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Coronavirus May Change Our Lives More Than We Think | 3/6/20

2020-03-06 | 🔗
When it comes to coronavirus, we must keep our first responders safe. But will the coronavirus force us to change our ways? Pat Gray joins for a quick Spoons segment with the new breakfast menu at Wendy's. A woman matched with her boss on Tinder, and they had to change their lives to make it work. President Trump discusses on Fox News what measures we need to take to avoid the coronavirus. Bernie Sanders says he’ll drop out if Joe Biden gets more delegates than he does. And in today’s coronavirus update, many events across the world are being canceled. A nurse claims the CDC did not take care of her when she thought she had the coronavirus, but the CDC says otherwise. And London’s mayor says there’s no risk in taking public transportation. 

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Hello, America, it's Friday show for you a little covered. You know, nineteen, I dont know if you didn't have covered eighteen. Seventeen. Sixteen, I dont know if you'll understand covert nineteen, but will give your corona virus updates, and I want to cut it, bring you and set the mood and bring you in to what it must be like in Seattle. Now they're saying this is the capital of Amerika. For Kobe, nineteen one
surprise, I actually I'm surprised, thought it. If you are looking for a capital of disease, wouldn't you have thought it was San Francisco with all the group on the streets, but it Seattle who has his own share of group on the streets. So congratulations on that. We we begin with Kobe nineteen. Also the latest numbers, I think, there's a reason why Bernie Sanders did so poorly in the latest pole in Florida would give you that and so much more, including bill O Reilly, and it all begins in one minute is therefore about programme. Some small business man and I talked to small businessmen all the time and the one thing that I know to be true. If you are starting your business or you're running a business. If you can't keep of all of your numbers because of the high pace of today's business, if you
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world's number, one cloud, business system for a reason: have them just scheduled: women have them come out, do what they did with me. And, and have them go through. All of the the dashboard with you it's it's customize to your business, in your industry and you you see in your like uh, that's what I wanna yeah and you do this to that really is untasted. When you know your numbers, you can succeed, call them now get your free product or right now, schedule it and get the free guide, seven key strategies to grow your profits at nets. We. Dot com, slash back: that's net, sweet dot, com, Slash bank! So if you draw two dots over parentheses appears all of a sudden. We that gives its sideways smiley face if you're doing it online you'll see
Smiley face in the lines in the circles. It's amazing we when we see cripples on paper we can easily a sign that meaning and give life to an abstract, simple, an icon, lacking any detail or realism and in future that, with the universality and the last detail that an image or a drawing or a painting has the more we, completed ourselves, the more personal it becomes. Our eyes blend colors, but are our brain also fills in all of the missing details- and we see ourselves. Somehow or other. We see a smiley face with a Colin and a parenthesis. It's an oddity of the human mind and for now this anomaly is keeping me hopeful as hoped As you can be approaching a coming storm,
a cloud of covert nineteen on the horizon. Is the corona virus it all. Ready is a global pandemic and I don't think anybody wants to call it that, because then there are legal responsibilities with a pandemic, but that what this is and most of the victims of covert nineteen have remain unknown. They're just stated six. We see these numbers. Every day. There forebodings the right Entities have been rejected for obvious reasons And were only given slivers of detail, so we are filling in the rest of the picture. Next Wednesday night, I'm doing a special on corona virus. We have delayed some of the other specials that we were going to do and I am to do another special encore on a virus and fear and why we fear this so much and it is because While we say we ve, never seen these things before we have actually
we ve seen them in in a pot the lipstick tv shows and apocalyptic movies, and well that's helping us feel in these blanks. I want to tell you the stories of Those who are afflicted with a virus, the doctors and nurses on the front line, but today I want to tell you about the unknown man, because the unknown man is all of us, Here's the on unknown. Man really goes through his whole life, never thinking about articles or the invisible life forms that are all over him all the time floating in the air. Perhaps he never had a chance in part because he showed no symptoms. No fever, no tell tale, dry windless cough then either way you likely assumed it would be fine. It's a scam. Everything, but it doesn't, me Him
with his all of us. Would this Twenty first century America Land, of luxury and good doctors and we're not having bat soup can't happen to us? could. It must feel like, in California, view build these incredible houses, Then they burned to the ground so that gonna happen while the some of us go to California. We see these houses on the stakes on the side of the mountain and then We see mudslides, warlike hello, but though to build those little houses on popsicle stakes there like it's, not me the unknown man has two lines parentheses. He is us. He knows you could find crab cakes in great beer. It most
the forty eight concession stands, the restaurants in the lounges at central link field, the noisy, seventy thousand seat stadium, just a miles south of downtown Seattle. Century link is home to the Seattle Seahawks, as well as the sound orders. On Saturday February, twenty second, it hosted a football game, be between the Seattle Dragons. Dallas renegades, week, three of the inaugural season of the excess l profession, Football League founded by W W E owner Vince MC man. There day. Dallas was in Seattle and it was a brisk. It was forty eight degrees. Twenty two thousand sixty people gathered for the game. Nobody was thinking about the virus that was right there now one noticed the invisible particle that nobody thinks about. That was eager to pounce. Feast. At the same time, there is no doubt that the virus
Was on their mine at least some Something that we are all well aware of the Krona virus disease, the outbreak claw. Its way into our collective? psyche even kids know about it? Everybody knows about it now, but back then, Worry twenty. Second, nobody was really paying attention. Our unknown man works part time at one of the forty. Eight concession stands at century link field, and on that day he contracted virus, but he didn't realize it. A week later he tested pie Did it for covert nineteen in bonds, King County officials, released a statement advising that no ex Precautions are required for those who attended that game February twenty. Second, or anybody who is attending upcoming events. But remain on. Watch me while the Dallas team came back to Dallas.
Two whole new stadium, oven. Unknown men and women and up. The New York Times yesterday describe Seattle as America's corona virus capital of the approximate any cases of corruption virus. In the? U S, Washington has seventy five of them. Ten people in Seattle and people in Seattle have died. California, has had sixty cases New York, twenty to Texas. Fourteen, as of yesterday, fifty six new cases emerged to coast. The first signs of the virus appeared in Seattle, sometimes MID January where a man in return for move on China it was diagnosed The first case of disease: in the: U S now, globally, the number has climbed to over a hundred thousand hundred thousand, is
The real number we don't know what the real number is. We don't know what the real fatality rate of this is its it three point four percent now, but it is probably much much lower because. That invisible particle has been floating around in all of our cities,. And there is no test. You can get from your doktor right now. You have to go to university hospital. You have to go to one of the big regional hospitals and it's getting better, but we still have tested less than what a thousand people. They say, the fatality rate is less than two percent. That's when all the numbers come in its deadly, but not for everybody, for reference. Ebola Bola has fatality rate of about twenty five anywhere between.
