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Dangers of Dehumanizing | Guest: Dave Isay | 5/13/19

2019-05-13 | 🔗
Hour 1 Breaking from Bette Midler sex. The actress Joins Sex Strike to Protest Georgia 'Heartbeat' Law ...Stu was just Yahoo'ed. Years of his emails we're just deleted ...Re branding Beto is underway and Pete Buttigieg is just a 'generational thing' ...The Media omits important details on most recent school shooting  Hour 2 Barking at Iran. Tensions of war ramp up. President Trump is bankrupting Iran while calling out John Kerry ...Rashida Tlaib stands by Holocaust comments ...A Mother's Day Game of Thrones Stu Recap ...Are You Kidding Me News Hour 3 Humanity over disagreement with StoryCorps, Dave Isay. Tensions are tightening on both sides, we are not seeing each other as 'human.' A father and son discussion for the ages ...Is Life Really That Bad in 2019. Poverty is down and people are living longer. Modern medicine miracles hit home for Glenn

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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is their Glenn Back Programme, America, please do not freak out about this- came. Don't freak out Bed meddler,
has joined, Melissa, massaging of most masonic bodies, anger, Alot of MILAN no asses and there the illicit MILAN out of some Melissa, pollyanna mulatto. Thank you for Ben I've. Just so upset about this whole thing. I could barely even your broken up. I hate to even think about what she's doing and now that bad meddler has as joint in trouble. There's a there's: a sex strike going on right now and guys sorry, but metaphors off the table, don't set it gotta say it anyway. My week, if you don't know what this is all about, oh you will you: will nag land back programme ready, so I got next year. What do we get these stew
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promo code Ex wheels, wow also now that Georgia signed and, of course, the heart beat bill which laws, abortion in Georgia once in the ultrasound, detects an unborn child heartbeat? Now, hateful as the high now a clump of cells or a clump of skin or a tumor doesn't have a heartbeat child does. And so mulatto is come out and said our reproductive rights are being erased. No, you can reproduce you can reproduce you can reproduce are not reproduce. You can do that. You just can't kill chilled along the way. How hard is that
she said until women have legal control over their own bodies. We just cannot risk pregnancy, so join me by not having sex until we get proudly autonomy back, I'm cool for a sex strike, pass it on. Amanda one insult these women, but No one cares about your bodies. You can do whatever you want with your bodies. You can do whatever we we allow you to do all sorts of weird stuff, we allow you to me to have power. Six surgery to make. You look like a cat that something that is allowed in our society. You can put horns artificial horns on the top of your head, so you can be really cares a devil or a unicorn or whatever you like, leading pierce in every inch of your body. It doesn't matter you can you can have a sex change, you can. Take your body and soul mutilated You are no longer the gender that you leave.
Born ass. It's pretty we're pretty cool with all of you know I mean I just can't. I can't do it to some, and this is what we say the same thing about sex changes. You just can't do it to someone who is not of age to make the decision. That's it. I'm gonna like really at that point we. There is a problem with it. You should have another person You should be able to force your will on another person who can't make the decision for themselves and someone who is maybe seven months you know it into the process of pregnancy and is not yet born. Still very much alive and could be borne. That person should be. They make their choice about whether they want to live a crisis of the really controversial. Here I think, maybe not I am for end of life decisions I'm not for doktor assisted, but I am for end of life decision. If you are in so much pain, you're, just like I'm just I can't do this anymore
I believe it is your right to do it. I don't think it's right, I don't I don't recommended, but is your right. Kill yourself? I believe. Without being sad it not your right to kill something that you our growing inside of you one hundred percent about the other person, you just came out of our decisions for other people and make keep complaining as like all their they won't. Even If the pregnant or not. Will I mean that's probably a great time if you go, I also this, it would be a rational debate in this country. If A crazy left wing position was the morning after pill right like if that with this debate Republicans were saying, you know what no abortion and democratic thing you know what there should be a morning after pill. He should be able to have that. So you have a night where you did something that you regret and you're worried about it. You should be
before even know that you're pregnant they take this pill and then ended in, and we will never even now correct again like that, doesn't make me exe about the thing, but the idea that the debate instead is happening at I dont know it see five minutes before birth or five minutes after when, when should we allow this to go to and that Similarly, the debate is terrifying immediately If you had an idea that it was Ok, you did. It was safe, rare and legal. Even robbing another meeting. We all safe, rare and legal that was saying look. This is eight Ragin track choice that some people have to make, but safe, rare and legal is not like hey. This is the way I do birth control. Now I got an off another one eye celebrate and shit
my abortion. Oh you know my favorite abortion that psychotic behaviour yeah, I mean the the republican position. Right now is essentially, let's go back to mildly. Close to rovers is weighed. Like all we to try to overturn rovers his weight, forces weight is a concern. Conservative dream right now, but compared to what we have rovers is weighed basically said. First trimester, I mean could get it in second trimester, but it could be regulated in the second trimester and it could be completely outlawed and third trimester, that's rovers, his weight. We ve moved so far from that too. To where we are now you you you talk about a hard core right wing she student reverse, while going seventy miles an hour in one direction. That would be going back to rovers wait right now it won't even close to it and I mean they so the it is amazing. Did you see all of the things that came out this weekend about the the Democrats? what are now saying on the road there now saying
what was it better? I you know what, if had the power. I absolutely get rid of all the guns. I mean what, if what, if what happened to you know what we are really strong believers of these second amendment and we we care about their. I am a gun. Odor, I've seen a gun before there's been a god in a restaurant, I went on the wall and that is the basic law. Mr Gun, let me tell you I practically the and our re myself. I love guns- I remember my father watching. I think it was Gunsmoke on television need, so I have that part of my heritages. Well, I understand it orders looking for common sense measures and I let me tell you about it you'll. Let me let me try out about five victims, families right now to make a cry, and hopefully it will make you sell emotional. You change your mind and then forget that I have been settled this. That's me sickly, where they are and now all of a sudden there admitting oh now now they are admitting it and they now look on all the way to the level of risk,
strict in sex from Alyssa mulatto once it's a problem with that and bad metzler. Now you might say so the mulatto yummy There was at least a time and where people arrested and just things right back thing, I don't even think there was a year here of all years, people were like, please, no, don't know, restrict the bet middle or sex. That's at the top of my priority list of cancer. There was never a moment any person in human history where there are like. Ah, but what about my bet her sex she says our reproductive rights are being erased until women have legal control over own bodies, we can't risk pregnancy joy, by not having sex until we get our bodily autonomy back, wait a minute just as I get so, your your your solution. Here is abstinence because can't kill your baby that
a crazy idea, heads and crazy idea. Aren't they just executing bodily control? There is thereby not having sex there actually executing the that they say they don't have which is attached to me over their bodies. Yes, there saying we're, not gonna have sex. Yes, like this are actually doing the thing they say they don't have yet to prove they don't have it and it's very feminist its view a feminist to to bribe men with sacks.
Four things that you are lodgings at your cell affair. The sounds tat. Your point is really. I will give you the sex when you do what we want this work for that. For that reason, it's crazy so anyway, so if you are thinking about ass at meddler in your eyes, this is my weak. I gotta shouted bed meddler. I thought this was going to be the week. This is the chance that I had her and then here it is no sorry how I hate to start your Monday. We now, I will say the upside of I mean we knew it. We don't know a week ago, Supreme Court. We don't know what the spanish law George. It may never save one babies life, but at least it's doing this. It's giving the world a break from bet. Meddler sex for at least some are sponsor his hat valor. Whoever the man in her life is like a fake.
