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Burger King’s Woke Fail | Guests: Jeff Brown & Clarice Schillinger | 3/8/21

2021-03-08 | 🔗

Press secretary Jen Psaki plays defense for Biden’s lack of solo press conferences. Sen. Joe Manchin says he’s okay with reforming the filibuster. Pat Gray stops by to discuss the abundance of “mask Nazis” and a new nose filtration device. Investment analyst Jeff Brown gives insight on the latest investment craze causing some digital art to sell for millions. Activist Clarice Schillinger argues she has proof that teachers' unions are pressuring schools to stay closed. Burger King U.K. was hammered after tweeting on International Women’s Day that “women belong in the kitchen." More women have accused Gov. Andrew Cuomo of misconduct, but he’s hoping everyone will eventually forget. Did Pepé Le Pew normalize rape culture?

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The Gothenburg Programme, Fellow America and wealth for the programme is Monday, California. I know that the only reason why I say it is because of California, maybe a little bit of New York and a couple of other states where there are still like locked in my house. I don't even know what day it is. Is the sun. Does it even work any more? Yes, it does come out of your shelter oak. Lino before I say that I should warn you that Texas is just trying to kill everyone waiting to hear the latest, the latest scientific editorial coming up in just a second also who said we couldn't trust Joe Mansion, what
Let me when we set at one time. I guess I guess, there's a problem, your majesty still going to stop the villa buster from from being repealed. why we'll tell you about is, but one that is planned. Interests will talk about that coming up in sixty seconds as it is. It I'm claimed back. So, if you're, those people who live with Pain Margie. To get out of a baby out of it. Most of the baying comes from inflammation and the joints and throughout the body. Now, if you early July God I'd be I'd, give you know a hundred dollars. Call me I have us, see, grid gladdened back bag of thought. I to call it. Relief pills but if you're, like that's a little much
I pay you dollar. Ninety nine, I d get than just call really factor directly really factor your com, eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four. eight hundred five hundred eighty three, eighty four, it's relief factor dot com. This is something that I took years ago and my wife made me: try it and ate it. is dramatically changed my life. Try relief factor, get your life back, get out of pain, relief, factor, dot com So, on Friday, in the White House Press conference, Jenny, Saki Content Saki, knows an audience puss Aki I refuse I refuse the p
has been true. They ve tried to silence the p in her family for far too long whose, with me, do not allow her and her family for generations to look down on the p and say silence. Yet we need to use the verbiage of length like trans activists when they say I guess a p exists. The p Peace- is Jean Pierre near so it's Jen per Saki on this programme anyway, Jen per Saki said that President Biden has held a single pro solo press conference during his first forty five days in office, because quote here too busy with this historic crisis,. you know it's weird every week Sdr gave a fireside chat. Anyway, I mean
he gave interview that was kind of a historic crisis too. I mean sure it wasn't. Two: zero seven infection rate of a virus, but there is a global war, can tend to be a big deal. I could die Althea Nazis double he stealing. Nazis. That's what he's doing he's busy he's busy here than after so the while he's too busy to talk about anything. Senator Democratic, Senator Joe Mansion from West Virginia. I M so glad we put all of our hopes and dreams into his bucket. peers that he has started to shift his views on the filibusters. The fish buster remember he is not for ending the filibuster. Here's what he said, listen The nuclear with thirty seconds left to review would consider making it
a lot harder to invoke the fella Bostra so that you just don't know automatically. Have sixty vote they need for any legislation. make it harder to get rid of the filibuster. I am supporting the fella buster, I'm going to continue to support to filibuster. I think it defines who we are ass, a Senate, good harder to get rid of it, but it should painful. If you want to use it, you should make you make sure that place works door. Ok, I want to work with you what it way. But what if you don't want to work with you? I mean it's like, the Republicans, are saying No two things like you know what we should make sure that that we We know we, we just keep the economy running. And we get out of people's way now we're not gonna. Do that, and we You know? Instead, it's it's more like what
going do we're gonna build some concentration camps for the Japanese, these. These Republicans won't work with us on anything No will work on we'll work, one some things with you not one no it's not like. They are talking about gun, legislation, the the of fifteen dollar minimum wage? We have real differences on that now. I know the left would like to boil that down too we just hate people and want them to starve. No, we think more people, especially young people, are gonna, be hurt by fifteen dollar minimum wage into it. It will destroy businesses, the big businesses. You noticed there all for it. Huh, you know they were all for a lot of things during the new deal as well with hefty are, but they put all of. Their competition, all of the small guys, went
a business see. I don't understand why you dont trust Joe Mansion. First of all, he said multiple times he's against that minimum wage going that high and remember when he was elected as a man who took a gun and shot the cap and trade bill because he is so against those things and tie knowing, I believe him y know. I believe that he's really foregone rights. I know I believe, he's against them mean com it builds that might hurt people in West Virginia living. Sk you somethin is at what was sweats Joe mansions position on yes, G, environmental, social justice and governance of standards that the bank, you're doing now, because the banks, because they ve chosen to do this on their own and strangely all of them I have chosen to do this on their own and more and more businesses are choosing to do it on their own right out
Biden was elected. Isn't that weird very strange, yeah. So weary ASEAN on yes G cause, that's gonna put the coal companies out of business, have her word, one that maybe maybe he's got a very very hell position. I've surety does well. They tend to be very, very specific, like I'm going to make it more painful to use it. Why should you? Why should it be more painful to use. But because he wants some of the things they're gonna block. That's why what he's advocating here is an approach, which allows him to get all the things he once again it gives him the opportunity to be ultra powerful and in debates like this past week, He can manipulate that the outliers sort of clauses in these rules he can, you can play with the deadlines and polite like example like they're like well hee hee He lowered the
employment benefit other bonus that they put the bill from four hundred dollars to three hundred dollars, and because you know this, Guy Glenn he's just hard The core, when it comes to spending Ok, so he was just like it up here hundred hours, three hundred thousand- that's it didn't nobody's. Also, though that include them. standing it for a good amount of time. All the way till I believe it's sip terminals, end of August yet so why how do you spend more money? Would you say the extra hundred dollar for shorter period of time is that is. This is the person whose thrifty order This is the person whose lowering it yes by a hundred dollars within extending it for multiple weeks in mom. Afterward I dont think I need to answer that. I didn't such a hate Maugre such a hate, Mugger MA. Am I like the fact that they they they delved into? How much are we gonna give the american people, but they
delve into how much are we giving the bank's? How much are we giving big businesses yeah? How much are we giving unions? You know the states that the people, the people- I don't know I've never felt, the government should pay for anything Rinaldi the safety net that doesn't it doesn't work in community or if you are in a very small community and just don't have a biggest lino big enough safety net, that the government take care of those things the government, should not just be doling out money and sending peoples of sending people checks just lower our income taxes, lower r r of axes are withholding taxes. That's that's that You can make it impact, don't send me a check and it right, really bothers me,
They are taking all of the money and giving it to the big guys, and then there are arguing about a few hundred dollars for people, we need the money because they did something unconstitutional. They He told the american people that they have stay at home and not go and open their doors of their business every day they put p. into this situation. There was no argument about it. We couldn't argue so so, wait here you you made me, lose my business and I have no recourse in in all of your life. Have you ever seen anything like this? You would be able to sue. You want reparations there reparations, that's something we can do right now, because the people that were affected by it or alive today, but you ll notice that they are doing reparations, they're, doing
slavery reparations only black businesses will get the loans that's what Biden was saying we're really worried about the white businesses were going into the community's words black blackened hispanic. Wait a minute wait, a minute. You put everybody riddle guard loose of color you would Everybody into their house gets sure love separating. Well based on skin color, for, but we who claim there not racist earlier. That is a fascinating, amid which to implement the amount of implied segregation. They are currently attempting and then to say that you're not a racist is a fascinating developed world now there are now they're going to grade school and they are separating by by race now, and the things that they want to do is I mean I just saw this article in the Wall Street Journal. My awake
to the new orthodoxy, began during this past summer of discontent MID June weeks after George flowed point. Protests began the head of Riverdale Country School in New York City, a private school. My wife and I entrusted with the education of our two young children sentiment memo apologizing for unspecified past wrongs we have the responsibility use are privileged to fight for change in September. at the first assembly of the year. Instead of reciting, the pledge of allegiance and singing America of the beautiful longstanding stool school traditions, the head of the lower school announced that the theme of this year would be ally. Ship me, then, a video on which the school mascots told students ages five through eleven to check others, words and actions the low. School headed earlier written that its essential that parents and caregivers and educators acknowledge racial differences as oppose as to their traditional color, bright, blind stance.
