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Derailing the Media’s Nikki Haley Smears: Not This Time, Soros! | 12/9/19

2019-12-09 | 🔗
George Soros-funded Media Matters strikes again, removing all context from Nikki Haley’s Confederate flag comments from the latest Glenn Beck Podcast. But while the media bought the lies at first, apologies followed quickly. Ted Cruz was mocked by the media and MSNBC’s Chuck Todd for supporting President Trump in the Ukraine scandal. And Trump isn’t happy with Fox News any more. The attack at Pensacola Naval Air Station is being looked into as terrorism: Can we please STOP training Saudi nationalists to fly planes? And Civil Society 2.0 is growing tired of Trump’s efforts to “drain the swamp.” College students rank Trump as worse than Hitler, and Rudy Giuliani is now public enemy #1, at least according to the New York Times.

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I thought that's! I d, I thought Lincoln, had that one covered with you now being shot at the theater, but not now our trump ass they removed, the original sin of slavery. We have the visa. Spectre generals report today on the FBI's handling of the Russia Prob. Oh, my god, another impeachment trial is going on. Yes, the hearings are still going on wheels, in and out of that quickly, geysers, really nothing going on. I have to tell you about the really really exciting ratings CNN Odoured, doing so very well right now the planet, That was a hundred and twenty thousand dollars. There was this weekend and I want to start with Nicky hailing because, as usual the media.
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sorrows funded industry. What a surprise! You know it's kind of nice being the number one enemy of George Soros. Is it now ya? Like then, do I kind of like that lies because he's evil because they use they met because he's jewish, obviously because an evil we were what it. What does that have to do with being an anti semite does want to hear my views about died or points too you being an internet is right. I know I know so anyway, spooky dude. Now either do you ended Dan anyway, that guy he's abandoned this new movie. Do isn't it Oh, your friends, you think your friends are going to save you reach for it slavey down, feel by heat. Anyway, so George Soros and his minions at media matters this.
Did to smear Nicky Hayley in an interview that I did with her and honestly I've been working all weekend. I was working on a stage show, so I didn't get a chance to respond or even check on it. I, it up all day Saturday, I'm hearing this and I'm like how cheese Nicky this is so horrible, I'm sorry! I didn't even gent averages to write tour, I'm sorry that this happen because of the podcast we did, and I'm kick in myself How did I not hear this as an interview, or I should have her This and said: wait a minute. Wait a minute! Wait a minute! Oh my gosh, that's what happens! Sometimes you're, not listening, you're! Thinking of your next question. For a second year, organizing your thought in my Kalen. It happened in my case. I just thought to myself. I missed it because
I must have known what she meant, and so I didn't take it that way, and I wasn't thinking oh somebody's gonna, take it this way and that's why? I guess maybe what happened? Maybe but that's really even saying that she said anything that should have been taken any differently, I want you to feel Here's what media matter said and me millions of hits on the short version. Ok, millions of stories that went out and had been and passed by everybody on the left that dickie. Hayley said but she saw the confederate flag as a flag of service a flag of heritage until why what what was his name Dylan Roof. Dylan Roof goes in,
church and shoots everybody, and then she sees it differently? Well, that's how it she said here is the actual audio from podcast. If anybody wants to actually listen to it, a few outlets have retracted the story and corrected it, but here it is South Carolina fell to her knees when this happened. This is one of the oldest african american churches, these twelve. Four were amazing people they loved their church, they loved their family, they love their community, and here is this. Guy that comes out with his manifesto holding the confederate flag and had just hijacked everything that people thought of it. We don't have hateful people in South Tyrol, there's always the small minority. It's always gonna, be there, but people saw it as service and sacrifice and heritage, and but once he did that
you weren't. There was no way to overcome it and the national media came in in droves. They want to define. What have they wanted to make this about racism? They want to make about gun control. They want to make it about penalty, and I really pushed off the national median said there will be a time and place where we talked about this, but it is not now we're going to get through the funerals, we're going to respect them. And then we will have that conversation and we had a really tough few weeks, debate, but we didn't have riots. We advocate we didn't have no tests? We had hugson and the people in South Carolina stepped up and showed the world what it looks like two to show grace and strength in the eyes of tragedy, So here's here's! Here's how this is spun now, listen to this, what she's Ed was ah look. South Carolina fell to its knees when that shooting,
happen. So she's first saying the people South Carolina were humbled, we're so struck by what happened. They were humbled by it and she said some people by saying people she does mean all people saw that flag as service and sacrifice inherited? now. She said we don't have April people. Yes, we do, of course, have There's always a small number of small minority of hateful people, but peoples, aw bad as sacrifice and heritage. Now let me- really clear for all you imbeciles, not not new, regular members, just the people who are being p by George Soros media matters to smear me and everybody else. The this
house was not about state were state rights. It was not about that. You can. You can name it all you want, but that's not what it was about period. It was about the expansion of slavery. Not even the just the holding on to slavery, but the expansion of slavery. Remember we have. At the Missouri compromise, we had the expansion. Of slavery out West was being told. No, you can't expanded out west. The south the southern states wanted this all the way down into Mexico. They wanted it out west and they wanted it down to Mexico to be clear here. The reason why you know that is because you seen in person than Confederate constitution yeah, which does if it was about states rights, would
probably have given some new states and out to not have slaver, yet you could jointly either you have the option right, that's not what the Confederate constitution did and set it required. Every one who joined the confederacy to automatically have it has every end and it was required and b for the expansion of slavery. So it wasn't enough that you're a slave, owning state. You had. To agree with that. You had to be a slave, owning state and you had to agree with the expansion of slavery, so, it was not about heritage and it was not about state right. It was about any of that. However, Stew tell me tell me what it turned into in them, eighteen, seventy, nine and eighty similar confederate flat? We all know this is started, something we and we for war over what it started as yet. However, these things of course do developing and change meanings overtime mean we can all. All acknowledge that we all watched on tell it
in a show, with a confederate flag on the side of an orange car jumping over things all the time it was not seen as well. These guys are super mega extra racist. While these guys are for slavery. These guys want turkey expand slavery all over the world, so was the south. It became a symbol of just southern pride right or wrong and obviously we know Nicky Haley's position on whether it was right or wrong. She removed it from the state house. She also is an India in Amerika the first generation American she's, an Indian who, in the interview, talked about the racism that she felt as a child. She was dead for she was neither black nor why she was another. She was a beauty pageant as a kid she wanted to join. They didn't a category for her? So she was told a beat it in I mean here's a woman who
in the south in South Carolina growing up, experienced racism and then He says. Look, that's not what it turned into this. This flag was about heritage, but once once Dylan Roof hi jack that and made sure everybody knew that was about racism. South Carolinians got rid of it. And she led the way we think about just what kind of garbage organization gets to work every day and says you know it: let's take the vegan american governor of a southern state. Who is Literally responsible for removing the confederate flag and lets say at seems, like you might have some white supremacist, which is not just insinuate that see what happens and they imagined country in the media that allows that to work, albeit for a short time,
Actually they correct the stories later on, but nobody sees integration right. Nobody sees the graves embarrassing. This is a pathetic tactic. How could anyone think this is going to work in It shows too, and I will say like in me the matters very light defence here they actually do include the Our where she says, she's not giving her own, Now they miss label the tweets they they lie on the headlines, but the me It is so pathetic, didn't even listen to the clip they pulled from your interview, let alone go back to the interview Lillian I can hear the actual context. They listen only to media matters clip, and then we can listen to the whole thing. They write on their headline that its help pathetic the media is today, they didn't even bother to listen to the minute. Twenty clip that media matters bald. They didn't even listen to it for themselves. That is it me regrettably, the low bar to clear- and that is where
the entire media, seems to be living right now and then they have to embarrassingly dude led tweets incorrect stories. How about and eighty seconds we're sitting to the damn clip before you write the story: how about back- and I know this one's crazy guy I can listen to five minutes before this moment on the contest in five minutes. After is that it was at a possibility, some like that. We actually least, yet the very basic content- and I will try to do that. I don't have time to do that. Then asides is behind a pay? Well, oh, no! Oh no, Saturday, it's open for everybody on. You, too, is a legitimate request. Is it a legitimate Excuse me, this is a legitimate excuse. Our media organisations to say they can subscribe to a website for nine dollars, whatever charging went by one week free, I believe. Yes, you, you can't do that before you write. A new story about at the IMF
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and I mean what does that say. You really have to kind of figure that out jock you need to listen to the american people, so did chuck want to listen now. I've called him several times, I've written to him several times and not just chuck, but he's the example today because of what happened over the weekend on his very very fair meet the press- and I said it not only him but to others. I get it. I know how the american people are looking at Donald Trump and you guys are missing the boat and you're only making things worse now. This list by a year and a half ago. I was doing that now there just absolutely unhinged Looney Bin kind of thinking they won't even allow people to speak to prison.
