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DEBUNKED: 'The World Economic Forum Has No Real Power' | Guests: Brad Meltzer & Michael Shellenberger | 1/17/23

2023-01-17 | 🔗

The World Economic Forum's big annual meeting kicked off in Davos, and the corporate media is quick to label any adverse reporting on the WEF's policies as a conspiracy theory. West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore joins Glenn to elaborate on his legislation to ban the tracking of firearms through debit and credit card purchases. Author Michael Shellenberger joins to discuss the World Economic Forum's powers and all the "conspiracy theories" that come from the WEF's website. Glenn exposes those deemed our moral superiors for the ignorant people they genuinely are and discusses how children in our country are truly lost. Author Brad Meltzer joins to preview his newest book, "The Nazi Conspiracy," as Glenn plays show and tell with some of his recent artifact purchases.

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when you are about to here, is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment This is the line back programme hello. America welcome to the Glen back programme. Well, the elites have arrived in Davos and conspiracy theories thrive on line while the headline from the associated press also happens
to be one of the things the Davos elite are dealing with miss information about how charitable and wonderful this group really is, will give you the details on what's happening in Davos, because it ties directly to your life in sixty seconds. First, let me ask you something the one thing in veiled that village have throughout history What are they all had on their side when it came time for them to become tyrants? Give you hint same thing. The world economic forum has on its side this week in Davos, and that thing is complacency enough people. who don't understand, having understood history or buying into the lies, and they won't stand up and say: hey, wait, a minute wait a minute! I don't want any of that. So
What do we do when the next bad guy comes along? Do we just sit there owning nothing being happy eating the bugs where does it all? And what can we do? What must we do? Well, first thing you have to do is educate yourself, your children. every one we can as a people, so people can speak the villains before they get anywhere close to holding any real power or influence time is ticking. But our children need to learn this. Our children, Children are so lost right now, everything. That is, they are swimming in a sea of filth and evil. and they are not going to survive. Unless we double our efforts, the well twins! They have a new book, the guide to modern villains. It shows how twenty two modern villains- people like now rose the power to celebrate
larger their book. The tunnel twins of their whole guidebook series on sale right now, but a tunnel twins back dotcom, get these books on sale this week, only tuttle twins back dot com, yet the books, it will teach your kids the important lessons they need. Tuttle twins back dot com are, so let me just give you this. Let me give you this story from the associated press when some of the world's wealthiest and most influential figures gather at the world economic forms. Annual meeting last year, sessions on climate change drew high level discussions on topics such as carbon financing answers, in food systems, but Entirely different narrative played out on the internet where social media users claimed leaders wanted to force the population to eat insects instead of meat in the name of saving, the environment, oh by the way. How I should point this out in a completely on
related story. I just saw this guy's doing some research on another story in canada came across. You violate canadian manufacturing dot com, some really good news: spire food group has announced that it is completed. Construction of its alternative protein manufacturing facilities in london, ontario terrio, which is now the home to the world's largest cricket production facility, aspire new plant will reportedly produce nine thousand metric tons of crickets every year for human and pat consumption. That's about two billion insects to be distributed annually across canada and throughout the united states. Now I don't about you, but I've been waiting for a plan to make nigh thousand metric tons of crickets the demand is going crazy for a year
the time people, my friends here in texas, we're all talk. Hey do you have any kids I'm out at crickets the supply line for crickets, but the good news is: spire food group has completed their production facility, they're ready now to just start sending out the crickets, whereas I talkin about oh yeah, yeah yeah. I later I've in davos and conspiracy theories line, blah blah blah some conspiracy. There is force a population in EU tax, the annual event in the swiss ski resort, town of Davos, which opens today, as Increasingly become a target of bizarre claims from a girl When chorus of commentators who believe the forum involves a group of elites, men appealing global events for their own benefit. Experts say that it was once a conspiracy theory found in the internet's underbelly
but now it is hit the main stream. One of the things that parent Lee. These conspiracy theories are talking about is how the world economic forum had the great reset ready to go and or part of you know the w h, Joe and all of the plans to down the economies of the world when it two of you know some sort of a pandemic, and then both started with those conspiracy theories and world economic forum. You know, started warning misinformation, ya, gotta, control that misinformation and they did hey I've sorry, I'm so riddled with eighty d. You know that could story. It was just telling about the reason. Why was looking up at canada and seeing some things up in canada was because there's a theirs
story up in canada bets out today. Daniele Stephanie Warner She was sitting alone in a toronto hospital. She was wearing a blue medical gown and she was sitting in kind of like a wheelchair, and she has her mask down off over. Yes, but that's because she was to the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing. So she couldn't have the mask over. She didn't have covered by the way, but she couldn't put the man over her face. Because she couldn't breathe bud hey rules are rules, so the nurse came out started yelling at her and then to security guards came in fact. We I have a little film of it. There you see. Danielle. If you happen to watching on the blaze. Here comes the
as to yell at her you ve gotta, put that mask on your faces, like I can't breathe, so the sick ready guards are given gowns and the security it's pusher up against the wall along with a nurse day they Pinner do the wall. You know putting their arm against her chest kind of a George floyd sort of way, and there they are now wheeling her dead body in the wheelchair. With such class she died. She died of of it now known her own. She guide, who have got all the related issues, but don't worry, there's nobody, I'm sorry! I gotta get back to this economic store. There is nobody that is trying to take your rights away. There is that not happening in the world the economic forum and the world leaders. They have been doing this, I mean you think of a time when all world leaders were doing the same thing wherever
the country was doing exactly the same thing. I mean sure they all said it's the great reset sure they all said build back better, which is from the world economic forum. But can you think I mean kid how different every country reacted to cove id and nobody lost their rights. Sure in china, Nowhere else way so now, increasingly in mainstream corners of the internet and conservative talk shows Stu. I think there about you, the great reset, has become shorthand for what sceptic say is a real. organization of society using opel uncertainty as a guys to take away rights. Now what Would you say that one Would you say that that is crazy yeah? they put out you know there.
video made by them. That said by twenty thirty years, own, nothing, you will not have privacy. you'll like it? I mean why rights. Are you talking about taking away of by the way and I gotta be careful what I say here, because you say the words the great reset on youtube and they they take you off of tube because he can't say those things. Oh I'm on youtube. Now the great reset rate reset the great reset? Doesn't it now? I can't Imagine, for instance, let me let me give you this spirits see theory that it was just from right, wingers, gay member of the right winger richard trump card came out last week last last sunday. Why are you looking confused richard trunk was a obama?
