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Bloomberg 2020: Rebuild America or Buy the Election | Guest: Steven Crowder | 11/25/19

2019-11-25 | 🔗
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has FINALLY joined the 2020 Democratic race. But will his immense wealth and ad strategy overcome his faults? For starters, he put bans on salt and soda and had quite a few #MeToo issues. And Navy Secretary Richard Spencer was fired over the handling of Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher’s case. But the media can’t understand why. BlazeTV’s Steven Crowder joins with a preview of tonight’s “Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself” special, where he’ll attempt to recreate Epstein’s “suicide” … for science. Also, Elizabeth Warren is having math trouble, Rick Perry now thinks Trump's the chosen one, and Rev. Franklin Graham praises Trump’s economy.

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I have money to you: it is Monday its thanksgiving weak and it's going to be a fun. We giving hopefully were out of impeachment hell for a couple of days just got a nice and a pat will be joining us here in just a moment. To not talk about constant impeachment here because there's none going on right now this week, that's the thanksgiving thing. It's thanksgiving miracle They decided not to overload us with impeachment crap this week. We have that going on. We ve got a new entrant, officially presidential race with MIKE Bloomberg. That's gonna be exciting to talk about today, and we will, as you may know, knowing pat and there at leaning in his shop right now. You noisier picnicking that you up welcome you one thing we will not be doing today is
talking about the National Football League Ass, the Eagles and packers fans have no interest. In fact, if everything in lean burn down to the ground would be completely fine without so I will not bore you at all with football to our problems. You today driblets over twenty seven back as the phone we're back with a show here in just one. The future of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the line that programme
text, Pat Stewart for Glenn on the Glenn Beck program. Eight hundred and eighty eight seven thousand two hundred and seventy e c k some great news to share yeah last week. We lost Wayne Muslim. There was an and domestic meant them better. Random arrests mania well, both of both are gone, I mean he be they. Five dollars and donations last quarter, no denying five individual dollars and only denying from one person but five, Visual dot, five dollars that Get you some in a race measure he would have unleashed Latin and the sky. Mahina of my understanding, as you didn't spend it, but at least that into this primary, the whole thing would ve been upside down. It goes into chaos at that point, but the
grief that we all feel because wine message is not in the race any longer is mitigated somewhat by the announcement of Michael Bloomberg over the weekend, so great that Michael Bloomberg is going to run for president? I mean here just a few of the things that he's gonna be bringing to the table.
My Bloomberg started as a middle class. Kid you don't work is way through college start hesitated business from a single room to a global entity, creating tens of thousands of could paying jobs along the way could stop. There could have been suffered. The terrible tragedy of nine eleven took charge becoming a three term mayor brought a sitting back from the ashes and brought back jobs and with creating tens of thousands of affordable housing units and wonderful, decent place to live, raising teacher salaries in kids, graduation rates and creating a more open and livable sitting for the millions who call it could have stopped their good when you witness the terrible toll of gun violence money where his heart was not willing to take on the inner rang politicians they fail to protect animals have close this country turn the tide, Andy Splendid College, education, Rwanda deserving low income and middle class. Could he stops? It might save non? Stop son, you probably starting their lobby and the outbreak of NEO this administration, the only home we have from the growing menace of clandestine, didn't Summum cease. Different kind of man is coming from Washington. No storm, no start all, because there's a stern waiting to be rebuilt. Everyone out health insurance is guaranteed to get it in every one who, like stairs, can go ahead and keep here we ve got rid of wealthy will pay more in taxes. Oh good, struggling middle class, your share its get just, allow you to become jobs that you get it for President jobs creator leader problems are going to take all three to build back. A country sure is so make Amerika great again.
Rebuild America which is essentially like that I made a labouring same slogan. That's a fascinating is if this is a fascinating experiment and might might is a myth, Things are talk about my Bloomberg, most of which are just topics and talk radio, because he's not going to with nomination, but my favorite part of this is Can we finally put to rest the idea but you can buy an election That, if you have so much money, you can put all your money in there and you can buy an election he's going to attempt it here. The man has the billion dollars. Is the ninth ridges person on earth he's going to dump so much money into this campaign, starting with thirty million Rodya million and right off the top. They say it's the biggest spend in any weak in any campaign in american history, including the general election, all while really yeah
Why, in a meaningless nowhere weak around thanks, being and there's no way. I mean what the go. It must take off to believe you can win this thing. When everyone knows you don't have a shot off, there's no chance, he wins his chances it's gotta be less than one percent. There's no way people are clamouring for a Michael Bloomberg presidency. I don't like most of the Bloomberg family and I don't think so clamouring for now. I don't think they are add, he's had a try, essentially a variation of the Giuliani approach, which is keep all the earthy states is still going to do that. As I read an article where he was all in now values. Yes, what I heard his name on the ballot in New Hampshire. As far as I know, I don't think I know he made the the Alabama that balance he can get on whatever ballot he wants, but the least the reporting I heard this morning again confirm that use planning on skipping the first four states, so come in on Super Tuesday, while and that's why,
he's gonna be able to spend so, much money because strategy, though cause you it'll be over by then it will certainly was fur Giuliani. Maroni waited in Florida forever ready to catch up to India and they are passed him by by it did not It did not work on it. You know route sort of did that unless, in the last primaries. Well, he tried to compete in certain early states but is he went all in on Florida and again that that didn't work doesn't seem to be one of those things that that works. All that well, but think about this path is again. Who is fifty billion dollars of wealth, and he says he might spend up to a billion dollars on this campaign, a billion while does it experiment has never been tried. Really I mean Rossiya. Lobbies is the most obvious example. He comes in with his own money. He has a lot to spend, but he didn't spend anywhere close we haven't you money spent sixty or seventy million dollars the entire campaign
and he was running for general had to get an unbalanced as an independent trump ran. Last time cut talked about the self funding, but never Remy. He spent he prayed. Spent about fifty million dollars of his own money on the campaign, which is a hell of a lot of money, but it that's not a self. Funding for him. He was still doing are getting on. Of donations, and got tons of help money wise from the hour and see in all these other sources. There was one attempt back in, I think, was nineteen eighty where the libertarian candidate they put a they put one. Brothers was the vice presidential candidate, so they could spend whatever they wanted, and it was a coke brother at the number two slot and you know it helped me they had. I think their highest vote total of the entire parties history, with the exception of Renault to does Sixteen was of. The one that beaten with Gary Johnson but stay like it's an interest, thought in that all problems that you have as a candidate
go out and you're trying to go, raise money and you're trying to kiss, but to everybody I mean they're, saying Bloomberg, wanted me to be outdoing speeches you just run and ads a campaign like like a fantasy team. You know it's just it's a he's, not gonna, use that training he's not running sprints he's not learn, plays he's just the and ass. He team GM and he's kind of running ads. You can spend a man in a well done. Add if you any of that. Appeals to you I dont know that any of it does appeal to the Democratic Party today, can a match. The? U S, constitution, does an appeal to you like MRS burn up the appeal body to the Democratic Party, but I that is to say, is due in that more covered up sixty seven. This is that the land back programme shopping this holiday season. Finding the perfect gift from your computer or your tablet are smart phone. That is that's a breeze now
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Just a quick reminder to Michael Blue birds, sock depth as New York City mayor, forget it Ban salt or I too me try to ban salt and, I think, did ban the sixteen out soda right you couldn't get our students was a thirty two about it was thirty. Two can only go up to sixteen out of something like that which made him the edit my number one enemy on earth right, because so does the most important thing in my life, but you could buy five twelve bounds and drink them all. Oh yeah, I mean it's stupid every morning, dick Iulus. Everyone showed how ridiculous it wasn't a silly. It was almost immediately and the south it's funny, because we ve talked about this before that the latest science on salt shows that it actually isn't harmful. Right which is hilarious because they ve been talking about this for such a long time, and you go back and look at the history of of the salt thing. It doesn't even it's even true
you know, doesn't terribly awful for you if you just do in moderation soda, could have a sword every once in a while to get to be a big deal, though or you could do it. I do and have twelve day right and that that is ok to live. That's what you want to tell you. What to do now is not a freedom guy, though my blue areas. Not do what you want to do kind of guy, either certain brand of politician any and they come from both sides. Rightly go back to Al Gore on lyrics in rap songs. From back in the day, Alan Tipper right that sort of the warning labels as it was Tipper Gore that was behind all that yeah, there's sort of parental, thing that they get some western politicians do in one who does it on your quarter? Quote the right, however, you see him his microscopy he's the same way where, like he, to make sure look? Yes, I'm I'm on board with Michel Obama's Guenaud, don't put too much real crappy food.
Kids, lunches plan and- and let me say, let's make these this illegal cause. I think it's bad and they should be illegal. Does I think it's bad? It is this this parental or almost maternal ram, thought of the latest, because they know better because they know better and that's Bloomberg. One hundred percent- yes, he's totally down that road and theirs I'm thinking about that that appeal, I think, to Democrats right where it can be said in a letting the constitutional fire there's an hour to make that he should just make. That is campaign slogan Nickel Bloomberg. I will like the constitution on fire and it might action, Work in the democratic primary right now seems to be what they want Get the in with us with who their choosing but Bloomberg. At least seen as a centrist used to be a Republican. Then he was an independent than many just full fledged Democrat, yes and so don't think there's much hunger for Bloomberg the guy, who has all sorts of weird me to problems which has not been
castigated, but will be sure. I know about me to problems of Bloomberg yeah I heard about these apologize for some of it. I wins. It's that Harvey Wines, dean, stuff, we're talking about its stuff, where he was very dismissive of women at the workplace, He is known as a guy. This there's a profile that was written, a few years ago about Bloomberg any sunk into a reporter and Have a child in your car might be a good time to turn the renewed efforts he studied. Reporter and there at The party with all these beat of beautiful people and their beautiful gowns walking around an east. This person is trying to YO? These profiles are like right, like you they're super and Death Valley analyze everything you do. You may mean that all the color of every moment is there you're like a fly in the wall in the room with whoever's being profiled, so one beautiful woman walked by, I believe in or twenties and and Bloomberg blurt out.