And to the other side. They are so convinced that vein. Oh all of the answers and they oh how you're thinking how I'm thinking in this case, how Ed crews was thinking. You know you want You you ask: a wise in Congress doing anything. Why isn't the GEO p standing up layers a good ex here's, a good reason? I can guarantee you that TED crews, when he couldn't break through to the corrupt media, on meat, the press when he wouldn't break that log jam with them. The others look at him and say well, he's outspoken, she's, really really good enough aids and everything else. If he's gonna be made to look like a clown, I can't do it. They already did at last week, and they did it to Senator Kennedy and you're like Kay. Well, you Senator Kennedy is
either guy to really presented. Get TED crews cause he's a pit ball. Do you think anybody else wants to talk about it? Anybody else want to defend that. The damn Kratz messed with our election. Who else wants to go up and put your head negating? That's what was happening with meat? The press go ahead, anybody next will chop your head off too. We all have to line up and say: yeah, ok I'll, do it I'll. Do it jack invite me on meat, the press. You go ahead. Ask me if I believe that they were conspiring, damn right, I do and I'll come with the evidence. But let's see, if you let me, speak, you didn't let TED speak. Oh yes, I do it. Yes, her get real
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lot more on this tonight on tv go to place. Dvd com is a promo code Glenn and said ten bucks off your subscription welcome to the programme, so very glad. You're here, Chuck Todd I'm available next Sunday. If you'd like to see the The dense and you wish to have someone actually presented without constantly being interrupted, by you here is TED crews. Yesterday and I went up our play, the whole clip error they just mock TED crews and then
really don't let him Brazil any evidence here. It is unable to Ukraine metal than the american and asian and twenty six thing I do, and I think there is considerable evidence you do. You do ass, not in Scotland. I stop play again turned up in your car during your car turn up loose into the background. Listen to the staffers grant. Plainly do. Metal than the american and asian and twenty six thing. I do what I think there's. Considerable evident here? Do you Let me also as a sort of strikes me as is odd, because you went through a primary campaign with this president. He launched a birthday and campaign against you. You went after your fate. He threatened to quote spill the beans about your wife about something He put the National enquire story, which we now know he
a real relationship with your driving up all about minority, and it's very good. I is it. Let me ask you this: is it not possible that this president is capable of creating a false narrative about I'm calling voice calling pointed out how to send its political like it. We do not think that this is a great thing. Were its EC? Hey did you get the mill of our elections. Yes, so you don't think it's possible. Donald Trump could lie, but what will? First of all like to forget the facts about Ukraine? For second? That is not the fact that Donald Trump can it did occasionally believing conspiracy theories in the past has nothing to do with whether there is evidence on the vote that. We could show you and have shown you about whether Ukraine it in was involved in Elections are certainly that listening to what he is saying is he's bringing up all this personal stuff to try to get em like Yahoo and try to get em like here.
Gone after you and said horrible things. How could you possibly believe him we'll? Doesn't his credibility? Doesn't TED crews credibility actually go up on this issue right it. Should he I've? personally attacked in destroyed by I'll drop. You could have said, I could say Donald Trump said a lot of things about major. Where we re analogy, I do not want that. What's that got but he's at a lot of things so shouldn't my credibility go up. I was well to say these are lies these are lies I how willing to say the guy there was a liar these lies there it's true and this has nothing to do with Donald Trump. This is everything they convicted. Two people convicted,
for meddling in the? U S, election in Ukraine. They are on tape, confessing it really because if you continue with this interview, Clip HEAT Truck Todd points out that the things that were a problem from you, brain and he doesn't mentioned either of those things, which is that I thought I thought to be a very strange article. Has it except that's not what happened the president released the transfer? the phone call you read what was said on the phone call and the line they point out anymore. You yourself about the binding part was traveling Chuck. Let me point out again that the media is playing a question that that you have asked a number of people is use. You said the senator sort of again do you believe that Ukraine and not Russia, feared and the election now that that in a court of law would be struck as a misleading question. Of course Russia interfered in our election. Nobody looking at the evidence dispute
that would rather United Red Herring is look on the evidence. Russia clearly interfered in our em in our election, but here's the game, the media's playing because Russia interfere the media pretends. Nobody else did you crane, lately interfered or our election? The sitting ambassador from Ukraine Road or not bad blast, you gotta? Do you know why the election? You know why he did that you want to download you what did Donald Trump, what it Donald Trump as a candidate, say about you, in crime mere during the election that might have been so they did it. Agreements would not on a trump they what is required and to get elected okay, so they rode and tired. I wrote an operating in parliament. It here difference what you actually Louis, raising a pickpocket, precisely as I'm trying to go to compared to Bernie Meda. Then Vladimir Putin s ear. You're, trying to Vegas you're trying to equip equivocal equal, make em both seem equal. I don't, I don't understand that it should structure
I understand that you want to dismiss ukrainian interference because a they were I to get Hillary Clinton elected, which is what the vast majority the media wandered anyway and be its income. For the narrative, you know it's hysterical to you so go. There was article are, after article after article the mainstream media, about ukrainian Interference in the elections, but now the demo I have no evidence of a crime, no evidence of violating the law, and so only Ukraine or eighty interference is treated as the media clutches. There girls. Oh, my goodness, you can't say that last week shock, you call Senator John Kennedy, basically a stooge for Putin I did not receive any, don't say. I think there is a decade later I'll, just at our learning work for Adam Shit, ok, unbelievable! So it's not bad! That's! That was their evidence yet, but there s Gus disguise trying to your endure. Remember he was the guy who did meet the press years ago. You so great
meet the press. He died early about to run, trim russet. This is absolutely a one sided game with Chuck taught and meet the press. Just one sided he's so emotionally attach to this story that he is defending it out of emotion. You can hear it in his you do he doesn't in the way of, like you said my kid was ugly. What did I tell you? Why not ugly right? Let's not use, that's your job. You'd itself is that your child, defending the storyline should not be the family issue Do you work under the programme? Mr Pat Gray, hostess pack re unleashed that you can hear on podcast and you can hear
on blaze. Radio network just become member of blazed, go to place tv, dot, com, slashed, Glenn and sign up what use password, Glenn Annual, safe ten ten percent right now. High path I go in, I am totally convinced that Ukraine didn't metal only it was only Russia is. There was Johnny Russia and it wasn't Russia on anything else other than work. In colluding with Donald Trump and his campaign or exactly so. I wasn't right than anything that tromp was not related to exactly right? Sarah would use Google who is far seeing that Trump was the architect. Yes, yes, I will I mean of not an ideal, as far as to say he's a russian asset. Ok and no one was, was he a russian asset during slavery as well? Yes, yes, he was, he was yes, he was he had to be because he's responsible, obviously for slavery. As we heard from representative L green wreck,
now, he has to be impeached because slavery, slavery. Yes- and you know what, No, what now as unfair as it seems, I mean Eight be willing to go along if we can get past slavery. If all is require. Is Donald Trump to be impeached for the good of the country so, we can finally move on- and I might be forty that is actually settles. The actual is settling ass. You, I think, Donald Trump. Why don't you know what it's good near the country? I didn't even understand the agreed point, I mean: how do what do you even make it out Our green year unites similar to those the Oj Simpson thing where you you talk to the the jurors today and they say well, we didn't know, sir. I think he was innocent, but what we thought was there's a lot of bud injustice over a long period of time and they needed to pay and that's what what's the ice.
