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Hour 1  Disney axes sexist pirates?...pathetically politically correct ...what has happened to Disney?..."they are out of their minds" ...Now we are just feeling about it? ...Offensively funny...A deaf, dumb, blind kid with cancer Cosby and Caitlyn?...territorial comedy? ...Great move Mr. President, Larry Kudlow named 'Top Economic Adviser'   Hour 2  Katy Perry's kiss of death?...under fire for forced kiss ..."The Kremlin Conspiracy" with Joel Rosenberg...a great new novel that sounds like it was written last night?...leaning from fiction...NATO must get serious with sanctions on Russia...President Trump's "no soft on Putin policies" are working...however more pressure is necessary..."Putin is just a thug looking for another country to take"...Trump's 'Darkest Hour' moment? ...Ben Shapiro says, the media is using kids as "political human shields"    Hour 3 The White House = Survival Island...President Trump is making "serious upgrades"..."Tremendous respect for Larry Kudlow"...Those who are 'wanting' to like President Trump? ..."Better than expected"...bold talk but no bold policies? ...Out with the old, in with the new ...Where is the wall? ...Rand Paul rips Trump over Pompeo pick ...Rock Star Team: Haley, Bolton, Pompeo ...United Airlines kills another person's pet? The Glenn Beck Program with Glenn Beck and Stu Burguiere, Weekdays 9am–12pm ET on TheBlaze Radio

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The blaze radio network on demand courage, Sri Lanka, shiver me tubers. Remember all the pirate saying that these be lands. Pirates of the caribbean ride is getting the feminist make over now that well, not everybody. In fact, no one was clamouring for. You know the scene of you ve ever been to the pirates of the Caribbean. You know the Audio animatronic, robotic females are auctioned off is brides, does a male pirates and there's a voluptuous red hair robot? it seems you know.
Not as enthused about getting married to you know the pirate after the auction, as you might think He says that bad sent a very sexist message and it's going away. Ok, I would marry me, no ok. Ah, pretty sure pirates. You know worse, sexist. It kind of goes with the rape and pillage part of being a pirate. I mean I, it is the last thing what we pillage all you want, but gold, you dare touch the Ladys, not that are noticing that their ladys at all, they might be men, and I perfectly fine with that. Mine First of all, may I just say And I know this is deep and hard donors. This is stupid. This is stupid.
The looting is is also a problem. I mean that's, not exactly the moral high ground Disney one The van said it's uncomfortable for me to even see women being sold into bondage and human trafficking. I can't imagine what little girls think about I don't know- maybe stay away from pirates. That would be good to teach Wouldn t like how I dont know if any its have watched pirates met. Pirates. But these pirates are robots there for audio animatronic pirates. There not real by the way- and I know that we can't actually there is no objective reality but Eve in a world where there is no reality, it's a fee park in a word
where there is no in a world where there is no reality it's it's a ride and it's been a rawhide. It's been hoping for fifty one. Years Disney first, this change last summer at the Fan convention and the audience started to boo. Now. I didn't seem to matter because the company is shutting down the right for the next two months while they make alterations to it anyway, so they don't care. I mean the Disney. What are they care Disney executives, finally going to be able to sleep at night because they made the change. Oh, my gosh, you know. I haven't been able to sleep since I started work in here thinking about the the slave auction that has been happening, those come in been sold in that auction for fifty one years, and we haven't done a damn thing: we're software fight, we stopping the madness every
every two and a half minutes. They are still being sold they have to relieve it over and over and over again You know I mean ok, ok, maybe it's time for Disney to start taking a hard look. You know at everything? They do because I think it'll make the park much better. For instance DUMBO the flying elephant. Really So you notice that you have the elephant attached to a pool you rammed a giant pole into the side of the relevant and thou you're, making him carry kids, hollowed out, the inside of the elephant my kids can sit inside where his heart used to be, sends tree house, king of the jungle, a white man he's not king, Of the jungle, what are you doing and then on time
but that objectification of males he campers around and nothing buddies, underpants I think he's hetero while Europe maybe you should at it out all of the scenes where women are harassed and objectified in the pirates of the Caribbean movie. Or just me crazy on this for a second, maybe You know in a latin that. That sweet young woman who you have done Best has all or. I think somebody should take some crayons and paint a burka on her, because How are Muslims gonna watch that movie? Are they gonna do that in the Middle EAST. Beauty in the beast that All thing is about a female held
hostage by a verbal, abusive. Why? male that's finally revealed himself as the monster. He is how about that, Old neglect and endangerment and Peter PAN these being chased by a buyer creepy man with a hook. For I hand I can't imagine with Children- must think yes, it's a story that they tell the campfire about the guy who went insane and escaped up the road and now now he's just got this hawk anymore be here to kills so, let's get in the car and when they got home there was nothing but a bloody yoke. On Morocco her door, the almost we don't that story Disney you're out of your mind,. Here the nineteenth
Please do you remember the Communist witch Hunt, vibe do you remember that? And you know how that was remembered now this is the current culture, and you know you talk about all. I don't like these Christians, who are all after that, more rather morality, police telling us what we can and cannot do you down to taking audio animatronic robots out, because you think the pirates are being sexist out. You could put a bunch a little boys and there too, because I dont think the pirates really cared. They were pirates. The only certain thing that would be left to approve would be mitten or not Mickey Mouse ISA miles that you have enslaved and then humanised and made him part of this away. Culture
You know true culprit in the objectification and abuse of women. On our When you see the porn industry now I'm sorry, you people in Hollywood, you took your completely fine with that air. Thursday March fifteenth year, listening to the Glen Back programme me, maybe we can to objectify these women are seldom marry them offers brides lead, Just go watch a good porno. With a shiver me two members. Yes, at no hashtags ash tag, chivalry timbers! almost thing you ever heard. Yes, it's a color this. I feel that we can just do a whole show every day with just
new examples of the dumbest thing you ve ever heard new record set. First, while do you know why people booed? You know why they did it at the Fan Club, the worst play if you could do that, do you know why you're the Disney nerd here yet I'd. Ok, this the last ride that Walt Disney personally approved and directed our So this is that this is his last gasp. As he's like ambient cigarette. You know what we do have a lock in here, so it's like. Eight hundred and twenty Disney fans. This is a sacred storyline. It really it's a sacred storyline. So they had announced this at the Fan club, where you ve got all the geeks like me that are like what year- You dont violate nerd culture to their faces, huge, you don't know, and I mean that what part of pirates, what are we doing it? Oh, so now our kids, you know if
He continue down this road. Our kids will be begging us took. Can we finally go to. Yemen are Somalia, their pirates Oh no big deal their greek people, their empyrean, their pirates, Pittsburgh pirates, stay in existence, the baseball team just make sure Glenn. You know what I'm talking about. Hold them wait a minute. That's hurtful they targeting women these people there pilots and they play peace. Poem, yes answered, will either Pittsburgh you're in trouble, or I have pirates all wrong. How about the Tampa baby? near. Oh, my god, how can that be a thing? we all know that should be banned, immediate wow, I mean, if you ve, ever been the gas Marilla Parade in Tampa made.
It may be auctioning off women to marry back at three o clock in the afternoon in the parade incredibly hard at present that the mayor is, he he's giving women a just where the parade other generated by the afternoon I mean well. When I say afternoon I mean one o clock, yeah, yeah, lacerated legally after a pirate story line, it is part of it. You can have a game of thrones with no violence arose in and no dragons, no, no dragon dragon, no sex because they treat women terribly in game of thrones, I'm sure. But it's not. Its side of the story lie, so I was watching sauce show cake if we do this every time, I'm like it's a story about four percent
what is the name of this? Oh yeah, Versailles. So it's it's it's some. You know, you know game thrones kind show about. King Louis, who was you know, king it, for but then, when he turned you know in his twenties, his mom dies and he becomes king and he has to make this decision and he is he's building Versailles, you know he wasn't. The women now you know he wasn't. It seems like a trend back then, where he could just he'd go all Katy Perry at any time. You just grab you and kiss you manned and other things and other things yeah. So I dont know if Hollywood watches their own shows or their own movies, but store. Equally speaking,
some guys were bad now and it's interesting to see the plaints today about how evil men are my my my daughter started watching madman for the first time and she said TAT there are seen in thy said I and she's like, couldn't believe it I'm like yeah, that's the way it was that's the way. It was suggested that these guys we're like that. If you watch the post You know the one with the washing machine post story with Tom Hanks yeah. Ok, so Joker Merrill Street his letter, That's your full name by the no really I mean if, if you feel to balance all of her movies. I would agree with you, for instance, I It makes you below mediocre. Even if everything you ve ever done, you ve won an Oscar You actually deserved it, like were conservative, but you are still winning the Oscars sure just that
a movie- oh my god, makes you below mediocre. Yes, while agree with them, but Where is she has a line in that movie? Where he said you know I didn't I didn't. I I'm not the one. Your father was the one that was supposed to run the paper. Ok, it was your dad that was votes to run the paper. Not me and she's talking to her daughter and she said because we never thought of it. I'm I'm a woman. We just it was different. We just never thought of it. So it was a different world. Will now we're thinking about it. No, no If it was a time of a couple of years ago, but we were three king about it. Now we're just feeling about now, is going about it.
