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Dems WILL Pack the Court | Guests: Salena Zito & Jason Whitlock | 10/27/20

2020-10-27 | 🔗

This election is the last gasp of freedom for America. Remember where Joe Biden and Kamala Harris stood on gun control? The Senate confirmed Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and Democrats are already pushing to pack it. Could Elizabeth Warren be Biden’s treasury secretary? Kamala Harris laughed off notions that she’s the most liberal senator. Did Joe Biden mean to say George W. Bush or George Lopez? Reporter Salena Zito reveals the Pennsylvania and Ohio counties she’ll be watching on election night. The World Economic Forum’s predictions for the next 10 years are frightening. Outkick sports writer Jason Whitlock argues why he believes many black men are leaning toward Trump. The violence in Philadelphia is very concerning.

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Without that we had no problems here in Amerika. I can't believe we would need a book like that Wait to hear the shot with no problem. I've got good what you're about here. Is the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment when that programme hahaha news from the economist, they reject the democratic nominee. Joe Biden will win three hundred and fifty electoral votes, far
above the two hundred and seventy needed to win the White House in addition to the polls in the model relies on individual states, political economic factors and notes. It states with similar demographics are more likely to move with each other. They say that he's also gonna win fifty four percent of the popular vote, beating Donald Trump by over eight points. It also by ninety five percent chance to win Wisconsin in Michigan ninety one percent chance to win, Pennsylvania so that Oh and they also say tipping point we're gonna lose the Senate as well ahead threat that good news. You have got to take this seriously all hands on deck. This is the last gas
of Amerika. This is the last gasp of freedom that is hyperbole pearly. Normally, when you say that our I would have to project way out, but I do have to twenty minutes You will see exactly why This is the last gasp of our constitution. It's beyond hanging by a thread there. Joe Biden and his administration are giant scissors and will show you what he's about to got in Sixty seconds is the Glen Back Programme, ok well of you haven't thought about security. Your home, you might want to there over two hundred protests. Several cities now are preparing for riots, which is we normally do here in Amerika? I had a story coming up talks about America has a very violent past with protests we do since
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The converse is quietly preparing for election day hand, the weeks beyond by stocking her basement pantry with canned goods, toilet paper and other basic ply supplies she's even persuaded her husband to buy. Ah hunting rifle just in case. it just seemed well stupid and the right word, but it just doesn't makes sense to be ill prepared. She says lifelong Republican who voted Democrat in the presidential race for the first time this year. the war will could last four years we don't have a years worth of supplies and if it went on for years well, I told my husband, you can go out and shoot a deer, no sweetheart, and I say that with love and respect that all sweethearts does deserve, but that's not exactly the way it was. Because you voted for Joe Biden and come Allah Harris. May I remind you where they stand on
control and the second amendment the biggest Mr Bernie may the centre sanders made. He voted, give gone manufacturers the only major industry in America, Nepal that does not allow them to be sued for the carnage. They are created. First thing I'll do as president work to get rid of that is going to be hard. I won't get the United States Congress one hundred days to get their act together and have the courage to pass reasonable than safety law, and if they fail to do it, I will take executive action. There is no rationale to military style weapon and they are fifty if this morning, where a hunter, you need an earth. Fifty you shouldn't be out their honey of acquiring that we support the eighteenth and taking the licences of gun dealers who violate the lock me, don't mean our fifteen it's hard the aim is reuse and in fact you know
need: thirty round to protect yourself in the process of doing have collected over twelve hundred firearms from their hands individuals who were on a list because they were known to have purchased a firearm and they were known to be a danger to themselves or society. I introduced to first, you saw what things ban. I in fact, gotta pass on the only guy to beat the energetic twice. This is not about saying we're. Gonna take everyone guns away, we're saying we need reasonable guns. Safety laws, including universal background checks and cheer palanquin. A renewal of the assault weapons ban is just the right thing to do. Is no threat to certain amendments, telling people there are certain weapons. They cannot all ok, well. Let me give you one more and I have to kind of translate as we go along, because I it's hard to hear, but this is just Joe Biden
A couple of months ago, talking to somebody who came up to him in a crowd. I want you to listen. medicines are going to take done. I didn't say it's not true. You said you were going to be taking our guns. They are fourteen years ago. Home, tiny, pow. Here's the deal, you're gonna be able to own a machine gun
I said: are you gonna be alone a machine gun so he's using a our fourteen, which everybody has an air fourteen, they are fourteen machine guns, young, they're, all machine guns, and why do you need a hundred rounds? I dont know Somebody's coming to my house, but I want is many rounds as it's gonna take to stop people intervene, Somebody is coming to attack me if a mob is coming. I'm on as my want of many rounds as we possibly can and ever have does the military say come on come come on, how many rounds do you really need to protect this prick? Platoon there's another idea,
don't ask me what I'm doing with it leave me alone. It's none of your business like you, Well, the woman who is a republican Devoted voted Democrat for the first time is expecting a civil war. She said and now listen to this. Listen to this. The follows months of widespread black lives matter. Social justice protest more than ninety percent were peaceful, but Sir conservative news outlets and g O p leaders, including President Donald Trump, have pointed to looting and destruction. To argue that more federal law enforcement is needed to guard against violence. Amy, their message squarely at suburban women on the other side there is, the fear that right wing antigovernment extremists, responding to the largest civil rights movement in fifty years, have now align themselves with Donald Trump after years of growing hate crimes in violence. Experts say there is a concern that armed right wing terrorists might take to the streets if
delays in the election results or an unfavourable outcome, such as democratic Joe Biden. Taking the White House while the? U S has a long history of violent protest from the fire bombings and shootings had abortion clinics by anti abortion extremist till the twenty five committed by left wing, whether underground terror group opposing Vietnam, racism experts, say widespread predictions of election related violence are unprecedented. further, fuelling the potential violence. The staggering number of guns bought this year gun dealers in June ran more than three point: nine million background checks on purchasers through the national instant criminal background checks system, the highest number ever recorded in a single month while background, checks are not an exact measure of gun sales. They are widely used as a proxy. the violence will occur either way says Gallagher, I dont know Gallagher
I must admit someplace else. If Biden wins, it'll be an excuse to try to delete geek deal legitimize the results and go. two perceived enemies. On the left hand of key That means labeling pretty much anyone you disagree with and t far, but I worry too, if Trump wins. This will signal to those far right groups that have supported him. Extremist groups like the oath keepers, proud boys and other groups like this. They will see this like open season and go after people that have been opponents of trump. even if he wins you know. I think violence is gonna happen It's gonna to be an opening of the door. May I suggest a few are promoting this and your expecting it. You will get What do you expect I don t? back that I dont worry. Did I pray against it? Please Lord! Please, protect us! Please. wart. All of those that are trying to create violence. Please
Let those who are our are smoke and mirrors be defeated. Exposed, but Amnesty international documented about two hundred violent conflicts between protest groups out of a proxy the twelve thousand protest nationally, most violence occurred according to Amnesty International, when armed right wing groups showed up. Oh. tromp has repeatedly said so. Several cities with democratic mayors are going to hell called him Satan, called him Hitler. They called him Mussolini. He's worn more cities will descend into chaos. Biden wins the presidency, yes it will. What makes you I think that it won't what what what evidence. Do you have that shows that
Biden and the left want these things to stop. They are being funded by left wing. Billionaires, that's what's happening now It didn't help at all how the Republicans pave the he took. Extremist Amy Coney bear it. and they confirmed her last night. Let me just give you some of the headline some of the things that were said. This is come Allah Harris today rip Lincoln's denied the will of the american people and confirmed a Supreme Court justice through an illegitimate process? Whatever a bit about it. Where is it? legitimate. It's not illegitimate. Even shake tapir has gone up, so there's nothing non constitutional or unconstitutional. This is exactly what the constitution spells out. all of their effort. I got the affordable CARE Act and Strip health care from millions of people. Oh we won't forget this. Is that a threat
Because it sounds like a threat, the left wing, Anti Trump group, indivisible, said Mitch. Mcconnell in his republican cronies, affirmed Amy Coney bear it to the Supreme Court tarnishing the legacy of the late Ruth Bade, Ginsburg and undermining whatever remaining faith a public still had in the court is an institution. So now they have any. They don't have any faith in the Supreme Court. Let's make This clear. The Supreme Court is now under the control of six, far right. Ideologues who have and chosen and confirmed not to administer justice, but to admit it, do the wins for the Republican Party Amy Coney bear! It is a threat to health. and safety of all Americans. Oh ok, We also had a Cassio Cortez. She tweeted spanned the court eels Omar, expand the court,
she said we are going to take back the White House in the Senate next week with a resounding mandate from the people to fight back against trumps ill, a Jew amidst stacked judiciary really. To leave said. We must expand the court. If we serious about transformational change, the people are crying out for they know already, they have to change the rules. You know I listen to one of the most. Access to sting of history. I have ever heard from the New York Times and that saying some they did you hear it this morning, the twenty twenty election and acting on the two thousand election. I thought you might even referring to their electoral college history from last week on was utterly amazed, us it's so that they are just twisting all of history and You know they were. They were twisting how of Gore. They were saying gorge, swatted some simple changes
republican. This exact quote. I think the publicans, we're saying hey play by the rules that were all in line, and then they that sounds like it was crazy. As lakes getting to the end of the Super bowl and saying, ah, you know what our team didn't win. You know: and change some of rules. Let me go back and look at some of those calls for these new rules. No, You play the game under the rules and it stands doing this again. They know they can't get these things done. They know it's not constitutional, so they're gonna got the constitution. If you vote for Joe Biden or you don't vote You are, you, are voting for the day. structure of the constitution- you are no, It is a vote. You have to take a stand. This is and I hate this phrase- women now. Let me change it. This
the last election under the cap, detention of the United States as understood by the founding fathers. If the Democrats win This is the last time there will be. A Supreme Court that action He decides what is constitutional and what is not. Instead, we'll be a rubber stamp to move. All all of this Joe Biden, Kamali Harris Unconstitutional, bull crap through you will lose the electoral college. You will lose the filibuster, you will lose the Supreme Court of nine justices, This is what this is about. This is not about Donald Trump. Don't think this is about Donald Trump. This is about an in the United States of America, as we know it.