Offered reading, recommend recommendations such as Robin De Angelos white Fragility fan. It Riverdale are encouraged to join school, sponsored affinity, groups to bond with people from their ethnicity or skin color, One is simply called p, o c parents of color. Why? It need not apply as part of the story, perhaps lived, experiences become relevant, I'm half mexican end, I think it's a key and dish Dr Native, to the U S mexican border region, I am also- jewish. I spent the last year, my life in a commune in Berkeley. California growing I was aware that I had darker skin than my mother, my classmates, but I never was taught to define my identity by the color of my skin. My mixed background and ancestry made me feel nothing, nothing other than feeling like a typical American. My
If came to the? U S? Is a refugee from the former Soviet Union? Listen to this she's? the first five years of her life in an intolerant society where her group I identity as a Jew was set? on her passport in school she was taught caught, taught to keep tabs on friends and family and after one particularly effective a lesson she was spired to turn on, her own father! turn him in for local put to the local police for crime against the state, Fortunately, no harm came of it, but I d say where both a little allergic to force conformity, especially when young impressionable children are trained to obsess over racial differences. Be on the lookout. For this.
So he writes about what the school is doing and how he is standing up. He doesn't sound exactly like he is a conservative. Maybe he is buddy, grew up in a commune in Berkeley California people? I would like to know. I'd like to know what the difference is between, everybody in these categories- and separating and keeping every buddy segregated Does anybody remember what segregation was? Anybody remember how bad that was always, we're going back to this in everybody is fine? Can you pull up? picture real, quick and it will take a quick break. Pull up the picture. Of the grocery store in New York. Have you seen this? this is a grocery store in New York. On the shelves, all of the you know where they have the prices on the shelves of the grocery stores. They have the power and then they say Black owned
panic on with their people that this is a good idea. I am fascinated by it. idea that you should choose the food you eat based on the skin color of the owner of the company, The mole joggins lies a little data. We too, it is exactly like me to say- and I d like you to say that I just pointing these all out for the record someday they'll, be played in court at your prosecution and obvious a legally oil go what I said it's just like you, MR, why do you not watching people by their skin color is a hill onward? I resign that's what a white man would say this is so you can help those struggling businesses. I want to help struggling businesses, but I'm not gonna pick em based and skin color, when a big and based on merit. Well, yeah, that's that's the society. I want to live in any aid. If you dont want to live in it and you think that's the wrong side, he sorry, Sir suck it
I pay the brigadier. I'm not I'm not changing my opinion on this. I am not going to judge people and make decisions based on skin color. No going to happen not Do it you're going to turn me around on this one? I am not making decisions based on skin color for my whole life. I thought that universally accepted as the correct thing to do, but apparent now it is not. So is that your line I'm not cross again, I don't know of any good good good, because in that way I am I'm with you one hundred percent, but now let's talk about, What that means in sixty seconds neither wanna do not last Saturday and arrive at all, it's great to make that bold declaration. But now what does it mean times determination team- is there, You made an honest mistake. I mean you know it was Our far far far far for our good to be true and though
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get you out. Aid aid aid gets you out or visit them online at timeshare termination team, dotcom times, determination, team dot, com with a one hundred percent money back exit guarantee at times termination team dotcom. Ten. and station I d so now we vs jeez coming in banks now saying that they are going to score you based on your environmental footprint on me, we were Euro the house yesterday and we were talking about solar panels. I mean we're lucky enough to be able to afford sonar solar panels, but if you are just buying electricity off the grid, in a few years, you're gonna be able to cannot can be able
that alone? not gonna, be able by that house if it doesn't have solar panels or you're, not planning on putting some sort of alternative energy into it. You're gonna happen. To do it. Otherwise, the bank's won't give you alone, because you'll have a low e g score. say bizarre world you describe here, I know is seemingly very well done. The way the end and I'm gonna, be a very one. Underwear Janshah humbly is decent. It's it's amazing to me because the ass is social justice. So if Or against critical race theory of your against you know by things based on color stew
part of the problem. You'll have a low, yes g score. Our now I'm gonna have a lower. Might look my e g scores, gonna suck atmospheres, it'd, be like my physics store by nice. It's gonna be gotten is starting to be good, because even if I have solar panels, I say too many things that are a guy now to the EU. S demand for I know, and then that will be factored in, I'm sure knowledge or will it sure will so do you have to make up your mind where your line is and what it means for citizens programme. it's great when you run across a product, especially when they use every day that perfectly balances reasonable cost with superior design. And when you put it, set a brake on ear buds in your ears and give a listen. Let me assure you
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All you have to do is go to by re con dot com, slash back by re, con dotcom, slash back fifteen percent off by re con dot com. Slash back! If you don't know what we mean by Yes G standards, there's a great place to catch up on all that, please gb dot, com, sash, Glenn, the probabilities, glancing, ten bucks description of police tv This is the Glen Back programme. So gladly you hear back, raise join us. Allow Pat fellow Glenn Back re course from the podcast Pat Gray unleashed where you can get. You can listen to him every day, either
blaze. Radio network live before this programme. I just came from there. I just came from their wow yet going to commute, forget stooping what a journey it's bad, it's so pat what we have today, that's a mask Nazis that they're pretty much torn up everywhere, really mask Nazi. This was an interesting one. I thought it at a drive through location. The woman wasn't we're in a mask so here see in your car, intercom interconnectors? What happened
Now I don t even get me one. I don't need your Fagin handy amassed. Anyone reading I need a drink without a mass he's got a murmur. How does not make any sense of the word, but you can handle mass liking? It is mainly the drink. Your mama says you can hear me a mass, but he can't hand me my drink makes perfect sense right. Can you imagine the tried to tell us cars. Now that we have to wear a mass to be sir, will? Why won't you listen to the authorities? Why won't you listen to infernal science can follow the signs and listen to the authorities that are working. The drive through window arrived at your local, fast food blaze. Guess who knows better
exactly right of fast thereon. Lay front live through personal nightly. I do worry a little bit about the stock of Google, though, if masks go away, there will be no content on Youtube. The Igor. Content on Youtube is related to masks its evenly every one of these mass comparable happens to happen when someone is pointing a phone themselves which is relatively there's more anger that comes into these. What she probably with through before or at a grand go amorous gonna show record this time. It is a complete, Lee ridiculous Standard, it makes us losing Lee knows said so. What I want you to wear the Milanese, what I mean we're handed to you. The way I did not love you, cruel unkind are bad for the employees who obviously didn't come up with a policy say that's policy. He didn't say that
but he policy, even if it can look. As you are aware, the man in the if it is company policy, it's ridiculous and in I'm sorry using lower, not teach people jobs. To follow order is all, but if you want to stop at a restaurant policies right right, you want to keep your job. I understand that you know that there are also is something to be said on. We should break but this pull this weed out by its roots when something makes no sense whatsoever earns you should probably not do it when you're trampling on people's rights when it makes no sense. As a person who may or may not go through the Taco Bell Drive through fourteen times a week, I've noticed they have a policy at least that the one the set well that I frequent that they put the bag in a bin.
to hand to me, oh yoyo, which is like a bit hushed the bag. To put it right in the bit, either Europe slightly the bit out so that I have to have grabbed the bag, the same bag. You touched with my hands and pulling out of the been but you're not watching them. I guess I've never taking any right to employ yet, and I believe that I have Edric Cuomo allotted to you. Do you can't give them the grove it? That would be bad. They can in writing. Ro, yes, but you weren't reciprocate vs, but how would I give it to them I know they have no, they ve made it. So you can't not even an alarming rise through transaction. How would I give them covered one assuming your women giving them a credit card assuming you're wearing a mass?
