about the people who are studying, culture studying humans, and studying technology together? that are now looking for what is it that will give people value. What is it We do hit high unemployment if your goal is one hundred percent being capital says we will have thirty per cent of unemployment and it will be a permanent thirty percent unemployment that so you know- is about the size of the great depression. When you have that House stop civil unrest. How
you give people meaning and How do you give people enough money to be able to live and and further their life. It's free but with problems and even universal basic income. I think, MRS, the fundamental point that people don't want to live without a purpose and too many people get their purpose from their job. Specially men, we can't just look at the money problem and you can't just give people stuff. If you give me cool stuff. They value it less and most importantly, on this. When you have a universal basic income,
and seventy percent five percent of the people can work. What stops people who want controlling power or just basic human inside dark human reaction, what stopped that thirty percent from saying will wait a minute. I don't have a job. I can't even get a job. How can I? have to live on this and they have that will be the same old story We must have these conversations now and stop. With the nonsense that we're dealing with. We wanted pry something a little different. This hour, I wanted talk about a major issue, but I dont want stuck in the same rod, so let me bring in my friend react Patel he hates the labels and said why cause I hate the labels that you know. I have your
progressive gay muslim immigrants. Lefthanded huh. Well, I m too Hollywood producer, yes and there's no reason we should be friend know because of your levels. You are a conservative, anti gay anti minority, so you don't swear amazing about that. Is those labels that I gave. You were actual things part of you just everything you said about eighty years, and I dreamt I would say that what I am thinking about where before we met. Yes, yes, I'm taking that before we met when I came in thinking, you were right and we became good friends and we still disagree on stuff many thing, but we're good friends. When we met things that you have said changed the way I see the country. The world- and I think, there's really portance in having friends having relationships with people who think completely differently from because we are in this situation, our it's us versus them guess, and there is no them, then you shouldn't be because I think it's us versus the problem or whatever
problems- are it's all of us on one side, but the more we demonize each other, the more it feels like we're, each other and there's no nuance, there's no new once it's either, I'm absolutely right in your absolutely wrong, Oh you're thinking that about me and the this kind of why we wanted to do this podcast? So the premises simple? Can we look at the things that divide us in a way that different angle, maybe more human perspective and more personal perspective that allows us to see the connections. So gave you the impossible task, see if you can have a reasonable conversation with people on all sides about guns guns. Is this constant gun debate and the reason we chose guns gets? It seems like a funny topic for the first one is that inspired by saw these school shootings that have been happening. We, but the same thing we dont want, the children to be harmed is knowing. We all want the same goal. How do we work together to achieve that goal? And so This journey of exploring I'll? Do real Americans engage with each other,
poor thing started with this the simplest sounds. Because your father and I'm a father, so this whole thing started, but these little voices, I etc, whose to pointing out that its raining and that I need an umbrella tens,
little brother is one and degrees. Generally speaking, I am a liberal, so this is the sound of the children of a liberal make as they eat pieces of french toast before school, and this is the sound of the children of conservatives make as they eat their breath soon. Our kids will intermingle and mix as we take them to school and, as they all say, their highs. I say my good bye and sometimes not every time, but sometimes when I leave. I think Thought, please don't let anything bad happened here, a thought I am sure all parents have from time to time.
But when a school shooting has happened instead of coming together to make sure it never happens. Again, we divide is ties. Us will not be holding those side three hours and in the pockets of the in our aid, and we demonize each other even more in the endless gun debates that followed the guns still that free loading democratic was much more concerned with moral issues way in our eyes a little bit of time, and we accept it, we accepted before long. We want our approach to debating. This is? U knows about the second amendment new support, mass killings and certainly there something in the middle we all want the same exact thing to keep all those french toast eating kid safe. So this was my question.
