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China's Olympics Kicked Off with Propaganda | Guests: Bill O'Reilly & Michael Malice | 2/4/22

2022-02-04 | 🔗

Glenn and Stu discuss the State Department’s statement on Russia and Ukraine and the bizarre exchange between the State Department spokesperson and an AP reporter. Glenn and Stu discuss the job market and the economy as the country continues to be done with COVID. Bill O’Reilly joins to recap the week's biggest news, including President Biden’s statement on police, the collapse of CNN, and Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial Holocaust statements. Author Michael Malice joins Glenn to discuss various issues, including Biden’s forthcoming Supreme Court pick, Boris Johnson, and the upcoming Chinese Olympics. Glenn and Stu discuss the Chinese Olympics and the propaganda pushed immediately in the opening ceremony. Glenn takes calls from listeners regarding ESG scores.

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the Glenn Beck program, hello, America, and welcome to the Glenn Beck program. What a program we have lined up for you today, we're going to start with the State Department, today the spokesperson NED Price sounded like Alex Joe in fact, that's what a reporter said to him: it's an amazing exchange, but I'm did you hear it and I want you to listen to a couple of other things that have been happening. I think are being set up not by Russia Alex sixty seconds all right get sick, twisted freak, let's see our boxer this half hour. The tunnel twin there haven't I,
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well from I station zebra. We now call into our remote station someplace in the frozen tundra, hello, Stew, Glenn. This is a magical time for all of us here in the house really live ISIS. This is the case. the first thing. We have probably what an inch on the ground I can still legitimately looking at my window. Right now see grass raggedy Andy the grass. So that's how much you know we have. I can see grass and no one is going anywhere, because what happens? Is it It usually rains before the snow and then that right in turn, stood just up, saw she'd of ice. Then you get an inch of snow on top of it and when the sun comes out, if any of it melts, it turns right in the ice and we don't have snow plows, we don't have salt. Trucks. We have nothing. So everybody to stay at home
until it melts and stays Miguel. It's crazy. What else could it be? Nine nine degrees here we just soon. At some point, the weather turns around and things start melting and if that does not occur, were all Jack Nicholas, eject, Nicholson and shining? Oh yeah, that's how that we are we just all, oh, yes and outside and just the world ends, and you never hear from us again yet words straws tonight to see which child we eat. First, we're not there yet, but maybe next week, so to make those decisions in advance. So it's not the emotional decision making sober rational decision of which child you eat. It advance, therefore three select the right one. So I will tell you that this is. This is an interesting time. I'm I'm guessing the governors, not getting any sleep because he's up for reelection and if we whose power outside of a power line going down. You know sunny somebody hitting a pole, or
the power lines, a loaded with ice and they snap if it's a problem with the power plant he's doomed. Do I hadn't thought that perspective, that's true. I mean the guys in the middle of the he there are other than some of the covert stuff that people were worried about as well, but the big hit on him was last. you're right around this time when we had big freeze and everyone's pipe spur Stan? Everyone lost power and it was a complete catastrophe. If that happens again a few weeks before the primary, oh geez, SK. I can be a whole new roads. Oh yeah it'll be a whole new race and it wasn't just that you the power company, was have problems we had and down our power, not only where their problems, but we at all so gone to this new green energy. It wasn't working and Texas is not used to not having power. We got it like
nineteen twenty and we kind of like it by the way on that and then we gotta get to the fore, show It was planned on that. Did you see that the EU is throwing a hue monkey ranch in to the great reset they have just declared nuclear and natural gas as green energy, that's which it is that's huge. What Yes, that is huge huge. Its army will shut up just shut their their power plant, their nuclear power plant, just put it in Moscow, cause? I mean they just shut it down there having this huge power shortage, but you know four years gee their shutting down, race, and this just shows how ridiculous that yesterday situation is. This is a big reason why they they were fighting so hard to get nuclear designated. As a green power, but it didn't change.
Your power didn't change from day one today to just the Gee masters decided. Suddenly it was environmentally friendly, this same with natural gas. Now, of course, I agree with that analysis, but it just shoot. the weakness of this and how it's going to be gained for decades to come, oh it'll, be to the highest bidder. That's that's exactly what will happen. And by the wave. Your state is working on things like this. Please don't allow them just to concentrate on coal and oil- and you know, nuclear energy, don't forget that in essence, a g and those ones. Those will affect you just as much perhaps even more so than getting rid of all gasoline and that's not hyperbole, ok of you saw yesterday the State Department, NED Prices spokesperson. He came out and He said you know. Russia has this plan to broadcast these fake videos of ukrainian Force
attacking Russia or Russia. Proxy soldiers a pretext for an invasion, and they all ready, have bodies in body bags and they're, just they're gonna feel Miss and it's all gonna be fake, and we'll all be crisis actors that when the AP reporter piped in list to the exchange of very well. That's what my father said said. Actions such as these suggest otherwise suggest meaningly suggest there are not enough Thompson. I gotta go ahead of what action he done. Why the actions? I am disappointed that my action with the fact that Russia contain used to engage in disinformation, he made an allegation that they might do that. Have they actually done?
what we know, man is what we what I have just said that they having gauged in this activity. Lobbying is awaiting what about Lenny when he got a deal Obviously, this is not. This is not the first time we ve made these report. Public you'll remember that just a few weeks ago saw it, you will be made what report public? If you We finished. I will tell you what report we made it We told you a few weeks ago that we have information indicating Russia also has already proposition that group of operatives to conduct a false lag operation- Eastern Ukraine, so that not to your question is an action that Russia are any takes an action that you say that they have taken, but you have shown no evidence to confirm that at I'm gonna get to the next question here, which is: what is the evidence that they put? I mean this is like crisis actors really. This is like Alex Jones territory are getting it to them. What evidence do you have to support the idea that
there is some propaganda film in the end, in the making. Now this is derived from information. Known to the: U S: government, intelligence, information that we have declassified. I think you were ok we're we're, whereas it where, whereas this information intelligence information that we have declassified. What? Where is it where's that classified information? I just delivered now you made a series of allegation? what would you like us to point out that operate, because you will see a transcript of this briefing that you can print out for yourself? What evidence NED? That's you saying it? That's not what would you like that I would like to see some proof that you did that you can show that, but not you
that shows that the jobs that the Russians are doing that I've been doing this, for. I know that my as you and you have no- you have been doing this for quite a while. You know that and we d classify intelligent exploited, and I will do so in a mean that we do so, and we do so in protecting sources and men's and not gonna fall I remember a lot of things. So what would? Whereas the declassified information that you coming out here and saying Man, I'm sorry, I don't like the format, but we have no less is the content? I'm sorry! I don't like the contents, I'm sorry you that I'm sorry you're routing the information that is in the possession of the? U S, government. What I'm telling you is that this is information that is available to us. We are making available is raised in order for a couple reasons. One is to attend it's her the Russians from going ahead with this activity to in they were not able to do that in the event, the Russians do go ahead with this, to make it clear as day to lay bare the fact that this is always
in an attempt on the part of the Russian Federation to fabricate a pretext, but don't have any any evidence to back it up other than what you're saying it's like you're saying we. We have ever information. The Russians may do this, but you won't tell us what the ever Well then, I wonder whether that is the idea behind a currency that is the ideal torrents and when it is vital that the Russians you no matter what onward witnesses you say. I just gave it to you, but that's not you You seem not to understand what you seem not an idea earth. We realise that the Ngos are moving forward, this type of activity, the cakes this goes on for another couple of minutes, but you get the just hear this is this is Matt Lee from
socio depress he spent at the State Department for a long time he has seen the weapons of mass destruction bull crap from the right as you. Had. He saw all the Afghanistan bull crap from the left and now they're coming out with this is not the way Hey you release information. If you say we ve declassified something what you do is you read the names and the places that would identify who gave that information to but you would release the information there, not releasing any of the information they're coming out in saying we have We have in our possession some things, what you don't believe the government. Now Neither did George Washington needed that Abraham Lincoln none of us should. None of us should believe on their word that there that there being honest
about things, especially in a time after twenty years of being lied to on almost every front. Oh, we don't believe- and at this in time- and this is why this is so important. Remember I told you that at the beginning of January the world economic forum met to talk about how cyber hacking event will could happen and it will be the opportunity to get out of all of our currencies. They will shut down the banking and they will also shut down any voices that are talking about it, saying don't do what they're saying this is not right. So the is the this is the button that they will push for the great reset is that Russia, because yesterday I'd and came out when they were talking about this Biden,
came out and said you know cyber hacking. Cyber hacking, Russia said they're gonna go after our R Elect. Christy GRID, which we ve been saying that forever we been begging the government to protect our grid, but have they know, they are setting up a ones and zeros war with Russia Russia being the one coming in. That's also the exact same thing that the world economic forum, says, is going now happen that will be the final trigger for the great reset. Then we should not believe anybody, I dont believe Putin. I think Putin is absolutely cape. Well of all of this stuff. But I
don't believe our government either stop acting like we should. We should just believe the government, since when does the left? Just open up and believe government sources, never in my lifetime until recently. This is a really really dangerous situation, and luckily there is at least one rapporteur that is doing his job Matt Lee I've ass, our producers to see if we can get him on to digest. I wanna given more an award for at least being sceptical, but I'd like to hear what the usual procedure is and what the differences here really not good news back in one minute with continuation of the programme? Let me tell you about our spy, Sir, this half hour, it is relief factor.