Is secretly like didn't giving money to pro left like an arrow like ours is all around America. I hear footsteps coming towards the environment like no not tonight, please not tonight, I'm sleeping I'm sleeping s, leaving anyway, I simply safe Here's. Here's a perfect lessen. Our culture is crumbled in America Bird. Where's bunch burglars been caught. They were ass, why they were burglar, rising people's homes. They they had a right to the nice things in people's homes. If they didn't burglar alarm I made fair trade off right. It's up to you to get the burglar alarm. I mean No have? You don't have the alarm. Of course people can come in and take your stuff, I mean it makes a lot of sense, sure sure they have a right like they don't care enough to pretend did so it is our invitation to go in and get it because we deserve it. If we can get it we deserve it. I mean we are turning into a society that I mean
is anybody left or right thing- we're on the right track seriously. Do you see all of the things that were starting to do? It's like we're on the road to absolute hell, possibly literally ended there. I ended so obvious. I know Her thought I think this do we talked about this, a re right around the veto of the nine eleven that there will come a time when we wouldn't understand each other. That's veto, role and in many ways that you men's love, for man would wax cold in and you know me there's wooden love their children and and wouldn't understand the other side they just you know, like how could you live in a society where each all was so apparent and never notice it we're there. I mean
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if its active or if it's just another burglar alarm going off its like. You The car alarm goes, our people can look. Guys, it's nothing Sometimes it is that, they're, giving you this video camera, because you have video evidence of somebody trying to get in. If you have the monitoring, when they call nine one one, you get priority service because it can say we have an active burglar, anyway, simply safe, back dotcom that simply safe back dotcom. Will there now tens station idea, So how is Europe whose your mother's day we can it was, was sir, it was. Very nice was good
your ears as well. I assume I'm not a mother. So thank you for asking that's a weird question to ask another that same question. However, you ass, I may well just because you didn't mind, it doesn't mean I can't caught some game thrones. Yeah last night's game of Thrones a treaty. I gotta be a hard one. I'm gonna have to I'm going to have to edit a little bit. I think of you. I have to look at it because you don't want to give any spoilers and last night was an end. Ridable episode. There probably a lot of spoilers in their? Luckily, I dont know who what any of them? Why, then? That is a thing I could now so I said I wanna make sure somebody looks over your script. That watches it to make sure there's no spoiler, send it this. Is it one more episode- and I gone it, I'm up in the mountains with for the final episode, that's cause you're going week? Yes next week, yeah, that's true, that's a big!
that's a big issue! Maybe we can well. I will get people enough time to catch up and we can do the final episode discussion when you come back. Maybe that's it one option Gregory one little parenting thing that happened to me that we got to go. So when my kids were born I decided to. I came here where I got this idea, but somebody website is to start an email address for them for each gets an email address and then I send them emails haven't setting him emails since birth. Oh, how coolly little things and then they don't know it. They don't know it, and so little little things ain't. I notice or a little cool moments that we had a throw picture in their little piece of advice that maybe I think thoughts or does toss it in there, and so they were these Yahoo email address as I started up seven years ago, and so I ve been e mailing. It's not like constant, as I tend to debt, really cool. It's I like it because I think at some point there can be no opening up and see all these things are not lessen, really cool in school. I was going to last night.
I got an email back from from Yahoo known. That said, no hey your cause! I sent a video little video of us together to one of the email addresses and they about it that back in about back, has acquired that boats, so I sign into it no emails in there. Just a lawyer and awaiting May Alban arrest and am I mean, it was an access. I don't know they didn't didn't. I looked all over to try to find new them. Given meal alerted this, and I usually I'll go into the email address every couple months, just to make sure that its active. Make sure they send emails, so that is active still getting them mean, there's no spare anything in there, it's just all my emails of all these moments, and so I went into bed. Email addresses are completely empty. Now, and I am our losing my. I am I d panic. Open there, some way that can be recovered, a you should have gone with the Glen backed our come address. Well, I wouldn't, if that's what you will have done that to you, My least I would have. I would have done it too.
Who had you not paid he'll be holding my bike, China, kids, I would. I would be why hey I've got to get rid of this space. My could keep my gas. What's it worth to you, I mean I guess I sex with that meddler I I guess I should again with Gmail, or maybe it's just a cork in order to be able to figure out what you have to call it. We have let's follow this. I am in panic, I will tell you this is my greatest fear on pictures, forceful, None of the pictures we have you know it will occasionally we will get. You know above the thing were, I think twitter. Does this work you can tweak pictures and then they make a book out of it and you can also send stuff, but we jump. All of our pictures on tour. Under our computer yeah, and we have tens of thousands of them. We have the art,
is problem that we had when I was growing up. I was urgent help, those like no pictures and re yeah. Here you are you're born here's, your first birthday here you aren't graduation bright, light weight lap into my life, but now is everything every practically every food in every region, a restaurant. You know: here's a bit or of the menu here's the picture of the picture of the food? Here's the act, will food and the picture of the food I mean it raise it's crazy. How much stuff we have but in time. If we know that we know that the the cloud goes down or if you d, even have it on the cloud, if you have it on your computer, we have one computer one hard drive that the camp your went down so we'd I assume that the pictures are still on their were lugging around this old computer. Because we hope that pictures. Still on it,
that's my worst nightmare us something happens and it's all gone and I've had left Euro two with loud with a cloud service. I signed up and paid all this money over these years to do all the cloud Serbs from all these old computers and then one go on there and it won't give me any access to it. And now I'm gonna know what they did is They say decided to charge my credit card for the year when I had done like ten years. I ve been on this thing and they decided to do it for a year and because, credit card number changed. They sent me like two alerts. That said: hey your crept, prettier things approach, they went into my spam and then they just delete it at all. How likely is like no way of
right here. I've allegation is now a lap and allow all I'm gonna, be thinking about Digital back up the little back up everything, and then I've got a scarcity and p. Now it had, I pointed out and put it into a vault in the ground making faraday cages, although, as you would like to thank you for that, A great great, weekend physically this weekend until yesterday, and what are they? do yesterday. Oh, I didn't take my really factor. What a surprise that were just shut up, anyway, if you're in constant pain, you're, not alone, millions of Americans feel exactly the same way. Please if you're. If your hearing me and you are in pain- and you ve rolled your eyes at this- like it's not gonna work for me, please just try it it's twenty dollars just to try it
I know I spent two years dismissing these commercials done by other people My god only knows it's not gonna work for me. It did it is changed my life please if you or summit, if you're, if your Lisbon or your wife is in pain. Just do just get this Try it for three weeks. Seventy percent of the people they try it it works. Please give it a shot. Get your life back, its relief factor, dotcom relief factor, dot com go there now. Welcome to the programme were glad you're here boy. That Democrats had an interesting weekend, as they were out campaigning lot of new ideas. Lotta new ideas, all man, you know like I'm gonna, just grab guns the liked me and I'll just take away everybody's gun,
some really some really good ideas. Also, I saw that welcome to Pat Grey a better, is reintroducing himself yeah. Well, Initially, he left the campaign because he had a crisis at home. They lost their turtle. Go home and help find a turtle lost. It did who's, the turtle unloosen loosen the end but ragged Jimmy slow, but that I went home, ok to find a turtle ended. They found the term.