In an increasingly divided America, how do we work together to achieve the same thing? Keep our children safe at school. So what Two weeks ago I asked seven very different Americans to sit down with me and help me find an answer, and we did we found an answer, but it wasn't at all what I thought it would be. The answer, as it turns out to my complete surprise, is a single digit number, a number that was hastily written, not a pink posted note and passed over to me with a handful of other as part of a kind of warm up exercises. The seven were just sitting down to begin our conversation, as you hear me, we'd all the numbers back to the group several weeks ago, licks three ten to ten or why why in mind? One of them is: our answer forward
Let me start by telling you about the seven. I am a high school teacher mother of three boys, three team voice. I am a firearms instructor. I was a police officer in Arlington Police with Junior for thirty seven years. I wanted their politics to be very, very different. I would be probably consider constitutional conservative. I find the elder that I get the more progressive than the world, but I become I am very much on on both sides. I always for the person that scares literalist even wanted their experiences and feelings about guns to be different. Less that those myself saw got in the closet. Kids are not yet shall governed retired Navy combat violence. We have guns in our home their locked out, I've never seen them. I don't want to sit and watch me. I started shooting. I just says my dad has redneck bodies that my country,
These seven were thoughtful, well informed, good hearted people who all agreed to spend an entire evening talking to people. They didn't even know why come up with a list. I wanted us to find a list, even if it was a very short one of specific, practical things that we could all agree upon to help combat this intangible threat to our kids that we all think about from time to time an intangible threat that Alisha our teacher in the room explained from the perspective of being inside the schools each and every day any time there is any sort of anything out of the norm at school. The kids get weird, they get upset, it's just a feeling among the entire school that something else dreadfully wrong, and I think it's all
over the country. I think I'm saying you hear a noise in the hallway when near classes, quiet in everyone's hide Turnus was that awareness we began talking The story of that conversation has two parts: the content, the stuff that was said and then the impact. What happened because of what was said so content as we searched for the list for almost four hours? I'd like to share with you the three biggest impediments we came up against because in this new era of communicating and communication I think they're worth considering. Remember sir in children, same goal,
impediment number one. Opinions outnumber people. I soon realise that in this age of unlimited access to opinions that, although there were seven people physically sitting around me, there were many more opinions and voices brought into our conversation. Listen to the full. We exchanged between two mothers, Anna, a progressive and Mona, a christian conservative and see how many people's opinions and perspectives are brought into the mix other than their own. From my side, what I hear is: oh it for you, don't infringe on any of my rights and I don't want any restrictions on myself and it's kind of and announcing. This is what you are, but this is kind of antibiotic that's been in place and it's kind of like come on. There are reasonable ideas. We can come up with. That's not going to inconvenience, you buy an you're right. There are probably solutions there and your reasonable, but that the leaders of our movement are not reasonable. Ass, fast, ass, wise at that, when there is a school shooting or a mass shootings someplace. The first thing we hear is: we need gun control and the energy is the bad guy.
So many other opinions and voices? Most of them extreme jumped right? your conversation on minute, thirty, nine everything was heightened from the get go Denise or firearms instructor who almost MR round table because she had food poisoning, speaks about the problem with letting other people speak blows, the inflammatory super. You know agitators that are being the talking heads on the media speaking freely speaking for me that our efforts that car that kind of craziness does not represent me- and I would like to thank you know when I see these ultra liberal in screaming about other stuff and calling people like me, a gun nuts, and all that I would like to think that that's not representative of ear. So how do we solve that problem with getting the people to stopping the ones that are out there, trying to send a message because it's for me, I think it's the wrong one minutes, not productive.