no era, but he's really a conspiracy theories now, so he is clearly a right wing zealot. So he comes out and he says you know as a consumer protection agency guy. We are now looking at gas stoves because there's this really credible source out there. That did a study that sir, as gas stoves can lead asthma in kids, and so we're we're gonna work, get opening it up to public comments. If should we restrict or ban gas stoves well of of course, this was republican, scare tactics. I mean they're not going To do it, there is no intention of doing it and nobody is suggesting this. Nobody is well well the department of energy Ok, I mean they're looking
for efficiency standards, gas, ass, furnaces they're gonna, try to get rid of gas furnaces and there is not yet released proposed rule for water heaters. While children away from from gas- and I bet republicans- are gonna pounds on that to be an act of it. I just like to add that this is like them, and you know did the study I mean this? Is I mean are you question this study. the green energy group. Behind the saudi study cited by richard trump card junior. To just look in banning gas stoves? That's all he was doing is now with the chinese government and our goal is in an economy, wide transformation away from oil and gas. Now the colorado base group for its a non profit, the rocky mountain institute and, if possible,
the study that a tributes, thirteen percent of? U S, childhood asthma cases to gas stove use, but they no really getting down? They came up with that in this, daddy, but that don't worry the organization is due manning systematic changes to the economy wide we'll transformation to address climate change crisis and this group says we have to you know we have to go to great lengths to avoid the climate crisis. in twenty in twenty thirteen? They went a long way. They have joined forces with china's national development and reform commission, which is great Eight and China went in a business with them, and then you know some things didn't work out and then the other, traffic lights had to be dimmed and nobody could cook on their stoves. But but thou is
the first try. Ok now they are. They advocate the banning of gas stoves, they advocate the banning Of gas stoves, okay, this at which spans nine paragraphs was based on a bunch of hodgepodge current data and methodology spanning various years and countries and really nobody can really make sense of it. The the the export gale university say It's a little more than questionable below where they put this together now yeah yeah yeah. Now I just I want to tell you that you should not worry when we have a government official citing something you know. Like this study, its from colorado. What could possibly be wrong now
all I will say I will say that they have a board of directors, but look how strong the board of directors are. Board members. We ding. Who doesn't love weeding That's a sentence. I've weeding, that's an aim. He's a founder and chairman of the chinese equity firm, broad river capital. he started the firm after serving as chairman of the china international capital core corporation, it's us state, owned investment bank nan, the executives chinese leader seizing pings. Vice president right hand. Man way wing key son. And they have deep participation in china's economic reforms and development and their goal. is to serve the nation, rocky mountains, It also sits on china, clean transportation partnership, a chinese
the green energy nonprofit, whose founding members include China's national, developing reform, commission and ministry of transport. So they you know it. Yes, yes, yes, yes, their deeply in bed with communist china. And You know who wins if the united states gets off of oil and gas in china, dozen ok china. What is our what is our president? You know his son in bed with China who got the bag. Room air force base. After we, uk china. But I am sure this is all just because stoves, are very dangerous, very, very dangerous. and it's a conspiracy anyway. It's not happening and all republicans thrusting this you into the cultures and this they they don't have any power world economic forum, no power at all. They skiing this week, so
are doing their skiing man is just a bunch of rich people getting together get over it. it's not going to affect your life man window. Those bug start to arrive in amerika. I can't wait. Ok, oh there's another story out today, coincidentally, has nothing to do with anything why, three journal says the central bank, digital currency, where you'll have a a bank account we the federal reserve. That's coming whether you like it or not cause we just have to do it, but that's it spirits see it's not gonna happen. Ok, Let me tell you about our sponsor its relief factor. Does your head? Hurt after listening to this programme? Do you just have a throbbing migraine. It could be that Her head is about to explode, So what do you need to do in need to reduce the inflammation in your head right now
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huge inroads in stopping yes g in the country, and we're doing it through the states. However, We are fighting finding more and more republicans after they ve been courted by the big banks. You know she will of. I mean I'm not saying it's quid pro quo, but we we're looking for good candidates debate back and the big banks are coming in to all of the state representatives and senators and they're all saying in all this raise it as he has J thing you shouldn't do anything about it. So now report The kids and democrats are telling our teams that are meeting with legit, it all over the country that it doesn't effect. Average person, ok, all right there's a new website. It is really important. It's ii. gee against us dot com.
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This is the climb back programme. West Virginia has been a great state to stop a lot of this nonsense. Probably I think of me, be only behind florida, but it most of it comes from the state legislature, I'm sorry the state treasurer and the legislature getting on board and the treasurer is really more hello riley. How are you Glenn. How are you thanks for having me back on you? Bat. First of all, thanks for all your work with the e s g, you know the a p is reporting today that all the Great reset stuff is all it's all fiction it in effect the average person and these people in in Davos, they dont have any power to do anything
oh sure, sure, no, just the trillions of dollars under their control, I'm sure they have no power whatsoever, no power, no power, and you are actually I wanted to have you on, because you have introduced legislation prohibit the the tracking of guns and ammo purchases via bit and credit card transactions. This is something that the administration is working on and their ease work their working on it through the banking sector. Can you explain? yes go in, and you know this because they are getting I'm very similar to what we've heard on the fossil fuel side as it relates to e s g. But this would be the ass, the social part of e s g, so I've introduced, what's called the second amendment on financial privacy act and let me give just a little bit of background here. Yes, said people understand
and how this came about through in september last year to The eight members of congress led by senator always both warring sent public waters to the war right into the largest credit card companies and also to the financial institutions out there the deal than the banks and what they ask. War, is a new merchant category code, any c, and this is how they code all different transactions. But what they wanted specifically, is an embassy code in place to track purchase guys in ammunition, and now they were very up front about why they wanted. This is a back door national gun registry. The liberals have wanted this forever. They talked about it they can achieve at the ballot box. So now they're using the financial services sector to be
they achieve that goal. So what we ve done here in west virginia is ITALY's this bill and it's gonna do for separate things here. One any financial institution that under our job Diction, it's gonna be prohibited from sharing information, and their weight to purchase is a gun. In remuneration. Secondly, any financial institution in the state of west virginia that operators can be pursued. Embedded, I'm utilizing expire firearms code to engage discriminatory kind of dock right there, would say alright we're not gonna work with this gun shop, merchant overcome to deny credit card transactions for people who want to buy candide alienation. Thirdly, it's its this important is going to create its civil action. It is going to create a cause of action for people who have had their say
an endemic wise violated by these woke financial institutions to be able to see for damages and, lastly, any essential institution that has violated this bill violated. This act will be prohibited from the bidding process on any contracts with the stated west virginia moving forward. So this is Now we ve talked about be asked. What are we gonna do only ass, they are now taking the fight to us. We are responding and did this all about the great reset total control of our lives. You can control with these environmental side how we power. Our wives, rightly you're. Not getting rid of the gas is able to get rid of gas stoke up and now they're gonna be control. I guns and ammunition, and here's one of the scariest things about it. You're gonna have financial institutions, credit card company bags
have the sole discretion to decide when something what say suspicious activity. Ok, I bought to me ah too much of this month or I bought too many firearms, but they're going to then decide to flag that for the fed or law enforcement I mean this is on the a book is how is the legislature in west virginia reacting to this? You think this gonna pass. All this is incidentally, going to pass this bill is going to going to run in the house next week and people are very you. Sided about, and I will say Certainly for it I had a great big red wage there. We also had one for ourselves here As for junior house, we now we now can eighty eight out of one hundred seats in the house. We have thirty one of thirty, for standards in the senate, and this view is going to fly.
So that's really weird, because republicans didn't do well a lot of places and yet the places like floored and west virginia that took on these issues had on seem too. I've done really well. That's interesting. Reilly I am sad to say if this is true that europe, looking to leave your treasurer position and go to washington. Is that true? I am. I am glad I have announced to run for congress. I think we need people. They need to get in there and fight to do dude, there's only so much. I can do as state on a bill like this and we're gonna fight. Why Hell here, let's virginia to protect her second, then rights, but these people watching you don need to get off their cans and start to do something about this ass. She moved it immediately and there are several things that they can do
and that's why I want to take the fight to washington. I will be leaving the treasures office, but I'm going to continue this in wash if I'm so lucky to be elected in twenty twenty four hour. You have you preyed on this. I prayed. Lot on that spoken with my family, and I you know It was a hard decision. It was a very very hard decision, but I gotta keep up god, I think, a door to door many here and I'm gonna go in their guns, Boise good. I really appreciate everything that you have done in west virginia for the state treasure I'd hate to see you go from from a job that you're really really good at, but we need or people in Washington that have your sensibilities as well riley. Can Ask you there was a new. a federal risk
friction or ban on the fire arms with the collapsible stock? Do you know what I'm talking about, yeah, yeah, yeah and italy a twenty year prison sentence if you dont register them. And I think you even have to change the stock. I mean if it wasn't for that boating accident, I would have had one of those What what? What are you Who do you know I mean? Is that like a law. Now it's done this is an eighty f regulation, minor food that they ve been working on now for awhile relates to clap starting. This is You know washington constantly is doing this. Ok, we're gonna, put this regulation and this rule in place, and then we come in we're going to repeal the goal. These are the types of scenes that
republican majority congress. The people were to be body in twenty twenty force of good retake. The Senate need to be talking about back to your point, more than west virginia. These are the things we talk about. And shockingly guess what we win elections elections. Can we go out and do what we ve been talking about, what we say, but this is all about control. They don't care about the constitution, it will you find time and time again we have a second amendment right to have firearms to bear arms in it. country, and that goes back to the south in the united states they don't care about that. There, You re like the united states. Thank you so much again by the way we're gonna have more on this particular issue on tomorrow's programme, just a figure out exactly what we are required.
