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Ep #201- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 10/12/18  - The Office, Impossible? - Wanted: Pro-Melania Trump Group - The Rise of Hate and Evil? (w/ Bill O'Reilly)  - 'Heartache and Pain'? (w/ Eric Bolling) - HUGE Blaze Radio Network Announcement? 

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The blaze radio network on demand, big show for you today on the podcast you're going to love it. We start with what's happening really in Saudi Arabia. You know everybody loves this place a Washington Post reporter. He was a great guy, really the guy that probably was hacked to death by the Saudis. We're going to tell you the part of the story that nobody knows, doesn't change, good guy, bad guy, it just kind of makes it more like bad guy versus bad guy. I will give you that also bill. O'reilly is on O'Reilly's book this week, killing the ss you can buy it in tandem with addicted to outrage in stores everywhere. So he's, I guess, is that you know his take on all the Big news events of the week and we have a big delay its announcement today. Some new shows starting some exciting new things beginning and five days who still is working for Cr Tv, but it's also doing another show for us he
ends on Monday. He joined us and he made my head hurt a little bit wicked wicked, smart and very fascinating on his take on what's happening to the left right now and Packer, I move into mornings were excited about that. Moron trivia continues in morning and all of that, all of that begins on Monday on the blaze, radio and tv. Don't forget also we're all going to be out for tour. The outrage tour grab your tickets to Glenn, Beck, dot com, slash tour coming to a city near you can't wait, we're we're going to be helping out some of the leftists that are our democratic socialist, that you know they want the same kind of world that you that you want to certainly but we're going to help them with some of their new slogans. Maybe a couple commercials, so let him know how they can target the american people because they made it
just may not be going far enough right, so grab your tickets to that tour at Glennbeck, dot, com, slash, tour, here's today's podcast, it's Friday. Did you see the post from Steve Carell? Do you see this hi? I love it. I love it. This is exactly where we are, as a society because the offices on Netflix and replaying a lot more people have seen it recently and I think because of that, there's been a resurgence in interest in the show and talk about bringing it back. But apart from the fact that I just don't think that's a good idea, it might be impossible to do the show today and have people accepted the way it was accepted. One thousand and ten years ago the climate is different. I mean the whole idea of that character. Michael Scott
so much of it was predicted on inappropriate behavior. I mean he certainly not a model boss at uh, of what is depicted on that show is completely wrong. Minded, that's the point you know, but I, I don't know how it fly now. There's very high awareness of offensive things today, which is good for sure. But at the same time, when you take a character like that too literally, it doesn't really work these right. A hundred percent right on that comment, yeah he's one week. I disagree, I think he's pointing I think, he's criticizing though yeah yeah I do. I I actually legitimately do think he's criticizing this climate. Obviously he agrees with
with me too and everything else, but I think I agree with that. Exactly we all ready to for me to all agree that women, you know how to deal with this, not correct, but I mean I think, what he's saying is. I don't even think you could do like it's like Microsoft Bill Gates. I don't even think you could start Microsoft today. I think that's what he's saying I use a. I think that you could start the office today. He will be too offended when even work. So let me give let me go here: I'm gonna hundred take it to Ithaca College Ithaca College Brand new holiday in America, according to Ithaca College, and we all must support it now, Yoshi, You didn't know you needed another holiday, but you do it's international Pronouns Day now hasn't gone nationwide yet because it was just invented. But if Ithaca college and the mayor of Ithaca NY have anything to do with it. This is going to be a treasured holiday. You will your kids will say where were you
when they first started international Pronouns Day and you'll, say kids. Well, I was on the cliff of insanity. I went in Hell is where I was, if you judge a book by a cover, I think pronouns date celebrates the joy of good grammar, but no no would be totally wrong, Pronouns Day is going to celebrate the l g B, T Q, are you community and a high light, how insidious actual racism misogyny and classism all in weaves together and how it causes. Depression, see that's a thing now. You gotta call edge not to not to learn how to you know, make things build things. Do things? No. No. You go to college now to figure out how pressed you are home. I hate to spoil a good holiday, but the focus on APP
sounds a lot like you know. The airing of grievances which, as any fan of Seinfeld will tell you is a part of another made up holiday called Festivus. So I don't know if I need to point new holiday is the brain child of Ithaca College's Center for L g B. T oh wait a minute. They didn't use the queue in the I hop himself and it it's just. The l g b t education, outreach and services with the support of Ithaca's mayor's office. The international Pronouns Day website explains referring to people by the pronouns. They determined for themselves is basic human dick you know iMa iMa. I am a one winged purple dragon and you will refer to me as that.