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Blinds dot com see details ten second station. I d So Joe Biden has come out and said: look the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, I'm not going to attend to change the the term of the Supreme Court. Oh ok! Well! That's good! In follows there is some literature among constitutional scholars, however, about the possibility of going from one court to another so you wouldn't just stay the whole time on the Supreme Court, so the president would just transfer. Oh you know what this time you're, not on the Supreme Court. you're on the schedule valley? Court? Excuse me,
where is that? Well, you know he's got some scholars the to know all about this. Meanwhile, last night senator in Bed Marcie said we must super, expand the Supreme Court. I will vote next. dear to end the filibuster. So we can expand the Supreme Court to get back the seats which have been stolen by the river. Looking over the last four years. You know I am sick and tired of this for the last twenty years any time the Democrats lose its stolen from them, every single time saw as as Barack Obama said, ill actions have consequences, do- and I know the consequences of Joe Biden being elected you're, going to straw, the constitution. You will pack the Supreme Court you change and change out the judicial appointments that their Donald made in the lower courts. you're gonna end the filibuster, you're gonna, add states. You will
make sure that the there is no way a Republican is ever elected ever again because you- you're gonna do whatever it takes because the ends justify the means to you will that's her. The american way of doing things, that's fascism, that is for terrorism. that's what that is. That's what we're up against Coon's said: hundreds of trumps, lower court judges shouldn't be allowed to sit peacefully peacefully, We have a wide open conversation now and how to rebalance our courts. Yeah that Supreme court seats had been stolen through these processes and that just wildly hypocritical, they have used everything to jam through partisan nominees, but we ve. a look at our federal courts as a whole because we ve seen hundreds of conservative judges put on circuit courts and district court all over this country in the last four years. Yes, that's the president's job in
these cases they were too young or to unqualified or too far right to be allowed to sit without our re, examining the process, the results and the consequences, so they and through the process it was all done. It was all confirmed. And now you want to go back and look because they were. Let me quote at two young unqualified too far right to be alive. to sit peacefully who are reexamining process, so I mean I would just say cancer peaceably Why would you? What does that mean? Exactly? Is that a threat, the ants is yes by the way looks like Senator Warren and we're looking at possibility of Bernie Sanders being your labour secretary, Senator Warren, because she has pro Scranton values, she's she's being talked about as our treasury secretary.
Usually, usually you kind of look for somebody that you know won't spooked the markets they say this time with so much at stake, the inequality exposed and heightened by the Kobe crisis. We need to have a treasury secretary who puts working people first glance It is such an important day next week, re con by the way voted say if you have voting at a vote both early, in your state re con, your wireless ear buds. You can pay a ton of money for Apple, ipods, like I have done over and over again, because some, our my kids, my kids, get them, and then there I dont know you had them. Did I or you. Could shell out half of the money and get up that early sounds good or better, but also future you're like a hand in glove in its re con re Khan, the every a twenty five year buds back
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this is the Glen by programme. Let me give you some good news. With one million two hundred ninety four thousand six hundred and sixty EAST ballots cast the g o p leads the earlier vote in Wisconsin Forty two percent GEO p d: thirty, six percent Democrat about forty Six per cent of the estimated total volts of twenty twenty have been cast in Wisconsin. You can register and vote the same day still a close race over the last few days. Republicans have store the poles and are beginning to take the lead in early voting in several states. This is a dirty. This data is derived from actual ballots, cast the sample size larger than any Paul. They say it's a very accurate in determining the voter preference
data does not account for specific demographics are sent aura segments of the electorate that still have to vote, so that is, that is good. They say. What's worrisome for Democrats is the absence of youth voters this, something that they always get wrong in the polls. Democrats are always expecting the youth to show up the eighteen twenty nine year olds, they d usually show up the only time its ever happened is with Barack Obama. voting is now a three hundred and nine percent from this time in two thousand sixteen than two thousand sixteen, the wrong number showed the youth vote up in time. Twenty as a percentage of the electorate, eighteen to twenty nine year olds, cast only five percent of the total vote in twenty Sixteen they were seventeen percent of the vote
data suggests. Young people are not showing up at the same rate as they have in even twenty sixteen good to sell his yes. This is this is a good. What would happen in? Was it North Carolina, South Carolina, there's the rub chickens are ten it's behind Peggy or send that rose at number yeah he's either yeah the Republicans or temporary ten percent behind added this same stage in the twenty sixteen election. Hilary was up by thirteen point five percent and await with ads and Trump still one. As that, of Caroline North girl, North Carolina? It's bizarre minutes, like you know. We mentioned this off the air, but events in Pennsylvania, its sixty four to twenty five Biden. Now again, what
say Biden were summarizing here, just party registration. All these Democrats could be voting for double trot. We don't know, but I'm going to comes a party registration, sixty four twenty five and that's a big voting at a compared to two thousand. Sixteen is up nine hundred and fifty five percent. While now I love This was so weird about this election. It's like the cove id change, all these rules, like I, don't know what you can take out of those honestly. I really dont know what to read into it. So right next to each other. The same demographic breakdowns have completely different results. Like I don't know what Corky thing is going on, but the data or, if it's just everyone is very indecisive, will who knows, but at its heart red things out of early vote. If you go crazy with it, you you'll get really excited, are really depressed and you may make it may very well be for no reason but So far, we are seeing massive numbers may way beyond anything with ever since over sixty million people of our devoted
talking about you know they expect, but one fifty five hundred forty five million here for the total might be the most the biggest turn out prison Why, since nineteen o eight did do tat did you hear feels right? Did you hear that some Democrats now are asking for their ballots back yeah? to the Hunter mine and internationally their allowing those people to go back, and yet they establish its legal in seven states and solving is one of Michigan another. So there are some swing states that you can cheap. It's gotta consult your local you know, voting authority and find out how you do that, as is different in their eyes, find that it that amazes ere? You know for somebody who had voted early forbidden and then they see the the news for them to say that's enough for me to change my ballot, I that that that does
bode well, I think for Joe Biden. If this news would have gotten out, which is why the press didn't do anything I want to play something that I find really telling Let's play from Come Allah Harris the two cuts, wazirs cut, one of Kemal Harrison Sixty minutes a very different in the policy. That you have supported in the past year considered the most Liberal United States senator I want some I said that the actual my pants on the debates that will actually that non, partisan Gov track has raided you, as the most liberal, senator use. part of the green new deal. You supported, Medicare for all you ve supported legal using marijuana, Joe Biden doesn't support those things. So are you gonna bring the policies, those progressive policy? That you supported a senator into environment, ministration
What I will do- and I promise you this- and this is what job once made a do. This was part of our deal. I will always share with him my lived experience as let any issue that we confront, and I promised Joe I will give him that perspective and always be honest with him. Khaistan is ass though she is so she's gonna bring my lived experience, but here's the problem. You're, the most liberal, ha ha ha ha ha ha above all my life, she laughing every time. She is ass, a tough question she laughs, yeah, look the next one, and is that a socialist or progressive perspective? You didn't think respect women who grew up. a angering Odin items. Child in America was also a pair