HU the reporters generate. Their man she's gotta to get a hell of it. Ass on her ha googly come come it's in the profile right, but you can't that's not a thing that I mean This happened win it was true doesnt thirteen. That was a long time in recent years, like we're going back to the eighties for this stuff, so there is a theirs El Fit, there's sensible, logical, fit for Might Bloomberg to win, nomination. It is purely an ego thing: its purely. He thinks he's the only person who can do this right, it's a big deal and What I find it interesting about this may be the biggest part of this is there has this thing in politics where we ve been told over and over and over and over again, we have to do think about money and politics, because you can use by elections, and we see how many times that just not true, where is the evidence of this
nothing to do with who spends more money. Donald Trump spent nothing compared to Hillary Clinton and one that election. It is not it's not about that Michael Limburg is yet to come in here and have he wore chest of fifty billion dollars that the night, largest war chest of any person on earth to come in here. And try to win an election against people like Andrew Yang and Corey Booker. If you can't do that, if you can't be the mare of South Bend Indiana with fifty billion dollars, often he's going to annul the guy is either. Not only has he not gonna win the election. He's not gonna, be maybe even Andrew Yang? I guided see I'm getting past and isn't it have to like four percent. I don't see Bloomberg Bloomberg much higher than four percent yanks. Actually dont really well with a selection has any they stay. I think he's a. He stands out of this field. As someone who is at least honest and
well reasoned veil. I disagree with his reasoning on almost all the things is talking about. Heedless knows what he's talking about. Unlike symbolic Elizabeth Warren, whose just saying whatever thing she can say to try to vilify people who are wealthy she's a stark raving, not yes, she's, just not in its. It gets worse and worse every day,. She is, she added in autonomy really fund. A watch is if what looks like is happening and those with her falling continues to happen. Oh man, her and ultimate flail mode is gonna, be felt tat. It could be said to be paid, might be better about. It might be better than that of travel. Eight. Seventy seven be easy. K mortal and back with patents do come on up health concerns are a sad part of life. I mean it seems like there's always something that either hurt. Sir bothers s, health lies right. Well, if that's, u, you really need to see with sea beady
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so you're just talk about ITALY, Elizabeth worn Her tax plan is a pretty good one. You know, I think you were alluding to the did. It might be crazy, but I don't know really listen to this democratic presidential candidate. Those with worn is unveiled sweeping tax proposals that would push federal. Acts rates on some billionaires and multimillionaires above one hundred percent now. Is that their fair share? If you, they know more than everything they have that's, not their fair share. I know I know that some from other people too and give it to you. I think we have
take money from a whore people to give to billionaires for them to pay and tackles guy. That's my proposal, so potential Acts rates over one hundred percent could result from the combination of tax increases, she's proposing she wants to return the top income tax rate, thirty nine point, six from thirty seven percent now Then she wants to impose a new fifty words. Fourteen point: eight percent, it's almost fifteen percent tax for social Security wow a newt while amazing and then it's one of those it never end. Now, if you at some point, for you know people who make over a certain amount of money in the it they stop taking it from you during the year cause they ve taken everything they can write at its areas of an act or a hundred thousand dollar yet next out, and it will max, doubting more socially fifteen percent, all your uncle, It not wonderful and it would add an annual tax of up to six percent on accumulated wealth and require rich investors to pay capital gains taxes.
The same weight as income tax, Serbian, thirty nine point? Six percent on your capital gains, which is a double tax, is Verde Pay yeah right, but other than that, some of you, if you take a billionaire with a thousand dollar investment who earns six. The return of sixty bucks they receive little gain dividend her interest. If all of warrants taxes are implemented, he could only fifty eight point. Two percent of them or thirty five dollars in federal tax plus his entire, investment would incur a six percent wealth tax. That's at least six sixty dollars. Then The result is a acts as high as ninety five dollars on income of sir? stay dollars for a combined tax rate a hundred and fifty eight percent. Now Joseph, fair, fair right, because this funny but we ve tried many times too. Pin down the left on what the fair share number is. Yes, I do,
think I've even ever heard them get to one. Fifty eight before I feel like luncheon idea many gear and safe, fair territory. There are inevitably fair re everything you earn plus another half of what you are an plus a little more at a mature where that comes from. But while it may not, have you told your doubt, a lot of this comes from to her wealth tax, which is plainly institutional was discussed for a very long time. There's a reason why they needed the sixteenth amendment to have an income tax in the first place and specifically did not allow or things like the wealth tax when it occurred, whatever words can ignore. The constitution were her. Second again, Michael Bloomberg, I'm setting air to the constitution and I want to be your president and with more and is certainly as already Blake that path, so When you start taking money, that's already been earned and, as you point out already been taxed, then it goes into investments and its text again and then a sitting in your bank account and then it gets text again. I will start
taxing the same dollar. This many times you can get over a hundred percent right is now you ve done the three times at least and when they spend your taxing it again right, unbelievable hijinks, unbelievable how much it will do and if you die, they're gonna take again they're gonna half of what you ve accumulated any already paid taxes on all that in some cases tripled. Access on all that, it's hard to know livable, to whether it doesn't you'll like to me as person whose up here in the United States that something like This could be possible that right windows. It was advocating things like this in trying to vilify people for me, successful in this country could pass doubly when the election, but we should not rush it off. I don't know, especially when it gets to invent unwisely. Anything can happen with the media. Behind the other side, You think it happened right. It doesn't seem like an interview you get elected in Cuba, may be doing this thing like it in Venezuela. Doing this I mean with
top of maybe some somebody position, people being murdered at one o clock in the way these among the leaders yeah it's hard to believe. But there is for patents. Super Glenn come up on the Glinda programme here. Listening TED Glenn Bank If even thinking about on security, there is no better time to get it and right now and this week simply safe is offering the best deal. They ve made this year. You'll get one
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simply safe. Back Dotcom Glenn, an oasis of sanity in the post, modern wilderness join the conversation. Eighty eight, seventy seven, seven back. Then stupor Glenn underlined that parental, your blate seventy seven be easy. Gay we're talking about Michael Bloomberg, some of his issues, he jumps into the presidential campaign, etc. Because I don't know that these have been highly publicized. But he's got some issues here. He does have some semi two issues, and I don't know if it's exactly me, two issues, you anything
me too, and this is one of the problems with the whole term and hashtag and movement or any movement, you name after a hashtag. One of the issues with it is it just encompasses soap, such a wide variety of behaviour that everything from I murdered. Forty seven women too I once brushed into someone on the subway, is all included in me to look like everything from like Jeffrey Dahmer. I asked her out twice and she said no, both time recited, that's that's a major violate or you actually ask someone out. They say. Yes, you have a consensual relationship, but I think because She urged ten thousand dollars. You are less than you. You have too much power and therefore to me too violation all the way up to you know something there making like true crime, documentaries about Annette flexing that entire ranges me too. So this would be more on the lower end of the meat you movement, but let me give you all these, bluebird, as I mentioned, and again this it gets a little salty. If you happen have kids car here on the Thanksgiving vacation Bloom,
reportedly saying to a journalist in the journalist friend ass. He gazed at a woman at a holiday party, look at the ass on her he did, I that one of course there were two witnesses switch in us out seems like you probably did enters a bunch of other. She doesn't really deny Bootblue. According to a top aid, seek seeing attractive women and reflexively remarking, It is an exact words they use here, but nice boobs is sickly what he would say then Bloomberg, mocking Christine Quinn, the then speaker of the City Council, foregoing too, between your hair colourings? She said the couple of weeks or I need to get my hair colored Quinn once said he'll say, do pale. To make your hair to be two colors, because its now three with the gray, that's then Bloomberg mocking quaint, again saying because she fails to wear heels at public events. I was at a made with him once and he said what are those their comfortable? She said
and he said I never want to hear those words out of your mouth again. Bloomberg afforded by colleagues are saying if women wanted to be appreciated for their brains, they go to the library instead of Bloomingdale's, oh no hint Bloomberg Ass in the dust deposition. Have you ever made a comment to the effect that you would like to quote. Do that piece of meat but replied, I don't recall ever using the term meat If you kind see this here entirely strong denials now that there is not really a lot of strong two I had. This is apparently a very well known thing. It's new creepy things yet, and I hey this is this more puts him in the category of being a a jerk. Yet then, then, than a mining line, steamer such all harasser right, it's not the same exact type of thing by something you'd think in the democratic primary would not work right right. Top in frisk. He had in New York City
You know, arguably, did wind up. Doing a lot in that city, which is policy, was his policy and he's now come out and apologized for it, because you're not allowed to hold that policy in their democratic right, so that's gone, and then you know The other thing you here in his ad, which I find to be fascinating, is he could just lists off all the amazing things he's done, and this is typical of politicians right I did this. I did that I took on this. I took on that, but has you want any of the things he took on like frigate? Well, he brings up coal. And he brings up the climate. Like has the climate been solved because of his efforts? I, if it has a great it's great news- nobody took it on. He took it on deck. He took an oath. He spent a bunch of his money trying to get all plants shut down. Now, of course, what happened was simple plants have shut down multiple reasons, one guy regulation to now Draw gases is wines of being a better product and people like it more
so we're using that, instead of using a different fossil fuel, but that's not it because Michael bloom for convincing anybody here and in in another point Barack Obama took that on long before he became a became mayor. Well, not when I was after he became mayor of yet but- Took it on a national scale and said that they can build these power plants, but they're gonna go bankrupt if they do cause he was going to regulate them so hard to those part of his campaign and enmity shut down. Hundreds of coal fired net plans. Limburg basically takes credit for this, influencing government regulation to shut these things down. Again that might play in the Democratic party does not play to Americans, where you're you're, using your money, took to manipulate government laws to take away people's businesses. I sounds glorious. I know guns, did he sought the gun, violence problem because he keeps bragging about how much ease he stop? That and in the problem, as if, if death, massive solved all these problems. They ve got nothing to run on.
