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Deleting Truth, One Click At A Time | Guests: Brad Thor & Rebecca Sharibu | 6/25/19

2019-06-25 | 🔗
Hour 1 Project Veritas exposes, Google Algorithm is Wiping out Conservatives one click at time ...Bad back news for Pat Gray. Woman delivers baby on way to the hospital and her husband films it all. Pat gives the dramatic play-by-play  Hour 2 Backlash with author, Brad Thor. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of nineteen thrillers, Russia has developed it's own 5G network and it sucks. We are being flooded by Russian propaganda ...Fun with Fake Joe Rogan Dot Com Hour 3 Pleading for help from hell. Christian women are being slaughtered in Africa by the Islamic state. Rebecca Sharibu Mother of Leah Sharibu, her Daughter, Leah, was kidnapped by Boko Haram joins to plead to America for help. Why isn't Ilhan Omar doing anything to help ...More Trump rape allegations coming

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I'm Hillary, that is your form, and it does, and now here's glennons do with the start. So thank you so much Hillary, it's going to be a good day. We've got a lot coming up, including a Brad Thor and a couple of other things that I think you are not going to want to miss. But first let me tell you about our cruise through history stew and I have selected some friends to go along with us to Venice and Greece and ITALY and Croatia, not Croatia, yeah really serration, Israel, brother, Nick Nine, Israel and we are so excited to bring David Barton Rabbi Lapin and to Bill O'Reilly with the you to learn about history along with authentic italian food yeah, because you seem to be focused on that. That is the most important thing to do that I mean maybe not everybody else, but you will enjoy. The italian food will fuel you through the history
I'm looking at it. You'll be like I can eat right after they see something yeah yeah you don't have to you, don't have to hang with us. You can just hang by the pool you can eat your face off. You can go on shore, you can you can have the tour is directed by us whatever. It is really a cool once in a lifetime opportunity to see the places that are really on your bucket list. I imagine there on my bucket list. Come sail away. Dot com learn all about it. Come sail away, dot com, get your K. I've been before they're all gone, the fusion of entertainment, enlightenment. 3a story yesterday. That said a, I may not take your job, but it may be your boss
Well, I'm going to take that a step further. I think it's going to be the boss of everything and I'll explain why and how? But we're going to start with what project Vera TOS came out with yesterday yesterday, they they came out with a report that now is hard to find unless you go to projectveratos dot com, you're, not going to find this video on Youtube or any place else. Why? Because they go after Google and they have Google now on tape explaining exactly what's happening to voices, but I'm going to show you how this all ties together, but first We start with Google and what we found in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. You know. I can't believe that we live in a time like this, where you have to actually worry about these things, but we live in dangerous times and we need to discuss difficult topics to keep our family safe.
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warnings of ai and the warnings of high tech? We getting now to a place to where you're not going to be able to believe your eyes or your ears, and that happening very, very soon we're being nippu without even knowing it. And, quite honestly, I think we are moving in a direction that is China, like. And I think we're going to get there much faster, then any of us believe is special. Those who are not paying attention so want to talk to you about algorithmic unfairness. What is algorithmic unfairness I
I want you to do this, do this test, so you can do it right now. If you have your phone or you're at your computer, just go to Google and type in men can. Now what I have is man I type in men, can I have men can have, babies may and can get pregnant man can have periods may and can have babies now may can cook and men think about nothing. Is that what you got. What do you have just type in men? Can men, cancer? Okay? No, you didn't put a space After after the end, m, men can have babies, man can get pregnant, men can have babies. Now, man can have periods, men can cook and have the extra men can think about nothing. Do you have that? I don't okay, now isn't that odd, because we've will
is thought that this is what the most people are searching for right. Whenever put that in, we thought that's what everybody searching for now go back in and type in women can can. Women can vote. Is it true? that's true how we we thought that one. I know women can vote with. You can fly women, Do it, women can be drafted. Women can do anything inspiring much more inspiring than the men cancer thing. Yeah. Okay, is this. Does this reflect reality? Is this? Would people are searching for what what it, what it can women do it, Sir, in Google, for women can do it right, doesn't seem
see we fly. What does that mean? Let's click women can fly. What does it take you to show you see, women can fly, it's a it's a thing to in Virginia they in spy girls to fly. Are they allowed on airplanes now is that is that accurate Early, so I guess I guess so: women can fly and they prove it Saturday at Shannon Airport all right. So what is this. Do you remember a while back when Google announced they were going to start using trusted sources wanted to know who trusted sources were and those trusted sources would be the ones who would
the arbiters of truth. They would get more waiting. Then people like, let's say Fox NEWS: the Blaze Ben Shapiro, any never religious organization, whatever. And this is the most blatant example of it, and I urge to do this with your friends. Show them show them. If you think Google is not manipulating you just have them type in men. Can space women can space. And see what you get, what Google is doing. Is they have a new algorithm in there were trying to fight algorithmic unfairness and they have with algorithmic unfairness is, for instance, Jordi of men are C e ceos are men majority of ceos? Are men? Well,
that's unfair, even though it's true that presents an unfair picture. And so the trust did sources that they found. What a surprise the trusted sources agree with the with the extreme liberals in in Google headquarters, and they are social Justice Warrior sites. They are the ones determining what's true and what is fair, so you're searching for men. Can men can what well men could cook men can have periods now they can't men can have babies, no, they can't, and that is not what should be coming up at the very beginning. They're doing, is they're pushing their agenda, but what they're
doing is more subtle than that, because you look is this and if you don't know about algorithmic unfairness, you think I everybody searching for this. And they are manipulating you subtly. And they're doing it through the sources of truth database. They are the arbiters of the sources of truth and there's sources of truth are social justice warriors, so the algorithm doesn't look at what is popular. It doesn't look. What is most convenient for you. Do this to be tied to you, I'm looking for this. Okay I'll, find that for you, but when it comes, your viewpoint is again the source of truth database. It's
suggest some other things. For instance, yesterday, we found out in documentation through project Vera tos that if you search for Joe Rogan and you gotcha Joe Rogan, not Joe Rogan Dave Rubin, you watch Dave, Rubin Video what you're going to find? Is there going to suggest other things that might interest you like things from CNN will wait what now, if you search for things on CNN you'll, find more stuff from CNN, you won't find Joe Rogan and you I'm not at ease. I don't know why. I'm calling him that you won't and Dave Ruben, ok, you search for something in your watching you're, going to get a whole bunch of suggested titles from CNN and MSNBC and everything else. You won't find Dave Rubin in that list. But if you look for Dave Rubin in your watching a Dave, Rubin Video, you
tube, is going to suggest a lot of MSNBC and CNN because they on to expand your mind, Ann. You know if you're watching this well, you should probably watch a little of this too you're being manipulated, you're being taught. Now I'm going to come back and I'm going to play the audio of the executive at Google explaining all of this why they are doing it. It is at in kredible how cavalier they are sitting at a restaurant just openly talking about manipulation, and why will do that in one minute during
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I don't know if anybody in Washington is even going to do anything about it here is. Audio cut one of project vera tos sitting down with Jenn Jenn. I now she is the head. I love. This She is the head of responsible innovation for Google. There definition of responsible is much different than my definition of responsible. This is the set or that monitors and evaluates the responsible implementation of artif social Intelligence, and machine learning technologies live sing to watch the woman in charge of a responsible implementation. Google says they're doing
pull up screwed over in twenty. Sixteen again it was, it was like people got screwed over the news. Media got screwed over, like everybody got screwed up when they were roughing it like waffles. There might be prevented from happening again, okay, so she said in twenty. Sixteen we all got screwed over, not just the people at Google, everybody, men, women, mainstream media. We all looked at each other and said what just happened now: she's talking about the action of Donald Trump. So what just happen we all got screwed over, so we have to prevent that from ever happening again, cut
