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Dems 'Delay' Iowa Results | Guests: Sen. Ted Cruz & Nigel Farage | 2/4/20

2020-02-04 | 🔗
Glenn and Stu are live from Washington, D.C., awaiting tonight’s State of the Union. But first, Sen. Ted Cruz stops by to review the lack of Iowa caucus results. Democrats blame a new app from a company called "Shadow." But after yesterday’s poll delay, BlazeTV’s Steve Deace argues the DNC reeks of “central planning.” Rush Limbaugh shocked the world when he announced he has advanced lung cancer. Glenn and the Daily Wire’s Michael Knowles recall the huge impact Rush has had on talk radio. Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage details the fight for Brexit, what Brexit Day felt like, and what’s next for Britain and the European Union. And TheBlaze writer Kevin Ryan shares how embarrassing last night’s rallies were for the 2020 Dems.

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