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Declaration of Dependence Day | Guest: Dan Andros | 7/5/19

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Hour 1 The Left are any thing but independent. Biden blunders and all the other ones running ...National Anthem fails of all time. R Kelly and Fergie flashbacks ...Live on air a earthquake in Los Angeles  Hour 2 History on display from a shoe salesman. Not talent ass clown Colin Kirkpatrick ...Betsy Ross is now a racist and forget about ever watching Dukes of Hazard again ...Logical arguments are becoming extinct Hour 3 Persecuted for making fun of members of congress ...Drink or not to drink from the toilet. AOC continues to lie about the crisis at the border ...Democratic Congresswoman, says people should be prosecuted for making fun of members of congress. Faithwire.com, Dan Andros joins to expand

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The fusion of entertainment and in life this is the Glen Back programmed welcome its due in four Glenn back who is currently off today. He is doing his charity work as he helps decline, mice for scientific, spare me, Sir he's been doing this for a long time after you heard him talk about it before It's about everybody's he's back on Monday, with some big news about the economy the the economy. Out of two hundred and twenty four thousand jobs, this news is coming out. The unemployment rate is at three point, seven percent three point: seven percent It is insane Levison Mina what for decades, we'll get into that.
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That is essentially what the Democrats are offering right now is one giant dependent stay party they. On three hundred and sixty four days of dependence did not be enough. They want to take over July. Fourth, too, I'm pretty sure every single policy there offering goes down this road is, of course, a country, as you may have noted, when you are looking at the fireworks and and eating hot dogs and throwing beer, and your gullet that was, founded on the idea that maybe independence is is kind of a good idea. These are people first of all, it didn't, came across an ocean And wrists everything to Form some sort have some sort of option write something different lived under what was essentially the nose long distance relationship of slavery? They were. Under the name of a king and what did they do? They fought for their endeavour,
thence. They wanted to show that hey! You know what may be men can do this on their own, maybe we don't need a king deciding every little bit of our I've for us. Maybe there's a different path here,. And as you celebrate Independence Day, you look now at what we're looking at with the twenty twenty candidates- and I mean It'S- it's unbelievable- that it be there, so many times that you hear the left and right broken down in these ridiculous sort of terms, especially when they talk about the Nazis. Are that the right- Are the Nazis there they, even though their fascists egg, Alexandria, Cassio, Cortez others either dialysis maroon towards fascism, because of what this president is doing, it's an interesting idea, because fascist or national socialists, You know national socialist very clearly, and we went over this in a very extensive article on going back to combat you. Can you can check out
National socialists were not just socialists in name only. They meant it and, of course right. You need a large government to be able to control a population if you're there's nothing, system with american conservatism that than any to do with what then these data or any other large government, because what we did here was a limited government. And that is what we argue for all the time conservatives as people who might lean Libertarian you What the smallest government possible- because you know it's great- is now having to worry about electing the wrong person and having them clamp down in our society. That's, a great little option. We discovered here in the United States, or at least had for a very long time. We ve limitations on what the government can do to us. We ve lived. We dump brought about It must about our founding document. Does a charter of negative liberties, and he's right on that. That's exactly what it is. It is
it's a charter to say not what the government to do for you, but what the government can Due to you, you you have the right to come out and live your life as you see fit inside of but it governs conservatives. Love the constitution, we do want. A government were not an hour love the constitution. We do want a government, we're not anarchists boy What we do look at is is maybe limiting the power of the government so that that government is making us. Pending on it all the time, but today's dependence day you look at The left is doing right now, as we closer and closer to this election and somehow they have to come up with some way to paint the economy as poor, three point: seven percent unemployment. This is not going to be an easy argument for them. You saw happened in the debates. If you were watching them, hope you weren't, because it was not
not fun, I dont know how many of these things I can take. To be honest, I I have a very limited capacity for this. It's very much and nails and a chalkboard situation, but as you how it go through this issue and you look at their proposals. You see what they're trying to do. They asked them about what about the how to get this to work for everyone and all of them. Now Firstly, said: it's not working for people, even though sixty percent of Democrats say the economy is good. Sixty percent of Democrats, say the economy is good right now. How do you fight back against that, while the only thing you can do is try to create this utopia right, you try to come out and figure out a way to tell people that You can't do it on their own, an independent, your dependent. They don't want you to be independent. They can it be dependent on them dependent on the government.
And why not launched on July. Fifth, I think it's the perfect time. They want you to they want you to not be responsible. They want them to be responsible men, of course, once their responsible. We know how that ends we'll get to the news from Venezuela did a little bit later in the programme, but when the from it, runs things, and in today's world the economy every aspect of your life, things tend to go down a somewhat dark road, but the It does not want you to be indifferent, they want you to be dependent on them they are the only ones that can save you. It's up to you to look to them to solve the problems in your life every single day, from the day, you're born to the day who die. The government is there to take care of every single need that as the vision of the left in a man
correct now and you're, seeing it more and more the Alexander cause you Cortez Wing rise Stu power and look it's not really a separate wing instead of key the socialist wing, it you just be the honest wing right and we there's a difference between people. Civism and socialism- and it is speed- that's it it's just speed- you know like people I got. Will Joe Biden he's a moderate? Well, easy is Joe Biden a moderate in what world, is Joe Biden a moderate to places where Joe Biden is a moderate in the twenty. Any democratic field in the Soviet Union and nineteen. Eighty eight, that's that but to moderate places for Joe Biden, the guy was one of the things that when he ran as for vice president. He was the first or second, I think, os liberal senator in the Senate. He's not moderate. This is not a moderate person. Now,
read it cause you Cortez is asking for more today, but think about this Joe Biden. Came out and in in one of his in first speeches and said but he wanted was free community college for every single American. That's the moderate position in the Democratic party. John Delaney is another guy running for president. You don't know that because you never heard of him, but he's been running since two thousand seventeen as a Democrat he's like, but he like, predates the last election and he's the another moderate who wants to spend four a trillion dollars and global warming. The It's a moderate on the left. Now just saying your against socialism makes you moderate and also gets you booed. That is the world we're lookin out right now
I can look at some of these proposals here and injustice sixty seconds, because when you look at where the dim that's really want to go. It is terrifying. Really it really is a totally different vision of Amerika and what better day than July, fifth, to show the sort of black and white the bright lines beat In where this country was how it was founded and where The left wants to bring it we'll get about in sixty seconds, joy, listening to Glenn back well, it's July fourth, which means summer is heating up and luckily blinds dot com is here to help you beat the heat with up to fifty percent off everything right now. Here's what Tosh in Oklahoma has to say about our new blind. She said I love them. The gorgeous their easy to install. We have found the best deal for our windows, blinds dot com. It's exactly what we were looking for. If the law, my family and friends about lines DOT Tk,
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the way the left is trying to take the country we just celebrated independence day, but now it's ok for all of America to become dependent again sure yeah had that day with the fireworks and hot dogs and the beer the parties was to celebrate what used to be, which was basically a racist thing. It's a racist, terrible thing. It's basically a thing: that's victimized millions of people billions across the globe and We can come leave that behind and spend the next three hundred and sixty four days begging the government to do everything for us. Isn't that wonderful vision of the future? Isn't it You had independence day, but now, let's get a little more dependent because they want you to be depended on them. For things like healthcare, your health is, there responsibility, not yours. They want you to be responsible for so little in your life.
It's going to be you're, gonna need us. You're gonna need a search squad to go out and find something that you're supposed to do on your own. I mean you, remember this vision of those Julia. Do you remember cartoon Julia with from Morocco, I'm a during the campaign. It was goes twenty twelve and wishes, show this woman going through her life and she grew up and she was as a child was given the free lunch she was given the end of the day, the child care programme, and then she go grew up to a teenager and she got she at the free college and free tutoring. Then she went up as an adult and you get for free birth control which get all of that and that was the vision and then course ass. She got older and she lost her job. She got the unemployment and then ass. She get older than that. You get the free healthcare and she got the show Thea. She got the social Security and the medical care and she went on and on and on all the way, till death, and I think at the end- for life ass. She sat in a coffin, a Democrat came by and Some quarters at or something should get something even in death
and this is the type of vision the left has for us. You got twenty five candidates, running, if you capital mentioned by MRS Joe say stack see stack, is the race now former congressmen failed Senate candidate. Why not jump in now, turning it into the race. None People are going to make the debates you probably be down to about. I think you can be less than ten We have one more set a debates where most these people are gonna be ended, but twenty candidates, and after that is gonna, get a lot more difficult. The left wants you to be dependent on them for everything they want you to be. Pending on them. To control the whether they want to be dependent on them the control, your health. They want you to be dead. Handed on them government insurance, not private, insurance, private insurance. Should be illegal to several of these candidates.