So it's ok, I'll get him down, deter under their of the informal fine in the driveway job. Better came about always at others, campaigns on here to state the data so that this he's he's going to reintroduce himself, which is terrific cause, because I don't know who he is so this will this time he's gotta be Robert though they or or but it and I'm from Managua, because the El Paso better thing Juliet thoroughly, not work now we're so he had so much promise. He did so much. It's interesting, is Nick? Is he and so much momentum, even the losing to TED crews, and he is lost
All of that momentum, because he's not real he's, not another real democrats understand. Ah yes, his at the end thing about dead. Oh here in Texas was not really about Baddow. It was about, let's take This is all I was a not over welding performance. Better. Was it before outperformed other Democrats by about two or three points, and he wasn't. It was not as good as everyone said with all that money and it was just a good Democrat year. The one thing he did do well was raised Montrose money. He were he raised a lot of hers. Everyone thought he was. You know the White Jesus what do you think of me as an end as opposed to the hispanic Jesus? They allow are familiar with it? S right and he wanted everyone to think he was the hispanic Jesus. Actually he was actually a white Irish Jesus Sunrise, sad We are here, in any case,
used to raise money well up until like the first day of his campaign, where he destroyed even Bernice fundraising for the first day and finished pretty solidly in the quarter, but people started looking at the numbers and said hey. He raised like tooth words of his money on the first day, bands and not a good sign. Why did he then he staring body able to money, everybody was gonna, be innocent. Yeah yeah, it looked like now Kirsten Jellyband. She says she's not doing well, because gender bias Convenient tells great I'll, just that I'm just needs to be reintroduced. Kirsten guilder. Bran issue just needs to be a man than a yes. She said it all just the underground. She said it's just gender bias. I think people generally are biased against women. I want them. Voters are because I They were the ones that we're here to save all women from everything, because
appalling them. They keep saying no to Eu Kirsten, but they're. All just bonuses. Origin is yes, they are, as they are come on. Let Harris's is having much better luck, then her. So as Elizabeth Warren. Well, but common Harris this weekend. Do you see her? Yes, in fact we have that little segment between her and and what's his face on CNN Jake, Tapir inherited they'll. All OH says: quote ever the individual who is a resident of the United States, is entitled to benefits for our services. Under this act, not every endeavour, the citizen, but every endeavour it was a resident, so you support giving you Healthcare Medicare for all the people are in this country illegally. I may just be very clear about them, please close to any policy that will deny in our country any human being from access to public safety, public education or public health
period set out of danger, except for an unborn human being I got Fetnah could pound sand derogatory? They gonna die on the counter right that I see all she also said I am proposing that it by my one hundred day in office when elected President Eyes states if the United Its Congress has not put a gun bill on my desk. I would we'll take executive action because that's what's needed action that's right into the quarry Booker thing who also came out and said: if it were up to him, He would he would ban gun, he would take guns away from people, and you know I think you're going pointed out earlier. It used to be that they'd say all the time. You hope buddies dog at about David, your guns, away, directly, all love the second amendment, we're just for common sense reform. Here, that's another! Just again there their name,
the anti Second amendment activist, all of a sudden yeah, it's a mate. How far, though go not admit it right now that it's trendy to admit these things there admitting it it's, If you remember, the same thing happened with Barack Obama when Brow Obama was a local politicians. It was trendy to say you were first single payer right, so he was saying it overtly and then we said hey did you guys notice that he was saying what single payer healthcare? That's credit score is very that's a conspiracy theory. He'll hear it is now there's they're doing the same as that things have now. International stage is pretty amazing. He added basically deny that at the time perhaps the best performances of the weak and those from Erics. Well well, who has decided to get to really entice people to donate to campaign, because if you gather twenty five donors for him, you get twenty five donors. An you bundle them up for Erics well. Well, he is giving up prizes. You get twenty five donors, he'll give you a sticker
of course, for a whole stick around and when you have to get snickey I'll write itself. It one where the sector piece of paper- and you have to stick stuff on the back to make it stick years, inoculate, unfortunately come sticking. Wow now, stick it on things now does a wall while on it doesn't yeah does does swarming. Who wants that, while everybody who loves Derek swell? Well, I mean really, if you ask me, get him donors, so I could have a sticker yeah that doesn't have his name on it. I think I'm more apt to get it, don't Haitians, what? How do you feel about the Eric Swallow buttons? Because if you get it, we can bundle, donors warm, you get a button the donors get you have button, you idiot awaited stickers and buttons rallies, yes, exited terrible rises and sticker. He's got. If you get seventy five donors forum, then you'll get swell well shoelaces shot them hashtag swell welling, shoelaces,
Swell Welling was allowing shoot and then, if you get up to one fifty he'll give your cap What you're, not smart enough to figure out the butt those stickers. You think we're figure out the shoelaces. Now it only takes a hunt. Donors in order to get a t, shirt so and then, if you the one fifty he'll give your cap? not only I had all it does- is donors. A hundred and fifty dollars. I dont know if he noticed this
Those things are not of great value in her letter that you want what I wish that you wire pull wearing those. So your message gets out yeah, I don't know you know that it's do when they have money right, like or broadcasting here all week had come down to get a free coups D. Now I'm not gonna drive forty five minutes to get a cosy. That's about will please aid is doing right now that would be get a boss. And dvd report now, free teetered or why there is no further why buses are not just coming into the parking lot left and right by the way better. Has also revealed a new plan D. As for wealth this weekend, He said it so that we have one very obvious opportunity. But it will be insufficient when we look at the facts,
There are ten times the wealth today in White America than there is in black America and families have been able to successfully pass on that wealth over time. We know for our history of red lining and excluding African Americans from the ability to build well through home purchases, that opportunity doesn't exist for much of the country, but what, if the tax code, better job of breaking down that accumulated well, according to what the great question taxing it. So it was not producing the greatest income and wealth inequality that we ve seen in our lifetime since the gilded age. What We decided that we use the proceeds of those tax of what is a tax code to in best in people and in it location, He is the man he said himself. He is the man qualified to lead. Racial healing
This is why he's been really mom on policies before now. Has its policies are wow how bad, how is anyone how anyone thinking about voting for any of these people that are now not even PETE booted it. I mean We can well heater while he sees doing well anyhow offering his staffers healthcare, which is nice because is made one of his main things is health care for all ye. I will not say, while not my I'm not gonna operate well when he goes up to fifty people. They'll get up
Yes, I think so much man, I love the book. By the way I did actually laugh at the Trump nickname, Alfred Newman Fer to a judge is special. When you look at the picture side by side, sweetening dear uses goes, and there was a good time you now is especially on illegal, and did you see he said? Must I don't get? It must be a generational ya had a guide to google it it's kind of funny. I just must be of generational, think alike. I he six years younger than me right people judge Rice, Basically, I ll women is right. Of course, I guess he is still our yeah. I mean people are really that into it made any more but like it was absolutely a thing in the eightys and Ninetys more than what is because when I grow up, I did you see the tweet by the way from mad PETE voted judge,
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yeah students that open fire at these stem school. The Highlands ranch in Colorado, Yes, killing one wounding eight, neither here for years in the crowd. I've, never been much worse, erect You know, you're not gonna, see you're not going to see the kind of coverage on this that we even saw about the Covington, kids This was a apparently an eighteen year old Democrat who hates Christians, and has an you know in and also with a sixteen year old, transgendered student. Apparently we don't need to cover these things. The eighteen year old killers, politics. You know. Merit little mention, but
he has unfortunately Ben Ben disruption full and inappropriate he's eggs described as an eighteen year old, bully with a history of bashing Christians and Republicans and Donald Trump. Sixteen year old, transgendered teenage child of a violent, abusive parent who was in this country well illegally. Here's, the here's, the thing the Father is. Jose even Quintana he's. Eighty three. He has a very long record. He has spent fifteen months in jail for domestic violence and menacing with a weapon he has, the long list of arrest from two thousand eight to two thousand seventeen. And he is also here in the United States illegally and he's and deported twice
he was arrested as a violent fugitive, and he was fighting extradition to New Mexico and I, deported him. A second time, but apparently these are not important facts to the media. Here is: other guy, who now has raised a kid because he is vital. To end nasty himself. He's raised a kid here who? Just went in to shoot up a school. But we don't hear about that. Did you hear about the guy Hey who threatened to kill Donald Trump along with Republicans in everything else and he's been arrested and he was just sentenced- I believe member how many years he is getting. But have you heard that story anywhere
I keep hearing about all of these threats. Are we? Could we also got a new terror camp found in Alabama over the weekend? Same Geier relate to. The bet would have the one in most no that's no desert and remember that. No that's in New Mexico that guy is totally cool now. Well, now always are not an odious found, the body of a child there. No, but that has nothing to do with islamic extremism whatsoever. Even though is dad you no part of the world great centre bombing stop the auto islamophobia. So much Hilary talk to a little bit about real estate agents. I trust outcome real estate agents. I trust, is a company that I started several years ago, because I was really frustrated with the real estate agents. Tony and I were fighting Brief single time we tried to buy or sell a house,
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the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen Back Programme, so are we going to war with IRAN, if you ve been thinking of that at all of you, but you're, probably one of the few, but it does seem like we are on a collision course with a rag and there's some. Some other is la make fun that we should probably talk about. I know it's Monday, don't start don't start with me. I know we'll get we're going at this. Heavy eaten of our plate in India to some things that we want to talk about this we need to talk about, ran in sixty seconds. This is that land programme. People put things on the curb that they give away all the time, but you wouldn't put.
Things on the curb of actual value right. You wouldn't do that, it's ok, you're stereo equipment that doesn't work anymore. I'd like your old, VHF S, machine right that you stuck out there. The law I mean if it doesn't work, mishap, if it doesn't work is completely useless d s right so dune put things out on the public, curb if you don't want the man that public curb when it comes to the internet is public wifi, public. Why FI is really honestly the curb. Even if its password protected. U r B, followed. You not paranoid if you're being followed, if it's true, but you are being followed, your being followed by Facebook, Google and everybody else there tracking every move you make now saying that its anything nefarious per saying our you're doing anything nefarious. I just don't like did you see the Google Odoacer and I go Amazon came out and said there listening to Alexa that they have
actual people here, listen to even in intimate conversations through your Alexa resolve any care, doesn't seem like it. I know I really does have one sitting in my house, as I have intimate cover sick of several actions do you really have a bunch of those thanks man? I will never understand it once you get used to walking by something and asking if the weather- and it has the answer- you can't go back, just to law and leaves you too difficult for us this, my wife- and I we have this conversational time shall be like. I can't get rid of my phone like what I should like I've too much to do every day. I've got to have access to the thought and I'm You know just eight years ago Oh, you are vying without area. We somehow may through that. Somehow we did it, but not. Now, anyway, you need a secure vps. That's a virtual private network, virtual prime,
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you were in military intelligence, but your knowledge of the world in last three years, Jason is re, is is remarkable. How much you know supply would assume a big nerd Yang. They worry! No. Are you really stupid before? I know you're really sharp before you you're the guy, who helped figure out what was going on with Benghazi, rent too today's two days after Benghazi happen? We had that thing nailed and Jason played a big role at I'm one thing about measures to revisit: it did the law, the accolades that have rolled in over that I mean just what wow, which has been overwhelmed and as a means of media praise for getting that whole situation right at the beginning. You guys have really to swam in that marinated hours. Now we really kind of hosting that it oh just just, live and offer that ground. Nobody, even nobody, even recognised it, but nailed it exactly what
but anyway the I did, states has received intelligence indicating that ran was preparing to attack. U S, interest or allies. In the Middle EAST last week, We told you that they were going to dispatch a battle group to the Persian Gulf. They moved a patriot missile battery Anna Squadron of beef. Fifty two bombers: and then late last we ran threatened to begin enriching uranium over we can yesterday to saudi oil tankers, were attacked in quote an act of sabotage near the Persian Gulf, How do you have not said who's responsible? This could be. There, because we don't know- or they are restraining due to U s pressure. But if this daddy's finger ran tension.
