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Biden vs. Private Property | Guests: Bill O’Reilly & Brian Lilley | 5/20/21

2021-05-20 | 🔗

Glenn explains how President Biden’s “30 by 30” climate change plan could make the case for the abolition of private property. The American Medical Association is now pushing for racial equity in medical practices. BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder joins to explain why he’s suing YouTube. Bill O’Reilly joins a day early with this week’s news highlights. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot will only speak to reporters of color. Glenn looks into who’s really oppressing the Palestinians — and it’s not the Jews. A video shows a mob beating Jews in Hollywood. Five Oregon counties voted in support of joining Idaho. The Toronto Sun’s Brian Lilley gives an update on Canada’s vaccine rollout, as yet another pastor is arrested for breaking COVID-19 rules.

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five hundred eighty three eighty four eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor so last night I did a special on private property. and I wanted to go over something that was kind of tucked into the middle of the the programme that I think really need to hear I talk to Thomas Massey through the show was over, and I said the did. did you even know about thirty by thirty? I have even heard of that still thirty by thirty, I only heard of thirty four thirty ESPN documentary serious now alerted by third, it's a little different, but here in the communist manifesto. And angles list ten steps to achieve communist utopia, see if of these sound familiar for education for all children in public school?
The idea of genetic. Centralisation of the means of communication and transport in the hands of the state and sinks pushing for that lately, yeah and you ve got the Department of Transportation, all the infrastructure talk and all of these stuff that is coming from Silicon Valley, centralisation of credit in the hands of the state by means of a national bank with state capital and an exclusive monopoly. that would be the Federal Reserve abolition. of all rights of inheritance. We heard even I remember that there was a little with Warren deaths, acts for yeah yeah, heavy progression Four graduated income tax there, obviously- and the number one thing on their list: abolition of private property in land and application, of all ranks of land to public purposes. Ok, I mean space,
leave the platform of Bernie Sanders. Elizabeth Warren now marks argued that you had to get rid of private property because it was the main source of conflict between the working glass and the caressed. But Mark This class struggle has never been able to gain a foothold here in Amerika, because so many people owned their own land, they own their own stuff. You know of Europe, inventor you could you could keep the profits that you had because of the patent? and our society has valued private ownership more in any other society in the history of the world. Now, if he can, game traction on this here because of a class struggle. What are you add on top of it? How do you make the case to abolish private property. Well, one of the tactics enemy I can now is environmentalism. There is
a growing movement to grant Legal rights to use trees, you ready legal rights It's two trees, rivers, lakes and mountains. they would have the same kind of rights that you have. The tree does Now they're saying that's because climate change climate change is such an existential threat. What you can't be trusted to You know take care of your own land and protected. You might let cows graze in the past year or something, and we know how just cow? Farts are and grass. is our are, I'm not sure with grass is people to grasp our people to see it doesn't even work so with this growing right or growing movement to grant rights to treat the grass and rivers and Lakes
someone has to have had a plan to implement that. Well here it is President Biden has released his America, the beautiful report, and it is, is thirty by thirty plan He wants to protect at least thirty percent of our lands and waters by two thirty. The real goal is fifty by twenty fifty now The report says the plan is urgent. Listen to this because of the its appearance of nature item disappearance of I mean it's. I sought this morning climate change. I didn't see that this morning an inequitable love this inequitable access to the outdoors
so I feel like. If you have a door, you have equal access to the outdoor. Still the outdoor z, I mean we all, have equal access so in January, President Biden signed in executive order titled tackling the clock, crisis at home and abroad in the executive order. It says the fair We'll government must protect America's natural treasures, increase reforestation improve access to recreation and crease resilience to wildfires and storms. While creating where paying union jobs for more Americans, including more opportunities for women and people of color in occupations where there, under represented. Oh ok, So this is the new deal on steroids gave the white national climate adviser, Gina Mccarthy, says The plan really reflects the
urgency in which we have to respond to global extinction. Crisis now, currently currently twice percent of U S, land, is owned by the government. and eleven percent of fresh water areas federally protected gang This remember Obama started creeping in on this stuff. By saying you know, the mud puddles were regulated in federal lands, so twelve percent of U S land, to get the thirty next, nine and a half years means The government has to acquire four hundred and forty million acres now to put that interpol, active? That's only an area roughly twice the size of Texas so that, but that's all that's all they have to do for thirty percent! Imagine we have that long. Now it we have
do it in the next. We have to do it in the next ten years now. Protecting thirty percent of? U S! Land! does not include the additional land that will be needed for his renewal, energy plans a recent, Princeton University study estimates that by twenty fifty wind and solar projects will occupy two hundred and thirty thousand square miles. That's an area larger Colorado in Arizona combined. Ok,. Where we all gonna live, where we all gonna live by the way for them occurred. There's no constitutional authority for the president or any government agency descent, I'd in permanently protect thirty percent of all land and water. In the? U S. This is just because by through an executive order is in? This thing we need to do this to keep us from extinction.
The centre for american progress I love those guys, haven't you miss them still: oh yeah, how they were Korea, so great bladder bother back there back and there. The and who came up with the thirty by thirty programme in a twenty. Nineteen report titled hammer. Nature should America keep I don't know all of it all of it, but but they were met. That doesn't mean that the whole world should keep nature, but not the government the centre for american Progress was created and, of course, funded by George Soros. There are also the group they create media matters on its board. Directors includes John Podesta Julian, Castro, and Stacy Abrams. Ah, that is so good by the way, the M the most recent president was now: Attending justly
last week, she was appointed as senior Whitehouse adviser. So shortly after This was released, the? U S, House and Senate resolutions were introduced, call for the thirty five thirty programme to be implemented. Gas who was one of the co seiners. That's right! become all Harris in the house version. It was co sponsored by Deb HOLLAND, who is the Secretary of the Interior, thirty thirty is the goal for twenty thirty, Thirty percent of land owned by the government, thirty percent of all the freshwater lakes owned and protected by the government, but that's step, one step too, is fifty percent by twenty. Fifty. Wow. So how are they going to afford all of this land
well the land and water conservation fund was created by Congress in eighteen. Sixty four, mostly funded by federal oil and gas drilling royalties, but it's me activity over the past fifty years has been buying a private land and place it under government control, so in twenty. Nineteen Democrats allows natural Resources Committee voted to mandate permanent funding of nine in a hundred million dollars per year the land and water conservation fun, basically giving this fund perpetual treasure chest to buy up more private land for the government during the from administration. The former secretary of Interior, David Bernhardt issued. order, allowing state and local governments to veto any land acquisition, our project by the land and water conservation fun, but in February. We said bye bye.