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I got an email from a from a senator that is reading my book and he said next time who'd? You recommend something less blood curdling to read. He wrote me, I don't know about one a m in the morning. He was up reading the great reset and it is a little blood curdling, but the Good NEWS is: if we educate our right now and we stand together, especially in our state level. We can stop this and they are freaked out about it and went on sleep lets, you say- and I too am not predicting this- I'm hoping this is not what's really happening, but did you see that you're the binding yesterday go in for another great gun grab, you no guns have to be taken off our streets
yeah so and police. If we just get police and guns off our streets, we sat up. I hope this great reset thing with Russia is not in the offing, but who knows but this information will not be available to you. Will not be available to you. If you don't have the book already. So please order the book you can order it. where you can order yet at Amazon, but you can order it at a Bam books, a million and also Barnes and noble, taking orders. The the first shipment of GOSH, I think, a hundred and fifty thousand books is coming in to two or three weeks, so should come right it towards the end of this month. Can you just be honest, well said, tells the truth: it was chucks humor. Wasn't it plus chucks humor yeah
he's reading? It is a check. It's just you. Do you really think you might be stopped and realized like how civilization or altering a war with Russia is an effect that, like I, don't think, that's like something: that's theirs it. Certainly she happen, even if they went into Ukraine there, not any donation, there's lots of different things. That happened, but we are, and we re bumbling administration that even more dangerous than their incompetence. Right now is their desperation. They are terrified about. What's coming in twenty twenty two about the entire, the entire house of cards and down, and now there, in a battle of wills with Vladimir of this guy? This guy that can't complete a frequent sentence is in the middle of this and are well country is on the line here. He already said. under Obama. He Ed were already in world war. Three, the west just doesn't know it and world WAR three is gonna, be fought with,
ones and zeros they're. Not fooling around. We haven't protected our power grid. We haven't acted our financial systems, I mean they could knock get back. into the stone age pretty quickly. You know we be fighting what what are we fighting with? we are fighting with soldiers with tanks with that's its ones and zeros Meanwhile, China loves to this and they're getting way ahead in a I. This is a really do dangerous situation in it I mean maybe I'm reading this wrong, but still doesn't it seem like we are just in Tagging rising Russia, solid, I am not willing to lose our lifestyle for Ukraine. God bless you grain. I think we could help them. I pray for them, but I not willing to tube the west for Ukraine. For you,
don't want to talk to the west, really under any circumstances I can, and I then we can help an ally, but we need to be very, very careful and if I had some who I believe was competent I'd feel differently. I dont the Glen Back Programme Valentine's day is just a couple weeks away and genocide has a special treat going to love with all of your heart. From now till Valentine's day. The brand new Jan you sell anti aging primer say, gives you that radiant glow and flawless finnish free with every order of Jenny cells, most popular package by sixty percent off it's an incredible deal and something that is going to make Valentine's day so much more special this year. I didn't use these same goodness, that we all love Jenny cells, new primer has botanical extracts and antioxidants and all sorts of stuff. I don't really understand, but I don't know the prisoner, given the gift, you can understand them
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this is the Glen Back Programme? Well, the White House got a pretty decent jobs. Number of about almost what five hundred thousand jobs were added. You know Barack Obama used to say created we created for create an old yeah. hit it saved. I love them, then the though with a White House does and create jobs, but especially now I mean when we were on the swing back from covered under Trump Donald Trump, and he he would admit this was creating jobs. He was getting people back to work. the same thing here. These are not created jobs. These these are Have you seen the help wanted signs. These are jobs that people had and they ve been
empty because they ve been sitting at home either because they were afraid of covert their state, wanted them to stay home or the government was just. Paying them well now Oh no one's wages and certainly not wages from the government are keeping up with the rate of inflation. People have to go back to and I think also a lot of liberals are like ok, I'm done I'm not living like this anymore and they're coming back to work. So that's good news, but that doesn't mean that the economy is wrong. ring. Does anybody feel comfortable with the economy right now? Anybody anyone I got a lotta hands in the back from you know the people who you know run like g and everything else. No, no, I mean regular people. Anybody feel good about the economy, those not getting money from the Federal Reserve. No hands no hand.
It's true, I'm an end. You know you have hundreds of thousands of jobs are their claim. Many miss these estimates and incredible ways they are. They are saying that in December they reported hundred ninety nine. and then they have now adjusted that two five hundred and ten thousand in November they said whose children, forty nine thousand jobs, they ve now amended that two six hundred and forty seven thousand- I don't ever renversing, MRS that dramatic. Oh I I do and a Republican is in charge, they'll say no jobs number it's good five hundred thousand, and then we had to readjust that it was for people was for people, we missed it a bit. but I've never seen it go the other way like now. I've never seen them adjust up, avoid, seeing them adjust down and it home.
Fully nothing is going on, but do you believe that nothing is going on nobody's cooking the books cause we're cook kind of books on everything I mean, ratatouille too, is in the kitchen and he's cook and all kinds of things, There is a huge problem with trust in our institutions at the very base level, and that is, of course, popping its head up here, but I mean you look at this and I think you're right glad you have the money. The free money from the government is starting to run out for people, so there we are forced to go back to work. This is these. Are the policies that we were in urging a year ago or more for people to get back, and I think I do think there's something do what you There are a lot of moderates and even liberals who are just done like they. They did what they they could do, back in the day. They stayed home, they kept their kids home. They must stop, they got their vaccines, they did everything they were supposed to do, and you know it you see
like this is never going to end and honestly, it won't unless its people like that who were standing up and saying, I'm done I'd like to believe we could do this by ourselves on the conservative side of the argument, but we can't there's too many people out there. These small businesses need liberals to buy their stuff too, and they need them to be back. Work back at the restaurants back doing things and I think they are finally getting so sick of the guidance they're getting from their leaders that they are rebelling and when We have our side, that's already there. I think more on principle and their side that is now pragmatic he getting there as well. This is gonna make a big difference. I think yet out I'll take either. I mean right now, I'll take the pragmatic you know and by the way We not only need liberals to buy products from small beer So we also need the businesses run by liberals. I mean they. I think they
run more than just the water bed slash head shop. You know we we need each other, you can't cut half of the population. by the way we see what meant is saying now that if you don't get you, vaccine you're, not even really a french citizen, and he quote, is doing everything it can to piss those people off wow, that's pretty it, but I'm in our very areas of you. I mean look at what is happening in our society right now. I know you know nobody likes the comparison to Germany, but I mean what's happening with the the press alone is very much what the Germans were doing. You know they they took back all They if you had a radio, you could come in and exchange
For a german approved radio and that only picked up the stations that the Germans approved of I mean, isn't that pretty much I mean we don't need you to go pick up a new radio. We just talk to big tech from the White House and say, cancel those voices That's a pretty much. The same thing just newer technology- I look there's obviously a different scale here, but with that as a road that you don't want to go down. We talk about this often there's a split in the road and one road leads to these terrible fascists things that we saw back in the thirties. You dont want to take a quick dry down that road, our only gotta go a mile in and there's no reason to go down that road. Keeping things open is much much better and I think these people are looking at the history of their own region and realising. This is terrible. Now, look at this.