Now to do riley more west, virginia state. Treasurer Please keep us up to aid on this passing or, You know you're running into any kind of trouble. Therein, west virginia. Don't expect any really! Thank you so much glenn he's a very marginal I'd, love to see this path in every state in its country and is it posted someplace? So other states can look at it. Yesterday, It is on my website more for wv dot com. You can go there, each be two thousand for house built two thousand for hearing, was Virginia and I have shared many other states around the country. I want to see this happen everywhere and have been levelled, come challenges in court. Thank you so much reilly, This is really important. These states that are leading you need to take their legislation and and run it through your state, every state that has the ability.
and we ve got what six theme of those states that have total role by republicans. They should all be strongest states by You got a lotta wieners in there that are not actually there they're, just big government progressive republicans you need to find out which ones those are vote them out, but you need yet these things done in your state, the state. is where we can can truly make a difference. That was the second amendment I wanna go to the first amendment when we come back. In ten years. You- and I might be complaining that the you know the bugs were eating grown in the usa, I mean they're from canada in serbia, from a giant manufacturing plant in canada. What is our bugs report? Airbags right? In the meantime, let's
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get a years worth of chicken for free. When you subscribe to any good, Andrews box at good ranch. is dot com all from america, good enters dotcom american meet, delivered This is the Glen back programme cars, woman, Sheila Jackson, Lee here from Texas has introduced a bill. Criminalizing conspiracy to commit white supremacy army did who should be our next head of the g o p. Said she lodge actually just introduced a bill that would make it a federal crime for white people in white people. Only to criticise mass immigration or say anything that she claims would villefort
a non white person or group, there is what what could pay. simply go wrong with something like dat there there's another story out today. It was done by the daily wire. Any was on my interview with richard dreyfus and it is so important that you at least read this story, but I would say listen to this podcast and share, with a friend that you think is on the other side, richard Dreyfus talks about He was a communist. He was a communist and still disagrees with a lot of stuff and I disagree with a lot of stuff. He says but listen to this drivers joined back in an interview, discusses book. One thought scares me: we teach our chill and what we wish them to know. We don't teacher children what we don't wish them to know He he said he gave up acting only for something he loved as much which was,
saving his country, I of my job of acting since I was nine years old, and I left it first thing. I love just as much saving my country and I firmly believe if we don't really I've. The study of civics, we will be dead, for twenty fifty will of the same name, but it will be. A nightmare. I've lead such a blessed live, and I guess it up for a broke, blessed life He said it. Infuriates me people don't understand what this place means: dreyfus added his voice, breaking he actually broke down and cried at this point, what it advice it's on human progress. This country is all about and how quickly we can see. to abandon it without even a second thought. He said that one things he was concerned about. Was the attitude people had
opposing views. They No, that opposing views are entwined and threaded through the constitution, the bill of rights and We show the world we believe in. You know, There is a very simple thing: it's these documents that tell the world who we are and why we are and we say because a works in progress, they'll tell who we want to be when grow up. this guy is right on the mark. If you haven't bought his book. You should one thought scares me by richard dreyfus. He's talk, about civics. You're not going to agree with everything in the book, but he's talk, about how we must teach our kids about the bill of right, how we must teach our kids the constitution.
most people don't even know what the three branches of government is. They don't know Why we have the three bet: branches we they'd have any idea why All authority can't go to one branch or another, the checks and balances they don't stand any of it. We can not save our country. If we don't, please It least. Listen to this interview. You can find it on youtube. Just go to two dotcom slash blend back and for the interview with richard. Dr has again, his book is one thought scares me, So a portion of the programme brought by saving disease this about that I believe in so much. I did the forward and I actually read I've. Never done that. I read. The forward and and and
is this because I think this is your story. This you are the ones that made the seventeen thousand americans that were saved. Afghanistan, you're the one that made it possible in tee talks about this. Chad rubbish shows new book. He talks about that he talks about you He gave him the bond offer angel award. What ll last year at the last fundraiser, he's an amazing guy, and he this book is gonna, lift your spirit, it is please read, You can find it at saving aziz dot org. Saving aziz dot org, you can also get it wherever books are sold phenomenal book, don't miss This one getting high praise from some incredible offers, and authors and you'll see them on the book. It will. Pull you in from page one. If you get the audiobook you'll hear my portion of the book read by me:
being aziz about org when we work together in peace, Both things aren't so impossible, in fact they become possible. That's why seventy five percent of fortune. Five hundred companies work together using leslie and software, like jura confluence in trillo, to tackle them biggest challenges with a little imagination and a whole lot collaboration the possibilities really do become endless, atlantean for jack's impossible alone.
What you are about to here is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This is the Glen back programme is sick. Welcome, joy, the world economic forum, which has absolutely no power, is not trying to control you're alive there, not in full trading. You know cabinet's of prime ministers and presidents all around the world. They ve said all of those things. Those are not true. The Ain t want you to know as true. In fact, the world economic forum, the managing director last august, said this whole conspiracy of us trying to make sure that nobody has any thing started as a screenshot called from the internet via an anonymous anti semitic account on the image boards of fortune. Oh nothing, you'll be
happy that was the jew world order. Twenty thirty said the post and that's all the extreme is take that up. That's weird because it's not true, but that's from the world economic forum. The guy who brought this to my attention, was Michael shellenberger, he's he calls it a grifter and a cult we're going to talk to him in sixty seconds. One of the hardest. Lessons in life is that stability is a luxury in this world. It's not always there for the enjoying, and I think you know that right now wheels. Come off of the cart right now, please. I urge you to prepare yourself for impact. Hopefully it well and hopefully will turn this ship around, but I dont know if the lifeboats were available,
thank you should get on it. We ve just hit an iceberg who knows what lamp and all I know is when they're gone, they're gone when the lifeboats have sailed it's too late never regret this. Does this decision prepare yourself go, do prepare. We lend dot com, you will say two hundred dollars on a three month, emergency food get while again, every one everyone should have a three month: emergency food get. I didn't even the department of homeland security says that every american should have that. Please they arrive in unmarked boxes. Nobody knows that you have extra food, they ship fast and free, and you can save two hundred dollars now on the three month, emergency food get prepare with blend dot com prepare with glenn dot com, Michael shell, in burger era. You're growing into one of my favorite people on the planet. Michael thanks
brought so much man, you do what you want I I at your rub. You're, take down or your your observations of the world economic forum. you're coming out today and saying misinformation is one of the things they have to tackle. I think it was number five on their list of most dangerous threats was made information they are claiming people like you. People like me, are just nothing but meant misinformation or dis information agents about the w e f. Oh yeah, I mean you it has been just Condemning hundreds of article saying there's these concerns See theories about this thing called the world economic forum, the conspiracy it is claimed that the world economic forum once a great reset that they want you to eat insects rather than meat
they don't want you to own anything or have any privacy. you'll be happier if you do that. Ok, those are all supposedly conspiracy theories. Well, my colleague isabella Kaminski, who actually used to work at financial times, which is a great fan of the world economic forum in sheep, that's again and almost a decade and I both just published a peace, were all those things are not only true the great reset insects as the new needs. and then only nothing and having no privacy Those are not only true things: their acts, from the world economic forum's davos summit itself and from the website they say they want transparency. but they ve actually deleted a number of those things they say they want more. They want, they want to know our financial information. Ok, that's like part of work. It's promoted at these car from right leg. We
you know, what's in your bank account and we should probably be able to control it too, as we saw in canada with the truckers that comes in. If you're trying to you no move away from a democratic to an authoritarian one, so they want that. You then, when we say will you may add you invest your money? They were You tell us right in ages, said swiss means we don't have to tell you will show swift law says that, are you familiar with switzerland's banking laws? Yes, I think well. Maybe Klaus might not have, but I think his father was clear about the swiss banking laws like father- ran a swiss company in germany during world war, two during the holocaust, ministries who have looked into this said that indeed he did use labour. You know jewish labour during the holocaust during world war, two
if not actually in question. He is a very creepy person into the natural fence. I mean, I think it's ok, to say that I did in a in a technical sense, yeah the the creepy feeling you get from Klaus schwab is accurate. Yes, the basic picture of world economic forum as a creepy event, while his is accurate, His father believed in public private partnerships, which is fascism, that's the definition of fascism. You own that company, but the the country, the if the authoritarian leadership tells you Actually, what you're gonna make when you're gonna make it out to do it and you get to keep europe it's exactly what's happening in China. That's not communism! That's more fascistic in need sure the way they run their thereof, their businesses over there
he was a fan of it. Klaus, still a fan of it that that I mean forget about the Hola cost for a second, but that's the bay. Of what germany was going for on the economic front, gregor of course. Yes, That's what I reached a very schoolchild learns, I mean, that kind of its a thug. It's it's a kind of thuggery it's a miser, kind, a mob rule by the by these con artist, I mean look, your intuitive intuition against eating bugs is correct. There's all sorts of parasites in these in these bugs it's obviously, now human custom? You know my my wife is, american and I spent much time in korea and her parents that they eat bugs and ate some in korea, it's a little bit of a novelty.