I went to pirates of the Caribbean and there is? There is a dog at the end that have access to the keys In these, these men are trying to trick the dog with a bold and he's not cause he's smart cause. He's a dog he's not be Trick, but eventually it's been there for fifty one years of it's gonna trick that dog and dogs shouldn't beach by people in jail. Where You know, as we always embrace your feelings we see how you feel and others. May no one in their right mind, but others may feel that way, so we're going to remove the prisoners, and so just leave the dog there, but we're gonna, make the dog mayor he'll, be a dog mayor and you'll be abolishing all prisons for other dogs. Now it does,
really fit in the pirates of the caribbean storyline, but we feel what you're feeling and that is important. Right now feel it is what you ve? No thinking, no thinking, none. Get her I'd. Rather, you wanna be enough. You can you get the I end orphan audio ready. Please help a longer there is yet it, but it didn't part of a longer clippers in separate part of a longer clip, so. I want to show you a. I just want to show you offensive and I want to show you offensive for reason: freedom of speech, each we'll do the color of a second I was listening to the plenary that programme today and I I felt that
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teases his girlfriend about how the jokes he's going to tell just a freak out. And he said you know what I was gonna- do the Globe golden globes. These risks, the jokes that I told her. I was gonna tell on the day on the White red carpet or in the limo just one, I said, I'm starved. Funny that one line that just now fashion jobs to an otherwise at them. What did the death mom, blind orphan, get for Christmas, Jane. When I dont, I said Sir so dark. That is a very funny about that. Even playing that, as we are pressing for the shoulder you three days to get through the vague but maybe dare call my gosh its hysterical
you know he emu, the point in the end any veto. Is to drive at home all the time that there are and we go. I want to play a couple of other clips, her? He got in trouble about talking about Kate, Jenner and He's like you have to understand the joke. You have to your stand, the joke and and Well, don't they're just offended, and reactionaries. What reactionary in there just stop thinking you know, he's tat. He said you know where they keep taking referendums because politicians or two we know weaken spineless Annie. I do know, let's ass the people, we should, let's, let's not ask the people really not deed of stupid people are, he said when you can take off the little sign off of bleach that says, do not drink then. What's ass, the people in fact let's take that off for two years.
Let's homer referendum is interesting to see he be they people It's not funny if you have to explain the joke. He proves that quickly run completely wrong, and you gotta hear this about Caitlin Jenner. When we come back Glenn back, Mercury. Here. Listening to the Glenda Programme, Shiver hashtag be tumors. Debate is raging on this morning. S, as is, has been announced that to Disney is finally finally doing something about the
oppressive, audio audio animatronic pirates that had been in there. Play employ for fifty one years now and they have done nothing, nothing to stop the object. Vacation and sale of role a rule by big women by other, robotic pirates, because it is very very dangerous for little girls to see that kind of talk treatment of women by robotic pirates there very influenced by media Glenn. Well, no, not movies or Cosmo. You know, or games, or anything like that. Just foresaw, robotic pirates use on a boat ride, hugely influential and people a little girls. You just show them that kind of stuff. You know have amid homeward, safe with Cosmo and television, and you know porn
porn. You know, or you know, pregnant in sixteen on MTV. You know gods have some wholesome positive, stereo role models in there in their life. Not these at these These strangely white men pirates because the way you know, I digress. I digress. I think we all or are they grow on the same page, about stopping the, not the pillaging, but the rape that has happened, not the rate put the sale. Of these women, the perpetual sale of these women they never are actually married to these pirates. They forced to live just the auction block over in over and over again every two and a half minutes, and I think we can we can all agree. That's got to stop Scott to stop forget about actual slavery, ok,
get about. In fact, don't look at it now! No longer look, admittedly, yes, do not look at actual slavery. That is happening too women and children all around the world in the Middle EAST forever. I mean that just hashtag that if you have to look at it just hashtag, but don't do anything about it. Ok, we got to organise and thank God we didn't have to because Disney is occurring company but we have to organise and stop any audio animatronic perpetual off of women of the three ends of slavery, that most people discuss number one. Obviously, robotic slavery, yeah each knows reactive terribly too. That ok, Andy should always really make sure. Let you act as if it's a current issue this
three in the United States of America, that is a couple a couple centuries ago, but you know what you should not react to it all. The current slavery going on right now, that's bigger than any of the slavery that went on hundreds of years ago now, yeah yeah, whatever not irish. On online, I wanna hear that listen. I have to tell you if, if I had a dollar for every study, that has been produced in the last fifty one years that show the harmful effects that that girls have had being exposed to that horror. In Disneyland new I'd have well. Have less than a dollar today, and I think we need to think about that. Probably should That requires us to think so. Let's just feel about nothing else. I want to be your friend and I'll. Tell me how I can be all right, I'm going to help you, okay, let's all be pissed at Ricky Gervais, let's just be pissed at him
right, do not laugh, do not consume, Is this a joke because it is not a joke. Ricky, your base is done. I knew Netflix Special and it's called, I think, just humanity, it's really funny, but I warn you: You're going to be offended, especially if your bill Cosby and he's talking about jokes, that he was considering telling about Bill Cosby about three before this last one just to wine Diana, I said our interview and watch them bill. Cosby would make next present asleep on the couch Please welcome, had a neuron. I didn't do it. I didn't do it over do as it does not do that I have already as it is this much then I said no
they'll Cosby Karas enough Tranquilizer to bring down this next magnificent based. Please welcome Melissa Mccarthy until I would never never temperature, but that is horrible. I just do it to annoy Jane. I never never. So again, his point is, you have to understand a joke, and so he tells a joke that he'd, to do with aspects of our existence and that's the other thing about events. People get offended when their mistake, the subject of a joke with the actual target and they're not Deanna Joke o outright the next I am by mean a company we're going at chance. Phobic wasn't transported in the slightest. There was a joke about Trans person, but the joke had nothing to do with the aspect of existence, and that's the other about events people, friendly when the mistake, the subject of a joke with the actual target,
so did the same. Otto, the Joe you make your own minds are right, so I go on now. Your house will is exerted on your golden glow. Would please welcome Wiki Jabez the gaunt and though crap in all the looking up, smiling at me. Nervously is brilliant, so I just go: relax I'm gonna nice tonight. I've changed not as much as well China now came in general cause. I want a year. She's had became a role model for Trans people everywhere, bravely looking down barriers and destroying stereotypes, she didn't love women drivers Irene
now again a joke about that, whether she's a trans or not, that's not about her running over some one in killing them right. Do we have another part, but do have another part of that or do we leave it alone, Kaweah its dicey? has he says in this he's. Let's remember that the the oh here is about a celebrity that killed a person, now and then went home and put address on. That's you Joking and its it. You know. There was nothing to do with him or her being transgendered, and when that happened any explains. How do we even talk to each other? If I can't, because you're not supposed to what did he call it a name, Data MIKE, I can remember what it was, but you can't you no longer can even say that they used to be a man. You can not say that that is offensive to people.
Caitlin Jenner that you, you can't and he's like. How can I possibly we all saw him at one point. He was a poor Walter by that that was him. He made the choice and made the change, but now we have to pretend that is life didn't happen as a him. Now that he's a her that's in saying- and I don't even think actually Caitlin Jenner landed by now. I don't think so. It's the people who are action on down twenty behalf percent. Now, why is allowed to get outrage on her behalf and that's the thing we have to stop worrying about you know, there is a there. Was a story came outcome. Days ago, that Facebook, in, Action is down twenty three percent. Now. Why is that happening? Still? What's the common reason for that but all the experts is all the tv people are saying.
