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Demonetized and Done? | Guests: Steven Crowder & Terrence Williams | 6/6/19

2019-06-06 | 🔗
Hour 1 Conservative Voices are Going Away. Steven Crowder, The Blaze and folks associated are being blocked online. Angry and Nervous Blaze Sr. Editor Leon Wolf gives the low down. We're all on the chopping block. Watch BlazeTV for Free Hour 2 Steven Crowder joins to talk YouTube censorship and free speech. A Clarion call for those who like freedom. The loudest screamers are winning. Corporate censorship and dishonest business practises. Safe and queer spaces for all. Publisher or platform, that is the question  Hour 3 Comedian Terrence Williams joins to discuss the news of the day from a black conservatives perspective. The effects of the political climate on mainstream comedy. America is still the greatest country in the world for comedy ...Licking cakes while painting 10 hour memes

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The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment fifteen years I have said what time is going to come and I stood in our newsroom and our social media room yesterday listening to the conversations and the news as it was coming in about what happening and stood there and I thought, I knew this was coming but I guess there was a part of me that just so hoped that I was wrong, that I thought it would maybe never come, but it has and it as everyone on the right who is a is that you trust deeply deeply concerned
in some circles. Panicked, I'm not panicked, but I am deeply concerned here. It comes, and I will explain the LOS of voices that you trust and reflect your point of view. This is a critical day in the Publix history press it in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. You know we've done ads for mattress is before, where you know it's been concussed. I it to your own comfort. You spend just as much time in your office chairs. You do in bed in that incredible either we're sitting too behind an office desk or we're we're we're not enough time in bed or possibly both but anyway, x, chair
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your purchased for as little as thirty dollars a month go to x, chair back com, use the promo code x, wheels and you're going to get a set of new x wheels for the bottom of the chair, which are just really really upgraded. I mean it's, it's like it's like german engineering for the wheels. It's really really great. You get them for free right now, wheels, xchairbeck dot com. It is time to wake up America. It is it's time to wake up. It was twenty four hours ago that I
said. Congratulations to Steven Crowder, because Steven Crowder had been in in a in a fight with Carlos Maza, He goes his twitter handle is gay, Wong and he is a guy who you know talks about. Cool things, and he is you know he. He produces these videos and he's like hey, I'm the queen in New York and on the gay wonk and blah blah blah, and he he he says things like this. This is this is a quote from his twitter feed. Get back to me when you're ready to personally assassinate people I find annoying on twitter, then we'll talk. Personally, assassinate people on Twitter.
So what is he saying we just have to? We just have to kill you online now. This is part of I just realized another quote. I just realized how to learn how I learned to Subtweet by watching my mom talk, crap about white people right in front of them in Spanish. He talks about milkshaking people. Throwing milk aids at them. Humiliate them at every turn, make them dread public, organizing. He talks about the panic of violent. Enter file shows how media coverage on the right fixates on violence to demonize legitimate protest movements. Ok, this guy is so far off the rails. Well, Steven Crowder has been taking him on an winning. An winning Steven. Crowder is very, very smart. He is, he is
a comedian and comedy is the most dangerous thing you can do. So twenty four hours ago, I told you that he Maza had issued a complaint with Youtube the Youtube. He got a response right away and they said we're going to investigate that Steven Crowder, and so they decided to investigate him and they found that he had done absolutely nothing wrong. Hey hadn't violated the community guidelines. Now listen to this, even if creators contents doesn't violate our community guidelines, we will take a look at the broader context and impact their behavior is egregious and harms the broader community. We may take action in the case of crowders channel. A thorough
review over the weekend found that individually, the flag videos did not violate our community guidelines. Now. I know this to be true, because Steven Crowder goes out and he is meeting with Youtube. All the time he has four million followers and subscribe Here's on Youtube, four million. He goes out all the time to make sure we're going to follow. These rules. Tell me what the rules are, so they just said. We found that individually. The flag videos did not violate our community guidelines. However, in subsequent days, we uh the widespread harm to the Youtube community result from the ongoing power pattern of egregious behavior at forced us to take a deeper look, and we made the decision to suspend monetization in to be considered for reinstatement. All
of oven issues with the channel need to be addressed, including any videos that violate our policies as well. Things like offensive merchandise, now wait a minute just said. None of the videos violated community guidelines, but he to address any videos that violate policies. You wait what so now, what they're doing is they said after the first, the past few years, we've been in investing Apolosi's resources and products needed to live up to our responsibility and protect the Youtube pretty from harmful content. The work is focused on four pillars: removing volitive content. Raising up authoritative content
sing the spread of borderline content and rewarding trusted creators. Thank to these investments. Videos that violate our policies are removed faster than ever, and users are seeing less borderline content and harmful misinformation. As we do. This we're partnering closely. Closely with trusted sources. Yesterday afternoon yesterday morning I told you congratulations. Steven Crowder, it was a good day for freedom turns out. Yesterday was a very dark day for freedom because Youtube too, but then came out o'clock and demonetized him. What that means is hey, please. You could continue to create content for us. We're
he's not going to allow you to make any money for that. Ok, Steven Crowder he's got enough money he's like he's like me, I have not made a dime from Youtube. We've never focused on Youtube, because I always thought this was coming. We recently have started to build a Youtube page, but everything we do is just monetized and quite honestly, stew about your Youtube feed that you noticed yesterday, 'cause, I'm back and you Glenn Beck might show up in an algorithm. I a video of mine and it never comes up as a as a suggested next video, you don't do well in the algorithm right I mean considering the amount of we all know that Google is monitoring your emails and everything else, and this is what, in the best sense right, like they're, seeing the things you're interested in and then are
to search for and then are able to make recommendations on the best videos that would interest you correct. Well, I see I see a lot of email and searching, unfortunately, for Glenn Beck, and my job and the place, and they man they just never- can find a way to recommend me video find videos of Andrew HEAT and doing things for reason, but they never recommend anything that he's done for the blaze. They never do anything anybody on the blaze dope. Really, I never see any of them pop up. So yesterday They demonetized we're using Youtube as a as a funnel way to get people who the world is on Youtube. Okay, so we better be on Youtube and I don't care if they pay me, but I use as an advertising place to where they can see a bit of it and go oh wow. I like that. Maybe I should subscribe to the blaze. Well, that's the way uh Steven Crowder uses it. He goes.
