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Dems Censor Their Own | Guests: Rep. Vernon Jones & Ted Nugent | 4/24/20

2020-04-24 | 🔗

The day is here! Glenn announces the winners of the coveted Chairman Mao Coronavirus Dictators Awards! Lancaster, California's Republican mayor suggested protesters’ death wishes could be granted in overcrowded jails. Georgia State Rep. Vernon Jones joins to explain why he’s NOT resigning after Democrats disowned him. Glenn and Bill O’Reilly tour the world of news: the Cuomo brothers, Stacey Abrams and Biden’s VP slot, and how the media ignores the biggest coronavirus stories. Michigan State Rep. Karen Whitsett gives an update after Detroit Democrats plan to censor her for thanking Trump. Musician Ted Nugent joins to stress the importance of self-sufficiency and his goal of helping more of the hunting community register to vote at HuntTheVote.org.

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Amerika and welcome too far right day today show jam pact. We have bill O Reilly on four is weekly update. We have ten Nugent coming by the two Democrats that are now kind of being kicked out of their own party. It's amazing. We have them on today. We also have the Maoists. Yes, the coveted chairman MAO Award for the the state and local and national dictator wannabes, the chairman MAO ease are coming up in one minute is therefore about programme. Let me tell you something: I want to talk about. Two covers boots.
Yesterday I mean it has been a man we I've getting all of my manhood this week. I think for my entire life, I've been fix. A barn been upon the roof fixing the gutters I took down. I don't even know how many trees yesterday seminary trees, Yesterday I was chairing czar I bought one. I dont know why cause after I got a night when I got home, my wife said you bought that yeah when are you ever going to use a chainsaw again on a per hour, go on and are more and more cowboy boots? So back a little woman, HU, I I want to talk to you about the feeling of being responsible having integrity, doing it yourself. There is something I'm not gonna, I'm actually there's parts of this law
sound that I'm actually really enjoying it's kind of scary. Isn't it but to call these boots are aid took over? They are made by hand two hundred steps it's in Rio, integrity because it is the same boat that has been made in America forever. It is the same cowboy food from the original designs that lasting style. They will fit perfectly. They will say a lot to you about you forget by what anybody else says. These boots speak to you
covers boots, find them now to cope with t c, o D, a s, dot com, slash back! That's too clovis dot com, slash back gosh! It's finally years. Do the ass from Brahmins Cove id Theatre does nothing to do with Jain, Ed Brahmins vigour in Hollywood, California? Yes, it is the first ever Chairman Maui awards where we are. We are giving the award out it's a nice beautiful statue made in China, which makes it even more valuable statue of Chairman MAO and we will be sending these out to our winners. Now we have several several categories here and we have asked you to vote over the last week or so, and if we can Saratoga gather, I'm sorry does the orchestra have a timpani in it, because I think we should probably get to our first category its best arrest by an sambo
an hour or two. Two nominees are the Brighton Colorado police for raging T ball, if you remember that that was the one where they I don't know. If you saw, did you see the video of this still guy saucy? I was it p, p, empty field like oh, but he's in it except a farm a daughter and the bright in Colorado, police in their era, in their beautiful performance, enraging t ball, went and arrested the dad who is just playing catch with his daughter, credible. Then the the second nominee is policemen for their performance in Philadelphia, Making a man from the public bus for not wearing a protective mask that performance of course mask me. If you can so
our winner. Do we have the envelope? Only men have a piece of paper, care to make it sound like he has already now. Thank you beg you still and the winner is Brighton cholera, police for beautiful, beautiful performance there and in the tea ball game, and they will be receiving a Maui now category best achievement in May oral power. Tripping boy You ve got some new ones to that of popped up. I don't love. You ve seen this, but ARC arc nominees this year for best achievement in mayoral power, tripping the Kentucky mayor, Gregg Fisher, that is prohibited Christians from holding drive in services for
stir. Worshippers could remain in their cars. In this picture of this is absolutely amazing: it's like driving movie theater they're, all listening in their car with the windows rolled up and the Fm Radio on, because the pastor had a low, the low frequency, Romania, a low power, fm transmitter, and so Transmitting to everybody's car, nobody was exposed. And the mayor, sat down and prohibited any of those from happening. Now. The next now is the l, a mayor Our Seti, urging citizens to tackle on each other for social distancing violations and are last nominee. Is New York City Mayor build a blog warning Their places of worship could be permanently shut down if they didn't halt their service. Halt their services
and yet the mosques are still operating. And the winner is New York City s mayor build applause, crap of those while little orchestra. There too. Now I feel right after by reactionary regimes of a word, and now they didn't. They didn't like that. What has been created, that is on its own like it was no rehearsal, no is passed to each other on this almost like that It's the Friday Glenda Programme in the middle of the chairman, AOI, are our words for the american dictator wannabes. Now is the best use of police resources.
The first nominee is Greenville, Mississippi Police, issuing five hundred dollar tickets to worshippers trying to attend, drive in eastern service and the tiny town I couldn't live in a place called tiny. Did you pick we're from tiny town attaining torone, Marilyn police, reminding citizens- and I love this to put on pants before going outside to check their mailbox
the winner is envelope, Greenville, Mississippi, police for the five hundred and whatever there's a crowd, and could we get the theme again right after that allows them to get serious yelling at me? I'm I'm! I'm I'm gonna get two hands well grow. Another one! Zero people are out of work, we got, I unemployment dig you couldn't joint Gazeta get somebody else has been workin. The friar later is plenty of daily headed Annie, believes that it will come in here and work exactly right. I bet the nuclear industry has been. Laying people off are right. Next cattle, best use of orwellian technology the nominees Elizabeth New Jersey, police, making chow, a proud, with our use of talking, drones and
Daytona Florida police for using drones, that can t detect body temperatures with a fever between ninety nine and two hundred and five degrees and the envelope please The winner is, Elizabeth New Jersey, police. Yes, other use, Arabic up, my goodness our I knock. It now leave debate. Sarah, just piss citizens, it's off or on best achieve in criminal, take down into natty our nominees Cincinnati, Ohio police for resting, a man for violating the stay at home order after he was shot in both legs so she was standing outside of his house. He shot in both legs when goes to seek for help. They they arrest him,
because you shouldn't be outside the next now many rich men, Rhode Island Police, resting three men for crossing into Rhode Island to play golf And the third nominee Rally North Carolina Rally, North Carolina police breaking up crowds protesting the stay at home order the winner Red, yes violating this date, all mourner ever shot in both legs. It's the cid scenario hurriedly and finally, our last category. Chairman Maui the beautiful one! this one! I I I can Imagine that the lifetime Achievement Award Mighty, go to this recipient, but I haven't looked in the envelope yet best,
Gubernatorial beat down road. I and govern this oral selected by you, Rhode, island governor. Gina Raimondo for ordering the Rhode Island National Guard to assist police in conducting a d or to door search for New York residents visiting, Rhode, Island, no word, if they found any of those choose. Next Kentucky Governor Andy Bashir, issuing an order on good Friday that anyone who attended church on Easter must quarantine for fourteen days the third nominee virgin the Governor Ralph North of issuing a stay at home order through June tense. That was his first order. It still the longest lasting order in the nation. And finally, the meat chicken, Governor Gretchen Whittemore, prohibit
police and private gatherings of any size banning travelled to instigate, may vacation homes banning the sale of non essential items, but you can. Still by a lottery ticket, and the envelope of the winner is yes, I knew it may chickens. Governor Gretchen, Whittemore she's got the Maui being sent her away. Yes, it'll be winging her, you will centre a Box of Clorox wipes, do because Social One, a white this one down, because it is from China. This congratulations that decide is probably launches Gretchen into the lead for the vice presidential candidates. See you have to imagine this puts her on the fast track. Let it it's got to well either that or Stacy Abrams. I don't love. You saw Stacy Abrams is now trying to box Joe
and in saying it's got to be a person of color and she's. She is work in that social justice angle. I mean if, if Oh Biden, can you imagine Joe Biden about so help me God, VAT, is president of the United States, he'll be deep, The incompetent immediately so he'll be gone and our president would be Stacy Abrams. Who was done? What exactly like? I asked the governor love governor us. That's it She is a community organizer. Ok, she is a social justice Warrior Take one of our heroes that is out on the field on the battlefield. Of social justice wars, you're gonna. Diminish that work and say,
She shouldn't be the president at a time of crisis of cash. Yes, yeah me too, I'm going to join you on that. Alright, by the way, if you weren't even nominated this year, don't worry, there's a lot more chances for you to become a dictator wannabe and for all the nominees that lost. Remember it is an honour just to be nominated american fine. In Panama, less one eight do three: three: four W W w dot animal s, consumer access, dot, Org,. Yeah. Are you paying four percent or more for your mortgage. If we're paying anywhere close to four percent. You need to get on the phone with american financing, now. I want to urge you to do this now. It is getting harder and harder to
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broadly violate the social distancing laws and the laws requiring that we all where a mask will be identified, arrested and prosecuted, don't mess with us. You will not endanger the lives of our hard working families because of some misguided civil liberties argument. The quota Give me liberty or give me death while being arrested and locked up in an overcrowded jail just might result in granting you your wish. Holy mother of. Are you kidding me. They didn't get an formality. Now goes well we're neighbors delay because in the next valleys enemies in the next miss that filing that I mean that it is standing, that is from a Republican while a Republican in California. So when what is that like Stacy Abrams,