when in a lot of these places, its very popular it be. I think we lose sight of that a little bit in the United States, where we have a real split over this now, for example, in Canada. We're having these truckers had a briefly go out and in and make a stinkin and get everybody a little upset ensured, owes office the policies we are talking about their with vaccination requirements at this hour, at eighty percent popularity in this country. So this is not tat. It's really important to be fighting, not just a battle like we have where there's a left and right kind of going out at each other. Many these other countries, including France, including Australia, including New Zealand, including Canada, have these policies as over, well mainly popular people. One of this- and this is why it is so important. We have our constitution in a period where they, the Democrats, have all the control time after time after time, these things Biden has tried to do have been over
in the court's, because we have that document in that foundation built on God. Given rights, if we didn't have it, do you get overwhelmed, you're sing it all over the world unless redefine what the constitution is. I mean Biden introduce new gun control, things that said in Aachen affect anybody. In fact. Let me quote this diet. this doesn't violate any one. Second, amendment right, there's violation of the second amendment right to talk like there's no amendment, that's absolutely I mean there's nothing. That's absolute yeah! You know shall not be infringed is pretty. Salute shall not is pretty, absolute you know what he is talking now about pulling weapons of war, offer our streets and the weapon of war that he is worried about. Now is the glue
fuck, that's the most popular hand, Gun in America, pulling the clock. I don't think a mare chickens are going to take kindly to any of this, but he's pushing it through through executive orders, and this goes back to the way he's handling the Russia Ukraine situation. There is no such thing as a minor incursion on the second amendment. That's not a thing. It shall not be infringed. It is crystal clear that you can't do this, things, and the left keeps coming back to the well and honestly, we could go back to Nixon me Nixon wanted to do exactly what you're talking about. He wanted to go back and take away all hand guns because he believed That was the right thing to do at least it in his recordings that we found out later on. Luckily, they decided added,
no way we'd ever get away with this, and the american people would reject it. Biden he's either dumber than that or is more v, and maybe both. But I will tell you that it's interesting to me that if you look at what our founders were fighting against, they fought against a government that said we're going to tax you to death that your property is not really your property. We are going to take away your guns and we're going to take away your printing presses and your opportunity to pimp print pamphlets and we're going to quarter people into your house. So we can listen to everything that your family is saying and if we find anything on you will then we'll arrest you. There were dual laws: laws for the patriot.
That they would, you know, be nailed for, but the elites, those who work loyal to the crown they could get away with anything. We are doing the same thing. This is a repeat: this isn't a civil war. This is a repeat of the first american WAR, the war for a constitution and limits on government and remember it was. It was only about twenty percent of the population that was for that twenty percent, but they were dedicated and they did everything they could to not fight with the king they buy. Dim. Please stop doing this, they went they talk to me, I mean they cross. The ocean are or how many times that was like a three month journey and they crossed it. how many times going to beg him to talk to parliament. Please don't do this and the elites in parliament in the end, the and the
Brown didn't see anyone, but the elites in the colonies and the elites in the colonies. Generally speaking, we're all for the crown and they didn't Leave that the little people would make a difference. Well, the little people did. We didn't even have guns, we had pitchforks nobody, nobody, they were coming with their own gun if they had one or they would come when their pitchforks. These were farmers. These were not millet, Are you guys, but I tell you when you get when you start messing with moms and children you're in trouble you're in trouble, and that's why people are standing up against see our tea in the great reset they see what's coming for our children and they see moms are being called terrorist. Everybody knows that's true. You ve talked about this before glimmer like the declaration of independence is
largely a large breakup letter? It's like how did he look at all the crap you did to me. I really don't want to leave, but look what are you doing like you? We have to leave now and that way it almost like a relationship we worthy abused party in that relations for a really long time. We didn't just jump out of the boat with England. We were like I, you know. Let's try to make this work, we tried for a long time and they kept taking advantage an advantage and advantage, and eventually we had to do something about it. No, I know of no one wants to get to that pick me no point in the United States again and they were hopefully long past our revolutionary war period by that that that that stance was what was important, and we create Did these foundations to make sure we never had to do this again? Well, I will tell you this: I don't have any intent of seceding. You know, I believe, in the documents
the government is so out of control right now, because they're not honouring any of those documents- and you know this is my country. These the ought, I believe in the founding documents you don't you're, putting warning labels on founding documents, I'm not, so why should I leave? This is not as this is not something like what was with England, where we say, oh, you have abused us, we're leaving. No, your abusing us your leaving our it back in just a minute.
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In our declaration of independence is, is one of the greatest documents ever written and it's written I mean, you can understand it so much easier. If you look at it as a a deer, George or Dear John Breakup Letter has a really is it it's just a break up letter. It's like. here, George Man, you really don't understand. Me at all and this time you know it's you it's not me and we just gotta part way. because you know get it here is who I am, I believe, these things, but you have fought me, and you know what I I thought I was in love with you for a long time, and I just put up with you not pick up your underpants and everything else, but I can't do
any more and look. I kept trying to talk to you about it, but you here's a long list of the things that you keep doing. You know you don't you're you're picking your teeth, you know, while we're making love. I just I can't handle that I'll see you were breaking up. I'm single again! Don't call me I'll call you that's what the declaration of independence is and if you look at it today the reason why it was successful- and this is important for people to remember you- can't fight on negative, the reason why our declaration was so inspiring for the entire world is the second paragraph when we went said George, you don't even know who we are. We hold these things to be self evident. Just read that paragraph pass the life liberty so the happiness and you'll see where
we will have gone wrong. This is the line back programme, I'm looking at the window right now and to the frozen tundra of Texas and I'm thinking that it looks warmer out there than Glenn typically keeps the studio that that's my reality. Every single day, doing show, and that's why I love grip. Six grip: six is a company that sells products so great, you'd know they were made in America. Even if the company didn't tell you small business in Utah. They sell highquality made in the USA Belts and socks and wallets these they're gonna a longer than any belt you ve ever worn. The Sox are super warm and not like thick. their wool socks source in the United States. Everything they do is based here in the United States, and they do everything they can to give you the best product possible with a lifetime guarantee This is a solid american company and with products you're going to love, do a favor,
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When you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment Ikebana back program. Three kids Friday. So we're gonna. Look at the biggest news of the week. We begin. half hour with Mr Bill O Reilly in six second Our, let me tell you about tunnels towers this foundation, that a really really believe in these are these. Are people really doing great things when he first Responder or a military service members doesn't come home and young children are involved and left behind tunnel to town pays off their mortgage to lift the financial burden and bring
your family still to stability. I don't know if you saw what Susan surrounding said the their day. Normally I don't notice, but she said that the funeral, for that fallen lease officer in New York was fascistic. I don't even know what these people are talking about anymore. I feel like, what's his name from the princess bride, you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means is a group of people that actually appreciate our first responders and our military. If anybody is just catastrophically injured, the tunnel to towers builds mortgage free, smart home helping them live more independent lives? It's amazing what they do and there are also do Operation home base tunnel to towers is gift,
tiny homes to homeless veterans. We said we were gonna. Take care of these people. We need to forget about the government. Let's do it ourselves. If you just don't eight eleven dollars a month, you can make a huge difference tee to the number to tee dot, Org, that's tee to tee dot, org Mr Billow, Riley from below rally dot com, the author of killing, the mob. Welcome to the programme bill. How area On the same back, how you feel- and I feel a great a villain- I know the I am yeah, fine for while we're just going to do now so yeah. Chile down ere. I was gonna, send you Samir moths? Yes, it's it's a little weird to be trapped with an inch of snow on the ground, but that's doubtless giraffe shut down its uranium
been taxes. It was in our they got too I storms and needs but be supplied in around and that's just part of the landscape. Downer back. What's on your mind today, well I want Ask you what the biggest story of the week do. You think the biggest story, the weakest ok, so there are three of them and you can be choose what you think. Your audience would like to hear about Biden and the police number one CNN collapsing under the weight of their corruption. That's number two and the astonishing Whoopi Goldberg situation, where he doesn't know, really what happened leading yeah. Ok, I think I don't know to them are important stories. So, let's see, if we can pack, three of a man. Let's start with the headline number one bite in the police.