The crowd is when he should. So they demonetized him, but then what happened within ten minutes of him being demonitized. The Shopify, which is the group that sells all of his merchandise uh decides there not going to be involved with a hate monger at all and oh they're, not selling any of his product as in creda. So yesterday, the guy who they said did not violate any of the guidelines was demonetised and stuff. They stop selling all of his merchandise, another separate company. Then yesterday lots of things happen yesterday, some of them. I can't talk about yet and yesterday evening the blaze tried to post something
about Steven Crowder and you were blocked by Facebook, it says, you're temporarily, restricted from re sharing posts until Saturday at seven hundred and fifteen pm. If you think this doesn't go against our community standards. Let us know here's what we posted they can or take away. Mug club Youtube can demonitize Us Vox can try to d platform us, but they can never ever take away mug club from us. This is the show you built, that was, Steven Crowder and we wanted to retweet it on Facebook, not Youtube and the blaze has been blocked. I'm passing anything on about Steven Crowder, oh and one last thing so else was blocked. Yesterday, Lila rose,
hello, rose, runs, live action. Lila rose, twitter band, live action and her account from all adds demonetize. When we ask twitter why they said we could resume ads only if we deleted the following content from their twitter, and that website. So twitter, feed and their website. The all they would have to do is just remove anything about abortion procedures from their website. This is an antiabortion website is going to be tough, anything about abortion procedures, any about investigations of planned parenthood and all ultrasound images I mean, Seventy five percent of social networks are people sharing their own, just that were ultrasound pictures, and now they have to do
'cause they want to keep the babies in the ultrasounds alive. I'm going to share with you what all of this means and I'm going to go to Leon, who is our executive editor now of theblaze dot com? He was on the phone with Facebook yesterday arguing with them and I ' explain what all of this means coming up, but I'm going to give you the action right now. Please please, here this: we we need your support or voices will be silenced. We need you to join blaze. Tv go to play. Is tv dot com use the problem code, freedom of speech, it's the biggest discount we've ever. I think what is it? Forty bucks off something like that of a year subscription, which is one hundred
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yeah, it's an italian cruise ship, Anne. It's going to be about three thousand people, they're all going to be fans of the show. They're all going to be coming for the same reason: they're going to be with you. There are people who love our country, love history, and also love. You know a good cruise, an italian food and great nightlife and pool and the deck and also really cool places. We going to be sailing on the Eastern Mediterranean, we're going to be in Venice, Croatia, Greece and Israel, and you just go and just see these great places or you can you. We have special things all the way through I'm going to be conducting some some things David Barton, rabbi, Lapin. Will be there. Bill. O'reilly is going to be doing an event with me in Israel and you get front row seats. It's going to fantastic learning about our faith, our culture and our republic in a way
you've never done before. Join us next spring come sail, dot com come sail, dot com we break for ten and station id Leon. Wolf from the blaze Leon actually am nervous. Today. Am I right to feel this way. Yeah I'm nervous, I'm more. I guess on the angry side, then the nervous side, but you know it's both both would be appropriate emotions to have at this point. I think so tell me what happened yesterday with Facebook, okay, so I'm to be clear here, because this is
I literally unfolding as we speak, and I don't I'm not one hundred percent sure what the effect of it is going to be. We got a notification last night uh that we would not be allowed to post or share. On our own facebook, page and till Saturday at seven hundred and fifteen pm, because we're being timed out by Facebook, I just found out. We just attempted to put an article on Facebook. Age, and it worked so maybe they have considered
an error in and done it. I I really don't know. Well, we've got this notification that you guys can't use your facebook page anymore until Saturday and the basis for that was the says. We feel that you have seared click bait on your page and go in. I have put it's it's up on the blaze right now. It's the top article when you click on the page. It's the one about the special needs, a mother of a special needs, kids mother, especially the girl center kid to school, with a recorder that is the post, a flag that they said what's allegedly clickbait. I want your listeners to go. Look click on the story and you tell me if that's click bait or not, because I thought it was Steven Crowder that we shared something from Steven Crowder's story. This was a separate. No, this is a completely different thing. This story is a completely legitimate story. This woman sent her special needs daughter to school with a tape recorder because her daughter was saying
I heard it's being mean to me right and caught them on tape, saying all sorts of insane stuff like I'm going to punch you in the face, like it's a horror, same story, it's a legitimately horrifying story. That's click bait! The other thing they flag was a video. We show from will whit, which I don't care. What you think about. Well, his videos are not click Clickbait, I mean he closing. Ask the people in. I don't even understand how it possibly could be right and what was the topic of what was the topic of that I'm not, Charley sure all I saw was a was a was a screenshot of it, but so I don't. I don't have that in front of me right now, but it's probably something along the lines of socialism or something like that, and he usually goes to campuses and talks to people and, and you know,
then it exposes them for being in a ridiculously right ma'am, but on the floor in time. This is the second time in the last months that we had to. We had a fight facebook over something ridiculous. We Artes got the ranks, I guess about five or six weeks ago, because as a pointer, you know Facebook, I think you know what a pointer it was. Facebook has hired these third party people to do. This alleged fact checking that they're supposed to do and some of them are politicized and so on. You know kind of well known fact: checkers they, the last but at least they're well now. We got fact checked by some guys, literally never heard of he works for CNN for twenty six years for Nancy Grace of all people, so she's, going to fact check us he issue with a story we did about textbooks in Texas that had some stuff on there that it really look like it was anti try.
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all very concerned about what does this mean this morning I come in and I find out that Facebook has banned from posting anything on our Facebook page. That's the blaze, Facebook page until Saturday. Now it looks because Leon our editor was on the phone with him last night, arguing back and forth looks like they have reversed themselves on that, but this effects all of us all of us and we need you to join the blaze Ann. I want to say this clearly. If you don't want to join the blaze, that's fine, then join Ben Shapiro join bill. O'reilly join whatever, but please the voice is on the right. Our goal going to be snuffed out, and I fear that we have in the last six months jolt back into our position of the big,
is conservative, independent website and and force outside of Fox news. Then I would say that we are the biggest indypendent because you know know Corporation news us like that and the Coke brothers of course, so we so what we're? What we're we're on that we are on the chopping block. We are on chopping block. They will always try to make an example out of the biggest and I think will into it later, but I think they're trying to do that now with the Poynter Institute, the point Institute is come out and that's a that's a you know, a journalistic integrity kind of place. That's a thing tank for all journalists and and and
to remain with your integrity and tell the truth and all this bull crap. I think personally, they're going to become the new southern already law center, because all of a sudden, all the sudden they're being downgraded, we're not we're not longer credible with the Poynter Institute, we're somebody that needs to be silenced because of the Poynter Institute and Poynter Institute has credibility currently as much credibility as the southern Poverty LAW center had. But people listened to this other poverty law center for a long time. They still do, but I think are on their way out, and I think pointer is- is leading the charge we still have credibility with the pointer sisters again, so we do, but they do yeah yeah yeah. We do so they do that's comforting! Yeah at least Ipad. How are you I'm good? I'm dumb, I'm concerned, but good I was,
I said when I started the show. I think we've planned on this. We've talked about this, but I kinda hope that it never happened. It would never happen that we'd avoid it somehow or another yeah, and I don't think we are doesn't look like it. It doesn't look like it and we keep saying well Facebook and Twitter, or you know those are private companies. They can do what they want with their platforms, and that's not so it's just not so because the government provides them protection and they provide the protection under the under the restriction that they have to be completely on by and so that way they are protected. If they are unbiased from anything, people do on their platforms will either I protection has to be completely removed now and they can be sued for things that happen on their site won't happen over the should go back to being unbiased. You don't think that I think that's possible. It's gonna happen. I think Whatsapp
right now is all these guys are asking for government regulation. What company has who have you ever heard? Any ceo of anybody never say you know what we need government regulation. We know that's bad for business, so why are they doing it? Because they have the money right now to be able to hire the teams of lawyers. First of all, they'll right, yep, they'll right, he a regular and it's not gonna- benefit conservative soon, so it would not only not benefit conservatives. It will not allow any competition to spring up, because if you a startup you're going to all of this burden of regulation on you. You won't be able to afford the regulation just stay in. You know in in the on the right side, with the government so they'll able to afford it.
So this is shutting the doors. This is what Tocqueville said in democracy in America: they'll kick the door behind them, so They won't let anybody else into the room. That's what they're doing and so real problem here is they're going to be regulated, so they'll be protected by the government they will have written the rules. They will stop all other kind of competition coming up, so it become a monopoly of the you're going to have to deal with this. This. The group that is, give you all of your information and they will shut it out everywhere else and the government can't do any thing about your free speech, because the bill of rights applies to the government right, but moving them protections is separate from new regulation right that removing the protections these companies get
that was pointing out when it comes to copyright violations and and threats, and all of these other things something that is a different, my it. You know just talked about this a lot. I know a lot of people think that this is. This is the way that you can get them to move in the right direction to say, look The only reason social networks exist is because they have these government protections against people posting on their platform things that are illegal. I will push for that. I will support if you wish for that, so I will do that. I mean that is the way to do it. I just don't think it'll happen. Ted Cruz and Ben Sasse need to get behind that, but it would ruin, and it's the only way to it's the only way to stop this. This. Ball from rolling down the hill. I think I mean it's the only way he gave him a basically completely destroys their business. If they, if you do that right and in a look I I don't I don't necessarily see social media as a positive frankly into our society, so
necessarily crying about that. But the fact is that, if you have to just get get port with the rules of not going and doing so you know actions that are really published or you can't go and say well. What we would like is all liberal content. You know it said you can't do it with those protections right right. Steven Crowder had have started the mug club now think of this. He hadn't started them, club under Cr Tv and now the blaze any didn't have a way to make money through the subscriptions think about what yesterday would've meant the a demonetised him so go ahead. You can continue to make your shows, but we're not paying for any of it and and this company co, incidentally, is not sell any of your merchandise anymore. Yesterday it would
wiped out, he would have been wiped out. He would've had fire. Everybody would have had no money, if wasn't for his mug club, which is his version of you know, subscription to the blaze if he wouldn't have had that he wouldn't have had anything other than a voice, but he couldn't have use those shows without the money think of how quickly they are destroying lives they just they'll. They can change their algorithm and put companies and people out of business and out of a job overnight. One of the reasons we started the blaze right, because this was something that we saw coming a long time ago and on At times we went back and forth was it? Okay was the right decision to do something on our own? Should we just be on doing the stuff on you tube on Facebook? Your I remember, having conversations like maybe went the wrong way. Maybe creating our own thing wasn't the right way. We should just gone with where all the people are.