From here on now from here on out being referred to by the wrong pronouns, particularly effects: trans, gender and gender nonconforming people. Together, we can tran form society to celebrate peoples, multiple intersecting, identity's, AL man. You know I try to be a good person. I really do I tried to be a peaceful person. I try to let Jesus and Martin Luther King and Gandhian, Abraham, Lincoln and all of those great men really kind of guide my life, and then I read something like this and all I can think of is shut up shut up. Who so I apologize in advance for even thinking that.
Oh boy, I hope I'm not d platformed. Oh my well jeez. If Google could just start installing F Mri's in all of our devices, they would be able to read our minds and be able to see who is good and bad and who should be dipped platform, din, silenced and, quite quite frankly, perhaps liquidated Now the director of the Ithaca College, LGBT, I don't know if you're cute and oni how you feel about this place, but the the LGBT. E center says this today- is not just important. It is required. It is required that we all call people by the pronouns they wish to use to confer basic, do unity and respect so compelled speech we're no longer into freedom of speech. You can't speak your mind, but if you don't
speak, someone else is mind, hostel Apasa. Oh my gosh, I just I have just appropriated both Mexico and ITALY It is required now so. I don't know if this holiday comes with a handy, pronoun guide, but it should never be written down on paper because it is going to change every single day. It's impossible for those of us who are struck in need Eaton. She word, you know it's old farts fights that you're safe yeah man he's a man and woman is a woman who were so out of touch
who and dangerous hotel yeah that were right, no international pronounce day make it makes its debut next Wednesday October 17th. So let me be the first to tell you there's only five more shop. Just left the best of the Glenn Beck program.
I want to start a pro Melania trump. I don't know group something I don't know she is she is. She is the the most elegant first lady we have had since Jackie o she's not been on any cover of any magazine. She has a nobody says anything nice about her. Nobody says it's incredible that and it was so beautiful
say. Is you compare to others, but what I honestly think it is the most pure example. We had a media bias. It is in my book. That's the Mcdonald's french fries. I never would have say you don't remember that part when I said if if everybody says they hate Mcdonald's, okay, that's fine, but if you can't admit that you like their french fries or that they make them, cast french fries and they do, then you have no credibility. Malani, a trump is the Mcdonough French, for I'm just shocked. You brought at the fast food you're, listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program like listening to this podcast. If you're not a subscriber become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favor and rate the show home title, is a really important thing for you to get because home title fraud
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I am. I am very good, I'm very good. I there is a interview with our first lady today and I believe our first lady has displayed grace and great composure, and- and I don't care how you feel about the press then I think enough is enough with Melania Trump. Yeah I mean I don't see her position where she's being vilified on a daily basis by the press. They snipe at her I've known for a long time, very charming woman in very intelligent, shoulder children. I think she's done a very good job. First lady and there's really no reason to disparage Malattia trop. You know he is alive. My breaking point was last week when she was over in Egypt and she was over and
for and the photos coming back of her were you. Beautiful I mean it was a Ralph Lauren photo spread and all the press could do was if they published any of those photos. They just tore her down for colonialism in all this crap Romeo. I know she is. She hang on the most beautiful woman. In The oval office with the with the greatest style sense, Jackie, o, love, Camelot and her style. She was on the cover of every fashion magazine, but no fashion magazine will put Melania Trump on now. Of course, they couldn't go out to their cocktail parties and all that you did it. Did your commentary on the political correctness v. Eight percent, but back you left, some really big thing. This could never happen without the open support of the media. Yes,
I put the media in at eight percent directors out, let me just say yeah and a quick story. Okay, all right. So this week I've been doing a lot of promotion for killing the ss which came out on Tuesday and in that promotion, I'm basically saying that we in America are seeing a rise of hate and evil, and I tie it in a number of ways. One of the ways that I tried it in was that George Soros and his I have bought up about twenty packs political action committees and they sent that they send them out on missions, and one of those choose was senator flake, the elevator with the CNN calmer right behind a woman screaming at him, because she was a victim of something and he was an idiot for not siding with her who's, the woman the woman's an activation of Soros Pack, making a hundred and seventy five thousand dollars a year all right. So I tell that story.
