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Build The Wall | Guests: Tim Ballard & Karen Vaughn | 5/7/19

2019-05-07 | 🔗
Hour 1 It's really bad at the border. Mass rushes are coming, 1,000 a people a day are being taken into our American cities. The Lefts false sense of compassion and their long list of being on the wrong side of things ...Donald Trump will be re-elected in a 'landslide' 2020 Hour 2 Sex Trafficking on the Southern Border with OUR's Tim Ballard. Children by the hundreds are being sexually abused at the border. Christian churches urgently  need our help ...A whole new world of 'corporate socialism' is coming. Big Tech is praying to be regulated as a 'utility'  Hour 3 Heal the struggling and suffering hearts along our American borders ...Crisis of Heart please help today MercuryOne.org ...Gold Star Mom Karen Vaughn joins to discuss the Pro-Life Movement. MomsForAmerica.org ...What American Democrats really want is not being heard 

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