Twenty five and ninety percent, so you have. At best case scenario, you have a twenty five percent chance of dying. If you, table land. It's a wicked wicked death. The thing with a bull is it's not easy to spread if you're in amber, we did a little. We do cartoon when the bullet aim to Dallas and came to America. It was don't somebody's p, pooper vomit, that's pretty much If somebody is bleeding from the eyes, don't touch them it's pretty much what you need to know about a bowler and you don't get it. On Tuesday, the CDC announced the virus is contagious enough that a global impact Act is inevitable too late to stop it now, but we're doing now is stopping it from infecting all our first responders
we need our doctors. We need our hospitals that's! Why they're asking two point: two million people in Seattle to stay home: the dry, therefore the national Centre for immunization and respiratory diseases. Yesterday said people show, begin to practise social distancing measures. What is that social distancing measures that's so three to five feet away from each other and also cancel school, postpone conferences avoid large gatherings. That's what we begin. Practising now,. If we don't have this burn out during the summer and don't find a a vaccine for it in the next to twelve months that is actually in practice. This could change relationships forever. Things change slow. A war
when you're fighting a war. You never really go back to the country that you were born You just wanted to stop. And things change We would have never accepted any of the things Pfizer, the fire, a court secret courts. We would never have accepted that, but after We were bombed, we did fact. We all dutifully take off our stupid shoes. Every time were giving the tea essay A retinas scan dumbest thing ever but September Seventh changed us. How this will change us in the world. I dont know. Now in King County. It's to advance for mere precautions. Not only did they ask yesterday, King County, that's the Seattle County. Officials announced plan
To convert a local motel into a quarantine site, it's actually pretty smart, but nobody wants that in their neighborhood, not in my backyard you're gonna put those people where this Saturday Saunders Seattle, majors Major League soccer team. There scheduled the Columbus crew, when news broke out about the concession stand. Worker representatives of king can't king county were work to remain calm. They said quote: as of now, Seattle, professional sports organizations dragons first in gaol. Seahawks mariners, Saunders, they're gonna. Continue with their scheduled events, but how many of the unknown man going to attend how many the own unknown man
are going to do the things they used to do as we all navigate our life, the best that we can maybe it a dark, glow and shrines him. Does he look to the world a world that doesn't Realize that he, the unknown man, what has become in moments of Lingering catastrophe. It's important to remember the collective so As well as the individual self. The unknown man, while blank and simple and abstract to us. He's a member of our tribe like a growing number of people became in, did got trapped lingering shadows that keep him now unknown. But while we may not know the the names and the places
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all right Brian James was on television New York Times Editorial Board member Merit Gay as on with him, but Williams and gay marveled on air at the reaction to a tutor use, post about Michael Bloomberg campaign spending. Here's the thing The super Tuesday evening, Post now deleted Bloomberg spent five hundred million dollars on ad. Maybe you know the story I still Yes, this incredible how nobody didn't I wanted to see if you just catch it immediately bloom what you would have Bloomberg spent five million dollars on add that me, means with the? U S: population, at three, twenty seven million he could have given each American a million dollars and still had money left over I feel feel like a million dollar check would be life changing for people and he wasted it all on ads and still lost
an incredible this actually made it to tell em right answer, and then William said, while that is an incredible way of putting it, I think we have here. Do we have the audio this videos they'll play the Saudi Limerick spent five million on ads you S, population, three out of twenty seven million Tell us if you're ahead of us on the mass he could have given each american one million dollars and I've had lunch money left over. It's an incredible way of putting it. Annabelle way of putting it it's true. It's just certain room it does. It does suggest what we're too not here, which is that there is too much money and could win. There's too much red, there's much money and politics real. Just a week ago, you all were saying: hey Bloomberg. Money could be really important in shutting down near Sanders. It didn't it didn't now. Did it you and buy election Tom style tried to buy an election. Couldn't do it bloom.
Org, spend more money than Hillary Clinton did not just in the in the nomination race, but the entire race total Bit Bloomberg could not by the election, what you mean there's too much money in the election itself Nicholas and easy way to do the math here, giving a million dollars to person, The numbers five hundred million dollars the word before million is fine
hundred, so he could have given five hundred people a million dollars each it's very difficult matter. Our five hundred million in total, I believe, is I've kid they never accusing I'm done that. Also. Fifty three I've heard three hundred twenty seven trillion to actually oh yeah alien to everybody up. So I e the actual math is. We know when they were in the New York Times compounds as it is an incredible at its true. You know it's not. He could have given everybody a dollar. Fifty three Inga, that's what you gotta give everybody in America dollar, fifty three, but, as I live changing how about you by that unchanged, my vote. Somebody comes up to Minos look? I tell you what you ve over me I'll, give you a dollar fifty three. I do even stop now real you even stop you're, like ok, crazy man, ok is such a ridiculous for like hell, could you just not inherently catch that immediately if a bill in dollars to each person. Five hundred million, like the nut
Five hundred million, like its five hundred million five hundred piles of a million dollar five hundred people, one million dollar- now now stew. No, if you would have to be done that to every single, a super delegate, maybe he would have heads up yeah, I'm gonna give, million dollars to every super delegate, and I still have money left over where I can give everybody less than a dollar fifty three or less than which is slightly less than a million dollars for every American. Thank you New York Times and NBC Newspaperman Programme. I want you to picture in your minds. I the perfect real estate experience. You have it the person whose helping you sell your home or by a home or both. Why in the house, shake your hand and then get a confused dear and the headlights? Look, We pause in the middle of the conversation, take a call from his other job, or did you
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neck them with you real estate agents. I trust dotcom free service. If you play submitted subscriber you get fridays, big story on the corona virus with Glenn back tonight, use the promo code. Gb twenty get twenty bucks off your subscription this is the dilemma programme are welcome. To pat gray. Is joining us now tat our pat. I love, I'm afraid. I'm glad you hear me to Bill O Reilly is coming up I'll. Turkey is actually always not now. Rob I didn't planning for the second. Ours is gonna. Let him blab, I was gonna, go for breakfast. We get breakfast. Now, though, we do yes, actually. The only reason I came in today, It was because I that's all I'm pretty sure I have covered nineteen.
So I was thinking I wish. I stay home and I thought no, today's that day were test or testing all the Wendy's breakfast food I'll get so that silly recently got away. I'm also can confirmed the arc of her gun. Confirmed, go mentioned up. It, yes drop it both of you both of you. Stop it. Why? First tell the truth. Pat has covered ten. I have covered nine together. We have covered knife ha, that's it don't you haven't been. Definitely don't claims your badge of the crown until you actually are worded that ok, you, some of us, have worked hard for our covert status through so the Wendy's is making breakfast now it's a big deal is a big deal. Yes, when he's is making breakfast first well, that's what I think it's a thirteen their tried it does it really yeah? They try to data couple test runs. It did not go well apparently few years ago, they're trying to now and if you notice you can like every other commercial on tv is full.
Or either burger king or Mcdonald's breakfast Is there I'll just trying to like isn't Macduff Giving breakfast wholly covers the car free option, and that does not look good. While this is come, I'd bridges, hundreds and look good, then think of me, I was this. It makes me owes think Mcdonald's is such a good job with breakfast because- and I remembered Taco Bell- launch reference- oh so excited about it, really, not not not not good oh really! Now, slowly still doing they are. I can't imagine anything it taco bill, not being good. I mean every long bell. I love it! of the people. I am. I learn hanging out there. I am not saying this I am No! Yes, you are a test of what we have here. Now, oh, you got sausage, you got some egg and you got bacon yeah no data complaining about. I don't like the left. Now it does not look still exactly the right color and I'm not gonna. Try I'm not going to turn seriously nope nope. I would not based
car before he their car free option. Of just a square Egg square piece of sausage ends and bacon. This is not what is a deal with the square, claiming that Wendy's it's strange, but this This is a chicken and bacon Kristen Bacon is not, as the relays loves her dinner, read their French. Rather I'm sorry, there hash browns their friend for us, yes, their judgment. Russen urges french fries. I I guess: you're home fries the new. You're like the season fries that are a little bit thicker then the normal fry, pretty good. The Fraser pretty good. Actually, they should have these on the normal. Many, the chicken bacon percentage type of sandwiches, not bad, but can I have the chicken who had the chicken
biscuit thing but has not even try to write. That is really really gonna get the biscuit as it there's a honey body. Butter chicken biscuit believes what you're doubts when I just had yet that's deal Lish it all. I wanna make sure I understand you're on a low carb diet. Yup, you got a low carb option and your curly eating a honey butter, chicken and happiest gets up. Yeah? I guess I live like this? Is silent elsewhere. This just look so disgusting- I won't try I don't think you're going away zone as a sandwich. It's. It's not he its hidden by the bread. This but biscuit- is actually a little like there's nobody that makes a biscuit like Popeye's pop. It makes a much better biscuit, but this is not back in the so they women, this chicken is good about it. Viewed another unique things here, I would say
So the honey butter chicken biscuit as something that is just is blatantly not a breakfast and which they just made a large sandwich into breakfast, rather than That is just not a sandwich. That's for breakfast. They ve justice to give you a chicken sandwich for breakfast, which is not fine, having examined your breakfast, but don't call for animals like chicken and waffles? That's really good! Ok, this is look appetising to anybody here. This is the union. I would say this sort of their unique place, which is it, kind of like a hamburger roll. If you looked at it from, its calling it a criminal, but it's not label topic. I would call for some it's between research and, above all, a dilemma. Just saying this right here is the look of a failed, the breakfast attempt that will close the doors of Wendy's in the morning. Now let s look at that. I think the eye the core something's, not bad. I took a bite what it can achieve. Mcdonald's. At least you know,