Is it accurate one hundred percent correct and me it matters within a half. An hour says that I compare the woman to the third Reich. Okay, no! That's! What's going on here that that's what's in the play, so the eight percent, Aggressive zealot fanatics could never have imposed anything on this country, without the media, taking up their claws and actually doing the dirty work. I put the media in that eight percent. It's the! It is the reason why it has swept the country. It is your right because of the media, but they are part of that eight percent. What have kanye West my favorite guy of all time? Ok yeah! so Kanye West, who
I I didn't really need him. I was in the elevator with him at Madison Square Garden with around me had short pants on and he was brooding, but okay, so it was on Saturday Night live which is staked out territory to destroy Donald Trump, because it's good Saturday, night live's ratings. That's why they do it alright, so tiny, it was given by go anywheres that make America great again a hat and no one likes him, and he and then he he's he's brooding again because he's being bullied by Saturday night, live okay. Fine, then, because of that Trump invites, to the oval office, where Connie walks in with the hat and and does were with the president or whatever they did? Okay, now what does anyone care thank you
he is a whole day yeah, I know he's talking about what he wants, that Kanye West right now, Taylor Swift's. She comes out again struck right, Angie Stone everybody in Tennessee- I am about against him, so tell us, we Kanye West. Do I care what they think about GOP in any regard back the no? I don't and now else does either. This is a trim. This example of political correctness that tiny Kanye need is going against the pc, so he must be verify hi, so I want to go I want to. I want to come back because you I need to you. Maybe you should get a cup of coffee in or something I need you to get a little a oh more animated here bill, but when we, when we come back, I want to ask you about 'cause. You follow ratings, the rate
falling apart. Let's look at the numbers of region of the from like Beto and and others that are running in the Senate. The numbers seem to be falling apart. I think that there is a change of foot and the Democrats don't see it and when they get their head handed to them by the people, I think they're going to double down yet again will get bill. Riley's comment on that. Coming up in just a second bill, O'Reilly from billoreilly dot com new book is out, it is killing the s s and it is really good. It's worth the read pick it up and and read it. It's real Really good, yes and oppose been really good for Republicans, since they Kavanaugh thing, which I don't know. If that's a huge surprise to anybody, but I mean you know, is now down by looks like eight to TED Cruz, which is about double the lead he had before then, and then, and and as bill mentioned Taylor stuff comes out. Talks about how bad Marsha Blackburn is latest poll has her up by four.
Fourteen in which was thought to be a toss up race. Yeah I mean it's. I I don't think the Red pets are learning their lesson and yet they're doubling down built. It I'd like to hear your thoughts on on what Eric holder said this week and Hillary Clinton. I I paid more attention to what Kanye West and Taylor Swift certain that Hillary Clinton Dennis Miller thanks Eric holder is really Stedman, Oprah's boyfriend and- and they look alike, you get up on the blazing side by side anyway. There's a few interesting things in play here: Beto has raised thirty eight million dollars in the last six months or so, which is it h every work in the world? Where is that money coming from Scott from Soros? These guys in the Hollywood people and all that so hills competitive, I mean he'll lose. I
Let me stop there. I've met people who have given to both sides. Millions of dollars, they're not happy with the party that loses. When you give a lot of money. And the party says no. This is the one. This is going to change everything and then you lose especially if they lose by eight points. Those are normal people, I'm talking about the real shadowy. We guys that's what's bad getting you getting in that Big Soros money coming in, I guess maybe and he doesn't either, although they just want, you know, search and destroy. So I think you know I agree with you back and it always hurts my toes when I say that that there is a backlash and that the cabin spec go alienated, decent and when I say decent, being fair minded people both Democrat and Republican.