secure. Who also has a mother who arrived here need to. Nineteen from India are leading me out likes hip hop why you ought to know maybe you I want to give you the opportunity. Timing, that's onsets seriously its stop its unsettling, its unsettling. She going to make no mistake, she's going to be the president of the United States. If Biden wins, if Biden wins, she will be the president, I'm not saying that binds not gonna be the present for a while, but he's gonna last for four years. We all know that we all know that this is the next president of the United States, and you know I'm really glad because way. When I said the president was a socialist, I was called a racist, I'm
to see now, it's not rate is still want to be called a soldier knows only known. That's all just get a laugh hysteria is everything you believe in is rife remarks. We can you answer, and I mean your bill middling. The honest question here was an additional was set, things said, joke or anything started laughing hysterically we're little son. So someone say that you got in cut a deal with Biden that you would actually be the president at some point. He would just dampers I'd rather Sawyer
are you at least a progressive on? I just I just mean who pay attention do that just a little bit by the way these the media has excused Joe Biden apparent Bush Trump mix up. Did you hear about this? Yet I think he's talking about Lopez is now I want I want to. I just want to lay this and from yesterday we still have it play within Joe Biden, started talking about we're. Gonna have another four years of Bush by George George listen. This is most consequent, not because I'm ready, because you are wrong. I guess this was consequential election and not a long long time in the car the country, in my view, is looming on the ballot. What kind of countries in the b
former years of Georgia, Georgia gonna find ourselves in a position where it fast Trump gets elected. We're going to be we're going to be in a different world. for more years of Georgia, George George Lopez yeah, that's what he's throwing away- or this is not being said by a nobody. This is the Washington Post might the Washington post. Saying George Lopez makes more sense, Then you know then George W Bush does well. Yes, yes, that's nice true, but total George, the curious monkey. That's read every night, and I know you have another four years of George. The curious monkey coming that doesn't make any sense at all, not at all you started on George Clooney. He really likes charge. Gloody was thinkin about another four years. A bit loony movies wouldn't want ridiculous, exploited,
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and pull yourself up by them and get out of pain, try relief factor, it's not a drug develop by doctors and seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more every month. Why? Because it kicks Eighteen out of your life, just try see if you're one of the seventy percent that it works for relief factor dot com call, eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four or eight hundred five hundred eight thousand three hundred and eighty four, it's relieffactor dot com. This is the glint programme. Hey. You hear something the mainstream media is not going to tell you. You ask incarceration rate fell last year to its lowest level since one thousand. Ninety four there were thirty: three thousand fewer people incarcerated in state and federal prisons in twenty nineteen down.
from one point: forty six million at the end of twenty eighteen, to one point, four: three million the overall incarceration rate fell four hundred nineteen to every one hundred thousand. U S residence, that's a thing! Three percent drop from twenty seventeen ends. Sorry, twenty eighteen and seventeen percent down from two thousand and eight the toy. prison population hit an all time high in. Two thousand nine who was president in two thousand and nine and who was Vice President George W Bush, president, doesn't nine until January twentieth, right here you ve forgotten about those first twenty days when all that even were arrested. is fallen by eleven percent, as states passed, a wave of by partisan criminal justice reforms,
ah, by partisan. I mean it was, but who was the one who passed all came our dashi and she was the response that imply every media report. Holy cow is obvious. we know dig two thousand nine number right would have a lot to do with what happened before. That is the first year of a new president, but still like that again, I get it so confused by these incarceration numbers, as if they're supposed to tell us about what's fared, what's not like if you make set rules right, people, either followed. Them are not right now, may. We change the rules if they're, not just right. Of course we do, but that doesn't necessarily mean just because there is a lot of people who committed crimes and went to jail for them is not me, that, like there's some inherently racist policy going on there, kind of races to assume. While I don't
if Joe Biden gets in I'm gonna, be the first to tell him you ve been. The head writer on this programme, the whole time you think it on your racism and it made me say all of these things and you're. The one that should go to the gulag if you are, if your excited about this next story, you should vote for Joe Biden. Ten on brand tampax? There's no story. That starts this. Where that I'm excited about oh no you're, gonna love. This Procter and gamble shared the message that fact All. Women have periods, ok, Canada, also a fact not all people with periods are women. Let's celebrate the diversity of all people who bleed,
I'd buy was right. I know story that started that way. I could be excited about ten tampax included the tag hashtag myth lasting hashtag period? truths, Hashtag trends trans is beautiful. Is this is This is crazy. You wanna talk about massaging the you want it you're a racing women erasing them now Internet periods do not now they can't so elegant, and just break down what their attempting here are. They attempting just to get going actual real human language here for just a second. What they're saying I think Is that a woman who now saying there. A man still needs Tampax. Is that pay the weather, saying yes mocha here today wanna, make sure they maximize their market. Demographic to include women, be, I used to know now say their men. Here's what they're really saying as I translate bull crap and
English own time, I used to speak bull, Crap union alcoholic. I spoke bull crap fluently four years ago. So they're saying is high Procter and gamble where a huge corporation and we don't want any risk, and we want to make sure that we say the politically correct thing, because we don't want to be a part of the council. Culture I mean will be a part of it. Will sure we're saying all the right things. You can cancel other people, but please don't cancel ass, so If you know that in English I dont know my brands of tampons but Tampax and and nothing really Procter and Gamble would probably be off the list Well, I'm a guy I was to say if I went out and bought tampons for me, but of course I can because I can get a period to know. I can't back probably what are you
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Amy Coney bear it. confirmation it's I'm, quoting one of the saddest days the darkest days incentive history. Really that that was wow Look at your perspective again, get things get things in order, because I think there has been a lot of other things that have gone on in the Senate. That were a lot worse than that, but this is giving them the excuse to call her illegitimate, even though the process works exactly the same, every single time, and to extreme extreme so they're gonna have to pay the court will have more on that later. This, our also Selina Z, others Zito, is with us. Selina is Rapporteur that called the election last time? She got a right cause. She listens to the people and
to the rest of the press. In fact, you just got rid of her twitter account so she's. listening to everybody else, and she just anyway Selina is joining us to tell us what's happening on the ground in a very important state. Pennsylvania and we again in sixty seconds, is a glaring back programme. so not really the year for vacations. You know twenty twenty, even though we ve all really needed one If you're a timeshare owner honour, your annual destination, probably went to waste and probably wasn't the first time that you weren't able to book your vacation where or when you wanted to go. So, let's be honest, with how uncertain everything is right. Now you think you're gonna be only use the next year coming stood and have to pay for it. Oh get all of the upgrades it you have to pay for that is so great how about you? for something you can use, because there is a way out its key.