I don't I mean, there's an arrival following it: the theory of the algorithm ranging yeah. Ok, so the algorithm is changed and there saying you know that you know that's is changing. This is changing people's participation. Well is, it might be, It might be the algorithm change changes. A lot of stuff, however, is possible that any part of that twenty three percent is people you're, saying I dont want to be on this anymore O Connor react to it anymore. I'm not gonna, I'm just not going to answer all of this. I'm not gonna get into it. I might post my things for my family or post things that I'm interested in, but I I dont interact like I used to because it's just vial is just vial. I dont interact with Twitter. I might I tweet some stuff out, but I don't necessarily interact with it. Occasionally, if I'm in a mood of unlike you know what I mean,
I really need to get some hostility, everyone's learning, all the Thai right, which is why not fun correct night. That's true, I think it say I think, there's part at least to believe, it's true about that and staff if they re to I'd like to believe it's true, because I think There is a thing going on where I grew up in a product of the eighties generally speed times have been easy. My lifespan, easy. I look I couldn't and others. We look at history all the time Europe areas of this- frequencies, Heidi those socked. I mean really hard to live hardest. Revive hard to get through the day. Terrible things happening there. The errors of this, a tree and certainly around the globe and still are that are really like challenging to to your daily existence and The indian entire life was difficult. I feel like there's that some human need,
find that conflict to find that Can we, because we can we come down on the bed, though casino? I don't need it most. Kids have shoes. Now I mean I think most kids have you know. I saw something: what was it? I was watching. Watch in some documentary and it was on it was on America in the west in Eighteen, ninety, I think I got the abject poverty and the way people were treating each other in life was so expendable and and it was just eat whose it was you were cold. You were you were hungry life was brutal. Then you died I got an we averse Steven Pinker coming out. I think next week,
author rain? His one of his previous books was called angels of of our better Nature NEA and it's a great book you gotta get past the he's, not a big fan of religion. Similar he's here, like the issues even therapy on the religious and vague, but he's describing The arrows that we ve had before these and there's some homework possibly dark that violence was a real part of everyone's life, Europe on a daily basis and yes, look talking about what would happen. In Florida m. Is that a part of our life? Yes, however, The violence rates are so much lower and in the idea that something like this could happen is much more than liar than it is in a kind of coast. It goes to this. If I was living in other parts of the world. If I was living in Africa pirates Caribbean, would not be funny
As their reeled and they come, and they re you add- a kill all of your family code. So it's not funny you you're, not find in Yemen. You know, and only as Somalia, New Disney theme Park. Where work we got pirates of Somalia. I will get selling my son Disney's way if they may, that does it. It's not happening. Ok, because it's real We have got into a point to wear that stuff. Isn't real anymore. That's how much progress we ve made its now Real it's great right and I feel like we tend to substitute that human, You know moment of where the hell's my next meal coming from Oh, my god, I'm gonna get stab tomorrow. You, just try to find it in this like online outrage- and I know I don't know I don't you do it- I don't know We try to find it or it's just cause, because you're not trying to and it when, when you are now think of this, you know
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Employee, safe, back Dotcom, Glenn Back Mercury, Glenn back we have an interview with Larry Cutlets tonight at five o clock you'd dont want amiss now, Larry is I mean I think this is a great exchange there. There's some upgrades that I think are happening. In the Trump administration going from cone to cod low I'll. Take that trade. Any day that we get a socially after Reno. Seemingly the reason comb was leaving was because of tariffs. Theirs. I can give you the obvious gimme, the Gimme the go the line? This is what a few days ago we when we impose sanctions on U S enemies like North Korea, Russian around. We want them to feel the economic pain of being deprived of imports, but now we are imposing sanctions on our own country, putting up to
supposedly to make Americans more prosperous. If there ever the crisis of logic? This? Is it Let's run Larry cut love from March. Third, twenty eight nineteen is what more solar teeth tat I he had. He said that he got a phone call expected the president to be rimming him. And instead he said I talked to him for ten minutes. He explained what he was doing and I'm in I'm fully and their conduct outlaws a great man. That's a great upbraid, great move, so will I think tillers into pompiers is enough. It is age. Are My master to John Bolton move, but it's starting to get a little scary on the guys who they get it. They absolutely get it but I want to make sure that we are now one has a hand. Yeah we're, not we're. Not we're. We're not moving towards war, will have more in this coming up. Glenn back Mercury
courage shrink back able to tell you. You know a story that you might have read on social media and then I'm gonna tell you the truth about it: ok, if you read it on social media. Here's what you heard this week, a polite, slow Lee Awkward nineteen year old from Oklahoma, Grace television sets milieu. Of homes were cheering for him. He had his acoustic guitar and his name is Benjamin. Glaze ready to show the american Idol judges that he could do it. He could do what he could do with his talent. Would maize America. But before he could even start his song. One of the judges asked him a personal question. It was country singer, Loop, Brian aspect. If he'd ever kissed, a girl and bends explained innocently enough. Well, gosh must brine I've never been in a relationship and I can't kiss a girl without being in a relationship
and then Katy Parry, the most high profile judge on this season of american idol. Immediately ass ban to approach the job, just table she stopped. Her face toward him and teasingly requested one on the cheap, Will every body could tell the ban was embarrassed, but what can you do? It's television, Katy Perry ask you to kiss her on the cheek national television. He didn't want to be impolite so he but grudgingly gave her a pack, but Katy wasn't satisfied that animal. So she asked for an but this time Katy tricked the lanky. Some might call him just sweep. ITALY, naive, teenager and kissed him on the mouth She raised her arms in victory and everyone laughed, Ben laughed too, in a feeble effort to play along
and later told the New York Times that he wanted to save that kiss for his first relationship. He said I know a lot of guys would say heck yeah, but I was he's gonna conservative family knows I was unclear. Credible immediately. I wanted that first kiss to be special, but a beautiful message from an unexpected place, but Hollywood just won't stop. Ok, Well, that's a story that I read on line and then I went back because I thought how is Disney Disney of all People ABC Disney doing. It's in the hashtag me to world there now having this happen, how White House Workin about me didn't want to kiss. And then the video started, and I watched ok all right. Before you get outraged, this
complete a complete and total stunt. He may never have kissed a girl. He may be that gosh darn kind of guy, but this totally set up, you can see it from the get go in the video it is. It is salute least scripted and its it's more fake, then the fake red auction of women pirates of the Caribbean, it just is- and you know what Disney we're tired being played, for you know where we were tired of being the Rube Tired of being you know, look down on and mocked and in just treated like we're stupid, we're not that stupid. In a time in the world when there are actual things that are really frightening, that are going on in a time of the world where we are being taught that there is no objective reality. No, truth, no
active morals at all. The America. People are starving, starving something that is true and authentic. And real here's. An idea. Why doesn't somebody in Hollywood or in the media actually start to give us that if there is day large fifteenth year listening to the Glen Bag Programme, where thrilled to have in the studio, Willis Joel Rosenberg Fred the programme for many many years how you doing jewel doing well good to see you could see you now Joe you arming of truthful we're going right to a novelist yes, so we need a riddle. I'd like you to explain who you who you used to be our you were a novel, I'm a failed political consulted when I worked for lost in Washington, help Steve Forbes loose
two presidential campaigns was on B. Netanyahu's come back I'm paying two thousand. It took him nine more years to come back out anyway, You know you better round on the losing t. That's true so to give you some quicker to fit out of here. You have going back. Ok, I trusted, but you're a guy who has passionately cared about the issues and you ve been around. You know the people the no seeing the things but from being around some of the letters role as dry learn a lot from them. You may not have benefited from me, but I'm gonna fitted from them are correct, and so you been studying mainly the Middle EAST people would say. I think that we would say you know is mainly a guy who writes about the Middle EAST end and is is really studied, that think. I know you better than you You would include Russia in all of Europe. Studies of the Middle EAST because of the
may God connection, if I'm not mistaken, will certainly there's a prophetic angle to Russia and young I've been fascinated with Russia has had a hand and meddling and and causing this stabilization in the Middle EAST for last century if you're gonna be entered in the Middle EAST? I live in Jerusalem, you israeli, really, by the way that they vote twice its like living in Chicago, so nice fat, but yeah Russia is going to be a player anywhere, but particularly the Middle EAST, but also my fee. Glenn on my father's side is jewish gentile, my mom's almond, even job but my dad's, I were orthodox Jews, then escape out a Russia under Tsar Nicholas the second, no pardon partner. Heritage, our history, our dna, we always had a deep concern about evil rise. In Russia and what it can do when when the world doesn't see it coming so your book