And we're like rice labor was really gas, so we'd align design is wrong. I am right like that's not how justice work This is exactly what I laid out of my first episode of on the impeachment member I, out said this? Is the Oj Simpson case? This is the glove it doesn't matter what the evident says doesn't matter, the glove doesn't fit. You have to acquit, and it was oh based on emotion. This is the worst. Imagine This is the kind of system that you're setting up for you by the way many of the airport lately have you seen clear yeah. They is again both fast. Pass through security or India has how work as I work stew I looked into it and because I thought maybe we something to sign. Poor and I don't know exactly how it works with specifically through the line luxury resorting to scan to read this
read this: can you just give them your imprint of your retinas? That's all they don't do it thought. Try. Ok, just so you know retina the scanning, is what one of the big things that I was against in common core when I found out I they wanted the kids on computers and why they needed the cameras on every computer was because they could run scan your kid and then they would oh, when they were drifting when they were thinking about something else when they were lying, when they were panicked, when anything, because the Whitley eyes are the windows to the sole ok. Now, so I M going a long way here will go back into redness cans later but dont. Do it it's a trap, but look it now if good God now forgotten what I was. How, staying these do together. Ah crap. I is adjourned
I was. It was really good and was really oh, they think about if they could do this to the president. Now, with this shady evidence when they have you and all of your information, and all of your heart beat and everything else just by scanning awry at all times and they're the ones that have the information, not you, you don't have it big, manipulate anyway. They want, if this is what we deem as a fair hearing, a fair trial and decency in America. On our criminal system on our justice system. If this is what, we deem as fair and right and righteous to the most our full man in the world. Why do you think it's going to be like for you and your children? That's gonna be
Could we soviet? Have you had a little child apprehensions will have no chance. That's why the argument why care what they're doing? I do really think wrong here, get a look at wherever a do, and I are nothing to hide. You should do and you know they decide what you have to hide right. You and hang on just a second. You have nothing to hide. Look at how many people have lost their jobs from something they did twenty years ago or thirty or forty years ago. Look how they ve been smeared nets. Even taught that still saying you have something to hide your thoughts. King. I have nothing to hide in a just society This is not a just society anymore. Are we ve been looking for justice, or are we just looking? feel good. Are we looking to be right? Are we looking to work in are we were we just looking to get that guy, because we don't like him there, society you're right. They have nothing to worry about in a just society, but in
bad society, the one were becoming. Oh you shouldn't sleep at night, you shouldn't frickin sleep at night makes that boy put about what our thumbs. Lately, God welcome to the programme recent report. Eighty three percent, eighty, three percent of: U S, consumers plan to shop online for holiday, gives this year, of course, but we should remember this, the FBI receive, nearly three hundred online theft: complaints in twenty seventeen alone. They reported losses at TAT of one point: four billion dollars so before you hit that by button this holiday system, a sea season. Remember that some websites are created for people who just want your credit card data and other personal information. That's what's happening. Nights important understand how cybercrime and cyber
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Promo Code back one, eight hundred lifelike or life lock, dot com Glenn. You know this is this. Is so frustrating the way? The the press, but does everything because they make it they make everything a binary choice. Oh so you're saying that they the interfered. Yes, they interfered here's, one they interfered they provided black ledger, which now is below to be a fake
oh much, so that the FBI did not use it in the prosecution of parliament afford at least there are worried about it they don't know where they were worry. I don't know they were worried about it enough to not even bring it up. Ok, so evolving that had credibility; they would have used it, but what the F b I needed, what the Department of Justice needed was just something new to be: opening a new case on Paul metaphor, cause they had him cause the guy was guilty, but if you bring up the fact that the Ukrainians and and through the work of gialluta and the DMZ that they brought this. What appears to be bogus black list to the d o j. What for. It doesn't matter if it's a bogus, he was guilty. We said that level. Should Paul Manner Fort go to prison. Yes, now
because the black ledger, but he was tat, he was dirty our eye, so did that! Well, he was you got a bad guy yeah. You got a bad guy, but you didn't get him before or or even away before he joined tromp or even before he got trump. You didn't get him after Tromp was elect you got him during the election, when you are trying to say Donald Trump. Is in bed with the demo with the Russia. You god he is this guy thrown in jail for work king and taking money from the Russians, I'm ethic. The scope of the russian election influence was much larger than Ukraine, Ukraine overall corruptions, another story, but as far as there are there, the scope of the effort? was larger, with Russia recording needed of the hacker
Wiki LISA I mean they did all of that, but the impact of the Ukrainian one was very large. I mean the if this lead this ledger left to think about it. There cycles where the biggest story of the entire election would be the head of a campaign gets fired, gets fired in the middle of it because of corruption. This is vital to. This was just like the russian collaborate, corruption. It's pretty elicited huge, huge, huge you ride. Back in a minute your lesson, TAT, Glenn back. That is a mark of all who will be shocked by the eye, but the silly music paper behind a kind of example came from what is actually happening there, forty five while he did that
Why do you think he was bad? What's what I mean? What do you think he did? I mean, then, that the time that, like that's the one likes the knee jerk ray I don't know antonucci, he stole the money from the people the Volkswagen, so he could finance the ward. What do you want? Nuclear was so bad that was bigger than killing, sermon eighty six million Jews. Those german citizens never got the vacations. They were promise now make sure that that is done in a real raw right on man. Pay right back in just the same in the future.
Of entertainment and enlightenment, Lee Saudi National, open fire at the enable aerostation, Pensacola Florida, killing three wounding aid, others posted at dinner. Already prior to his attack, where he watched videos of mass shootings with his party guests, The associated press reveals that authorities has of as of this weekend, detained ten south nationals on a naval based they were held for questioning I'll several others remain unaccounted for. When is this country going to say this? the Saudis car, not our friends, the Saudis there, maybe, people in there trying to do good, but as it stands, today are brutal, barbaric
more in one minute, guess that programme So this week the House Judiciary Committee continues there show trial to in fact it's going on right now. Could we just take only just take? This is really important. Take a little bit of the debate about working. That's enough! wow I'm glad we slip that in their because there's a lot of really good stuff going on Mozilla, another huge corps the interest, undermining our values and our constitution on a daily basis bases, unfortunately, were subsidizing, some of it with Big Mouth when you use your cell phone, your practically voting for all. Borders, abortion, gun confiscation and impeachment. How could I possibly make that claim before, as companies like Verizon, are donating mill ends of dollars to left wing causes that partially your money, every time you make a phone call, stop giving
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and at the eighty both said the officials are investigating whether the incident is terrorism related to die here. Tat Tomer. I think you is mad because they will make a valuable month day. That's what that's! What some are saying of this was all because of bullying. They had said that he had a porn stash. You know little mustache, it look like you're in a porno. I am, I mean a Saudi should say: I've never seen a porno. I dont even know what that means. So please stop saying that Pallaby praised bless. It be upon Mohammed. All that stuff and then of
course do what Mohammed said to do an cut their heads off of the infidel, all that's what he did to be used again and he didn't cutting buddies heads off, but he tried. When are we going to learn some of these? Moreover, we are giving them pilot training, hello, at least now. As we can say, we're training them to land the plane is well. Can we stop train? in Saudi National is to fly plain this part of the package that when we sell the military equipment like planes, we created retrain them to use the blank. Do not know about you, but you know once you have a guy shooting people up on one of our basis. I think you lose at privilege. I know what I mean. I don't know if we're notice they ve, they ve made this a priority to sell them, lots and lots of equipment and something that we talk about all the time
we're in a proxy war with them right now we're a proxy war, meaning we're helping Saudi Arabia fight their war in Yemen, so we are helping them and their monsters. Let's be honest about it. There there there are monsters ah well, that makes it so much better, and I told you about. I am reading this book called poisoner and chief, and it's really really really good its little horrifying about are bar CIA and what we were doing with experimental drugs and testing on children as young. As six, we didn't get permission. We just scooped em up from orphanages and were like: let's see how much a sandwich lsd their body can take many. We did some really bad stuff. However, when your reading it as their making the case
How bad? We are, because, after world war, two we knew that they were working on biological weapons, both the Japanese and the Germans, and they had done extensive testing on people, the Japanese really made the Germans look like rookies. They really did in China, they just they just took this whole
five mile area a ten mile area and they just coordinate off, and then they just started. Bringing people in and they would do horrible horrible experiments on these people with biological weapons will the book is trying to set up how bad we are because we went over and we tried to get the information from those doctors, because we wanted to know what they had learned about. Biological weapons. Ok! Well, that's bad! I agree with you. I agree with and given kids lsd, that's bad and it should have never happen in an embarrassing me. However, why Why is that even equated to sticking people opposed through their body while they're still alive and then hitting them with shrapnel from an anthrax by while they squirm on that post for six
seven days to see how they see how they die and how long it takes them to die, that's a little different too little different, but we're made out to be the bad guys and yet Japan, nobody is talking about what Japan, because what Japan did, Japan, hopefully won't be doing now what they did in the past. Germans did that and Hopefully, Germans are doing that now. I think they learn their lesson. Why are we the only ones that can not ever go of our past. Ever ever. Let go of our past. The only time that you can be excused and I know of your past is when you ve learned from it and you stop making the same mistake. Can we stop making the same mistake and in adopting monsters around the world. As our friends I dont want to be in bed with monsters.