Ok. So the big question is: why didn't President Biden Company York City on Wednesday, when the second murdered, please solve assert. Had his funeral in Saint Patrick Cathedral, can you answer that They are not for the police. Ok, but He was a slight YAP winters then the Biden administration and people are advising him top adviser Jill Biden, so you were going to come to New York to talk about violent crime and you will on Thursday, the day after the funeral. Why? Would you not go Wednesday when found, of people were at the funeral you don't want outside, because thousands of people might boots here or blame you suborners, not a bad explanation, but should you the courage- and I don't think
would have happened inside shame. Patrick cathedral. Remember he's not Walk around outside he's, gonna get a special entrance, he'll be ro at the funeral. What's the answer? Here's the ants back and I'm glad you ask that question is still on the game. The ants is that he doesn't want to anger as always the progressive line which hates the police and feels that there is it that in general law enforcement is instrument of regional upright. So that's why he didn't come, which demonstrates that President Biden is a coward. He didn't do the right thing: he didn't honour the police officer who was murdered when he could have. Had never cunning I've. Now I have ever seen an administration. We
such a ten year and this out of step on every topic. They are really is in a ten year out of step it by design. They fear the progressive laugh. Now you can speculate on why they do, but there is no question: they fear it. If you look at the open border, if you look at the woody policies by pudding, dividing Americans into skin color and city and state bring certain groups? These are just things at never happened before in this country. Ever yet Biden implements them. Despite the disaster that falls when he has, what do you think is going out what What is the administration doing with you cry
in and Russia yesterday that bizarre exchange from the AP rapporteur at the Department of State, where the department of state. As is saying hey, we were really since some information they're going to do it, false flag and they're going to use crisis actors to make it look like Ukraine attacked Russia, and the guy says wait a minute. What what evidence do you have of that? Well, I just told you know you just told me that had it. It was a bizarre exchange. What is going on? You offers I think that's true my link that you and now you know that her veil, Russia's government, and they picked up conversation it is that that was one of the policies they are working on to provide some kind of any excuse to go, and I think it's Chirrup. I'm not really down on the by administration in Ukraine. Right now I mean I think that they are doing what they do
telling Putin they're gonna wreck his economy, If you invades your granddaughter comes out- and he's going to the movement to wreck the russian economy and it will and that's why he hasn't done it. So you don't think you don't think Putin would respond I mean now the White House in our economic, get hack into her head. back into our power grid and banks and everything my he might, but look Putin is out The is not offer Russia not after those people is our boat. It is a lot of danger, verboten here personally He's not that popular in a country where the economy's Arab right rouble, and I know you have a lot of roubles back as guidelines for percent of its values and prudent started this insanity. I'm you talk about it asian in the USA got roubles there, let their worth
forty percent less than they were Christmas, so I'm not on abide administration on Ukraine. I won't air manner. You know I'm watching what happens. Ok, let's, let's change to see an end is thinking this is add men for ugly people monsieur at all. This is crazy all my listeners and viewers, DAS, millions people all over the world may a year ago, corrupt. The CNN operation was on every level right because I know them. I know alone and I know how heinous jobs Zucker is as a human being number one remember him. Was he in trouble. Bodies. and I had a journalist call me the other day and and
he was actually believing all is nonsense about the affair, and that's why soccer had leave the most ridiculous. story, I've ever heard, ok at the most that's a two week suspension, ok and it's not a firing offence. what jogger manage to do was used to cover up the network by hating tromp? Who this body at one time and the rest. they did. It was because he has in his contract and school later. On bonus payments, that means higher the ratings at and NGO the more money he makes an that standard from four People who run networks any figured out early if he tromp CNN ratings would go up, correct and asked what happened? for four years. He got all those bonuses and am
rock and multi millions now ok what he didn't caliber it was you soon as Trump left office, she had lost eighty percent of its viewers, because all I would looking forward hey tromp, so a new company came in and bought CNN all right they should have. Let it going to see her shit, yes and no, over a few few later one Parties are because they knew a very who, in the network as whores at ability, news, credibility is concerned and b that he behind the scenes and not just the Cuomo situation I mean outweighs the lighted views, but in all, situations, this guy was due in all kinds of things that were on ethical and world journalism. They knew that everybody in a business knows that and they didn't want him any part of him and so they found that excuse that
all around with this woman, which was just an excuse, because everybody knew that even so I know it s a so, but here's the here's, the problem You know Cuomo was going after and because they weren't gonna pay the eighteen million dollars that they owed him or I know he they also had everything autumn correct, and so they use that I mean, I think it's a combination of a both of those. eighty anti is not gonna pay. Eighty million dollars to Cuomo and and somebody's gonna have to pay or be fired because it doesn't stop with with the Zucker. You all here's what you gonna have yet Chris Cuomo gonna get twelve million guy. I know it. I know what was re. He's got twelve million they're gonna settle with him, no law suit, you shot up Chris Cromwell, so
twelve out of the 18th which he'll take because it'll cost him three or four billion to litigate for five years what's is name soccer he'll get everything you'll get is full truck paid out the same deal you got up our right and but then you'll be when the new owners Command Malone and discovery, they have that shadow and they'll have to rebuild They had a higher you back here. Are you know, I'm a why one day you work for them now you got, you could spend it, but you work for them. I'd hire you I'd, never do it. So what do you think? recovery is going to do. Is an CNN just they're gonna put a bland latest tillage while also put up oh get. That's number one. Chris allows
and now that will send a signal or back and Nagorno game right. So that number one then I'll get Brian Williams, over there. I saw them got Chris was a bridle and that's why White Guy Limited They got their regional white guy limit. They got to a bunch of other people that our names that we were back in the journalism business but is The culture really gonna change over there a little bit a little bit, but not dramatically. Now that the culture is way too strong, over there. For me, I mean you have to clean house and where you going to get the reporters they're coming to get you can you got to go to the tree? yet the barrel remember, remember: horror, they're out there a lot of broadcast journalists floating around because everybody cutting back cutting
salaries cutting back this museum and offered gale paying a lot of money more money than to make and it should be asked to go and do the nine o clock slot so they're gonna throw money around it. People they'll bill build a new roster, but again only anymore truthful. I am in I'm not on an open, so much bill I want to change. Subject I want to touch on would be they re really also want to touch on your thoughts on the Olympics. Start today will get would get that from here and just a second. O Reilly from Billow, Riley, dot com watch him every day. He gives you all of the news without any of the spin bill, O Reilly from below Rally Dotcom our sponsor this half hour is really factor? What is it like
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for an opinion moment. Our house opened. It really is so bill. The ice We would tell me what's really going on here whether this running thing is that the view is under the ABC News, banner yeah. Because the war away I mean, if, if that is you is under ABC News. My question is: why is celebrity big brother under ABC rightly border. the same news quotient right right right, so the view and and geez. I think I was on a view a dozen times when barber ones was in charge of the over their promoting books, so
You basically have ABC News, sponsoring a daily paper best who says what it is, and I I mean come on, what she's getting paid by ABC News. I mean is president China not available it's insane soda, number one or whose programme and then you have the lead anchor, what be Goldberg, who I like personally on she didn't. I don't hear I understand, but for me over the years and I have known her for twenty years- I mean whenever I see, or it's cordial, I coughing, but he doesn't know anything back. No one member will work. so she's the lead anchor on an ABC, see, new show, doesn't know anything and then all the sudden blurred sowed the dollar cause had not
to do with race because she believes when you, use the word raise, it all Lee comprises skin color. Well that meat that is pretty much what the the EL, had changed their definition of racism. To I mean she was right in line with the new thing we care about these pressure groups and what they say more, I think he is too would be Goldberg take an anthropology glass on the internet of gay, because if you understand anthropology and I know you do- that You know what race is, how races of people develop from tribes of people were human beings became quota unquote quote more civilised, ok back, you ve got to understand
the evolution of the human being to understand race and then there's the history component, were Hitler Yell established a fictional master raise call. The area ends was in business to eliminate the sub races which so whether you will be among others, so tell me we have one minute left, bill. Tell me so what does it say about? Ask as this is what our universities are. Churning out now was right in line with our university. You know it educational system in America's collapse, along with law enforcement, that's why we really need dog about CNN. Revamping the United States of America needs to revamp back. You know, there's got to be some kind of base line of education where we, the people, know certain facts and you're, not gonna get him from maybe see news and the view. Well
I will tell you this? I am not for the great reset, but I wouldn't mind turning the computer on and off. If you will and restore our factory settings Gaza, do your best selling book right. Nobody dies angler. I haven't really for obvious here back Bill O Reilly Bill, O Reilly, God complex bill thought you next week the Glen Back Programme or ye. So let me tell you life, I know about you, but I'm not a big fan of people doing things in my name without my concerned, especially if literally doing them in my name with my money, but that's what cyber criminals do we live? in a digital world now and much of what makes us up as people in society floating around in the ether, and it is vulnerable
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I would have liked promo code is Glenn. You save ten bucks offers attraction subscription to please tv. Welcome to Friday. I wanted to get. I want to get a look at the news from a couple of different people. We just had Belarus Leon. When did he get Michael malice on especially this week because of the communist Olympics that are starting in China? I think he has, for four reasons will explain in a minute. I think he probably has a unique perspective on China. He is the author of the anarchists handbook. He is a very, very funny guy welcome, Michael Howard.
