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Biden Lies, People at Gas Pumps Cry | Guests: Rep. Chip Roy & Leslie McAdoo Gordon | 3/9/22

2022-03-09 | 🔗

Glenn explains the “Demand Destruction” of oil and everything else that could be made from a barrel of oil. Pat Gray joins Glenn to discuss the Ukrainian government and President Biden’s latest lies. Glenn and Stu explain the importance of facts while discussing crucial topics such as Kentucky’s summer camp that teaches kids about sexual liberation and Florida’s latest controversial bill. Rep. Chip Roy joins Glenn to discuss Biden’s upcoming spending bill and all the junk it contains. Glenn discusses a loss of trust in our criminal justice system as Leslie McAdoo Gordon, principal of McAdoo Gordon & Associates, joins to discuss Lucas Denney, a January 6 attendee who's been held in prison illegally without an official indictment.

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