These are going to start to spiral out of control. What does what are we headed for Jason? I think It was interesting that I think a charming master so said at best, especially in that area, but pretty much. This is true all over the world, but he said, there's two ways to fight the United States right now one is asymmetrically. You know Cyber attack, the terrorism stuff like that you and the second way is stupidly- are stupid force on force, military, militant military. They cannot match us. No one can knowing I wanted to say this weekend, the butter. The grand Pooh BAR whatever came out and said there's no match with us. In the United States we will win yeah I thought I read: I read that nose like weep, nor did we say that Oh my gosh, they said believe, that's what they said insane and what what the
tat. They were making towards that. I'm just I'm just guessing here, but that the intelligence we got were probably these asymmetric attacks, terrorism, Hezbollah, they they can launch these all over the world. The report came out that I think you were talking about maybe last week about Hezbollah. Presence in Venezuela for crying out loud are everywhere. Hezbollah. This is this is really important. Hezbollah is one of one of Maduro main guys. Is Hizbollah guy he has been allowing extremists to come in from the Middle EAST and train and be there in Venezuela. We also know that there was another terrorist train. Camp lie the one in New Mexico that was found in where was at Alabama this weekend. And in they're here they're here we We know this and it only makes sense when you have-
a million plus people coming into the border right now, I'll coming in over our border. We know that Bela, our or Hamas has got to be. In the numbers of those who have crossed our border. So we don't know what their planning, but I I will get Don t you that there are people here from and are under a rainy in orders, radical Islam us cost,
like you sing radical Islamism. Socialists would work together and that would cascade and that baino we would finally come here to the United Haiti Stable. I I know there's another one. We ve lived off just just if they accolades coming infer that one too, that was the third parade, was a little much for yeah. That's our! At any rate, I thought the majority parade was nice. First one he get. It gets all that does not a clean up at some point. The armenian thing, I think, is going to continue acting, there's gonna be allowed Dodd barking, that's gonna continue. I do. I do not see a full on like military. You know get engaged, my hat tell you their desperate. They are dead. But we have because Donald Trump has taken the lead on this. He has crippled their economy, he is, he is taken there. What is it that
act or whatever they they're using over there. Yes, it's the yeah, yeah yeah three, it is, it has come. He has collapsed their market. Very system collapsed it It went down by what seventy four percent as soon as we applied the sanctions and it's not getting better those when back in November, and that's only going to get worse they that they, the trumpet ministration, put waivers. I think eight countries that were still receiving Iranians life, but he just last week, coincidentally, when all these tensions started a ramp up right, those are going away. Now for the past two years.
The European Union has been telling I ran now, don't do anything, Trump is gonna be out there. You know, there's a new president is one termer, and not only the opinion, but John Kerry for crying out loud has been over there telling the Iranians the same thing right. So he s been colluding with the Iranians. To say, look, don't worry about it. Keep everything in Czech we're gonna, get a new administration therein due to different way screen absolutely insane, but this is exactly what would they would have. This is where they would have been if we would have had the disastrous Randal. Yes severe recession, a collapse economy their currency in freefall. They are going to be fine to the table. We don't have to give them all this stuff. We don't have to legitimize their nuclear programme and set them up in another few years to build a make nuclear weapons anyway, which is exactly what it did. We didn't have to do, those things they are already at the negotiating their knees. Here's the thing- and I said this in two thousand five- about a ran and south korea- and I said:
South Korea is gonna happen first, but we ve got to get to South Korea and be tough Roy it now, because we they have nuclear weapons. There's only so much you can do you can't you can't be as tough and look at it what are we gonna do about South Korea or North Korea? Nothing. We have now We can do because all options at this point are horrific. We cannot allow ran to get a nuclear weapon, because once they do? You have no more good options left you're, always left with due a thing or or possibly engage in a nuclear war. You can't do that always the time, and once they get this weapon, it's too late, you ve got to be, tough on sanctions and do every you can to collapse them. Look the people want it
people there. This is not a rack, a ran. The people is different. Those p, pull, are different than the the people were in a rack and you have a chance, because the p We want revolution, but they want a stabilized, more westernized state, ran? Was a westernize stayed? It was a successful state whose, but you know, bad leadership, but it was a successful state. They experience having that kind of rule. The Most people point to ices is having the first caliphate type country, Urbino Terrorists, Dino Islamic State not know it was. I ran, I lie. I ran, was taken over by his lamas and terrorists run a country, if you want to see, find out if you take them at their word, they say they want to destroy the state in the nation of Israel. They are surrounding the nascent nation of Israel
You can't thinking conventional terms with with a with a country like that, and they are there behind the attacks on Israel do you believe me, do you believe the intelligence we got on an attack on us our assets or one of our allies. Do you think it was on us or do you think it was a ran in Israel? I I think I think it was probably both it does. It say that coincided right with the flare up seeing in Gaza. Yet exactly the same time. Yet at all that started and again it started with an Iranian funded group out Palestinians, Lama, Jihad. They are the ones that kicked off by firing at thy israeli soldiers and the two oral tankers that were blown upper it had sabotage happened to them. They were both on the way to the United States. So they are. Trying to cripple our economy.
As well, and that fits right with the intelligence is well that's an american asset on its way over here to the United States. Thank you so much. I appreciate the american finance incorporation. Animal one, eight two, three, four W w w dot, animal s, consumer access, dot, Org, so global kids are dicey again today. What is the DOW down? I saw earlier down almost dollar five hundred points before the vote, sitting today. It Sir, via thirty two, now five, thirty, two down five, thirty, two. That is what How many days in a row now we ve had up and down when there's optimism on the trade front, that goes up when there's pessimism- and you know they're gonna- be more tariffs. It goes down. China said China said you know the weekend that they're gonna retaliate when they're gonna back and hit us ardor if they do all of the time
ex benefits, you know from the Trump tax. It's all gone, it's all gone. This has been a total way. And cash. I wish the president would do, would waken to this. I'm afraid of what's gonna happen, a John, not John Bolton, but what's his name, Larry cut. From what he said this weekend, yeah, basically saying yeah, there's gonna be paying for us. I mean cargoes against the idea that these things are either the wind legists suck for everybody unfortunate everybody. Everybody losers in this anyway things or volatile. We could be looking at a war with IRAN, the bill to this election literally anything could happen. Please secure your future. If you are looking to get rid of all of your debt from Craig
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congresswoman Rashid ITALY said over the weekend on upon cast. Now she was on a podcast of skull: and the episode is tiled from Rashid O with love than this is the quota. What she said quote there's always I have a calm feeling. I tell folks that I get when I think of the Holocaust luckily, for her, there's a comma, but it doesn't get much worse, doesn't get much better There's a warm kind of calming feeling I get when I think of the Holocaust and the tragedy of the Holocaust and the facts, It was many of my ancestors, the Palestinians who lost their land and some lost their lives, their livelihood, their human dignity, their existence in many ways have been wiped out and some people's passports and all just me
does it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for the Jews. That's how she views the Holocaust that the it was her people the Palestinians that were just trying to give the Jews us safe land but safe home and they were the ones behind giving that land, Israel and the Palestinians, who are the real victims of the Holocaust. Her Acta, correct she said. All of it was in the name of trying to create a safe haven for the Jews post, the Holocaust, posted tragedy in the horrific persecution of Jews across the world of the time, and I love the fat It was my ancestors that provided that they did it in a way that took their human dignity and it was forced on them. This is Anna.