who is Asians on around the fairness is not worry urban fair today, cervix, because we're choosing will need to find this credible news source, get accused of not being fair, because what we deem fair is not fair to conservatives, because we he choose the news that we feel is kredible the credible news sources and but we feel or credible news sources are not credible news sources to conservatives. Now this what you've heard from Google or anybody's there testifying have you heard this from their pr people that yeah we're he's picking the news sources and conservatives you're out of luck, you're not going to like him, but we don't find any truth in your news services. I thought they weren't
they were manipulating anything. Can new Congress Times we were like we just know, they're going to stack up like we're going to take her we're not going to change your mind just sitting there being attacked for something that we know we're not going to stop. Stop this cut three. Ok, this got three so she what she saying here is we're not going to Congress. You know many times, they've called us up and we're not going because we're not going to change your mind and all going to do is yell at us. So why would we go and have them yell at us for something we know what they're going to say and also no we're not going to change what we do. Is there any more on that changing cut? Four, please
the reason: the launcher AI principles, because people were not putting on line in the sun, but they were not saying, is fair about that goal, so we're like well, we are big. Companies were going to say it for my definition. Shared is some bias, specifically talks about maps, wine therapy for Macy's, store in power and opposition to declare or not going to solve various for our mission of Paradise and put those things that we thought it would be like obvious, and everybody would agree to the same. What she said here is ok, so we have to draw a line in the sand because no one was drawing a line in the sand, but we're a big company. So we decided we will say it, but we
understand that what we're looking to do is be fair to marginalized groups, and those marginalized groups do not include any of those who are in power. We were surprised because how we define fairness, we thought everyone would agree, but not every. He agrees on fairness, especially those who have voted for this current president. I go back to the first cut where she says we all got screwed over. We all got screwed over and and when we got screwed over, we decided to do something because we have to stop this from ever happening again. What she talking about a trump victory. We you have to stop this from ever happening again. Well, you know it makes it. It makes it a little more interesting now to think
We all believe that, if somebody like Elizabeth Warren, you know is the candidate, it's going to be a slam. Dunk. But not necessarily not if you have Google and Facebook as part of your campaign, not that there ng any money or colluding absolutely not if you have people at Google and Facebook book leading the algorithms, so you're only going to find things that agree with whoever the democratic candidate is and may the republican candidate look bad, you don't the prayer. Especially when it comes to deep fakes and audio deep fakes, I'm going to show you a little later on in the program eggs
see what's happening with deep fakes, an audio deep sakes. We are to the point, and this should be the number one conversation in the world today. What Happens when you can, not believe your eyes or your ears. And the encyclopedia Britannica is he changed all the time so when you're looking through the Encyclopedia Britannica, all of a sudden it steering you to find something else, because it does. I agree with your premise and your the view being manipulated. It is only going to get much much worse. They are. They are now taking and manipulating you. They admitted it here with project vera toss,
but they also have documents coming out of Google, where they are explaining how they are steering people away from people like Dave. Rubin now do Ruben is really very, very effective because he's a former liberal he with the young Turks for the love of PETE and he realized. While this is wrong, I don't know with what they're saying here, but I can a conservative and he taking the world on his journey. He extraordinarily dangerous. You have steer people away from him, and so they do and they admitted it in documents. So what does this mean for our future
a tune today. I'll show you the rest of it. Also Brad Thor and Pat gray. Next you're listening, back car shield man? I wish car shield recovered tires. I wish they covered tires he what over the weekend, I had two flat tires. I was about six hours away and both both my tires boom. You don't Jenner we carry two spares so had to be towed back again: yada yada, and that one wasn't covered that one wasn't covered. I will tell you the things that really count that you two are mechanical. Those are covered, those are covered. So when you have something you know, your your rings go, I don't even know what a ring is. I mean other than one you wear on. Your vi have no
idea, if it goes, can be covered with mine. How about yours If you have a car, that is five thousand one hundred fifty thousand miles on it and it doesn't have a warranty anymore. You need extended coverage and car shield will give you the best check into all the. Covers and couples may apply, but it is the best it's Kerr, she'll dot com saved my a lot of money. Eight hundred car, six thousand, please tv, dot com, Slash Glynis place to go to sign up for the place to be in any place to protect conservative voices- and we were just talking about- is the promo code plan. Well, Pat Gray. Welcome to the program packed, I just informed us that he is may we talk about yeah is having is having surgery on Friday there going to take out four four discs in the spinal column toward
his neck. There's a one in two hundred. Fifty chance he won't, he will lose his ability to speak. I'm I'm putting All unread, so you're telling me there's a chance. I'd like to keep my voice mainly, so I can continue to yell at my kids right, diaper shit. I appreciate that this is fairly regular surgery, those or not yeah yeah, it's done a lot now and they they've perfected it pretty well Peyton Manning. Had it done couple, years ago, and and he won a Superbowl afterwards. So I'm thinking I'm gonna play quarterback in the later yeah right. Maybe they can and they maybe they can. Do you see up a little bit right yeah. I mean I'm not sure that I can make it for this season, but I'm rightly annex okay, all right, that's kind of cool good thing Manning is he didn't lose any of his arm strength after that surgery. I hear I really did have an amazing here, but that Superbowl you start about two Six miles an hour and still a Superbowl yeah, and I think that's probably why okay, I'm done now yeah! I am it on now and you know but
that's part of why I'm that's most of why really 'cause of the pain. You know I've dealt with the pain for thirty years now, but but the weakness in my arm will be permanent if don't do something about it, so they have the same thing. They've said the same thing for me: 'cause. I have thoracic outlet syndrome at which is means arrested, L R, as in Robert S, you know what that is right. I don't think so. Okay, so we'll select to weird like baseball players, will get it pitchers will get it a lot. Okay, and what it is is you have your your thoracic outlet is, is being blocked. Oct and pinched, and so you lose the fee. Being in your arms and the power in your arms and your hands, etc, etc. So that's why you know my hands they're, always tingling and everything else. We thought it was neuropathy, it's actually Threasa Colette Syndrome. I have it in both shoulders
The only way to take care of it that sucks is to remove the top rib on each side. Oh wow, and I'm like I don't think so, No, I don't think so. What do they do? Instead of the rib, they go put something in there right now. No, no it open. Because it's getting everything is getting pinched and is pinching all of the nerves and so you're not going to do it. I know uh no, no can system how long would be out They said they. They started with it. Six tr, ordinarily painful, oh good, I'm like ok, you had me there, I'm walking towards the door right now and they said you need it on both sides and they said we can't do it. We have to do one at a time, so you'll have one for six months and recovery and then the other one for six ok year of re.
Every and I'm like? I don't know if I have that many years left anyway, and it's two thousand six hundred and twenty seven percent of your life, you don't want to it's my I mean and it's my arms and hands. Are they that important don't affect my voice? Does it now? Ok, I think I'm pretty good for a while. I think I'm going to I'm going to delay. This is every conversation among men as you get older, isn't necessary, pretty much said hey with surgery happened today, and I know this is your member. We used to sit down and we used to hear about our aunts and uncles and all their you know Astro intestinal problems. Now it's us now, it's a super excited savers in the Gautrain didn't even know it. Bursitis is, but I better get I have it. Yeah, alright, so Pat, what's on your mind today, well I one thing is that you know you've convinced me with this Google stuff that I'm officially switching to Lycos search engine now Lycos or ask Jeeves, I'm kind of kind of put him up.