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sunshine our year. I am I'm really good, I'm really good how you feel about what the New York Posters said done with that Hunter Biden in those lies here I am, I you know our job as a journalist is to take a team over the finish line, but you come uncovered the uncomfortable fax, and that is what the New York Post has John and I see that it is incredibly towering. There are cultural curators all of them done this time. It is social media. Big CAC are punishing them hard afford doing a circular doing doing their job and I think that when you met all in things like that at your silence, things like that was that you are doing not only a disservice to your
consumers, your audience or whatever, but you are also stifling the ability, people to worry about it But you know people find ways to read about it, because I think they made the story even bigger Selina. Let me let me talk to you now about Pennsylvania state. You know very well. You been travelling back and forth. You been talking to people in there couple things that we need to address. First of all, the riots in Philadelphia. Yesterday, when police, shot a black man who was not on armed is coming at them with a knife. It was all on on tape. Is this going to help or hurt in the election. Now I think that the challenge for Democrats will in this instance, is that the black vote has as riddles trust
in ivory hardy too arm to have their back and they are going to. I don't think they're beard necessarily going to say this Donald Trump. Small because it happened at Philadelphia and they'd happy that happened in the city of Philadelphia and the people that have shorter The control of the city of Philadelphia agenda, cracked the oil crisis too much more oil goal. Then national I've got it What I'm asking you about is the let's say the suburban voters in the voters at look at Philadelphia and see riots on the streets is this going to be good for Democrats or bad for Democrats one
Here's what I think, I think, the suburban Democrats or suburban Republicans. He could find no reason to come to you to vote for tromp. Are you gonna do one or two things they are going to vote for because they think this. What happened is an extension of Donald Trump I dont know why, but also, I think, cues reluctant voters who are a further, you don't abide its policies. Are you face your pressure, a worthy Sandberg they're, going to people tend to vote thought for themselves, but for them communities and a lot of people don't vote ideology. They were for the person who had their communities back I think in that way the tramp benefits they either vote for him or they don't
show up. So let's talk about why she didn't county because you have been examined or article where trumps twenty twenty coalition must come from in Pennsylvania. Talk we about washing in county. This is the largest producer of natural gas. Among all, the counties and the second largest producer nation, wide carousel Marshall. entirely committee, is sorted boilerplate of what needs to happen in counties outside Alleghany were Pittsburgh is located and outside of the Philadelphia cobbler counties now in two thousand and sixteen came out at about two now there there were ten of them that was a good business man who work. it was the guy who was gonna actually come to their desk with a box rather and build a new company? They sound in trout, that he would the guy that we started tax and suddenly,
They took a terrible and they thought it was now if there were ten counties that just needed to turn. Two thousand or both over what Romney, good and they did now up to and he won Donald Trump want because counties like Washington County who, at that time and Democrats registry, the parties for years for ever since I've been thinking That is why the yard deal coalition key man. Now you You needs not only those ten counties which is also ear user, Westmoreland, Butler and Beaver, but they cheat the addition. counties that run across the top of the stage who our conservative counties but they were they didn't show up. Is the high number four trump anyway, because these are farmers and gas workers whose the method
twenty six page sounded more? Like a liberal Democrat, can a conservative people were murdered and all our trust is about fifty thousand votes total out of all eight of these. What I call counties to use no matter what happens in Philadelphia Y, all Alleghany County tat. Knowledge will accede about the good Democrats by March. It's gonna be closed, but talk with its on the back of those voters. The voters who put him in office it twenty twenty two thousand accountings, I'm blind! election night. If they have a high turnout, a or it is that is telling be that the road to victory, So what are you? What is your gut? Tell you because he never did. He not only needs it.
east what he got last time. He needs an additional three percent of the vote tomorrow to offset the numbers that have have changed since twenty sixteen- and I think I think, if the President wins five percent, that's enough to offset any of the shenanigans or anything else does he have indeed The are you seeing signs that that's happening guys with twenty six about the signs were over the top. You know I saw how things went on the side painted undecided. saw Barnes I saw horse. I would term painted and decide this third people don't have one side, they have nine. They also have to flags in a poor by eight and their front. Porch awkwardly come the front window beard through his own. Is there and I want to be clear- he doesn't need time for trouble we need three percent more of all out throughout the state.
Just a nose, whirl counties so bad about two to three thousand or votes in some of these war or counties alike. People go to sleep, Yoda COM. I waded out a completely like every county to watch. I want to watch Philadelphia personnel, They think they have their? Ah, there Brazil and show at least Friday, but I would see what mostly and those counties which we you're going to be able to see are probably faster. Philadelphia and end the collar counties? selling. I don't know what you're doing and who you're with, but I'd love to. Have you on our coverage for the for the election? If you would wouldn't mind dropping laundry and telling us all about Pennsylvanian what you're seeing on em. election day, I was absolutely web Sleep
Thank you so much she's, the national political reporter for the washing examiner columnist of the New York Post. She does dispatches from Ohio in Pennsylvania. By the way, do you have any information on? Oh hi, o Selina? oh yeah, I also get to sleep- is either dot com. It's about the third storey! Now I say: if Ohio isn't about red of, or percentage or tromp on election go? poles going into election day? Ah, the democratic way people in D and a new Yorker them were writing about was obviously very possible. That means it's gone and, and that means that tramp at least is standing better chance in Pennsylvania and Mitch again and North Carolina of states I'm that are a little more democratic than Ohio, but ever higher coming in it like a Threed forward, a five percent when for a charm,
things are even going into election. I wanna do when last time in Ohio, they think it was a percentage points. I actually think that it's going to be maybe six sat in Ohio and I get good way out of Ohio as well. A couple days ago from forty examiner be I'll. Just go to my website and check it out: Selina Zito, Selina, Zito Z. I t o d come Selina, Thee, the poles are showing the exact opposite. Are you meet very many people that voted for tromp last time and are not voting this time for him and never know that person you ve never met that person. I've ever met that person Does it mean they don't exist? In short there you know, there's there's all kinds of social pressure with, in particular the suburbs, but what I can do meet our people that meat,
There there is a story. I have up about line that people in Cambric only Homer Jack America you remember, Jack, Martha Glenn this this county has always been democratic. Registered county lie the people who voted for Clinton and were changing your party registration to Republican, but is now a republican count, It blows. My colleague, John Pennsylvania, is now a republican county Selina. Thank you so much she is she's an amazing reporter and she is the one that said right: after the election. The problem is, is that the media took his work its literally and didn't. Take him seriously where, the voters. Kim seriously, but didn't take his words literally, I thought that was a group. understanding of Donald Trump read after the election Salinas's
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Firms last night, Clarence, Thomas source or in, and you know like But here we are, you know or an hour into the show, and they got one of them and you thought that would have been the biggest is story of an entire year when I was the lead story when we first started today, but we didn't start with her waist with what the Democrat sat near. The Democrats are saying you know this: is it we're gonna work and stack? The courts were going to change the judicial judicial system entirely. Yeah I mean it is it is fundamental transformation. Is changing of all the constitutional rules if they win at sea. They're all admitting it. all in all a bidding at night and there are many their idiocy when it comes to lay. There are currently no our original ISM berossus she's in original, less well I'll. Tell you what, if you're an original is, then you believe in slavery. you can't believe you really women shouldn't world weight.
Make the same point. Do you have any idea what this word means? It doesn't mean that Original is a means. Whatever we had at the start of a country, we still have to acknowledge that the amendments count in the car the notion that part of the constitution is the whole point, Like you, we are issue with you. Is that you want to amend the constitution without amending the constitution. Uterus wanted to say things that are in it, What you need to change the constitution. It is a living document if you amended you just want to do- that without amending it, because it's too hard because it's hard because the whole point country here in the way it was set up- is to make it difficult to change the fundamental precepts of it and instead they wanted to meet local. We don't really like that thing and other people or opposing it. So how do we get it? we don't just change the rules, we can get the things we want oh yeah, that's kind of the reason why they set up this way, but they keep thinking this this this. This idea that
their desire for something means it's in constitution. That's not how Constitution gets amended, you don't just get I wish it into existence there. That's what I hopefully Amy Coney Barrett will will make me they were met? Will she will concrete that a little bit allows she'll have two months to do it? If, if they win show about two or three months to do it because they will, within the first one hundred and twenty days, by his said, he's gonna act that way: need the Senate to do this too. We should point out that it's not just the presidency here. I was vitally important here because You can block all the stuff if the Republicans hold the Senate the Republicans, while they will feel they will flake on a lot of different things, are, can inflict on core packing. I dont I do. I really just don't think I mean if you get rid of the Electoral College, you start adding states, you start packing, words, changing rigid the entire system of judiciary, I,
Don't think states will stand for it. Now, really I mean I don't know. Look I really truly believe. If there's no funny business. If nobody is trying to you know fiddle with the numbers and and win this in a court of law, If is in the only way you will win it in the court of LAW is if there's accusations of some sort of funny business at some he's doing something to the ballots were finding new ballots if none of that happens, in Donald Trump loses? I really truly believe that the american people will accept the cons quince of that election? However, I don't know, that's gonna. If that's gonna be allowed to happen, you know remain because they're gonna start there already two hundred protests that have.