Are you guys great greetings from funny everything's? Isn't it is frozen? Yet there was no food. Yesterday became a situation does this about New York yeah. It's it's crazy. We have about an inch of snow here, and all of dialysis is shut down. Are so Michael, and I want to talk to quickly about the Supreme Court about what's happening in the UK. In France, with covert lockdown yeah end and then China, the Olympics, so we ve got about twelve minutes. So, let's start with a supreme court. I'm sure I mean. I don't think it very surprised that president bodies, If your his campaign, I must not be a black woman to the Supreme Court. I am, I think, it's coming it'd be a wash the ideological make up of the court, and I think it's gonna be a bad. I think there is really no chance
not gonna get his nominee through curse. You saw him had already been tripping over himself one, the nominees who is a native of South Carolina talk about how wonderful sheer. So it is one thing Republicans can be counted on. At all times is to tell the audience Mobile and honest the opposing parties- I didn't Marianne abolish worse before about that. There it I value. All. Last week I had a tweet about how reporters used to be Can you tell the news when, when was this spanish merkin warrior we're talking about? So it's always been the job job Republicans to tell the citizens that the media and the lack of a Democrat, our good, honest people, whereas you're never gonna, hear that the opposing side and that's why the Republicans are you? No effective part of the media. Sculpture is its roots
really crazy to think that the Republican started as the ones who blocked the entire system and it may that That is the great point easy peak there. You know screw this. we're gonna be for abolition, we're going to end this, the peculiar institution that the south and now they need I, but where do get bad like product? Nineteen? Thirty, two women- we ve got shall act by, and here I am actually, I think they probably lost their spine after Lincoln. I mean, I think you I think that was the Party of Lincoln. He had a spine, nobody, no other politician as spying. In the power- and they like it, may keep it noted, he wrote about certainly had a spine and was a tough cook, so while I bring wasn't relax, we're liberal You know what coffee at a spine even area is owed. So I do. I do understand
then certainly didn't buy, probably get to like you dirty Sackville I don't know it's just pathetic- get an embarrassing because you do It is not just what they, especially after the budgetary cavenaugh. You would think right is decent man who have to go back and talk about what he lost his region. did you just the pre humiliation and now a lunatic Graham, not shouting screaming I dialed ever get power, all your this power, and now you know it's just if it's almost it's embarrassing that almost at his embarrassment to use in this. That Americans are tired of picking people on race and of this whole races. Stuff. Do you see this? Turning not at all, I think it's become much more ingrained corporate Amerika, which is where so many Americans work day. Right now have something called a dub. I E.
for weeks time. Equity environment in diversity, so people go to governments They watch corporate media and corporate entertainment and they go to work and poverty Barrett and the message everywhere is diversity is important. and people go home and little chamber politics very violent, not repeat this Phil, I don't think you're getting think of it at all. I think it's getting worse, but I think people who instant politics you're getting worse thick of it, but that's quite small minority. How stupid were we to go to public education and expect public education to teach us not to trust the government and keep them small, I mean it. It's insanity. Let me switch tottering someone to go over to the UK and Boris Johnson, Boris Johnson. I think he stopped all the cove id stuff because he was in trouble and now he's in trouble because he was pulling back on the lock downs
Are they driving him out as he gone. it looks like he's as close to dawn as it's possible to be for a prime minister. Just a few days ago, for his top ministers resigned see, forget he's here. The conservative devolution allow Britain had these lockdown willing, did it legal for more than two people to meet which, as you know, vehicle with rubber and there was no result lampoons right loudly was tat. He was having tigers and number ten, which is the Prime Minister's office. So this really kind of speech. You know people like, whereas Johnson, because he was a kind of outspoken. She had the crazy hair, like Trump Marian kind of thought. Maybe he's a british trump he's four globalist- and this, I think, is as low as it gets that when you're making it illegal for people to say goodbye to mom in the hospital or to have funerals you're, throwing a beer back.
At the office knew the whole time. This was a bunch of crap. If you look at France MAC, RON as come out, and you know he said he's gonna make anybody who doesn't get the vaccine he's working these are his words to piss them off. That would tell you that he there doesn't want to get reelected or the people of France are pretty much for all of this stuff. I think we ve seen it. America would an effective way is to create and our group I mean when you are someone who just picture marching orders from the corporate present when someone is defiant, this creates a psychological problem for you, because now you have to make a choice, and that is something to their desperate to avoid this at least two types of people, that is, those who prefer safety. we're liberty and those who prefer liberty or over safety and, in my view, with some of the supranational divorce. There's no reason for these two types: the shared the same system
its bright red. If you want to live in your house and never leave, that's your problem not mind. You, I am, I think, a term that that's becoming more and more popular. I dont know how we come back together. If you don't agree on the bill of rights. Let me let me change here quickly, cause I'd. Like your perspective, you you know, have been overdue: North Korea. You have studied these root, a repressive regimes, China and the Olympics. Should we be going well yeah? I can I mean it's kind of I'm thinking back towards the nineteen thirty six Jesse Owens in Berlin, given here where the finger by winning all those races. I think this is really the Olympic have historically been, especially since, before the silly Union away for China to flout its accomplishments. World stage for you, I think we'd go to the values of peace and kick their action built, bring those gold medal. You're, absolutely right, you know,
I don't know if you saw this, but the one of of stars of the? U S. Key team is now asking for China A when we Are we going to admit to ourselves that China, a pretty evil place with what they're doing the people and many of our corporations are using slaves and generally care? When are we going to say what Reagan said? You know the people aren't, but the system is just evil it just evil, we are becoming more and more like it every day who are you? I mean I made the point that corporate Amerika has been a better time, of introducing using now with them into the United States, the Chinese Communist Party ever has you have these professions which were people don't know during MAO's Ray you had to get up in front of your peers and denounce yourself what you did wrong and I gave you something that they got criticism, self criticism and exactly right. Now What are you doing in businesses? We have to stand up, proclaimed that your racist
are your privilege, and then I would have to denounce you. straight out of the Maoist textbook. So there are very evil company that Turkey is a country that not even in dispute, I'm not a particular offended the Olympics to that seems to me, like the planet. Commie world government gobbledygook. but yeah. They are really our number one adversarial foe, but Glenn it can. It felt like a joke, I much more worried about the federal government than about the change Oh no, I am too, I am too. We are, I think, This government, I mean IDA very same congressmen, say to me last week that the FBI is the cage. be an ice. Hey just casually as like. Excuse me I said, would you say that on the Ernie's like yeah, because it Is he said we know wheat, we're watching them. He said we saw what they're doing they are the KGB. They made listen
or phone call, but here's another one. Did you know that correct me? If I'm wrong, when they were torturing people and my partner, we Panama obey, they didn't how to do it, so they have to use KGB manual. I didn't know that I haven't heard. I was quite a few of the report that got uncovered that made us I'd better, go make the foot Abed would maybe we shouldn't be torturing people in these absurd way. You know either. That I mean I I am against torture, but if you're gonna torture at least admitted have the balls to it. Yeah. We think its effective and hears. Why? drives me, nuts, that we say on our high horse. We don't torture and a. We do and be. If we don't, we send them to places like Egypt to torture. For us I mean it's ridiculous desert
and here's another one United spoke with someone who is a former asked the Irish Sea. I would have been confused and the thing was you're not allowed to like look up with the post, your ex girlfriend gmail. So what they would do is they call the cops that in France and say hey are you? Are you check out this person they set up here? So these agencies are beyond corrupt? In my view, beyond redemption and whatever purpose they live, Sir, they don't stop. The way I mean look what they do with Trump, it's just so on the pale but again their hand, handed the media level about raised that appropriate is never gonna, be or not linear future from the population. While I will tell you, I think, to truckers have started a God. A bottom play. I know a bottom up kind of you know middle class, a revolt which is crazy. so a marxist always want and they hate this one,
They need to shun the marks, as it were now, elites need to shut that down its courteous and I've made this point that can serve as many times they don't care about transgender people or muslim immigrants whenever the group goes against what they want overnight. They become the villain entry decades, the labour working class, the union's labour, was the backbone of the left. That's the name of the left Wing Party in Britain is still the Labour Party and a c b truckers are like. We do want to do this all the time. The currently, which divided and round was needed organization in Canada, Michael Malice, thank you so much appreciate again they paid out. pleasure he is you. Should no I'm online. He is very, very funny Let me tell you about our sponsor this half hour. It is the total twins. We ask a question, you know all these things that were fighting daily to try to preserve in the country, the freedoms that were desperately
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stories that are based on classic and very important foundational american books? Tuttle twins, they tell stories that will stick with your kids for ever. That's the key tunnel twins having a great sale right now, Eighty five percent discount on their books plus are given away the activity workbooks, no additional cost. These are a must: go to Tuttle, twins, Beck, Dotcom, Tuttle, twins, Beck, Dotcom, keep your kid saying in a crazy, crazy, socialist world, it is Tuttle Twin.