called the Kremlin conspiracy and I have to tell you. I know you started out along go to start run, is here now to vast rang a two years ago, researching Oda before okay, so two years ago, you start writing it. It is, is, as you wrote it literally this week I mean it does. It was amazed. We talk about my novels that you from the time you when I first met unseen end then fuck now here you ve been saying, well he's like ripped from tomorrow's headlines and like today, Had not yet now this one is this one is, is remarkable, quickly, explain the premise of the novel and I want to go to get into the nuts and bolts of what's really happening in and how it plays out in the book. So in the Kremlin, conspiracy is it's the first political series story of a new series, Zander Lou Gun off, is the tsar. The dictator rising in Russia he's not Putin, but let's comp mask we'll worry, sled slid, say it's one of those movies where they they make it in,
for a bold type that says visit fictional characters, but you look at your like here ok- yeah- probably bud There's a lot of Putin prayers! There's a lot of a true, so and I ll explain why in a moment but art, so you got legato he's rising in Russia. We he him from two different angles: his son in law o a crash. I actually marries into the family early in the book and now he's not only a family member in this father like family, but he is is hired as a senior aid to Lugano We have inside access and descent into the Kremlin inner circle through this, The eyes of this young lawyer whose bit young naive, a sharp, but he's not. Don't understand what he's getting himself into we're tired back and forth through the Kremlin Conspiracy, with an american mark
striker who, after nine eleven joins the Marines, get sent to Afghanistan and joining the United States secret service. And through a series of tragedies, I won't talk about it. I want to give too much away. He finds himself in Moscow and oh leg and Marcus's lives converge at the most dangerous moment. In U S, russian relations Big picture what's happening with regard office, he's got a new president in Washington. Not well versed in foreign and national scurry policy. His the present eyes. Iran on north. In IRAN, understandably so, but Lugano decides to take a gamble. All the world is focused on Asia and the Middle EAST. He decides to go grab one two or three of the Baltic, dates, but NATO allies right on the border of Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, he figures with a hundred thousand troops a lightning fast strike
he could grab one two or maybe all three in ninety six hours. Now that's insane Why would a russian leader, even in fiction, go grab NATO ally, that's covered and protected by article five, the mutual defence pact, which, as if one country's attacked a NATO everybody comes with defence. You know the answer I think I know the answer to even before read the book. I can tell you the answer, nobody one nuclear or with Russia right right, and so I would I don't gamble. Nobody's gonna! Stop me! If I'm, if actually grab and hold even one of them. Is the United States of America. Is NATO? I should go to even convoy the war with me and are they gonna nuclear war with Russia over country. Most Americans cannot find on a map and his theory is no anything's, if the answer really is no if NATO does not defend NATO, that's the end of
in ninety six hours, I can collapse entire western alliance because they won't do it. That's the fear, the not so reminiscence we're! So now. Let me tell you with reality so Putin who has nothing to do with this book as in trying to collapse haven't been poisoned. The other night I started. I know I'm just getting started, As has said that he is wanting to collapse. The NATO alliance and wants to collapse. The western world and has just last week. Poison to where they were. They were a nerve gas that is clearly from Russia. It's only made in Russia is only kept in Russia twenty one people who are going to be vegetables for the rest of their life if they live, there is no cure from this list nerve agent It is a nasty nasty nerve agent,
he's called on the carpet. Teresa may says: well you better answer, there's gonna, be you know sob, then that's gonna happen. He pulls out a eaten, Putin mocks her the foreign minister, mocks it. The the London Embassy, the russian Embassy issues joke photos in response. Take. Does not take it seriously at all. It's almost as if Putin is good, Yes, one real push to see. Will they actually do anything? And the answer is no. We won't not going to the World CUP, so I mean the world family as yeah buddy. I know, but they didn't say that the team might go, but it only go, they d might go, but the royal family will not go right to the way.
NATO needs to handle. This is what we do is finally getting serious with sanctions. You have to target specific individuals in the Kremlin and you have to go out for them We do not want you to go to war over, but it deafening something you ve gotta, You got a hit god, whereas Now- and you don't- coming as I do in this book again. One of things that fiction can do is take people outside of the day to day tactical headlines and sort of. Great out, whatever you feel about a specific kneader at a sip of moment. So by making this fiction, I not calling him Putin by creating him asked with a lot of details within it. Having going to apply It would have a better Europe. Yes, yes, it allows you to take cause, we will lose themselves in reality for moment and go into this fictional world and in this world who got is
are now my family's lily physically escape from the Tsar Nicholas a second, but what a disaster of this is in a prudent, not account. You're, not an idea log in the communist yours We may want to talk about what we are here from ideologically, but part of the monarchist. He believes that Russia has been humiliated by the collapse of the Soviet Union and and they need to rebuild the glory of mother rush. This is deep in his is psyche, so we got off is this person he's arising tsar, which means you want, span the border doesn't? he's gonna grab and control every country, but he was too knuckle them under his his thumb he's also godfather. He is a mafia boss, but he's not sunny Corleone he's not a rash hot headed impulsive thug. He is Michael Corleone he's a cold calculated,
Killer, so we're gonna take from the fiction and see what we're supposed to learn on what we can do to stop the actual Michael cool Corleone, who is currently in Kremlin Burma Combat the book. Is the Kremlin conspiracy Joel see rosenbergs with a semi of more on very timely book coming over this minute? we'd volatility in the stock market. Wild swings in Bitcoin the constant turmoil in Washington goal has come off its best year since twenty ten gold is really an insurance policy. I dont by gold is in investment. Gold is a safe haven has been for centuries and it performs well in times of volatility and chaos. Nokia, good thing, Ok us is happening around the world today
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and to be able to. As he just said a few minutes ago, kind of see the world, but not have to worry about, have to worry about the world on its it's, it's it's a novel, it really is dealing exactly with much of what we do with right now with Russia and an you couldn't prior to understand the figures and how everybody is being played in and what a great chess player Putin is. He is He's many moves ahead. I think of All of us is or anybody Joel out there that you think is like that really gets Putin. Besides, I think pro we be Netanyahu me? No, I mean not not in in the position of a president, a primary Otto Churchill had em, but now there's no in
Now we ve got a Lotta Churchill's or out of office for their back benchers, who are seeing him. I mean the guy who gets him best. Gary Kasparov bill broader guys who ve been. Directly threatened by him, but had taken him on face failure, but they are. They are working on it, pain that, I think they are, the Churchill's of our time actually goes to men. Think their tribe is beginning to increase their was there. They are, that's what I'm doing is taking a different route. They are going straight policy speeches because there s on the other hand, they know potent face to face, but why things that have to happen is sometimes you have to drive things out of Washington out of Brussels out of the political sphere and into the popular culture, so that it helps people understood an evil that rising that we almost as long as I've known you, we ve, talked about the central theme of my novels. You know all have different air there's, also a
to misunderstand the nature and threat of evil. Two risking blindsided by it points out of nine eleven, where blindsided cited pro harbour, we'll blind cited by the rise of Hitler and and in the Second World WAR and the Holocaust shouldn't. We all look back with a lot of data, but we weren't paying attention to it, because we didn't understand the knee sure and threat of evil and a lot of western society Papoose a discount, the counterfeit evil even exist. Sorry to see it in their leave it there. There there's also a something in human nature that makes us want to say now: that's not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen No because we can't imagine it- and in this particular case we don't know what to do because none of us want nuclear war, we don't want to war. Well, this is an example where you know: okay, so the political thriller, the Kremlin Conspiracy legacy
one of the worst case scenario. Literally in ninety six hours, a russian leader could collapse the the NATO alliance. I think that's when I start working out two years ago. I thought that's a little out there, but it's novel now it could happen next week, but here's. Here's the one way we could stop at present. NATO could significantly scale up the deterrent forces in the Baltics to criticise speed, I enough, but whatever temptation is, there is mitigated and backs off. Look for. Another vote and he will say if we do that, he will say. Look at the aggression of the west. So what I mean is better than in them being invaded. Does anybody? Does anybody have the courage to do that? and I mean when I say that I mean the american people- I may I want to go through what go through some stats- that you know you you ve looked at when you were writing this book about POW America. Views Putin, views Russia, and I
not sure work sure we're all on the same page about him, to get to that here and just a second. The name of the book is the crime, Conspiracy, Joel Rosenberg he is, I don't know how looks heavy written. This is the thirteenth political thriller and they, are all riveting and and as he said earlier always like ripped from tomorrow's headlines, this one literally, could be, but I mean it's like he wrote it last night. It really is, when conspiracy available bookstores, now back in just a second Glenn Back mercury This is the Glen Back Programme,