They want you to leave. Europe possibility at the door think about personal responsibility on July. Fourth, we're on July Fifth, on July, fifth, should be dependent on the government to negotiate your wage. Because you know what fifteen dollars an hour, is that even enough. Is that even enough, we need to get that minimum wage up a little bit higher and by the way, when we talk about minimum wage, let's not just talk about minimum wage. Let's talk about maximum wage, it, sir not up to the shareholders to decide what the ceo of company makes its up to the government. You needed Pending on them to outline that anymore, depended on them to figure out how to take or from wealthy people say, and he percent income tax sounds about right. How about a wealth tax? Can't we just it Benda stuff they already bought with money. They were already taxed on. Why not it
Be depended on them. You should be dependent on them to make those decisions for you, it's dependence day how about universal basic income shouldn't we be dependent on the government to go. That our country is serious, Why do we have to do things to get things. An interesting, fundamental question that our country is? seriously in the middle of trying to decide this the United States of America and we're talking about getting paid for nothing? You can't be independent. You need to be dependent on the remit for the care of your children after school. How can you pay for day care care should be free. How about when you need to leave what, if you're sick, but if you're having a baby, what, if
you're having what, if you're getting married, why we federally mandate, paid sick leave and family time. It's not up to you to negotiate that it's up to. You be valuable enough at work so that your employer wants to keep you when you have. These things pop up, no, it's the government that should decide those things you should be dependent on them to take care of you. You should be dependent on the government for freak which tuition, because knowledge tuition, certainly you're entering into an agreement to pay your George bills, but how could you possibly have known what those bills are other than the number on the piece of paper that signed and been alive? those things do beat you up. I've relatives had ever over. You know a lot of a lot of college debt. It's not easy, but I mean Why wasn't the one telling people to go? Get lots of college debt that wasn't me Bernie Centre
at this. The other days ago we told them. We told everyone that we are with the people to go out and get get college loans and then now they're they're killing people with these loans are there in too much debt who was telling them was a me telling people to go to college and spend a hundred thousand dollars, so they can turn into a socialist. That's that wasn't my plan. There was a minor, wasn't my math, that was yours and now, of course, Because they ve told everyone they have to go, do that and it cost a lot of money. Now we are the ones responsible for payment off and by the way for guide, we can have a sure college should be free in the future. But what about the people who already paid for it? What about a young people who have hunter the thousands of dollars in loans, what those should be paid off by, I guess us, because we should depended on the government to take care of those loans, even if there really rich people according to Bernie Sanders. Even people who have hundreds of thousands
dollars at the bank, while the government should step in and pay off their loans to, we should act, which course get the governor protect us from all these evil guns? You know and can be used to kill their designed to kill and that's what Government is here there's, Post to stop every single person from living in any sort of danger, you can have Any danger in your life course, Who can defend yourself from the people who don't follow their laws? You know the criminals who would use guns in a negative way. You have to be dependent on the government to protect you internet? You can't be put UKIP you! spected to go on the internet and pick a provider and have them? Haven't you payment with you, but you pay for. No no, we net neutrality, we, that is what we need, is the net neutrality to be there, so that
government can step in and you can be dependent on them to take care of you, because if that free, King episode of stranger things, does not stream at the appropriate level if you're not getting. Kay out of that thing, where's uncle SAM? If there was one thing: the founders far or it was good streaming Netflix. I think we all can understand them. Need to have the government there to enforce joy you're pronouns because can't be trusted to have an opinion on such controversial issue. We To have the government there, so we could be dependent on them so that they can take money from people today whose descendants didn't even have anything to do with slavery. To pay off other people that are minorities, because even they also might not have had anything to do with sleep they may have been Victor via victimized in some sort of
guideline Way, he should be held responsible for that too For me, it is there you'd be dependent on it and look if you Listen to the words of the founders of the latter thing vague, guaranteed was you're, freaking happiness. They guarantee Your pursuit of it. The guaranteed your right to go after the dream. Not to achieve it. Then one of the strongest things about our country. The fact that people always felt they needed to work their asses off to get what they wanted to get, what they need to provide for their families when
their bending to say, hey, here's, here's a bunch of money for doing nothing. You were up ending the foundations of this country and every single candidate on the stage. Those two nights in every single candidate, you're gonna, see to the end. The this of the left is gonna. Keep telling you the same things, and we have to realise what a violation that is where we came from your lessening tat, Glenn Bank Wifi, is spelled W. I ef I, unfortunately for many people. It also spells TM. I in too much information because to help put a stop to tee. Am I on home even its password protected, isn't always private cyber criminals can wifi, steel information that you send and receive while online, whether that's credit card numbers, account log. Information or your social security number to help put a stop,
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Sickly just came out and said the rain that was falling, the sky that was essentially guy being mad at Donald Trump, This is the analysis on social media and a kind of gets into two things number one. It's the this time they have ever blamed. Whether event on something other than global warming, which is pretty cool. That's more! That is step number one and then step number two they seemingly now believe in God. So tromp pulled off a couple of a couple: a high hurdles there any given some credit for that. I guess that not all patriotism is equal were learning and This is, of course, true. If you go to these levels over the fourth of July, you have ever variants, sometimes the fireworks not so good. Sometimes the bans that are there a little mediocre?
sometimes you kind of wish. You were anywhere else. I know I'm on New year's eve, I'm always happy to be in bed by like ten p m, because I live life like you, know, livin of assisted living here that's kind of like where I want to be in life and people, like all people have to go in these assisted living homes, and how do I get into one how old have to be this sounds amazing, it's the living. Life is hard. I wanna be assisted, but I want in bed, basically as early as possible. So these best of ozone you now, I'm I'm not I'm not a parade guy. I there's something about parades that are not interesting to me. You know if you notice what they are. Essentially, it's just a bunch of people walk down the street hey the car is used to be. There are now two people, that's not dynamic. To me, that's not dynamic, entertainment. I'd rather go another day,
and then you usually have some singer who tries to do some patriotic song. You know it's not always great, let's be honest about it We ve seen somebody's national anthems get butcher before and in others a lot of different ways. You can step into it when you're trying to patriotic. Most people appreciate the patriotism you know unless your column Capron IKEA kind of like the flag, it kind of like what America stands for unless you, to be a democratic debate stage. You don't think that country is entirely evil Oh, you know someone's trying to make an effort at the next Atlanta me. Do you give him a break right? You typically you're gonna, give him a break, but sometimes it does step over that line. I mean, if you go back, you know a long time in history. Here's here's an amount can hero really american sports hero guy, who want a gold medal own limping, multiple gold medals car Louis, if you
this here's Cora Louis attempting, the national anthem I do we already sure. Ok, Good did you. See the path ok you're gonna, make it I don't even try that that's a good thing by the way, when you're singing songs and realize you're not gonna. Do it don't try that less? I know go down on it as if that you are making an artistic choice, that's the way to do it, but Only car Louis sees an athlete, a great athlete and
really and legitimate american hero, and at that time and It was a little bit rough, but ok that is like that there's a few different ways through this number. One is guy who can't sing that person should not get the job and for place. I blame the arena Kay and go, should be out there too, like the national anthem. Then you also have the oak I seek overseeing now this car kind of specifically from a type of person who read. Can't sing. Thanks for some reason, the national anthems about them. So they have. Overseeing so much Ngos so crazy with it. I dont, know, show very vocal abilities ever Just does not work This is a cat, the lunar Christmas brown eyes.
it is a guy like is she seemed, sounds relatively good me get into that voices, a little bit overdone like when you when you're, trying to embarrass your kids You cannot overseeing the song. She kind of sounded like that, except she has some ability. Obviously, then you have the p who just remix it too much like the song is the song gay. But what they are trying to do by re, mixing it and changing it up to some ridiculous level. Words almost unrecognisable. I dont know why you do that. It's the national anthem sing, the song get out, you have We don't need to re mix it now. You Get the candidates age at a debate and you realize maybe they do want to remix what this country is I'll. Even They want the lyrics to be the same. They want to come
fleetly, go overboard, here is our Kelly and he decided to go with such a ridiculous. Remakes version of it. It was almost unrecognisable, listen we do I medicine Anyone like that. That's like you go to concerts and and of the bans all the time you have a couple differ Kinds of bands of ve bands where people are really into them and they have developed big following and they beat up, people fall around the country they sell out tours for decades those people- deepen the album cuts they they occasionally want. A different version of that would have. Hit song the band is responsible for then you have,
bans that have let its smash mouth if Smash mouth has like give two hits if they cannot do a concert it like With it with violin and acoustics you're, not gonna, He would you're there for the two. I think you want all star the sick, star like all star was on, and when you saying we all start that do that, that's what you want the national anthem, I think, falls into the category of just play. The solid like the song is: can we not get that out of these artists. But that's what you have you have the you have cut of the person who can sing then the person who over things, then you have the person who remixes venue, the person who kind of combines all of this into one version. Where the over singing it and move. You know they ve kind of to be too clever, and I, your question at times whether they can actually thing at all peers, Fergie from twenty eighteen.