you are aware now, alas, not oh my god, I don't usually make it hands you masks. Do you know what you're a bad person had a bank here I just like summarizes? Well it does it does, but I could help. If you know me, You want to wear a full mask, what about wearing a nosey have you seen in all my gosh, these events to use, or so global issues. I know you're going to say great. These are silver grey area could look. What does there? I mean it's a little teeny device that fits all over. Only your nose at it acts as a happy filter and a carbon filter, and if you, if you're watching on tv, you can see just how stupid they look like people just based on that. I'm gonna say I'm of pass on the nosey nobody's cost
No ninety dollars, L B Box for a nosey, be real. Is it real ya think so they saw a ridiculous now so ridiculous, let me tell you you know what it looks like. What do you remember the opera, the nose gosh tools, looks at genoa you're, like the nose the nose was there was the I dont even know. What that damn offer was about. My daughter was, like lacks garters, operates, getting gray reveres that, unlike no not another outbreak, is ideas garbage great fun. I'm like no, it's not it's really, not and we went and we walked into the whole time. People were very angry with us, but we might
did the whole time. It was a giant knows with feet and it looked like the nosey fact explicit knows with fee added saying I don't even order with, because it was in another language, but it was as those that would come out and it would walk around the stage in la Mon Booze ok whatever, and I'm convinced. I am convinced that that opera was just someone San watching us who bid these opera people are too there they'll by ass this and then they'll all flock to it in pay all kinds of money, too y know, and I think that's the nosey is I that is somebody sane, look how stupid everyone has become. They will where these and they'll pay ninety dollars, apiece form, so
I wonder if the imam, I wonder if you could actually buy them by other legitimate product, go too we wings it went to the website you buy now. Can we get it by I gotta by gotta via we're gonna buy guy. That would be a fund show to do so with the nosey and thence three of them one for you. one, for I dont want the white one. Whatever else colors they have. I just don't want a white one. I wanna Black one. I want a black one. I identify as as a person with a black if they have a brown one, because my nose is about the entirety of my native american ancestry, I have more native american ancestry, then alone with Warren yeah so I couldn't where a brown knows or red nose it does,
to be a kickstarter, so maybe not actually available to place it on the way. If you put your money into that Kickstarter, those people are probably in Russia. Only two hundred and seventeen backers really or does not centre in the amount of presents its received that a good number. Let's get to do better. Now costs arise on it was created as a book glasses and black furry eyebrows above the glass ass. Let me give you. Let me give you this. This is from the Washington post. This is an editorial. Living in Dallas. Texas. Right now feels can exercise in survival What are you doesn't hurt sure it really does an end at a mexican restaurant in Lubbock this week. Guy
she's living in Dallas Go Governor Gregg Abbot. No, he was ok. I gotta Governor Gregg Abbot proclaimed that he would issue and executive order to open Texas one hundred percent starting next week, including, as he told us, Cheering crowd ending this. eight wide, mask mandate, people, business is done me the state telling them how to operate. He said It was ironic that abbot made his announcements on Texas Independence Day was a very was that ironic was? If I mean it is I mean he's saying that we can be independent and we don't have to have the government telling us everything so was actually kind of appropriate. More than ironic for many of us Texans that we that. What we desperately need, to be free from a GEO, p leadership that is put our safety last at every turn, since this pandemic began
The decision to lift occupancy lit limits on businesses and other restrictions is reckless and premature I went to I went to her. a strong on Friday and I was out what a bunch of France and my wife just give me the dirtiest look. She was already there and I, all the way, through the restaurant, saying. With my mask on, I mean ask so I'm safe, I mass so I'm safe, I'm mass, so I'm safe, I mass I'm safe, I mass so I'm safe than I pull the chair out. I mass so I'm. If I sit down, I don't need the mask anymore, because there are no germs at this level. The acquired governor, I mean not covered, as I think that's why I know little people have covered kids, don't it
because it alter loads. Above you down here, ain't worth three right, so so the Texas GEO P this corny wash and impose the Texas GEO Peace NET, curl politics, meaning policy of death, have been on full displayed pandemic year? last March, Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, said grandparents and where in Texas, be willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the state's economy, ice that too when abbot, reopen the state and in May the move quickly resulted in spite of cases and he was forced to backtrack. I've never backtrack on any of the eye by believe that p my age are per perfectly willing to go in to work. Not everybody, not everybody, but there's a lot of us- were like yeah, open it back up Now taxes has thrust Texans back into the reopen rodeo show so,
Here we go again in the rest on his abbot, impressed on his listeners at the end of the mass mandate, does not end personal responsibility pathway, The responsibility of government would have that one of the the responsibility to not tell us what to do in area active our lives yeah. You know the responsibility of the government really ends on the rights and responsibilities of the citizen yeah. when they interfere with the rights of the citizen. The government has no place there. This guy is making the argument that yes, Do need government to tell me whether or not I should wear a mask, not smart enough to figure that out on my own is he is and his friends Everybody Allison, Texas or too stupid to do it you see you might have a. I dont know an ego issue I'm just saying
but if you think that you're, the Smart one and you pay attention to science, I would like to point out a couple of real quick. couple of things about science. First of all, the this is from the CDC man SK mandates and restaurant restrictions, have very small impact on corona virus, Japan there supercomputer just has shown that doubling masks offers little to no help just if you're, following the science you should read those articles, and maybe put depend down when your walk or writing to the Washington Post. Although I don't No, if anybody actually exists at the Washington Post, accept people men, of the day and see if he could they have. Lines that they wrote about Biden this weekend I
and may be working at the Washington Post that's why he doesn't have time for press conferences. Thank you path, I let me tell you about our sponsor this half hours, my patriot supply. History has taught us a lot of things. when there is a disaster, you're going to need to be able to be self sustainable. What are you? What do you do you do. What do you need? Well, you, power. You need water and you need food, those Three things are things that you need and my patriot supply can help you with two out of the three my page supply Dotcom get the food storage, but you need If there is an emergency, get the water filtration, that you need the food kits cash. in one to two days and arrive discreetly at your door. Don't wait the time to prepare for the future, is right now, my patriot
its apply. Dotcom. Don't wait! Do it now my patriot supply dot com, in October of twenty twenty, let's last October Miami based art, collector, Pablo Rodriguez, Fredjim lay musk its must be from France spent. Almost sixty seven thousand dollars on a ten second video art work that he could watched online for free last week he sold it for six point: six million dollars. why the video by digital artist, people whose real name is MIKE Winkle. Men was advocated by blockchain, which serves as a digital signature to verify owns this
digital artwork, and that it is original digital artwork This is a new type of digital asset, known as a non fungible token or an f t that has expired. it in popularity during the pandemic, as enthusiasts and investors scramble the spend enormous sums of money on items that exist only on line. I don't think I get this other than this sounds like the biggest scam of all time. You know I have you seen the people that are their buying artwork but you're, buying a share of the artwork busy. I know the other now starting to sell artwork and you they're asking you to invest and you can buy you no two hundred and fifty dollars worth of the Mona LISA or what or art work that is up for sale, Mona, LISA, usually not for sale, but you can buy these and its
away for people that point the our work. They'll hold it hold it for you. They hold it for you. Do time, sharing art your time. Sharing our reader actually get to see. It now scan Oda, and if it goes up, you'll get a percentage of the mean we are finding ways to scam people out of their money every single day- and this is an f t- sounds just like that. We're gonna go to Jeff Brown. Are our technology expert? He has a lot to say about this. Coming up the programme,
America. This is the Glen Back programme. An aid is Monday. When I talk to you a little bit about the coming inflation, that is right around the corner, it looks like the economy is beginning to pick up and we are flooding the market with dollars and when people started spending those dollars, that's when inflation rates- and it could be white bad this time now, maybe not keep your fingers grass, but eventually it does come. So what do you do to prepare for the collapse of currency or really high inflation? Rina begin their in sixty seconds programme Let me talk to you. A little bit about relief factor relief factor is, is the group of people that their
really helped Diana, and I get out of Diane lives in California the people who are in pain for different reasons in different parts of the body. That really factor can't help that pain in your butt If you live in California might be in pain She was one of those active sorts of people like to get up and go exercise in. You know I live in California because we can surf in and we go into the mountains and ski and I'm lucky. I just like looking at both of those things but she's in spending more and more time in her living room chair, because the aches and pains she develop over the years were just getting worse and worse all the time she, they decided to try relief factor. in less than a week. Diane said less than a week. She was up and out, and she walked fortify miles again a day. Sorry about that guy
and got her life back, and so can you it's relief factor at relieffactor, dot, com, relieffactor dot com or call eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred five hundred and eighty three, eighty four, its relief factor. com, so the old saying is what goes up must come down and that is with inflation as well as you just keep increasing the money supply The way we have weave we, printed twenty six percent more dollars in the last year and introduce them into the system in the law ass, twelve months, but no in no other year except nineteen. Forty four did dna. States of America do that, and there were things to invest in a nineteen of four before we were. We,