And planned and we're gonna go through some of them and the the problem will come on a binding administration. After he's, The problem will come if you start to actually change, the constitution without change, the constitution. Just start packing the court's: that's when people will won't stay For that- and I don't think a lot of Democrats will stand for that, but I'm not going to do it anyway, but they're going to try to do it and that's why the Senate is so important why the presidency is important. If you get one of those to you only need one of the two to stop all the craziest things they're trying to do indeed one of the two yellow you- you don't make progress on anything with one. The two, but now you do some progress in areas like again Gotta get the house simulated, subleasing legal representation, and I think you can make progress on a few things that make courts
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be it the hospital. If I could be at the hospital because of covert, she can only have one visitor per day and she selected her sister to stay with her overnight. So Hannah's upon, but all Mary is marries a warrior. She is she's having one test and it's it's one. Last tests, before her brain surgery, and it is a significant task that the doctors, Billina said, would give us mean a real results, but it's a risky test and could cause strokes during the during the operation. So please keep her in your prayers. For me, if you will all right. Let me let me go through a couple of things here. First wall did you see an ends? A Amy any Barrett.
I did you see this- Having you'd have to be watching CNN to see it right? Somebody on our staff was caught. This can you? Can you put the full screen up place there? It is look at this: I'm Supreme Court nominee about to be sworn in at White House at another potential. Super Spreader MA. by the way further, they all were either completely social differences, the picture there showing as the people onstage who were not where mass, but everyone of the audience was Mary Mass. This they were much more separate than the last time this went on. I think they learn some lessons for the last one might imagine a lot of people had cove it there Indonesia, you know Baby Coney, Beret headed a long time ago. President obviously had it so I mean, unless Justice Thomas Vienna gets it from. I don't know somebody else he's not getting from those two Endlich, I'm I'm not in favour of big restrictions.
obviously on these things from the government. I will say I would like clarity Thomas to live in a bubble Aha, he should not be able to be exposed to any germ of any sort. He is the most important man in America. In my view- and I don't want him- he is the real stalwart he's the guy who- and I don't. I want two of them I want Amy and Clarence both I wasn't more. How can I get them all held me for a very, very long time but Clarence, Thomas, is the man, let's be honest about it, and I was do you know what the processes Glenn on whose swears in
the EU? Now I wonder if she should, if she chose Clarence Thomas Dam. Is that a good sign? I really hope that I'm just gonna believe that actually not even legato, I've gotta believe two lads who now I look at you. I really thought about it. I wanna leave. I got attacked, I want us, I really isolated. She went on. I salute you are there are many things that I look at just recently. I I look at some of the Poles and, unlike that's not gonna, read that when you don't help old is living in denial is bad. We have made me all. You know it. Here's a thick all those people sing does little to tubs of glue
in the matrix, we're happy, they were headed, know anything was going, they were wonderful. Guy said they didn't have any challenges that every day they were happy were haven't lived and they leave me in my PA guess what does it read pill? Bluebell was so near the top. I'm in that at this point in swatting already, you have to believe that it means of what has gone on this year- and I am not saying oh please- I can't wait twenty twenty one it's going to be working people. It is it's going to be worse. You know. The amazing thing is that the Mark Zuckerberg said what was it a sixty percent chance that were already living in the matrix? If this is the matrix, I'm really appears at all how bad did happily get for this to be the easy way I was
was it Mark Zuckerberg or was it was awkward. It was a comprehensive we or was it you must or something I thought it was. I thought I would sucker bird, but at one of these technologies to deal with some of these technologies. It is but yet I this worse matrix ever, they did say, matrix, I believe, if I'm remembering my history well from the documentary, the matrix they initially created the matrix for everyone to be happy, nobody was perfect and stupid people were Lagarde nurses armed, I cant do With this, I want more strife. That's american! That's twenty twenty year say: hey! You guys just stop slavery and you ve healed alot of racial, won't what it what's going on now. I can't believe these statues of the people who use the internet- not we are freely, are we are. We are gonna, be looked back at as a raise a group of people just crazy. I look we went through a million times, but it's like things are.
in so many ways than that with the Good NEWS is that we just word like going to reverse that policy. Ass member, I told you yesterday by the great reset and we have the economic forum video by any chance. I want to read this too, because it's just music, but it was something that that's on the World Economic Forum and Tell me how great this is watched watch the screen here. It is a predictions for the world in twenty thirty from the World economic forum you'll. Oh nothing and you'll be happy whatever you want. You'll, rent and they'll be delivered by drone, the? U S won't be the world's leading superpower. Think a handful of countries will dominate you won't die waiting for an organ donor It sounds pretty good, you won't. We won't transplant organs will print new ones. Instead is pretty good you'll eat much less meat?
Occasional treat not a staple for the good of the environment and your health, a billion people will be displaced by climate change, have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating refugees Polluters will have to pay to admit carbon dioxide there a global price on carbon, which will help make fossil fuels history. could be preparing to go to Mars scientists of working out how to keep you healthy in space started. Jerk, to find alien life western values will have been tested to the breaking point imbalances that underpin our democracies must not be forgotten that one last one really important, we're not doing it in. At the World Economic Forum is calling for the great reset which would get rid of all of those checks and balances when it's
Mars. If you said the same thing I did when I first saw you I want to be on Mars. I'd want that would get hey. You will never be able to return again. You might die sighing me up today. What I do know the poop potatoes. Ok up, yes, I am about to be made up by men. Look I addressed one of the claims they make their yet, which is fascinating. Destroy the billion people that will be displaced might find the climate change right. So how do you get to that number a fascinating over a billion people are lot of people sure. So what you do first of all, is you take a scientific estimates as to what things like see, sea level rise, and we do of course, take a writ the range of their estimates and you take the absolute worst case scenario so x, number one nor of course you start doing that, but that's not enough to get to a billion people displaced or you also to do is act if human beings would do nothing to I do change this outcome so, like let's say,
when you live by the water, radio and of dividing arborous. Try said, I believe, and climate change and I've got. My house on the dry ass. I got it so we, the the sea level, starts to rise. Yes, ok keeps coming, at every year. You look at me like, oh, my gosh, look at the sea, it's getting higher and higher. What should we do? Let's just wait, and let's not do anything, the entire time we're not build see. Walls were not going to go, build flood systems out in the water, like they ve done in many countries and solve these problems completely. You don't move you're, not gonna. Write displacement is what they're saying that only way the displacement it was followed by refugees rights, although that ITALY in people eat you give you saw it coming for ten years, you longer of right, but what they're saying is the water will keep coming up and it'll flight. Think of New York City here right, the water keeps cutting outlets. Think of Barack Obama's house. They brought
the water keeps coming up. I brought just stays there. Ineffectually the water is so high, he's forcefully leaves were on his roof that asylum, you that to a billion people, help help right and then the National Guard of the coastguard. They don't see that sign. They don't do anything, they don't do anything. So that's what happens K instead, what actually happens, as happened in european countries, as happened all over the world? You come up with systems to limit the downside of flood right. You put up Everything like Galveston is a good example that is really bad hurricane, that almost one hundred two hundred years ago and all these problems they bid sea wall so then don't have as many problems any you you you do things to adapt the changes, you don't just sit there go all I've got the waters elaborate up into the living room. How much time do we have? A body will then explain? Venice
we're very Gov, we're all gonna be Venice. One day I mean like he spoke with values. We ve been doing this for hundreds of years, like not new technology, hundreds of years that city has been singing yeah and surprisingly, the technology is even better. Now, where you can, you could do all sorts of things, including systems in the water that minimize of these floods and look We all understand this in every one knows. This is true. Don't just sit there and look of water lap and your mansion. Here's ego and each move right you changed your? U bureau, just the circumstances, so it does it affect you, their basic everyone in this giant area, just gonna leave at the last minute and be a huge rise in this. Did he ask what you here's? What that's that's? What you concentrate on the ESA is that it Billy and people- that's not gonna happen. Because they just said is going to happen, is exactly what Joe Biden is denying that he has said on the campaign trail