When you have an- and I bring this up a lot, no one working for you and no one working for me. Could have tweeted out well, Kavanaugh was confirmed, but at least we destroyed his life member that tweet, yes, who did it come from came from Letterman's writers, Cole bear right, yeah, you're, right, sorry, ok, one of the Wired's Letterman out for Kohlbecker Houseboat Insane one of the writer cold. There tweeted that out, okay, one of those hateful things I've ever seen. So if Albany, your organization, my organization and that person wouldn't be working for us. If we would have if we would have tweeted out, but at least we got Ford least at least we really destroyed. Her would have been a horror, show that and would not be working today and they couldn't go out the house. So people know this,
even if you like, cold air, which I don't even if you are sympathetic to doctor for and and all of that me to stuff, even if you're buying into it got a know all right- that the rhetoric and the plan to destroy human beings is not what America is all about: it's not and- and you know when you think in history Stalin and Hitler and and what they did by destroying their opposition. Are. You know later on. I was physically, but in the beginning they couldn't murder people, but they did other ways and that's exactly what we're seeing here in the hate is rising. The fear is rising. All of this is in play and guys, like you and I unfortunately we have to fight against this, and then that puts us in the kill zone but to get back to the politics I do think is going to be backslash, I'm not sure about the House of Representatives, but the Senate, I'd
Steve will be even more republican than it is now. So let me let me ask you this: if, if they do have they, they lose the Senate, where, just a few weeks ago, the the person who is in the best position to win for the Republicans was TED was any was only one or two points ahead of of Bateaux, so he was in the best position now So it looks like they could. If I mean if it's a good day, they could end up with a majority of five thousand four hundred and fifty five, that's ign. If, especially with you know, Donald Trump is president the most hated man of all time. If, if they do lose, do you think they will say: okay, wait a minute this democratic socialism. This anger and all that never gonna do that they're going to they're going to go harder. Don't you think, of course,
These people are really really deranged and there are some on that on the right like that as well, but not nearly the numbers on the left and, of course the media promotes that by if they win the Democrats win the house, then you that's what we're going to hear. You're, not gonna, hear anything about the Senate. Yes, and the house- you know that's, little shaky because, as everybody knows, the first term in Clinton's first year in Obama, they lost your and and the opposition party. You only have one the house right and if you could wear Mereka is doing usually vote, yes
list of the best of the Glenn Beck program, and we really want to thank you for listening on the podcast this weekend and you get this podcast anywhere. You find podcast now on Spotify as well. This weekend, Eric Bolling a one on one, the conversation about what happened with his son and how it affected him. I'll add one more to that. I lost my faith that day to go, and I had gone to church five days a week during the week and every Sunday September is a seventeen was the last day I went to church. Early in the day, I'd spent a long time going back and forth with Fox with lawyers trying to figure out where is going to go forward? What was going to happen and we we came upon
idea that we were going to separate those separating from Fox, they said amicably separating bowling and foxer amicably separating and I looked at it. That day- is a new beginning and goes art and go find another job somewhere and life is going to be great and you're going to sue I didn't know what it was going to do when I, I will tell you that whatever was in about me it was false, patently false, it was a lie, never happened and it no one is ever ever. For there's. All anonymous sourcing may One story short, my lawyer said it's probably time to just cut ties with we move on to go, find another job. This could this could go on forever and I think there was going to be my family is going to be dragged through the mud for a long time. So I decided that was the thing to do. We cut ties around three hundred talk in the afternoon. It was a Friday before a long weekend for labor day I took my wife out to dinner that night and we're going to celebrate the owner of the restaurant came over and said, hey, you know,