Just each other to see which one I like make sure you're listening an hour from now makes you're listening, because I write a tie, Are we going to do that or we have something yeah, ok, so an hour for now I want to tie all of it together. I want to show you what's coming everybody. Everybody will another one little piece, but I'm good at taking the the dots and connecting them all I'll show you what world we are headed for within two years two years well and then- and I would do that next hour. Okay, I also wanted to show you something that men can do and I guess when can at the same time as well, but I don't know if you guys have seen this have been circulating for awhile, but this happen in Houston a while ago where I was driving down the road and she star,
screaming about. I don't know her pregnancy or something it's pregnant is about to come. Do you know yeah, we don't know what exactly is going to happen, but notification in the mail your pregnancy is to do so. She screaming and carrying on and he's trying to drive, hey! I got it on
here's. What happens? This is amazing. Calm down, I'm trying to drive here, listen I'll, come here the chicken dance down. It is a right. He pulls down the sweats just a little bit and then pretty soon yeah. That means we've all been no, not in the car. Having a good this guy, you know, I know
and then do you want me to stop. Or do you want me to keep going, stop that's how you have to be with your pregnant wife. Had a baby. We had a baby its out now you'll see here they bring up crying clump of broccoli. Here it's born and she's recognizing it as a baby. So it is a baby. Ok, alright! So they did identify this as a baby. Now- and I guess call baby- I don't know where they're getting that gosh, but it's breathing, just fine get it right out. Can you imagine doing that? No, no! She just gave birth by herself, no a freaking perfect, who says holy crap, I didn't say: oh, that's beautiful! No, it isn't. I got news for you. That is a freaking horror movie, which is happened. Holy is hard. It's amazing.
I really wanted to be there for the birth of my kids. I certainly don't want to be there for the birth of anybody else, all my God, because it's a horrifying process it is and what I enjoyed it. I thought it was great what you're really yeah. I thought it was all about the I mean. First of all night, you know you give the guy some credit obviously see. I don't so how we stayed on the road for that, but
but wait, wait number one, who's who's videotaping, isn't driving animal name. He's got it he's, got it yeah taping go pros or something is it go for artificial, but either way he's taping, which is bizarre right, like you're in the middle of this process and you're taping, and then you can't you gotta understand he knows he's on video. So of course he's being calm. Like he's the perfect, that is the perfect. I don't know that is the viral baby. You ask: that's the voice. Is the voice labor? Would you like this? Should you like? Should I slow down? Should I touch you or not? I can do. I can do anything to rub something or not. I got a gun in the car. I can shoot myself if that would make you happy I'll shoot myself right now, Don no gun. Would you like me to hang myself? I mean I forget the first time with with Jackie. It was like
no yeah, eight minutes, I'm trying to figure out what to do and rubber back okay. So that's the voice you have to use because you don't know what to do when Tonya the best was absolutely the best I had. I mean she actually found me funny all play through it and I got her laughing all the way through it and it was. It was great. It was really a great. It also must have been the last time that ever happened right and she ever found, shortly after that shortly after that is heavily medicated. It was she's, never found me funny sense, but it was. I really enjoyed it. My wife was on Facebook in the middle of it. The middle as she was freaking posting messages on Facebook in the middle of a she really oh yeah, both times yeah, she had the easier again. This is her saying it to me. It was look very difficult,
but she said it was very easy and she is you know it yet she did the whole thing. You know the furthest thing we could get I'm natural birth is what we tried to do. Yeah yeah quote on quote natural birth. I highly recommend that yeah exactly and she felt you know she. She was on foot piece, but in fact she has you know she has a radio show as well and she had because she knew this was coming up or at least unit was close. She had recorded or show that day, so she had, people calling her up about what she was saying on the air. While she was giving birth, that's impressive, that's amazing! She was hosting a show while she was giving birth, wow wow, so so the baby's fine yeah baby is fine. Mom is mom, is fine, who's cleaning, the car, and even if you want that with the cut back are recycled. I think this is a rush that thing yeah. I think you just take that one right to the right to the car crusher we're done with this one. Thank you.
Oh, alright, don't reuse the metal just just now real area, don't ask any concern: Obel put it under a concrete, might drive it in and they might call the FBI. Look this guy just turn this car and I think he murdered something in there. All right back one thousand nine hundred and eighty five, a group of progressives in San Francisco created a phone company and their goal was donating, a portion of their profits to promote LE wing causes that come and grow, and it evolved into a cell phone company now called Credo, mobile well in two thousand and fourteen they created a super PAC that tried to flip five republican held seats and in two thousand and fifteen they were and parenthood's largest corporate donor. And what you don't know so far. They have raised over eighty million dollars this on top of the fact that the the That you don't know is that Verizon and mobile companies like that, give
tons of money, millions of dollars to planned parenthood and even larassa this was started really in the 1980s. Through the tides foundation, they realize they had to change the tide. At they knew that they needed to get people on corporate boards and they needed to get the money from corporations that conservatives are getting way. We've been sitting here, just thinking everything is fine. It's not fine. Now, two thousand and thirteen a group of conservatives got fed up with watching their cell phone bill going to the left and that's why they created Patriot Mobile, wanted to tell you that story to you stood Patriot Mobile has been Vert Ising with us, and his quietly raised over two million dollars to support the constitution and the values that we believe in, but they need in your support, this
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you to switch its patriot, mobile dot com, slash back use the promo code back, get a free, month of service. Stick together. We must stick together a tree mobile. Do this switch today, Patriot, mall dot, that's patriot, mobile dot com, so glad we are starting our pop up museum this weekend, twelve score and three years ago, the unfair, just promise of unity. It is happening at our mercury studios here in Dallas Texas, and we would love for you to attend a did that perhaps you shouldn't bring your little kids to this. The we will try to have s throughs, but this one is very difficult to pass through some of the disturbing images. This is slavery then, and now, and we have things that are just
amazing. Not only will the Juneteenth document be original Juneteenth, but the Gettysburg address the 13Th Amendment will be here, there's a couple of other things that are just stunning that they are here and we want you to see them, but the storyline is what's really important and we can continue to dwell on the past, which will make us the villains of the future and really the point of this. If we continue to, well and not learn from the past, but dwell on the past to point fingers. We it will become the villains of following generations and you'll understand why and it is in
It will become men in sharp detail. Yesterday we had a bunch of stuff sent over from Iraq and in Syria, these boxes we're opening up yesterday and Disturbing their of some of the clothing from some of the people that had been slaves and and killed by ISIS and it's it was disturbing to hold those those orange jumpsuits yesterday or to hold the isis. You know black head wrap in uniform.
