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Big Voting Irregularities | Guests: Carter Page & Patrick Byrne | 12/1/20

2020-12-01 | 🔗

Sen. Chuck Schumer wants to start hearings for Joe Biden’s Cabinet members before Inauguration Day, and a federal judge stopped Georgia from wiping Dominion voting machines. Do we really believe 80 million people voted for Biden? Carter Page joins after suing the FBI and others for “unlawful spying” during the Russia probe. Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano talks the Gettysburg election hearing and any evidence of fraud. The media fawns over Biden getting a cat. Former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne makes the case that the Left pulled “a soft coup” with this election. Daniel Horowitz joins to talk major voting irregularities and a retracted study claiming COVID had “relatively no effect” on the total U.S. deaths this year.

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