congratulations new start and a nice drink on the way home. We got the all were driving home and the The following is a young man on the other side of the fallen, saying Mister Bowling call her son call Eric right away. So what's wrong, he said just call Eric right away. I call over there and a girl answered my name is Kayla. He had been seeing her on it off, she was crying
for some reason, I just went right to is your life. That was a that was a rough day. The next day I went to Colorado and the president called me. This is anything we can do for you. I said no thank you, but at that day I realized that he cared and so for the next few months I made it my mission,
to create awareness around opioids Erica. What is annex on campus? It was laced with fentanyl, so. Yeah, so that was that day, and so now we are a year and two days after that. It's rough go you we can stop at anytime. If you don't want to talk about anything so, but I think it's just an important story to tell when you say. Dad. Is he alive? Why were there indications or was it just a dad feeling feeling who gets call at one thousand and thirty at night all the call, your son right away without
planning why she had the hunch and sure enough launch turned out to be true so Turns out he was, he bought his antics on campus. That was laced with fentanyl. It wasn't a prescriptive xanax, he didn't know and he passed. It was an accidental overdose. So question you asked me was going to sue Fox at that moment I had fight me to do anything so we spent my wife and I very close and we spent the better part of the next year. Just talking to other parents. Talking any opportunity we could to get the word out that it's an epidemic excuse me and a people. Parents need to know that their children are at risk and it's a it's. A massive epidemic in in the country. Young kids need to know that one pill can kill you what you're ever taking conceited know that your child isn't too smart, too popular to athletic to be exposed
potentially dying from an overdose, it's uh very emotional, and I think, important interview there were. There are places that I want to go and Eric has promised to come back, but I didn't want to dogpile. We recorded this on September, I think tenth, and it was just a few days after the one year anniversary and he was very, very, very raw. It's the first time that he is really spoken out about it and what his thought or, and I think everybody no matter what side you're on on the opioid thing, I mean I gotta
emotional call. Yesterday from somebody on the tv show, that said, thank you for speaking up for opioids, because there are those of us who we cannot live without them. We can't this woman said because of her disease. She can't even sit up in bed and she's bedridden without the opioid. There are. You know. All of these things, their double edged swords there they're good when they're used properly and they are deadly when they are abused and it's up to each of us to to know what we're dealing with and they are deadly that pod. Also goes into his relationship with president and what he has seen of the president and it's a very Fascinating interview with Eric Bolling, you can confine that podcast wherever you download your podcast Itunes now on Spotify, but everywhere the Glenn Beck
podcast. They come out every Saturday at different interview with somebody who is truly fascinating. Glenn. It was listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. For the blaze, the blaze radio network is a very fast and growing. A very big and fast growing network of people that are are listening all around the country who would like, as you know, sometimes a
Eve. A strong look at the view at the news and also a funny look at the news, and today we're announcing a couple of changes. If you happen to have listen to the radio network. You know that we always had the morning blaze with Doc. Thompson docs been with us for a long time if you, Ever listen to him, you know his entrepreneurial spirit and he for a long time has wanted to start his own thing and he has, and he built it while he was working here and we all knew about it. It's Mojo, I think mostly five fifty and it is something it's his own thing. How could I not? How could I do anything but love a guy who says I want to strike out on my own good, for you so we wish him all the success in the World and we wish him the very very best on Mojo five, fifty that left an opening- well, we happen have the best morning guy in the country.