social Rosenberg is with Us Isa written a book called the Kremlin conspiracy and Joel. I think I think that the Kremlin has a brilliant job. Brilliant job of making Russia an Putin in America all about Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. So the Clinton people when you're talking about Vienna was there some. Funny going on with with Gazprom IE there. There was I'm sorry but the uranium one. That was a that's a problem as well I dont know if she were involved, but there's a mountain of evidence that was was held back, that even Congress couldn't see. That shows that they were in bribing and doing all kinds of stuff for people all around Washington on both sides here with with the election p,
we're making at all about Donald Trump, having seen the evidence that there's collusion there. There are weird thing but he's putting people in place that are not Bumpo is not a fan of Russia now, and we know that the thing, if he's, if the present approach from war criminally colluding with Putin You would not put Jim matters at this defence. Why don't? I withering ream ally commander? Nato is a guy who gets Russia serious about the NATO allies, might Pompey What CIA I've known him for years he's phantom my books does not the why I'm a fan of him, but he's got good good sense. In he's my pants, it adds at opposite the Vp Nicky Hayley. These are not push overs unknown, so, moreover, to present trumps credit, he is driving up. U S! Defence spending. When defense was how-
out under Obama, he is pushing NATO to spend much more money for themselves on their own defence and starting to do it. He's arming Ukraine with lethal weapons Prince Bahman, never did he's he his? U S. Special forces took out a team of russian nurse mercenaries, trying to give us a bloody knows and Syria and kick their town without fantastic, listen to none of these are soft on Putin policies. But I have to say my concern: is The present trump is radio silence on President Putin, no matter what potent does that? evil, bad nefarious, aggressive prison trump doesnt seem to have. The desire, the willingness to call them out on it and present trump. Isn't radio silence? anybody that he doesn't like I'm guessing you ve taken
you just a bit ball, you are also allows for an orderly IRA equipment present. Trot tougher and Jeff sessions, any is on the worst dictator on the plans that are criminally corrupt, but it does mean that weird I mean looked Vladimir of my life, if I may say, here's but here's the problem. If we go to, if we look at the public, I'm not sure because I think in he weighs Putin and then just the political machine has made about Hillary Clinton. Didn't do anything wrong, Donald Trump in doing wrong, and so we're not actually talking about who d do something wrong, and that's Vladimir Putin in Russia right thought, though, on that one It is the responsibility of the present United States to try to define the terms of the debate, and this is why sought radio silence is is is not just bad is actually harmful, because you can define look contrast. What
tromp Trump is doing with Russia, which is a good policy No defining the debate, compare it with his North Korea posse he defines Kim Jong own Agile. Man he sends be too bombers over the peninsula. Both ends, to go to the DMZ. He sends matters, he sends the aircraft carrier, but in a task force, and we don't know where it will go, but it has gotten North Korea's attention because it is strategic pressure. Maximum pressure, We are not getting maximum pressure on Russia and we need to show so that's one point. The present needs to do it. The second point is to, is to keep in mind what Vladimir Lenin used to say he would say probe with bayonets. If you find motion put, If you find steel stop, nor Obama virus. Odin found Wash and he kept pushing
and an and nobody stopped him what we need. President trump to do is to show steel he showing it in policy. Although there are a few other things we could talk about, I think he should be doing, but he is not defined. The debate, even at the moment this week, where NATO is starting to say, you're they're not sure what to do, but they know what we go back to this point russian nerve, gas, military, great nerve agent, poisoning people in in great Britain. This is this. Is this we never seen this happen since world war two. So this is a time when the president Aids stands with your british allies. Are NATO allies and speaks out and begins to define the term I want to start on that visited very good development of the idea might pompiers moving over to state because a great move it? It is one because
television. Is an honourable man didn't understand the job and didn't really know the present, though you never that he was really speaking for the private, moreover, He had a personal friendship with Lattimer Putin got the highest civilian honour that you could possibly get from NATO. Putin. That did not give me a sense that this guy had steel When I M too Putin right, we would you ever take a no. What I now. Maybe if I was running X on mobile, but I'm not compound, gets Russia and IRAN and North Korea, but also there's two key- might be hey of always skill set. He did not have the legal ability at CIA too to shape I see CIA drivers are not allowed to say and therefore you should. Mr President, he do it the only analysis and data which is that the right thing at state he can craft a robust, comprehensive Russia policy help the president. If the president is willing to be helped in that
correction, but it's time let me go through. Let me go through some of the stats with russian invasion of Georgia, Ukraine. In recent years, russian forces fighting in Syria to protect the regime of Assad. Russia contain, bring to sell arms in nuclear technology to IRAN's Russia, hacking, the West computer networks and attempts to interfere in american elections would who agree or disagree with this sentence. I have I believe the Vladimir Putin and the government of Russia pose a clear and present danger to national security in the United States NET and NATO Allies Europe and our Middle EAST allies, such as Israel. Seven two percent. Believe that's true. Sixty percent say they worry about Putin, now planning another military attack, perhaps an invasion of a small NATO country or middle eastern country, because he thinks the end national community and serious about, stopping him and fifty one percent.
Fifty one point. Nine are not convince. The president understands Russia or Putin, and must do more to tell you where we commissioned this pool at for the release of the Kremlin conspiracy last week and weak, and we did that from a highly respected, Pulsar John Mclaughlin, I've known for one in five years, John, has also been one of the presence. Posters, and I said Ok, this is very important because if the present skinny We, I want to know what Americans really think. I wanted to be fair. I want to be scientifically accurate, but also to be done by some, HU. The present would listen to. These are real numbers there. Not you know something left is low rags. So now brief, the White House staff on these numbers, congressional leaders on these numbers and its import for these number to get out, because if we had into the twenty eighteen elections, if three out
for Americans think the Putin is a clear and present danger, but fifty two percent dont think the president fully understands that threat or doing all that he can. That caught that's a real problem, because what do Americans green on three out of four? for Americans on anything these days now, I'm not saying that that means that, if their front and centre issue- but I think instinctively they they get this issue, but then they want to see neither ship and is actually kind of crazy to hear Democrats being able attacker republican president for being saw crazy on Vladimir Putin, but at this point at least in terms of rhetoric that charge hold so we're talking a jewel Rosenberg, the Kremlin conspiracy. What should novel that, just to be clear, I'm not actually involved in the Kremlin, confers a record, in fact, when I was in Vice President pensions office a few months ago, unease at what you're next novel about. I said what I really want to mention it in
as with either. Why has nothing to do with what's going on here, and it is what pens press me what's the title? I said, Sir: it's the Kremlin conspiracy I've known my pen for a long time I gotta say I've never seen him laugh quite ass, hard ass. He heard the name with the novel that so that the Kremlin conspiracy, the novel, can you That's what you think we should be doing at this time with Teresa may. What should we be doing? How can we, show steel without pushing us clear through to the edge of a war with Russia, power as in the present I'd states, I would advise him to immediately call her invite her to Washington. I would do a joint statement together I might not have just ask her. I would ask the head of NATO to come or on a plane. I'd go to London or Brussels. I
dark moving. I would I would not even announced I will just start moving: U S forces tanks into the Baltic States, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, The present is gonna have a summit on April. Third, with the three presidents of the Baltic States, they are terrified The lithuanian ambassador actually heard about the book, invited me to breakfast. I I didn't know em to talk about these things, to get a copy and and and and talk about what can be done. You have it and then I would start imply imposing the very sanctions that Congress overwhelmingly passed last year and present Trump has not yet time oh, that is one only through senators, voted against it over four hundred Irish voted for it. He's got the legal authority its time move. This. You got the all the set up you given Putin all the space. If you want to change, he would have changed by now start to hit Putin where they care about, which is target,
sanctions on individuals use the magnates key act, the act that specifically goes after people that are engaged in criminal activity. You don't have there's a waiter ramp. This thing you don't wanna overreach, but you gotta start protecting our allies and hitting specific Putin. We believe that I mean Putin's election is on Sunday. Yes, holding my breath. I dont think it'll be a Pennsylvania being dealt with as an about. You know. Some of this, I think, is happening because of his election on Sunday. Do you agree that are no doubt at always. I dont is because, when you're dictator, you know, I mean he loved to win with ninety five, the dangerous. If he thinks you went with sixty that. That would tell you- forty percent of the country's voting for somebody they don't care who it is just not him, gets a risk to him. But since not really worried as Vladimir Putin over, if you're gonna win or not, what are you doing? I think We would be misreading him.