speck, dotcom decline back programme. This is the Glen Back Programme, so the lamp makes have already started it there. There are two things that are happening in the opening ceremonies. One is what the Chinese are doing and one is what M Nbc, how they respond to it. That will make your had explode. You know, I hope you don't watch the Olympics. I hope and be
He dies a quick and very expensive and painful death on this, but here's what happened in the rating? We should be clear, we're talking about the communist. What we should do should be clear. I am talking of the Communist Party of China, so death in the ratings typically thing, but actually yeah there, so the the original are. The opening ceremonies are starting up and cautious. She has decided to pick a weaker to co light the olympic flame. now this is straight out propaganda. Really, the worst type of thing you could assist like there is like having to every person. it's it's like an frank, is You know lighting the torch in thirty six. It is right
you're doing it because they want to act as if their treatment, wiggers very well. Look this proposition prominence and it's the worst case scenario from everyone who warned that they were to go after a propaganda victory here, because there are manipulating the people, but many relating with our assistance as Savannah Guthrie who, while watching this spectacle of obvious propaganda, said she just characterize it this way, that's an in your face response to those western nations, including the? U S, who have called this chinese treatment of that group, genocide, and diplomatically boycotted these games an and inwardly base response, its propaganda. Everybody knows propaganda and their winning that propaganda. or because of people like of got three who are helping them across the finnish in horse. They are because our NBC is NBC Universal
universal once the movies in China story about fifty six olympics in blood in the water. Next theses decline back programme will be difficult to see. This happen to me honestly to know how we control the stuff you're. Seeing the way our own by our own media is now handling propaganda from the Chinese Communist Party, which would be easy to speak up against. As far as we see our american audience goes and then you're back here now trying to see get them media to speak up against. You know the people they voted for. I have no idea how this is gonna play out is gonna, be very, very Thirdly, we are in Frozen Texas. Right now am I say, Frozen Texas. I can still see grass theirs. Very little snow, but there is a bunch of ice and no trucks or plows or anything to do anything about
so we are basically all stuck in our houses right now, I will still be doing stewed as America later on today. So make sure you don't miss that coming up a little bit later on today, let it be doing my broadcast as well from home. We're gonna go over the news in the close their eyes. Second, we have missed this week, but the final hour of the broadcast for the week is coming up and your chance to phony and we're gonna take some phone calls as well. Eight eight, seventy seven be easy k, we're gonna open it up. Just for those who are blaze, subscribers tell the other audience
yeah. That's right! You get special privileges, because here he noticed a gap that liberalism and action you got it. You got that right. So tell us now created eight. Seventy seven be easy k and tell us what we ve missed questions whatever it is on your mind,
it's. What you are about to here is the future of entertainment and enlightenment Ikebana back program, the nightmare, the absolute nightmare that is the Inter Olympics in China begins today?
and our media are giant. Corporations are playing a role in this propaganda, will tell you all about it and then looked back in a couple of other Olympics and see if there's things there, that we should learn. I think there is, we'll share in sixty seconds If you are trying to sell your house right now, man, it is its top depending on where you are here and text It's not hard to sell your house, but it's hard to find another one and not pay an arm and a leg you need. fast real estate agent that you can find I for years. Didn't even know how you you. How do you find the right real estate agent? Well, we ve taken mystery out of it at real estate agents. I trust dot com. You wanna bet or sell a house and get the best deal in the biggest bang for your, but you need the right
real estate agent, and we have searched the country those real estate agents. I think we have a couple of thousand agents and thousands more on a waiting list, but we only take the very best of the best and we'll take a number that we can continually monitor and look at the results and talk to the people that have just bought or sold a house with them, So we send you the best person in your area, somebody with a lot of experience and integrity. You can find that for free. Is a free service to you it's real estate, agents. I trust dotcom, real estate agents, I trust dot com so still give me the story again. The Olympics have already started in in China. Wills
obviously, the broadcast, if you care to watch it, I hope that they NBC loses every viewer. They could possibly get on this propaganda show because that's exactly what it is it started with propaganda today, yes said certainly did, and I in fact, instead of me telling you the story, let me just give you a clip of the audio. This severe and a three describing the events at the opening ceremony today, as a weaker chosen by the Chinese Communist Party. Is there to co light the with the olympic flame? Listen like like
quite provocative statement from the chinese President Xi Jinping to choose and athlete from the Uighur minority. It is an in your face response to those western nations, including the US who have called this chinese treatment of that group. Genocide and diplomatically boycotted these games. That will be much discussion about this. Why so she's stating a neutral fact which plays in to the propaganda of it all? She doesn't I mean even if she wanted, to which I am not convinced she would. But we'll see, she comes home? She couldn't say anything did Only an NBC wouldn't want her to His NBC is owned by NBC Universal and they want their movies in China. Because we are no longer american centric at all. We ve sold out to China Just so you know, we don't claim that is genocide. It
genocide. We have the documents, You know what I should bring em in Monday, so you can we don't have it on tape, we have a transcript that was smuggled out of China where President z said you know they claim that we use are terrorists. and he said in the council, where they are talking about, what to do them. It's not enough. You ve gotta, get the mothers, the wives and children. All of them have to be exterminated. That's what? happening in China and we are turning a blind eye by the way there. Exterminated immediately. You know they can be sterilised, so they can't have any children, and then they can work at slave factories and make great products for us so that great. She's. So I mean I don't know what you're supposed to do in this situation. I will say it's not that you know. Maybe you can't say this is a disgraceful piece of propaganda. It is based
on Chinese Communist Party lies and they were pay the price for this, hopefully for many years to come. Maybe can't say that, because you might get murder I understand that better than her. Broach honestly would be not to mention it at all the rest, They chose a weaker minority is to make people believe this genocide was not occurring. then mention it highlighted and do not say that the fact the matter which is that this genocide is going on. You make it seem like it's a back and forth between warring political parties. one of which is somewhat on unfair unfairly cat, rising it as a genocide, rather just watch flame, be lit and say nothing than what you do. Yeah I mean this. Is you could compare them To a home for the Jews, the movie that the Germans made when
everybody that participated in it was exterminated right after sent to the gas chambers. It was a man massive lie so there should tell us something, though Beijing that the fact that the the winter games are being held in Beijing And just four years ago, Stu or six. when were the when were the other Beijing games it wasn't that long ago, and this the first time a city has had both games ever no city has ever been a host of the summer, an winter games before, but I mean hey. Why not. You had the Olympics. I think this is a, turning point Beijing knew the last time that they had the Olympics the Summer Olympics It was a coming out in China.