I don't think anybody in the country wants to be in bed with monsters, but our state Department will tell our president. We have to be we if we are not friends with the Saudis than this and this, and this will happen Will you know had the same thing? They said about Donald Trump, not meeting with North Korea? Guy, don't me with I thought that was insane. Do I didn't like that? We were meeting with him but I knew what was happening. What Obama did and what Bush did was not working and you ve got to do something. You know that right now
Kim Jong IL is, it was Goon Kim Jong OWN is now sabre rattling. Taking all these pictures on him on a horse in the mountains, and they keep releasing it needs, is a big Christmas surprise is coming for America and America should be warned, etc, etc. Do you know why that's happening? They always take pictures of him on horses before some big battle. Ok, it's a traditional thing that it would be like you know if we still believed in God, if our president went to Valley, forge and kneel down in the forest and set a prayer, it would be assigned to America we're gonna go into battle, that's what this is with a horse and so he's imaging self as a tough guy ready to go into war will. Why is he doing that? Because Donald Trump has humiliated him inside of his own country by me
with Donald Trump. You know we all said he's going to get something he's going to get something we're going to give him something. Nope Donald Trump gave him a nice talkin to hey your great. You should come to the table lights. But that was not. It seems to be working, because what Donald Trump did not do was give them all of the things. The actual things that they ve wanted. That Obama gave them and Bush gave them. He said now I'll meet with you I'll talk to you but you're not getting those things until you do X, Y and Z, so he just flip the tables and we all freaked out, but it looks now this is this is intelligent speculation. We don't know for sure why and what? coming, but it looks as though the pressure on him from his inner circle from the communist leadership that he is so weak and pathetic that he did
this world stage with Donald Trump, and yet he didn't get Donald Trump to give him anything. And now they don't have the aid that they really need, and so he's trouble was pretty good about this. The state department says that you can't get out of that deal with a ran you can't get out of that deal with ran it pause. The whole world has be set on fire. You can't get out of that deal on IRAN. Well. People in IRAN are rising up against the regime, because what we got out of that deal? Donald Trump made the sanctions even tougher and guess what they here to be working and the whole world is not on fire because of that they told Donald Trump don't make the embassy Jerusalem. You can't do that. No present as ever done that you gotta listen to us the experts at the State Department. Why,
because the whole world will turn against us, guess what didn't happen I mean I just I just I just don't understand. I just honestly don't understand how people's hatred can be so deeply involved, Donald Trump, that you can't it least admit the facts. Look I'm a guy who is against him in the in the first. In the first run up, there's lots of things, Donald Trump! Does it I dont like Look what I just said I didn't like that. He went to North Korea, but it may actually be working. I didn't I didn't like the iranian deal, but it can. Turned me. What we were doing then and what we were doing now. It's still concerns me, but it looks like it's working. I didn't believe Donal
prompt would say that about Jerusalem. I don't believe it for a second. He did against all the experts. You know its hat in here with Donald Trump, the reason why people don't like him is because he's changing all of the dynamics. All of the dynamics you we it's easy for us to point and say: look what he's doing to the press he's burn the press down to the ground and a normally. I would be against that. I dont like the fact that we don't have anybody. We can trust, but that's not Donald Trump Fault. That's the press is fault, and if the press is gonna old truth, they should be burned down to the ground with their own matches their due. Yet, not him he's just pointing it out and he strong enough to be able to keep standing and Continuing to point this out. They don't like him, not Pisa, because the press- they don't like him, because
Bree buddies power is going away. What why? What is this impeachment really about civil society to point. Oh, if you dont know what it is, look it up. If you don't know what it is watch our lead, our latest special, our special and came out about three weeks ago. You did fine, it blaze TV. You can find it on Youtube. Look for hydra. The Democrats hydra. Civil society to point out that what this is about- and that is all- the State Department being told by Donald Trump shut up shut up. If you are going to disrupt things, you are going to be hated, everything is being disrupted. All the old things are not going to be, at least they may not all fall because the smart ones like. I can't believe, I'm saying this,
like the Intel in the government, they know just play ball and social media is intertwining themselves with our government that will protect those weasels in the government. And those weasels in social media, but everything that doesn't adapt will burned to the ground because it's over because it doesn't work, it's been corrupt for far too long. Do we have a healthy? Do we have a healthy society? I think the answer to that is really clear. No, does our government have do you have faith in our government answers that is no. Does the world have faith? our government are, you can listen to either side and people will say
it's because a Barrack Obama, or no because of Donald Trump. There have faith in the United States, full faith and credit. Does the United States have good credit? Full faith in credit in the government of the United States is what is required for our money. To now. To be worthless. How do you think that's got which direction that going? You see that thing? Turning around a time, you see us getting serious about our credit nope, you see us any time getting getting gaining credibility. You think you think Joe Biden
is going to be able to turn the corner on our credibility, nope, full faith in credit? May I suggest I have full faith in the credit of gold, because gold doesn't change the value of your dollar changes. Gold doesn't go up or down in frame. Ice. Your dollar does so in your dollar is devalued. It appears, as
thou gold is more expensive. No, it just takes more of those dollars to buy it, because the dollar that you had yesterday isn't worth the dollar that you had today. That's what's happening. Gold lying call them now. Please it makes a great Christmas gift. Just get a gold coin for your kids, get a small gold coin, get silver for your kids die! No, did I dont give flashy presence. I really do well. I do sometimes, but I dont with my kids. I try to give them sensible things things that you'll. Thank me in the end, my daughter reminded me that when I gave her a pair of diamond hearings a few years ago, when she first turn, I think twenty one I did say her they'll look lovely on you, but you keep them always because some day you may have to eat them and pick through Europe
poop to get them, so you can get across a border. That's how special gifts are comparatively parenting. Parenting wanna, one gold line, call them now. Gold line at one eight x x, behold line one eight, six, six gold line or gold leaf. Dot com by the way diamonds seem to be losing their value. We break for ten seconds station. I d done well what about what my mom me? Well, while I still high or a good I'm you point out. One little thing: that's one of my financial in that a monologue. We talked about how you know the they went over with. I guess I was China, Japan and how they and we looked at like that. We went over and looked at their medical results because we wanted to fight
what they learned and try to figure that out. I found it to be really fascinating thing about history in that, like a lot of things in normal, medical practice are named after two, not see doctors. So most people don't know this. There was actually a group that tried to get this taken out of all hospitals. Hospitals have a that. I don't even remember what it's called, but it's a big book on basic things like hypothermia, etc, etc. All of that came from a war to experiments in Germany and Japan, all of it. We only know hypothermia and and air pressure, and all of that because of what the Germans were doing. So if you are, if you come in with Paypal, Burma, our frostbite they're, using and diagnosing using the information that we got from experiments age, not us, but german experimentation on Jews,
So what do you do that? Do not use that information? Do you make their death or in vain, or do you take that and try to use it for good yeah, I'm because a lot of terms, even with nazi doctors? still on them and they are slowly like removing them from these diseases and ailments, because the people that discovered them were were nazis. And it's interesting because it's a great crystallization of of progressive ISM, verses, individualism right. We absolutely could advance medical treatment really fast. If what we just discarded human life just sit screw those individuals, let us have do experiments weren't. If I were all sorts of really get things, it would almost undoubtedly be better for the whole right oil would be. It would be better for the collective
We took all the homeless people indeed experience on them and legitimate experiments on them. It would be better for the collective. What would we do that by the way? Now, with the answer is we have declared yell? So I'm sorry media matters I forget the answer to that is no. So what's interesting is in this book about poisoner and chief when he goes to school. What's the first thing he does becomes a member of the Socialist Party, and he has this collective mindset he's a hippie, and he's a total hippy, but he has this socialist mindset which allows him to care about the individual but take care the individual by destroying the collective around talked about next year. Exchequer makes a great great. Would you please write down Melissa order the next year for Christmas? I haven't done it yet and if I get to Christmas after all of this ribbing with my wife and there's not an extra,
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on the lot of stories I wanna talk about, and so it may. I just go back and forth from story to story. Some of em are good. Some of them are great and fun. Others are just like out. He's really do have to do less willing to kind of race through some of those, but I want to give you all the news that I thought was fit to talk about today. First, the blazes reporting that Dame Emma Thomson Day Movement Room room. Can you imagine if we had titles like Sir and Dame and the President could night you can you imagine how frustrating that would be? All of the people who are liberal would all be we'd have to call them, sir,
Sir Al Gore. I'm sorry, Sir Al Gore and he is isn't he would hear she was noted. Wasn't he wasn't? I don't think you can benighted is an american citizen. I don't think you'll be honorary and honour. Rarely me Eddie you're not supposed to take any night hoods or titles from foreign land makes sense, and maybe you can get it as an honorary kind of thing, but you're not to accept a title from another land because we don't have them. I mean. That's really important thing. We didn't want class structure like that. This is the also the the beginnings and the formation of the Baron Trump from the impeachment hearings. Last week you can name your kid baron, but you can't fire and all involved, yet it I'll be a knowledge society. Now Sophia are so actress clay.