building the nuclear bombs, we were building airplanes, we rebuilding factories, and we needed to spend the money. That's what we did it, and then we pulled that money all back in this kind of. Of the amount of money that we now have in the system, we ve never had anything close to this out in the system and you print money, it's bad, unlike ass, theirs, what's called no velocity valise. they just means is that being spent, so somebody gets alone from the bank. They build a factory, those those dollars that they got from the bank they pay to mechanics or a contractor the contractor pays for the the structure. Pays the electricians, the electorate Take that and they buy groceries. Then they take some of it and they spend it at a movie. Theater
velocity is how many times has that dollar bill been spent before it goes back to the bank. we have very low velocity right now, and people are looking for places to put their money. at least So I guess who have just a ton of money, because I dont even understand this new. Sounds to me like a scam, but I want to do get Jeff Brown on the phone I Jeff good. Jeff, is the founder and chief investment analysed at brownstone research and editor of the bleeding edge he's a bigwig in high tech tell me what in F, tease are. Ok, so I have to use our non fungible opens and probably the simplest place to start is to understand what furthermore, means because its debts really not a word that we use on a day to day basis. Let's take the? U S,
dollar? If you wanted to borrow from me a hundred dollar bill and then you wanted to pay me back. You wouldn't have to pay me back with exactly the same one hundred dollar bills that I gave you write a hundred Adele is equal to a hundred dollar bill there completely fungible their interchange of old or even divisible, and so that's the concept of finds ability fungible object is something that is indivisible and can't the exchange. just something else are simple example: would be your website going back. com or the place our com, these, actually non fungible assets interchangeable with another website at all. so on it so, like a stand, would be fungible, but a collector stamp with the upside down airplane. that's non fungible. As long as there is only one of them, ok enough,
That's the new us! Ok, though, adoptees not non fungible tokens every single token, is unique. in its own right. There's nothing else like it. Nor can there be So let me give you the start of this story, and you explain this we're twenty twenty, A few months ago, Miami based art, collector, Pablo Rodriguez, frail spend almost sixty seven thousand dollars online on a ten. second video artwork that he could have. Search for free online last week. He sold it for six point, six million dollars that, sounds crazy, and it is crazy, ok, but but It's only crazy when we kind of get sucked into the
Ok, this was a digital piece of art, but if we about the value of the castle. Those have sold for six point six million dollars and what's happening right now in the non fungible token space, the most popular areas of non food legible tokens right now are in collectibles, for example, India all kind of like trading cards. We have artworks digital our work, which can be a static Just an image or video clips are are very popular and if we Kind of understand that in twenty twenty was a break out your truly when the concept of an tease became very well known in the technology industry. But two a quarter of a million dollars worth of transactions took place last year.
But we're going to have a multi billion dollar year this year and its because people see, the art and collectibles industry, shifting from physical objects, physical goods to digital assets, and each one in unique and individual and rare. Ok, so wait a minute I can understand if it's an artwork cousin, you would, by the rights to printed and sell it right. and you can that's precisely the point I got Pablo then walked the rights to that piece of art. He could sell it. Ok, point six nine, because it was one of a kind silver. Tell me exactly what you, you would be buying a clip on line of like sports, because I understand that people are buying the NBA is into this. Are they Are they selling the clips of sports games in
Could you not just get that online or wood with that clip that game belong to you in. If NBC wanted to play it, they would to pay you for it. That's right! So I'm in the NBA has been incredibly progressive, again last year there was only a quarter of a million dollars worth of revenue to date. NBA Top shot has is literally had the highest level of transaction volume for, the three hundred million jerry. Unusual, that you'd have kind of a legacy industry like NBA being very aggressive and a very progressive space and monetizing their assets, and so they can. How about you know we can imagine how much hundreds of thousands of ours, of video that they have the digital rights to they can cut these things. encouraged the mud and create interactive trading car
each and every one of which is as a one of a kind, and Confer the rights contractually on to a blockchain taken. Inspiring of intellectual property or a patent to anyone advise it and then they omit and you're exactly right, the owner the other trading card or the clip could licence it out. a one off basis on a continuous basis or they can just sell it to to another room another individual who is going to pay more for the asset. So does this sound to you little like pats, dot com? You know it sentiment and I'll. Tell you why, because its its inevitable, especially as I look at kids that are growing up today really kids. Young is eight all the way up to people who twenties and thirties they just
value physical assets, the same way that they value digital assets and if we think about, even a video games. Most people don't know this, but the video game industry is larger than the entire motion. picture industry, and the biggest revenue sources and video games is virtual goods, so people are buying a match. sword or a shield. My soon, my son took some of his money last summer after he was working and he was like I want to buy this sword dad and unlike by a sword and really have it now. I use it in the game and you're gonna pay for it, and I just could. I'll get my arms around it, but be rethought. That was the greatest thing ever It is how they feel cool, how they play better in again how there, seen by their peers, who also play that game.
This is more than a hundred billion dollar business virtual goods right now and twenty twenty one. It will be more than a hundred and fifty billion dollars by twenty twenty five. And so, when I look at a business, that's that large One of the biggest problem with virtual goods in video games is, you can transfer them to other places. They only exist in this kind. Your game in this war garden, but nine fungible tokens enable you to actually acquired, things have one thing that none of your friends have so its unique different. It can have different. Prison capabilities and you get to keep it and you can actually sell it for a profit somewhere down the road. somewhere somewhere right now, is somebody that has closet full of beanie babies. That word exactly the same thing when the
me baby grace was going it's it's just like you, Art and collectibles market, you know they have years where certain sectors are just on fire and they look like you're a bottle. So how do you know? What? How do you know what to buy? I mean, I guess it's like argue by what you like and good luck to you. What I think yeah. This is where I kind of normal people actually have an advantage. Let's say that you know you're a big empty, a fan and you've been following the NBA for three decades you actually would have kindly listen, train their inherent few for the value of certain in India, history and what it might be worth and whether or not we are going to increase in value over time some I can tell you that this industry, through the energy industry within a few years, will be worth more than a hundred billion dollars. This is literally attracts torrents.
From one kind of physical objects market into digital asset market space, and just like, I think, when I look about the investing world. Every year. There are sectors that tend to be. Hotter and more exciting, were technological advancement is happening more quickly. they tend to appreciate in value. Actual than other sectors. So if I wanted to see this if I wanted to buy. Let's say the Lou Gehrig, the luckiest man lucky as Van on earth. Could I buy that now or and how would you buy it or So, the owners of the current assets. What would have to basically package and product eyes a tree ache, and sensible told him by doing so, they actually create a contract of ownership, so embedded within a nonsensical
token are, is all the data about what makes it rare and special as well as what we refer to as US our contract which is what enables one company or person to transfer the rights of ownership to another individual So once that's offered up to remember all those rights you by it and hold it for as long as she wanted and do with it when she wanted one. One last question I was sued for the lower case g by Garth, Brooks When I first went over to see an end date, it's the typewriter, lower case g, any suit me and he had suit everyone who use the lower case g in a logo. claiming ownership of it. You know he took a copyright. I think out on it and and so owned it
and he fought it and after ten years, if you fight and win every case, and he had the money to do it, you own that letter, but you I do it as in anything you have. To defend it all the time? So if you the famous clip. Don't you have to also have a bunch of attorneys to make sure People know that's that that clip ass to be removed from Youtube and everywhere else, don't you have to fight it all the time yes, I'm traditionally. That would be true. Difference with with. watching technology made up. Of course, if somebody is just simply capturing a clip from let's just say, a Youtube, video or an old video, that's actually differently. the nonsensical token itself unfortunately talking were not just include the video clip, but typically what we're seeing as there's other things that make it. You know
other attributes to the club that make it a special. and you know its official, it's like having a licence them. Authorized product rather than you know. I knock up a knock off Jersey. You know you just by also the vendor off the street, and so That's where rarity comes are. You are you definitely right, you could pursue those things it's kind of crazy. How you could claim a letter from the outset that I know I fear I thought for sure that was madness, but it wasn't an he now owns it. Jeff, thank you much for talking to us Jeff Brown. and find Jeff and follow Jeff with his website. Jeff Brown letter, dot com or brownstone research, Dotcom Jeff. Thank you back in two minute way more, you bet it is I patriot supply. What are your or beliefs as an American.