Became aware very quickly that it's almost impossible to have a productive conversation with so many other voices reference to repeated. How can I get each person just to speak for themselves? We'd get there, but it. Take a while. For me, one of the most I opening things, It was the same for you and who had asked me something about Why have I said the things that I had said about President Obama and it wasn't the inflammatory stuff it was Why did you think he was so bad or why did you think that administration so that an eye I gave you several stories and I remember going with the Chop Board Knesset there was this story. Do you know about me? I ain't a story. This ever has to any of them, you'd never heard of any other than any of them and that that the beginning of my awareness of how loud and separate these echo chambers are, and it was a moment I was like. Oh no people, we think they know
things right, we think they hear thing. They don't. I dont, and you know what, because of that moment, I redoubled my efforts to read their many times that I hear people say while you won't find the times. Actually, yes, that's exactly where I found an idea. You know domain, and so when we talk about the problems we have? Those in common that, whether it my children safe, whether its drugs, whether it's the renovation of information from those, are big problems that we to discuss the impasse some quality of it has to happen, because even though it is hosting these awkward awkward things, even though it got hot air. Difficult to come up with a solution where one side doesn't want it. Talk about guns at all and I'm sure, you guys think that's all we want to talk about- is I want to come, take away your guns and that's not the case impediment number two. We can't hear all the options,
potential solutions may already be on the table, but we aren't even hearing each other. This exchange between Anna or progressive mother and Shad, a libertarian father, shows this phenomenon. Our trying to say is: why were reasonable measures are? You are you are willing to agree to just help solve this problem and should really solve this an end? What steps are you willing to take part in the south sign onto the enormous project exiled, which has worked very well in Virginia what was Anna's responds to project exile? What what does I dont, know frozen committee. You committed a crime. The toy sentencing you got. The top of the rock of target for prosecution, a practice Tangible solution already The table never heard of it
wait. This wasn't a one way phenomenon soon, after Mona or mother of three teenage boys was explaining o her sons and their peers consents when a classmate may pose a threat and they're called school shooters. Oh yeah he's a school showed her she's all shooter. They they ve got that label because everybody knows who is capable of doing that. I think that's what I went where I mentioned earlier: the Red Flag laws. I ask that the purpose of ours, where you see a kid who is enough, like this kid his and that enables you to go in and remove the guns and the response from Elisa or teacher in the room who had little it just been talking about kids exhibiting red flags had this to say, The idea I had never heard the term red flag LA. How is even possible on mice. I hear the term red flag laws almost daily in campaign ads but a leash lives in a different state, stiffer nance again,
it's not about whether you think either of the ideas are good ones or bad ones. It's about the fact. The other side has never even heard of them when we're talking trying to protect our kids shouldn't every idea be considered. Impediment number three either or thinking this is other exchange that fascinated me between Anna, our progressive mother and Mona who identifies as a christian conservative about what we can do now to help. Our children safer? I know from my it is in a reach, now to my legislators and say this is what I want, and if the legislators refused to take action is helping to elect people who will who are more in line with those thoughts and apps on your side, can do the same, but we all have a part to play in this, and first is making our voices heard it might be futile, but that's one step we can all take, but it's one step
I can't find the right word once take one step back and started a community level instead of relying on our legislators to fix this problem, so you go into the schools and you Savior principle, I'm retired marine and my two kids go to school and I really want to help keep this building secure desire. I can do. I can only work within the confines of my life in my time, but I'm apparent here. I have expertise. I want to do something. How can we gather the parents in this school to help fortify the build? I think they're, probably there, so many restrictions and issues against me. I don't know I'm not involved in the schools has done, but two approaches felt valid and worthwhile to me, but in that moment, felt very, either or, and a little dismissive and the happened. A large jumping back and what's between opposing ideas, as opposed to say, Ding time discussing integrating them or combining the approaches, and I just hope that the fight over the first approach, the constant
over election day does demonize us so much that we aren't able. We worked together on the second community level approach. We need both not either or so those three impediments opinions out, numbering people hearing all the options and either or thinking where our biggest obstacles as we search together for my list and as we talked
we have to be their regular? How getting tower and talked I've not address there aren't injure. We just kept running up against them, but then I'll tell you one thing under the child and never got around them. There are weapons they can get used to. It got all the knights out of the kitchen to like them in the car I care and set out to it in the room hour after hour, it was tense defensive in hot, the air conditioning was working in my premise wasn't working and I think that's what happens a lot full size with every time. Somebody gives an example. We also July, that example is not going to work for them. Specifically, that turns its whatever conversation. Stupid list was only making us more frustrated the more we couldn't find it because, although there were so many moments of connection, it was the moments of disconnect that control the mood of the route. We already have the laws on the way we do we not their ongoing morning, five thousand other behind running. Let us all of those going just point, and then it happened. The moon,