some people like it much more down, korea, is like the beef and when my wife asked her father about the insect eating he was. He said you know we were poor and starving. You know the war, so insect eating the idea that insect venus sort of something that these that noble, asians and africans do is nonsense and- and so It really does come out and they say it very clearly in promoting insect eating that they don't want you to eat meat. So then, if you go on a report that and what it is that it come out and say that it's a conspiracy theory, but when you go check on their own website, that's what they say and its basically things you ve been writing about me. I think Ultimately, you and Russell brands and the other major critics of the world economic forum are proven cracks in what way discovered and not only that, but I think it's gonna ultimately destroy the organization most
world leaders. I think in part, because this heavy backlash against world economic forum, did not go only the german chancellor when and he has to go to every one of these events to suck up to world leaders and other p n, cheeks and stuff cause. He needs oil and gas right so, but will be just don't want to go because they know it's a bad, it's bad for their pr, but I know hurts their image and he saw you on must responded me on twitter saying: yeah seemed like it it you know, while everybody would support dialogue, it's a creepy event, But didn t just say it seemed boring. I thought that was an odd statement for him to make a smarter than that. I mean You know I mean I think, look writing party we discovered as well as that. This is also how they rip you off. This is the gripped part of it. Is that when you would I buy you, know stocks or people have pensions and retirement funds that are buying stocks, thereby git
in the early stock or the early investment money that stuff they gets traded at Davos. So, in the future, house they talk about, we love the environments and racial equality. That's the main story. And then behind the scenes are just doing. Gretzky tape deals and we're safe it boston on people a of people got into crypto. I don't wanna money got lost, wasn't a real asset, and so for me, a thing for fur is easy, they might co author on this We, we sure you know so we were like well, what's the? What is the right thing to say? It's it's! It's! Is it a grist? Yes, is it a cult around this kinda creepy dude, while schwab, yes, but it is also a bit, for global domination, in the sense that they want to take hold of the economy, doing that I mean the energy economy. At this point in europe,
and heavily I'd say: it's is overwhelmingly controlled by governments because they put so many subsidies in it that their basically controlling now, because they ve made it. Especially unreliable in the united states, they're going to have to create yet another set of subsidies, just to pay somebody to try to keep power plants operating when the sun is not shining, the wind is not blowing, so it is. Key progress closely is sick. It may be that in the future, because you and Russell so demonize, though The report also successfully. It may be, like something else, but definitely the leaves are constantly trying to take it back of ordinary retired, and holding citizens their stocks and laws and whatever, but there is also this kind
creepy low energy return to you know eighteenth century economies, yes kind of an ideology behind that we talk about it before its mouth is too low energy living. You should be basically the ideas that we should be poorer. The idea, in fact, don't need me own, anything don't have any proof we see these days. It is pretty care. it's gone back to serfdom bet. That is you don't know anything because the king owns it or one of the lords? You I'm going to invent anything because you don't get anything from it. You're not going to improve your life. Could you can't you can't improve your station ever because you its own anything I mean it it's right back to the feudal system. The in the meeting. Klaus schwab opened up yesterday, and he said we have to master the future and what
was talking about. Was there are so many crisis? The crises that are going on right now that they have to master them and use them to push us into this new world that the only thing that I mean. If we had time on our side. I would think that we are going to beat them, but I think this is gonna be a photo finish at the wire on who wins. on this: if people don't wake up to their technical everywhere and when you have a crisis and they create their creating all of these crisis. When a crisis of food. We the crisis of money, people we'll just reach for whoever is going to say. I have the solution,
We absolutely I mean. I think, though, that one thing that's proven that youth proven and Russell brand have proven, and others have proven, is at the world economic forum when you actually learn what its promoting is wildly unpopular. That's why change in the media environment start of course, of the radio and that the internet really takes it to another level means the old regime struggles constantly. So why are they always talking about this information? It's because people like us, out here. It has meaning that actually, that is what they want. They want. They want the bug that, not only in anything any move to low energy living gray, reset member, always just by working to stop using fossil fuels. a nuclear and reliable energy we're gonna, use unreliable, solar and wind in and only whenever that is possible because of the weather. That was what the great we said well
and fundamentally the organization is about what they call ability what I think we would call base we making everybody much poorer, yes Returning to a kind of a misery shown that we had before the end sure revolution before we had reliable energy sources and energy dense fuels. So yeah, it's a pretty all. I can say is that you re, I totally agree. In other words, there is a fight going on between those of us that think that. Individuals and families and nations should be able to determine their own identity, and a group of other people that I think it should be worked out by by their linked supposedly smart elites. Yeah working out a thing thanks, and you and meetings and and business card is any no eve on you know it is a complicated person and I've got an arm a little bit, but I mean what I would say is, I think, he's seen the dark side
of that type. Woke is some and his purchase of twitter, as may be the most significant thing he's done because he likes to basically said ordinary p school should be on an equal platform to communicate as elites, and we should stop censoring ordinary folks, because the elites demanded Michael shell, Thank you for everything that you do appreciate. It always great to have you on god bless great to be with you. how about Michael shell in burger? He is the author of san francisco If you haven't read his work, he is he's not a conservative, he just common sense and and was that one point: the the friend of the earth, from time magazine hand was like on the cover of time magazine as the in the best of climate. this kind of guy nope nope, not so much. He doesn't agree with any of the stuff that is going on right now. He thinks it is a drift and good to have
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happy birthday to you. The birthday to you. the bird. I love my wife has rule when you're seeing happy birthday, especially if you're leading you should know the person's name, but that's just a custom in our house or be smart enough to like step off yeah mike s. Your singing have our haunting fear tat writer about didn't. I didn't. I haven't seen him all the time, but I believed it re up. Ok, anyway, he's not gonna be at the world economic forum, but the climate are carry is there by trade representative biden, secretary of labour, the fbi, had christopher re. U S, director of national intelligence, some the power! Is there? U s agency for international development, governor bright
in camp gretchen, Whittemore, J, pritzker. Is there also congressman? Let's see and senators centre the schools, maria can well Jane rice, Joe action, christian cinema is their house rapture, California, in new york, florida, new jersey and massachusetts are also over on the slopes. It's great now, it's fantastic it is fantastic, Let's see what else is going all you know is. I think it's about time that we have the conversation about the hate monger, MR rogers gay, We have to have that conversation time. It's time, there's been floating around for a while and It's time I mean now it's starting to really break in and everybody is seeing it could. We play this hateful clip warning trigger warning here.
boys are boys from the beginning. You were born a boy. You stay a boy girls are girls right from the start. You were born a girl. You Stay a girl and grow up to be a lady in league can be the mommy's lay boys in me, the daddy how'd day her here go away. I mean we gotta, dig that guy up and just beat this not I mean that used to be. it's like okay, because everyone knew it was true and, like everyone could say it in that wears a time. I think everybody still knows it's true. I do too, but they're just afraid to say it and are you afraid to say it, I'm not to say that only girls can be mummies really Well in his head it waste.
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to make fun of chelsea handler. It is to remind people you should stop listening to people. This. This is my first point this not the deep point, she's a moron she was on the tonight show with Jimmy fallen and she told a story that she made a mission that she really didn't understand something, and if you don't understand this, what else don't you understand. This is a pretty basic thing and this is coming from a woman who has lectured us- morally and intellectually our superior. You know how live our lives. Listen to this admission on Jimmy fallon, I didn't know- This is true. I No until I was forty years old that the sun and the moon not the same thing.