Was saying here we are. This is this is another huge propaganda event or them China is saying, you know, look how far we ve come. You know freedom and democracy is it all is at all that look at us we're modern where new we don't oppressed people. Aha, aha, this this winter Olympics Actually it's not that it's not that message. That was the message of the first pay. During this Beijing Olympics. It's a giant middle finger. And we haven't seen we haven't seen Country that can build concentration camps ray Lee since World WAR to build content you camps, say they're, gonna, liquidate minority population and then huh
The Olympics haven't seen it it s about two olympics. We know about thirty six, but I don't think we learn the right lessons on that one. But let me start with fifty six Olympics in October. Ninety six, the soviet tanks rolled into Budapest with a mission of squashing, the man. Hungarian uprising against the communist government? Three we later twenty five, I've hung a twenty five hundred Hungarians were dead, another tool, a thousand wounded plenty. Two thousand more had been arrested, sentenced and imprisoned. Three hundred and fifty had been executed, this what communism always does a sophomore forget that this is what communism always does so. The Olympics are coming
and the hungarian water Polo team was already in Melbourne. Australia for the Olympics, when they learned of the communist assault on their countrymen, their semi final was again the soviet team, and it became what was called blood in the water match, because fights broke out between the players who pummelled Claude and kicked each other throughout the game. There was the hungarian Polo star, use me if I screws name it I do that for everybody, urban Zayd or he Had to leave the pool with blood, pouring from his head after a player when a gash above his right eye. It was brutal. Hungary ended up any soviets, underwear old metal urban, sate or returned
to his home. Well, with less than a heroes. Welcome, because the country had changed, he defected to America, and dozens of Hungarians did the same. You never played waterproof again He died just a few years ago in two thousand twelve and right before he died? He gave an interview. He said I gave all of that up to be a nurse buddy with no marketable skills who didn't Beak English, at all, It wasn't an easy decision, but I hated the system and the hungarian communist. I couldn't see myself going back, especially with the Russians really ticked off at me, but what happened in the last fifty five years. There hasn't
one moment that I regretted it. Think of that. could have gone home to a heroes. Welcome they may have killed him, but he didn't know. He found a job as alike Ard, at a club in Oakland for six dollars an hour plus his meals Eventually he went to working installing air conditioners and building furniture. Then he opened a restaurant. He ran a hotel, he operated a gun range. Although he never stop coaching swimmers, in fact, when parents of the Oakland Pool disguise Zat or had been an olympian. They asked him to give sway lessons for his kids. One of those kids was marked spitz. If you're my age, you remember him as a multiple
gold winning athlete. In fact, he became the all time most decorated olympic athletes now he's one of them. For the rest of his life. He carried that scar above his right eye. He knew what was real now, let's go to. Only twenty two shall we. Eighteen year old american athlete named Eileen. Is it good Lord? It's goo. Isn't it do you she's one of the top female freestyle skews favorite to win through. Gold medals at the Beijing Olympics She is already a professional model. She has appeared in campaigns for a Louis Vuitton Tiffany she He is she's, just been hired to do a campaign for Victoria secrets or VIC's. Victoria's secret?
She only has one she play to enroll at Stanford. This fall she's, born and raised here in the United States or Father is american. Her mother is chinese. She grew up most of her skiing in Lake Tahoe. This is almost a classic all american fairytale, except for the fact two and a half years ago she announced on Instagram that she'll be competing for team China China is beside itself with this propaganda coup. She's already a superstar over there. She has multiple product endorsement deals. Income being one with the Communist Run Bank of China. China doesn't have dual citizenship suspect. Nation is that I lean may have to renounce her a mess. again, citizenship to compete for China, or at least, The special deal with the chinese government. She rarely
gives interviews. She's refused to answer questions about our citizens, steps issues, citizenship status, China's human rights atrocities, but hey done she look, good in underwear. doesn't she really look hot with that Louis Vuitton purse. If you watch the Wednesday night Special this last week with Peters wiser, you see what's going on here. This is another example of China's strategy of what they call in their own language, quote elite capture of Americans China is winning on all fronts. and I lean is just a sign of the times her story is the latest exhibit of a mirror can wrought that is handing the future to our enemy, an oppressive Schiller regime. Now
she's, not the enemy and the chinese people are not the enemy the enemy is the Chinese Communist Party that place for keeps and they're playing for the whole world, and if you don't like it, they will kill you. You know it's really pathetic. We were the country that used to be the to escape to people like Urban Zayd or he hated communist oppression. So much he and others willing to leave everything behind just for the chance to build a life of freedom. Amerika was built by defectors. Every single big movement of America gaining population was because they couldn't
Standard in their own country anymore, because they were being pushed down now we're defecting to China. This Olympics, I think, should adopt the fifty six Olympics, the Monica Of blood in the water, because that is exactly what's happening, american blood in the water and the chinese sharks sense it in a lot of that blood. Is there because of american elites and make no mistake. China is the white shark. That is surface. That is just below the surface. Circling more in a second,
respond to this. Have ours gold line right now gold line is offering six percent free metals promotion for qualifying. I raise, I want you to call them asked them. How, qualify why it might be right for you, you're gonna, do your own homework there. Really They're very helpful and you're gonna like them, tell him you're listener. My show. The number is eight six six goldmine, eight six gold line, six goldline, here's one of the law, here's the reason, literally of the day to call goldmine. There is something that bite him in. Why are we picking a fight with Russia? I mean I am for Ukraine. I don't mind, arming Ukraine should have done it in a long time ago, but They are not our enemy. Russia is our enemy.
but it seems as though we are pushing them and we're just. We are just picking at the scab almost saying. Dare you not to? Dare you? Dare you dare you And I think Russia is gonna go in what does that mean? Well, the? U S government told us that it's gonna be a false flat They also told us that that Russia, may respond by hitting our power grid so We doing on that Russia may hack into our finance. Toll system g. That sounds exactly like the story that I gave you just stir. What three weeks ago, when the World Economic Forum was war gaming Somebody like Russia, hacking into our financial system in trying to collapse the Western financial system? It's weird! Isn't it. I dont know if it's gonna
real. I dont know if it's gonna happen, I don't know who's going to be responsible. But if that does happen, I hope you don't have dollars. I hope you have something tangible, please call Goldline. Today the number is eight hundred and sixty six goldline, eight hundred and sixty six gold, liner, Goldline dot com, ten second station id. Let's go to nickel in Florida? Hello, Nicole. Hi Glenn thanks for taking my call I'm a little nervous, I'm so above you listen, I received an outreach through indeed from a company called manpower group, and I am currently
looking for a large corporations in North EAST Florida. I always check out the employers that reach out to me. This petition, The second one is called manpower group in their workforce company, They have recruiter well over the world and they staff so looking at their, a nation on line, and they have an e g report from twenty twenty one that they released. Just a couple of things, Thus I think you'll enjoy what matters is measured and that's why we welcome greater transparency and social justice and climate action it why we have increased our commitment. Yes she and to all our stakeholders to support common metrics and focus on people, prosperity, planet, principles of government. an International Business council stakeholders. capitalism metric research? This has been out a very long time. These measures that have been created to marry. Maria De End mistake. They called her capitalism met
eggs a cover, a range of metrics from stakeholder engagement and innovation, a product service, the dignity and equality in climate change. This allows business industries to measure, manage and disclose their impact on these S chief factors in an effective way, listen to death. I am the chairman and Theo of Manpower group as we emerged from the pandemic business, our collective opportunity to act with urgency to scale bold disruptive. I yes and collaboration across business government and education. How are you. You enough for the work that you have done and the gas that you put on no idea. Ok, would you do me a favor can you hold on? I want to talk to you right after the break Nicole, because
this will be found everywhere, probably in your own corporation, it's in its in not my personal, but premier is owned by our heart radio and their part of this. So what do you do? Nicole again here the second, the Glen Back programme right. We tell you about Patriot Mobile, you know who's, not in bed with the global movement of stakeholder capitalism. Patriot mobile. They are act Lee doing the hard job of fighting for our constitutional rights and they do it with their own profits. These guys are dead It is not only to giving you better and cheaper her phone service, but also dedicated to preserving America, the american ideas and ideals, its patriot mobile right. Now we all have to do business
with people that are not. You know trying to thwart us every day, these giant corporations, if you can avoid them, do this one, you can patriot mobile there on the same cell towers as all the other guys and there service is going to be the same far as the coverage was you're, gonna save probably some cases about half of what you pay now and their fighting for you. Let's start fighting for them patron mobile dot com, slash back nine, seven to Patriot, Patriot Mobile D. Tom Slash, Peck Switch now head over stupid outcome, national and the probabilities Glenn per ten bucks off your subscription to blaze, Tv
people tell me all the time they are overwhelmed. They don't feel like they can make a difference, and I'm telling you you are the key to fixing this when it comes to yes, g and c r t all of these things they'll be fixed by you when people are educated and will stand up Nicole called from Florida, we had our own just a couple of minutes ago, nickel, When did you start figuring? Yes, g out? Well, I mean I've been a member of the blame for two years now. Thank God, and you guys are awesome. I love Oliver shows and in listening to you guys who suffers, I am? I ever discovered anything to do with s cheek and then I started doing some digging on my own and looking around what you something that you suggest we do and not something I believe in as well and now that we're through the hardest part of the pandemic, and I'm you know out that put myself out there in the workforce,
it's kind of interesting. I mean every single large corporations that I'm interested in working, or that is interested in me- has something to do I mean they're coming right out in their saying things like slogan, black supporting people and companies to adapt and reach that I mean I know even try you're not trying the hired hide it Glenn. It's me. I know I know there very far along. That's that's. Why that's why I'm so frustrated that you know we ve tried local printers. We have tried We know that we're we're in a paper shortage now and getting this, work out has been you know, every guess what a great problem to have. No it Not I want the information out. You know information has to be out there because you are an informed person and you're looking too creature. Employment do something more than what you're doing now, and not paying attention or you don't
how about that stuff. Then you can be swallowed up by. and the next thing you know you're, taking classes that the companies are forcing you to take gallop. Think that when you see that stuff out there on the web that they had out their own report, their own disclosures that when they say re, skill, employees or re educate employees that, if not talking about them kind of form of propaganda is it is I mean a real it's happening and adjust a truly scaring. It most probably go ahead. I was just going to say most of the younger candidates that are out there that are looking for position. They don't even bad, and I address this- doesn't scare them That's why we need to have your book I share who need people. I know so nickel that the problem is if you're gonna work for a giant corporation odds are they are in two, great reset? They have already adopted he s g. If.