We're seeing that it was the right thing to do. Thank God we did it, thank God, because where else will be, you know yes, there's a couple of other options you mentioned daily wire in a bill. O'reilly's mostly mean I'm bill, we know, but still it's like. Also people go. There's nothing, there's nothing! There's nothing! Anne, I beg beg the other hosts. We don't have to even do business together. We don't, I don't care about the money, but if we don't stay together and create one platform, we are not they're going to pick us off one by one, and I have to are you for the last ten years? I have because I know that I know that it was a prompting to start the blaze. It was named after the blaze of God and George Whitfield's paper, the blaze it was started because I felt compelled your
going to have to have a separate platform? It wasn't about money, it wasn't about anything and we started it and for the S ten years I thought what the hell are we doing. Why couldn't have it. I mean this doesn't make any fortunate. It cost well didn't everytime money, it cost you money, I never got paid from. The blaze ever have received a check from the blaze and it is, and I've missed my opportunity or my time to make love of money in the business doing other things. But I was compelled to do this and quite honest for probably the last eight years. I thought. Maybe we've gone the wrong way. What what is this now today, especially it is showing no no, no, no! No. This is why it is happening they are silencing and we need your support biggest discount. We have
forever offered today free speech. Is the promo code go to blaze, tv dot, com use, the promo free speech join us you'll, say, like thirty bucks on your year, subscription the third off so please join us, Blazetv, dot, com or or use the promo code free speech, and it's going to get worse because you tube just did this we're going to remove all hate videos? Well, what's a hate video does that include people who hate Donald Trump? Does that include all those videos too? Did you read what they said? It doesn't even to violate their guideline right right, Dead Steven Crowder did not none of the videos violated any other guidelines. Chilling, that's chilling chilling. The wording is so weird. They said he did not violate the
the guidelines- and they say in the case of crowders channel a thorough review, said we did that he did not violate any of our community community guidelines. However, in the subsequent days we saw about widespread harm to the Youtube community result from the on going pattern of egregious behavior, took a deeper look and made the decision to suspend monetization right. What is it the model? Chris is democracy. This is democracy, mob rule and you're going to be crushed underneath it and first they'll come for us. Eventually they will come for you and I mean that people on the left and Democrats. This should this concern you great. This is the LOS of your freedom. They don't care well, they will at some point they will. When they come for him yeah, then they'll care it's going down the road a little. When you have something that you believe- and
Like wait, a minute wait a minute, I'm with you and you're out of step at all you're toast man I mean I can you imagine living like that- I mean think of this. Guy who works lighten about buying yeah Biden comes out. He says you don't. There is a good example. I don't wanna federally funded abortion and he's getting torn to shreds by the left and right now, they're trying to they're trying take him out because of it right. Amazing. Thank you. Pat Pat Gray, from Pat Gray unleashed forces of something I could subscribe to watch shop cast. No, maybe I don't know, maybe there's a subscription that I could get his showme dot com. What promo code would I use those there? The freedom free speech, free speech? Yes, is it free speech, free speech trying to make this easy for you, I'm setting you up. You still can't remember this stupid code, free, I subscribed ten years ago. That's true! When the subscription was previously
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Steven Crowder is going to be done with us in just a few minutes, and I have a list of things that I would like you to do in the next few days are going to be talking about books and movies as well. I mean we are progressing to face that. I I hoped that we wouldn't, if you listen to this program, I outlined a summed it up in four things that there would be the polarization in civil unrest. It would get worse, economic, realization, tech disruption and trust implosion. The trusted vision is really what leads to a new world order, and I I don't know which which would happen first, but I really thought trust implosion would happen last, that's. Why put it forth? That is now happening right now, and this is a very, very dangerous phase, because this
decides whether or not we have free speech or not in this nation and Peter TEAL. Please please. We need someone building the tech, four, the Voice of America, we've got to start thinking like revolutionaries or voices will be lost, join us at Blazetv dot. Com free speech. Is the code saved the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment?
It is so appropriate that today is D day D day the day the allies pushed back against fascism and communism socialism. Today we have to issue a clarion call for those who, like freedom, the enemy is well fortified. Heavy protection and heavy reinforcements in armories push back on fascism, communism and socialism. Will the Americans do it yet again he talked to Steven Crowder the man that took the brunt of it yesterday with Youtube and the freedom of speech talk to him in one minute.
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the comedian. So it is funny- and he is really really funny- that's why he connects with so many people. He has audience of four million on Youtube alone He has spent a lot of time. He and his attorneys with you will be in their offices asking them exactly. What are your guidelines? I don't want to violate your guidelines, he's a guy pushes the the envelope, but he also is smart enough to know what the rules are and play by the rules. Welcome to the program, Steven Crowder, thank you for having me. I have really want to get one of those x chairs because, as you can see, I just got back from the gym. I'm a little bit busy today in this chair sucks That's terrible! I don't know if you know this is like a legendary design, chair people, let you see it in alright films. I had one time ago it was full those are terrible. Well, at least we don't even respond because it next year, but it's a couple I'll take one hour, use it
so uh. Tell me what yesterday was like 'cause yesterday morning. I congratulated you on being cleared of an investigation on on Youtube and yesterday afternoon. Everything was different Well would wouldn't say everything was different, but yes, it is very confusing and by the way, that's by design. My attorney can't get the the only information that we've been given from Youtube is verifiably false. In the past That's all. We know the info that they've given us is not correct and now they're releasing info on twitter to the people have been screaming the loudest for people who don't understand the full context. We've been doing your bottles for a long time. We have over one thousand videos, and I think ten of them were rebuttals to VOX Vox, had videos where they've outright pushed for an australian gun ban right where they've pushed for actual socialism, where they push for universal income, so
we've rebutted the many times and there happens to be a host. Who is a gay gentlemen of latino origin, and these are considered epithets by the way terms like gay queer and by the way here this mexican they got really upset. You can't say Mexican now this was listed in a VOX article, Glenn Mexican I understand I have to tell you Steve and I can't take your hate speech anymore. I mean this is getting a little out of hand. I apologize to those in the latin x community, which I don't even know what that means. So this guy screams and screams that he wants us banned from the platform and Youtube. Finally, they investigation- and they said well, ok, he's not in violation of guidelines. Great this I screamed and moaned even more by the way, a billion dollar company, VOX articles from New York Times, Washington, post vice and what's so funny. You know about this with the media. The Washington Post were an article up where they had been talking. This guy back and forth for a very long time and Youtube directly from what you read in the article they
send me an email at night that went through my merchandise webs there's a contact page on the website by the way- and this is by the way you have like an hour to respond- we reached out just even it was not available for comment. No, I was eating a hot pocket. One hour to myself, so anyway. This is what happens and then Youtube says. This is not a violation of guidelines. That's very clear. But his speech is offensive enough to be egregious that we have just booted him and completely demonetized all of his videos, meaning my whole channel not, The video can be monetized and that's, of course, my mug club is so important in partnership with the blaze. People can join up right now at that lot of karma comes less. My club there's a, I think, the blaze to the product.