Wade's on how many levels she said, what what was the centres before that is Christ. I love the fact that was my ancestors that provided that that I don't I always solely by provided the latter. Then she later admits that she was forced on them yeah, but they did that in a way that took their human dignity and it was forced on them. That's a fascinating Innovation. I mean she obviously is saying that it was bad. She saying there was horrific persecution and she does throw that in there, but you can tell again where the priorities are the same thing with the nine eleven with Olano MAR who's, who basically look as an event in which it was sad that some bein a muslim were later in Russia. Prejudice. Where were victims of prejudice after nine eleven now looking in that is an event that was terrible biggest during those people lost their lives right of looking at it, while other people about harassed later, on which again
There is little evidence of leaving their work where there were some very isolated incidents of that it does occur from time to time, but that certainly not be General summary most Americans would take from nine eleven will that's not rewrite history here. First of all, Israel was the jewish homeland for thousands of years and fax, don't care about your feelings, the Jew began migrating back to their homeland before the Holocaust. In the late eighteen hundreds there was a movement to go back. The Balfour D, duration in nineteen, seventeen supported a to stir two state solution: the Arabs thee. Palestinians rejected that and got violent. The british saw a two state solution again in nineteen thirty, seven appeal, Commission and the Arabs rejected it. They didn't want the Jews in the area.
During World war to the palestinian leader, the grand mufti of Jerusalem, met with both hit. And Mussolini the the Palestinians, her people ally it with the Nazis. The our seas set em up with a radio broadcasts to incite violence against the Jews in the Middle EAST. He recur it Muslims into the S s after world or to nineteen. Forty eight when Israel became a nation Arabs: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, a rack invaded today drawing is real and kick out all of the Jews. They failed. They try to end. During the six day war in in nineteen, sixty seven they failed in act. There is new evidence now that shows that the grand mufti with Hitler was shown outwits. Ass for the plans and were given the plans because he wanted to build little many outwits or
over the Middle EAST to finally end the jewish problem. So what gives to leave this calming feeling rejecting that, state solution, multiple times allying with Hitler and the Nazis during the Holocaust, invading Israel directly after the Holocaust invading Israel again, two decades letter was later what what is the good, warm feeling that you get? I'd just like to know your lessening tat, Glenn Bank. The new study out of Denmark analyzing the deterioration of the attention span, which for no one is noted. I haven't even paid attention or you're saying, while he didn't get to that whole sentence: nope people, yes, partly Twitter, partly in the new cycle, how facets going around hitting them bartered by Daily news and social media and everything this going on instead focus.
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great news coming up for some kind of a kind of a you gotta be kidding me kind of news, coming up in just the same, but first Stu has his game of thrones Recap last night. Second to the last episode There are no spoilers and ass, we ve had our aim of The others at others, big spoilers, in this episode in really big revelations, know we ve had our game. The thrones fans here The staff go through stews notes and trust me what he is only seen three episodes. So what he thinks are spoilers knots boilers and that's gonna we think a wear were fancy. Music is larger This is a theme song. If you don't know, this is the reason for this is not. This is aid. This is like some thirteen year old. You know phone. Plainly, we think so
gay episode. One more episode after this right can realise that I've only seen three episodes of the show, so I dont know a lot about the shelf yeah, but this is what I learned from this most recent episode and I think I missed the last week's episode. However, its past the theme song was just so long that it that I just joined it right at last week's episodes theme song ended right, as I don't know. Maybe I think on are so uncle festers, a new character that that joined this week, he's gotta go not on go faster It looks just like you, ve been there since the beginning. I've never seen him before com, but he was writing a letter weren't. Looking. We learn that the angry elf is still alive, which exempts last week's episode faster and John Snow, whose name I actually know now. I am, I think, goatee guy yes he's now John Snow bears out one of the spoilers, not ours, That was what I learned that last hour there saying the queen doesn't want to eat and shouldn't be left alone,
you could be in Anorexia thing. I don't know exactly know. We were green blot, the blood, a blind and queen blondie. Yes, John Snow currently does not want to be king, which is something I learned here Queen Blondie, though nice open air balcony with sweet view. I mean I'm gonna wean blondie, Queen blondie she's she's living in a place, the sick aloft to some sort. It's beautiful overlooks. The entire mountain situation is very nice, probably very expensive, real estate- that's queen blondie from last night, I think so. Ok, for this. That don't leading to me one of these big, spoiler Saurozoic, ok, uncle fester, he burns is letter and he hides a ring and then Roger than beach at night. But that's when we got this huge reveals the big moment. I think in the entire series, where we it is revealed that queen blonde these name is dangerous. Now something similar, not very good at it, and they,
They called her eye generis right. I think it is not a yes and again, not not as nothing new if you're watching it at a huge to me, There was something last night that I did see about dragon and the dragons name. Did you catch that yet did not catch anything about a dragons name. No king Gos, You use you ve already said the name of the dragon was here the name of the now I'd arm over the name. I was a name that came up with the dragon yeah, I don't Ok, well, you have to watch what I'm not gonna spoil it for you. Ok, there is some hidden truth about John Snow. We don't know what it is. Something hidden he's possibly transitioned, maybe was no it I'll. Take some Joan Snow Nelson Point previously, the sooner you so queen, blondie and John Snow then make out which
you'd say well with me. Why are you saying that transition thing but again more open here? This is a right. Alright, there's always knows characters changing variety stereotypes, your kind of missing the big parts of tonight's episode, but go ahead. Having said that, it did well in this one that I really nail this one. I rarely ok, so if a city rings its bells. That means Queen Blondie is going to or generis is going to stop an attack that might happen the immense in one of them says next, Queen Blondie says to the angry elf. Next time you fail will be the last time you failed me. So It's a pretty intense part right,
with a relationship is what they have some tension there. I I'm nervous generally in this region of wherever this is taking place, which does not allow smiling. This is not a lot of happy times. Iraq ever seem to enjoy each other's color. You kind of joining the series at the worst part took, although I will tell you reflecting on it. I don't recall a lot of smiling ever exit out other black revelation. That should be our angry off of tries to tell, and there will be one can Obi character, some sort of secret. This is just medical know you're talking about at this point. You say he said he was gonna. Tell this Obi WAN Kenobi Guy a secret, but just pragmatically ledge. Stickley it's difficult because he's just so much shorter. How do you tell if you're three feet? How do you tell a six foot tall person, a secret, it's difficult,
there's a lot of at least bending involved right, but he does tries to basically just say it in a crowd which does not a good run, not a good idea. The frumpy girl she's back and this one she wants to kill someone named Souci is what I've got. And then someone known as the stupidest Lancaster is in prison that's what they call themselves the stupidest Lana sturdier. So then, angry ALF gives an emotional speech to stupid minister about basely, who was the only person or use a prison around who was nice to miss a kid or something to some like on a good middle school drama going opportunity. Then it's a stupid minister also gold hand, which seems like it would be, limiting in battle, not choice and then there's a castle. They show that may be attacked or something and where's to break into the castle have an odd gap between the doors, and I too is only just really. This is something I noticed: two lads die like they closed the door and there's like three injure for each gap and I've like what
you're trying to protect the castle. It's like a murmur to be like the bigger you're in a back up bathroom and like the most stop, this star has the odd gap, and why would they designed in that way right? Because anyone can ride- or in this case break in my which is not a good idea? It's too big armies kind of staring each other down, and that is what I did note that I don't no, a why it's important or who they are. So there there's two armies, ok facing each other, ok, Then I will say that in others. I am give anything away, but the battle earning there's a lot of stuff go on the series where a lot of people prepare. Got a big weapons and their fight and everything in their getting all excited. And then braggin just flies in and the dragon wins like in a very powerful everyone's notice. It is right, Instead of building all of the like
axes and stuff, and they have. They should probably have just worked on Dragon recruitment right like really deserve recruiter. Hatteras rankings, for there is no dragons. This is the only one left and they ve killed two of the three? It just seems like that's unlikely. There's probably of drivers haven't looked hard enough right, get unzip recruiter, ok, look for! I guess so they should have been doing yes, because they I was thinking about, maybe fire extinguishers or another good option. You know another. Some sort of asbestos suits that yes, because you will, you may be misleading and I don't know how about the next big tall guy he's with frumpy girl. I buy the dragons flame may be preferable. If I would say I you know that you get it gonna give me dry dissolved assimilated into this.