no, how they do it, but they mould their logo and you're, not least, the meat is shaped like it has bones in it and as I got a nice logo on the on the Magritte film maker, This just looks like crap and it looks like he is well, I'm ages umbrellas down as non polluting and try it. You know, you traffickers, something tat! I did not support it's about spits, it's ok. It has some sort of sauce on it like a sweet sauce. I guess so: breakfast yeah, I don't know, I don't think they understand what divers foods I'll think there were unworthy. This is gonna work. Chicken is really good, the bizarre uncharted biscuit, etc. The biscuit biscuit with chicken is really go in is good, is if you like, Magritte holes, which I know
that is good as a medicinal yet, and it might be syrup that they put on it. I think that it is our opponent, I think so I think so. The You really liked them a girdle and that's what they do with them. Griddle idle syrup right into it. I don't know how they do that I dont Two, no Mcdonald's! Don't ever tell us because it will make me, stop wanting probably it's like witchcraft yeah, you know if DOW chemicals was full of witches, that's what I'd, be making Dale Chemical is full of gorgeous. I haven't furniture, that's true as other so effective. I will say this about the biscuit: usually buttery biscuit that is like every It has to sticks of butter in it. That's how butter that biscuit is it's pretty good. Madame pretty good biscuit. I would say that like. I dont think any of these are bad, because something isn't is more on the level of the Berger increased costs and which I believe they call it, which is
just okay. This is if you're gonna have launched breakfast. This was like This is I'm the CEO of Wendy's, you coming with this. I'm like try again, no I'm not I'm like we're. I'm not opening up. Opening up and putting a whole bunch of money request for this now where's the pancakes moors, waffle, where's where's anything besides we say to them. Ok, you! Leave the biscuit chicken biscuit thing: you got it. That's not enough to opening up for breakfast now I just feel Mcdonald's did so well with the breakfast all day thing now everyone's trying to get on the bandwagon I like, was on a plane, and I watched us supersize me too. Remember supersize me! The documentary Marian Spurlock didn't watch it though so I wouldn't understand too. I don't think super
me too. I think you might be able to get up. I'm going to let its like coming with nineteen, I haven't seen it yet. I haven't seen the first eighteen right, but I think you'll get it It was Spurlock guy. We had on that. First episode at Fox, nor ozone invest the fast food nation, the gang of Road fastfood nation, Emily hated up. Did it was such a good interview, and that was the show blended on CNN Headline NEWS, and it was the guy who were fast. Food nation was basically a book. An aging fastened really get Glenn was the biggest problem tat. He didn't really actually an interesting interview and you guys had at our thing was like. We should do something funny while the universe and that's a boring interview about food, so Glenn would see like advantage. I'm really that's a really good point about fast food being bad for you and then, as he was talking, Glenn would dip his head the camera shot and take a giant but bite of like a big man, and he was
doing the minimum like doing and doing holding. I couldn't see me love whatsoever. That era with area which I had like. I have like secret sauce all over my face, and then I ll never forget CNN. When we can now Have an anchor anything like this or like Deanna really ASEAN and anger. Not then they edited the crap. Out of that I mean that what they were like they were passed well and we thought he could see you. We were not trying to pledge markedly I'll revisionist night over. It is, I think we we thought he was gonna play along with it and think it was funny, and then we realize he couldn't even see us, and then he thought we were just like. Growing em over by messing up his segment, which was unfortunate, but on this are the audience. No is actually funny thing. You do not like you afterwards, which is here with something has been repeated by many other guests innocent, but
to every other new results. So in this documentary, which I believe was made in two thousand seventeen, but if your member Morgan Spurlock had a little bit of me to situation so made this and it didn't come out, so they just released it. I think Amazon, Prime a web. I like it, I like I like the movie the first one. Secondly, he decides to open up his own restaurant and a good chunk of the money is him getting of these bs labels on his food is opening a chicken restaurant and gets like sex free range, organic lake. It all the terms you here and unnatural No antibiotics he goes through all of em and he's able to secure all of these labels, even though it's not he doesn't know they are, he legitimately qualifies them, they just don't mean anything a lot of them literally, don't mean anything. Maybe there's no standards. You could say it no matter what they know.
Robotics. What was my own instrument for adults doesn't mean and it doesn't make any two and the no antibiotics one was really funny cause. I've heard that a million times, but literally. None of the food that you eat has antibiotics its illegal. No, no one use, there's no food amateur what level its ad John rather wasters was chickens. I read, I raise cattle and we eat them and their yummy and I tell the kids die, name them other than dinner lunch or barbecue And we don't put antibiotics in you, you can put antibiotics, you shoot them, you know inject him, so they don't get sick Russell. That's what they say. Antibiotic free it means you ve raised that animal and never given it any antibiotics to keep it from getting sick with the label whatever I he went through the details of it with the experts from that beyond that by qualified people, and basically
and I remember the exact cadigan. Maybe it's different with cows. He was doing with chickens, but the point was none of the food at any level. Has this thing in it because I have only one could say: it's anemone free, but only the people who do want to charge you twice as much, because Here's a here's, the thing it would be like if you guys we're gonna eat me. Ok you couldn't! No. I ve told you, agenda. Marbled, I am in fact TAT had happened and I ve barely em like veal. I barely ever worked out. I walk best air is already. I am deal would mean an end. I would like to just ok, there's so much maple syrup already in me anyway. I should probably, since we're going to do a pandemic, probably say none of that is true about me and I'm very tough in regions in Greece. Recently, its nasty you would
like labeling me, or pat cocaine never know cocaine in Pat. Well, ok! Back in the eighties, I had cocaine, but if you would eat me there would be no residue, no there'd be no cocaine in my meat, ok. So what they're saying is its antibiotic free, meaning he's more like the cow is more like pat being ok, free you can eat him and that has never been in ever man or me as it actually helping you at all that the EU and other related free range. So they go suited the the Frida, whatever from two government thing that it says you can say it's free range and the debt, these text of it is something like the chickens need to have access to
the outside outside area, with a minimum of this of amount of space as a very small amount of space, so at all The chickens are Indians held inside and there's one door at the end, and it has little tiny fence that goes like four feet outside the door and its the chicken in theory- I could walk out there. They never do No interest in going out there, the UN's consider rearrange, they could see the sky and there are scientists little tough. At times he tries to pick them up and about their. They just run back into a lot of men is brave. It's interesting, though, what I'm sure it's very slanted, but it also was bred. There's a lot of interesting. Seven. There are packed re, think so much from tat, gray, unleashing get it wherever you find your body cast. I have this idea of a much much shorter version of the movie home alone. Listen to this, I just wrote this myself. The film a colleague Hawkins Dad install simply safe before they leave and select.
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No, like all grab. We work in the same company, but that's not the only problem. They have a thirty six year difference in age. He is fifty eight she twenty two, so they start that they're gonna go out for lunch and then say we can't date, because this is really bad, the decided not to date, and so they they set up a platonic lunch, clear the air for hours pass and they realize now they're really in love, so he quit his job. And go to work for another country company, so they can work to earth silicon date. She says I'm in love with Rick, I'm just waiting for the ring at this point, even if it means means changing diapers and the first time I thought. Oh they're, talking about babies, no she's talking about her changing his assets.
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I think we should just. I think we should spend a few minutes and talk about what you can watch and you can binge watch now need of Seattle. Yesterday suggested that two point: two million people, the Seattle area, King County Start- king from home. Mere pudding in guidelines now for when we know we're all gonna start working from from home, because I think this is going to see this gonna happen in in many of our communities, if not all, of our big cities, they're gonna start asking you to start working from home. If you can and the reason why they're doing this is to save the health person EL, quite honestly, the left that fewer people that get? this right now. The easy It's going to be we're, gonna, stress out the health system and our doctors and nurses, and if they start getting sick if the abbe since drivers, the fire fighter, the police officer,
getting sick. It's it's! it's a bigger nightmare than it already is. So they are asking us to stay home, at least in the Seattle area, and it will start to come CDC yesterday said we are we are on the verge of this thing, really exploding In in America, so what are you gonna do? What are you gonna? Do I mean binge watch and I ve been I've, been. Watching Harlan carbon three shows now on Netflix called the five. The stranger and I remember the other but they're like thirteen episodes in each. They are the best there, the best mysteries or murder, mystery kind of things. I've ever seen I've never seen storylines where Tanya we just have time to watch series any more because we, teenagers,
who never thank us for picking up the picking them up and dropping them off all a time anyway. The other. One is safe, there's three of them. Tanya in the last three or four weeks have watched every episode of all three they are their remarkably good and all this it's this each one of them revolve like gets what are the names of again, it's safe, the five and the stranger I started with the stranger its this woman- who comes up to this guy at his son soccer game and says you know you didn't to stay with your wife when she said she was pregnant and these likes. He's me, do I know you and she's? I know, but you know faked her pregnancy and
you can find there. You can find all the information just go into your credit card. A going to your credit card file and and fight and this so freaks him out. So much any dismisses it and it freaks him out so much. His wife is out some place at a conference and it's just driving, I'm not so it's like you know what I'm just going to put this to bed. He goes in his credit card and he finds that she charged money to this one place call Zachary company and says hey what was this is a couple years ago. What was this for said? The boy to call you back. We have to do some research, that's a bogus name The name was for three companies. One of them was a company that gives you up. The the He called the pregnancy strip test and it shows positive they
if you a ultra sound picture of the baby, with your name. On top of it looks like you had an ultra sound, they give. A baby bump belly that you can even start to wear and, and so he freaks out. Will, as it goes on she. Appears in the foot this a first episode, and he says you have to tell me: did you fake the pregnant our my children, my children, even what is going on? She said you don't understand, so much more she, this appears on answer and so he starts to look for well. Story starts to involve all of their friends and ever, buddy is having a different problem, kind, based on this stranger telling them. Different things you I have no idea really what the story really is. Until the last episode and your you're following it and it's all logical, but you you're, like wearies, is going.
