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Chaos is Not in Control | Guests: Bill O’Reilly, John Solomon, & Coletta Kewitt | 9/27/19

2019-09-27 | 🔗
President Trump’s impeachment is the beginning of “GUILTY until proven innocent” and if that’s how the president is treated, how bad will it be for us? The world may be in chaos, but we must hold tight to true principles and virtue. Glenn’s sister, Coletta Kewitt, recently wrote a book that could help. She calls in to discuss “The Pie Letters,” about finding peace and patience through God, and she also has the PERFECT Glenn story for Pat and Stu. Bill O’Reilly goes through the facts about Trump, Ukraine, Biden, and how Republicans must respond to the media’s onslaught. The Hill’s John Solomon – whose research was mentioned in the whistleblower complaint – joins with new evidence linking Joe Biden to Ukraine’s Burisma.

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