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Biden: Incompetent or Evil? | Guests: Nikki Haley & Scott Mann | 9/1/21

2021-09-01 | 🔗

Pat Gray joins the guys to talk about President Biden’s Afghanistan speech. If Biden’s Afghanistan response was a success, what does failure look like? The guys discuss what they think was Biden’s dumbest point in his speech. Tennessee Sen. Marsha Blackburn joins to analyze Biden’s handling of Afghanistan. Did the U.S. leave behind service dogs in Afghanistan? Lt. Col. Scott Mann (Ret.) joins to discuss his task force operation, “Task Force Pineapple,” and the accountability that needs to be had within the government. Former U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley joins to talk about how America should not recognize the Taliban. Sen. Mike Lee joins to discuss all that America left behind in Afghanistan.

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what about your time and yes, we are on a full, fledged duct tape. High alert, please grab some duct tape. If you don't have any take some saran rap now make sure you leave a place for your nose in your mouth till you can breathe but wrap your entire head in saran, rap or duct tape. It is not going to stop your head from exploding, but it Lee you will have all of the pieces when they rush you to the hospital after we go over the president's speech from you, sturdy in sixty Glenn Programme, any
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It was a pat did you did you enjoy it doll Guph like I've enjoyed few things, yeah stu. I saw your show last night, I thought you were gonna have a brain hemorrhage. I did in the middle of show. I'm surprised you could talk if you can detect, I am still a little raspy. Yes, I lost it and I basically blew a gasket for twenty straight minutes, nothing less than that drove me. in saying that no, we try to avoid the word now, but I It applies he's just evil he's just evil. her name is not a good guy he's not me. I wasn't at last night, he does not care, he doesn't. He and care not at all about. What's gonna happen to these people about the interpreter that actually helped him specifically in June, I was an eight who is still stuck in the country. He does not care doesn't care. I dont, think any of these people do quite, Lastly, I really don't I
Think any of many of the people who are in Washington and Especially those who are the ones who are claiming alders woke crap. They don't they don't have any empathy, they dont have empathy and I dont think President Biden has it, and you know I don't know if I'm gonna go down the evil road with you but only join me. There's drivers behind here now. The an hour I hear is: there's a cut one from Joe Biden last. I Kabul, the United States, ended Twenty years of war in Afghanistan, the longest war in american history. Ok, it's not going to nine one of the biggest airlift in history, More than one hundred and twenty thousand people evacuated to say I want to see my day. It is that number is more than double what most experts solar power
now you twice, this house has ever done anything like it in all history, Stu other do capacity will believe you to do it. We did it today. Extraordinary success of this mission extraordinary. The incredible skill is gravely raised was courage, United States, military ass intelligence professed where's that Excess arguments is, is the most its incoherent thing. I've ever heard of my life is like its action Like hey, we playing with matches and gasoline in the house and then successfully evacuated out of the third storey window by jumping to safety. Wow. What a couldn't congratulations, I guess, is what I would say that imagine Ronald Reagan making this speech today We all watched as space shuttle challenger reached
its greatest moment, is a great day for NASA. Now Many people will focus on the explosion, but that teacher that went up. she went higher than anyone else in this, that's what we promised. She would be the first in space and we just gonna keep on going because nothing when raw and Yo Nation has ever picked up so many individual pieces of a space shuttle in such a short period of time. Don't idea you don't, dare question me about: the solid rocket other solid fuel boosters. Here you say there might be something wrong with the offerings do you know how many fish we saved from falling space shuttle debris?
I thought you didn't have ever been say more than ever events in american history had it is what he's doing this An extraordinary success this failure. Look like to this guy I'd hate to see it I would hate to see what let me let me and let me tell you something I want I wish. And I may show this picture on tonight's broadcast. when you have seen the Concertina wire, the razor wire that was all all over the gates of the airport and all around the the border fence when you see that and we ve seen pictures of people throwing their babies over that fence, right and marines catching them. What you haven't seen the pictures that I have seen of the baby's that-
into the wire and then fought their way out and didn't make it. I've seen those photos You need to understand how bad this situation was. Ok. each time he says this was a success. I want you to remember the image that you now have in your head. This was not excess. by any stretch of the imagination and people need to be held accountable? Because if this is allowed to stand? And these people are allowed to just continue on with no ramifications. You do not want to see what our military will turn into I am telling you now we will become the darkest force ever ever.
to walk the earth with our text. Knowledge II and our resources with our fighting machine soon can be run. Robotic Lee. We will make the Nazis look like rookies. If you are listening to me and you're in the military, you We need to stand up to day. You need to demand accountability Juno. only one that is that is paid and had had to pay for accountability. Is the Marine, colonel that stood up. He's the only one that's been held accountable for anything This must not continue list
by the way in our number two, because I'm gonna give you some real stats. Our I cut too The Taliban is made public commitments number. asked on television, radio across Afghans to say so and safe passage for anyone wanting to leave folk, including those right worked alongside America. Stop. If they made me announcements, then land, radio, radio, don't running forget radio yeah Taliban no talk, radio can be trusted, but the Taliban rested on radio not enough. They ve tweeted it. I know they still have access to their twitter accounts. I cut out on a date we did it. Last night I getting a report from what's going on and I can't give you any details, but I will tell you this the time the Bonn carers, less about,
people who were helping twenty years ago and translating these still will kill them, but they are, actively hunting for those people who translated for us in the lab Five years, and anyone who says ball, they're gonna, learn through their checkbook, doesn't know there ass from their elbow. They have no idea what's going on or they are lying so Miss your president, which one is it. Do you not really know what's going on? If so, the twenty fifth amendment should be invoked. If you do know what's going on, then you should be impeached for lying to the american people on such a grand scale. It is staggering finish. The click next week
Let me be clear: laving August thirty, first, while this one is not due to an arbitrary deadline. Oh it's not designed to save american lie. My it all to take off my my What are you talking about? It wasn't at our altering deadline. It was based on the Taliban deadline that they told us where there's gotta be consequence. It gives you about out by them better give zero red line. It was the Talibans that deadline was not our deadline, and I wonder if he used at it was designed to save american lives on the gold star families that just had thirteen Their family members slaughtered. that so this was designed to save lives in In addition, didn't thirteen Marines and Navy personnel there's a hundred and seventy others that were killed here, you're not doing it.
Good job of saving lives. If that, if that's what this was about,. they couldn't got any better, though do do have a bite in retreat speech earlier evacuations available. Can we do that? One cause this one? I have That's crazy, Gasket, Erica. I I I am, I may not be able to be. All I need is to be on the air today because I have so much to say and I will get people killed. If I say information that I shouldn't
I also may just kill my entire business. If I say what I feel I was so uncle, I want to talk about coming close to saying naughty words on television yeah. I cruiser radio zone so many times got halfway down of a word in all documents. Syllable. Can I say to you when you said that I almost said naughty words. You mean like this. I almost said it just. Let me take a break before your nose on escalates cliff one minute and we're back Gregg lives in Alabama when he turned these three last year, it seemed that age came up from behind him and hit him over the head with a brick. I, no, that Gregg, that's what happened when I turn fifty babbling about the same age. Fifty fifty three Such pains aches and pains the old story, except it wasn't that old. Fifty three he found himself having a hard time just getting up and down out of his chair, let alone going about his daily routine. He was getting debt
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I told you, I told you at the beginning of the show we were at a full, fledged duct tape alert and they don't happen very often on the program, because we're so numb inside really that your head doesn't explode anymore, but your head just might explode. Here's ex clip from our fearless leader now some say some should have started. The evacuation soon now, and couldn't this be done, has been done and a more orderly man was perfect. I respectfully disagree. Thou do good fragile. Vat in June or July, waiting AMOS stop per second. Why is it that when he took office was may first? Why would we start in June or July? Raising this, as is our lawyer, possibility it's after but dad know that deadline that deadline
of August. Thirty first was not. I return now on saying that. May first deadline our little taxonomist there's a may first tat. One was he's thing that won't. We try this crazy thing where we started evacuations after the deadline. That deadline was arbitrary. The armed August, thirty first all designed to save many lives that was designed to save american lives, the May thirty first I was crazy and reckless. That was just crazy and reckless, and why would we start in advance? Why would we do that yeah? Let's get everybody to panic and rushed to the airport, which do not he'll boxes, bureau to Cuba, Does anybody know to kill boxes? Gay. I think, maybe you have to have security, to know what a kill boxes a killed by is when let's say this studio there's one exit out of this studio visit, kill box. Somebody is in this, MRS Gill Box.