Lancaster than gotten to fight with the lead singer cold like who apparently some serious. Now. That's that's why I didn't have a piano that said: fair trade now or anything, but now it looks like him. Stupid latest, whose name is another big reveal, I think the stupid? MR revealed, is aimed at it believe it's Jim Lancaster. No, it's not him. That's not your bodies. I can imagine, Rio. It's difficult to trust. You like this really s, because you will, you may be misleading and I don't know how the next big tall guy? with frumpy girl, He goes and he's gonna have a fight or something in his name is like Sandal sand or sandal. Nothing like that he goes and he fights a giant helm, less Darth Vader in big fat Hauser, hardy exotic, see that was really good and he keeps stabbing the guy. The guy's achievements very much enjoy it. I have also noticed that there is the environmentally
some concerns about this very dusty. Throughout this entire region. I think All of this is a follow up series. It may just focus on the me so freely. Oh, my lawyers very Heineken of in advance is there's got their branding all sorts of praise. Writings yeah we gotta get you grubbing, bring a face mass or do you think that's where it started, maybe it's possible. You feel like they ve those active run enough that they may have started back in a dark age right, but I would say the two big take away our queen blonde, whose name is generis. There's a guy named sandal. A guy named Jim Lancaster, so you and those three main giveaways on game thrones less! Thank you very much, Mr Watts. First thing you do when you get into the car you just the seat How many times have you ever adjusted the seat, except been down with Europe Office Year, almost never never unless you have the next year, if you have Exchequer you do what you
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buddy, and we once a year trends transform it into a pop up museum this time, it again revolves around Abraham, Lincoln. The gettysburg address will be here, the emancipation proclamation will all, will be here, the original emancipation proclamation it it's! It's really. Some amazing amazing things on display: have you seen the wagon that they just wheeled in they actually fork lifted in the air? What's this is, and this is an old eighteen hundreds like cut Togo Wagon, there so afraid that when we lifted up again in Sicilian, a fall apart on us very rickety and incentives original its NASA, really old wagon, and thus there is a fake bottom in it where they used to. Evans we're going to be exploring slavery and freedom in a way that you will not
slaves in trying to get them out in the cover of Agnes and not be caught. With somebody in the bottom of the wagon darling waving the using fake bottoms for that back in the day. Now it's like injections for carnations those the fake bottom to now have now wrong totally different bottom that I was thinking. Societies gone downhill anyway. Some really amazing, amazing things and variants inspirational. It is about. Ray revolves around the Gettysburg address and the second inaugural speech of Abraham Lincoln. You don't want miss this museum again. It is happening. A Jew twenty ninth here in Irving, Texas and running through July. Seventh, we're going to be exploring slavery and freedom in a way that you will not be experience. In other places are transforming the studios. Now David Martin is gonna, be giving personal tours. I'm gonna be giving personal tours those too
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I mean I usually here most, I hope New Sub, be surprised. If I didn't write, I know you are you actually go too? I hope all the time you have kids love. I've happened, daddy loves it too right, so here is the here's, the problem? I hop. I hopped tweeted yesterday. If you have power, cakes in your tum tum. Does that make you a pancake mum mum to grant me mothers report, a happy mothers date, all the moms out there. So apparently this did not go over well with men, people on the left that were very upset about it, because it's well. It's not accurate that you're! The soft agus is connected
The uterus must eat my mean. Are you sure, because it's in your belly, I know baby are in the belly? That's what I read for act, but that apparently stew is not true I see the science people were the input. It was funny as to what was funny as they put a stack of pancakes in an tourism picture. So it looked like there were a stack of pancakes in this ultra sound instead of a baby. It's this is very, very learned on really worried about this year. They really were, they were really. They really did and I look pregnant when I walk out of I hope, but that's a totally different situation. Why, when you go to happen you eat. I hope when you walk out, you look pregnant yeah! That's yes, you do! Yes, you do, but apparently, this bold in accurate, tweet, enforced, I hope to have taken. Their apologizing to the american people for misleading them about pancakes,
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that also did Nancy Pelosi show bad judgment in allowing an anti Israel mom to deliver the house. Prayer he's not just an anti Israel, a mom. This is one of the more shocking guys that is it is. It is around on the few points that he has and the things that he has said in the past. For him to deliver the prayer of peace was pretty remarkable last week, will give that to you coming up in just over a minute. This is the Glen Buck Programme backed content in a minute. Young lady was looking to buy our first home here in Texas, the market. At her prey point was so hard when she went to a real estate agents. I trust outcome that she didn't know she would be able to buy a house now. This is why we we have real state agents. I trust outcome, it doesn't cost you.
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If I say founder and president of Story core is is with us and He has started a historic or in case you don't know you probably don't If you don't listen to NPR but story or is a a sir. That was started by Dave and his crew many many years ago, and What they do is they just get people stories you go into a booth and you recorded while he's starting something different.
So the one small step initiative, and when is this actual, when we start to hear the results on this Dave, I'm glad it's great. It's great stock, you gonna em. We are work in full action. We can. We have results coming in all the time. You know, ok, as at as you said, that that story, court, the standard story, Korea to people in work or a nonprofit in every possible way to people coming to talk to each other, who known love each other and with one small step, were putting people across the political divides in a boost. You know remind us that if we disagree with their actually human beings, we don't and we want them dead and when you're, seeing when you're seeing these people go in, there is a difference. People are people, say whore, all things to each other on line, and you know and social media, but when you're face to face it changes and the second thing that changes is this is being preserved by the Library of Congress. So
These voices will last in our national archives forever and people don't want to be You know able to have their grandkids look them up find their audio of them being a jerk. That's? U you you now that that's exactly why this thing works. It's it's kind of the opposite of the impermanence. A social media. People are aware that their future generation You're gonna hear it and you know- and I mean you know this as you know this very well, when your face to face with someone, you know you can build up all kinds of things in your head and social media is just that. It's a it said, dumpster fire, you know for what it does to our brains. But when you look at someone in the face and realize you know that you have families few, you love your families, we loved this country. You know I saw there was a survey that I saw since I was on last time. Forty two percent of people in each party view the opposition is downright evil. Twenty percent of Republicans and Democrats agree with the statement that their political adversaries lack the tree.
To be considered for fully human, and these number we wait. What was at last want. Twenty percent of Republicans and Democrats agree with the statement that their political adversaries lack the trade to be considered fully hugh. Twenty percent got twenty percent think that the country would be better off of large numbers of the opposition died, and these numbers are skyrocketing, that's all my gosh that, while this is a very, very serious problem that we face in this you know this goes back to this goes back to what I've been saying for a for quite some time now, and that is a? We have to ask both sides, because both sides are You are looking to win. You know what happens and we are starting to not understand each other. What happens if yours I don't care what site it is your side wins everything and you get every do that, you want,
you know. Fifty percent of the country is not going to be for that and not want to do that It's your solution, and it you're starting to look at each other as not human, we're in trouble. We know how this ends. We do, we know about not Germany Many we know about Rwanda. You know when people work all cockroaches, I mean it's it's that there is an extreme danger in dehumanizing other human beings, and we ve seen it before. We ve seen it and slavery losing it. Nazi, Germany, we ve seen it before. We cannot let the country go down this path. You know it's, it's an extermination level is potentially and we have the power. What's coming, we have the power to destroy. The entire world. Now we do, but we also have the power to become that. You know tat took to beat this and you know are at you in a look, there's nothing that our enemies would love better than to see us at each other's throats. You know
America Collapse and we have to fight this. That's the amazing thing we keep arguing in Congress and We're missing the point when it to Russia rush. I was on the air three years prior saying here. Plan. They stated it. They were looking to cause descent between each other and to cause conflict. They the only winner in this whole why two years when Russia, when Russia is involved, Russia they ve gotten breathing, they wanted and more yeah yeah. No, I mean it's, it's it's at perfectly executed and we ve we ve acted. Exactly is, as you know, are our enemies. Russian, otherwise, would hope we would show you know it's our choice and I hope it. I hope that people will consider being becoming part.