Activists Dame Emma Thomson. Sixty issued a dire prediction on what life will be like due to climate change, and we heard BBC would like to report the award winning actress said. Climate change will affect the globe so much. We need to be prepared. We quote better warm up and stockpile food and remember that there is a surprising amount of protein in the average. How pack and could wait, watches yours. Oh she was saying that we may have to resort to eating beloved your keys. She actually when I can. We please just add this to the list of all the crazy things you know what, if we're gonna be dead in ten years, I don't think I'm gonna eat my pat, but I mean I'm. I go to those who in no hey you wanna giraffe tonight I mean I've never had giraffe. Do you think it says it is tastes good
try it ass. The people of Venezuela who were basically I caught for other lies here, get a hold of them because some reason or another I dont know what it is. Communications loss was Venezuela, I mean what would you do if you only had ten years left twelve years left now it nowhere at nine? Now I think we years left until the until we are all dead eating our pets because of the climate gap Billy had ten year I mean I would. I don't think I would say I would try to be a better person. You know, and I think I would if I believed it but just like they say that this is happening, and so that would make you not want to buy a eleven million dollar house, on an island? They don't really believe at either thawed. Oddly specific number and location your talk about their yeah eleven million dollars on an island. You say the island would be like Nantucket or Marthas.
You'd or marthas venue. Might there be even a better one, trailer by yeah yeah? That would even be a better one. So I anybody in mind, but it just shows that they don't believe it. They clearly take note. Just they just don't believe you see them building and we we made this point back in like two thousand cyclones and inconvenient, but come out who came out where the first things in income is a picture of the Miami skyline of where the vote goes over well, mainly to Democrats. If they keep building buildings in this area, were they all say is going to be underwater within moments. You they keep building all these Billy. Now they are building them tall. Maybe there is thinking, there's gonna be above the water sure, that's it that's their line, but just seems like they don't actually believe these things they keep buying the house's right on the water. They keep doing all of these things that would put themselves in their own financial future at risk, but they keep doing it over and over and over again, it's almost as if they dont believe it or their utilizing global warming foreign,
The reason is also you can name your son baron, but now I know not yet not the answer you can name your son baron, but you can they'll get an apartment in the high rise in the edge Miami at its grip, and they want and work is well really. Ok. Next story, Joe Biden claims ignorance on his sons, conflict of interest with bereavement. He says he nobody warned me about potential conflict of interests. Nobody warned me about bad. Well, that's weird, because we have State department memos that, where they're all freak out about it and your son has said you asked him about it, that is what are you can't trust his son bechamel, you can't you write a faded care, but that's like it. You know that this is one of the things he did it's like when you have, if you're,
one giving your Harvey wine sticking secretary and someone says hey by the way I have been hearing rumours about Harvey widening with which I did didn't. I the third issue, that this attitude is that all want to know about it. I don't want that information, that's Joe Biden with charisma and suddenly he did everything he could not be on record talking about it, and that said he never talk to a son about it. It was only his son who said they did talk about well, here's the deal he said, look there's nothing asserting. That said that any thing he did was illegal, nothing. They reporter says why not saying you go my masking. Was it wrong? Look, ah, here's what I'm not gonna. Do I'm not going to and I know you're not intending to do this- play the game of take your eye off the culprit. Like rate, Williams, love allaying, but your eye off the culprit, yet the hottest Mattel games that I will take your eye of the culture of culprit is good, but also more
our key? Then your game show our key is really really yeah without you that you had to be born in the nineties to really play at the eighteen nightdress blinded by went by the way he also while he said he's. Gagging. He didn't do anything wrong. I don't know anything about it. I am not aware of any of the conflict of interests stop and he did nothing wrong here He did also say this weekend that he's gonna make sure that his son doesn't have any business dealings outside of the country. If he's well. Why? If nothing, why would you bother without number one right? Never to how exactly would you put per prohibit them from doing that would mean because the hunter biting can meet an individual young go take money from any foreign government that he wants to go to come and by what we made the point several times that it does not appear that Hunter bite an angel, but indeed do anything illegal. That's the problem. Well
Wait, wait! Wait. We gotta be really careful on this, be very written your right, nothing! Illegal! However, unethical according to the standards as against the government ethics thing right so as a government employees, Joe Biden, should know this, especially by vice president you'd cant. Do anything that gives the appearance of problematic relationships. Ok, that's clearly what he's done so at at worst. Joe Biden should say I did violate the I'm sorry at best he should say I did violate the ethical standards of my office. You I didn't mean. Two or whatever he wants to say, but it's a clear ethics violation that anybody else would have been nailed for long ago and its clear that it's an ethical violation. Now that's part of the job right. Let me give you one more thing
You have a fit, but I do not want to do. I look like. I have a fit bit. My wife wanna give me a bit, and I is she said you know you to distract you steps and I said well sure I can tell you how many steps I'm taking right now as few as I possibly can that fit, but I think, is a problem in the future, because it's going to be tied in their already doing this. Some insurance companies are saying, hey, give us access to your fit bit and you'll get cheaper, cheaper life, insurance and health insurance, and so people see
as a benefit and that, let's find, however, it's going to be where this or you won't get it. Where this are you play your pay, an extraordinarily high price, because what are you hiding wide? Nothing to hide? So why? Wouldn't I wear the fit? Pat, that's worth seeing this the car insurance now right leg. If we put put Europe on and will see how fast you drive and will give you a discount, well that now I o k loud. Scale, put it on, but when it becomes so when it becomes mandatory, when is the other way when it becomes an opt out instead of an opt in yes right, then all of a sudden. It's like in a minute, so now you're getting charge double the amount for not using it. Yeah, which is a is it's gonna, be a lot more difficult. This is the casts. Einstein thing in fact is not sure,
you just nudging, you it's fine, it's fine, it's fine until it becomes mandatory and then they can monitor everything. You know the new apple IFOR will talk about this, maybe next our new apple Iphone because they are prepared for five g. The new apple Iphone has spatial recognition, and so it's pattered. It's making a pattern of everything around you as well. It's just on you'll have to worry about just the microphone or the camera, its gathering, spatial information and able to see who is around you and said that information up. If you have a device, I have a device, my You device, that's coming out. Next will be able to see your device record. That information see how far away we were from each other. What room, what the room was like all this stuff is, is happening now.
And I will be there in your phone in the Great news is: is it apple will keep that information and they'll never do anything with local go wrong anyway. Here's here's a story. The Unifil network correspond. Jane Slater discovered that her boyfriend was being unfaithful. I'm all she did was give him a fit bit edge game. If it bit and then choose, I can you know what we should. We should work together on this, and so they coordinated there for their fit bit, so they would send it information. Nilghai motivate each other work out, make sure hey. You know you re really pushed hard at the gym today, a job the job. She apparently found out that orange theory wasn't having classes at four a m. He would say I was an orange theory. No, they don't have classes at four. A m yeah boy, I guess was seemingly was happening, is his heart rate? Is political activities biking?
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Search bar its omaha stakes, Dotcom, Omaha, stakes, dotcom order now and they'll be there for the holidays in England and programme all right, I'm sorry! how many sad music I've some sad look at this right at our fingertips. Sarah Sullivan MO orchestrates in range is all of our music. For us,
Some sad news among the main street Romania's focus on the impeachment President Donald Trump. We have this unrelated story. Cnn has plummeted too. Multi year record low ratings slump. See El Cnn, fell to a five year record low in the twenty. Fourth. Twenty five, fifty four demographic a three year low in overall prime I'm viewers just last week as according to Nielsen they're, not sure if we ve made it in time we're not sure. If there's anything, we can do don't, say CNN we're about to lose them Apparently they ranked eighteenth overall in primetime viewers. When I was at Fox, we were number one. They were eighteen overall primetime viewers networks like AMC, free form aid.