I do that the immigration revoked the order, so federal land acquisition through the fund cannot Proceed without any petty little, these little people, local people, there ve been interfering don't worry, no more local interference again, the old writing federal authority, isn't being done through Congress in true progressive fashion. It's just an x. Negative decision by an administrative state against your liberty? The left has a plan. They have funding, and all of the barriers are to be removed- to carry out the biggest federal land grab in all of history? so that's what they're doing with the land they have been done. Mantling us piece by piece. They have been dividing us one by one. They have been
hurting our energy supplies, hurt our children's education all of this sounds very reminiscent now in a way in a computer legally unrelated article. The last living world war. Two era, Germans, the Nazis, have shown kingly fuel regrets there's a new doc century? That is our Friday called final account The director, who is british I had grandparents that were killed in the Holocaust and he went back and he went. and and talk to many of the only remaining Nazis, the prison guards the people worked in the offices, etc, etc. All they were deemed functionaries.
at the end of world war two, so they didn't have any prison time. They were able to return to their community. Saying I didn't have anything to do with it. Those whose those who were nazis again and again, but the first thing I didn't know I didn't take, art, oh, if I would have known, I would have done differently really. Would you live. Everybody tries to get away with something that there is no excuse for in it, our day and age None all the signs are here. What's so many said at the end of the war. Was I'm not a nazi he started doing interviews with these former Nazis and they were in a mandatory programme for boys between the ages of ten and fourteen. Telling you this is coming. Was
the Hitler youth. We all know that then was the equivalent for girls. The league of german girls so what they said. a one of whose, at the age of ten, he got clarity said today. He said this is my youth membership card. He was proud of it. So when I was ten, I got this. I joined the four of May in nineteen, thirty seven, before I was ten years old. I just couldn't wait. An unnamed woman added we didn't support. The party, but we like the uniform and we went along with it because we enjoyed it, putting on the uniform and going on marches we learned to read with a normal alphabet book, but we also had a Jew themed alphabet book. It had come pictures of a Jew for each letter. I remember one in particular a butcher shop that was really really greasy and filthy and discuss in June with dirty long hair and a hat behind the counter. Next to him,
a blonde german girl with a white apron. He had his hand where it shouldn't be now Many of these people say that they were wrong and they should have done it, but many of them also don't former SS lieutenant still here. All of the honours. That he had from Adolf Hitler ass, if he likes Adolf Hitler. Still here Oh yes, I do. The idea was correct, but I don't here the opinion that they should be murdered. They just should have been driven out to another country where the rule themselves would have saved a great deal of grief. They should have just been driven out, but they weren't they were taken to a concentration camp and killed because that's what Marxists do should just been
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Turned a man or whatever, so they ve got all the property went right to the german people and that great. What else has Do I will they didn't medical experiments on kids because they, convinced of science. They, you know you ve got to believe If science, it's the new ruler, it's the new God in Germany, so it was the doctors and nurses that were the ones that started the Holocaust. They started with just undesirables and undesirables ATLAS kept growing in growing and growing by the way in a completely unrelated topic, the American Medical Association releases, a plan to embed racial justice in the medical profession for the Woody plan for the medical profession slang. The myth of meritocracy and
promises to share power we The minority physicians sin that great it's a strategic plan, two to end embedded, embedded racism and stead, replace it with racial justice and advance health equity. That's fantastic! pushing for critical race theory, specifically in the medical community and the anti racist initiatives. This means, if your white you're a second class citizen. it's funny, how it so early catches up to those doctors. We deem heroes right now. Now the American, the AMA, is We're going to start to embed this in our practices, so a land grab Medical Association
the chasing down of Jews in the street or we're gonna talk to Stephen Crowd or next booze being cancelled by Youtube being cut and sold by Youtube, and not temporarily, forever these suing them talk to him. Next, This is all I glinda programme found out from a spy yesterday that Sir Robbery, cheesecake and birthday. Cake with sprinkles is the new bill, are that is is coming out now. I should I'm sure, now that it was a spy. Yes, it was my slug worth. In one of my employees. It took a tour of their facility to the place where they make bill bars now, I don't want to sound like a prima donna wreathing, but Where was my invite where was slug worse, invite slug worth
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what the Glen by Programme, Stephen Crowd or now joins us from louder with crowded, He has gotten the second strike now in a three strike policy. If you get three strikes on Youtube Europe and it's not just off for a little while you're off permanently his first actual hard strike was over his investigation in on March twenty ninth over the Nevada voter rules. They could Stephen made statements about the election that we're just flat out wrong. An inflammatory Stephen just now to talk about strike one and strike too, and the new law suit that he is filed before Stephen welcome. The programme. What did they say you said on: first strike
I won't be killing people know the reason I sound like a drug addict right now is because I'm incredibly sick The only thing I know is, I don't have covered seen by four negative tat, so something else got in turns out meddle with natural faint someone out there I'll be careful. It still exists, account you're, the one with the flu this year. Ok yet you know how many rights, while it's weird it's rare now, if I, if I start happy gave emphysema? I apologize if it's just the ok, you know the name of the game, but look couple things are actually been Equally, what would be considered three strikes and want to be really clear to people listening here. The first up you can go, obviously wants to show at the blaze. You may go sign off the blade our company, always available there, any can always listen to the free show that usually on Youtube on Apple on Android, Spotify, please everyone out there just go subscribes that we dont lose touch with you. We had technically what would be three.
strikes with Youtube. Ok, but one of them they counted as a warning. For some reason Andrea We want to set up. We have I'll be legal notice of a lot. You can add a media injunction from you took another border softly drama, apparently counterclaims Europe. This is the big one. This is the big one with the Roma, at this point is modified? The roman empire could even fathom the power of alphabet who run the valuable, so the first one was with US what would have been a strike that they consider it a warning for actually owing to border address it in person I would not claim that the ghost of Hugo Chavez came back. make the dominion voting machine in the election was a wooden claim that by just like a little worn just like any other, you're, just like Jimmy Carter, we know that individual voter brought happens and we know that with male in voting, it is likely to happen. There are priorities for the job
I would ask my lawyer and out we married it down to what I could do, that would be defensible a court of law, but I went to the address. I looked at the motor roles cross rapid them with the dresses for people voted looked on. Google earth show that they weren't addresses was told that not enough because Google Earth is an up to date is myself in terms with a copy of it. daily newspaper on care, relies too that addressed to show that what is in overpass or an empty lot that was removed, because it was considered a violation of discussing electric policy, then, we too have way way way way way way. How did they? defend that they just set at the violation of discussing electrical goods about defence. Are you ok, you're, not another businessmen, they could prove its raw control, so these addresses making do that, but they didn't
and then the next one was. This was the first real hard strike. I believe I may be wrong about the order was we did have a body or at a verse or fifty in data flat liqueur. We were struck for going again if you won't help organization guys here, you see the sources that we used and we're the only show them, nor does it every single reference. Every single source, with Billy Honorific with every shut, goes up on a website like Canada come every single epoch and the primary sources we use in making. Our argument was the CDC joke, we said earlier. Look look covered its real, obviously, how many to figure out how we deal with it, Nevertheless, we more lethal to all people in the flu. However, it is evidently left lethal standard flu for what reason for young people, the young teenagers toddlers and that matters because, when you look at the immune response to review this or any other kind of irish sea, why people have different respect, but that was considered a violation of the basic guidelines when we use the city.
he mortality debt, It places on earth your power. There is not just one. The World Health Organization guy, like the most recent one was simply This is why this is the second strike and three strikes Europe Youtube permanently. Ah, this is this is a pernicious. This is like the story of the officer who Macao Brian. Ohio, while she was mean stab emit now we said and I also don't apologize for the fifteen, but my statement I can not only do. I believe that this was a justified should be at the police officer. I believe that it was unnecessary, shooting, earthen application of duty. If a police officer can't shoot someone with a kitchen life before it penetrates your flesh, they can't ever shoot them, they're, not permitted to say some of life and I do not want to see this- and I didn't say, the tragedy, all right, look at the tragedy whenever any life is lost would have been a far worse tragedy for that police officer could not take that shot and that other black girl to be stopped when she had come
they said that that was boiling and harassment, because- we were allegedly revelling in the death who was shot So I don't really care about this going. This isn't just visiting me everything that has been expressed here, more than half the country agrees with. We are moved here from from Youtube, and we have recently that now there looking and making and making For other reasons. To find violations, given my leave audited, all of our continent for years meter, branding violation, sometimes with older content. It can't about the thing Ok servers are welcome. It saying if you believe in an officer to support an officer not due back the blue. If you support an officer pursued someone who is stabbing somebody else. That's not welcome here. If you support the sun in saying that we need to look at the deference across different aid ranges and see how this might affect treatment Your view is not welcome on Youtube. Listen
I'm very grateful. I do not just to both you. You know. I never talk about the numbers on our shoulders about the content. To this is fine. Why the number one show on new media appeared with which we do came all we beat, we beat that Trevor. Now we beat you got every single that every single that, but if not because of us, It is conservative view these views are not welcome and the reason we have filed an injunction for immediate relief estimation. There are channel was still up that we know what what steps to take that England, I don't oh affair, can be another pleaded. I don't know, maybe another going back. We don't know they're, not rush wimble three. There won't be control all the information that yet there won't be. All right, so that what you say, you know, I'm hoping to tease Anima, I'm only one guy that have a good lawyer, but I really look. There's some PETE. Who lived for the drama certainly been banned and among bandit unbridled. Let me just give you an idea.