and I had been fearing. We reached now are you willing to put some years ago, the last path, because you're not even willing to listen to the impasse soon after and are summed up how a lot of us were feeling coming in here I I thought our chances of getting lists together was was. I was more optimistic, I see why would we are where we are today this sort of impasse. The conversation ended shortly after we all said good bye, then I sat in the room alone and texted my husband, two words. You failed. I could not at the enemy lines, to go away in that room either for a little while. But I was wrong there's content
and then there's impact. How surprised were you that this fell apart, because to me that's where they all went right there. Yes, I was not just shocked, but personally I got it be quiet, found all these people and the best of intentions, I said, look out there in the world, no one's talking. Let's try create this environment with the seven of us that we can go Has that we'll we'll know each other you're, all good people, and I could I believe that, with all that, prep of them coming in that the the guards went up, and because you know, I've waited it's not the seven people, it's all of the voices that in each of their heads that they're all battling, I understand why he said what he seldom cut her off and it has nothing to do with them people in that room, executive people in that room could compromise potentially hypothetically, yes, yes, and so
If that was their community, and it was only about them, they could come up with it The next day I you can get out of bed and when but my phone there were these flurry of tax and, from other, people in the room saying how did we missed We all tried, we missed you find out well, what was interesting with that. One of the text was an invitation from Denise. Our firearms instructor too, to Anna are progressing. Active his mother, saying You want to continue the conversation. Why don't you come down to the shooting range and we can- and so I conveyed this and an exception in a second I'm shocked, and so the next day this progress the activist went to the shooting range, the base of the inner raise building
continue the conversation with the sirens trader and that's where we go now for some and take out here to think about travel very funny. Twenty two, some magic hang on very low recoil abandoned as I somewhat nervously watch them engage each other woman, one. The memory of their interaction from not even forty eight hours prior was still pretty fresh out. All the knights of the catch is the car care and set out to not have asked ladder. They begin this new conversation with basic you take the safety off because they say keep the safety on and then so is opinions on specific type of fire said this morning and then they started talking more specific city is demeaning explaining some of the existing gun laws that don't make sense. If someone were to hold this like this and pulled up against their shoulder when you're now shooting it like a rifle sing anger in violation of the lie in your technically Phelan, why would there be initially you're holding it as a rifle? Why why? Why would it be considered illegal? Because now the the one of the pieces is not registered as a rifle and purchase it as such? So if you purchased it as a pistol and anger, shooting it as a rifle they're saying I earn violation of the law against complete makes absolutely no sense and
this happened, and they were talking about bullets strongly much larger bullet tons more powder. This is a three hundred and eight. So that's the typical hunting around, so you can just see that the difference in the power and penetration between the bullets and the amount of powder that goes in them besides, asthma. They giggled over a size joke that was it,
the enemy lines worked there anymore between them. It was no longer us versus them, and ever sudanese they were on the same side, just two people trying to figure something out. They had connected some God. This is Anna coached by Denise. Do her first shot stay finger out of a job and for the record, her shot was just off the bulls I afterwards they started talking specifics again. But there was a willingness to work together and the number of opinions to their own.
So I think he rather than you and I like meaning in the parking lot purchasing the Gunnar wherever let's go to the license, run a background check on me. Some make sure you know that I'm not a fallen. I know how history to muster violence etc and then just hand something big early may be, and I were guilty until proven innocent mean I'm not a hundred percent against those pretty much. How do things now? I'm just saying I'm like eighty percent, there makes two ruby, Denise says: I'm eighty percent there, Anna excitedly, respond by saying I'll bring you over.
What did me says next that got me very committee. I command you figure out somewhere. I love that you come eighty, I come eighty. Can we figure out somewhere in the Middle one on one? There was a personal connection now Anna, who just the other night felt. So I say why would we are where we are today as its this, this sort of enough and pass now, not even forty, eight hours later had put to say more, like eighty percent of it for all on the same side like heavy Asia issues may be seeking to her I mean there's new laws, and how do we understand someone's different language, a nuance by spending time with them in
This is an insult when I spoke with a review weeks later to come back and prefer to warm from fervour bond with the energy from one who work for the areas where TAT trainer, and so I went out with that with a refreshing deprive backdoor defend, got grass back. Thirty gave me a glimmer of hope that ok, lincoln, come from part of an agreement, the problem, and always the other person. The problem is, and always the other side Denise Splain help is shifted, free to come out to the range of pages, putting your toes in the world of another person and an understanding of actually getting to see it. We're not the problem weeks later Denise and I spoke about her perspective on America after all together. It's just a very combative,
