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Coronavirus: The Economic Black Plague Is Just Beginning | 3/9/20

2020-03-09 | 🔗

The coronavirus threatens the economy much more than it threatens us. But in a political move, an MSNBC panel suggests that it could be “Trump’s Katrina.” Massive events like SXSW have been canceled, and Italy has quarantined a fourth of its population. The Dow opened so low it had to be paused, and one CPAC attendee was infected, but the president’s job is to keep calm. Glenn explains how small businesses and franchises like Starbucks are only beginning to be impacted by quarantining. Restoring the Covenant will happen, whether in person or virtually, and the words of Abraham Lincoln remind us why. And in today’s coronavirus update, U.S. cases spike as testing begins, but many are recovering worldwide.

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