what we had to do. We ve been throttled sure there was a point worth you search, Stephen Crowd or changed my mind. Abortion you'd find an old PBS video. You wouldn't find anything for me. We know that, and so we change business model where we said we are going to stream live on Youtube. were shown radio, but no one does this online on Youtube. We say we are streaming I'd week days at ten, a M Eastern case every day, so that people, because they can't searching, find us DR notifications, those work half the time they treated anyway. They set a bookmark market. Not holding the social media get us, and so we still Tv massive numbers, because people seek the carpet out the only other option now is to remove from the platform We want to do our work and we want to do good content and we learn reach people and inspire people. That's what I'm gonna do. I dont want to be down with a laugh. If we ask you to bore the rule book- and we should look if this is not allowed in your platform,
the snow it would have been more carbon ablaze will keep it. Vanilla here on Youtube is as far as your let us go and we won't violate. We will even pushed out what I ve been very clear about this. The issue: is they don't give the rule Look, I'm really make up new rules in some cases don't even give us an explanation as to where we violated the rules. You can not run a business that way and I'm assumed to be father of two fifteen people who are employed here. This is a pro business. Ok, I'm probe market, an anti fraud. that's what this is about. Here's what I would like you to do. If you were listening to this programme right now, I want you to support Stephen prouder sign up for his mug club the reason why they had mug club is because they knew this kind of stuff was coming sign up. Or the blaze Stevens Voice will not be squelched on the blaze and The blaze need your support because
we are all gathering. You know, people with a different talents we ve put all of our egos aside, and we have just said: let's come together and stand with one another, because they're gonna pick us off one by one. Steve can't be abandoned. Stephen can't fight this by himself, so Joy What club join the the podcast I also join the blaze. They ve got merchandise that you can see that they can sell. This is, as you can imagine, not a cheap fight. When you're going against Google and your job most important thing. That Stephen said during this was sign up for the news letter. We when he said we have to make sure we stay in touch the only way that we can get you. Information is, if you give it to us, if you sign up for our loot news letters, that way,
you're going to get them. I just talk to somebody yesterday said I've been get your facebook notifications, but every time I press on it it go to view. It goes to somebody else and usually somebody you don't agree with right. I don't I don't know, but we know that these companies, have throttled us and they are not playing fair there, not telling us the truth. There not give as the rules and We can see it in the numbers instantly. We know when they ve changed the algorithm or when there there monkeying around with our audience, can I say one thing you how much time we have, but it's important, look. I know that sometimes urban people who been removed precisely to ask the people came out Jones S, crazy things either say crazy thing. I still didn't it If this man should be removed from the black, when look at some of the things that person extreme. So
views, are welcome and I say them into products if they do whatever they want a discussion about two thirty which we can get into another time. However, let's break this down here, keep maybe offended by some jokes that I make fine I'm a committed, but to be saying these viewpoints are not welcome, they are saying at. This point is not some crazy conspiracy about George Soros. You know having human puppeteers a lizard people, my worldview is basic. Conservative Chris Ok, the guy who was saying await retail marriage to have that don't do drugs, pull yourself a buyer, bootstraps personal responsibility. First, amendment stuck in a moment: by the way we look into the actual size of Coban and make sure rational, and I think the police off. There should be allowed to shoot. When someone is stabbing somebody you do, they say anyone out there who agree that those statements, if you can pick it up, you will be removed. These are not extremists, points of view. The matter back, some people would say
then I'm not hard right enough, but I'm too moderates I wanna be really clear. This is the fact that we happen to have the biggest platform there now and at the problem. No one can go through our catalogue, I defy you want to go to our catalogue and fine I'm kind of radicalizing extremists, point of view it doesn't exist and that while we have bigger share of our audience that are young level. Then any conservative in the world having listened to what we are deciding about? Ok, that's reasonable told me, one If I was out there, you are talking about lizard people are talking about some crazy global one world conspiracy and help Donald Trump on me, Let him until until Maduro came out, kinda and switch the dominion bottom she's. None of that is a basic concern. They would ban Ronald Reagan and that's why this law has to happen. I dont want to do it. We have to do it. Stephen crowded. Thank you very much the greater the host of louder with crowded disco.
second hard strike you tube, and I can guarantee you they will find a third can subscribe louder with crowded dot com, louder with crowd or dot com, or blame tv, dotcom, slash crowd or just I am sure that you join and stand with us as we stand together. Stephen thank you. So much Gub, less valued why sponsor this half hours blinds dot com spring is in full swing and there is no better time to freshen up your home than right. Now blind com is giving you up to thirty five percent off everything site wide as a warm welcome to the season. Its blind our com, they make? It really really easy to order online free shipping guaranteed perfect fit for all of your windows. You can install on yourself. You could pick em out by yourself or you can get them to do it and then
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thanks for your home now at blinds Dotcom thirty, five percent off everything site wide blind shades, interior shudders, even outdoor shades rules and restrictions may apply at blinds dot com this. is the Glen Back programme. We're glad you're here you know I was speaking of being cancelled there cancel Tony La Russa now who was just hired by the white socks in other some controversies involved, but this this whole this whole article from the sports bank. Is king about how bad he is and how it what an outrage and people need a rise up, and you know who sell me. I don't want him any more the land Paragraph of this says and, as we wrote soon after La Russa, higher was announced quote what
not cool, is a Glenn back and Tea party supporting seventy six year old caucasian leader a very multi cultural and diverse team, the one that's all, were well mainly latino. Ah, that loud. So, let's fascinating, though white, you supported the tea party, you support Glenn back, that's why you shouldn't be on this team. I was thinking you might want to hire the person with the third most wines, as a manager and about the history might be the judge who I hire. That would be a that's a lie. That's a lie! Stew. We have more with Bill O Reilly he's on today, instead of tomorrow as usual, but he's gonna go through the news of the week as we have it. so far this week next to climb back Larry, Jaber Wreck Tec. To do
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hello America a day early, but not a dollar short its bill O'Reilly. He joins us usually on Friday. Sorry to say it is only Thursday but Billow dryly joins us next programme so all across his country of ours, and indeed around the world. There is a class of human beings who exist for no other reason than to try to golly take what's yours and put it in their own pockets. This class of people are called politicians, but I want to talk about some other people that don't steal it. as much as the politicians do. These are cyber criminals, ignore the danger they pose to you it to you and your family. Your
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Five percent off your first year, if used, the promo code back, be easy K. Twenty five percent off now lifelong dot com, promo code, the back Mister Bell, O Reilly, the hosts of Bill, Riley, dot com, the news of the day and and also the author co author of killings, mob killing them another best seller in the best selling series history, books in history. killing the mob is out, and you pick it up. Bill O'Reilly, welcome to the programme Hawaii goodbye treasury in a little early. I gotta take one of the urchins to his new college tomorrow. Do I am. How do you feel about that?