Right. Like Ebay, they keep saying how bad the gun violence problem is at the same time bragging about taking it on what what is it taking it on done. Nothing worse. Yeah. I made it easier by your tongue. It's made it worse and then I people still drink soda I dont know I mean I've live, seems relatively common, yes and they? U salt and they use all, and he tried to ban that. Couldn't get that done. So I just dont know where the ipod closed on a lot of streets in New York. If I remember correctly, he anything he made them He made traffic by vehicle forbidden in certain areas which made getting around in New York more difficult impossible, which was great already terrible hypocrites. Yet
and he made it worse and he's also this type a guy who we will use his power for whatever he wants right like now, there's a lot of this. What arguments- and maybe he couldn't have done any of these things when he was mare, but he did them anyway and I think most fascinating is what are you gonna hear of Donald Trump wins? What's it down, for we go through twenty twenty Donald Trump wins the day. He's you know with this hits hits left and they realise its actual thing number one, of course, with it try to do is impeach him again over something and they're gonna go down that road, but we're going are doing is warning you that this guy is gonna, stay and extra term. Here, a blow off the constitution and he's gonna wind up going for an extra term he's going to the guy who who's gonna, be there for three or four or five terms. Who knows how long now, of course, you can back and say well, wasn't your guy? Who was there for fun
hundred terms and is the reason we have the constitutional amendment that limits it to do. You remember this is empty. Are one of the real big Republican been conservative, but beyond that Bloomberg did that in New York, no, he has lived to term limited there, and- a campaign Get himself elected to change. The constitution. To allow him to be elected for third term, which actually worked, and he was successful. The one of the reasons it worked because it was in the middle of the financial crisis, and people are like what I want to change and in in he knows a lot about money. I think so keep him there, but he, actually got a third term. How little house left Gonna make that argument, which they will by the way of Trump wins. The other way how many Michael Bloomberg, who is the he's he's the trailblazer on this particular thing. The lumber thing isn't going to happen right. It's not he's not going to win the honestly would probably have a better chance if he ran as an independent right out of this prize.
Reprocessing jumped in on his own wait to see you keep saying it doesn't want Bernie Sanders Areas, Elizabeth one or two socialist. Well, if one of those this guy's win. Then you jump in and maybe you run as an independent. It would probably be a more realistic path for him to make a dent here. He's not gonna win in this field. They don't want him. Nobody wants Michael Bloomberg, nobody wants him, that's why it wants it. When I was money, I was so surprised to see him actually get into this, because who was clamouring for this? Nobody. Nobody was he said you know, I got really crappy, while they're saying that they ve got bad choices, but nobody has said here and I sure wish that great Option, Michael Bloomberg would jump in here to give us a better choice. Nobody wants that. Yeah mean they want, they might want Michelle Obama or or Hilary even amending and want Michael Bloomberg. Gonna want everyone a real now, Michelle Obama they would love to their love or Oprah Miasm. Like that, some
it's funny to one other part of this, which is interesting, I think, is the billionaire clubs, a pretty exclusive club. What's a few one of and they all serve, compete with each other and for a very long time, Donald tromp was seen This sort of like low level billion heir to the their billionaires right like this is, they used to be explained as Donald is, is a rich person for poor people. Write like poor people see not true as the ultimate rich person, but rich people don't see Donald Trump as as the ultimate rich people person. They see him as, like. You know, I'd be like it like, more like almost consumer facing object right, post has some well done. Research, if you think of it. If you'd like it's like he's like an advertising guy he's, a guy is like making money off of his name is on tv all the time where the people like Bloomberg are serious and they created
businesses and created real value in their doing real. Do he's just like he's a psycho he's a cartoon, and that was Wait. Trump was seen within that community for years and years and of course it bothered. I think, Donald Trump. I mean there's a lot of reporting that it did how Her I mean it's hard for him and with the guys, the President, United States now so he's. One here are prey like he's. No longer you can criticise them in that way, anymore. And I think a lot of these murmur there's two billion years running and the democratic Primmer it now Tom style is also running and trying to do a very similar thing. To limited success, but some in the in the early states, and Bloomberg is now trying this theirs. Thing. I think this is competition among billionaires hours Are they see what tromp is accomplishes? If Trump can do that? Of course, I can do it, I'm much better and much more around I've more money than he does and there's this weird competition that goes on. Therefore, it's not even about money to a pride. It's about accomplishment
and Bloomberg. I think that is where He sees himself in this than this, STAR is a real ideologues. Style is a big time. Like he's Elizabeth Warren Bernie Sanders level. Ideologues that happens have a lot of money, which is why I could you see a situation where and she's not going to win but like a PAMELA Harris wins the presidency and you someone like Tom style as your VP, because again then, air can spend all this money on the campaign. Whether you like any disease, is aligned quite well with the Democrats. Bloomberg. Isn't, though, there's no theirs Take it I mean maybe he would fit on a Joe Biden ticket or something I don't think he would take a VP slot. Still like there's a there's, a situation where There is not a love thirst for a guy who's, going to break He used to be a Republican in this field right, that's not a thing that no one near right, and I think I think you're right about the about the
his fellow billionaires, who are looking at Trump and think they can do the same thing and I think more Cubans. Another one more cuban love to jump into this race somewhere as eight eat him alive. That Trump is the president of the United States and he's not yet. I think he sees himself as a better version right, but evidently troughs you know ass. It does it because there are different programme. Nineteen, I too am a billionaire too. I could do this better. Trump could I'm wastewater than him. I've dealt with him before I'm smarter than about they. All that you're really billionaire. Of course, you kind of feel this way right and, of course you do. We even accomplished a lot you ve built something that no one else can do you're in the very top echelons of society. People do things for you all the time, you basically win all that We are used to it and then you this guy, who you thought your entire life is. Is this kind of person
entry into your little club, the guy. It's like the guy. You know Roddy Dangerfield in Caddy check right, like that's trump, to these guys, like you, know, they're all around their habit. They're nice little Gulf tournaments, undisguised building, condos next door and he's got like the loudly he's got a stereo on his Gulf bag that he's blotted out and Andy's vague in all sorts of rude comments and emeralds. Oh, I can't believe uptake. That's all They get a free bought, a bowl of soup without hat in enacted standpoint. Where They see him as this invader under their cool thing, and then like it's time to wait. We can beat him. When are we just step in a good way more money I could spend whenever one I'll come in here hush the sky sucks and I That's the way you think about it and are going to find out that little summary of the american people, which is so so progressively typical. Is to say that, because you ask anybody who brings up the point, hey, you know like, I, just don't want money taking over politics.
I don't want anyone, I I don't want you can go by election. He's gotta go try to buy an election that shouldn't be allowed, asked any person who says that one question would whoever be won over by adds if they re like a thousand ads on your, let's just say they targeted only you with all their money in every day. All he did was wake up in theirs billboards in front of your house with Michael Bloomberg Face and there, every tv commercials Michael Bloomberg, telling you all the things you want to hear. Would you be won over by it and what they wanted? Every single time is, of course, not be won over by political ads. They're, saying implicitly there is everyone else's lesser to me. I can do it I can resist the ads. I can think for myself what everyone else it'll be fooled, and I can't allow other people to be fooled because there, personal decision making process is one that I approve of it's. So it's oh Peter Rabbit, so arrogant and so would latest and so condescending. It is all built into that little phrase and we're about to prove it wrong. It's true, that you can buy election. It doesn't happen in this country. It's not true, and you know
This is it being a thing where you want to say to cope brothers: they want to bring up their little bogeyman on the right, all the time that are supposedly bang elections or who's got like Malta. A billion euros in their field. Trying to do it. That's me Multiple millionaires mean Elizabeth warrants, got a lot of money to Andrew gangs. Not not not poor, plus the in suspend about three to four times what the coat brothers due on election yes triple seventy seven be easy k, you're listening to Glenn back. If you been thinking about home security, there is no better time to get it, and right now and this week, simply safe is offering the best deal they ve made this year. You'll get twenty five percent of any new system, plus a free, hd security camera it's the best. Security period was simply safe. You're gonna get everything you need to keep your home safe. We have the entry sensors
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I spent Super Glinda, the good big brother covered up the way to talk about yourself, navy situation with the Navy seal and President Trump has been ah pardoning people blocking there right there trident being taken away, as is a seal. You never get the tree thing that makes you a seal, and in that I guess a Navy was in it have it have a hearing as to whether or not he got to keep that the guy it was. Is accused of war crimes, but not convicted of them her. To end, so that is a bit controversy. The secretary of the Navy basically fired overnight
Is it a big situation in our in our country, but I dont think you press understands it at all. You could hear by the way their handling it. They have no idea how this place to the american people get into that coming up on a glimpse of the airlines and the captain. Thing, I could do all good got stuck for that. I could talk about. That's for the whole, show the quota can t shirt is enough to spark allotted discussion really Maybe we should get into that. Zimbabwe was heard here. We also, of the Navy situation that overnight, and it is a bizarre thing. These things it's
interesting, like experiment, thought experimental, look back at the trouble administration and think of it. As like if it was a run of the mill sort of administration. How big these stories to be like either. I think we are. We easily couldn't gone this entire day. Not even talking about them. We have been familiar enough I think it happens in another administration is a huge story for weeks and weeks. Definitely ears like ass. I don't even know that we really have become immune to the big story. These days we have more to say
the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their glinda programme today, featuring patents, do good to have you with us trouble eight seventy seven be eased ok The the navy Some interesting things going on with the Secretary of the Navy, yeah chaotic, kind of big. Now the very unfortunately named Richard Spencer, just not the name. You want in two thousand nineteen Richardson sir. The white supremacist has sort of scourge you over on that one of your names Riviera had been Richard Spencer for a very long time and now the sudden it sucks. I will give you a good example of this actually let's just say, your name happened to be LISA, page with much more thought, which I happen to be married to a person who happens to have the name LISA Page
This is not the least a page who is in the middle of the trumpet impeachment stuff. The Mulder report like you'll, see it was agent straw cried thy, yet all these names confused who were texting back and forth, but how bad Donald Trump was. They needed an insurance policy to take. Down like, and they were having an affair, their negative. Where do I hope it wasn't the same? These are big jeez. I thought of it that way, but Her name, my wife's name and LISA Page is now that you know the same name is spelled differently, but whenever you say LISA page people, don't don't think about. You know this. Pop culture, radio host they thinking about this person. Who's been texting these two things about president. I told her. What am I gonna? What the truth is like this thing blows up big enough. You can add to ginger name you're gonna have to because, like one of her name, was like Monica Lewinsky right like she's, what their whole life as Monica Lewinsky and in one day, Monica Lewinsky happens. You can't
keep your name. Monica Lewinsky almost have to change it, yeah pretty much if your names like Dave, Duke probably was like it Adolf Hitler, you don't wanna, be Adolf Hitler up all in this day and age you just heads has, does it is not helpful? Now, it's not so Richard Spencer, who is the Navy secretary? He He he had a there's a big blow up and we ve only afterwards back a few pieces to explain what happened but There was an eighty seal who were Accused of war crimes. Within the war on ISIS and The accusation was basically, he was killing prisoners in custody, and that was a violation of all of our standard when it comes to getting you get it. Even more you get a there are standards there right, and so
It was just like kill people for no reason when their captured now, of course, Gallagher, deny doing this but through a trial- and he was acquitted me wasn't it. He didn't do it at least legally, and an agent has denied the entire time that he did. This. It gets a little more complicated after that, because the he did pose with body of isis prisoners. Can we see the evidence of that? There's gonna? No denying that right and you're not supposed to do right now. That's that's of Europe in a surly prison for, but it was something that the military said. You know what we're not going down rank reality. And I'm gonna have the rank that used to have because think this is not the key Behavior hunting of a Navy seal exactly now it usually. What happens? Is the military deals with that stuff? You could say it's right or wrong and that's the end of it. Happen here was Trump jumped in and said. Look were restoring his rank, hidden,
anything wrong, stop treating our soldiers badly when they come back from from being overseas and fighting for us. So this happen and he had his rank were stored, which rough some feathers within the military, soon structure And then, after that they said. Well, we're gonna have this sort of bore. Of his peers to decide whether he gets to remain a navy seal and keep his trident I got well. I guess this is something, and I know you look at me in yours. That guy it's gotta, be a Navy seal and its sure I m. Actually not a navy seal loud people think that look at me and say: oh my god. She just looks like it. You know really good shape. You know just looks like a guy who be a hero. People think that about me- and that's not actually true, technically really gathered- surprises me radio days ago, a lot it happens. Determining and look. I want to make sure that I want to see many valor here I did not serve in that capacity.