That is raising. I just I'm. I wonder what the Amis approach I dont know why anyone would think it's a good idea to treat people this way in any context the opposite. That should be done, and I think the overwhelming evidence shows things like being outside for events, especially for social distance. Absolutely no region in a song or in the sun. It's it's it's because I want to take you trying to do these things and I think it's a way of flexing their muscles of control, so they can say no you're. Not. To do these things. If we tell you know you, it's no, no matter what your convalescent dozy they're, making everything worse these these protests are not I dont think not just about being able to go to work. There are those people that, they- have no money, K, they're out the banks are now limiting credit card charges. So there there,
they're pulling back on how much you could have. You could put two thousand dollars on your product. Credit card You no longer can they're bringing that that balance down, so you can't have charge cards so If you are out of a job you Haven't gotten your unemployment, yet you haven't gotten anything from the United States government. Yet Europe credit card is maxed out or now you can't use it. What are you going to do? there's a lot of people in that category, but I think there are more people that are just pushing back, because This is an American. This is apps. Lately on American. This is not the way we. We are the citizens? You derive your power from us. We lend you that power,
now you are a mayor and you just think that you control everything and you can basically say I'm condemning you to death come here and I will put you in overcrowded jail and that's a death wish and he's saying it. They're just make worse. That makes me want to go out and protest him. How dear you? Who do you think you are I really do find a way of making their protest and is essentially what you just covered in the Maoist. Yes, those little flare actually ridiculous behaviour. When we all cut recognize look. We we want. We want this to go away. We want to be able to go back to normal. We dont want our friends and our relatives in art. Surely you know, but the grandparents and parents to die so do what we can here, but
They should be working with us. They should be praising the person who comes up with the drive in church so that people can still worship ass. They should be how yes actively praising the people who come up with solutions that instead there arresting and throwing, nails in the parking lot today they get flat tyres which again I don't know how that helps. So what you have you have a tow truck driver come out, so they can be cheated. Cheek is This is why making it worse, it's it's! It's just it's sick, what's going on by the way, call colleague bill, Texas,
as several governors, are lifting the pandemic restrictions this week, but a fourth Fort Worth Texas suburb. When a step further, they are the first in Texas to issue the proclamation churches, retail stores, Jim salons, massage parlors, restaurants, all event reopens today. Colleague, Will Texas remain programme boy? a guy. We had a massage parlours and can believe they were even closed aright. I want to talk to you a little bit about MIKE Window and my pillow. I don't know I don't know if MIKE's his his factories are still making masks and ppes. So I don't know if there back to making you know their pillows and everything else, but I would really urge you to if you are looking for a pillow, just give my PA try
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welcome to it were glad you're. Here, it's Friday, Glenn Back programme. There is something going on with the with the Democrats there eating their own, and I am so sick and tired of this year have to be all in or nothing at all. Vernon jar. The Jones is a democratic party member. He is the Georgia House of Representatives who serves their reason. The disk ninety one He came into office January. Twenty seventeen his current term ends January twenty twenty one, but here's the thing too one day he endorsed Tuesday April fourteenth. He endorsed president trumps bid for real election. He said Trump is the most action oriented president in his lifetime and said he was gonna support from for a second term he's the leader our country needs there
I speak for themselves with his hand on the wheel. The stock market broke record after record wages and jobs, exploded and unemployment dropped a record low. Given his track record, president Tromp is best prepared to lead our economy back to record highs after we covered nineteen well, the Jew the Democratic Party chair. Kept him apart and listen to this quote. Vernon Jones is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party and does not stand for our values. Never has there been more clear than at this moment when he chooses to stand. Listen to this, the racist president, who has made an all out assault on black Americans. Who is try, rip away every american health care and is failed our country in its greatest time of need during the most important elections of our lifetime. He does not,
speak for George Georgians, neither does Donald Trump Ok, so Vernon said done just time, Lee the Democratic Party and I'm not even in a complete my turn, he's on with us now talk to us about this state rub Vernon Jones. How are you how you, how are you an hour, your list, and I thank them from Germany here Vernon. I have to tell you I die you. I've never seen anything quite like this, where they are there doing this up in Michigan as well. Somebody else if you ever Davy deviate at all your done, and they destroy you is it. The surprise to you well and has been he's been brewing for while glance at
at a party black and talks about a bit too, kind of inclusion. Yes, they have with the gender, they have an orientation race, but they don't have it. For independence thinking and conserve the blind man or woman, We are left behind would not even tolerated, but they won't. I That's all they ones are both to uplift level. Left socialist, and I'm just a one point. Just got tired of it. I'm always had conservative leader vote as a person and George Bush I've gone back and forth. Dependence my party has gone so far better you don't want lock, stock and barrel with them, and they want besides you and keep you out of pocket book. But what can I do gleam spanked me? I don't care now about happened up in Michigan by Internal said, the other independent black, serve the pastor, been elected. Thirteen times bias. Constituents and
cried a party because you for school voucher. Pro life. They made a move, and there but they allowed to remove them from the ballot he's been who, from about a black state law, making a pastor and so what we re trying to fires? They don't want to be taught because white, who led and they get elected and they get supported on on the backs of Black people. But when you look at their agenda there, Jim is not a black beard, leave and immigration the right way, but this enforced allowed to I believe, and sanction Mercedes. However, when you look at the democratic parties, platform is pointless. Those illegal people dont know in his country, come only legally, it can be a dealer gang member, Andy yet more resources than american batteries and families being had short on the streets of Ally in New York and other places this decline, shame they must stop. It
What some you say, I don't disagree, someone lifestyle. If that's what they want to do. I know my lifestyle, but the Democratic Party spoke is the be teach you communicate well when job I would say about after miracle both that I would say about energy. Beat you to your beauty. Teach you come in the community or the legal immigrants. It was a black boat, but the blight look. Doesn't it The democratic party look at who the two candidates are in Joe Biden nowadays are in Joe Biden who craft and impartial d on the to Washington to Congress. The lock a whole generation of african American mean an women separate their fate which talk about separating family, including cages and huge president dropped comes forward with the criminal, the reform at the first year programme and is given those people peat and others too if she had been so. I just
Vernon. How were you ever a Democrat, and none of this sounds like the Democratic party we're goin I didn't leave the Democratic Party to Democratic Party. Left me, the Democratic Party. What time was was on fiscal responsibility, a balanced budget left government but now they ve gone so far. We socialists ideas they gone so far as they want to give a little thing away: free market I was born and reared on a farm and North Carolina emaciated they want, but the government with the get out this way on that educate, their kids, and so let the Miller, Prime, the Democratic Georgia government, Democratic Georgia a gardener, then U S cylinder my daddy Endorse President Bush, but he spoke at the Republican National Convention and he talked about what Democrat party was go, and so this is nothing new, but I
this guy's alardo? That up? slab silt. So let me ask you this are: do you think, first of all Are you really going to walk away? Are you gonna? Do you know why? away from your term, you know I miss you You know when I came out and endorse presidential, because president trumps one more describe him from me and that that is results What do you do for the economy? Would you down the criminal justice reform? I have to have gone to historical. Why college prow graduate of North Joanna Fusion University, he restore fun met was cut and they wrote it into law. We have a track record of opportunity districts therein, communities that have been devastated by you know just I'll try them no revitalization. They may be in turn around now people investing when I took the state the present from endorse your my party attack me. I have thing
said to me a written to me that I just I don't know there was just ass, much hate, and so I sat alone You guys you can have this plantation. Somebody has to lose my mom I'm out of here. I am not going be a part of this, but it is important to stand up to this party. Elbow them until they may on for conservative thinking African American and why sexual male. That's other states that very few of them, and so the party just gone so I'm gonna Virginia to call this party up, I'm not gonna, be silenced, I'm gonna take a stand and when I got that support, all around the country, even though my district and some people It is not your patriots and Americans, it burn it. Don't give up at least in the short term, and I said you know what the hell with it: I am coming back and I'm gonna be in those democratic states. We gotta be gone back into our session in June.
