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'Burning It All Down'? - 6/26/18

2018-06-26 | 🔗
Hour 1  Burn the Little House down?...Laura Ingalls Wilder is now a racist land grabber...moral scissors to re-edit history? ...What would Mr. Rogers think today?... 'No, I won't be your neighbor'...Are the Iranian people beginning to rise up? 'Death to Palestine' ...Anti-American propaganda no more?...Harvard Study: Asians have terrible personalities?...The Statue of Liberty weeps?   Hour 2  'The Third Door: The Wild Quest To Uncover How The World's Most Successful People Launched Their Careers'...Author Alex Banayan joins to share his crazy true stort... how his success started after winning on the game show 'The Price Is Right'...now a  Forbes' '30 Under 30'...'What I learned from Jessica Alba'? .   Hour 3 Fresh Examples of Outrage...California calls for a Fake News Advisory Group ...SCOTUS hands down 3 Big Wins for Conservatives...sanity restored to the 'travel ban'? big win(s) for free speech?...but back to 'catch and release'...President George W. Bush ' the globalist'? ...The more the media trashes Trump, the higher his approval rating goes...Re-election 2020 coming?

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