You know, I know I'm doing it, what kind of lock down to this one. So I had to find the set best morning guy in the country, and that is of course, Pat gray. Sopa is going to be moving to mornings, but you can still hear him on his podcast and everything else and you'll hear me in the mornings preceding this program, then to replace pad gray. Who is very hard to replace, because is, he is not only funny and entertaining, but he also has a great intellect and truly under stands are found king and the founding principles. So we wanted to be with some real meat on the bones and a guy who I've really grown to love, but he already had another job is Steve Days. Steve works for C r t v, but we have convinced c r t v, two also kind of it's kind of like a Warner brothers, and you know the old. The paramount's
studios deal where we're like. Ok, well, you can use our star for this movie and we've convinced them to. Let us use Steve to do a program immediately after this and welcome to the program now Steve is how are you I'm doing well good to see you guys and we're really really excited about? This starts on Monday yeah Somebody is still going to be on CR tv still going to be doing in CR tv thing, but doing two hours for us every day. Tell if anybody, if they don't know who you are explain who you are, I think you know we have a slightly different way of doing things than what you were. Probably typically here and conservative talk. Radio one is we're. Mindful of the things were actually trying to conserve is kind of. Nowadays conservative means I'm not a communist. We keep moving that far but you're just moving in with Pat, when you say the second best when he didn't tell you pat he's number one and then spacebar spacebar
spy. Your number two, it's called moving. Thank you. This is why this is why he is a genius, so we actually talk about the things we're trying to conserve the values and virtues that made America exceptional and where they came from in the first place we like to start arguments even more than we like to win them, because we think that one of the big problems in our country there's this idea that we're really divided and we're arguing all the time guys were not argument at all and what we're doing is we're grabbing. Seventeen burner accounts on social media on each other anonymous names of returning to the the fart factory of of the the smell that we prefer her own tribe and and did never retreat from our own native, sweat lodge convinced were right about actually everything over lobbing verbal bombs at our neighbor over there. We never talk to and we're calling that an argument. Okay, I actually think we need some real arguments we actually need to have both sides come out yeah I can I I I think the truth is its own reward and the truth is our friend
and I am perfectly fine having a truthful conversation with people on the other side. So can you have because I've I've started having them myself? I had doctor Deborah so in studio this weekend or this last week we had day- Rubin, who else still here recently Michael Rectenwald, Michael Rectenwald, is a guy who used to write for the Communist NEWS, and we don't agree on everything, but I'm looking for the people who you can't have a conversation with somebody who is whose goal it is to say right. Apply to certain people and not to others. Is Isn't there a there is a line of who you can have a conversation is, and you know we try to equip our audience to see some of those lines, and I think we need to understand two distinctions in our culture. Today, gentlemen, we need to understand the distinction between an opponent in an enemy Anna Lee
when a leftist, an opponent is someone who disagrees with you, maybe even vehemently and we'll do whatever they can within the boundaries of the of the you know, what's acceptable in terms of cultural warfare to defeat your ideas in the area. Of ideas in enemy is somebody who wants to end you and me he has no interest in sharing a neighborhood with you sharing a school with you, a little league game with you an office building with you, and then you look at. What's the difference between a liberal and leftist out, you know, a liberal is somebody that wants the government to permit you to do things God says are immoral and um. A leftist is somebody that wants government to compel you to do those things, and if you will not do those things that, God says are immoral and dumb. Then you as Erik Erikson likes to say you will be made to care. The full coercive power of government will be brought down upon me because you it's it's. You know resistances few tile and you're watching this existential transition happening on the left in,
our culture and there aren't really too many liberals anymore. The reason why you're struggling to find people have these conversations with in the meat. Arena where we work is there's not too many of them left. I think there are, though outside outside of the media arena. I agree that there are, you know, I think people people think that I want to have conversations with you know I want to you're going to bring in so and so and you're going to have a conversation with them. You can't talk to them. No Nancy Polo see, I can't talk great. She is no interest in touch. Is no entry wants to end you just wanna share country with it. She just the best thing is that you could possibly say them charitable thing on both sides. Is they just want to win so they'll do anything to win, and so all of them will go so far as when they leave the room. Go that guy he's gotta be stopped and that's dangerous, but that's not what I'm talking about not