Gee TV food Network, the Hallmark channel, destroy the CNN and ratings. Meanwhile Fox NEWS average more than two million primetime viewers. By the way the average on CNN was six hundred and twenty thousand two million I'm time viewers MSNBC averaged one point: three million primetime viewers sliding them as third and fourth in overall primetime networks behind ESPN an Hallmark Fox NEWS, lead all networks in daytime viewers and see and ended. Not I love how hallmarks is just there's churning out these Christmas movies, and
are actually like. It works. I love friggin watching that general run. I say something my words in my life. I don't know how many times sedge Turnus off turn a hallmark general on yeah. They let you escape. You see that now, Netflix is making a bunch of these on their own to they have all slew of the cheesy Christmas movies they're making. Now they have all the money you have. This started earliness like Netflix in Netflix, because you know I started as like: U S, they arrive hallmark and lifetime. They needed can achieve programming. They didn't get high level. We know scripts there's an filming and they just kind of like AL. You put together southern made for tv movie now Netflix is like we ve all the money in the world and we're still making this exact way. There's still be, there is something to be said for that. Yeah there's something I think people watch them just because it's a it's an escape. It's funny to be
cheesy and sometimes there their good, and it all always turns out. Ok right is always turns out our by the way they did. A pole on Americans do support impeachment people watch MSNBC in CNN. Seventy two percent said yes for Fox NEWS. Thirty percent, as a huge outside an exact opposite, was that seventy two thirty at the exact opposite is that interesting, manned and trumpet his peers did Fox. Do always like recipes got suddenly to be testimony to arrive here, listening circus, music ups, we talk about the election, but it could have been worse dining. How forty four
he could have handled it horribly, don't you think I guess you. Actually I mean it's pretty harsh credit line of questioning. Funny, but it's a little while it was it, was on the carport is a harsh, harsh presentation. I'd like to ask her I'd like to have her on her ask her policies and do a serious interview with just have this behind the whole time yeah. You know, I think that might be. Might be awkward, but does not have she didn't know it? She didn't have headphones even though the current back and just Finally, the programme great one coming up
stop the music for just a second. This is really important that the intelligence Committee, Majority Council, Daniel Gorman right now is making a statement, and I just by, can we please bring this up? Please ex? U S! Officials met with President say: let's enough. Is that not incredible? There's like this has been. We ve had a description from time to time and get we know all of the important that appears another one quick after that meeting ambassador Thank you and headache: that's just amazing by because that management, if we would have Miss thou, don't worry if you have been thing, I've got to hear the impeachment way. Hang on one. Oh, you just of investigations wow wow. It's really hard hitting today and you won't miss
some men, it of all the important stuff and here's a thing tat. They want to be able to spend time on the report today that the Obama administration was working to manipulate figures from two thousand ninety two thousand eleven to show the success of their military efforts or lying about it. They wanna call they want to get into that today. If they can the king what they care, because of all this we could get into it could should we get in one minute, is legal in that programme, well, the holidays are upon us and is a bad time of the year for break ins. People are travelling. I mean it's a good year if we depend on what size aside your on, if you we're on the homeowner side that I'm here, if you're on the burglar aside, the great Tommy year surpassed huh, it's the most wonderful time in the year.
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Now simply saves amazing holiday savings and get a free, hd security camera the offers for a limited time only its ending soon's or hurry simply save backed outcomes. A big get a free security camera at simply safe back dot com. So still your talking about something hang on justice ignore breaking news from the impeachment. Can we efforts to use the powers of his own holy cow. He guilty I mean, is guilty or what I think is double guilty lobby to. When you I mean I was in for it. You know I thought the impeachment. This thing is a scam and then I just heard that and I'm like holy cow. I was pretty power, fats damning our eyes and ate it in and unfortunately it does
her shadow for a lot of the mainstream media, something I really want to cover yet from the scandal free White House of the Obama administration, see they didn't do anything wrong. The entire time. No wait a minute! Wait! A minute wait, a minute. Where are you getting this conspiracy theory not from the Washington Post, pernicious a hard core right wing organization yeah? We ought to take down President Obama Z regime, don't we all know our other in yes? And so I, if look at this report, made like to talk about they want, oh when they want to every every news organization. Would love to be talking about this today, instead of how bad Donald Trump is, but instead they have to talk about trumped because of of to have some audio from from the impeachment shared commitment. Because of that causes. That is pretty now last one, but this with one corruption
Oh then, one to holy cow riveting part also, the abandoned ministration had a little bit of an issue during the war. National Security Security Council official now saying that there was constant pressure from the Obama White House and then the Pentagon to produce figures to show the trip surge from two thousand nine. Two dozen Levin was working despite hard evidence to the contrary, whom it was impossible to create good metrics. They say we tried using troop numbers, train violence, levels, control, territorial, none of it, painted an accurate picture of the metrics were always manipulated for the duration of the war. Even casualty counted other figures, look bad, the Senor Innocent official said the White House and Pentagon would spend them
The point of absurdity suicide bombings in Kabul were portrayed as a sign of the Talibans desperation. Surgeons are too weak to engage in direct comma. Meanwhile rise in. U S. Troop deaths was cited as proof that american forces were taking the fight to the enemy, so the same group of people. You know on the left that were in production, probably for the post. You know the movie about the washing imposed and how those journalists just were involved in propaganda. Are there at the beginning of the year, the Vietnam WAR, because they were so enamoured with Kennedy, yeah, yeah so late? They? Why, as therein production with that they, there was no
many that thought, while we're so enamoured with Barack Obama. We don't care if we are actually carrying his water and lying to the american people about the search numbers. The little weird I whispered you'd think they learned the lesson, but they didn't yeah and then, but that was the only the only scandal that ceilings can certainly diarist scandalous. Not a big deal that we advocate. We can you shut up shut by whole. We have em breaking news lighthouse, meaning to occur. President Trump told the delegation. They must talk to Rudy. The visit scheduled, oh my gosh. Now there is new in for me I didn't know that did you know that you have talked to Rudy there I like Rutulian, it's the most popular guy in the world. Right now, there's a refuge article, the New York Times that are indispensable man. How Giuliani led trump to the brink of impeachment goes back through his entire history like had he get here to be the focus he was mentioned more than any person and the impeachment trial other than trumpet
Yeah yeah hand they really I mean he has become public enemy number one. What's amazing is he's gone from America's mayor, everybody loved, Rudy, Giuliani, em, but he loved Giuliani too now, there's no way I mean now yeah. You know that he lay eve if he would have what gone to work for Donald Trump, they would have built the next airport or something and named after him after he was dead. There's no airport in his future now none none! And why? Because how does the New York Times explained this? Because here's what Rudy Giuliani, The reason why he's involved? He was hired by the President of the United States to be his personal attorney, his lawyer too, find out what the deal is with this Russia thing and defined Oh, who was causing this? What his defence could be,
what the prosecution was going to say. Well, that led him to one to stop at one place, and that was Ukraine. Because he track down where that stuff started, he was tracking down the steel dossier. Remember so he's going and doing work for the state to look into the steel dossier. How did the steel dossier happen? Who gave that information? Why what happened with Paul man of Fort and that all led to Ukraine now? How did the New York Times say that it was him basic storyline here the nine eleven thing habits as he put on his America's mare. He runs for President United States, two thousand eight
very badly spent a lot of money. Could zero delegate's drops out of the race and now is no longer in the in the spotlight? He's he's he's gone desperate to nice, desperate, he needs money and attention so goes on. He starts going on. It does, of course, the media stuff, but yes pull back from that, because he's making so much money with ease, Spinosaurus security, endorsements and other legal thinks he's all around the world sure. So this is. How is right? I thought he was out of the spotlight, so he was desperate. Yeah he's desperate, As he he once attention and money, so he could, he was, may he added can't. We can't get the attention anymore, because the part of the reason he's getting all this money, a part of their requirements. That is him not going on television autumn, so that's kind of the way they presented oak again. This is the New York Times they again