The same thing with the five which we just finished last night before the five is five friends that grew up. Why of them was kidnapped and killed. While they were all out in the woods the little one who was younger, they said go home. And he ran through the woods to go home, and then he was never seen again well now, they're all grown up and in the first episode one of them is a police officer. They go to this murder scene and dna of little kid. Twenty five years later is found the crime scene at this murder scene, and so you like wait. I he was dead, apparently is not dead and now he's killing this woman, what is happening? and it takes you through all of the people and what was happening and how they're all involved. It's incredible, yeah me there. The best
stories for murder mysteries I've seen. Are they do they fall into my new favorite thing, they're doing with television, which is the limited series, the other only one sees them so one season you watch it Eliza getting you watch all them and his overt. Yes, it ends yes and you don't have to worry about them, cancelling it before the shrubbery wraps up and really frustrating, except when you realise cause. I watch that first season and we started with the stranger and The first sees, unlike all my gosh. I would watch this all the time you know it's over. It's wrapped up and you're like ok, you can go back to those people, but I would want something like this. Will he's done three of them three times stories and they fantastic apps lately, fantastic, that's great IBM watching MC millions on each be everybody's telling me to watch. It is so good. It's so good as a story, I did not
I don't even remember. I remember playing the monopoly game Mcdonald's, all the time when it was out, and they are. The story basically is about how No one really want an all those years logic. ITALY. It was basically inside guys stealing the winning picture its end, like organizing a giant web contestants that would go into Mcdonald's essay. I want a million dollars and there it is keeping all the money,
go through all of it from beginning to end how it Odin unravels and immunities, each other's organised crime ties and there's like Mormon Mafia terrorism in Romania and the kind of in their while other, really a mafia. But it's what's the worst thing. I've ever seen a morbid do previously. It was too much milk at right. At dinner, I was like it's ugly cleared it pretty really area so that one down was is really good. There's a new season of Ozark coming out, which is, I am house that super dark super dark, but so good so good and I better call Salazar as well to it, which is fantastic. If you don't have the same type of a profile, little dark I mean, I'm yonder sent coming in your working with Glenn every day, so much rays of sunshine. You had enough on the watch, so they don t you like a man who, at the time to added its money effort that is,
taken an outbreak. The two movies about pandemics, that about the last, what fifteen or twenty years both? have been like trending on Netflix and Amazon Prime everything here, like you're in the middle of that movie. Why are you watching it? You don't need to watch it. It's happening to you, so I'm watching also the outlandish or have you seen that no So boy, you want to appreciate America, anyone appreciated being all the time that you live in This is a story that starts in the nineteen forties. This woman is in Scotland with her husband. The war is just over their kind of having a second honeymoon. He kind of this, you know cause I historian and they go and he's looking for his roots is english routes in Scotland, because you know he was an english warriors in his blood in Scotland and so they there and law story Short she
passes through this. I know this sounds really. Bad but she passes through this this time portal. Again. She goes back into the time when the English in the Scottish were and she's to find our way back to present day Is this a quantum leap, no kind of that's the only time thing that has happened. I've only watched a few episodes- Brazil, time thing that happened just getting her there and are trying to find our way back, but it's It's amazing to watch it because of the history of it. You realize well, We ve come a long way NEA. I ve come a long way. She to be in the war? She was a nurse, were she did alive stuff, so they're like in them first seen where she's coming back? One of the guys has a shoulder, that's dislocated, and all these guys are gonna like we're. Gonna put it back in here by down on this issue. I stop stop
you'll break his arm and she does it and look at her like. How did you just do that, and questions on whether or not she's a witch. What she is, because snows base, take modern medicine, its. It's really. It's the kind of an interesting thing I was. I had Jonah go or garden stewed as America a couple days ago, our work as a week or two ago, and we target by his book suicide of the West, which is great great book and human, The point which was, if you kind of head of a wish right here. We are coming into the world and you get to pick where you live and when you live. Any time as is possible any place is possible you'd be insane not to pick the United States in twenty twenty, oh you're insane, which is like incredible when you think about how miserable we are like a really we complain about everything, but where else would you go? Maybe you'd pick another country in twenty twenty, but like you're, not going
act in eighteen, forty one other country, but I will certainly have no other on that. Maybe I don't know, maybe maybe a love, Europe or something, but you want to go there. I don't know. I want to stay here. It's really fascinating, but you do not need to be dont need to use up. One of your wishes to go. Live in Germany, get on a plane. You can actually do yeah, but you can't go back in time and achievable. Capacitor right and I dont, but you could what you know. You're a doctor an idiot for going back to the old west sucked. He should state and nineteen. Eighty five that was the best actually had, with the exception of the future, which probably would have been better to it, Few he'd go. If you had a time machine, I would only go to the future. I mean maybe go back to watch a historic event for staying in the time machine. I don't get out of the time machine. At any point, do I leave the time adjusting under bushes to drive through drive through time? Only I'm not get now. Are you getting out that? Never
works. How well you put the time machine under you know big tar Cornelia, throw some bushes on it that never works over. You don't leave the time machine and I've had cars actually have one. Now that you get nervous. When you turn it off, the car does not, turn back on most of the time and energy that you're talking about as it is no longer and most of the time I get club to alight, unlike I might know why they may just start right. So if you ve got the Delorean and the time machine you need to get the eighty miles an hour, you leave the car running its Delorean. No, you don't because it will overheat. I had one you get in that thing in your going you're going any other place. Then your drive way you're not sure, will ever get up to eighty eight miles an hour again doing build a time machine in a Delorean, and if you do build a safely back
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firstly, it was really is really gets a bloody movie. I really get really area, they teach our family or is it? Is it all down? Well, I don't know, I guess you can you see Langley. Did you see it was a little David, certainly much older than my kids. Did you see the cameo with Kevin Bacon. Small little part Kevin making. You know you play the invisible man needed yeah. I remember that, from back in the day reality the coming now you gotta go back a watch. It How did you get a uterus and I gotta go by another ticket to what I can't carry having gone, go, look and then cameo. It's like an Easter egg, nine. The of Kevin Bacon makes it a lot cooler. I've seen the movie. But what are you Zella cooler than what, if it ruins it for me, what if I'm like, I'm amateur, I think I'm in the real world and also Kevin bigger ruined it hate. You like little Easter eggs and things. Yes, I do. I was so that it makes it better. Doesn't it thank you? kept Kevin Bacon related Easter eggs. What's then eggs and bacon.