Last plus Stu song about right it was true.
The NBA players are trying so hard, not to laugh. Busy everyone laughing here we go big finale, of the world. The best part of this one
and this is why that, if you didn't see it and video form a very jealous place about the best way that what is first of all the visuals are fantastic. At all. The NBA players are trying so hard not to laugh and then the I will say the mean cameramen, hideous paean, who kept pace the cameras at them, the port, the appropriate thing Who, in this moment, was disappoint the cameras at the floor and just help it I've noticed, but Org is trying to build this thing out and she is way over singing it and she's got. Bizarre version and the best part of That is just how much she thinks she's nailed it at the end. She has come politely convince historic performance of the national anthem that everyone's going to remember at that point, she's right people do remember it.
Perhaps or other reasons I that one is is- is rough to watch but through after here as well, Then you have the classic, and I dont know why this one still occurs. The words to the national anthem are written down several places. You get him on the internet, you can write him down in advance, even give teleprompter you can do all sorts of things to remember the words and so Often people forget the words now this particular version I will. I will give a little bit of a break to begin. I think she's, canadian she singing out a hockey game and she's gotta built up because you gotta do or Canada. Like a game as well, and if you think of yourself right now, when we go to commercial next time, think we'd take a mom and try to sing O Canada without looking at lyrics. Gotta tying to know my good, and
cold light and true, we're nor was it you gotta know the words you're in a kind of maybe remember it. Maybe you watched okey game. The kind of remember them singing it. You weren't you You went to a blue Jays game at some point or raptors game possible, you kind of no the tune, but is it a little bit of a break here, but here is from off from a hockey game. An attempt at What is known as the? U S, national anthem the broad strives rise. During night it's the peril and night, though yes only a month ago,
Yes, yes, ago. I've that one Was there? Yes, let's get this more there are many people know the end. People They know the end and that's why? a great song, because If you can remember any part of it, it's the last couple of lines that you can kind of can enjoy.
All right. At the end of the day, again, she's Canadian, I mean how what what does she Cyrano care about? Oh Canada? To you I mean I certainly don't refined people, but I don't need another words there song. I just would like them to be written down if I'm singing in from twenty thousand people, it still in four glass on programme Giles complained back every two seconds: there's a victim of identity theft, which means a criminal could be bending your money applying for loans in your name, even damaging your credit, the good credit you worked so hard to build, fortunately,
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felt in a lot of highly populated areas, but did not cause tons of damage when a direct? You, though, to this clip from Fox Sports one calling coward in them, of a broadcast. The the actual earthquake happens. This is a professional cast a right here very is how you do it costs coward in the middle the broadcasts as he gets hit by an earthquake. One in sexually gets winning team last year and suddenly the think I'll be jail of Abraham having airs by now, having an earthquake. MOSS Angeles. I one everybody else about ten seconds of an earthquake. In LOS Angeles. I don't think it's done Somebody was going about something grabbing, my desk.
Ask like, certainly all here I'll, take a break. We just have the lowest place. No cut off at the end there because he goes into alive spot Actually, in the middle of the earthquake, gets right it alive spot at the end. Solid work That is how you do it colleague covered network in the middle of an earthquake, keeping everything together. We go back in just a couple minutes. We have a history lesson for calling Capron. It apparently is learning now about Frederick Douglass and is in fact just wonderful american history on display from Nike spokesperson coming to function, we have a lot of other interests except coming up, including this new calling Catherine thing with Frederick Douglass that you're going to a door,
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some sort of racial activist, and he tried to teach us a lesson about the fourth of July, It, did not work out very well Stu, infer Glenn on the Glen Back Programme, who currently has a better. They occasion schedule that I do what I tell you until about next week will go into calling cavern occur in just a moment after here from our friend Glenn back. This is that land back programme wifi is spelled W. I ef I, unfortunately for many people. It also spells TM eyes into. Such information be wifi, whether public or right in your home, even if its password protected isn't always private cyber criminals can whose Wifi steel to steal information that you send and receive while online. Whether that's credit card numbers account log, information or your social security number to help put a stop
The tea am I on wifi. You need Norton, secure, V, P M Norton, secure a virtual private network. Norton, secure Vps started three thirty three a month manual subscriptions: go to Norton dot com, Slash Vps, that's Norton, DOT, TK, I'm Slash Vienne, don't let wifi public or your home Mean TM. I get Norton secure, V, P, M, asap, p protection starts at lesson for box a month terms, do apply norton dot com, Slash Vienne So let me start with this. What the hell is going on but of honest. What is going on.
Since, when is the Betsy ROS flag? Controversial, since, when. What is it what the hell is going on? this call in cap earning a quarter I could not even notable for his football ability is possibly now dictating what is what is controversial. Gonna love it by the way ever seen, the Betsy, US flag, you in a way that was negative using what in a way we were talking about it white nationalists, what ever seen that its strange thing if true, because Barack Obama hung it behind himself during his too thousand thirteen inauguration after he was gets Romney his bill.
Acceleration, hey, I'm gonna, be president for another four years is gonna, be fantastic, you're gonna love it by the way, there's Betsy Rossi flag by me. And now we're supposed to believe. That this is some controversial white supremacist symbol. The hell is going on. Why we accepting these things way. First of all work people are getting fired because their gifts the o k symbol at the camera. That's apparently some sort of white supremacist statement in we're just supposed to accept that, as if we just didn't do the ok thing, our entire lives and now of a sudden, we have to remember not to do it, because if you do, that means a white supremacist and now the Betsy Ross flag? If anything, Betsy, Ross flag was more of a sign of Can feminism it's about
What an important role that not only white evil men had in our founding, but also women our supposed to step back and say. Ah well, you know what that that things evil means about it, it we Barack Obama. In twenty thirteen. Here we aren't twenty nineteen at all the sudden you're. Not you not! use the Betsy Ross flag. We'll cut a nonsense. We accepting in this country I mean seriously this just now stuff just happens and we discussed back and go while that's weird. It's weird how they said this was a great symbol a couple years ago and now they're saying the opposite, any really isn't even a couple of years. How fast he's gone. You have a situation where we are Only thirteen rock Obama talked about it. It's always been a positive symbol for America,. But we ve gone from, you know what calling Capron I decided. It was not good.
Immediately to Nike saying, while call in your right, let's Paul these shoes off the shelf and destroy all of them,. Then, immediately from there to ever, this kind of accepting it. Now to the point where candidates or like yeah. I can't believe it the Betsy Ross flag? I'm I'm glad that's gone, listen to bullying Castro talk about the flag again This is a symbol that was braced by everybody. As of like yesterday, and now because this guy, who as an even and accurate passer, gets a dictator actual policy on flag etiquette
here's hooligan Castro is running for president. If you don't know yet well are you know- and I was glad to see that, and then they keep in. My hope is that they didn't just do it to do it, that they understand the significance there. What's and look there a lot of things in our history that are still very painful sure there are wise and unfettered flag that still flying shirt and is used as a symbol. I believe that we need to move towards an inclusive America collusive. It understands that pain that doesn't wipe it away from history, in the sense that it still belongs in a museum more. We need to read about it and I just stand the sleeve lights because that's how you learned and make sure that we don't make the same mistakes in the future, but does not glorify it does not sell em. We don't celebrate the Betsy Ross, your wig this is wholly in Castro. This the man who served in Obama's cabinet! It was a hard secretary. This guy is saying I guess his former boss, who
black is a racist. What Her for history is there of the Betsy Ross flag. The fact that we point out that there are american hero- this founding at were Or of our history that were women Missis, supposed to be a positive thing and it was Does it have thing until Collen Capron it was able to derail it? What you're going to have to make it a self fulfilling prophecy, because the trolls who are on the right or white supremacist or whatever, to start using it, and then it really need to be it a museum, at least according to them now wants to fight for these things anymore. No one wants the tough battle. No one wants the tough road. No one wants to have to say. Will I disagree with carbon capture Nick? I dont know if anyone noticed he's a moron, nobody y know He can't do that they can be taken. Men tell us how evil we are
They can tell a half of America how terrible they are, how terrible their policies are corporate risk. On stability, blah blah blah headaches. Only have their own set of problems as as we ve seen over the years, but we From Hey This is this is totally fine to conquer critics, saying it's no longer find too now. Nike thing, of course, is no longer find too people who are running for President saying thank God, hopefully some day soon, that will just be in a museum. So we know about evil, dark history. What evil dark history when it comes! to this flag. Is ever symbolized anything of the sort. And I think one of the things end and Charles seed of you Cooked- does a good job pointing this out for national review. It's not How fast this has happened. It's at their head, even been an argument. As to why it's happened there isn't
Then the thing where you're saying well, we know we For his intellect, but he said, I think it's really important to take into account the impression that kind of symbol would have then we come up with one. We tackle this So if someone dies, you don't just just tell em they're dead, so I came to a hay and what's up rather sorry, moms dead, you know, do you break it to them like that, say, hey, look, mom, sick. How long you're back in five minutes as she's. You have to have some level escalation may bring people along the argument? This has been instantaneous. Better work, now look now, It's going to better work for his into What he said, I think it's really important to take into account the impression that kind of then we would have for many of our fellow Americans respect the decision making I respect the decision Nike made and am grateful for the conversation.