An immigration, be all that target. Those violent those crimes committed by legal where they can, I am, sanctuary stated that the police department will be reported him two eyes and have them now this country, so I must correspond to the bill and I want to do but you ll stay on the floor and I want to speak up that the open ended in shops fixed term. In July, I am certain buried when it also now eat. You have Vernon. You have the Democratic Party chief in all Democratic Party coming down on you like a box of rocks. The local press now said that you have you flip now, they're saying this was just self promotion for you, because there is a primary in a few weeks, howdy you expect to get through this primary Well, you know
never media. Then at least thirty years. My servant legislature in the nineties, for eight years, when I was count executive serve, another yes, they are those term limit. When a rapid yours Senate hated me. Then they treated me just like President Bush, president chop Y know what he's going through the fake news the liberals, no matter who at present trump does They just cannot give him credit. They don't want to talk about my track record of balancing just never raising taxes and best have restructured AAA credit rating none of my watch. They don't want to about my letter. They are trying to keep me silenced at that level. Ass the totalitarian level media, but do not want african gonna to have a buying thinking say something in return. And this is your I'm gonna. I am not. On be running through my an end. Twenty one, I'm just
gonna be on the ballot to be re elected I'm in my unfinished. You in my turn ends as opposed just gave a down just completely away was gonna, be my my days would have been on to completion date or a camera what are the major and what a ban on the twenty second of aid But now? I'm going in and remain on answer. Should our motivation, censured, area and things without strong, but just beginning, not about me go in is a much bigger picture, to let out Americans now that the democratic party- I'm taking you taking you for granted for over sixty years. Hold them accountable, hold them accountable in also. Let them know that we have an agenda to an urgent, It is not necessary and urgent and there they have lived
his mother. Our conservative views they just hijackers in and I just can't we work, compare You don't get me wrong, does not gay bash region, but gay rights and civil rights are not the same and democratic party to try to take my hat off, because there was a transgender who came to capital was who was just adamant about me sat in a bill the immigration, be you you have you do this. You are black and I'm trying to genuine the same, and I have to say we need a whole stop right there you ought to hijack the civil rights phrase. Civil rights and gay rights are not the same you can decide what you want. You based on your emotions, are you're ops, deaths on you. You have to make that decision, whatever day whatever time, but as up the blackmail from cradle to grade. I can't disguised ass. A kid
is outrageous that one day I wanna be why or blue or grey. I am in and out so try to compare to that part of the problem there agenda has superseded the black agenda and we don't have the same thing in common and respect people. I respect what they do. What they believe in I don't care about. Their business but don't try to comparatively democratic Party wanted me to meet with the chair of the corners of the earth. Let me carcass for work. I'm I'm not gonna change, a modern waters happen in America. People afraid your stated. Straight made heterosexual. Man is under tat. Now you know why can't be men like what used to be. I may respect Parents raise me to be a respectful Naomi, but but heterosexual man now attacked a lot of things it this far light of our life. I should tardy wing of a party that just now
part it used to be that's. Why Glenn? I did they departed party. Let me. Stayed Representative Vernon, Joan Vernon Jones. You can follow him house, DOT g, a dot gov or follow me on Twitter at Rep, Vernon Jones. Best of luck, Vernon. Thank you so much for for talking to us today just a second that's like What he just said, death ends in today's world. I mean you wanna talk about God, for having that opinion and saying it holy cow aright, zip recruiter. Let me give you a message from zipper quarter. It is a different world right now, but we don't need to be overwhelmed. We have we have far once they keep them safe, we have to protect our communities, we have to work to stay strong, stay connected and stay focused moving forward. We
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After the hundredth time scrolling through your feed today. Maybe a need some new reading material to get you to the currency in ways we got. You win back, has a new book called arguing with socialist, and you can order it now from anywhere books are sold, lessening back This is the Glenn Beck program, Mr Bill O'Reilly is coming up next. You know one of the things that I don't think it's coming back for a long time as talking to a an agent yesterday that do you know as an agent for a lot of big singers and everything else and he I said so, what's changing and he said the the artists that had money. They are ok, he said, but all
the struggling artists. He said all the road ease and everything else. He said. I don't even know when they're gonna go back to work. He said I don't see concerts coming back for a long time and he said right now, people starting to do little concerts online to raise money. He said but bats, just kind of their the opening, Minos. Pierre people are doing this now that what he wants to be seen, making money online but he said, that's probably the future, for us a while at least the next year or so no com, search at all be concerts online, where you would pay your ticket price to watch a concert online that The future yikes
you heard me talk about my took over his boots and how much I love him and what a great company they come from. Two small business. That's doing things the right way down here in Texas, we'll, given the challenges that we're going through as a country to cover. This has asked me to speak about something else that comes to mind every time I put on my two covers boots, the cowboy nay Oh, I'm not a working cowboy, but I know some of those guys and not being one of them. I wouldn't pretend to be, but what I see in them I see another. People too because in many ways cowboy is just a mindset and and compromising can do attitude a willingness to help. Even when is really hard and most of all, The cowboy knows that the good guys always win in the end, so to begin the hard work of bootstrap in this country and economy back into shape. Cove has the boots. You need find your parents, two clovis dot com, t c, o vs, dot com, slash back to covers
outcome, slash back, and what do you say? Let's all be cowboys how America Gates for Friday, we're so glad you're here Friday means Bill. O Reilly and I've got probably twenty five stories. I just wanna areas take on we, it started in sixty seconds that programme we probably have fifteen to twenty percent unemployment. Now and people are starting to get desperate that's? Why you're, starting to see some people protest, you're starting to see push back? They gotta go back to work. And when people are desperate when people are hungry, crime goes up. All added MID really helps do that. So many people have been led out of our prisons. Ear, for their health.