For clearing that you're, not okay. So all the ins and outs but basely there's a panel that says of his peers at say. Look we dont, think other navies. He'll say like look. No, you screwed up here, emirate were knocking down that had had Yep, it was going to happen trumps then again and said no more knocking let that happen. That's not happening there the big disagreement between the Secretary of the Navy and the Secretary of Defence and the Secretary of Defence One, and now the Navy secretaries is but basically fired publicly. He fired back in a very harshly worded letter as all units military drama, it always comes in the form of a harshly worded letter and basically said. Look. This is the press is jumping into the middle of of how we keep people accountable in the military, and you can't do that and of course and do that very clearly- can do it commander in chief yeah, China, China means something
so we can do here as are all there for you. Yes, but he didn't like it any step down and fine whatever but this has been blown up as yet another massive controversy, yet another game, changer yet another day where the walls are closing in on the Trump administration. Yet again, another major thing that we're all supposed to be fired up and worried about and the media to make it into this big story Look it's a big story because you know it affects the most important. You know group of people probably and are all of our lives, the military. But beyond that, I think that the Press thinks this is something that's going to hurt Trump Norway or they would be talking about not with the american people you're totally right on that You're totally right on that. The american people look at this and say this exactly what we want Trump for a person who's gonna. Look at all the nonsense, wait a minute. What was it he was. He took a picture with it.
I tried to kill him so the naked pyramid than death- they want someone to step up and say you screw. You see all your little bird bureaucracy. You will come back, and punish guy who's over their defending us against terrorists he took a photo nope, no, get out of my way, and the people are gonna agree without every time yeah you're gonna get eighty ninety percent of Americans on board. With that. I think I think so too. I think this helps him a lot and standing up for not only someone in our military but also someone in our military whose being tar, it for negative consequences, and you can stand up. And just knock all the crap out of the way and say you know what this guy, Maybe he made a mistake here there I don't know, but the bottom line is what he was doing is good for this country. We need people like that and if we tart start treating them like who can come back and constant,
he punished. For that fighting we're gonna do There are people going to want to sign up, and it's me Vietnam all over again treat treating those soldiers we retreated and when they came back and nobody wants that AAA. Seventy some be easy, gay, more balanced overland. This is that the land back public health concerns are a sad part of life. I mean it seems like there's always something that either hurts. Sir bothers S. Health lies right. Well, if that's? U, you really need to see with seabed. Products could do for your health c b d may offer many of the health benefits of marijuana, but without the high. So it's a hundred percent legal and requires no prescription from C B distillery. Cobb. They helped. Testimonials are impressive. Like this customer who wrote, I highly recommend see beady to everyone. Is that a complete turn around for me? other customer wrote c b D made a big difference in my health. Look. If you haven't you,
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The nice year for Disney good Year. Now, that's a good, that's a decent number. For the first day. Now we're what two weeks beyond that, I'm sure There are twelve fifteen who know I would see the numbers, but I signed up because of the men Delorean have hit me Guess what use I actually, but when I heard the idea Disney Plus, I shall come on in the sight of that stupidly value we gotta STAR wars, series, we're gonna, tell you anything about it: ok, I'm in young man Delorean. I don't even know what a mandatory and he is. I don't I mean I standards It's amazing. How much good will was bad, by those first three movies, because since those first three movie, they released eight more between the main series and the two spin offs NEA arson Is it seven or is it eight? I don't know seven or eight new movies I've liked. None of the fifth is really not a single one of a mile, and yet
I buy Disney, plus or the man Delorean animal conform. With a great deal of anticipation to the new movie, come out in December Vagabondage against his that's. How much that's how much How much good will they bank for me with those first three movies? It's amazing and I will take a very strong, indefensible argument that really the first three were really the first to the first two movies. I know you don't like return of eternal J. I, like the way, is justified in going to hug any walk. If you want to watch the return of the dead, I I would say that I, like somebody else at the beginning of the stupid STAR wars, characters that have to be in every movie right. Yes, that was different, that you want to never got any Lubbers night. It's gotta be an e walk in part, nine Don't worry, I won't get a ship somewhere Walkin violated, get any love ethic. Lucas realized his mistakes will always many when urging large raptors aren't after jarred jar that he's ok, maybe that's a sea under that yeah you're right, it is, is amazing. I guess it's just because of this
bits of its retro thing. It makes you feel like the old days. A second somebody who's younger than me. The other day is a guy. Just remember those first three movies like I knows incredible any actually talking about the principles. I want you out. We really you're talking you're saying the pre calls have a islets. I wouldn't worry everything about star wars. If that's the way I see it as, but that there is still something in a great about those movies like I've. I have arisen. Excitement I don't know a sense of wonder every time. I don't know how you, even with the best once he caught a capture that I think it's the music, maybe it's John Williams, it should get all the credit for star wars here. You're, probably because I noticed in the man Delorean, I'm pretty sure John Williams didn't do this music and it's not quite they say I mean I was ok with it
first one, the second one. I was like a cat on all that I like this and then the third one cut a broader backer unto me. I got reinvested after the third episode. Ok, you do like it over. I do like it over Xilai. I'm gonna watch it at some point, but I mean we. I did not. To attend the sky, a frozen to this weekend with my daughter but she was very excited about it and Oh apparently were a lot of other people. It set a record for the most money ever on in a weekend for an animated movie and so far this, think of what a year this is for Disney Disney plus launches. With all this stuff go on lots of money. There they have now it looks like six movies. That are earning they're going to earn a billion dollars worldwide. This year. While now that is well known is the moral stuff right. Yes, you got adventures endgame you ve got lost in king look. I know you ve got toy Laurie for while
Captain Marvel, which everyone can assist socked. I think, but ass though gonna make a billion that is still made over a billion dollars, Aladdin with will his, which wasn't that good at still made over a billion dollars worldwide. We're gonna get frozen to is definitely going to do it and then delineating already a hundred and twenty seven million in one week when we can address here, yeah and then When I ve been talking about the last, star wars, GA, the main nine movies that we were promised all those years ago. What is obviously also going to earn a billion dollars world, but there are no one with eight movies. Eight movie while in one year a billion dollars and that doesn't includes the spider. And thing which is in that weird, like kind of I don't know exactly at its distributed by Sony, but it's sort of part of the marble thing and more whatever that I can understand all that crap it, but the bottom line is there to do pretty. Well, yeah? What's they own everything everything a b c
spend they bought Fox Fox entertained not fox. The news they on their own marvel and Pixar, and National geographic and discovery, I think, is poor. Their deal too, but they don't have that undisciplined, but I mean an amazing empire. That's become an been watching this series on Disney plus called the thicket. Generic Disney imaginary, I imaginary, or something it tells a story of a wall back in the in the fifties. And it takes them off all the way through the nineties into thousands and his vision for four Disney what they went through along the way to try to get to where they work, as they were actually a mile much much smaller company when he started doing theme parks in the fifties Disney wasn't the behemoth that it is now and so it was really tough for them and they fell on some pretty hard financial times and there were some at times in there where Roy,
Disney was like Walt you're gonna you're gonna bring this country company into bankruptcy. Is like knelt unknown it. Now you just kept going. And his vision was amazing, but I mean it's interesting. See Disney then, and what Disney? As now, when they own everything and they get they ve got six or eight movies that are gonna, be it a billion dollars each I mean to making some amazing Yes, it is that we want to Disneyland with the kids a few weeks ago and is it like it then the first thing you notice is there's just not one piece of trash anywhere. It's as if people are not the slobs, we know they are young all the sudden all these people.