And you'll see some of these things along with the tools of slavery from the past, and we will compare them to the tools of slavery today and I didn't know if we could make this case as strongly as we could with visuals. So you could see, but nothing has changed. Nothing has changed and we're acts asking you to become we're, asking you to become a an abolitionist and anti slavery abolitionist because it's happening today, and it's really important that you see this weird. We keep talking about an awful lot of nonsense and what he said, and she said when some real things are happening in the world and really want you to be a part of it. I will be there the whole time. I want to see you twelve score and three years ago, get your tickets now
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now remember hearing Barack Obama saying the 80s once their foreign policy back, Russia was laughed at as a foe, should we laugh now Brad Thor has a brand new book out. It's called backlash. It's out today, Brad Thor one of my favorite fiction authors. This one is based about around Russia. It's a thriller, but it's not fiction. It's faction. We okay, Brad Thorn next. This is the Glenn Beck program. Well talk a bit about Lifelock. If you've ever used your bank's digital payment service to send somebody money, I want to listen up. Cyber thief have found a way to steal from bank accounts
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percent off that's Lifelock, DOT, com, the program for a good friend of the the program, the guy who has done work for homeland security. There, analytic red cell unit he's lecture the law enforcement about over the horizon future threats. He has been the keynote speaker for the National Tactical Officers Association Annual Conference uh
RON Reagan's one hundred celebration: the Young Americans foundations supporter of the heritage foundation. He is spoken at their nasha, headquarters on the need for robust missile defense He also is a guy in two thousand and eight that shadowed a black ops team in Afghanistan to reach to research his thriller, a really good one called the apostle. His latest is out today, and it is called backlash. Welcome mister Brad Thor. How are you, sir? I am doing well good morning Glenn. Thanks for having me you bed, I want to die for Well, congratulations on what number book is this. This is one thousand nine hundred and nineteen. Congratulations on that well. Thank you and I tell people it's like the James Bond movies. You can jump in at any point. You don't need to have seen all the bond movies to see the latest so backlash. If you haven't read me, is a great place to start this is. This is how I'm taking this is part by novel part survival book. Is it not yeah
it is, and so you nailed it when you said that what I do is faction were you or the fact send in the fiction begins. So I wanted to do. Thing with my main character, who was a Navy seal in gets recruited to do some of the nation's most dangerous business that we don't want? Our fingerprints on an this guy has been a thorn in the side of the Russians time in time again and they decide they're going to come to the United States they're going to put a bag over his head dragon back to Russia in Terre get him, and then they are saving the honor of killing them for the russian President, he's going to put a bullet in Scott Arvat themselves, and so when I did the research for the book, I wanted to know to th Number one. I wanted to know what the training was like for our soldiers in our Intel operatives in what's called Sere school. That's that's an act and for survival they'd resist escape. What are these guys do? How are they trained? That's one two. I was fascinated
a little known program that Barack Obama's administration set up in President Trump kept going and actually has added a lot more meat and muscle to in there was a position called the special presidential envoy for hostage affairs. This is the gentlemen or ladies, are currently a gentleman who's in charge of set the machinery of the United States government, its military to absolute overdrive, even American gets taken for season. I said if you had a guy like Horvats what would happen? He said we would move, heaven and earth the first forty eight hours to apply such withering pressure on whoever took him that they would beg us to take the person back He said what, if you didn't know where he was or the people who took him were denying it he said. Well, we still apply the pressure, but now we're getting the seal teams involved, deltas, getting involved, and that's the kind of neat facts behind this book. You're going to get short Chris cinematic chapters, a gray
White Knuckle thrill ride, but you're going to learn a couple of real life things in backlash that I just absolutely blew me away when I did the research ok, so I want to. I want to stop here and go into this because it it seems, like the you know, in states. If somebody is taken, it seems like we don't really do much like, for instance, N Korea. We had somebody taken and you know a citizen and he came back and I right after I mean what that wasn't, that wasn't a kidnap. That was an arrest, but you give me any real life examples of. When this is happening, we can and we can point a finger to holy. The United States doesn't screw around when a citizen is taken. Well it At least things are interesting because you are doing diplomacy. Let me tell you it's a war room is like it where the war room is that we set up and still exists, it's at FBI headquarters in Washington DC, and it has death
all over the place. The clocks, with a different time zones, the television monitors all the kind of stuff. You would expect from like a high speed kind of NC movies, sort of a thing at each one of these desk is a representative from major branches of government, so you've got the Treasury department. You've got people from the Defense intelligence Agency in the Pentagon, the NSA, all this stuff, and so what they're doing is they're all sharing information trying to find pressure points. So, in a case like on a warm beer that you're talking about in North Korea, there was the continued diplomatic. I think I do. I cannot say that they look at military options, 'cause. I did not discuss that with them. Nor would they reveal that if they were but knowing what I know about this system, I'm sure they were looking for a way if they could pinpoint where auto warmbier was in. They could have gotten him out. That might have any consideration, but in this case he wasn't necessarily taken
that hostage. Yes, he violated the law in that country. We can air quote around due process, but he had committed a crime that wasn't in that wasn't in dispute. The reason this group was set up was in the aftermath of the murder of was James Cole, headed by ISIS and our inability to get him back before they could kill him. That's the kind of stuff that special presidential envoy for hostage beers in the fusion style at the FBI, this war, okay. So the the book start it's with this, this operation by Russia in the United States. I want to ask you: how much did what happened over in England play into this story, because they seemed Russia seems Ball Z, to where they're doing stuff that we would have net. They would have never done during the cold war. They would have never done that ' Map Salute Lee absolutely. I agree one hundred,
so how? How realistic is Russia coming into the United States and doing an operation like this. So with this book that starts on page one, it explosive action right there in not only what the Russians look at what the Russians did in the UK twice where they, you know when, after the tank with the with the what was a polonium in the t earlier than the script, not poisoning, but they also in a rack. Several years ago a russian diplomat was taken hostage in the Russian sent over a special team to Iraq. They figured out the group that took him. They found a relative of the head of the group and they started slicing off body part Our relatives relative in mailing on to the guy in the group saying you're, going to get him back a finger at a time in a year at a time until it and they basically wrap this russian diplomat debate.
By getting brought him back and laid him gently on the steps of the embassy again back to the Russians. They don't screw around, but if they did something like this plan, it would be on Quesh Lee an act of war. Show. I look at this and said hello. Bolden aren't you know they went into the they wouldn't a Georgia under George W Bush. They took the crimean peninsula under under Barack Obama and now with everything happening with IRAN and all that kind of stuff they're trying to drive a wedge between us in European allies they'd love to see NATO collapse, and I think that they are more ball z, to put it bluntly than they've ever been before. So, if you have a super operative in the United States that the president continually sends against Russia and he successful getting their bad actors off the chess board, they might roll the dice and do something like this and that's. Why
Ok nobody's done this kind of a thing in a thriller before I always love giving my readers something new, making each book better than the last one. I said this is what I'm going to do, but back to the training our guys receive Glenn there told you may only get one opportunity to escape, and if you get that opportunity you need to be ready for it and you need to take it. So eight on page one, as these guys are transporting my guy taking taken to Russia, Scott Harvath, something happens in harvest kicks it into gear in the rest of the book is about the chase is on, for in the Russians, are trying to get him back to the US, is trying to find him, and it's just page after page of just nonstop, action so the end of the book. So let me ask you this. You talk about the Wagner group, which we've heard a lot about. If you pay attention, it's the russian private military contractor they operating in in Ukraine,
the little green men and then also in Syria as well talk a little bit about v, the use of of the Wagner group and their their love affair, apparently with with yeah? So it's interesting because private military corporations are legal in Russia. Yes, the Wagner group exists in its interesting because it was started by a former spats knowledge. Russian special forces, colonel, whose callsign was Wagner and for the composer, who was one of Hitler's favorite composer, and these guys subscribe to a form of it is a. It is a hybrid ideology and kind of pay in religion that that grew up in Russia during the fall of the soviet part show in the in the 90s. This thing grew up in these guys model themselves,
largely after the ss, and they are absolutely terrified. These guys are the ones that Putin sends everywhere, so Putin can claim plausible deniability and the Russians aren't there. It isn't the Russia that are here that are there, but these are the little green men. These are the people that were involved in helping to shoot down that airliner. In Ukraine they were in Syria, and I think you may have you guys talked about this Glenn. I don't know was it eight months ago there was that big bonding or they were like one hundred and fifty two hundred russian mercenaries that were killed in Iraq, it, yes, that was these guys. I know that was the model yeah, so good right. So that's that's one hundred and fifty less of these bad actors on the world stage. And these are also the guys that allegedly were flying into Venezuela to prop up the government there as it look like Madora was going to fall as you you've done so much work for this book. The name of the book is a backlash it's by Brad Thor, it's a thriller
he's a number one best selling author? It is you know it's it's, Tom Clancy, I mean it's just a thrill ride. All the way through, his latest again is back lashed out in stores. Today you can get it on Amazon, its interests as you look into for instance, you have the present. I want to give anything away, but you have the president applying pressure. Through finances, and let's leave it at that cuz. I don't want to give anything away, but, should we use more of those tactics on Putin at absolutely? I think we, considering how much money Putin has squirreled away around the world, how much you stolen from the russian people a great idea and you'll remember that for the longest time bill O'Reilly was saying we are to end credit card transactions there. We ought to cut off the ability to do this, with transactions with bank accounts and that we should cripple them.