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and please safe back dotcom that simply safe back dotcom go very get a free, high definition. Security camera you'll get that for free now with your order, it simply safe back down. Com Friday, which means we join Mr Bill, O Reilly, which he can be found in his nose been zone at billow, Riley, dot, com bill, O Reilly, dot, com bill. I want. I just have so many things to cover with you that I'd like to just gotta just rolled down some of these stories and see what you see what you have to say on them. Let me first put down my Clorox movie: I get a good right. Our good the Lee Audio from Cuomo I wanna play Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York. I want of play
couple of things that he said this. We can get your thoughts, here's one saying that it is their fundamental right to work. The government can get me the money when I need it is. Are you all right we'll go? Do the job is an essential worker due tomorrow, bright, new working during a central worker so go take a job is essential, but the people are hiring because other line you can get a job is essential work. So now you gotta will be an essential work bill your thoughts on that response. A dodge. The question by there is some truth in what he saying there are jobs available, people here in New York, where I am right now but you have to put yourself in summary, ask and I was
take a restaurant the other day and there were In there high school kids working, I made big sign needed more people, so you can work but dies your question in the sense that if the governments can appropriate with people from going back to work to the jobs are trained to do dad unconstitutional and might be actual. My baby So let me give you the question that he was asked just prior to that question that led to that and to me he just came off unbelievably callous and there is no no President Abbas Trump George Bush. No one would be allowed to answer this and get away with it. Listen to what he said when he was asked about the employment, insurance in New York There are also saying
If you can afford to pay me unemployment or you or your system, does not mean that you will be very warmly can't from further Mcveigh. They can't wait for the money they're out of money, we're talking about a couple of days, leg on the employment insurance and they will get the cheque from the date of unemployment. It costs them an extra penny. But her point was: there are people they don't have cash and need food now and his is callousness of you will get the money He'll, be you know, Post stated, or pre dated two when, when you lost your job, your thoughts on that I don't know what else you expect Cuomo to do. It's a state bureaucracy I gotta do it, in an orderly manner. So I wasn't
upset with what he said. You know look at people are out of money. Now There are places You can go for food and for help. We have we're very compassionate nation ever. I mean the government can't solve everybody's problems. I agree with you: do you think that that question that answer would have been tolerated by Donald Trump Board, Ani Republican I want my order use this week that the collapse The media in America is the biggest problem we are bigger than the pandemic. Such what ideas, I guess it is even worse for Cuomo. If, if you want to just an Cuomo for a second story they got no coverage nationally. You might not even know about it in New York. The government ordered nursing homes to taken?
people with cold it virus back If you were a person who had called it- you went to the hospital. You would just large, would you still had a virus? You had to go back to your nursing all had to because of that the nursing home fatalities- rocketed rocketed- basically, Cuomo said TOT do bad now, after he did that with such an outcry locally in New York, but not nationally. You didn't see it miss Phoebe S evening news now there too Billina taking drop but there, if parliament would ever run for president gonna come back to haunt us Chris Cuomo the
the coming out video that he made for CNN, where he was coming out of out of his own self imposed quarantine, which we know he has verified himself? He was out on the street and got into a confrontation with a biker. At sea and an just ran at any way has not made any comment on it. Yours lots of way he was saying one thing and doing another a news programme, as It is credible when it is easily disapproval. All they want and I think, Chris Cuomo want, is to be famous. That's all Very very famous extra he saw not there. I don't know call them a name. I know he's a confrontational guy.
I know I am a little bit. You know when he worked it. Box, you remember you worked at Fox back He would come into my office and ask for advice, uncertain what things and I thought he was a good guy knows dad the late Oklahoma might it all in there so desperate, CNN and because it ah how many stars it I've anybody over there that attracts a naughty, and so all of this is showbiz me. It doesn't really mean anything, Chris squabbles teenage son now has the virus and we sincerely wish that family all the best in and the sun Is there a mean a thought here on on the family of Greece, Cuomo who didn t. Used to say they are keeping The quarantine, and they just keep getting infected
I don't do that to brutally contagious disease. Everybody knows it. Thank you put it right. We all hope that family gets healthy fast to me in this. Small ball, because the danger that this you really faces. And that in which the danger that we face is that the information flow is when cut off and if you have people dying Our community is almost everybody on the EAST Coast ass. You can accurate information, that's big trouble I mean I watched the presentations on all of them and I have my people investigators watching as well. The amount discreet being present. Did to the american people about the pandemic. Ongoing and many people believe it perhaps most, and so you can
make a judgement about anything. Do we know if you're mask protects, you know we don't know, nobody knows Do we know after you get that virus. If you are go into it We don't know nobody knows, but we every Ridiculous, Miss statement, by Donald Trump who is now running? You know a press briefing longer than the movie, the ten commandments you gonna go three and a half hours, you're gonna, say don't be stuff already. Back at O Reilly. If we're gonna go through an app was on doping aright, he lived this is what they want to cover gotcha gotcha that's too bad? and I'm saying to myself. You know I'd like to know if anti, he's a present prevent you from getting the virus. That would be an apple
they were my now, but maybe a good at my God, and what about back soon. I big report on a vaccine last night. Did you know which in phase three trials, did you know that back it has been ok, been reported. That is the main story that we could have a vaccine that gives hope But now we don't want hope We don't want hope. We I too breeze and we, the news media, that this country on fire and its transport, that we want to do they do so. I want to go back. I want to go. To what you said. You know you're not getting information, your also getting bad information, for instance, this this idea, that the W h o is a trusted source truly truly? dangerous lemme give you this bill last
and we went through the video we cannot figure out. Why lie Last week we posted, seven minutes of our interview with you, Facebook without telling us ruled this video. Having sensitive content and not eligible for monitors nation. We have filed several disputes this morning, including this morning with videos. Had monitor zation turned on this. One is being ruled sensitive. They will not tell us why they're doing it, won't tell us what was sensitive in this. The only a thing that we could find in here and that's not offensive use. Was quote why Pisses me off Is that the new standard at Facebook. They are now Taking people there
disagree with the W H, Joe or who they happened to disagree with or not like, and then are marking us as conspiracy theories danger dangerous misinformation, and now just with a video. We cannot find anything in it that it was wrong, nor will they tell us their democratizing and blocking yours. Egmont from last week on this programme We are not for a long time. Censorship is part of the media and part of my thesis, that this is the most dangerous threat to the republic. Right now, what you are three hundred and thirty million people who cannot get reliable information cannot get it all right. Then here's your democracy starts to fall apart, because what do you rode on direct? What what you don't
Oh it's happening because people are lying to you and other people are censoring and blocking information now there are a lot of loons out there and I believe Facebook and the others have a right if there's lunacy, defamation and all of these thanks to block, but they have which blame and they have to point it out, and they don't they. Not have a variety their it. They don't it right to do that. If there are platform, if they say that Editors, that's fine than they Then they have the right to block any thing, but they do not have the right to get the protection from the government. As a pole, form and then also be editors Ben I agree with that. Once you are involving the government than you, have to set a much higher standard. But she on my on my new service below Riley dot com and on the blaze. Yours we don't do, defamation will block defamation
but we are because we are responsible for it because we will be held responsible for it and that's fairer, if I'm an editor than I should be held responsible for anything that I can control in a reasonable manner and so we watch com and everything else that we do, everything we can face book gets the protection that they say we're not responsible for anything then they at it can't authorize right, we're all australian them I already hang on hang on just say: we're gonna come back. I want to talk to you a little bit about the protests that are going on your feelings about that will start back with Facebook. Who is now banning anybody who says they want to protest wow. I'd want to this half hustler turf man. I am telling you it has been a man weak for me.