I call them quick delivery. Installation was a breeze, they ordered fantastic. Fog. Who is looking for another country to take so thirty to forty five seconds. Do you see war as a real possibility with Russia, and if we're, if, if we shall weakness, I mean if we can't show steel with a country that actually a week Hendrick them nuclear but this guy is a bully and worth or the world superpower we ve got made a. We just need to show steal. This is the, Marcus, our with Winston Churchill under Neville Chamberlain that good with winds Churchill. At the hour kicking in we witness We can do to stop evil in this world, but the West get by incited when we dont pay attention and we don't stand up for ourselves textual appreciate
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accelerated in the last few months and critical in the last few weeks, then putting forward message that if you disagree with them on gun control than this means, you don't care enough about the kids and now they're, activating these kids and putting them out on the front lines and putting them in photo ops. So they can Essentially using this political human shields. Now, listen, the kids can say whatever they want. That's that's their prerogative obviously, but it is the media that are choosing to elevate these cases. Moral authorities, even though tragedy and age, don't confer any sort of expertise on a given issue it's a good point and also by the ages is the opposite. The clause, are, you are to birth, usually the less information you have. It's kind of go away, books, no I've had serious conferences with infants, really yeah yeah, when, my taught you my yearly toddler cons conference is I get em all Jews Spock. They demand Devon, juicy juice. Ok, it's really good. But they sit around and some of the ideas that come out of these toddlers mean
out of the mouth, the babes whenever her that I have heard that were really meant it. They gone with policy. You ages, the nuances of sentiment and debated at that I'll. Have the babes? That's what we expect from the Volga that phrase supposed to design someone saying something inappropriate and ill in formed of all the circumstances? A really kind of does apply. To this I mean look. As he said you say whatever you want, but stop treating them as if they have some insight on the debate here, they don't they. They were the victim something terrible that doesn't make you an expert Glenn, back mercury.
Courage, shrink back, so who is the next contested on survivor, island. The White House has selected Larry Cud low. This is a great upgrade. Larry becomes the topic economic Advisor for Donald Trump as director of the National Economic Council. He replaces Gary Cone who decided to step down specifically because he d- agree with trumps new tariff policy. So now I mean, if that's, blue. Why would you go with Larry caught low because, cut low, is locked and ready to go. You know in and he's gonna be you laying down those serious tariffs, not Larry COD, low
They display a little bit of audio. What Larry couple thinks about the new tree, he'd policies in his own words two weeks ago, listen I want on why it, but it's a bad omen, is so good on taxes is so good on. Tax cuts is good on deregulation, infrastructure, Like a mine. Immigration is never but good on trade? How so he's so you you're a guy. Now this is what we ve ever. You believe you'd fiery guy who Stood up against your your tariffs, because we're just gonna, go crazy and you're gonna, replace him with a guy who says quote its bad omen. President is always bad on trade. Why do I have the feeling that either this is the shortest stay on survivor, island or maybe perhaps,
there's something else going on and perhaps and I haven't believed this before, but perhaps The president is sly, like a fox. According to cub low, he was playing tennis And he had just come out and said those things on CNBC and much more and oh he's playing tennis Somebody brought him. The phone is probably. But it was still wired. Serbs is met. Neurons is the president would like to speak to you on the telephone oh, he picks up the phone and he's expecting trump to yell at him he thought it was. You know brawl with the president over his criticism of the harsh tariffs in action Quality cobbler, said Trump instead spent the entire call explaining his strategy and, by the end,
the call cod said, I'm in. Forty eight hours later Trump of FISH Lee offered him the job any said I accepted immediately so now wait a minute wait a minute either tromp is some sort of voodoo magician which tonight on Anderson Cooper is Donald Trump of voodoo. Magician can cast. These agreeable spells uncut blow over the phone or there's something we don't know here because the president's new economic adviser is clearly not a fan of terrorist tear a tariffs or the way Trump views trade in general, but he is comfortable and confident in joining the administration I did five o clock on the blazed outcomes. Lash t tv, we,
The conversation with Larry Cud, low unit the here who he is, this is a serious upgrade. We do know this. Ever since the tariff policy was announced, the rhetoric has shifted from the idea of blanket tariffs to who's going to be excluded. So far, ECHO in Canada have already been excluded candidates. Our number one supplier of Steel- Mexico is number four, so let's twenty I per cent of the steel imports which over those both Brazil and South Korea combined their numbers, two and three importers of steel and They have also been told that various members of the EU may be excluded. The only nation in the top ten that we import steal from is the EU from the EU is Germany? Does that mean Germany is gonna, be excluded as well, and, if so, who is left to put the tariffs on. It makes you wonder that call, but
tromp in his new economic advisor actually go a little something leg pay Lawrence its Donald, no worry about the tariff thing. I'm playing chess. Let's hope that's the case. Otherwise we'll see you next time on survivor, it's Thursday March fifteenth year listening to the Glen Back programme. I have tremendous respect for Larry cut low I mean he is he's the man when it comes to free trade the real reason for optimism, merits a you know. I you know, because I'm a big free trade guy was nervous about cone. Leaving cone is not exact
where I am on many issues, but he's pretty good on trade, where the president has indicated he in ours is, is a protectionist in many ways, an low is the exact opposite. I mean you know, cut low that cod record low, Stephen, more an art, Laffer wrote a piece. Together for National Review on March third of this year. I think even more did Steve more. You think you think he's not the person is everything. If someone else Potentially now, I'm thinking Stephen more is a guy who said just a year ago. Look nationalism is the deal and I don't agree with it model where the people are so let's go well. Here I mean look. I disagree That comment as well- but I mean Stephen More- has a very long record. That's why it was a shocking. Come it correct, because he is an incredibly long record of rank on blood to see him some part of a free trade area using
things from that article, one of the ironies of trade protectionism is that tariffs and import quotas are what we do to ourselves in time of times of peace and what for nations due to us with blockades, to keep import from entering our key three in times of war, if we are really taxes, since so many other things american consumers buy today are made of steel or aluminum a twenty five percent tariff on these commodities mega past consumers? This is a regressive tax on low income families, This guy, is been L baby to a real position of influence, inside the White House. That's a really good thing. This is it as it does it do you ever feel like I wish the president would make. Would let me like him I mean how do we she would just stop tweeting stopped being a punk to everybody.
Being the President of the United States, so I could show you know hey. This is this is the way a leader behaves in? Oh, to stop doing all the stuff. That's meaningless but hurts the culture he's so good, I mean, by this become like or last week as like Archie Span. Here we go he's gonna, do the trade thing he might do the gun thing. He's means reversed himself on the gun thing and I dont think this. Is him being talked out of tariffs? I would be very surprised if it is, but I mean he's, got Larry COD low and in in a Larry's, No reason not to believe him if Larry is low, Look I talked to him few minutes. I thought I was in a yell at me and then he set out now, don't don't here's my strategy that wow look cut low you know, was indeed of the tax plan from from Trump
he's a good free market voice and in the fact that another free market voice is gonna, be around the president, who doesn't always Have those instincts is really positive. Thing can you imagine being in the White House, seeing tv but saying Whitehouse blow. Bath possibly as soon as this weekend, I think what that's like to work in the White House when you know the televisions or on and everybody's looking and in going with it, because if you don't know if it's true or not, and every one of your enemies in the administration is leaking against you and you're not going with. You sell your enemies, its it isn't. I couldn't live like that now I would, and I wouldn't want to unite. I think, though, when it comes Do a lot of this is there some of its leaking, but a lot of it is really like. You know. I think Trump likes this. He said he likes the color. You like ski likes, conflict chaos, any thinks it works well, and I attended believe that if he stopped you know your time are tweeting doesn't mean you stopped
reading, but I think everyone understands what you're talking only say that which is the really outlined a short stuff, you know the attacking pert paper, people's appearances and stock and, like all that stuff, can imagine- and we note correct me if I'm wrong, but is there one trump supporter that exist today that goes away. If he stops, you know, if you make stuff, in front of you know people's faceless, I'm thinking there is no one who is like a liar by no longer on the rump bandwagon, because about no, because you stop doing it. I do think there is a group of people that work. Help him when it comes to approval rating and success and support. If more to stop the flame the craziest stuffy does and pear that back Ten twenty percent there's a group of people who would like, as policies enough to become supporters and those people. You know
Why not try to bring those it? I don't think you lose any of the other people by not doing it. So why not? try to bring those people in the fold and then your approval raining instead of being thirty, seven is forty five, and you're right in the normal sort of range of a president, as he may be ghost into that second term study to be difficult, but so I ask you a tough question: yes, red take a break, and I want it. Answers are greeted me diamond in the break to think about it. The island s own asked this question. We ve asked we vast supporters what What could he possibly do that would finally say. Ok, I like I can't tolerate that present What would you, what does he have to do before you say might be Reagan, hee, hee, hee, He might be one of the better president's we ve had no long time of it starts with inventing a flux. Capacitor
the full. I second more bad news and other data breach from that many major credit card bureaux. There the bureau. It's it's an additional two people four million Americans justice point four million: that's it there's not much more than that. Those a maximum of two point: four million right Well I guess there's no other, but no one else has been breached in that's great. Well, there's there's the hundred and forty seven point nine million. How many was out of a hundred and forty seven point: nine, just half just half of the country are also care it certainly just have. Ok, so the additional they also had to their social security numbers stolen and their drivers licence number so that a good thing is when you're doing something important? No one asked you for your driver's license number or your social security number bright right.