By not letting a credit card transactions go through over there, which was a brilliant, brilliant idea. There are a lot of tools left on the table that we could still applying to Russia, and you know, I think, if they, if they try anything if we even see a russian tuning to an american debate or coverage of the next election, I think we ought to drop the hammer on I don't think we should have any hesitancy to drop it and I think President Trump it would be. It would be an excellent move if you came indirectly said to Russia if we even think you're snippet in the next election, that's it for you. We know they're going to you know they're going to are we doing enough? Is our government even really just like
You don't know. Last week we were just looking the lights over there, her with their power grid system, right allowed right, good to say, and that's not only the election stuff too. That's concerned about other stuff that you know we're looking one thing you guys have talked about while way on the show before and the whole 5g thing and what's coming up, it's interesting because we don't have. We are not moving fast enough with G the Chinese are. The Russians are, interestingly enough, moving with their own 5g network, it sucks it really sucks, but everything in Russia, sucks and but what they're doing here is they're using their propaganda outfit. Russia today to start sowing seeds of fear american viewers. Anybody is listening to you, I believe in the first amendment. I also believe you should never ever turn on Russia today. It is straight up propaganda and they're running stories telling Americans that 5g networks actually cause cancer and birth defects in children and so on and so forth, because they want to
create a groundswell against 5g here, so that Russia may be able to overtake us in this space there bad actor so any we can do? These? Are not our friends the Obama people were complete? completely wrong and they've even come out several of them to say yeah. We were wrong to say to Mitt Romney, the 80s called and they want their foreign policy back, but a lot of the obamas station was wrong on a lot of stuff. You look at IRAN. Had they back the Green Revolution and at that nine years ago. You- and I were talking about this- is that when I said it was made no sense because it took two weeks for a tepid statement from Barack Obama, but within twenty four hours, of the dictator in waiting in Honduras being ousted by the Congress and exiled from the country within twenty four hours. Obama was supporting him and saying it wasn't because we need to let him back in the country he always saw did with the bad actors, and we said why is he not siding the young people in IRAN. This is a chance for us to see democracy there now
years later? We know it's because he was writing, love letters back and forth with the mullahs trying to complete the IRAN deal. So there's always something going on behind the, but a lot of what the current administration of President Trump is facing are the absolutely terrible decisions of the Obama administration. So this is why foreign policy getting it right, is important because it were verbal rates well past the the end point to of particular presidents time in office breath or, as always, will talk to you on Friday. I think you're coming into the studio, so I like spend some time with you talking a little bit more about. You know how we've handled ran what you think is coming our way, etc, etc. But today we how to get John, because your book is out today Brad Thor backlash. It's uh, eight thriller from a guy who is part of the tribe, support him and grab this book. Even if you've never read any Brad before you can pick it up at any place and then you're good, we hooked br,
Thor backlash available. Now, thanks, I have said for a while that to bring my my kids to you up and see some of the things of Europe, because you may not be able to see them. You know, I think, we're we're in that place like in the 1930s where, by one thousand nine hundred and forty five, the world different Europe looked entirely different. So well, I've been wanting to take my kids onto a trip and I had the opportunity to do that with come, sail away, we're doing a cruise through history and always wanted to go to Venice. In the summer. It's really really packed we're going to be going in the spring of next year. So we're going to start in Venice, then we're going to Dubrovnik then to Athens and to Israel and
we're going to tie it all together, we're going to teach you the history of each place and were teach you how these places actually affected the United States of America an shaped us an who we really are. So these are the basic rule of our principles that have made America what it was. We need to rediscover those roots and we'd love for you to come with us. So bring your family if you can bring a spouse, they even their even amazing this audience is so great people are going in there saying I can only go by myself and you know: can you help us arranged to share a room, and so there they're actually putting people together and you get to know him and see if you want to share a room with them, so there's something for everybody. So please come three thousand of your the three thousand of your fellow friends. The people who are listening to this program are going to be there bill. O'reilly will be there I'll, be there David Barton
Rabbi lap and it's at shirt. Centric come sail away. Dot com get all the information now at come sail away, dot, com and book your spring vacation with us ten seconds station id. I want to go. I I want to take you through something. There is new ai, he generated voices, and- and this is something that I talk to you about a few years ago and said this is going to happen faster than you can imagine by twenty twenty. You will not be able leave your eyes or your ears and we are very very close. So if you remember the LA last time we played-
machine learning or AI generated voice is the voice is much harder to get than pictures. And you could still tell it sound Add computer generated. You could really. You could really tell well. Let me give you the update. You can find this at the at fake, Joe Rogan dot com, it's done by a company now that is actually warning about this technology, but they are also creating it. At the same time I want tell me: is this the real call, Joe Rogan or the fake Joe Rogan? When we come back uh, we took the test and we couldn't tell we got about half right, and it's not finish yet what all of this means will tie it together? Next
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and they're coming out in warning us all about all the bad things that can happen with this has just put together a website called fake Joe Logan, and I just want to play a couple of cuts here and tell me if you can, which one fake, which ones real cut. One found plastic old world craftsmanship that you just don't see anymore, that faker real. Still you're asking me I'm in that one I may be fake. I think that one's fake I've heard it a couple of times already today, but I don't have it in front of me. Is that fake or real share that is fake, ok, another one fantastic old world across the we just don't. See anymore, wait wait play that one again. Fantastic old world craftsmanship that you just don't see anymore, that's the same.
That was the real one. The one I played first was not real she's, so is the rate. That's the real one. The one that she played before was not real. That stop! That's crazy! Can you play them, but can you play them both again like back to back sir? Yes, okay, fantastic old world craftsmanship that you just don't see anymore found take old world craftsmanship that you just don't see anymore possible. That says the same thing identical anyway. It is, this is this. Is the world we're getting in now? This is the world that we're headed towards doing again, deer Jerky, some of it as sugar in it folks, I could definitely tell there is a lot of sugar in deer, jerky and body count pointed the out, I'm jerky, some of it at some sugar in it. Folks, I could definitely tell I can't tell if that's real, I can and and I'm listening on headphones by the way. I know you know your car right now with with noise, and he s sing yeah be guessing which
and is it Sarah the first one was real: the was not real for two different ones: first, one's it was not real. I don't think so, there's something for the point you can't I mean there's a whole site. Go take this yourself. What is a fake Joe Rogan, yet found Joe Rogan dot com Diller and listen to all of them and see if you can figure it out because to me I mean we were listening to these a little bit earlier today and every once in a while. Maybe you can tell a little bit but he's usually tell on the speed and what he's too right? That's what I picked up, but I mean gas right like they can. Obviously this any disease. No, I need her, no idea, and you know I I don't listen to you, know every Joe Rogan part, because I'm not I. I know him from his. You know public cleansing and stuff, so I may be if listen to him all the time I'd be able to detect it. But I I really just listening. Generally speaking, can't even tell the difference. So if you can tell the difference, you're, not a to trust your ears anymore, because you could produce a tape,
somebody saying something that they never ever sad, but you know the difference. You release that and I and you want to be paid, and you just typing this in yeah, so you couldn't any company or network does not doesn't just happen to have to be words. They actually said, and we did this with the. What was it two years? Oh Glenn, with one of, Companies we put in a bunch of your audio and then tried to reproduce your voice, and you could tell was you, but it was choppy and weird and not right, and it was easy to tell was fake now they're at the point where I can't tell you can. Maybe you can tell ten percent of the time. Imagine we know where they'll be in a year or two or three I miss but you will not be able to see or hear the difference in the would just be trusting some algorithm to tell you whether it's real or fake do you want to do one more. No, I don't want to do one make the makes me feel insecure, insecure for your. I can't tell the difference between what's real and
it's not anymore. I you just let me let me tie some dots together and I wanted why the dots of Libra, that is, the money from Facebook, the deep sakes the, YO and the audio and also what we found out from project VERITAS in the last couple of days plus ratings. Now let me tie all of this together and show you the world that we will be in by two thousand two twenty and twenty me to maximum, but I think we're going to be we're we're within two years of this. What's right now: mainstream news, local news, local newspapers, all the way to companies like Fox NEWS Fox. This is doing the best, but even their ratings are way down from the past. Okay. Why? Because people aren't getting their news from those sources anymore, they're gay,
get from social media eighteen, thirty four most primarily gets their news from social media. So that's Facebook! That's Google! That's twitter! Now, what have we learned yesterday from Project Vera toss project toss as the Google head of ethics mean? What what kills me is. The woman who is is was caught on tape, the one that is in charge of ethical imp limitation of all of their algorithms, okay,. She sees the word world a lot differently than I do. She believes, and so does, google that they need to amplify the voices of truth while suppressing the voices that are not true and
they going to do this in the way they are doing it right now is by using trusted sources. That's what they keep using. They use the the trust sources in their own words as the stock, for the basis of their sources of truth database now that sources of truth database is runs their their analytics system, and their systems to combat what they call algorithmic, unfairness and also to complete what they call product interventions now what's a product invention. Well, let's what Youtube Ed, I'm I'm quoting here from an internal document, Google, what Youtube did is they change the results of the recommendation Engin, and so we recommendation engine is, and what it tries to do is what it tries to say is, if you like a then you're, probably gonna like be so calm.