You're running a large corporation, and you don't you know you just think This is just something whatever and you don't really think about it. You don't really know. What's going on, you know you're going to adopt it everybody's gonna tell you we will lose all of our loans and everything else. If we don't adopt this, and so some are adopting it because they feel they have to others are true believers. But when you look at joy corporations odds are you are going to work for a company, I mean again, I heart is you know, has all kinds of yes g stuff, Your website is well. I have talked to the heads of of of my heart and you know it doesn't affect me because I'm not going to allow it to affect me. They ve now First said anything about it. They re, you know they ve been part of this for a couple of years.
and you know I'm not going to allow it, but I am also I and I wouldn't the target- is not the companies at this point. The target, because we are pressed for time, must be the bank. It is the bank that will have the muscle and if the banks are doing yes G. There's no reason for the companies to do it. There will be no enforcement arm, it's the bank, that you really need to be concerned about have you done Anything on that vehicle. Yes, we did. We exactly what you suggested and consolidated art funds to a local bank, which the very important a lot of farmers in the bed West. You guys know this. If you back, the local bank. You can get loans easier, quicker more effectively because those people in the local area. No, you know what you're all about the yes, we ve done that and I agree
you am, I just it's just frightening to me. How quickly this pattern and then out. I don't mean to jump to another subject, but the Olympics will not play in my household cheer, not for two seconds on my television, I will not. I will not permit it. I mean you can't. How can you allow someone do that? How can someone allow that in their home, if they know what they know you don't I'm saying this. I dont know if all Those people know what you know I mean We are, for instance, you have an apple product. Yes, unfortunately yeah so Why I use Google, I you know, and they are deeply in bed, there's there's a good shot. products you have were made by literal slaves. And we still do it and it's the same problem that people had in America with slavery the last time except it was being done here. U turn
a blind eye, because it's a good product and its cheap in its whatever It is We should not be doing it, but it it's almost impact simple to avoid and all of the technology companies that are any good are leading the charge to scoop people up, I mean when you look at Facebook, in all of this, there literally leading the charge on devices and and and algorithms tat help scoop up. Anyway, in China that disagrees. With a communist party, it sickening but yeah we're all done it. I agree. I agree with you, it's just really it's you know you gotta start somewhere, you ve got yes, you do, I'm where in for me to the Olympics this year, is the place that I start good for you good for you and your play right. Thank you. So much nickel for your phone call, your exactly right, you're not expected to do every
Do you really not just do something something Let me go to lorry in Oklahoma, hello, Lorry Franklin, yes, you forget, my car You're going you're the only one there offered nationally away for us help those stranded in Afghanistan. I want to say thank you for their eyes and joy. But like there was a way in order to help in that drastic situation, and I'm hoping that you can offer something here too, I believe that were being taxed without representation. Our taxes are supporting, the sea are to you. Is there a way for the public to I built or represented through the state legislation, or maybe a petition are some yeah. You know, I will tell you in every state there
Our anti c r t people- and this is gained a lot of movement unless you're in a deep blue state, you're, calling from Oklahoma see your fine you can find and the c r t movement, I'm not the best gotta, Ask about this, but you can get onto your senators in and your legislators in your own state and pass bills and that's exactly the kind of stuff Laurie that you should be doing thanks for your call Let me go one more quick call in Idaho its. Is it Lauren? still Loreen Laurie. How are you I'm doing well, hey I just live down. ST around the corner and up the street from your farm and got it. yeah, I drive by their and got you know. It's ok, really see. a fire in the mail the other day and its from a t be development company.
It doesn't really they where its roamer, who it's from, except that, but it does say that they are willing to help with the manure removal. to improve your carbon intensity score and it says its backed by benevolent funders Oh, how wonderful right? What is the name of its due? Could you write that down the I have? I do have cattle and We use the manure, but that's just me so hang on justice I give the name of this company again and will look into it. The letter and the and the flier too, buddy in your Pooh ever ok or it's gonna, put you back on Put you back on hold in just a minute. You just then they'll.
lop information, get it to one of our producers, but will look into it. Thank you for that. Tipp we're getting all kinds of tips and and we are using them and we are pursuing them when we can, we give to the right kind of people. I know that I had some tips for a state that will remain nameless of something that was going on that was happening. It seemed too happening under the radar and this whole community was talking about it and somebody said we call Lehne and I got it- and I pass it on to the legislators who said wow some. He just brought this up to me in another county something's, not right,
and so they are looking at it. I'm also in Idaho, Idaho, has asked some legislators to have me come up and talk to some people up there in the state house about yes, G and the great reset, and I mean I will talk to anyone these states have in your legislatures have to be working on on on this. They must be work
on this. I just got an email just a few minutes ago. We see if I can find it yet. Another state is just adding their name saying I just want to let you know that we are working on it as a state house as well. There are probably fourteen fifteen states that are now working diligently on and yes G bill. I dont know where Florida is have you call Braun dissent as this office and said a Florida? Where are you because Florida is weak? coming: the Financial Centre, Florida and Texas, or kind of splitting that New York is losing a lot of these big financial firms, and you ve got to choke this off at the financial firms and the big banks in the big investment houses. So we need them to write legislation and power
ass legislation that will defend them and not allow them to do business in the state with Yes G scores, because that's all political and it? It shouldn't happen in any of our states. We're not gonna be able to cut it off on the national level or the international level you ve got to take it out at its clay feet more in a minute. Our sponsor this. half hour is some just a second rough greens. Rough greens is so easy to talk about, because rough greens is something that I witness every single day with my dog. You know he races to the bowl. Now that was that ever happened. This is not a dog food. Whatever your feeding your dog, specially its kibble, it's it's been cooked, so much that it
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We produce so much information, not only this show but the blaze, and he and I wish we get all take a couple of weeks and still go to work and everything else and produce. But we could stop so you could catch up on some of the stuff that we have talked about the problems that are happening right now that are being exposed to day on shows that you know or two years old now, if you are a member of the blaze, you are ahead of the curve and we have to find ways to get your friends to catch up, because it's moving quickly, yeah, you do see people really starting to to speak up. I think I think that's a real thing were seeing people.
getting more more active. Were seeing people getting more more engaged in this, and I think that is vitally important if there is any chance to stop it. We have to have that, and we also have to- and I think this audiences has a responsibility to its fellow citizens to make sure that we are helping them direct themselves to the truth, because the great reset in particular built on all sorts of different different approaches and one of the things you find if you go online as you will find stuff that isn't true about the great reset, you will find a lot of conspiracy self. That stuff is they're so and it's it's extremely well, for I think part of it. maybe intention be, if you remember, casts Sunstein, said: go out and an infiltrate and put conspiracy stuff out it. I mean that's part of a plan. I think, is to give misinformation yet, and it certainly been Udall.
There is no doubt about that, because they are able to say well. This is a conspiracy theory. Here are examples of it and those things that they use. As examples are conspiracy theories, there is a lot of miss formation, if he would around this topic, that's why I think the book is really important. Audience is really important because they purge you talk about things that are true about the great reset we gotta make sure we enforce that two people who are just coming to the party. I've said this I think, beginning right. Around nine eleven I've had this feeling the whole time this audience is going to be responsible for turning the Thai so thing this audience is going to do in a good way. Is gonna turn the tide. This might be it
This is the line back programme.
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