It is free speech. They get thirty dollars off for this right now. Thank God. Box is actually sold more memberships that they should be employee of the month. Now that I think about it, we actually tried to put that into commercial employee of the month should be latin x. Gentlemen. Boxer look he's bullying me, so wait. Wait. Wait, wait, wait! Wait! I want to read the exact thing that you tube put out, because it's ok it's crazier than your explanation, which is pretty crazy. Even If a creators content does not violate our community guidelines, we will take a look at the broader context, an impact and if behavior is egregious an harms, the broader community, we may take action in the case crowders Channel a thorough review over the weekend found that individually, the at videos did not violate our community guidelines. However, in the subsequent days ie the mob rose up. We,
although widespread harm to the Youtube community building from the ongoing pattern of egregious behavior, wait what a gregis behavior, none of that behavior violated your community guidelines. We at first I thought they had. Most of James Cagney right up, and I talked about hurting the broad community, which I thought of mistakes, but then they said they yeah. They said you know the impact you hold on a SEC. They demonetized me literally reading from pillar to post the green new deal, no commentary, monetize videos that changed my mind where we go on campus and have students simply trust issues. I have almost nothing to do with it. This is the issue here too. They said now in substance, with a subset we've with these egregious offenses of
so this is something I want everyone to understand if they think this is just about me, it's not and will be ok because of because of the blaze and because of my club. So we appreciate the support, but for people out there who think they won't come for you. Let me explain this guidelines egregious violations. Ok, upon a subsequent investigation. They said days it took days now. Google Youtube is the biggest media company in the world, Google, Facebook and then way down the list twitter right. So wouldn't you think that if Google Youtube the alfalfa is the name of the parent company ran an investigation for days and we asked hey. Can you tell us what the violations were? Wouldn't you, to be able to provide something. Yes, ok, surprise they did, but two out of the thousands of videos to you know what they were. One was called. It was an episode that installment called the Trans Troop ban. We had a trans gender on the show, I'm not showing conservative transgender. The show was about being open,
hearing opinions from the transgender community, because not all of them are people like VOX trying to get different opinion. And you can be Trans Gender- an happened to want lower taxes that wait a minute you're saying to me: people are all individuals shut up with your hate Steven Crowder. Well, in this case, The two individuals, I'm not entirely sure on the two hundred community and I work in the real world- just keeps changing right and then the other one was an interview with the woman who was a victim of sexual assault. We talked about islamic rape, up Rick, dreaming gangs in the U cat. Just like you know, people talk about this going on a long time. It was an interview. These weren't even offensive videos, so out of the four thousand videos after Dave I'm investigating they. If my official legal counsel, my half asian lawyer bill, Richmond two examples yeah, it doesn't even say where, in the episode something was offensive and we've said, of course, incredibly effective. This is not a complete list. It's far from comprehend, we need to know what's going on. Well, they haven't answered,
but you've already run the investigation Youtube. Are you inept or you just being dishonest? The fact is it's going to be hard. Better and harder for them to find you trying to straight. For something and honestly I That would be easier. I mean half the time when people say did you present me with a quote: I go. Oh that reads rough but sounds like Maine is exactly use the sale, but I'm yeah sounds like me, probably yeah. I don't remember it. I create so much content. I mean we've said millions of words, millions of words and uh in most of it. If not all of it is unscripted. Unplanned yeah right, probably said something stupid from time to time. Yeah the issue is no one knows the rules. No one knows the guideline and what they're doing is capitulating to be wavering, the loudest they're saying that it doesn't matter what the guidelines even are they've now formalized, yet whatever we feel whatever we feel well. Here's also the prompt
consumers make the wrong argument when they just say censorship. This is corporate censorship. This is bullying and court intimidation because listen, you have a billion dollars box or you have like young Turks. Twenty million from what was Aljazeera Qatar were funded by porcelain camp their mugs for crying out loud. So when you compare it, it really is favoring the big sort of media conglomerates. That's what we're dealing with and something else here that, I think is it play that people need to understand is Youtube built their entire platform off the backs of original content creator. So when we started on Youtube, my brother actually was one of the first original partners in two thousand and six. Yeah, a lot of competition, but there is, I, I think, lively for a bunch of other websites. Now what did you to do this is before they were purchased from Google? They said you know what we know that We know that you have many other options. Thank you for flying Qantas. They said. We know that you have other options when it comes to uploading. Your video content, we've never created original content. This is entirely user based. So here's what we'll do if you promise us that you,
upload your content, to Youtube we're going to share the revenue with you and what did that? Do that eliminate all competition, because you tube was the only place that would do revenue split great free market, then when they grow big enough and NBC Universal or Disney, comes in and wants to take advantage of this platform, they pull the rug out from under the people who built the platform come to us will pay you that's how they beat. The competition sake all right, we're no longer going to pay you and we're going to ban you. You courted our business. You told us this where you wanted us and now you're, giving us the boot without giving us any rules without giving us any clear guidelines. It's dishonest business practices. That's what's Anon here! You know it's the same way, though I mean Facebook is a company that is never received more free advertising. I don't think I would know of another company that is research even as much free advertising and when, spoke first started.
Deal was, and they would ask us they quartered courted us they would. They would fly into our offices and say: hey. Here's. If you do it, here's how we can help you blah blah blah blah. Let's all the community help us build this community, it's a direct relationship with you and your listeners in your viewers. Who is fantastic, that's great! Now I can't even get to the millions of people who Engine said I want Glenn Beck's opinion. I want his post. I can't do I can't it to them. Their morning need from them. I know there. Getting you from your fans, these aren't people who are protesting rotate. You wanna know what he's saying no We can't allow that to happen, but why is that? Sucker Burg must drink water guys just so, I'm not convinced that he wasn't sent back from Skynet here's signals. So let me really clear about this. I would take completely well. I can't say I would take we've already been completely demonetized. Let's be
I've lost my cards there, but I would be glad in taking complete demonetization if it just meant that we still got to reach the viewers that have subscribe channel number one conservative Youtube channel of all time highest action rates of any news channel out there. So that's leave the hill that I'm, I I'm willing to die and it doesn't seem like right now. They sent us an email saying. None of that has changed. We haven't been classified as borderline. Content to you, so we will wait and see. Now. You know, You never know they've they've kind of backed himself into a corner and I don't think the anticipated the backlash. This is true. I think it's Stephen we're the blaze is borderline content, Glenn Borderline content. I mean it is just a map or of time you are. You are the lightning rod like right now, and they I mean when, when people were coming after Alex Jones and and I stood form, I think you stood for him too. Didn't you yeah
yeah. I agree with him on almost nothing, but I had him on my show and I talked about it exactly right. I don't the guy, I don't agree with him, but I stood up for him and people you didn't like water heat Alex Jones say it's crazy, ok, wait until they come for somebody you like well, they just have they just have. It is growing x in and they're getting bolder and bolder and here's the problem too, though I think they really backed themselves into a corner, because, with this purge, keep in mind too, when they released. Now we have new policies for white, supremacist and VOX, considers Tucker Carlson a white supremacist. They consider angel Farage white supremacy? So they said you know, we've purged thousands of videos, keep in mind that at least some of those videos. Are this
so, when you read about the thousands of videos purged under white supremacist label and there's no delineation, I'm one of those notorious pro Israel white supremacists with that with a bi racial producer that meet me with the Klan on Sundays. He really is mark a ball, but now the thing is they use. These got. They've now started completely booting history, Channel's the the cover historical, putting news channels, many which are left that simply cover right issues and a lot of people are now pushing that this is the first I will say this Clint the Vita bought the VOX ad populace was trending all night last night and the backlash from not conservatives but from the entire entertainment and you to create a community. This is the first time this has happened where they've banded together was so much worse than an angry gentle, scholar of latino origin, who happens to be attracted to same sex, which is brave and beautiful at box. But the backlash was so much worse from
every. I don't want you to get put on borderline here when I'm looking at you. I appreciate it. I appreciate it. It's how much worse than they anticipated just coming from media matters that I think now they're going to have to readjust, or they know that they're going to hemorrhage hemorrhage users and for people out there. You need understand this Youtube their their currency is their their users are currencies. There, viewer, okay, Their currency is only as valuable as the trust that the viewer has in the platform and right now, that trust is degrading very quickly and I don't think they dissipative this one. Let me one more point here: this is just hysterical to me quickly. The Fox guy said: Youtube was supposed to be queer space. What quit. Being two percent seems to work here by the way, not me it takes me to price it be the word queer space. That's two percent of population earth, fifty percent of Popul.
