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'Beta' O'Rourke: Democrats' Best Hope for TX Governor? | 5/26/22

2022-05-26 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke's embarrassing staged event at Governor Greg Abbott's press conference discussing Uvalde. Pat Gray joins to discuss Beto's stunt and the women on The View's ability to lie without repercussion. Glenn discusses a recent Politico fact check he received. Glenn and Stu discuss the updates in the case against Hillary Clinton and the possibility of a biased jury. Glenn's Chief Writer & Researcher Jason Buttrill discusses the possibility of China invading Taiwan. Glenn and Stu discuss the state of the country and the tough spot Democrats are in. First Lady Jill Biden made some statements about baby formula, and Glenn and Stu shared their thoughts.

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