I think it's really important taken care of the oppression that that kind of simple would have. What am I love? There's, no impression their peoples impression, the Betsy Ross flag is. It was an american symbol if, if they knew anything about it, they said it's a waiter. On our women from our early years. That's it. And now, all of a sudden, it's it's completely crazy to have flag, flying here's Frederico Wilson so make them go to start run one here? That's gotTA, Michael Eric Dyson, Michael Eric Dyson. Talking about this listen, the lovers, responding. They're saying this wag, problematic, they're, giving their interpretation is someone to what the confederacy is done. They lost the war. But they won the battle of interpretation. This is waging a war interpretation on the landscape of american popular culture. For the a pc are the ones who didn't show up on the difference. First, they choose, but the real is that this work has represented something that a pink one requirement then do
it's like the argument about the statues. The statues Therefore, education, known here people talking about Robert Lee, Robert E Lee is a moment of educating us about the viciousness of why The premises are worthy to occur. It would be great injustice and what about the argument that some have made? This is p. Culture run amok if you well night ones, but this flag on their sheer wire people upset about it, me no words, matters symbols matter to why don't we were swastika for you? I will read it makes it makes a difference to the cross burning on somebody's law. What are we just have a Nike here I shall abrasion of the well, because those knows symbols are symbols of hate, so we can increasing contributions amazing to me, the people who will cried aloud us about pc are the ones. Didn't show up on the difference. First occurred, who'd you who do to defend the people who were victims of white supremacy or racism or sexism or massaging, but now pop up and say, hey, listen, to pc. If you I had to get more again to
look at this is personal. Confederacy won the battle of symbolism. Weakening put it, we can an air episodes of the duke of hazard any more. What are you talking about? Confederacy does not when the messaging battle something that occurred. What? Where are these? people coming from and the idea that Europe, here the Betsy Ross flag to, the swastika and burning processes. We are point where people aren t even trying to make sense there. Not even the outside effort to attempt To try to make a logical argument anymore, it's just browsing words. This is, Only an insane civilization would allow someone might call in Capron to dictate what its standards are. And we are part apparently of that insane similarity.
Now I am now I hope you're not either, because I can't take it eight seven, twenty seven back is our phone number were back with more about our history, and this part of our history Is fascinating? Because we are now? trying to remake yet another historical figure into something they were not back at us at your listening to Glenn back. If you experience pain on a daily basis,
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with your national independence. This, for, though, July is yours and not mine. There's not a nation on the earth guilty of practices more shocking and bloody. Then there are then are the people of the United States at this very our that's from Frederick Douglass it our full moment from calling cavern a coup has I would say, even less knowledge of our history, very had of opposing defences. That is, and that is a statement and a half what also the frog, what else did Frederick Douglass, say in this exact speech, he's quoting from he said quote. Allow me to say in conclusion, notwithstanding the dark picture I have to this day presented at the state of the nation. I do not despair of this country. There are an operation which must inevitably work. Downfall of slavery. The art of the Lord is not shortened and the doom of labour is certain. I therefore leave off where I began with hope. While drawing
encouragement from the declaration of independence, the great principles it contains, and the genius of american institutions themselves, on cabotage anymore? Does it spirit is also cheered by the army, his tendencies of the age. If you go read the entire thing, it's pretty pretty amazing. Frederick Douglass also went on to say you know now take the constitution according to its plain reading, Fi, the presentation of a single pro slavery clause in it on the other hand, it will be found to contain principles and purposes entirely hostile to the Distance of slavery,. It's kind of a big deal, a little different. Then what calling cap would say, but again we ve, given him now the power apparently The flag from shoes. And we are seeing this all over the country. Taking things we're one way we all
stood and agree. They were one way and now just reworking them. It's not postmodernism! It's something very close to it. Charlottesville. There are now no longer going to celebrate Thomas Jefferson's birthday. An official city holiday, whom will instead observer day recognising the emancipation of enslaved African Americans city com. I voted to scrap the decades old April thirteenth holiday, honouring the slaveholding president of the way the article is written. The sleep president and Founding Father Charlottesville, will now a mark liberation and Freedom Day on March third day. U S. Army forces arrived in the city in eighteen, sixty five can we ve talked about this before and if you want to see this document and its one of the original engravings of it for real, like in person coughing. You can come here to Texas and view it as pie of the Mercury Museum, this going on right now, twelve scored three years ago, though not all week.
He happened to be in Texas, can make it down. A few days to see it? Others still, some It's available for this weekend, you can go Oh to mercury, one dot org, fury one dot org, because you can come here and see the first draft of the declaration, Independence, and if you see it is more powerful than hearing it, because you can see what was poor. They are enticed by Jefferson wrote things in big capital letters he You can see his hand, writing change in the actual document and if you don't know the story, the first decade of drought the declaration of independence written by Jefferson It was not approved. They had but to be unanimous, there's two states. I believe it was two states that opposed this language in this language is completely anti slavery,
there's a lot of weird restrictions and some personal failings by some of our founders, including Jefferson, on some of the stuff, There is also some legal restrictions as to why he held slaves and could not release them after he died, blah blah blah. Probably all those arguments before, but you may not for this, because this one is one, never get any press. You can come here and see the actual document, here's what he wrote stocking the king and he's going out this king kind of sucks and I'm not big fan of em, and I think we should. Breakaway away thing and he. He says a bunch. Other reasons: hey it's going he's skirt is over and this many ways as glens described it before it. One of the best to break up letters you ever read, but you says this about the King Jefferson. This is can this guy that is now losing holidays were told his evil. He says the king is waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of a distant people who never offended him. Who is that distant people are slaves, he's talking about
How bad it is a violation of human nature, but he went in it it took slaves, people who never offended him in a distant land. Captain carrying them into slavery, see no not lying into slavery in another hemisphere. They took him across the world or to her miserable death in their transportation so not only where they gonna be slaves with accommodation, sucked Jefferson was pissed off about that. This warfare is the warfare of the christian king of Great Britain and Chris, his cap and wise too case, you're a moron and there's a lot of people who are on twitter that are morons. I can't detect sarcasm he's not praising him as a christian king. He sang this guy's Christian, really easy he's not doing a lot of christian stuff. He said he's Christian, what he's imprisoning people taking them?