This is the this is the great reset. So bans fracturing that bans, petroleum and oil first, it just tat, Is this not out of it to stop it, to get people to get out of that industry and find something else. So that's what Joe Biden has been talking about on the campaign trail, the whole time But what I really liked is that you're not going to own property and yet you're gonna like it now is that a threat or justified diction you're, not gonna own property and Europe and you'll like it or is it not going to own property, and you will like it I have a feeling I have a feeling, it's more, the second than the first
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the leave the bill of rights is going by the wayside quickly when, especially if we back the courts, but the big, as violator of this now is Facebook Youtube Twitter, Google. It you are losing out, all kinds of freedoms, freedom of the press, as we have seen, this is not a coincidence- Jack Dorsey is an active democratic donor? He's the ceo of Twitter, the director of two or the executive Chairman MAO. text, five hundred thirty thousand dollars to donation of the ACLU you and has donated thousands of dollars to the Dnc and democratic candidates. The ceo has a history of donating to democratic candidates. Evan Williams, former Twitter, CEO, current board member donated eight hundred thousand dollars and twenty. Sixteen, too,
twenty nine in twenty eighteen forethought and three hundred sixty five and twenty twenty and his poligized for twitters role in electing Donald Trump, the public purse, see director in charge of government election partnerships with leading global government and political publishers incur during the content strategy for Twitter, she was, in turn impress secretary for multiple democratic politicians plus she worked on Rachel mad. Our show the senior communications manager former. indications, manager, press secretary for com. A Harris Thee, Former director of public policy left to join Biden, transition, team work at the White House, under the Obama administration, worked under the Hillary Clinton campaign Brand in Boreman VP of global communications at Twitter Dante
thousands to Joe Biden recently and was the media spokesperson for the decision to fact check Donald Trump tweet. I mean look at that this is. This is not a coincidence, and by next week our These could be silenced or throttled way way back. If we he bowed against the conventional? proved narrative it's important. that you help stay in touch with you, join our free email, news, letters or join the blaze. Now get the biggest discount ever at blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Promo Code, Glenn hey everybody knows pay pal, but did you know that they were teaming up with honey? To save you, money, honey
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live in. What you're about here is the future.
An entertainment and enlightened men ran back programme at all waste. Any time look ever somebody they can talk to me about what's happening in the african american community with its election. How is Donald Trump perceived? What's really going on? We have Jason Whitlocke joining us in sixty seconds. Is a green back programme all right, I'll respond. This half hour is really factor if you're, one of those people like I used to be who suffers from frequent unrelenting pain, the kind of make you say I just can't get up anymore. I can't do it anymore, it's time, for you Get proactive. You know it causes most of our pain. Inflammation joint swell within our body and then that, just like your pain, receptors up like a Christmas tree, I'm sorry It still can we still say: Christmassy, yes,
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They all industry pollutes weight into easier. What else radical Democrats have planned for his president's just days away from one of the most important elections of our lifetime? Linux boosts the terrifying agenda to completely transform Amerika. Was president buggies first one hundred days America's to still be in future tomorrow night nine pm eastern police to be dot com, less Glenn, Jason Whitlock, the host of fearless with Jason Whitlock he's a sports rider. He can be found it out, kick dot com now and Jason joins me. Now. I bid Jason welcome to the programme. I want to start with something you just wrote round. Outkick president trumps Dragon Energy entice tyce is ice, cube economy, where fifty cent and other black men twelve years ago, but when I trash Sarah Palin and having deposed column and across social media on a daily basis. No one cared, no one,
Allow me to stick to sports. Although a non voter, my preference for Barack Obama, Joe Biden, was quite clear, I am still a non voter, but my preference, four Donald Trump in my pants now is a clear my crib, Ex passionately want me to stick to sports by presidential preference is now offensive. I've sold out I've changed, I'm a hypocrite, this Wednesday. I visited the White House to interview President Trump. I wanted to opium on why black voters, particularly black men, seemed to be breaking from the facade that he is the grand wizard of the coup. Klux clan, what's happening, Jason. What? what's happening in the black community well. I I really believe the facts are starting to speak for themselves. Donald Trump record of accomplishment predict whether released African Americans speaks for itself.
that he actually have a record to stand on unlike even brought Obama. When when he was, Rather, I don T have much of a record to stand on in terms of a what did he actually deliver for African Americans, president drop as things stand He can stand on em. You know beyond that. I think black people to stand when you start talking about black employment rate in America, unemployment rate and then we just had him for black men. The side we ve been putting on at a really to present a drop is is, is embarrassing I doubt it woody, just because. We have celebrated him in here. Pop music we have. Ah
We have been friends with him and socialize with him in every way possible from Oprah Winfried, Jesse Jackson, too does any number of african american celebrities em. You know this whole thing You know some plainly races. It just doesn't true, and people are having to deal with that reality and I think for black man. This is masking is masculinity is his fearlessness. It just resonate and rings true love you know, I just got a lotta heat for saying about six serve. Maybe maybe as long as a year ago, I said that Donald Trump is the alpha mail and that he is one of the only example.
rules in in public life outside of sports. Perhaps that is an alpha that doesn't mind saying yeah, I'm a man, I'm all man and you may not like the way he manifest that in some ways, but he's not ashamed of it and we are living in a culture where we are told to be. Women manner to be women or damn near and he's not here. not- and I think that plays a role in the psyche of a lot of men. I think Our question, you know we ve been on this. Handed like everything masculine is evil. all right, toxic and that's just not true, and I think for me, m a a segment of the female population. I think a pretty large segment. We just don't buy We understand that american Freedom, were you on through masculinity,
There is a way to be responsibly masculine, yes, and it is a way to be irresponsibly masculine. We need the gear rid of the ear responsible. But pay all masculinity as toxic and evil in a detriment to the country is just wrong. Am I just people buying into it and look, I think, the black clouds. In Moody in this respect? when you have any sort, just ten percent christian values, five percent it just Why plows matters in all what we ve seen all summer? It just doesn't gibe with any time, though, gin values of faith based values, American in early american values, but but let's say you want to
have some anti american sentiment, it could listen. I love my mother hard core them. crap, you know heart, she taught me over bridge for Brock, Leviathan Bonham Hand deadly questioning her like a. How do these policies colon side with our religious faith. This is worth bid at the pounding. about family. This is why you took me to church every Sunday as a kid. This is why I was baptized. These things the chair supporting politically its sole crystal clear. Now they dont coincide. With our belief is what is what did she say? He doesn't have a greater answer. She just gets frustrated and she thinks that she's been convinced that racism is the San above all, M M: I'm not trying to diminish racism, but it is just a sin.
Did anyone. I say just they think it's. It's greater worse. Than any other sin and sail in this light. I went I look. You understand the booty and entered the world unfairness in the world, and if someone getting he says the wrong word. That does not mean they're, not human, that this means there. A centre like you, I heard you, say the wrong word, but does that really drive actions on a daily basis, and so we may racism? We, how you judge people, n n, we in the media can define almost anything, is races, silver. Think can be a dog whistles, how do you have
said to your mom what you said last week about Anti. For being, you know the modern day, clan. Of course, people live in their own little bubbles. When you live in a bubble of framed? You buy MSNBC Cnn here. She doesn't it people you know. Maybe I heard something about a Joe Biden fed up with an idea she has seen she doesn't know. What's going on in Portland in Seattle every day she doesn't know that there are paid, organise protestors, looting and burning down these cities. She doesn't know that doesn't get into her bubble. Em. you know what I want to explain to her and I've spoken at the church grew up in an up explained. Could I still find actively support the church? I grew up and grumbling. We can't let politics.