How do you see I am today? I said this is your last day of high school today, and I remember when you were five years old They deriving new hope, where do the low school you're going to Anna, was like a blank. It was like a blank It really is so little, but he's a good boy and that's that's the most important thing. But how do you you'll about colleges now The college that we selected, shall they, Regina in Newport Rhode Island, is a traditional college. It's not full of loans- and he is not going to be used- gonna be persecuted because he's a caucasian mail male. I have my have some family members there and sit down these keep an eye on your child doorways. My daddy, I researchers pretty well
in colleges- and I researched and well- and the thing is that everybody knows denying me so I had to leave yeah. I know I know, ok build. Let's talk about the the news of the week. what is happening, I think, if, if this were Donald Trump, the press would you who's. This one story to say see. Look at this! There is absolute connection with the Kremlin and Vladimir Putin. Russia tax into our oil system. We are closing down our pipelines and we're giving the European Pipeline, letting it go open were waving all the sanctions, so they can open. pipeline from Russia to Europe, something that Reagan said: must
never happen. Where the jolly Green Giant President Biden of a sudden. It needs not green anymore. you shouldn't down our pipeline, threatening our fossil fuel industry. Does why were banned more gallon gas but there s Merkel and burden both say I you know we need more energy, fossil fuel energy, natural gas through this pipeline, you after let it happen. Okay and there's Jean right no problem: you're doing all if you'd see that hypocrisy. There is don't see that wait, a minute your amazing. He America, that evil exists. If you put gasoline in your car and we have a pipeline, but then If you have a russian pipelines, aim fossil fuel situation in that's good, that you know
oh man, back- you know that better than anyone I boil down to really what it is, but again Joe Biden understand any of this. Does he know from day to day? What he's doing saw and orally dot com, the nose bananas. We give his schedule every day every day we owe you what your binds got on his official white. I suppose it schedule and always about twenty minutes- that's it! anything else is a day, but twenty most today he signing a cold eighty eight bill, so What that is is because some people- all the China virus, that aid and he's going. You can't do that or something that's the only thing let's get back, that's it Well, it makes me want to say China, If China virus China Virus, I may look, but we, the point is
That is beyond any reasonable doubt that we have a diminish, the president in the White House who doesn't understand the concept? which of his actions well added, whoever I I don't know, that's I did. I can't sign that credit to him any more that Bennett the doubt I mean you have. to be a complete imbecile to not, and he might be, but You know they claim he's not, come slowly, imbecile you're, not too No, that's what happening. Is everything anyone. Who's ever wanted this to dismantle, take Eric and wealth and send it overseas and destroy the capitalist system. If you can't see that shouldn't be in office? Ok, obviously, shouldn't be an audience. Obviously motivate Joe Biden, I torture.
The people that I know personally, you voted for my torture them nice funny way. Let me up your question back yeah. I know you'll answering honestly. That's why I'm even bothering asking you this question so Joe Biden Day, one sign that a jacket, water, dismantling all of the Trump border policies right, correct. Ok, the The consequence of that executive order has led to more than five hundred thousand half a million foreign nationals showing up in America fact right. Ok, that's border patrols, bats. half a million people of showed up since by inauguration. Those people have to be processed FED, some of them sheltered summit we're on budgets, is whatever then had strip
way border patrol and all eyes personnel to deal with a half million. So what has happened Drug interdiction has collapsed just yesterday. The border patrols had more Fenton. Ah has crashed into the United States. This year, first four months of this year than in all the blast, you know unreported story. Look it up, that's what they were what'd. I say in my tour for killing the mob to anyone who will listen. That organised prime loves Joe Biden because organised crime, makes most of its money distributing narcotics, billions and billions of dollars more narcotics here than ever before. Why? Because of Joe Biden executive order, dismantling
all of the inhibitions on the border, you with me so far back here's my question: do you think you'll Biden understands that. If I honestly If he does stand it, if he doesn't, then, people should know me what your opinion that guy Gee does I think he does. Thank my really really. Yes, I do Think he does? I mean, the more you see him, the more out of control and listless he is, but he must know he's not in charge if he's in the office and he's making all these rules, I mean they just fired this base force commander because he Marxism now, that's not the question the question you don't think he knew.
I didn't, you know, hold that they're gonna. Do it I agree with you to the says that he does what he stole. I agree. With that under yes, yes, what I don't agree with, you that he understands the concept It is obvious that in that's a different than that's a different argument, that's an argument then that he needs to be removed from office, not for political reasons. Fine, but let's establish the facts. The facts are that is border policy has been a blanket disaster risk free he has a to death for peace. We consume narcotic death if you take and all that if, as I it's? Well? Ok, so you you. You are you're giving the hypothesis here that he is not aware and he's not running it then who is right because that, because
you're, because the people who are making these policies. They clearly know what they're doing Clearly, not all of them are senile RON Quail and Susan Rise and the Obama's and everybody else was telling him. do they understand that they don't care, because it's more it's a better advantage. Democratic Party to have, as many foreign nationals come to this country for future vote, We all know that ok but Biden himself, President of the United States has got to understand when he does something. There are gonna, be consequences to that accident, and my belief is that Biden does not understand the consequences of his actions, then, where is it any one? Where is Annie Patron
it around him saying the everybody said. Ah, I am on the hearth, I'm on the council, the President, I'm I'm I'm sitting there watching them every day he's out of control, I mean We wait you're there. We should look at a constitution because maybe we should pull him out and I'm only saying this to save the country. Where are those people in this administration when the country is on fire, but those, there aren't any in his crew are democratic apparatchiks Rowena interested in the overall welfare of the country I mean when you have a social media as powerful as it is action lily shutting down speech on a daily basis, and you don't have. President United States holding a press conference are giving a speech in this is gonna. Stop I mean the easiest thing in the world that no matter what Already. You got
corporations now limiting the them to express yourself. Nobody knows it's happening, nobody, can deny it where's that president in the United States on that the single most address you in this country today. Back and You know it better than anybody they ve been after you for years. The silence you aware I resident? Let me Let me take a one minute: break backward bill, O Reilly. Let me tell you about relief factor, fun fact we're all getting older every day and one The things that comes with getting older is aches and pains in your joint start to wear down the normal exercise of everyday life, just catches up with the most what causes this pain and lots of other forms of pain is inflammation, especially in the joints and if you're gonna make it through it, you ve got I have something to stop. The inflammation
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Emily. The Glen Back Programme is proud to provide a free commercial for thee. Woke companies of the world. Nike is constantly political. Why cover congressional report suspect Nike used forced labour in China? Religious minorities were from their families, sort of factories and making issues in those seen it is trying to ban legislator practices Nike fight back with highly paid lobbyists, rather than hiring Americans making chose China John. Don't stop exploiting foreign labour customers, politicians This is a commercial that has been produced by a concern,
organization: bill. When I heard it yesterday, I I'm gonna play them on my show for free, I'm just if I have to buy the time by the time, but these commercials have to be heard by people and I thought of you bill. I remember you sitting me down and you said: look you're gonna come in some things that are gonna, be too big for you to handle. Let me help you explained how you really handle these things. You name the ceos of the company because no ceo, wants their name associated with controversy, etc, etc. Just good things, that's what they're do doing the question to you is: does it still work? Yes, What works in America is economic pressure, so the far left progressive moment there, the boy cod