Walk around, not drop in napkins and not drop in wrappers. Of course, they are just that. There's people walking sunken about constantly cleaning up its fascinating. We will get to the point we just drop itself on the floor. Dislike hide behind a bush to see alone. I took a pick it up if it ever really is crazy but, like maybe it's amazing what people will do? There's tens of thousands of peoples and people in this park every day that we were there blocking torn thirty thousand step says we you might know where your step down these days are stupid. Phones and you know people look at that is a vacation, but ever the you buy is six times the amount that we know it, Costa and unjust, getting into the park with the tickets and initially is sky high yeah, I said, did what that was not a vacation. That was a charitable donations to children. But then we should get that thing deducted, because that's it
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cold nonsense smacked in her face, and I am I'm really die. Whether to the NFL in the kneeling thing in calling Capron thing even the college football now at the Harvard Yale Game over the weekend. This is the biggest big rivalries, it's the I think, it's the oldest continual reverie at least one of em- spend Goin on four hundred and thirty six years, so there in the middle of this rivalry, thereabout to come out for half time and on the field, Russia, a whole bunch of protesters, fears, I happen to be watching on play: Stevie essentially bring into the centre of the field, and then they do is sit in over climate change. Now I don't know hundreds. Maybe a few thousand people ended up out there, stayed on the field for an hour an hour and then finally, some of them most of em walked off, but forty two of them were left and please
said to arrest him I mean you can't go to a EL, Harvard game without being interrupt, and now yell bull doesn't have any lights. Sir. They're playing in virtual darkness by the end of the game, because it was delayed in our body eighty over climate change. Take your thing elsewhere! Would you please I etc shows how dumb The protesters are because no one cares if the Harvard Yogi habits are not ok, I gotta do for you. Wanna go to out now a bam, a game Ellis you gain. People are getting it really pissed about it here. Man. The good excuse just go home for a. He will have to stay right, it's cold.
Let's just get out of here. It's a nice tradition. I used to live in Connecticut, obviously so to do, and you know the global is like it's a very well known thing and it's like the Harvard Gale Games a big deal. It will in time it with additional sense in eighteen, seventy two of misleading gay, whose huge, if aid, if they disrupted that game in eighteen, seventy two, I beheld Picea this desire, the national championship, probably probably cause there's only two colleges are going to come here, Lemon Rucker River, about three three. Now, no one cares. I mean you just like the the Ivy League. Football thing is just not big enough deal for anyone to care, that's true, but as a typical horrible move by climate protesters and it's a kind of approach, Those are strange. It somewhat you in the way that they protests things and they tried stop people from enjoying life,
You think you're gonna win people do your cause honoured to would not that I mean it's not like that. You know they'll go and the like block a street right. People can get to work like that Cecile irritating or that we like, hey you, don't we need to ban big screen televisions, big screen of all the things like go yell at that both the police, the coal plants with the smokestacks like people, might be on your side there. They also want to watch the man Delorean and their big screen tv right, don't target big screen tv sets. A terrible idea does move dumb, move right and our, though just block like all, I have to pick up my daughter at school, but I can't because of climate protesters. I mean that is not a good way to go. You not winning friends in influencing people. No question, Tripoli. Seventy seven back here listening to the bank, If you can think about home security, there is no better time to get it, and right now and this week simply safe is offering the best deal they ve made this year. You'll get one
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inoculate yourself for the daily dose of Glenn Glinda COM or wherever podcast found. Its patents do in for the latter's on vacation this week AAA seven twenty seven back is our number, but I recommend, as approach the holiday season. You such to place dvd com. If you go to waste meta com- you can subscribing get all sorts shows, not only the Glen Back programme at YO anti versions of it, so called had gray unleash, I dont know if that is exactly what a South South has taught Us- that really rather good right. Great shows from all over the conservative spectrum, including loud,
crowded with Stephen crowd her now Stephen joins us now and I'm I'm interested in the decision making process that but lead here, which is We are Stephen going into weekend: you're gonna be around your family. Giving table everyone gettin together warm warm thoughts and memories, and you ve picked today For a special entitled, Epstein didn't kill himself is an appropriate time perfect w for that? Thank you for having ever keep in mind that I did not much three years ago, my very first Christmas special was like water boarding. Note today is is fulfilled. We don't know, it's actually really want are with what sort of an broken evil, Roddy Knievel statement complete with the patriot, attire and a jumpsuit. I will be It creates an exact to scale replica of Jeffrey Epstein cell forcibly tonight eight p m eastern people can walk in the plans or Youtube that Complex democratic and we have now
the scales, both at the compression around the neck and on the actual device itself- and I am going to attempt to myself the wage every obstacle, but I think that I will have a neck brace, but I still can't some of the numbers we have been given by the media, for example the highway gone. They say well at Eighty- would only take thirty thirty Newton sorry to break it. I will do that that protection, you will watch me live on air attempt break my highway with the amount, of course, the recommended at that, as well as trying to get you d, twelve hundred pounds, of course number, which is what they used to the death by hanging, which still Dolphin wanted at the examples of the Cairo. Actors. We set up a lot of reality, provided us with engineer staff. The report like giving I'm gonna try it myself in an accurate to scale, replica sale of Jeffrey actually now or family. Now, unlike us, but unlike the actual instant, the incident with the with Epstein,
Your cameras work. Oh you see this happen. I appreciate your concern. You have several security guards, ongoing watch as well as good and princes and exit, because you know I think I wanna be conducting a scientific experiment in rotten, come back and hit in the back of it with a pallet like we're gonna make you two: are that controlled experiment? We have multiple cameras, so fully. Nothing will go a job if it you know I ceased to be a big assuming a temperature. I do allow everyone permission to suspect foul play wow so is there now? How do you feel Stephen if something terrible does happened tonight? How do you feel let us exporting it for ratings. I would be disappointed if you didn't rightly tired. I am hang myself right war It really is a sort of european business. Do you think I really
no and I did a lot of training a lot of next specific training, a diet of nothing but the oyster crackers and so I ve taken as diligently treaty do little asked me about that. Shelby Audio, listen, maybe it's possible! Maybe it's not, but anyone. Anyone Then skeptical been labelled a conspiracy there, weren't borderline not allowed on Youtube. I am confident that the story we have been given is false, but I will be performing half of these debts without any protection. Then I will put on protection when I get to work actual numbers are required. Actually, hang yourself with the Jeffrey. I couldn't strangled himself. What we are saying is this idea that he fractured three. We have calculated the force that is required in the exact fell, because people He told himself too bright. In three days, in fact right than they have the report he jumped up in bed and also by itself to that led the talk and that core writer shit
talk depending on the angle if he could drop down that far because of his feet were completely up against the bed at ease, pushing against the bed. He still can't go beyond the gap in about four and a half I state between the bed and the bars which would support his weight to this basic afraid or something we built building that out and conducting circle, experiments, I don't want to get a Jeffrey. I didn't kill himself but the more convinced than ever that debt, It's really interesting thy, I think, we're same place on this. Even in that, like I keep looking at this story and thinking when I think, logically, common sense wise over and over again, I keep coming back to the fact that Jeffrey, that's you didn't kill us often, but On the other hand, it's like what does not really evidence like tv of of than concrete. Now you may create some concrete evidence here tonight, but at me like medical examiner saying, that this is this is possible. This is what happened there are,
explanations, but maybe the the the guardsmen I've been checking any night. They may just be completely lazy guard that realize they could sleep through that shift whenever they felt like it. Nothing was gonna happen. There are other. Feeding explanations by it. I'm sorry, but like you're, logical that I'm the one who got the most notorious kind of file in the world with the most you know the most death intimate relationship with almost powerful people. They might find it hard to believe that nobody was Jack and by the way we will also have a life prior with even granted my youngest. Use. Your here today will be forced to create the rope budget. Without any sharp utilities or even edges, so you'll be locked in a room and we will try. It takes to tie rope of bedsheet. They could adequately Hank somewhat because it might eat it that will operate. Few seconds of my guess is it'll take between ten minutes to half an hour if it takes I've minutes left the cameras, rob the entire to notice a guy.
Swiss army knife they basically his whole any ties together. A rope perpetuates and keep in mind, experiment that were conducting right. We conducted some free experiment, your using cable for bodily cords up a breath force of the treaty on the highway and articles ever since that is possible, but that's my name in the real world area, for example, on the highly bone, something people focus on what could be less relevant because hired boy, the easiest bone to break up the three fractures that Jeffrey Epstein sustained, so they hire takes thirty pounds for pursuing their duties that advice grip where they take some some attire. Dad, you take it all figured out with a crushing vice gripped the host the shovel with the amount of force they claim would crush the high oil. I actually did it and I'll do that tonight to show referred. Adequate amateurs on the side of its Mary, to kill yourself. That's true now does not upon, but
If I will be wide eyed air talking to you, when affiliated APL, easier to build on the blaze Youtube com to hire experiments, you could easily amount of force I bet you didn't leave. I do you have a lot to think about. We haven't even a stretcher, but if it is that is required, a lot of a lot of time. A lot about a lot about tassels whereby jumpsuit we're fire extinguishers and I will be working in proper safety here from my head- is there a possibility you could burst into flame ability? Might I am? I am an untrained for best also the attacking this at home. We did have a millionaire here, really kind of crunch the numbers for us in the illegal tat either a couple of stories to me really dumb. Add up. It definitely Epstein story, because if you read what we
your courage and washing post rightly just kind of want to discuss it, that doesn't add up your story is the biggest shoot are just that If anything, leprosy out, we heard to raise a point of thanking my crops that are really really weird at all is well. Another addition to this, which I find fascinating Stevens. Is this Amy Roebuck story which happen with with Gmos if, where they release these radio- and you know she comes out- she says we had the story for three years and and and all these network or embassy sat on it and and then they they fire this poor. From CBS who don T do anything wrong. America that whole story was so ridiculous in the meat media has ignored it completely. Conservatives happy that part of the story, but one of the things I I M fascinated by his that Amy. A story of of decorated journalist in the mainstream, who cover the story
multiple years also says on this tape, but she is one hundred percent convinced that Jeff, Epstein did not kill himself, and that is on the tape, and I have not heard anyone investigate that You can you say that people, but you know their conspiracy theorists if they believe this mean Amy Roebuck, a conspiracy theorist. This is like visit this field, I think to the american people, not you're crazy conspiracy, theory, but like something that actually happen and is being hidden from us. Some think that other undeniable that are not conspiracy, theories, Jeff that's the way I had a following with the most powerful people, the world, yet an island dedicated to pedophilia language as well, where he had been a giant people can look at these pictures of giant orgy showers and with pillows and crews. Ex wife s, crucifixes in no bad fadeaway, just pillows and showers. That's absolutely weird the obvious!
