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Costume of Moral Puffery? | Guests: Justin Haskins, David J. Harris, & John Lott | 3/12/19

2019-03-12 | 🔗
Hour 1 Amen Tucker Carlson? Without naming Media Matters, Carlson said forces on "the left" have been "working hard to kill this show" ever since it premiered in 2016? Media Matters, a modern day KKK? Follow the money?    Hour 2 Socialism is Evil, with author Justin Haskins? At the end of the day the Lefts goals are all the same? Go read the Soviet Unions Constitution? Courage is Contagious with author David J. Harris, 'Why I Couldn't Stay Silent'. One man's battle as a black conservative?    Hour 3 Bubba the Love Sponge joins the show to talk Tucker? Tucker Carlson is not a racist? 'Red Flag' gun laws, John Lott breaks down the newly proposed 'red flag' gun law I-639 initiative? Gun owning states are dwindling? Blaze TV Exposes Ilhan Omar, watch it for Free at GlennBeck.com 

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