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we also mark Zuckerberg is is going after anybody who wants the protest, the lock down by labeling them misinformation they're, going to ban all of those organizers from facebook you thought on that and the protests that are going on what's really happening bill. Well, that's probably an accurate number and I do believe that probably an accurate number. HU, the fires, I call them the fires, and we're not going to lead to government lock is down, we're gonna, go out. We're gonna make a living If you try to stop us approach. Our story do whatever we have to do to get. Our point across, I think, is legitimate, more than eight should be covered and totality. Why would you
on a block that information from the american people. Why? What good is open I would disagree with you that there are just two fires. I think these are people I mean look. Texas is one of the free estates in the union. It has its own attitude. I mean it, insists that it's a republic, it's not a state, I mean it's, you know Texas, but we, are the most compliant the studies are showing that we are the most compliant and I think because for the most part, we're not being treated like babies land are its reasonable and rightly that nobody's trying to make a flex their muscle and make a point. I think part of this is because of the collapse in money and jobs and people want to go back to work, but a big part of it is these wannabe dictators. These governors and mayors that are being app
salute. Unreasonable. I think that an excellent point you're making back because of you compare with jabbering in Austin too. Happening in landing, Michigan the capital that there were taxes which is fairly reasonable. Although lieutenant governor taxes. I don't want to get into him, but a little bit much for me. But the guy everybody in Texas being in Texas, I agree with everything our lieutenant governor, saying I via ladder them. Then you won't have any shooting at you in you the governorship. If you have another house, you can't drive to that house. Why correct that? saying that if you want to plant a garden, you can't buy these seeds that I'm doin now now so that's the deal,
what's so a bomb in Michigan, I'm guessing In practice, that's what it is all about, you raised a burly America. People respond if you're not but there are some reasonable people who don't yeah with our oceans, Diego I will go up, go back to the pandemic and I really want to talk a little bit about politics and Joe Biden what the Congress is doing. What does the world look like if the damage democrats take control in this next election year, listening Glenn I gotta tell Ya Wreck Tec is the best. This is a grill. I mean I tell ya, inhabit a man weak.
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and what presidential candidates want is somewhat my pants oh yeah MIKE and ordering allowing does right John Mccain, learn Ordway, would Cerebellum correct, yeah. I would compare Stacy, Abrams, mysterious Sarah, not in go to reserve, of course different, but personality. You're not gonna, be able to tell me Abrams what to do therefore you believe Liability Do you believe that if Joe Biden is the final nominee, which I am still not convinced will happen that, this time. The vice presidential nomination actually really does matter, because it would? Your Biden has a chance of his and so who should they pick our? Who do you think they'll pick
Is the you really have a chance abiden there's a chance. If he's elected it just wander off and nobody can find him I'll bet, you're gonna get, but I believe it y know. I believe it will be like, whereas the president, at the present time, but anyway sure, because he's old and ease in decline. I think those are max, not a penniless, so we have. The second is be groomed Gabby up and ready. I thought it would be Whittemore until she blew up the whole state of Michigan Oh, I think everybody knows that So now I am looking at the GI he has to go with a woman and a man
he'll when I'm Goin may be called a job. We're all Jimmy looks to me the most steady of the crew. Yes, yes, but will they do that? I mean they don't seem steady right now. There I mean all living who are coming, I'm a global charging good standing with the Democratic party. She is not a problem, Individual, but a committed liberal, huge human bach. The party on anything and so they want open borders. Amy go along. You know, I mean she's alive, Lange purse so yeah. I don't know, but it would be a problem if they decide on her. What is the? What is your idea of of all this is going to play with the american people when the Democrats that's our backing, the W H. Oh, they are they're coming out with real social list.
Issues they have, you know they blocked the aid or trying to get. You know, aid for illegal aliens, all this kind of stuff How is this going to play in the general election? Anybody, even remembering it It has to do with the virus right now, because we're talking about distracted people not people at our listening to the Glen Back Programme and going to below I lay dying. Are we talking about people? engage What they want is an end to this virus, so With that in mind, I have an interest in conversation with very high level. Government official this week hello remain idle, on balance the person I know Listen I don't understand why the president and other crew doesn't get with the psychology of the american people there relieved they want their morale lifted
dont want to Rio, presentation China? Maybe you want to ship a little clorox. That's Do you any good sites? Please open professional sports on May fifteen. Major league baseball team play in the spring training state no fans John NBA play in their arenas, no fat broad. The games on television and radio dressed players every three days. I heard a genius for suggesting that now the morale of everyone in this country it would also get the economy in that area back. You would advertising. People would be working with. Mass fine have a menagerie suits. I don't care do that the things you have to do? to raise them. So out of the country
I only want to hear I really am, and I learned about it So stew ass me before the top of the hour before we began, he said Glenn wanted. Taken a personal pole. Do you think this super bowl is gonna be played on time with the same kind of crowd the way it normally happens. Now. This is this is in February of next year. I dont think that will your thoughts, speculative play, I mean you know if I had a bet which they will be played. I think it's gonna be some kind of medical either through sheer gonna, make it easier to get back to normal. I mean praying for that, but evidence seems to suggest that they are doing pretty good work. Here, maybe they get a perfect vaccine- and I know that
people who don't take it and that you were right not to take it nobody's gonna force you to take it But, as you know, the medical people are gonna. Save us. The apology You're, not gonna, save us it'll, be medical people is the Democrats are still expecting an in person convention that going happen. I it'll be any convention. There is some kind of mitigation between now and July. They need a month What kind of any it down They do need some exposition. Both parties do did you engage? People engage voters so that you can. You things like Babbage is like the major league baseball stuff, you do it on a smaller level and protect people. We have to check I you to do it, and so that's what I
you'll see What is Donald Trump need to do too to fight what is coming when when we have unemployment numbers come out at the beginning of the month. Where we'll see in all fifteen percent unemployment, economy, we're gonna really be struggling this summer, as we get back onto our feet. And you know the media as soon as the cove. It's over they're gonna blame him for all of the problems in the economy and suddenly they care about people that aren't working. What does he need to do to connect with the average person? So they do? don't hear that crap. Well, you get some wins and sports thing would be the start of that initially gets on wines, I believe that most of the american people
Donald Trump responsible for the cold? It unemployment? I believe that Bolivia, corrected? The media will try to show that down everybody's drought. Most people will end in. We got position because a Democrat, Job creation is weak, no matter where they put up there. Now. Michelle Obama said Gerda about Goodbye nor our and your problem, all the only two viable candidates- Neither of them have a built in charisma. Like Obama had been ordered on trot, who does have charisma? You, like I'm or not sure, but I am increasingly frustrated at the president is seeing the big picture here that here to be the leader and here To get people hope and he asked people what he can give them open up the sports
to start and then go down the line of what we can do to make the country better. Seems to be wrapped up in the I didn't do it. Syndrome You see what I mean backs. It's about how I didn't do it even refusing may do I didn't beyond that. The media is never no matter. How many facts you present going to write Lord accurately or fairylike about president drop she now he asked to take the initiative and give people hope. And if he does that, the Irish in charge by summer, which I believe it will you win. I will do it you lose Let me a final question. I read your up ad on. You know glow.