So you have the name. The address you have some banking information driver's license and social security. Now thing is going to happen right, one there, when their skeptical of you to come firm who you are they'll, ask you the things that were stolen, our everything again, his eyes great. So here's the deal, the new life like identity theft, protection adds Norton, nor Security is gonna, help protect against the threats to your identity and your devices that you easily see your fix on your own. So if you have a problem, they have agents that are gonna work to fix it. Nobody can against all cyber threats or prevent identity theft or monitor all transactions at all businesses, but life lock now with Norton Security is able to over the threats it you might otherwise miss so go to. A flock dot com or call one. Eight hundred life lock and use promo code back get an additional ten percent off your first year. That's promo code back get an additional.
Percent off now at Lifelock, Dotcom, Glenn, Mercury, Glenn Back so I just ass? Do we were having this conversation off Erica's? You know. I really want to be fair to the president in you know. Cut him the slack when everybody else will cut him slack, but I also want to praise him when the ie does praise these stuff and his paw policies have been really. Some of them have been really good. The last couple of weeks have been on Abominate and then just terrified me when it comes to you know the way the drug guns were handled and then he of wiggled out of that and tariffs. Looks like he may be wiggling out of that now as well or he just be using some strategy that I've never seen a present. Here's here's a ice thing about Donald Trump why he might be effective.
I have always said. I've wanted a precedent with twitchy. I wear the people were against them, and negotiations are like that guy's Craig, he just might do it I always per. I always thought, though, that I would be able to understand if he was telling the truth or not. You know european I don't know where he stands on trade. I dont know where he really stands on guns. I just to watch his actions so Is there something that? Because we have asked you know on on cultural issues he's an abomination on on the cultural issues brought, Obama on the cultural issues was an abomination as well just device Did Us- and you know, brok- Obama was pitting Black- MRS white and rich versus bore, etc, etc, and so you know that that's one side, but on the policy issues he's been pretty good here better than I expected
absolutely is exceeded my expectations on that front. I think he's convinced me a few things whether this is him precisely or Allowance of this structure around him to make these decisions like, for example, he's pretty much one me over that he is able to pick good judges right then that's not! I was not there or even after his election, and even after he released his list. I didn't necessarily believe he wouldn't do that any as any has just done it with gorse agenda, which has been a lot of really good choices and will it and how and taxes lot there's there, even though you go through a nice list of those you know what would it take? Was we always say water? What would it take to shake? You were on our? really hate environmental regulation. Having were very overregulated in that area, his naming of prove it is good talking about potentially elevating him if sessions leaves, which I think is generally, being a positive he's done a good job there. You know one thing I have been surprised about a little bit and I think, hasn't come too
Fruition as much as I kind of thought it would was boldness of policy, there's boldness of talk The boldness of policy has been oddly absent from the tax cuts are a good example that, like I said, I am glad the tax cuts past good to see that we play lower taxes and hey that's great, but that was not a boy the plan. It was a trimming informing the bold plan. You can argue on the corporate side. It was pretty bold outside of that, you know it wasn't much of a dramatic tax cut and that was actually want to things. Larry Cutler criticism if the taxpayer should have been more dramatic on the on the individual side. Now, if he actually adieu the policies of Larry Cutler under we pretty happy on those policies? I'm he is we're not necessarily done those. Yet you know what would it take was we always say wonder what would it take to shake? You were on our side. What would it take to get you to say
I have to divide him in half culturally I dont know of anything that he could do that would work he could meaning, but at men he doesn't seem like he's in then I part of his character of who is, but on policies you know you, have to be able to say. If you're gonna be honest, you have to be able say eyes he's pretty good on some of them. Then elicit a few. There are many, but I think you give him credit where he get gets at him and and maybe not worried, doesn't mean that now the fact is launching into tariff talk, is, is a really bad sign, I mean the year? What if he does tariffs this year? You're one will be better than your two, so You appear to be headed towards more free market policies, but it means if he gets to more free market policies. If he changes some of his outlying. You know philosophies that I don't appreciate so much I mean- good say that he's a he's good on policy. I mean you know, I don't know he's done really good things. I think better much.
Much more than I think either of us would have predicted coming in an end to be fair, even p who were calling the show saying you guys got a vote for Trump. You get about four trump, even they in there cases to us to vote for trump work we're under selling, what he's actually done. So it's me it's a big step. You know he's got some really good things. He put good people in in places around him. Can anyone help me some of these have been upgrades as they change dry Islam? I mean he started out with a really dicey band of snakes around him. And he's cut them out. Every step of the way and every time he replacing them either. Seems to be replacing them with better people, yeah and- and I will say one of the biggest changes that we ve seen in the past year. And probably both of our biggest problems with Donald Trump leading up to action, and even after it was steep Bennett and the fact
the ban and is not only gone from the White House, but completely excommunicated is a really positive thing for the White House. So and even abandoned some abandons policies were ok. We know not all of them you know the fact if he can move away from that sort of economic nationalism and other associated belief, around here about around ban in that sort of circle, would be great I mean you know he's watching into many of them now. So am, I would say, I'm optimistic. Is there a path where I would say like? Oh my god he's a great president on policy. Of course, there's always a bet, there's a path for Brok Obama. If in these last year, if we reversed all the things that he did and became a conservative debts, I would be great, but I know what I think we're us is on exactly on the right road. I mean if, if If, if he's the sea, is to be he seems to be becoming his own man on things.
Maybe I'm wrong, but he seems to be coming. You know me this decision to go to North Korea making the decision to to fire our secretary Straight estate and and and replace them with pompiers seems to be him act, which is good. This is the Glenda he'll be meeting we were just talking. I want to ask tat the same question. I asked us do here a little while ago. We ass the audience for a long time. What would it take for what what does Donald Trump have to do to make you go. Ok, I can't tolerate that and we ve ever got an answer, and I, but I wanted to reverse that on us, because Larry Cud Low Possum, Lee John Bolton and peo have been appointed
no to the White House staff this week, all Three of those are really good, really good, solid, like Ben Solid and his appointment suffer as a rule. This is conversation with Bolton right above the bonding hasn't you keep saying that I would have no, but but it's moving in that direction rolled out of it. I don't know, what's gonna happen, but still You can't say all of his appointment of always the nomination of the really bad. Person on. I mean bad on religious rites. There you have. It was just that. So let us not forget that if people keep the heat on, that's gonna be withdrawn. I think hopefully I mean that that too people called in and wrote to the White House and wrote to the Senate and good hold your senators. One was really hard to understand. Yeah really hard, yes,
These the head of the eco, see if you dont, know, call your senator and say you must reject the nomination of the Eco, see I know First, then call please, if you dont oh call now could know. Did you dont know, then no then call look into a dry piazzi. Only looking out how bad years on religious freedom, yeah she's whore, she believes that sexual freedom, trumps, religious freedom right you'd, have to show quote by the AIDS were in Serbia so but he has always been good on is nominations. Bannon is a good example of that plan is an example of that has been about about islands, but he's made a lot of good on student has yet, but but do you know instead the time we think? Oh, my gosh, this guy could be spiralling into protectionism and everything else he points, and and where is he on on Russia, Kay, while we know now, he just put on pay in his secretary state and he ain't easy on Russia.
Where is he on trade he just put Larry COD low in the world Would it be like think if he would have if they would have repealed Obamacare They would have open that up to the free market system, the steer would have been really hard to argue with at all at all, at all makes, as ITALY hold still pretty good. So if, if he could Lee, repeal Obamacare, which they worry, remove the mandate. So it's been got it anyway, but if you totally remove that, if you what you said you were gonna, do on immigration and drop this million people with past it citizens but doktor, I mean that's terrible pa That's Ronald Reagan. Policy with with doesn't work, did, you see the the until the word thing today,
tweeted, dad trumps, Cates timely and, I guess have an illegal immigrant, aka recipient really murdered somebody and a year the presidency she's like it's, not ok, what is an interesting point. We gain in n n holds the hind hard on on the immigration stuff, though that's she cares about. It does seem to be. The only is why she was so adamant about him in Trumpery Trust, and now she started to turn on him. For the same reason, she gives the border wall update every day about how they have built any of the border wall and everything like that. Well, you know that's a long time ago I will say we would eat or underwear if he would build ninety percent of what they promised. It's gotta be anywhere near that it does not. Now. I know that you are here not even saying he wants to build. Ninety per no sign out some more lightly gaudy forty percent he'd have to get back. You know to what he promised on immigration, and maybe, a deeper tax cut they're talking about that now.