Oh, I got those all day. Long appear Mama dead anyway. Have you seen shall reach on Netflix? I have not seen sure. Ok, there's too many shows Netflix Knowledge I could cite goose cycle through for six months and probably I mean come across Surete. What is it should? Reed is the name of the hospital in Germany there. It is the one that was the progressive hospital and there's two seasons of it. The first season in America is actually about World WAR two because they know Europeans are fascinated by nazis. I think, but the first episode that you should watch, him in reverse is starts in the eighteen eighties and its during the progressive era when they're they're trying to cure Burke, Yellow, says and everything else, and it takes. Ace in this hospital and it is the turning point of medicine and
are just starting to say, hey, maybe we should wash our hands and was invisible germs and everything else. The first season is in eighteen eighties and it shows- and it's all based in reality and Andrew stories, of what they did, then to discuss where the cures for tuberculosis and small ox and everything else, terrifying. When you see what medicine was like back then- and you see the beginnings of, Greg, Civism and cut activism in that hospital than the next season is world war, two with the experiments in this hospital, oh gosh. It is so I opening and told me different look at the progressive era and and national socialism, shall read on Netflix here. Listening
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We find that weird a little bit. I it's one of those things. I think when that happens, there's a good chance. He forgets him said that, but right now it's the right thing to say right. A busy just was on record when he thought he was leading, saying a plurality should get the domination. Looks like it. It's like Bernie Sanders is getting his head handed to him be in Florida. Joe Biden is what was it sixty five sixty one to twelve to twelve, and that includes Michael Bloomberg, still in the pole and Bloomberg was actually in second with fourteen percent, so six one fourteen to twelve. They think that I may be because of the cuban nationals it moved out of Cuba got out a cat, Cuba and Castro that that is played such a huge role in Florida. That DEC word kind of spread because of the cuban community gone. Ought no Castro's not cool near there.
Really Tipp. Things against sander is so interesting how the media works, because if If Bernie Sanders were the nominee dear and would have said that thing about Cuba, they would have like love for Iraq, Obama, the say Yang Obama Vive visited there, but they want him out yet and so they they treat it. That way until he's a nominee if he were the nominated, they treated a totally different. Well, it's crazy is this We all know that as conservatives, we all know this, but Liberals generally don't notice it because it doesn't happen to them. Generally speaking, yes, you know domain and when you're living under that kind of stuff, all the time you notice it and you it's gone to a point where it so bad. You dismiss it. That's why I really don't think that any of this corona virus stuff is going to touch Donald Trump. I don't think it's good Donald Trump at all, because I think people know the media.
And they know this is just There will say anything about Donald Trump to kill him. They will say anything you do you see this thing with him. Donald Trump said he had a hunch. A hunch that the corona virus mortality rate wasn't gonna wind up at three point: four percent: you believe this irresponsible guy out there saying he's, got hunches on diseases, know I've got some experts get some experts around. You may be sure to them about it. It's just guessing he's just taking blatant guesses. Now, here's this is the actual clip it was tromp on with Hannity on Fox NEWS Channel. Well, three point four percent is really a false number now than it is my hunch, when they started a lotta conversations with a lot of people to do this, because a lot of people will have this and its very mild get better very rapidly. They don't even here doktor, they don't even call a doctor, you never hear about those peoples. So this is what the media came up with off of that cliff vocs called it
Standing Lee Irresponsible, your favorite glad Brides Delta, overt CNN, the into please walk out of the middle, this quote, but he said I mean he is almost Woodrow Wilson to make that there really ever walked out of the world an interview. Now I didn't I didn't bite. Brion said I hesitate to even print the United States President's words here, because they're so at odds with what health Ports are saying this is that is bright. That's why he's Woodrow Wilson? He is such a propaganda. Disinformation, misinformation, machine. Doesn't have any e? How bad as I e that you hesitate to even type it like? I don't want the the inward right leg, take the end word right. We would write the end. Where do we say the inward instead of saying the actual word we asked we evaluate actually put books together where we
had to use. We ve got a cold somebody. You know David, Duke using the inward and will look at each other. Go is an exact quote, but I don't think we should put that in as the other than the inward or, let's use the end and the are and then just two aspects in between you: ve he's comparing it that's how badly MSNBC said the sitting president of the United States, told on national television audience not to believe the research of the World Health Organization's experts what you got out of that. Well, Philip for the Washington Post, the Trump quote twice admit that is simply making up. The percentage is talking about calling hunch and saying that it is his personal assessment now, he said no. Most of that does not end quote. The word hunch is in quotes and the word personal inquired. Why? Because right, after he says it's a hunch. He says it's based on
A lot of conversations with a lot of people who do this, in other words, he's getting brief from experts and he's trying to communicate that to the american people, and I have it is not as bad. I have to tell you. I read the experts every day we do a corona virus update every day. That is exactly what all of the experts are saying right and all of them. Part of this is, I think, the way that they then the way he did. He speaks in a like don. Tromp kind of says stuff, and it doesn't sound it doesn't sound all of that all that. Finally, let me give you let me give you an example play that clip again that you just played. Listen to this. While I take the three point, four percent is really a false number. Now they suggest I and stop. I think number is just a false number people a year.
The laugh. They will hear all fake news saying visiting their lives there lying. Ok, that's not what I'm saying, but that's what they're hearing next played against my and but based on a lot of conversations, stop people that he's just my hunch, based on a lot of conversations. That's Donal rob you here, if you don't like Donald Trump, you hear you and I and all the best people around me. I get the best advice. I get all that in times he doesn't. At times he doesn't my level and was not the best way around and he misses out. He just uses hyperbole all the time, so you did what they ve Is they ve taken their brain and just put it in a neutral they're? Just listening and there, like all that Zuganov again dog of ass people, know in this particular case. He is talking to the best people in this particular case he doesn't know what he's talking about. He is getting advice. It's not hyperbole! He is
talking about actual stats and when he says it's his hunch, that's, really what all the professionals are saying to do to translation of Trump to doktor cause. If it's a doctor saying you totally would believe it, but Europe, as you know, he talks like the every every man with the here's, the translation, if one assumes that the number of asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic cases is several times as high as the number of the reported cases, the case fatality rate- may be considerably less than one percent, that's exactly what Donald Trump said, except fancy its so inexact quote from the New England Journal of Medicine. That's it Is this tat? I got news for you hesitate to type these words. Its legitimately paraphrase the New England Journal of Medicine. There was also a study
FR. I know you subscribe to this, but I just for some other people. I am a doctor e m. Our sea centre for global infectious disease analysis at Imperial College london- they said quote their study- said estimates of the overall case. Fatality ratio of all infections is ultimately one percent. You go on and say South Korea, whose done Good job handling this so far and they have a very advanced health system, blah blah blah so far there running a day, death mortality rate of four point: six percent the the princess. The diamond princess, noisy, floating petri dish of the sea, a half saw and who was with this the memory of the ship that was started on this day. Seventy seven people who got cold nineteen. What would this when we know as isolated right? We know everyone on their. We know what happened there, seven hundred seven people. Six people died. So mortality rate, there was zero point, eight percent. Now, of course, when you're talking about
a cruise ship audience you're not talking the spectrum of all people. Are you talking generally in an l ordering an older audience with likely a higher death rate than one would normally be done and remember lotta people mentioned the zero point. One percent mortality rate from the flu, which is true, however, it's true in an environment where fifty percent of the population vaccinate against it and have fear approved treatments for the flu. We know there are a lot of people get the flu and just don't do anything about it. Yet it's the flu. So The bottom line with that is or time we're gonna have the test in a year or two will have the vaccine It really is a now thing if we can get through the next year run into a lot, but here's the thing: here's the thing you have to remember: the media is going to whip up frenzy that this worse and worse and worse and worse and worse. Because we are now going to start testing everybody and not even everybody, but we're
be doing a million test, probably in the next. I don't even know for we yeah we're getting a million tests are supposed to be done by next week or so ago, a million tests we had four hundred and forty people that had been tested total two weeks ago, so now we're going to start testing everybody in the general population that comes in and not everybody's, even gonna get a test. You coming do they really think you have it you'll get a test So you're gonna start seeing these numbers increase. Will that's a good thing because as the numbers increase, because we're testing people were now verify that yep, you have you have it you have. Those numbers are going to explode, but
will bring the overall death rate down exactly what the president is talking about. It'll feel really scary, but it actually would be a good thing to be a good thing. We are discovering these cases as we go, and nobody in the press is going to do this because of for two reasons, one. They need fear to get you to watch Kay scandal and work anymore and I try stuff doesnt work anymore. Ty everybody's, tired of the press, so they need something to scare you with, look? There are reasons to be worried about the corona virus. There are real problems, most of them economic and all of us could lose somebody that we love in our circle of friends with this just we lose people, we love with the flu. It just is going
double that number of the flu eventually, so if we lose sixty five thousand Americans every year or the flu, we're gonna lose a hundred, and thirty Americans honoured thirty thousand Americans eventually, but between the flu and this that probably where this is gonna end up it's a lot of people and we're going to be affected by that the real thing that they're not covering and they're, not covering because they need to make this about Donald Trump, so they're not covering What is going to happen with our economy, and how do we brace for that? If you are listening to any one who was just telling you the problems and not telling you how to brace for impact they are, of no good, there's no good. They are part the problem Brian skelter. You are a worthless and were met. I don't know worthless,
worm by way gas do does America, dot com has other links, and we have all the background information, the documents and all of that on the way the media's lying about this you can subscribe. Are you too, for free and, if you're, in outcast up click on over unsubscribe. I want to talk about the geese dream sheets, the geese, dream sheets, amazing, option caught now. This is the best egyptian cotton. Because did you know this? Egyptian cotton is no longer really egyptian here in Amerika they made some kind of deal where they could call it egyptian cotton, where it's a blend of different cottons, and egyptian geese cotton not egyptian cotton, gives a garden is the best cotton on the market, the geese the dream sheets are Giza: cotton nothing else in those and they are so great and right now the geese dream dream sheets are by one get one free that
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This is the olympic programme. What do the programme? We have some new information about. From five thirty eight about what is shaping up. Listen, listen to these stats. Yes, a five! Thirty, eight dot com, they another do these election predictions and they turn off their model on a big elect. And I like Super Tuesday in the morning. They turn it off and then they turn it back on until after the actually that's settled down, so you did, they are not trying to implement. Things are ongoing basis. They try to make a projection beforehand anyway. There. Projection before this it was, I think, a sixty percent chance, there's going to be a contested convention erect and then behind. That was, I think, Biden and centres. I think by Anne had pulled a had a centres slightly, but it was still pretty close
for the secondary possibilities, their new up day. Just came out Abdul by Has an eighty eight percent chance to get hang on hang on an unjust over time, a job, and I had a new Joe Biden theme. Can we Isn't it Joe Biden theme she's trying to make his way to the podium here? And it's not looking so this? but New Joe Biden theme for the programme is bits Jeff if it's well, I've really speaking patterns, I'm working with a working with a composer now for some new thieves and stuff- and I said I need you to do happy days or here again or somebody there, but I want they do it. And and can you can you get sound like it's done by somebody who just can't remember how it goes.