Bull government in and what the what the left is really celebrating right now and now they're trying to use this pandemic and agree on presenting, What does? Is it hyperbole to say that? the Democrats take control. That we never recover, and and and are the America that we were founded as now gamma when the White House and both houses of commerce. You only have one thing, that would say the country and not a supreme court, but vision. The democratic party as it stands now. Here's to wipe out. Traditional America and judeo christian tenets, wipe them off the face of the earth
that is what they want to do. Open borders, programme education, abortion for any reason at any time, but social, the economy, it goes on and on and America I don't I don't understand the danger of that that You could have ten years a completely different country, and I think that Administration does not make that very clear now they can't do it. In the middle of a pandemic, but certainly they can run on that country- you want, you want these people, that's a pretty powerful message back
bill arriving from Bill, O Reilly, dot com. Thank you bill will see if you have been banned for sensitive issues that they won't define again. Next week I had a white back years. I've been really dont, know, spin, news Tuesday, scattered each fabulous new book am I gonna be unusual. Yeah. I didn't know that. That's when TAT has news on Tuesday, why, wow, I can't wait to be a guest yeah, okay, bring it on brother. Thank you so much Bill O'Reilly from Bill, Oreilly dot com will talk to you again. If you want to be fifty two percent of guys at some point in their lives, go through erectile dysfunction. You probably don't want to deal with that. You don't want to talk about it, may not have wanted to go, have an word trip to the pharmacy and have been skipping dealing with it well
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requirements and additional terms apply. Does it get roman doc Slash back for more details. This is the Olympic programme. This the global programme, it's Friday. I want to spend some time today trying to figure out what should open when you could open, etc, etc. Go to restart now dad. I owe Stu. I we should do something on this, maybe next week and go through these states. It's pretty amazing! If, if you look at Michigan now have lost nineteen billion dollars of four hundred and fifty four thousand jobs have been lost. They ve had hundred and eighty eight suicides and two thousand eight hundred and thirteen covert deaths
if they end the shut down. Now, that's what will happen if they end the shut down in thirty days. It will be. Forty billion dollars lost, so double the amount of money. Eight hundred and ninety three thousand seven hundred and thirty two jobs lost and an increased suicide rate of three hundred and sixty nine. They won't begin to recover until around January of next year, if they aid another thirty days. The question is, you know, is throng, almost three thousand people worth twenty billion dollars. Yes, another four hundred thousand jobs lost and three hundred and sixty nine suicides, no, I mean,
That's a tough decision. The bottom line is, of course, it's important to think about the trade offs of all of these decisions, as in the media or ass, a treat you as if you're I hate Munger, for thinking there may be. Some businesses should open up and people should be approved. Have a livelihood, its no you're trade off to all these things, like one of that. One of the ones we were talking about yesterday was Idaho that you know that I picked Michigan cassettes a hard won. I mean that that there still in the throes of some really bad things, but if you look kid Idaho, the they will have if they ended it right now they have fifty one additional covert deaths. Fifty one they ve, lost two point: eight billion dollars. Now they will have lost if they end. In thirty days, six billion dollars they ve lost. Seventy nine thousand jobs. Bill have lost a hundred and fifty eight thousand jobs and
Sixty three increase suicide, so more people will die from suicide than from Cove it. They should open Idaho now, at least we should balance all of the factors You know when you're losing more people to suicide, because you keep closer than you are on covert deaths its it east reasonable to have the conversation. More conversations coming up about Michigan where they are destroying the woman who came out for Donald Trump just wanted to help her state next,
Hello, America, AIDS awry day even on Friday, doesn't still have. The same kind of ring is used to you're like Billy's running yeah, it's Friday, so we get a go home and spend more time with a family. Just not you can completely different than what you've been doing all week anyway. We've got a great our jam, packed for you. We have TED Nugent coming on we're going to talk about the food supply, we're also going to wear when you know we're going to start in Detroit we're going to start with a very, very brave Democrat who is just being destroyed because to speak her truth, I thought So the Democrats are all about your own individual truth, no, apparently not will
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So, if you been listening over the last few weeks, you might have heard state represented from Michigan Karen Wit said she's from Detroit. She represents part of Detroit in Dearborn, it is really in really dire need in bad shape and is she got the corona virus? She happened to hear Donald Trump say you know you should maybe try hydroxide Chloric win and she Did she got her doktor to two to prescribe at now? That was against the governor, who said You can't proscribed that for this XIV it in the hospital and she is recovered and chief dared to say. Thank you Donald Trump. Then she went to meet with him to tell the press and about what's happening in Detroit and in her district. Well now the Democrats,
As I have said that she broke protocol by meeting with the President way way way, so the president to ask you to go. Meet with them. And pay? recall, is what you I would say yes, you have to ask somebody else. Are you not a thinking human being yourself? Are you not an individual? If you are a Democrat, The answer I think, is no you're, not listen to this. There are having a meeting I think tomorrow, vs zoom, they can do this, but there to censure. Wits said for breaking protocol. This means she's not going to get the endorsement of this year. She won't be able to engage in the group's activities for the next two election cycles. That's the that The the Democratic Party she's not going to be able to.
Engage in the group activities for the next two exits election cycles. The chairman of the organization said at the end of the day we have political systems. We have political parties and political parties exists for a reason. They don't belong to themselves. They belong to the members and the precinct delegates of the devil. Frederick Party, so I thought, what they're saying here is your a person you didn't get elected. The party got elect. Id, and so you don't you We ass an you, do exactly what the party says, well, if that's not the exact opposite of what our republic stands for Europe. Representative, why don't I just one I just higher one person to judge, be their representatives for every one of its, if you're electing a party, I thought we were electing people.
Apparently, not Karen is with us now state representative from Detroit in which it? How are you Karen? Every time I hear that I have to laugh and excuse. Echoing the background, I am at the capitol right now ready the cab, my vote for the extension for the executive order on the governor and I will be voting with the Republican Party on that as well fell. Once again, here I go putting everything in an uproar she's, your god who you are on a death wish, with the devil ass. I might wish I'm gonna shoot, wish you now it's as simple as that, and you know it It really is so funny about this. Whole situation is bad, I thank him. Lack that shit person, actually works for the governor
so you think this might be from the governor another. This is from the governor so, as I do her under the bus and I, above all for her this is- I have a problem with their debt. By that, that's perfectly, and as long as you're, not doing your job and like lie they are being lost in the city of betrayed. I will contain, You to throw you under the bad drive it over you and drag you by your hair behind the bar, because you need to do at home. You in that assisting them to do so. It doesn't even look like a pandemic is going. To stay at home order, and that is something that people in the South West part of betrayed. For being but to stay at home here in that assisting them to do so. It doesn't even look like a pandemic is going on where I lived there, because people org still going out there,
hang out there having barbecue they play basketball. The parks are still going on a beach, but you can't expect people to do. But I they dont have the resources in order to do it if water, it is not one in your home if your pipe head in your home, if you don't have food in your home, if you do not have a refrigerator, if you do not have a stall, if you do not have a wash and drier, if you do not have basic things that takes could be in your home in your home. Is now clear that how can you pay there. So what has she? What has she done for that? Your portion of this day? Nothing! That's a good question, nothing! Nothing, which is why I'm catholic complaining about her. Why is she, why does she take the stands? The cheese
king now. Do you think this is all about just trying to overcome the vice president, MRS Alibi politics I'm telling you, I honestly honestly feel it in my gotta get. From my preying on this item feel bad. It was to make everything Look! Ok in a state of Michigan bed. The curve is flatten. Go ahead? Let people go back to start. You know. Do this, do the cheer factor that the President of the United States wants to do open up the state. Do that, then, of course, the people we're not doing what needed to be done because they couldn't, which is down in the city of Detroit, will be the first people to start dying off again, which means we're going to go skyrocket right back up with them and she did not care that blood would be on her hand. She doesn't care, but to give blame and on the present of the United States idea I mean? Are you?
