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Bloomberg’s Busy Weekend: The Dirt’s Dug Up | 2/17/20

2020-02-17 | 🔗

Happy Presidents’ Day! Today we celebrate ALL presidents, including the ones whose welfare programs put us $23 trillion in debt and counting. And the Nevada Democratic Party is learning from Iowa’s caucus disaster by using a NEW app! Joe Biden argues illegal immigration is a “gift” for the U.S., and even more dirt came out on Mike Bloomberg. He was in some bad plays, advocated for letting the old and sick die, and said farmers don’t have the brains to work in information technology. But could Hillary Clinton be his vice president? Attorney Michael Avenatti has gone from liberal “savior” to convicted of all charges in his Nike extortion attempt. And the medal goes to Amy Klobuchar for most annoyingly repetitive 2020 candidate!

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