Come on religion him. What we can we can, I have asked my mother all the time and I finally got a queer, but you can't talk about Robin Obama more than you talk about. God does not. We can't be that in some of it is, starting to get through its body Glenn. President tromp gave me a present to give to my mother, I M I told my mother this when I came back from the guy said he gave you a key to the White House. It's very nice, I'm going to send it to you and she thought I was joking. About my Mama mom theories and so lily. Her reaction was like she didn't think. President Tromp was capable of an act of kindness. That's all! much tv and my mom's eighty and sold no she's amounts. You like a lot of people, watch a lotta tv in a of it
shook her up a little bit like, oh, my god. This guy is a human being it's you know it's weird because You get. I get that reaction. I get that reaction from people who meet me. I mean I agree that was so that hated me so much that give Into a meeting with me, his hands were shaking. He called me the devil. When we first set down forty five, minutes into it. He said why oh yeah, I mean you are nice you're nice got any felt bad. He told everybody after I left the meeting our badly felt. saying those things people just Don't believe that concern? It is for one ending in some ways you know, Democrats are decent. People were just make them into these monsters. If you're on outside Europe monster? That is the power of social media and I keep it
people, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, there's some of the most secular places on earth and we reduced everyone to a tweet that we disagree with. Yes- and we used to be that way, we used the firelight James. Wife. They want I know that the political while I know- and if my we, the legalised all of that and we used to live in a time where people could disagree politically, still see the EU. At each others, still love each other and love to get married. And now it's like all. We disagree politically you're. The worst and being in the world. That is how much so media in the mainstream media have divided us. We ve defined and each other on different sides of the political stripe as evil enter Someone like meekly political, I've, never voted. It drives my parents, crazy. The train,
me crazy to I wish I'd like to. I wanted to ask you that why Have you never voted, because I don't leave and politicians. I am a personal, my word and so on hey, I'm gonna, do something, I'm really going to do it and I'm gone. Who told you that expectation, politicians don't stick to their work. and this is why it's has taken time, to realise. Take me three and a half years to realise like the region, I kind of half way like Trump he's a politician like, oh, my God, the stuff did he He said he was he's, actually try to do it and have done a lot of it. That has made me, I've waited too late to register to vote here. Timothy. If I hadn't, I think to the point I would have, though I would have voted. This election can actually believed the guy You know whether I agree or disagree for all members. Duffy fears, design
How do I have to tell you a he called me? I don't know a year ago, when I first started say maybe a year and a half ago, one of her start saying I was wrong about him and I was wrong about him because I didn't think you keep any of his promises because he was a you know, he's a business man in New York and there's no ways and to keep its promises. And I started to say on the air. He kept his promises and I think he is actually doing a good job. and he called me and and he fino. Thank me for then I said not you don't have to thank me. It's me responsibility as it is a a decent human being to call you know column. As I see him- and I Didn'T- I didn't like you the beginning, and I didn't think that you're gonna do anything, but but you did, and so I've gotta admit that- and I said, but I didn't mean I, like everything I said you're, your trade policy he talked to
for probably twenty five or thirty minutes about trade policy. He me really intelligent questions. He went back and forth with me and in the end he said air I still like I just like trade policy, so I'm still going to do him. He didn't say to my face with every other politician has ever said. Well, you know what I'm going to look at. I'm going to think about that. He didn't you just said. I agree with you and I love that I love that. I I think if he would get off Twitter if I'm hoping it way if he gets a second term that can be made, the point about the media and so I agree with him about the media, be the enemy of the people in fake news. I agree with I just like the same, be a bit more enduring gentler in his second term, where it is just be easier for me with a focus on what is actually the yeah.
And what are you guys interpreted aid for me as an african american support of AIDS Bc, use the opportunity, these homes, his platinum plan, there's a sincere commitment to make things better for everyone and again the America first thing is, I told him in our interview, The number one thing for me and I pay? My mother was a factory worker. My bad will with it incredibly high school factory worker who did a bar business in the inner city for factory workers we gotta do something about gettin manufacturing jobs. Back here in the United States, so that people like my parents, can uplift their children Despite the not having college education, there's some kind of white collar job me and my brother and I gotta stop system very close to all of this college.
graduates all of us doing well in life off the backs of factory workers. Your factor in doubt the american first agenda. I beg my mother, What's the inauguration speech, it's one of the greatest speed, I've ever heard any speaking. Direct Maybe you Jason I have to run, but I thank you very much for a standing for what you believe in whether we agree or disagree fearless with Jason. Whitlocke is exactly the right name for anything. You do. Thank you, Jason preaching about mother Jason. lock sportswriter out kick dot. Com is where you can find him are at sponsor this half hour is car shield. think can ruin your day faster than having car trouble. I mean, have you ever had car trouble? Even I mean if you got a big bonus or something you had money in your flesh with cash, you have trump card trouble, you'd be like. Ah, zero
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car shield, dot com, promo code back deductible, may apply ten seconds station. I D. It was really sad. Is I look at what happened in Philadelphia last night. and I see the chance. Ain't, no good pigs and I hood ain't, no good pigs in my hood. Either bumper sticker near me too, and I have the sweatshirt well, but anyway, I e it read. Really really bothers me that we live in a time where my kids, by older kids. I remember saying yeah used to call police pigs, and they were so, there were like what they need
I heard that before goes from their good father right and it was something that you know had come from the sixties, and now we're doing it again in a whole, new generation is going through and I think it's because of the Damn hippies, that just won't let go pay They use the capitalist system to enrich themselves and now, as they are going out, and there controlling the world. This is. What they do they just bring it all back and introduce this poison back indoor system caution. or that passion came from there for a second seems like I may have something that I should deal with: well I'll say that she watched some of the footage last night from Philadelphia where they're burning down, you know who a burning cars and all these things in a police officer gets basement run over by a truck in the middle of the protest This is, I mean you know it's amazing that it still going on. I can tell you that it's a heck of a heck of a reminder to a very important stage in this election.
Pennsylvania as to what is going on in our country right now. This is a this is this: is your state on fire by the way racial equality, three out of four people say they reached the american dream, are on their way and a majority of black people believe have more opportunities than their parents. seventy four percent say they have achieved the american dream or on their way back programme, clear, financing, animal S, one, two, three, four: nobody, you w DOT, animal s, consumer access, dot, Org, let's race, to get rid of that whole system that creates the american dream, possibility if you're fiscally responsible homeowner. There is reason right now that you be paying two three There is no reason for you to be paying three points: ass for five on your mortgage rate for ensure for interest.
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this is the Glen by programme ought to play a couple of pieces of audio that, I think, are very, very disturbing. This is Chuck humour on the or the Senate now just understand, twenty seven times in history. A a judge has been confirmed the year. Of the known sorry, twenty seven times it's been open for the president to pick right before an election and twenty seven times they have nominated someone like twenty seven and twenty seven, ten times that has gone through and the person has been nominated. The hearings went on and were They were seated as a Supreme Court justice. Now Eighteen times that has happened, the rest of them.
Is because it didn't happen, they were nominated by the Asian, but they didn't go through. Why? Because they didn't, have the control of the Senate. The president was from a different party from the Senate, so nineteen times we have this happening this time so our another, its illegitimate and They are only using this as an excuse. The idea packing the court's happen long before Ginsburg died? This has been making the circle of of the left for a long time. They're looking for excuses, there lie king for reasons, so they are making the reason to pack the court and get rid of all of these constitutional norms, because of Aimee Coney, bear it is a lie, but I want you to listen to what Chuck tumor said. Lip really listen to this debate.