Here it is conservative and if you look at people who don't believe that conservative should be milkshakes or band you're, probably looking at seven five at least you could supposed to be a space for everyone, so Youtube capitulates. Here, it's not about you tube siding with the left. It's about them, siding with the two percent. Versus the ninety eight percent. We need to keep that in perspective right back with Steven Crowder in just a second in one minute, I'm going to tell you exactly what happened to somebody else. Yesterday, This one was from twitter, but the demands of twitter very reasonable, very, very reasonable here is a sponsor this half hours, Lifelock Security researchers recently discovered hackers have each and analytics service an open source project modifying the files to embed malicious code on this four thousand six hundred websites. The code can log content users info
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Lifelock or head over to Lifelock dot com. That's Lifelock, dot com make sure you use the promo code back for ten percent off ten seconds four station id just somebody else had some problems. Yesterday, uh Lila rose from action. She had a problem yesterday with Twitter, tweet, herb and live action and her account from all ads when asked why twitter said good resume ads, but only if they would comply and she would delete the following content from her twitter feed and the live action website. So all Lila rose in live action. This you know pro life website has to do,
remove anything from Twitter or their website about a bore. And procedures quote anything about abortion procedures, anything about investigations of planned parenthood and all ultrasound images. So that's uh. He has to do right. I wonder if that same same rule applies to planned parenthood. You know they've been to be from ads on Twitter along time ago, which is funny because they actually can courted me and told me to advertise on twitter. So I I that that's that's the money, I'll never get back, but I would be concerned if I hadn't already been banned from ads, if only because it wouldn't bode well for me, since I went in as a Trans gender woman at planned parenthood and tested positive on a pregnancy test by this on episode, polities, Brill. Yes, apologies to the woman on Craig's list, who's pregnant urine- we I don't think illegally, but certainly seriously obtained should've been more forthright about the
this is for the video. It was crazy. You stood there with a doctor. Clearly, a guy saying you're pregnant and the doctor is so the doctor just will not address the fact that you can't be pregnant yeah by the way, if you test positive for me as a man on a pregnancy test, indicative of testicular cancer, I need to know that right, so it's and we reached the age. Where truth does not matter. Look at this point not only hang on hang on back with Steven Crowder in just a second and this time, I'm going to let him talk. I promise you're listening to Glenn Beck relief actor if you're in constant pain, you're, not alone. Now inflammation is what makes our pain and and really can lead to all kinds of things in your in your body. I
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you would have probably been firing people today, don't you think, would you if you an average person that was just creating content on Youtube, you'd be freaked out of your mind, yeah! Well, I'd! Probably we do a lot of meth, so you know, because I don't necessarily know that would be responsible on in the pressure cooker. No yeah, that's absolutely correct and that's what my concern is is for the smaller guy. After us, you know we're really for and that we've we've built a a big following in an unfortunate but yeah. We worked really hard to do it, but this was kind of you know. We was seen as the wild west of literally people use that term about the wild West, the internet or the bathroom. All of society is kind of both, but the thing the value. There was the gate. Keepers didn't really have the same kind of sway. Anyone could sort of podcast. Anyone could start to show you had kids who are creating Youtube channels and we're just dominating some of the biggest networks right. Well now the big networks have said hold on a second, we
access to those eyeballs, and so not only do they spend more money, but they exert pressure political pressure, social pressure on these needs to try and give them a leg up. That's what we're seeing with NBC Vox, that's what you see with companies like Disney and vice. So what worries me is that there might not the ability for someone else like me to come up in the next few years. That's what so turning so we are going to be fine. If people want to support, they can join up at. Autotrader dot com, Slash mug club and, of course, with the blaze. You get access to all the content. There there's a thirty dollars off special right now. If you use the promo code free speech, but yeah, if we didn't have it, I mean: let's talk about bullying for a second They say that I'm bowling, even though I went after box when I had a tenth of the subscribers just because he happens to be a quote on quote beer producer, his words, not mine. Please don't remove me for hate speech, so that's considered bullying, but I to remove the ability of of one in it and his fifteen employees to make a living is not
what about advocating battery and assault against conservatives. How is that not bullying? We have to look at things of people and not just whether there are part of the marginalized group of the day case. This is a serious case of bullying, which really would have had ultimate much more severe ramifications, and this is something else we talk about. Bullying bowling is so bad in high school or in the workplace. It's because of chronic. It's because it's systemic right. You still have to go. That's cool the next day in the police. There you still have to go to work the next day and if your supervisors a a bully, he still there the difference. So we have videos that we do rebuttal it's entirely voluntary to watch it make make sure that none of our staff has the ability to make a living. That is far more in line with the idea of systemic chronic bullying that you would see. Here's. Here's one of the tweets that he is tweeted out and- and I just I This is beyond call Yang listen to this-
back to me when you're ready to personally assassinate people I find annoying on twitter. Then we'll talk now. I could take this to the extreme and say he's calling for the assassination of Steven Crowder. No, I think he means personally assassinate people on Twitter personally assassinate people, because he is a very, very big guy on humiliate people, make make a statement, make people dread being in public, and I have been having another opinion how this? How is this? Not bullying yay, I'm not familiar with that tweet, but I certainly am familiar with the two three talk about milk shaking people yeah just a milkshake. Well, there could be an asset in that milkshake have sir I'm. So really familiar with you, his his tweets, implying that I'm a homosexual who's lying to my wife, which, by the way I don't really care to me, if you say Steven secretly gay,
it means that I've done enough pushups recently, it doesn't bother me it's not that big of a deal, but doesn't that what do we do now Youtube? Sexual orientation is a violation of God, not God not a violation of guidelines, but if it's sort of agree geass- and it's not really acceptable- well what it, when you combine it with libel or slander, saying that I'm secretly he's weaponized sexuality against me. Is it just because I happened to be straight: that's not what he claims that this person and as a whole, they made it clear. They said this is not about Steven Crowder. This is about making it a safe space, a queer space as what he talked about actually is one person but box it until these people are, can we removed from these social media platforms they've. Also, this all the way by the way this all stems. Very recent video that we were barred from box where they talked about how the important role journalism, the most important role of journalists, is to determine what information the public gets is to be the gatekeeper. That was what we were, but it they literally
said. The primary role of journalism is to decide what information the public gets to know and what they don't and we said, it's actually not the role of journalism and that's what set this guy off? That is one of the things I've told this story before before two thousand and eight I talk to a very big financial journalist and very again, I was on on this individual show and uh. We were talking the economy and I said, look this. This thing is that there is there's a meltdown coming these home loans and everything else have been out of control for too long and there's a giant meltdown coming. We got off the air and he said he looked at me and he said you're one of the most you're responsible people I have ever met- and I said, are you kidding me, I said: are we heat? Are you it's agreeing that this is coming? He no. I agree
with you. We all know it's coming, but we have a responsibility to keep that away from the american people, so they don't panic. Anna did panic comes from not knowing the truth. I know You're talking about was the mayor of mayor of Amity in Jaws, I'm not going to shut this down in Florida I week. I know because someone yells about some- I I don't know retired and I'm tired of this whole situation, we're very fortunate, but man it really makes me- concern for the next generation for people coming up after me, and this is doesn't really even enter into our mindset. I would never think of trying to get somebody out right and in removing their ability to make a living, because they disagree. Let alone I would never think of getting someone banned because they said I'm secretly closeted homosexual. It doesn't bother me Someone saying that I'm a jerk for someone saying that I suck
For someone saying that I'm a racist people say this stuff all the time: racist, sexist homophobe, all right, that's fine! I don't try to get them banned. This is it's a big difference and that's dishan That's less libel that slander. That actually is an actionable offense. So that being said, these people want to ban opinions. They don't agree with it. It's not about a private company being choose what they can and can't won't allow platform they'll, allow it and they'll court until they make enough money and then decide that they want to change the rules. That's the issue people say that people on the left say it's white people who are just worried about losing their power. Now this is the media worry. Losing their power. This is this. Is the left worried about losing their monopoly? What can should be upset about is losing their voice, their opinions, their their traditions. Have any tradition you want. I don't care talk about but celebrated whatever don't tell me what traditions I have to have or celebrate. Don't tell me what my opinion can and cannot be. The real
problem here is we have these mega corporations that are now saying. Please federal government. Please regulate us, I don't know about you. Steven, but I know you run your show. I run my show, there's not uh time. I thought, there's! No, one brain cell that is ever said boy. I wish we had more regulation, that is, that is insane they're wanting is more regulation to shut out anybody else from competing with them, because they'll be able to forward all the attorneys and everything else. Then they'll control, all the portals you'll have go through them, and freedom of speech literally is dead. Then, because will be in group. Think and the government the bill. It applies to the government not to a private corporation. Well, that depends again if there, a public platform or a publisher It's big argument. They want regulations, but that's where I
do that you know the the Aladdin's okay, one of the world's most powerful genie and everything that comes with it. You now are beholden to the regulations of the public platform. All that you're going to see happen because that means then you can. Not allow certain voices while banning others. Just like you can't do that on a phone right now they that, but they they have, that in the government is allowed them to get away with this. Exactly- and I think so, but the point is when they I want regulations, they support things, for example like net neutrality. That's another thing that people understand why? Because they know they can survive the bureaucratic red tape, but they don't want to be put in the hot seat and have to formally declare if they are a publishing website. If they're publishing a platform, I guess or a public platform of public utility, but they want the benefits, being a public utility, so I don't look, I'm not looking for stringent regulation. I think if they want regulation, we say: ok, the first step right now: Susan Widget Ski Google mark Zuckerberg Facebook jacked
twitter we're going to sit you down. Are you a publisher or are you a platform and then hold them to it, because guess what if they say that platform? What we're talking about right now is no longer a problem. If they say there, a publisher, that's going to change everything in their stock price is going to change pretty dramatically you, but they do have to decide they can't get out here and it fits of both. I agree with you and I think that's exactly what conservatives should push for, I know sure that there's enough spine in Congress in the Senate to actually get that through. Without all kinds of other loopholes and stuff. They should just go for that publisher or platform which Is it going to be that's enough that would solve all of this weather. Washington will do it or not. Is another story, Steven Thank you so much for everything. Thank you for leading the charge. Thank you for being smart enough to know what guidelines in the rules are you're, not just too many people
just get into this business. Like I'm, going to break all the rules, 'cause, I'm a I'm a trendsetter and I'm a rebel. You actually know what the guidelines the rules are, and that's the only reason we can have a reasoned debate in a and a a responsible position on this, be Chad, and I thank you leading the way on it. Thank you Steve well. Thank you very much. I don't know the rules or guidelines anymore, but that was true yesterday, so keep you posted. I know. Thank you very much. Steven Crowder louder with Crowder. You can get him on the blaze join his mug mug club, enjoying the blaze. Today we have a special going on. We have never ever at a special like this ever before. It's thirty sent off. If you want to going for a year, you can join us. It's Is it sixty nine bucks to join for a year or year, and and do it now just go to blaze, tv dot, com and use the, code, free speech when you do that, you'll get that discount, please
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that's the story you to write. If you're gonna say what is the story right now, but you to be say: Stephen Route is a racist and you say they just released a massive new policy against white supremacists and other extremists. Yes, and they released it now question coming: what is this a story now, but Stephen Crowder and White supremacists right right living you another story that happened this week: hey I'm the Freaking New York time, feeling less and less like a game show. Is this a conspiracy theory that these are tied together or is it a base pr maneuver. Ok. Earlier this week, massive investigation on the New York Times title Youtubes digital playground and open gate for pedophiles in which they go through thousands and thousands of pages, not just people who intentionally serving material to pedophiles, but the that you tube's recommendation algorithm is actually sending pedophiles too
home videos of young children playing in pools. Sir question backyard, there question when I say that maybe they're doing this too squash, this other pedophile scandal they got going on is that it spirite theory or a basic pr maneuver. This is the hardest game to figure out how to is it a kids? Am I making it up in a conspiracy or is it a basic pr? Maneuver isn't real, because I listen to mainstream media. It's a conspiracy theory! You're, a dumb contestant, sir.
