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Big Tech Canceled Parler | Guests: Jason Whitlock & Amy Peikoff | 1/11/21

2021-01-11 | 🔗

The world we live in now isn’t the same as it was before the Capitol riots. Google, Apple, and Amazon took social media site Parler off the internet. “Build your own platform” isn’t enough any more — we’ll need our own everything. Twitter is still silent on violence against President Trump. Should conservatives boycott leftist companies? Columnist Jason Whitlock breaks down his new BlazeTV op-ed, “Ignoring the Concerns of Trump Supporters Will Destroy America." The digital bonfires are already burning. A caller suggests there’s no way the social media bans happened overnight. Parler chief policy officer Amy Peikoff joins with the latest on Parler’s removal and its efforts to rebuild and move forward.

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