There are shooting at us. So what do you do with? The first thing you do is get out of the kill box. We. He created, kill boxes. We, What these shoots in and you all had a funnel through three shoots. Right where the Taliban the ices were. We put you in place where you couldn't get out forward, you couldn't get out backward. you can't go sideways kill box wheel. Them to design three kill boxes and blue I see, and why We do that. Why would we do that? Why weren't our Marines, the ones outside protecting the gate, and the kill box. So if there were somebody that was coming in with a bomb, we shoot them in the head. this this whole thing was crazy? More you keep your acting as if this could be done better
I know how do we explain? Ok are ignored that it couldn't have gone back. Ok, our own american troops. in evacuated more than a hundred and twenty thousand people in the middle of a civil war so would have been a rush to the airport. We right down and confidence and control the government, still would have been very difficult and dangerous mission. The bottom line is if there is no vaccination admiration. How I have outlined war that you can run without the kinds of a complete cities shower threats we face see no was really weird. I believe we ended the
The civil war. That way, I believe we ended the revolutionary war. I believe we were ended, the war of eighteen, twelve in a rational way. I think we did the spanish American war. I think we did we war one World war, two, I know when we had all of our troops and we didn't kill Saddam Hussein or any of his any of his revolutionary guard that they were. Still sitting there still sitting there in Iraq, we got all of our guys out without any kind of panic without any kind of trouble. In that weird yeah, here's the thing he can't think of any every war ends. This way no war ends this way. All of our other wars didn't in this way. The reason why we kept saying Saigon as a worst case scenario is because previous do this. It was the worst case scenario now this is the worst lies. Saigon, wasn't, on the last day, right side, con happened over thirty day. We had most of the people out and that's a thing like
got well. If you try to evacuate honoured, forty thousand people is gonna be cast. You have yet Do it the same day sure it is, but when you have multiple MA what say you started in April and lets hey, I don't know, maybe you did a thousand people a day, maybe there's more flights a day that leave with people that you needed. Vacuum you could do let say I don't know thirty thousand a month and over four months due to have the same amount, do think there been chaos with four flights at a no no and no there wouldn't, and if you didn't have the Taliban Roland town right, you produce to the city correct, and we were given that opportunity by the Taliban. They called us and said we're on the outskirts. Would you like to protect the city or we will? And we said you do it because it was said in more true. That would violate the dumb fake line that Joe Biden
created this guy is like I'm gonna give it to you still. I will give it to you pat evil, yes, evil its evil. What he's doing- and you know the only thing- only the only caviar on that is he he just may be possessed by some guess, I think he might be dead. Are you hearing him? It's like is like some spirit, is in him trying to work all the gears and lever, so he can talk and he's like Rascal Afghanistan is I mean he is out of control out of control. Where is where Where are the good democrats? I want to hear from you, because this is. This is a matter of. This a matter of life and death for all, Thus this is and of all credibility for our country. Will you
You just stand and say the president needs to be held accountable for this. A bath debacle where we We didn't even answer our allies phone calls for forty hours. Will will any Democrat actually have the balls to call it eight. Seventy seven back more than a minute twenty seven Beck Room, american financing, animal S, one eight do three three! For that. W w DOT animal s, consumer access, dot, org. So, right now, home values are still rising. People all over America suddenly become equity rich over the past year, It's not that the housing market is actually like a roller coaster ride, but that doesn't mean there aren't silver linings there are to be had for the average homeowner especially if your fiscally responsible, If that is you, please take time out of your day to day to call a marrow?
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tonight tonight, I'm going to tell you things that you have not heard or seen before tonight at nine p m. I'm going to show you everything that laid led up to this chaos. It is step by step, litigation that should lead to massive resignations within the bite in administration and top military brass American. died, Americans to this day are stranded. I can tell you this. and I'll go into further detail tonight, but We are getting calls from senators and congressmen or over the country that are saying we have stranded Americans. Can you help us get them out there, calling the white. house because they know, there's use in calling the White House.
because of you and you or donation to the Nazareth Fund, there are Americans. That are leaving their today. There are Americans that left there tonight there are People we have we broadened the board rules, because this is such a humanitarian crisis, The Nazareth fund is taking any one who is legitimately targeted out. No, we said for religious, persecuted minorities, but we're we're making it persecuted. Minorities just any one we are. We are focused on Christians, but there is You don't have any idea how many people are marked for death we have abandoned, including a mere. Makin citizens. tonight? I will show you.
And I'm gonna introduce you to the person that we have not said this before. But you want talk about a miracle we couldn't get anybody out of the airport in Kabul. It was an absolute cluster it was, so on organised, so unbelief no planes were leaving. There was no chance of rescue rescue efforts. And the head, the c o o of the Nazareth fund we ve had him on, will have him on tonight to talk about it. I have I said this prior approval. Previously because I didn't want anybody to change any of the rules while We still have a chance of getting people out of Kabul. J Sock made their heads. Of the Nazareth fond our sea- oh oh they head of all commercial flights in out of Kabul now
How that what happened? Is God There is no other reason why suddenly a group of people. Are trying to get people out there. Like you know what could you just run the airport? Yes, it's because of your donation. And tonight. You need the truth on what is happening and tonight at nine p m. I will show you please come a member of the blaze family join us got a blaze, tv dot com, Slash Glenn and use a promo code Glenn. And save. But please join us? We d, really need your support and we thank you for everything that you have done so far by the way. If you want to be involved with the Nazareth Fund, you can go mercury, one dot, Org or the Nazareth fun DOT, Org and and donate their
a very long, hard road ahead, by the way were also in New Orleans. I should just let you know that too, where we ve got p, pull that were supporting on the ground. In New Orleans we haven't forgotten about you: ok, Where do you want to go stew where? What what's next on the hit parade of really nightmarish things are president said yesterday, let's come up with maybe his single just dumbest point and he continues to make it ever get one of these guys. Geysers like I have a really good point and they he'd tenue to make it and every time you hear your wise, he think this is a good point. Edge requests, did this. He kept saying like we fig leaf, Steve we created the load, the Guardia Airport the newest airport in the last twenty four, the first new airport in the United States in twenty five years missile, wait a minute First of all, a word: he is not a new airport with those in the nineteen thirties and it sucks and there's a vivid errors
built in two thousand nineteen in the United States. What what are you talking about like that? This is the equivalent. I think of this point out of alliance, which is pretty already know. Pretty. Here is his point on Yemen, which is just the dumbest thing. I've ever heard for respectfully suggest you ask yourself this question by God, I know what he's going to prevent attacks on September. Eleven two thousand and one from Yemen, German, instead of Afghans! Ok, ok, would we have ever gone to warn Afghanistan, law bond, controlled Afghanistan year, two thousand and one think about it Let me ask you this year did were attacked. If we were
By the taliban- and they were with the penguins in an article right, he would we overthrow the M, the emperor penguin I would we do it. Would we do that's actually a better pointed Andrea. We weren't attacked from Yemen. If we were attacked from Yemen that we probably would have God german right, like yachts, probably what would have happened that doesn't make any efforts to what we're dealing with currently and by the way, its history, its already happen. I love him to like. Well, let me ask you this if George, Washington, Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln we're all nazis. What is still love and account now they weren't. Ok, so like the people who used to call sports radio all the diamonds,
If the Yankees hair Joe demand GEO linking all Babe Ruth right now on this, we know because they're all dead now up too bad the coffin of Mickey mantle. Now he doesn't just have this one incredible point on Yemen. That's a hypothetical, but let me give you another. One is run on China in Russia's gonna blow said D. World in June, engage in serious competition with China were deal. the challenges are mobile French with Russia, volcanic China and Russia are confronted with cyber attacks, right proliferation, yeah, fetish or per merged competitive, very new challenges. In the competition for the twenty first century, CAC rate we could do both
what we didn't do writers and take on new threats that are here now and will continue to be here in the future wailing none of his thoughts and none of them there's nothing. China. Russia would rather have a lot more all right. I'll, come back to the United States to be bogged down. Another decade asked her yeah. We were so bogged down. We were so bogged down seeing that the largest loss of life happened on his watch in one day right, the largest loss of life, and I think in ten years he had a decade by the way, you're not doing anything about cyber terrorism where, where, where was that big heavy hand on cyber terrorism? by the way if we really are in a race against these two monsters, China and Russia. Why would you hand the largest deposit of rare earth, minerals and lithium to China? Well,
two in Joe Biden, constructive. This there's nothing China and Russia would want more than to not have access to these rare. Mr Rehn, minerals. Their g ping and left we're Putin they get together. They have some vodka, they say you know we would want more than anything else is to have american military presence in our region and have a could be respected by their allies and have every single time we have a major military conflict from now on to have them be respected and know that the promises America makes will be kept. We really want that. We really want an american military presence right now, store that what they want. it's an insane he's saying that they what we China and Russia would neither have us gone from their region. What what We, the same person, believes that
Obviously, rather have access to eighty zillion dollars of our equipment, so they can look at it and see how its build, how its constructed, how they can attack us, if need be, they have access All these rare earth- minerals- I don't know you, think China. Russia, could do anything with ninety five percent of the opium business in the world. We know that living it. Let me ask you this: this is coming from a mean you who clearly thing that China would rather not have american stopping their there there giant highway to the West right. You know they re now can get Pakistan to continue ten, you they're they're thereof. What is in roads? as an belts homer initiative here where they are that they already have a deal now with the Taliban to build that highway. Now all the way across Afghanistan, we just handed it to them
we are enabling china- and you know nobody- I have not heard anyone really question, this but we know we know that job Ireland is on the payroll or has been on the Payroll of China. He made currently be getting any money but he has gotten millions of dollars from China personally illegally? We know it so did he just sell. We american people out is this treason? Did he sell the american people out to China for a price. because that is an unimpeachable offence, bribery bribery. we know he has been taking bribes? We know it. We won't do anything about it, but we know it
President has sold America out too Chinese, so he could have a vacation home. So his screwed up losers, son continue. to just screwed prostitutes, Screw America yeah, but what about trumps collusion with Russia? What about that? We are to talk about that We heard about that for four years and we're not here and me of this with with binding because he gets the protection of the media. Okay. So all that information is out there and available let me give you some really good, a good speech. In on all of this they are meaningless, their meaning Let us look at what You ve done look at what people who have just said screw the State Department screw.