a killing, half of them as they come across the ocean and then enslaving them in the United States. That's cool infected. Wasn't really there it's that point, but you understand what I'm saying he was dead. I commend the king again as Jefferson Rights, the king, determined to keep open a market where men should be bought and sold. Does sky seem like he's pro slavery, Get men is capitalize. Men is emphasised. Why? Because he he's telling you. Men, Slaves were men, they weren't you property. To keep open a market where men should be bought and sold, he is prostituted his negative for suppressing every legislative attempt to prohibit or to restrain this commerce. He is saying there the kings try to stop us try to pass laws to stop slavery and the king over overrules us that's wrong. That's one of the reasons why what we want to become independent and
Is exciting those very people to rise and arms among us into purchase that liberty with which he has deprived them, paying off former crimes committed against the liberties of one people with crime. He urges them to commit to get the lies of another DJ was no. It was not an enthusiastic slave guy. Ok, Pretty clear by his writings and the fact that he was stopped by other states is part of history is a horrible part of history. The fact that slavery existed in this country's sucks, but you can get the real facts about it. What really happened? Poor the real euros at the Mercury one museum against mercury, one dot, Org mercury, one dot org year, lessening TED Glenn Bank, Its July fourth, which means summer, is heating up and luckily blinds dot com is here to help you beat the heat with up to fifty percent off everything right now. Here's what Tosh in Oklahoma has to say about our new blind. She said I love them. The gorgeous
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two and four grand on the Glen Back Programme, Glenn back on Monday ease helping clean out the unicorn Chernobyl right now, but he, but back next week, we're talking a little bit about sort of, the way we look at history. The things that we get wrong about constantly calling ironic as an easy example, but he's not the only one. I will say this: is: can I do Abraham Lincoln criticism on this? network. I know more closely with the Lincoln Museum, their hand in hand with Mercury Museum here, the tonnes of really interesting stuff that's happening here in Texas, mercury, one, not org, you can get your tickets, but Can we do? That is that it feels like it's off limits to criticise leg it, but let me at least it. Let me at least give you this big he's brig address what little famous speeches of all time right- in this was it this was. This is the big one. This is Lincoln's big thing right, if you gonna say
outside of imo, no free the slaves, which kind of another big thing to say again Berger dress. A sort of the big speech of his ministration. But the most famous line in the speech is actually completely wrong region basically blew it completely. The most famous line in the speeches this The world will little note nor long, remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did hear eleven, I'm forget what they did here. They only remember when he said he's actually completely wrong on that. The world did little note And did remember what they said there, but it totally forgets what they did. Their He's got a completely wrong decision. It's. This is what happens when we forget about history, and we forget about it. I feel like now in real time. These things
These events happened in and we go into immediately the mode of just changing what they actually stand. What what what actually occurred, its impact These days to actually figure out what the facts are, many of you, you, wind up, seeing half the country stand for something and those which are being erased online because well the tech companies have decided they don't think those are the appropriate opinions. How does a history, how history look back at this period when the people who oppose we used the values that big tech stand for How do they even get noted in history does not even happen. Now this is just sloppiness like I was at eight July fourth festival. Miss probably happened at your festival, two of your watching the fireworks. One thing that is likely to happen during the big. Celebration of Amerika is at I'm point
you will hear pink houses by John Cougar Melon Camp. I lay two columns, I'm Cougar cause, I feel like it annoys him, but he was John Cougar than John Cougar Melon Camp and John Melon Camp. I don't know what he is today probably in unassisted, lit living facility, I'm not sure. But John Melon Camp has this song pink houses, and it's it's now the courses ain't that America? For you and me America, something to see baby, eight, that America home with a free, littlepage houses for you and me out. Wonderful too pro America song. It's not to a song. It's a song that is basically telling you America sucks and we're I'm just too stupid to realise it. Like that's kind of the point of the song like we think we a good but honestly pretty much sucks I mean. Listen to this is this. Is this is our goes? There's a black man with a black cat live in a black neighbourhood. He's gotten
interstate running through his front yard. You know he thinks he's got it so good, so in this community, where I ve been a white people, don't want to live because it so terrible and he's got an interstate right, through his front yard, with If you know anything about eminent domain, if there is an interesting running through your front yard, it's no longer your front yard, they ve taken it now, Look at that and say he's got you the access to highways and he get around releasing, but that's all John melancholy means it. Then, he says in there's a woman in the kitchen clean. The evening slop does this advertising he looks at her with a guy, the black guy in the black neighbourhood, with black cat, with the interstate for front yard. He looks at the woman in the kitchen which are pair, I would assume, is his wife but they're not exactly clear about that. Ernie says: hey darlin. I can remember when you could stop a clock hours you're, currently ugly you're, currently
just a hideous, heal, a monster and I remember when you could stop a clock, meaning like everyone would stop and look at you. Even a clock would start to look at you. That's what that that phrase means no. You are now just this hideous monster I am forced to look at as cars zoom by like eighty miles an hour in my front yard. Now this is I am no relationship expert here, but my guess is perhaps when the problems you're dealing with have to do. The idea that you think you could just say that to your wife, Two terrible idea hey. I remember you used to be beautiful, but now what happened gravity always wins. You believe that honey. I tell you.
You got that were nailed. Really we're gonna, I mean that could be a real power, a part of their relationship issue there, make goes into all, but they ain't that America, for you and me ain't that America, something to see that America but a free. This is like sarcasm, its sarcasm. It sets aside plastic sort of take August. That's America what what's America guy losing a crappy neighborhood where white paper? don't want to go any is basically calling is if a fat slob everyday. That's that's that, the America that I know That's not the one you know. Then. There's a young man in a t shirt, listen to a rock n roll station, he's greasy hair and a greasy smile, and he says Lord. This must be my destination. I saw his destination is listening to music in a t, shirt, and he has a greasy hair and a greasy smile, it's not actually uplifting.
But you know okay, this is it he's basically saying you know look, this is my life goes on to say, told me when I was younger boy, you're gonna, be president like everything else, those ok, the dream just kind of came in one. This is the lifting song dead that we watch fireworks too and indeed snow cones. This is the vision of America that we want no about now look not every he gets to be president, but we are in a society where the latter, two president's, let me islet and for you a born in Hawaii who lived overseas most of his childhood then came back here it came out of nowhere is a community organizer was in this for like nine days and then became president for two terms and the
next, guy was a reality, shows star and a business man who has absolutely no political experience whatsoever except threatening to run multiple times and now. Is present in the United States and by the way, president, during a time of three point: seven percent unemployment rate that came up today, tutored and what twenty four thousand between forty four thousand jobs the day for the economy, scattered died point. Here, though, There are a lot of good possibilities. Not every person can be president, not every per it's gonna be successful and as we Look at this, and this happens over and over again when people criticise America, the fall. Bob question always must be asked as compared to what as compared to what you compare the United States to some Nirvana that has never before been seen on earth and really fines and things are not happy with. But when you
pair to other countries when you compare to every other place on earth in history, its pretty great it's pretty freakin great. Now, you're sitting there on your little do little blanket in the grass watching the fireworks go off eating a snow con. You then hear this well, there's people, and more people. What are they know? They go to or can some high rise and vacation down in the Gulf of Mexico? and there's winners and losers, but they ain't. No big deal cause this simple man. Baby pays for the thrills, the bills, the pills that kill. This is the inspiring patriotic anthem we're supposed to take in every July. Fourth, really
again, you know people go and they they work their lives, and I guess they take a vacation every once in a while or whatever crappy thing. They're working for US people want and some people lose, but the ideas you go You're earn your money and the EU actually pay the evil pharmaceutical companies to come, kill you that America ain't that America is it cause I will say no. I don't think that that is the the America that we ve had for a long time it's amazing, to see that you know the system that we can have a look you and I basically locked into right this- this we fought for sure, but people implemented a long time ago, and This system has pulled billions of people out poverty, not just here, but around the world
at. Our poverty line is richer than about eighty five percent of the rest of the of the world. Think about that Poverty is an issue in this place. Like it is in every place. That's ever been, was always been poverty there, some really famous books. If you go back and look at that, long time ago, even before the founding they'll take, there always be people who are poor, and particularly when you're talking about comparatively through always be people who have less than other people, maybe turning it into this today than your times. It is you know of a video about how bad America is. Of course, it's not that I mean you know in America, people like the car dashi and can have private fight fire fighters to fight off their fires. Sequel Look every society on earth that has something the equipment that's the equivalent to the car dashings. They are have nicer things than than other everybody else. That's the way it works,