The fusion of entertainment and enlightenment today is a day really. That is pretty much been all about free speech and I'm going to introduce you to somebody who has been banned and when I say introduce you to him, you might have already seen him he's a comedian and he's a guy that was on Facebook and he wasn't going public with some of his rants one night. He just decided you know, I'm a push. The public button and his views went from two to over forty two million, and then Facebook decided hey, no, no, no you're not to do that and has been banned from Facebook. Wait until you hear what he did, they got it bad. It's incredible. Freedom of speech on the ropes in America in one minute is the Glenn Beck program.
I remember my first car I should've never showed I was so excited to buy it. One thousand nine hundred and sixty nine mgb drove down to Seattle. To get it and it was just used, was really sketchy as, like you know, Oh, you don't really even have a sign here, no we're just here for the day. You know, but I went down to buy it and I'll, never forget the salesman, as I just pulling away of so excited for this car and things float away. He said now do remember that this as it should have been, the warning side broke down halfway home, even make it home, no, it didn't making an added to it. My dad, the tow truck came in with my brand new car. My said my dad looked at me and said: well, you made a good choice as an owner of an mg. I can confirm this story being true and you love. I love those cars, but mass cars are pieces of garbage.
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code back and you're going to save ten percent on your first year of coverage? It's car sixth, is an eight hundred car, six thousand or carshield dot com make sure use the promo code back Terrance Williams described as a born actor and comedian with a pass perform. He is one of the hottest viral internet sensations with an online following now of nearly a million strong. He was raised and born here in in the Dallas kind of area, the Texas area and a little play,
I'm not too familiar with called Oklahoma, but he decided when I was just working stiff and he decided just I'm going to push that public button on my facebook page. And literally, like two people had been watching his stuff and in a very short term. His videos went to forty two million on Facebook. What did that feel like First of all the Oklahoma and Texas in the same sentence. But yes what No, I didn't have any followers. I was even active on social media. Do I wasn't up? I wasn't even looking to be famous at all on social media, and I decided to make a video one day, because I
got tired of people saying Terrence complaining about America I was out I will get on Facebook and my friends like Terrence. Let's move back to Africa, move back never been to Africa. So I'll say you know what I'm not to make a video real quick, because I'm ticket is Miss Ann. I heard you can go live on Facebook. This is where you this. When the life you just starting so I went live it I was. I was eating piece of chicken because I was on my lunch break. So people thought is all set up by Yyy the piece of chicken and he why you talking who don't eat chicken Facebook came at me. Free Inchiquin seriously because people say what was racist, because I'm black Maine also face looking chick in. I saw my chick, I ate chicken last night and I think on Sunday, black people eat chicken widely Chicken Hispanics eat. My fat white people eat more chicken and black people, but why people?
sometimes they had their chicken like chicken noodle soup and chicken pot pie chicken dumpling making you eat more chicken. You know an, I did notice a lot of white folks. They you know black folks the goal? You know we tend to go to the chicken places. You know after five probably just got off work. You know seven hundred o'clock for dinner with the wife get there early at one thousand. One hundred o'clock in the morning o'clock in the morning, so we don't see him there right there before we get there yeah. So you know so uh this video is just saying that you know like this is the trying to explain to people. This is the greatest country in the world, the great in it. Wasn't the greatest country why everybody moving here other body moving on? Why do you want to go back to Africa's? First of all, now Anything I say on his radio station has nothing to do with blaze. Tv has nothing to do with Glenn Beck, so
that won't help help but go ahead. Yeah. I can't believe Glenn Beck had that yeah that racist hun yeah yeah he's black but he's black. Can't be racist, but he is. He is yet now they said black people can't be racist, but for some reason I'm right you're racist, because more conservative, black right right in Joliet? Let's stop with the code at it means white. Yes, I'm a white, because people do people do salmon, partly KKK, but yes seriously, I promise you seriously when you are wearing a White T shirt. Yes, I am. Is it a hooded t, shirt layers, your clan pointy hood comes over the top. Did you join the clan on line 'cause? I don't think that person would go about plead the fifth. I plead the fifth, but you know
this is the greatest country in the world and I was just basically telling people like you know uh trying to explain to people. Why would you want to move to Africa? No, that's where now I don't! No! That's where some of black people esters are from. I don't know about mine 'cause I got in me. You know I got the Irish in me, you can't see it, but I do you know I mix so you know, but I was basically just telling people like listen, uh, these people are moving here for a reason, because this is the greatest country in the world. So I was going to move there and first of all, the RP or in Africa sodas into slavery. You know frozen slavery, eat you. So, yes, it was wrong, but we will see that we were sold into slavery bar on people and it was wrong, but you know what it turned out: great
Because now we are in a country with thousands of opportunities. That we didn't have any first, you can be out of your color, no matter where you come from, no matter what neighborhood you come from Nomad what what family you are born into. You can be whatever you want to be in this country. No matter what you can. So why would you want to move there when they're moving here? Because they can't do what we can do so when and when you were growing up? Did you think, maybe someday? I could be banned by Facebook. You know what that was my biggest fear, those even if it was your best moderate, is fair, yeah yeah. That was my biggest fear growing up. When I, when I graduated high school, I was so scared. You know my first I'm going to do. Was
Facebook lock me up in a facebook county jail? Well, I couldn't say in my auntie I happy birthday tax I'd hold. I was trying to check on my ex is right. I was trying to snoop. I couldn't do anything, you know. Couldn't do anything yeah boy, that's also, but I was once banned because I posted a screenshot of the death threat that I received from from a lot of people, and I it was a screenshot of almost about twenty by twenty screenshot people, say they're going they're going to kill me calling me uncle Tom Collins, a calling me. It just names that are out of this world, so in Facebook banned me because they said not me. They said the fact that I posted them and you're not a mark. I et names because if you say to me death threats, I need their body to now right, okay, yeah, so we could just just in case something happens right.
So they know where to go. Look but Facebook say that's a form of bullying putting them on blast. So is so it's we did. Those were those people band, no, I was going over it but where they also banned na no so they were threatening, which is which is more well bullying, but it's more like threatening someone with their life. They didn't get banned, but you got banned for posting, their public posts, public polls and their message in the it was a lot of messages also that they send me my inbox and other people in Facebook. They were saying that, well, they sent you the messages privately, so you should have kept it private. So when I started, but when you message me to wait, it's wait a minute. Maybe that's where Hitler went wrong.