Hard to believe what are you talking about? I was shocking to me as well, more shocking. It's like I was in africa. We were on safari, my sister and I were riding an elephant and there was a man riding an elephant for us: because we don't know how to write an elephant, and my older sister small looked up at this at the at the sky, and she said: Chelsea chelsea look up it's not often You get to see the sun and the moon, same time and I was like lucky I scooby do I go away. I got but they're always together and as soon as I said that she turned around with what did you say, another go shut up shut up like I knew I'd. Give you a sort of like let's canter. Is that what I know what's going on and she looked at me because I need you and I just tried to gloss over it. I wish I could never mind what I said. I you know and she no. I need you
tell me, you think is happening between the sun and the moon. The and I was like honestly, I just assumed when the sun went down it popped back up as the moon. The like is that not what's happening the man riding the elephant spoke no english and went the like another, dumb american yeah, yeah yeah, absolutely true that murray stop listening to these people, they're morons, they're morons. Because I you know, look I'm not this of knife in the drawer either, but that's pretty darn basic pretty de darn basic, while ok, she's, what forty seven years old, she's all right, Fifty years old.
mentality of these elites that they are so morally and intellectually superior and that you know everything is old fashioned and you know we need to learn from its more important than facts, to learn the new facts that are cool. You know. men. Are men are able to have babies north. My problem doing the show is, I am Speed So for the first time in your life at what it sounds like yeah cause, I'm. I I I I my very transparent with my life and this is coming from.
Play cells. That is happening, in my life in and let me just say this to you: our children have no idea that we know Parents, you have no idea, how confused and lost your children really. Are it seem like they get it, but chelsea handler is I mean, he is she's, a genius In today's world there not learn the things that they need to learn and their learning all of these things that are or really horrible that are counter to everything that is in eternal truth, and I give you another story here today- and I dont know if anybody can see where I'm going to make this connection, but
this story out of england. And it is a story about how satan is is becoming very popular, And but there's no blood rituals any more there's, no murder. There's no sacrifice. There's no blood rights to Satan. We don't worship the devil. We don't cas magic spells as the leader of the same tonic temple in england guy, he said yeah we do a cult ritual and you know, there's no virgin sacrifices are challenges of blood and weed. I believe in the actual or satan that's a thing of the past. hedonism is learning Alluring to young people now because
we think in religion is outdated and dogmatic and traditional and you told that you have to offer yourself, you have, to change your ways. these sunday telegraph, I'm reading spoken to leaders of members of the satanic groups around the world who claim that the opportunities satanism offers people to engage in activism, and they campaign on induce issues such as gender sexuality is part of. The appeal for younger members only those who are less likely to declare themselves christian, the the guy who is sub thee, while he's he runs the global order of satan? U k he's a he's, an undertaker fur for a job
He says he has a two hundred percent increase in membership over the last five years. He said I wish I could claim that we could pat ourselves on the back and say: yes, we ve done. We ve done our of internal work here, I'm quoting, where successfully declining the number of christians, but it's more common acts than that he said to Actors are responsible, the decreasing popularity of traditional dogmatic religions A movement towards self identification and self realisation. He said this amongst younger people. They don't want to be identify. It is part of a prescriptive dogmatic religion. Instead, they want to identify with Own self belief and their own self realisation witches what satanism offers. they are now turning away. He says from incredibly outdated, very obviously stuffy views that our camp
lately not in keeping with modern times. You know what. he's absolutely right here. Absolutely right, those duffy riddle religious ideas that come from the Bible They are not in line with current emperor, airy ideas and can temporary living and if, you want, then easy life where you will be accepted and things gotta, be really peachy and swell for you for a while and I Emphasise for awhile as an alcoholic, I know how things how take the easy route, and just dealing with staff not dealing with reality just have a drink, you'll be that'll all go away. You won't have to worry about you for a while and then
it all comes crashing down on your head. if you if you. We don't know what our kids are faced with. We have no idea. I would not want to be one I would not want to be a kid in two the world. They are confused and they are being confused in tension. Ali. Social media and the phone that they all look at. twenty four hours a day is the end me in their pocket. It is also part of their life now, and we are going to get to a point to where I swear to god, I'm going to be driving a buggy soon, I am, I mean you we are not going to be able to pay
our families in this society and christians, it's going again really hard to be a christian when sake say nests can say, ah We're not mourn really We're not really Satan S. I mean you know, sir. it is as a young person's religion. You know and it's just a diversification. That's it that's all it is and we just explore you know your identity, your interest, your values, your beliefs, ah Ok, and they say they were you. No sane is just more metaphorical. You know he. Just the rebel- that's all he is we don't believe in a higher power. Instead, we revolve around a religion of the self think of
in today's society. Forget it would came from him around legion of, the self Annie. Up to individuals to define their own moral code and there and to develop themselves as their own god head or we get around? You know we get together, do rituals in the forest and stuff. You know and you know we have a community bonding in meditation to give people a time to develop your own personal vision of yourself as eighteen. but we don't mean that literally. I I I I want you to write to me And tell me how I can help you as apparent. because, as apparent
my kids are- and I'm not satanist and stuff like that, but my kids are, our so lost right now. Antonia and I I just feel like we are just losers I just feel like wow wow. All of that work for decades, and none of it took and we know that's not true, but I cannot be the only person feeling that way and I am, of answers in my own life. May times. But we are thank god mom and dad are on the same page and we love each other. We have a very loving family, so we are able to keep her head above water, but it is difficult because
No one has faced these problems before we did and experiment on our children and its goal You awry, we just gay. Our kids do you know do you know what failure to launch, as you know, what that is right? Failure to launch when people are still living at their house and your mom dad's house, they haven't launch their life Do you know what psychiatry have now they ve just move. The age up due note, the age is now. Thirty, seven thirty seven failure to launch bet it's that it's only a problem when we hit thirty, seven and thirty, seven, it's like ok, there is a real issue. Thirty seven, our kids.
are they are so confused? They don't know what is up. They don't know what is down. They are so in a bubble that they have apps leave no tolerance to any kind of stress. I'm telling you stress is coming stress, is coming Let me know how we can help you please and we will do our best. I can just a minute Shirin rodion about our dogs experience with rough greens. She says: r R, poor, molly. By the way, though, a reservoir bring up the same. You think god is the only answer. God is the only answer. our people, molly is a rescue is really rough shape when we adopted her she's had I mean she's had quality dog chow, but her coat still was really caught, a nasty for several Eggs now we ve put rough greens honour dog food and she smells better she's more energetic were key.
with the rough greens for sure, the greens is not a dog food. It's a supplement developed by natural path, doktor dennis black, that use spring on the dogs, food, chock, full of vitamins and minerals, probiotics antioxidants, all the stuff, your dog needs the folks of green so confident your dog is gonna love it. They have a special deal for your rough greens. Dot com, slash back they're, gonna the first trial bag for free you pay for shipping this. the rough greens, dot com, slash back or colleague, three three glenn, thirty, three, eight three, three glenn thirty three column today, This is the Glen back programme welcome to the Glen back programme or so glad the two year, listening
and you know I know I'm I'm not alone in some of these concerns do- and I were just talking about parenting today, is so hard cause, you don't know. Society has changed so much and. It's almost every society doesn't know. What's real and what's not and there's times a year dislike, socket up suck it up buttercup And you know the things dead now: you know you're you're dealing with our things, though you have never thought you were gonna deal with ever and society is pushing one way and your like. Ok,. how do I hope the ground here, when I'm absolutely alone, how my I hold the ground here for our children and you, not,
do it in a way where society is gonna, pull them away from us even more, because we believe certain things janata and still does not make sense to yes, it is I mean a lot being apparent, Today is so difficult so difficult, Give yourself a break. If your you know, if you going through tough times, given self, a little more benefit of the doubt. These this really difficult to who manage, but you gotta be on it. The time because your family is a little island and it to be you're safe, but now with all the devices and social media, everything that's going on, it's just warring india or alan back programme.
what you are about to hear. These diffusion of entertainment and enlightenment sees the Glen back row grim one. If not the favourite guest of mine on this programme is in studio. We always have a fascinating historic geek. Fast brad Meltzer joins me for that geek fast in sixty seconds. So a David new hauser ease the chief investment officer for a liberal, more partners. He said this week you start to look around and think. Where is the safest place for your investment in terms of assets? The
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war to nazis are planning to kill the big three I do know the story either. How do you know? I mean? How is this the you? watch certain history generals and it's all world war to nazi stuff. I mean you think you know everything. I've never heard that endless, and I have a somewhat show same shows I love war. War to I'd, never knew the store. I don't think the internet is good for many things, but it's good for obscure historical. Stories, and I found scrolling through my feed found the store years ago. It was it tiny mention, maybe half page page article had barely any facts and you're telling me the nazis tried to kill after Stalin and churchill, the height of war or to an end. And I dont know about this store. I'm like I gotta know and just a paint, a picture, its nineteen forty three it's the moment where Joseph Stalin wants us, invade the continent, a continental europe he's getting decimated by the nazis. He we of course kingdom and the united states are sending munitions and weapons, but he's like no heed to invade basely do become,
The invasion in normandy ends after realises, we gotta get the big three together with look each other in the eye plan, troop movements, plants plies plan morale and milk of lives Glen are at stake. You know this is an really look each other in the eyes. Also, you paint a great picture in the book of the moment the japanese hit pearl harbor and what that was like in the white house, and then you go overseas and what it was like. What churchill unease Heaven? I think it was dinner with the ambassador of the united states at the time and one finds out, and when I am what I love in that moment, when you see churches, we ve all heard the story pearl harbor. We show you d d, runway bator aid for anyway, you ve never seen before. I am what I love is in them. whence after we always tell the story in america that you know what punch the nazis in the jaw. We one you know the we want. We saved democracy if the world nets the end and that's a beautiful still but that's the hollywood version. It was much more complete.
