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COVID PTSD: If You Hear 'National Emergency,' Run! | Guests: Vivek Ramaswamy & Eric July | 7/20/22

2022-07-20 | 🔗

President Biden is considering implementing two national emergencies regarding abortion and climate change, giving him terrifying powers. Glenn explains the ambiguity of PEADs, what they are, how they're enacted, and the powers they grant. The Democrats were terrified of President Trump abusing national emergencies, but that fear has disappeared under Biden. Author of "Nation of Victims" Vivek Ramaswamy joins to explain the downfall of BlackRock's profit and if ESG or the economy is to blame. Glenn reads the stories of three nominees for his badge of merit award. Glenn and Pat share the newest definition of "woman" and discuss the Left's latest fearmongering. BlazeTV contributor and founder of Rippaverse Comics Eric July joins to share what led him to launch his own comic book company.

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