Instead of writing it in a public book, he should have just printed it and then personally delivered it to all the Jews. Then that was a private issue. That's not a that's not, and that way, if yeah, if a Jew, stood up and said, hey, Hitler's threatening to gas, us all, Facebook could have said. How dare you say that about the dear leader, exactly went to your house privately to say that to you? Yes, I was I'm not going to lie to you Glenn I was hurt. I was hurt as much. That was the first time Facebook hurt my feeling
because I thought they were out. I took them screenshots I see gear Facebook, bathtub and all y'all. You know I'm snitching on everybody else, upstaging her body, you know, and then I turned around. I talked to log in I so it's I said it's my it's my auntie's birthday, I'm going to post on her, but I'm gonna post on her page in a couple balloons. It's not so what's going on going on! That's how something what's going on now! This is the I said. I said these dang iphones. I said. Let me unless you uninstall this app real quick. It's all! It's always acting turn the phone off dealer reset
you couldn't log back home and then they sent me a message saying you know: Terrance you been banned. Buddy. You know you in Hollywood. That, like did you call them? Did you write them? Did you I had to get on twitter to have to have a to have some of the people who followed me. You know, check Facebook and go after them an I have people send it out. Yeah people uh people were making a blogs and all this stuff. Then Facebook reached their facebook reset. So we are so sorry it was an accident. It was an accident in those accidents near yeah. It's they say. Oh yeah, it was an accident, but it was not an accident because they don't make them. Accidents with liberals are never hear. Liberals on Facebook or Twitter until recently you know some of them have been banned now, but never hear them complain how being banned for you know for now. You never hear about that in here, but you
about it with us with you know, conservatives are trump supporters. Are people are just freethinkers period, freethinkers period, it's been hard, the People Temple Terrace. You kicked out the black community to There were some of the messages that I received to do it. You were kicked out of the black. They say you are kicked out. The black community is there. Issue, guys all meat or something I didn't know it was an official club and from all the barbecues every since I can't go into a barbershop anymore, either. Ever since ever since I've announced my support for Trump I've been banned from all barbecues. They said, terrace kicked out the black community and I, What does that mean? What do you mean? I'm kicked out the black community, what is the disadvantage? '
'cause I've never know what the benefit was. What do you mean? I kicked out the black community. I said it has to your old me. Money could stop before you kick me out. Paying me back, Terrance Williams, you can follow him at Terrance, K, Williams, dot com is twitter, is uh at w score. Terrance will have more with him in just a second first, our or this. This half hour for one minute is Norton Security. Now Norton has been doing security and security on our computers forever right now. Well, they are offering a secure, VPN, The VPN means that Mark Zuckerberg is not tracking you all the time. Google is not tracking you all the time. Nobody is buying and selling your information. That is really important. This is the in the. U always see Where is this? Where is this coming from? And then they go to the big screen in the NSA and they're like
it's from it's in China. No! It's in London! No! It's in Brussels, whatever that's! What? VPN is, and you can have one now, it's three dollars and thirty three cents a month download this app you put in the passcode one time and then you log on and everything you know all of your devices have a virtual private network from Norton. A company that you can trust, go to Norton dot com. Slash VPN protection now starts at three dollars and thirty three cents a month. It's Norton dot com, slash v, p, n. We break for ten second station id parents just looked at me and said: I'm trying to be good, and I like what
bad like with you, man, I haven't done. An interview in over four months is my first this yeah, because I was in a wreck on my way into the White House, those going to the black history event that Trump was putting on at the White House AN did. He know that you have been kicked out of the black community that he now did. He know that you've been kicked out of the black community, the last movie, your you're, very outspoken, Trump supporter, I'm very outspoken. It is, is the conservative in you new? Have you always been that? How did you come to the GOP, O p and conservatives. Or is this a trump thing you know?
Oh, is actually not a trump thing, because I'm well? You know I was able to first. You know my first time being able to vote was when Obama ran an idea. You didn't I mean like am He said he looks like he's, seem like a snake just too good to be true. You know I grew up in foster care and I've been in like over ten different homes every since from preschool. I don't get adopted tiles fifteen. So I know I the liars. When I see him. Ok, 'cause, I have been out of bed in and out of homes, dealing with all kinds of adults- and I know liars are no. Snakes are now too good to be true. Because I hadn't been in homes where the family, so we're going to be so sweet to him Give Mary Ann, oh good, lol, king dot com, my counselor! Can you please come get me. These people are alive. They lied to you, but
I just didn't like him. You know, and I didn't even at the time. I never call my for conservative or uh, but I've always leaned toward that. For some reason in my family and friends knew it also, but they didn't care. You know tell people started following me, but- and I grew up with you- know, liberal liberal families. You know I mean what are all the foster homes that I that I've been in, they they've been all liberal, but I never agree with none of them. So you know why do people not care about this until you started getting followers now they suddenly care? Why you know what that's that's a scientific question, because I really don't know it. I honestly don't know, but you know what I get. When people see that now you
talk about whatever you want to people really don't care unless if they don't agree with it, but if they see thousands of agreeing with you yeah the problem here because they say: okay, you are you, you got people's attention, have you lost friends or family relationships because of oh? Yes, I have when I made first video, I have is that school way that we were. You know we were best friends. We did. I mean we were good friends and they cut me off. They told me I couldn't come. This is real thing I couldn't come to. The high school reunion is somebody in even graduate. You don't need to go anyway before you walk okay, but but no people, some of our friends. They may response videos to my video crying literally tears coming down.
I can't believe you said that I came, but you know 'cause, I'm talking about like you know quit and I'm still people quit blaming in everybody want this race car quit blaming the white man for everything, and that was one of the. That was something in that video that actually pays a lot of people. A lot of my friends and family off Terrance Could you say that you be like how could even say they don't You know you are a victim. You grew up in foster care. Still you sitting up here, yet they wanted me to play the victim card. I've never played the victim card at all. Things I've been through? I could play don't car right now, you know, could be getting a check for disability, for a minute
is being crazy, I'm getting crazy check. If I wanted. I could ask to play that role. I love you. I love you. You know make sure you follow Terrance Williams, he is so funny. You can follow him now and back with more in a minute, you're listening to Glenn Beck back all talk a little bit about relief factor. If you are, if you're somebody who has a lot of pain and you haven't found a way to get out of it, could you please try this? My wife mean to try this because I was like it's not going to work because, literally I have woken up in two surgeries. His freak, the anesthesiologist out. It was kind just to watch his eyes go, but it takes a lot to keep me down or to affect me for some reason or another
relief factor. I never thought it would work 'cause. It's one hundred percent natural he's, so my wife said: would you please just try this and I did? I'm still can get today. Eighteen months later, I'm taking it three times a day. That's when I started doing commercials for them about two months into it because it works, get your life back, get out of pain, call eight hundred and five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four eight hundred and five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or go to relieffactor dot com. Try there quick start for one thousand. Nine hundred and ninety five works for you in three weeks. Great order more, if not you're out the box, but if it works, he get your life back. Well, I'm I'm sure we're not going to have any problems with this one. I tweeted this morning my best Miley Cyrus licking a cake.
Yesterday she was you look hotter than her doing it. You mean actual temperature. Yes, yes, he looks when I did it. I did like big sweaty blob. You know when you're, when you have a cake and you're fat just looks sad. It just looks like oh. He fat man needs gay, that's true, yeah. It goes from like hey she's having some baked goods to well. That was the cause of what makes him make at look ride tonight, like oh Miley Cyrus before the cake, oh Miley, Cyrus after I do like you, could be Miley Cyrus in about forty years. It's kind is, there's a there's, a lookalike situation going on there. Thank you think so you need. She could look like me in forty. Yes, so you you look like she will and forty years. Thank you. If he's lucky, if she is she's going the wrong direction, she is she. Yes, she is anyway, so she was licking a cake which is it it's so much easy on. So many levels, first of all they just photo after licking the cake,
didn't use an actual picture that anybody owned of that cake. They they stole that cake for the picture of that from artist that made the cake took the photo and had so they just took that for free and the guy wrote and said: hey planned parenthood, I'm with you and everything, but that's my cake, and they said. Oh we'll, we'll tag. You tag me about money yeah. I want money for you using that anyway, so we actually paid the artist with to make the cake. Artist might be a stretch there, but so I'm I'm looking the cake just like she does, except standing next to the painting of Adolf Hitler. It's based on a what I don't see how this could be controversial at all. No, it's based on an old world to two Anti Hitler again the poster that the US put out
and I painted it the week that we voted infanticide out were like that. I don't know. If I'm going to take a stand against. Infanticide I mean, kill baby, not kill the baby after birth. I don't know whatever. When we failed to do that. I thought oh wow, this is a this is crossing of the Rubicon. So in the last couple of weeks, we have also come up with a new, a new thing: the The court system has approved killing children based on race. So you can kill them after their born and based on race. You can kill them. This Adolf. Hitler's dream come true, you know. If you were a Jew, kill your baby. He didn't believe in abortion. He thought abortion was very, very wrong. Why is he thought white area?