but put suicide watch at one point, four summary report from it: he he hung himself by a week in a cell with a rope bedsheet that sea tied himself with no tool that no guards notice, I need to stay with the kind of injuries they don't. Care occur, one in twenty from dead, pull up, meaning when people are doing a Brooks in Shawshank, hang himself from the beam and taken the stool out. That only result, one twenty alone was kindly. Brazil is refractors how good spirits. About that matter. We're going to be tested knows that it is not possible, but this here that it is about scenario, or that, if someone says I picked up the most possible scenario. Consider it better. Better labelling requirements have a higher been acquired in call of what this is about? The millions of people have of been. It's me watch what you suspect. Watch it beyond any shadow of a doubt. People again, I am outraged
they're always is the risk that english spontaneous combustion, our efforts being one of those commercials for herself a go cancer where I'll be out of date. I shall like this after an idea, you think you're going. Abbott bigger it. This is an interesting sent me out. You know I'm sure this gimme a really funny as well and expected it to be funny. But this I feel like watching the collegiate myth, busters episode here, dial it. Doesn't it yeah. It's also interesting that you brought up that he didn't jump from the top cell top bunk bed, which, what made sense of your really trying to hang yourself, because that kind of force you would understand our eye. That snapped his neck in three places much more likely than just kneeling down and doing it you're the thing because the reason that no one is reporting that he jumped off the top bar and when you look at the cell you'll see why would likely be possible because there would be a way to tie the rope so pipe. It would generate patching without fear by
and then the fact MECCA, your body doesn't want to die right away to tire rope where his feet couldn't be on the bottom, but for him the floor enough, we also missing something else. It no one takes into account right. It's very easy to strangle yourself. Ok, but does not there are you? Are you three boys were broken, so we ve got exactly tat completely. Some slack The report has made a closer at, but people realize it takes me three. Second, approximately fifty chump unconscious right play. Second, that's your window to generate a task force to break your neck, because you would happen, creating levelled against the bed. Now we get good luck, you dont conscious teacher, creating a horse, a fracture. Those three bucks to save we can generate more fairly.
That would take the path that the fact that the late yourself actually is stopped the deck against the idea that Jeffrey Epstein gradually had because we would have had to throw herself to create the kind of force to do you, sorry to kill myself. That's why the building to set out, What you're talking about you. We should actually bought. What have you got to the top That's right. You're sure he didn't you hear TAT book, but let's see if we can do to really get the top bumpy trader wrote that would function a second he passed out- and I was just down his lady got pot, let's say on the bed, so all of the interview up on his neck. It was to the force necessary. So we have a text that everything yes, but a lot of pre wants here and down the road that we research get that we created the set, the more convinced and that we haven't got the whole story. I think people can walk for themselves at eighty abuses in the first half of it
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and what they're gonna cost coarser. There are essentially free. Don't worry about anything goes She's already got l paid for as already pay for having as she does this thing, with billionaires where she's, like if you're, a tub of a hub she's, really we very like weak voice on top of the world over the pipe one of the point. One percent you who can pay an extra two sense is what she says. It. First of all, she's already proposed the wolf tax being bigger than two percent
it's not too, since it would, if you're gonna use that you have increases and two cents on every dollar right, which you just says sets. So it's like billionaires, have my guy that fifty billion dollars, but I will not agree to attacks. That's too, since such a liar, you do online when people like Bill gates are saying essentially don't fall for her. Please leave your left yeah. The last report I heard was that he had z Ro teams contact him so far net zero zero. Now he sent, I guess the videotape of his work out all toys.
Five teams that were initially entrusted yeah and none of them and they They were super super interested none of them now. Is that part? because he sucks I'll buttercup. Pretty big party like, but also who wants the baggage that comes with this guy. I wouldn't want that deposits baggage. That came with TIM Tito. Nobody wanted to deal. Second, I mean he was Cody influence on people. He just had a big following it created. You know people in the way, all the time and in stuff Chad to deal with on the side. Nobody wanted to deal with that. You look at it. I mean to bring up one of your favorite topics. Take some hell. It's like. We hear tell me: there's not a team in the NFL that could use a TIM Tito in that role, right right, like by it's too much of a hassle and there's like they don't want to anyone, know what I mean is that is totally there right now but,
and by the way, nobody's crying over TIM Tv not really believes nobody cares about that he's not getting extra work out from thirty two and it fell teams. Amazing, it's unbelievable- are aimed more coming up. In just a second here on the radio show the fusion of entertainment and in line with this is that ran back programme are so as you try to figure out what you these good Democrats, you like the best, and I mean how to get choose from this field- There are so many good options. So many I mean: do you want Steve Bullock?
you're, probably almost on that, then why are you what about John Delaney? If you saw him workin out this weekend, we got, can do box jumps apparently like nobody else here. So maybe maybe you want him, maybe you're all about Marianne Williamson, maybe that the crystals in the essential oils go and she can yodel. We know that my wish, casual chicken yodel yeah should be the first yodeling president, I think, is it sure is Leah and another. Have you not heard a real link? I mean I don't I don't remember hearing her yodel. Perhaps I don't know perhaps lead to wonder but I do have yes, ok. Well, here's all, Malta is normally Wang. Elizabeth Ottomans telling us not yodeling normally way over their congratulations this is her speaking, but it s is pretty much her Yoda learn how different is it from? This is about the same thing as identical dogmatic and which one is that, as that Marian Williamson of Europe's current
Nobody knows, I can't I don't know you can't tell now alias you can tell that about Marian Williamson. You can't tell that about Joseph Stack, whose also in this race and no one knows that I could not believe Joseph Stock is still industries. Nobody's mentioned him in six months? Eight months I mean, did anyone even yours? He started rubbing, maybe not now maybe it was one of the things he came in kind of late and the campaign and beheld. We don't want you here it's kind of a reaction by others, already kind of a crowded rule, yeah now Bloomberg he's coming in here with fifty billion dollars and like wild the day. Credit might not want em local media sources that sell political adds to ITALY's there. Some I mean come on how you're gonna get an ad placed blogger com, to pay a higher rate, so I don't know, I don't know how that works, exactly another's rules or on that, but I dont think assess Texan, going anywhere you know, I don't think it's gonna happen, ease and Michael Bennet. You think it's gonna have it for Michael, then it I'm not sure, but
guessing no William, Astro. That thing didn't happen. I know that would exert sickly satisfied about I'm glad. I am that was a disaster and he was those people who is talked about as a potential top to your candidate and dumped in and really from moment. One has been a zilch so was better. Now who's now about you have at least a moment when you have a normal lonely, well run, as I said it, but he didn't really have much of a moment. Did he will when he lies at the very beginning, the biggest fundraising they be burning roasting fundraising, he went up to a lower double digits in pulling and a few poles and then just every day, another tenth ticket because he began talking here and that was I was that was all we need. Those voting, no better mythology out there around the nation, and it didn't affect us here and Texas, because we saw this race between him and crews, and you saw that he really was it that good He really wasn't an effective speaker. He really isn't.
Mark he really isn't a Kennedy in the making. We saw that here a Texas, but I mean as as a country what people saw was here's a guy who's, raising a ton of money and coming pretty darn close to being TED crews and Texas. He must be amazing right and it helped by news, cortical news, viral news organisations like that now this who would take his beaches and package, with music behind them and all of that crap Oh, it would be one of those things where people had this great him. First of all, this best moments that went viral. He got all this money. He must be great when reality. The truth is, he was not great. The of the amount of money he received in Texas was eight will allow him to be relatively competitive, immediately. TED crews, for all the things I like about TED you now He's not a particularly endearing figure
comes to an emotional connection. Rightly people not feel that way about tat. They just think he's a disease. What's the right where most often he knows that institution and there's a lot too like, but here's DR passion and the what drove passion and that election was could we act? the wind Texas, as Democrats like that would be incredible. We donate money to this guy. I don't care who he is then again the racing privilege all that's the guy he's ox, but that it only wants to set the constitutional firewall. Yes, always super big plus. For many I mean even MC rats, don't necessarily want you to set fire to the constitution. I mean the Democrats, who actually are mainstream Americans, not that not the leadership, a crowd. Rightly elected Democrats. I think most Democrats print, I believe in the second amendment, and I am
I think they believe in due process average voters average voters yap, and so when they found out, did that better didn't believe those things I think it was pretty much over that was over devolve, Patrick. It allows you to make a run here. I mean no answering no blue, we talked about. Styrene talked about a little, but no chance really for either of those, although it interesting it'll be an interesting experimental watch, at least Andrew Yang Now the young is actually run a freaking good campaigner I gotta get credit announce what's gotten into what four percent or five percent miyage four percent probably worldwide. I think he'll tap out about than four or five percent disease Boycotting MSNBC, because he didn't give him like any time to speak. They never do. I mean two minutes the guy has It has an audience here. He has he's built from nothing a campaign this outdoing people like Corey, Booker and Amy Club jarring cobbler Harris said she's, pretty impressive, really impressive, and yet
snow love, because I guess I don't know if they just see him he's not stream and without them there must be. It together. And it falls in the same year slot. Where should I like, tells it wouldn't vote for? Tells you not? I like her, I kind of like her to she, but in the same with Yang I would not happen for any more if you had to vote for any one in the field, if you had to go ahead with a gun to your head, and if you do not cast a vote, you will be shot in front of your family, who were forever that you might take the both of you sick. So you might not have you did they have to make a choice? You have two meters pick one can in this field. It you'd actually cast your vote for for me. It probably would be under Yang now live largely these a business man successful he up here, while I think again wrong a ninety five percent of issues. I've been I'm not saying I would vote for any these people, but if I had two gun to my head, probably its Yang
like the sum of the stuff that he talked about. That is crazy liberal that I dont like, for example, everyone of income income, universal basic income, he at least knows the arguments and his nose the opposition arguments and took time. Think too, like, for example, put him talk in depth, like Milton Friedman and the way he's talked about so basic income and one of the things that people a throw out- and I think one of the reasons why he has no chance of winning get six minutes from MSNBC in Debates- is you as he has a universal basic income plan, which I think is absolutely the wrong thing for the government to be doing on the other side of that it also means getting rid of almost all the programmes that we complain about. Talking of, like me. No social, security and medical care and Medicaid and all the off Medicare is not involved in that, but, like all these other, big welfare programmes, foods programmes. All these programmes that are opposition, too conservative values in many ways
be eliminated. If you pass this now, I dont think that it would be more efficient. Clearly, I don't think the left, whatever let it happen, that's one of the reasons why there is no chance of winning this primary right, because That is not a view that it even comes close to align into the Democratic Party right now. It's only give free stuff give it gives you give taking away. Programmes for something that does not compute. That's. Why if he was elected and if you got the men come through, I don't think he'd be able to eliminate the other programmes and knew tat both in have both yeah. That's the way that usually work. That's what happened! Yes triple! Eight! Seventy seven be easy came more in a minute. This is a landmark programme. We all have holiday traditions, maybe it's whipping up a special dish, you're wearing a certain sweater questionable fashion. Well, turns out the cyber criminals, have a tradition of their own trying to take. What's yours, especially this time of year
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it's in this race, Elizabeth Warren. And just how expensive we talk a little bit about our tax situation. Last hour, Bud pretty good breakdown about how much this would cost, and I think the total bill is fifty two trillion is it. All the money in the war again, because all the money in the world is sixty trillion. This wouldn't be a little bit less than that's what you're saying you ve got plenty of breathing Romania S got about eight trillion in Britain hero. Well, actually we are spending already over the next ten years about fifty two trillion dollars which is a lot of money- now shows us the federal budget. Five point: two trillion a year, essentially, is that what you're saying you so it is
fifty two trillion dollars of national health expenditures currently projected for the next decade now remember just and healthy after member growth, inflation and other things changing, for example, more people being, in the country of getting more benefits, more people who are living to older ages, who are taking more benefits these things. This is why you don't watch giant programmes like this, because their complete out of control. The opposite of of a you know you can it is, will talk a lot about welfare programmes and shoot problems and welfare programmes, but Much bigger offender to me is a universal programme where everyone gets it whether they are poor or needy or not, and that stuff like, for example, Medicare, as did you get a certain age or social security does get it at a certain age and enter into things like that, should not be programmes a bill gates can qualify for they dont means test a lot of stuff, so the grows fast.