So the time says that basically he's making tons and tons and tons of money and getting more and more more expensive lifestyle. There's a detour. You that's relatively interesting. His personal life has descended into the sort of well appointed shambles that material wealth can decide, as though not necessarily make any less fraud. A third marriage has fallen into divorce court ruins revealing monthly expenses. Two hundred and thirty thousand dollars for six homes and as the private gets four and eleven country club memberships. Now look a country club as a nice thing, everybody likes a country of I'm sure but is there a white privilege speaking a left within country club memberships, Amadou even get to visit them all in a year, You liked, I gotta say Rudy. If that's accurate, Tommy
get go for nine, yes, anodyne! Let the average person you go for nine. You could play a hole in the front nine different in all these different club. You know they worry, though, for the eighteen, eighteen, ninety eight, why? What that point as a real people, people click off let me make one hundred per country, that's right. As our Jake, the jet. We play the first, the first all and Saratoga, but this story basically makes the case that he really wanted secretary of state two thousand and sixteen with sherry was getting it because of the fact he was, but we know all the stuff he did for Trump during the campaign. What did you lied? Actually, never read up, read multiple books about the selection is Sorry, but this part of it before when the access Hollywood tape comes out in two thousand sixteen
or a knock early October, two dozen. Sixteen, the tape comes out. Everybody all of his people on his staff, including you, know, spy sir end up, and you know all of your done. Chris Christie in and out rent Its previous they're all scheduled to go on these Sunday shows talk about other stuff. All of them cancel. The only person who doesn't cancel is really Giuliani and Giuliani goes on all the networks. I remember that, and he was the only one out there defending him, so he does this and he comes back on the plane. I had never heard this detail before comes back he's walking up towards Trump there about to go to some campaign rally where our nose to the debate. I think it was an he's up there and they portray I'm walking through, like I'm the man, I am the only guy who would stand up for you goes down. It sits down, sit down next, a Trump and Trump says While you are terrible on those shows low, and I might
oh Energy, Rudy, Almighty, God, you're the zeal of the actual quote fanatical man. Rudy. You sucked, you were weak low energy. Why? This is America's mare laying his entire career. I rear on the line to defend him in his worst moment and it says Giuliani slumped his seat. One witness said the plane grew silent. I think I would have said I'm the only one minute. It's me me. Ok, maybe I was but it's I'm the only one here, and so he was supposed to get. He believed using a secretary state. The problem was he had so many, yet he hasn't foreign dealings law has four unkindly lots of deeds. Massive deals with foreign governments right who and in an important people in importing countries that out don't always look so
clean and ill timed. It was about security and he was secure, He consulted run. That was one of the big ways he was making his money though he was making six million dollars a year from one of his law firms that actually made him once you started working Trump, he had leafy lost all that money, so he lost a lot of money to go with Trump, his wife's, his ex wife, one of his I can say, is that he really just needs the attention to survive. Now again. This is an incredibly negative article about really ain't the giving away sight of this one to Gaza side of this and yet- and I I hold them- I hope in the next few weeks I'm gonna be doing another sit down with with Rudy Giuliani and cause. I want I want him to lay out. Do they lay out why he, as involved or they just smearing him. They do go into it. I mean it They say that he was the personal attorney that was hired to Defend Donald Trump
to find out where all this stuff started, because that's the only reason why he was in Ukraine is: he was trying to find out where Where did the steel dossier was giving all of this stuff? Where was at coming from you Did you gonna go into that a little bit? They obeyed the they sort of what you're talking about with the personal loyalty- and it says you know, he he's in the middle of this fight they're, trying to figure out what's going on it during they went into trying to promote the other side of this social. During the mother situation,
he Giuliani said basely. Look, this is a public relations war, it's not illegal wars as an impeachment right, so it's different it's different than unlit normal legal hearing. I says during this barrage of public opinion shifted slightly against impeachment, based on Olaf findings, and the cut in Congress showed little appetite for pursuing it. Mr Giuliani took the victory lapse with scant attention at first he shifted to the theatre of combat away from television screens and into murky Ukraine, politics without Giuliani pushed for money in full and frank yearning for relevance. The Trump Ukrainian Initiative might never have amounted to much more than a presidential tweet storms
Mr Giuliani, compressed the digital gases of the president's suspicions and wishful theories into what is now the molten core of impeachment. Nothing shows how few limits Giuliani observed as plainly as is extended, bear hugs of love, partisan, eager firm and his friends, clients and felt fellow misery emissaries for the present United States, the men who brought his nine eleven dinner that this is something the typewriter earlier in the day after day. So I have to say when I talk to Giuliani about those two guys his bare uggs for them. His clients Giuliani, said. Look when you are an attorney and you President people you, don't always represent the best people? you're, not always yeah you're, not always representing the best people and when you are looking for dirt on organised crime, which is what Ukraine
What was happening in Ukraine? It's the good people. Who are staying out of it. That, no information, you gotta, get the people who are playing at that game. It would be like smearing, Rudy Giuliani if he had any ties to whose sources pudding. You know the the crime families away If he had any sources that were also member, or former members of the mob, of course, the prosecution had those people, resources sources, those were the people, would have that we're. The witness is those people who knew how the mob work, of course, So we look into those people. Of course we stay close to those people, of course, the prosecutor, and the and the police officers treat them with Russia. Ill respect when there are around them doesn't mean that there are they love them,
beans. That's who you're going to get information from? That's how you going to put it all together. If you want to put the crime family away, you're going to have to talk to people that know about prime of families american financing cooperation and analysed one eight through three four W W W, not an enemy, less consumer access done ordinance gangway that hundred thousand dollar banana this weekend, but will take root in every to banana you're right. You're right you're right, Miss who had fallen silent, rape, Z, the tape there need to be deducted, he argives, Jeffrey Jeffrey them look rent. Prince are really really high right. Now, you're probably PAN veto further your landlords kid to go to college if you're paying for rent
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Americanfinancing dot net call them. Eight hundred and nine six hundred and twenty four forty eight hundred nine hundred and six two thousand four hundred and forty americanfinancing dot net we brake for ten seconds, six hundred and ninety Ok, you know who Tatar did not laugh at on meat. The press, Jerry Adler, didn't if it during Adler, when he said this in the face, when abundance of uncontested evidence that the president poses a threat. To our election that Heap but his own interest above the interests of the country. Are they going to be patriots? Are they going to be partisans? Speaking of the Senate? If he's acquitted, do you think we'll have a fair election in twenty twenty Ass Chuck Todd,
Natalie response, I don't know the president based on his past performance will do everything he can to make it not a fair election. Excuse me. So so let me to see if I have this right and when use uncontested facts you're right. They are uncontested because you wouldn't let anybody who could actually contest those facts as part of the testimony and let them let them be heard. So if the house decides. That they want to impeach. That's not a trial by the way that the trial hasn't happened. This is the grand jury if the trial happens and the soup in court justice who is not really a friend of anybody who is really conservative if he, sitting at their head and holding in impeachment trial,
you're telling me that the president will have rig that that unless they find him guilty, it will have been rigged? Oh, we shouldn't believe that just occur, we're not getting away with it. Ok, all right and because of its history, which, where is that Street. Where is the history you haven't, proven it in Ukraine and it was disproven in Russia because of his history he's rig this next election. Jerry. Let me ask you whose doing damage to the American Republic remember bad, they worthy said Donald Trump. My not accept the election result when he loses two. Hillary Clinton remember that it was like it was a media fire, we can do that ITALY destroy Young American Republic you're, putting questions on our democracy democracy there doing it. Therefore, spinning.