just one is here, if If I'm reading you right you, a cynical person would say that what you are saying is she's intentionally allowing you or community the black community, the poorest of the poor too, die. So that could be raised as a national issue where disposable, we are despondingly cow There is no other way around it. There's no other way to look at it. You going to keep this executive order in place and people who are already live mail- the mouth apart from each other in the northern part of each again and people who are barely six houses, the not even sick. Barely six away from each other. They are in close proximity to one another you're, not assisting them, to be able to stay in their home so
you tell me if it's common sense to me it doesn't take a rocket science. Is the figure this out. So, let's talk about the help that you are receiving. First of all, last time we spoke, you had met with the president and then hadn't heard anything for a couple of days Have you been in with a white house. Have they done anything? What what is the result there well, for example, thank you and mercury wine and all of the donor, and of your listener, because Have about the different ever made and you have guys have be exhausted and a great way. The running around all over the city have betrayed. I just want you to know a bad bill have gone to community
Organizations on data, which is one of my local community organisation that is passed there on Bishop Sheffield, I'm so happy to be able to give thanks to him. We have all of our local senor said and building very getting donation receiving donation that well, as Wayne County Sheriff's department received all the wonderful buckets from home depot is a disaster Leave bucket, and so did I Detroit Police Department fell, half of all of them. I want you to know that every single thing that you guys have died on everything It s been working and it's been touching so many lives at the city. So I want you know. I've been barely sincerely appreciate you and all your listener. So thank you very much others there's this this. This lie that has been perpetrated, that you know
conservatives or whatever just hate black people and hate poor people, and we don't care at the only the most Simone giving audience I have ever seen and meticulous for anyone who paid at its own ludicrous that is appointed In other words, what I feel is because my family is democratic and republican. You know a bad are, or a d does Matt pained, however, who a person is you either in that way or you aren't that way and a party is that that way, though right now, I find that the Democratic do Democratic Party is the one that doesn't think here about people, but they are supposed to be the most genuine caring about people. Help. Yet I am, I have been in touch with the White House. Even ass. A last night Ok so tell me about federal help. Has there been any federal help yet I am. I had been
touch with the White House even ass, a last night I am in beer and bury confident and what is coming. We have been talks so about local clinics to be able to have those up and running within the area, five very confident and what will be coming from the programme United State, I believe, He believed out the things that I'm saying I know. I know he needs it needed to get his own truth and be able to look for things for himself, and I respect that. I appeal she ain't that I don't want him to take my word for it. I am looking forward to that. Conversation that we're going to be having over the next few days and to be a big things up and running. So I do expect that to happen now Karen has the is. The president has said that even some of the mayors who are some of the governors who are tough you know and against him he's been. Having a good working relationship with it, but it is do that
That's true is the is the governor telling him. What's going on and asking for the things that they need. Now and I will tell you have seen for myself back with Katrina. I was in Mississippi after Katrina in Albania with President Bush and what they did to hound. You can, and I always said that if I ever get the opportunity, I would never allow this to happen to another president and what I found. My own eyes, I saw that the he wrote when they knew the president was coming Anti tour, the city they cleaned up ever the thing that was on the route and moved within three or four blocks so that he would not see what was going on what I'm saying they can t do it Who did the people within the stake, Bacon that. I am moved it. They didn't clean it up. They just took it and dumped it three
four and five blocks away from that. He would not see it coming Can't you saw that with your own eyes. I saw with my own eyes you only as good as the people you have on the ground that you can trust for the present as a core saying, hey we're doing a great job. Where do a wonderful things happen, Trina. Our people are on the ground near door. What needs to be done, but of course she say that, but I'm not about to allow been present in the United States will have to be able to say that about Detroit at that, though, that is that a fact, I'm not gonna, let him get over because in the process the people the city are deterred, are gonna be screwed over. So yes, I'm going to pick up, I'm goin to speak out and I don't care how popular and unpopularity I dont care. You are just one of my favorite people in the country right now, you are You are such a blessing. Thank you so much. We Karen forbid, not playing politics for
taking to your values and and help Let us help the people of Detroit. It's an honor to know, you're really is you and your listener? Thank you and once again, thank you. Thank you. Thank you mean that word is not big enough, a really is for all that. You and your list have done. That word is not big enough. Karen God bless you thank you, go vote and put the de the armor of God on cause. You are going to need it. Thank you. So much paranoid said she's state Rep from Michigan in Detroit Democrat, who has had enough aright I want to talk to you about one, eight hundred flowers, because moms days rather rendering the court, when his mother's day still can you
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spreading the word supporting us in social media supporting us as a blaze, radio, tv network and blaze outcome. Thank you for ass? We ve, we ve tried to do a good job and do some good investigative reporting. If you missed the special on Wednesday, on demand. Please watch it because it is there is a global movement in your seeing some of these things happen in real time now Facebook will go over some of those things on we Monday. You are also seeing the silencing of voices. We been been nailed by Facebook again, and they won't even tell us what we did. I mean, how can we correct anything if, if we don't know what we did, Why are you doing this to US won't give us an answer the answer, is I think we don't? play ball with the people that they want to play ball with. We are now
globalists? We are not people that believe in big government so we don't believe in the W h. Oh I'm sorry I, evidence to show you and I have in you- keep that evidence from the american people. Well, what am I? I do about it. Is more important than ever that we stay in contact. Direct contact are radio stations are here today and and weave thank God for them, but regulation could come back. God only knows what could happen, and boycotts happen all the time as well and that law It's our ability to broadcast and talk to you. That's why we develop blaze tv. Because
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A blaze, tv dot com, Slash, Glenn and save as well. Thirty bucks off if you use the promo code, Glenn This is the lead by programme it's Friday and a friend of the programme friend of mine, Mr Ted Nugent, joins us now. From his wild life game preserve here the great stated Texas. How are you, sir? You are so good at a glance we spring time in spite of the world around us, God bless you sure yeah so you know tat. I ve been thinking about you as we look at our our food. Problems, I think we're we're we're headed the world is headed toward real famine. Think in the next eight to twelve months, because of the law
Ok, sir, now covered everything and it works in real trouble. Why do you look? There is less if you're watching us ablaze, tv tens is gonna role in his eyes. Like yeah, I know I know, go ahead speak out with others before I'm just guitar player, but I learned from my first I storm Michigan of nineteen. Fifty that you have to be prepared and tell you, the hunters and the fishermen, the trappers, no real conservationist, real environmentalist cross. This country we're not running out of fish its turkey season. There are millions of Turkey's hit in the ground. These are pure organic, renewable, precious, delicious. Turkey's people are catching fish, will you invite literally communicate with people, not just in our fifty states but across cannot in all over Europe, still rugged individuals, even in places where it's against the law. So we are self sufficient and were helping out just the Nugent family. Just a goofy guitar player with a bow and arrow
don't need it over a ton of pure venison. Just kitchen and polish others? Just just me my wife. She made an eye, but we donate two hundred and fifty million pure meals, venison, just given to homer shelters every year with the hunters with a hotly programme? My point: is it there's plenty of squirrels and rabbits and ducks and geese in Dublin in peasants and Browsing Woodcock, endear an antelope and barren cougar stakes, there's plenty for everybody, so I welcome everybody to come to hunt the boat dot, Org Hunt, the boat, or and not only learned, to be self sufficient, but to register and both because that's the best of just none tat, building block of comes conservative God, family values, America, too he'll you'll know I've been trying to think. Is it me? she gets there's a state. Now that has said you can't go fishing because of covert you can't