And actually much more amazing for america to see what we had to do to get there. and what I love is when pearl harbor happens. We course declare war against the japanese, but they say to adolf hitler stay out of it. His own advised like stay out of it. Don't mess with america. We only this now hitler slaps his leg, literally lapses leg and says this is great, that it happens. We're gonna declare war on them biggest investor, people declare war, then wait to be declared war on an winston churchill remembers this quota about the united states, who says that the united states is like a gigantic boiler. And once you light a fire under it. There is no but to the amount of power it will produce an winston churchill is exactly right and we are on an This story, you know, as well as the big through a coming together, churchill doesn't trust stolen, no interest all here? I have the artisan trust him at all, because he was on the side the germans for awhile. That aged
the war on the side. The nazis. The only reason it comes to our side is cause. Hitler invades and he's like. Oh you're, gonna beat us we on the other side. Now you know it's not a good personal, and you know we ve books on. We did the secret plotting George Washington, and we did george wash than we did linking conspiracy about the secret plots, kill abraham, lincoln. The first plot, not the John looks booth plot, and when I look What makes a good president? It's not the person, that makes the best promises is not the person makes it s. Speeches it's a person who when disaster strikes can pivot and deal with that? disaster and be the right person for the right moment or I'm an empty are in that moment. whenever anyone thinks of his politics, he has one belief in himself in its his ability to charm and he's ike, charm stolen cause. I know stone like me better than you churchill right ahead. He knows that churchill, of course prefers it's a stolen and an after the right guy in these three together
tehran, IRAN of all places, which again I was like that not know this and terrain. What's so, is low. You knew that they were there any right, no, the conference, but another disaster nation plot took place there, but so here comes after flies across the lobe. This is the big meeting, millions of lives truly at stake. This meeting must take place of the big three and it comes to town and the motorcade is moving through the center of the city and everyone's craning. There because they want to see the present united states F, the oars and town and their waving, motorcade presents wavin back. What none of them, though, is that that is not enough they are in the motorcade. That's just a secret service, decoys, the real! president the real f the oars duck down and hiding in the back of a beat up today, and racing through the side, streets, They are worried that there's a nazi assassin is about to kill him,
ruin chapter one of the nazi conspiracy that where you, but that is chapter want it so well done to me- and I was honestly, because I of your novels love your novels and found out that this was a knotty. This is a history book. I thought ok well he's really gotta history, but I really wanted a novel to escape. I get in the first chapter and it's over for me, I'm just you write it like a thriller. Well, that's a thing is you know for me in I love these stories but I don't want to read encyclopedia entry on you. I need some boring thing so when we all know after the army or no winston churchill, we all know Joseph domino, those names where we grow up with those names. What I love it people, you dont know when this book, so there's an I see in their name otto scores any and scores any gets the call from of hitler one day to come down to it. Settlers secret headquarters, the wolf slay
and you know, you're in trouble when the word layer is in the title for ahead of you know, you're not going for a party right and an adolf hitler wants of his best special operations fighters which, out of and it is one of those especial ops guy. You want to find the toughest and strongest one any lines up all especial opt guys in this big room shoulder to shoulder and it gives them a quiz of one question: what do you think of italy? Adolf Hitler says and they all give these kind of macho answer saying. Oh you know ITALY's on our side will fight to the death with them enough. Thank you for this. otto scores. Any this one. Nazi shouts out above everybody else. I am from Austria, my fewer and is gambling casinos, Adolf Hitler is from Austria, and he also knows that a true austrian for every sense- ITALY, because a more war one- they took a key piece of ITALY and of Austria never give it back road. So at that moment adolf Hitler turns The auto scores any and he's like you, my guy, your
a guy any. He sends on a secret mission. We won't ruin this part of the book but send them secret mission that is so crazy and so wild that Josh mention my corner in the book said that we need to natural photograph of this secret mission in the book, because people will not believe this really happen. Nazis fallen from the sky and eighty percent casualty raise what they predict. It is this amazing moment his the end Salt of the secret mission earns outer scores any the nickname. The most things this man in europe- and this is the case easiest nazi store. You ve never heard in your life. Why I know it well and in the thing is, is it does when stop with him right there. It there's a guy in their name, fronds mayor, so this nazis a play, a key role in us in assassination plot and Franz mayor is a guy who's on the ground in tehran. The truth, Not you think he's dead, they think he's capture when the allies come there there, like he's done, but he's actually and a couple years making finding other people who
of the nazi cause. He's got supply eyes. He sends a message back to berlin and says I got a drop zone. I gotta say please you can send me supplies and paratroopers. Send me money and here's a secret code to put on the radio like you and I talking you're, going to say a certain a couple- words together and I'm gonna know you got my message: that moment in time the nazis get the greatest thing. That anyone can get in a fight which has an opportunity, because the big three or come into town and they ve a guy on the inside on the ground in tehran, soon got Franz Mayer, on one side, you ve got out of schools in another england the best for her to his is at Franz mayor is now just there, because he loves the nazi cause. He's in love. The nazi and love and he loves and local woman from wealthy family. He sleeping with her. What he doesn't know if she sleeping with another guy who's, an american gee, I so he's whispering secrets to her she's
whispering the secrets back to us. I couldn't make this up. If I want, my editor will be like no one will believe this. It all really and all the more war to anyone who loves history like I was like this is the greatest is worried story and and and the thing that you realises it could have changed higher war right? It could have. If the big three or assassinated at this moment in time. This is the moment where the nazis it started to go against them. They really to win, and we have, remember, assassination was used as a weapon all the time back that right. So when he went admiral yamamoto, one of the chief architects of pearl harbor, states? We get information where he is where he's going to fly and they go If the only say what you want to do, you want to kill him or not if the our nose listen. If we kill em, they could retaliate against us. They retaliated against us before. This is the main architect of pearl harbor ends. at that moment after says, quote, get yamamoto and we do we get em.