Ten that is similar to Dave, Rubin or TIM Pool instead listing Dave, Rubin or TIM Pool is people that you might like what doing is they're trying to suggest a different different news outlet. For example, like CNN or MSNBC, or these left leaning political outlets wait TIM Pool and Dave Rubin. If you like them, you might like MSNBC. No, we there actually making their product worse right, correct, intentional, worse and why you're doing is remember your the product, whoever this posting is the product, and so there completing what they call product intervention so day of Ruben is the product you like that. But that's not really one of their trusted sources of truth. So the algorithm changes it and tries to point you to
a source of truth, CNN or MSNBC. We now know this is absolutely happening. All algorithms, silencing voices there controlling the voices that you hear their banning the voices that you hear and then there algorithmically changing those who don't who aren't band so we're going to hard time finding them. They also who are the biggest ad pieces in the world now number one and two facebook in Google, though a control almost all of the advertising. Now so when Lila rose from live action, which is a pro life group, was told he could no longer advertise. That's a problem because, if you're algorithmic fair, this system already takes people out who are pro life, you
putting them behind a ghetto wall, then you're saying oh by the way, because you're not good for our community. We also are not going to take any of your advertising so now You can't even buy your way into b stand in front of the public because you or not trustworthy. So is local speech is destroyed as our newspapers in our television stations, local er, destroyed, as our news sources are destroyed. We've to the internet as a way to have free speech and to be able to carve your own way through. But the algorithms now for these giant companies are steering you solo speech is destroyed, ads are now controlled. All of the power is centralized. We I've gone back to the big studio system gang other centralized with these two governments and two companies. Google
call Ann Facebook. Now I want you to listen to what Facebook is doing. Is we drop some more pins into this and connect these dots? We give Facebook our opinions. We give them who we are. We give them the ability to track us, so they can predict us. We are the product giving us a little bit of little water right next to the gerbil wheel and we give them everything. And then what do they do they take that data they sell it, they nudge and control us. What? Why would you ban ads well because there busy taking our data and nudging in controlling us and that add, if it's targeted to somebody like me, will take that nudging off track? It does and help them control or shape or nah Jus.
Now Facebook has come out an introduced, a cryptocurrency called Libra. So Libra it's cool. It's quite interesting! You could dismiss this cryptocurrency because this isn't what cryptocurrency is you don't want company that is not trustworthy, doing cryptocurrency. But Visa and Mastercard has already gone end to their crypto currency. Now, let's, let's just say that you have crypto currency and becomes the big thing: Facebook, Amazon, an apple everybody just starts taken, Libra, and so all of the transactions are done in Libra and not in as you just buy in give them so much money, and then you know you can do transactions on anything. If you can't buy something on the internet. Wow, it's it really tough for you right, you're not going
buy anything well, let's just suggest that Libra takes off something like Libra. If it's not facebook, maybe Google doesn't maybe Amazon does it. But now the algorithm at Google and Facebook and Amazon say your not a trusted source. So we've already limited your voice, we've already taken you out of play because you're not you're harmful to the community. Well, we also don't want you to have any Libra be: does your harmful to the community? Now you can just change your ways as they told Lila rose. All you have to do is stay talking about abortion stopped saying anything bad about planned parenthood, and you can come back. Oh, is that all I have to do yeah now consider that they are the cryptocurrency that you are having to buy, to be able to buy anybody of any uh any items online. Now they have real control, because
Visa and Mastercard are also now part of this and the community is harmed by you and face. Look in Google and Amazon are the real powers. What's the stop them at Visa and Mastercard from saying you know what they're harmful to the community, they can't even use our cards. There all be doing this They are doing this if you want to try to buy a gun or a gun store, not allowed to take credit cards. Visa. Mastercard they've already started doing this attack. Constitutionally protected right and you can't is there credit, so you have to have cash. Well, that's going to separate us entirely: isn't it some will be old style cash and others will be able to buy things on the internet or only if you are harmful to the community band access and if that doesn't work, we can destroy you with deep
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when is Lila Rose, live action and the other is Abby Johnson's. The work it'll look great in your future. Well, it will. It will yeah yeah surprised, surprise that Ebay banned us from from doing that, but oh well, stunning yeah, we have a pretty amazing guest coming in her daughter is one of the girls that was kidnapped by Boko Haram in West Africa. She is going to explain exactly what is going on with the Christians is free, but the hashtag right to him, though she wasn't- and she she's here to Vegas Christians to pay attention to what's happening over in the Middle EAST and Africa you're listening to the land back,
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because she refuses to renounce our Christianity. She is fourteen years old and she is being held by Boko Haram. We are going to speak with her she's in studio through a translator in in just a moment, and it's something that America should be paying more attention to, but for some reason we're just too busy arguing with each other to do what America was built to do. Fusion of entertainment and enlightenment,
Can you imagine your fourteen year old daughter is taken in the middle of the night, she's told to submit and become Islamic, submit or you'll be a slave for life? You try to raise the alarm, but your own country is incapable of finding your daughter and getting her back the islamic state. What links would you go to to get your daughter back a mom of a fourteen year old girl taken by Boko Haraam, is sitting about three feet from Maine,
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the world christian population is under attack and you're not going to hear much about that on mainstream media, it's under attack in places all over the world for all different sorts of reasons mean it's it's hi christian bigotry and that come from China for their own reasons, but it also is happening in the Middle EAST and in Africa with the islamic state. Now ISIS is bad, but Boko Haram, maybe even worse, that is the islamic State of West Africa and they have been king children because they can they been taking children forever. In fact,. Much of our slave trade k
from people just exactly like this Muslims who thought they could take Christians and just sell off to slavery and make them slaves for life. Mother of Lia, who was kidnapped in twenty eighteen by Boko RAM, is in studio with us. Now her daughter refused to submit and denounce her christianity. She is now a slave and Rebecca share. Abou does not know where she is other than with Boko Haraam she's going to be there translate this, and the translator with us is doctor. Gloria pull do welcome. How are you Rebecca first of all we're sorry for the LOS of your child? Can you tell me what love
if it is like for a Christian where you come from now in nineteen eighty one yeah? Hopefully the mechanic had more than a simple cause and what? But I won't because the Congress governors so will the book across America had a similar question with the name so now,
when he does he so not even a claim with the I wish you could you translate. I just want to say the audience: if you're not watching the place, you should be. The pain in her eyes is a little overwhelming. She says thank you for having her here and distance up twenty going to see less persecution in Nigeria because of the activities of the Boko Haram who related to the islamic state. West Africa, the read, Philly Cheese, the bone down, church she's kidnapped, kills women killed, a man, kill the young boys and the youths it is bad it can. She tell us, was her daughter with her at home?