a very argumentative environment. It doesn't have to being doesn't have to being. You know you can agree to disagree on things. You know like what you are. Find something tat? You do agree on and I don't think that it is the hard, but it isn't that so Question remains. How did you get to this point. Inaction and optimism. What happened in the room during the conversation with the seven that it onto Denise to want reach out to Anna and invite her to the gun range in the first place? Just people being? Ok, that's why I appreciate the think here now there were others were not fail to see the site, and it was just no one knows, and I, as rapporteur have as I did. You feel that way. That's why I started about defending her. That's right, the
moment of impasse. Now are you willing to put some years now? The last three years has because you're not even willing to listen. Remember when I said there was more that moment than I had realized, there's Denise defending Anna by saying you can't do that to her. So what happened in tat moment I asked Denise later. I just thought very angry bad thought that was supposed to be sharing my point of view. My perspective was being blatantly disrespect for completely shut off means sitting next to me, honestly, just what I needed to defend her whether she was on my side. There are cited. It didn't matter in that At the moment of impasse, the enemy lines had actually shifted summer the complete opposite end of the issue became an
I did a niece when there was a greater obstacle to overcome what greater obstacle So I went back to the idea of the round table and listen to attain starting fraud. I don't get any of my right array reasonable and there was a gun and again the obstacle to consensus. So many of the times was the same person Rick Are you willing to put some years ago that it wasn't whose ideas the majority of the room showed his ideas on both pretty much everything? It was his approached the conversation she became, the greater obstacle. Many times we would all agree to an idea, but in going around the room for consensus, which hit the Blanca Fair for every one round, but the problem is here. I am an hour to anticipating his block to a new idea, a rolling
He knew he was playing about that before for three here. I am again specifically because you're that you're not you're my nemesis right now, and then this happened now. Are you willing to put some hours? No, it wasn't the car. Tent of what he was saying, It was the way he was saying it, tension behind it, and that was
ass. If his number the number he had and working for six, three ten tat our boy, what remember those numbers as the sound guy was setting up as people were sitting down in sending their water nervously. I wondered: how could I measure the degree of hope that they were bringing to this round table? How could I gauge their commitment to finding my list so just as audio started? Recording you hear me asked them. How do you think it is likely one to ten of finding some sort of consensus, some sort of us just ass I'll just ass? Will you also believe and then and then to me? Numbers were privately pass to me at the beginning of the conversation and never referred to again until it was time to leave three hours and forty six minutes later he was the actual moment. The conversation ended and the numbers are revealed you'll hear Rick at the end stuff. It's a tough one.
Can't wait to see what our numbers come out, what it was for, six, three ten, What we need is a zero rate exit. Nine zero was raised quite interesting, Rick the one we never had a chance. In fact, the next day he sent me an email saying quote, we asked. I think this was a good cause, but the impasse is far too wide. A chasm to be crossed and quote a one, will always diminish the hope in any given room just the way that negativity lately overwhelms whatever true hope there is out there. We have all been a Rick never reason or whatever mood we. Been that person, but a one is
very powerful thing, especially in a very divided America. So to me, the answer for. How do we move forward and work together to our children safer is to be any number greater than one This is Denise at the end of our round table Denise, who went on to open up her world to show fellow American, that she isn't a them the nieces number is eight I'm loving sitting here in, like my heart is going out to each one of you for your. You know your your viewpoints and I understand it. It may not be one that that I, you know fully get on board, but I believe you and I know where you're coming from, and I appreciate that What is interesting is Denise has been invited by Anna to attend her progressive groups and- and
taking progressive moms to the shooting range at the array to learn more love it. So the bridge is there: the bridge starts with just sitting in the same room. Sorry as and when I think about coming to a solution in Washington, I'm a zero when I think about the american people, eight nine, it's fun, because the only thing I said, I forgot my list. I didn't say that was nothing. We didn't agree on. The only thing we all agreed on with we had no faith in the government system that exists. That was only thing the seven of us all agreed on, so I thought that is part of the problem- and I think the best progress that we have the best shot we have is one on one. Thanks raise my pleasure, I think you did see in this. Oh, that ours stop us from talking to each other at which we don't.
Trust each other. We don't, we don't believe in one another and we we stop using reason. We just block and it always ends the same way which helps from doing all of the things that we can do we mean agree on guns. Man look at all the other things that we can do if we can't get. The outrage if we can't find our way to talk to one another, and there are ways as you're. Seeing in this, we can't do that. We're finished. So, what's the plan the way where we all win its addicted to outright fine, this book and read this book and share it with a friend it was. It was written to be able to share with somebody just the people, your meat, now
to doubt outrage available in bookstores and online right now, the blaze radio network on demand.
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