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tonight: Ali updates. On the day when these horrible critical hearings, blaze, tv dot com, he's promo code Glenn and save ten bucks. I remember- we'll whipped from Prager University was out on college campuses, asking people to the two rate people from worst to best when should listen. Who is this yeah. I don't know this was Joseph Stalin. Is a communist leader killed millions of people Guy Besser, the worst was a mom viper
almost the best, then they replace Hitler. She's was also the seller. Is that Stalin, you're a stone is ok for enough. You would you like to explain any of your choices, radical Mamma s back My was your favorite thing about Obama. There were Madam President, let us as a big accomplished, think Trump is worse than Hitler is really what is set up. Please tell us yeah he's saying you know I'd flew stands. People need us Do you think that ending food stamps is as bad skilling. Like six million Jews, he did that he did that. Incredibly, so I will just go back. What were we learned here? First ball
immediately. Morocco, by without even looking at anybody else, Barack Obama's put down as the best person only replaced by Jesus. Why does it you make it to number four or the end of the second best, because he's black, that was it blacken being black and president? That was quite an accomplishment here, but that wasn't enough, is it I mean? Is it don't? Don't you have to. You know do something be something about some policies that he did. Robert Mugabe was also a black leader yeah and in letter and let a nation there are very well. The right idea mean It did so bad meetings. It's just skin. Color is not a good thing
judge people are just not good innovative new idea, maybe just because people have done it in the past too terrible result doesn't mean you should just take it on as your current policy, because you think you'll do it right. That's not a good idea. The cell Barack Obama is followed by Jesus. Then Stalin, because they don't know who he is. Neither one of these college students, no, who Joseph Stalin is even when they say the name. Now I could give you a gale, maybe I don't know the picture, how you dont know the picture of the guy in the uniform with the big Stalin a stash? I don't need you, okay, we show you sure, but you don't know it all right. It's Joseph Stalin! Do you know that is now you do. No, who Joseph Stalin is bet you, you say: you're, a socialist there. Number two is Adolf Hitler,
Number one is Donald Trump, because Donald Trump will can you believe childish, yet only first, the he's childish, he's childish or get. Then maybe you put him in third place for being childish. You know me reason: TAT, guy cheeses, Obama, but I'll dish, one voice. Probably Stalin and Hitler, but I could go either way you have one of them in the first place, the other one in number, two, I'm not going to argue with you. If you don't oh Jesus in a number one place of best guy, I'm gonna argue with you. Stalin and Hitler now they're both really really bad killed millions of people, but not Do they not know who Stalin is, by name or by picture When asked. Don't you think childishness or food stamps
is a little less than killing millions of Jews, the responses he did that, how is it possible how late can I buy a complete that sentence? How is it possible that we're going to survive as a republic? If people don't know that you don't know that you don't know anything like that. I feel like a toss, pretty pretty famous to the extent that we don't know when even tries to pull off his there are many more like a man with his entire facial hair structure, think that has been wiped out because of what he did. Think of this, the only guy from silent films that everybody said that anymore back. A few years ago before we became morons, everyone knew Charlie Chaplin. I think you could say, chart Chaplain, even these two and may be they go either guy the funny mustache, gay, He was so important to the global culture that today
A his imprints still is around. You could still see and go. Oh yeah, that's a silent movie guy gang here I can't feature work the mustache he had it before Hitler. Hitler comes in. What has a nasty cold is not nice to people. He did something something bad, something bad where that mustache can never ever ever be worn again. Now I don't get necessarily looks good, but you can't wear that dude. While I will say this settles the debate of all time between Lebron James, Michael Jordan, because Jordan did where it and still pulled it off and was able to still be in public We did the address, or rather the Hitler mustache Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, the Nike, the criticising offline guy. Yes, that guy show me a picture that I don't believe that, can we show me she's googling illegally? Yes, here the month, I think he's a very well
gambler? I swear. He lost the bat and head where the Hitler mustache at that there have been disclosed to my my knowledge, but, yes, Jordan had the Hitler stash for what kind of kind of work gotta think it he's Jordan. We get to do it every words, but that's the only thing they can get there. Overcome. Apparently you know that weird, you know when you get to when you get when you get to that point. Where you're you're famous for doing something and its good you're good at something right. You know I mean you can pretty much pull off anything in areas like in on him. It works out Why did I know nine, because it you know, goes back to again in the Ba, where a lot of these guys now will do their press conferences there dressed basically like herbal yeah, basically dress like circle It's all a sudden, fashionable and like all that. Why are you just like circle and it's like wild their NBA stars, so they get to do whatever they want. That doesn't mean that the decision making is good, but there are based
are so they look good it for their very good shape and ADA. This works for them. If I wouldn't have been called a racist, I had an honest question standing in line at the tea. I say this weekend, I'm standing line at testing and I'm being told to take off my belt, but the three gentlemen in front of me weren't wearing belts and their pants were literally below their Buttocks Cancun. So they may have been a little higher in the front, but all of them were like all you have to do is just take down the underwear and you could mucus sit out and go to the bathroom you didn't have to pull the pants down. There were already under the bought. Those efficient is what you're saying there sure what I was trying to say. Thank you to do, and I looked at my son and I said, I'm being serious, no jokes: how do those pants damp and from from
physics? How do how are they want? None of homework pulling know nobody was holding them. You know nothing. How are those pants staying up and I want to Know- and I would have asked- but not when you know you couldn't you- It is, as I would not have been a good mood not have ended as that of knowing that. I would like to know if anybody knows the physics of how pan stay on, would warn like that and you look like an Idiot I mean I don't need to see your underpants we're just where you're underpants and not with the wearer underpants and like MRS, what are you doing? I dont even stand it. I don't want to understand, but I will say number one: you pointed out more efficient, go to the bathroom right. You don't even have the number two more efficient in the tea essay like they didn't have to take off belts. They didn't because they didn't.
We're getting them. They saw me who one I think they did your clearly the one who didn't think this thing through that's the way it works its innovation. There is a big thank you for that Stu. I appreciate that I've got a couple of more stories left on. Well, I'm I've got yoga. To make the choice you I'll give you a break in and you you make. The choice of Cancun. Is me Its colonist might be surprised if they try to have sex with earth earth based humans. It may be lethal. New science till they had sex on Mars, you might die yes. If Europe, interest on Mars and the earth traveller comes to you and his leg, hey lonely. You gotta say yes, but no. Thank you, ok and interesting. The interest
yeah STAR wars, actor, Daisy, Ridley denies being privileged and its black? did online. Oh now should be I she didn't say she got enough privilege because of her white skin no, she didn't she said privilege show me not thing sound, like yeah Ba will show and the third one is more of a Christmas story. Why do people hang pickles on their Christmas tree? Experts say experts say there are three answers, but I only believe one of them and its, and it's only because I know history, so I have those three answers for you and those three stories you pick in just a couple of seconds,
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short sighted Mars colonists could find sex with earth based humans lethal, a good story. It's a good story, but if you like, we have time to figure that out in I gets. But the colonists thing hasn't happened yet I mean, are you thinking by the time it does? I we're gonna be all that interested in six years, so so you're saying story number three. We have an urgent need to find why some people hang a pickle on their Christmas tree. However, only a few weeks away I suppose you're toy yes, our ethical store, pickle story is here. It is, we all have Christmas, predicts traditions, but perhaps there's one you haven't heard of the Christmas pickle. Do you know the current has been down other Christmas pickle? Do you know it? Does anybody? Am I the only one who knows a Christmas pickled that have you ever seen the ornaments that
look like a pickle that people hang on treats. I have not, however, consider there's an article about it. You can't be the only one who knows about it when I wrote the article of right, ok, so the Christmas pickle, a lot of people put the pickle in Europe deal is at the end of Christmas. I think is you know who can find the pickle? You hide the pic, when the tree. This has not sound like a Christmas based gain knowledge. It really sounds. It sounds like something that children should run from or something that might happen on Mars. And yes, let me find the backup renewing our rights. Oh, they don't know how exactly. There is. One theory: there are three of them. I only by one according to several sources in the late eighteen eighties, Woolworth's began selling glass ornaments imported from Germany, these or
and were made in the shapes of fruits and vegetables, including the pickle its unclear, whether pickle became the tradition. It was green and hard to find on the tree, perhaps cast one there that book potentially believable but boring. I another theory includes a soldier in the American civil war. When the soldier was taken prisoner on Christmas Eve, he begged guard for one last pickle before he died Guard gave him the pickle and it gave him the strength he needed to survive. When the soldier returned to his family, he started the tradition of hiding a pickle on the Christmas tree every year. I add that does not simply viable them either. Who had asked for a pickle? Is your last me there's? No, he didn't well yet that he begged for the last pickle cause. I was the only thing around a mania. Would I would beg for a pickle if that's
The only food that was around a pizza would be a more you get well eats and obligatory does collar, where you are breeds, dude, hurry. Third, to spanish boys who were travelling home for the holidays from their boarding school. They stopped for the night at an inn where they, killed and then they are bodies were put in a pickle barrel later to be cooked up and eat meeting. What and Saint Nicholas stopped at the Inn found the boys in the barrel and brought them back to life for the right to life, while after then chopped up some heavy lifting, which one is the one I believe is true. I gotta just assume big, as it involves chopped up children? It's probably that one that you're, probably one like I'll yeah the pickle there I'll think that thou tell you why, because they're coming for you, that's gonna, be here: it's your concentration camp, for you will that's that's number two. That's an american concentration camp ass!
Oh yeah, I mean there, but that person lived. I guess the other one was brought back to life there, both pretty dark. Ok, I mean I'd, be american concentration Camp does seem like the name of your potential next book, so let's go, let's go without one and we should start with. The first is that it is the third one in this story is this: they don't have the story right. The story is one of Saint Nicholas miracles that two boys were out looking for their lost brother and as they were looking for this kid, they stopped it and in this, in the back and these days in the dark ages, they didn't care. This innkeeper was notorious. Little kids would disappear all the time, but if he were a stranger, you are definitely marked because he was making sausage out of people and
pickle jars, hard pickle containers in the basement of this place, so he killed the kids Saint Nicholas. The family finally asked the Bishop Saint Nicholas. Could you please go and fight, my children, there all gone now he happened to stop at this. Got a prompting went downstairs, found the children chopped up the story. Is he brought them back to life out of those pickle jars reported back together first or are they just like walking around parts? Is others have done Eurostar away to wreck every Sweden Christmas Store and I'm going back.
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