This should have a whole buttload of children, and so we love children, but the men they come out or the minute they're the wrong race kill them. So what's the difference. Who are we becoming we're you because you're a defective, oh, okay? Well, Hitler did that too. He wrapped it all in compassion, so in my painting. It just has Hitler reading fifty million killed and he says next time I'll call it planned parenthood ' 'cause. Apparently, if you call it the final solution, that's bad, but if you call it and parenthood get fund total funding, a federal funding, though I do, and a lot of Hitler's efforts, also got federal funding to be fair. Yeah yeah, I know, is that I don't think it was a private. You know, in other words people in. Like
you know, in New Mexico, they were like I'm going to build a wall and uh an internment camp yet another that didn't happen. Yeah. The only thing I don't like about the painting is the one: well, okay, Hitler. You can see there's a way. You can't see this in your bedroom or your dining. I yeah. I don't know how to hang that again. You know that is a problem. With this painting never get do party. I feel people might even if they the call, I might find it a little creepy see here this. This is what it is. I've started to call this collection, which is piling up in my office. Yes, I paint one it all the time whenever I'm motive, he it by something I see I just paint and what they are or is there old fashioned memes they're like ten hour mean yes, it I mean two ten hours to paint them yeah. What everyone else makes them like. Ten cancel internet takes a couple of minutes to make one. Maybe these are
our memes that you're like a craft memory? Yes, I like the craft room right now, like the only thing I don't like about this. One is the fact that you seemingly- and I understand this, which is shocking, but you say fifty million killed when the number actually is sixty one point, three million since ROE versus Wade in this country. So the fact that you can make and eleven million million person rounding error shows that you understand it was like sixty right right. This is, I mean fifty million an incredible numbers that bend the number for for years and the estimated number worldwide since one thousand nine hundred and eighty one point five billion, but one point five billion estimated worldwide since one thousand nine hundred and eighty, so you know what you were going to get pissed off at your old painting of Hitler, but maybe they should get more Pist off about this 'cause
that's a lot of people that should be alive and aren't here's what here's? What I did, I posted it up on Ebay. We posted a little while ago, and it's so it's up on Ebay, I'm selling it and I'm selling it all. The proceeds are going to go, I'm going to send it over to mercury, one kind of kind of posted, a money laundering system in this. In this form, I don't. I know if anybody any organization was like all. I got all the money from the from the Hitler painting yeah. So I want to send- and I want to bulk of it- to go to what was her name. The leather rose, yeah late, liberal. I've actually live action because live action was just and from ads twitter yesterday, but they said hey you do ads. You just have to remove.
You know mentions of abortion and any ultrasound pictures and anything that talks about an investigation on planned parenthood from your website just feel free to add run ads. So if life in becomes like a garden club right there, hey they're fine, it's just about adjusting with the time. So can you go on go on the Ebay here? It is just go to Ebay. Logo come go to twitch com right, Slash, Glenn Beck you go there. You can find the link to your painting and the auction is I'm going, I'm going so far, five hundred and sixty dollars? How much did we just announced it? So it's five five hundred and sixty dollars, but I think the odds of this actually lasting for the week on Ebay are 'cause. I like, if I don't know if we really want to racing videos- and I
it will be interesting to see if they allow your Hitler painting to stay up there for the entire way. If we could, why not, why not you're saying bad things about planned? Parenthood? Usually that's not allowed, but I'm also saying bad things about Adolf Hitler is allowed usually usually thing about his health care policy. All of his other gigantic Gov and policies which somebody here now argue for his national socialism younger yeah. If you say something bad about socialism than that, don't I yeah do it right right, so would be usually you can bash it safely. That's one thing: we've, generally speaking, come together. When we get to raise more money, can we get on a gaming site gambling on how long it will take twitter an Ebay to ban this? If we get from the game we're going to be really really depressed,
I mean that slang like sorry, sir you're too controversial for it yeah. That's like online gaming, that's like being banned at the liquor store in the Wino section, where like wait a little later married years, so gears saying here too classy for Maine. That could be a problem anyway, All the proceeds are going to go to Lila rose and also not remember her name, Abby Johnson, yeah Abby Johnson's group, so you I think, is that you were going to do with this damn thing. So this is really just somebody that wants to somebody who wants to make a donation. We would love to love to have you? I just love the idea of you like on vacation or on the weekend deciding I'm going to do a Hitler. Painting about abortion. Does your life fun. You know who wouldn't want to go to a party billion really sad. He was really sad is as I'm painting this
my wife just comes in, and I'm I'm a painting of Hitler. Okay and my wife then issues a standings. This season stands next to me and she's like so. What do you wanna do this weekend and I'm like? No, she leaves her didn't say, work didn't say a word like what does that say about you? That's what I should be asking myself really our sponsor this half hour is gold lying gold. Mine has a for calling collection of right now of a one thousand eight hundred and eighty one five dollar liberty, United States, gold coins. Now these were called one slash, two eagle: they were used heavily during the 1800s and these now you can own four of these half eagles in about uncirculated condition, they're really truly beautiful coin.
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it was on the list that could not be taken from the public if you had your gold in the 1930s in eighteen, eighty one, you know half eagles, they couldn't take them from you. So I don't know in rules change. You know not necessarily the same rules apply in Alaska and Hawaii or on earth now anymore, but hopefully, if gold ever become compass, bowl Confiscate Compass Gate did it again. That will remain with you and it's just a great piece piece of american history. Also a good piece of safety, Goldline, dot com call them ask them about their information. So you know if gold or silver is right for you. This is exactly the kind of coin that I collect
and I keep for my family, gold or silver. It's not right for everybody. It is right for me, gold has gone up a lot lately and I think some, crazy. Things are coming in the economy, so please check yourself. Eight hundred and sixty six gold line, one thousand eight hundred and sixty six gold line. Them right now, they're waiting for you, eight hundred and sixty six gold, liner, Goldline COM, is the Glenn Beck program If you missed any of the show today, you've got to go back and listen to the podcast. We had Crowder on for an hour today, and he was in rare form, Steven Crowder in the news everywhere. The number one trending topic on Twitter yesterday, because Fox NBC Universal convinced Youtube to de monetize him and the even they even came out and said. Even though we have done several days extensive review of all of his work uh. We
find no violation of our guidelines, but. We do see that he has made a negative impact on the Youtube community and we're going to demonetise him for that. So wait just said he he didn't violate anything you did. You said how is he being a negative impact? Well, he's affected the community negatively Glenn, yeah and in some sort of ethereal way. I guess right, and so that's why I'm sort of NBC Universal wants to squeeze the small guys out, because now they see that they're losing their giant platforms that they have to be over there yeah that's kind of what they admitted if you really read said they said it effected the community and what would have been one of the main effect of the community people are complaining about does they mean when they say affected the community. They are meeting that, basically they got forced into this. My justice so
so listen to the podcast. I want to give you a few things that you can do, and I can't tell you how concerned I am of the LOS of voices. There is an effort that is being made now an it is becoming more and more clear. Every day that goes by our voices are being silenced. Yesterday it was Steven Crowder on Youtube, not being able to be monetized being being so told you're in the guidelines, but we don't like you, you can do this to anybody. Yesterday, Lila Rose was banned on twitter. She can't she can't it exercise any ads on Twitter, the we were banned yesterday on Facebook. We can share our news stories, but we not share any video this going to dramatically impact our reach and they band us. We
ink until Saturday at seven hundred and thirty. We don't know what we did. They just say you are what your use share: a lot of click bait. Well, the when did they they hit that on was a story. That is the lead story on the blaze, a video of a mother of a handicapped child who put a secret tape quarter on her child, because your child said everybody's mean to me. She apes the whole day. The child comes back and these teachers are talking about beating her up and shut up you're a dummy, horror stuff. That's a news story. That's not clickbait! That's a news story and we were flagged for that and told and post we can't, but news snooze. Just until seven hundred and thirty Pm Saturday, Anne were afraid it is going on indefinitely. Here's the thing the will affect our reach. We've us be able to reach you.
I ask that you would subscribe to the blaze. Go to blaze, tv dot, com, use, freed of free speech. That's one word. Use free speech. Is the promo code you're going to get the biggest count we've ever given it's it's like thirty bucks off, I think, but also subscribe to the podcast go to Itunes. You have to subscribe rate and review, that's very important, Glenn Beck dot com and subscribe to our free newsletter subscribe to the blaze free newsletter. We have to have communication direct communication to you in case voices are squashed. Please support your favorite voices, you're listening to the land back.
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