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so we have some. We have some Andrew Cuomo knew some more someone's yeah you're kidding me now. Nothing new is happening with agriculture thing well, not necessarily new but he's in trouble again he's recent refusing to resign, even though to more women have come out and accused, Edric Lama, just the two jars belgian actually well, now it's it's two new ones do its job. Two new ones. That's all it is, though, that's all you know he's refusing to resign, and and now they have actually come out. One of these aids in an in an interview off didn't give his name, but one of an aid he's on the record comment at least that said they are outwardly trying the Governor Ralph North and strategy,
is to say to just keep going going and going, and eventually people will forget about well, it would have for it would have worked with Bill Clinton if he just would have you know kept going. Oh, it did did We ignore them is another example: there's been several of them, if you just don't bow down. If you just say it's not a problem, not a problem, what people going to do about it? and there's enough people that you know say yeah, it's not a big deal Now you have how many five there are varying degrees, but yeah. There's that these two were kind of hugged and kissed her and grabbed her waist another one says he took her to her. Is dimly lit hotel room in LOS Angeles after Ray an event in two thousand and embraced her and went for it. You said now he stopped arose at harassment listens to plunder programme,
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made for your yard. Hustler zero turn mowers made in Amerika there, fasting credibly, maneuverable, extremely durable and you'll feel like Europe. You know mowing the yard and I don't know a combination of a tank and sports Guard check them out yourself. A bee. Compare at your local hustler dealer find one near you, hustler turf, dotcom, hustler, turf, dotcom and had to blaze tv dot com, Slash Glenn Promo Code is Glenn. You can save tens ox after subscription to blaze tv down This is the Glen Back programme. Clarice cylinder is she is they mom, just like you might be? She has kids in school or a should be in school, and she has started a new pact called keeping kids in school,
she was there has been, like you re upset about the school closure. She said that she had an idea that the teachers unions were involved and then some they happen. Then she said I receive the evidence. Clarice is with us now I local Clarice hi Glenn. I heard useful than that hello, Clarice real. It's a real pleasure to be with you today, I too very much yet I so I filed this right Now I got an email back on the teachers Union President currently way. What is the right to know freedom of information, act, kind of thing, that's correct, Sierra, exactly what it s very, and you file that with whom so I filed that was my specific school district cap are aware some in the state of Pennsylvania OJ? Ah, but we have hundreds all over this data Pennsylvania trying to prove this union straw. Arming, ok
use. You wrote to them and said what I want to know what I want all correspondence between in the superintendent and all the union officials, so course, since I waded out emails text, messages or any kind, Precision memo queen, which is this union? his bride, more and our superintendent every school had a union representatives. I encourage everyone to file these rights, knows that but I didn't even know you could do that. That's fantastic! Hasta LA right, so Will you filed it in what did you get back? What'd you fine! So I got about seventy emails back. and in what I put in there was, I want all emails between March. Twenty twenty and marched twenty one that include
in person, return or call bade. I I did, I put some key words in there and I received this email back and it shows so disturbing heat up I've been another teaching and notes We are not a child care center. I fear babies sitting drove parents to demand and in amount of in person instruction that is got wrenching, not just for parents, but also for teachers. He is totally disregarded the importance and how essential our teachers are? There not babysitters third educators? so wait a minute. So that was in the with the memo from a union boss to the teachers. Is an email from Brian, more teacher. You in president for him half or abortion school district sent directly to us. superintendent incur
Urging him to keep the schools closed because he was trying to open them. He said for the record- and I cannot stress enough- I do not believe it's the correct decision and keep moving ahead with the planned return for high school students As I pointed out yesterday, bringing those students back just to return them to remote instruction is Plainly illogical. Additionally, hybrid instruction is poor and unsupported by empirical evidence for effective curricular instruction? Perhaps it has some social and emotional benefits, but it's not a bit. option than remote instruction. Where now a child care center and I fear baby sitting Grove parent to demand an amount of in person instruction. He says, as we have said, along with all along the way, we need to follow the science and I completely agree the science. Is telling us we should not have students in school and decisions are being made to appease, but
medical needs rather than doing what's best for the kids so he's Accusing the superintendent of Boeing, to political needs is correct. Are you ready for the icing on the cake? Sure? Brian more President, Teachers union sends his Daughter, ever since August five days a week in person instruction to a catholic school. How could he do that if he finds it to be really dangerous? I would love to know that question and I mean I would love to know that answer I mean I would love to speak to him face to face at this point. You know arch. you're not really suffering. At the greatest extent, I mean really
Truly. I know you now the anxiety that the pressure that failing right I mean what about the people that can't afford that option. Like heat, Those catholic School were already paying so much money in school taxes and then here he's sending his child ages, it's hot, so heartbreaking. Our kids have not been in school for a year glad I know here, I know my daughter has been in school for a year. My son, you can opt. You can opt in or out in. My son has opted in to go into school, but he still couple times a week you know he's doing. The hybrid hybrid thing and in a way he goes to school. It is like, is some sort of? I don't know scientific, you know boy in a bubble kind of at least where everybody is behind plexiglas and you can't leave your desk and you have to eat at your desk for lunch, its ammunition.
and even sound like school, then Eddie, it's affecting him and his his depression level and it's really not good, so What are you what is going to happen in this school district with with Brian more well? What He says hybrids, not good right. He says it's porn on supportive, unsupported, so I'm pushing for full return! I mean you're, u, but one that he's the one. That's it you know it and unsupported. So I'm hoping that they take this and open our schools. Five. These are just as they should, just as many scientists and doctors recommend for the welfare of our children, but I will I also note I do believe- and I hate to get this through even deeper- critical, but I believe that people have to show up at the polls.
And start really knowing their candidate of who they are voting for for school boards and in whose only a union and whose not oh yeah I would add. I would completely agree with you on that now seeing then the CDC has come out and said mask mandates and restaurant restrictions have small impact on the corona virus cases I would assume that would be the same for schools and The american pediatrics has come out and said you ve got to put kids back into school science. Is he talking about that suggests that the teeth you have to stay home He does refer to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, but that I know We know who was running daddy's she's now right, she's now and then Leyden Administration, that's right, doctor
then yeah yeah, yeah, ok, so it's travel I mean I just I appreciate the time to bring white for this, because our kids and just like your son and daughter, need this so much A single child needs, as we have children that, with keeping hidden school that have contacted us, their parents, that art everything homelessness and they use school for much more than school right. We cannot continue. Does this have to end? We have kid. That are going to gun violence drawn by drugs. I mean it has done were, giving our children no outlet or no no, no role a path to succeed. So Clarice. What about the you know the the argument that as conservatives I can't believe. Were we demanding these schools open up. There's a story out today that says in in kindergarten, they're gonna start talking about sexual and a vacation and even
anal sacks five year olds, I mean what are we doing Why is there a part of you this, as I dont want these schools Dobbin back up on its a great fear, maybe we should start working stronger at school choice, Maybe maybe we should begin? I know that I know many parents that cannot afford sure the option you know of private. institutional what at whatever about it by me, be maybe the answer as school choice and I gotta tell you. I I've always been an advocate for public schools. I I always had, and I thought the date for cornerstones, our community, but with the email them. Shared from you with a union strong, arming and then, telling me about the curriculum changes. How can we
how can we allow our children to to experience this kind that but Sister about it's really is no matter what that something else we. So if anybody wants to get a hold of you and enjoying your your movement, you you have keeping kids in school dot com. What will you find there? That's right, keeping it It's called a calm. We if you join our movement, we can provide you with all the information on how to. Ah, where do the right to know request, we have templates that how people, you know file them in their own district industry, The Pennsylvania you'll see the candidates of who were endorsing, but we can all so help create other packs. We helped organ create a pack. We hope New York City create a pack on her really start getting people out of the poles and
knowing the candidates that our voting for an understanding. What platform that candidate stand for? Instead of just walking into the poles and boat Why? I hope you get lots of calls from Texas and all around the country, because I, and what you are doing is really important. If we are not involved at the local level, we lose everything It's it's it's possibly more important for all of us to be involved in our school boards than even the presidential or Senate Braces keeping in a very more keeping kids in school dot. Com is the address to go thanks. Clarice appreciated kill. You back here below my flock.