military screw. The President really care what they say. I know what's morally right, I know what Amerika stands for we do leave people behind and we all went in and not just the Nazareth there are so many people so many organizations that are there on the ground. Many of them have people in far much more danger than we have currently. They're doing the right thing and we don't need the government to tell us what we can and cannot do Joan. don't feel overwhelmed by these clowns. They our clowns, an end arrogance they will destroy themselves. It's all. ready happening. Look here they're doing there just strolling themselves, and yes, there destroying us the same time.
if we do if we remain always loyal to the principal of this country, If we remain loyal to the United States. as first stated in our dirt declaration of independence, and we do the right thing and we see square ourselves with God. Sailor Lord, I will take all of the punishment that is coming to me. I will please, I beg you dont pass it on to our children. Please please Yes, we will do the hard things we will do. What you ask us to do, give us Lord just keep us with an open heart, a p full heart but backbone of steel back in a minute ah
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dot com, slash back, go there now, patriot, mobile dot com, Beck, save money, save the country pretty easy. Nine hundred and seventy two patriot, nine hundred and seventy two patriot or patriot mobile dot com back program, who's the Glenda programme. Let me give you some good NEWS, at least here in the state of Texas today. V heart beat law. Is in effect here in Texas, yet prohibits abortion once an unborn babies heartbeat is detectable in that's. You know about six weeks, Exceptions are allowed. The mother's life is at risk, which is almost never the case, but from other heartbeat laws. This legislation includes a private enforcement mechanism that allows me The file lawsuits against abortionists who violate the law, so it doesn't criminal element to it, but you It is your turn, to discourage abortion
obviously from performing them, because anything like ensued. Anyone consume Del Valle fight those Lawsy. Well, that's fine tie him up in court right about the other. The other thing is Texas has already passed a restriction on abortion. Texas will be anti abortion. If Mississippi wins their case if they were, their case and the Supreme Court. Then This will automatically be an anti abortion state. Then India, they ve already set it up. They ve already set it up and it will be enforceable by law too. We should point out. The other side has happened as well level. United States have said if it gets overturned leader good. Let our lead our states that don't believe in killing babies reap the blessings. Let's let evil stand on its own. Compare it good versus evil. I don't want any part of being evil, leather,
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Khan, DOT, com, slash back hello, American Hallo, America. We are working hard to get the truth out to you and we are also trying hard to get Americans persecuted Christians and women girls. All of these people that are marked for death by the Taliban. We are trying to get them out, but the same time it seems as though the State Department and our administration is doing all they can to discredit, to destroy and obstruct anyone who's. Trying to do that. Somebody who worked tirelessly last night- and I can't tell you- nor can she what she worked on last night, but she was all I feel bad for anybody was on the other side of the phone call or the conversations with Marcia Blackburn. Yesterday she was helping
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full to you, because I know what Donation. I don't care if it was a dollar. I know what it meant to you and you can still donate if you haven't yet to Nazareth, fun, dot, org or mercury, one dot org we can and you to rescue thousand, of people. I will be able to tell you some day. Hopefully very soon what we're working on last night. Lot of people taken out, and I will tell you it: is it is because we had a few pitfalls on our side. I think we had three senators and a few congressmen that were all in the face of the State Department and probably though not I would not want to be on the receiving end of At least this is what I was told last night is Marcia Blackburn. She is the senator from Tennessee and I wanted to publicly
thank her for helping last night senator. How are you I'm doing a well planned and thank you for the great work titular do in trying to rescue people. It is a founding to me that way We have an administration that is proven themselves too be very intervention all increase, hiding a mass- and I say that intentional way, because they have gone about in such a way. They knew what was going to happen. and I believe that day He made decisions They wanted to have a date certain that I could say they Did this war, it didn't matter. to them if they turned this over to the Taliban, because what they have done in this war is to take.
Eddie on energy that we were fighting the war on terror. Why was it calls that it was? all that, because we were not fighting a nation state. We work fighting terrorist. Now they were here bird in Afghanistan and that is where they cooked up this September, eleventh plot, but what this administration has done is to give them control of a nation. It is now the is why make emirate in Afghanistan and they are in control. They now that very well equipped Mill, Terry, because of what we have left behind We are working with the Chinese, the Russians in the uranium, the Chinese won't that lay in re out from Beijing to Tehran that wanted that for a long time they want a rare
Men are all February in Afghanistan. The Chinese want to be able to review. engineer our military equipment and then sell that at a cheaper, more affordable price The Iranians want to sell that for all of their proxy networks. The binding administration has opened the door for these rat or call extremists. And what we are going to see is a less safe world. I will tell you, there's a one, the things it has really bothers me: bout, the entire process as they ve moved forward, is that they will not secure the southern border. We, already apprehended known terrorists that the southern border, France, has apprehended a terrorist who escaped from bog run after
foolishly turned over the bog from air feel so Joe Biden, the decisions that he is made along the way are so out of where the advice of entry our military would have banned. Let you have no other way You can look at it other than to say I guess they did this, intention alike will tell me I know. can't talk about what view working on last night. Can you just tell me fit was successful in the end I lost track last night. I I, I think we'll just have to say all continuing best efforts to get people out? Ok, thank you. for all of your hard work on this is did do you when you see the President say
that there is only a hundred, maybe two hundred Americans left in Afghanistan that want to leave, Any thoughts on that yeah Many many Then I would ninety for sat. He says is good enough. he's out here taking a victory lap on ninety percent. I am just it's. You know. How do you say? Oh ok, it's all right to leave him. percent of our people behind enemy lines and we're The here you just Do not do that. Do you believe thing? Do you believe that number you know and I think it is more than that because they had said ten to fifteen thousand,
You look at the number of cases that many of us our case workers in our offices, have worked on and you start looking at what we are doing and then you hear them say well, all of a sudden. They went from as many as fifteen thousand down to fifty five hundred and our six outbreak or sixty five hundred. and say their mass is not adding a bride. You know is the fact that It gives you the inventory on the military weapons, the fact that they could tell you the exact number of people that have not been vaccinated for covered, but in vain, where's military, but I cannot tell you, the number of Americans. they are located who are in Afghanistan. And who are seeking to get out and say they call,
every one of these people? Nineteen times I mean really I am, then you have, of course, the interpreter who helped to Saint John, by you and Johnny Terry and he's gone to the airport, he can't get out, We are hearing other stories of people who went to the airport. We know of people who are s obvious that went and could not get in so this has been come. wait, this array and Why they approached this pulling the military out. First, leaving citizens leaving our partners a weather. their our NATO partners, allies or our afghan partners that are there and to me these precious soul. Who were there? Who are now going to have to suffer these women and girls? Who are?