His bank, like that's your widens the bats app lately Joe Biden asleep. So any Joe Biden his is now he's back on top at five. Thirty, eight in a stunning way, eighty eight send chance now to win a mature and what of of delegates it leaves a contested convention at ten percent and Bernie Sanders at two percent. That's how bad I mean we said this when we're on the air before we went on the AIR Virginia came across and I was we're gonna we're dealing with sending in the studio. The time has come and look at this like they just called Virginia at the close of the polls that is not supposed to happen, Day was so good for bite and he's now way out ahead becomes the plurality of delegates. Ninety four percent chance for Biden, six percent chance for centres. It tells you average in third place well the marine band better brush up. Because to the watches hail to the
hail to the summit, but we gotta play that is up soon, apparently for Joe Biden, Murray back in a minute here. Listening Amerika it's Friday were glad you hear our corona virus update begins in one minute of that global programme somewhere in America within the sound of my voice. There's a man standing at the open grave of bygone era casting his gaze, not the death of an ideal, but at the death of a place in time the old days, some people call them. Finally, he thinks of them often they're gone now, but the ideal remains it burns within him and spills light into all that he touches it's that speed
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let's take a look at the daily stats. All of these stats are, as of five hundred and thirty, a dot m from Johns Hopkins Total confirmed eight we're now over a hundred thousand the confirmed cases. That's up! five thousand from yesterday total confirmed deaths, up about a hundred from yesterday to three thousand four hundred and eight just so. You know, before we do anything with swine flu, there were a thousand deaths in America, a thousand deaths in Amerika. There Fifty five thousand eight hundred and twelve patients who have recovered from covert nineteen
about half doctors point out. The recoveries are outpacing hospitalization or deaths. Ninety four countries have confirmed cases that is up from eighty seven and eleven more today have suspected cases. Sixteen percent of active cases are considered serious. Have you noticed this number is coming down? It was since the beginning of last week, I think nineteen percent its now down three points. Sixteen percent are considered serious, requiring hospitalization That is including five percent that require. I see you The? U S now has two hundred and thirty three confirmed cases. Fourteen deaths, the confirmed cases now in Washington Oregon, find your state, California, Arizona, Texas, whiskey, in Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode, Island, North Carolina, Georgia, Colorado, Tennessee Nevada, with a dish nor suspected cases in Montana, Nebraska, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and
agenda. Now some other news that you need to know about this. We have the EPA releasing a list of disinfectants to use against the corona virus. So, if you're looking to do In fact, you should look to the eight p m, the p, a list of disinfectants that you can use Clorox, multi service, cleaner and bleach clorox. Infecting wipes clorox commercial solutions. Lies brand heavy duty, cleaner, disinfectant, there's all car A puerile sir, A prime Jermys sidle spray, the CDC and FDA has made this now available. In case You are looking for those things, but it's all just common sense. Unlike what Tito's has had to come out and say tee,
vodka, based in Texas has responded on Twitter that no there k is not a sufficient disinfectant disinfectant against covert. Nineteen twitter user wrote it and said I made hands and dies or at a year vodka hands dies or does entail bad, either cheer two Tito's they responded immediately per the CDC hands and ties are contains at least sixty percent alcohol. EL. The wars is delicious. It's only forty percent alcohol, therefore It doesn't meet the standards of the CDC. This the companies tweet more than a dozen Tito's vodka sanitize iraqi era recipes are currently circulating online. I wonder, I wonder if this isn't just a brilliant marketing campaign also There is another rush we ve heard about toilet paper flying off the shelves and other things that now have been
a black market field to them alongside those corona virus, prep bags being filled by shoppers bleach hand sanitize her or now add to it. Keys and Ding Dong is host brand the ceo said that their seeing a bum in business is people are stocking up in case they are trapped at home during the corona virus outbreak. We benefiting a likely for a short term. Do traffic. That's a great thing about hostess their comfort things so seeing a slight uptake and traffic too early to tail to tell, but a lot of our odd sales data is begging, but we think that this just people, storing up for a comfort food, the average Twinkie ending Don package sold today. Will asked you not as long as food storage, but it will go to twenty twenty four but away open up the vote.