Kim Jong own and in a place that implemented full out. Communism doesn't have nice things, he does p who had the stuff live they're. Nice lives but but the rest of the people. A purse at our poverty line is likely wealthier than every single person in North Korea. That is in the government that Cuba, go down there when the cartoons went to Cubey now, yes, I did this episode, but I've been, I will say, to defend myself my wife waters it in it's her fault, what she My cartoons go down too to Cuba, and their analysis of the situation is wow. It's so cool because it's like so quaint it's like totally retro. That was an intentional Kim Chloe kindled Carson. Cocoa would have a car dash unit was who said that I think it was cocoa heart action
Cocoa guard machines, look, this is like Retro, it's great signalled its. They didn't keep the car. From the fifties because they didn't want. You know, Sir the players and empty Three players- in blue tooth, they kept them because they could do anything else the disaster risk a country. Russia it disastrous family who Lloyd. What was a proud and wealthy nation at one time we're saying the same thing in Venezuela right now. Sorry out today, they have in the last eighteen months, special in forces in Venezuela, people call them death squads. Killed. Five thousand two hundred and eighty seven people fight thousand two hundred and eighty seven people that just last year another one thousand five hundred and sixty nine so far this year, nine thousand killings for quote risk
students to authority, these countries a little bit better, then I think we can credit for sometimes and we're not perfect. Nobody's, claiming that we are, but we are country that has done a lot not only for its own citizens, but, furthermore, the rest of the world, Try doing that Universal healthcare thing over in Europe without the innovations from the United States not going work out very well we're here well with the innovations of United States, the fact that we have given to all these medications and all these amazing technological developments that people in United States paid for that, they discovered that that we are responsible for and these countries like cool import them and will give health care for free quota, free. That's a wonderful situation! That's it's nice work! If you can get it, but someone's gotta you
hard work of actually developing these things. Someone as do the hard work of making us stem that freeze people, and I'm by the rest of the world takes advantage of it. I'm glad I'm glad the p live longer and benefit from these things. But let's not make good, let's not where these things came from Finally, inspired country that can't summarised by saying: there's an inter state and somebody's front yard. So next year Can you please talk to your town and say no, no pink houses and no board, and the USA, give me the way green. What I know it's coming anyway, we'll go The agreement all day, but pink houses no born in the USA, it stew, and for and on the Glen Back Programme We could say our health care system sucks. All you want, but at least are not Mohammed for COM, for common twenty years old was in an accident in India. And it was pretty sad he was unconscious for about a month and he got that he had no,
family gonna run on a money, could not pay for care pronounced dead. One little Adele To the story he was burial ceremony any any woke up. The parents house like I can't paper anymore, just barium and unfortunately, the guy started moving before they got him under the dirt. So now he's back at the hospital on ventilator support, currently still alive and holding on for the moment, will give any for con updates that come along. Text Jason about Patriot Mobile, so many of us do feel frustrated and powerless? I mean I listen to the show today if you didn't feel that way. After some of this, I don't know, I don't know what you're thinking here,
If you watch a polity even more, as you might know, Tawny and I started taking really factor several months ago after about ten days, subtle changes started to become significant and I've been able to stop taking all prescription pain, medications, all pain, medications entirely and stop the terrible side effects of those awful drugs. Many on my team here the blaze are faithful takers of the one hundred percent drug free relief factor, and we have had great success in taking our lives back. Try it get a three week, quick start package for only nineteen. Ninety five take it as directed that's less than a dollar per day, and if it works on, you like it has with me, you're gonna get your life back relief factor dot com Welcome to the programme. I you know I was going through some of the sport we're stuff in. It is just bizarre this
circus this performance that was put on by Alexander Cause, Cortez and others as they went to the border is just an embarrassment to the country. It really it real Is she I mean I just don't even know where to start with a so Alexandria cause you Cortez, as we know whence it went to the border she went through these facility. She said she was physically and sexually threatened. She'd. All these accusations with no evidence to support them whatsoever and the media very much just ran with them, just treated as if they were reporting what she said without questioning at all, which is interesting, Washington examined wardrobe washings amateur talk to people were actually there one one witness who is there stunned by the outburst said she south screaming at our agents right at the beginning, crying and screaming and yelling the age they wanted to respond, but they held back because she's a congressional delegate. But when you have someone yelling at you and a threatening manner, they were like hey
the economy to step back. An official said that when she was around the agents, Cassio Cortez, I mounted and another point about an unofficial border patrol facebook page that was exposed on Monday for offensive content, Something under her breath, she said something like oh These guys in here are going to F me the aid you're, standing there behind the computers. What Agents laughed at something he was saying to another age and she got arrayed in flipped out the site border agent said now there under investigation for laughing. She took it as if they were laughing at her and then screams of them. It says, what's so funny. Now. I've seen inside these facilities, this water because you Cortez Road. It's not just the kids, it's everyone and and decides put it up for a vote, officers laughing in front of members of Congress is:
laughing prohibited in front of a member of Congress is that something I missed in the constitution is that was there a law passed on island? Are you not allowed to laugh in the presence of a Congress person man, this entitlement got their pretty fast Frio see here. She is a bar tender. What dug a year ago, and now she is so high? I wish she's to Barbara stress and level. Can you look at her care, but look at Alexandria cause you Cortez, or will she be offended at that? You can? laugh in her presence. I hope someone. Public congressmen right up law and and decides that, put it up for a vote. That out laws laughing in the presence of Congress. People, because this is come
fleetly ridiculous. She says she brought up to their superiors that they laughed and disappear. You said that officers are under stress and act out. Sometimes oh accountability, further laughing, now the agent on the scene as torture, His toilet water- and I want to get to that a second but first Frederick Frederico Wilson's, another representative, and if you think, I'm sure king about the idea laughing in front of Congress is now a problem to people in Congress hears Frederick, to tell you all about it. Making fun of members of Congress are this great smoker and there is no need for anyone. That is an acceptable. We're gonna, shut them and want one word but shut down and they should be prosecuted. Well, you can not german
members of Congress bragging member com. I am against the law and at the end of June, take them american at night. Point out, though, that was not a voice of mine this though so you're aware I didn't, wasn't a fake voice, I was Frederick Wilson actual Congressperson telling you that people need to be proud. Executed for our jokes online cheek. She classifies them as threats. This is something we have to talk about this for me, pro public report and the pro public report on earth. This hidden border security forum that private Facebook group, Remember of any those where order agents apparently went to be irreverent. They went there and they said pretty terrible things about a lot of people. Now I dont know if you ve ever you Oh then on line before, but
this is not a new story, people say really bad things about public figures? They say really bad things about their friends. The entirety of online discourse is essentially a giant collection of insults That is what it is. No we're really in the golden age of journalism, but man does it feel like it. When a group, like pro public, can come up with people saying insulting things about Congress, people at certain? never happened to Donald Trump right. We can't find any groups we could find. This is being said, other Congress. People about Donald let alone randalls on line. So supposedly they found this boy nor security Border Guard group with ninety five hundred members. Now, of course,
Say is: is this confirmed they border bar? They border guards? Well, the thing about that is No, I mean because base Luckily, you had to get at private invite, so I guess me We at some point at the beginning, a border agent started this, but likely It's been shared out way outside that circle. By now, when you get to ninety five hundred people, you probably needed to know someone who knew some one who knew some one who was a border agent? That's about the restrictions of this group. Some of them may very well be border regions, but like are we really? act like this. Are we really going to act as if no peace when uniform in difficult circumstances, don't act out with dark humor. Have you ever watched a war movie. This is not a surprise people. This happens all the time. Yes, people use dark humor. Yes, people are jerks online Nobody knows this
them did threaten to throw away burrito. The Congress people now idle. If you would take that as a legitimate threat. First of all, those are delicious and of some rose when actually there there's at least a chance, you gotta catch it, and now make for a wonderful afternoon, but the idea throwing a burrito is a giant threat. Come on another person. Ed this is how they re pro publicly report. It was apparently patrols supervisor because you can't pose as something you're, not online. That's never occurred and she that person wrote F the hose a third person I mean you always know. When this story is depending on one comment or said: you always know it's a crappy, but the story because find anyone of the internet. This is anything it's not hard.