to be raped, they're going to be turned into a sex slaves there being forced into marriages to these tallow, an fighters. This is just such a rabbit. Can you commented all on the The role of the state Department in all of this He has been very disappointing that the State Department has not yet been aggressive and processing these s on the applications as someone These have been in the works for years or to do this they would say well. The interpreter guide a trick. later embassy employ. We can get them out, but not your fame light. I know this. Is it
ridiculous it nearly it is a family unit and is the the principle of that same way? One attached to the? U S word away: what is the Taliban or Kate. I know Joe Biden does it think, ok to exist anymore or ISIS What are they going to do their owing to hold high stage or they're going to kill those their family members. The thing is, their life will not continue as it has been a cause of the persecution. given that they will be called on to face Senator Marcia Blackburn from Tennessee? Thank you so much. the forum for coming on the ram. Thank you for everything the you're doing right now, keeping and not get any to work. Hard and we're going to continue to pray at stake here. That is the best example,
of why I could never be in public office, because that was the most statesmen. Like conversation, I have heard. regulations not burning every bridge, because I would have burned the house down, but thank you Senator Blackburn for everything that she is. She is doing chief, but she would. She was a lion. Today, our I. Let me tell you about a relief factor, Dave lives in Pennsylvania. He found himself suffering from regular sharp pains in both his shoulders and his feet. He about relief factor on the programme for a long time, but he was sceptical I feel that by Philip brother I feel it David was exactly the same way. He said the pain got worse and all of his options have basically run out. He decided Amazon by myself.
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in all of this is going to come out, and I'm gonna help that tonight at nine o clock on blaze TV, I'm going to show you things that you haven't seen or heard before an or at a time to the people who are down on the ground that to night nine p m? You want the truth of what's happening. While we talk the people were actually doing it, no actually there. That's too, at nine, only on blaze, tv look for the Glen Back Wednesday night special and I will- I will tell you about it tonight right after a brand new stew. Does America it- would have been more effective if I would have followed it was something, but for some reason I just didn't want to secret acts in secret text and that have now been released. We
are abandoning american citizens, an army colonel wrote in a frantic series of texts that how, the key was describing how Americans were rejected at the airport as rescue flights awaited them. I, seen this happen, I dont know about this- particular one, but binding says, is an extraordinary success. No, it wasn't. No. I wasn't. an army colonel assigned to the eighty. Second airborne division wrote Sunday in frustration in a series of encrypted text, messages that detailed the failed effort to get a group of american citizens hours before the last soldiers departed. Afghanistan ex messages and emails were provided to just the news by Michael Yon, a former special sort forces soldier, and why or correspondent told just the news that group of Americans were abandoned at the Capitol airport. We
them out there waving their passports screaming. I'm an American heart wrenching scene? It unfolded this weekend as, U S military prepared to exit the capital, people were turned away from our gate by our own army after the episode ended the American scattered to safe houses, to avoid being captured. You guys left american citizens at the gate three DE jets paid for by volunteers were waiting for them. You and I talked on. The phone I told you where they were? I gave you their passport images and email and phone number and you left them behind. He added a job of saving yourselves you'll probably get a lot of metals. It's just me of the three dozen text, an email exchanges with Frontline Army officials in Afghanistan, This is all going to come out. This is all
to come out, and it should come out by something else. It's now coming out. Biden. further aid. Now listen to this. Do you remember what the whole? What was the whole thing that Donald Trump was impeach for her, the president of another country, and said: look you look into these things I'll give, these missiles, that's what they say. That's not what he did, but that's what they say right. I'll support you right. If you look into these things about Joe Biden Right, Mccain, there is a new report now of a June twenty third phone CALL Biden all that the afghan government's to work on a purse. option problem the court from the President. I need not tell you the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan. I believe
things are not going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. That's what world believes Biden said there is a need, whether its true or not, There is a need to project a different picture. This is in the phone call where he was offering aid to the Gulf Meant run by Ghani, who now you could Did I think, the way they are saying that that was meant. To say you need to project too. country, does isn't falling apart needed projects world, this isn't falling are being People are gonna, lose confidence. Regime yeah, I don't Finally, give them the benefit of the doubt on anything anymore when they were Tell us we didn't leave. Dogs behind. when they tell us. We didn't leave Americans behind
when they tell us that things are going extraordinarily well: that there were no mistakes that they're all like this. When you end of war, I don't believe anything. They say I don't give them benefit of the doubt. They have lost that privilege. They have lost their privilege. He was saying he's here, get Americans out, but that was like in a late August, nine or ten days ago, in ten days ago, more than four or five days, that's like double five days ago. My understanding is anything can happen for five days ago is completely irrelevant, so something that happened ten days ago, history data. How old were you ten days ago, by the way to give you more Jen Saki ask about the leverage that the United States has over the Taliban, because that's that's airline. We have leverage over the Taliban. In fact, these is. We have enormous leverage over Taliban that was from the Secretary of state. She said: that's because
We'll provide access to the global marketplace, loom boom. Rhine your face, tat, a you just agree with us and dont murderer. Citizens will give you lots of money and access to markets, which I know is I priority for islamic extremists and China. Is there already offering you? You know, access to their market, and many of our corporations have sold our country out because that market seems to be worth more than this market, so let's just let's just try to con you into believing that we have power or any more that you want access to other than to destroy it? Why is anyone giving these people the benefit of the doubt at this time? I renew my renew my challenge. is there? Anybody who voted for Joe Biden as a as a Democrat? Is there any I'm a crabbed that will join us on that.
side of history just say: okay, this is horrible. What going on. This is horrible, what's going on and someone needs to be held accountable. You can call me at eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven b c k love to hear from you summers. Last: hurrah in your last chance to save big on brand new custom window treatments with blind start coms, Labour day sale right now, but the com is offering up to forty five percent off everything during their labour day sales of end d, Miss the end of the season door. Buster deals on their lowest prices on outdoor shades, foe, Blinds, and so much more with deals, this good you can upgrade your entire house with the latest styles premium materials, even motorists nation the motorized stuff, Ray We call what you do yourself or have them handling the measuring and installation for your blind. Stop com gonna, make it super easy
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This is the Glen Back Programme. Lemme, give you two things from our government. The state department has come out with a travel advisory level, for don't travel to Afghanistan. Due to civil unrest. Armed conflict, crime, terrorism, kidnapping and covered team travel, to all areas of Afghanistan is discouraged, chest I know I know they said everything was so great. I thought so tat. I thought I could go there because it was gonna be great and the Taliban was great, I sometimes wonder, shares or a scam in Arabic, I'm going to be able to use my property wherever I want and then it's never available when I want it. Okay, so the Pentagon also said there are no military working dogs. There were left in Afghanistan
now I dont know. If this is true, I'm I'm not upon the dogs. I wish I were I I ordered ice lives of humans, Not on the same level of dogs, if you ve got dogs You can get him out and you know that their they're fight, It will put amend the put him in the Isle of the plane. I dont really care, but I haven't looked into the dog situation, so say this with a grain of old here, I don't know the defence department that they said they they got all the working dogs out, but we will never know because not like one is going to escape and then you know tell their story once thirty minutes later had gone said we invent listlessness, we invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into these dogs. We wouldn't leave behind yet tell that
The black hawk helicopters were very cost. Hundreds of miles runs out all our we're, not gonna labour by hundreds of thousands of dollars moroccan leave behind, but we leave eighty five, eighty five thirty two, eighty five billion dollars worth of military equipment behind with no real, but not the dog ass, a dog. Now we draw the line at the dogs, that's a lot of money, we're leaving by and by the way, if there are any actual military dogs that were left behind, I hate to say this, but it is true there most likely all dead by Now- and here is why they are trained not to light, the Taliban, if that, Taliban came and saw them all in the airport in cages. Those dogs would go crazy and they would kill the dogs before they got out of the cage I'm guessing and by the way that the door it would have been right, forget
crazy, seeing EL upon open their cage, and there is a little bit of hope that one of them had Bub Taliban member by the throat and ripped it out, but I can't confirm nor deny night at nine o clock is my Wednesday night Special and I am going to be telling you the truth of what is happening in Afghanistan. I am to be giving you why, I can fly. The ground of Afghan Stan tonight at nine p m. You don't want to this episode and please join us and become a blade, family member. We need your support. I haven't even had a chance to tell you what's going on now, they're there they are coming for the daily wire and the blame.