they tried to get me off the air you off the air, rare other people. they're trying to get off the air by threatening sponsors with take exposure on the internet. If you do not I o Reilly or back whomever. That is fascism and it is working but the other way to go is to tell the truth so Coca COLA, there there's a very good example, so If you look at and you have- and I have, if you look at the Georgia voting LAW, the new law that has been passed, its basically What they wanted to do was tightened up the price. Says so: don't make fraud harder? It would make it harder to commit fraud now, what's wrong with that, nothing, but
The democratic and the and the progressive in Georgia. Don't want that I'd! They want anybody. At any time. No ideas will pick your vote up. and will give you a gift certificate, Mcdonald's. If you vote our way, that's what they want, so Coca COLA. Their side. There side the side of the anarchy and vote, So I say to myself: you know what that's it for me. I'm not number one. If you drink, Coca COLA, you're hurting yourself, because the amount of sugar is ridiculous in the beverage and number two. I think Coca COLA is hurting the country the whole. Bunny, because this is the way to being run. It takes the side a people who don't want standards for voting sought out. That's how you do it! That's how you do it
and but with the social media, it's war. It thanks. in times worse than Coca COLA, because they basically a bar, where did the David Stew Kebab, I got engaged glee said: well, we are progressive and we don't want to hear non progressive view. So, whenever we can Will you shut them down that as never before and in the United States of America and Do we get out of the White House and what do we get out of Congress? Euro. I want to send these commercials to you bill. I would suggest that you were you get my daddy on your programme. They are mere fantastic all right? Let me let me switch to Chicago real quick. We ve got about three minutes here. So late
lemme switch to Chicago end, Mayor Lightfoot? She is now saying that she won't grant any interviews to any white people. She will only conduct interviews with black or brown journalists, How are do you not understand that this is segregation and racism was he doesn't care? You know what this is back this is glory Lightfoot. The mayor of the nation's third largest city, saying do the folks and cook County and in Chicago I know I can't run this city I know, I can't control violent crime, I can't controllable it plays. I am total screw up
I'm going to create a diversion while thank you build thing. I'm just saying more with bill are rarely come innocence programme. American financing, Nmls US one and eighty two, three, four W W W that animal S, consumer access, dot, org tyranny in telling us about our experience with american financing? She says Glenn after hearing about american financing, on your show I reached out in regards to refinancing my current mortgage, fragmented a suitable rate into a fixed rate. getting a lower interest rates in the process. I was paired with Scott and was really pleased with him and his team. They stayed in constant contact with me throughout the process made sure to reach out consistently. Just to let me that they are always available. If I needed them or have any questions, I would highlight recommend american Financing and Scott and his team. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Eric and financing, the story is always the same, and one of the things that always drives me crazy is when people just don't communed. Kate. I mean I have a problem with changes or whatever, but tell me What's going on, keep me up to speed that is one of their strong skills at american financing. They listen and work, For you and they listen to you what you don't american financing now and you shall see how much money they can save you month to month, just I'm up at eight hundred nine zero, six, twenty four forty american financing dot net. author of the number one New York Times, bestseller, killing the mob bill, O Reilly more with him coming up next, This is a global programme on tomorrow's programme, good news Friday, we are going to show you the people that are actually making a difference in the world. The people who have decided you know what I'm not sitting around on my hands anymore, all the
peoples and groups that they have started to make a difference, that'll beyond tomorrow's programme, kind of a good news, Friday, Bill o on with us right now, author of the number one best selling book in the country killing the mob, her bill, O Reilly welcome back to the programme back. Thank your leg You can give me a minute at the end of this because over funny story to tell your audience about ok, absolutely I want to talk to you about a couple of different mobs here. First of all, I don't know if you saw the video, can we run the video here. As I tell the story, is a video of a bunch of probe Palestinians that were the streets in these big trucks and they were waving the palestinian flag. They see group of diners eating in front of this job
wish restaurant in this, mainly jewish neighborhood. They start They get into scuff scuffle and they start to beat this guy because he's jewish almost to death. This is everywhere bill. I mean are turning into a very anti semitic society from the left, you, I mean: look. They separate, b political in the sense that they don't like Israel. This is the progressive laughed with being unfair to jewish people on a personal basis. There is a separation in their mind on that, but you, basically a group of people in the United States. I don't really understand and they don't care less, be eyes what happening over there in Israel and why the United States, its policy to back that country. They don't
the history of it. They don't understand why we send money over there in an arm the Israelis and without that Ponto, an understanding. That's why I wrote the book killing the SS legally says. You know damn well why the United States backs Israel. And Israel is an imperfect country, everybody, by that I mean the country is now no none earlier you if I were running Israel, I would try just try every single day to be. As far as possible to the past. and people who have nothing now a lot of that's your own fault, so much like Philadelphia. If you elect a crazy left district attorney that one enforce the law as Philadelphia did this week, then you're going violent crime and someone may hurt you, but anyway,
amount of understanding about the nation of Israel in this country is scan see I and II. There is a new pull that I saw from Trafalgar that shows that independence and progressives are thinking that Israel is the problem on this not not the the Palestinians and Hamas? I think this argument on. Is it the Palestinians or is it Israel is missing the point, Actually I ran. Would you agree under president back? a hundred percent. I am agreeing with Glenn back all my life, I've. How will I ever happen recover So IRAN is a nation that wants violence that, were you start this? a country that wants violence. I waited get by
once in the Middle EAST is a bit much slums against Jews, Psalm IRAN gives a marsh our group, that is worn to kill we view it. Can rockets and we saw on over the last two weeks more than three. Rockets fired from Gaza into Israel to kill, babies, women, whoever happens to be around where the rocket explodes. Where did these rockets come from IRAN. Where did Hamas is money? Come from Iraq. why does IRAN want to do this? Because the more Muslims at eight Israel, the more vial There will ultimately be that's what's going on horrible Rivera has he. Ever been saying now: you, Google, O Reilly, Geraldo Rivera
criminal illegal aliens, if you, Google, that you'll see of the most intense display, he's ever on american television in history, when he came on O Reilly factor and basically tried to make excuses to why the United States should not deport people who murder american citizens like cage, styling member states, finally, cage you're. All out yet, oh ghastly do I. Play them out like I did with Bonnie Frank and it people in the building. In the on the floor, floor managers thought there was going to be This fight between me and her Aldo so amateur Aldo last night with Bonn Genome. was a wizard of OZ. Compared to what I when I went to I wrote him forty years
Does he believe this stuff? Well, yes, and I'll tell you: why always takes the side of the underdog always, There is never a time when he does Then the emotion that he, things to the debate, which is why you successful on television causes. It brings emotion over com- any kind of rational discussion it gets heeded. Gets person all you're there you're that now on GINO. He provoked Geraldo lights side, and then of course, causing a punk, which is one of my Gabriel origin in a row longest arise that that's what that's all about its all about emotion, not about. leaving right.