One small step. I do know we're gonna be in Dallas pretty soon and upbringing coming down for the museum. Do no, I dont know. Ok, let us know when your ear, I definitely well and and we're gonna be recording one small step interviews and if there are any I know you have a lot of listeners everywhere, but a dallas as it is, is a strong spot for you write the ones most sorry, one small step at story, court, dot, Org, one small step at story, core dot, org your wife's european dot org. If your Dallas, let us know if you want to participate while Matthew as someone who has a different political, the ology than you and your just, but they want to politics. But I to talk decently to your right. And you're just gonna talk about your lives. It's not about part arguing issues. It's not about politics, not about finding common ground as unjust, remembering that humanity
people disagree worried. So what is the? What is the story girl bring to us today? Show today is just a standard story. Course. Ory and it's great to be able to come on in play a story every month. This is just what happens in the booth. This is not one small step, it's the other half million people who participated, who just know and love each other, and this is a dad and a son from Jackson, Mississippi not too long ago there, the families name sites and they came to story or just to talk. So here's the nine year old with his father, do you remember what was do you hear we? You first saw me. I remember one at that the poor view at the first thing I was day was being too rough with you and he actually Hale drew like a little sprite he was like he's your baby. Was the most brown moment in my life. Don't hear your brother's Gaza's three, but
It was like looking at a blank canvas and imagining what you want. Their pay, and look like the am, but also nor UK control of paint strokes. You know the fear was Jays. I gotta. A black boy Mississippi, which is a tough place to bring up, is buried with their statistics. Dare say black boy born after the year, two thousand to have unwanted three chase of going to prison, our three of my sons were born after the year two thousand to show day laddie, take me to protest so much at the good. Thank you for but your reasons one is dead. I want you to see what it looks like we're. People come together, but also, that you understand it is not just about people. There are familiar you, but it's about everybody. Did you know
worked in one of the king? Was door was, for everybody knew one just for black people. Yes, this day in it there that's how you gonna think view desire. Did you wanna be a drive a day. You gonna beat him most impact, forgave travel there you can possibly be. Are you pardon me, you may address of everything about you period that they alone. But you knew no gaze upon me dish when things are always remember. He said that I come on a way out of here or like a married ago, Saddam why are you dream for me? Model for you. The live out your dreams, his old proverb, talks about when children are born. Children come out with their fears clause, because this would I keep Allah. Gifts in Asia grow yeah as learner foe, because you learn in relation give to were so.
For the rest of your life, I want to see you live with. Your has unfolded It is such a remarkable piece of Audio Dave. Thank you. So much the good to talk to you and again. If you would like to be involved, just go to one small step, please email, one small step at sea marine corps, DOT, Org that story c, o r p S, story, core dot, org. Thank you. So much Dave next month goldmine. Scaresby goldmine has a really cool co coin. That I want you to check out. Excuse me, I don't know what's wrong, I throw today exclusive to gold line. They are now selling the five dollar liberty coin of this is a really important coin. Historically, these coins were
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you just have to get down in the way the politics of the world are going and you get sucked into twitter something in your life field, Look it's going to end at any moment, it's nice to you the story, thing because you get to hear people actual element about how they really feel about their lives. It's not just the constant back and forth right, annoying, politics, cable, new style, another thing I love and when I want to get away from that is this site called human progress and it's a site that religious goes through in books for stats. I have been there, it's a may. It is an course in or as a numbers nerd I'd. I love it for that reason, but it basically just shows every once in a while. You need to stop and think about how far we ve come and how fast it happened. We forgive me lose track of that belong, but Alyssum has brought so much incredible. Bounty and and but due to the world and its constantly
can be. Nothing were seeing right now, one. You know one half of the good, was going through. Like a socialist disaster, where their view there eating dogs and animals out of his zoos, crazy, in a little north. Of that you gotta contributing know what we should. We should really it was you entertained. The socialism thing give it a world cause, it I'm sure we'll get it right and that's just is so disturbing to me it was some of this. This is how far we have come in how fast it happen in eighteen. Seventy life expectancy in Europe and the world was thirty, six and thirty years respectively. That's crazy. Eighteen, seventeen hours obviously a long time ago, but not that long, eighty one and seventy two years now, eighteen, twelve. Ninety per cent of humanity lived in extreme poverty today, less than ten percent us from ninety to ten. You know, it's amazing is people, don't they?
don't think about this loose. The black was the premise of the five thousand year leap to remember that book area five thousand year leap of never read it, you need to get it order it on Amazon concept. So great it is so great. It was this five thousand year leap we had done the same things had the same kind of life for five thousand years, then all of a sudden, right around the beginning of our nation, something happened and Look at us today. All this has happened in that period. Eighteen from Eighteen hundred, eighty eight percent of the world's population was illiterate traits. Thirteen percent and eighteen hundred forty three per of. Children died before their fifth birthday. Think about when he hurled. Forty. Three percent of children died before their fifth birth this is one or founders or in the middle of try to put this country together right now, percentages for four percent and one from forty three to four
in eighteen. Sixteen zero point: eighty seven percent of the world's population lives in a democracy in eighteen sixty today, it's fifty six percent slice improvement. Eighteen hundred food supply per person per day France, which was one of the most advanced countries in the world, was eighteen hundred and forty six calories, so most country in the world and one hundred eighteen hundred four, six dollars a day did a day to day in Africa. Two thousand six hundred and twenty four hours a day I mean remember your vision of even in the Eightys and Ninetys Regattas flies around the kids heads Ethiopia, Ethiopia. You know like auditing, whatever aid that was. We are the world where we had here nine million times, because these poor kids and of course there are real problems in Africa, not saying there aren't, but they are now on average, able to feed themselves relatively well, and in you know just in the last ten years
have changed so much. Rwanda eyes is one. Not Rwanda was the other one that had the genocide in Rwanda. When it was a genocide, yet nothing in Zimbabwe are, you know our noses Rwanda. They now have of world class banking services in parts that do indeed you couldn't do anything, you didn't have a phone now, because of the smartphone. They not only have phones, but they have world class banking service They also are able to sell all of their products, so it's changing, even the most primitive lifestyles and give In them, the ability bring themselves up out of abject poverty? Yeah, that's really exciting and really, I think, there's a tendency for I know I believe this a lot, but if it has a tendency to them ok from eighteen hundred today, yes, things of really improve. We all know that, but mostly stuff. All at improving happened a long time ago. It's not true. We should go through
if we have time here in a couple minutes go through what when, just since the turn of the century, because in that time, I feel, like most people would say things if you ve gotten worse. We know poverty, they believe. Eighty percent of people believe poverty has has is turned to the wall. Oh you mean asked this in turn of the last year is two thousand to today to the cause. It is incredible how eyes happen and we all think its negative. We all think these terrible things have gone on an and many have, but overall credible improvement. In that time, I will, and I'd like to drag the subjects. I want to tell you what's happening with my daughter, Mary. If you listen the show for years. You know that my daughter has cerebral palsy. She had strokes at birth and She has horrible epilepsy, epileptic seizures and we have tried. Absolutely everything and may we have been to the best doctors in the country.
Wow is medicine changing fast. When, when I tell you the testing that they have down on her to be able to not if she's good for brain surgery is remarkable. I mean I I things could have been done five years ago are being done and it is remarkable what medicine Can you today you're lessening TED Glenn bag man I am so excited one Friday, we announced our crews through history that is taking place next spring. We are gone to Venice? Eastern Mediterranean were visiting Croatia, Greece and Israel. In fact, kings landing is in Croatia. That's where we're going on what you see on the same, a throne, we're gonna end in Israel, where Jesus the profits, walked in the holy land I'll, be there David Bart.
We'll be there rabbi, lap and stew is actually coming on this one and bill O. So If you really want to come and learn our history, the history of the world of of being in Athens, and learning about democracy and a republic b, in Venice and learning about the enlightenment and the the beginning of the coming out on the dark ages and commerce. And then go into the holy land? This we want you to bring your family. Please go come sail away. Dot com come sail away, dot com, it's gonna, be a crews. The italian food everything else, all inclusive, including airfare, come sail away. Dotcom come sail away, dotcom check it out right now and shake
place, tv, dot com, slash, blend swinging of Israel. We have a special on Israel. It's the one year anniversary of the move to Jerusalem for the Embassy user Protocol Glenn and save ten bucks. It is It's amazing how pessimistic we might feel today. How do you know it's exam opposite of the last of the beginning of the progressive era in the progressive era, everybody had such great optimism on science and technology in there like I, I everything is going to be fixed by this and look. We can change people's eye colors no, no! You knows a brutal and ugly. We are now at a place to where all of my wildest dreams time ten times a thousand are just on the horizon and we or pessimistic
the media never tells you got any of any the progress that we actually of ache, which is fully upsetting. So, let's look at that level. The progress just in the last nineteen years. This sense the turn of the century, meaning the year thousand men after the White UK reset, and we all when it anyway. I know, however, that so gdp per person, guy globally, has rate risen since two thousand one by fifty two percent now remember You are told all the time they are in our salaries aren't going up and everything stagnated and blah blah blah blah blah Judy. Per person up fifty two percent we can go over. Some of the other end arguments to be made against that, and we ve done it before, but we'll talk about that. Maybe later in Mortality rate has dropped by thirty eight percent since two thousand one glow, my God, thirty eight percent, just since green again. This is George W Bush is president when the sea
This is not ancient stuff. Can I tell you something? You know it's phenomenal about. This is. This is who you know in Amerika, we haven't felt, fifty two percent increase in personal gdp. We haven't fell to the thirty eight percent infant mortality rate. They leave the third the eight percent of of baby there are safe now that we're dead nineteen years ago, because We ve already reached it. The people? When we talk about global warming, The left that wants to stop their earlier stubbornly unattractive set it they ve set. It can't allow these third world countries to develop like the United States, that is hard that's just for fun verifying? How is the commission at sight of some argument, as is beyond me like a we want people to be, you know to have distended stomachs and and die of starvation. Oh my god!