send anybody any body that differs with the opinion of those. power stay, against the man has never been harder in America, We need your support. Please join us and become a member of the blaze. It's like the power I think you're paying the price of like one of those markets latte Randy Pieces, a crap that you get from you know, I'm soap, out not to be a Starbucks user. You know I dont know the language I feel like I'm in France. When I go there, I don't know it's a sorry. I don't know the language. I just want a big one. Can I just Can I just get a big hard drive but please that's all I want then there, like nobody thing at big, though, that we have begun jungle it.
What, if I didn't mean to him, I don't know. I hate that wig they get a garbage. Cannot back yet I that's you I'd die. I e don't say that that's like the way. We always summarize the blaze membership in a lot of people. Do that, like us, one Grundy copy of the tuna will who, in this audience, like I'm oil, lots of of this very reliable to me. I get a lot of ground a monkey out. Ok, so let me just say this its problem. The price of maybe three cups of coffee Duncan doughnuts guy here or like like a subway sandwich and a half at this point that accept dollars already has a dozen nightmares. Ninety five month. Fourthly, that even now that's, I think, that's about the disco I dont have another either. I think its eight hundred ten box yet Sotherton Undertone Box, and I think there is a discovery- is the code Glenn, that's a great investment, because we Desperately need you we desperately need, not just us, I mean what we might have a place where concern
but if I can speak and be didn't it, the fear of everything they say getting them thrown out of their Katrina thrown off their careers. The point is here. and I know other other conservative outlets, some at least instead, devise you to give your honest opinion, like the only thing that we would ever be upset about here, as if someone was trying to hide what their honest opinion put us. That's not, sorry for it, for something for it. For some reason like that, and I dont sing sing, I dont think row that's necessary, but the point is that our we can always use your help and there's other places like like daily Wire, like Fox nation, like many other yeah, and I would urge you as I would urge you to support if you, if you are a man- or the blaze, or if you think it's not gonna do anything. I don't want to listen to this clown or see another a bizarre us. Do you know you don T, you
fine value in what we do here or you know, Mark Levanter evening then go for. Somebody that does You are a member of the blaze and you can't afford it go find somebody else that you can support. this is this is not a zero sum game based on our side, we want to make sure that everybody is doing well in the concern- and I know most of the other conservative platforms feel exactly the same way. Please support us and will see you tonight at nine o clock. I've been doing a lot of thinking on what has to have in and everything that we have ever talked about since two thousand eight is now. Happening in in ways that even I didn't foresee coming and it is, it is bad. It is very bad and so we are at a place. Now we have to ask ourselves what do we do
This is why we started the nine twelve project your years ago, because you have to be rooted in principles and values later week, I'm gonna go through some of that, but I I urge you urge you to look, at Martin Luther kings checklist. For civil disobedience, we at the place now where you can put evil side by side, because evil isn't cloaked anymore. It's full. Out in the open you're, seeing what they Are doing to the country you're seeing what they are treating people in Afghanistan you're seeing all of it and the lies are clear because you can Amy pair them. and Martin Luther King said you to have good versus evil? There has to be a movement, and if you had people strike back
This is why I disagreed with the with the proud boys. I appreciate there willingness to engaged. I really do. I dont know I if I agree with everything they believe and I dont honestly know what they believe in, but I dont like the fact that engaging in violence, because then you can't tell the difference between the good side in the bad side, and I just just want to go over these for a second, and I urge please download these and teach these to your children and do them every day. Please he's and he had to do this out to anyone who wanted to march with him. I hereby pledge myself, my person and my body to the nonviolent movement. Therefore, I will the following: ten commandments, medicine daily on the teachings and life of Jesus.
really important this is what Gandhi did. This is what Martin Luther king did. This is what Abraham Lincoln did. This is George Washington did, you must route yourself in those teachings. Rim were always that the non violent movements seeks justice and reconciliation not victory this one, is a problem for a lot of people and you have to understand. Reconciliation means reconciliation with the truth, I'm not that we can't reconcile ourselves with people who say men can be pregnant. No, I really can't know the can't and and can't ever become a woman. He can cut his. Parts off, he can have no surgery and he can also take hormones, but that doesn't make him a woman. now. He can feel like a woman. He can claim he's a woman, but when I'm in a court of law, I'm in a hospital
and I know that's a dude but he really looks like a woman when it, comes down to it and he's really sick, I'm going to say to the doktor. By the way my friend has had surgery, hee hee hearted life as a guy he's a guy, because that's important that truth is important literally when that's been ignored, people have died, hasn't Stein, hospitals rise, they think they're dealing with men and actually it's a female problem that they write ticket because the paperwork says man exactly right, so we aren't. We, cannot reconcile with people who are not to tell the truth. We want Reconcile with the truth our side on their side and that way There is no victory, except for the truth. One side doesn't win because on the other side is a loser. It's really important to understand that or will never come back together, walk Talk in the manner of love, for God is love.
Wow. physician, he'll thyself, and I can because I am a doctor, but I haven't been doing a good job of taking that medicine pray do really to be used by God in order that all men might be free this one, I can tell you. I have seen have seen this in action and if people just do what they're supposed to do. It's not it's it may seem small. It may seem insignificant. It may seem, like others are going to change the world. The saying that change the neighbourhood does it matter: the change you whatever is that you are supposed to do. Do that and joy, stay steadfast. I I'll tell you. There are many things that I was told to do that I didn't understand until the last few weeks and I've been I've
like. I was told to do this fifteen years ago, and I got to the point where I'm like. Well, that was stupid, or is it just me? No My time is in his time. Just Do what you're supposed to do, even if it doesn't make sense, pray to be used by God. revise your personal wishes. I wanna buy one I have more likes. I wanna be liked by people. I want to be in the popular crowd? I to work here. I want to keep my job. Don't don't If it means you have to lie or be somebody that you are not don't do it I know that seems like ease the advice for me to give you, but it's not I've already. Aid, and anybody in this industry has already paid a very high price. Believe me, we could,
of thrown our Lahti and on the other side and Ben Justice, famous and everything else we chose not to and we will play, I fear some day if this road continues to be travelled on some of will pay the ultimate price. That's ok, That's our choice You have to make your choice as well, and your personal wishes have gone to be set aside for our, sake of our children and sake of freedom of all men. The easiest way to do it step seven seek to perform regular service for others and for the world. That's why the Nazareth Fund is so important, eight physician, he'll, rhymes thyself, not good on this when refrain from the violence of fist. Yes, Tom
or heart no and no nine. Strive to be good in good, spiritual and bodily health? Yes, in no time and follow the directions of the movement in the captain on all demonstrations that Martin Luther kings pledge and I urge you to read it posted in your home and do it every day, you're going to need it back. Diminute Wanna talk to you for just about a minute of about a MAC. That's the association, immature american citizens. This group is now over two million members strong and its growing every day. It's it's not just the type group that you want to join. You know when you're, fifty or older, to get the discounts and everything else. This one it is for people that are still actively engage. in life, you're gonna, get. Discounts and everything else, but aims
members have played a significant role in stopping the pass passage of house resolution. One the policy fed take over of all the election legislation and and I be asked to do the same to stop Senate passage of house resolution for another terror Bill trying to establish federal control of all elections. It will We have to have a powerful collective voice and a MAC one of those organisations? That is why that that packs a wall when they speak because we're all in it. Together, Amy Join for the advocacy we enjoyed for the benefits and the information, but joy, because America need you to stand together a MAC. I M a sea dot. U S, slash back, that's Amy a may see dot. U S! Slash back to the club programme,
I have a real treat for you. Next lieutenant Colonel Scott man. He is present a rooftop leadership. Retired green berets, Commander he's the leader of Task Force pineapple If you haven't heard about operation pineapple you're about to in the cover of Miss veterans go in and rescue Afghans he I'll tell you the whole story himself on what happened. It's its bone, chilling, lieutenant God, man operation pineapple when we come back.