Fifty two trillion dollars over the next decade- she's gonna at seven trillion dollar additional cost there. So looking fifty nine, brilliant. So, how does she pay for fifty nine trillion? Khazar? Fifty nine? billion dollars. I mean, if you can't figure out a way just tat suggests. For forty seven, that's a little bit less than six trillion a year that bad just not bad just the Abbe depressive more than all the federal budget. We have right now right. So what so? She tapped sixteen trillion dollars in current federal health spending from programmes like Medicare medicate, There's a lot of that spending has no actual funding behind it. This is one of the tricks TAT Elizabeth worn plays. She says well, we'll just take the mind is paying for Ex programme. And we'll move over to my new programme. Why, It makes sense, except there's no actual payment going to Ex programme in the first place, it's just on paper, it's going into debt
so she said we're cortical paying, for these programmes will you're not paying for them. Those are already putting us in debt and then you're, adding onto it. We have the programmes, but they're not funded right, that's a unfunded liability. We're talking about all the time that adds up. Over a hundred trillion trillion and we ought more under this plan, he's going to also expand Medicare which is already over a going to be projected to it over a trillion dollars an annual deficit. Then she's going to force state and local governments to provide Washington with six trillion dollars now you're going to have with you might say it was a widow I would they do this well she's dead. Take medicating rid of Medicaid because every one to the other health care for free cortical, so she's got to say: well, you guys in the states are already paying this money for Medicaid, just send it us now is a little and you may have heard of this call the constitution yeah I heard a little problem with this. Usually states don't have to do things like that
bring him before you get forced states to pay for your federal programs like that. That's not the way that works you can play for taxes on individuals union lots of different things, but you can just say: ok, guys pay us, that's not the way that works me. Your problem there then she's going to implement a nineteen point: seven trillion dollar new tax agenda plus eight hundred billion dollars in defence cuts eight hundred, Yes indefensible and she said quote: it doesn't raise taxes on anybody, but billionaires Think there's six hundred and seven billion errors in this country, so she's going to put this sixth trillion plus Programme and all spending I'm talking about on the backs of six hundred and seven people out
the z problematic outward dick Iulus is such an understatement, but it is and how it- and it should be noted, this war and lies a lie: she knows these things are fake, she's, not an idiot like some people. Just don't know that the details- and I just say whatever they want to get elected because but they dont know the details of whether these things when work. She knows what she saying is not true. She knows. These things very well she's choosing to lie to people and go. She wants their vote, and that certainly knows too, and that's why Bernie you saying yet with my plan. Yet everybody gets a tax rates, get eaten middle class, even the middle class. Sorry, but you know what can be better, Rio, biological, eastern argument, at least he's honest about it replied. Seventy seven be easy, get more coming up in sixty seconds. Health concerns are a sad part of life. I mean it seems like there's always something good. Either hurt sir Bothers s, health, wise right. What's that You. You really need to see what cd products could do for your health c b d may
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of your, where this do, but Adam Schiff says This claim is case against Donald Trump. Is I, clad is a really yeah. He should pay then, that part of it why she skin, I don't know, I don't know why it did so with all the really shaky evidence. First, so amazing, it's like weight, a trial or you watching Adam pause. I'm seeing nothing here course and sees it to see and ends in love with his evidence, I guess it was it was brought. And still ter who was asking Juliet honey, a question about Julia: how to use formally on Fox NEWS. I think she has elapsed, grind against fox, but anyway he's asking her a question about hey. Oh, it was. It was disheartening d c of that ox, no matter how
inclusive. The evidence was against Donald Trump spun this to be nothing and she cut played along with that so the other side is claiming that that was on ironclad case, that was the presented all the evidence. They need to impeach the guy and you think, will what what was I es, because someone said that he thinks assumes. There was quid pro quo that does it. Mean they don't have a solid piece of evidence yet that I've seen yeah First hand, testimony from anybody who from the President, yes with all the other with with all the money, because I want them to make this announcement. That's true, I mean there's, not there really isn't certain. Legalistic evidence on that you, know, you're in no one- is arguing. For example, though it back Gordon someone was a guy who wanted to go to you and say? Hey
I want to withhold money for the vital investigations. Is obviously on record multiple times on saying the opposite: he didn't do it in one annuity. They want to do it and you don't do it, but he did do it So why did you do it right here He must have legitimately believed. That was that somebody wanted yeah right. Yes, that someone iniquity immense, you didn't hear it from the canadian safer and look in the press I say that he understands, that is a a question. Then they could get in trouble. Probably right you can even in the call you could see him kind of hesitating and moving around the act We will ask there I keep coming back to, however, is if he asked so what
were I adore you- and I know this is like Pierre did so weird about this. It. It's like well quid pro quo, and this is what I will say. A large part of this is the way the Republicans and Trump himself have handled this and try to make that the standard, because they haven't made about the national interest. Look either it's absolutely fine too, with her money or or a non eating, especially if you give em a penny her I mean ever, you don't. You should withhold those things you have you believe it in the national interest. If he didn't believe it's in the national interest, that's another thing, but a much higher bar to prove and they have not come close to proving it. The only thing they have on that is bite in was a guy who was gonna run for president. And one of the ways they ve tried to make that point more clear as to say you know what he and even care about Ukraine. Until Biden was running, you know why you threw at all not true, but he doesn't have to care about. Ukraine. Now is not the point didn't of Ukraine now as the President of the United States of America. So
thing on that is so what now, even if you set out, give a rat's anus about Ukraine? Oh well right! you can say that you don't believe him right. You can say you don't believe. I dont believe trouble here actually was doing only for his own personal benefit and that's fine thing to make. But that's u guessing about his motives, yes and admit that it's? U guessing about his motives, and then we can have that discussion. I don't know why they won't move off the quid pro quo into ok, yeah, but it was in our national interests to find out to root out corruption. If This was a guy who was who is making deals with Ukraine withholding money from them in lieu of them firing prosecutor than The problem we need to know about it in the United States It's in the national interest. They are winding move to that. Yet what am I think part of it? Is you? Don't trumps guard his whole life with this,
but a philosophy never back down, offer something, never say that any hotel it America's better than your hotel and never say that your phone call wasn't perfect. It was perfect. And you know it's interesting about this and it's the only similarity I'm gonna be able to find between Elizabeth, worn and Donald Trump, but Warren gets no heat for it, but does the same thing? What the economist comes out and says you have to raise clad taxes on the middle class. For this issue, back down. She won't say you well, yes, we're gonna have to raise taxes, but for people she never does and where they knocked trump for it. They praise Warren for it, and it really is a very similar, similar instinct. Yet is right, Tripoli. Seventy seven be seeking here listening TAT, Glenn Bank. If you ve been thinking about on security, there is no better time to get it, and right now and this week simply safe is offering the best deal they ve made this year, you'll get one
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safe back dotcom, dispensing thanks to help you defend the issues that matter glints easy we'd nights at five p m Eastern Subscribe now. Please, dvd com using promo code Glenn That's stupid, Glenn declared programme, somebody women heard from much in the last three years, Rick Parry, a world hearing about him now. I think he's on his way out as Secretary of Energy, but he's pair. He changed his mind ever so slightly from the campaign in twenty. Sixteen minutes a little bit more nuanced.