Well, it's almost time for the big celebration. You know get the champagne in the cigars and the caviar and the obligatory cyanide bill, because it's almost tax day, yay and you're going to feel so incredibly charitable and doing things do when you hit next day, don't you feel like man. I feel like a combination of mother Teresa, because I'm so charitable and Uncle SAM, because I'm so patriotic today and you know, you're doing a lot of good and they won't just wasting money on nothing amen to that brother with The tax deadline approaching. It is important to take steps to avoid being a victim of tax scams. This is this year has been a just a bonus year for cyber criminals and tax I'm is their favorite time of year.
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This is the line back programme. Well, somebody who's just how they're trying to do good. Try to change the world, trying to flex their social Justice Muscles and show that they are not a part of this evil white world and this man El dominated world is in trouble. Yes, our friends at Burger King, U K Maroon, try because they treated the following women, belong in the kitchen, these bastards. That's it! That's the tweet that was the tweet. Was the end. Shockingly they get a lot of negative attention for well, I would imagine and movie kitchen and might have they were trying to do. A big deal about women and girls are women's day and all the Rhine, crap yeah well, hopes are- looked at a character, so burger king, of course,
obviously the Brook Burger King UK is not saying women should is belong in the kitchen right right is its social media. Should you may be detect that there's something additional here for, of course, in reality, what it is, is it completely pandering program they're, starting because says women belong in the kitchen following tweet. If they want, you of course, yet only too eighty percent of ships. Are women we're on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career international women's day hashtag? We are proud to be launching a new scholarship programme which will help female burger king employees pursue their culinary dreams. Now I believe they only with a this was a make This looks like we're, not travel, because we we say- women belong in the kitchen. I don't accept that from Burger King UK, and that is funny it's funny, because you know that their base-
Remember the announcement is an announcement to give money to women. That is Surely what the announcement is right because of their absolutely, entering view about how certain genital should be in the kitchen helping being shafts you after we have to have a split of each type of I mean just absolutely ridiculous. totally pandering attempt to to win women over and are being trashed by everyone on social media. Why not because they care, they think it's pandering, which is a legitimate criticism of this stead it's because they basically should have known no one was going to read the follow up. Tweet your expectations are so low that we can't believe that anyone would actually read two tweets. That's too much effort between for people to actually understand the context of other. Do it well, it could
I happen to a nicer group of be tat. I really dont everything were veto against burger king, but all these corporations that pander they will come any you eventually yet they're going to company you so The burger king character in particular might be like all that's great, but don't mean it that way there their backing to eat your restaurant. They they'll come and put you out of business. My friends good luck to climb programme. I'm sorry, I'm just here in the governor s office, where did everybody go well. No one work for Cuomo any more blood,
I only mention presumes because she has enormous. What's that got to do too Or two more ladys have said the air. He did that to me too and now the staffers or resigning. We'll talk to you about that here, just a second, if been slow to refinance your mortgage then consider this your wake up call interest Aids have been down for a long time, but it is going to last forever and they are already starting to climb back upward and once they're gone they will be gone. Not the chance to take advantage of these historic low rates could be the least of your problems. If we We'll get a handle on what Washington is doing to the economy. Here's what you to do right now. Make sure that you have your finances rock solid, taken
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all right, so I'm just say it S. Ass may a coma I'm just saying yes to other Ladys, came out and said I was being inappropriate, but The first one said you know I wrapped read my embrace. You know what I'm saying dimly lit LOS Angeles hotel room. The only reason why dimly lip is because, I am very, very green- and the only reason why I hid honour is because she wanted it. I mean look at our last name. He and thin She wasn't just hand and she was she was one in it. You should have seen away, he was dressed die. Is that dumb? Is that dumb NEA and he
seems to have this this amazing ability to perplexed. swimming in, took thinking for some reason? I may just tell you this: the other woman. The other woman. She said it. Twenty fourteen I had been kiss stirring grabbed their waste. You should have seen but examine that one. You know what I'm saying and products that formal within it, and I only reason why I guess there is because her name, is ill. I yes s lists. She wanted it or she wouldn't have a name that rind with kiss now he's.
Reaching for over these years. Left I look. It's almost like. He didn't do any of the writing. Now. You know to me I should have done over the weekend it. Oh, I look at the allegations which are piling up and none of them are Harvey Weinstein's in what Winston level now we should note that, and also of course he deserves his due process. Oh, he didn't deserve it, but he gets it anyway. He doesn't deserve anything, but he gets because he's an american citizen right. But you look it s good for use. Do you hey you? Do you boo, You just keep going to get out of saying like yeah I hears it does it has earned its here. And the due process right. He just gets it. Yes, I refused to take it away even from the illegal use of youth of governor, yet some, but he is now listen to the six. This is from one of his smokes. Two of the most ridiculous comments from
Spokespeople for Reginald Morton- I won Talks about current Hinton, as you mentioned, this did not happen she was doing more than eight Karen Hinton is a known antagonist of the governors who is attempting to take. It and if this moment to score cheap political points were made up allegations from twenty one years ago. All women have the right to come forward and tell their story. However, is the responsibility of the press to consider self motivation? I got a little boy. I got news for you I always say- and I still say to this very day, believe all women except for these five, which they will continue to increase. The number of neurons come out. I think about that this of course, the right steps right off, We have the right to come forward until their story as, however, is also the responsibility of the press to consider self motivation that has been true since the dawn of time
It's just now only being applied by Democrats when they get in trouble. Yeah, which is fascinating, has not applied. I mean look at this. How long did we hear that you can't say that there is a problem with Muslims, know, there's a problem in the muslim community, you're saying all Muslims. No, I'm saying there is a problem in the muslim community, so you're saying all Muslims. No, I'm saying that those who want to blow things up to Their way and their way is the is lummix scriptures are overriding the? U S law there called is lamas, so you have a problem with Islam. No they're called Islamist. So it's a problem with Islam, no Its islamist remember that whole argument that we had for almost twelve years. Why is it we're not having the argument so you're saying all members of the GEO Peer right wing terrorists is,
you're saying. Because, here here's, how goes so wait a minute because of January six you're saying that all g o p, and anybody who voted for Donald Trump as a right wing terrorist. Yes, oh ok, you know, there's no, they they say yes to that. They say yes to that. If you did for him. Yes, you're part of the problem you. Wouldn't do that too much comes you wouldn't do that to anyone nor Shelly one who don't judge people based on the identity group, they belong to. You just pay. You judge P or based on their merit, which is why you don't believe all women, the idea that women can lie in don't lie about. Such things is completely absurd and you know who will tell you louder than anyone when we It will save. You know all my friends from college. They lied all the time, You will hear that much more often from women and you will for men.