Well I'm in saying that the? U S is complicit in Israel's crime against humanity. As me, I had so little. I now like one more clearly should just shoot. You sit there and allow bright thousand rockets to be right here. You know guy. Let me give you this. Let me give you this story. After a surgeon, violent crime, progressives wind, big, Pennsylvania's largest cities. I mean Who is running that city and you know why I stranglehold is just like New York City It's the same guy. It's too far lab they they are at, have been able put together the minority neighborhoods to follow led by telling the minority neighborhoods hey
you're, a persecuted, it's not fair! Thereafter, you they let the white people got, but they get you but Larry. Crass! Now he's not gonna get you because last he's back and enforce the law at all at which is what's going on in Philadelphia Ion in New York and in New York. But who is I mean I learned from you with the ILO from you to not separate the gangs from the mob and when I lived in Philadelphia, was run by the mob. I mean it courteous politics? I've ever seen ever do. Is it still is the fundamental problem in Philadelphia. or Chicago allay is narcotics. That's the problem that generates all of the crime, the attic d to commit crimes money to buy the drugs drug gangs
kill each other and in the process three year old, because they fight for turf and would disrespect. There would ever it is that's what generates crime and who gets the profits and that the more they the money, billions and billions and billions, and this problem is, rabbinic knowledge- is not being dealt with anywhere, anywhere in Oregon very I urge you to have met them? I mean an arrow and go we're not gonna. Do anything right out there, so I do a fourteen year old. We're not gonna, do anything to you. This is again, this is a date. saw and land last night in Oregon five counties vote. to secede fight the county said because I do not yet know you you. If you saw our own selfish, a difference,
a little bit of difference. so tell me tell me about that. You know the number one book in the country now is killing the mob, and that's one of the reasons why I want to bring Philadelphia into it because Philadelphia absolutely run by the mob, run about a mob, idle, Margo, yeah sure go is still run by the mob I look at you you're like the story. You're gonna learn Are you ready for a charcoal stood ready for a little charcoal? I do like the one in his kind you to point out that killing a mob as a non number one book in the country we did beat Oprah and but it's also that number one got in the world in the non violent, book in the world, not just the country in the world, so in promoting the book. some of the interviewers ask me: are you worried for your safety? Think them may not like this book and come after you,
so I went out and live on Long island and it is a little bit of a mob element here. and I know some otherwise guys. the Squire Ion pull any over the other Dana Lemmings, like third cousin to the soprano see you know, he's not yet be like re Lenny. I said I let me watch. What's the word among your associates, see back that's the word. You always use in this world. Socio associates right, yes, which word on on from your associates about my book, killing them Urban Lenny looked at me knew about the book. It goes like this Didn't know that You almost got where I know that the old, why there are pocketing bad you out,
I took from a that. The book is being well received, lives associates, there you go case, not exactly a an endorsement that you want, but he'll take it you'll take tat, especially because, the alternative endorsement, might not right right hello, my billow Riley. You can find him bill, O Reilly, Dotcom. His new book killing the mob is a great red bill. Will too, again next week, thanks so much, I think back to you, you bet by the way it is, it is Thursday not Friday the Avenue tuning and he's usually heard on Friday could make it tomorrow. So we we had the day early, though I will say it's probably a way of getting out of work on Friday, either to say not, I bill orally yesterday, so
come in because it the day after a Riley's on his arm was Osh. You ve said too much I can't wait for the weekend tomorrow. Still haven't you ve had tomorrow is going a great on that day. Ours is a day of yeah yeah. Well, it's Friday. Again, let me tell you about its wrecked tack. You know the other girls are great. I flashed like little are today to look alike that being over us out the first time it gets a little rainy. And Propane Gale grill that still carries the imprint on the surface of the year before, piece of meat you ever burned on it puts great great, but time to grow up and try to get you get a wreck tat time to get a Rec Tec is a grill built by guerrillas. were looking at? You know they go to these competitions all over the country and there like How can we build a better grill that will hold up and do the things we want to do. So. Build themselves rhetoric,
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compare wreck tech, dot, com listening to the Glenn, I'm telling you I'm telling you this is their common. They come in for all of us Mattie in the morning Matt Siegel. He is Ben. The number one show in Boston for forty years on w ex chaos. He is a comedian been arrogant for forty years. He is in the story of Boston, radio. The longest running number one show huge huge show, Yesterday, apparently, they were talking about Debbie Olive announcement that their binary their non binary, and he starts ain't. This is such a joke and he was making jokes about it. Well the phone rang, and it was, I guess, his boss. he said: stop
talking about it. so he goes on the air and he says I just gotta call from my boss he says he doesn't want me talking about this today I was anti weakness and I guess I can't do that. So basically, what told is, I can talk, light funny things like where the Jonas brothers are going to be, but I can't do it. I really want to do which is just you're funny com, I can tell it like it is so I'm ending my portion of the radio show right now I don't know I just want to say I love my listers. It's been a hell of a run, but it's coming to an end he was got into an argument about it and One of the people on the show said you know Just shut up, Matt just shut, stop talking and he said well, I hope, you're happy because I've stopped talking Mattie out, if, if you
You can and the day before, he was in trouble with conservatives because he was dissing. Conservatives he's a comic. We I mean if you can't talk about things on radio as a comic, if, You can't discuss things on talk, radio that are there are serious and the consequences and discuss them openly. There is oh America. There is no freedom of speech, please. Join us at the blaze. Please become a member blade, Stevie dot com, Slash, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn Glenn, RAM, hello, America and welcome to the programme. We have a lot to report today. One of the great stories of the day is coming from again people who are pushing back the people in.
Portland five separate counties had a an election last night or a vote last night. Five If counties voted to secede from Oregon, they're, all from eastern Org and east of the cascade mountains, they all say we'd all relate to those people in Portland. We want to join Idaho. and they should be allowed to do it as a part time, Idaho resident. I welcome any one with comments. Ants and specially visa pitchforks as well as well we'll get into that here and so much more in sixty seconds programme So here we are a lawnmower things lawnmower season there, a great way to cut your lawn mowing in half the time. If you have
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educational scholarships for any family member of a military man or woman who was was killed. has been disabled while on active duty, it's a great great thing, So, if you're in the market for a lot more, you want to buy it for the end of the month and have some of the process. so that from hustler given to folds of honour Ok, you can find your hustler dealer near you, hustler turf, dotcom before you buy a lot more, you ve got to test, will drive one of these hustler turf dot com. find your hustler dealer near you now: hustler turf, dotcom I want in Israel this hour. I want. I want to show you a couple of things now. Israel is called monstrous because they are blowing, buildings in killing. People
Israel says what we call them. We get them an hour to get out of the building we alert the same thing that the United States did. We dropped seventy million notices. all over the major cities in Japan and in named ten cities where we might drop the world's most powerful bomb. We said we had. It They knew what those air raids had done over in Europe, and we said we have one bomb that he'll, do more damage than all of the fire bombings that we're done enough in Germany, Please get out of these cities we sent. Seventy million notes, please it's coming it's coming to one of these I think Tanner, seven cities,
and there will be a shortage of food of water. Get your family's out. We are not trying to Straw you these cities are part of your military industrial complex and we will destroy them please surrender and if your guy, Herman doesn't surrender this What's gonna happen get out of those cities. Nobody ever talks about, Nobody ever does that mean set for Israel. What did Did you hear the ayatollah ran say by the way we're gonna we're gonna bomb, oh by the way were sending in were sending in terrorists. Now they don't do that Nobody does that Israel is being blamed and called monster. They just released. A an audio clip of them, calling a bill, in owner. Saying we're
owing to bomb your building, you need to get everyone out. This is in the first call. This is the Second call: I want you to listen and I'll translate for him You have even among those of a local, national or lemon, and that is the palestinian economy. Have long been aware of what the law, but on a buckle. That is the Israeli. They now want to translate what they're saying among the people and get the palaces and says I can get all of the people out. I need at least two hours to get them out The Israeli says: listen, we are going to bomb the building. You want a bomb. Whatever you want, no brother, we need to do everything we can so you and other people don't die. We want to die but you have a responsibility for children's lives. If The children need to die, then they'll die- God forbid, God forbid Why do you want to die now? Tell me tat
me that Israel is the bad guy. If Childer need to die than they'll die. Ok where does that kind of philosophy come from sheer me America, We, I told you properly fifteen years ago. What is being done to us is eggs. actually what has been done to the palestinian people? The palace, indian people- and I I realize this on my first trip to Israel. I went to Israel and I was in the old city and its it's all quartered so there's a palestinian section, there's a jewish section and when you're walking through it, because it's one small city, your walking through it and it's like how in Amerika you can go from the suburbs and it's nice, and then it slowly starts to get more trash on the highway and starts to get broken down. And then, if you keep driving a while later urea
the slums in Israel in the old city of Jerusalem, because it so small and and it's so old and a walled city, you, Take three steps literally and you're in the slum. So it goes from beautiful, bright, clean, well maintained. You walk, one archway and you're in dirty dingy, broken down part in the first time I was in the that's, the palestinian section of of Jerusalem and I'm, walking through and its dark and dingy and dirty and uncomfortable- and I take will I walk through an archway, literally just an archway. I walk through the. archway and all of a sudden, its bright and clean and upset El stores, and it's like it's different. Entirely different place. An ice
and I said to my guide: what just happened. How will we are we? Why is this so different than what is six feet behind me? and the guide said that the this is the israeli section, that's the palestinian section so I realised that in Any cases being in the slums is a state of mind not in all cases, but the case of the Palestinians for sure the power most have been told, don't cooperate with the Israelis don't go to Work for an israeli they're holding you back, they're keeping you down Israel knows the whole world is against them. The whole world doesn't want to work with the Jews. The whole world has tried kill them nineteen times in holocausts, they know they when you know what so, then I have to count on myself and they get the job done.