In the cover of darkness. A few veteran? U S. Special forces worked to rescue Afghans under the cover of darkness. He was called operation pineapple or Task force pineapple. The leader was retired, reinvigorate commander, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Man. He is we're so fortunate to have him on to tell us exactly what happened and they began what still happening over in Afghanistan. With his website operation, recovery, dot, org, you can donate to help him rescue more operation, recovery, dot, Org slashed, donate, we're talking, and Nicky Hayley. All this hour. We begin in a minute programme,
Sometimes it's really hard to know what to do with all the load, a nonsense that is out there and specially to cut the stuff. Kids are being fed in school, I don't know if you ve seen this but daily Wired just did a great expos. They have all of the teachers that have stated on the record. I don't care what the state says: we're gonna teach C r t no matter what? I mean they're they're openly in defiance of what the states and what the what the public wants. It's crazy fuck, if there is one of those teachers in in your area, what do you do? Well, best thing you can do is be your You're up your kids, your grandchildren's best teacher and yet is and start young by reading stories to these kids that tell the truth. And explain things in a way that AIDS, can relate to the tunnel twins. Books are those books and they'll
Explain why the free republic works. Why a free market works all of the things that are is central to our liberty. will be found in the tunnel twins books and you can get them now. For thirty, five percent off at Tuttle twins back dotcom you ve got to each your children very carefully because they are being taught all kinds of evil, stuff, Tuttle twins back Dotcom, Tuttle twins back down calm get thirty five percent off, though even throw in all their activity. Books for free for your kids are grandkids, do it now tunnel twins back dot com, It is an honour to have you on lieutenant, Colonel Scott Man. How are you, Sir egg? Why and how? I then I have been a bad of yours for Thou was Captain God man it is. I will honour to thought well, I feel the same way, but let's let's talk about what you
just recently done, can you tell us about taskforce, pineapple yeah? was caught up with a nickname that we got that that was the rescue of one afternoon commando, Where are we was in the rest, he was retired in the rest and was I'm trying to make his way out, but he couldn't tell a handful of Green Bryce get on the phone with him? We became his eyes and ears and we another ABC reporter James Meat and a congressional spam I would warn that little emulated all remote. We all agree that we want in the country. We actually used our trust, our relationships, which is kind of a grain breakaway, working by within through indigenous people, and then we just because his eyes ears and we hope to navigate and move through the city. We got into the wire and onto an airplane with his family, and we did that with about seven hundred families are, seven hundred Afghans in three days, that's unbelievable
absolutely unbelievable that there's a test but you weren't, you are you to combat veterans. What would I was so proud of these retired tired sales, these green, brave moraines, that's when everybody else got angry. They got to work, you know they take. It said you know what we're not gonna leave any body behind we're going to honor the promise to the to the family. Then, the Afghans who stood up for us and we don't leave people behind, and that's just we did, and these will balance business owners, visa employees they they called and six on Amazon the one God led the underground rail road through a sewage canal that coordinated it either. is an elementary school teacher. Inspired by Harriet tub. Who retired? By that I mean it's just a meal, thing how our veterans showed us. What leadership look like so Are you still island it? I'm not gonna. Even Ask you that value, an asset question when
you hear the president's say that there is only a couple hundred people left You have a comment on that. There are still a lot of work to be done. As you know, we don't want to work at cross purposes with it did with the binding administration or any administration. We intend to honour a promise and fill the gap with the governments, not billing, and you. What we're doing right now is we are pivoting into you know the airfield was what we think of his rescue. We are now assessing liaison network is moving to recovery. We have already been work. to move up in this news. Situation and we have. We moved them the safety and we ve moved him to freedom, whether that by a federal judge prosecutor or a group of christian children, that's what we're doing high risk. profile Afghans we're not leaving any body behind operation recovery. Organ, we're moving people ever gonna, keep moving them and we're hoping that divide administration were working
closer with us? The way you know theme works with team Ruben These are due to feel at home in Europe. For twenty years we know. What we're doing and whereby viable, and we can help as you have, we have been involved in any of these things with you the Nazareth Fund, and if not, please no, that we are there to help you anyway. We can we'd, be honoured workers, Europe, that I appreciate that glad and say here I think any of you know. This is a time for I believe that I'm so encourage that Americans, regardless of our political, deletion, take those negative feelings. And put him under with all its men. I get that I've seen American. getting behind our lives, and you know it. You know our bedroom man that had been broken, crap and and their show Yes, how we come together and how we lead Whitworth all until we're right there at your show, I would love to do that and we're gonna be fine,
The snow, anybody using fire by honouring the promise to these heroic afghan. You know, let's do it together, recovery, dot, Org and the other. Let's get him home, yes, operation, recovery, dot, Org, slash, donate go there now, this is, an incredible incredible mission. Let me ask you: is it I suppose because you're doing something about it, it's not as hard, but I I worry that any one's going to work with any american anymore around the world, because we just left so many high and dry. Are you getting you felt any push from these people that that were asking hey, can you give us some intelligence on this? Can you help us with which we have it, because we use this concept called the shepherd concept, so that the volunteers the green boys, the seals of the rangers that are doing this? We are pre existing relationships that go twenty years deep, and what,
trying to communicate to the government. Is that you know when you say there was nothing you don't understand. You have twenty years of relationships of tangible linkages with some of the most. maybe humans on the planet. We didn't have that three, nine eleven and that's why we got hit and right now We do have that. But if we are not careful the The world is watching us and when we, when Green Borri go into other countries to work by within through indigenous people, they're gonna say I'll, take your money, but I'm not working with you're, not speaking my neck out, because you don't get a mole again when it comes to working with other. Here my honour, the promise and that's what I worry about in a very open about that, I say that to the Trump administration. I say that you, but you know too that should abide administration did you want green berries and operators like us to do our job? You have to honour promises you made on the back yet and upon it. tell me what you feel about or what how do we repair our
relationships, for instance, with England I, you know, I know that things between commanders of the eighty second and the essay ass? I know it got ugly at the airport. And I and I also know what, People in England in power have told me they don't want, work with us anymore, because we abandon them. How how differ Is it going to beat a repair this? Well, it's gonna take deliberate restoration, you know whether it's a marriage whether it you know a friendship or whether it you know an ally. If you damage a relationship, it's up to you to a town and restore that relationship. I teach that not part of it. You know when I teach the Green directed to green raises. A restoration of relationships is one of the hardest things you ever do restoring trough. That's gonna have to happen, But I will tell you that, but I'm encouraged by is that when we did an interview with,
b c about our operation pineapple when it was under way, and I can't you how many Afghans were pulled out of the sewage canal because they were home, Todd apples on their cell phones, those british troops there and you know their warriors to fly. yeah state. They know what authorities we had and we didn't have. It was a very tense situation. We stood at each other shoulders for censure then I have a feeling that will do that. I just wish our political leaders would stop targeting each other and look at your combat veterans look at how their conducting themselves right look at how their share up and demonstrating what leadership looks like, let's give them some leadership that worthy of their sacrifice and just follow their leader, and that's all put politician Do I have to tell you- and I think this is in it I think this is important for Americans to understand we we have to have a military that is led by civilians. That's really really important, but that is something
very difficult, especially when the civilian people at the top are making all the decisions, but I want you, don't want you to pull, yourself into the shoes. Somebody that was at that gate. As a marine, They knew what the right thing was to do, but they followed the orders, and these were legal orders? I mean One thing you don't have to follow him when they're, not legal These were legal orders that these guys the core of their being. I know vehemence we disagreed with, and yet they didn't break ranks they didn't no go around and do something unconstitutional that must have been. strong ordinarily difficult for a lot of them and We should be very, very proud of our military that they didn't do that We should also understand that this is where politicians have to get back in a week.