Mcconnell is lectured descended before on consequence, some of the majority's action. You'll regret this. He told Democrats once- and you may regret at this a lot sooner than you think Listen to those words, you'll regret. This and you may regret it a lot sooner than you think. I would change just one word. My colleagues may regret this for a lot longer than they think Monday October, twenty sixth, twenty twenty. It will go down as one of the darkest days in the two hundred and thirty one year, history so of the United state said. I believe that statement to be true because of what he proceeded it with to say this is one of the darkest days incentive. History is not true that date what they did. What
constitutionally they were supposed to do and they ve done. Nineteen different times throughout history were ridiculous, but because of what he said before its accurate huh, said. My colleagues may regret this. For a lot longer than they think so. In other words, When you, when you lose an election, you know you gonna regret this sooner than you think, you're gonna lose the election and we're gonna. We're gonna go areaway, ok, but longer. Why would it be longer than you think it below longer because you're going to use it to change. the constitutional norms you're going to get if the filibuster you're going to add new states, yours you can add new senators, You are going to pack the court's you're gonna start playing with the lower courts as well, so of
You gonna regret it longer. You're gonna regret it for the rest of your life, because our changing the system and people need to understand this. The only one who is not saying it is job. but he is saying this yesterday, listen party are missing look at how long does it serve on the core design? You know you're hoping to term limit? No, no! No! No! No! The very. There is the question. about whether or not it's a lifetime appointment, I'm not going. To change that of all their son literature, one concept. dollars devices possibility of going from one country to another. For not just We say the whole driver, the Supreme Court, but I made no judgment. My word, I worry about made no judgment. There are just a group of serious crisis, a scholar. A number of ideas or not. We should proceed from this point on and that we're gonna, be doing it again, one hundred eighty days, God willing. If I'm elected
for them to be able to make such a recommendation. So a hundred and eighty days after he's elected he going to have this counts. A very wise, very wise constitutional scholars. tell him different ways: they can change the dew gesture judicial system, so in other words, Amy calling Barrett she'll still be appointed for life, but she won't always be on the Supreme Court. She go to a lower court for a while, and then she might pop back oh, my gosh. Where is that in the constitution? Where is that what he he's doing. Is exactly what Stew told me, and I can't believe that I didn't recognize it he is becoming Philip drew administrator. If Europe, long time listener of this program or you watch me on fox. You know I talked about Philip drew a minute administrator, so one of the war,
novels of all time, but it was. It was Woodrow Wilson, favorite book and it was written by. I want to say colonel House, wasn't it one of his big advisers and It was, it was the way things are going to be in the future where the President is just a head. Chile he's an administrator. He doesn't mean The decisions he's just a look. I'm gonna get a good counsel. I've gotta get a wise counsel and you What I completely forgot. You know the first thing he does the first he does is make sure that he changes the constitution and the Supreme Court to be able. to be more fair. And to be able to get these things through, because they're all common sense in all of these scholars, all believe in these things, then he went state by state to change their constitutions to make sure that they lined up with the federal constitution it. This is
this is the beginnings of what they were talking about then, and there doing it look, I'm just I'm just saying we're just talk about it. We're just talk about it and I'm not side. I mean not going to decide either, but these wise men and women are going to decide. This fascinating, while also me it's so he doesn't have to answer questions during an election I might get a pact. The court, I don't know, what's with the experts, say that my going to close things down on another would suit the scientists say that he's com. Pushing these things off to other people. Therefore, he can't beheld sponsible for any of the actions, and it may so that we do not live in the constitutional republic as designed by the founders at Fisher. to hear humour to he's like that. It's fascinating, set of arguments. What did the republic do that was so offensive here right. They need a massive price court justice and push push them through right before an election and the democratic our
but there is to say well back in two thousand and sixteen you said the opposite. This was a standard that the Republic personal to not sure we know. Historically, it's not true. We dealt without already, but like this, was not a standard. The Democrats accepted right. They fought against it every single step of the way they didn't say at the end of this. Well, I guess you guys want you didn't get merit garland in their, so from now on, we can't we will not a nice name, anything I'm court. They accept that standard they're using it s just a ridiculous argument that they fought. That standard we step of the way. This is what they ask for last started see there are no standards anymore. Now there are no standards and that's that's. What's coming your way, if Donald Trump loses their won't be standards that we all hang our had on because they are Have the experts look at those standards? These are
These are some of the most vindictive angry people I have ever seen. You don't give power. I can't believe I'm gonna quote him again Lindsey Gram you people want power so badly? You will do anything for it and I hope to God you never get it that's where we're at Bay I'll do anything for power and when they have it, they will not let it go. They want we know from of which we know from our own investigation and from the from documents from the federal government that Morocco, must set up the deep state in intelligence and in the State Department, hee hee. In a way codified. It too make sure that it never change. That was their goal. It won't change. Well, it was an infant.
Donald Trump, one instead of Hillary Clinton and that what they're really mad about their mad, that they couldn't put the final touches on that system to make sure that do, State was, healthy and could withstand any Donald Trump, and to expose the deep state, this what they're doing they're gonna come in and change all the constitutional norms? I can't believe that anyone would vote for a democratic right just based on that alone. People are saying we're going to change the supply court were going to pack it were to change the lower courts, because the judges that Donald Trump sent in which men of them. They voted for in the Senate. That, though, Those people are so radical. They should
be able to leave to serve peace peaceably? What does that mean They're gonna go back in and they're gonna go see, which ones they don't want, because our two extreme and that doesn't work. They'll just start changing the way. The judicial system works entirely it. It is It's a madhouse, it's a madhouse, the way to describe. It is good way to describe it, and they some of the people, like Joe Biden for example, are trying. Push these things off in this arena at work or to a commission right cause. He's gonna answer these: right now, people Chuck humor ear senator from New York. He just blurted out right here. such Windsor, fine with it and their blurting what they want to do with these changes, and we should take them seriously. They will do it. Never in my life have people said something that is
Oh brazen and so unconstitutional, as what's happening right now on me, trouble front, multiple, Phronsie, they're, talking about changing capitalism. Getting rid of capitalism. As we know it. getting into some equity business there. Talking about you want to talk about the stock market, taking a nosedive there talking our Treasury department being run by Elisabeth Warren and is, and is it That's not bad enough! This meant on why normally wall Street Ass, to be really kind of taken into consideration, so it looks stable, etc, etc. But because we're in this cove id emergency equity needs to be addressed first, so late, care what Wall Street is going to say about the Treasury department. Now I'd I want to be dictated to by Wall Street either, but that shit
You, the level of change, they're, going to make that if Europe wait her the Mark swill freak out all investment all come He's coming to move here, thinking about moving here. You fundamentally change our economic system. Destroy. All of that it will. it will be the greatest american depression? we're a week away. Congratulations. It's gonna be interesting which were shooting Ohio, writes about giving her dog rough green, saying he loves rough rings. In fact, he wines now, if we don't put it on his food boy, Patricia area of greens is like dog crack Expecting you know too, you know up running some Shell corporation in the Ukraine and raking in piles, a cash and sending it to Joe Biden, but I don't know he's
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day bag and just see if you eat it. If he does, you are on the road to a happy, happy dog, rough, green dot com. Slash back. That's rough greens, dot com! Slash back, are you F, F, Green, dot com, slash back the early tent Glenn back, is a global programme, are glad you here Today. We just want to give you a quick, quick study on common Harris and Joe Biden on guns. We think it's it didn't come up and then it debate. Why would it saw the second amendment- and these guys are on the record here? They are. Mr Verde may this understanding made. He voted to give the gun manufacturers the only major industry in America,
loophole that does not allow them to be sued for the carnage. They are creating. First thing I'll do as president work to get rid of that is going to be hard. I will get the United States Congress one hundred days to get their active. there and have the courage to pass reasonable done safety laws, and if they fail to do it, then I will take executive. Action. There is no rationale to own military style weapon and I are fifteen that If you need, if you're a hunter, you need an earth. Fifty you shouldn't be out their honey. I require that we support the eighteenth and taking license of gun dealers who violate the law. You don't mean a or fifteen it's hard The aim is harder to use and in fact you don't need thirty rounds to protect yourself in the process of doing that. We have collected over twelve hundred fire. From the hands of individuals who were on a list because they were known to have purchased a firearm.
And they were known to be a danger to themselves or society I introduced to first, you saw what I in fact jotted pass on the only guy to be feared already twice. This is not about saying we're. Gonna, take everyone guns away, we're saying we need reasonable guns. Safety laws, including universal background checks and to your plank, was a renewal of this. All weapons ban is just the right thing to do. No throat Second amendment by tell people there are certain weapons they cannot on I think, you're pretty clear, pretty clear, not be infringed. I thought you know I'd and well what I really like is that Congress. Doesn't Congress she's gonna, give him a hundred days, and if Congress doesn't act well, she will just do an executive ordering get rid of that pesky little second amendment thing:
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