Yesterday as we save twinkies, you know when they stopped making twinkies one was that studio four years ago, over their back now, he at him use they didn't last very well put him in. I put him in a vault just so had them as a joke and yesterday was kind of clean and out some stuff in the vault, and I found the twinkies in the back of a vault. I would need them. So I can only say our mother ethos sings the last for forty years now and now nine dollars for four years, and that is another reason why you won't eat them, maybe just don't twinkies that's true! I don't like twinkies, but the Ding Dong. I love distinct dogs added and whether the years very well, hundreds of concerts and events have gone off line. Now trade shells concerts events been cancelled due to the corona virus fears in the EU more than forty one thousand people have signed it online petition consequent calling for the cancellation of south by South West. That is
a ten day, tech and music concert that normally draws about four hundred thousand visitors to Austin Texas Pillars. Please don't come. Please don't come the glue, we'll health Conference where Donald Trump was scheduled to speak. It the first the first cancellation in the events fifty eight year history, the global health conference that has been cancelled, American BAR Association Council, its national conference on White Collar crime, natural, proud, expo is cancelled in Anaheim, thirty to thirty, second annual, Arnold sorts and Agar annual sports Festival in Columbus. Ohio know of that. Didn't I just go back and read that again. The thirty second annual. Arnold swore to Nigger Sports Festival, In Columbus. Did you know that he had a sports festival. I did not in Columbus,
it ran for thirty two years. No idea be another in our don't be a tool category New Zealand residents who had a fever and head symptoms, attended alive tool concert on February twenty eighth. The pact a concert was packed with thousands of other people and health authorities are now using security cameras to identify who he may have come in contact with He was in the general emissions standing area from the left hand quadrant. They say stood in line four refreshments, he used the raft. Restroom, don't worry, if you're in New Zealand. If you were there and had any refreshments wherein stadium or use the bathroom you might be infected forties in Slovakia confirm now with covert nineteen, no internet
still travel son, doesn't live with him, who had travelled to Venice in ITALY in January to Additional suspected cases now in Slovakia have no known exposure in the international travel. They dont know how it got there. China, economy is losing twenty billion dollars every day, Margaret workers and contractors are the worst impacted, could lose a combined one hundred and fifteen billion dollars by April twenty twenty total economic loss in China MOUT they could it indeed one trillion dollars in lost income among chinese households, let me say that again, not the businesses, but in the households it could exe just two hundred billion in chinese stocks and bonds. The chinese stock market This is the real threat of the Corona Virus Bank
China has made two hundred billion dollars available for chinese small businesses. Bank of China also purchased a hundred billion in chinese stocks in bonds. The chinese stock market has gained nine percent so far in March. Much of that is printed money by the Chinese, but I will tell you When this we finally hit the bottom on this. Nobody can predict the top nobody can hit. The murderer is see the bottom, but I I'll tell you that, once we find a vaccine which will happen once we find the vaccine and once we know that socialist Marxist is not going to win in the election. You should have your money in the stock market, because the stock market will boom once Had passed all of this, it's down again another five hundred and thirty five point at this point: it down to twenty five. That DOW is twenty five thousand five hundred and ninety five. Currently that's it,
from about almost thirty thousand just a few weeks ago. So we're down five thousand points. But I would my wooden. Age and that our stock, It is going to rebound. The great news is on this politically. Is we or do for a correction, and if it was for the corona virus. When that correction happened, the press would immediately say Don trumps Donald Europe's economy is falling apart, not one of em. What it said hey by the way it looks like Barack Obama's economies is really kind of falling. Apart is This is paraca bombers economic policies that brought us here in the good times. Nobody of blame, the bad times on Barack Obama, but Barack Obama wherein office. If the Eggs Same thing happened. He would still be blaming it on. W Bush
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Ok, so still I've got something for you do about it. They for you to listen to and You tell me: what's going on, This is a circling the internet right now and nobody is pushing back on this. We will now have some breaking news on this. This is a nurse and she says the CDC would not test her. She is a union leader. She released a video Thursday afternoon where she read out, that she was working. Well. Let me just play for here. She is listen, I'm going to read a statement from one of our key Nineteen nurses, who works at a northern California Keyser fast quality. She chose. To share her experience anonymously, but she is hope, met, her story can be faded to raise public awareness about concerns for the corona virus response. She said
as a nurse. I am very concerned that not enough is being done to stop the spread of the corona virus. I know Because I am currently sick in court team. After carrying for patient who tested positive, I am awaiting permission from the federal government to allow for my testing even after my physician and county health, professional, ordered, ordered the tests the National CDC would not initiate the test They said they would not test me because, if I were wearing the recommended, protective equipment then I wouldn't have the corona virus. What kind of science based answer is that a ridiculous and uneducated response from the department that is in charge of the health of this country later they call back
and now it's an issue with something called the identifier number, they claim they pray. Or ties running samples by illness, Severity their only so many to give out each day, so I have to wait in line for the results. This is not a ticket dispenser at the Delhi counter. It's a puzzle health emergency, I'm a registered nurse and I need to know if I'm positive before going back to care for patients rights. I am appalled at the level of bureaucracy that preventing nurses from getting tested. Delaying this test puts the whole community at rest. Stop. What do you think's going on? There are still things happening I mean there's not enough information for me to really now but lies weird in it go ahead, my guess would be that we end- and this is pretty well publicize. We don't have enough test for people to to
tell me why you go? We end today into hospital, and you say I'm pretty sure I have the corona virus. I don't feel well what is it you're going to do with you. Probably isolate me or tell me to go home and goals are more indian correct. Why they'll have Tessier right. We don't have enough, Sir TAT Abraham to production, they believe will have an over a million by next week by nine million for the entire country. Great was at its best until we get that going to just isolate people. Only use those tests on the people who are showing real symptoms. So we can. At them in you, don't have this point: we don't have the tests this. By the way socialist healthcare. This is what it's like. When you don't have enough. You have two ration, and so now Everyone gets to the Delhi Counter to ask for their meat when they want their meat gay, Now this is a union worker
She said that she wants to know if she is sick and has it and she calls the government specifically. Science, deniers, uneducated Why should I have to wait in line? Well sweetheart. If I may use that I and stand your personal concern, but if you're somebody who's in a union and had been somebody who's been supporting socialized health care, that's This is all about a line and you know why there's a line because, right now only the government has been making these Donald Trump and in my pants and his team are trying to get all of the capitalist companies to make more of these tests, so you could buy them at sea. Vs just drop in and you'd be able to get that test done and you'd know right away. Until time. The governor has full control.
And yes, we don't have test to test everybody who thinks they might have it by the way. We reached out to the CDC Cdc yesterday. Here's what they said CDC is not aware of this individual case. We cannot respond to its specifics. However, the cdc would most definitely recommend a health care worker who had contact with a confirmed case and then become ill, be tested at all times, clinicians have discretion to test patients based on their individual assessment of that patients, illness and risk of exposure are clear. Whole team is working with state and local health officials to assess persons under investigation and has not said no to any such requests for testing I'm telling you right now. You be careful who your listening to you!
have to really be careful and question everyone's motives, and I I urge you to question even mine, I'm telling you that I'm coming with no motive other than to tell you the truth, as I understand it and give you perspective, but shouldn't. Take my word or anybody else's word for true on any of this. You must do your own homework you to think these things. True. Think these things through is this possible? Yes but the most logical thing is there are no. There are no hits there's not enough, you think you have it I'm sorry. I can't give it to you on. I think you have it. We have people waiting for the tests,
could get medicine right now as soon as we get a test back confirming that they have covered nineteen you're, not the priority right now. That's the world of socialized medicine, union leaders, union lovers. Welcome to it. We can trust you either because you have big investments with big virus. You want this to get much worse worse, I have what big, but we all wish the mirror was lying to us. I know I hate I hate mirrors. I stay away like I'm a vampire, you look at it. You see things that for sure equally one have em pirates. Why was saying is true. See things that you don't like. Sometimes sometimes there's things like crows feet. There was maybe a little turkey echo and on under the chin. What can you do about it thanks for the job, Out of her those really helpful out about you, but you're gonna get instant results, that's a big deal and when it comes to skin care, nobody understands the desire for instant results better than Germany
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just go over blueness go over this thinking. Stu. What are they sang worse thing? You can do for corona virus. What is the worst thing you can do right now each chinese food now and have a career? No, no! No! I mean you know like door. Knobs wishes, as that would be that what are they telling everybody here really gotta do give you don't touch her face? Don't touch your face, stay away from people CDC yesterday said you know, keep a distance from people, Social Life II, social, distancing, helluva, lot, distancing, it's weird. We have heard that before now, but I really like it yet you had. It gives a great idea. We should do it anyway, whether this virus or not stay away from me. Well, I don't know anybody weight, but the junta, saying, generally speaking, don't need to be near. You don't need to be near me either. We don't need we don't need to be in close contact. Let's call: what do you want what do you want? What is how close contact for you? I just want to know what I mean I'd like
bigger table between us. If I was you ask about seven feet apart from each other like I, why don't like? I do like close talkers benign all our close, and I don't like anybody whose right up, in my face it like there's a certain eventually evil that I like being in my personal space, its limited is very limited. You, if you are talking about five feet,. That was she's about where we are now about six or seven, six or seven. I find this in that year, deal closer to me than this now in an lurk space and not you, but I mean, if we're in the hallway, where a lot closer than this, where we're talking walking down the hallway we're not seven feet apart from each other, etc, where more like two or three feet, it would be a little weird. Have a private conversation, enthusiasm, distant, hey doesn't work, so