women, no women better than men, do, and that is that is all fact. I can't tell you how many times I have said. I said I I believe her. I think this or you know Don't think women would? And my wife, oh look at me ago- are you out of your mind oh drew nigh, I think they would do that honey. No, really women are like yes, yes, Jimmy visited this code that this one might be the most unbelievable of them. Although of all accusations all the denials from Cuomo rob this particular period. Tell If this were sings, the two you glad rich. A party of Senior Cuomo adviser, said Anne. The statement that it is a ears and the governors office. He now heard him use course: language, ha ha days
days now. I never use cause language he yeah about it, but I think it is the World S, so I Tell you and defend myself, because I've gotta use offensive language. Unfortunately, the F c c bars us from illustrating one Andrew Cuomo Daily, being mapped out, and I've never heard him use the course language come on. Oh yeah he's a he's. A choir boy, there's absolutely literally no reason to believe that that's true the Atlantic actually got a scene Cuomo it Iser, to give a quote that, with the new attached to it. But listen to this bar being a burst of new allegations. Cuomo absolutely will not resign quote the old immigration, playbook is out. End quote
Oh adviser told me requesting anonymity to discuss the private deliberations that have been going on over the past week very much on the minds of Cuomo and his team is virtue the governor, Ralph North them, who few to resign and twenty nineteen at the discovery of an old races, yearbook page, but to date today remains popular with voters: cool there is a new path, and that is to wait. It out is how the advisor put it to nor from is popular with voters. Is this a washing imposed article? This is an atlantic article. They are linking actually washing imposed article, however, not about. I would say that there is pulling show north them at fifty six percent approval. Okay, so he's not popular he's popular with half of the voting on paragraph fifty six percent, not bad though he was at forty three percent during the scandal and so he's raise that fifty six yeah, because everybody stops thinking about it. When you realise there's, nothing can be done. If these guys just power through them, and that's that's what
it's what you that's what you learn, I mean they remember. Everybody was calling for Donald Trumps, resignation yet. I wanted him to resign. Resign resign resign and he played this now, I'm not going to you know he was right for doing it. I, I'm not his generous on the benefit of the doubt with Cuomo stu is, but boy. You know the benefits, How do you think I do although I did not think I would face, I hear that benefits the tap water while well yeah giving him you know them right too. yet fair hearing I I know I am what I find it very important to maintain consistency whatever far too and, like you know, like I, don't know if it's possible at this time. Quabo is so bad, it's very difficult for me to do, but again he, doesn't. He he's already had due process when it comes to the killing, fell
people in his state, in nursing homes that he's had due process on that that we we in we he's admitted he height, hit those numbers and he's up. Knowledge eyes toward already that Indeed, that is more than enough for him to have to leave office. They should teach him over it. Well, this is a separate thing and we just don't know how true the stuff is. Yet you know you're, missing the real problem in our society and If you, if you made every word, would just give me just a just a second here advocating the banishment of six Doktor Seuss books for apparent racial imagery new, four times columnist Charles M blow. complained that there are some something else that needs to happen, as a child? I was led to believe that blackness was inferior. While you at bad parents,
and I was not alone- the blacks aside suck your motives. Parrots movie is well, ass, anything right wing that is the job of the parents, to make sure that they dont believe that I'm fifties I'm fifty six and I know my parents made it very clear. There's no differ between us, which is wrong and by the way and the I know- and you know even my grandfather- in his old timey buoyant born in nineteen o three, you know he. It's to be old unease like don't let anybody tell you that exert any different, ok, grandpa! Thank you Brian attack. It was actually a statement of trying to be it was it was standing up against his generation. Yeah right does lead and using lady actually used. The sea word can even say I'm going to say even
no let anybody jellia colored, certainly different and TAT was the way they spoke and that's the way he spoken in and that's the way they speak at the end of lacy P. Today, yes, it is anyway, So I was you know I was raised better than that feel sorry for the blow family whose led to believe blackness was inferior, and I was not alone. Black society which I was born was riddled with these beliefs it happens for children in the most in conspicuous of ways. It was delayed through toys and dolls cartoons and children chose fairy tales and children's books, some of the fur cartoons. I remember occluded Pepe, dot LE dot pew. I don't know what color is Pepe Le Pew Black and white he's black and he's got white
on his back, you see what I'm saying there knuckle diy figurative, manufacture, lapsing guide and on the black man eyes. Why so one averse our cartoons, I remember, was Pepe Le Pew, who normalized rape, culture times that we said it now. I am glad that we have things into perspective now. but I remember, Pepe, look you ok and Ah I never thought rape was normal. Now no real. Maybe it goes back to my parents or the that. I have common sense, but I always thought pebble appeal was stinky skunk. And you know it. be clear. Pebble appeal has never raped anyone,
I don't know if he devotes, are aware of this. He's not a rapist, skunk, really he's a skunk. In fact, if you watch pebble appear you notice that the It's a cat right. Europe is it's a cat he's trying to whom we all time. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, right, yeah, and so, but the cat is not is not running away from him, because he does it she doesn't want to do the things he's doing she's right anyway, because he still sees a scout yeah impact in other episode, she chases him down the library one in the blow family for generations. Now we're goin only granting any minute we're like she actually wants to get with him this entire time. That's that's! The story like the cat wants to get with the skunk, but the sky, smell, so badge is like all gosh. I can't do it
she's trying to resist rape so I've any. Why would that be the story like kids Gart, do if anything, Pepe Le Pew normalized inner species, meeting tomorrow. That is how ridiculous it is. That's how Dickie illicit is because she wanted to do it with Pappy wasn't that he was a skunk was that he smelled. Oh ok and feed, was just making it with anything other than skunks, because he identified as a cat or elsewhere the cat to identify as skunks I'm good, to be a skunk today now doesn't work. That way, MR blow I am really sorry for your childhood, but don't heap that bulk,
up on me and my family, because I probably grew up around the same time that you did and pepper Le Pew did not teach me that rape was good parents taught me. Rape is good right now. Let me give me those commercial banks for rough greens. Listen you lotta acts yourself. One question: do you love your dog? I mean really really really love your dog like wooden sin them, though one of my nursing homes, kind of love him. Well, get. Do you need to give him a bag of ruff greens? I got a couple of bags of fill out the back of a truck. Do you know what you know what I mean? it is probably gonna be like gear that crack that I'm gonna have to sell when I get kicked out of office, but only for dogs and healthy bear. Yes,
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So my brother said and see a name, daddy says eyes black on the inside. And the people are rip. It him saying that sick, if enough Hence, if you know what I mean, on the inside you. you think I, but they have a brother who was black on the inside. Of course not. eggs. They are blacks that's the whole from edge requirement, is not actually a joke. That's just what he says just who the guy, who I think the guy probably is. Probably you know if you're this much of the Andrew Athol, you know you're kind of probably a little like a a you know I mean, do you know what we know? The true neanderthal thinking is letting people go and open up their businesses that, while the real Neanderthal now know everything he he may
probably will get through this, because he will eventually waded out and, unlike Republicans, were he will not be pressured out and will not be impeached and will not be target in that way, I think Then there is a strategy here, an engineer. You mention trumpets that it's funny, because you think about What I think of the media, caricature of what Donald Trump is that some is Andrew, Cuomo right, like he's If it is fans like em they like him because of these data, the tough talk the down talks like me right, like that's what they like about him, really
people say yes making they do that. All of us have like he's a bully. He's he's been accused by people of of sexual harassment. He lies all the time on. All these things they accuse trotted off is who Cuomo is? No? You have you have Donald Trump? He said things about women that were inappropriate. Yes, he asked to go. That's what you do is low key was a bully instead of aims to people, and he had to go almost different. He has to stand for citizens. they are. Let me tell you about gold lying. It's almost as if the administration would like to destroy the economy as quickly as they can from the looks of it. Yet and ignore the warning signs- and there are a lot of warning signs- that number of? U S dollars that they are printing hyper
inflation is real, it's mathematical and we are bury burrowing. Our way underneath all good times and going deeper and deeper into words a cliff when we come out the other side. We just fall. Please consider gold or silver, be on top of your financial gain. Look four things that will have value that are? in dollars. Stop waiting. call gold line right now to talk
a bit more about this after the break, but with every tube of certified gold liberty, coins, you're gonna, get five brilliant, uncertain, Elated Kennedy, silver Half dollars at no additional charge. These are the exact coins that I'd buy. When I buy Goines from a gold mine get them now. You can ask them what I what I buy at eight six: six gold mine, eight, six EC skull liner gold line dot com. I am too interested in what you right we'll get into that coming up. Triplet soldiers evacuees. The phone number Andrew Cover is awful dot com website. This is the Glen Back Programme were glad you're here over. weekend we did. Our first trial are first study. If you will with about two hundred people at the mercury Mercury, one a merry.