we kill em. We know the stories of hitler. We you know that try and kill him in the alps. They try and kill him on a train. The nazis tried it. They find out that Winston churchill, they think, is on a commercial flight. They shoot the flight out of the sky, it's just a guy. Looks like Winston churchill, they get the wrong guy. So all The war assassination is being used when the big three com to terrain it's a tantalizing target for the nazis- and you have to ask us Why do I not know the story? How do you and I, who obsess over the stuff, not know the story and its because one when church no comes back and and and after come back from a meeting after holds a big press conference at the white house. and he says on you. Some meeting went really well, we planning, you know, doesn't tell it, but he knows, an invasion of normandy is coming now, but He says by the way the nazi tried to kill us the secret service. Like why'd, you say that how did you tell him what you were saying? It becomes a front page of every newspaper, it's a big jain story again, but guess what
guess what happened soon after that normandy a hundred fifty thousand men storm the beaches, Amelia more standing by successive waves and then this destroy becomes a footnote in history gets lost until nerds? Like me, dig it up and show you look at this. moment that we all forgot. It's almost like. Do you rumsfeld on September tenth came out and said like theirs, two trillion dollars of of funding missing dear this. I don't remember that solaces amazing. So the before cause. We had it on our show. Prep. Remember still. We are here to talk about. It runs comes out- and they had just done some audit of the pentagon and he was like this- is worse than we thought and it It was some staggering number. It was like one two trillion dollars that they can't account for
then, and we're gonna get down to the bottom of it in the next morning. Unbelievable it was just. It was a non story, because the next morning was nine eleven. While the thing is is there's always to be lost. History is the best history right as we know the stories that we hear me tell over and over again and the story of war war, too, is not just you notice. Amazing beta, where millions of lives are at stake, also one of the few maybe has times in the american government, where we think that the government, when in we did the right thing, we save the day forever and everyone on every side of politics agrees That's just, doesn't it right? It's the war were too is is not just an internet; it's it's an ideal, its what makes America the best right? It's the moment, we stand up to evil and and Josh. I we write these books like when we did. The nazi conspiracy were like ok, it's it's great to say that we have this amazing you ve never heard of to kill after installing churchill, but what's the book really about what
the about. What is this, you know why you, and I know our love of history is not just that we love dates. In fact, some share stuff. What we love and you I've been together a long time decades now is that it forms us and about us today. when history tells us who we are today and one of the things I remember is one charlottesville happened when we saw in that Oh no, you know when nazis were marching, Charles farm atacama thrown a wound. The word nazi, the weights thrown around have a truly nazis, are marching there and all wringing our hands and going. How does this happen? In america? we fighting nazis in modern times, one of things didn't know is, and you see too early in the book is back on We were too There was a rally in madison square garden. Twins Thousand nazis in the heart of new york city screw the sheer and they have a big giant band george Washington, surrounded by swastikas and the first speaker, the day says of george Washington we're alive today, be friends with Adolf hitler, and
oh, my gosh, I'm like why we fighting not they never left millions more war, too, is not that long ago. Anne Frank has borne the same. Yours, barber walter's, and it's just not. There long ago. Think about that right. It's not that long ago and to me The reason why we tell these stories is so to me the american dream is not about. Making money. It's when you see someone being bullied when you see someone be impaired on you use your voice, and you say enough: nuff and over and over time. You know we see it. You know eight off what he does as he says, those p. are the cause, your problems. He goes to those germans who are suffering economically. Those people. Are the court cause your problems. He means the jewish people and all those germans there they believe him. If they take him at his word and listen when someone says to me you're the cause of my problem, I'm like oh, my gosh, I am mad. I hate those people who are they? What are they doing, but we we seed over and over through history, whether it's a black community, you see with you, know,
gay community, immigrant communities, there's always a group or someone say those people are the problem right and when you see that That's a code and it's a code history and we need to be better than what angers us. We need to know fall for that and we have to say when someone's been. Picked on use your voice and say enough, not just when it's your group being picked on, but any group that's being picked on gotta say no. We used to say I disagree with what you say, but I will fight to the death same rights to say it. I can just a second legacy box were halfway through now, the first month of the new year. Already those new year's resolutions probably started weigh down on you. Like you started, I don't make went so it's great here's what You can take off your list d have a box somewhere. If you like me, lots of boxes with family home movies, pictures and everything tucked away behind. You know how old bowling trophies in the back of the closet. If you
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So when I talk to you more a little bit about your book, the nazi conspiracy, and what do you think would have happened if they would have died, but as we always do a little bit of show and tell when you're here I want to give you some choices, some exciting of some of the new things and you get a pick peck, I'm ready. We have batman. The council, which fraud is an invaluable. Ninety, nine no no sixty six, no, no, is the batman christian bale christian bale. I thought that was how I signed it. I knew you're going to bid on it. I knew going to be dunno. I I saw that one yeah gave up yup. Okay, so you've got a good deal. I actually thought it was going to hire. You've got a good deal, yeah. Well good deals. I mean it's a relative term also have the the speech with a bow a hole through it given by teddy roosevelt, and I did not know those to kind of tied together. I have male gibsons the sword from brave heart,
I have sputnik, of course, shit and all I have the founding document. of the visa. The first settlement in texas in Austin zone own hand. When I learnt in london, but listen as someone who wrote, I am batman, I have to say, has to be the case. To see it myself, I only saw a picture of it. I have not seen up close look at would somebody somebody gets batman, council and the after I was, I e not evaluated rosea. That was the other one. That was a close one for I have ace. I have a bad man question for you. I got a nice to be able to answer. I'm ready, the name of the book, is brad. Serves the knot, he conspiracy, the secret plot to kill roosevelt stolen, an churchill
idea was take all of these guys out and things collapse. I don't think I'm not sure that would have at least in amerika it. if collapsed, I don't. Can I agree with you have known. I agree. I dont think that, if it happens, so hang on just to say we'll we'll take a quick break and we'll come back and get your opinion on that little little show and tell and a question that only you'd answer him. If you like, getting some of the best sleep of your life, try the giza dream sheets from my pillow. These are the best sheets. They really they really are. I sleep on them every single night, I love soft sheets dries. I have restless leg syndrome, yeah yeah, so I just What really really soft sheets MIKE lindell makes them at my pillow and they are not expensive,
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have boys tv right now we're going to police tb, dot com, slash, Glenn, use the promo code, Glenn so show in jail in a minute, but we're we're back with red meltzer, the author, The conspiracy theory, sorry, the nazi conspiracy, the secret, to kill roosevelt stalin in churchill, so what you think- would have happened if this would have what, if, if they would have done this before d day, we're kind of you know on the ropes I mean listen. This is the moment where it can all sideways, I dont think of it happened. I think if, if the plot worked and the nazis killed after Stalin and churchill dismal. In time. I don't think we'll be flying nazi flags in times square right now, but I do think that you know back then, perception was reality right in a way
Today we all have our twitter accounts. We have our instagram feeds in the moment. Something comes out. We all say, oh god, what the news says. I don't agree with that. We find it their own opinion, but back then, if you look when churchill and after met for the very first time, CASA Blanca, that home of just them sitting there with every paper in the world. Sane law but the allies how strong they are their standing together. That became reality. We write really together. We didn't have the supplies within manpower, but we look like this this power in the world, and that is to me the greater do, I think, somewhat stepped up a quarter hull or any one else, but of course it all in know d does not plan just by three people, its planned by nobody leadership! Churchill, I'm convinced chill was the only one that really understood how ya while he he, I he's, you know the thing that you have to look at and and it's just a sheer amount- and this is what hit me more than anything is what's at stake you know the united states, we buried about five hundred and twelve, one thousand men, the
nine a kingdom buried about five hundred a bit more hot about five hundred and fifty thousand the soviet union, very twenty four million people and you realize how just decimating the nazis war. When the nazis at tat and again think bout this american terms when they attacked leningrad they take the city. this is all in the book and take the city they didn't want to do. yoda abuse, so they just surround the city and say no one's going in no one's going out their plans to or of everyone to death, and it happens a meeting. they people start eating dogs, they start eating rats. Then they start can any children thinkin about eating the unthinkable which happens and we all and did it to remain silent, raising right out of of core issue. It's the saint! Thank you. It's the same exact playbook, and what so amazing is that in a year is tat in no time, but it is close to a year Nearly a million people in just that city or dead,
greatest loss of life in a modern american city ever in history and that's one location. So to me I say all that simply to suit what do I think would happen like. Obviously any thinking happen at that moment and you take away our ability to look like where the strong ones- and god knows where the nazis ro. This agreed book. It is a history book, but it's a story. You ve never heard before, and even the stuff that you ever like pearl harbor written such a way. You look at it completely with different eyes, we get the same. You know bag guy, good guy, but come really different eyes and you're here, taken even to the white house and then to Winston churchill, where you just two I just never thought of those things before it's on my favorite thing, for Winston churchill had just too quick thoughts is
I also love- and I have to I haven't said this on anything that I've done, but you and I, Sir Winston churchill's at the white house right after pearl harbor. I thought this is what you're going to call me on it and Winston Churchill always had a bath every day is used to like taken a bath and after and his aid walking on Winston churchill and he's buck naked, then without an unusual verges, not of course, but Winston churchill at that moment has the greatest. Come back, as he says, prime minister of the The kingdom has nothing to hide from the president of the united states into meat. That is the greatest line to ever say if you are ever caught a naked anywhere if their nazi conspiracy gives you nothing out of the country, s line when you're naked, but an end to me. What I love is find the stuff out for us. It was hard like we can go to the national archives for this or go to the usual places we go to. We needed researchers, speak. Russian who speak german and so, nazis? Topsecret intelligence was on The brown sheets and unite. We got
on a brown sheet, because the brown sheets were little called cause because our printed on brown paper- and these have been- special zipper case, yet to destroy it after me, when you read it, it was like the mission impossible briefcase, but for nazis. The only reason we are able to research. This book is, people like Joseph goebbels. They had a propaganda for the nazis, used to keep extensive diaries any stupidly to write down what he saw the brown sheets in his diaries. Under our trans eyes were able to figure out. We all know the story of the enigma machines. I know if talking or of course, cracking the nazi codes no plan. Glenn is a cracked, our coats they had asked According to his diaries, they had cracked our international cables between the orange churchill. They were listening to us the entire time. That's chile. to me, and I just was can things that I feel like. I know war war to you not like this, and this was kind of like looking at the bad guys, playbook unseen, how close they came to taken out the big three.