It had a nation at war, glad for twenty. yours and it's been less than one percent of the population that keeps going back inside and what you just described when you could, young men and women in that position. That's a moral injury. He picked up a moral misery and more injuries cut you down into the stomach. They shut you down into the pelvic floor, and they never leave you. I know because I carry plenty and and so what I would ask our politicians and our bureaucrats to do. you know, is: if you're gonna manage the perimeter security of a half mile wide airfield and then send like three star general in the process. Let him do their job, looking give them the authority to do a non combatants. Evacuation operate. It's called a neo we'd gone on for years. You know how to do it and if you, if you start applying politics to the world, of solid hurrying and the world of fighting torture Marines and your young paratroopers into
small injuries and they never get over it and we're losing twenty two it a day Lawton, not not, so we do that, but it's a big part of it and politicians and bureaucrats boat, bear that responsibility and to our citizens rate. You know if we're not gonna put a command commander in chief in place will it get that we need to think about that movie told elaborate innocent, partisan shooting a week we have been in here responsibility to take care of our force, and that includes not putting them in positions of moral engine. That's our job, Let me I don't want you to get into politics, and I don't want you to. I dont want to cause you any problem, so feel free, not answer this, but I think they're my There must be people held accountable for this This was the end. It wasn't it. necessarily a military thing. I think it really falls to the State Department and the White House There are also where some top people, at the very very top that made mistakes in the Pentagon should pay
will be held responsible for this, and, if so, who the on on always in favour of accountability. No one of the things that I that I wrote my but Jane changes years ago about the afghan war was that you know for the first ten years of my life or in Afghanistan. You know I was in a trance of just rhetoric you, because my ranger body clip was killed in the Pentagon and I can't have abandoned the way that it should have been doing things as a green. Bulgaria was focused on just walking the me down. Instead of work, it was working with mobiles I own. Damn. I still on that. I just I wish that our politicians are. Generals are flag officers, Would you like that? Lieutenant colonel that dad that risk? You know that what reside in protest like where's, that I would just like to see more on the military, nine by tall your rank on the table and say no like? Did you do that? You can have my right. I mean I seen that lightly senior level and I'd love to see it. I'd love to see. You know that happen
but then I do think there should be accountability on this. But you know for me, right now in the combat letters that in it we're focused on flying opposition in support of the government, as a citizen we ate on network, whatever that looks like, but what we're not gonna do is break the promise that not gonna happen and we ve committed to that and were volunteers and you what we're doing this because its white- and so I hope, There is accountability we all do, but in the meantime, this a lot of work to be done, Scott. I e, I saw appreciate you and I'm gonna put on hold and what am I producers will give you my my private. email May and text, because I mean what I say anything you need day or night you contact and we will be there for you appreciate that certain assigned goes. The same does with me. Thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Man, president rooftop leadership, retired Green hurray, commander and leader of Task force, pineapple
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Nicky Hayley joins us in just a few minutes. I love that guy. I love him, see it's incredible. How many people are trying to do this? The military members regular people every the organised everyone they can organizations. Start audio lighting, Maloney, I'm just highlighting those organizations cause, I honestly feel horrible, We are getting so much credit and they're getting none or very little. I'm getting so much credit. I missed that. Almost all those reports- well weird at least online people or contact- is a land. Thank you for what we're doing, and I want you to know it. It's not us. First of all, it was you that donated all of that money and we are just we're just trying to help the other organizations as well and just get people out of their everybody's working together and I've been us. highlighting some of the others, because the You know we have. We have a microphone,
and I dont want to use it to self in grand eyes us. I want to make sure that all of the people who are also doing work they get acts to this platform, because people need to know who they are. I mean you know about operation, recovery, dot, org! No, neither did, I know, we should know we shall stand, is absolutely group. I would die two wheeled donate to, and you should donate to an end. You see from so many of the military members in particular this path, I too want to get particularly afghan citizens who helped them. It is specifically over long periods in some cases, multiple years to get them out there The person who have not seen that passion from is Joe Biden who actually landed in a snowstorm and needed an interpreter to help him get out and that person is left in Afghanistan after we leave and his bag in the present- and please don't leave me behind that, be credible.
credible a person who literally helped the president of the United States, specifically wily, was stranded in Afghanistan. That person is still in Afghanistan trying to out metal owner drivers message to President directly to help him get out see. This is what happens when you believe that the end justifies the means. You lose all honour its. when people say we gotta fight fire with fire. No, we don't know we don't. I dont want to become like them. The ends John DOE justify the means We will have no protection. Look if you Think, you're alone, I just want you to Think of this go back in need anything about. Revolutions are civil wars; they always always need the support of foreign countries, foreign nationals, foreign monies you fight it without.
de. Can you name a single country or a single shy? corporation. That would stand behind a civil war in the United States that was fighting the United States, no one, no one, you ve! we ve been made, to look like the bad guys you get there We need good on our side and violence won't do it, and I know I preach into the choir here on this, violence won't, do it, we have to act exists. Actually like Scott Man has been acting just act honourably and do what you know to be right. This is the blunder programme What are you doing to protect your kids from falling victim to cyber criminals? I now Glens shot up. I can't even think I'm so worried about stuff. Don't worry, don't worry about. It are kids are online.
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five percent off your first year now at Lifelock DOT com with the promo code back call one eight hundred Lifelock one, eight hundred Lifelock or head to Lifelock dot com use the promo code back safe, twenty five percent, Lifelock dot com, one eight hundred Lifelock or Lifelock dot com, promo code back Nikki Haley joins us after the break. Tonight started at eight p m eastern on you to please tv. It is due to America, followed by a brand new Glenn TV. Don't miss at least ye be dot com, Slash, Glenn This is the Glen Back programme. We are thrilled to have the former. U S ambassador to the United Nations former! South Carolina governor and good friend, Nicky Hayley, joining now, she's, just written on Washington, Post opinion peace, America
must not recognize the Taliban. Welcome thanks, so much planet. it could be with you again, yes great to talk to you so so help me. Out here that the Taliban, according to the present in the White House, We got a lotta leverage on them I don't know what it is and- and they ve promised to be good. Why shouldn't we recognise the Taliban, as they are a g hot. As terrorist group I mean it is the Taliban. There is no different than ISIS or Al Qaeda they're, all bad. They all have a warped view of human rights. If any at all, they are all sharing a moral victory and most Does he have you a court that will start to say no more for scenarios? that I really dont get is binding. Companies need to remember. It was the Taliban that harboured those that that did the harm to us on nine eleven that you. This is an issue.
The Taliban, who has helped know Some have been long, they ve helped harbour Al Qaeda. Like all of this is not a good thing. to be trusted, it's why that group never needed to be trusted to secure the airport and the reason we lost thirteen of our finest I mean they ve got to stop giving cried, reality to the Taliban and then, when what we are trying to do is tell everyone can go to. Dan for America, dot com and sign the petition that were sending to all Congress. Not I recognise the Taliban because a few recognised the Taliban as the head of Afghanistan, your basically send the money. We know what they'll do, what the money we ve seen, what they ve done with money before it's gonna, go to name killing. People is gonna, go to harbouring weapons, it's gonna be harbouring terrorists and it's gonna go towards contain going to allow for threats on the US soil, so it would be a horrible mistaken why blankets and- and those are continuing to talk to the Taliban just is beyond me.
I don't know if you know we have a better gas on how many Americans are still left there and how many people are trapped that are trying to get out. I can tell you that number is in the thousands, if you look at all of them, maybe even into the tens of thousands but our state. Parliament is blocking our every move are every move. You know. I think you can see a lot in the fact that I was listening to blanket speech the other day in his junior. We have two hundred, maybe even a hundred ok One is too many because when you are talking about rescuing Americans, your basically saying we have a hostage situation. The second thing is all these American couldn't even get a couple bear much. Further out in Afghanistan in those areas they can't get. they are and when they do go to check point their passports in their green cards are being taken away so there now,
being realistic and honest with the american public. They know that there is more than just the two hundred. They say that they have, and I think that you know he was now on the news that the the conversation when Biden and and as that gonna got out, and basically what Biden sang to Ghana. If this doesn't look good, you need to fix the perception problem. Will you do instead of trying to hide, how bad it really was that the Taliban was taking over. Why didn't and binding tray? Ok, we ve A change course we ve gotta do something different, and this isn't going while, like that, with all the warning signs that they will to do something different, not telling gonna small and act like it's going better than it is, and I think that's what he was doing and trying that ain't oh say that their who Americans there than they are worth. This is a terrible situation. I mean that we can put in and a terrible situation
military, who knows in their blood that there are never spoke, believe in American behind Americans, all mobile, thank God. So many Americans are stepping to the plate and- and Being honourable, I mean it's. It's remarkable, what's happening outside of Washington We ask you, I just I just had a green berets commander on with me, and I said you know what do what is gonna be like to be a green bray in a foreign country. When you are trying to get people to help you and our foreign relations going to be with the military I'd like to ask, you kind of the same question. What what Thirty do we have anywhere in the world or in the? U n now well, first, I think that you know at the end of binding speech was pretty much the beginning of his blamed up President say because he has lost all the trust and confidence of arms.