in Journey centre, which is where our vault is and also where we teach and some of other people from here at them. three studios and blaze. I invited the some of the producers over this weekend to pop in and see what we were doing and they all have the same reaction. They were like, oh, my gosh, what I mean we don't even know this was being built it quite an amazing place and it will be open to the public and We're going to be doing a couple of more of these, and hopefully the next one we will get on tape and an post. online, but it's free service to anybody. They wants to come and it was a three day session of Knowledge of of the history of the United States, and it was just an overview and What everybody needs to do I mean we, you have
take charge of your life and you have to take charge of your education and we had people of came from all over the country, They were, they all left the same way, even those who had been through our museums and everything else before they I have to say, and I can't believe all that I learned of a friend of mine who went she had. She had brought with her friends were yesterday or the day before, and she said I was telling all these stories of all the things that I learned. and all the women were like wait. Wait. Where did you learn all of this stuff? How can we go gonna put it online. It's kind of like Prager University, except long form, and you'll get the information that you need and how to learn. So you can teach. Your kids about that. But we were, you know,
people came in masks because they were part of an old parts of the country where you have to wear masks all the time, and do you know they wore them? You know the whole time. Other people didn't wear masks and we were cool either way on the masks, and I don't feel he and others is amazing material in today's Washington Post or yesterday's Washington Post about how how evil text is, and it's written by a Texan who says that this justa it's the g o p here is a death called must not nosedive seemed. Are We are not as bad as New York in California and they ve. Not everything down so tell me, where's yours, where's. Your science now see where where's the science, because I dont understand what's happening, but we're not
a difference, but there is also something else about the shutdowns that we're not seeing indifference that I also don't understand and that is There's no real difference. Economically. In the end now between the states and open up, and the states that didn't exe for unemployment rate you this real clear pattern. It's interesting as I'm working on a project first do. Does America will do it we'll talk about here too, I am done, which is which states actually per all the best and worst through this, because we all talk about a lot of different things but like if you look at the whole picture, not just Love South Dakota right, because they were these? They had a showed a lot of freedom, but they had some really rough results at times with the actual virus where look at a state like Texas, they do how they had afforded? Who? How to California do, even though they you a varying government programmes and lack of freedom and in and such, but at what was the actual farmers when it comes to economy and and the
your virus, and so going through this and one of the things that I thought I found to be really fascinating and it was against what I believed going in was when you look the gdp of these states. How much they locked down doesn't seem to affect the GDP. At all, I mean most no difference between the states that fully locked down the entire your time and states that open the entire time see that doesn't make sense that only two things could make sense of that. One is that the boy, businesses that didn't have to lock down are the with a big businesses. Are they waited so much more than the local businesses. Do they do so much more business that it's almost a blip. I don't believe that the other, would be the print. Of money at what I think it is because. the government, has given away so much money to to,
to shield these states against the collapse that they ve actually just run the economy for these blue states. For these it's that have really locked down. They have just stepped in and given so much cash that they fly. The economy now, when you unemployment, just different outbreak, difference, Pierce Rang or states that did lockdown have much higher unemployment differences than those that did not that's gonna be harder to write rebound from, because these people are out of work. They have to fight all new jobs. New businesses need to open an end small business in every recession. seventy five percent of all job creation come From the small business man will you in some states, you ve completely wiped them out in New York City Youth wiped the restaurant out swiped it out. Here so what happens in GDP, I don't care, if you're pretty
about your money and that's why people are spending right. They don't they don't care about that, what they in the future they will so is only two ways to go forward from here right. You either continue the printing of money for a very long time aerial, possibly with no end in sight to me. Contain these states that had to go through all of us in the home or the blue state? Collated blue states collapse in the red states do really well. Do you think the bite administrations can let that what happened? Nope? I don't think so here. The other thing that really concerns me, and that is the ten percent GDP growth, are saying in the first quarter of this year. Ten percent growth now normally that's great and ice, I do think it's great, however, Where is that GDP growth coming? Where is that money coming from? Is it coming from the average person getting paid? And then you know growing the economy because their spending their dollars or is it because it is coming from the federal government? So you have
ten percent of GDP growth in the first quarter? On top of that, you are print in twenty six percent, more money than we ever have stepped in the year nineteen. Forty four. We have ever printed dollar, two dollar we ve now, printed, this money, except in the year right, but or the end of the war when we're building ships in nuclear, weapons and everything else. that money has got to go someplace and the reason why we're not having inflation? I contend that we are having inflation you're having inflation in things like art prices? on Wall Street, on on houses on expensive cars. You're having that inflation already, but only at the upper upper end, because the
people who have the money at the upper end and running the giant corporations and their like I'll, buy that piece of art for seventy million dollars. they are there spending the money and they're looking for ways to invest the money because they don't necessarily trust the dollar whatever. So the right. Are I mean the mega rich are getting richer and when It starts to trickle down to where the guy who's the mechanic can go. Oh and Have some money left over for the movie theater and He takes his kids out to weld not a movie fear. He goes out and does something, and he spends that money. once the average person begins to spend again, you have the threat of real hyperinflation and You know at this thing it s one. This weekend we were talking about. You know things that we can do at the end we went over.
So where did America go wrong and did we drift or was it plotted and it was a little bit of both. A lot of it, though, is just the average drift the people just paying attention, and you just forget about certain things that are really really important. and we started to we started to drift. So the first thing you need to do is learn what we really are all about. Where did America go wrong? and where did America go right and we're conservative, which means we can serve the good things. While we work with somebody who is into progress, I hate to use the word progressive, but a serve it. If that is not a twentieth century progressive but progressive on new, ideas, new technologies, that's the perfect combination We don't throw everything away.
for something new. We can serve the things that made us who we are and we keep them. Wharton things that have always worked and You have to know what those things are but also prepare for impact because no, when it's gonna happen, but wherein it now We are in it now and you plan on standing, it's gonna be extraordinarily difficult to stand still, and I were too king about you know: solar power Also yesterday, Annie you don't have solar panels on your house in the future, you're going to get taxed for it, you're gonna get. Points taken off? You won't may be able to sell your house or by a house unless you agree to install solar energy, on top of the roof. It's going to change. and if you say I'm not gonna, do the social justice thing, I'm not, am, I won't participate in all of this. Well,
you're gonna have a harder and harder time having access to almost everything. If Don't have a lot of money. His remit people who have a lot of money or looking. What do I put it in because I don't necessarily believe in the dollar. Where do I put it? You have to Think about that on your own and that is you have to start thinking like people who came before us in the nineteen thirties thought especially overseas. You have to, thinking what will have value? For instance, I think cigarettes are gonna, have great value. Think alcohol will have great value and there's always gonna, be somebody you want some food or something there's always gonna, be somebody that want cigarettes. You know what. you give me some chicken I'll give you this cardinal cigarettes
there's always gonna, be one somebody that once alcohol I mean. If it really gets bad, you know, then it. Really worth its weight in gold because its medicine, it will help put you down if, thing is really really bothering you like, you know, your childhood or no eight. That was my problem. You dont do four I'll call on that one, but it is, it would be, medicinal in its usage. If things were horrible, you got think about the things that you could afford. That would be worth something to others that you can. put your money into now, not all of it, but you put some things away and you take cigarettes in your vacuous. vacuum seal them, and you'll be able to use. That is barter. What will people barter for, if your locked out of a system or if the system goes dark
and we go through real rough time. that's the way worked in Germany the Weimar Republic, people bought things, no matter what was on the shelf? They bought it because it's all they could buy and they got together and they bartered you need this. I need that how but we switch the nuts is aided. Eight. Seventy seven be easy k more in just a second Our response is real estate agents. I trust dotcom hears here's the thing buying a house has become extraordinarily expensive, and you know if, if, if you're a builder You know some of the reasons why plywood is gone from like sixteen dollars a sheet. What thirty five thirty eight dollars a sheet houses or become?
expensive and in places like Texas, extraordinarily rare. So if you are looking for a house or you're looking to sell your house, you, somebody that can way all the options. They know what your house is really worth, what people will pay for it and how long it will take or if something needs to be fixed in the house to dress to make it more attractive, took to buyers. They can help you the best best real estate agents are out there, but you have to look for him and you have to know what you're looking for we do all the heavy lifting when it comes to that end. We monitor these real estate. Agents their sales to make sure that they are selling things. You know as promised that we make sure that we listen to the customers after the sale to make sure that they by high rating with us. This is a free service to you. We just one
pair you with the best real estate agent in your area, its real estate agents. I trust dotcom. Go there now and find the right real estate agent to buy or sell your next house. It's real estate agents, I trust, dot com. Still trying to convince me that you know you should drink Glenn lot? you, don't like it any more. What what I am I've had a long standing policy of this programme to get you to have a relapse on the air, because it would be great for ratings, think of you worry among Joe twenty six years of sobriety. No two I would be your Tommy. What would you do now audience? No one in the audience. Would then what are you gonna say right, he's hey! and Larry failure of eight zero Biden near it baby, I trow and would add one the ones you know cause. Then there's the recovery episodes where
you swim back to sanity and the struggle, those things, those things right hugely the personal struck. thing is great, so You know you're out, you'd have various organ shining down, but that would be fascinating to the only thing I mentioned to you, those use you ve made a comment of like you know, man if by may be my last days all forget have any of these restriction that I could just majority live it for awhile. I won't tell you drink it, I'd fifty six and drinking at thirty, which is the last time approximately you had a are two different things. I hope I'm not in my last days I mean I was saying it. If I may get ninety nine may never hurt, they is a hundred right. I think it is. I think it would be like a big look, I'm an alcoholic, but a family in a hundred years, a hundred years- and I have had to be around you guys for a lot of that- that's Tran, your children in your children's children in their all scream- and I don't know any other names anymore- I need a drink.
Think you know. I just think that you know even a would be like I'm gonna give you a chip for that that evaluation, for that think, that's the way
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