let's do little show intel. Shall we can't wait? Ok, so you in None of you guys they batman Kowal from that's. Batman begins right back again: yes, yes, put scarecrow it has taken. I need to tell you everything in my body to not put this thing on my head. I now and just rose out of the window, and it is a good idea and go to the scaring me like I'm. That's it that's all. I want to do right now, so this is actually fireproof because this is for the scene where he walks through the fire that scarecrow this started. Okay, so thoughts on, mankind, so here's my first thought my first thought is. I saw when this came up right around christmas time and all I thought was, I need a christmas present. So I did I bid on it. I will tell you, unlike the suit men, suffer deadliest before you bid on surf calling I want no, no, and that is that we made a blood own value, higher you're, not bidding on things usb tell each other, I love, love, love. The sculpture of this is
ah line you can see it coming through an ad such a detail to it, which is spectacular to me. It's cooler I think, than the darth vader in person. Oh dear, I don't even to darth vader with amazing. Dorothy is amazing, but it looks plastic to this. Yes looks real downloading a toy like an end. Those sake- I told you what I want the millennium falcon, but I well I saw it. I took my kids to see the filament of star wars and they and to me you know you want to meet party too. Of course, one of the chibok. Of course, Emily couldn't get better so with each things getting better and then they say: okay come this way and we turn the corner, and now pinewood studios. Ok, where they film star wars, I've had a pull every favor I had to give him one child, but I have a couple of hours and they turned the corner. I bring kids site. This is my one gift. I can get my kids and I turn corner and there you know what you're looking at is the entry to the millennium falcon. Why and I take my cousin, the falcon and I know again I'm such a nerd, but I know where to go. I'm like don't you have to tell town, I know it so I sit down and my son's both
jump in the two seats of two boys and a girl, and they fight and My son, my youngest son, says chewy, hit the hyperdrive and then my other and says no no you're, chile I'm on solo you're in the passage on their own look at me and they say dad which ones drivers who was hunts hollow seat, and I I'm so used to seeing it from the opposite side because we're looking at from the inside I'm like, I don't know, and I turn to our guide and he said he points to the older son. And my oldest son, says chewy hit diaper and we just had and they give you a camera and they say take the pictures. You want a film in the new star wars at the time they say, will send you the photos in two years and two years later sure enough. They sent me the photos of us on the millennium. Fads on bulgaria was ass, an unbelievable
ok show Hetty roosevelt's, ok, we're stuck here. I had he Roosevelt's glass. This is it ok, you hold those glasses up, and everybody should know this is actually which president I mean. I mean the enemy is no one else. This is why I make those any more. I really are fantastic air beautiful. These are beautiful, yet are So here is the as ways of the speech that he was giving of the most bull moose party, where he was shot. That whole is the at whole down when, as is his hand, writing that he did the nerves, they're gonna get this to give two and then here's the area wow. This is the bullet hole. This is an amazing moment. Only you, of course would have this and it creates. I love love, lay down teddy Roosevelt again of one of my favorite press of all time bar nothing. You know. No two, after no offense to anyone but teddy roosevelt is it? Is it now more in the whole speech, of course myself so
Here is the question again at family model. We will be able on rarely answer guy. This is legend, and they say they don't know kay. I thought of you when I read it bad man Currently one of the inspiration of batman lawyer, the venture. Was Theodore. Roosevelt out. Ok, a guy big. Influential gotham cleaned the city did it and unconventional way nasa. Are you the answer here, so that there is no more myth than the myth that surrounds batman, his creation and the truth was as it was. If you look for original. Seventy five years of it, every one set a guy named bob came, was crater batman, I'm an event with a guy named jerry Robinson one day and jerry Robinson famously created the joker, and you know, has his hands robin and all these other maidens links and this woman's
up and says, I'm the grand daughter a bill finger who- oven is one of the original batman artists and she says my grandfather created batman with bob came- and I lean over a jerry robinson whose there who created the joker did robin that always things and he says, she's right causes me and a number of other people to start this campaign to recognise the crater bam. India. The government did that and I didn't know you were bought. Ok, I was part of this and bob kane famously said that the inspiration rebound and his costume was Leonardo DA vinci. He said some of the teddy roosevelt stuff. Although I hadn't heard I hadn't, heard the extent of the rich guy stuff, but it's actually a good idea. He was, he was always Can you tell tall tails to keep away the fact that the real creation batman came also from this guy bill finger and a bunch of us got together. I work with these economies. A number of other great people worked on the outside of it and if you look in the band comics now it says
created by Bob Cain and bill finger and the very first comic book that was written, that, given that credit was mine, I put it in there because I wanted to historical record and it was vital to Me- and I even thought used to think that that bad men with the inspiration of the custom came from leonardo she's great bat wings in the fine wings, but sadly was it was you know when you originally created him, he had like these purple gloves these other things it was. It was built finger who said made up the name. Bruce wayne made up guy the identity gave him the origin game. Gotham city gave the bats and though he made all the stuff, you love gave him the scalp cape. So, but but we don't know what his inspiration knows. I'd never heard the the teddy Roosevelt one, but I'm going to tell you what I wanted to do in this afternoon. Ikea. Let me know I mean I vigorously our text and if it's wrong, then you don't have to tell me break out my mama. I love it s about all united. It really is re. It's a perfect idea. I found it you someplace and remember where
Meltzer. The name of the book is the nazi conspiracy, the secret plot to kill roosevelt stalin in churchill, well worth the red pick it up now always Davy arranging my backing. two men in the name of peace, a technology that you're on more every day than your phone away. Are you with me? It's the exercise bike, anyway, patriot mobile right now is offering service with all three major networks, which means that if your with one of the big three and you like their service, but you don't like their values me you can. You can access them through patriot mobile comes the performance guarantee you not happy with the coverage against which, among the three carriers for free patriot, mobile
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program I love you. I love you. I would love to just sit and just listen to him for a couple of days. Cause he's just he's, got the great stories ever and he's a great story. Teller he's done everything I know it's like. I was on the moon one day and wait. Wait, wait, wait got back out about other things my eyes. Books are always great as well, but he really knows how to story is one of people do that he the book, he writes he sort of lives through his writing: her life like IE is all,
he's going after the incredible pieces of history is loves it. So my, but I tell you, could tell his joy when you see that in his books too, he just e. Does he has joy in telling these stories I ll just loved by the way. a unified and watch the golden gloves. I didn't even know the golden globes were on. I dont really even care about any of it, but I saw a clip yesterday that I wanted to play from Brennan frazier at least have you seen the areas in a little about this amazing and well, I've seen effie. I have not seen the whale and but I want to see it now after this listen to this. This was his except in speech at the golden globes. Listen to this
if you like, the dialect charlie, who I played in this, wouldn't be in any way struggle with obesity gory. You just feel like we're in a dark sea. I want you to know that if youtube can have the strength to just get your feet to the light, good things will happen. The amazing have you seen. The people you're standing up his life, All the people that I you know, the carry wing Henry winkler, and you know people that we know or people in it are out of Everybody else's like they're, not stand up to reply there, like all that's good, that's good on it, but this is. He was so concerned about this movie that he
shoot one of the main scenes. One day in the director just said: Breton, just relax, relax, relax, go home. Forget it. All this and he's like this is I mean he knew this was his come back chance and he didn't want to blow it because he loved the the role. and I mean he gained. Why too hundred pounds for something like that arise that was all make up was narrow. He really game that way. That's the fun part, the getting at all after it s not like. I always like everyone's a cash, the bravery of that person fighting back against these terrible claims of obesity in they all stand out there like a hundred and eight pounds every moment of the audience. Zero point three of that body fat. I love brendan frazier because of that speech. I love it and I'm gonna see the whale
and I mean the moving, not jeffrey I was me see that's exactly what steps the brenner that bravely standing up against europe using hateful is more of a hippopotamus does if you're in the water he's in the water, your dad you're dead, the Glen back programme
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