no and that strewn has been present since the very beginning at the global warming stuff? It is it's. You know in many ways, trees, people who live in Africa as it little paw to make sure you know look we can't we can't let them have the niceties that we have the progressive era who assured Is there not been out there not worthy of of what we have it's really disturbing life expectancy has gone up six percent since two thousand one, but let me know where that comes from what what is it? up six percent, so you get an extra fair for years of life, which is a lot in only fifteen years in thinking that right, She thought if we increase for years of life expectancy every fifteen years. That would be a very big deal: and it seems like its accelerating. However, let me give you just two break that down Sub Saharan Africa remembered we retire, mother, kids, We are the world's cannabis and Michael Jackson, Cnet Friggin song a million times remember how much they played that thing. There always begging for money on tv and all that that's back in the
he's sallies druthers, far more than just a just war five cents a day will feed this alleged from two thousand wanted today it's in Sub Saharan Africa. They are getting an extra decade of life, an extra decade of life. When I think credible and again, this is not like the centre of of the you know: the economy we'll talk about Sub Saharan Africa, where the not only to deal with a an economy that still developing- and you know it- there are essentially in the past compared to us, but also of wars breaking out in an genocides in and all sorts of, terrible things going on there, while hunger, this is talking about the how the way they measure this is the the calories per day, the average person is deprived if you're hungry. We just talk to you. A lot of people are not hungry anymore in Africa, but globally has declined by thirty three percent in essence two thousand one undernourishment. May I just say this remember what bottle said:
member bonobo you because you you to be able to say it was the kindness of the rest of the world. It was America stepping up and delivering food. I remember see, in giant bags of rice and grain sitting on docks over in Africa as we would airlift these, these huge sums of food and it would all have the american flag on it. It's at that anymore in his bottle said aid doesn't work short term aid to change. Fundamentally, it is the free market system bar no is talking about the free market system and how it is saving lives in Africa. Relayed around to say, hold me thrill me kiss me, kill me there's another: a ready at undernourishment, as a percentage of the population, Hopefully, since two thousand one has declined by twenty seven percent and thirty percent in Sub Saharan Africa, Mattel
mortality rate gang. This does not make an make it through. The birth has declined by third six percent, since George W Bush was president poverty ratio, so this is the ratio of people who are in extreme poverty, adjusted for inflation this is a percent of population has declined by fifty five percent. Since two thousand and one and actually that's all, I can say that to those When did two thousand eleven, the number is not completely updated, yet Yes, we ve seen it an eighteen in China by the way. Ninety, eight percent drop in that number and that time ninety eight percent. Tuberculosis has dropped by thirty six percent. Since two thousand in a week ago, throughout these things, Lodge Firstly, all day, almost every single measure of whether you're better off in this world has improved Jerome a since the year, two thousand and yes alone-
this does is happening in places like China and India and Africa, and we of course, focus on our own priorities here in the United States. We should step back and realise that you know especially your person of faith. These people really matter like their people, and so You know, I think a lot of times because of this sort of GEO police. Stuff. You know people are like Who cares if China is doing well? Well? Oh, I care, because the chinese people are, really important people, just like every other person on earth. In every other thing, every issue when it comes to abortion and all these other things. You know we're fighting for people to live. That's the basis of that it is a right to life goes along well beyond just the abortion issue. It goes, it goes beyond we fight people in Venezuela. Why? Because we can, because of oil. Now we fight for Venezuela, because we want them to experience the same great things we are experiencing when it comes to capitalism, Isle of capitalism, not because it's a fun word or because It's on my political side of the ILO is because we ve taken two billion people that used to just die from
hunger and starvation and lack of medical care and all those things, and now they live. Like it is able literal miracle that has happened within our lifetimes. Nobody notices. The news, never tells you any of this stuff. How can a tweet from I hop possibly make the news when this stuff is going on. I know how can it simply make the new. Let me tell you this Mary My daughter she's. My she had strokes at birth and she she's cheese, still living miracle, and I just lover and he's, been having a real hard time with seizures. Lately she has them all the time and we have tried for years now to get them back under. Can ro we try to every medicine, every combination of medicine she's been to every doktor, every hospital, every expert and we just can't find a way and so were down to surgery now brain
surgery sounds really truly frightening, because you screw then the brain you're done gay and law. He just tell you what this Free market health care system has done. In this and tell me, as I described this, you tell me if This is going to be available. Under a sing. A pair like they have in England and the leading country for innovation. Us is done My daughter started going in for testing and if she went in for that. First thing they have to do is have her have seizures with her me: no headway. For seven days they had her into seizures, so they did everything they could to map where all these seizures were coming from.
It was the hardest thing to watch, because she didn't have any medication in her and she has bad seizures without medication. She as Grand Mall, but she has badly with medication. Without education, she has grandma and we'd never seen those before, and it was terrifying to watch, but this hospital here in Dallas it was remarkable and they're watching her in monitoring her twenty four hours a day incredible after the they had to map generally where they were coming from. Then you have to take the next step: The next step is they have to do a three de modeling of her brain. This is brand new technology, there's only one guy in all of Texas. And I think it might even be the region that and even read these tests? Gay they model her brain and she goes in four. I think three hours and
they said the first part is I want you to think of these words. Don't speak just think of these words reed. You know car cat, and so she has to just think of them, in the old time they're watching her head light up where she's thinking about processing those words, then they say think about speaking these words Then they watch that letter now speak them. I'll move your hand, your right finger, of your right hand, move your left hand movie her arm up and down move your leg, all modeling in real time, so their seeing how she understand, speech what part of the brain processes her speaking. What process, what processes, movement, etc, etc, and they put it the three be model
Now they lay a lay on top of it, where her strokes or coming now they can. They in laser surgery, because she has scars on her brain you can laser off if there's a scar and that's what's causing the seizure just slice that part off, but there sure exactly where the seizures are coming from. Is it the scar is it beneath the scar, how close to one of her centres that she's using it This seizure is it in the middle of that thing is if it is then he can't really do anything so, the next step. She has to have in the next few weeks. She's going for, I think, fourteen days and they will state starts surgery they drill holes up, some sort in her head and aid, rob these sensors. All throughout her head, they actually employ aunt them into her brain,
the wires or coming out so it sending signals, and they will watch her in seizures. Why oh for for two weeks and it will show exactly what the seizure is coming from so there they pull them out and they'll be able to know. This is a pin point exactly where that seizure is starting what effects and, if weaken it, we can take it out. If we can go in surgically and take it out we can do is we can insert pace acres in tour, Ed. That will sense any kind of seizure starting and it will send signals out to disrupt that signal. Stop her from having seizures that's modern medicine. My pride, wit, insurance that I have for the company might,
Private insurance. I've had to pay five thousand dollars one test- was fifty thousand dollars one test. That was one five, our test that wasn't the two weeks. Hospital. If she had this done. It will cost. Probably bout, a million dollars, we'll probably pay ten grand that's good private insurance does? This is what Modern medicine is doing with the free market system and it starts expensive and goes down. You know one thing that they don't take insurance on. Is is laser, I surgery Heaven noticed how cheap labour I laser. I surgery is very effective to and very effective. Why? Because people have to, personally pay for it and they shop. It.
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really excited really excited for this coming weekend. For you to hear the latest Glenn Back podcast, it comes out on Saturday, the pot come out on Saturday are interviews. I did an interview, ninety minutes, uninterrupted with MIKE Lee what MIKE has to say about Donald Trump, is remarkable. Remarkable he's very excited about Donald Trump. You have to hear that also what he says on the opposite side about John Roberts was wrath, taking don't miss it sign up, I tunes or where we get podcast the Glen Back Podcast Airlift
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