and I realize it's very similar to what we have going on here in Amerika. You have. Of those people who are trying to keep people down by saying you knows them over ere, you ve got you need me, because those guys all they'll kill you there, those guys their trouble over there. They want your children to starve. They don't care about your children. They don't care about schools, they don't care about crime. In fact, the police are part of it. That's what happens in Israel! That's what Putting here we are being balkan eyes. are being split apart because of our politicians and because of our media. If we did have media social media like we had right now? I contend now of this would be further, it would be moving, but we would be.
We would be a much different place and be in a much better place. It's just moving at hyper speed because everywhere now If you think, there's a problem with critic. race theory, but you don't want to get involved. Let me show you when Paul takes, takes over schools, This is what happens to your children here, two kids palestinian kids and they want to recite a poem about the Jews. and here it is I'll translate. Listen to that little girl is probably six years old. Convent, ok, yeah but you, Morocco, mushroom and work with them over the years? What they're saying need turn it down just a bit? Let it run. I do,
I fear the rifle, because your throngs are in delusion and ignorant herds. That sounds like a six year old, Jerusalem is my land. Jerusalem is my honour. Jerusalem is my days and my wildest dreams. Oh you who murdered Allah's pious profits. Oh you who were brought up on spilling blood. You have and doomed to humiliation and hardships, o sons of Zion on most evil among creations, o barbaric, monkeys and wretched pigs Jerusalem is not your den Jerusalem opposes your throngs Jerusalem vomit from within it. Your purity because Jerusalem, your impure ones is pious immaculate Jerusalem, you who are filth, it's clean and pure. I do not fear bar parity as law,
is my heart is in my Koran and my city. As long as I have my arms and my stories as long as I am free, I do not have to barter my cause. I will fear your throngs. I will not fear the rightful. Where do you get that your mom and dad or at home teaching them I think, maybe some places some places yeah sure some homes are doing. for the most part, that's what they get in schools there schoolbook. Are all like this and shoe politicize. Your school you get a little Hitler youth. Where do you? The Palestinians got these tactics from, of Hitler. That's not I personally that fact Palestinians. Grand mufti of the nineteen thirties, was all about Adolf Hitler because they could kill you those and that's all the Palestinian Authority wanted to.
Jews. That's what that's why Hamas? It's in its charter, kill all the Jews why the grand mufti had plans of building concentration camps and furnaces ovens and gas chambers all over, palestinian land, that's what's coming that's what's happening? That's what's How happening on our streets play the video please in in Hollywood, California, some people All who were PAL steady and supporters? They drive by their waving these big flags and their shouting at people on the street. In this jewish section of Hollywood, they get out of the car and they comes walking down the street and they say, hey any view Jews, and Those people are not ones to sit down, at least now.
And they said. Yes, you have approved with that oh and the Palestinians dead, and they beat one guy almost to deaf ears, a video of it. This is happening in Hollywood. in California. I just spoke. He gave Reuben what three days ago, and David. I we're having dinner and he said Glenn. I dont think there I dont think its long before their beating Jews in the streets in California who said as a jewish person. I am very concerned, I said you're right, he said I think I need to get out. He just bought a new house there. I think I need to get out yes, yes stop denying the reality of what really happening in our country
it's a noble thing to be an agent of change. When You know when you stand up for the things that are true when you stand up for the rights of others, especially those who can't help themselves or those who you disagree with that noble thing. That's a noble thing: There are no they're, no people going to be on the sidelines of this fight. You are either part of it or you are not? The left is forcing you to participate in this evil. You gotta get away from it Rimmer. I said spit yourself out of the system about ten years ago. People ask me: what do I do to prepare? I said Percy spit yourself out of the system as much as you possibly can. Well, here's a way to do that. Patriot MA will they have all of the same cell towers that everybody else does they have. I think They have the largest coverage of any cell phone company in the country. Now they have better.
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mobile dot com. Slash back nine seven to Patriot make this, which now tens station. I need Voters in I think it's now, you're Sherman Grant Baker and late counties in order in last night approved measures that would require counting officials to take the steps to permit moving the Idaho Border West, two in corporate that population, these are all people that are east of the Cascade mountain range I know I lived in Seattle. I grew up in the Seattle area you, go east and its very conservative, or at least used to be I'm not sure about Easter Washington now, but I think it is except for probably Portland I mean no, not Portland Spokane, but but most
that's all farm land, it's all rural! today, they least didn't used to buy into the Woke Wallace. thing is in Eastern Oregon EAST of the castle. Mountains, apparently a pair they have progressives, only come from the east to that part, apparently they never cross those those cascade mountains. I don't know why, but these these counties say not being representative where farmers we don't agree with what's going on in our state, and we want no part of it and I think they have a right to do that. I think it the right to succeed, it is happened before the law, time it happened was during the civil war. That's why we have West Virginia. West Virginia was part of Virginia did they were like now we were not for the slavery thing and confederacy. We want no part of it and so they say,
lit Virginia in half and it became West Virginia well, you know you could split. They state in half and modern I'll make you know Eastern Oregon, let them have their own. representation, It their own senator, or you could just let them fold in two idaho. And Idaho needs good, strong people. I welcome any one to Idaho anyone to Texas that are good, strong constitutional is not crazies good straw, constitution list. Who will stand not looking for a fight, but stand when the fight comes I think you should be able to to split. still. Would you have a problem if you know if os
and if it was right up against the border of of New Mexico or Oklahoma, I mean they wouldn't do it. They'd have to do it with New Mexico if, if Austin right up against the border- and they said we want our own place. We want our own stay. We want to be a new Mexico. I gladly is a fine enters a border around you. What would be the capital them? Well, have to move the capital, but I'm fine fine, I mean, I think I think there's lot of Texans and a lot of actions that have a lot of oil money that we be like mobile than other capital. Indeed, another governors mentioned how big deal we haven't. Mummy we'd have a new do by somewhere in the middle of western sadness that we would we would you know it obvious. It would create all sorts of actual pragmatic hassles we ve done. Is we ve done it three times in the past again, not since the nonsense to civil war, but it
can be done, Yeah I could I mean Why? I don't have we would wear one of redistricting in and Jerry Man during the states now, so we have only pure red states impure blind, they Helen you, you need to live. You gotta get out of these cities. You gotta get out of these ethical, but that's what that you have an opportunity to do what you're talking about it's called moving Europe's farmers and we have this. If you're a farmer, if you're a county, where you're all in line with each other but you're, not with the state government. Why can't you say all of us: we want to move their decisions programme american Financing Animal S. One eight do three three: for that: would w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, Org the amount An economy has, I mean, just had a beating some September eleventh. I didn't think he could last this long, one
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commercial and spread it all your friends and and make sure you hashtag James Lindsey. you see of cocoa colored, I was not his name gun the boy to ask. I believe it was Quinci. Can we listened to that? I see the UK as I did not catch the name that last time, who will political attacking Georgia's Papa, promoting law. How I to distract dismal, say terrible: twenty twenty result report suspecting they benefited from forced domicile. Nameless Coca cola product who would do is ending Americans, you in Warsaw, the obesity epidemic. What actually tried funding phony science to minimize so that they got busted James could think we just stop poisoning our children knows James Quincy machine that alibi had that all wrong. Thank you, stew, for forcing me to go back and and get James Quincy James Quincy,