I talk about my mom a lot because she had me at fifteen. She had pregnant with me at fourteen. She found out. She was pregnant with me, Christmas Break, one thousand nine hundred and seventy two and ROE V Wade Happen: month later and she decides not to have an abortion, and so my mom and I literally grew up together and I become this Alex P Keaton Wanna be kid of the 80s and she's. Your typical single mom government should do for people with they can't do for themselves. You know, and it has a different view of politics than me, and for many years we couldn't talk politics, and so, as I started growing more in conservative media, we just agreed. We wouldn't bring it up when we got together as a family 'cause. It got in the way of everything. A funny things happen the last few years, though guys she is bringing it up now to me, and she semi retired now because of medical disability, and so she watched what's on your screens, I don't watch any cable news at all. Frankly, I can't I can't enjoy stick. Do you do watch it? Never It is what it takes up when I'm on the year, just yeah yeah for a day yeah I mean yeah and in less
that's, hang on just a second. I want the audience to know that unheard in our business that that you could not have done this job agreed without watching cable news. Yeah. Three years ago, right I mean I keep up on clips to go viral in social media. He took a long form, it's just toxic ingestion into the Van yes yeah yeah. My mom watches a lot more of this actually, like your show, quite a bit actually and he's a brilliant woman, but one of the things she came to me one day before the twenty twelve election and she it up. She started bringing politics up to me. You know Ok, then she said you know I was so happy when Barack Obama, one hundred and eight, that we had shadow. The racial ceiling and out of the blue. She said to me she goes. I wonder. Sometimes when I watch the things he says he does he's actually a communist. This is gloomy awake and I watch the way you know my mom is one of those people that is fine. Wax Obamacare thinks that Medicare for all, is ok. We need to be able to provide
is like health care for people she's, not fine with. If you don't change your religion for the government, we shut you down and put you in jail. I find out if we we get five hundred million dollars a year, your money to planned parenthood. So he's not fine with that, so so I've I've recently come to this feeling that we have caused problems of communication, because we have seen Obamacare an. We know why the we know, those who designed it. We know they want single payer health care. We know that they our socialist that are drug drawing this up, but the people who, like your mom and the regular people on the on the liberal side on the democratic side they're not for CALM ism they're, not for the end of capitalism. They just believe in more welfare, okay, they just believe in a bigger hand, to help, and so when we say this is socialism, they hear that as
you're a communist and they're like units right, communists. So, and so we have put a giant blanket over the entire voting public of Democrats and made them like we're, calling them communists. They don't feel they're, communist and they're, not communist, but it is provide that cover has provided cover. If you will the actual marxists communists that armed are trying to say end of capitalism. When you look at you know the S. Twenty five years, I've been involved in full time political advocacy either as a host or an activist or I've worked on numerous campaigns, I've run the gamut. I don't meeting in our movement other than run for office, basically myself, and when, when you look at the for the what, for all of the course of our careers, the GOP consultancy into has has designed a strategy to chase a voter. That does not exist, and this is filtered
on into the talking points. We in conservative media get from these people, and that is that the average GOP consultant America, wants, wants limited government like the Coke Brothers and Sodom and Gomorrah. At the same time, it's actually totally reverse. The majority of fastening. His few did a huge study on this, breaking it down the twenty sixteen electret at the liberty, the myth of the Lib Terry and voter, and how they defined them that that largely does not exist. It's a unicorn Okay, the reality is, and I've seen this on every GOP campaign for every candidate from statehouse to President I've ever worked on the amount of push back. We it on our social beliefs. Compare to your the party, a big. Business. Who wants to lay me off and doesn't care about me guys it's ten to one at minimum. It's not even close an The reality is most voters are in favor of bigger government with better moral values, and this is the secret sauce that Trump Tab
two in the last election. The irony is that the ultimate heat absolutely embraces all of these cultural flashpoints. He didn't say he can give a token. I'm pro life, he stood up in front a hundred million people at the presidential debate and I'm at a point justices that will overturn ROE. Okay, I mean he has. He has embraced. What whether it's the NFL issue, which is kind of become a phony issue. Now, but all of the cultural flashpoints. You know, I've always believed admit he would have just eaten a chicken sandwich about MID August of two thousand and sixteen two thousand and twelve? We he had chick fil a day compressing United States, but he won't chicken sandwich every every moment Ronnie, had a chance in that campaign to punt on a cultural flashpoint. He did every moan John Mccain had to punt on a cultural flashpoint, even lecturing guys like you about not using Brock Obama's real middle name. Remember those days. Yes, he punted on everyone of those Trump said cultural flashpoints. I'm aware I'm a put in a my face, I'm going marinated it I'm going to bathe in it whether
if any of the stuff or not I'm a businessman, and I know when a market wants a product and I'm going to give and you see the way that our base responded to that. So, let's talk about the of the results of that the good things and the bad things, but the Democrats are now saying and go back to the violence that I told you the beach of the half hour when we come back again so, dais begins on the blaze radio network and and also he remains on, see tv and we are grateful for their. I don't know their friendship. There. But Steve starts on Monday right after this program and pat begins the morning Blaze Pat slightly unleashed mad dog because he's now tired and cranky on Monday, as well blaze. Radio network on demand,
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