Jerry men and women and their families lost the trust and confidence of our allies from Taiwan drew Ukraine to Israel. to India, you name it he's lost. The trust and and at the american people, and the way countries are looking at hammers Never was there a time that I thought NATO would be having conversations without the You act, and that is happening now you ve got. Europeans where the british and French went out of their way to get their citizens out, and the american government basically told them don't come to the airport Everyone is looking at America now real using their weaker Russia and China. Emboldened China is now trying to make moves on barbaric war space they abrek alibi and they're trying to get the minerals yeah now realises Ukraine as more susceptible an already gave Nord stream to pipeline to allow them to do that and you're gonna anything more hacking, because Russia knows are not going to do anything about it. I want is going
continue just start more nuclear production because there no longer worried about the threat. You're saying. Can the North Korea starting his production back because by in this one scenario showed that he's a very weak president and that the? U S is not going to do anything about it, and so it is put us in a terrible situation. If I didn't know what now, if I were in Taiwan today, I would be freaking out, because I I we are. I would think that you know China's gonna move on Taiwan in Munich. Probably two years got have online no office. We Oh Taiwan's already breaking out and binds gonna meet with the latter, gave ahead of Ukraine today, and I can assure you, the landscapes gonna tell him. We don't feel the boy you know right now, they're trying to become a member of NATO, the! U S was gonna then do that WAR Badal boy! Do you ask help them do that. Just like you,
your great, the Nord Stream, through which automatically Dave Russia the upper hand, and now, oh, by the way you couldn't protect Afghanistan, are you had been twenty years? What makes you think that word, you're gonna, be out of protect us very unsettling, can far friends. Well, while Mickey He always good to talk to you. It's never good. To talk to you, because we always find out the truth and its madmen good for a while, you know. I do want to say to you Goin thank you for helping to get the Christians out of Afghanistan. That was God's work and I'm telling you if ever there was a read, it was on them and I know you had a big hand in that. I just thank you and God bless you boy. You very much. Mr procedure will talk again MC easily or U S ambassador to the United Nations. I would take a quick break. Come back and likely is joining US senator likely
in just a couple of minutes after the break. Let me pay a little picture in your mind here. First, I want you to imagine sick marble, juicy stake, seasoned and seared on both sides so tender that it falls apart on your fork, bacon wraps gallops sizzling on the plate, lemons, did shrimp grilled to Chris Perfection, the old met in certain turf, joy, oh yeah, notice. I didn't mention a single vegetable in that and it still sounds great. That's what you could have at any time with his smart green technology and not burn it cause, that's what I always use it. Just everything was in flames all the time. I This was a stake. I d been shrimp, I'm not sure the heat the Delicious would smoke. Correct text stands ahead of everybody else. You know I was just in LOS yesterday and I was looking at the. What is it the web? girls and I thought there's nothing-
There is nothing compared to erect tech really check. out for yourself wrecked accuracy, T, Q, dotcom wreck, tech, dot, com, I was just ass to share this with you, so you can share this. If you know of any one that is stuck in Afghanistan and trying to move by land to a border or sheltering in place, please Please get this information to them. just read it written sanitize where possible, upload. compromising documents to a cloud account if you can delete. All call histories empty, deleted, boxes on mail accounts and art, archived, what's apps only a small bag. A single small bag adopt the law
Or principle for clothing to regulate temperature carry necessary medicines dress in traditional clothing. Females cover up make, as tract of as possible, be boring. and do not stand out. For you know somebody that is still in Afghanistan trying to get out. Please pass that information on to them we have a senator MIKE Lee joining us now senator I I want to start with this. I got this from the Pentagon today, too. Wrecked, erroneous reports, the? U S, military did not leave any dogs at cars. I international airport. We invest with this quote from the Pentagon. We invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into these dogs. We would,
Leave them behind end quote: oh, oh! Well, I'm sure glad that they didn't do that for the sake of the dogs there for the sick, the US military, that's great, that they didn't leave them I wish I could say the same thing about leaving machine guns about leaving hundreds of thousands of assault rifles about leaving scores in some cases on birds of you know, tanks armoured vehicles. Thirty three black hawk offers about sixty about sixteen thousand. Now division goggles that even as an american I can't buy crazy you're! You can't buy those if by machine guns in Dubai would love to make it harder, if not impossible, for you to buy assault rifles, and yet we ve left hundreds of thousands of these things on the ground and look I have followed this.
Over many years been in the United States Senate for ten and a half years and have watched anxiously is there have been scutcheon under three different president about how to get out of Afghanistan, One of those plants always involve not leaping weapons, they always involve getting about and those we couldn't get out, destroying. So what happened? Why on earth and what planet was this a good idea to leave in this way? It makes no sense. It defies reason. Well, great confidence which we know now is not true. They had great confidence in the afghan military so they were leaving him for them great compliment. in the afghan military, ah want why, exactly did they have that great confidence obviously, they didn't have a greater confidence in the afghan military and especially
moment when they were deciding to withdraw and when they continue to decide to withdraw and when they apparently declined domain. in operational control of Kabul, even when they apparently had the chance. I just just got off the phone with Nicky Hayley, who just shared with me. The news that today The Chinese are eyeing Barague AIR Force base. They like Why didn't we blow up the tarmac? Why don't we blow up the tarmac now? Why? Why would we leave that that military? base intact Y. All, perhaps because we had such com and soon the afghan military, and then perhaps that translated into such great confidence in the Taliban
is apparently new, improved, reformed and a lot like boy scouts of America. I admit this really does defy reason and watch out any more questions that get ask more questions. I have. Is there not answering right exactly right in their lying about it? So my question to you is this, Oh Biden and the White House just lying like crazy or Joe Biden so incompetent and so senile that he really doesn't know which one is it here I tend to think that it's the latter. so then, MIKE we heard all the time from people the United we ve gotta evoke the twenty fifth amendment. If that is either a possibility? Why aren't leaders real leaders that care about the country saying? Look I
nothing against the president, but this just shows such erratic behaviour. We have Do we have to at least talk about this work, and a number are had in fact been asked about it. When I set it, I've gotta get answers to a number questions in order to figure out what this is? If, if in fact, it turns out to be the case that this president, There is not in possession of his faculties, then. Obviously that would be the next step if it's something then there might be a different remedy, but we would look at this is the first is this in each aboard because I think it is
leaving just leaving all that stuff is impenetrable you're. So so, if it, if its incompetence, then were looking at the twenty fifth amendment right, if it is, if you're looking at a deliberate decision to give aid and comfort to our enemies, deliberate decision to do something that would make us less safe intending to beasts open, then yeah, of course that could be an peaceable temper question is whether under either scenario could muster the critical piece of support. You'd have to have it member of the points at the moment you get up the Vice President ACT in concert with the majority of the cap, but as it is at a pretty tough farm, So I didn't didn't Nancy blowsy. We cannot recently. Yes, I am
but the is either way it's going to be tough, because if they're going to impeach then they would have to have Democrats, you, my house and of the Senate, to make that happen. I am not seen any signs of of the Democratic party showing that level of polar ability think when it Is that really are their democrats that are looking at this going tissues, craziness, undoubtedly get in and we're Goin to find out who they are in the coming weeks. Ok, Michael senator from the great state of Utah. Thank you. So much were all of your hard work and being so loyal to the constitution after ten Sears in the Senate. I dont know of many senators that have made it as long as you have
and still are the same guy that you were the day you walked in God. Bless you mind. Thank you so much to climb back programme,
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