Was she kidnapped from school? Did she have any warning? What what what was the last contact she had with her daughter, yeah the entrance way way: yeah the winning run honey to Katahdin in key the cashier. We'll show me a condo Kitakyushu Nick Mckee they're going to get done. I gotta get up on the content of Kentucky to I'm a good. I'm done a couple, kids, not that a I'm a grant that data on it. I'm a get the on nineteen February, two thousand eighteen. Ok was sticking from high school on the February nineteen February, two thousand and eighteen she was in school. She was not at home and Last time I saw Leah was in January when I visited her butt.
February 19th Boko Haram mean to the school and DR tape over a hundred and ten of the stage from their school and without translation. Just to you what is happening to her daughter right, we don't know what is happening to Leah. The last we heard of Leah was in August two thousand and eighteen, when a video was released by Boko Haram would Lia seated on the mat, the job, which is that islamic clothing and she was pleading to the president. How much of please. Reach out to the Boko Haram, the I so that you can be released and we no just like you said the only reason why she was kept back, the other one hundred and
full gills with release because five died. She was kept because she refused to renounce Sacristan feats. Do you had access to to recite the commission had up, which is this we create, but she used to do that. I can't I'm having a hard time looking at Rebecca coming to a country that she doesn't speak a word of the language and and trying to talk to a country that should care and doesn't for some reason, care has got to be ripping her apart. I would imagine how can we
help. We are soliciting the Kiki yeah. I was a kid because when I was like examine as Austin Kiki Luck Hope will cut an ad that equal they may give the the woman that Ariana I have come to the nicest state of America in which your government to plead with your people. To plead with anyone that cares you two state of America is the Beacon of Liberty. The hope of the world I have come here. To plead with you to do whatever you can to pray the government of Nigeria to release my daughter. We actually don't know where to go. We come to the greatest nation and meeting with your government
sign up our hearts. He presents yes that I in captivity it Nigeria because of their feet or ticking so that do not go to school. 'cause, boo, hello, I'm literally means with I need for building. Soon so I'm not allowed go to school, that's why they are Abt clip from their schools. We the best that we could in our country to ensure that this stops. We don't get and that's why we have come here to plead with you. Please do whatever you can from trails, Take action. Do not take. Do tony bland blind. What is how into the Christensen Manchuria was this but
Philadelphia Cream, and I want you to Know- and I her to know that she speaking to millions of Americans right now that truly are leading the way in America on freeing slaves in Africa and in the Middle EAST and all over the world. This audio. It's has raised millions of dollars to stop the slavery, the islamic State and we just getting started and we're very well aware of it, and we will do all we can and also kiss
timing. This one is giggling kills some some cajun when them again comma, so not to me because my name was not concluded so for the certificate. What time does the checking well hi Leslie. I decided to come in yes earlier, you know so again we could share one. He took a bond's ass. We don't sit taima that. And we will thank you very much. Thank you very much. We will welcome as I thank you, your daughter, Leah in our prayers. Thank you, Mister Haji Leah. Thank you very God bless you! Thank you. God bless you too. Thank you back in one minute, our sponsor his Norton security, it's hard to do commercials some
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dot com. You will be able to protect yourself from all of this Norton dot com, Slash VPN and second station id. Okay. I know this is. We are blessed. To have her in our today. We are we're doing a museum but Museum Ann and, quite honestly, everyone has advised me not to do this museum and we have gone over and over and over and over again,
and I refuse to make it politically correct. I am only going to tell the truth through the objects and through verifiable facts about what slavery is, and we start with the colonial slave trade, but we well the truth about America. We tell the true about slavery in all of its horrors and all of its misconceptions, but we not doing this. To rehash the past, but but to look to the future, because, as we look to look for blame and and fingers the past, we are creating a history for ourselves where future Americans, if they exist, we'll look back on us and say what monsters? How did they not do anything about this? I just had to write
a letter to my staff today, because the staff had been working all through the night yeah. The door is open up to our studios on Saturday and there are some really disturbing sections right of the cross of our building, which is where everything kind of meats, right in the center atrium. There is a a large tree and it has disturbing images in it and actual clan uniforms from the 1800s uh and. And then they, what they haven't seen is cage that comes in today with the uniform of one of the ISIS slaves that was killed for not submitting to Islam.
It is, it is a powerful, powerful message and you can thinking about politics. I guess if you wanted to wow making this about politics and we're me trying to learn from the past and as we started putting this together. My hope was that we could show the parallels from the past to our future and present and is all there include the fact. I should not tell you this, but I'm going to we use put about six thousand people through our museums in the summer. This is. We're going through exactly what are our founders went through an the early abolitionists. Nobody once to look at this problem.
And we have sold about five hundred tickets. You know that's. That's only five thousand five hundred less than what we would sell at this point in our museums. We rely on divine providence. We know that as long as we stay true to the message in our hearts are pure. As long as we are trying to get people to wake up. And focus on something that is truly significant, something that has eternal significance. If what you're, playing today and what we're talking about does not have eternal con. Quinces and ramifications, why are you doing it I ask myself that almost every day, in almost every day I say I should not be doing what I'm doing.
But there are a few times that I know what we do has eternal consequences and what you've done with the Nazarene Fund has eternal consequences. These are real people, they're Christians, just like you. If you happen to be a Christian, they are person human, just like you. If you stay choose to identify as a human. The case is so strong in the case that we will make in our museum. I think, will change the course of your life. It will give you a deep understanding of what we've went through and what causes slavery.
It's not racism, it wasn't an american problem, it's a human problem and while we point fingers and make America the bad guy for literally only four percent of the slaves that were delivered during the slave trade. Forty five percent went to Brazil. How come they're, not the monster, because it's all about politics it's all about power, and slavery always is about that and it quite frankly, if you continue to find that you are, are the victim. You have never taken off those chains. And by not paying attention to what's going on today, we are forging new chains on ourselves. And those chains are eternal.
I'd really like you to come to our museum and a lot, people can't and we're going to make it a ve before you digitally the people can't because of the cost of actually physically getting here. If you are anywhere within the sound of my voice, I urge you to come. I would like to see you here, but if not, I am content that the people who are here are the right one, the ones who will take this on and change the world and teach their children. What true really is with how to trigger warning the his painful mercury, one dot, Org get your tickets now you're listening to glance back, talk about gold line,
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but AOC she'll make that case she'll. Do it without any shame, because she, never will have to pay a price for it. She will never be deemed dangerous to the community. And so she'll never be banned, She'll never be questioned, she'll, never ever her back up against the wall, because all of the allies on the left walk in lock step, and so you can say anything. Now, how is that helping never again by saying, what's happening on our border, is akin to what happened in concentration camps. Well, she wasn't talking about Germany, okay, let's talk about North Korea. Let's talk about the content she camps in Russia. Let's talk about the content. She can't anywhere in the world, we all know what a concentration camp is how's, helping.
And yet at the same time, the left. Along with their media allies, along with Google and Facebook, we'll Dan you, if you talk about the islamic state, if they tell you the danger of the to take the Karan literally. Now they'll tell you: they'll tell you that every Christian takes the Bible. Every word is literal. And that's why they're so dangerous, but they won't say that about the Karan in they will embrace people like a Omar. It won't expose her for what she is.