Ass, exciting, a minute. You know I mean it would be great. I think this is another point that these these special elections should indicate to the Republicans, and they re only have control of the house for another eight to ten months rather worried about you, better move and do not another round of tax got to do it right now. They just lost in Pennsylvania and so they're, starting to raise the alarms and yet cause you You saw you don't stand for anything, you don't stand. Or anything in every single time we get into trouble, you do the same thing and Wi Fi, one why would I want a public and who acts like a Democrat. When I can vote for actual Democrat. If that's what I want the maiden, makes sense to me never make sense, and they do this every single time you need to go back to conservatism and if they did that, I think they'd be fine. I think when I think of issue, this is an argument against making mass. So
Wholesale changes in the cabinet right now in that you may very well only have eight to ten months to do anything bolt because you're gonna, let you could the house and it is a legitimate shows that could happen. So, if you get in, the government operations swallowed up in trying to confirm, no it's a Senate but confirm all the you know. All of these different changes of positions You are going to push the ball down the road even further for good policy changes, and I know they always say- are weak and Morgan shoe gum. At the same time, you can't walk or chew gum ever it makes no there's no reason for us to believe you can do both. Ms, I can't I've never seen you gave it the gummy paste on your face. It missus your mouth and you fall over every time you try to walk. We ask you this week you think about ran Paul as I understand his position. But what do you think if pump EL. The CIA director is also does snubbed by him and if Bolton was chosen, I'd,
can guarantee that ran pulse are going to vote for him and was it ran Paul's thing I its constitutional for me to approve them wasn't here was the guy that was voted on the agenda is the delicate nannies girl bottle now all of a sudden but he is good enough for you at the way the guidelines they were serving the pleasure of the President New York constitutional duty to approve them as a great. Well, that's why you don't mind set was Kay so so when You can get anything from the president from going along because its birth, Obama you just Well, maybe I can get something by going along and my constitutional right. However, now I've got a pressure point for the president. I know he wants something. So what can I get in return? You that's not a principled position that you're describing describing a negotiating position, which is not something that I thought we were looking for. He
So I'm just say I'm just saying: that's how you explained, and yes, it might be true, but I mean this end into show you how crucial it is right. It's they ve got fifty one Republicans here to vote for them, fifty without rent and you know, John Mccain is I've been doing the another not on torture crescent. All the time, also non torture. Guy refer of armies, I'm a non torture guy, but I told what you think is torture. Yes, exactly! So, that's why pouring some water over somebody's mouth and pose a rag and opposition is the deserted hoarding is, is also to be no. Who are you gonna, go to war, he's very anti all the wars, and he believes this Tina, Pompeii Owen and potentially Bolton as well as he's gonna. Give you an aggressive, hawkish stance. They don't want. You feel that way yourself, big. It definitely is a move in that direction. And until her son was the guy who was always talking down these complex, I mean
on pay owes much more aggressive. I think it's, I think it's a good move from pillar sent upon pale, but that that is the that is the potential risk. You want a ride. Solid Sharpened war instrument dickie Hayley, John Bolton palm pale Kelly. You got a pretty effective, shall work yeah, you got there, Really good. I mean those the guys I would want to be his word about the drums of war with a random onawandah war with IRAN either. Our own Russia and I want a wandering when you didn't work, you always wanted to be a last resort, and I mean like, if you look at this, if, let's just say, taken another one of these. Seventeen republican candidates George Bush take Marco Rubio. You know. Take whoever you want Chris Christy and throw him in the White House if they put a team together of Hayley Bolton,
palm PEO. That is an absolute Lock, solid Rock sought, star team is very hot hawkish republic. Establishment type of people it's interesting because he's you know is obviously the kind of a drain. The swamp type, a guy in some of these early nominations- were in that realm, but this A very standard republican team is a good report and it is in this is that I feel like any other form, for what their jobs that are rather than perfect inhalers, do an immense. You want clearly I'm saying anything other than what she's doing online shine rail of it, and I love eight. Do we have the the Nicky Hayley Audio? Could we play that please here she is yesterday at the United Nations on Russia. A failed to ensure Syria destroyed is Chemical weapons Programme, Russia the joint investigative mechanism, when it found the sod liable for chemical attacks, Russia, used its veto to shield
aside five times last year, it has also provided cover for Syria in the Hague. At the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons there since complained recently that we criticise them too much if the russian government stopped using chemical weapons to assassinate its enemies, if the russian government stop helping it syrian ally to use chemical weapons, Dick syrian children and of Russia Cooperative. The organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons I turning over all information related to this nerve agent. We would stop talking about them. We take note pleasure and having to constantly criticise Russia, but we, in Russia to stop giving us so many reasons to do so, she's a rock star really girl. She is really good she's, the best there three great you
ambassadors in my lifetime, Jean Kirkpatrick. John Bolton and end yet her there. I mean just rockstar, remember: Ginger, Patrick Susan! Let your hair on fiery piglike! Ok, ok, Jean already, whenever wherever Jesus, please don't let Jean speak again. Please, our peccary, unleashed coming up the blaze radio tv networks also getting them upon to go to the ethical to the item, story can sign up there as well as anywhere paragraphs are pat Gray undernourished. Once again liberty, safe, bringing you hundreds in savings on their top line, safes, all classic selects and National Magnum safes are on sale include liberties, Centurion, twenty four, with a flux. Interior and e lock I'm Tonia Liberty just they make these great great safes, really
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A liberty, safe, your values, valuables, are always protected with a liberty, safe liberty say dot com, the homes of the best, build safes on the planet, liberty, safe dot, com, Glenn Bank Mercury. Glenn back so United Airlines, you know they took. Passenger because they were overbooked and they they drug the passenger off the plane. Now, They issued an apology for a dog that die. Mid flight because they told the owner that they had a stuff him into an overhead been so we're so so strange, like I didn't think again
a United Europe really bad job. In this we need to be set off the top, but what on earth was the past like I would never ex. Would you ever got up that now with your dog nowadays they called it a tragic accident. No, it wasn't an accident, that's what happens when you put dogs in a place with no ventilation and you stuff? I mean that's all you I would have prized. I don't think I would have said absolutely not. We have set ITALY? Not? I would if I would have walked off the plane, absolutely were blocked off the plane. Would you have thought it was an air tight containment like that that there would be able? breathe in there. I don't know I don't if I ever. If there were other things in the overhead luggage, if there were, if it was all by itself in that overhead space, it wouldn't occur to me I would. I will still wouldn't allow it to happen, but I wouldn't think the dog would necessarily die from it, by the way people are trying to say that they are in a five percent of the animal shipped on
The United Airlines die of that is not accurate number is its two point: two four per ten thousand. Now, that's a fairly high number foreign airline resemble American is zero point, eight seven per ten thousand by. I have to tell you. I know that I have tried to ship dogs in things you know we're moving, etc, etc, and airlines have always been really strict on you know. It's too, you know it's too. Hot You know your underneath the plane they I mean they ve always seemed to be in a very cautious me. Nobody wants to kill an animal. You know United well United by I don't think they do not don't think they do. But I mean again it's you know it's one of those things I think pet owners generally freak out about, and it's one of these,
incidents because it looks so bad. There's been a couple of them recently that have been high profile, its really a gigantic systemic. Problem for airlines to kill animals. It's perfect Again. You know that average airline, its zeal RO point eight animals per ten thousand die That's the ratio of zero point, eight per ten thousand. So again it's Incredibly rare to happen. He wanted to be They require you to put the dog I've. Seen people sit with DHA, I've practically seen people No it's a No, it's a it's a medical l alligator. They come on with you know: support animals all the time and a little teeny dogs. I see little teeny dog sitting in people's lad us all. The time we ve been I've travel with my dog, my little dogs before in Samara under the sea. They put the little carrier in front of him open up the little zipper they pop their head out. My gun.
It's a pretty the latter. That's pretty standard by me we can only get overwhelmed by one crazy incident. Here's the deal, United Airlines, this your policy. You should change it or you should adopt a grand. Our strategy partner, replant parenthood and just put down syndrome, children in the overhead luggage, Glenn back. Mercury.
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