One person said there should be no follow. Ups for these scum buckets, look, isn't it a thing to say to somebody now Billina, it's something that they should get prosecuted for. According to your Congress. People, yes,. Another Rosa, photoshopped picture of Alexandria cause you Cortez doing something a little nasty and you you know if this happens to you, of course you get upset about it. Are you excited that gives? It certainly happen to myself? It certainly happened. Glenn where people take. Things they terrible things about you pull call opponents people who don't like you, they trash you. They say awful things they say should die. They say We killed the like these are not these are not rare occurrence is, unfortunately, it just part of a part of its part of life in the digital era and Who knows that everyone
Everyone on earth knows it, but we're all supposed. Pretend as if this is exclusive to Alexandria, cause Cortez in border regions. It's ridiculous! what happened with the toilet water. Well, the toy that water I mean there was a complaint, seventeen year old girl she cross the Rio Grande. She, the only available drinking water came from the toilet tank in her holding cell, and we didn't know initially who said this and we were sure if it actually was even said by someone, but apparently it was seventeen year old girl. Cross the border The only available drinking water quote came from the toilet tank in her holding so loudly see that's wrong. And that's why it shouldn't have happened. Two thousand fourteen, I dont think triumph was president. Look the way, the new
Michael works right now. Things feel at times I get screwed up with a time. Sometimes maybe it feels like its longer than it was, but I don't remember, Donald Drubbing, president and twenty fourteen. I kind of There are twenty sixteen election and a twenty machine in, but it twenty fourteen a hunter Sixteen kids said they were abused and mistreated in custody by the border patrol under Obama. They said This girl clay that the only water she had from that was the toilet tank cause. You're Cortez went on to say that she was physically abused and one of the ways she described this was that a border John took a stealth selfie, with her As she was walking around in a Cortez was in the background, and he was smiling and the photo now if that not harassment, I don't know what is. We do have one little update on whether a person actually did drink tea,
the water in twenty nineteen and its Kind of interesting what happened with the migrant and drinking water from the toilet she wanted water. She didn't, you know how to use the faucet in the cell and she drank from the toilet. She never told a yo see that we made her drink from the toilet. Elsie of there's just changed it. This isn't you didn't from the scene. Who is there. This when she, the migrant, was apprehended and brought into the facility. That's what had happened. So she is saying that it did happen. Then was an operational problem where they didn't know how to work the sink, and it makes sense because this because attached to reducing the photos, probably the sink is attached to the toilet does seem my It could be said, I mean look everywhere, says that there is theirs water and the facility, including people who were there. There was water, I mean, did agents juice Thing terrible: it's not impossible right. Border regions are people and why I've seen nothing but no exemplary,
conduct largely by our our bore regions. You know there have been incidents. Of course I am like does something every single group of people, including Congress, people, some of them suck some of them go to prison some of them lose elections because they lie all the time these things occur. So big, surprise. This is nothing but just A way to use people, who are in a very difficult time as cross the border into but they now collar concentration camps. They're trying to use them for political benefit, and I will quote pray through here and say that there is no such thing as a concentration camp that you turn around and walk the other way from that's not a thing. If you can walk up to it, Look at it turn the other way and go back across the border and stay in the country. It's hard to come a concentration camp. I know of no historical examples of content.
Creation camps that could be easily avoided like that. The fact that them It keeps embracing this stuff is really bothersome, but it's up to actually know the truth, and I guess get it out there, because nobody else is going to do it triple eight seven. Twenty seven back is the phone number back. We mourn a second Your listening to Glenn back every two seconds, there's a victim of identity theft, which means, the criminal could be spending more money applying for loans in your name, even damaging your credit, the good credit you worked so hard to build. Fortunately, you: could miss certain threats to your identity, just by checking bank statements or monitoring your credit. That's why it's a good thing. There is life, lock, identity, theft, protection, lifelong uses, proprietary technology to detect and alert you to a wide range of ideas,
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sometimes I guess we can be a little too insensitive about the border talk. This is point I'll buy some liberal groups who are trying to now Fred around these controversial comments made by Glenn the other day and he happened to be listening to show the other day. Let's give you the cliff that they're talking about an hour so upset about listen it's funny all because they pay me they were very upset that they were asked to check their phones going into the facility, so they did but heroic walk. In Castro, smuggled in a device to get some footage and what brave man. He is, certainly nothing is brothers represented more than the dead. That's not it in all important, sir, to pull a stunt like this end, but you know all these terrible things happened. The I think he was able to get. There was a bunch of women sitting comfortably and sleeping bags there on the floor now my
MIKE slightly odd, owing to persuade the foreigner sleeping bag next to her bed inexplicably every night to hum vat is the most horrific thing, that's ever. I think that you can make a case that their use to sleeping on the dirt outside for this you know this long journey of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of miles of Journey they're, usually you know communists by own at this, and now we're forcing them to veto would a sleeping,
bag down on a clean floor if there is always some recourse for these people, if there's only some way for them to avoid these facilities, like I don't know like turning around and going in the opposite direction, that's not act of all! You want to go back to the past. I say we keep them marching forward. We open our borders and we march them all away to the canadian border and help them across the canadian border, and I'm sure we'd have great response from the Canadian So that was earlier this week and apparently bats controversial and the big thing that's controversial there Is that apparently Glenn saying that my parents were sleeping on dirt and delicately put by Glenn. Copying squat next to a cactus is apparently the controversial point there. I think again. It's always did go to detect what is offensive in these clips? Because
think you can generally say like the imagery of of copyright. God is not a pleasant one, but I mean I think the problem. I think what they're trying to say is Glenn is saying people from Central America don't be. This have homes and this the way they live, and they should be lucky to be here. Couple points on us. For one. Very specifically, Glenn was talking about the journey here. We know how rough the journey here is. We know Oh, that Barack Obama warned people not to come here because it was such a dangerous journey in which people timely die, and if you, the dying part is not quite common enough to justify the imagery used by Glenn Let's go to the sexual assault, then.
We're a gigantic number, I mean it ranges and I'll pretty widely from about twenty two. Eighty percent of women who make this journey wind up getting sexually assaulted in some way does it say on better- maybe he should have gone further- maybe the popping squat described a little bit of an Ikey moment. Of the journey. Wasn't the one we should have focused on. Maybe we should focused on the fact that these are being assaulted. Let me two of them are dying that. Maybe that was better thing to focus on people down that much, but we're talking but the journey here we're not talking about the the lifestyle they live at home. Although it's a lifestyle, though there are from, and this is an important part. It's been well publicized at this point, that these facilities are not the most wonderful places on earth. It ain't Disneyland, K. We all know
that their design for short term stays there completely overloaded. We can't get money from from the democratic very recently they, finally proof some money for it, but like this is you're, not pray facilities and it's been widely publicized. Yet people still keep Bing. Why do you go to a new place? Why do you do that? because you have decided that the place going to is better than the place. She were. That's why you go places too. I go to dinner land you go on vacation. Why? Because you think it's gonna be the greatest place on earth. You to a new city. Why? Because you're hoping is going to improve your lot in life and that's what migrants are doing there illegally in some cases abusing the asylum reprocess in other cases, and some are legitimate. The bottom line here is that every per
did that comes Here- is coming here because they believe what they will get here, including being credibly terrible situation that we ve heard about in these facilities is better than what they're leaving as a point that the left loves to ignore You're, lessening TAT Glenn back, give you but about your home security. I've talked about simply safe home security. For years now, incredible protection intuitive thoughtful design, fair reed. Double prices. But, right now and on the fourth of July, we work together with simply safe to put together a great offer for fans of this show fifteen sent off your system plus a free, hd camera? The systematic
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its due in Berlin on the Glinda Programme, Glenda back on Monday, he's out for actually recovering from surgery to rewrite us esophagus to a garbage candle, some weight. So that's going on now, but he should be back and healthy and ready to go on Monday, Alexander Abkhazia, Cortez and her detention facility comments at the southern border. What's going on there what's actually occurring and she's now say that we're headed to fascism she says. Are we headed to fascism? Yes, I dont think. There's a question: but she's, not Amazon, even like southern border- on situation we're on our way. Now I do remember every time Glenn says the word: fascism, or not see or concentrate Jeanne Camp or Germany or, like Europe, any of these things we get. Let you know here. We would get me By every open the world says you're not allowed to talk about these things. Are you know these
our specific? You can't bring politics into this and you should never use this sort of imagery, but now she saying we are headed to fascism and that's apparently oak as she sang would they are constantly captain, and that's apparently, okay and in the here's, the thing and over state. This, because you're, inane and Thinking is a little bit black and white Saddam overstate my case here. So let me just be very careful, literally. No one in the universe, believes what Alexander Abkhazia, Cortez saying: zero people by them. That includes Alexandria Cause, you quarters, No one believes the things she is saying. She's, saying them because she expects people too kind This go along and not question she
look there are. There is, of course, an element of truth here with this is a difficult situation. There is a lot of people and in areas that they would rather not be. Everyone wants to live in a mansion and they're not live in a mansions. You know I mean it sucks. He lived in a country that was so crappy; they decided they had to risk their lives to leave it at that point, knowing they were going to end up in an overcrowded under resourced facility. Imagine that decision is not an easy day, and no one sand it is so course, there's some element of truth that the circumstances are not the best. However where she's going trying to make it seem like. I mean the idea that she was sexually abused while walking through facility with other Congress. People is the moon. Asinine thing anyone has ever stated: it's ridiculous, We all know it's ridiculous. The people writing about it in the meat
deplorable conditions, basic necessity. Now he would say that it was like a summer. Camp I guess we're supposed to act as if this is serious luckily there are other people who have gone to these facilities and looked at them. People without who credibility and they have reported, things that are only a little bit different than what your hearing from Alex we're you Cortez and the rest of the media. The joining me as Dan Andrew sees at faith wire dot com and You guys actually talked to people who were to the facility that maybe didn't have a political axe to grind kind of a different, a different way of looking at the story. You guys on footwear, yeah, I'm so embarrassed about. Do thought in particular, not surgery. Some really difficult because a fresh, although I will say I'm in line to get the surgery I as I
describing the surgery. I thought I need to get the surgery that I read the esophagus to a garbage can, because that would be, that would be surmounted prevented lighten up. Yeah, so a few pastors, actually that we have spoken to haven't you have to the same facility that sea had gone too and cable will they actually gone before she went so doesn't like they were afterwards to go, and you don't get a different story, throw something out there, but Rep Ray produced, a more rigorous when and that he had gone with a delegation of hispanic passers I made he was. He told us that he was totally baffled by the reports for Mayo C and others who thought they thought he said they saw no soil, diapers deplorable conditions, no lack of basic necessities. Now he would
It was like a summer camp. I dont know about it that good, but I dont think I think the just sort of took back quote. I think he was trying to just say that it was but the torture, a situation that Jem Elsie was describing another. Pass your debit Gilberto Corridor up, he also win. Wherein he yet an interesting thing here, and this is why I wanted to focus on two. He said that the border regions actually have good relationships with the families and the children there, and they often spend her own money to buy, food and water for them, because- and this is the reason why these patterns are involved in the first place because of the lack of reason, this is in funding right now, Judge dedicated to this situation because there's an image. What is his way more than their normally used to dealing with and again Yossi actually voted against that that funding that recently put up because she wanted to make a state scope.