Where is the Omar? Why is she not speaking up if she's such a good Muslim, why she not leading the charge against Boko ROM, ask yourself that is Dietrich Bonhoeffer who lead against the Nazis was one of the real leaders of the Nazis. I think Germans. That risk their lives is it a Mars. Life is so very, very safe with the number one corporation of murder, Islam. How come she doesn't have to live like some,
my friends who are or were Islamists. And now have to live with guards, twenty four slash, seven, because they dare speak out about it. How is it she's such a leader of this new kinder Gentler Islam? Is she not in trouble with the Islamist. So concentration camps- let's, let's just call everything a concentration camp today and belittle that. Make it so you don't really know what a concentration camp really is. Let's not let anybody speak about the truth about the islamist idea, the Islam its state.
This may call, let's see it's all Muslims, the same: the ones who are stoning homosexuals, who are keeping children kidnapping little girls in slaving people, let's just make them just the same as the Muslim right down the street that lives. Next to you,. Wow what an insult to the good Muslims around the world boy, I bet they really feel like we're really being helpful and. Let's jump on that me to bandwagon, I love a good say Our girls hash- that did nothing. Hashtag me too well, that did more than nothing that actually has done great grave damage.
You know they didn't learn with Kavanaugh now, instead They're going to go all the way, oh Fox Because you can't rely on their credibility. But CNN, oh yeah, no, no CNN they've got it down there. They're not going to put somebody on that is incredible. Know know know how about the woman that is now accused Donald Trump of raping her. Did you see her on CNN? Don't answer that 'cause? Nobody did. I don't even think Anderson Cooper was watching and he was conducting the interview, You could practically hear the screaming in Anderson, Cooper's, ear, gonna break gonna break, go to break. This woman is nuts and how the days of she been in the news.
In her opening statement where she accuses Donald Trump of rape, she makes a small penis joke yay. I know that's a lot of rape. Victims are joking about the size of the rapist penis. That is so funny in the rape circles. That's hysterical, I'm sure, but they overlook that and decided to put her on national tv last night. Let me give you a clip from Anderson Cooper in CNN. You don't feel like a victim. I was not thrown on the ground and ravish which the board rape. There. So many sexual connotation. This was not. This was not sexual for just it hurt it just what it just. You know I think Some people think, as I mean it, is a violent, but it is not, I think, most people, think of rape as being sexy. Let's take a short break:
go take a quick break if you can stick around we'll talk more the other side, you're fascinate, to talk to. Are you hitting on him? What the hell was that? What was that the app each person thinks of rape as sexy as a fantasy? No. When she said I wasn't raped, I wasn't thrown down on the ground an ravaged. What does that mean to you in this context? I wasn't, Because I wasn't thrown down on the ground and ravaged. I think she means like in the movies where I'm thrown down across the bed, and I'm I'm violently, raped and ravaged. I didn't enjoy this yes, that was very weird was resident will be Goldberg, who said it wasn't rape, rape when she talking about
some sexual assault that demo that was accused of it was yeah. It was rape, it wasn't rape, rape, you know it. There's like some distinction she's making between a forcible like a throne. I don't know. Ravished, though, it's that she's thinking of it in the fantasy realm, which he then later says Ravish made, is a weird freaking statement that is That is a strain. You think you're right that she she makes a joke about Trump's size, which is a very weird thing to do in a rape confess, and if somebody would have done this for Barack Obama, I would have never put them on the air. Never. I would put them on the air and said I apologize to you 'cause I've done that before and kick that person off 'cause. They had zero credibility and I couldn't talk to them. Price or two I talked to him early and then they changed their story
as soon as they started changing their story. I kicked them off the air this. This is a person that is is saying that they were raped. If I'm do, in a pre interview with this person, who is honestly, who is doing screening for your interviews, some bud, who is deaf, dumb and blind or you're, just somebody who's working for Bernie or Biden, or maybe the campaign workers for live with Warren? Who is screening the people they're going to interview 'cause who, in their right mind as a quote, unquote journalist, says yeah. We should have this person on. She know. She's kredible get a obviously a book coming out. So there's an incentive here for a very head grabbing story. She was hey. You wore the clothes that this happened in you. You hadn't worn them, since we could probably test that for DNA.
May. I ask her about that, and she said. Oh no, that's! Ok! That's alright! No thanks! Why wouldn't like again? This is a she could say all she wants. She doesn't think it's a rape. What she has talked about is absolutely legally rape. It is a horrific crime. She says He inserted himself into her and that's when he she makes the small the small manhood joke about Trump, but that is absolutely array it is, should be you know, I don't know all the details. I mean this was in New York City. I can't imagine that there would be a. Who knows. I don't know all the legal ramifications whether he could be charged for it at this point, but I mean if this actually happened, he should be charged for it, and everybody in this audience would want him to go to prison. If you did what she said, she's dna evidence you had real evidence and she was at all kredible that he rape, somebody I think everybody in this audience would be for that. I hope so, if not you're a psychopath, yeah right. So
this idea that I think there is a thirst to obviously take down the president. Your they're, going to automatically believe where they ought to We didn't believe someone like you know what Tina Brown Twenty to running around right and so and people are like all well, if you believe, reported a product. You have to believe this that there is one way more evidence with Juanita Broderick yeah. You go back and look at the evidence of that. It's it's stunning and she was credible. She was credible. He was credible, Paula Jones, I don't know I'd seen you know one either absol we positively. Yes, I mean she she gave all, of details. Contemporaneously tales had friends at the time she talked, but now you know she's saying like well. I told two friends for thirty years ago, and and here they are and it's like. Well, we don't
friends are. We don't know what their motivations are again when you're accusing someone of one of the two, let's say worst crimes, you can possibly accuse someone of it's kind of a big deal you know evidence is important in a situation like that, and all this is going to be used for is this will come in and because of how bizarre she's acting on camera, it will fade away. They will just add it to the group of people who have accused him so that if it was eighteen before its nineteen. Now, if twelve, before it's thirteen, I know what the number is that they're saying these days, who have accused of Donald Trump, sexual assault, don't to add it on to the number that they already have an then it becomes more credible right, even though this particular person they're no longer trotting out as the picture of credibility. They can still have the number there and then number you have to go through in and break it down, and people won't do that. So I, if he did think these things. Obviously
Everybody in the audience. Every person who voted for him would want in prison would put him in prison. But that's you have to take the accusation seriously and not just believe. Every single person who trots out a new one- and this is this- is the leadership of the people who say they're going to create a fair and just world rape. Aki tions of rape, mean nothing mean nothing beats of the way the left has behaved and they've. Yes, you have to believe the woman Eve if she is absolutely not credible and they've sold to stood and distorted the meaning of the word rape that you have to talk rape, rape, who's, helping who's hurting, same thing with Islam, an Islamist there's, a difference between an Islamist and Islam can't talk about that who's, help
and who's hurting more. In a second one of my whether this comes from a an excerpt of her book called what do we need men for the name of the book? I think for those rape fantasies- probably there you go are sponsors real estate agents. I trust over one thousand active agents and another five thousand who are on a waiting list to join. We don't just let anybody come on board, we make sure that we vet every single person before we turn over to you. We want to make sure that we we live up to the the the name of the company, real estate agents. I trust dot com, so we take that personally. Do I trust this real estate agent. Do the people who are hiring these agents or or representing these agents for me, do they trust them
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Let me go to Sandy in LA hi Sandy hi, I'd like to report a credible accusation of assault against Donald Trump. Incredible. Yes, It was September 31st, one thousand nine hundred and way eight that he three thousand eight hundred nineteen thirty eight on September 31st happened. Apple store and I was buying an ipad- there was no. There were no apples. Excuse me, excuse me, let me you might okay her. I got the sandy. May I ask you because we're about to run out of time? Yes, the new times didn't find this last woman credible against Donald Trump, and they are now apologizing that they should have reported this. Could I could I have you on tomorrow, because my first and is to not find you credible. No I've I will
to give you the true platforms, I think you deserve on tomorrow's broadcast. Thank you, Clint. Alright, thank you. Thank you. You sound like a beautiful woman, Sandy Petland back.
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