if you're out of a job you have no money and you live in a rural area where you are used to hunting can't hunter fish, why What get? Where is that in the constitution? How can you possibly stop people from feeding their family? when are you trust, passing untruth logic and common sense? Are you quite ass? Stop whispered lead, the garden. Yeah yeah. This is insane I camper,
Michigan watched another one hugging state in the world, and you ve seen what has happened to that. There is still great conservation families in Michigan all across this country, but here's a little uncle tat tactic for you. It's like the Concord Bridge and the kings. Punks are coming to take my guns, so me and my bodies will meet them Concord Bridge and we'll shoot him between the eyes. I'd like to meet the human being, who thinks they can tell dead Nugent. I can't go fish in the springtime, I'll rip them savagely with my fishing pole and then I'll go fishing. No view about me. I can't eat squirrels fitted to the disease. Will first of all squirrel, I mean I I we'll tell you I, when I first move analytical what I first move to level Kentucky. I had Kentucky Burgo and it was great. I've never had Margaux before it was good. And is somebody said no, Where'd you have at night told them they said. Oh, no, you Evan add real Kentucky. Burgo went down,
a boy was delicious and I said this is so good and is it? What is his beef myth head Miller? squirrel now learn that people say that's a funding to the ten new conservation, hands on reference for renewable protein. The hunting, lifestyle, hunting and fishing is perfect conservation its. Picked environmentalism as the healthier diet, rural Glenn, I'm seventy two years old this year and I caught lot only gosh, not because I eat whereas in what jobs and ducks and geese didn't rabbits and dear it's per is the perfect diet and people criticise it indirectly. Animal rights idiots and the perfect conservation in the perfect so perfect. I saw I will kill extra most just for the animal rights idiots
First of all, I am shocked that you're. Seventy two I was just looking at you go and man you just look so healthy and so young, and then not even think I'm, you look easy forty or fifty. You really do some sleep. I'd be downright half him. Ok, that right now, but I'm really. I wouldn't go that far. I live a hands on self sufficient. Lifestyle, all my sons and daughters. My brother, my sister, all my all my ban. My crew, everybody is, is so tuned in to provide for themselves and their families and sharing it with our neighbours. We ve talked about this before the hunting. Lifestyle is the last perfect self, sufficient, environmentally friendly lifestyle, and I just hope that the hunters across this country, especially my blood brothers mission. I hope we start voting God, family country freedom, because Gretchen Whittemore, get in when we don't I will tell you tat. I asked Bill O Reilly
today. If he thought it was hyperbole. To say: if If the Republicans lose the White House and Congress, We are not there its hyperbole to say: America, as we know it, the bill of Rights Constitution is gone. It's you gone. Look much. We ve lost just from the corona virus and they keep talking about we're gonna go to we're gonna have a new normal. I don't want a new normal. I dont want a new normal. I want. What's guaranteed in the constitution? That's what I want what you're gonna get if we get the apathetic amongst us to re, engage in this. The one who got spurned experiment self government, it's not the liberals that are winning it's. The apathetic conservatives are voting and machine is the prime example was the greatest state in the world and still have the greatest people in the world. I really believe that, but now we
politicians and bureaucrats dinner so corrupt. So No, they use the word progressive by the way. That's not progressive, that's regressive, you're, going back to tyranny and kings and desperate Cynthia slight ivory, and so I think we need to get hunt. The vote got bored hunt the vote dot, org we're going to finally register the demographic that we want in twenty sixteen mission, Wisconsin Pennsylvania, got those hunting, families, those conservative God family country, families, to vote and look what we did not do that nation wide. We could beat this. Me at the door, I'm convinced of it glance Hunt the vote, a dot, org It's a great organisation, Donald June resistance. Is this your organization. Did you started? Tell me, I don't know anything about it
it's brand new we ve been going on for about a month now we ve already got thousands of people register that were here too for not register like I love my friends in Michigan, but they went and protest. It because the enemy is in the capital if they would have voted, it would have been. Quality control instead of protest in damage control. It really that simple and hunt the vote does what bestow they just getting at hunters heard. We the conservative boundaries now, if anybody represents God, family country, its farmers and ranchers and conservation, isn't hunters and fishermen were in touch with gods, miraculous, we knew were creation. The provides life itself from his renewable pantry. It's like quite away what did what he calls to tell who doesn't know this stuff, but we're getting these people who have not. We have the statistics, There are seen single digit percentage of licence
Jim Families vote. A single word. Yes, we ve got this statistic from all thirty state. They thought and we got to get em register and we're not going tell who devote more. But we are told that should be God, family country, traditional american values, did the hunting Jeanne Conservation families represent only cow. That is that is shocking under especially with the number of voters and you know what voters. Voters generally are not with the Let's violate the bill of rights, kind of ideas. I don't know that for four presenter whatever. But if they vote on their values, Their values are lockstep with conservatives. Thank you so much few I bring you a big. Thank you from those conservatives, God why she for blow the whistle my friend thank you will touchy again
just try, not to say crazy, stuff, all the time we just we want you around for a long time. Why? What did he just say? I've missed it are dead Nugent. Thank you. So much hunt the vote dot org our sponsor this half hour we are thrilled to have all of our sponsors and if you hear an ad anywhere on that I'm endorsing or the station is carrying. These are the people that our voices on broadcast and we really thank them and if they have a product that you appreciate that you'd need, please at least check them out. Do your homework and get the right deal, but should check sponsors out because they are standing with you are
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And bank programme This is a global programme. Would lead you hear seizing. I am sorry this little covered seventeen, I haven't made it all. With a nineteen year There is a will. There is a problem in TED. I talked about it just a minute ago, just a little bit on food shortages, I want you to know that the next big crisis that the world is going to face is famine and theirs There is a real, real problem that is coming and I don't want you to be surprised by it. I know why you to be under prepared for it. But there is, there is gonna.
A problem for seeding and harvesting of Not only in this country, but all around the world, and so you are going to see things be a little more expensive, perhaps were harder to get we're gonna see things in our supermarkets. We ve never seen before. In a bad way. We ve always seen things that you're like wow. Breathing. You get everything at any time. We're going start seeing more and more empty shelves, and that is as the entire world is gonna have problems. We should not panic and we shouldn't food hoard Anal go out and be crazy but you should have, traffic food. Is Europe going along your your? business in your shopping, Make sure that you are looking for. The future are one of the things it we're. Gonna first feel
is a shortage of meat and it will come back on line quickly, as soon as they as soon as they open up some of these processing plants, veal that shortage will will dissipate quickly, but right now. A lot of our meat processing plants and food processing plants are going down below, their people. That working in close proximity and Dave the getting sick and other shutting them down, and pork and beef are going to be more, difficult to get here. In the coming weeks, so halves next year in your free in your freezer. If he can, the thing is: if you have the space, I'm not a guy My wife is not a garden we're not I have never understood when you can just go to the store and get it.
Why you would want to spend time out in the sun with the bugs and everything else. I'm kind of alone on that one now in my family, we're planting a garden, and I I a command that, if you have the land use become as self sufficient as possible we're gonna- have to start remembering some of the lessons our grandparents taught us if you are and parent, like mine, happened to be in world war two and lived through the depression. You know that was so scary that either at the end of their life. Forty years after the depression was over, they still were saving. Absolutely every scrap and nothing went to waste. We looking at a global situation- and hopefully it won't be as bad here, but it depends on the things We do, but we
looking at a global situation that I think is going to shape an entire generation Those who are going to live through the next five years are going to be much more like our grandparents were prepare yourself. That's what they're they are claiming, is a new normal. I don't ever want that to be normal. I refuse to accept that as our normal. It's a brief period of time that were going through to get back to who we really are rights and all your listening.
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