So she bought it against that. But to me that's like ok, we got two competing here. On the one hand, you have these past years, the more ready to actually care and generally feel bad for the people in this situation that, as you said, they're coming from the top the whole that they know they may not even have a chance to get in there willing to risk the lives of their children and themselves to try to get here s how bad it is, of course, with compassion on them. For that situation. But that doesn't mean we can just let everybody in and since we gonna do, Thirdly, there actually spending their own money now, Listen to having compare that, you would see it sang and she's describing cuts. You go out there and has tweeted that did you like concentration? the camps now when you go down that road she's aren't you gonna, do one of two things. She can either apologized and said she just feel so bad for you that that she didn't deduce that language. He just got bad for the people in that situation by or she can do everything she can't pull down and
trees that her theory about these being intentionally hot. For concentration camps is true, and so what she's bathing Sweden's do that they wanted to read the tweet, because this really interesting sheep that I just let the four c c b facility. I see why those offices are being so physically and sexually threatening towards me. There This is our keeping women in cells with no water had to tell him the drink out of toilet this with them on their good behaviour from the members of Congress, not as interesting ways. You weren't that, because she didn't see, the sexually threatening towards me, thing is from she's, not saying that I lifted my understanding achieved. That thing that happened was you that ability she's saying that It happened in these secret facebook groups that were a patrol now, where what is it things come from and what are those so that came from a report
trusting that was dropped about twenty minutes before she treated about it. Yes from pro public, I would you they left leaning, one of these left, leaning fact, checkers no know they mask Raiders, independent, but they're really have a liberal the bias and saw the timing and added, think is yours, you're gonna tor. And she learning of all these horrific, detailed and yet she couldn't tweet does random story that she just happen to fight so sure thing. Like she at least knew about it, or maybe there was possibly some coordination there on the release of that. But these Facebook group look. Let us look the media, has run with that. They run. But the means that are in there and there I don't. You be insensitive, means and a lot of talk, kind of stop Rowena fascinated by this part of it, because I mean they act as if find people who say things on line about public figures is some breaking news event like war, Our jerks right, like yes, people, say bad thing: we're gonna who these people are
the reason why they do it on the internet, because there's anonymity so we don't know who they are. We don't know actually border guards or not, and I was fascinated by the the Africa Cortez came out and she was talking to the media afterward. She said you know I've seen all these things. All these negative things is written about me and I'm not Stop speaking truth to power, as I will your power. You realize that, like your Congress percentage now that you're not just some random in a bar tender anymore, you are that you are type of person that gets truth spoken to the most of the other way around at this point and she access, if, like this she wants to shut down and when we played a clip earlier den of of one congresswoman, actually calling for the prosecution of people on this Facebook group for the things that they're saying about zero Cortez. This is out of control right now, think about the absurd you slow down and you really
two different worlds. Here, still we have twitter world and regular world now in regular world. The things that their reacting to utterly absurd to suggest that we should process. People for creating stupid means is what the most ridiculous idea. I've ever heard in my entire life because, first of all, then pretty much. Everybody would get shut down because everybody has created a beam at some point or another that had made fun of somebody and very much the whole attire point of meat is the internet also, the entire pointed the internet aim on defeating and securing medium God bless you go for that. I don't. I don't think it's the best idea out there, but that these secret group, something else you really does become building up strawberry, tearing them down. I mean CNN reported as breathlessly, of course, other that all of these and sensitive me, we're happening, and then try dimension at the bottom of the article that while we able to independently verify if any of the people in the secrecy group are.
Are actually anything to do with sleepy, be at all that I think about this. Do as of secret Facebook group, what is the secret place, but it is a closed my group, that literally anyone in the world can create they make it sound like some secret society that has been dubiously conceived by border patrols, know some random person just created a faithful group and cold that we have no idea how it could be a thirteen year old in their base. We have no idea who does it, and yet this is leave news ass the mainstream media. That's the sorry state that word were in today It really is incredible, and I am- and I will say that cause you Cortez after this issue was asked about the abuse that she had in the facility- and she did mention the Facebook group, which is a ridiculous another thing that He actually mentioned as well, though, was selfies
She was a victim of selfie abuse now healthy abuse. If you're not familiar with this, I mean you're gonna be horrified. She said, that pull were did agents were taking photo, of themselves smiling with or in the background- and not abuse. I just don't know what is I mean, I don't know how we're we're allowing this to go on a heap. This is she's. This is that she literally thing that, as abuse, someone wanted to get a picture with her. In the background she's a famous person, because they were when there ain't. You know she's, basically saying that they remarking her, she said she said she was up upset about the quote: stealth, selfie It was being taken. She went around in her ill will and any other border regions are like choose. Their issues is basically harassing us, but we know what I'm gonna do she's in Congress like what we wanted to tell her to stop. But you know we didn't know what we're supposed to do in that goes back again. Speaking truth to power. That is
the acts as if she's this person who like uncovering all of these things. First of all, when we talk about, secret facebook group someone got the path or to a group that any imposing seeker groups are not secret, they're, just private, so you can't see the posts unless you get the password and some of our got an invite. Somebody got an invite or leaked the pro publicly. Who knows where this is we we don't know who it is, but we draw do you think, would have felt the people it is. It wasn't articles ninety five hundred people less than ten thousand people on it, and we don't know again maybe I did start with actual border guards. They only give about five or six examples in the story, at least that I read from Pope Pro publicly and they were like rude and they were you know like do. I love the idea in our society. This stuff's going on no, but it was at the end I mean it, was not threatening, was not death, threats or anything close to that the biggest threat in there, as we were talking about earlier, was one of the people on the
one of the commentators under the stories or someone posted story one, comment. Her on the story, a commenter wrote They won't with. Someone should throw a burrito adder, which again, I think could be delicious a comment of it. Let's get minimal abuse from what is typical in favour of a conservative women get on Facebook, Gardena Lash, oh my god, the things that they have been said about her and her family. Not even close is that all this is is push a narrative and when you have to go to a secret facebook group took to sort of build up these images is actually happening. There just turned to validate your theory These are concentration camps, and may I think it's time that people need to pull back here a new some common sense. Okay, but the truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Are these happy birthday? Care is probably not
Not what they are designed to beat now that you know when you come over cross border legal you're, not supposed to get a stay at the Ritz Carlton or at. Why not, and you know what I think it's in the constitution, Dan, the Ritz Carlton, is in the constitution. If you look in the back of it, you'll see it there I gotta go, then we get it we're running out of time and when its point, people, though, to faith wired outcome, because you have on the front page these interviews, including the interview about how the border agents have been actually buying in using their own money for goods and services. Here for these four, these immigrants This is a something you're not getting from the mainstream media can check it out at faith. Wired, compt antics opponent begs to art back in a second, your listening to Glenn back. Mississippi is getting sued over a new law that says that people who,
make veggie burgers, and needless meatballs can't you. Those terms anymore, because apparently the people of Mississippi or too stupid to know that a meatloaf meatball is actually made of meat. I really. Don't need the government to control areas for dear life. This is I mean it's insane like this is and its progressive ism coming from the other side, and it does happen. I like Arby's approach little bit better, though there may be no toll impossible. Burger thing were there having the plant based Baden Place meets on the other ways that of plant based meets their making meat based plants. Them it. Care it. That's actually made of meat that's America. The merit here listening Glenn Bank,
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