It's tough to tell you to check that it is. I know you know cause I believe you referred to Donald Trump as a cancer during the campaign, but now he's the chosen one who was sent by God to lead us. The gods raised imperfect people all through history, King David. What perfect saw one examining one perfect, and I actually gave the president a little one pager on those old testament kings about a month ago, and I shared with unless it must present, I know their people. That say you know You said you were the chosen one an end, I said you were, I said If you're a believing Christian. You understand gods plan for the people who rule and and and and judge over us on this planet and our and our government So it's nuanced, you know, like you, like you said, stewards, it's tough to fight
Indeed, the difference there between camp in twenty sixteen, and today is slightly differently as different. I mean look in some of that is I'll. Either lotta people who write like did not like Donald Trump and the campaign, and like an hour now, I said a million times. He succeeded mines, but always my too, however, to go for from cancer to do. That shows a lot of God is. If it is a significant changes. The last moment, if change your ip beating up on this? It is it's hard to tell exactly what he's trying to do there. I mean not obviously like these sort of Take is, like you know you. We want to get Trump on your side. You say really positive things about him and lay that's easy is taken at the nine millionth degree You can also be the argument, look look, you know it's God's will and drop as in that position, because its God's will and that's all you saying it is there is. There is weird thing:
particularly with people talking about religion around these issues. It puts it weird positions. I think a lot There is a there's a there big thing about how character was ultimately the most important thing when Clinton was running and obviously the Republicans of sort of long abandoned that and now Democrats claim that they care about care there, which is just laughable. I may add that how you, even with a straight face, say these things, but They both sides have sort of switched on that point I mean that we do Clinton, impeachment I mean now, There is a lot of conversation about about the legal part of this, but also bigger than that was the idea that conservatives care about who you are as a man who you are a person ya matters carry matters. We said that a million times, especially during Clinton, but you, like at its change. Nerds, pretty good indication of that from Eric Mc Tat,
This was a man was interviewing Franklin, Gram, kind of about that very thing. Alison. Well, you have not shrunk from talking. Politics and a lot of people have what I consider a profoundly on local notion that he loved Jesus you're, not supposed to talk politics or be political, I don't find that only wrong, but tremendous. Sleep, harmful and so You ve been a hero to many, because you ve been willing to speak about politics, and so what do you think of of what is happening. Now I mean it's a very bizarre situation to be living in a country where some people seem to exist two to undermine the president of the United States. It it's just a busy Just a bizarre time.
Most America must live up to its almost demonic power. I would disagree that almost no, I mean you know, you know, and I know that at the heart of the spiritual back, that's a spiritual battle. If you look at what The president has done just just for our country, regardless of whether Europe Republican or Democrat we have done appointment as the lowest and seventy years more African Americans or work in more Latinos are working more A working more everybody is working. We have a economy That is just a screaming forward. Its is incredibly even imagine we're saying this because lit only three years ago, our economy was dead. In the water dead in the water. We all know it and three later, you just said it screaming forward. That's a fact and having that's not our opinion right here. Here's what that does work for the four churches for Christians. That means,
but people working so there's more people die then and given to the churches, others more money for missions, there's more money for your building programmes, all of this is because Donald Trump said he was gonna, turn things around and make Amerika great again. He cut taxes and that cut taxes, adding fuel to this economic engine that we're enjoined right now he's these a politician. I appreciate that about him, he's a business man and that's what we needed in our government, not politicians. We need businessmen and he's done that it's almost comedic because I know you ve been vilified by people for standing up for Trump. I have two to a lesser extent, because I've been less vocal but- and I as known as you are, but it just a fascinating because people seem to,
evolved to a kind of moralistic pharisaism and they say how can you support somebody blah blah blah? Then they go on the site. How he's the least Christian, let you know they go on and on, and I think these people, don't they even have a biblical view when it comes to that. You know that if somebody is the doesn't hold, our theology. That doesn't mean they can't be a great pilot. Great doctored or dentist. I mean it's a bizarre situation that were in that that people seem only to have standards for the for the President's somehow job. I believe that Donald Trump believes you believe in God, He believes in Jesus Christ, I his death. He doesn't. I went churches here in New York. He didn't get a whole lot of teaching. He knows there is a key element, not rare, and yes, he knows that organic yeah. Ok, what some of that I agree with, but as you brought up.
That's not what we said during Clinton. We said character really matters right is that's what Christian said. I think during Clinton years, and so was it was slightly different, then and I think it's change now undo, it seemed like character doesn't matter now. Yet I think I like they do, I think he's done a really good job we'd better than I thought he would yeah. I think it Part of it is not enough. It's just that we ve kind of come to the conclusion that everybody pretty much sucks you now. You just don't expect a lot of people any more on on this front to be frank about it, to probably This wasn't there, Sir the case with us. Four per se and many in the audience, but there is also a lot of that. Stuff you realize later on is is just a talking point of the moon you know I mean like there was a
to talk about executive orders or around the Obama time a lot less during the Bush time from conservatives, The same thing happens now I mean, like you know they weave. There are things to be their sums up the trumpets number Haven't might like the emergency declaration such that I think, would have definitely been opposed: during the Obama administration and now aren't I like look? look at the entire. Secondly still have to you still have to pick. Somebody off your list right when you're, voting for someone. You still have to select one of the candidates available and I think is a very, very long. Arguments as look. We we see what the pause of trump arm with the negatives. Aren't we ve liked him because he is better than the other people That's a totally rational way of sort of doing a cost benefit analysis on on the situation. Yes, actually now, but there is this temptation with truck, I think, is different. And others for Republicans, at least I think Obama had some of this for Democrats.
This is the sort of idea that you can't can't just like while I dont like this part, you can't, you can't disagree with him on anything, because I wanna be cheerleader for anybody. Frankly, I don't. I don't care who it is bothers me to be a cheerleader justice in principle. Just to be, I don't like agreeing with people enough, I'm much more comfortable when everybody disagrees with me. Just like a t, I don't know why it's just like it's one of those things where I am that's. That's that's more comfortable. I think for but people including myself, but to be like it in The one hundred percent cheerily is, is, I think, a function of how unfair the media is to trouble so often and you get to cause. You're psych, wait a minute, they're they're screw and that in other their tacking him all the time, and I have yet to bring up the problem. I have with him because You know I got happens all the time. I think it does and I think it a natural yearning for people
we defend him more because the left there so out of control, yet they hate him so much to such an extent that there is nothing he could do there is. Slowly nothing, he could do that. They would agree with or condone no debate. The point of again like Donald Trump is he has aid policy. I dont like and one of the reasons I dont like it- is because has been the Democrats policy for forty years right and an end that the media love debt. They freaking love that policy until Donald Trump kept saying it. I think it was the the Babylon the Evelyn be had a great argued article either davits than the headline was Stunning development Donald Trump comes out in ever of impeachment, forcing Democrats to oppose it. Like that's a kind heart, that's where we are where we are and where we are today and Metaxas, and an reverie ram we're we're talking about the the left.
I think, when their this region to him is demonic or in their words, maybe past almost because there are so out of control with their hatred that they just oppose absolutely everything he doesn't. I think I think sets its almost. True, if he came out in favour of impeachment they'd be against it I keep the I wanted to go pro choice that's what I want I want trumpeted has come out the whole ousting full for all that choice about not one of the name, any judges that believe that right so, like maybe he's making terrible mistakes with judges, they all happen to be pro life it just as little etc. Give it a shy. What I'm on tv everyday saying how we have been working? Women need to be able to make their choices on. It is up to nine months I packed after the presidency is over. I think he said. Then all the democratic like this. This means a horror show is: what's a murder children, this man? What's the matter, children worthy be trouble. Eight. Seventy seven be easy Kay.
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I into a city and then did it in a different city: it's a high school, just a crow and some of seven of em. I think seven of the scouts still hot They heard about this half an hour before it happens. They still hop in their cars, drove all the way down to the high school. Fifty one, my about an hour away and watch him do the work out. You know it almost seems like calling. Cavern doesn't actually wanna play. Football doesn't icing Lego, it was you had given Psmith saying that Stephen examine who's been a huge advocate of of Capron Egg and he turned on him. He's a look at the guide. Unwanted job obviously does much doesn't want a job in the NFL. He does wanna play football now and that's fine butts. Back to you like you, do it's annoying. It is, but I guess, as part of its hard to it's sort of under current of every story about him and is a way to stay in the media like, for example, when you say like if Hilary comes out at every time. She's, asked about becoming president in Russia?
president. She says there is What does a zero percent chance? They will ever run for president. I dont want to do it, I'm not going to do it. No, it said she says. Well, you know I, I guess never say never, but in a look with we do. We have a good Future candidates, India, I'm sure that's gonna, be she could she gives you that sort of brush off It believes the possibility open. Why so? you can get on every show, and they all ask her again and then chickens are more books or whatever I don't think she's actually have. I think she would love to be president loved to run again, but I think she also realises that the party despises her of her losing to trump sure and she's, barring some weird miracle. Our behalf she's not gonna, be running, but you keep durable there with captain. If we're lucky, talk about. All the known cares about office. His we know he's other crap. They want to know. If he's gonna come back a play football, that's the story so economy. We act as if he does, despite the fact that he doesn't and despite the fact that he shouldn't obviously he's too big a search attraction for any team.
But come in there for the role that he would play, which is minimal. I mean maybe he'd be a third stringer, maybe he'd, maybe he'd be back up on a bad team, but is not a good quarterback. I remind you, get one one decent ear: I'm a little more say, or you could say, was a pretty good year, largely because they ran and often that people have seen they that offensive, is the highest raided office of line since they started measuring it. Oh that's how the team was end. The defect was incredible and then they try to throw the next year and it was a disaster when you re actually put any of the weight on him. Things that calling Capron supporters never will answer for either. Number one. If was this is about kneeling and opposing the man Why did he lose his job to blame gabert before he started kneeling? He lost his job to blame Gabert
or he started meal, it might be the biggest indictment. That's a handy history of indictment, Cobb Lean Gabert and never to he. The guy who now dealt with him on day. One is Eric Reed, who I saw playing for the Carolinas held an elite. There's this week. He's still has a job all his other guys that supported him all have jobs just him, because he had shows no desired, actually want to play and be didn't, show much ability to play when he was playing. Yes, that's the problem. Can we please still calling cabinet now shut up, you're alive.
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