new space that they want. The worst thing you can do right, go to a concert, go with a crowd, go to a movie theater, not supposed to do any of that. Yet a cancelling sporting event, brows everything right. Here's, the London mayor among Mayor Con. He was challenged by What what tell you in a second, he was challenged for his wrists for his statement. That quote, there is no risk of catching. ITALY Corona virus. By packing one of these cities, trains subways or buses No risk really I'm quoting its very it's very important. We don't spread panic or alarm based on Miss information there, is no risk in using the tube or buses or other forms of public transportation. He would to know that five million people are on the London subways every day and
six million on the buses? He said? There is no risk of jamming. Alongside between five hundred and twenty thousand people, a concert. What it excuse me Tom now, certainly there might be over What are you talking about you? Of course there are, of course, there's a requires everybody. Shutting there be no companies down and having everybody work at home now. Certainly there might be over their idea it too far. A step at this point in time we obviously weena we're still coming in here now. Let most businesses are in certain areas, though there not there haven't you, wherefore moment he's onto I mean I've. I mastered the ability to ride the New York subways without touching anything, and it takes member net dear ever that
yeah yeah I mean I could master all of the doors everything without touching anything just using my elbows, and you can do it. It takes work, but you can do it, but I Not get onto a subway today, would you with this going on get onto a subway? I pray. But believe would reach you know, but I'd walk. If I could, I dont know how to get into a cloud or anything else. Look those I supported this- always always the last resort as it now, but I didn't use it, I would get every it into a subway anyway, is because there was some horrific traffic back up that I needed it right every day. I now then I stopped doing if we could get a Texas for driving, but now I mean I dearly I'd like to this always the pleasant experience now, thus is so, but I genuinely eating, is we have better with different people get out and out of it, I gotta. Imagine it also euro, not in a cab with another. What three hundred
people in the same year, all Bruno screw stand together. You I wouldn't get into a cab either, but it's better than a subway. How can this guy possibly say when the world is saying stay home? Don't worry, you can get into the crowded subway? It's all good. I wonder what is he he's? If I remember correctly, a massive liberal, crazy person base area is treating about Trump visiting, was neither Guide Ojeda and is like trumpet beat up for we went over what he said, which was the only thing you might be able to be critical at in the slightest about trumps statement is that you know,
a hunch might not be the best way of freezing uncertainty about a mortality rate, but what he is saying that he is actually trying to communicate the uncertainty. Exactly does not say for sure it's going to be one percent. Will you said I am believes it will be. He's he's saying the same thing that they set in the New England Journal of Medicine. Same thing. He just different words. This guy is saying the opposite of what everybody else's. What are you saying is legitimately dangerous right like it, you know that there is no risk. While there is a risk you should everything you can to protect yourself an end to take basic steps? You can't be perfectly It sees gonna give spot the virus walk another certain dodge it, but you can wash your hands and you can do the basics. Staying out of aim an area where you wear it. What is enclosed, that thousands of people go shuttle themselves in and out of millions actually in this case shut themselves in and out of it totally safe thing to try to avoid. That is by the way you know who the common sense person was in this conversation. That one is like excuse me, peers, Morgan
see. That's how much you can that's how much the wireless change is there a portal between here and England where, like peers, Morgan, when he crosses to this side of the ocean, turns into the biggest idiot in the world and crosses back any become smart again? Is that possible right, remember, house she'll do ITALY was only has on CNN. What is because I think it over there he's talking about his country over here. Is I get all this constitution like? Do you don't even understand, and now he had no you're coming from a country where their banning knives butter knives, I mean STAR Data, that's interesting appears is, he seems to have a personal relationship with Trump and I dont avenge that flavors his coverage, because, if I can't imagine is IRAN a celebrity celebrity apprentice, they ve had a long relationship. I can imagine he would be as positive towards Trump if he did not have that relationship.
But he does. He said a lot of things that were very positive doors. Trouble right. You don't hear a lot about in the media and Morgan if he was still that that peers, mordant from CNN he be doing, breathing they Chris Cuomo, is doing in Don Lemon and all the other people better. There we're here the worst offender back in the day by the way sixty two year old man in Spain, the fur the corona virus patient to believe to made a full recovery after being treated with an HIV drugs? Oh yeah, they're trying these different drugs. They thought that this girl virus had some things in common with HIV and could be beaten by some of the HIV drugs. This is the sky, to make a full recovery after treated with his HIV drugs. So that is really good news that just tap and China is also testing. A version of this as well in their country, is called a m a bullet. And they say they just inject one right into your head, our. How has it one on the bullet
kills all viruses all viruses, real yeah. It works. I guess it sell your level at some point, but it's over really yeah, it's isn't it. I was reading about that. All in all, it has the only delay downsize, occasionally some of the virus platters up against the wall, yeah there's bleeding issues there are still working on, but they'll get that down China, although get down there as they will. It's amazing too that this does not get called for what it is, which is a global pandemic, that was, by communism, which is so by the way, a global pandemic. Communism kills a lot more people than the corona virus. That's for sure yeah, but I mean no. They seem to be completely free of blame here from unleashing this on the world. They made a little mistake by
by hiding this for a few weeks when they knew about it and not letting their doctors actually communicate the medical information they found yet completely forgotten, and it is very similar to Chernobyl except much much much worse than Chernobyl. Was tuna knowable? Wasn't that path of fifty seven people die? Almost all of them were working on site. That day, there will be ain't. You know, overtime, says you ve. I then there will be an increased cancer occurrence in the close near by areas that could kill, a decent amount of people in the future, but not going anywhere near record of ours does just this year. No just this year and they know that's besides fact that at that time they were projecting that caught kill. Maybe five hundred thousand people immediately did not happen at all and but what do what was income, and there was a communist government handling, something because it embarrassed them.
And an unleashing it on their own people and, in this case, the entire world So let me just give you one real quick Biden up. They do we have the binding theme song here, as he looks like he is trying to find his way to the podium now. This is just like one of his sentences, and it has the same roller coaster arrives. I just love. This is feel like what job at exactly the right idea, the president I've gotta be thereby money not send it right. The issue with Joe Biden is his brain is always buffering Beth it. That is the clear guy Sidney just this anyway, the president, the president, has been mocking the campaign gaff saying there's some.
Then go around up their meaning Joe Biden. Any said I was, I was really upset. He was met, mentally set for Bernie a communist, and then we have this crazy thing that happened on Tuesday. We know which he thought was on Thursday He introduces his wife is as his sister and and then says, of the hundred fifty million people working with guns and he's right for the: U S Senate, he said I just I think there something I think, there's something damaged. I'm wondering if there's something damaged about Biden, your hearing this from the left, your hearing, this from the right you're Your hearing this with your ears, you catch him, and it just doesn't feel right it does it look like it's right and it we are talking to forget the whole thing about how
and take it through sentences. Unease. You know groping pill, people all the time, nice groping always ease, and may you re telling their hair. He sends us now and I'm going to your hair smells like all reflect off, the little goofy. I think we all legitimately look at bite in feel, like not good about they cannot be if you feel bad for him in a way because it seems like something's going wrong but separate from that the democratic. Basically have handed there shot at the presidency, which this point right now is probably a forty five percent chance to win the election to a guy who quite clearly does not seem competent to run the United States of America. There's one thing to say this: guy's crazy. No, this guy like ideas is, is probably early
in the early part of dementia. Obviously we have no idea of the medical diagnosis they're out. It does look. We ve all seen this happen. We all have had relatives where this has happened. Where things have slowed down, we seems to be falling every pattern. What's crazy is we would not? If that was our grand grandparent or our dad? We were I'd- say dad ear, gotta, stop you gotta. We would take the keys away from we're thinking the country of giving him the nuclear keys per telling him hate your fit to drive the country. None of us would feel comfortable if that was our family member with him driving our car, let alone drive the country if he wins this nomination. His pick of the vice president is going to be the biggest one of all time. It's gonna be the most importantly, their most important pick of all time. Yet I wanna talk to you about hustler turf. They
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This is a good one back programme. Welcome to look after the show it is Friday, which is which is great. Having plan for the weekend scurvy morning the loss of Elizabeth warns campaign home, I'm so depressed. I too take down my Elizabeth, worn for president treat you did. I had it all decorated ready to go now. I know I didn't want her to be president because she's a woman- and I can't I would not want a woman to be present at that skews the expression, but it is twenty. Twenty two I had the vagina tree. Allow I was amazed by how other think pieces coming up from feminist now. You know what that's the only reason she was a woman one of em its entitled. America punish Elizabeth worn for her competence. No American didn't! Can we stop that America dinner Democrats head
I believe that its all Democrats and progressives all the people who are like you are just such a sergeant is now. I have no problem our vote for Nicky Hayley and twenty twenty. Four, I all campaign for Nicky Alien, twenty twenty four. No, I won't because it always means the kiss of death and she wouldn't when I do whatever I can to help her by not endorsing a her, not helping. It wasn't us that voted in your primary and voted all the women out. It wasn't us that voted in your primaries and got rid of all the people of color and it's not us whose ignoring the only female person of color left in the race Dulcy gathered. That's not us! That's you you're the one that I love the not ass. I love this. They have
they're the ones with the problem. They are the ones who always noticed said. Martin Luther king was right. Don't judge me by that I mean you, don't even notice it they do. That's all they seem to notice how about we just do not content of character, their ideas. You know they're not sending their San sun over to make millions of our backing in bad countries. Corruption about things like that, you know
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