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Where'd you get the name right. If we get it wrong, just keep playing it until you get it right. all right, let's O Brien Lily who is up in Canada, is kind of a he's I mean he's really he's really a blaze kind of guy, buddies, Canadian, so I hate it Here'S- the blue J Fran. Thank you. America's De Brian playing at him. Ok even Canadians are not blue Jays Faithful Hut, Do they do it again? The red Sox right now again seek. Will you not bang alright? Let's Let's talk a little bit about. What's going on the covert nineteen lockdown. First of all, are you there? is getting any vaccines up there are getting increase doses and
that's leading to what you want the vaccines to do, which is fewer people going at the hospital fewer people buying, and so the true to our governments, doing three lap right now same we're about to pass the United States in the number of vaccine doses, If you look at as one doktor put it the only the first half of the task, we're about to suppression. First doses while you guys, are closing and about forty five percent a year at all population having both noses right, we're at three point: five percent oh that's, pretty amazing, three per unit. Three percent of your population, because you are far more populated than the United States- were sentenced girl, but we're still behind you are so
we are having a problem. Now our CDC has come out and said you do not take off the mask. You know Texas just said. no masks, no masks facts of just ass legislation. That said, No masks in the fall for schools don't even talk about it and some places like New York. I fear Canada is gonna, be like this They don't want to get rid of the masks they they feel naked without them. Why? it was. The Atlantic was the first place. I saw a story like there's the liberals. It won't give up on cobra restrictions. You know in the New York Times had a piece the other day about a guy who wears a k and ninety five mask followed by a cloth mask on top of it then goggles and he does this, even though he had covered and has been double vaccinated and sometimes that he is going to do for the next five years.
Just that! It's a mental disorder at some mental disorder I wouldn't look, I'm I'm on the side of freedom. If you want or feel like, you need to wear a basket, I'm sure acceptable to disease than others. Then go ahead. We ve I really have the mandate to wear masks outdoors up here. So I know some places in the states have gone that We haven't done that. Some people still do. That's fine you'd. Do your thing. I think that weird, but I dont where a mask outdoors, and I were them where I, after so common areas of the Congo building I'm in restore, should go into while pretty much all over you ve gotta, wear masks. I don't want to cause the storm So it s a win, win, win, win the snow melts up in Canada around August fifteenth and before it snows again, like August seventeen through eighteenth,
aren't you gonna see population going outside and not wearing masquers. That's what happens here. outside, and some people are still alone walking there ugh wearing a mask, but their weirdos. Most people are just going out and enjoying it they are- and I do want to point out that I am currently further south where you grew up click back. Are you really and during Canada as possible, not here your map is your home state of washing the north, where I am nor you are sadly mistaken. They are sadly mistaken. That's a straight line that I agree look, I go out what the dog and do not wear a mask. It's probably about fifty fifty and I think, is the web. gets warmer, were you know, approaching.
Low seventies. Today I think you're gonna be less and less years apart, just down the street from me, and now we're not supposed to mix side, a household when I hear people all young and their outdoors having a few brown pops in a meal, I'm getting there from the same household o Brien. Do you think the government Is I mean these arrests of these pastors? I am sure some of them, you know are trying to make a name for themselves, others, I think there are honest in their belief that they need to continue to have services is, is the government hostile towards religion. Is it It's always seem that Canada was kind of lean in that way. what's happening it well.
A lot of it comes down to the local government because enforcement of these sorts of things. Like you guys. We got the three levels federal state we ve provincial and then you got the local municipality and into in some key, like this. In a church that was doing driving surfaces and they were trying to comply, they put up her. They they bought a specific p a system that will transmit on a local radio frequencies. Are you drove at it? You know you got one radio signals that you'd hate to be on legislation. in writing on or whatever? I know what I find your radio station, but you can find the pastor and the cars were space six feet apart and the windows had to be up those guys we're still being harassed, and so I think people like that. I think it was the church of God in Elmore Ontario that
is just getting harassed by local police and local officials, and it was a backlash against that and they backed off then there's others like there's a pastor in Calgary. You probably saw as viral video on good Friday. The cop showed up and use a polish immigrant who lived under communism and he let Rep and was screaming outdone Arthur, poor Polanski. His name in a very good and before any kind of half way in the middle halfway use sometimes persecuted. Have time he's looking for the fight, in the end well, but a few, but in but hang out just a second give him more latitude because he's lived under it so yeah very sensitive to write. In that instance, he was come lately right other times. He knows he's going out to provoke thing.
Yeah, really really just a pat and and often depends on on the local officials. Most of the churches have like I am across the street, from a big catholic church and just down the street from an Evangel of Coal Hills on church of them before the government said anything had already pivoted to online stream. In services will join us at this time and as cases and you know how transmissible of was you know, they are a factor in all of that is those things have gone up and down. They bother opened up for a bit with restrictions. close down again. A lot of the churches are interested. They they want to keep their congregation safe, short and show their they're they're trying to work. So really makes. What weird is that now Berta where we seem to be having most of the trouble the guy running the province.
is a very religious guy, but there is also, I guess The local officials may not be sellers. There's a lot of weird things going on, Canada is a bit less religious oriented in the U S, she can definitely say that real real, quick I've got a boy about a minute for you to answer this. If he can, we just in the American Medical Association they are planning now and I'm quoting to embed racial justice into the medical profession tariffs we have critical race theory in our schools? Are you getting all that crap as well? literally importing it from Your role and the spelling will be different, so we can tell its American and some of the things that they talk about you haven't even happened in this country, but they'll, just simple
everything in they don't even check it. Why? Because it's not actually about dealing with racism or issues that affect its about being woke. It's about being on the right side of the political act. I never thought we be exporting hate, and now we are. I apologize for for what country is appearing to be. Thank you. I appreciate it, Brian Brian Lily is a commentator Anna columnist for the Toronto, o Sun and you can find him at Toronto. Son dot, com our sponsor. This half hour is gold line. You need prepare yourself and gold is, I think, the best way, gold and silver the money you have in the bank- is going to be could come worthless. become worth less and less and less until its worthless and then they will.
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never have voted for it. I don't think any self respecting Republican could vote for this thing to have because then you are part of the problem because it's not an honest search on why going on. any search to just look at January. Sixth, and not tie it in also to the world that we are seeing unfold in our cities is laughable. I for one, I think to you- would agree with agree with me I wanted honest look at violence. I want to know what happened on January six, but I also want to know the truth that happen. during the summer and before that, an actual fair commission looking at both of those things would be really interesting and something that we should want. Then we will see what the answers, but that, of course not what is going on in Washington.
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